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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 3, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>> good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, january 3rdrd. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing your time with us on this very important day. polls in iowa about to open but mitt romney is already claiming victory? auto awe're gonna win this thing with all of our passion and strength. >> you will hear from all the candidates just moments away. >> meanwhile, voting is just hours away and close to half of all iowa voters haven't exactly positively made up their minds. they are persuadable. so what are those persuadable people waiting for? and who stands to win? we'll talk about that. >> all right. he's one of the u.s. military's most deadly weapons. and he's just one man. the most lethal navy seal with
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his story live this hour. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> ♪ baby cry >> is that somebody's campaign song? >> i think it's ours. i think we're taking it and we're willing to pay for the rights. >> all right. >> michelle bachmann -- let's take a look at our guest list. >> it's big! everybody's here! >> yeah, it's a big day because finally this is caucus day. michelle bachmann says she wants a miracle and she's going to see a miracle. she's going to talk about that miracle which would see her get into at least double digits in iowa. >> it's been a miracle for rick santorum to go from about the bottom of the pack right to the top. he's in the top tiers statistically. he could win tonight if enough people pull the trigger for him. he's going to be here live as well. >> also, laura ingraham will share her thoughts about an hour
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from now. anita perry, the wife of governor perry of texas will be here to support her husband as well. >> and get this, mitt romney will be here, himself live this morning. quite hopeful, as you heard in the cold open, that this will be a victory for him unlike the disappointing second place finish in 2008 and senator rand paul says dad, now that you're in the final 48 hours, i'll join you on the trail and he'll join us live. >> wow, busy three hours so strap yourself in. we start right now with the headlines. >> and this morning, we're getting a first glimpse inside the mind of the man accused of setting 52 fires and terrorizing communities in california. police have now arrested 24-year-old harry burkhart, a german citizen. sources say he was motivated by his mother's deportation battle. he closely resembles the man seen in surveillance video right there. he was caught by a reserve deputy who only worked a couple of hours a week. that deputy stopped the suspect's van because he believed that it matched one seen by witnesses. >> we had a test to run and nix
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this urban myth of what works in los angeles when people work together and cooperate together when we were terrorized for four straight nights. >> damage from the fires estimated at $3 million. investigators in washington state have found the body now of an iraq war vet suspected in the shooting death of a national park ranger. 24-year-old benjamin barnes' body was discovered in an icy snowy mountain creek. investigators suspect he froze to death. they think barnes fled to the national park and killed the ranger after shooting four people at a house party. take a look at this video. talk about a frightening ride for dozens of drivers on i-75 in grant county, kentucky. at least 41 cars are part of this nasty pile-up caused by a massive storm that brought close to a foot of snow and ice. eight people were hurt but they're all expected to be ok. that same storm system now moving out east this morning. as much as two feet of snow expected to pummel upstate new
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york. he thought it was all over. the father who lost control of the car and plunged into an icy utah river says he's thankful for the total strangers who saved his life and the lives of his three children. >> they jumped in and responded and made all the difference for our family. this easily could have been, you know, a funeral for four of us. >> i will be forever grateful. they are the reason i have my kids. >> the andersons' 4-year-old son, 9-year-old daughter and her friend, they were released from the hospital last night after being pulled from those freezing waters to safety. what a story. >> and speaking of freezing, gretch let's take you out to des moines, iowa right now where it is 13 degrees with just 13 hours before people head into the caucuses. >> going to make a difference because people might not want to show up. >> that's balmy for iowa! yeah! >> 13. >> why is the streets and the
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roads are passable and you could see as you look at the dome, the dome is made of a 13 karat gold and today in iowa, what is really gold are republicans who will caucus and say at the end of the night, i am for mitt romney or i am for michelle bachmann or rick perry or rick santorum or ron paul, the list goes on but tonight is the night. >> can anybody go to these caucuses by the way? do you have to be -- >> you have to register as a republican. >> so you can do that up until today? >> you could be a democrat and go but you've got to register as a republican. >> thinking about that. because you got to wonder how many democratic strategists are out there trying to get people to go to try to maybe get somebody else to win that maybe would be a better opponent for barack obama. >> you never know! >> we've heard them before. >> like in pennsylvania. >> like let's take a look at iowa, though, as much as it's the first contest and we can't wait to see who has momentum or who gets the ticket out with some momentum and wind at their back as opposed to who gets their walking papers, keep in mind that iowa is actually a place where the economy is kind of good. the unemployment rate is about 5.7%.
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>> sixth lowest. >> for the most part, they are labelled prosperous. they are 92% white as a people and they are mostly rural. and they are older than the nation as a whole. so if you want to get a composite of who is on the roll, you have to keep in mind who is making the caucus votes. >> that's very interesting and important point. in the meantime, it's a burst. whoever wins in iowa, then you head to new hampshire or some people are saying that a lot of the candidates will bypass new hampshire and head down to south carolina. so will this be the end of the road, though, for some candidates? is this a traditional campaign? for all of these candidates this year or something we haven't seen before or at least in a very long time? how does a guy like rick santorum come from basically dead to back now in competition within just about two weeks. is this the type of thing that we have not seen before? so will any of these candidates actually drop off tomorrow morning or will they all say, might as well stick in it. at least if i have the dough, stick in. you never know what happens.
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>> if you look at the number of people who have been running aside from jon huntsman, mr. santorum is the only one that hadn't surged, the only non-romney candidate out there. mitt romney himself, though, finds himself at the top of that all important des moines register poll that was taken over the weekend. and take a listen to the former governor of the commonwealth of massachusetts yesterday. it sounds like he's very confident winning in iowa or the nation? you decide. >> we're gonna win this thing with all our passion and strength and do everything we can to get this campaign on the right track to go across the nation and to pick up the other states and get the ballots i need, votes i need to become our nominee. that's what we're gonna get. >> he put all his eggs in the iowa basket in 2008 and instead of saying let's weather the storm and go to new hampshire, it was absolutely devastating. by saying i'm going to win even though it was a brief sentence, they felt compelled that the romney camp to walk that back a
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little. if he comes in a strong second. most polls indicate he'll be second to ron paul or rick santorum could be third but it will be strong in the 20's that you could spin that positive unless, of course, your candidate says i'm predicting a win. >> it seems like that guy right there in the picture, mitt romney, is a winner anyway unless he loses spectacularly. which is not in the cards right now. because he's got an amazing organization. >> the other thing, though, is there's 41 people, 41% who say they don't know who they're going to vote for or they could be swayed in one direction so we could be hear tomorrow morning, folks, and telling you a totally different story from what the last polls have said. it's so exciting. in the meantime, newt gingrich is saying the opposite of what mitt romney said yesterday. mitt romney said i think i can win this and then backed off and said that he meant the whole national thing. newt said earlier in the day -- >> i think i can lose. >> i think i might lose iowa and then he later reexplained himself that it was kind of a
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problem with the compound sentence. >> i don't think i'm gonna win. i think if you look at the numbers, i think that volume of negativity has done enough damage. >> i answer a question inaccurately this morning because i made the amateur mistake of having too much of a compound sentence. i want to explain to my friends in the media because what happens is you cut compound sentences in half and so you drop the qualifier. so i'm here to tell you when you have 41% undecided in "the des moines register" poll if each of you in the next 24 hours will talk to every one of your friends and if each of you will go to the caucus and will make the best possible argument for nominating an experienced conservative with a national record of achieving things, we may pull off one of the great upsets in the history of the iowa caucuses. >> one of the great things about the iowa caucuses, you know, unlike when you go to the polls and you're in the little booth and you pull the lever for
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one person, nobody outside the curtain really knows who you're voting for whereas when you're in the basement tonight, or the town hall and you're deciding, you know, you walk in thinking well, i kind of like this person. by the end of the night, some of your neighbors may be able to persuade you to go for their person. everybody gets five minutes to make the case for their candidate. will they persuade somebody who is undecided? well, if it stands at 41% right now, you could figure a whole bunch of people are going to make up their minds at closing time. >> who would have thunk in 2012 you'd still be writing down your choice on the piece of paper? that's the way it works. newt mentions the undecided voter. here's a few of them. >> newt gingrich was here about a month ago and then ron paul was a week ago thursday. all my republican friends are the same way. in my mind, it's hard to find somebody that stands out in that crowd. a lot of them seem to be very similar. >> i don't think that there really is a good person or a contender, somebody who can beat what obama.
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>> a lot of undecided voters and if you listen to rick santorum, he said a lot of undecided voters would be in his camp but they didn't think he had a shot to win. after visiting 370 towns, he believes a lot of people who said we like you but don't think you can win realize he's one or two in the polls. they will flood to him. this could be -- a lot of indications are this could be a big night for him. we know one thing, his donations are up 400%. that gives him -- he's got about three offices in new hampshire. it gives him some money going into new hampshire but i guarantee you, it's going to be a gargantuan task to close the gap that mitt romney currently has. >> speak of romney, a lot of people say i like him but not completely sold on him. what about if he were paired with people a lot of people like? there's a lot of talk out there that maybe to be a super ticket, he could select marco rubio, the senator from the state of florida. that would make him very attractive to a lot of people not only across the country but particularly in florida which is one of those swing states. >> and yet, we've interviewed
6:12 am
marco rubio three times at least on this show alone where he has emphatically said he would not accept that position. we'll see. what about newt gingrich? he talked about sarah palin yesterday. maybe she would be a v.p. pick or secretary of state -- energy, here's her response. >> in a political class that had fought the tea party movement as was said in the introduction, this is about everyday, hard working individual americans and empowering -- >> sorry, that was not it. >> but she did respond to that. >> that's right. she did respond to that and said she likes newt gingrich and secretary of energy would be kind of cool. she backed donald trump saying if he wants to be an independent candidate, they should leave him alone. if mitt romney gets the nomination, the way that chris christie has been campaigning with him, he'd be crazy not to
6:13 am
pick him. >> he'd have a long conversation one governor to another. >> you remember these guys, the occupy wall street protesters setting fires in the streets, only now students can get college credit for it. stuart varney up next with that. >> i got an a in mace! then with all eyes trained on iowa and the g.o.p. candidates there, president obama is doing his very best not to be forgotten. see what he's doing to stay in the spotlight. >> i think he's holding babies. >> i think so, too. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods
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>> imagine getting college credit at an ivy league school for this. >> wall street -- >> we don't stand for anything other than being angry. >> you have to be able to change things in the conventional politics. >> we want our money from people who are controlling, the people who just want that. >> huh? is he listening to a word she's saying? i don't think so. >> you want to freeze frame on that. >> it's happening at columbia university. >> it is? >> ok. college credit. stuart varney has more. now, i'm sure you would have loved if your kid, stuart, and
6:17 am
those who are still about to go into college. >> don't go there. do not go there. >> i have to. i haven't seen you in a while. you would just love if they could get college credit for occupy wall street participation. >> like the rest of america, i would be appalled at this going on. 6 $630,000 to go to columbia, tuition, room and board. $60,000 a year and they're offering a class, course credit to study, lead and be involved in occupy wall street. this class will be taught by dr. hannah arpel who has had a lot of experience in leading occupy movement protests. she says this class will meet occasionally off campus. students will be expected to be involved in ongoing occupy projects to be developed in close conversation with the instructor. >> let's look on the bright side. >> isn't that great? >> as somebody with two kids in college right now, if they would be studying occupy wall street,
6:18 am
i could save on room and board. they would sleep in a tent and under a tarp. >> that's sarcasm. there is irony here, though, isn't there? here you have an elite institution, elite students, led by tenured academics going down to be a part of and lead a movement which is really angry at america. did you see those protests yesterday? the occupy wall street? >> there were marchers. >> they tried to take back the park as well. >> and at the rose parade, how american can you get when they demonstrate against it? last week, they were burning american flags in occupy charlotte. on black friday, they were organizing a don't buy anything campaign. they hate all things american! >> we're in a parallel universe because "time" magazine also glorified them and lumped them in with the arab spring as protesters, they are the people of the year. >> all right. i've got a question for you. would columbia offer a course with course credit if you studied the tea party and became involved in the tea party.
