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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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fair, balanced, and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. going. he is glad you are sticking around. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> if asking a billion to same rate as a plumber or teacher makes me a warrior for the middle class, i wear that charge charge as a bad of honor. >> class warrior affluent and conks need to pay more in tax. but now we have the 16-million-dollar muffin scandal. we'll explain. >> one in six americans are living in poverty. >> one in six americans. >> headed in the wrong direction. >> change direction. >> i'm just getting started. >> bill: rick perry launches an anti-obama ad campaign. we will show you the spot. >> zero jobs. >> no jobs created.
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>> my god, what the hell happened here. >> dennis miller on class warfare, mitt romney and jessie waters. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> i'm bill o'reilly, thank for watching us tonight. muffin gate. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may have heard, an audit by the department of justice shows the federal government is guilty of wasteful and extravagant spending at a number of law enforcement conferences. between october of 2007 and september of 2008. 10 conferences cost the american taxpayer $4.4 million. couple of examples of craziness. at a training conference in august 2008, $4,200 was spent on 250 muffins. that adds up to 16 bucks per
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muffin. now, i'm sure they were delicious muffins. i'm sure they were presented in a pleasing way. but the $16 muffin now becomes a symbol of how wasteful the feds are with our tax dollars. two coffee breaks cost $15,600. $52 per person spent on coffee breaks by drug enforcement task force. february of 2008, the u.s. attorney's conference food and beverage cost $54,000. december of 2007, an emergency response conference in denver, $90,000 spent on food and beverages. the hits just keep on coming. now, i have stayed in some of the swankiest hotels on earth. i have never seen a $16 muffin. i want to see that muffin. i want to taste that muffin. you know why? because i bought the muff continue and so did you. not about taxing the rich
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anymore. both the bush administration and obama administration looked away while trillions of dollars were wasted. now president obama wants more tax money to buy more muffins. people like me pay a lot of federal tax are annoyed. we don't believe there is anyone looking out for our tax money. efficiency and fairness. why should i or you work hard every day so some guy in a suit can have a $16 muffin? i would like president obama to address that. truth is america is in desperate financial trouble. i want to help. i have already told you i'm not taking any social security. going to send the checks back to the feds. even though i paid into the fund. i love my country. i don't want it to go bankrupt. i'm not going tone doors a huge tax increase on anybody until the spending madness stops. i'm not buying pay my fair share. i have paid my fair share for 35 years, mr. president. you and other politicians have squandered my labor. squandered it. until the feds and the states
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demand efficiency and cut the crap, i will oppose targeted tax increases. want revenue, mr. president, pass a fair and flat tax. close up the loopholes. knock out the $16 muffins. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. the president keeps on keeping on. >> if asking a billionaire to pay the same rate as a plumber or a teacher makes me a warrior for the middle class, i wear that charge as a badge of honor. [ applause ] >> i wear it as a badge of honor. >> bill: joining us now to react fox news analyst alex henican. >> i'm perfectly happy, bill, to join your anti-muffin jihad. $16 muffins by a bunch of dea agents and attorneys are deplorable and agree it's a dreadful thing. however, we cannot allow our upset about that to paralyze us as we go and solve some of the
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broader problems here. one of which, one of which is that they are people in our economy at the very top who are not paying their fair share. you ought to be just as ginned up about that. >> deport them. you cannot ask hard working people like me who make a lot of money to pay more money until you clean up the act. look at the so he len solyndra thing. >> i am familiar. >> $528 million wasted. these weasels, the ceo and financial officer now have to come to washington on friday to testify in front of the committee that gave them the 528 -- >> -- wait, wait. >> bill: you know what the ceo is doing of solyndra. >> taking the fifth amendment. >> you and i don't have a problem. >> no, no. >> we don't have a problem. >> buy bill i have got a problem with you. you may not have a problem with me. >> sort this out here.
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>> bill: i have just given you craziness on muffins and 528 million on solyndra. >> and we are both denouncing that. >> bill: you want to give the administration who sanctions this more money. >> i refuse to throw up my hands over that stuff and not resolve some of the larger and more pressing issues. >> bill: you can't resolve. >> of course you can. >> bill: unless spending is under control you can't resolve it. >> you want to give up any discussion about making our tax system more fair? making sure make a debate how to make this system fair. >> president obama doesn't want that debate. >> no, he doesn't. he has never ever called for a debate to reform the tax code. never. >> what we are talking about is taking this thing at the most egregious problem there is. >> you are wrong. he doesn't want to reform the tax code. he wants to ginn up revenue from wealthy and the corporations so he can buy more muffins.
