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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 6, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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right back into your pocket. you will be greased by yourself. >> bernie goldberg. >> not better. he made a first great impression but you can only make a great first impression once. >> and dennis miller. >> welcome to the motel california. >> join me in a special presentation you don't want to miss. >> liberal friends rarely make me angry but they amuse me with their liberal ideas. >> it's the dynamic due row of news analysis goldberg and miller right now. caution you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i am bill o'reilly riley.
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bernie goldberg and dennis miller. it is embarrassing for many to see the man they heavily supported barack obama having such a hard time in the white highways. the latest chaos is being trained many ways very few honor. joining us mr. goldberg. >> i hair you are angry about some of the repertoire. >> my liberal friends rarely make me angry but they confuse me with their liberal ideas. here is the latest one. the other day phil said there was too much balance in hard news stories about the economy and about politics and he wants hard news journalists to come flat out and say it's the tea party people who brought the country to the brink of disaster. i am going to read one sentence these were his exact words. the problem with american
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politics is republican extremism. if you are not willing to say that you are helping to make the problem worse. a few days later john kerry the senator from massachusetts said pretty much the same thing. >> kerry basically blamed the downgrade from s&p on the tea party then he went further. >> the media has got to not give equal balance to the notion because somebody asserts it or simply because somebody says something because everybody knows it's not factufactual. >> what's he talking about there? >> he's pauking about things conservative republicans said during the debate. in theory i agree with them to a point. if i interview somebody who says the earth is round i am under no obligation to find somebody who
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says the earth is flat. when you are talking about serious people on both sides that's different. if they ran the newsroom they would keep out conservatives who say the problem is we are spending too much. if i ran the newsroom under their crazy dictatorial ideas i would cope out liberals who said we have to borrow more money from china so we can spend more money and while we are at it let's raise taxes on the rich. this isn't about making journalism more responsible. this is about two liberal authoritarians who think they have a pipeline to the truth who think they know better than anybody else what is right or what's wrong and they want only their side. >> but they have always done that. they attacked me viciously for years because they don't like my opinions and they have tried every which way to destroy me guys like glen beck, this is
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their game. >> but now they want hard news. >> only giving the responsible side. an they will decide who is responsible. >> the purveyor of bernard wrote a column opining. he is a tough political guy. >> i think it's easy to forget because of barack obama's great smile and easy going personality it is easy for a lot of people not to notice but especially a lot of inpen department voters not to notice who barack obama is. who he really is an old passioned at times down right nasty chicago politician who gives hypocrisy and cynicism a bad name. i don't come on this show and routinely bee rate the president of the united states. but here is a man who invites
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paul ryan to sit in the front row as he delivers his budget speech and practically calls ryan by extension other republicans unperson. he implies thinly veiled that owe rye yen and the other republicans care more about millionaires and billionaires who don't want to pay their fair share as they like to put it that they do old people and even children with cancer. this is the same barack obama who said that the partisanship and pettiness and insec rit ii. this is the same obama who said we can disagree without challenging each other's patriotism. he said i will listen to you especially when we disagree. i am not saying he has a monopoly on hypocrisy. there are plenty of politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouth on right and left.
