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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 1, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm EST

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watching. have a happy new year. >> clayton: log onto for the "after the show" show, and we'll see you tomorrow, they won't, but another group of awesome people will. will. we'll see you! captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> eric: a "fox news alert," iran says it has done it, created the first nuclear fuel rod. that allegedly containing enriched uranium. fuel for a nuclear power plant. but, it is also the material needed to potentially build a nuclear weapon. good morning, everyone, on this knew year's sunday, i'm air rake sean. >> jamie: happy new year, i'm jamie colby. it is almost like this is the news we have been waiting for. seems like they have been working toward it for so long and, the iranian navy is test firing a new missile, too, designed to evade radar systems and is all part of the war games, near the strait of hormuz, a strategic gateway for the world supply of oil.
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doug mcelway is live in washington following the latest developments. are the war games going on, doug? >> their scheduled to end today and this is troublesome, because little more than 12 hours after it seemed iran may be backing off the aggressive posture, there are two new developments that threaten to escalate tensions, first, iran announced today, it has the first nuclear fuel rod, a feat of engineering the west doubted iran was capable of. they are tubes containing pellets of enriched uranium that provide fuel for nuclear reactors and a second act that escalates tension, iran test fired a medium range missile designed to evade radar and the test occurred a day after the iranian military announced, missile firings set for yesterday would not happen. all of the in predictability seems part and parcel of what the state department earlier this week, described as irrational behavior, on the part of iran. >> one can only guess that the
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international tensions are beginning to feel the pinch and ratcheting up of pressure, particularly on the oil sector is pinching in a way that is causing them to lash out. >> there is no response to the government's missile firing and it's not known whether the u.s. navy which now has three aircraft carriers in the region detectd the launch of the missile. but the latest provocative acts come a day after the president designed a measure designed to reduce iran's oil revenues, by penalizing foreign financial institutions doing business with iran's central bank. some believe that that amounts to the toughest sanctions yet against iran and, tehran repeatedly warned it would view such sanctions as an act of war. jamie? >> jamie: all right, doug mcelway in washington with the latest developments. doug, thank you very much. eric? >> eric: as doug said it comes as the president did sign into law those tough new sanctions against iran. will they be enough to prevent iran from potentially building a
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nuclear bomb in this new year? we are now, as he joins us every sunday at this time, former united states ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, ambassador, good morning, happy new year. >> happy new year. >> eric: we start on this day with the news iran claims it had the nuclear fuel rod and these tough sanctions, will it be enough, do you think, to try and dissuade iran from the nuclear program? >> let's take the sanctions, first. i think it is silly for the state department to argue the sanctions or the threat of sanctions are biting as long as there are countries like china that will buy iran's oil, countries like venezuela and others whose banks will help iran evade the sanctions. at most what the president signed will cause a marginal increment and cost to iran and will have no effect on the nuclear weapons program. what iran is doing, though, by announcing -- and take with a grain of salt, of course, that it produced nuclear fuel rods is to up the ante and show the program continues to grow
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inbredth and depth and sophistication and combined with the military threat a way of intimidating the europeans who are nervous about their commission situation and brushing back the white house, also extraordinarily worried about what the impact of our economic situation would be in the spike in oil prices. >> eric: you say marginal. why? you look at iran's reaction, and the war games are going on, testing missiles and, claim if it goes through, will close the strait of hormuz? >> right. you have to take it in the context of the talk going on some months now about a possible israeli strike against the nuclear weapons program. the iranians are showing what they have the capability of doing. and, why increasing the pressure on them will simply push them further toward accelerating their nuclear weapons program. you know, at the same time they've said they are prepared to begin negotiating, yet again, with the european union and i
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think all of this is psychological war fare, directed both against the europeans and against president obama. who have said repeatedly their real objective is to get iran back to the negotiating table. but i think the real bottom line here is the increasing sophistication and technological growth of iran's overall nuclear program, allowing it more and more independence from any kind of outside sanctions against that program. >> eric: can you explain that further, about its independence and growth? all of the sanctions and efforts around the world, is supposed to have the opposite effect. >> like north korea is the most heavily sanctioned country on earth it exploded two nuclear devices. what iran has done here, it is unclear whether they've manufactured a nuclear fuel rod which is the sort of thing that can be used in the busheir reactor or whether, what is called a nuclear fuel plate which can be used in the tehran research reactor, either would be troubling but if it is a
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nuclear fuel plate or they are close to that for the tehran reactor it uses 20% enriched uranium which means they have, at that point, a very convenient excuse to continue to enrich, not just at the normal reactor grade level, like busheir, 3-5%, u-235 up to 20% for tehran and again it shows how iran's command over the entire nuclear fuel cycle is growing, and scientific and technological sophistication growing, too. >> eric: it portends something that is not very positive for the future and finally, ambassador, what is your prediction for this new year on the iranian issue? >> well, defense secretary panetta said a month or so ago he thought iran could have a nuclear weapon within a year and i suspect it is less. i think 2012 could be a very important year, if israel reads the situation, the same way as secretary panetta, the time in which they have to take military action, against the iranian nuclear weapons program, is
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very, very short and they don't want to miss the window there, don't want to hit iran after it gets the nuclear weapon and face nuclear retaliation and we're in the a very, very dangerous period here for the next 12 months. >> ambassador john bolton with the chilling prediction for the next 12 months, the iranian issue, not going away. always good to see you and despite all of that, happy new year, thanks as always. >> same to you, eric. >> jamie: politics, now, another "fox news alert." a brand new poll from iowa's "des moines register" showing a new shift, just two days ahead of iowa's crucial republican caucuses, mitt romney leading the field with 24% of likely g.o.p. caucus-goers and followed closely byron paul at 22%, a statistical tie. check this out, though, rick santorum, who saw momentum in the top tier contenders, surging into third place with 15% and newt gingrich who saw his surge
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as well, taking 4th with 12%. rick perry in 5th place, at 11% and iowa straw poll winner, michelle bachmann, trailing the pack with 7%, big difference here. here to make sense of this, roll call staff writer david drucker joining us, hi, happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you, too, jamie. >> how much do the polls count? >> well, at this point, they count a lot and especially "the des moines register" poll and have been doing it a long time and know how to poll the caucuses. and, have taken a look at different scenarios and they also records was that in the final two days of their poll santorum finished second place if you take those two days and i think, especially, because the voting is on tuesday evening, this is when finally -- i say the past two weeks, polls matter. >> jamie: two days to go. what percentage of the iowa caucus-goers do you believe are
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undecided now and is it within normal range, historically? >> it appears somewhere around a third or so of the potential voted be population could change their mind and it is not necessarily they are undecided kut but could change their mind and a caucus system allows for that to occur, because of the unique process. and i think that because the voting doesn't begin until the evening of tuesday, there is no absentee vote, clearly, that this final home stretch of campaigning can make a big difference and we could see a surprise something we're not expecting on tuesday evening. >> jamie: when i spoke to rick santorum, he joined me on "happening now" on friday, i said i assume one of reasons you have experienced this surge is you have spent so much time in iowa. he and his family basically camped out there and he has gone from county to county to meet the folks face-to-face, which
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seems to be an important element here. whoever comes out in the thirds place finish, let's say, which could really mean something, in iowa and maybe he'll take second or first, who knows, maybe ron paul will, whichever does, how do they drup mriey duplicate th hampshire, which is fast approaching, january 10th. >> it is unclear, new hampshire is a different animal, the republicans in new hampshire are a little bit different than iowa. and you have a heavy play of independence in new hampshire, because they can vote in the republican primary if they want to or the dream contract primary. just that there is none this time around and the strong finishers in iowa want to move on to new hampshire and bolster fund-raising with the momentum and the idea they can win and be the nominee and it depends who finishes 1, 2 and 3 in iowa, will help determine whether or not you can create momentum from
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that victor strong finish and represelicate it in new hampshi. >> jamie: what about skipping new hampshire and moving to south carolina for any of these candidates, in which position could you get away with doing that? >> it's not a smart move and i don't think it will do you any good, south carolinians look at the new hampshire decision and it can influence how they end up voting and while people, voters might forgive you for skipping iowa because of the unique nature of the caucuses they are looking at skipping a conventional primary like new hampshire as trying to avoid a contest that you cannot win, it hurts your electability argument and your fund-raising i think, and south carolina is not monolithically conservative... >> jamie: the evangelical voters seem key in iowa. before we go, michelle bachmann
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won the ames straw poll and that was a big deal at the time. completely different than this new caucus time and also, "the des moines register" poll, what does it mean for michelle bachmann's future? >> i think if she doesn't finish strong in iowa she's done for all intents and purposes. it doesn't mean she can't stay in, as long as she has the money she can and probably will stay in. but as the early states start to vote it affects your ability to raise money and keep supporters. that is why you don't see people skipping the early states and starting in florida or nevada, or, further on down the line. there is a perception about your ability to win from day one that affects your ability to win 30 days down the line. >> jamie: momentum is key, david drucker, thank you, happy new year, david. >> you, too, jamie. thank you. >> jamie: remember, you know this, because you are here now and we appreciate it. fox news is your home base for the first of the nation iowa caucuses, starting tonight at
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8:00 p.m. eastern, and, america's election headquarters, a special, live, previewing the big race from iowa hosted by bret baier and megyn kelly and we'll have special coverage of the caucuses tuesday, beginning at 6:00 p.m., eastern, again, you will only find it, on the fox news. >> eric: a "fox news alert," awaiting a news conference later this morning in los angeles. about the series of arsons, have you seen that, targeting cars in the hollywood area. the search continues for at least one arsonist, they say, more fires have been set, to more cars and other property, this is a scene in west hollywood, the latest in a series of arson attacks that burned dozens of cars since two days ago. the string of fires left the neighborhood in shock. >> went out to the window to see if my car is parked behind the
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one that was on fire. >> what did you do. >> got my keys and moved my car and everyone else was yelling fire and getting out. >> what do you thing of this? >> it is crazy. >> that many fires since thursday, terrible. whoever is doing it is a terrible thing. >> eric: authorities are offering rewards for information leading to a conviction of the arsonist or arsonists who are doing this, a lot more in a live report from california later on in our newscast. >> jamie: a north carolina man is facing federal charges for allegedly trying to take explosives onto an airplane. tori atwater, stopped yesterday at an airport in midland, texas. security agents finding those explosives in military-grade wrapping in his carry on bag and police say atwater said he's an active member of the military and is now in fbi custody and the firm reopened, after an investigation.
