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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 2, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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tell us what you think. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" from iowa. fair, balanced, and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: more than 50 suspicious fires across los angeles. now a suspected serial arsonist is locked up. but why would he do it? plus just a day to go until the all iowa caucuses. we are looking at a dead heat as fox reports live from des moines. [chanting] ron paul, ron paul. >> this is great, wonderful. [cheers] >> shepard: several candidates tied for the top, but this is iowa, and anything can happen here. now, the republics are making a last push for support from those who will decide their fate. >> i love america. i love everything about america. >> i have always felt the confidence that the people of iowa were going to do their
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job. >> shepard: tonight, counting down to the moment that could change everything in the race for the republic nomination. plus, the los angeles arson attack. dozens of tires. hundreds of clues and now a person of interest caught on camera. tonight, investigators have someone in custody but is he the right guy? but, first from fox this monday night, just hours away now from the caucuses and we are live in des moines. it's the nation's first presidential contest and the latest polls show, man, it's a dead heat. and, look at this: the former massachusetts governor mitt romney and texas congressman ron paul less than a point apart in a brand new insider advantage survey. rick santorum and house speaker newt gingrich also within the margin of error. policy polling predicting a
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photo finish. remember, remember, surveys show only one half of likely caucus goers say they have made up their mind. the candidates covering a lot of ground in iowa today to try to win over all those undecideds. senator sab tore rum visited each of the 99 counties in the state and seemed to be paying for with a last-minute surge in the polls. is he campaigning as a social conservative. today on "studio b" i asked him about his opposition to a number of things including gay marriage and how much longer he thinks that will be a conservative principle. >> people are allowed to love a lot of different people in a lot of different relationships and we honor those relationships and we don't call them marriage and treat them like marriage. because it's a unique institution. >> shepard: what should they be treated like. >> they should be treated like any other couple or group or couple of people that have a strong relationship. are they allowed have rights and pass on goods and be able to pass on housing and other types of rights, sure, but they can contract for those
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things. there is ways to do this. >> shepard: rick santorum from "studio b" today. also today the former frontrunner newt gingrich says he does not expect to win iowa but he is vowing to fight on in the next two contests in new hampshire and south carolina. we have team fox coverage tonight from iowa and beyond. john roberts with the romney campaign in marion, iowa outside of cedar rapids. steve brown in polk city with all those undecided voters. get to the main man on politics carl cammeron live in al tuna, iowa down the road from us in des moines, how is the buzz at the pizza ranch there? >> i will tell you it just got a heck of a lot louder at the pizza ranch in altoona. we are going to get creative with the camera work. there is rick santorum. 300th pizza ranch event. 380th all tolled. comes here tonight knocking on the door for a caucus win in a
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surprise come from behind surge that nobody suspected and may set a record for its speed. week and a half back in single digits to a three-way tie with ron paul and mitt romney. romney has big organization. romney has got second time around the track. he ran here in 2008. but this time it may be the newcomer rick santorum who has campaigned in obscurity here to. pull off a win he will have to get byron paul. the texas congressman has a deep organization in iowa. there is tremendous buzz around his campaign today. in des moines, ron paul attracted about 1,000 people to an early morning event it was a lot of media and a lot of college students but still a thousand people is a very big deal in the state's largest city. ron paul is talking all about his libertarian brand of republickism. >> the american people are stirring. this is what this campaign has been all about. this is what the vote is about tomorrow. are we sick and tired of the expansion of government, the endless spending and the deficit, doing the things they weren't supposed to do and forgetting about doing the
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things they should be doing? >> some of the polls have suggested that republic voters in the caucus have been a little bit turned off by some of ron paul's foreign policy positions and criticism from his rivals may be eroding last-minute support heading into tomorrow night's caucuses bite. contrast rick santorum's support on the ground appears to be growing. the number of cameras from around the world has quadruple. rick santorum will have the headlines for exceeding expectations regardless of tomorrow night's outcome. >> shepard: is he all over the media across iowa. three ours what about them? >> the three other candidates are already talking about states beyond iowa. whenever you have candidates who actually stop talking about the race that's eminent. it's usually a pretty bad sign. michele bachmann has already said that she will go from iowa direct to south carolina, essentially bypass new hampshire's first primary where there will be two debates next week. she will attend them but her
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elm if a scis is being turned to the first in the south palmetto state. a sign she recognizes that poor showing in iowa is likely and ability to come back in new hampshire is limited. the same is true for rick perry. rick perry will leave iowa after the caucuses and go directly to the first in the primary south state where he too plans to make a stand courting conservatives. gingrich will go to new hampshire. watch him begin to sharpen his attacks against mitt romney having sworn off negative attacks and promised to be relentlessly positive. gingrich acknowledge would that strategy did not work here in iowa and he needed to counter attack mitt romney more aggressively. that's going to start now. again, if you are already looking at races beyond the one that's in the present, it's generally a bad sign. three guys looking for the three tickets out of iowa. ron paul, mitt romney, and rick santorum and three other candidates already looking to leapfrog new hampshire and try to come back in south carolina, shep.