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but he sold us as somebody who was different and better. he is not different he is not better. he made a great first impression but you can only make a first i am preks once and his act is getting old. >> in government spending as opposed to keeping the entitlement in place don't you have to if you want to win the entitle am argument demonize them as being heartless as throwing in tough corporations and rich people and not caring about the old lady down the street or the kids in school who will get their cool lunches cut. you have to make that argument personal to win the debate in the face of the $14 trillion debt. >> if you are going to do that and make it personal don't tell me we poisoned the well of politics for too long and don't tell me we have to get beyond all of this stuff. if you are going to be a old
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time politician don't tell me all of this other stuff. barack obama is running on the george bernard shaw of philosophy. if you rob peter any government am that rob peter to pay paul can always count on the support of paul. since there are more pauls in this country than there are peters barack obama may be on to something. i think even paul is getting tired by this act. >> huge disparity in the mainstream media using the term liberal and conservative as a desz skrimgs. >> the study found that journalists at abc, cbs, cnn they might say joe blow a conservative but 20 times more often than they is joe smith a liberal. this is like when the government
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puts warning labels on cigarettes they say cigarettes cause cancer this is a media warning labor that says conservatives are dangerous to your mental health. it's the same thing. this happened before, bill, in american journalism up until really about 1960s. it involved race and crime. the only time journalists would identify race in a crime story is if the criminal was black. they would say johnny smith a blackman was arrested last night or whatever. if johnny smith was white they would say johnny smith was arrested for breaking into a liquor store. the reason they identified black people only black people because they were seen as out of the main street as alien and even as dangerous. nothing is the same as race i readily acknowledge that. the reason they identify conservatives is because liberal
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journalists conservatives are in the mainstream and views are dangerous. liberals are the very essence of mainstream. >> both bernie and i discussed this before there was a router's review of within of my books where in the article the body of the piece that ran 250 boar250 they named me as a conservative three times in case you missed it the first two times they couldn't stop doing it. i think it's more of an an now ance. >> no. >> let me make my point. when a conservative is successful or gaining traction with folks the liberal media becomes very annoyed and says don't you realize this is a conservative? do i have to tell you that over and over and over but they don't do that. >> it's more than an annoy ance it's exhibit a proving beyond
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any doubt there's a liberal bias to the media. if they don't deal with this problem they will never solve the problem of bias in the media. >> they are never going to solve it anyway. >> it's the point. >> that's not going to happen. that's why the fox news channel is here to give a little balance. >> the times they are changing ner more so than our network news. bernie goldberg analyzes how the old guys stack up. dennis miller still getting over the hurt after the royals dissed him during their visit to california.
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>> bill: welcome back to the edition of the factor when katie couric took over the cbs a few years ago. big news never before had there been a solo female anchor heading up a network network newscast. her tenure didn't last that long. bernie goldberg saw her departure coming. >> i have a feeling why ms. couric who is a talented reporter did not bring audience to the cbs evening news. she is right when she says cbs was in third place 13 years before they sgot there but she lost audiences as well. why couldn't she bring people
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in? >> the honest answer, bill, i am in good company i think i mentioned this last week the william goldman the fellow who wrote butch cass cassidy and th sundance kid and other movies. when it comes to predicting success in the world of entertainment nobody knows anything. the honest answer is i don't know for sure but what i have suggested in the past is some people are popular in the morning they are breakfast cereal like corn flakes. katie couric was corn flakes. you don't eat corn flakes for dinner. >> my assessment is katie couric came in with a deficit because of the rather situation and cbs local lead in's were week. they didn't have oprah. the news was in third place. the factor stands on its own when we come on the audience goes up. we are what they call appointment viewing people come in to see us thank god they do.
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katie couric was not strong enough on the desk. i will give you three examples walter cronkright peter jennings edward r. more row. all extremely strong personalties for some reason middle america which is mostly what watches evening news these days wants a strong authoritative presence on that desk. i don't think ms. couric was perceived to be that. that's my theory. >> that is the argument she didn't have the gravitasce the weight to bring the story. i will tell you this. once upon a time walter cronkright was voted the most trusted man or person in america. nobody in his right mind thinks that brian williams or diane sawyer is the most trusted person in america today. i don't think anybody going forward. i don't think anybody we know of
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going forward has the kind of grav irbe tace cronkright or rather or jennings or brokaw had. i think those days are over. >> tonight i can report to the american people and to the world the united states is conducted an operation that killed osama bin -- osama bin ladladen. >> this is why i think they have been fair because it helps barack obama. i am not saying that with any disdain. i think he did a gutsy good job on this. this puts him in a positive light going forward. they are going to cover it as a positive whether it would have been fascinating if bush in his last days in office had done the same thing. >> they would have said it took them 7 years to finally getting around to doing it is what they would have said. what you are going to see here
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is barack obama had a competence issue that people said he's a good guy but he's not fairly competent in terms of the economy and in terms of healthcare. he was very competent when it comes to getting osama bin laden. he deserves credit for the gutsy mo he made. you are going to hear from media and democratic political operatives not much of a difference you are going to hear it is going to be translated into to just as he was competent and kept his eye on the ball he was keeping his eye on the ball when it came to the american people. >> you got to be fair if you want to make a responsible vote. president obama as we both agree deserves credit.
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he did it the way i should have done it. what about the tax bill? >> still ahead more goldberg. then dennis miller ranting about pot shops and montel williams coming right up.