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>> how is your new year? a nice, mild start to the new year, for much of our country but appears winters is finally on its way, a cold front traveling east across the country from canada, iowa, of course is hoping to be spared a lot of this cold so a lot of people can vote on tuesday, at the caucuses. meteorologist janice dean of the fox extreme weather center, with the latest. iowa looks good, tuesday. >> not bad, no storm systems are charging through iowa. temperatures will be seasonal and let's look at the temperatures, carl cameron, who is shivering out there, 27, mason city, and, 29 in cedar rapids, 32 in damon and on average they are dealing with the type of temperatures they'd deal with and your forecast, though, temperatures in the 20s and 30s, and, the 40s, the further west you go. so, again, in terms of storm systems, nothing to worry about. but, things will be cold, but i don't think that is going to hinder the voting.
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tuesday's highs, arctic air mass, will dip as far south as florida, bringing those temperatures into the 30s, for atlanta's and the 20s for chicago, and 27 for new york, it was into the 40s last night for the ball-drop and we'll see cooler temperatures, but, it will not last long, we'll see the temperatures bump up, again by mid-week, for much of the country. i want to show you our satellite/radar composite. we are seeing showers, and snow, for portions of the northwest. and, we also have a storm system that is affecting the great lakes and upper midwest where we have blizzard warnings, for northern michigan. so, people are advised to be careful in that neck of the woods. back to you, eric. >> eric: well, i guess it is january, of course. >> of course, happy new year. >> mike: to you, too. >> you, too, jamie. >> jamie: hi there, janice, happy new year to you and the family, for sure! all right, folks, you know we have been having the special on "sunday house call" and we're giving you the top ten and the best, today is the best, imagine having access to a doctor with a
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click of a button, believe it or not, there is an app for that and we'll tell you about cool medical apps coming up in "sunday house call." >> eric: did you know an earthquake rocked homes in one state, and now what scientists are saying could be causing a sudden increase in the trem blers. >>. >> the house was wiggling and, the light was jiggling like that and i thought, it's not my madge nation. when did you start that project? every new year comes with a few stories waiting to be built. it's when our brand-new to-do lists become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us build, make, and even store more, well, that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. make room for savings with these sterilite totes for a new lower price of just $5.88.
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>> eric: some are raising concerns about the dangers fracking. a earthquake hit yesterday, 4.0,
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and is the 11th earthquake, since march. the strongest so far, the quake was felt 60 miles away in cleveland. >> my wife and daughter said did you feel the earthquake and i said, what earthquake? and, she goes, my god, there was a quake that hit and the brick, the brick from here came flying down. >> eric: seismologists say they are related to the gas extraction of the area. the ohio department of natural resources though disagrees, and, the department says tremblers are not a direct cause from fracking. >> jamie: we're a couple of days away, the countdown to the first in the nation iowa caucuses are under way and the candidates are making closing arguments to hawkeye state voters and fox news sunday's chris walls sat down with ron paul, michelle bachmann and rick perry today. >> this is where our campaign is
10:22 am
excelling, whether the tea party movement or the discussions among the american people, they are sick and tired of this and i represent them and why would they pass my laws? i wanted to stop it a long time ago and that is why i went to washington but, the tied changed... >> thousands of people making conversion on the spot, frankly after the fox debate in sioux city, people really were grateful, they saw in me someone who can take it to barack obama, in the debate, hold him accountable. >> i look forward to debating barack obama, and as i said, i'll come early and i'm ready to debate and i want to talk about the president and his absolute failure, economically, foreign policy wise and we'll take to it barack obama. >> jamie: joining me, the angry tor of fox news sunday, good morning, happy new year to you. >> thank you, we're in the ornate house chamber in the state capitol in des moines and i'll tell you, jamie, i could
10:23 am
get used to it. it is nice here. >> jamie: stunning, the back drop there and the fact that you got to talk to all three. i have a million questions i want to ask you. but what i'm curious about, what do you think the iowa goers are looking for? they all feel confident they'll beat barack obama. >> that is one of the things iowa voters are looking for, really two things to use an old statement william f. buckley, the godfather of conservatism said, i want the most conservative candidate who can get elected. and that is what people are trying to decide, who is the real conservative and who's electable and those are two different scales and obviously according to the polls, mitt romney runs the strongest against the president but is not necessarily the most reliably conservative and people are trying to balance, and you see that in the latest "des moines register" poll, and, that is kind of the bible of polling
10:24 am
here, in iowa, they had their last poll which is a strong record of accurately predicting what will happen in the caucus 48 hours later and came out with a poll that showed mitt romney in first, and paul in second, and santorum in third. but, if you just take the last two days of the four days of the polling, it reverses, because there is a late surge by santorum to -- mitt romney is still in first and santorum coming on in second and paul in third and i think in some order, those three are going to be the top three in the caucuses on tuesday night. >> jamie: the iowa caucus voters, do you believe they feel that rick santorum is electable? >> a lot of them think he is, absolutely and think he's a true conservative and it is fairly interesting. there has been a lot of criticism, this time around, that maybe the old caucus and primary way where people come and live in the state and they campaign for 100 days and 300 events, that that was the thing
10:25 am
of the past, and all of the debates are ending that and you can run a national campaign and you didn't have to hang out here and we'll see a test on tuesday night, because santorum has been in this place for more than three -- two months, has had more than 300 events in iowa, and somebody like mitt romney has been here a much shorter time, many fewer events and it will be a test to a certain degree to see iowans want to see the old-fashioned retail politics, press the flesh, meet the voters in american legion halls and church basements or are they satisfied with what they get from national tv, ads from the presidential debate. >> jamie: it is fascinating to see how it works out, because he and hayes family basically camped out. have we heard the last of jon huntsman? >> well, no. we haven't heard the first of jon huntsman, because he decided and i think made a tactical decision, running as more of a moderate and would not do well here and he's camped out in new
10:26 am
hampshire and is not competing here and i commend our show to you, to watch at 2:00 p.m. eastern or 6:00 p.m. eastern, because, one of our panelists, is terry brandstad, the governor of iowa and hosts runts man and said, i tried to persuade him to come here and he made a huge mistake and he's toast and hammers him for his decision to ignoring the iowa caucuses and we'll see whether it works for him and he's waiting to see who comes out of iowa in strong shape or limping and he'll be waiting for them in new hampshire and we'll see whether that works. typically it hasn't. typically you have to at least contest iowa, if you are going to make a good showing in new hampshire. >> jamie: each candidate trying a different strategy and we'll get a sense of it with all three that you talked to today, chris, appreciate you giving us a preview, always good to see you. >> same to you and again, happy new year. >> jamie: don't miss his interviews with ron paul, rick perry and michelle bachmann, tune into fox news sunday as
10:27 am
chris said, today, at 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. right here. >> eric: jamie, asthma is one of the leading causes of emergency room visits nationwide, especially with kids and a new device could change that. coming up, on "sunday house call," we'll tell you about the new developments in dealing with asthma. the doctors are here on new year's day! that and more, straight ahead. what makes the sleep number store different?