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>> shepard: does tell quite a tale, carl cammeron down the piece altoona, iowa. mitt romney lost here in iowa four years ago. he walked away in second place. 25% of the total. nearly 10 points behind the former arkansas governor mike huckabee. that didn't end governor romney's race. far from it he proved that iowa isn't necessarily make or break. the question now is what's next for him because whether he wins or loses here tomorrow in iowa, this state is just the start of a very long process. and john roberts is on that. live in marion, iowa. about 100 miles east of us here. john, what does mitt romney need to do? what's heir assessment of what they need to do in the next 24 hours before iowans been to caucus? >> if they want to win this caucus or do very well here, shep, they have to win over a number of those undecided voters because you see while mitt romney can really connect with the fiscal conservatives he is not really good dealing with social conservatives. have to convince as many
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people sitting on the fence thinking about going to newt gingrich or rick perry to come over to their side. i ran into a bunch of and talked to a lot of undecided voters today asking what they looking for. a lot talked about jobs in the economy. some said they like the focus he has on the family and the sons he has and drags them all around iowa. one fellow actually voted for president obama in 2008. he he was at a romney rally and said he is giving romney a hard look. here is what he told me. >> i felt like we needed a union fire for the country back then and, again, i think -- i thought he had a great chance to lead and i don't think he has done a great job of doing the leading, which is hopefully, i think romney can do that. a lot of people are looking at electability. a poll among iowa caucus goers for the republic party they think romney is the most
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electable. >> shepard: what's mitt romney's game plan for the campaign when iowa is finished on wednesday? >> a lot of it will depend on how he does. if he comes out with a win, shep, is he going to go on to new hampshire with a head of steam that no other nonincumbent candidate in the republic party has ever had before. romney is way ahead in new hampshire. they are preparing for a long, hard slog. if they don't do so well here in iowa they will go into new hampshire and prepared to go into south carolina, florida, after that slowly racking up all the delegates they need for what they believe will be the eventual nomination of mitt romney. one campaign insider i talked to today said we are prepared to ride this thing all the way through may. >> shepard: ron paul or rick santorum could win here in iowa and everybody knows it. if, in fact, he were to come in second or third here, what would the campaign strategy be for mitt romney then? >> it really depends, shep. if it were ron paul and rick santorum who were ahead of
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him, that's probably a best case scenario. if it were newt gingrich or rick perry, that would really change the calculation. they believe that neither paul nor santorum has the campaign apparatus to carry on through new hampshire, south carolina, and all those other primary states, shep. >> shepard: yep, that's how it appears to a lot of onlookers. john roberts live with us on the romney campaign. we will have full coverage of the caucuses tomorrow on "studio b." 3:00 eastern, 2:00 here across iowa and tomorrow evening, fox news channel with special coverage of the caucuses from before they begin until once we have a winner. that's tomorrow night starting 6:00 p.m. eastern time and all through the night. much more ahead from iowa including how the hawkeye state came to play such a big role in the primary process. other news today dozens of fires, millions of dollars in damage. frankly a portion of a city on edge because of a possible arsonist. today in los angeles, a major break in the case. the details live as fox reports next from the journalists of fox news the
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>> shepard: police in los angeles now say they have made an arrest in connection with with what city officials are calling the worse string of arson attacks there in nearly two decades. more than 50 suspicious fires in southern california, mostly in and around hollywood in just the past few days.
