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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 20, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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to standing by live to go on the record. in is fox news alert. it is going to be a down to the wire showdown over the payroll tax cut extension. house of representatives is going to burn the midnight oil and vote tonight. they said the vote could come as late a as 3:00 a.m., now cancelled. there won't be a vote at all tonight. house leaders say they don't want to vote in the middle of the night. so when will it happen? now they are saying tomorrow. they are slugging it on out over the payroll tax cut. john boehner says the house will reject the two-month extension. so can congress come to an agreement before the payroll tax rate rises on january 1st? alan west, congressman joins us. >> merry christmas again greta. >> greta: in light there will
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not be vote tonight, what are your thoughts? >> we don't want the american people we are in the late night trying to craft something much as the previous majority did. we had a great conference in the house gop, two and a half hour conference, we laid out our action. tomorrow we're going to right thing and ensure that we have a payroll tax extension, an unemployment insurance extension and sdr fix for two years and other provisions for one year. examine which exact the same thing that the president and charles schumer and harry reid wanted. two month extension is totally unacceptable. i would like to read on couple quotes. it says the senate million could make confusion and, senate amend.
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and the small businesses and entrepreneurship council says, indeed, the uncertainty regarding what happened following the two month expiration date will serve as additional fuel to currently lower business confidence levels. we have to instill confidence for our business creator is and that is what we're going to do tomorrow. >> greta: january 1 is when, if the extension is not enacted, that is when the 2% goes up on the social security and payroll tax cut. are you of the mind that no member of congress should take vacation until his or her job is done and resolved one way or the other? >> i always said, with my history and background, there have been many times i've been deployed during the holiday season. we need to have harry reid and senate to come back to washington, d.c. and the president by the constitution can recall them back here to
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finish. we're going to reaffirm that we voted last week, one-year extension that was paid for, not a gimmick that harry reid and senate democrats and republicans passed that is not paid for and if we can't have an agreement between the house and senate we're going to name confer ees for the house and come to resolution on this. we're not going to rest until its over. >> greta: so interesting that nancy pelosi is saying that it is just radical tea party republicans. is it just the freshmen republicans that are engines behind this? or all the republicans on board and house of representatives to hold out for a year instead of two months can be worked out? >> everybody in the house conference but i can tell you the s&p downgrade, you heard everybody liberal head call
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eight tea party downgrade looking for someone to blame for their failures. what you see what is happening right now, harry reid and nancy pelosi are playing political chicken with the american people over failed economic policies. >> greta: when you look at the numbers, we've been consumed with this fight on the capitol hill, but president obama said on december 17th what we're talking about is the average american family will get a thousand dollars a year. if you break that down, divide it, $19.23 a week for the average family. this is what we're locking horns on? >> i think this is leverage point for the president to say, coupled with his failures for him to say republicans are going to raise taxes on the quote, unquote, middle-class. it will enable for w divisive rhetoric about billionaires and
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millionaires. i think democrats want to see the payroll tax expire so they can use it next year as a political talking point. >> greta: so it's not just different ideology? >> there is seriously different ideologies but this a bad policy because what we're doing is taking a define contribution of payroll tax and we're giving a cut to it. now, i think if you really wanted to solve this for the long term, instead of taking the 2% off the payroll tax, let's take the 2% and apply it across the tax brackets and make it retroactive back to january 1 so americans could see something substantial and not putting social security at risk. >> greta: so the vote is not going to happen tonight. congressman, thank you, sir. >> greta: now to north korea, it's been 24 hours announced
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that kim jong-il is dead. now what? the truth, no one knows. the country is sealed off from the world making it impossible to know. everyone is probably guessing but it is not promising. they have nuclear weapons they won't give up and quick to threaten neighbors. john bolton joins us. >> good evening. >> greta: your thoughts tonight? >> the priority for the united states has to be the north korean nuclear weapons and to the lesser extent to chemical and biological weapons. if we are entering into a period of instability, nobody knows, that is biggest risk that we face, not just the northeast asia but around the correlated world. it's very important that we keep that uppermost in our mind. i think it's important not to look at this simply as a risk. although it is, it's also an opportunity. we could have been preparing to