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>> eric: time for "sunday house call," today we're taking a closer look at the medical needs and hopes for the new year, 2012, and joining us as wall is, this morning, dr. marc siegel, associate professor of medicine at nyu's langone medical center and is the author of the book "the inner pulse, unlocking the veto code of sickness and health." >> jamie: and david samadi, chief of robotics at mt. sinai medical center, both of whom abided by my admonition to go home early, last night. you look rested and refreshed and ready. happy new year. i'm glad, because we needed good information and a lot of people are going like this... >> eric: great new news, access to a doctor weather a click of a finger? there are medical applications, for your mobile device, becoming
10:31 am
more popular and allow dras to answer patient questions faster with an app, and, dr. siegel, they don't have to visit you? >> you still have to visit me but, this is really exploding, 500 million smartphone users by 2015 that will be using these apps, medical apps and i have a plus side and a minus side. the minus side is you cannot fit your doctor inside the phone, in other words, if you have the information at your fingertips, eric and know your heart rate and your blood pressure and know your blood sugar, the key is, is that information being transmitted back to me? now, from my point of view, there is a great advantage, i can check an ultrasounds on my smartphone, mri, ekg, blood sugar and asthmatic's breathing and the accuracy is now phenomenal and we have arrived with this. but i don't want people diagnosing themselves. >> eric: it could be a danger, dr. samadi. >> the medical app is this way of future, the marriage of the
10:32 am
smartphones and the technology and the information and that combination, actually opens the door, not just to the doctors, but also to the patients. and the concept of telemedicine where you are able to see the images, the ekg, right in your phone, communicate with the pharmacy and be able to prescribe me indications, can you imagine, jamie, the patients log into an app in my office, without me knowing, finding some slots there open for an appointment and put in the information and show up. i.t. is great. >> jamie: and, transmit prescriptions over the internet and, you know, doc in your line of work, a physical exam can be everything, right? >> that is very true. >> jamie: can't do it through the phone. >> but you can get a lot of information, vital signs, from your patient, remember, the chilean miners that were down, 2,000 feet? we were getting their vitals through the telemedicine and were able to see who is doing what and what is the heart rate, an amazing technology, technology that is convenient and, advanced and precise and
10:33 am
will open a lot of these. >> jamie: 2012, year of better health. another high-tech scam can detect lung cancer -- scan that can detect lung cancer. >> here's the resolution for 2012, if you want to reduce lung cancer, and mortality from it, quit smoking. and i snow a lot of women are listening to this, turning to their husbands and boyfriends, saying, you heard him, stop smoking. that is the first way we are going to reduce lung cancer, it is a landmark study, and, 50,000 people, 33 different institutions, random, and looked at x-ray versus cat scan and see if there is a difference and they found, that in the group that went for low-dose, the key word, low-dose cat scansscans, lower risk of mortality from lung cancer which will change the way we practice medicine and should it become the way of screening? the critics are talking about
10:34 am
accumulation of radiation over the years, maybe the cost of cat scans and that is really up for debate. >> jamie: what do you recommend to your patients. >> i spoke to the chief medical officer of the american cancer society about this around he's cautioning, okay, there is a survival advantage, we have looked at it for a long time and i absolutely screen my smokers with cat sans and i have don't for years and we do it at a medical center and is not overprescribed and he's worried about biopsies and, byryou coul have a heart attack going on and, it is all bowel tull about medicine, i have plenty of smokers, 1 in 5 americans are still smoking, i advise you to think of a screening cat scan, seriously and also ask about the downside. >> the only thing i would add is over diagnosis does not have to
10:35 am
be overtreatment. and, i think, with lung cancer because it is a deadly disease, finding these earlier on, and, in smaller size we are able to treat them better, it is art of medicine and the doctor should see who should get the biopsy or not. >> it is 55 according to the study and i want to echo david's point. you only can get that cure if you actually find it before it spreads. you have to find it early. >> need a new heart or kidney? doctors hope within the decade it may be possible to actually custom-grow organs that are a perfect match and means no more weighting lists or rejection of drugs, dr. siegel, how could it be possible? it sounds like frankenstein. >> 110,000 people are waiting for an organ, right now and the problem is, they can't find organs that match them, eric, they reject them and up at harvard, mass general, dr. ott says what they do is take the organ and wash it out, literally with detergent and get rid of all of the offending cells that
10:36 am
would cause you to have a rejection and once they have it they have a ghost of an organ and they repopulate it with stem cells, your own, and you don't reject it but, he says here's where we are now, at the points where it is more of a patch. the piggy backing on top of organs that you have. rather than replacing them and if you have a failing heart or a failing kidney or pancreas, you might actually, 2 or 3 years be able to get a patch, which saves having to replace the organ for a while. very exciting. >> eric: amazing. >> i think you are right. this is complete out of the science fiction books. ordering your custom-made organ and it is delivered within 6 weeks, sooner than your custom-made suit. i think we have a long way to go, it is obviously an exciting field and you are using your own stem cells and it will change the way we practice medicine and we talked about creating a bladder and you could order large, medium, or small size, you know? it is amazing.
10:37 am
but, you know, i think the way this is going to change the field of transplant is, you don't have to wait or worry about rejection, because it is your own cells and, again, taking the lifetime medications, to suppress your immune system, is not going to be there. again, another exciting technology, for 2012. >> eric: on the way... >> pig tissue is under study. >> eric: pigs and mice. >> jamie: we are learning so much and doctors hard at work to detect oral cancer and save patients. a noninvasive device that can change the way the disease is diagnosed, that is next. i habe a cohd.
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>> jamie: welcome back, believe it or not you may not need a biopsy, doctors are detecting oil cancer from a single drop of saliva. doctor, when will it come on-line. >> it will be coming up fairly soon, when we are talking about head and neck cancers, these are the types of cancers, when found, are usually very advanced, and, the surgery for this kind of -- it is dis figuring the face and it is really difficult. so, can you imagine checking the dna, in just the saliva, simple test that is going to give us tremendous amounts of information, it is coming from ucla research and they've spent the last decade working on this thing and looking for two genes and if you have more of this gene in the saliva, you have a high risk of head and neck cancer and they are going the extra step and they take it from
10:41 am
the mucosa in the mouth and it can detect lung cancer... >> jamie: so it goes beyond that. >> and, it is going to be a very neat screening test, and is easy, and, is going to really add a lot of information. >> jamie: why wouldn't everyone have it done. >> it will take only 15 minutes to get the test and looks for one protein, abnormal in all oral cancers and now he says he's using it to check drug treatments, by the way, this is really, really important, because, jamie, if you have the cancer and are getting chemotherapy for it, try all different solutions, one drug, drug b, drug c, drug d, they don't know what combinations to use and what doses to use and if they can use the saliva of patients that are getting this, to figure out the exact combination, he says 80 to 95% success, and, as david says, diagnostic tool and also, treatment tool.