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most of them started in cars and then some of them spread to nearby buildings and even homes. those fires are said to have caused so far some $2 million in damage. but early this morning, in hollywood, a sheriff's deputy reportedly stopped a van that matched the description of a vehicle seen near one of these fires. and that's when authorities arrested the man you see right here. now, if you look closely, he does resemble to authorities the so-called person of interest. see this? the man police said was in this surveillance video which they released over the weekend. receding hair line, similar ponytail on and on. so far cops are keeping details about the suspect under wraps. listen to this. >> we want to make sure that anyone who is responsible for creating this chaos and these heinous crimes in los angeles, in los angeles county is convicted and we do not want to jeopardize that case. >> shepard: which makes perfect sense. according to an abc news report after the suspect's arrest he told news reporters
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he hates america. william la jeunesse is live there now. what do we know about a motive here, william? there is one, right? >> shepard, the suspect is a native of germany and is reportedly angry because his mother faced being deported in a hearing last week. shortly after that l.a.'s arson spree began. roughly a dozen fires set every night since friday. since police have now taken that suspect into custody, no new fires. l.a. police chief charlie beck telling the media today police have their man. a sole fire bug who left the city on tactical alert all weekend. officials refused to release his booking photo. but, you can get a good look at the arsonist here when police first detained him around 3:00, a short distance from where this intentionally set blaze was in hollywood. the 11th of the night. some cops have reportedly given him the nickname meat loaf seagull because he
7:16 pm
resembles a cross between meat loaf and actor steve seagull. province of british columbia. inside chief beck's deputies found incendiary materials consistent with arson. damages at $2 million in cars, apartments, a home. no fatality or serious injuries. a news conference, shepard is, scheduled for 9:15 p.m. eastern tonight. 6:00 pacific. back to you. >> shepard: thanks so much. if you ever find yourself in need of help can you do worse than being near logan, utah. once again folks there have proved they will risk their lives for strangers. latest example came over the weekend when a car spun of 00 road and right into an icy road. the driver escaped. the three children were trapped inside. within moments strangers gathered and jumped right into the ice were river. a determined father and son among them. >> i looked down and i could
7:17 pm
see a car upside down in the remember he said let's go boys. lancaster mass of people followed them. in the fellow next to him said my son, my son is still in the car. he is on the other side we have to flip the car. i looked in and i could see this boy upside down in the water. >> shepard: former cop says he shot out a window and then the rescuers pulled everybody in there to safety. all three children survived. this was all just a couple of miles from utah state university where, in september, a group of people gathered to pull a burning car off a trapped motorcyclists. that motorcyclists also survived. well, we are tracking new developments tonight off iran where that country's military has fired off a couple of missiles. we will look at what iran is trying to prove and how the strait of hormuz figures into it all. plus, a dramatic rescue after a car full of children -- i mexicoed that a moment ago. we will get to that and the
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>> shepard: fox report continues live from des moines where we are all getting set for tomorrow's first in the nation presidential contest. the iowa caucuses are a tradition that political parties started using here even before iowa became a state in 1846. they really caught fire in the 70s. iowa became the first launch pad for nominations in 1972. and then in 1976 jimmy carter used his performance here in iowa to catapult him into the lead and eventually right to pennsylvania avenue. today on "studio b," i spoke with a conservative radio talk
7:22 pm
show host simon conway who is very influential here in iowa. and he talked about the part that iowa will play tomorrow. >> i think iowa will continue to fulfill its role, which is to thin the field. i think that's going to happen. it will thin the field. maybe not by as many as in the past, but we have already got rid of two candidates since we have been going or three, actual fact if you count gary johnson. we are fulfilling that role. both parties like iowa because it's small enough that they can get around it and the candidates are w. little money can burst through. rick santorum being a prime example of that. big enough that the sample matters. >> shepard: yes, the sample does matter. of course iowa is only a single step in a very long journey. since 1976, get this now, the winner of the iowa caucuses has won the republic nomination half the time. and that said, no one has ever won south carolina without winning iowa or new hampshire.
