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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 19, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> it's a typical morning at tehran's busy neighborhood. but on the streets of the iranian capital a deadly game is being played. dr. mahamati heads to work but a booby trapped motorcycle explodes near his car leaving one of the regime's most important nuclear scientists dead. months later the deadly game continues.
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in two different parts of tehran they are on the mover. a motorcycle weaves through traffic approaching the car of this man, another scientist. small precision mines are placed on his car. he is killed instantly. but the hit misses the mows important target dr. abasi. a key figure in iran's nuclear and ballistic nuclear programs spot the killers in time to escape. after condemning the attacks with full support of the ayatollah president mahmoud ahmadinejad promote him to lead iran's powerful atomic energy organization. most recently july 23rd a 4th assassination. an expert in nuclear trirgs was
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gunned down. i am bill hemmer. welcome to fox news reporting. iran's nuclear secrets a shadowy world of murder cyber warfare nuclear physics and smuggling. it is dirty money. this story is filled with characters that rival any in a james bond film. the world's attention will focus on that building across the river in new york city. 193 member countries gather for the general assembly the state of iran's suspected nuclear program is a looming cloud. they have had sanctions brother years but many argue it is not working. a whopping 1 million has been paid by fines by banks doing shady buys with iran. what is some of the undeniable scientific proof of the nuclear weapons programs.
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the fox news investigate i have team dig deep and tral far to bring you this critical information. >> it is a region in chaos. iran 73 million have been dominated for 43 years by a dangerous regime. >> the nuclear weapons program is a serious threat. >> if the iranians get nuclear weapons it will be a huge change in the world. >> is any of this funded by illegal international banking. >> the bank plies were instructed to hide any weapons th money that came from iran? >> yes. >> get on with life establish or reestablish an empire. the nuclear device is one component of that empire.
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>> we don't see a problem with our nuclear programs. >> ryan is ahead of the game. if they have enough enriched uranium it would be a matter of weeks not months. >> nine countries have nuclear weapons capability the power to harness nuclear energy and build a bomb has always been a risk. summer 1939 just before he invaded poland adolph hitler more than 200 nazi scientists worked day and night to develop and make a nuclear bomb. a worried albert einstein wrote this letter to the president about the nuclear program. it was lost in the bureaucracy. >> it was read by a scientist from the department of agriculture and the word just didn't get around. >> in a weird twist of fate on december 6th, 1941, fdr approved the manhattan project one day
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later the japanese attacked pearl harbor. america joined the war and the nuclear arms race. 3 and a half years later the third riecht faced defeat. the soviet union u.s. and britain competed to snatch up his nuclear scientists and secrets. with the success of the manhattan project the u.s. led the race to the bomb. in august 1945 president harry truman choose to unleash it. the atomic bomb laid waste to hiroshima and nagasaki forcing a japanese surrender. world war ii was over. but only four years later on july 16th, 1949, the soviets shocked the world. >> an atomic explosion occurred in the sow yet union. >> for the next 40 years the united states and soviet union
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faced off. ordinary americans lived with the threat of mutual destruction. >> the cuban missile crisis in 1962 rocked the world closer than ever to nuclear an nileations. >> one path we shall never choose that is the path of surrender. >> back in 1956 kennedy's predecessor dwight d. eisenhower launched a program that supplied countries with nuclear technology for nonmilitary purposes such as civilian energy and research. >> the united states does not wish nearly to present strikes but also the desire and the hope for peace. >> this program called atoms for peace helped build asia's first nuclear reactor in india in 1956. pakistan joined in 1965. iran's first research reactor was fuelled with enriched uranium in 1967. >> the shaw was interested in
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participating in the atoms for peace program which was begun by general eisenhower in the 1950s. >> ambassador thomas graham advised 5 u.s. presidents on nonproliferation. he negotiated every major arms control in nonproliferation agreement from 1970 to 1997. >> the shaw was someone who had a grandiose views of himself. his idea was to build 22 power reactors. >> when the shaw regime collapsed overnight the iranian regime became moran tie american than any of the soviet republic because it took action. >> middle east expert walid f r farez is the author of this book. >> not only did the hostage crisis embassy in iran but started terrorist organizations
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including hezbollah. >> india 1974. pakistan 1988. is iran next? iran continues to deny it's building nuclear weapons. >> this is what president ahmadinejad told eric shawn next year. >> would you swear to allah that you are not planning to build a nuclear bomb? >> is there a law that i must swear to con voirnss? i have said on numerous occasions we do not want an atomic bomb. >> iran insists the nuclear program is peaceful only for civilian energy. others see something more stirn at work. >> valley lindsey of iran >> the nuclear program missile program an alleged chemical or biological weapon work. we have a list of nearly 600 names. nearly 600 iranian entities involved in this work. an entity can be a company, an
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individual, a bank. >> if iran is developing the bomb how did it acquire the technology to do so? it is a strange tail of international crime and intrigue. it all gains withbegins with a pakistani scientist some consider the most dangerous man in the world. his name aqkahn. >> a merchant of death. >> was he proliferating all over the place?
