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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 15, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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he was right on iraq war. >> sean: he was not. >> a lot of people like him because he is bashing people on the right. >> sean: cardinal to connor, you are wrong >> there has been a mine collapse in mullan. there is no word on the conditions of those who were injured. mine search & rescue teams are working to see if there is anyone inside the mine, where it collapsed to find out if anyone is trapped below. the lucky friday mine is in mullan, idaho, 500 miles north of boise. this is the same mine where a man was killed in november. and another man was killed during a collapse in april.
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once again, if you are just ginning us, 6 miners have been rescued after a mine collapse, the lucky friday mine in mullan, idaho. rescue teams are trying to see if there are more people below the ground, stuck in the mine t. produces silver at that mine. it employs 267 workers. and after the 26-year-old was killed in november, the mine did close. i'm reading a statement if from the individual who is obe the mine saying they ceased mining operations at the lucky friday mine after he was killed in order to focus their attention on the emergency response and to provide support to the affected employees and their families the. that happened just a month ago on november 17 tlooks like, according to this press rel: here we are, another month later with another accident. the six who were found have been transported to the hospital. we are not sure if anyone is stuck below the ground there. as soon as we get that
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information, we will, of course, break in and let you know. stay with fox newschannel for more. now back to "on the record" with greta. country will change forevn ways people cannot imagine. it will be a massive loss of the individual liberty and freedom. once the government has control of healthcare and the costs involved, then they can dictate every aspect of the way you live. based on saving money, or how you're treated based on your age, whether someone thinks it's worth to save you if you have a bad disease. bad all the way aroundment people ask me, you know, do you really think these things that you say about obama? i do. from the bottom of my heart. if you will recall, january 16, before obama was inaugurated, i was asked to write a piece for "wall street journal." 400 words of what i hope for the president. i remember, at that time, everybody was a wash in the
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glow of the first black president. the historical aspects of it. that didn't matter to me. once he was elected, cool, fine, great achievement. policies matter to me. what he is going to do. i told the "wall street journal," it won't take 400 words. i can do it in four. i hope he fails. i said i hope everything he wants to do policy wise fails. he hasn't failed. he has succeeded in his wildest dream. this healthcare where it happened, huge, huge achievement. the green energy stuff. that is a hoax and fraud based on another hoax and fraud. global warming. i do get interested in motivation. why politicians do things they do. what motivates a lot of people don't care to get involved in that. i do. it's a track and can give you an idea where thigh are going
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in the future. if you understand what motivates them. i have often, always suspected that obama has a chip on his shoulder. about the country. he doesn't think of it as great. he doesn't think of it as exemptional. he thinks of it as criminal and guilty in many ways. he thinks our super power status is result of theft. that we came here and kicked the indians off the land and brought bigotry, homophobia, slavery and all of that. i think obama wants the people of this country to find out what it's like to live the way he thinks we have forced other people around the world to live. he basically said the way the country founded never worked. the way he characterized it
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was offensive. self-interest saved more people than charity. self-interest for people doing the best for themselves. not selfishness but self-interest, it raises everybody up. it offends him. never worked. 234 years, america never worked. the rich are the problem. who believes the rich are the reason we have an economic mess? he does. or wants people to believe it. it's offensive. outrageous. i don't relish the thought of four more years of this. >> greta: is he in your mind a bad guy or different ideology? >> one and the same. what do you mean by bad guy? that could be loaded. >> i guess i mean a mote i, intentional motive to hurt the country, versus his ideology
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is one that the way to achieve ideals is different values. >> this is the question. we are living under a number of assumptions about obama presented to us by elites. both parties. one is that he is smartest than everyone else in the room. we have never had a politician like this in our mist. we have been told nobody like obama has trod the soil. he will unify us. the world would love us again. lower the sea levels. ridiculous stuff. the question is he just dumb? dis he really believe the economic stuff? does he believe that taking capital money out of the private sector and transferring it to government around unions is the way you grow the private sector?