10:42 am
>> jamie: who is prone to... >> alcohol and smoking are the two highest risk and, people die from the disease, 12,000 decide from the disease and it is serious and we have a long way to go, it is a simple test and could be a compliment to what we are doing now -- a complement to what we are doing now. >> jamie: sounds great. >> eric: asthma accounts for a quarter of all emergency room visits in the u.s. and now, a sensor is being developed that could make the number drop, a handheld device that could actually analyze your breath, for the amounts of nitric acid that... >> nitric oxide. >> eric: what it is and how does it determine whether you potentially have asthma? >> jamie: you go to medical school... >> the issue is asthmatics are very prone to get inflammation in their lungs, and, constriction in the lungs and you don't know when it is coming on and the next thing you know
10:43 am
you could be short of breath and my patients are in the emergency room and there is no warning sign, now, when the lungs are inflamed and the airwaves are inflamed they make nitric oxide and they are sensors, devices big as a house and the asthmatics wonder, should i buy one, their expensive and now, 2012, they will be handheld but, they will still be expensive and they are still not 100% accurate and i like the peak flow meter and you breathe into the tube and as we said at the beginning of the show you can take the peak flow meter and go to the smartphone and e-mail your doctor and that is cheaper but the idea we can reach out to the home and know someone is having an asthma attack, a sick patient, extremely important to know that. >> it really is. >> this is not going to be a revolutionary technology but i like it because i think it is mobile. it is easy to use and inhaler. a lot of kids can just blow air
10:44 am
in. and, we have talked about the use of viagra in the past and the respiratory -- if you have asthma you will dump more nitric oxide and exhale and there is fraction fractional excreting of 0 night tr -- nitrous oxide, and, a lot of times you don't know if you are treating them correctly or not and if the level comes down that is a good sign and another genius thing, they are putting a ga gps in the inhaler and if you are traveling all over the u.s., it registers where you are and the amount of allergens and nitric oxide, gives you a map and said, maybe you should be in another area. >> eric: quickly, out of time... why is there such an increase in
10:45 am
asthma. >> pollution, absolutely. >> dust. >> absolutely. br big brother will come when you have an asthma attack and take you to the emergency room. >> i wouldn't worry about it. >> or stay at home and communicate with your doctor. >> exactly. >> they've made remarkable advances for amputees and there are new ones the doctors want you to know about, they are working on a exciterized bionic leg that can function with computer chips. a new technology? >> it has been in the pipe loan a decade and look at the soldiers coming back and having these amputees, it affects their lives and remember the old hook type of prosthesis and, these are stiff, and hard and it is exhausting to carry them and they are not natural and, in the field of robotics. we don't move like a robot but, the creation of these motions, change of your wrist, or opening and closinger fingers a ee eer
10:46 am
complex moves and talks about how wondrous is our creator, how he came up with this and, the creator of segway is involve with this and they are coming up with prosthesis that feel like a tendon and muscle and you have nice range of motion an you be grab something with the prosthesis and, put it in your mouth, amazing, will be coming fairly soon. >> $95,000, right now from the military amputee research program, as david is sag and we're using it with amputees coming back from iraq and afghanistan. and, it is really amazing, it has gyros and sensors and is hook up to a computer and gives you a sense of what is called propriperception, and, you can tell where you are, and the $6 million man from the 1970s? this is what he had and we have come to the point where we can create legs that give you the sense of a real leg and you use
10:47 am
a joy stick, you push it and walk with it. >> when it comes to these guys, they sacrifice their lives for us and it is a small cost for them to have a good quality of life and, with more companies coming in the costs will come down. >> it will come to the consumer. >> jamie: but we're glad it goes to our vets. >> eric: certainly and we'll needed. talk about new surgeries and revolutions for 2012. something in heart surgery they've developed, a stent that actually, get this, disappears, when it does its job. what is that? the doctors will be here to continue, and explain as sunday house call continues, for this new year's day, sunday. stay with us. ♪ [ woman ] ♪ what i want this season ♪ if you'd like to try and guess ♪ ♪ it is something very special ♪ i would readily confess [ dogs barking ] ♪ 'cause all i want this season ♪
10:48 am
♪ is something from your heart ♪ la da da, la da da [ male announcer ] thinking of others this holiday season, travelers. why nature made? they were the first to be verified by the usb. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. and that's why i trust nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended letter vitamin brand. learn more at
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10:51 am
>> eric: back with the doctors and "sunday house call," did you know there is now a new revolution in heart surgeries, that are developing and absorbable heart stent, a stent that can be permanently absorbed into your body. dr. siegel, you put it in, like disappearing sutures or stitches? >> exactly. biodegradable, played out of a plastic. i'll give you a little background. we have been dilating coronary arteries since the 1980s and they get so narrow and are tiny and we open them with a balloon and then we invented in the '90s this idea of putting a cylinder in there, a cage, to keep them open. and nowadays, we put drugs on those cages, so that they don't clot and so clots don't form but it's not a perfect science and the advantage of this, absorbable cage or stent, is that the artery, theoretically would regain its flexibility and go back to being an artery and you would be able to go through an airport scanner and wouldn't
10:52 am
worry about restenosis or disease forming there, only one study has been done in the netherlands and it is approved for use in europe and we need more studies. >> eric: it is amazing, dr. samadi it could disappear and keep your artery healthy. >> its the concept. you know, i spoke to a few cardiologist and while they are interested and excited about this, they mention we need longer-term studies to really make any conclusions. drug stents are working quite well and, it take a long time to really clog up because they put them on anti-platelets and aspirin, et cetera. and that has been really working quite well and we see people going to the hospital, the day after, they are out after getting the stent and, it is a hands-on experience, and it is actually life-saving. it work out really well. >> we don't want to throw out the baby with the bath water. he's right and both our
10:53 am
institutions, the stents are working beautifully. >> jamie: a big topic we have covered all year and is good with the new year, maybe you made a resolution, obesity. is associated with type-2 diabetes and over time, type-2 diabetes wears out your pancreas. but, there is a new gastrointestinal liner being developed that could help and we'd like people not get obese and have type two diabetes and if they do, what can it do for them. >> you have been a big advocate of diet and new triven a nutrite right stuff into your stomach and some people have genetic issues and may get diabetes, the gi liner, and the lining inside... there is an amazing technology. the same way you do colonoscopy or endoscopy they can go down and put in this first two feet of the small intestine so the food will not interact with the military tribunaling coucosa an
10:54 am
weight. it is noninvasive and does not involve surgery and potentially -- i don't know yet, it may replace gastric bypass. we are far from getting there. but, that is really the potential for this, because, obviously surgery is more innovation. now, the other thing about this is, there has been migration of these linings and obstructions, and i'm not sure if it is really ready for primetime, but, you know, it is a smart idea by blocking absorption you can lose weight. >> jamie: this is the sleeve. >> yes. it starts in the lower part, past the stomach marduodenum an in europe and south america it causes dramatic weight loss by 30%, and, control of diabetes, and that is the key for people out there.
10:55 am
h and it is controlling blood sugar which we didn't anticipate and, david says we have to be cautious and do longer term studies, it could help diabetics as well as obese patients. >> keeping track of medications? a problem for that? a problem for a lot of us, to remember what you take and when you take it and where it is and the doctor will tell us about a new solution for that. healthy monday tip... coming up in a moment. i habe a cohd. yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth!