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qadeer,>> the nuclear merchant of death. he sold nuclear weapons technology. from london senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg picks up our story. >> this is the pakistani scientist dr. aq kahn. he is a hero to many in pakistan and also called the father of
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the islamic bomb. >> a bomb is a bomb. >> deep inside the hills kahn tells his group he has built the bomb. he became known as one of the most influential criminals of all time a nuclear proliferate tore. >> he's a real threat. the iranians wouldn't have much if it weren't for him. >> he peddled nuclear weapons in iran, north korea, he tried with iraq and failed and with libya he agreed to give them a complete fuel cycle, everything. >> here in his own handwriting he quotes the koran, prepare yourself properly to fight your enemies. kahn denied he smuggled but acknowledged his business.
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>> here he is sitting in front of a model of a viable system for atomic bombs. it was obtained by north korea when he built is in pakistan he called it the hori. a similar design would emerge in iran. >> his claim is he was doing things to the bidding of successive civilian military governments in pakistan. >> simon henderson is a veteran journalist now with the washington institute for his policy. he has known and written about aq kahn for 25 years. he received this plaque from kahn of a spinning sent fuj critical to uranium enrichment. >> a century fuj is a fast moving cylinder. think of it as a top loading washing machine important to balance because if you don't balance it properly it makes a
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dreadful noise and could shatter. >> he also received these christmas cards. oo kahn feared for his life in 2003 he placed hoipzs in henderson. >> i am going to read a letter which dr. aq kahn wrote to his wife, darling, if the government plays any mischief with me take a stotough stand. they might try to get rid of me to cover up all these things. then it says get in touch with simon henderson. >> why would aq kahn think his own government was out to kill him? again there are clues in the past. pakistan was shocked when arch rival india got the bomb first in 1974. this photo captures a proud m e prime minister inspecting the detonation site. a metaler gist kahn offered his services to pakistan president to help build a nuclear weapons program. offer accepted kahn runed to
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work in holland for a company which had pacified designs for european centrufuges. then he stole the design. >> he thinks it's a false charge. he said what he did was not only as a loyal pakistani but also as a pakistani official. >> deadly games played out in 1977. the president seen with his 19-year-old daughter was arrested and deposed in a military coup by this man general zia alhak. nicknamed cobra eyes he ordered buto to prison. two years later to his hanging. >> justice must be done. >> he said on the record pakistan will beg, borrow and steam in order to get nuclear technology. kahn would presumably say he was
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doing his bidding. >> she would have her own dangerous game with aq kahn. kahn managed to blend signs and smuggling with acute managerial still -- skills. >> it was a concluding of fractured businessmen who kahn was using to get equipment. many people within the network loathed each other because they saw sthefrms -- themselves as competing. research labs or krl this is one of his english language brochures from the 1990s. he offered international seales of dual use equipment. in other words designs that can be used either for civilian nuclear energy program or building a bomb. >> > by the 80s it was a booming
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business. they were at war with iraq and suspected of wanting a nuclear deterrent. with a 21 gun-salute he was welcomed the general in pakistan in 1986. he also knew sadam hussein wanted the bomb for iraq. david albright served as a weapons director in iran and now the president of isis institute for signs and international security. >> during the iran iraq war they understand iraq was seeking nuke wlarp upons. >> they provided iran with a starter kit so they could start their system. >> they started meeting up with iranians in about 1987 maybe a little bit earlier. >> mark fitzpatrick directs a nonproliferation program at the international institute for strategic studies. >> iranians talked with kahn.
