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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 21, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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and we toss it to greta van susten who standing by live to go on the record. hi, greta. >> greta: tonight capitol hill its ghost town, house and senate are staring down a december 31 deadline and payroll tax cut extension. what did they do? they went home for the holiday. just off on vacation, does that mean american workers start a tax hike? eric cantor goes on the record. plus, you will not believe what vice president joe biden said this time. he said taliban is not our enemy. what was the vice president thinking? ambassador john bolton is here to talk about that. first, a big warning with to republican to rush limbaugh. rush says there is hope for the republicans despite what you hear in the mainstream media. >> obama's approval numbers are
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up and tea party is defunct. conservatives army or not and nobody cares what they wanted and extremist whackos. i'm concerned. i know how you are going to get hit. i know how difficult it is to not be affected by a media onslaught. even i, the rush-bo knowledgeable of what these people rd and how they try to do it, if you i let my guard down for a split second can get sucked in. i know over the course of 12 months, i'll be getting phone calls, can you see this. i want you to see it's not over. if it's over for anybody right now, it's over for obama and the efforts that the media is going to be making until november is evidence. they are the ones that have an
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indefensible track record and agenda and they have to lie about what they hope to do and lie about what they have done. >> greta: what will the gop candidates do to beat president obama? michele bachmann joins us from iowa. good evening. >> good evening, it's great to be with you from davenport. >> greta: tell me what is going on within the republican candidates in they are savage go each other and frankly it doesn't seem like the republicans are even competing with president obama but they are tearing each other apart limb by limb. >> actually, i think that is media game. what we're seeing is clarifying the differences between the candidates. the of people to portend we are the same, but there are very bold differences of where we stand on issues and what are record is. that is very important for the american people to see it.
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don't forget for a moment no matter who the nominee is, president obama and his team will make sure they take apart our nominee limb by limb. we need to remember that we need a candidate who has no surprises. who is a true conservative with a core conviction. i think i'm the best choice on that score. >> greta: i think the media is somewhat complicity in this. i don't think the candidates are without blame themselves. we're seeing the super pack and ron paul taking ads out going against newt gingrich. ron paul making an announcement that you hate muslims. it's not just the media provoking it. each one of you says that you admire ronald reagan as the president. i think, as i recall, president reagan said, republicans
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shouldn't seeking republicans and savage go each other and not going after ultimately the other party? >> remember, ronald reagan clarified the differences between himself and his opponents also in the primary election. we need to point out what those differences are. it's important that the american people and especially the republican voters have a true choice in the primary. if you look at the 1980 election and political climate this year, they are very similar. what we needed in the 1980 election was the most conservative candidate to take on a very liberal jimmy carter. i would say barack obama is far more liberal than jimmy carter ever dreamt of being. therefore, we need a strong, bold candidate to hold barack obama accountable. just like i head ron paul accountable in the last debate when it came to dealing with a
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nuclear iran, i will hold barack obama in the upcoming debate. i can't rate to shred his radical policies in the debating arena. >> greta: speaker gingrich is calling for an end to negative ads and making a reference about super packs, where politician caninvestigate rate an opponent without having any fingerprints, it's the super pack and not the politician. would you join speaker gingrich in calling an end to negative ads? >> i don't have a super pack and i'm not running negative ads. i'm trying to get out a positive message. tonight when i'm in davenport we are just halfway mark. we are doing retail campaigning. we're on the ground. we're doing a 99 county tour all across iowa. we're doing all 99 counties in a ten-day period. we're going to ten counties a
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day and speaking with real iowans person to person and we're just at the halfway point right now. we have another five days to go with our tour. this is the way to campaign, speak directly with the american people. in our case here in iowa, it's been a great joy. my faith is renewed. i heard the comments that rush limbaugh said. i echo his comments. the american people i is see here in iowa, they have without a shadow of a doubt made up their mind. barack obama will be a one-term president. a lot of democrats and independents will be voting for me. >> greta: two questions, yes or no, because we don't have a lot of time. first one, whether or not anyone in iowa has asked you a question on foreign policy or economics and number two, since you have served on the intelligence committee in the house, i'm