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talking to the chinese about what our real objectives and that reunification of the two koreas. >> greta: what is funny to me they learn about it from reports the death of kim jong-il. i'm stunned that our intelligence is so poor, we learned about it from from korean news organization. we were caught asleep at the wheel. so it's like we had a great opportunity to prepare for this. now, we're acting like, oh, wow, what a shock. >> i think we failed for a number of years to get ready for the implications of his death. if a period of instability does ensue, not only is there the risk of nuclear weapons coming loose, being sold, but the people of north korea themselves decide it's time to get out of dodge. there could be massive refugee
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flows to the south. >> greta: shame on the chinese if they are flooded with refugees, it's not like they have been helping to figure out a solutions. >> that is exactly right. ultimately it's in chinese interests to see reunification. they don't want a north korean weapon. that is not an easy sell. but let's make no mistake. this is potential turning point on the korean peninsula. we have no reason this succession will be successful. >> greta: this could also be an opportunity, perhaps a missed opportunity. i don't want to paint a rosey picture but in june of 2009 we missed an opportunity to help the iranian students when they were trying to get rid of mahmoud ahmadinejad. now, we have horrible
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intelligence breach that we didn't know he died. so this is an opportunity and there are not good signs we are pursuing it in good directions? >> i am assuming they are ready to open up. if you are a north korean general, what is your future? these people have a very clear stake in keeping north korea the way it is. in terms of our principle interests which is their nuclear weapons i don't see any change coming. >> greta: people talking about the son taking over. i'm not so confident. i've been there three times, no way i'm an expert but kim jong-il's brother-in-law has been at his side and very powerful in this whole prospect. why wouldn't he try to seize power? >> wouldn't y wouldn't ambitious general not try to seize power? in the history of east asia, the
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number of challenges to regime succession have been fairly extraordinary. this is not a constitutional monarchy like great britain or inevitable prince charles succeeding queen elizabeth. >> greta: you said there is no incentive for a general to try to do anything else, my trips but the korean intelligence i came in contact with and foreign ministers, they all seem to at least at that level, they are interested in trying to resolve this. i don't know if it would happen. it is an opportunity. >> first i don't think the north korean foreign ministry has a clue what the military situation is. if i were north korea's dictator i wouldn't tell the foreign ministry anything. i bet their rate of application to be at u.n. in new york is
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extraordinary. they are very friendly to westerners. this is a regime whose principle objective is staying in power. it's not the well-being of the north korean people. >> greta: as i said, i don't mean to suggest this all be easy, but this is big change. this is an opportunity. i don't think we should look away this is a chance things may not get better but it could be catastrophic, i concede that. >> it's entirely possible. i think humility in terms of what we think we know would be well advised. >> greta: thanks. north korea test fired two short range about a tis list particular missiles. they tell fox news the preplanned launch was not linked to the dictator's death but the times may have been moved up to show the power of the regime. so is this a threat. bob scales was commander during
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the first nuclear crisis in 1994. he joins us. it is, indeed, uncertain, perilous, period. we have no idea? >> we have no idea. from the military perspective, these tests are intended not to be provocation. north koreans are a long way from making it into rocket. they have yet to prove delivery capability. the greatest is artillery and missile sides north of the dmz. these can range seoul and real prove provocation is that. the second is special forces. they have been relatively active to infiltrate in the south. >> greta: the whole military, 1.2 million citizens, i go down the streets or out in the fields
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and you see uniform after uniform. the military presence is extraordinary. >> john brings up a good point. north korea is a military state. so are you going to let a 27-year-old kid who was promoted to four-star general. he is a fast burner, but it's extremely unlikely the military some of whom are cold war years going back to the 60s and 50s, will let this guy take power. >> greta: but last trip we made, people had cellphones. that was -- i couldn't believe they had cellphones. we saw people there from egypt who were working on this hotel building. we saw people from china. it was so different the last trip. you see part of the world break that seal. it's very different. >> i think the surest way to reunite the peninsula is get the