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does he believe that? or whoever influenced him when he was young or is he ideologue? the question for me the answer to the question is irrelevant. whatever he is doing, why he is doing it, it's obvious he is doing it. he is taking steps, policies that are injurious to the country and injurious to individuals, targeting as the enemy the people who work in this country. targeting the enemy people that pay taxes. this business of occupy wall street crowd, this is his. created that romney would be the republican nominee.
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obama band out there, the occupy wall street protesting everything. wall street blamed for all the ills in the economy. sub prime mortgage. the sub prime mortgage problem, the root of this economic disaster we're in strictly created by government. a plan designed frank said affordable housing. put people in homes that couldn't afford them. loan them money know iing that can't pay it back -- knowing they can't pay it back. they forced the lending institutions to make loan and mortgages. the lending institutions hold worthless paper. that is no good. what do they do? they come up with ways to create something of value, mortgage back securities they sell to another unses spected bunch of dupes down the line. then it kept happening and it
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blew up. this is where we are. wall street are a convenient enemy. wall street tricked people to coming in and getting the loa loans. they were told, they were ordered by the government to make the loans in fairness, stop redlining against the minorities and so forth. liberalism on parade and every problem in the country. without exception. whether liberals are dumb and stupid and not educated, whether it's purposeful, too late to draw a distinction. it is happening. they are doubling down on it. three years. every policy hasn't worked. do you realize there are 2.5 million fewer jobs in america than when he was immaculateed. that's why unemployment rate is dropping. fewer jobs, the universe from which we create the percentage shrunk. the real unemployment rate. two people said this.
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financial times guy. james from reuters, if the same number of job existed when obama was inaugurated today as in 2008, the real unemploit rate would be 11%. it's a disaster. there is plenty of time to realize it doesn't work and change course. he hasn't done that. to me it's obvious he won't do it. what is happening he enjoys. >> greta: do you think he will get re-elected? >> well, a year away. anything can happen. if the election were today no. if the election today, he would lose in a landslide. i don't believe in the conventional wisdom that the republicans only have one person to beat him. i don't believe in the conventional wisdom his billion dollars can dwarf any campaign. that his association with the media disparage and criticize. american people are hurting. obama can't run his record. he cannot say that vote for me for four more years.
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all obama can do is run a negative campaign. tear apart his opponent. tear apart the country in the process. two guys on your network a lot wrote a piece begging him to get out. make way for hillary. they said his only chance is to run such a scourge earth campaign. even if he wins he is tearing the country apart. divided it, worse than it's been in decades. not worth the price to his re-election. he would haven't a mandate to do anything after he wins. he is imminently defeatable. i don't believe inside the beltway conventional wisdom about elections in any regard. >> greta: you mention hillary clinton. would she have been a different president? >> not idealogically. >> greta: how about what she accomplished? >> i think she would have sought much the same thing. i don't know if she would have succeeded for example in betting healthcare passed.
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people have forgotten. they were this close to deeming healthcare. they didn't have the vote even within their party. so much fe nagleing going on to get the healthcare pass. she is disciple of the same community organizer and educator that inspired obama. to me, six of one and half a dozen of the other. >> greta: has either one of them done anything that impressed you? >> i get this question all the time. has obama done anything to impress me. i like the number of vacations he takes. i wish i could take that many he has played ten times the rounds of golf i played this
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year. but i'm not -- the root of that question is there anything nice. may be perfectly nice people, greta. i'm strictly oriented toward policy. in the area of policy, there is -- i guess obama was honest last december when he acknowledged he had to extend the bush tax cut. lame tux session of congress. if you listen to what obama said a year ago, last december, two different people. last year, we couldn't end the bush tax rate cut because it would be huge tax increase on the middle class. up until then, they said the bush tax cut for rich only. the bush tax it rate production across the board for everybody. obama did not want to get rid of those last year, because he did not want people to have