6:19 am
>> no, but i bet they'll have high enrollment in this course. why? because young people are impressionable but morning importantly, it will be easy to get the credit. >> i suppose so. suppose you enroll for this course and you were a conservative and you argued with dr. hannah arpel, would you get the course credit? >> would you please enroll and we'll follow you around? stuart varney. >> i can't say -- >> i dare you to enroll. maybe you can study on line. >> ok. if that's my homework for 2012, i'm gonna reject it. >> ok. >> welcome back. thanks for bringing this to our attention. >> the movement that can't label itself and write down principles has a course. >> unbelievable. >> all right, stuart varney, watch varney & company at 9:20. >> got it, thanks. >> with the president focused on iowa, is he taking his eye off iran? there are new threats off today and some say they are directly aimed at the president of the united states. how will mr. obama react? >> we all know iowa might not
6:20 am
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>> 23 minutes after the top of the hour. if you're getting up and getting going, couple of quick headlines for you. the feds are on the hunt now for a modern day bonnie & clyde, suspected of killing an elderly utah couple and shooting a woman in nevada and iran is threatening a u.s. aircraft carrier and it's warning the u. s. s. john c. sennis not to return to the base in the persian gulf or else. last week, they passed through the straits of hormuz, they are threatening to shut it down over u.s.-led sanctions. let's head over to steve. >> thank you very much, gretch. iowa doesn't have the best track
6:24 am
record when it comes to picking the republican nominee. only three times has the winner of the iowa caucus went on to win the republican nomination. don't discount iowa. our next guest says the losers in iowa are key. what are we talking about? columnist rich galin joins us live from iowa to explain. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, how are you, steve? >> i'm doing great. i read in one of your columns that iowa is great not at picking winners but at identifying losers. explain that. >> what happens here is let's say tonight, there are six candidates running clearly only one is going to win. three will probably, as we say, get their ticket punched to move on and the other three will have to make some serious decisions. if you go back just four years, when barack obama won here with hillary clinton and john edwards not far behind and edwards actually beat clinton by a couple 10ths of a percentage point, that very night both chris dodd and dick gephardt --
6:25 am
or joe biden, that night decided they'd had enough and got out. what normally happens here is if there's no money, you can't go on. some kind of take along for a while. four years before, that you will remember the infamous howard dean scream that essentially doomed his campaign. but he had enough forward momentum to kind of stay in for a little bit of time. but iowa does cut the field out. the people who got in to make a statement or they thought early, on they had a chance, it kind of exposes them because even after five or six months, it's easy to see who should get to go on and who not? >> right. four years ago, you were on the bus and you were working with fred thompson and, of course, before that, you worked with newt gingrich as well so you know what's going on on the ground there in iowa. what's interesting, though, that i got from your column is the fact that while we're doing a lot of talking about what's going on in iowa, not that many republicans actually show up to caucus. >> no, that's absolutely right.
6:26 am
four years ago, 115,000 but four years before that, i think it was about 88,000. four years ago for the democrats because of the obama, you know, the obama tide, about a quarter of a million democrats showed up. that's by far the highest turnout since this system started in the mid 70's. but i mean, that's part of the problem with iowa when people say why should 100,000 people or so help decide the nominee for the -- one of the two major parties for 310 million americans. my position is it identifies who is not going to be in the race as we move forward over the next two or three weeks. >> there are a lot of evangelicals out in iowa. it is in the midst of the bible belt and they helped give mike huckabee a surge where he came out of nowhere really. didn't have that much money or that great of an organization. he won last time with 34%. do you think rick santorum who has been surging over the last couple of days given the results to the des moines register poll and if you look at the number of
6:27 am
people who showed up to see him yesterday, got to figure that he is cresting. >> yeah, at exactly the right time. i don't think there's any question about that. in fact, you would be hard pressed to find anybody that would put serious money of what the order of finish would be, probably the top three being romney, santorum and paul. pardon me but rick santorum certainly has been surging here. the problem that he has, i think, though is we only have -- we'll have six days from tomorrow before you have to go into new hampshire. even if they wave to new hampshire and go on to south carolina, that's 10 days after that. so the long kind of ground game that senator santorum had here can't be duplicated and what you get into february, march and april, these things come on faster and faster. >> very good. rich galen joining us today from our des moines bureau. rich, thank you very much. have a great night. thanks for joining us. >> thank, steve. you, too. >> all right.
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>> welcome back, everyone.
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it's 6:31 right now on the east coast. we're up bright and early this morning for a special edition of "fox & friends" because all eyes are on iowa today, of course. but the candidates' ultimate opponent, president obama is fighting for that state, too. >> he won it handily against john mccain and wants to secure it again. kelly wright is live in washington, d.c. with the details. what's the president doing about this? >> hey, steve, brian and gretchen, good to see you guys this morning. you know, on the outside looking in on the iowa caucuses today is president barack obama but don't be fooled. the president is very much engaged in iowa. in fact, tonight, in fact, i should point out he has eight offices and 20 paid staffers already working in the hawkeye state. obama 2012 has been using the run-up to the caucus to organize and build enthusiasm for the general election. the president who just wrapped up his vacation in hawaii and now en route to washington will do an internet chat with caucus goers tonight. the president's re-election team has been working very hard on the ground in iowa to bolster
6:33 am
his bid to be more than a one-term president. in fact, debbie wasserman schultz, chairman of the dnc say they are prepared for any of the republican candidates. >> we're not afraid of any of the candidates. if any of the republicans, they're interchangeable. they are all extreme, they all have been great with the tea party and been aggressively campaigning. >> yet, a new rasmussen poll shows mitt romney ahead of the president by six percentage points if the election were hold today. however, the average of all the polls show that president obama could beat romney and none of the other republican candidates come even close. obama 2012 doesn't expect any easy campaign, however, against mitt romney but they think they can easily show he moved to the right and then they can show that he's been a flip-flopper just in order to get the nomination and whatever is convenient in his chat with
6:34 am
caucus goers tonight, the president will deliver a message that seems to have brought up his poll numbers in recent months. that republicans are more interested in keeping him from a second term than working for the american people, the president will also add that republicans are more interested in protecting tax breaks for the rich than go along with the payroll tax cut that would help the majority of americans. back to you, brian, steve and gretchen. >> game on. >> it's game on. >> the president should have close to a billion dollars to keep that game going as soon as he gets an opponent, kelly wright. meanwhile, let's talk about another issue. for the last 10 days, iran has been holding war games in the straight of hormuz. they're shelling missile launches and sending out fighter jets as well as sending out messages. for example, to our fifth fleet, don't come here anymore, we're not interested in having you through, we're not going to warn you again. do you believe that audacity?
6:35 am
>> on the heels of the fact that that country has produced its first atomic fuel rod that is terrifying to people throughout the world community that thinks they're so much closer. charles krauthammer was on the bill o'reilly program last night and said essentially, mr. president, we know you're out there starting a campaign, pay attention and pay attention to iran. >> the reason he's doing it now is because of a bill that passed the house and the senate. the president signed on new year's eve that compels the president to impose really harsh sanctions on iran. that's what they're worried about. the sanctions are that we will sanction the central bank of iran which means anybody who does business with iran cannot do any with the u.s. which means that it can't export any oil. the europeans would join us in the boycott of iranian oil.
6:36 am
the economy would collapse. the president managed to weaken the bill at the last minute and the bill includes a kind of waiver that gives the president 180 days. that means until july 1st to study how this will affect the oil market. in other words, the administration has worked to put loopholes in here and now it's entirely up to the president. is he strong enough to say we're now going to execute the single most important sanction that we can do because if he doesn't, there's only a single option left. and that is -- probably by israel. the iranians are trying to intimidate one man, not the senate, not the house. they're trying to intimidate the president. >> i guess it shows that iran tries to intimidate the president no matter who it is. you know, the tactics that have been tried are totally different. president bush had a different way of dealing with iran and now president obama, remember at the beginning of his administration, thought that he could sit down and have a conversation with ahmadinejad and this is now what
6:37 am
we're facing is that iran may in fact get the nuclear weapon. under this watch! >> yeah, and it looks like the french are being tougher with words than we are. they're saying we have to have tougher sanctions. they came out today but what the president seems to be doing is the same thing with iran that he's doing with the keystone pipeline, i'll talk about it later. i'll think about it down the line. and leaving himself room to maneuver his way through. he might have the world rallied around him. what's an interesting thing is iran is good at tactics. one tactic they might pull off is the strait of hormuz, if they shut that off, that will unite the same world that says they are insane and america isn't. we will quickly reopen that, allow oil to flow through. >> do you really think the president of the united states would say let's go in there and reopen it? >> i think we would. i think the navy -- they have plans on the books and would never allow the strait of hormuz to be closed even though we've asked saudi arabia and other
6:38 am
nations to pick it up. >> that's why we should be energy independent. we're dependent on that oil going through that pinchy point will in the gulf and look where we're at right now. >> 23 minutes before the top of the hour. more headlines and we stay in iowa to get them. protesters there tried to occupy mitt. >> our own efforts. could be that. could be that -- >> mitt! mitt! >> you know what? isn't it great to live in a country where people can express their views and just -- >> just not while i'm talking, thanks. that was his conscience. there was also a few ron paul supporters in the audience. >> how could you tell? >> when the occupy protesters started shouting stop the war on the poor but they were drowned out by romney supporters. no one was arrested. >> a mystery playing out this morning at queen elizabeth's estate in eastern england. guess what was found there. human remains have been found on the site there. the area has been sealed off since a dogwalker made the
6:39 am
discovery. no other details are being released like if the body was that of a man or a woman. the palace won't comment saying it's a matter for the police. i mean, it's a huge piece of property there but still a stunning discovery. >> who knew they let dogwalkers out there? meanwhile, you missed the story, steve. it's want abo -- not about the dogwalkers. mummers parade is a tradition in philly, family friendly event with fancy costumes and music, we know that. this year, things not so family friendly. look at that. this post parade brawl caught on cell phone camera. you can see barricade collapsing and the crowd falling to the ground. parade participants still in costumes shoving and throwing punches. look at those mummers go. so far, police have not made any arrests but they say they are looking at this tape to figure out who is that guy in the white outfit with the lei.
6:40 am
>> e.t. finally phones home. this life sized -- not seized, this life sized e.t. was hand crafted by margaret wells dotter nine years ago but a few months ago, it was stolen from her house. fast forward to last week. police got a call from a person walking on the beach in england. the walker was -- what's up with walkers in england? >> beach walkers, dog walkers. >> the e.t. walker reported a body floating near the shore. when the coast guard showed up, they quickly realized it wasn't a human but the alien, the stuffed alien. e.t. lost a finger in -- >> oh, man! >> lost a finger. i hope it's not that finger that lit up in the movie. >> he's still -- i'm sorry, i'm a little giddy this morning and the fact that he lost a finger, problem for e.t. but he's back home. >> right. >> have we ever -- >> have we ever figured out why -- why wasn't it -- there was no sequel to that? i mean, wasn't that crying for a sequel? even "porkies" had a sequel.
6:41 am
right? >> and it was bad! >> wow! >> still, the porkies two isn't as good as porkies one, wasn't as substantive. >> i never heard the word porky more than in my family. my brothers were desperate to see "porkies" and i think my mom finally took them to it. >> fantastic. >> there's no fred claus. that's true. the fiesta bowl, the thrill of victory and agony of defeat. i'm talking about stanford field goal kicker jordan williamson. his grades are great but kicking wasn't. he had three missed field goals the entire season and he had three missed field goals last night including a possible game-winner in the overtime. no fiesta there. the next possession, oklahoma state would do the same. they'd send their kicker out on a chip shot. quinn sharp gets the job done and oklahoma state wins 41-38. and the rose bowl, oregon ducks have waited 95 years to win, took to the last few seconds for -- it felt like an eternity to them. few seconds left, wisconsin badgers down by a touchdown. 25 yards for a tie in the game.