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curious with your presence you would be speaking about the developments in north korea, for instance? >> yes, people ask me ask it about quite a bit. they are very happy that i took on ron paul. the show in north korea showing that we live in a very dangerous world. of all the candidates i'm the only one with current national security experience. our president will be tested almost immediately and i'm the best prepared to take on that threat. >> greta: in terms of north korea, they caught us with our pants down, it was only 48 hours after kim jong-il died and we get the information from the north korean media, it does say something about intelligence. we have had intelligence failures in the past of that been painful. is there anything you would have done differently. would you engage in six-party
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talks or isolate them? i'm curious what you think tonight? >> you are right. north korea is a closed society. they were formally on our list of state sponsors of terror. we could put them back on list of state sponsor of terror and increase our covert activity and increase the amount of intelligence that we're doing. we spend a tremendous amount of resources on intelligence. we need to be better at it. again, we see they are very aggressive. they are essentially the walmart of missile delivery systems that actively engage with the chinese to send technology over to the iranians. this is completely ununacceptable. we have to let them know it's not acceptable and not in their best interests. >> greta: very important issue to o chilly. we're watching the deadline, december 31 on extension of the
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payroll tax credit. should members of congress and house and senate and president, should they go on vacation or should they stay here and revolve it by the first of the year? >> harry reid threw a grenade to the house of representatives and went on vacation. president obama said under no uncertain terms, my way or the highway. president obama has failed to lead. house republicans have tried to negotiate. john boehner was dealt a very difficult hand. this is the problem with washington. we have got to be about the people's business. there are members there that want to be about that business. we need a president who will lead. i will do that. i would call all 35 members back to washington, 435 members back to washington. i talk to businesses all the time and they are extremely
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upset here in iowa. that is what we need to do. this is complete uncertainty. >> greta: congressman bachmann, good luck on your journey around iowa. thank you. >> merry christmas to you. >> greta: rick santorum picks up a big endorsement. ceo of family based conservative group says they are supporting rick santorum. >> so today, i as an individual is going to endorse rick santorum. i'm going to mobilize whatever resources i have at my disposal to navigate for him. i will not tear down another candidate. we have others in in race and when those candidates emerge.... >> greta: he joins us from iowa. good evening. a big endorsement because he endorsed huckabee in 2008. that, of course, he won iowa so
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i assume you like that endorsement. i guess senator son santorum. i'll tell the viewers in 2008, governor huckabee was the surprise winner when he got this endorsement from him. he is the president of the family leader, that is a group that led the charge against gay marriage in iowa which has been a very controversial issue. you are looking at a picture right now of bob. senator, can you hear me now? >> i can hear you, but i guess you couldn't hear me. >> greta: there was no audio. one of those great moments. you got a big endorsement from bob and he endorsed huckabee in 2008. he led the charge against gay marriage. to gay citizens of iowa, how are
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you going to get the gay vote? how can you convince them despite your views and his views that you -- is there any way you could convince them to vote for you? >> i have nothing against gay people. they have rights of every other citizen. what they did in iowa and some are trying to do is change the laws of this country with respect to what is the definition of marriage. is we have a public policy disagreement. i know there are a lot of gay that has are strong on national security and lower taxes and getting this economy moving. i welcome them to join our campaign. if there are differences, i'm certainly going to speak out on those differences when i think it's in the best interests of our country to have laws that reflect men and women raise children and form strong bonds. >> greta: can you understand their heartache for them, your
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policies against them and at the same time you want their votes. can you understand the heartache for many of them? >> we can have a public policy discussion that says certain things, our laws should be certain ways without seeing it as personal attack. it's not a personal attack. it's what we believe is best for the country. i believe what is best for the country is to give children their birth right, best opportunity to have a mother and father. you have the laws in place that in fact do encourage mothers and fathers to come together in marriage and to raise those children. there are a lot of other relationships and i don't dismiss other relationships but there is one essential relationship to give children their birth right and give society of raising children to the best possible home. >> greta: moving to another