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you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lie on one of those, if you want a soft bed you can lie on one of those." we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. it's really shaping to my body. once they get our bed, they're like, "why didn't i do this sooner?" at the sleep number year-end closeout event, save up to $800 on selected 2011 bed sets. only at the sleep number store, where queen bed sets now start at just $899. >> there are so many americans having a hard time keeping track of the medicines they have to take. there is a smart pill that will actually keep track of medication use by recording
10:58 am
the exact time the drugs you are taking are ingested. have to hear about this one. >> this is my favorite one. >> it is a smart pill you swallow and has a microchip attached to it, and it will stay inside of you. there is a patch or a sensor on the stomach and it can feed a lot of information about the amount of medications you are taken and the types. it can give you the information on the ph or the acidity and the vital signs. it all goes to the computer. >> come on. >> it is right out of james bond. now we will have the doctor. how about that? >> 2012 is about technology and information. so fasten your seatbelt. >> this scares me. >> why? >> it shouldn't. >> it is unbelievable. it puts a do dad in your stomach? >> one half of the people out there in a study,one half forget to take their pills on
10:59 am
a regular basis. this tells you when you took it. it goes in your stomach and it signals your cell phone that you have taken it. it gives the heart rate and the blood pressure and your sugar. it will tell you what your other pills will do to you. >> eric's concern is i can read his. >> as the population are getting older. we need the smart pill to save us. >> we will get used to it and we will need it. great breakthroughs and advances in medicines. >> i love the special theme sunday house calls. >> happy new year. >> we will follow all of this for you folks and tell you when it is on-line. a fox news alert. there is a new poll on the republican race in iowa and it has had a pretty good track record. right now mitt romney is holding steady in first place, and he is followed closely byron paul. rick santorum is surging into third and newt gingrich taking
11:00 am
40 and rick perry fifth and michele bachmann trailing with 7%. good morning and thanks for being with us on this new year's day. >> happy new year, and welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters for this sunday morning. what can we actually make of the latest poll numbers and will they hold for the next 48 hours until the caucuses start at 7 p.m. on tuesday. carl cameron is live in des moines, iowa on this chilly sunday morning. carl, good morning. how important is the des moines register poll, how important is that scene, and is it really the landmark last poll as we head into the caucus? >> the des moines register has a history of great accuracy with their poll for a good reason. polling caucus go you ares -- goers is hard. only a few folks participate in it. to find likely caucus goers you have to make more phone calls than your normal
11:01 am
primary. for ron paul and mitt rom know it is good news. for rick santorum, the register is better. finally caucus goers can have the final say. about 41% of all likely caucus goers according to the des moines register poll could change their minds. we have talked to a lot of iowans in the various campaign audiences. one of the things that has been recuring is that iowans want their caucus participation to count. they don't necessarily want to squander it on somebody to make a statement if they don't think that person can win the nomination. that's one of the reasons they stay undecided or willing to change their views until the last moment. that is a big boost for rick santorum. when he appears on the poll surging like that, it sends a message to caucus goers that, hey, make rick santorum is worth our support or some other horse that surges in the last few days. that's why the des moines
11:02 am
register can be a trumpet for these last-minute deciders and people willing to change their votes because caucus goers want the caucus to matter, and they want to make sure they pick the nominee. they are looking for somebody who can go the distance. >> if there is a swing toward santorum, what does that mean if he exceeds these expectation els, and what does it mean for ron paul for example? >> it means tough news. there is a lot of criticism in the republican party for being out of the mainstream, particularly when it comes to foreign policy. and that raises a question of whether or not rick santorum, having a shot at doing well in the iowa caucuses and perhaps coming in the top three or top two or top one it is the equivalent of a two-person race, the romney versus santorum battle. all year long republicans were looking for a -- an alternative. rick santorum has timed his opportunity for that perfectly. it is right at the top of the caucuses when the first official contest will take place as opposed to the popular opinion polls.
11:03 am
for santorum, that's a big deal. it raises big questions about rick perry. rick perry makes the argument and did this morning that he has the money, the executive governing the second largest in the state, texas. and he is a conservative, a full complement of conservative, social, fiscal, international and domestic, and he has the organization to go the whole distance where michele bachmann or santorum doesn't. take a listen. >> i think for us to come in and over the course of the last five months to have the ground game -- nobody has a better ground game. nobody has the ability to go past iowa on into these other states with a fundraising with a national fundraising ability with the message that we have as a executive who has won a major state. that's a powerful message. we are going to be able to go forward when some of the other candidates may do okay in iowa. when it comes to running a
11:04 am
national campaign they will falter. >> that is a very important message from rick perry. he is making the argument that when it comes to the long race and will clinch the nomination in several months he will be standing there opposite mitt romney and santorum can't go the distance. watch that unfold for the next few weeks. >> and carl, do you have a prediction? >> yes, iowa caucus goers will surprise the country, and the turnout will be low. it is a fraction of what happens. by the time the nomination is clinched, iowa will have put its voice down. nobody does it better than the folks here. they are sophisticated. they take a lot of time. there aren't a lot of them, but they put in a lot of work. the first in the state deserve to be honored because they do a lot for the country. they are special and will make their choices in the next couple days and then will set the trajectory of the race. >> you know it so well, carl. on to new hampshire.
11:05 am
carl, good to see you, and we will be watching. thanks so much. and as you know, fox is your one stop destination for the iowa caucuses and all things 2012. tune in at 8:00 p.m. tonight. we will have a special america's election headquarters special that pre views the big race from iowa. of course our complete coverage of the caucuses begin on tuesday at 6:00 p.m. eastern only here on the fox newschannel. another fox news alert. iranian scientists are claiming they developed the first nuclear fuel rod. and then they test fired a new missile. all of this comes on the heels of new sanctions just sanctioned into law. how volatile is the region right now? we go to our fox news middle east analyst, author of "the coming revolution. the struggle for freedom in the middle east." thank you for joining us. >> of course. >> i should say dr. ferris
11:06 am
because this is your expertise right here. these are very stunning developments. the fuel rod first. what does it mean? >> what it means is the iranian regime is moving forward regardless of the saptions that we have -- the sanctions we have implemented and of those we are thinking of implementing. what we are doing right now is playing a strategic game of chess. they will be foe -- focus oatd homeless crisis and the anti-missile missiles and then iraq. they are moving on all fronts. at the end of the day what they really have is missiles plus the nuclear bomb. >> the reaction of our fleet there in the region, what action do we need to take at this point? they seem to continue to thumb their nose at us, even with the new tougher sanctions that have been signed. >> with regards to the confrontation, it is a political decision. do we want to wait to see the
11:07 am
iranians obtaining the nuclear bomb deploying the missile and penetrating iraq and other parts of the middle east so we can increase our sanction system or support the opposition in iran, or do we basically start this counter earlier on? the iranians had a feeling we are reacting. that's why the term, what would our navy do in reaction? we do not have a strategy to bring down their decision, their regime ability to bring the bomb down. >> at the same time they say they want to talk. is it possible to sit down and speak with the iran government? who would we speak to, and what would we say and what could we accomplish? >> this is the iranian strategy for the last 20 years. it is a back burner and a front burner. when they see us really concerned and about to do something big against them, we will negotiate. and when we come to negotiations, either discretely or less discretely, it is forceful. what they are trying to do is waste our strategic time while
11:08 am
they move forward on all fronts. >> and it seems like they announced they made progress. if you are sitting home today on new year's day and living here in the united states, why should you be concerned about iran? >> i would be very concerned about iran not today, but what they are doing today to provoke a massive change of balance of power in the middle east tomorrow and tomorrow they are getting huge influence in iran. they will be connecting with the acid regime which is lebenon. they have a presence in the red sea and a alliance with hugo chavez in this hemisphere. all of that and producing a bomb and missile delivery system. that's all a concern. >> you almost don't want to leave the house. i am not exaggerating. they are moving forward whether we like it or not. quick question on libya. we were instrumental in getting qaddafi out and getting the government in a transition position, and there were reportsthat al-qaeda is moving in and recruiting in libya. is this disturbing to you?
11:09 am
>> it has been actually even during the time of the civil war in libya. we have been warning. we have been briefing in congress and european parliament that be careful. when we bring qaddafi down, and we did the right thing by provoking that, we have to make sure who are the forces on the ground that will be taking over the cities? the military commanders of tripoli trained with al-qaeda. did they change their mind or not? we don't know. but al-qaeda is now thinking of operating in libya and trying to recruit among the militias on the ground. we need a good partnership with the armed forces. >> as it develops. thank you, and happy new year. >> happy new year to you. the 2012 election season in ernest on tuesday. the iowa caucuses while in washington president obama's re-election team is planning to step up an offensive in their race against a deeply unpopular congress.
