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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 13, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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his faith on the field. >> sean: good to see you. thank you for being with us. good to see you. that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, now watch closely. donald trump and speaker newt gingrich go "on the record." or do they? >> why do you think so many of the g.o.p. decide against this? >> question of coward versus courage. newt gingrich is afraid to come. he has guts. rick santorum has more guts because face it, the guy is a real loser. >> hey! >> excuse me. >> greta: snl spoofed our show. we'll show you more. stick around. another blow to eric holder. the republican lawmakers stepping up the pressure to force him out. and congressman michael grim goes on the record in a few minutes. but first, on the attack. the g.o.p. candidates take turn blast the economy and blasting president obama. >> we are noting stronger than we were ten years ago.
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we're weaker economically. we have lost young men and women and lost money. >> one thing that concerns me today i watch economy struggling. i see a president and people around him talk about fundamentally transform america. change it from merit-based society so something like europe where the government plays a heavier hand how to live your life. >> it has been accumulated in the country. the programs that are in place today. do you know when you go in the workforce, social security, the way is it structureed and transformed will not be there for you when you retire no matter what the age of retirement might be.
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somebody has to stand up for you. >> sean: grim words from president obama himself. he admit there is no quick fix for the struggling economy. >> reversing structural problems with the economy that built up over a decade. it will take time. more than one year, more than two years and take more than one term. probably takes more than one president. >> greta: will they choose that message to take back the white house? senator rick santorum joins us from iowa. good evening, senator. >> hi, greta. >> greta: senator, last night, obama gave a crim message on "60 minutes." you may have heard what he has to say. takes more than one president and quite a while because of the structural change information the economy. do you have a different plan? can you speed it up? make a difference? >> i agree it will take more than one president.
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we can get someone who believes in the american people and liberating the private sector. stop this heavy government control. in this month, president will impose new regulatory burdens on the coal fire-powered plans that shut down 60 coal fired power plants and drive up electricity cost and make us less competitive. it doesn't stop. the control freak he is. >> greta: he said he saved the auto industry, gaining more jobs and the unemployment rate is going down. .10 of a number. we lost 400,000 jobs last month. he said he had to pick up quite a mess and he has turned it around. >> the economy was bleak and the unemployment rate is drastically up since president came in off. we continue to putter along, with the decline we had, we
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should have had a v-shaped recovery. what happened was this president put his mind on expanding the size of government through obama care. he wasn't worried about the economy started. he was worried about taking over the financial sector with dodd-frank. worried about the social engineering, imposing european socialism on the united states. that was his objective. he thought the economy would recover over time. but it's crush under the burden of the administration policy. it's structural problems he created. we need to remove the structural problem and get back to an economy that believes in free market and free people. cut taxes, cut regulatory burden. get the manufacturerring sector is my pet peeve to ewill emanate corporate tax for manufacturers. make things in america again and gro the economy. >> greta: the trump debate coming up in the last week of december.
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are you still in? >> absolutely. i look forward to it and be on the stage with newt and donald, you think about -- i don't know if there is enough room for me as far as the presence on the stage. but i will make my way through it and i'll be okay. >> what do you expect to happen? why did others did not? why do you think that governor mitt romney says no and governor huntsman said no and michele bachmann is a no. >> that is interesting. all of them that you mentioned went to new york to visit donald trump. some repeatedly to visit donald trump. and court his support. it never did. i'm happy to meet with donald trump when he comes to iowa. i have an office in des moines if he wants to meet with me. but i didn't try to court donald. yet, all the people that did when they won't appear with
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him in public and take the heat from him there. i was never a courter and someone trying to court people of iowa. happy to talk in front of any moderator. who is a serious person and wants to get to the problem of trying to find out who the best candidate is to defeat barack obama. the people of iowa are going to find out i'm the best candidate to win and govern this country, principle principt are consistent with the conservative constitutional policy. >> greta: 30 seconds left. you got endorsement. reverend terry eman, big evangelical. but you to have a good ground game to get people to the caucus to caucus for you. do you have a ground game? people that will drive people to the caucus and get them there? >> terry is a great endorsement for us. we have other endorsements later in the week and next week. great endorsements last week, secretary of state, the only state-wide elected official that endorsed. all the worker with a doing is paying off.