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topic, president reagan's 11th amend. speaker has asked to end the negative ads. it appears that the republican candidates are damaging each other. i realize it's part of the political process. do you agree with speaker gingrich it's time to call an end to negative adss, or is it important part of the political process? >> well, i mean, he is not running any negative ads. i'm not someone who is out there violate that go commandment. when i talk about my colleagues in this race and opponents in this race i try to be very respectful. i point out differences. i always preface it i think they are good people. we respectfully disagree on issues. i don't think they want to see no debate about differences, but i think they want to see them to
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be respectfully done. certainly some of these packs that are out there running ads are pretty tough and pretty nasty. ron paul has had it pretty tough. the public then can make a decision whether that reflects badly on that candidate and running that ad. >> greta: i'm probably the only person left in washington and i don't have the job of voting on this payroll tax cut. your thoughts on the fact it's a ghost town and everybody said time is up, we have to go home. maybe after the first or whatever, members of congress new the deadline was coming. yet we don't have a resolution for american families. look, i'm someone that believes for lower taxes, i am for cutting taxes for american public and stability of the social security system. i think this temporary tax cut on social security payments is underfunding the social security
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system at a time when there is not enough money in the system to pay the benefits. the democrats can't have it both ways, we have to have a separate fund for social security and we can't touch it. at the same time cut taxes for social security so there is not enough money to pay benefits. i think tax cuts are good but tax cuts have to be growth orientated and focused. in my mind it under lines the solvency of the trust fund. i'm actually pleased, maybe they can do something to pass a tax cut to create jobs instead of playing politics. >> greta: senator, thank you, i know you'll be very busy in iowa next few weeks. >> we're looking for it. we've had a great week and we expect a better one next week. >> greta: straight ahead, would you drop everything and go on vacation if your work wasn't done? that is what congress is doing. and besides not doing their jobs
1:17 am
it could cost you money in the new year. eric cantor goes on the record next. and vice president joe biden says the taliban is not our enemy. what in the world did the vice president mean by that? john bolton is here to talk about it. what happens when donald trump's name is thrown in the presidential ring. you have to see these numbers.
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just today we appealed to you personally, i need john boehner. >> i need the president to help out. [ applause ] >> greta: house speaker john
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boehner calls on president obama get the senate back to work. it's all about the payroll tax cut extension. the deadline is december 31. where are the lawmakers? are they burning the midnight oil? most lawmakers have left the capitol and have left washington headed home for the holidays. now what? we spoke with eric cantor earlier tonight. >> i want you to know we walked through the u.s. capitol and you are the only member of congress i've seen. it looks like everybody has fled. everybody in the senate and house is gone and business is unfinished? >> that is true. what we did today in the house is we called upon the senate to join us in conference so we can sit down, work out differences and make sure there is not going to be a tax increase on the working people of this country
1:22 am
next year. >> greta: it goes farther back than that. the house actually passed a bill about a week ago, right, that called for a year extension of the tax cuts? then on saturday, senate passed there that was two months. now, the president wants you to accept the senate's? >> really what is going on, everybody on both sides of the aisle, both sides of pennsylvania avenue want a yearlong tax holiday extension. >> greta: everybody? >> exactly. and the house is committed to work through the process. the differences are not that great. we're into the far apart on this. the president himself has said that is inexcusable for congress not to extend tax relief for working families for the entire year. we've got ten days before the end of the year and that is plenty of time for us to go in,
1:23 am
solve the differences, sit down and roll up our sleeves and work to a compromise. that is exactly what we're trying to do. >> greta: is that going to happen. it looks like everybody has fled town? >> the bill is in back in the hands of the senate. harry reid has a decision to make whether he is going to come back, so we can get the work done for the people. i come from the standpoint, it's not workable. the people in the business, payroll administration have said that prescription of 60-day extension could cause increased uncertainty and could hurt workers and small businesses. i think right now given the economic times and tough year people have had, they don't need that. >> greta: even getting that far, two months versus a year and two months we're going to have the same problem, i understand that. i think what many american people, put up to the deadline
1:24 am
and we have fighting back and forth, the president came out today and he chastised the house republicans and looks like everybody has fled town. american people are sitting back at home, american people sit back and say how can do you this to us? how can you not sit down and talk? >> that is exactly what we have done today and speaker has appointed a house confer ee. i have asked that when i was asked on the floor talking with the minority whip hoyer he and minority leader pelossi appoint their conferee so we can get it done. we are willing to work. our confereast will be ready to go to work. and we're asking them to come back to town. >> greta: is harry reid any indication that he is going to