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>> bill: continuing now with the special edition of the factor and the always% perspicacious bernie >> continuing now with bernie goldberg. >> last week i was out swimming in the ocean and i heard this thunder clap. i thought it was the weather but it was the factor. people were texts me. i watch your show where are you you idiot. i am under water but i will be back at 11. laura ingram, roll the tape. >> bill o'reilly told me he had
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a secret weapon. i didn't know it was a pretty girl he would bring here. >> that is condescending. >> i am sorry i said you were attractive. >> i didn't make a joke out of due respect for you. >> what did you think? >> if the implicit question is did charlie wrangle cross the line i want to be clear on this. a big fat emphatic no. when does we become such sissies that something like this becomes a big deal? it is clearly a generational thing. let me asay something else here. laura is lucky that's all he said about her. there ought to be a rule on these shows. the host asks the questions and shut the hell up. >> you can't do that, though, i am guilty of that as well. >> you just did what i am saying. >> because i have to challenge. >> let the guest answer it.
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you know what charlie wrangle was clearly frustrated and he said that. i repeat big deal. >> two things. it wasn't a pretty girl thing that i think was -- i think wrangle was wrong in saying it. it was just a pretty girl. just is the key word there. you have to interrupt when you ask the question for any many times the question didn't answered the person will deflect go into a different area or they will lie say something that isn't true. >> are you alleging right here right now on your program that charlie wrangle is lying? >> no i am not. i am giving you a general rule on why interrupt rupgs has to happen. you said the question should be -- the question should be asked and then the interviewer should step back and allow an answer that is dishonest or a dance.
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i say no i am not wasting people's time. >> was that either a dishonest or a dance? you are not making that statement. you are not saying that charlie wrangle was either dishonest or was dancing around. come on let's go behind the scenes. a lot of times a host has an agenda and the person start to answer the question but they want to make a speech. people at home are tired of that. they really -- i get as much e-mail on that as anything else. they say come on. let the guest answer a question. >> if the guest is making a speech. >> if the guest is dishonest they are they should interrupt. >> filibustering. you have to. i am not going to take -- look, number one i like wrangle. he's a stand-up guy. i think he did bad things with his taxes he paid a price for it but he's a stand-up guy. i like laura because i think laura is feisty and he is wanting bs on the program she is in charge when she is here. it was just the pretty girl.
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just a prit tee girl. the only thing they say the only reason you are an analyst is because you are just a pretty face. >> but that's true. >> both statements are true. i have a pretty face and i have nothing up stairs. >> let's go right to north carolina with ber naturaled is standing by with the media's vilification of nancy grace. why do you think that's going on bernie? >> i have a theory on why it's going on. we are talking about her reporting and performance p we e not critiquing her entire career. i am not as exercised as many critics are. what do they think she is builty of being rude arrogant being a know it all being flamboyant? when does that become a crime on cable television. if that were a crime it would be a bunch of news people in cable
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tv jail. nancy -- i am not mentioning any names. >> good, i am glad you are not. >> nancy grace sees herself as the judge and jury if she could get away with it she would also be the execution. that's not my style of journalism. what i might consider outrageous what you might consider outrageous the people who watch her consider the unvarnish the truth. whatever she is guilty of it isn't nearly as bad as what some other people do. when they interview friends who are prominent in the news whether in politics or the law or whatever they don't share when us they are friends then they do an interview that is nothing nancy kras does. >> i still don't understand so
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far you haven't been able to tell me. >> let me try. >> let me make one point before we go there. i don't watch a lot of judge judy or judge alex whatever judge is on syndicated television. ms. grace's program i will see once in a while in passing. she doesn't do anything nancy grace and judge judd die doesn't do. she is not a judge she is a former prosecutor. judge judy does the same thing. they come in and look at a case and say this is what y i think. >> judge judy is doing her little act there and nobody takes that kind of show seriously. nancy grace the former prosecutor is talking about serious stuff. there is a difference there. this is only a theory.
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that is nancy grace is a no nonsense law and order former prosecutor. law and order. we can agree on that. most journalists given political persuasion aren't law and order types. they are just not. somebody talking about the uncertainty i bet you if there were 1960 and he was saying bubba jones was guilty of killing that blackman i bet they wouldn't jump at her on that. it isn't their passion they are upset about it's this particular case that really upsets them and they are general what you call flam boy yance. >> i agree with you her judgmental approach rangels liberal thinkers who don't like to think in terms of good and evil add right and wrong. that's what shea does. that's what she sells.