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kahn said i am a weapons r us i can give you everything for a nuclear weapons program. >> he had suppliers around the world, switzerland, south africa, germany. >> he retired last year as the world's top nuclear compap afte spending 26 years in the iaea in vienna. he personally investigated just what kahn sold to the iranians for $10 million. >> he provided them with century centrifuges. >> a key piece of evidence was in a 15 page document. >> iran's only answer and excuse is that how did that dock uchl to get in there. >> the only use is nuclear development. no other use. >> satellite photos refeveal mo
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of their nuclear secrets. now you see it now you don't. the mystery of a lap top computer full of nuclear documents and the spy who paid with his life.
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>> 1988 rain man was number one at the box office. ronald reagan was president. dr. aq kahn. he was also selling nuclear plans as well as offering a shocking away of missile technology and weapons. pakistan under general was happy to encourage. >> he continued to support aq kahn to protect him from american and your pee an
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pressure. he died when his plane went down in pakistan. all 31 passengers and crew perished. three months later the daughter of zakar the man he hanged was elected pakistan's president. >> she also developed a relationship with kahn even though publicly she often tried to make out that the army kept her well away from nuclear secrets. >> kahn thrived and a nuclear pakistan was born on the 28th of may 1988 and five nuclear bombs were dead nated. kahn was every where promoting technology. he put himself on this cover of his 1999 book on science and education. >> it appears to be some sort of electron nuclear decision. there's a skem natick of the
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uranium bomb. >> in bulgaria we showed the cover to scientist who worked as a strategic security of federation of american scientists. >> on the board you can see something about a uranium dutarite. >> under american pressure kahn's black market was closed out after his arrest in 2004. here's his confession on pakistan national tv. >> i take full responsibility. >> the next dafz pardoned by musharraf and sentenced to house arrest. these are fox news exclusive photographs of kahn and his wife, this one under house arrest. here are others never before seen documents including kahn's written confession which is specific about iran. lart there was a lot of pressure to get sent fuj parts and
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drawlings, et cetera, to the iranians. these do >> these documents are confirmation that iran is developing a bomb. >> kahn's early benefactors both met early deaths and buto's daughter benazeer will be saas assassinated in 2007. >> he feared something like this would happen to him which caused him to write the darling letter tell them the bastards first used us and are now playing dirty games with us. this is just to fore warn you. it is surprising to me that he is still alive mthd they could have killed him a long time ago. >> is aq kahn still in business? >> i don't think he's in business of proliferating any more. are extended network still involved in any black market nuclear business. >> he declined fox news's
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request for an interview. he might be out of business but his legacy lives on in iran. >> this is the sprawling army garrison. here the suspected nuclear weapons program is headed by lacrazada. he is a revolutionary guard and senior scientist with the ministry of defense. >> the iea has been seeking to interview him. they won't let him be interviewed. >> when we asked to interview him they said quote iran will not be in the position to reveal the names of their scientists as they have been targets of terrorist actions and terrorism. >> it was to be part of the centrifuge program. >> when he caught the attention
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of the iaea in 2003 something very strange began to happen. >> this is a satellite image from the year 2000. >> paul brannon is senior analyst at isis. >> they tore down the building and scraped up dirt. >> they told the iaea they demanded they give the land back for a soccer field and athletic center. >> military nuclear effort is suspected to be here in feta. >> it came with his signature. >> this if you were putting together a nuclear weapons program. it is a great interest to the ia and others. >> in 2004 western intelligence got a huge break. the germany's cia had an agent
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working inside iran's nuclear program and got his hands on a lap top full of secrets. >> iranian working for western intelligence. >> it was an iranian agent his wife had his lap top she got out of the country her husband is dead by now. >> thousands of pages of lap top documents what do they show? >> that he designed a spherical object. de signed to explode 600 meters above ground. the role is pretty well described. >> iran says the lap top documents are fakes stating to fox news quote the so-called lap top lacked authenticity. >> various intelligence agencies have looked at the documentation and they have concluded, no, it's credible and it's consistent. >> when we come back, wanted in new york city but missing in
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china? who is lee fang way and exposed the secret relationship with some of the world's most@@nucle.