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chinese on board but also to conduct an information campaign. to exploit the proliferation of cellphones and radios and media in north korea. to get to the younger generation. >> greta: and four-star general if he is the one that takes over and i'm suspicious it will be the brother-in-law. it is said he was educated in england. he has a taste of the west and he is chipping away of the country. >> couple points. nothing is going to happen overnight. i think this will be evidence use ear process. i view as john does, this is an opportunity not a threat. we leadership in the west that we in the west and along the chinese and japanese to exploit to our advantage and hopefully over a year or two, we might see serious changes. >> greta: the country is so
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nationalistic. they have been gearing up. they have had a famine and starving but in spite of that they have been gearing up for this celebration for the son, the father of the one who just tied. his hundredth birthday. i'm curious, how much of an impact this is going to have that event. >> one more anecdote. we captured a soft defecter that came south in 1993. even though he defected from the north, when we captured him, he still praised the president. it's this mythical, almost religious worship of their leaders. >> greta: they all where emblems on their shirts, of kim il jong and if you don't wear them your neighbor could report you. i've never seen such fervor and such nationalism. >> i believe there is an
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opportunity to crack the regime from the bottom up if we're patient and take our time and exploit the information of the north it will work. >> greta: look at the arab spring, social media. when we go to the country they take our cellphones. they take our laptops but they are there. people are beginning to begin to communicate. this may be a turning point, a slow one. >> slow. we don't want to precipitous collapse. that would be the worst thing that could happen. >> greta: straight ahead, explosive accusation under obama campaign, david axelrod say republican lawmakers are purposely slowing down the economic recovery. there is more. you're going to hear it. and eric holder lashes out at critics sparking a new controversy that has to do with the race part. hear what he said. plus, did you hear what governor
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sarah palin said? her comments are rattling a lot of people. of people. hear sarah palin coming up. [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift, shouldn't it be given in an amazing way? ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer.
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>> greta: president obama chief campaign strategist david axelrod practically punched republicans right in the nose, he is accusing them of purposely stalling economic recovery in order to damage president obama's reelection chances. he spoke to chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> you have to wonder some folks screwing up the economy, throwing a wrench in the works is a good political strategy. if they can slow the recovery down, if they can cause half million or delay half a mill
1:21 am
gron jobs that will hurt the president. >> greta: so the gop playing politician with our jobs and money? by ron york joins us, do you think david axelrod is playing politics? >> i think he is playing politics. he has said things like this before. it's not the first time. i think the fact it's a deep and fundamental difference between republicans and democrats over what to do about the economy. go back to the fight over the stimulus in february of 2009. i mean republicans wanted less spending and tax cuts. democrats wanted more spending and no tax cuts. that essentially their same positions right now. >> greta: there is a lot of difference between saying, look, you have a different from my idea to saying you want to deliberate to stall the economy. there is a big difference. >> of course it is. this the political guy saying
1:22 am
this. go back to republicans who accused democrats of actually wanting to see the united states lose in iraq because they felt would it to their political advantage. now you have democrats, axelrod accusing of republicans want to sabotage the economy, to leave people out of work for their political advantage. >> greta: people sit and home and see the accusations fly back and forth, remarks and democrats saying republicans want to stall the economy. i think it's deeply distressing to americans, sitting back home watching tv and worrying about their families, jobs, children and everything else. they have these fights going on. >> this is dilemma of the opposition party. the other guy is in power. you want to get elected. if things go worse your chances of getting elected are better. you can't hope for millions of people the of work and not being
1:23 am
able to find work, you can't do that. but in in politics the more likely the opposition party will win the next election. >> greta: is president obama's campaign should worry? who do they fear most? >> mitt romney, there is no doubt. if you put them in a dark room and told them, tell us the truth they would say romney is going to be the nominee. he is going to be the person they are designing their campaign against. they have been taking a look at newt gingrich because he rose so quickly in the polls. right now they are looking at romney. >> greta: we interviewed governor romney on friday. what i thought was interesting, i was surprised, i asked him about negative ads and he did not back down at all which was a signal to his opponent. if he is the nominee he is going to fight hard. he is not going to back down.