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we have a great campaign in iowa. we feel good. pick people up at the dipper in lee county, cedar rapids. we signed up literally dozens of volunteers to go to caucuses in this county. we are growing and on the move. surprise a lot of folks. >> greta: senator. thank you. we'll be watching. >> thank you very much. >> president obama said it would probably take more than one president to fix the economy. today, governor mitt romney claiming i'm that other president. but will he be? newt gingrich is making leaps in south carolina and florida in the latest nbc news marist poll, speaker gingrich leads governor mitt romney by 19 points in south carolina. in florida, gingrich leads romney by 15 points. the big gap, but is it enough to keep gingrich on top? nina malika henderson of the "washington post" joins us. nice to see you.
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>> good to see you. >> greta: a lot of people are asking the poll questions that would like to see speaker gingrich be the nominee. i'm not sure that the pundits are on board. >> yeah. i mean you see a lot of conservative pundits saying it's only a matter of time before newt gingrich turns in the old newt gingrich somebody undisciplined and has trouble staying on message. so far, so good. we saw him in the debate on saturday night. he took that question about the multiple marriages head on and a lot of people think he did well in the question. it may have gotten him past the issue, as far as the iowa voters are concerned, social conservative. you see romney try to build up a firewall in new hampshire. he has been there 40 times since the spring. >> greta: tell me about the numbers. you have speaker gingrich with a sizable lead now. things could change tomorrow. this is a fluid race. in spite of south carolina being the south is that
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president obama against speaker gingrich win 46 to 42%. president obama would win 45 to 42% about the same number against governor romney. i didn't think it's a president obama state. >> that is a miracle. if that happens and he wins south carolina, that's a miracle. i'm from south carolina so i know how they vote in the last years. really rich -- >> greta: do you have an explanation? >> i won't say it makes me mistrust the poll but polls are a snapshot of where it stands now. they will likely change. for any republican whether it's newt gingrich or mitt romney they have to win the state in the primary. that is the state for the last 20 to 30 years. whoever wins the state in the primary, you have become the eventual nominee. a real battle there. >> greta: i'm suspicious that pundits say. they don't always reflect the people. we're tied to our guess so we never sort of get it.
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the number show unbelievable run for the speaker. brit hume on my own network tonight. >> it helps newt gingrich when you have all of these old washington hands, people that work with him in 1994 and 1998. this helps him. he needs to convince folk he is is a anti-washington guy. so he can say i'm doing something right if they don't like me. that burn niches his anti-establishment credit. >> hard to make him look inside if everybody on the inside doesn't like him. >> it backfires to make him look like a tea party insurgent guy. >> we had start santorum on. he -- we had senator santorum on. he barely makes a park in the polls but i have been to iowa and talked to him and i read
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the newspaper every day. i think he has a better show thank a lot of pundits think. >> listening to him, i wonder why he isn't doing better. he spends time there and has practically moved his family there. a moralnist the race. but yet to be catch fire. very odd. >> greta: we'll see. tomorrow is a different day. thank you. g.o.p. front runner newt gingrich sticking to his guns sparking worldwide outrage. he makes comment about palestinian people last week that had explosive impact. here is what he told the jewish channel. >> do you consider yourself zionist? >> jewish people have a right to have a state. i believe the commitments that were made, there was no
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palestine then. part of the ottomon empire. we had invented palestinian people. who are arabs. >> greta: so does former speaker gingrich want a doover? apparently not. in a last debate he was asked about the inflammatory remarks. here is what he said. >> is what i said factually correct? >> yes. historically true? yes. are we in a situation that every day the rockets are fired to israel while the current administration tries to pressure israelis in a peace process? hamas does not admit the right of existence and says not a single jew remain. the palestinian authority, ambassador to india said there is no difference between fatah and hamas. both agree that israel has no right to exist. somebody ought to have the courage to tell the truth. these people are terrorists. >> greta: is speaker gingrich telling the truth or inflaming a volatile situation? former u.s. ambassador to the
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u.n. john bolton joins us. good evening. let me ask you a couple of questions. number one, is speaker gingrich right? number two, is he pandering to get the jewish vote? number three, is this his statement? it has inflamed many likely to impede a peace process not as though we've had a peace process. but nonetheless, great concer concern. >> start at the end. two-state process working on for 20 years is in exist. we are no closer to two-state solution than when we began the process. we have three states now, gaza stip under control of hamas, the palestinian part of west bank under fatah. in terms of what newt said, people reacted to it negatively because they took historical analysis to make it