11:10 am
we know that strategy has been done before. joining us for a fair and balanced debate is a fox news political analyst and the former president of the women's media center and a fox news contributor also. welcome. happy new year to you both. >> happy new year. >> angela, let me start with you. the president's strategy is to attack congress and that means congressional republicans. will it work? >> it is a great strategy, eric, but it won't work alone. obama is going to have to answer to his record. we all know obama is a great politician and important administrator, so he is going to have advocacy. he is going to have grassroots. it is just not going against the congress. it is actually going to be on the ground as well. going after an unpopular congress could play in his favor. >> in 2008 he proposed to be the candidate of change. he would change the culture and the partisan ship. and now running against congress he is doing an about
11:11 am
face. >> fool me once, shame on you. fall me twice,-- and i think he put every effort on the table not once, not twice, but many times with this congress. it was basically hostile against this president in the face of actually breaking government and being okay with weakening our country to make him look bad. he made a good faith effort, and it is very clear they have no interest in protecting the middle class and in creating a fair share and equal opportunity for people to achieve the american dream. and so why would he work with these guys? >> angela, jump in there. >> you mean to tell me the members of congress on the right are going to destroy our country to embarass barack obama? >> i think that's absolutely been a part of their agenda as the american people have seen, and they reacted to it in the polls. that's why congress has the lowest approval rating ever. >> last i checked harry reid is the democrat leader in the
11:12 am
senate, and he voted against the president's jobs bill. >> not only is president obama not going to i think continue to try to compromise with the congress, but is absolutely hostile against him. who ever the republican nominee is going to be is probably going to run away from the congress as well because washington has been so ineffective in the last two years since the tea party and the far right wing fanatics took over. >> i want to use something you said. fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice -- obama ran on the platform he will change washington, d.c. as eric said. and he is going to bring change and hope. now he is trying to run away from washington, d.c., and he is the commander-in-chief. he is the president. how can you run away from a system that you helped work with? >> our founding fathers gave us one of the best systems in the world where there are checks and balances, and you do have to compromise. you think it the grand
11:13 am
compromises that congress has made from presidents in the past from opposite sides of the aisle. and that has not been possible in this administration because from the tea party and them holding john boehner hostage, but because they think there has been a focus on defeating the president versus advancing the country and strengthening the economy. that's what president obama is focused on. others are focused on politics. >> here is a quote that is astounding. he is a white house spokesman. the president has been on vacation. quote, the president is no longer tied to washington, d.c. that's like saying you guys aren't on our tv right now. how could the white house say the president is no longer tied to washington, d.c.? >> i think this goes back to a couple weeks ago when he asked the american people to talk to him and share their stories about what $40 means to them. he will be in a conversation
11:14 am
with the american people, with the middle class. and he is not going to continue to just beat his head up against the brick wall with the congress. it basically said failure is okay. >> how is the conversation going to go? >> people are tired of speeches. people are tired of conversations. he is smooth. he is like a snake. the bottom line is people want solutions. people want results. people are living from paycheck to paycheck. a conversation of $40 or a conversation of how are you doing will not help him win a re-election. >> there is an executive decision that he has been rolling out since he put forward the american jobs act. as president i am going to act. you guys down the street and on the hill, you don't want to act, you want to make this about politics and ideology over progress. but he has been acting. so we will see a number of these decisions rolled out before the state of the union. as far as if he is running against congress, i will just say who ever the opponent is,
11:15 am
the republicans are probably going to lose to themselves just like my lovely team the redskins every sunday. >> from day one this president has made it about politics and not about policy, and that is going to defeat him. he can run away from congress all he wants, but he can't run away from his policy. >> we are out of time. thank you so much and happy new year to you both. it will be an exciting one, i tell you. >> thank you. >> i hope it is an exciting one for investors who really road the rollercoaster ride in 2011, maybe 2012 will be better. we don't know. europe is front and center. and some analysts are saying the euro zone countries have sliped into recession. how will this affect the u.s. economy? here is our senior business correspondent and the host of bulls and bears. brenda, i really wanted to ask you if we will start the new off right. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. it is very interesting. if you look at where the s&p was a year ago and where it ended the end of last year, it
11:16 am
was flat. but you would never know that from what happened during last year which was an incredibly volatile year. and what is most interesting is the professional money, the smart money was the dumb money, hedge fund managers lost 5%. real people like you and me, we ended up making some money because we didn't listen to them all the time. next year is going to be a very volatile year. last year started out pretty good, but i think that we don't have much say over what is going to happen. wall street doesn't have much say. the problem is that a lot is not what is happening here, even though there is gridlock in congress over red ink and the deficit. that alone would be enough to make a wild rollercoaster ride for wall street. but it is what is happening
11:17 am
overseas. >> how can we follow though? we watch the news and watch fox business and everything that is happening, but if you are the individual investor and you paid attention all of this time. it was like, don't go near bonds. bonds are going to crash. don't do this, do this. not everybody gets it right all the time. what should a person do who opened up their fourth quarter statement and said, oh my goodness, i am never going to be able to retire. >> everybody said, yes, stay away from bonds. but in the ends the -- but in the end the bonds kept rallying and did okay jie. no kidding. oops. >> i call it the sleep test. if you can't go to sleep because of what your port folio is in, then you are in the wrong thing. and if you need to sell that money, if you need that money in two years, then get out of the market. you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> you call it the sleep test. i call it the stomach test.
11:18 am
>> they are both very good ones. >> that's a really good word for the wise. and great to hear about you and how to take care of the markets. >> there are lots of people who want to lose weight in the new year, but your financial health should be a top priority. when it comes to resolutions which are the ones you should make and keep. that's coming up in our take charge consumer protection segment. we will be right back.
11:19 am
11:20 am
11:21 am
another fox news alert for you now. there is a manhunt in hollywood for a potential arsonist. los angeles on the edge after three straight nights of these bizarre arson attacks. investigators are searching for at least one arsonist.
11:22 am
police are offering rewarding -- rewards for information leading to a conviction. casey, do authorities know who is doing this and why this is being done and do they have any leads? >> no solid leads and nomo tiff. that's why so many people here are obviously nervous. we should point out we are waiting for a news conference to begin in hollywood. we will be getting updates on some numbers and if any new leads have developed over the hours of the the calls to 9-1-1 started coming in early thursday morning as up to four different fires were started in and around hollywood. the next morning on friday 21 fires reported. look at that video. saturday morning 14 started and this time branching out a little further north to the san fernando valley, and then last night up to seven more reported. the majority of these fires started with vehicles being
11:23 am
torched and a handful then spreading to nearby homes and apartments and sending people running with their belongings in the dark of night. >> we were indicted -- we were in bed and my wife heard popping noises. looked around. she ran outside and said, hey, our neighbor's house is on fire. we just ran over and we got a hose and she called the police. luckily it was just a car and didn't get to the house. >> a $35,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information that can lead to an arrest or conviction of who ever is responsible. authorities believe this could be the work of more than one person. we will keep our eyes on it and we will bring you the information as soon as it comes in. >> all right. we will be on that news conference. it is really a bizarre series.