6:42 am
quarterback russell wilson spikes the ball hoping to set up a hail mary pass. time would tick off. he wouldn't have enough. i'll exhale now. that's a quick look at what's happening in college sports yesterday. a bunch of college nfl coaches fired yesterday. coming up on the radio between 9:00 and noon, jennifer griffin will talk to the latest about iran. gretchen carlson will say whatever she wants and andrea tantaros will say something else substantive because she's on "the five." >> big show. >> somebody e-mailed in, steve, that the queen's dogwalkers on the queen's property walking the queen's dogs maybe. >> the corgis. >> maybe it's not that you can't come into the property but it might be the queen's actual dog. >> i'm shocked the queen doesn't walk her own dog. >> she'd have to hold her purse at the same time. >> she's got that ipod that the president gave her, she could stick it on and take a walk. >> look at these pictures of williamsburg. good point. he's one of the u.s. military's most deadly weapons.
6:43 am
next, the u.s. navy seal named most lethal here to share his story that he has not been able to tell until now. he'll do that next. >> he endorsed rick santorum when he had 5% in the early polls. that was about 10 days ago. prominent social conservative knows something the voters didn't know, we're asking him or maybe it was his endorsement. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber
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and that's why i trust nature made. nature made,the number one pharmacist recommended letter vitamin brand. learn more at >> just weeks after u.s. troops finished pulling out of iraq in record pace, violence seems to be reaching a boiling point with renewed attacks in bombings. did we pull out too soon and is iraq on the brink of civil war? what about the interpreters we promised to silence? they're out running for their lives right now. joining us is the most accomplished sniper in u.s. military history, retired u.s. navy seal chris kyle and the author of this book, go out and get it, "american sniper". meanwhile, chris, we'll get to your book in a second talking about your incredible career. when we pulled out at that rate, knowing what you know intimately because you're fighting directly in iraq, were you worried about what we were leaving behind? >> you're always worried any
6:47 am
time you pull out that fast. but i mean, we should have pulled out a while ago. we won the war and it's iraq's turn to prove they're responsible enough to run it. >> what about those people that help guys like you out like interpreters and iraqis that said the u.s. has it right. and are you concerned about them left behind? > >> most of the people over there wanted us there. it's the same anywhere you go. the vocal few are the ones that get heard. and they are the minority. they're the ones who didn't want us there. the ones that actually wanted us there were the quiet majority. >> you as a kid, you loved the rodeo, you liked to ride horses. you were a future farmer of america, your family. hard working guy. you decide you want to join the military and originally they said you have pins but you can't do it. ok, you can be a navy seal and you go through hell week, all this, you become a navy seal. 9/11 happens. you go into the fight. not in afghanistan but into iraq. how did you end up with more kills than anybody else in u.s. navy history?
6:48 am
>> i was surrounded by a group of outstanding warriors who allowed me to do my job. if it wouldn't be for them, i never would have accomplished what i did and -- >> you don't consider yourself the best shot. >> no. >> you worked hard at whatever you did and you wrote the book so your guys get some credit. >> definitely. i almost fell out in sniper school. i am the luckiest sniper there is. definitely not the best. >> two silver stars. five bronze stars with valor awarded to you. and in terms of your record, when you rationalize what you did, every time you took out a would-be insurgent, that's an american life that you probably saved. >> all right. that's the way you definitely think of it. you're not going out purposely just trying to kill people and rack up numbers. you're going out to save americans. >> as we go to afghanistan and i know your brother is in the marines, too, as you go to afghanistan and we hear that the
6:49 am
vice president say that the t taliban is not our enemy but we have footage of them shooting at us in the last couple of days in an ambush, what's that like fighting a war and hearing the executive branch that the people trying to kill you aren't your enemy? >> it sounds like treason to me. marcus latrell might argue that point seems as him and his buddies were taken down by the taliban. and detained by them. treated horribly. and then all of our goals who -- guys who have been killed over there. >> this book is unbelievable. your service to the country is unbelievable and i'm going to open up to page 85. you want to find out who this guy is. listen to this. i've lived a literal meaning of the land of the free and home of the brave. it's not coined for me. i feel it in my heart. i feel it in my chest even at a ballgame. you love this country? >> i do. and that's one of my pet peeves going to a game or any event and the national anthem comes on and
6:50 am
people refuse to remove their ball caps. you have to show respect. that flag is red, white and blue and the red stands for blood that the guys have spilled. not just the guys here in iraq and afghanistan but all throughout our history. >> chris kyle, pleasure to meet you. thanks so much for your service to the country. and i look forward to hearing from you in the future and good luck on the book "american sniper." >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> great. 10 minutes before the top of the hour, he threw his support behind rick santorum some say triggering his surge. what if rick santorum does not get the nomination? then what? bob vander plaats here next. then when it comes to women, mitt romney appears to be the candidate of choice so why aren't those voters supporting the only female in the race, michelle bachmann? we'll ask romney and bachmann when they join us live. what's going on? we ordered a gift oine and we
6:51 am
really need to do something with it... i'm just not sure what... what is it? oh just return it. returning gifts is easier than ever with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus i can pick it up for free. perfect because we have to get that outta this house. c'mon, it's not that... gahh, oh yeah that's gotta go... priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $4.95. only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship and return.
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6:53 am
6:54 am
>> 6:54 on the east coast right now. 5:54 in iowa. and he visited every county in the hawkeye state and it could pay off now for rick santorum tonight. in the past weeks, he's been surging in the polls. here to weigh in is president of the family leader, bob vander plaats. he recently endorsed santorum. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. >> all right. so some people are saying that december 20th when you endorsed rick santorum, then he took off in polls. do you have anything to do with it, your endorsement? >> i don't know if i had a whole lot to do with it but rick santorum had a lot to do with it. he did visit all 99 counties and did 350 community meetings and everywhere he went, you know, people said they like rick santorum. as i said on your show sometime ago, conservatives were looking
6:55 am
for someone to rally around, to coalesce around, to be the alternative to romney and beat barack obama and i think tonight you're going to see that candidate is senator santorum. >> a lot of people were waiting for the surge of santorum. so many other conservatives had their turn in the limelight. do you think this is a positive staying power for rick santorum or just another fly-by-night sort of thing? >> i think it's a positive staying power. i was state chair of governor mike huckabee and he got launched out of iowa and went to new hampshire and lost south carolina by two points. he would have went on vs. john mccain. i think rick santorum will play very well in new hampshire. very well in south carolina. i visited with some of those folks in south carolina and florida. they're very excited about rick santorum. so i think what we need to do is launch him out tonight. i think there's going to be a surprise tonight and i think that surprise is going to be santorum is actually going to win this in iowa. >> so you're predicting a win for rick santorum tonight in iowa. a lot of people, though, say he has no ground game at all in new
6:56 am
hampshire. that he should go straight to south carolina. your thoughts? >> i don't think so. first of all, the press is going to be in new hampshire and that's another state, another second in the process. i think he needs to honor that. he's from pennsylvania, he's an eastern united states person. he can speak their language. i think new hampshire is looking forward to embracing rick santorum and that will launch him into south carolina. he has to do a little bit of a juggling act now because things are so compressed. he's the candidate that can do it. >> very interesting, let's say your guy does not eventually get the republican nomination and let's say it's mitt romney. a lot of focus has been on the fan fact that he's a mormon and people are wondering if you would support him if he ends up being the nominee. you say? >> for governor romney, if he becomes the nominee, that responsibility is on his shoulders. so far throughout this cycle, he's pretty much dissed our base. not shown us a whole lot of , you know, that he would want to come and visit with us. so i think we need to sit down
6:57 am
and have some of those visits and hopefully, the conservatives could rally around him. but right now, we're in the primary cycle and that primary cycle says we need to find the alternative and right now, i think that guy is senator santorum. >> very interesting thoughts from bob vander plaats this morning. i know you have a busy day ahead of you and hopefully check in with you sometime tomorrow or maybe later in the week. thank you, sir. >> thank you, gretchen. >> coming up at 7:40 a.m., just about 45 minutes from now, rick santorum himself will join us live. when we come back, the truth hurts but frank luntz tells it like it is. he has advice for the g.o.p. candidates if they want to win the nomination and it's not just about iowa. the mind of a madman setting 52 different fires. now he's caught. i believe becau. ♪ if you want it, you got it join for free. weight watchers points plus 2012. because it works.
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common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. so why wait ? ask your doctor today... ... about taking care with vesicare. >> good morning, everyone. happy new year. hope you're gonna have a fantastic day today. it is tuesday, january 3rd and i'm gretchen carlson. you're looking live right now at the capital of iowa where voters are waking up and ready to caucus. but many of those voters are still undecided. so with santorum surging and romney holding strong, we take a close look at why iowa is so crucial for the race to the white house. >> all right. and michelle bachmann says she's set for an iowa surprise. the congresswoman here live with why she thinks she still has a good shot today. >> excellent. plus after iowa comes new hampshire. and one political expert has some advice for the slumping newt gingrich campaign. skip it. save the air fare.
7:01 am
who said that and why? find out straight ahead. "fox & friends" the 7:00 eastern hour starts right now. >> ♪ yeah >> good morning, everyone. not our nation's capital but no, that's iowa. look at how beautiful that building looks there as people get ready to go to caucus tonight. is it true there are about 1700 places, guys, where folks will show up today in that state? only about 130,000 people will make this very important decision about the direction of the g.o.p. candidates and how it goes from today. >> believe me, democrats are waiting to pounce on the republicans if they don't get a good turnout. they'll say see the enthusiasm for this field, not great. on the other hand, if it does surpass 120, they'll say wow, there must be some excitement.
7:02 am
>> right. meanwhile, it's 13 degrees right now in des moines, iowa, much warmer at andrews air force base in maryland where, as you can see, the president of the united states and the first lady and the kids are home after a big vacation in hawaii. aloha, mr. president. wonder if he's going to be watching what happens tonight, 12 hours from now as they go to caucus. >> welcome home to the president. in the meantime, one of the people who wants to win that caucus tonight or have a good showing is congresswoman michelle bachmann from minnesota. she'll be joining us moments away as well as so many other guests to round out the rest of our two hours. >> i hope the president was able to go to baggage claim and get everything. after a long trip like that, you never know. anita perry will be here talking about her husband's chances today. he has as many surrogates as anybody in the race. senator rand paul pushing his dead, the congressman from texas will be here live. >> laura ingraham, you know from
7:03 am
the radio program and the o'reilly factor has a lot of great thoughts and wisdom and mitt romney who currently is, if you believe the polls out in iowa, he is just a whisker ahead of ron paul and a surging rick santorum. so we've got a very, very busy two hours left on the program and we start with the headlines. >> ok. i'll bring that to you right now. the man accused of setting 52 fires in california reportedly said he hates america. those words spoken by 24-year-old harry burkhart when police arrested him. turns out he's a german citizen who sources say was furious over his mother's deportation battle. he's closely resembling the man if you take a look at your screen, this is surveillance video they had of him and they say that was the guy. he was caught by a reserve deputy who only worked a couple of hours a week. that deputy stopped the suspect's van because it matched one seen by witnesses. >> we had a test to run and nix
7:04 am
this rumor that what evil there is when people work and cooperate together when we were terrorized for four straight nights. >> damage from the fires is estimated at $3 million. investigators meantime in washington state have found the body of the man accused of murdering a park ranger. she was the mother of two young children. benjamin barnes was discovered face down in the snow wearing a t-shirt and one shoe in a national park. investigators say he froze to death. he's accused of shooting ranger margaret anderson with a high powered assault rifle. he's also accused of shooting four people at a house party before that. take a look at this video. talk about a frightening ride for dozens of drivers on i-75 in grant county, kentucky. at least 41 cars were part of this nasty pile-up caused by a storm that brought a lot of snow and ice. eight people were hurt but are expected to be ok. that same storm system is moving out east this morning. as much as two feet of snow is expected to pummel upstate new york. you may not recognize him by
7:05 am
name but his sword fighting moves are unmistakable. bob anderson who fought has darth vader while battling luke skywalker with light sabers in the original "star wars" has passed away at the age of 89. he helped to choreograph sword fights in other films including "the princess bride" "the mask of zorro" and "the three musketeers" and those are your headlines this morning. >> classic. meanwhile, take a look. it is decision day, d-day for caucus goers in iowa and the final fight for the state starts this morning. shannon bream is live in des moines this morning where i just looked, it's 13 degrees, shannon, which explains your earmuffs. >> you know, carl cameron has the manly, professional looking version. but this is the girl version this morning. so -- >> it's delightful. >> we're trying to stay warm and bring you the news and here's the deal. you said this is the final day, i don't think i see any of the capp candidates with these on, they are a little more hardy than i
7:06 am
am here in iowa, having spent a lot of time here. one of the candidates who spent a lot of time and it seems to be paying off is former senator rick an so santorum. he believes tonight, caucus goers may go his way. he's been to all 99 counties and he knows this is the final push in the last 24 hours and here's why he's telling iowans to vote for him. >> this is my closing comment and that is do what iowaaa -- iowans do, you fought to be first. don't defer your judgment to national polls or national pundits. trust what you have seen, what you have heard, trust the interactions you've had with the candidates and trust the research that you've done in the candidates because let me assure you, you've done more than anybody else in the country with the exception of maybe new hampshire because they're in same process. you're doing your homework.