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>> it wasn't rangel them as much if it were -- >> why would they be sympathetic to casey anthony. how can anybody be sympathetic to her? >> that's a good question. let's make it easy on me for a second. we both remember those caseses in the old south. people who were guilty of sin were getting off. that was wrong. that was really i don't think. if nancy grace were as passionate and dog matic and flamm buoyant and know it all about that are you kidding? this guy is guilty as sin you couldn't find a journalist who would criticize that and rightly so. >> more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller sounds off on harry reid barack obama and oprah. stay tuned for miller.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of "the factor." dennis miller spent the lathes few months getting a lot of stuff off his chest on the factor as you know. tonight we are offering you the best of miller. >> for the third year in a row the president is vacationing on martha's vineyard and you say? >> i would rather have him on vacation than perpetually out for lunch which is what he is when he is back in washington, d.c. it is tough work over turning 235 years of america's can do attitude in the gimme, gimme, gimme. that will take it out of the guy. i give him this vacation. go bake it. quite frankly it has to be
5:33 am
tiring. >> the problem with that miller is president obama is a whole enabler of this whole gym knee system. he is answer enableler of it he wants it he uses it. they are pandering to it to the extent that they are bankrupting the country. they are trying to build political power and currency at the expense of the whole united states of america. i am not cutting him any slack on that. >> i believe you are being fair to him there. that's a natural appraisal of what the situation is. >> derek jeter hits the home run for the 3,000 hit. christian lopez 23 catches the ball in the stands gives it back to jeter and you say this was not a wise thing to do, miller? how could you? >> listen, at this point they are attacking the kid. you cut out a little early there you can see geithner fighting
5:34 am
him for the ball. our government is like locusts now. like alex slem they are trying to tax this kid's baseball. at this point this country is so screwed up you are better off letting that ball hit you in the head. they were going to tax lopez they found out he was here illegally they waved that it all works out in the end. >> miller highlight says they are going to pay mr. hoe lopez's tax bill because the yankees are giving him front row seats for the rest of the season. jeter gave him a whole bunch of stuff. another could have sold the ball. he's a patriot can guy. >> i like lopez. i am kidding. you can see how we are over thinking things that you can't even catch a baum and give it back to a guy without putting yourself into a weird system where geithner and the feds come
5:35 am
in just trying to burn it to the ground. it is crazy. how do they sleep at night? >> i don't know how they sleep at night. i don't know how you do. >> i don't. they put a taxonomy. >> dennis miller everybody. >> kim kardashian had a wedding costs $85 million. it was in your neighborhood, right? that was close to your house, was it not? >> once again i was at my weekly slip and slide demonstration with barney frank. i saw tax seismologists say the weekend kim was up here the san andre i can't say fault was only the second biggest fault line. evidently she superseded that. >> did any one you know in the santa barbara area talk about
5:36 am
this wedding? were they excited about the wedding that kim looked beautiful or gee what a great celebration. did anybody care? >> i don't think so. the card yashen have nothing but they have nothing. >> absolutely this right here is the poster child for any american if she can make it -- i used to think if i can make it you can. now it's this one. we don't know what she does. >> the floor cracked a cosmic sliver i got to give her this they stepped through an off the rack culture and they are busting their hump. >> they got everything going on. >> does miller dig the hamptons? >> what i don't dig is polo. miniature golf meets the kentucky derby. >> and the windmill right in the middle.
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>> thanks for staying with us. i am bill o'reilly riley. the d man is getting over the pain of being rejected by prince william and his new bride kate middleton. the royal couple were out there
5:40 am
but didn't visit him. i was stunned when prince william and lady kate or princess kate shows up in santa barbara where you live to play polo i don't see you. where were you? >> do you think this kid one xhont into his wedding is going to let that girl be privy to my hotness? do you think he is going to risk it all and let her meet me to think i thought i had a fairy tale but i don't. >> it is personal on the part of prince william not wanting to put you in proximity. >> i couldn't attend that day. i had bigger fish to friday. barney frank was doing a slip and slide i had to attend to. he ripped his wet suit on a sprinkler head tore it down the right. we laughed. we laughed.