7:23 pm
and no one has ever won the white house without winning south carolina. well, iran now and the situation there has become a burning topic for republic candidates. mitt romney said today the greatest threat in all the world is probably a nuclear iran. rick perry, the texas governor who is mostly out of this thing, let's face it. he he said we just won't let iran have a nuclear weapon. today a new show of strength from that islamic republic. military just tested what the officials there say were two long range missiles fired them off the strait of hormuz. that is crucial wants it's a narrow strip that some the world's largest oil producers used to ship their product. it's a vitally important passageway. nearly one fifth of all the world's supply of oil passes through the strait of hormuz. and if anything goes bad there, the price of everything goes skyrocketing. the iranians have been holding war games in that area for days. and the iranians from threatened to close down the strait as reretaliation for new punishment.
7:24 pm
these missile tests are not calming the situation, in fact, far from it. jennifer griffin following developments from our newsroom this evening. iran's leaders have backed away their threat to close down that strait. >> that's right, shep. the 10 days of war games near the crucial oil passage ends tomorrow. all of the developments and pronouncements from iran since those drills to close the strait need to be seen in the context of the u.s. and european threat to sanction iran's central bank and oil exports. as soon as president obama signed the defense spending bill on saturday with the sanctions stipulation, iran's leadership pronounced it had no intention of closing the strait, shep. >> shepard: all right. these missiles that they tested, they really weren't everything the iranians claimed in the first place, were they? >> that's right. the iranians said they were long-range missiles but, in fact, the two we saw today were anything but. at most their range was 124 miles, putting the base for the u.s. navy's fifth fleet bahrain out of range. israel is about four times
7:25 pm
farther than these missiles fired today, shepard. >> shepard: the president did sign into -- sign into place these new punishments but what effect might they actually have against iran? >> well, firstly, it's not clear when or if those sanctions on iran's central bank and its oil exports will go into effect. there is a national security clause that allows the president to waive them if he believes the price of oil will spike. >> i think maybe you will see some symbolic sanctions. maybe you will see some smaller measures. are you likely to see, you know, big sanctions against iran's main oil customers? it seems unlikely given that waiver provision that's in there. >> even the threat of sanctioning the central bank in iran's oil exports caused iran's currency to lose 12% of its value today. shepard? >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the washington newsroom tonight away from her usual post at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. first attention republic caucus goers in iowa. i know you are watching. have you but a few more hours to think about this thing and then you need to make up your
7:26 pm
minds. the analysts say there is an enormous number of you uncommitted voters and you could make all the difference this year. live update from the campaign trail and we will check in on the obama operation in the hawkeye state. the president doesn't have an opponent tomorrow obviously in tomorrow's caucuses. his campaign seems already looking ahead to november. four years ago this was an open race for both parties. in fact, it was the first presidential election since 1952 without an incumbent president or vice president on the ballot. this is a big caucus tomorrow. and this is a special edition of "the fox report" live from des moines, iowa. it's the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. that's next. ú [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used
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to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation. couldn't talk about 2012 without somebody mentioning the apocalypse. now one country is planning to
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take advantage of that the doomsday talk stems from this ancient calendar. mexico my an indians used it centuries ago. months from now this is all you will hear about. just don't even think about it this ends at the winter solstice in december of the new year. that's led to the theories the world will end this year. a spokeswoman for mexico's tourist agency points out that archaeologists say the myian calendar only marks the end of an era a milestone we should celebrate. cities and towns in a myian they expect tourists this year to skyrocket. i'm shepard smith. and this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. live from des moines and republic caucus goers running out of time to pick a candidate already. the latest des moines register poll shows almost half of
7:31 pm
likely voters say they could still change their minds. so analysts say what happens tomorrow really is anybody's guess. a spokesman for the republic governor here says any of these six contenders could finish in the top three. and now in the final hours, it's all about turnout. so let's start our coverage at the bottom of the hour from polk city, iowa with steve brown who is just up the road from us here in des moines. steve, this is partly because of how the iowa caucuses work. you don't just walk in and make your choice. have you got to talk it over. >> no. there are speeches. at the 1774 caucus sites, campaigns try to make sure there is somebody at each one of those to give impassioned speech on behalf of their campaign. congressman steve king here of iowa say sometimes those speeches for the undecides can win them over. >> when you listen to those speeches, something galvanizes in your mind and you begin to hang on the big pluses that come out. and maybe you are pushed off by a negative or two that might emerge.