7:07 am
i know because of all the states on our web site that we get visits from, the number one site for -- number one state for the past two or three weeks has been iowa. you're doing your homework. right? >> and in doing their homework, they have, you know, had different frontrunners here. newt gingrich was atop the pile a few weeks ago. not so much anymore. he says it's because there's been an onslaught of attacks against him. and he may have a point. about $6 million in super pac money has flowed into iowa, money not linked to any particular candidate but these groups can raise money as much as they like to and spend whatever they'd like to in support or opposing particular candidates and newt has gotten the brunt of that. some $3.4 million of the $6 million has been in ads going after him. listen to what he has to say about that. >> i don't think anybody else in this campaign could have taken the sheer volume of negative ads and still be in the race. and so i'm very proud of the people of iowa for seeing through the attacks and the
7:08 am
negativity and very proud of our campaign team for continuing to be positive and continuing to move forward. >> and something interesting we heard from one of the frontrunners mitt romney last night, he's been very guarded and talked about the fact that in the past he didn't expect to win in iowa. he hasn't spent a ton of time here until the most recent weeks but last night, he did say something inspiring and spoke to some of his supporters about the fact we can win this. probably the boldest assertion we've heard from him. he didn't win here in 2008, governor mike huckabee did. mitt romney sounding positive going into the final stretch tonight. back to you. >> shannon looking good out there on the cold streets of des moines, iowa, thank you very much for that live report. >> you got it. >> in the meantime, a lot of people are asking how important is iowa? does it actually determine who ends up being the republican or the democratic nominee depending on the year? let's look at the road map to the white house. we have iowa, of course, next week is new hampshire and then south carolina and it turns out that south carolina has a better track record of actually picking
7:09 am
the eventual nominee. if you go back and look in history. no one has been able to win the south carolina primary since 1980 without winning iowa or new hampshire. but then, of the people who win south carolina, they most likely end up becoming the presidential nominee. >> you got three more debates before we get to south carolina. you also have a situation where the g.o.p. chair in south carolina says about 50% of the republicans that he has talked to said they could change their minds. sounds exactly like iowa as we get to south carolina. but right now, you have a very confent newt gingrich who says essentially when we get to south carolina, i'll take over. >> so if you're in the top tier or kind of hanging on, maybe the upper part of the bottom tier, you got to wonder what happens tomorrow, frank luntz, dr. frank luntz has some advice for the candidates and here he is last night on "hannity." >> let's start with mitt romney. i think that he's -- that needs to show that passion and that
7:10 am
intensity. that's what voters are looking from him. for rick perry, we haven't talked about him tonight, he needs to do more of those one on ones. he needs to do interviews with you where he goes back and forth. he's not as good in debates as rick santorum. go to new hampshire and let them see you and go to south carolina. >> race to south carolina. >> as fast as you can get there and gingrich, i would tell him don't even go to new hampshire. go to south carolina. if he needs to challenge the other candidates, we're not the enemy here. we're not the opponents here. it's barack obama. don't do anything that weakens anybody. >> that's a good point. >> all right. so those are thoughts from frank luntz. coming up, though, you can idle the buses but can't idle big labor? tight budget cuts cut these drivers' routes. you'll see a picture in a minute. there it is. now they're getting paid to sit around and play games like chess? we'll explain. >> you sunk my battleship! >> plus, it's a big day in politics and all the big guests are here. for example, congresswoman michelle bachmann will be live. rick santorum live.
7:11 am
laura ingraham, you guessed it, wife of governor rick perry, anita perry will be here. and mitt romney, many people say who is going to prevail today, he'll be here live. >> and a senator, rand paul. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. alyour important legal matters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business... protect your family... and launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side. >> as we've been telling you, decision day is here. it's upon us. with just hours before the
7:14 am
caucusing begins in iowa, republican presidential candidates are looking to make one final push, a last minute charge to get voters in their corner. >> and joining us now from des moines, iowa, is minnesota congresswoman and republican presidential candidate michelle bachmann. good morning to you, congresswoman. >> good morning to you. >> so today is finally here. i know that you've been working really hard along with all the other candidates so tonight is the voting. where do you think that you stand right now? >> i think we're going to surprise a lot of people tonight, gretchen, because we did what no other candidate did. after the fox debate in sioux city, iowa, we got on our campaign bus, we traveled 6900 miles all across iowa, we went to all 99 counties. and at the fox debate, if you recall, i took it to ron paul over the issue of a nuclear iran. people were appalled. they saw how dangerous ron paul would be as president. we literally saw thousands of people make a decision and turn towards me during the course of
7:15 am
that 99 county tour. and i have more than 200 pastors who have endorsed me in my candidacy more than any other candidate. so i think there's a lot of soft hidden support that's going to come out tonight for the caucuses. i think a lot of people are going to be surprised. >> i know in iowa, they have a huge turnout , madam congresswoman, from the evangelicals and of the -- of the candidates out there, perry, and you and santorum, you're the ones who appeal most to the value voters. but i heard you yesterday on the stump saying hey, i know rick santorum is leading amongst the three of us in the polls but not so fast with rick santorum if you look at his record in washington he was a big spender and behind the bridge to nowhere. >> that's true. that's a difference. it isn't -- all the candidates are good guys. that's not the point. but there are clarifying differences. i am a very strong fiscal conservative. i'm a tax lawyer. i'm a successful private
7:16 am
businesswoman. but i'm also a small spender, not a big spender and in governor santorum's case, he backed the bridge to nowhere and backs earmarks and continues to defend them. there's a big difference when it comes to spending and i know here in iowa that's a big issue. they want someone who is going to cut spending and i have the highest record when it comes from the club for growth for being a strong fiscal conservative. our next president has to cut the spending because we're going over the cliff when it comes to too much spending and here's the other issue -- when it comes to leading, people understand that i'm a person that means what she says and says what she means. and 2012 is the only chance we have in this country to get rid of socialized medicine. i led 40,000 americans to washington to fight this issue. i'm going to see it through. i have the resolve. i won't cut any deals with special interests. we have to end obamacare and i'm the only one that will see this fight through. >> when newt gingrich weighed in yesterday on mitt romney when asked is mitt romney the
7:17 am
eventual nominee? he says no. as soon as people understand his record, it becomes -- it does not become him as the nominee. do you feel as though when mitt romney's record is exposed, it will be a negative for him or do you feel his record has not been exposed yet? >> no, absolutely. i think if people will be upset with it because again, there's only one governor in the history of the united states that put into place socialized medicine in his state. that's governor romney. governor romney also carved his seat out at the table for planned parenthood to be on the board dealing with health care. there wasn't a seat at the table for a pro life organization. that's just one item. he also has a lot of problems when it comes to global warming. a lot of people are against the cap and trade system. governor romney was for it. on issue after issue, his record doesn't reflect that of the primary voters in the republican party. i think there's going to be a lot of problems. >> let me ask you this, congresswoman, i know so much of
7:18 am
your efforts have gone into the state of iowa. let's say that you placed fourth, fifth, somewhere in that range tonight. instead of on the top where you want to be. will you then look forward to south carolina in a different way because i know that a lot of the pundits will say then you should drop out but do you think this year is different compared to other past presidential elections? >> it's totally different from other past elections. just five days ago, the rankings were completely different. you go about a week or two weeks and you see a tremendous shifting. so with this fluidity, i think what we understand is that we're going to see a lot more changes. it's not over and just like there's been a wall street with volatility up and down, this is a political wall street. remember, there's only been one statewide race and election and i won that. that was the iowa straw poll. so i've demonstrated i am electable. i've won four very hard races in the last four years. i can do this. we've brought our tickets
7:19 am
already for south carolina. we're going. we're moving forward. >> well, we have talked this morning about how 41%, according to the des moines register poll are persuadable. going back to my point earlier about the evangelical voter out there, this morning, they're waking up and they're thinking 12 hours from now, i'm going to pick one of those three. santorum, you or rick perry. how do you make the case right now to close the deal so you wind up in first place at the end of the night? >> well, with all the candidates and with all due respect to the candidates, where were they during the fight for obamacare? i was taking that fight on. taking it to president obama. leading 40,000 people to oppose it. this is the first time in the history of the country when we have taxpayer funded abortion. this is the first time in the history of the country when we have free morning after abortion pills that are given out because the president of the united states said so. we need to get rid of this bill but we also need to get rid of the jobs and housing destruction
7:20 am
act called dodd-frank. i saw this ahead of time, how destructive these bills would be. i was the one opposing them and i was the one fighting barack obama. i'll be the one to take them on in the debate stage. of all the candidates, i'm the comprehensive candidate. the strongest fiscal conservative. the only one with current national security experience. the strongest social conservative. i'm the whole package. and i can defeat barack obama. that's what we need. a strong, compelling candidate who will defeat barack obama and then do what she says when she's in the white house. and i'll do that. >> all right, congresswoman michelle bachmann, i know you have a busy day ahead of you as you get back on your bus and go throughout the state. we'll talk to you towards the end of the week. good luck tonight. >> thank you. >> next up, juan williams wonders if we're seeing a repeat of 1996? where a rough republican primary and an independent candidate led the democrats to victory. >> then cans not just for beer
7:21 am
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>> time now for your news by the numbers. first, 996. that's how many inmates will be released today from prisons in kentucky. it's all part of a plan to save the state $40 million. next, 844. that's the number of banks still on regulators' problem list. despite bank failures being down in 2011, it's believed more will fail over the next two years. great. and finally, 5 bucks. that's how much it's going to cost you to buy this 12-ounce can of scotch. it contains 8 shots of whiskey.