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money in the re-election year. they will raise tax on the rich and that's disingenuine. but he was honest last december when he talked about the value of the bush tax cut and the damage caused if they got rid of him. >> greta: straight ahead. much more with rush limbaugh. what does he say is the biggest problem for everyone have their new blackberry from at&t? it's 4g, so you can do more faster. so, kathryn, post more youtube videos of your baby acting adorable. baby. on it. matt, ignore me and keep updating your fantasy team. huh? jeff, play a game. turbo-boosting now, sir. dennis, check in everywhere you go on foursquare. that's mayor dennis... of the water cooler. you're the best. liz, rock out to pandora. oh, no i'm an only child. and nick, you shouldn't even be here, you can do everything from the golf course. good? good. [ male announcer ] on at&t, blackberry® torch moves at the speed of 4g. ♪
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>> greta: once again, here is rush limbaugh. why has governor mitt romney not a so-called surge? we hear "surge" with every republican nominee but not the surge with governor romney. >> well, every poll i have seen of the republican primary voters, he can't crack 30%. it has been curious. and you look at it from the reverse, 70% of republican voters want somebody else. this is why we have the phenomenon of the not-romney. bachmann was not-romney and
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cain was not-romney and now newt is not-romney. this boils down to something not complicated. republican primary voters are conservative. they don't believe that romney is. they believe he will stick a finger in the air and moisten it to see which way the wind is blowing to go in that direction. they think he believes in global warming and man is causing it. conservatives believe that is a hoax. but conservative knows the story of the manmade global warming is a hoax. they won't get a scientist by a candidate trying to gain favor with non-republican primary voter articulating that stuff. here is the big problem. the republicans. i am a lone wolf on this. the rule of thumb in election, both parties, 40% are going to vote democrat automatically. whatever you do. 40% will vote republican, automatic no, matter what you do. in the middle, who do we have?
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precious, god love them independents and the moderates. and they are the targets. they are the focus of every election. our brilliant campaign consultants tell our candidates they are the ones that know how to go get majority of the independents. and we have as republicans put ourselves in prison. to the whole silly notion you only win elections moving to the center and getting great independents. fine and dandy. if you squander your base in the process, you haven't a prayer. the republican party trying to do something in the primary that is unprecedented. they are trying to split the conservative vote and win the primary with a moderate. with romney. it's the other way around. consolidate the base and move to the center. the establishment decided they don't want part of conservatism. this is not knew. people are surprised to hear this. but the republican party
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formative event goldwater is what they think of when they think conservative. they don't think reagan. they think goldwater. they believe what the inside the beltway philosophy of conservative, the southern hayseed hicks. they're pro-lifers, embarrassing and have to go to convention with them. they are embarrassed to have them. they're not dumb, they're arrow dieareodite. we don't want to hang around them. in the process, a sophisticated electorate. the republican primary voter can sense the republican party doesn't like them, doesn't want them. they are the route to defeat. that is the problem in a nutshell. republican establishment thinks the conservative
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nominee is route to defeat because they think goldwater landslide. they believe once the popular misconception, the left has created conservatives, everybody thinks that. so the independents, this is the craziest thing. listen to this. i love this. boxer said yesterday that republicans with this latest bill on the payroll tax and the pipeline want to kill 8100 people. barbara boxer, republicans want to kill 8100 people. republicans want dirty air and dirty water. and ceos want to kill the customers. you have mean-spirited extremist stuff from harry reid's mouth and pelosi's mouth. you've got that. then you have our candidate. there was a fascinating news story on yahoo news the other day. yahoo inadvertently invited to listen to a conference call between the rnc and a polling
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group. the rnc seeking advice on how to beat obama. torrence said don't criticize him personally. he has high personal number. people love him and feel sorry for him. don't attack obama. you'll lose. if that is what you do, you lose. you can't separate obama from the policies. don't bring up bill ayers. don't go personal. put ourselves in strait jackets and we lose. that is rooted that this great 20% independent and moderate don't like conflict. don't like criticism of obama. don't like confrontation. they want to us work together across the aisle. compromise. really? we criticize obama and run off to barbara boxer who is accusing us of killing people?