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to palestinian statehood. he was historically correct, as long as we have television, not much about the characteristics make up the nationality. hard to see how the palestinians qualify. do they want a state? of course. will they get one? who knows? >> greta: what about the pandering. use of inventive, is a rather sharp statement to make. hor to believe call someone invented like a person is made up. >> it wasn't a word necessarily i would have used. what are the meth rick of nationality. language, religion, geography. you don't need all of them to be nationality but there are differences between french and germans. hard to find distinction, between palestinians, jordanians and egyptians. the argument is if they want state today they have to demonstrate they are qualified to have it. they have leaders who can make
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the hard compromises and hard decisions. no evidence it will happen. >> if i understand you correctly, he is historically right but grossly impolitic. >> i don't think it was grossly impoliticking. >> greta: i am putting words in your mouth. >> they are reading in things he didn't intend. explain to me what the difference is between non-israelis and put that it way on the west bank of the jordan river to non-israelis who live on the east bank? tell me differences. >> greta: i guess the next question to lead me to is the media doing an enormous disservice. a sort of powerful political weapon. either way. >> my prediction, in the iowa caucuses it will have an
1:16 am
effect to approach zero. do we care what real american voter this? my goodness. >> greta: pundits and anchors and corespondents and everyone else what a vastly different idea what things may be than when you talk to people. they roll their eyes and say listen to us talk every night thinking we know what they are thinking or how they will vote. >> speaking of a perspective candidate, i love to think tens of millions of americans are deep in intricacies of the two-state negotiating process but i don't think it's true. >> what is the most important issue? >> national security. what else do you elect a president to do other than lead the fences internationally. the economy is important to voters but as adam smith himself said, the first duty of the sovereign is to protect the people against. >> people are fearful about the economy. national security may be one
1:17 am
that they talk about but the unemployed, the economy is the number one issue. understandably so. >> i don't have a doubt about that but a president has to walk and chew gum at the same time. we don't know what the next president will face >> greta: we learned that once before ambassador, thank you. the hits keep coming. they make a new move to kick out eric holder. did you hear what the lawmakers did to attorney general holder today? you. will stay here. congressman grim, michael grimm is here to tell you that next. also talk about jumping in the fire. supreme court certainly gets the prize. first they agree to healthcare fight and hours ago there is more big news. supreme court and announcing they will not decide the arizona illegal immigration law dispute. it puts arizona against obama administration. jan brewer will be here to go on the record. and rush limbaugh and donald
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>> greta: well, sure is clear. they want him out. republican lawmakers are demanding that attorney general eric holder resign and
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now they want to make the message official. today they introduced house resolution pushing for volt of no confidence in the attorney general. michael grim joins us. good evening. >> good evening. >> greta: i suppose we should say to put in perspective, former f.b.i. agent. >> correct. >> greta: the attorney general would be your boss if you were still in theory. >> yes. absolutely true. >> greta: you want him out. why? >> he is misleading the congress and the american people. you don't let guns and drugs walk. that is the general rule of thumb. if you are going to do something like that, which is rare, you have to have approval of highest level of d.o.j. why is this complicated? you don't just let them walk in an area in the united states. you talk about international border. you have the guns walk across to another country. there is no question in my mind you need approval all the way to top of the food chain, which leads directly to the attorney general.
1:23 am
>> greta: now, resolution 490, house resolution 490 introduced to have what happened? >> to basically say we no longer have confidence in the attorney general. this is the department of justice. the american people have to have faith in the department of justice. as a member of congress, i don't have that vote of confidence. >> greta: does it mean anything? say ma juror tiff on the house members vote and no confidence. what does it mean? >> extremely significant because it sheds more light on the issue. >> greta: it doesn't throw him out. >> it doesn't throw him out. but a border patrol agent lost his life. if nothing else, it's telling that family and the other, my fellow agents as i consider them that we have not forgotten you and the congress is behind you. if we put enough pressure i want poem too say this the most transparent administration that of all time.
1:24 am
this is anything but transparent. the assistant attorney general sending a letter to congress to later rescind. >> greta: the february 4 letter. >> absolutely. >> greta: here is what i don't get. attorney general hold every come before congress. seems like a simple question. what is the highest ranking person aware of it and the highest ranking person who authorized it? i don't know why those direct questions don't get put to him to get an answer? >> in many ways it has. another thing that is bothersome for members of congress that should be outraged. the general pub slick outraged. he is refusing to turn over e-mails to show who knew and when they know. >> greta: is he claiming a privilege of some sort? why isn't he turning over the document? it's dragged on a year.