5:41 am
>> it's just a lie -- >> are you a hampton kind of guy? >> i lover the hamptons. if you ask me if i am going to get in the death match traffic to play a little croquet with sean colmes no. >> you live in an affluent place in southern california. do you mingle freely with them? how do you see the very wealthy? >> i think the -- i dig the wealthy. i dig poor people in t i dig people in the middle. i don't like some people. i don't judge it on what they earn. >> people who like people are the luckyest people in the world? >> you are going to make me cry. you are going to make me cry. >> oh. what i don't dig is polo. it's like miniature golf meets
5:42 am
the kentucky derby. what's happening? >> and the wind millwright in the middle. the horses could smack right into it. by the way what about jessie standing next to notch yah. how does it feel riding around the horse? >> i am happy to be playing polo and doing what i love. >> the women were calling him... >> i love the answer. >> i like to play the game i love. he's great. >> he had no idea what waters was asking about playing his game for $10,000 a pop. i love to play. are you obsessed with lady b ga? >> i used to like her but now i am not liking her. my favorite moment on the red carpet is when she shows up in the simulated egg and eminem was there and they bumped into each
5:43 am
other and gave birth to justin bieber who looks like a bobby gold borough embryo owe. that was my favorite moment. i thought this was funny. it was a great take on celebrities. image the poor kid who has to carry it in. hey you want to go to the grammys? next thing you know you are lugging this egg thinking i should have taken that chicken suit outside of cubing rue today. >> doesn't it for anybody lady gaga any performer make it almost impossible to top yourself. any time the woman goes anywhere she has to do something bizarre she can't just show up and give a concert. >> i hear next year already she is coming to the grammys inside chris christie. >> like that alien thing. >> there we go. hey. >> the obama reversal on guantanamo bay. >> attorney general and dennis
5:44 am
miller. >> i heard you maybe saying holder should step down. billy, when you define the perimeter line at the bottom of the barrel as holder does it's not that easy to step back. holder is in more over his head than a gay dwarf sit hitting on shaq at this point. he's not going anywhere. it got ugly coming out of the south carolina primary between clinton and obama because they hivented the race card on clinton he hated that. to make good gestures he was the front man on the barton which is really ugly. they have to keep him on the reservation and keep him quiet. i think he goes to obama says do me a favor give holder a job. let that nephew getting hired in he doesn't know how to run the floor but you can't fire him because his dad is on the licensing committee. he is not going to get whacked. he might fall on his own sword if they present it with evidence
5:45 am
saying if this happens this is what you do. holder is the first attorney general in the history of the united states of america that might not make a cut at a public doe fender's office for god's sake. he is not going anywhere unless they force him out. >> it will be interesting if the interviewer says guantanamo bay what do you think about that? he can't have an answer. >> he thinks exactly what barack obama tells him to think on any given gay that. >> the president hasn't explained his reversal. >> he doesn't have to. holder at some point might have to answer. he is not going to as far as what can keys go he makes sky ren field look like his own man. >> glen miller sounds off on harry read. >> he was a boxer when he was young. i swear to god he was dropping his left.
5:46 am
>> a wild miller time in just a few moments.
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>> bill: welcome back to the special edition of the factor. what happens when you left >> what happens when you put dennis miller lose on a bizarre speech by harry reid on the senate floor. >> i think the senate deserves to go home as soon as we can. for me personally i have been here a long time. i haven't seen? months my pomegranate trees i am told are lofting and pomegranates on them have rose fig trees and roses and stuff. >> dennis miller joins us. the rumors that you wrote that for reid so he could say it and you could mom him afterwards.
5:50 am
is that true? >> i don't know why harry is so choked up about the pomegranate trees intellectually speaking he's considered to be existing in a vegetative state. those aren't plants in his departed enthose are his piers. he acts like he is maximus coming back to his vineyard after roman wars or something. he's adult who presided over wild e. coyote. the cartoon script dictates we don't fall right now. that's exactly where we stand. he was a mobster when he was young i swear to god he was dropping his left. he makes mr. potato head come off like steven hawking at this point. >> i have to agree with you miller why anybody in the middle of this intense debate would talk about prom granite plants anz he wand to get back there
5:51 am
when the country that is a $14 trillion debt i think we should go to his house and rip up the prom gr granites. >> half of the pomegranates think he is whacky. they want a balanced budget anything but that. we want balanced not that balanced. >> i don't know. if somebody were coming here from mars they would say riley you and miller made that up. he didn't really say that. no, it's true. president obama turning 50 tomorrow. going off to chicago for a big fundraiser. top ticket 35,800 to hang with the president in a birthday celebration. you say miller? >> i say thae very definition of leading a political life when you end up on your nearest and dearest moments the most personal evenings with donors.