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for news when you want them welcome back. i am bill hemmer. much of the world's congress comes through manhattan billions of dollars flow through the bank by way of international transactions. but when they violate international sanctions that's a crime. when banks helped iran pay for the nuclear shopping list it takes on a whole different dimension. >> this should look familiar if you have ever seen an episode of law and order this is new york court building in lower manhattan where district attorney prosecuted cases for 34
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years. he and his investigative team define prosecution of international financial crimes exposing iran's buying spree in a market for suspected weapons of mass destruction. >> we are here to discuss how to engage with iran and prevent it from becoming a nuclear arms nation. >> if i could make one point we have iran's shopping list for materials related to weapons of mass destruction. >> we take advantage that so much of the commerce flows from banks and institutions from manhattan. >> he is the chief investigator. >> there's a real place for the manhattan district attorney's office for the world markets they come through at. >> they exposed how iran secretly moves money through
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pursuing wmmd. it all started with an investigation into a little known but powerful organization called the alami foundation alabi is headquartered in this new york building. it billed itself as a charitable office promote islamic culture and per shall language the future and civilization. >> there have been a lot of litigations claiming the alavi foundation was under the control of the government eye of iran. we started to dig. we were examining how it was moving money into and out of the united states. >> what we found was a number of significant ties to the iranian banking system primarily with an
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iranian bank which has been designated as a supporter of terrorism by the united states government. i am not saying we found a tie. >> there was illegal transactions between iran, bank melon and floyd's bank. >> they offered banking services to iranian banks. what he met was a scheme called stripping. >> what is stripping and how does it work? >> it is an international banking system. this is a printout of the type of message that would come into incoming banks. if you look at the top message from bank nelly it says please do not mention our name to any banks in the united states. >> so you are saying the bank employees were construinstruct
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hide any money? >> it is against the law to cause the transfers to go through the united states and through the banks. >> it was called a deferred prosecution agreement. he admitted the 2001 to 2004 it altered records toe righted to money transfers from iranian bank. it paid $350 million for five incorporate tors. loud declined our request for an interview but said we have settled all of our positions. the bank greta swees is back. >> they are to pay 526 million in penalties. >>er morgan thall juniorings. another bank was taking a stripping plate, to the tune of $298 billion in.
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>> in a letter to black news. >> we believe that she acted responsibility for the contest. mare than won bar doing. more are on the way. >> why would some of the biggest banks in the world basically be involved in illegal activity to help iran? >> these iranian banks are going to keep sub shan shall de p-- s deposits. it's a huge source of net assets for the bank. >> it means stopping any illegal trade. he died of giant iran shipping lines. the shipments related to weapons of mass destruction. >> meet lee fong way. he goes by at least five other names. a citizen of china he is a wanted man in new york accused
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of providing iran with material that could be used for weapons of mass destruction. >> i would love to seeley fanning wei brought back to a courtroom in the state of new york to stand trial. >> he and his company were indicted on 118 points in 2009. >> what would he be accused of in>> the crime he was convicted of is falsifying banks and conspiracy. >> from november 2006 to 2008 he sent and received dozens of illegal payments to u.s. banks by using aliases and shell companies. the investigation also revealed they use aliases to continue spending bass missile nuclear materials. the iranian defense industries organization. before the senate torn relations committee he provided details.
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>> the people who were providing iran awith dummy companies and long range missiles and nuclear weapons. >> le fanning wei opened dummy corporations. they opened 6 dummy corporations iranian used 4. >> they traded in bad material, 200 kilos of graphic cylinder. he is the project on nuclear arms patrol. >> it increases iran's ability. >> one of mr. le's position beyond industry trade committee and called it aban industrial. they share an address with mown fronts company. iran made missile manufacturers.