1:24 am
>> i just back from iowa. all you have to do is look what mitt romney is doing to gingrich in iowa right now. there is so-called super pack, not affiliated with the romney campaign. it is just beating up >> leah: julia, the first photo that i saw of you, you had... it didn' things tt republicans t the most is a candidate who can stand up to president obama and beat president obama in the general election. if you look what gingrich is doing, excuse me what romney is doing to gingrich you'll get a preview. >> greta: what is gingrich doing to fight back? >> he didn't have a lot of money. he has made a vow to only do positive ads and to conduct a positive campaign. so he is not attacking back.
1:25 am
the pressure on him is growing from people who are saying, you can't take all these punches. you've got to hit back. >> greta: he did hit back on one thing, whether romney should refund the money he made bing capital. they criticized for not fighting back, then he did fight back, they hit him over the head. >> that was a fiasco for him, he attacked romney in the terminology of the left. they say we don't fight like that. >> greta: romney attacked him in terms of whether he had taken money from freddie mac and he attacked romney for taking money from bing. >> he admitted, meaning romney, he got under my skinned and i shouldn't have said that. it works out badly when he tries to fight back. >> greta: are you surprised someone is going to top to the iowa is going to be a surprise? >> looks like ron paul could do
1:26 am
very well. he could possibly win. we could see four or five candidates within six or eight points of each other. it could kind of a muddled result. i was there friday at a rick perry event. i go up and ask people have you chosen a candidate. first six people said, no, haven't decided yet. they feel like they have plenty of time to choose. >> greta: wild guess, i think senator santorum may be a surprise. >> he is the one who has done iowa the most traditional way. he is visiting all the countries counties the second time and people do expect him to rise above that 2 or 3%. >> i read the local newspapers, it's a wild guess. >> coming up, attorney general eric holder fires back at critics.
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>> greta: more trouble for eric holder. congress wants him back in the
1:31 am
hot seat. the request comes from a committee and as he fires back at critics sparking a whole new controversy. in an interview published yesterday, attorney general hold are talked about his critics. he believed the more extreme segment were motivated by an miscellaneous against mr. obama and he served as a stand in for him. this is a way to get at president because i can be identified with him. you know the fact that we're both african-american. now attorney general is being accused of playing the race card. tonight the justice department gave us this statement. that is complete distortion of the attorney general's comment. his comments in the article and elsewhere made clear that he believes much of the criticism is launched against him the typical washington game. simple reading he was referring to how he is identified with the president given his relationship and all in common including their ideology.
1:32 am
position of the attorney general has been a target for partisan attacks and given the critical work he is doing at the department of justice, it's no surprise that theme are engaging in these tactics. congressman questioned him about operation fast a1 congressman questioned him about operation fast and fewer dangerous and called for his resignation. good evening, sir. >> very well. >> greta: let's get right what people up in arms, is he playing the race card in answer to your call for his resignation and testimony before the hearings and getting grilled? >> his first comments were different from the press release he didn't talk about his ideology in his first comments he talked about race. and it has nothing to do with race. questions we asked and how this
1:33 am
conceived investigation got off the ground is as race neutral you will find in this culture. i am bitterly disappointed, i hope he will take those comments back. to criticize your critics and accuse them of racism when you have legitimate questions about the top law enforcement official of this country does not serve him very well. >> greta: i've known him for years and deeply disturbing to me it seems like there is pretty easy answers. who knew about fast and furious, who authorized it and who is the highest ranking persons. those questions h when't been answered. do you have an explanation why those questions have not been answered? why we won't tell you? >> he keeps talk about the inspector general and i.g. has
1:34 am
been investigating since february. when a federal judge asked about a braid dir issue don't hide behind a i.g. report, who approved it, what d role did they play, you can't hide bue id an i i.. i. estigation. we are branch of government, whether he likes it or not that is coequal with the executive branch. we're going to continue to ask the questions. he can answer as slowly as he wants to but we have scheduled another appearance for him in jantinary. january 24th, it's not going away. it's not political. it's not partisan. it's not washington gotcha. you have a dead patrol agent. you have dead mexican citoriens. if we didn't ask him these of town. >> gretaervei'm not sure he understands who ever authororied this, he said fast and furious was a terrible idea. everyone said that.