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they look to the democrat of mild manner compromiseers? a bunch of crap. this whole notion that the republicans can't be confrontational, can't be aggressive and can't go on offense because they will tick off the independents. instead of running a democrat a scam philosophy to shut us up. it's a minor version of the political correctness. we're not supposed to be critical of liberalism and socialism. it makes independents nervous. what do we do? we nominate milk toast moderates. what do they do? they lose. i actually think that if you can get, you talk to these guys. republican establishment, elected officials, party officials, certain inside the beltway media, if you ask me can obama be beat? hell yes, they will tell you they don't think so. they are scared to death. nobody won anything defending
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anything. you win on offense, and you win attacking, not defending anything. you have can't advance. you can't advance. they are always defending. you have can't advance. we have a notion that i think they believe obama can't be beat. but they want this, they want their chairmanmanship and they want the congress back. house and senate. they think maybe they can stop obama that way. they're in charge of the money. they get the committee chairmanship. i would rather have somebody who thinks obama can be beat, wants obama to be beat. that is somebody conservative, not moderate, not switchish, not populist. we have don't need a candidate to say things he or she doesn't believe or isn't. pick off a couple of independents here. i think conservatism appeals to everybody. passion, good cheer.
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conservatism is the best for everybody. it's all about the best everybody can be. using whatever desire they have. we don't see failure that is guided from the time they are born to die by the government. we have seen what is happening to the country. families are destroyed by the welfare programs. in "usa today" just today, 50 years ago, 71% of adults were married. today, 51% of adults are married. now, okay, big deal. families. there are fewer families. fewer mom and dad families. the government has replaced the parents. financially. so there is a cultural rot. a cultural decay. all of this has been brought about by the good intention of liberals and the democrat party. not supposed to question their
1:27 am
good intention. great society. we're trying to bring people out of poverty. what you have, well, we were trying. you have can't criticize. you failed. it's a disaster. obamacare is a disaster. his stimulus is a disaster. we have can't afford more. look at the debt. look at the prison that the future people. not even fought in a couple of adult -- [ inaudible ] already imprison because of the tax rate they will pay to deal with the debt. we can't afford what we are spending on anything right now. it's absurd. it has to be stopped. it can't be done even in one election. this was the first. and reversing things. reducing the size of government should take committed people. >> coming up, does rush limbaugh have a favorite? which candidate or candidates does he think could beat does he think could beat president
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all kinds vehicles, all kinds of savings. multi-policy discounts from progressive. call or click today. >> greta: our conversation with rush limbaugh continues, the topic is the battle for the white house. >> if you think somebody moderate should not be selected by the republican party, who is the most conservative who fits the build of a republican who can beat obama? >> i think again if the election were held today. i know since i don't subscribe or practice conventional wisdom my answer here is going to discredit me with all the
1:32 am
with the professional political experts. i think right now anybody other than ron paul could beat obama if the election were tomorrow. easily. who is most conservative? romney and gingrich are fighting it out. all kinds of things are surfaces. such as romney. we had a tape in 2002 where romney campaigning for governor of massachusetts. i don't want anyone to be mistaken. i am not a part of republican, i am a moderate. okay, fine. people said he is running for election in massachusetts. you got to do that. my point is if you are going to be what you think you have to be here or one day, where you are another day, people question if you are genuine. he comes out with a global warming. it's getting warm earn and man is causing it. in answer to a planted
1:33 am
question at a town hall meeting or press conference again. with a new liberal guy got in there and asked a question. i am sure he thought that was the best answer to give, given he is in the northeast. and newt praised andy stern, seiu. greatest president ever, fdr. a lot of things are shaking out here. on the other hand, i know that i get calls on the radio show, talking to people. a lot of people are hoping that perry catches fire again or bachmann or santorum catch fire and come alive. because perception is that there is no doubt, concern about the conservative credentials. there is no doubt that every day, either of the three would be fighting for the country and what they believe in as they are campaigning for it.