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that's what he wants. he doesn't want to cut spending. he doesn't want to cut spending. >> what this discussion is about is making sure that the people in our society can afford it most because you talked about this on this program. people, big corporations paying zero dollars in taxes. >> capital gains. >> bill: that's not what president obama -- look, who is sitting in his box next to the first lady at president obama's jobs speech? who? >> i'm not sure. >> jeffrey immelt. do you know jeffrey. >> he didn't pay any taxes. that's terrible. >> bill: so, tell me that the president of the united states is interested. >> but i don't want you. >> bill: he is not. >> i don't want to you throw up your hands at a legitimate outrage and, therefore, refuse to face what is something that you ought to be as angry as i am about. >> if there are some corporations and rich people. >> thank you. >> not paying any taxes. >> thank you. >> bill: go after this. that's not what this is about. president obama has made this a class warfare campaign.
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that's where he is going. he is not interested in reigning in spending, you know that he is not. he is not interested in reforming the muffin problem. we haven't seen any of that. okay? yet, you still support him. >> he is talking about making significant. $1.5 million worth of cuts right out of the box. at the same time. >> bill: a 1.5 cuts. >> >> same time. >> bill: you know that. >> student loans are ridiculous. housing costs are horrible. health care is something that people can't afford. jobs with benefits and at the same time, you know the numbers as well ace do. >> bill: taxing the rich is not going to help the economy. >> more and more of the wealth in this country in fewer and fewer hands. we are becoming like banana
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republic. >> bill: it's not going to help the economy. >> i don't care if it only adds $1.25 to the country. it's right. you can't ask middle class people to suffer. >> bill: i want a government that watches out for the tax dollars and that cuts spending deficit comes down the economy back on track. >> you will get some of that give me some of this, too. >> bill: i would like to hit with you a muffin. >> i will split the muffin with you, how about that? >> bill: next on the run down, dick morris has inside stuff about tomorrow's republican debate. then, chris wallace on dick -- then, chris wallace on dick -- rick perry's new
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intuitive. and it's available free, wherever the web is. this is how trade strategies are built. tradearchitect. only from td ameritrade. welcome to better trade commission free for 60 days when you open an account. >> in orlando, florida. many believe perry get beaten up again. here now the purveyor of dick mr. morris. all right. let's take perry first. because he is -- we are going to play a clip of perry and his anti-obama web ad which is pretty strong in the next segment with chris wallace. but, do you expect tomorrow night for them, all the other republicans to go after him like they did the first time? >> yes. but i think that even more
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effectively. in the three polls before the debate perry had an average lead over romney of 12.5 points. in the four polls after the debate his league shrunk to 5.5. got hurt. >> yes. i expect, frankly, that it will disappear after this debate. isn't it possible though that some the lesser rated candidates will go after romney tomorrow night? >> not as much fodder there. bachmann might do that i expect will be immigration just as the last two debate social security you have him opposing the border fence. have him opposing the arizona law. >> why would you go away from the economy just to knock him out? >> knock him out because is he surviving with a conservative southern base. and if immigration kills that. >> that could hurt him. >> michele bachmann last stand? >> no. in tv land with tv debates and cable news being all over the
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place, there is no such thing as a last stand until the votes are cast. >> but the polls, she got hurt big time. >> bachmann always like gingrich has a chance to burst out. where gingrich has personal issues that hold him back, bachmann doesn't. you can never count her out. feisty, strong, aggressive. people keep wanting to count people out that was based on the old era of fundraising. money dried up, you dropped out. michele bachmann hit a 5% in gallup poll, come on. that's a streep drop. perry took a lot of her support away. >> she did. i think she is more like 8 or. most of those polls have palin in and she gets most of those votes. >> i think she is -- i think real clear politics has her 8 and a half average. can't counter. i just can't really. >> bill: i'm not counting her out. she would have to do something very impressive tomorrow to get back in the game. >> she has that capacity.