1:25 am
i have known holder for a number of years. a judge locally. straight arrow, a good reputation. but this is to the point of absurd he doesn't just get the answer and get it over to you and be done with it. dragged on for a year. >> that is exactly why you know something isn't right. chairman issa said he may have to hold anymore in contempt of congress. what kind of a message is that sending? it's abhorrent. no question there was a tremendous amount -- it comes down to two things. if he really didn't know, then was he really doing his job? is he competent to have the job in if guns are crossing borders and he didn't know about it. that is a problem in and of itself. if he did know about it, how could he mislead us? >> a bigger question, whoever authorized this still an active person in the justice department he would make another stupid decision. i was never suspicious before. i've become suspicious. i'm suspicious if some at the white house was aware.
1:26 am
funny you can't get a straight answer on it. >> now you see the typical shuffle i have seen myself. you see transfers. no one getting fired by people getting transferred. i hate to tell you this, but what it means is transferring those who knew and were involved but eventually they promote them later on for kee keeping their mouth shut. >> greta: to be clear, i wasn't suggesting that the president knew about it. but within the administration and every administration. anyway, congressman, thank you, sir. >> good to see you. >> coming up, healthcare now the administration. supreme court set to make a second decision to turn the 2012 election upside down. governor jan brewer is next and has the big news. also, alec baldwin to goes on tv to say he is sorry, but did he apologize for the airplane outburst? not what you think. you hear from the actor himself. everyone have their new blackberry from at&t?
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>> greta: here is what governor jan brewer says, she is tired for waiting for washington to secure the border now. the united states supreme court will decide how much power the state of arizona has. today the high court announcing it will decide if the arizona illegal immigration statute is constitutional. or not. the obama administration challenged the law, they won in court of appeals but now arizona is fighting back. asking supreme court to jump in and decide it once and for all. today, the supreme court says it will decide once and for
1:31 am
all. of course, the timing of the decision by the court is a bit politically awkward. ruling on this politically charge case is expected weeks before the political convention. governor jan brewer join us us. good evening. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: after two losses, one in trial court and u.s. court of appeal i imagine tonight you are pleased with the supreme court decision to hear thecation. >> we are absolutely pleased in arizona. all of america is pleased. i commend the united states supreme court for agreeing to hear it. we need clarity. >> greta: one thing that is interesting is the court, of course, has nine justices on it. one of the justices, justice kagan disqualified herself from the decision whether to hear it or not. now it will be a 4-4. now any thoughts on the fact it's only eight justices, probably? >> i am pleased she did
1:32 am
disqualify herself. she had a conflict. but it leaves us with eight supreme court justices. so i'm counting on the fourth that supported us in the employer sanction led legislation and ruled in our favor. i'm hoping that the kennedy hangs with us and we get a positive judgment from the supreme court. i feel very confident. >> greta: you know, in many ways this is a complicated issue. one is the securing the border. most republicans agree to secure the border. the second one is what to do with the illegal citizens who are already in this country? i realize your statute, what your statute entails but curious what is your thought? i suspect that you want to first secure the border. what is sort of your thought on what can be done with the illegal people already here from a practical standpoint? >> well, you know, first, let me say greta first and foremost, absolutely, we have to have our borders secured. because of the terrible
1:33 am
policies and the method of which the federal government has not reacted to the public, is just created devastation. in our state. in the united states. talking about what we are going to do before we decide the bodyers are secured is getting the cart before horse. i don't want to talk about it until we get it secured. a lot of methods can be talked about. right now, the federal government needs to step up and do the job that they are responsible for. >> greta: a lot of people agree with you, it should be done in a two-step process first to secure the border. at some point, if it were don to secure the border first, we can't just sort of put off the decision whether you know people are to be thrown out. given a path to citizenshipment given the working papers. we have to really sort of
1:34 am
confront this important issue for so many people. for so many americans. >> i understand that. it will difficult to go in and deport 11 million, 12 million people. and how we are going to address that issue is very, very complicated. of course, after the border is secured i think a real sensible debate can take place. and a solution can be found. comprehensive immigration reform giving amnesty totally to these people in my opinion is completely totally wrong. but a solution has to be found. shrekively together we can do that. there is a lot of, tonight we are not going to discuss all the different banners -- >> greta: too bad. >> of how we take care of that. >> greta: governor, if you come up for the argument, i hope you will join us on set to talk about it.