1:25 am
have any indication? >> i have none yet but it's up to him because the ball is his court now. we rejected the 60-day extension. we said, look, sit down with us. we want a year. really the differences on how we take care of the budget impact of the yearlong tax holiday extension, that is all. we're not that far apart given the so-called how we get there. we can sit down and do this. as we approach christmas, as the american people are looking at the new year, it's time i think to show what we can do to produce a result rather than resort to what washington can't do. >> greta: president scolded house republicans. is there something the president should can do to get harry reid to sit down and resolve this? >> one of the things that president said there are
1:26 am
extraneous issues are involved and that is why we're in the position we are. the differences a year versus 60 days, that is it. the other issues have been resolved in the prior discussions. all we're talking about now, are we going to give working families certainly what they deserve and working people to operate on a two-month basis. how do people operate with expenses and managing their household budgets when they don't know what their tax laws are going to be. >> greta: and they agree the republican and democratic version most troubling version it's going two months down the road. we'll be going through the same thing. a lot of people are really disappointed in congress. >> why should we settle for a 60-day extension when everybody, democrats and republicans and house and senate and the
1:27 am
president all say we should do a year. no wonder people are scratching their heads what is going on in washington. there aren't a lot of differences here. harry reid ought to come back on town and appoint a conferees so we can get the work done for the people and they can have certainty going through the new year. >> greta: you are the only one that has lights on the place. maybe there are others here. i do acknowledge the fact that you are still here working, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> we want to go to our website and answer this poll question, who is most responsible to get the payroll tax cut extension resolved. is it the house republicans, the house of representatives, or republicans or democrats or president obama. >> and joe biden says that the taliban is not our enemy.
1:28 am
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joe biden says the taliban is not our enemy and white house is forced to go on the defensive. he made the remarks in newsweek. he said the taliban per se is not our enemy. that is critical. there is not a single statement that the president has made in any of our policy assertions that the taliban is our enemy. if in fact they are to collapse the existing government to keep the bad guys from doing damage to us, then it becomes a problem for us. >> the white house insists the comments had been taken out of context. at a time when our troops are being attacked by forces loyal to the taliban, it's no surprise that he is facing criticism. john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. now, the criticism, president obama's press secretary has to be read in context. can you give me any hypothetical or context which would in any
1:33 am
way to suggest that taliban is not our enemy is wise? >> i don't think this is a gaffe by joe biden. i think he is articulating what the white house strategy is. i think they know exactly what they are trying to do. they are trying to redefine the terrorist threat to be a limited group of al-qaeda people along the afghan-pakistan border. they are going to redefine the taliban away from that. they are going to ignore taliban in the arabian peninsula and al-qaeda in north africa and it's that one thing, we've killed osama bin laden. war on terror is over. >> greta: i was in afghanistan with secretary of state hillary clinton. she met with the women of afghanistan and i was in the room. i think a lot of people have forgotten what the taliban is doing about women. forcing the wearing burqas and
1:34 am
they hit by cars, if you can't afford a burke ka you can't go to school. you can't wear shoes that make a noise because it may excite a man. you can't go to a male doctor or you can't go to school to be a woman doctor. the list goes on. is the u.s. really going to pal up with the taliban and say they are not our enemy? >> this strategy, i think is something the democrats have looked before. it reminds me of vietnam. remember senator george aiken, the republican of vermont. it was clear to him that we didn't have the stamina to actually win. so the george aiken strategy we'll declare victory and get out. that is what the administration is going to do having redefined the terrorists are. taliban is not our inmate, we
1:35 am
have won and the war is over. >> greta: what i heard the secretary of state say, i don't want to stay in afghanistan but i'm not sure why we are still there, but the taliban is really horrible to women and has been supporters of terrorism. >> they are horrible to anybody who conform to their particular ideology. let's be clear, when we went into afghanistan after 9/11, it was because we had gone to taliban and said give us al-qaeda. if you don't you'll suffer the consequences. they refused to to do it. under the theory that i think is still correct, if you aids terrorists you are just as guilty as terrorists. we took the taliban government down. they had allowed al-qaeda embed throughout their administration, they were just as guilty. if they got back in power they would be base of operations for other terrorists in the future.