1:35 am
but to identify that authorized it and that person poor decision could make another really bad decision. why he doesn't want to identify those other people so we don't have other really bad decisions in the future. i don't understand why it will take until febbrary? >> his chief of staff knew about fast and furious early in 2010. he looked at a map that was recovered in mexico. how did the guns get there? how did they get there to mmapico? his chief of staff, laney brewer the head of the criminal division is another name he would h whe to call. he knew it took place in 2010. so even a misguided sense of
1:36 am
loyalty or lenny brewer, maybe he is protecting than the chief of staff. >> greta: who appointeder. >> general to this? >> he did. he did it after they wrote the letter, grassley wrote the letter and he sent the response which they then withdrew and then he appointed an inspector general. >> greta: can you call the inspector general. call the inspector general and say where are you in your report? can you answer this particular question, who authorized it. >> that was such a good question you a died last time, i shared t with chairman issa. you don't want to create the appearance of interfering of what is supposed to be an independent investigation. the world could come to an end.
1:37 am
>> gpwota: a written interrogatory with the question under oath, who authorized, can you send that? >> you probably can. i think what might be even better than that is to ask, when yoy whcan yoy whgive us and idea when you will be completed. >> gpwota: what would it take about the halls of justice, why is the inspector general taking since last fll coming up. i'm not being cynical about it. >> gpwota: you can't give any explanation that would not harm the investigation or in any way general dies dies it. could he get an eing clanation, what is taking so long, how many people are you talking te to how many documents h whe gone through? what other projects -- can you least find out that? >> we could. if you will defend us when we are accused as a former criminal defense attorney, if you will
1:38 am
d efend the all you independent investigation. >> grpecta: let's a di for a tie clock. that is not going, when are we going to find out and what is taking so long? >> that is a fair question. >> then we go to the substance? >> that a fair question, nmapt time i see you, i'll have you an answer. >> greta: congressman, thank you. >> coming up which candidates for the republican nomination won the tea party straw poll. this might surprise you. who is laying behind this? and don't count them out, sarah palin adds new mystery to the go loorace. you have to hear what she is sayi with the capital one venture card we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! nner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast,
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. a high-ranking japanese official saying his country, the u.s. and south korea considering high-level talks now on the situation in north korea. the death of dictator kim jong il raising many concerns. no date is set for those talks. jaopinion's chief cabinet secretary saying they would be held as soon as possible and his government is exchanging information with china on the north korean issue. a blizzard hitting parts of the great plains, blamed for at least two deaths. roads turning to ice and zero visibility making travel in four states very dangerous.
1:43 am
the heavy snow and high winds closing highways. two deaths happening when a van flipped over in colorado. forecasters expecting 8 to 16 inches of snow before that storm ends sometime on tuesday. i'm ainsley earhardt. we now return to "on the record" with gret a. for the latest headlines, go to o . >> greta: big win for newt gingrich. he won the nationwide tea party straw poll. 31% of the votes, back bachmann came in 28%. romney with 20% and santorum came in fourth with 16%. now, the poll was taken as?er just four candidates answered question in a townhall. so d what about the poll's results.