5:52 am
>> that should tell you all you need to know about the ramble that is politics. you take your 50th birthday and you start hanging out with donors. i am hoping somebody gives him a tea cake for his birthday. you think he would appreciate that? probably not after this weekend. he is in illinois a democratic state they have a candle extinguishment sir charge tax. i think 50 canned dals is something like 15 k to blow that cake out mr. president. the good thing about tufrning 50 barack obama is that now the money you donate to aarp will go right back into your pocket. you will be greased by yourself. >> you pay your dues it kicks back in a campaign donation. >> i don't know how it feels the 50 thing that's a few years away for me. but you have experienced that a number of times. >> yeah. >> you can't sit here and tell me, i know on your birthday if
5:53 am
somebody wants to pay you 35,800 bucks you are not going to let them hang around with you because you are. >> on your 50th birthday they don't tell you your prostate turns into the under dog balloon from the macy's parade. >> is that so? >> i think. >> don't worry. obama care will take care of it. >> that is written up in there. that's how specific that bill is. >> every day that i stood here i knew that this was exactly where i was supposed to be. >> are you an oprah fan? did you watch the program on a regular basis and what do you think about her not being on any more? >> i didn't watch the program a lot but i obviously saw it i lived in america. let me say this about oprah winfrey's legacy she is a kind hearted woman who put a lot of smiles on people's faces left
5:54 am
the camp site tidier than when she arrived and made a few bucks on the way. if you are signing people up forehead stones where do i put my x? i admire her. i thought she was so tell genic and sweet and epithetic and i wish her well. i think she is acquitted herself admirably in her life. i admire her. >> did you see attorney general holder in the audience? >> steadman these people live up near me. i bump into stedman once in a while. a lovely cat. very sweet guy. >> do you tell him he looks like holder? do you mock him when you see him? >> billy, when i do that you always act like a model. both those cats are happened somer than you and i. it's sort of like a compliment. stedman is always kind, sweet, always has a book under his arm. i see him at book stores a lot. >> miller goes to town on montel
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5:57 am
marijuana. >> montel williams former talk show host he likes marijuana getting into the pot business medical marijuana. i see franchises here? don't you seamon tell franchising the pot shops? >> yeah, i do. i got a name for him. >> i knew you would. >> welcome to the montel california. you know what montel smokes dope because he has multiple sclerosis. that's one thing. that's fine. it's when a kid comes to me i go what's your diagnosis, pal? he says i am fat and i am board. that's when they start writing scripts for that kid that bothers me. if montel is getting into it he has done nice work for drug programs. i like him all in all he's a decent guy. i think willie nelson waut to get off the bus and get into a
5:58 am
big big store. >> burger king verses mcdonalds nelson verses williams. franchises all over the place have it your way we are open 24-hours. >> montel will have the boutique stop willie will have the 24 squa yard carton score called will-mart. >> i can see it. think outside the bun. >> dennis miller everybody. >> for this special edition of the factor. as always thank you for watching. i always remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. because we are definitely l l l l l l ll >> top of the morning to you, everyone. hope you had a great labor day weekend. it's tuesday, september 6th. i'm gretchen carlson. they needed the rain, not the
5:59 am
wind. remains of tropical storm lee fueling major wildfires now. 500 homes already wiped out and now many more in the line of fire. >> oh, boy. meanwhile, how did america's largest union celebrate labor day? a sit down with the president. but then this happened. >> keep your eye on the prize. let's take these son of [beep] out and give america back to america where we belong. thank you very much. thank you! thank you! thank you. >> oh, brother. did that guy just declare war on the tea party? wel talk about jimmy hoffa. >> they found him? >> that one, the kid. >> oh, that one. from rags to riches. the latest lotto jackpot winner taking home a cool $3 million. that's great. that's the american dream! only one problem, he's not an american. he's here by mistake. found himself in the wrong country and he's sticking around to claim his prize despite almost being duped. confused? you won't be soon because "fox &


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