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>> bill: absolutely. i have said from day one she has waged a very good campaign. morris tomorrow night during the debate will be tweeting, whatever that is, on his web site dick like every second. every second you will second guests monday morning quarterbacking. >> type on the screen and can you read it. >> bill: all too complicated for me. now, let's go over to president obama as you just heard ellis henican and i talk about. class warfare thing, would you agree? >> wait. so you would agree with me, no traction so far i wants. >> vote for him or stay home, one of the two. all right, so, by throwing the dice and saying i'm going to make it into a class election, that's what i'm going to do, all right? because he he has. everything else is by the wayside. you are either with me and we're going to get those rich people and the rich people can't, and
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we have a sound bite from bill clinton coming up later. they're not going to make a difference on the economy even if you took 75% away from. they it wouldn't matter. >> oh, yes it would. rich people, top 2% are responsible for 33% of the consumer spending in the united states. >> bill: so you are saying that the consumer spending would go down if you took that much. i'm saying even if they took the cash the deficits are so enor news it wouldn't matter. >> it would be 00 economy. the economy would get worse in your opinion and i subscribe to that, not as much as you do but somewhat. >> president obama is basically saying, look, the only chance i have, unless something happens, only chance is to get people who aren't making a lot of money to hate the people. >> that's accurate. what is so destructive, so stupid on his part he took whatever momentum he had from that job state of the union speech and now nobody thinks is
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he pushing jobs. they think he wants to tax the rich. and people may or may not support that. it depends on how you ask the question. >> bill: the polls are all over the place on it. >> it's not an issue that is going to jobs issue. the jobs issue will sit there. >> bill: i don't understand why you are saying that for this reason. if you tax more rich and get more revenue stream coming in. he can create more jobs core. higher more construction. that's what he wants. >> that's a difficult linkage, given the numbers. what is likely to come across just is what you said, which is emotional attack on the rich. and, by the way. >> >> bill: that's what this is. >> that, more than anything else, will deepen this recession. because are you going to lend, invest, or spend if you are in the top 2% when you think the president and the whole structure is out to get you? >> bill: uncertainty now is causing the banks not to lend. and causing a lot of people not
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to expand. >> everybody, look, stock market is down another 300 points today as we mentioned. >> i'm not going to do. >> our economy is drowning in cash. half a trillion in debt. but they won't spend it they won't lend it, and they won't invest it because they are scared to death. when obama declares war on people most likely to spend the money. he makes that worse. >> so 2% of the people spend 33% of the cash. morrison will be tweeting his butt off tomorrow night during the debate if you want to do that you are an american you have a right to do that. >> devastating anti-obama web ad. we will play some of it for you. john stossel in the street john stossel here. >> where are the jobs? you got them? are you hiding the jobs? >> bill: those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: the republican debate tomorrow night in orlando, florida. fox news anchor bret baier, megyn kelly and chris wallace will be handling the questioning. some believe the anti-obama theme might be stepped up tomorrow night in light of a new campaign ad from rick perry. >> i love these folks who say economy. that's fine. give it to me. >> zero jobs. not a single jobs being added. >> no jobs created. zero. >> people are demoralized. >> what has happened. >> zero new jobs. >> zero. >> change has come to america. >> president zero. >> 21 in six americans living in poverty. >> all time low. >> we're pointed in the ride direction. >> headed in the wrong direction. >> change direction here. >> i'm just getting started. >> it's time to get america working again. we don't need a president who
5:23 am
apologizes for america. i believe in america. i believe in a purpose and a promise. i believe her best days have not yet been lived. >> bill: joining us now from orlando the aforementioned dick morris. he believes tomorrow night on the panel, not necessarily you, baier and kelly, they are going to go after governor perry again as they did last time. are you anticipating that? >> yes. i am two reasons. they really haven't hid heir punches at all. romney all for the last two weeks has been sending out questions to reporters, particularly on this issue of perry suggesting that you could make the social security system a state program instead of a national program. and romney, i think, is going to go after him on that. santorum has been going after him about israel. he says he has forgotten more about israel than rick perry ever knew. so, yeah, i do think they are