7:25 am
the maker, scottish spirits hopes to have those cans in the aisles here in the united states by february 1st. so stand by. gretch? >> congressman ron paul making a strong case for iowa and that has many questioning if this year could be the year of the third party candidate like it was in 1996 when president clinton, g.o.p. nominee bob dole and populous candidate ross perot fought for the white house. fox news contributor and author of "muzzled" juan williams and former communications director for the committee doug heih are back with us from iowa. did you go back and catch a catnap? >> absolutely not. if i would have done it, i wouldn't have woken up again. >> thanks for getting up on the early side in our 5:00 hour. juan, let me start with you. do you suspect if ron paul is not the republican nominee he will run as a third party candidate? >> if not ron paul, i think
7:26 am
that the environment is so rich, gretchen, for somebody who represents this content populous anger, you know, even something of a representation of tea party feelings about how dysfunctional the government is at this moment, i think the time has right. ron paul has said he doesn't want to do it right now but remember, a lot of ron paul's support has come from young people. a lot of his money over the internet and there is already a structure in place, america elect and others who have made sure there's going to be -- that there's going to be access to the ballot in all 50 states for a third party candidate. >> the interesting thing, doug, though, is what people always say is if we have a third party candidate, it assures a win for president barack obama. do you see it that way? >> well, i think so. and, you know, certainly we saw in the past where a third party candidate meant a win for bill clinton, a win for al gore when we're talking about ross perot and other third party candidates, ralph nader. but i'll tell you, i look back at 2010 election and the tea
7:27 am
party was an important part of why we became as republicans the majority party in the house of representatives, had massive gains in the united states senate. seven seats so i'd like to see that channelled in and i think ron paul has gone to that and i would say also as an aside, just purely politically that would put his son rand paul, senator from kentucky in a sticky situation. >> so you don't see a ron paul or a tea party member rub running as a third party candidate because you believe they will coalesce within the g.o.p. we've seen within the house, that hasn't really happened. >> well, what we've seen is house members united at the end of the day. certainly, there are squabbles but i'll tell you, you know, we're talking to my friends this wee week, worked for speaker boehner and the majority leader cantor, those are good problems to have. the alternative is not being able to stop the obama agenda. that's what this house of representatives has been able to do in large part because of the tea party but the existing republicans that are there working together to stop the
7:28 am
obama agenda. >> the other person we're not talking about this morning is donald trump. he seems to be the most likely third party candidate and he says he'll do it if he's not -- if he doesn't like the republican nominee. do you think that he's just blowing steam or do you believe him? >> well, i think he's a celebrity more than a politician, gretchen, and i think that he's -- he sees it as an opportunity to get his name out there. i don't know if he'll do it or won't do it. i do know that people like gary johnson, you know, former governor of new mexico already switched to being an independent. and i think there are lots of others who are out there who are kind of sniffing around wondering if this could be their moment. a la ross perot. a la someone like a pat buchanan and all this back in 1996. i wrote about this at where the first term democratic incumbents in that case bill clinton ran into, you know, what looked like was going to be a difficult re-election cycle after, again, republicans gaining the majority in the house and what happened? republicans divided among themselves and independent
7:29 am
candidate gets going. not as powerful as perot had been in 1992 but still enough to drain votes away from bob dole and that cleared the scenario that you described, gretchen, where it damaged the republican nominee. >> and more and more people are registered independents this year than ever before. so you don't know. >> and add quickly -- i wish i could add quickly that here in the great -- in iowa on the grassroots level we're seeing more independents participating. more people who say they're undecided or willing to be persuaded and that means, again, people just looking around and looking for something different than establishment candidates. >> all right. very interesting. >> and gretchen, here in iowa -- >> i got to go. >> democrats are losing. thank you so much. >> all right. you got in the last gig. have a fantastic day. see you later. he's the underdog who some say could pull out a win tonight. what happens to rick santorum after iowa? does he have the means to keep going? the senator here in a few minutes. plus more evidence you can't idle big labor. why bus drivers are getting paid to play chess and not much else?
7:30 am
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>> well, it's time for your shot of the morning. this is sarah. a 13-year-old from sydney australia and showing off her unusual talent. making her eyebrows dance. she's become a viral hit. this you tube video has been viewed by more than 7 million people or 7 million times. you know what? she has some competition. >> who's that? >> from a guy who sits right on our couch. >> i go both ways. >> that's what i heard. >> what? >> eyebrow wise. >> thank you, steve. >> switch hitter. >> see? now, you can -- you could be a you tube sensation. >> you know, i thought so. in a way, i have been already. yes, you have. >> i didn't know this is the way to do it.
7:34 am
>> now, you're going to get more hits, get it? >> i get it. i absolutely get it. and this -- by the way, if you want to be able to have this talent, it's real simple. you're not born that way. you got to believe in yourself. you got to do a lot of this and the next thing you know, your eyebrow goes up magically and the next day the other goes up and the next thing you know, you're doing it left and right and things seem to work out and you can show more expression in your face. >> once again, let's have a brow off. >> can you make the music louder so i can keep up? >> you know what, brian, here's the thing, she appears to be edited where if you have -- the ability to do this live. >> i know. she is -- she's a professional. >> how long have you been able to do that? >> since 10th grade. >> that's great. >> a lot of times when i should be looking at math, i would be staring straight ahead trying to move my eyebrows. >> i'm sorry about the next guest we've canceled him. so we've aten up their time. let's do some headlines, then. fox news alert.
7:35 am
murder now eyed as the motive of a death of a woman outside queen elizabeth's mansion. we told you earlier that a dogwalker found a body on sunday. and the property has been bustling with police ever since. within the last hour, detectives confirmed that they found a woman's body. and her death was probably not accidental. >> uh-oh! >> exactly. the queen just -- if we had music, that would have been played. the palace has not commented saying it's a matter for the police. but you find a body in your place, you should call a presser. >> yeah. >> meanwhile, vice president joe biden says "the taliban is not our enemy." remember that? watch this new video of u.s. marines fighting off a taliban not our enemy ambush in afghanistan. >> go! go! go! go! move! >> yep. not our enemy. new video captured on the cam
7:36 am
and posted on you tube shows troops from the 37 helo company, first marines division weapons platoon deployed from california last fall to one of the most dangerous areas in southwest afghanistan. thankfully, no americans were hurt in the ambush. >> hundreds of prison inmates finding new jobs behind bars working as income tax preparers? >> what? >> according to a new government audit, more than 300 inmates were given tax preparer i.d. numbers from the i.r.s. and almost 1,000 more were cleared by the i.r.s. shortly after they were released from prison. they're reportedly -- they're using their i.r.s. credentials to scam the system now filing more than $39 million in bogus tax returns. who thought of that? who thought that an inmate, that would be a good place to give them that kind of power? >> i don't know. i'm going to go there and probably get a good rate. >> let me ask the guy with the eyebrows. >> h&r jail boss, cell block. >> c. new york city's cash strapped
7:37 am
mta cut service over the holidays. good news, it saved on fuel and maintenance costs. bad news, take a look. there's lots of bored drivers because you can't let the drivers go because they're union. they're seen on the cover of this morning's "new york post" and they are thrilled cap turpg the excitement of chess. they spent the week playing chess and not much else while getting paid. drivers must get five full shifts a week so that left many drivers on the clock. the mta says savings would be more if they were able to schedule part-time bus drivers and the agency is trying to negotiate that with the union. good luck. >> yeah. >> coming up on our show this morning, rick santorum's surge in the polls have opponents on the attack now. the senator is here to respond right when we come back. >> and helping our heroes as they head home from war. we'll break down the top five companies hiring this week. one making a major push for members of the u.s. military so folks, get out a pencil and some paper. >> first, the trivia question
7:38 am
of the day. born on this day in 1975, this "wonder years" actress and math whiz is also the author of three "new york times" best sellers. who is she?
7:39 am
7:40 am
>> welcome back. the iowa caucuses looked like
7:41 am
they could come down to a photo finish in large part to republican candidate rick santorum's late surge in the polls. >> and he joins us from des moines, iowa this morning. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. how are you? >> i know why you have a smile on your face this morning. because when i was last here on the show, i think you had 3% to 5% of the votes, voters in iowa. now it's 15% and moving up at a very fast pace. what's going on and how did you do it? >> well, you know, 380 town hall meetings help. spending a lot of time out here and trusting iowans that if you make themselves available to them and you back it up with a record that's consistent with that plan and you show a path as to how you're the best candidate to be able to defeat barack obama, that's what the folks of iowa were looking for and when it came down to crunch time, the last two weeks when they started to study the candidates and compare the records, they decided to start moving in our direction and i'm very confident
7:42 am
we're going to finish well today. i don't know what. but i feel very confident that we're not going to be finishing last as most had predicted. >> senator, i'm reading in the des moines register this morning and they talk about how you have gotten so much support and so many people have been showing up at your events in the last 24 hours. one of the reporters say that the crowd yesterday was body surfing huge. it was that big. do you have a feeling that -- and we kind of saw it with "the des moines register" poll where in the last day, you were essentially tied with mitt romney. is it growing? levelling off or what? >> well, look, we had huge crowds. we had five events yesterday. five town hall meetings and it was almost impossible to get into the place. at any of these places and that's a great sign. caucuses are about enthusiasm and momentum and we certainly have enthusiasm and momentum. you know, we've spent probably not even $2 million in this campaign compared to $20 or $25 by rick perry and mitt romney
7:43 am
and others who have blanketed the states with advertising and paid staff. we've done it through the grassroots effort so for us to be in the mix right now is quite remarkable and a real tribute to iowa and iowans who are looking for the best candidate and looking for the person that's going to send the right signal as to who they want to lead this country and the kind of leadership they're looking for so i don't know what the -- what the results are going to be but it's going to be a surprise and a pleasant one for us. >> i also think it's a reward. i don't care if people support you, hard work does pay off. you went to events where one person showed up. you went to every single county and had over 300 appearances and never seemed to have doubted yourself and you did get a lot of support of late. especially from the duggars. here's an example when they go to bat for you, people seem to listen especially in iowa, that small family. let's look. >> there's 19 votes right there.
7:44 am
>> josh duggar and we are in iowa for senator rick santorum and my brother and i two nights ago loaded up my family's bus you can see behind me and we have join the fight on there and rick santorum for president. >> rick santorum has great family values. he's pro life. he's good when it comes to the economy. just a great all around conservative guy. >> got them. and we had another guest that's a supporter of yours, bob vander plaats also. that's meant a lot and it's just come down the pipe, right? >> yeah. in fact, a couple of nights ago, i pulled into the hilton garden inn where we're staying and there's this huge bus and i looked over at my staff and said we didn't pay for that. i don't have any money for that. i hope you didn't get a bus because the only bus i can afford is a greyhound at this point! so you know, no, so then we went inside and find out it was the duggars and we were very -- i
7:45 am
was relieved that we weren't spending money on a bus but certainly glad they did. >> so this is what always happens when you start to climb up in the polls and you start to face attacks. and even from some of your own, a very similar candidate, some argue, congresswoman michelle bachmann says this, you voted for the bridge to nowhere. that you have a record on supporting earmarks, that you endorsed arlen specter and that she is the true staunch conservative. your response? >> well, my response is that i -- that i supported congressional earmarks at a time when, well, let's put it this way -- go back to the constitution. constitution says congress shall appropriate money. jim demint, rick santorum, ron paul and a whole host of others, about every member of congress for decades and centuries supported appropriations and earmarks for money that was in washington to get it back into your state. in fact, rick perry is one of the people that has attacked me has in fact hired lobbyists to do just the same thing for the state of texas.
7:46 am
what happened during michelle bachmann's time when she was there was an explosion of spending that was rewarded, that was increasing in spending was rewarded with earmarks to get people to vote for that. that abuse led jim demint to say no more earmarks. i have signed on to this. this is a -- i think this is a litmus test and an important one to say we're not going to do this anymore to stop the encouragement to vote for more spending and that's fundamentally different than what was happening the last few years than what was happening in the first two centuries of american history. >> that's a good point. as brian detailed a moment ago, you've spent so much time there on the ground, retail politicking, going door to door in your one car caravan and to -- i was reading today that some had suggested it looked -- >> one truck. >> one truck. one truck caravan. let's get it right now. steve, thank you very much. >> i stand corrected. it looked like you were running for governor of iowa. the big question is -- tomorrow, and it looks like, you know, you're gonna finish first, second or third if everything
7:47 am
holds true. >> i hope so. >> what about tomorrow? you've got little organization in new hampshire and south carolina. >> that's not true! we have a great organization in new hampshire. if you've -- you know, i -- >> big organization or little organization? >> oh, it's a good size -- i mean, it's as big an organization as we had here in iowa and new hampshire is a much smaller state and we've had -- we've had an office there for four or five months and it's been -- we've got tons of phones. people have been making calls for weeks and weeks. >> what about money? >> we've got 20 -- we have 25 state representatives who have endorsed us which i think is second to anybody else in the state. so we've got a great group of folks there on the ground and helping us in new hampshire. we've raised more money in the last week than we did in the last few months. that money is coming along and we're not, as you mentioned, we got the chuck truck. that chuck lautner, a guy in iowa who has been driving us around in his ram pickup. we'll have a truck in iowa, too -- excuse me, in new hampshire, too and we're going to be driving around and we're going
7:48 am
to keep a lean machine and we're going to focus those resources where they are, where they should be which is voter contact and we're going to spend enormous amount of time in new hampshire this week. we know we can climb in the polls and we'll make a stop down to south carolina on sunday right after the debate and spend some time there just to make sure that folks remember we're going to put a huge effort on down there, too, and by the way, we have a great staff down there. again, just as big as what we have here in iowa. we've got a great team led by former congressman barrett who is doing a great job for us and the governor has been doing events for us and helping us out down there. we have a great team. >> that's great. >> i got to ask you, so many times when we see somebody go from nowhere to frontrunner, a lot of staffers start jumping on board. what have you done in terms of staff and can we see some major political players come on the santorum team? >> you know what? i'm not into major political players. i don't need washington experts to tell me what to think or what to say. you know, if you look at all my
7:49 am
speeches, no teleprompter and take every question that's out there and try to be as authentic to the people as i can who are asking me those questions and we've never had those "players" on our team. we always have run lean campaigns with staff to do the job. >> do you plan on adding staff? >> no, we're going to take some of the staff here in iowa and shift them down to south carolina. we have a great staff in new hampshire and in fact, some of the staff in south carolina and new hampshire have been here in iowa to help us out in the last few days so no, we've got a good team. we'll expand it in florida and we'll be adding staff in florida and other places but, we're -- look, i don't spend money i don't have. we're not -- we're not borrowing any money. we're not in debt. we're not going to have debt. as the money comes in, we'll use that money appropriately to make sure that we're going to be responsible with it. >> gas up the chuck truck. you got a busy day today. >> i'll be back in the chuck truck. >> all right, senator. good luck tonight and we will talk to you tomorrow.