1:36 am
>> greta: we have an aider and abettor you are as guilty as principal? >> but in afghanistan, pakistan and taliban, what they pose as a threat. and taliban like organization could take control of pakistan and get hold of the arsenal of nuclear weapons. >> greta: the taliban to go up with karzai and make some kind of workable government. that was one of the failed hopes. that was a bad idea. >> in this part of the world you don't buy your ally, you rent them. there are elements here you could deal with if we had negotiators that i trusted i wouldn't mind that. the hard-core and ideology they bring to the table is our enemy. that is what caused 9/11. let's not forget that.
1:37 am
>> greta: ambassador, thank you. coming up donald trump now scaring the republicans running for president? we have the number that will tell you and rick cline is next. and she stayed silent during the scandal but big news about dominic's wife capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no! but it's more money. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? woah! [ giggles ]
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headquarters, i'mains. dissent over the military rulers in egypt appears to be growing. the latest demonstration involves should 10,000 women in central cairo, protesting the violence on women by soldiers. five days of clashes have left at least 13 people dead. the army has vowed to hand power to an elected president by july. protesters want the military to give up power now. daylight will bring ntsb crash investigators to a busy stretch of highway in new jersey. five people were killed when a small plane went down on 287 on tuesday morning. the victims included two managing directors of a new york investment banking firm. one was a pilot and two others were on board. he communicated with the controller about icing conditions just before the crash. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to greta. >> greta: donald trump different his debate burr could he turn
1:42 am
the presidential election upside-down. it shows that trump is a big spoiler potential. if he decides to run as an independent it puts it to the test against mitt romney and donald trump, he scored the highest. what would a trump run mean. editor rick cline joins us. we know what happened in 1992 when we had a ross perot as a spoiler. if donald trump would take 19%, romney 31 if he were the other candidate. undecided is 19%? >> anyone that gets in the field will play the spoiler. all the pieces are in place for a third party candidacy to take off. you have different parties, you have people hating institutions across the board. the only evidence that they can
1:43 am
do something if it takes away from one candidate or the other. you likely to see if trump gets in you you are playing the spoiler like ross perot. >> perot had 19% and senator bush, trump is at 19. if huntsman decides to run as an independent, he is 11%. paul would take 17 which is statistically the same as donald trun. it seems like there is a chance of independents could run? >> you have americans elect that is gathering signatures in every state in the country. they will get on a lot of them. there will be online balloting. that person is automatically going to be a contender for at least a spoiler status. you add to this all this uncertainty out there on both sides and you have the potential for someone to jump.
1:44 am
in i don't see a path that gets that person to the presidency. i don't think on these people, most we were talking about here is likely to get into a vanity project knowing they will swing the election. but what is missing here. ross perot he was the front-runner. he had a shot to actually do something no one had done in a century in american politics. i don't see anyone out there right now that can be viewed as that kind of big player going in. >> greta: the other day, governor palin was on the fox channel and she hinted, but the first thing she hinted she may get in? >> if there is a republican candidate and democratic candidate and somebody on the other side, you know the math, it is likely to take away from the republican candidate. >> greta: democrats are dying for this. >> go for it!