1:34 am
there isn't a qualification of belief here or change, because of where you happen to be or what the audience is or who the audience is. i don't want to be misunderstood as seeking perfection, because it doesn't exist. we're all imperfect. everybody. there is no such thing as perfection. no way to remove risk from life. try for it. you can't achieve perfection. nobody is going to be flawless. at the end of the day, somebody will win the nomination fight. it's up to them. to win it. it's not up to people in the media to hype it or enforce it. i don't think it works much anyway. at the end of the day, somebody will win this. the hope i have is there is enough left to unify the conservative base behind the candidate. it will take a base fully participatory. not sitting home in a peak of anger because another mccain
1:35 am
is nominated for example. it has to be somebody that will be inspiring and get people to the polls. there will be a lot of crazy things happen in various states. i am imminently, profoundly optimistic that we can win. >> greta: you named bachmann, santorum and perry as being not like romney and gingrich where they are v had different, or obvious difference views on important issues. why do you think that bachmann, perry and santorum can't get any sort of move in the polls? they are way low in polls. >> well, that is largely, both romney and gingrich are personalities. they have been around for years. newt is larger than life. newt is well known. here is a guy that balanced a
1:36 am
budget. he actually took the house back from the democrats. a lot of people have the memory. bachmann is a member of congress. she has had 100,000 people vote for her. this is her first foray in the national stage. rick, last foray was a senate defeat. pervy a governor. running out of texas, running on a national stage for first time. people are suspicious. they will take a while to get to know people and they will watch the early debate and size them up for confidence, the ability to speak. all these things. lot of it depends who is asked what in the debates. two gets a lot of time. who doesn't. there are so many variables. it's up to the people to get noticed. they are running. up to them to get noticed and get the vote. up to them to make the connection, lights people up. why some people can do it,
1:37 am
like i can, and others can't, talent i guess. who knows? >> greta: the debates. helpful to the american people or not so useful? >> these are. this series of debates, i think on balance most of them have actually been very good. have been very thorough. i think they have had many, many good debates where conservatism was well articulated and explained and argued about. the early debate, there was a doubtless unity that the real target here politically was obama. that is who everybody was focused on beating. what worries me about the whole concept of debates, though, on television is that republicans, conservatives are fed up with their candidate being perceived as an idiot. stupid, hayseed hick.
1:38 am
democrat candidate portrayed as aerodyte, brilliant, smart, well-spoken, articulate. george bush was not those things. george bush spoke haltingly, the deer in the headline appearance, eyes sometimes on camera. throughout the eight years, the undercurrent was bush was stupid. dumb. he never fought back. karl rove will tell you he did not respond or defend that stuff, counter it. so it was allowed to sit and grow and fester. now have republicans, i got a call today, i will vote for gingrich because i think he can mop the floor with obama in the debate. >> greta: coming up, the tea party, but it's not what you are thinking. rush limbaugh talks tea next. this is not a joke. it's real.
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>> this is a fox news alert from new york. i'm ainsley earhardt. six people have been rescued following a collapse at the lucky friday mine in mullan, idaho. no word yet on their conditions or if anyone else is trapped under the rock at this point. the luck i friday mine is in idaho, 500 miles north of boise. this is the same mine where a man was killed during an accident in november. and another man was killed during a collapse in april. i believe we do not -- we thought we had a reporter on the scene. >> we are being told there is a press conference going on, so the local reporter for our fox affiliate is listening it that. if we learn more, we will bring that to you. six miners have been rescued following a mine collapse at the lucky friday mine in mullan, idaho. rescue teams are still on the scene. for now, we will return to "on the record" with greta.
1:44 am
thanks for watching. back to greta. >> greta: rush limbaugh always has something brewing and tonight he tells us about the brewing business. tea. another topic, the entrepreneurship. tea. a new program with it. we talk about this before. this tea. >> my wife and i kathryn, when the tea party created it, you know, you need to have your own tea. i do radio. i do it very well. we talked about it. and she said well, you know, all the time, talking about how tough is it for small business under obama. why don't we do it and find out? so it became a multipurpose venture. obviously, we hope it makes a profit. obviously, we are hoping it becomes successful business. but it has been eye-opening experience to put a food product on the market.
1:45 am
you go through modality and lawyers and people to hire. it's profound education for us. this is the best -- this is blueberry flavor. if i uncapped the cap and you smelled it you'd think it was blueberry muffin batter. it is just, it is delicious. we did something funny. we ran a contest. sweeps stakes and we asked customers to make 30-second video commercials. for two of my tea. we might run them on tv. for tv advertising. and we got loads of them. they were great! >> it could be great. i can read. and what i see is "two if by tea." >> we had prizes for the top three places. and i got a call from a woman last week.