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going to go after perry. >> i don't know. i think maybe romney might be his term in the barrel tomorrow night. because the polls show that governor romney is creeping up on governor perry. and you know, you might be right. the panel might gang up on perry, try to knock him out. illegal immigration also, morris thinks that's going to be big tomorrow night as well. >> yeah. look, i'm not saying that that means romney gets away without anything. i think everybody is going to take a turn in the barrel. i do think that both romney and santorum could, in particular have tell graphed that they are going to go after perry on those issues i just talked about. >> bill: now, is michele bachmann on the ropes? does she have to do something dramatic tomorrow? >> well, she certainly has to become part of the conversation. she did very well in the last debate. she really, and i think very effectively went after perry on this hpv vaccine and the fact that perry ordered it by executive order that parents had to have their children vaccinated unless they opted
5:25 am
out. that speaks to the whole question of parental authority and parental choice. her problem is that she heard from somebody in the crowd afterwards that her daughter had had the vaccine and suffered retardation. according to the measure academy of pediatrics it's a safe vaccine. doesn't have that kind of side effects. she is once again got to try to find some way to step up. >> yeah. because perry has taken a lot of her support away. >> you got google, right? so you have got -- ask for questions from people all over the world, i guess, what, do you have 17,000 questions? so we're going. >> 18,000 and counting. >> going to last, what, 3 weeks? like jerry lewis, you guys are going to be sweating after 24 hours? how are you going to boil that down? >> well, fortunately we have people who have been looking at all the questions. so we get presented with maybe a half dozen in each category.
5:26 am
it's very interesting. 18,000 questions from around the world. not surprisingly. the two highest categories in terms of most of the questions were on the economy and jobs 1 and the debt and government and taxes is the second one. so we'll obviously emphasize those. we will talk about other issues as well. the interesting thick is people could not only submit questions but if you didn't want to do that you could vote on the questions that had already been submitted. there is some questions that you know, 50,000 people have said please ask this question. so there is a certain amount of democracy to it. >> are you going to cite names or ask the questions. this is a question a lot of people have or are you going to say anna from henderson, nevada submitted this? >> absolutely. and, listen, your attempt to put on a wig and pretend to be emma from nevada didn't work out at all. >> bill: have you known me for a long time, why am i never invited to moderate these debates, wallace? i'm never invited.
5:27 am
i can't get into the state. >> there there is a man on the second floor named mr. alleys. can i give you his extension if you would like it? >> i'm not going to talk to imhad. you are going to tell me i'm a pinhead, that's why. you guys are going to have a lot of things going on in two hours. have a lot of bloviating all across the board. and your mandate is to keep it all under control, right? that's what you guys have to do. >> well, yes and no. but i mean seriously, it is a little bit of a problem. you ask a question. the candidate has, and this is why you shouldn't do a debate. the candidate has one minute to ena. you can't interrupt them for a minute. they can go off and talk about the planet mars and you can't interrupted for a moment. >> bill: that's your rules. not my rules. i have my own rules if i get down there. >> i understand which is why you are going to be in new york and we are going to be in orlando. >> debate, nobody up there just stools. i would be going listen you, nobody there chris, watching tomorrow night. we appreciate it plenty more as
5:28 am
the factor moves along this evening. stossel is out on the streets with a bull horn. somebody call the cops. he will be here to explain what's going on. >> dennis miller on class warfare. miller meeting rit. >> student to those reports. stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: stossel matter segment tonight. our pal john has a theme show about where the jobs are. part of the presentation, took to the streets. >> i looked around for some of those jobs president obama created. >> no jobs here. any jobs here? where are the jobs? you got them? are you hiding the jobs? >> government create jobs? >> to some degree, yes. >> when i hear some politician say oh yeah, we need to create jobs. how is a politician going to create jobs? they are an elected official sitting in an office.