1:45 am
just like they wanted ralph nader to run in 2000 you could throw the election that way. that takes away from our seriously a candidate can be taken. you know all these supporters that want to beat obama. they want don't want to sack dri kri ties it. >> greta: how savage is this. is this unique from four years ago or any other election cycle? >> it could be worse. it has been worse. there has been more money spent on ads than other campaigns. clearly there is a lot of accusations out there. any sneey going to emerge with a lots of scars and healing to do done. there were a lot of awful things said about candidates four years ago. it could be a lot more vicious out there. >> greta: gary johnson, governor of new mexico running as an
1:46 am
independent but one or two percent. he won't affect anybody? >> that's right. we're not talking about a serious contender. before he had no traction as a republican candidate. he is going run as a libertarian. ron paul could do more damage to run as an independent. i could see that could catch on more than gary johnson. >> so if ron paul risen in iowa, then what? >> whoever comes in second in iowa is going to get a lot of momentum out of that. a lot of the folks will make the calculation, ron paul, give him credit. he is a very you can unlikely to be the republican nominee. i don't see it carrying over substantially. >> greta: how about south carolina? >> he has the resources to stay in until the end but zero chance to become the nominee but very good likelihood of influencing the process along the way. >> greta: what caused the lights to go off in the san francisco
1:47 am
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. football fans across the country are wondering why the lights
1:51 am
went off in the stadium in san francisco last night. rush limbaugh has his own explanation. >> anybody know whether greta van susteren was in candlestick park last night? fox news crew? they had two power failures during the steelers game however fox knows they are power failures, knocked off the air for what? they could get us, they did it twice for half an hour. actually what is going on out there, it's an old stadium and the windmills stopped turning. it's a liberal city, windmills and solar panels. foreigners are trying to get a new stadium. they guaranteed there will be never another night game at
1:52 am
candlestick park if the 49ers play there. the league believes there was chicanery to speed the new building of the stadium in santa clara. >> yes, we have been to rush's studio when the power went out but the crew was nowhere near san francisco last night. we're not guilty of that one. and what does bill clinton think about his wife's former presidential campaign. >> when your wife was running against barack obama obama in new hampshire, the press favored obama, correct? >> i think, yes, no doubt about it. >> bill: i don't think there is any doubt that press favored barack obama over hillary clinton in the primaries. is that going to happen again. is the american press single favor barack obama over the republican candidate? >> we'll have to wait and see. >> bill: you know the answer is
1:53 am
yes. >> bill: my question is, why does the american press favor the liberal candidate? >> i think it was more to it than that last time. >> bill: they didn't like your wife because of what reason? >> i'm not going there. she is the secretary of state, nothing i say can be helpful on this. >> greta: he later repeated his point with humor, nothing i can say will contribute to anything good happening in america. and former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn made headlines when he was accused of sexually assaulting a maid in a new york city hotel room. and his wife stood by him throughout the scandal. she has been named france's most popular woman. a tv journalist won 25% of the vote, head of france's first
1:54 am
lady bruni and new imf chief. >> and $88 million -- a russian billionaire bought the condo for his 22-year-old daughter. so what did he get for the record-breaking price tag. four bedrooms two, fireplaces and a huge terrace and it looks like $13,000 per square foot. there you have it. coming up, what does governor mitt romney and matt damon have in common? plus things you didn't know plus things you didn't know about governor romney. ( phone ringing )
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okay... uhh. the bad news, it's probably totaled. the good news is, you don't have to pay your deducble. with vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance, you got $100 off for every year of safe driving, so now your deductible is zero. the other good news ? i held on to your coffee. wow. ♪ nationwide is on your side ( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day whenou consider. that's great. >> greta: last call, governor mitt romney tells all to david letterman. >> in a recent poll mitt romney and newt gingrich are in a dead heat for republican nomination for president.
1:59 am
and number 10,. >> isn't it time for a president who looks like a 1970s game show host? >> number nine, what's up, gangsta? i have no proof but very a feeling canada is planning something. actually, i'm only here to meet tom cruise. >> live from new york it's saturday night. >> and number four? i just used all my campaign money to buy a zoo with matt damon. >> i can do a lot but even i can't fix the indianapolis colts and newt gingrich, really? and number one thing? >> it's a hair piece. >> there you go. >> that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure gou


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