1:46 am
named elizabeth from upstate new york. she said, you know what is great about you doing this, the commercials for this. you are helping people demonstrate the talent that exists in this country. we only had two rules. you had to say two if by tea twice and you have to say from tea to shining tea. other than that, do whatever you want in the commercial. the cooatetivity -- creativity. there is talent galore in this country waiting to be unleashed. she was right. i was so immersed in the contest itself picking a winner, i didn't see it. she was brilliant when she assessed that. we put the video on the facebook page and website so people can see it. >> greta: we have youtube videos up. >> they are funny. creative. another way for audience to be involved in the radio program.
1:47 am
it's, greta, it's just -- look at that label. >> greta: a great label. >> rush revere. the bot is filled all the way to the top. free shippal. the bottle won't crinkal on you when you sip the tea out of it. everything about it is first class. not a better tasting tea. right now, it's available on the internet only. on our website. because we want to maintain direct contact with the customers. >> greta: rush, who else is involved with this besides, i know you and your wife. who sales doing this? >> we sponsor the marine corps law enforcement foundation. they are a charity that donates college scholarships. again, this is a legal thing. i have to be careful how i characterize, but we sent a donation to them last week. i can't tell you how much.
1:48 am
we sponsor them. as part of the business. i have to point out, every aspect of this is american. >> greta: made here. >> made in america. people employed along way. none comes from outside the shores of the united states. we have a gift package or gift box that you can get for the holidays that has two coffee you mugs with my rush revere on it. they even made in america. which was hard to find. but everything about this is american. all of our employees, all of the manufacturerring process and every step along the line. and sponsorship with the marine corps law enforcement foundation is heart warming, too. i got to know those guys. jim calstrom former head of the f.b.i. in new york is on their board. i met the guys, among the
1:49 am
first people when i arrived in new york in 1988. they put this together in the early '90s. i got wind of it and have been a supporter of the operation since they founded. is a great relationship. on the bottle, with evidence iwo jima notification form. >> greta: thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. anytime. >> greta: straight ahead, match-making at 30,000 feet. airline comes up with a shocking new plan. will it fly? also, it is the best possible christmas present. family finds its lost dog after eight years. where was she? how did she get home? you will want to see
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>> greta: you have seen the top stories but here is the best of the rest. an airline will soon allow you to choose your seat and seat mate. that's right. >> klm royal will allow to you choose who you want to sit next to. you can choose someone with general interests or someone who
1:54 am
is goodlookinging. the service is optional. 2,007 miles are not enough to keep a dog away from a family. the family was devastated when they lost petunia. they let her outside and she simply vanished. that was 8 years ago. then petunia showed up in california in a wildlife area. a woman took petunia to a clinic and workers used the microchip to track down the owners. petunia is now back home in virginia. it is not paul revere's ride. but it does grab your attention. three people sat on horse back and rode through a colorado town and made several stops through a grocery store and several bars. they were kicked out of a supermarket, but they continued on. the journey ended in a pub. the woman on the horse got into a bar fight over a beer. one rider was arrested. and the others rode off into the
1:55 am
sunset, of course. thru have it, the best of the rest. it is not donald trump. but it's close. a tv star endorses a presidential candidate. next. ♪ cheap cologne ♪ motor home ♪ i'm the rocket man! [ both ] ♪ rocket man ♪ burning out his fuse up here alone ♪ burning out his fuse up here alone? ahh. [ male announcer ] crystal clear fender premium audio. one of many premium features available on the all-new volkswagen passat. the 2012 motor trend car of the year. ♪ and i think it's gonna be a long, long time ♪ the 2012 motor trend car of the year. fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot an on-the-go expense app made exclusively for ink customers.
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>> greta: time for last call. a big celebrity endorsement for a g.o.p. candidate but is it a good thing? here is jimmy kimmel. >> newt gingrich just picked up a major endorsement for his campaign. gary busey has thrown his support behind the former speaker of the house, gingrich, then endorsed a mailbox and the letter t. >> and turns out turns out gary busey withdrew his endorsement saying it's too early to pick a candidate. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll be back in our regular spot at 10:00 p.m. eastern friday night. we'll see you then. in the meantime, you


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