5:32 am
>> does government create jobs? >> well, sure. who do you think cleans the streets, you know, collects taxes, runs the schools, cleans the snow? government is great. >> bill: she is obama supporter right there. i can tell you. a good point. you know, she was pretty good. >> made her point. >> bill: the government does create a certain level of jobs. can't run an entire economy and that's the problem right now. it's trying to. >> the problem is that when government pays someone to clean the streets or make $16 muffins or dig holes and fill them up, whatever the government does, it takes -- government has no money of its own it has to take money from the private sector. and we don't know what might have been done with that money. none of these government jobs are real jobs in the sense that they per pet wait themselves that they create jobs beyond the job cleaning the streets. >> so basically you say that the key to a vibrant economy is
5:33 am
expansion. >> only the private sector. >> only the private sector. >> what the government does is it fills certain jobs under the mandate. that's it. there is nothing more than that and then it drains to pay for those jobs in the health care benefits and retirements that drains money that could be going into the private sector. and survey are a government to get more job growth. singapore and hong kong tiny government rule of law kept people from stealing from each other killing each other and then they sat around and drank tea. and leaving people alone allowed them to move from third world to first world in 50 years. >> why do you think and i have asked this question of a lot of guests, that president obama does not understand that his only hope for turning the economy around in the 14 months before the election would be to unleash the private sector? he is not going to do it with the public sector. it's not going to happen. why doesn't he understand that? >> i don't think he believes in
5:34 am
it plus, it wouldn't necessarily happen quickly enough to help him for this election. no confidence in the president's economic would you agree with that? >> stock market drops for 100 reasons, it it could be europe president obama's economic leadership? >> i don't care. i don't care if they are confidence in the president. i want people to understand that the if there is no confidence, no expansion. people sitting on the money. they are not doing anything. it's not confidence in obama, will i be left alone? i do understand what the law is going to be next year? >> no. >> there is fear. >> that goes back to the president. i would pivot real fast and say you know what? try this. be watching on thursday night. d man weighing in on the class
5:35 am
warfare deal and jesse watters
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. miller segment tonight. our pal mitt romney got a chance to meet. concerned about the growing class warfare diehl. the sage of southern california joins us from los angeles. president obama, warrior for the middle class and i'm going. >> ironically class warfare not really classy. billy, i'm with you, i like it when you press people and say name a figure. they never want to leave fingerprints on it. the fact is i go 35 federal, 11 california. i got a score of other taxes including big tickets, like property tax, social security, which i, as a rich pig, am never
5:39 am
going to see, and then a myriad of other taxes during my day. sales, everything. i probably make around, i don't know, 40 cents on every buck, when i croak they weigh in and take 45% of that before i do my death rattle. that means over the course of my life i get to either spend or pass on to my kids 20 cents on a buck. i'm doing my part. they are not even nice about it they act like we are jerks. for god's sake we tried. we did all right. what's the problem? >> bill: then they spend it on $16 muffins. that's what gets me. if they were curing cancer, miller, if they were spreading democracy throughout the whole world and everybody was getting on board with the u.s.a. i would say all right. but, you know what they are doing. they are just solyndra. solyndra. >> let me say, this billy. they are so full of it that at least the 16 buck muffin will clean them out.
5:40 am
>> bill: if it were a brand muffin it might but not the other kind of muffin. i made the muffin as a metaphor for the larger picture which i'm sure miller understood is not really about the muffin itself. it's the cause. the muffin represents. >> it's the whole enchilada. >> bill: which was $22 by the way. enchilada, 22 bucks. okay. now, you met mitt romney. i mean, i can't imagine governor romney actually consenting to me. how did that happen? >> i met him at informal speech at friend's place over the weekend. here is the thing they say about him. for everybody hung up on his physical attractiveness and they begrudge him that. can i tell you? he is 4'9". i was absolutely shocked. billy, i said to him are you a small guy or a huge dwarf? he said i'm anything you want me to be like most politicians.
5:41 am
he was a good guy. he was with his wife who is still his best girl, you could tell. he seems like a nice guy, he seems like a smart guy. he is whip smart. do i dig everything about him? no. here is the thing about obama care in the state of massachusetts. he did it in his state as governor. now he deems it to be not for the national scene to extrapolate out. he says he would overturn obama care. are we then going to punish him by not voting for him and putting the guy who is going to spread it into perm man's across the country. punish for statewide level. put obama care in on national level with obama? even a come'. >> bill: the republican brew ha harassment did romney know who you are, the sage of southern california? does he know. >> sure he did. he said you take the bullet for o'reilly, right? >> bill: did he? , okay.