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>> he this to find additional. volume ter piercing finalist. le fanning wei is a fugitive from u.s. justice. the chinese ignored u.s. requests to turn him over. he wrote this to fox news about the delay. allegations of china taking insaabs expert controlsen are dumb founded and ridiculous. he has been in con wkt about the i states government. >> how many le fang wei's out there? >> more than a dozen.
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>> the world got a nuclear wake up call. >> the islamic republic of iran has been building a uranium enrichment facility for several years. >> this is the location that worries the u.s. great britain and france. a secret site. >> the satellite image from january to 2009 it shows the
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uranium enrichment construction site in iran. as you can see here and here these are the tunnel entrances. >> this is what it looks like today. there has been a doubling of the security perimeter wall. experts say it is too small for any civilian nuclear energy use. >> our conclusion is this has one purpose which is as part of the nuclear weapons effort. >> onlies -- he it is only one many nuclear sites. >> it is a large facility. >> he told us how it was hidden and he illy fortifi -- heavily . >> you can see these two squares right here would be the site of the gas centrifuge uranium enrichment halls. they are sentering the facilities can concrete. this is a image from 2003 you can see they have been covered over more with dirt.
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>> this is an entrance you can see the two under ground enrichment plants have been disappeared and covered over with dirt. >> iran is quite proud of the site. here a ahmadinejad touring it in 2008. >> if your intepgss are peaceful why do you build something under ground? >> the united nations have been concerned. perfects say satellite evidence suggests iran is trying to create a full production line for nuclear weapons. here is where it all begins. >> gasheen is where iran is now able to mine it's own high walt uranium oar. they show pictures of being built into the yellow cake before it is shipped off for the uranium conversion. >> it is the key link in the chain of nuclear production in
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iran. >> it is at this plant that iran is making the seed stock for the sent fujs. the your rain yum rives. it is converted then that is transferred to natam and put to the secentrifuges. >> the scientist appointed head after escaping assassination declared iran would move and triple the output. they think it is the tip of the iceberg. >> you would think they would have a number of plants doing the same thing. >> we are definitely going to find other sites. >> the iranian nuclear power will change the deal for the lands scapes of the region. >> when we come back the world was wrong about iraq's nuclear
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weapons status. why we cannot afford to make that mistake with iran.
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>> tensions are rising over iran's nuclear program. but critics say remember iraq. the critics have a point. in if the run up to the 2003 iraq war we were told repeatedly of strong evidence that iraq was pursuing nuclear weapons. >> they really were nuclear facilities and secret nuclear weapons programs. >> those prey grams fell apart after the 91 gulf war and strict
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sanctions imposed on sadam hussein's regime. >> iraq didn't have a nuclear weapons program. they had not been able to constitute. >> by 2003 the iraqi nuclear program was in ruins. but if there were no wmd.didn't he just admit it and perhaps avoid the war? the answer takes us back to iran. >> george piro was the interrogator following his capture. >> approximately 7 months of everyday interaction. some 1-2 hours some days 5-7 hours. >> sadam was obsessed with iran. >> for him iran was going to be that long-term threat and a lot of his action had to be in response to that threat. >> fearing iran sadam would not
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admit his wmd programs were gone. >> he perceived himself to be in a much weaker program and didn't want any one to know that. >> with iraq running to the 2003 war people were looking into the vacuum and making up things. people were chasing a ghost. >> what about iran could the world be chasing ghosts there as well. are? >> how is iran's nuclear situation different than iraq. >> very different what happened in iraq. iran has an active uranium enrich. program. they only claimed to have it. here we have hard evidence. >> united states government and allies with various kind of pressures on other members failing to provide not a single proof to substantiate their investigation. >> there is lots of credible proof iran is going for the bomb. the evidence is quite ample.
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uranium metal and trirgs. lap top documents. >> there are so man nieces of evidence that point to the programs. to say there was not a single one takes credibility. >> it is very dangerous the iranian nuclear weapons program is a
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>> iran remains adamant their nuclear weapons program is for peaceful use only. the sanctions is to force iran to stop enriching uranium and allow the inspectors back in the country. in this program you have scenery vealing evidence about the state of iran's nuclear program. for more go to and


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