1:35 am
>> you bet. it sure will. >> thank you, governor. coming up, how did that honor system work for your school? any cheaters when you were in grade school with the honor system? the honor system is about to get another test at the border. u.s. border industry from mexico with no custom officers in site. it's the honor system. what are the feeds thinking? you will find out next. you may this thought you were watching a weekend edition of "on the record." if you look closer it was "saturday night live." very funny. we will give you another ♪ [ male announcer ] when a moment suddenly turns romantic, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. even if it doesn't happen every day, you can be ready anytime the moment's right, because you take a clinically proven low-dose tablet every day. [ man ] tell your doctor about all your med conditions and medications and ask if your heart is healthy ough for sexual activity.
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1:40 am
eight-year-long war with, quote, honor and their heads held high. mr. obama also say that this u.s. leaves behind a self-reliant iraq. troops are scheduled to withdraw from that country by december throfnl we might be just hours from a house vote, which could mean a big boost for your budget. speaker john boehner says the g.o. p. tax plan has a good chance of passing. but harry reed says it might be dead on arrival in the democratic-led senate. the president call its the last line of defense between hardship and catastrophe for many u.s. families. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record" with greta. .com. [ yelling ] [bleep] >> greta: you are looking at new video of occupy protest turning violent in seattle, washington. you can see police using pepper spray on protesters. they used the flash bang grenades to disburse them.
1:41 am
they were blocking the entrance to port of seattle. protest is part of a national effort to disrupt the west coast port traffic. police arrested 100 people who stopped traffic near the port. stay tuned to fox news channel for the latest on the developing story. and what do you think about this idea? the honor system at the border between the united states and mexico. a new border crossing but no u.s. agentsm people are simply to scan their documents and enter the united states through a national park. new federal proposal would create unmanned border entry. the closest custom officer to the entry point is 100 miles away. what do you think of this idea? nathan thornberg from "time" magazine joins us by skype. tell me more about how this is supposed to work, the new check point, the honor system. >> well, like you say, they are going to allow residents of a nearby town of mexico to cross over using biometric document. they would scan it in a scanner and have a sort of speakerphone call with the customs agent who like you
1:42 am
said would be about 100 miles away. and then if the custom agent approves, gate will lift and they can come in the big ben national park. >> why not walk through. if the gate is that secure? why bother with papers? >> light now it's illegal to walk through. the law abiding citizens on the mexican side don't want to get involved in a cuss testimonies operation. or custom and border protection. for them, it's more preferable to come across with papers even unmanned port of entry. >> greta: it is going to inflame a lot of people to hear unmanned honor system port of entry in the united states and mexico. can you tell me what the argument in favor of it is? those what want this? >> i would share their outrage if this was a port of entry coming from juarez to el paso or renosa to mcallen, texas.
1:43 am
but this is the main argue in the favor of this. this is in the middle of an extremely remote area. a very small village on the mexican side. otherwise, you have literally hundreds of miles of no basically habitation on the u.s. side. it's not a place where lots of traffic is going to come true. not a place even the makes sense for drug smuggleer ospeople smugglers to cross because on the other side you have the national park servic service. they are watching their own land. less likely place for a real smuggleer to want to come through. >> greta: are you telling me it doesn't make sense if you are a drug smallerring in juarez to move your operation to this point, honor system point that once you through through the honor system there is no way to get to a market to sell your drugs? is that the explanation on the other side of this? >> the sad reality of the texas boarder in particular and i saw this with the helicopter unit of the custom
1:44 am
and border protection in mcallen, texas, you can get through anywhere. smugglers have a large pool of crossing points to choose from. so for them it doesn't make sense to come to an ultra remote and national park service land. they can find unguarded territory almost anywhere along the border. that is why it does make a strange sort of sense. especially for the residents and people running the national park down there. let's have one place where honest people can cross, considering the dishonest cross everywhere. >> greta: are the people down there, are there people enraged by concept of honor system there? >> no, i don't think so. what i often find reporting from the border land is that what sounds strange to us in the inland areas in new york, washington, and farther from the border actually makes a lot of sense to them down there. you have to remember this is one economy, one ecosystem. that means both sides of the u.s. -mexico border so the
1:45 am
town that had been on the mexican side has been dying since 9/11 since the border closed. the national park service is pushing for the check point because they want to be able to communicate with their counterpart and part in mexico. everybody that lives on the border wants a little bit more breathing room. a little bit more opportunity to interact. remember, also, to reach from one side of the river to the other side, legally, through a current border crossing it would take a 16-hour round trip car ride. they are excited for opportunity to cross directly. >> greta: thank you. we'll be watching. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, rush limbaugh and dump trump go golfing. did
1:46 am
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>> greta: you have seen the top stories but the best of the rest. rush limbaugh and donnel trump prove to be a winning team. what are they competing for? >> i played golf with trump on saturday, at trump international. he and i played in the trump international member guest. member, member, i'm a member of the place. member, member. trump and i won it.