7:32 pm
>> steven king appears to be an undecided himself. he tweeted tonight he would not be endorsing any of the presidential candidates here on caucus eve, shep? >> shepard: is there a sign that some republics are still waiting? >> some of them just want to know that the can they are going to back will have what it takes, finances are resource what is have you. that was the case for gary of polk city. he wanted to know from santorum whether or not he had what it takes to get the job done. >> hopefully you have got the finances and the support out there to carry your campaign forward. >> i would say this we have raised more money in the last few days than we have in the last few months. >> now, the mayor afterwards said he liked what he heard from santorum in classic undecided style said there is still a 2% or 3% chance that he could change his mind. shep? >> shepard: there is a 2%, or 3% chance everywhere.
7:33 pm
polk city where the christmas lights are still up on this january 2nd. steve brown, thanks. then there is newt gingrich who can apparently read the writing on the wall. is he down playing his iowa expectations after a plunge in the polls. just weeks ago the former speaker was the top candidate here in iowa. now he is polling around 4th and that may be generous. he blames the slide on attack ads. >> i don't think i'm going to win. i think if you look at the numbers, i think that volume of negativity has done enough damage. but on the other hand, if the des moines register was right in its 41% potentially, who knows what is going to happen. >> shepard: no one knows. earlier today on "studio b" i spoke with jackie gingrich katyushaman. she is also a conservative columnist. here is what she had to say about this plethora of negative ads. >> impacted. i like to think of him as the energizer bunny. he was down last week. didn't feel good physically but he keeps on going. he keeps on going.
7:34 pm
>> shepard: former speaker gingrich says he will be strong enough to keep his run alive through new hampshire and the upcoming contest. we shall see. there is congresswoman michele bachmann. she is running near the bottom of the pack here in iowa and is just about out of money. has almost no organization. this week her campaign ran the very first tv ad in iowa since she won the iowa straw poll way back in august which seems like years ago. a whole lot has happened since then. congressman woman bachmann trying to avoid a last place finish playing up her iowa roots and conservative values. >> there is another issue that sometimes gets short shifted, that's the issue of marriage protection of life from conception to natural death. >> shepard: congresswoman bachmann has been just 6% to 8% in support across the hawkeye state. four years ago, then presidential candidate obama won the iowa caucuses and this year the folks on his
7:35 pm
re-election team say they are putting a lot of resources into winning the state's electoral votes? november. their focus is squarely on mitt romney. democrats have been doing their best to portray him as a big business insider out of touch with the middle class. today the national democratic committee chairman debbie wasserman schultz says they are ready for whomever wins the nomination. >> quite frankly we are not afraid of any of the candidates. any of the republics they are essentially entertainingable. >> we are told that the obama re-election team has began to seriously ramp up their efforts. think have a lot of money. >> shep, they have been using the run up to the caucuses to build enthusiasm for the general election. eight field offices. 20 made staffers. hundreds of volunteers. quite a time. the president will address caucus goers. have an internet chat with them tomorrow night. once the first family gets back from hawaii in the morning. one reason his campaign says
7:36 pm
it's ready for any of the republic candidates, the democrats don't think any of them have really captured the imagination of the voters. >> the republics in general aren't enthusiastic about any of their choices. and that is one of the reasons i think that there isn't a single one of them that is showing in any poll right now that they would beat president obama in iowa. and nationally, president obama beats any of them. >> actually, a new rasmussen poll has mitt romney ahead of the president. but the average of all the polls has mr. obama ahead of romney and none of the other republic candidates comes close. obama 2012 doesn't expect an easy campaign against romney but they think they can easily show he moved to the right to get the nomination and flip flopped when it was convenient. the message the president will deliver tomorrow is that republics are more interested in denying him a second term than working for the american people and more interested in protecting tax cuts for the