11:24 am
for so many of us, the new year brings a new beginning. it could be you want to lose weight. it could be you want to spend more time with family. it is a time for making resolutions. more importantly though, we want to keep them. and if you are making new year's financial resolutions, we will help you keep them all year long. here now is the former managing director of morgan stanley to help us make financial rich resolutions we can all keep because we will be better off in the long run. let's start with some tips and we will put them up of some of the resolutions. the first i wanted to ask you was paying yourself first. >> what i mean by that is simply, establish a pipeline. if for example i want you to create a relationship between your bank and your checking account or your paycheck. i don't care if it is even $5 a month. i want the pipeline to be built. once you create that, ie pay yourself first, over time it
11:25 am
may be $25, $50 or $100 a month, so if you don't build the pipeline first, then the pipeline won't be built. >> let me move on now. let any extra money follow the highest interest rate and lever down. what does that mean? >> let's say you have a credit card debt of $2,000 at a 20% interest rate, and then you have a mortgage say at $100,000 at 5% scpru a tax refund. i want to you take it and follow the interest rate. take it and payoff the 20% first. forget the balance. that's bad, bad debt. let's get rid of bad debt and leverage down. if you have the extra dollars get rid of the big interest rates first. >> also you say one of the things if we are thinking about life insurance there is a way to save money on the premiums in the new year. how do you do that? >> there is two primary ways. first of all, if you were a healthy eater last year and kept the resolution of losing weight you lost more than 10
11:26 am
pounds. you can go back to your life insurance company and probably get a discount on your premium. the same if you quit smoking for 12 consecutive months, you are now considered a nonsmoker and it can lower rates also. >> that's a great idea. i wonder if we can go to our credit card company and say we are paying bills on time and making progress on the balance, you can change the rate too. >> that's funny. everything in life is negotiatable. going and saying i am a good credit and getting the 20% to a 15% makes a difference. >> a penny saved for our future. flexible spending accounts, some of the rules change. some people don't bother. they think it is complicated. but if you can pay for your drugs or child care or medical visits with pre tax money, there is a real benefit for that. do you advise people to take advantage? >> absolutely. unfortunately the advantage, as you called it, is now going to be limited. the reason it is limited is because of the new healthcare
11:27 am
rerm to. it has to be paid for. one of the ways they are doing that, they are taking this wonderful benefit that the middle class love and enjoy called flexible accounts like braces and reimbursed medical expense itself used to be limited. you could put $5,000 $10,000 into these plans on a tax deferred basis. now in 2012 it is $2500. >> that's a significant cut in that benefit. >> it is. and it is something people don't realize until they go for it this year and try to do something. therefore all of the other tips you and i are sharing today, you have to take advantage because you will be limited with the flexible spending account. >> share with your loved ones what your financial resolution is. more couples break up over money i'm sure so do you want to tackle that one? joy you either have a partner or you don't. if i wanted to go workout and have exercise, if i had a partner and i could get up at 6:00 in the morning, i don't want to disappoint my partner.
11:28 am
same thing with financials. if i set my goals and i have a partner and we are trying to pay or our bills together. if we take our tax refund and pay it off, two is better than one. >> since i am an accountant and a lawyer, if you are getting a tax refund, you are paid too many taxes so readjust your withholdings at the beginning of the year. that's my tip. thank you so much, rich. great information. >> my pleasure. >> happy new year. and if you want more take charge consumer protection information, go to fox news .com and go on the american news headquarters page and you will see the link for more of these take charge segments you will only see on this program. >> great advice, jaime. have you heard about this, four presidential candidates joining in a lawsuit filed by rick perry. they are challenging the presidential primary petition rules in one early primary state. why election fraud may have played a role in our major controversy.
11:29 am
>> and the republican presidential candidates are pulling out all the stops. they are all over iowa in the final hours before the all important caucuses. we will have a live report from the hawk eye state coming up.
11:30 am
11:31 am
keeping a close eye on iowa and america's election
11:32 am
headquarters. the candidates making their final push to the voters and going door-to-door in some cases and trying to get the face time they hope will make all of the difference. steve brown is live for us in irvin dale, iowa. how hard is it to motivate folks for caucus night? >> it is really difficult, and when it is new year's day and you are trying to get uh hold of folks and trying to get volunteers to come in, it is double difficult the only the most dedicated people will come in after church or on a holiday. santorum wants to gets thinks percolating pretty quickly at the headquarters. it is new year's day and often people invite friends over. governor perry has invited a few hundred friends into iowa to help him out with his campaign. a strike force described by him is -- as 350 texans. i sat by a guy earlier this week from florida, and we know they are coming in from other portions of the country as well.
11:33 am
what essentially they are doing is assisting in mobilizing the ground game. you can see door knocking and phone ringing and making sure they have location and directions to the caucus night. it is all of those things. governor perry invited a few hundred of his friends into iowa to lend a hand in the final days. jaime? >> i was talking about how rick santorum transported his family and has spent so much time in iowa, and michele bachmann made note that she is a hometown candidate. so the question is who has done a good job on this ground game in iowa? >> every republican operative i have spoken to points their finger at the ron paul campaign. they have been at it quietly for months. we did get into their headquarters this week. they are a little secretive about what they are up to. that's understandable. campaigns don't want to give away the store especially if you think you have an advantage. by acclamation, republican operatives say the best ground game belongs to the ron paul
11:34 am
campaign. they have been at it for months and identifying people to speak out on caucus night and taking care of the chores and making sure people have rides and all of that stuff. and if you look at one local radio host, there is a big deal in central iowa and syndicated talk show host. he says even though he is backing newt gingrich, he says hands down ron paul will win this thing, and he is very well connected in the evangelical community in this state. if he is backing somebody and saying someone else will win, i have a sense that he may have an advantage. >> that's a really important voting block without a doubt. thanks so much. great analysis. good to see you, steve. >> now to a fox news voter fraud unit. the republican presidential candidates are suing to get on the ballot. it is happening in virginia after newt gingrich says election fraud cost him a spot on the ballot. his campaign turned in 1500
11:35 am
fake signatures. this comes as pros ut coulders in indiana continue their investigation that there are allegations of fake signatures on the 2008 democratic primary. so many fakes that some think president obama may not have legally qualified for the indiana primary ballot. there are these alleged election front issues for the white house, but joining us now is the senior legal fellow at the heritage foundation. welcome and happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> it is unbelievable. it seems it should be democracy at its finest. sometimes it seems like a three ring circus with all of these petitions and these circuses. why all of the problems? >> in indiana they have almost no rules and almost no way of verifying the accuracy of these paw sessions. -- petitions. we have the former democratic governor of the state whose name is in one of the petitions saying i didn't sign
11:36 am
it. the local county democratic chairman in saint joseph's county which is where most of this occurred, his name was on the ballot multiple times, and he had apparently local election officials who counted those as signatures and that includes one name. that shows they have a lot of problem in not doing these jobs with the ballot petitions. >> that's being investigated in south bend. you raise an interesting point. same thing happened with newt gingrich. with the 1500 fake signature had -- signatures there. it is up to the political parties, and it isn't checked by election officials. it sounds like what acorn was doing with the voter registration names by all of those workers who turned in all of the fake names and the registration forms. >> that's true. but in virginia, the whole reason that these candidates have a problem is because they actually were checking the
11:37 am
signatures. they didn't do that in indiana. it was only recently that a local newspaper started looking at this and found these problems. unfortunately indiana, for example, has a long history of fraud involving not just petitions, but absentee ballot fraud. there was a 2003 mayor's race that was thrown out because of massive absentee ballot fraud. same kind of thing. fraudulent signatures on the saab centi -- on the absentee ballot. >> what should officials do? >> they have to do a much better job of actually checking and verifying the names and the addresses of registered voters and checking the signatures. this case was so bad that the hand writing experts said it was obvious looking at the petitions of -- one of the pages was written by the same person. that's something the election officials could have easily caught. they clearly rubber stamp these and put them on.
11:38 am
how do they change the election? obama only won the state by less than 30,000 votes out of 2.7 million cast. if he had had the momentum of his campaign checked by not getting on the primary ballot, would he have been able to continue in that state the way he did, we will never know. >> what about virginia? you have newt gingrich suing to get on the ballot joined by the others. what will happen there? >> they are relying on the 1999 supreme court decision in which a court said that requiring registered voters to be the ones to circulate the petition was a violation of the first amendment. but that doesn't quite fit this case. in virginia you have to be either a registered voter or an eligible voter. it is very possible the courts will say, that's a reasonable requirement. they are kind of forging new law and forcing the court to
11:39 am
make a decision in an area it hasn't done before. >> we will be watching this. it is astounding when these candidates can't get on the ballot. hans, always good to see you. thank you for joining us this morning. >> we get a lot of e-mails about voter fraud. michael in indiana just wants to know if criminal charges are being considered in saint joseph county in indiana with the fake signatures. it seems to have died down considerably. we are not getting updates on the local news. i thank fox news for the fair and balanced reporting as opposed to the rest of the media. as we said, prosecutors continue their investigation. and from joe in houston, fake signatures? the supreme court needsds to step in. that's one of the highest priorities and it is being ignored. thanks, joe. and finally from bob in south carolina, thank you for all you are trying to do to support a fair and honest election. thank you, bob and thanks for your comments. keep them coming. voter fraud at fox news .com is our
11:40 am
address. >> we are going to take a look back at the year's top stories from around the world. the arab spring, the death of osama bin laden and the deadly tsunami in japan. we've got that for you and much more next.