1:44 am
n fen or mes.erated the confere call? >> good evening. thanks for having me. >> gpwota: do yoy whhave a or thoug la the people you talked o why they picked newt gingrich as the winner in this poll? >> i thiork what it shows is wht some people are looking at. they are looking at what the candidates are saa png and all the candidates are embracing fiscal responsibility which is what we h whe been fig laing for nearly three years. they are weighing who do they think can win once it hits the oneneral election. we also polled on the enthusiasm who is most ent are siastic if y were to be nominee. michele bachmann won on that part. >> do you h whe a or idea, this 0ationwide poll on the state of iowa given a sense the way the tea party is going in the state of iowa? >> we h whe not broken the
1:45 am
results by state. we probably could do that but we h when't done that. so i'm not able to answer that one. >> greta: why didn't the other candidates shoubup to participate, do you know? >> it was just scheduling conflicts. ago.t this up two wee- they got such packed schedules. we understood that those who couldn't make it was a scheduling conflict. we make sure everyone understood it was simply a scheduling coant knct and they would have been there had they been able to. >> gpwotaervehow many pich ple n this calto >> we had over 23,000 people who were on the call. we called out to a list of 150 gptae pich ple and on a suny afternoon at 5:00 eastern time, 23,tae0 we were able to picpwotp the 28n and listen. some of them even been doing christmas shopping while they were knsteninpark >> gpwota: iicp curious do you have any idea any of these tea party pich ple in iown is rather
1:46 am
the aggressive n you on their vote? >> i h whensche heard that in ia in fact i have heard the negative campaign is bothering a lot of tea party pich ple in soh carolincha in iowa not so much. it may be in iowa they are so used to this every four years n fust like you said. >> greta: it's a rather unusual group o onetea party. it's hard to identify who is in and who is out. is there going to be any collective endorsement? >> not from tea party patriots. i don't know of any collective endorsement. there are different groups arokncd the country that locally made decisions to endorse or not on to endorse. what we try to do is the strsio poll is gauge where our supporters fall right now so we can let the medme media telling us and let
1:47 am
everyone know what the tea party are thiorking two and a half weeks before iowa. >> greta: a lot of people think the polbe c h whe aon people thatwn oted in them. the more people you have the more reliable it is. your pool is a goes. pool assmpaing thaan did you have 23,000 votes or about that? >> there were not that many votes. iicp not sure the exact number. there were 23,000 who were participating and listening. i am not sure of the exact number who voted. i know it was several thousand who didwn ote. these are pich ple who donated o tea party patriots, found us on our wll the tea party movement. >> gpwota: thaork you. iicp sure yoy whwill be watching the caucus as we will be too. straight ahead, is it
1:48 am
comfortpjle, sarah palin putting her hat in the ring, could she planning a run for the presidency. hear from her nmapan you kash nmb breaks out in the middle of the store this wasn't any flash mn ab. n thopu on the football field. electric cart takes a life of its own and you can see it for youictelf. that is all next.
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1:52 am
>> greta: here is the best of the rest. former alaskan governor, in a stunner, she says it's not too late. she said she would not seek the gop nomination but tonight on fox network she was asked if she might change her mind. >> it's not too late for folks to jump in. who knows what will happen in the future. >> greta: governor palin told fox she felt no enthusiasm for anyone in the current field. >> this the scene you don't see
1:53 am
very often. a senior citizen flash mob. it broke out at target store. they started singing and dancing to "last christmas." one gentleman also wanted to join the group and shoppers even stopped shopping to watch the performance. >> some unexpected excitement on the football field and runaway kart sent people running for cover. it raced on the film to midfield. it ran into several people but none of injuries were serious. a man was able to jump into the cart and shut it down. fire officials something object was tossed in the cart and the object to the got stuck. >> and reindeer after the team
1:54 am
raced the team on real race course. they all took part and winning reindeer was dasher, of course. it's a good warmup for christmas eve. there you have it. coming up, tina fey, jimmy fallon, what brought the comic superstars together? superstars together? this will make this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people wanted to visit us... in louisiana. they came to see us in florida... nice try, they came to hang out with us in alabama... once folks heard mississippi had the welcome gn out, they couldn't wait to get here. this year wagreat but next year's a be even better. and anyone who knows the gulf knows that winter is primetime fun time. the sun's out and you can go deep sea fishing for amberjack, grouper and mackerel. our golf courses are open. our bed and breakfast have special rates.
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and migrating waterfowl from all over make this a bird watcher's paradise. so if you missed it earlier this year, come on down. if you've already been here come on back... to mississippi.. florida... louisiana... alabama. the gulf's america's get-a-way spot no matter where you go. so come on down and help make 2012 an even better year for tourism on the gulf. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home.
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>> greta: flash studio heights, time for last call. saturday night live all stars joined seth myers for a joke off. who was the funniest? you decide. >> do you think you can do better? >> i know i can. >> it's time for a good, old fashioned weekend update joke off. >> did someone say... one more
1:59 am
time, a strip club in chicago is offering a free lap dance for patrons that bring in a toy for needy children. >> the most popular toy so far is tickley, brenda. >> remember, kids, that is not christmas magic, it's stripper glitter. >> unlike strippers toys must not be damaged. >> this gives a new mean together term toy chest. >> people, looks like the hottest toy this holiday season is the crumpelled $20. >> good night, everybody. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thanks for


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