7:37 pm
rich than those like the payroll tax cut that helped the vast majority of measures. shepard? >> shepard: wendell goler on the other side. live from the white house tonight. wendell, thank you. a candidate doesn't have to win outright in iowa to make it to the general election. far from it. without finishing third here. one exception is senator john mccain. remember, he placed fourth in the last cycle back in 2008. former governor mike huckabee took the top spot but ultimately couldn't capitalize. he is now a current fox news host. he says it's not just about who wins in iowa it's about narrowing the field. >> not everybody is going to come out of iowa alive. whether they know it or not we will see. not everybody gets a ticket on to the next level after tomorrow night. i do think you will see basically a 1, 2, 3 finish with mitt romney, rick santorum and ron paul not necessarily in that order. but then when they go on to new hampshire, it's going to be hard for anyone to touch mitt romney there.
7:38 pm
>> shepard: in other words, it all starts in iowa but it does not end in iowa. new hampshire is next. it holds its primary a week from tomorrow. then it's on to south carolina and then florida. huge, all before the end of this month. we have more from iowa tonight inside fox report. plus, officials in washington state have called an iraq war veteran a strong person of interest. in a shooting death of a national park ranger there. and now their search has come to an end. and it's a deadly one. the details in a live report next. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents: the cold truth. i habe a cohd. and i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] sorry, buddy. truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. really? [ male announcer ] you need a more complete cold formula, like alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. it's specially formulated to fight your worst cold symptoms, plus relieve your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth!
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>> shepard: investigators in washington state have found the body of an iraq war vet they called a strong person of interest in yesterday's shooting death of a national park ranger. according to investigators there, benjamin barnes was also suspected of wounding four people during a weekend shooting spree at a house party near seattle. cops say they suspect the latter -- he later killed the park ranger during a traffic stop. we're told he then tried to hide out in mount are a near national park but he apparently died while trying to get away from a swat team in chest deep snow. trace gallagher is in our west coast newsroom with the latest. trace, we were wondering earlier how this man died whether he killed himself or whether someone shot him and now it sounds like he was on the run. >> yeah. he was on the run, shep. the body was found three miles
7:42 pm
from where the shooting took place. found partially submerged in a river and he was wearing only jeans, a t-shirt, and one tennis shoe. there were also weapons found by his body but the area that he was found in as you said the snow was chest deep and the overnight temperatures were well below freezing. so the authorities believe he died from exposure. here is the local sheriff. >> he appears to have not been a victim of any type of violence other than the weapon. it appears from preliminary, what the medical examiner and everybody up there says, there is no external wounds on him. he put himself into position where he wasn't going to get out of. >> and the rangers say before he actually fled into the woods, he was firing shots at those who were trying to help the ranger who had been fatally wounded, shep. >> shepard: wow, what more do we know about that ranger? >> her name is margaret anderson. she is 34 years old. she is the mother of two small
7:43 pm
children. she is also or was also maid married to another ranger at mount are a near park. they have been working there for about four years. she had been with the forest service even longer. she is originally from new jersey. and neighbors of her parents say, as you might imagine, they are devastated. listen. >> when somebody comes to tell you that, your daughter has been shot in the line of duty, it's almost like unbelievable sound that you hear coming from them. but then i looked at their face and it was real. and it was really terrible. >> after the shooting the authorities tried to evacuate the park it's not easy it's about the side of indianapolis. at one point in time 100 people were gathered inside the visitor's senator on lockdown. they have now all been released and the park is reopening, shep.