7:50 am
>> thanks so much, gretch. >> thank you. >> after the break, we break down the top five companies hiring this week with members of the military going straight to the top of the list. i'll tweet it, too, as well. >> but first, this day in history, 1973, the number one song was "you're so vain" by carly simon. who was she talking about? do you remember? didn't she admit -- >> kind of. >> does anyone know? >> one person. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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7:53 am
>> 53 minutes after the top of the hour. couple of quick headlines for you. nypd offering a $12,000 reward for the arrest of the guy in this surveillance video. he's accused of throwing a molotov cocktail at a hindu
7:54 am
temple. rosie o'donnell refusing entrance to peta's new year's eve party in miami. she was refused entrance. security wouldn't let her in with the large entourage dressed in casual clothing. the answer to the question of the day and the winner is william from virginia. congratulations. >> so sad about rosie. i almost don't want to do this segment but i'm going to have to anyway. start of a new year, and if your resolution is to land a better job, then you're in the right place. cheryl casone is here for the fox business network and on at noon today. joining us right now to talk about the top five companies hiring. welcome back. >> well, happy new year to all of you at home and look, unemployment probably is going to stay in the 8% to 9% range. probably the top of the range for the rest of the year. so we're going to be on hunt all year here. >> not with you doing this type of work. 24-hour fitness is hiring big time. >> new year's resolutions most
7:55 am
typical resolution, lose weight! drop the holiday pounds. 24 hour fitness is going to be hiring, i had the ceo of the company on. he told me, yes, they have jobs. here you go. take a listen. >> in five years, we've grown from 17,000 to 22,000 and probably hire another 1500 to 2,000 people this year including 500 additional personal trainers on top of 1,000 personal trainers we hired last year. >> personal trainers will be very popular because they're actually going to be having a lot more people come in for january. gym membership and gym usage jumps 20% for the month of january because now you're paying the price. new year's resolutions. >> what about terminex, largest pest control company in the u.s. >> they operate in 14 countries around the world and the largest pest control company in the world. they're servicing 3 million homes and businesses, 45 states. they need technicians. if you're willing to be a pest technician, you can actually
7:56 am
find work at this company. they've got sales jobs, branch management positions open as well. but basically, either you can sell it or you can do it but there are jobs. they're going to be hiring throughout the year. they have a lot of turnover at terminex. >> medical care. >> that's better, medical care. this is a company that actually -- this is dialysis, kidney dialysis so they've got $12 billion in revenues and they do the machines and the testing. they have 2700 clinics and they need nurses and clinical managers but there are a lot of different things so if you've got any type of whether it's sales, whether it's nursing experience, whether it's actually in-home care, any of that, you can get a job here. >> let's talk about the military. global services is targeting the men and women. >> they are looking for veterans, 40,000 people coming home at the new year from iran and afghanistan -- iraq and afghanistan, excuse me. i have iran on the brain because of oil, they'll be looking for technicians, cable, satellite, towers. this is laying broadband cable. because of stimulus, a lot of rural areas are getting
7:57 am
broadband services and they're going to be targeting military veterans that have those technical communication experience. >> real quick, we have comfort keepers, second largest in home care company. that's going to be exciting. >> this is a company that was begun in the 1990's. she was a medical nurse going into homes but she realized there's so much more you can do when you're in somebody's home. they're going to be looking for nurses, caregivers, marketing, everything and they've actually been growing since the 90's substantially. >> see you at noon on the fox business network. thank you very much. coming up straight ahead in the final hour, just getting warmed up. after all, we have an hour packed with laura ingraham, anita perry, mitt romney, rand paul and frank luntz. i'm exhausted thinking about it. [ male announcer ] in bli, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years.
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, january 3. happy new year. i'm gretchen carlson. it's a very important for vote us because those in iowa about to be first in the nation to cast their votes. when will be the republican nominee? what the iowa caucus means for the race? >> steve: one candidate ready to claim victory. >> we're going to win this thing with all of our passion and strength. >> steve: win what? actually mitt romney didn't say he meant we're going to win the whole iowa caucuses. we'll explain what he meant straight ahead along with some other candidates talk as well. >> brian: critics claim rick perry is getting desperate and resort to go attacks. his wife here to respond because
8:01 am
others say he'll be the dark horse and come up big in iowa. we'll see and explore because "fox & friends" starts right now >> steve: all right. it is 7:01 in des moines, iowa right now and the caucuses will begin just about 11 hours from right now, according to the des moines times. ten hours and 58 minutes and 38 seconds, things will get started. how pretty is that? >> gretchen: gorgeous as the sun is rising on the day. who will come out on top, second, third, fourth and fifth? in second, laura ingraham will join us to give us her analysis, followed by anita perry, the wife of governor perry of texas. >> brian: rand paul will be talking about his dad and frank
8:02 am
luntz will be talk being everybody and what to expect today. >> gretchen: let's do your headlines beginning with a fox news alert. new pictures out of ohio where an airplane skidded off the runway. it arrived from florida, had 150 people on board when a big blast of snow left runways covered in ice. passengers say the landing was smooth, but during taxi, the plane suddenly slipd into a ditch. they were stranded for almost an hour before crews could guide them to safety. luckily no one was hurt. the man accused of setting 52 fires in california reportedly said that he hates america. those words spoken by 24-year-old harry burkeheart. he's a german citizen who sources say was furious over his mother's deportation battle. he closely resembles the man here in the surveillance video, caught by a reserve deputy ho worked a couple hours a week. he stopped the suspect's van because it matched one seen by
8:03 am
witnesses. >> we had a chance to run and show what can happen when people get together. >> gretchen: damage from the fires estimated at $3 million. the man believed to have shot and killed a ranger and a mother of two at a national park in oregon has been found dead. 24-year-old benjamin barns was found wearing a t-shirt and one shoe. investigators say he likely froze to death. he's accused of shoot ranger margaret anderson with a high powered assault rifle after shooting and wounding four others at a house party. he thought it was all over. the father who lost control of his car and plunged into an icy utah river says he's thankful for the total strangers who saved his life and the lives of his children. >> they jumped in and they spotted it and they made all the difference for our family.
8:04 am
this very easily could have been a funeral for four of us. >> i will be forever grateful. they are the reason i have my children. >> gretchen: wow. the anderson's four-year-old son, nine-year-old daughter, and her friend, they were all in that car, but they were all released from the hospital last night. what a story. and those are your headlines for tuesday. >> brian: let's go right back to iowa where candidates have a few more hours to make their final push. let's go outside, shall we? >> steve: let's do. there she is, she's taking off the ear must muffs, shannon brem live on the streets of des moines where it is right now 14 degrees. >> yes. good morning, "fox & friends." you heard it a short time ago. conservative leaders, some of them, are saying mitt romney has dissed them. but he's sounding increasingly confident about actually pulling off a win here in the hawkeye state. he's been pretty guarded in his predictions so far, but listen to what he had to say at a rally in iowa.
8:05 am
>> we're going to win this thing with all of our passion and strength and do everything we can to get this campaign on the right track to go across the nation and to pick up other states and to get the ballots i need, the votes i need to become our nominee. that's what we're going to get. >> but he's going to fight off serious challengers, including congressman ron paul. he's got one of the most committed campaigns here. there are about 800 caucus sites, all the candidates are hoping that they'll have someone on site a surrogate who can speak for them and make a last plea for votes. paul will have a strong showing when it comes to that kind of organization. tonight also will be major test for rick perry who equates running for the white house to a higher calling. >> i've thought about what the prophet isaiah heard from the lord when he was asked who shall i send and who will go for me? isaiah said, here i am.
8:06 am
send me. this is our challenge. this is for our generation. our children are waiting for us to answer. are we going to answer that call? will you join me in the mission to hold your hand up and say, here am i. send me, and take our country back! >> tonight we'll see if that appeal resonates with iowans. some 80,000 -- 120,000 of them expected to get out to the caucuses. we'll have all the coverage live, back to you. >> steve: thank you very much for standing outside in the cold. >> gretchen: time to bring in laura ingraham who usually joinses from washington, d.c., but she's inside in des moines. >> i have my warm sweater. i had to borrow it from a friend. i just borrowed it from one of our people here. it's freezing. >> gretchen: it looks nice and toasty and i'm glad you're indoors. >> it is. >> gretchen: speaking of sweaters, i know you interviewed
8:07 am
rick santorum and he talked about his lucky sweater, known as his lucky vest. right? >> yeah. i think that there is some interesting things going on in the santorum campaign. i was in altoona last night and it was really moving. the people who have come out for santorum are true believers, they like the fact he's the underdog and i teased him a little about the sweater vest because it's different, right? you've seen barn jackets. you've seen suits with jeans, two coats with jeans and he shows up with a sweater vest. people find it endearing. they kind of like it. so i teased him about t. he was good natured and now apparently the "new york times" has written about it. >> steve: we have some sound. let's listen. >> i was at a speech two weeks ago and it's -- i just happened to wear a sweater vest that day. the speech actually went over very, very well and if there was one event that i would have to say that really began the
8:08 am
moment, it was that speech. now, i think most people recognize that here and so all of a sudden, the sweater vest was like fear the vest. >> steve: brian was on stage where he would wear vest, but it passed. >> brian: right. so did any chance to become president. >> the sweater vest surge. that's what they're calling it. beyond that, that's kind of an outward sign of how he's connecting i think with a lot of regular folks, whatever that means, here in iowa. but it's real. i spent i guess 45 minutes or so at his last town hall, had a chance to talk to a lot of the folks there. very different crowd from the romney event, which i scooted across to get to romney's last event, which was a little more upscale. they had the risers for the media. you did get the sense that the event here in des moines for romney was an event covering a president or the presidential nominee and it was a little more home spun for santorum. but both of them had their
8:09 am
appeal last night and it's anyone's guess. 41% undecided, we could have a virtual three-way tie among ron paul, of course, all the other candidates, santorum and romney. but it's close. i think predicting -- o'reilley made me predict last night and i was so mad 'cause i didn't want to predict. >> gretchen: are you allowed to go and watch this caucus system unfold as a reporter and will you do that? >> yes. i did that four years ago and my friend, wendy and i walked out of the caucus that we were at and we said, barak obama is going to be the nominee. but no one was talking about hillary clinton. everyone in the high school was talking about barak obama. people were up on boxes. they were standing on stadium stairs. they were just abuzz about barak obama. and we just looked at each other and said what, is going on here? because obviously the narrative was hillary clinton was going to win. i think we'll know quickly who wins this.