5:42 am
the government, okay. >> no. listen. >> bill: some of these guys have no idea who we are. >> no, he does, billy. i told him, you know, i told him that we were going to do some gigs together. maybe we could get him to come. here is the thing about him. he is -- the people say he is a flip flopper. guess what? obama is a flop flopper. he did choose the wrong thing and it's not working and he is never going to change. all i ask is of somebody if they gang it flip and try the other thing. obama is not going to try the other thing. >> bill: good point. jesse watters and maxine waters reunited and feels so good. jesse didn't get a lot out of here you say. >> still waters runs deep shill waters runs away. she looks cute. she is a little freaked out by jesse. he should have started singing that rick springfield song to her. i wish maxine was jessie's girl.
5:43 am
listen. i thought by her saying silent. jessie made her look better than any interview i have heard her do. wow, she is coming off pretty good. >> bill: she looks credible. i didn't say anything. is it really wise? should she have just said listen, here what i meant. wouldn't that be better than doing the zombie routine. >> billy, can i tell you something, she meant she wants guys like you and me to go to hell. she meant it. that's exactly what she meant. >> bill: muff minute metaphor she really wants us to go to hell. >> then she says a moron -- they have got to send out the apologist out to mop up this class warfare to mop up the tea party. they send debbie sergeant schultz out. she is supposed to explain it all. >> bill: right. okay. miller and i -- this is a new england alert for everyone, will be trick or treating together on october 29th in connecticut at mohican sun.
5:44 am
i don't know if costumes are needed, miller. >> i have got mine. >> bill: go natural. not literally ourselves and scare the hell out of everybody. >> i is got what i'm going out as already, billy. i'm going out as a monster called barney frank and stein. it's a creertd that's put together with the parts out of all his microconstituency groups and croaks his victims through drowning them with projectile spittle. that's what i'm going as barney frankenstein. >> bill: district close to mohican sun. we are sending the congressman frank comp tickets. >> if you come to that show natural, i will gouge my eyes out with hot pokers. >> bill: a little too chilly that time of year. miller and i if you would like to see us in person check bill o' for richmond, virginia: by the way we are doing the factor october 11th in
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boston sold out in 24 hours. in a moment, singer tony bennett says the 9/11 attach might have been america's fault. then ted turner talking about private jets. wait until you hear this. upcoming. nationwide insurance, what's up ? what's vanishing deductible all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductle. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100.
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight. bill clinton sounding like a republican, kind of. >> i personally don't believe we ought to be raising taxes or cutting spending, either one, until we get this economy off the ground because i don't think you can spend or not spend enough to get america back to a full employment economy until we flush that debt. we don't have a lot of resentment. it's one of our best characteristics, if we think someone earned their money
5:49 am
fairly we do not resent their success. americans lost the fact that whatever you think about this millionaire surcharge, i don't really care because i would pay it but it won't effect people because i already paid income because i live in new york. i will pay more but it won't solve the problem. >> all right. here now to analyze, fox news anchor martha maccallum in for juliet huddy tonight. the key move there is it won't solve the problem which is true there aren't enough millionaires in the united states to generate, but he seems to be waffling back and forth on whether it's the right thing to do. >> the president seems to be waffling back and forth. >> clinton, yeah. >> you know what? he is -- when he was situation in his own presidency. he started welfare to work. arab big government is over. what he was doing wasn't working. this president has made a decision not to tack. i think president clinton is suggesting that's what he would do if he were in his shoes. he is also dropping hints about
5:50 am
perhaps somebody he thinks might do a better job and that might be hillary. >> bill: hillary is not going to do it. >> oh, no. >> bill: mac callum, do you want to put money on that. >> i don't think there is a lot of feelers being put out. >> bill: clinton initiative giving all these interviews. never talked to me bill clinton. hillary has not him. what's the. >> major force. has billions of dollars. they have done a tremendous amount of work in haiti and overseas. >> bill: trying to help poor people. >> all around the world in desperate situations after earthquakes and tsunamis and haiti. they have done tremendous amount of work. >> bill: not sure about the haitian deal as we reported a lot of the money there is gone missing. all right. tony bennett. are you a big tony bennett fan. >> i love tony bennett. >> bill: he goes on the howard stern radio program. roll the tape. >> what do you do do with these
5:51 am
terrorists that blew up the world trade center. >> if don't have weapons they don't make them themselves. >> who are the terrorists? are we the terrorists or they the terrorists? two wrongs don't make a right. >> they are the ones that started flying that plane into the world trade center. >> i don't know about that. >> you don't think so. >> it's another story. i want to stay. >> are you one of those conspiracy guys who thinks they didn't fly the plane. >> in they flew the plane. in. >> but. >> but we caused it. >> why? >> because we were bombing them and they told us to stop. said what are you doing? they came on stronger and they said come on, we are going to have to retaliate, no, no, no. they said give them four times as much. >> bill: point out tony bennett is 85. cut him a little slack there. we were bombing them. when were we bombing them? >> i agree with you. he is 85 years old. that was my first reaction. you do want to cut him some slack. world war ii veteran. >> bill: when we were we bombing them. >> we weren't bombing them.