7:44 pm
>> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. thanks. fox news weather alert now. a wallop coming. first major snow storm of the winter on the way. lake-effect snow warnings in effect for parts of ohio, pennsylvania, upstate new york where would are now told some areas could get as much as 2 feet of snow it continues to slam northern indiana tonight where winds picked up making conditions much worse. we're told an artic blast will hit most of the country with temperatures dropping into the single digits in many areas. that means a trip to janice dean the weather machine. janice, lay it on us. >> shepard, we do have that lake-effect snow running across the great lakes. things will taper off as the low moves into canada. behind this very coldest air of the season where it's minus 5 in international falls. 18 in green bay. 22 in chicago, 23 in des moines, you factor in what it feels like with the winds, single digits and teens tonight, shepard. for the upper midwest and the great lakes.
7:45 pm
>> shepard: folks are saying here in des moines we could get down to 15, 16, 17 degrees plus wind chill. how do we effect -- expect this to effect the caucuses? >> it's a good thing you are not outside because that would have frozen up your lips. look at the temperatures right now. 23 in des moines, again, with the wind chill single digits, teens, the good news shepard is we do have warm air moving. in temperatures are going to be on the rise throughout the day across iowa so temperatures are going to be in the 30's. even 40s in some cases. that's the good news. and no storms so no reason not to get your vote on. back to you. >> shepard: yeah. that's nothing for juans. -- iowans. i think when we were here four years ago it was like nine news 80. >> they know what it's like. >> shepard: they are. >> happy new year, shep. >> shepard: thank you. speaking of the new year, bringing in new voter i.d. laws in several states. what you should know before you hit the voting booth coming up. plus, one republic presidential candidate ignored the state of iowa entirely and
7:46 pm
is, instead, focusing on new hampshire. for the latest polls show he is still way behind the frontrunner in the granite state, too. get the details on this candidate. plus, first an iowa caucus fact. from 1984 to 1996, the winners of the contest did not go on to win the party's nomination. live from the hawkeye state, this is a monday fox report and it's great to have you with us. what's withou? trouble with a car insurance claim. [ dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, noit's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy.
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>> shepard: the candidates already have their eyes on the next prize new hampshire. jon huntsman doesn't have any
7:50 pm
regrets about skipping iowa all together. he predicted voters in new hampshire would change the entire landscape of the race. but a new tracking poll says a little different. this is from suffolk university and 7 news. it shows mitt romney holding a rock solid lead in the granite state by a wide margin. he is at 43% right now. ron paul is second. so far down the mountain you can't even see him. the rest of the field even farther. similar results in the real clear politics average of all of the polls. romney 40. paul 18.5. it's a comfortable lead. if you want to vote, you may need to show some identification. controversy. because as of yesterday, more americans have to prove who they are when they head to the polls. photo ids now mandatory in kansas. in tennessee and in texas. same goes for rhode island though the photo only rule won't be in full effect there until 2014. anyway. 30 states now have such laws. here in iowa voters don't have to show i.d., not yet. the locals will tell you we all know each other anyway.