1:50 am
we won the thing. i had to ske daddal out there. we teed off at 8:30. for a tournament, lickety split. four-hour round. trump was convinced we won so he took pictures with the trophy and he gave me the trophy and i drove away it with. i got an e-mail saying i understand that you won and carried the team. i don't know about that. but the word spread. so indeed we did win it. trump shot like a 70 or 71. i know you're all wondering -- i tried to discuss it. he wasn't interested in talking politics. we have talked minor things, some people, a little bit
1:51 am
about obama and some of the people in the republican field. he said he was curious, all of the people call and want my endorsement and they won't show up at the debate. i have to praise newt. newt is the first time that shows up. he has guts and courage. santorum. i don't know. but i tried to engage him a couple of times. i mean, all he wanted to talk about was how great his golf course was. >> greta: you will hear more, lots more from rush limbaugh. we going to the studio and catch the in-depth interview with him wednesday night. rush limbaugh wednesday night. after alec baldwin takes a battle with american airlines to the airways, last week he was kicked off a plane. now he is offering an apology. but not one you expect. look at bald world cup on "saturday night live." [ applause ] >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> so, captain rogers, what is your take on the event of last wednesday? >> it was awful, seth.
1:52 am
which is why it was very important for me to come here tonight. on behalf of everyone at american airlines issue an apology to mr. alec baldwin. >> alec, are you sure this is the right way to hand this? >> keep going, keep going. >> so let me get this straight. you captain rogers want to apologize to mr. baldwin? >> yes. mr. baldwin is an american treasure. i am ashamed at the way he was treated. i mean what harm would it do to let him keep playing his game? not any game, mind you, but a word game for smart people. >> captain rogers, don't phones interfere with the plane communication system? >> you don't believe that, do you, seth? would you really get on an airplane that threw 30,000 feet in the air if you thought one kindle switch could take it down? c'mon! it's just a cruel joke perpetrated by the airline
1:53 am
industry. we would have gotten away with it, but alec baldwin was just too smart for us. he really is something, seth. >> greta: baldwin actually did apologize to the fellow air travelers last week. there you have it. the best of rest. coming up, snl goes "on the record." it's must-see tv. stay tuned. this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people wanted to visit us... in louisiana. they came to see us in florida... nice try, they came to hang out with us in alabama... once folks heard mississippi had the welcome gn out, they couldn't wait to get here. this year wagreat but next year's a be even better. and anyone who knows the gulf knows that winter is primetime fun time. the sun's out and you can go deep sea fishing for amberjack, grouper and mackerel. our golf courses are open. our bed and breakfast have special rates. and migrating waterfowl from all over make this a bird watcher's paradise.
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>> greta: is this one will make you do a double take. donald trump, gut gingrich and rick santorum and i talk politics. well, not exactly. take a look at the opening sketch on "saturday night live ". >> good evening, welcome to "on the record". i'm greta van sus stren. one g.o.p. after another, but the one everyone is talking about these days, december
1:58 am
27th in iowa. only two candidates agreed to the night. rick santorum, and newt gingrich. also is the debate's moderator, the donald himself, donald trump. >> hello, greta. how are you? >> and now, let's start with you. >> i'm an obvious choice because i've been very successful. i'm not sure if you've seen a recent article in "forbes" but the magazine reported my net worth at $7 billion. i've got the number one show on television, seen seen every week by five kbrinl people. it's huge. >> why do you think many of the g.o.p. members... >> newt gingrich isn't afraid
1:59 am
to come, he's got guts, rick santorum has more guts because let's face it. the guy is a real loser. >> hey. >> excuse me. he's a light weight. yet he still has guts to come, mitt romney, rick perry should be ashamed of themselves. >> you haven't ruled out running yourself. >> well i won't rule out, especially if the candidate nominates a jock candidate like rick santorum here. rick? i'm talking. and white newt is strong now, the guy is a rocket ship in the polls. people are going to remember nasty skeletons in his closet. >> so yes. i can beat all of them. especially these two nobodies. >> donald! >> okay, it's all in good fun. and that is your lst call. we're


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