5:52 am
if he is looking for impetus. american base is in saudi arabia. relationship with israel. it has nothing to do with bombing. >> didn't he try to backtrack a little bit after that? >> he did. he came out and talked to cbs news. he said i love america. if you are going to do pinhead or patriot with tony bennett i'm going to do patriot. he fought for his country he became a passivist. >> bill: he lives in san francisco. >> he is allowed to be a passivist if that's what he wants. he went too far here and i don't think is he a conspiracy they're list. i think he is against war in general. >> bill: maybe he had a senior moment. >> maybe he had a little bit of a senior moment. >> bill: we didn't bomb anybody. >> no, we didn't. >> bill: tony bennett. everyone. martha maccallum thinks is he a patriot. can you email her any time you want. ted turner waxing about private jets. p and p moments away.
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> bill: pinheads and patriots starring ted turner in a moment. but first, i believe we have the best promotion ever, ever on! if you become a premium member we will send you my new book out next tuesday free. you get one of the hottest books in the country free and premium membership for a reasonable price. what else do we have to do? check it out on now the mail:
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>> bill: i reported those most americans want the wealth think pay more, true but there's a huge amount of propaganda in the area, is there not? >> bill: not so. small national sales tax combined with lower tax rates on working americans means more revenue because collections go up. it also means every american pays something. when some don't pay anything now. >> bill: i like that analogy robin. signed copy of pinheads and patriots the paperback on the way to you.
5:56 am
>> bill: that's why i wrote the book. lincoln is the gold standard for american leadership. somehow, we've got to find people like him. >> bill: of course they have an air brush sal. the photo editor wanted the picture to look harsh. happens to me all the time. easy to do that. falling apart. >> bill: i just stand there for an hour. and you can take unretouched
5:57 am
pictures of me. i don't do anything. i give the audience inside stuff about the upcoming presidential election that is the theme of my part of the show. >> finally pinheads and patriots. ted turner was talking about warren buffett giving away a lot of his money. >> it is easier for he and bill gates to give away half of what they have because they have so much. then somebody who only has one billion dollars it is hard to afford a jet plane at that level. >> bill: oh! i'm sure we all feel mr. turner's pain. might be a pinhead in this regard. >> 16-year-old lexi won the lpga classic last sunday and donated $20,000 of her winnings to the wounded warrior project. we an proud her contribution and her skill. she is a patriot. >> the high bid for this
5:58 am
poster signed by all five living presidents, i don't think they've ever signed anything together ever before, the high bid is $46,000. you can bid on another $100,000 has been raised if you give a donation of $25 or more you get a facsimile of this document. that is it for us. check out the website different from spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no caterwauling when writing to the factor. if you were watching us from an exotic place let us know. we are going to do one of those e-mail things coming up. watching the factor some place interesting, e-mail us. thanks for watching. please remember the spin stops right here. because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you.
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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> top of the morning to you. it's thursday, september 22, 2011. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you so much for sharing your time today. the stage is all set for tonight's big debate on fox news and the top two candidates in the statistical tie now so that means game on. >> we don't need to nominate obama light. we don't need to -- >> we have a full preview of what's gearing up to be a presidential fight night. >> meanwhile, some are calling it the poster child for crony capitalism. playing favorites with your tax dollars and now we're learning more about one of the investors in light squared, that mobile broadband company. wait until you see how these pieces fit together. >> and look out


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