8:10 am
but rick perry, i know he had his appeal that you just played, which is quite interesting and obvious appeal to christian conservatives. michelle bachmann is still very well liked here. but you can't ignore ron paul, mitt romney and rick santorum, all of them have an incredible ground operation and really, really solid support base. >> brian: you know who doesn't have support? congress, especially in the house. the republican congress that took the country by storm in 2010, steve king came out and blasted john boehner yesterday, blames him for that. i was surprised. were you? >> steve: on your radio show. >> i was. i said, look, people are saying it's eric cantor's fault, that somehow the gop lost the debate, or at least a momentary pr battle on this payroll tax holiday. and meanwhile, looking at the last year what, did the gop congress really accomplish? when you ask folks, especially in iowa, you talk to them about the washington scene and they immediately say, why isn't congress doing something? that is obama's narrative. what steve king was saying is
8:11 am
that john boehner, it's on his head. and look, to steve king, i understand he's a true believer and i like steve king, but john boehner worked really hard this past year to try to forge common sense deals with barak obama and barak obama decided his strategy was no deals with congress for the most part, except on a few occasions, and he was going to basically ride it out to his reelection and use congress as a battering ram, as a way to shape his campaign strategy, so it was going to be an anti-congress run. that was his decision. boehner did what was right for the country. >> gretchen: part b for the story is that the tea party did present some problems for boehner because -- especially in this last vote, it looked like he had a deal and then he didn't. >> yeah. gretchen, absolutely right. and your point is a salient one this morning because for all of the victories the tea party had in hand in 2010 and all the influence it's had on the party, if mitt romney is the nominee,
8:12 am
people have to realize that the tea party's influence only goes so far. he's an establishment candidates, endorsed by the bushes and you got to sarks the tea party has got to get a lot better organized organized and e coherent. boehner is having to put all these pieces together in congress. it's not easy. >> steve: you're going to the caucuses tonight and plus find a really big coat. laura ingraham, have a great caucus day. >> great to see you guys. >> brian: dwindling in the polls, some say rick perry could come in last in today's iowa caucuses. others say look out, he could win this thing. what will this do to his campaign? governor perry's wife, anita, here to respond. >> gretchen: and their boots were cut. but union workers paid to play
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> brian: there has been a lot of shifting atop the gop race and we've been chronicling it here. as santorum surges, texas governor rick perry is slightly slipping. can he get back into it? so far in two major poll, locked at 11% of the vote. who better to ask than his wife,
8:16 am
anita perry joinses from des moines, iowa. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. good morning. >> brian: i know you got big name surrogates, including steve forbes on the ground helping you out and governor bobby jindal and a lot of people from texas riding around being surrogates for you in the caucuses. but is there reason to believe you can double that 11% by later on tonight? >> well, of course. i'm a believer and we're working hard and we've pot precinct chairman in about 13 to 1500 precincts. we have 350 people from out of the state of texas who have come to support us. we're excited and the energy is good. the bus tour is doing great and we're looking forward to this. >> brian: you're looking forward to getting the results and i know the governor has been doing very well in his one on ones and doing much better in his appearances. overall, how surprised are you that you aren't higher up in the poll, especially where you started this summer? >> i think it's a -- what we've seen with all the candidate,
8:17 am
people have come and gone and raisen and been at the top. america is giving a real hard look at all the republican candidates. they're all a great field. we're so proud to be part of this. it's important. this election is important. so americans want to make the right choice. >> brian: yeah. i know we had frank luntz on earlier today and he has said that one of the good things that rick perry could do is give more one on one interviews. that's where he seems to excel. is that part of the strategy? >> we have been meeting one on one with many people. he is good at that. he has a big heart. he's a big contrast to president obama. he is best one on one. he's not the best debater. he's admitted that. he's gotten so much better and he's doing a great job now and actually looking forward to the opportunity. he'll be in new hampshire, two debate this is weekend. he's improved and it's getting our message out. people taking a hard look at a man who is a chief executive
8:18 am
officer of the 13th largest economy in the world, you know. he knows how to bring jobs and create the climate to make jobs and get america back working again. >> brian: one thing that some people find surprising outside texas, you haven't had a lot of the bush people supporting you. that was the person who was the governor and then eventually the president. how much does that hurt? >> you know, i don't know that it's hurt that much. we do have bush supporters with us. we are huge fans of the bushes. a lot of this i think is inside politics and everybody takes a hard look at the people that they can identify with. so i'm not going to say anything about that other than the bushes are great family and a huge admirer of them. they've done great public service to our country. >> brian: right. i want to bring to you a story that i know got your attention. we talked to your husband about it yesterday. the story in politico that there is some friction inside your
8:19 am
camp, and that you specifically, in fact, here is a quote: unnamed political advisor, i know that bothers us because you don't know who you're talking about or who it is saying this, says, quote, there has never been a more ineptly orchestrated, just unbelievely sub par campaign for the president of the united states. this is somebody on your team. your reaction? >> you know what? i don't know who that person is, so i think that's inside beltway politics. you know, until they tell us who that is, i'm not going to talk about that. finger point something not a good thing. >> brian: let me ask you this, is it true that you pushed somebody that we're familiar with on this head, joe alba, to kind of take over things, was that your idea and maybe exile dave carney? >> oh, my gosh, exile carney? no. joe alba's name was always in the mix. it was always a natural transition for us to grow. and rick and i make the decisions together. we've got a great team of
8:20 am
people. dave carney, rob johnson, all of those, they've been with us for 13 years and i suspect they're going to be with us for 13 more years. >> brian: on a lighter note, mrs. perry, tell me something about your husband that you would like all of us to know, that maybe hasn't been out there yet. >> i really want people to take a hard look. all over iowa, they've said, you know what weigh see about him? he has a heart. he's a bold contrast to what we have in washington. he's an outsider to washington. he knows how to create the climate for jobs. we need to get america back working again. he's the only one that has worn the military uniform, he volunteered. he's the only one who volunteered. so we need a leader. bad times here, turbulent times. >> brian: thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, just moments ago, newt gingrich called mitt romney a
8:21 am
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8:24 am
>> steve: we told you about the president's plan to spend 2012 governing without congress. it's all part of barak obama's reelection strategy. but presidential candidate newt gingrich says that's not only a bad strategy, it's unconstitutional. >> the citizen, i am insulted that a president of the united states would think that he could pretend to govern for a year without the congress and at the intends to try to do that, it would be totally unconstitutional and i think would represent a fundamental breach in our system. >> steve: so can a president really govern without congress? let's talk to fox news legal analyst, america's lawyer, peter johnson, jr.
8:25 am
>> thank you. a president cannot govern without congress and newt gingrich is absolutely right. in fact, he's gone a step further and said that the president should not take a salary in 2012 if that's what he's going to do. but we've heard it from the deputy press secretary of the white house basically saying, well, you know, if congress is going to be involved, that's fine. but we're going to be putting out two to three executive orders a week. actions by the president that don't require congressional approval. >> steve: they're going to go around? >> right. these executive actions are not going to solve unemployment problems or other issues we're facing in this country. but newt gingrich is right, absolutely right. >> steve: but i think to a number of people who voted for him three years ago, they remember, wait a minute. i thought he was going to go there to change things and now he's pretty much thrown up his hands saying, i went to washington to change washington. i can't. i'm going to go it alone. >> i think the sub text is an abdication or giving up in terms
8:26 am
of this notion of consensus. we look to leaders in this country to bring people of disparate beliefs together, republican, democrats, independents, liberals and we say our president, this is a great melting pot. this is a place for all kinds of people that come with a diversity of opinion. what can you do to forge consensus? what can you do to bring people to the middle? so when you say, i'm going to ignore the congress. i'm not going to deal with the congress, then you're saying, listen, my plans and my promises for the past three years about bringing people together have failed. what gets better in 2013, if, in fact, the president is reelected, where then is there a consensus? if there is not a consensus in 2012 at the beginning, what changes in the year 2013 when we don't have the excitement of hope and change that we had almost four years ago?
8:27 am
>> steve: it's especially observant given the fact that so many are suggesting not only will the house remain in republican hands, but the republicans could wind up with the senate and then what? if he's not going to work with the congress for four years then? that's crazy. >> newt positioning himself as a leader, as the iowa race ends on a national basis. we'll hear more about this allegation about lying i guess in a little bit. it's a process issue that maybe he shouldn't have gotten into, but let's see. >> steve: peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. as peter mentioned, newt gingrich has just called mitt romney a liar. why? and what is governor romney's response? he will be here live on the other side of a brief timeout. then you saw this girl become an internet sensation with her eyebrows. have you seen brian do exactly the same thing? they're going to go head to head, brow to brow after the break ♪ i am you
8:28 am
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>> gretchen: it's 8:30 on the east coast and welcome back, everyone, to our extended version of "fox & friends" today. it's time to bring in the former governor of massachusetts who wants to be president of the united states, mitt romney. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: so i know today is obviously a huge day for you in iowa. you must be pleased as punch when you look at the recent polls and see that you're on top and you really haven't been that much in iowa other than the last ten days. >> well, it's good to be among the clump at the top, if you will. there are about three of us that i think are all tied. so i'm not sure exactly what will happen in terms of one, two and three, but i think all three of us will come out with a big boost from iowa, then to new hampshire and south carolina. it's a long road ahead. >> steve: it is a long road. and newt gingrich has come out and you know this, yesterday he said no more mr. nice guy. and he's going to try to hit you
8:32 am
every day between now and whenever. just a little while ago on cbs, nora o'donnel said to him, you scheduled mitt romney, his friends who are running this super pac that has funded that, and you said of mitt romney, someone who will lie to you to get the president to be president will lie to you when the president -- i have to ask you, are you calling mitt romney a liar? and then he essentially said yes and she said, you're calling mitt romney a liar? well, you seem shocked by it, yes. i mean, that's it. your response, being called a liar. >> well, i understand newt must be very angry and i don't exactly understand why, but look, i wish him well. it's a long road ahead. he's a good guy. i like he and calista. we've got many months ahead of us, so i'll leave it at that. >> gretchen: i think one of the things he's upset about is some of these pac ads that i know you say you don't have total control over that have really fired away at him in iowa for the last
8:33 am
couple of weeks and he continued to go on the record saying he was not going to do negative ads. and he had asked you to pledge not to do negative ads. they obviously worked for you in iowa, right? >> well, actually, i thought the ron paul ads were by far the most effective in pointing out the speaker's background. the super pac that happens to ghost endorse me has put some ads out. i can't control those, as you know. we're not allowed to have a coordination between a campaign and these independent pacs. i'm sure they may have had an effect, but the speaker has had just as much difficulty in the polls in new hampshire as he had in iowa and i don't think there are any negative ads going on there. you know, i know that it's always tempting to look for someone tells blame, but at some point, you got to stop and say, what things can i do better and i'm going to keep battling my campaign in the way i think is best and defending my record and if the speaker decides to come after me, that's part of the process. i'm ready for it and my
8:34 am
shoulders are wide. if i can't handle this kind of attack, how in the world would i handle the attack that's going to come from president obama? >> brian: yeah, which might already be coming. i guess this is part of the reason why you called newt gingrich zany. do you think this response is zany? >> well, it may fall in that category. i think the speaker said a couple of things that have been very troubling to people. one was, as paul ryan put together a plan to finally solidify the future of medicare and virtually every republican in congress voted for it, the speaker said it was right wing social engineering. that's kind of an unusual comment and came at a time, chopped the legs out from underneath conservatives in the country and then he appeared in an ad with nancy pelosi, touting global warming legislation. i think those are the things i was referring to when i mentioned the zaniness of the speaker. >> brian: i want to bring you to a fired employee of yours who was trotted out last time you wanted to be the senator of massachusetts against ted ken doors randy johnson.
8:35 am
he worked for a paper company, bane capital took it over. he got fired, along with others. he's angry. listen. >> i look at the candidates that are out there. i understand what his record is. i know what he did to us at ampad. they bought it in '92. they bought my plant in '94. they went public with the ipo in '96. then in 2000, they let it go bankrupt and made $100 million. tell me what's right. there is something wrong with that. >> steve: it sounds like he was trouted out by the dnc. so you're right, they're already coming after you. >> of course they will. i've been able to talk it people across the country about the president's message. he lost more jobs since hoover. 2 million jobs he lost as president and by the way, when he was overseeing general motors and chrysler, how many factories did he close? how many dealerships?