11:41 am
11:42 am
welcome back, everybody. seems like this year we saw it all. epic natural disasters, civil unrest, changing leadership and international scandals. our greg burke has a wrap of the news that made headlines beyond our borders in 2011. >> japan hit by an enormous 9.0 earthquake triggers a monster tsunami. death tolls reach 16,000, 4,000 missing and the worst nuclear crisis since chernobyl. civil resistance leads to the prime minister and the long-time president.
11:43 am
massive demonstrations bring an end to the 30-year rule of mubarak. and protests in libya escalate to a full scale rebellion supported by nato. qaddafi captured and later killed. in syria an uprising erupts despite increasing international pressure, the government's bloody crackdowns continue. the eyes of the world on westminister abbey as an estimated 3 billion people watched the royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton. in what may be the biggest news story of the of the year -- gite united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al-qaeda. >> u.s. navy seals shoot and kill the terror leader in his compound in pakistan. the managing director of the international monetary fund arrested in new york city for allegedly sexually assaulting a hotel maid.
11:44 am
charges against dominique stras kahn are dropped citing a credibility issue with the accuser. at large for 15 years, the former bosnian serb general responsible for the masacre of thousands of muslims is arrested. a deadly e-coli outbreak in europe linked to german sprouts, killing about 45. about more than -- after more than 50 years of struggle south sudan declares its independence becoming africa's 54th country. british newspaper "news of the world" closes afteral allegations that journalists hacked into voicemail accounts. in norway a man haveribing himself as the resistance leader at a youth camp killing 77. japan beats the usa becoming the first asian country to win the fifa women's world cup. and rioting after the police shooting of a young man. the deadliest single loss for u.s. forces in the decade old
11:45 am
afghanistan war. a chinook helicopter crashes killing 30 american service members, most elite navy seals. more than 10 million people in east africa hit by the worst drought in six decades. somalia becoming the epicenter of the famine. two american hikers arrested in 2009 in iran after being accused of spying finally return home a year after their female friend was released. in a direct challenge to the u.s., the palestinians request statehood recognition at the united nations. the american-born senior al-qaeda leader killed in yemen by a u.s. drone strike. an italian jury clears american student amanda knox of murder nearly four years after she was arrested for allegedly killing her roommate in italy. israel releases over 1,000 palestinian prisoners in exchange for one kidnapped israeli soldier.
11:46 am
and a powerful earthquake rocks eastern turkey, killing about 600 people. if you ask people in italy about their concerns, europe's debt crisis is one of the big ones despite the bailout money given to some countries, the economy in 2012 promises to be a major headline. in rome, greg burke, fox news. this year means more than a change of the calendar. also tens of thousands of new state and federal laws are taking affect. covering everything from social security to golf carts. why so many? do we really need them, and what are they? that's next.
11:47 am
11:48 am
11:49 am
tis a new year, as you
11:50 am
know, and that means new state laws. there are about 40,000 across the country ranging from how you can drive your golf cart to the way folks learn about sexuality. i assume they are talking about kids of the julie banderas will tell us, and she is live in our newsroom. >> tens of thousands, 40,000 new laws changing the laws about things from like getting abortions and public schools adding gays and lesbians to the curriculum and safety requirements for golf car and banning happy hour in one state. stay tuned for that one. but many of the laws reflect the nation's concerns over immigration and worker verification. alabama was the toughest immigration laws. it requires all employees who do business with public entity to use a system known as e verify. it makes sure all employees are in the country legally. california is addressing illegal immigration. the california dream act expands eligibility for
11:51 am
private scholarships to students brought to the country illegally when they were infants. also in california, gays, lesbians and people with disabilities are being added to the list of social and ethnic groups whose contributions must be taught in history lessons in public schools. the law also bans teaching materials that reflect poorly on gays or particular religions. and welcome change in 2012. eight states will raise the minimum wage which includes arizona, oregon, washington, montana, colorado, ohio, vermont and florida. san francisco will in fact be the first state to raise their minimum wage above $10 an hour. and social security increasing to $450 a year for average recipient. and in new hampshire a law requiring girls seeking abortions to tell their parents or a judge. first reinstated by republicans. in illinois people 18 or
11:52 am
younger will have to wear seatbelts while riding in taxis for school related purposes and recreational changes in georgia. a new safety requirement for cities that allow drivers to steer their golf carts off the green and on to roads and multi use paths including brakes, reverse warnings and horns. i hope you are writing it down. utah, new laws making any daily drink specials illegal essentially banning happy hour, jaime. >> i am most concerned about the golf carts. i have to be serious. >> i don't know who came up with that one. >> do not mess with our golf carts. thank you, julie. especially in new york city. take care. happy new year. >> what a list there. well, ron paul, is he getting a fair shake in the mainstream media? liz has a lot to say on that next.
11:53 am
11:54 am
ron paul, one headline this past week actually asked,
11:55 am
quote, the verdict on ron paul, devoted patriot or nut job? that is from the new york post which is owned by the parent company of this network. how has the mainstream media treated him? liz troter is a fox news contributor who joins us every sunday with a commentary. happy new year, liz. >> happy new year. the mainstream media ignored him for a full year and now he gets the full treatment. >> this is the dance the media does with ron paul. it is this off again-on again thing. and he wants the curiosity to begin with. and then when he started gathering steam and really began to look like he could be a winner, that's when the knives came out. just like for newt gingrich and everybody else who wants to run for office, and that's right they should. the knives came out in connection with a scandal that really started back in the 1990s. we probably all know about this now, that he was -- he
11:56 am
owned a news leter and supposedly wrote it, although he denies it. comments about gays and blacks and also about racism in general. and so he says that he never really had anything to do with it. he has been quized by everybody. just an hour ago he was fwriled on abc -- he was grilled on abc this morning. there were just a few sentences in there, and i have addressed this the whole time. i'm not going to talk about it anymore. and he seemed to be retreating farther and farther back to the corner he has gotten himself into. so the scandal was -- the newsletter is within the newsletter and it became a scandal in 1996 when it first appeared in -- what was that? it was the new republic. and then it was picked up by other magazines.
11:57 am
every time it would rise it would then recede. just as ron paul does in the polls and in the public's minds. so now here we are in the absolute midnight before the iowa caucuses, and he is still defending himself on whether he made those remarks. i want to also call your attention to see how serious this is to something in the new jersey state ledger because the press is really on them, and they are really attacking him. the liberals are attacking him and the conservatives are attacking him. the new jersey ledger said this, the tv people tried their best to ignore paul before they discovered him, and then engaged in character assassination. as for the raid yore ranters, they are showing their true colors. they have made fortunes posing as conservatives. let a real conservative emerge
11:58 am
on the scene and you hear the whining as in ms. magazine. that was from the new jersey star ledger. i am thinking he has it pretty right. so there you are. he remains a mystery. don't forget that the union leader in new hampshire and when it comes to the primary, he said he is dangerous and nothing short of nuts. it is a play on your introduction. >> that's what is amazing to me. the conservative standard like the manchester leader can be so up front and calling him dangerous. all sorts of conservative quarters. michael savage on the radio called him, quote, mr. loon gnaw particular, a more ron and a psycho. you can't get more blunt than that from some conservative quarters. jay there is one other thing that -- >> there is one other thing that emerges and the war and the money spent on this war, i think it is a kind of sleeper issue in this campaign.
11:59 am
i think a lot of paul support, and this is uncommented on, but it is coming from them saying, wait a minute, we spend too much money. except when he gets around to saying things like world war ii, we shouldn't have been involved in world war ii, you have to say, wait a minute. the country reserves the right to defend itself. but there is latent sentiment about talking about the war and the amount of money spent on it. these people are tired of the wars and tired of the money. >> and that apparently is resonating in the iowa caucus 48 hours from now. >> that's exactly right. that's what we are going to see. i don't know where the press is. you can take the interview and it was pretty interesting this morning. there are other issues that would come up. as soon as the interviewer raises the conspiracy theory about 9/11 which ron paul -- >> quickly. >>


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