7:51 pm
lawmakers are are pushing to change that in year as they are in more than a dozen other states. jim angle live in washington with details on this. lots of controversy here, jim. >> absolutely, shep. have you got six additional states have now passed laws requiring voters to show photo i.d. in future elections bringing the total number of states to 15. and more are coming in spite of democratic complaints that such laws discriminate against minorities and the poor. >> why are we making this, you know, a precondition to exercise the most basic right in this country? >> republicans say there is nothing burdensome about a photo i.d. which is required to get into any federal building, including the justice department. and to drive, buy liquor and cigarettes and even to collect welfare in many states. there was one more new law in south carolina. the attorney general eric holder's justice department recently blocked that one. state officials there are challenging the move in court. noting the ids in south
7:52 pm
carolina are free and that no voter is turned away. >> so lock as the state -- so long as the state has a provisional ballot turnout won't be produced. provisional ballot means if someone comes to the polls and is challenged on the basis of not having a photo i.d., he or she is allowed to vote and it's put in a separate pile. >> and the votes can be examined more closely in tight elections. so far the courts have upheld such laws. the supreme court upheld indiana's photo law in 1998. other courts have green given lights to other states. wisconsin is the newest state with a law requiring ids that law would allow provisional ballots fail safe for those without photo ids. the aclu is suing to prevent the law from taking effect: each so, another 8 states are now considering new photo i.d. laws. shep? >> jim angle on capitol hill for us. jim, thanks. here in iowa we are told a lot
7:53 pm
of voters still haven't picked a candidate. a whole lot. ahead how the g.o.p. hopefuls are using to make their case while a win in iowa is certainly the goal, a solid finish might do the trick. in fact, did you realize that president reagan lost the 1908 iowa caucuses? his future vice president george h.w. bush is the man to beat him. as we look live at altoona, iowa where rick santorum is wrapping up a campaign event. it would appear we have a lot of interest all of a sudden for rick santorum. just weeks ago, no one gave him an ice cube's chance in hell. now heson othe way. we will go back to carl cameron there next. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough. now i'm eating healthier, exercising more, taking lipitor.
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. >> fox news is america's election headquarters. first presidential contest now just 24 hours away or so. mitt romney making a prediction tonight. >> we're going to win this thing with all of our passion and strength and do everything
7:57 pm
we can to get this campaign on the right track to go across the nation and to pick up other states and to get the ballots i need, the votes i need to become our nominee. >> shepard: romney had been focusing on new hampshire, the nation's first primary a week from tomorrow. new poll shows he is in a virtual dead heat here in iowa. get back to carl cammeron in altoona, iowa just down the road from des moines here. carl, didn't mitt romney say he wouldn't make any predictions like we are going to win this thing? i seem to remember that. >> the iowa trail is littered with politicians who have made predictions like this. if you take it for granted or act like you win it, an awful lot of iowains have been known to turn their backs on people at the last minute. by contrast at the pizza ranch where rick santorum trying to fight his way out of the crowd as he fought with a small stampede past us i asked what
7:58 pm
he thought of prediction. people were asking me if i was going to drop out. santorum refused to make the prediction although he said he would do well. that's the contrast that iowains look for instead of humility and working the caucus campaign trail versus what critics could say was huber russ or arrogance. romney is predicting victory. romney and santorum and ron paul all have reason to be optimistic for tomorrow night. they all have buzz and people showing up at their events. this is a republic party event. a very small sliver of the population and as such, anything can happen. that's why it's so fascinating and it's only the first race of 50. shep? >> shepard: indeed carl cammeron with the happy couple on the phone. carl, thanks so much. on this day in 1960. young senator from the state of massachusetts named john f. kennedy announced his candidacy for president of
7:59 pm
these united states. jfk was but 43 years old at the time and his rivals attempted to use that against him. you know where i'm going here. they tried to paint him as inexperienced particularly with foreign policy. kennedy went on to win the democratic nomination and end the general election. evidence went up against the republic richard nixon. who was then the vice president. and what a battle. in fact, the two candidates even squared off in the first televised presidential debate. kennedy, of course, went on to win in one of the closest elections in american history. jfk jumped into the race 52 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday january the 2nd. i swear to you if you could see this teleprompter it would say 2011 because it does. you will write it on your check, you know you will. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us into your place tonight. we will be back tomorrow night. 7:00 eastern, 6:00 local. we will have full coverage. also here for "studio b" tomorrow afternoon 2:00 across the hawkeye state. the stage


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