8:36 am
how many thousands upon thousands of americans had to be let go in an effort to try and save those businesses? that's what we did in our business and i'm very happy in my former life, we helped create over 100,000 new jobs. by the way, we created more jobs in massachusetts than this president has created in the entire country. so if the president wants to talk about jobs, and i hope he does, we'll be comparing my record with his record and he comes up very, very short. >> steve: governor, what would you say to that fellow, randy johnson, who did lose his job in that takeover? >> no one ever likes to see someone lose their job. it's just a tragedy, and any time you're in an enterprise that you're trying to turn around and it's going down the hill, you try and turn it around and sometimes you have to cut back on the size of the enterprise. that's an awful thing to have to do, but you rye and do that to save the business. that's what i'm sure we're going to hear from president obama about why he cut all those jobs at general motors. he wanted to save it. that is the nature of free enterprise. and i know the president is going to try and put free enterprise on trial. i'll be able to talk to him
8:37 am
about his mistakes and i think they've been severe because they've led to a lot of people being out of work that didn't need to be out of work. >> gretchen: i want to bring you back to iowa to respond to somebody who is powerful there and that's bob sander plat. he is head of the family leader, evangelical group. what's fascinating is so many people going to the caucus tonight are part of the evangelical movement. i interviewed him earlier. he endorsed rick santorum. i asked him if you end up being the nominee, would he support you? could he and here is his response. >> throughout this cycle, he has pretty much dissed our base, not shown use whole lot of -- that he would want to come and visit with us. so i think we need to sit down and have some visits and hopefully the conservatives could rally around him. right now we're in a primary cycle and that primary cycle says we need to find the alternative and right now i think that guy is senator santorum. >> gretchen: how do you respond to mr. vanderplat?
8:38 am
>> i'm pleased that the tea partiers in a state like new hampshire overwhelmingly support my candidacy and that state knows me pretty well 'cause i was governor next door. strong conservatives across the country recognize my record as a conservative record. and i'm pleased to have their support. look, i understand that other candidates have their endorsers. rick santorum got that one. i'm pleased with people like chris christie that have come to my team. nicky haley, the governor of south carolina, former governor of new hampshire, john sununu. we each have our endorsers and i'm pleased with mine. i'm sure they're pleased with theirs and i'm delighted to be in this hunt, to be in the group right now that looks like i've got a good shot at going the whole distance and hope i'll win back the whole enchilada and get america on track. >> brian: do you feel as though you dissed his base? did you do that unintentionally or intentionally? >> fox not. i've been meeting over the past year, as you know, with groups
8:39 am
across the country. also raising money. so we have a campaign that can take it to barak obama. we can't have a president come in that massively outspends us and crushes us. i want to have a campaign that's successful, not just in winning a state or two, but successful in getting the nomination and replacing barak obama. that is the objective. so we can get there country back on track. >> gretchen: i think one of the concerns of a bob vanderplat is shared by other conservatives in this country, is that they don't, for whatever reason, feel you are conservative enough and they feel that if you're the nominee, that president obama will win because maybe some of those more conservative voters won't come out and support you. do you need to go back to that base and try and get them so they don't say comments like that you're dissing them? >> you know, it's always worthwhile effort to speak to people in your party, to have them energized and enthusiastic, but this i can predict, whoever our nominee is, our party will come together and rally around to support them because we
8:40 am
recognize that we have to replace barak obama. and i would, by the way, take great exception to the idea that i'm not conservative enough. look at my record as governor. balanced the budget every one of my four years. cut taxes 19 times. empowered our state police to help enforce immigration law. drove our schools to number one in the nation. kept them there rather. and also made sure we had english immersion in our schools. i'm pretty proud of a very conservative record and that record will stand up to that of virtually anybody else run not guilty this race. >> steve: there you go. >> brian: four years ago you were in second. now there is high hopes that you're going to come in first. regardless, you're going to new hampshire next where you have a double digit lead. governor romney, thank you for joining us. >> brian, gretchen, steve, good to be with you this morning. >> steve: thank you very much. wear a coat. it's cold there. >> gretchen: let's do some other headlines. >> brian: the vacation is over. the first family touching down at the white house an hour ago after an overnight flit from
8:41 am
hawaii. the president returning to work just as a republican candidates are squaring off in the iowa caucuses caucuses and he does not want to be left out. tonight the president is hosting a live web chat with supporters in iowa. tomorrow, travels to cleveland, ohio for a speech about the economy. >> steve: meanwhile, take a look at this video, quite the mess on i-75 in grand county, kentucky. at least 41 cars were part of this pileup caused by some snow storm that brought close to a foot of snow and ice. eight people were hurt, but are expected to be okay. that's good news. same storm system is moving out east today. as much as two feet of snow expected to pummel upstate new york. so look out. get out the shovel. >> gretchen: we first showed think video last hour here on "fox & friends." 13-year-old girl from sydney, australia who can make her eyebrows do almost anything. dance to the music. her name is sarah and she's a viral hit with over 7 million youtube views.
8:42 am
and that led us to a brand-new discovery. our own brian kilmeade can make his own eyebrows dance, too. who has the better brow dance? we report. you decide. >> steve: you versus the girl. i vote for you. >> brian: go and vote on-line. i can't lose. >> steve: can't i just tell you? can't i make a little hash mark? >> gretchen: i'll tell you why you have the upper edge. >> steve: she's cuter. >> gretchen: she is very beautiful. one reason why you might have the upper edge is because you can do that while you talk. >> brian: that's true. and she refuses to talk. >> steve: that we know of. >> brian: meanwhile, up straight ahead, more presidential election politics. can ron paul really win in iowa in the congressman's son, senator rand paul, joins us. >> steve: then both mitt romney and michelle bachmann are releasing powerful new ads heading into the caucuses tonight in iowa, but will either
8:43 am
one help those undecided voters? frank luntz and his dials are here
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. ron paul on the campaign trail yesterday. with him a familiar figure, his
8:46 am
own son, kentucky senator rand paul. will their last minute push be enough to help ron paul take iowa? senator rand paul joins me now from des moines. that's a lot of pauls. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: i notice that you have on a sweater vest. we've been talking all morning about how that's rick santorum's good luck charm. maybe you're not going to wear that for the rest of the day. >> i think he's copying me. i've been wearing the sweater vest for months now. i told my dad i would campaign for him in iowa, but i wasn't going to wear a tie. >> gretchen: okay. so it's more of the casual look. i do need to bring to you a quote, speaking of rick santorum, that he said just this morning. you might not like it. he says, ron paul is disgusting for allegedly using robo calls that is saying rick santorum is against the second amendment. your response? >> rick santorum has voted for funding for planned parenthood. he voted to double the size of
8:47 am
education. voted for foreign aid. these are way outside the main stream of conservative thought and i think when his record gets examined, santorum is going to have a lot of explaining to do. >> gretchen: one of the other things that people say about your father is that he's also out of main stream thought when it comes to foreign policy. and now we're seeing what iran has been up to for the last couple of days, potentially threatening the straits of hormuz and firing off test missiles and closer to having a nuclear weapon. will he continue to say that he does not believe iran is a threat? >> you know, he doesn't say that. he thinks iran, having a nuclear weapon is a bad idea. in fact, i would say ron paul's opinion is very similar to the head of israel's masad. he said yesterday we don't want iran to have a nuclear weapon, but it wouldn't be an exist yen shall fight. the three previous heads of the central command, general zini
8:48 am
and other two, all said that they were concerned about a preemptive war with iran. so really it's not about whether or not we care. we do care. but it's whether or not we think we could contain iran without a war. we contain the soviet union for 40 years when they had 30,000 intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reach the u.s. so it's not a matter of whether we care. it's a matter of whether or not it has to be war or whether or not we could contain iran. >> gretchen: let me ask you this, senator: does it bug you when you hear people call your dad a nut job and does it bug you when you hear people say that there is no way that your dad will be the republican nominee and now he's sitting potentially on top of the polls in iowa? does that bug you as his son? >> well, yeah. you have to have a thick skin. but nobody likes to see their family members attacked. what i would say is they sort of ignore reality. right now in the polling, ron paul is at or near the top in iowa. he's solidly second in new
8:49 am
hampshire. if you poll independents, most people think you need independents to win a general election, ron paul leads all republicans among independents. if you poll democrats, ron paul leads all republicans among democrats. so those are the kind of votes you need. when reagan won, he pulled a lot of democrat vote in 1980 and that's how you win is by encouraging and getting independents and democrats to vote for you also. >> gretchen: one group you left out are the young people who at one point voted for barak obama. in the latest polls, they're showing support for your father as well. i know you'll be on the campaign trail today for the last hours. thank you for making time for "fox & friends" this morning. senator paul, good to see you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up on our show, as we wind things down, candidates hoping to win over iowa's undecided voters with some powerful last-minute new ads. will that work? 41% of the people still undecided 11 hours to go. pollster frank luntz is next. let's check in with bill hemmer for what's on at the top of the hour. happy new year. >> happy new year.
8:50 am
welcome back. finally here, i mean, finally. today is the day. newt gingrich is here. he has some words for mitt romney. rick perry is here. he has some words about his own future and there is no quitting as you'll find out. four years ago today, mike huckabee was a winner in iowa. he handicaps today's vote on what you need to look out for as only huckabee can. martha and i will see you in tev minutes on "america's newsroom" call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties ha sixty calories oless per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce.
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>> brian: some quick headlines now, fox news alert. murder investigation now underway. queen elizabeth estate in eastern england, a dog walker found a woman's body on sunday and we'll change topics now. budget cuts eliminated their routes, but not their checks. these new york city bus drivers
8:54 am
belong to a union that guarantees them five full shift has week. so during the holiday, they're actually paid to play chess. union rules, baby. >> steve: great job if you can get it. >> brian: we've heard from the candidates. now it's the voters' turn. before the caucuses begin, onslaught of new campaign ads will hit the air waves in iowa. >> steve: joinings from des moines is pollster, frank luntz. good morning to you, frank. >> good morning. you can't swing a dead cat without seeing a new campaign ad. they're everywhere. i miss my mcdonald's big mac ads. >> steve: i bet you do. first up, let's take a look at the brand-new restore america ad from mitt romney. >> i appreciate all of you coming out this morning so early and being here and caring. i think we all care right now. we're all concerned about our country. i believe in him. i believe he has the experience. i've seen him in every
8:55 am
situation. i've seen him as a husband, as a father, as a governor, and as a successful businessman. everything he does, he does well. >> steve: we've heard so much about negative ads. this is very positive. how does it rate? >> it rated very well among voters. they're tired of all the negativity. they want candidates to tell them what they're for. mitt romney's wife is one of the not so secret weapons, she's very effective in what she communicates communicates and it humanizes the massachusetts governor. >> brian: let's talk about personalizing the congresswoman there minnesota. michelle bachmann has a new ad out, bring up margaret thatcher. >> born and raised in iowa, only one candidate has been a consistent conservative fighter who fought obamacare, fought increasing our debt ceiling, even as other republicans were cutting deals with obama. she'll never back down. one of our own, michelle bachmann for president. >> brian: born in iowa. you like the ad? >> it's a great ad.
8:56 am
the problem is it's too late. she came up with a thatcher analogy only over the last few days. if that had run a couple months ago, the timing would have been perfect, but she's linking herself with one of the most popular political figures among american conservatives. >> steve: what about the free media where candidate says something, for instance, this morning you got newt gingrich calling mitt romney a liar. yesterday or the day before, he said he had been romney boted. listen to this. >> the state decides to send that -- spend that much money, i feel romney voted. >> steve: does something like that stick? >> it can stick, but it's not what voters want to hear on caucus day. i'm not sure if i were to take -- if i would have taken that approach. i understand newt gingrich's frustration. you're leading in the polls because of your debate performance. you clearly have an incredible intellect. voters are swarming to you. and then you get destroyed because of four or $5 million worth of ads. i get it. it's not fair.
8:57 am
but voters do not like that word, liar. it turns them against the person who says it. basically it makes everybody look bad. i would not have recommended that he use that phrase. >> brian: do you think he's right to say i'm attacking from now on and it's going to be mitt romney? >> attacking? no. comparing, contrasting, demonstrating there's a difference, that works. >> steve: thank you for joining us live from des moines. >> thank you. >> brian: back in two i couldn't concei this as a heart attack. the doctor leaned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker." i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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