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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 3, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: one hour to go. we have heard from all the candidates for all these months and now for the first time, iowans have their say. it's the dead heat at the top. >> hi, how are you? >> i think all three of us will come out with a big boost from iowa. >> who is that candidate who has the vision for america? we need to make our nation a great nation once again. >> shepard: don't forget about all those uncommitted voters. >> we may pull off one of the greatest upsets in the history of the iowa caucuses. >> it's not over. i can do this. >> it is a powerful moment in america's history.
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this is omaha beach. >> tonight, the battle of 2012 begins. finally, first from fox this tuesday night, an hour from now thousands of iowa republics will meet at caucus sites across this state to make their choices for the presidency of the united states. based on their track record, they may not choose the president or even the g.o.p. nominee. but they could help narrow the options for the rest of the country. the latest polls predicting a photo finish former massachusetts governor mitt romney, ron paul and rick santorum. it's a heck of a come back for rick santorum, too. analysts say he may be surging at the perfect moment with no time left to fade away like so many of his rivals have. >> this is an important moment for our country. we are at a critical path. every generation, every generation of leaders has an obligation to be able to pass
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on to the next generation something greater. >> shepard: rick santorum going after congressman ron paul calling him disgusting. accusing him of backing robo calls claiming that rick santorum is antichoice and antigun battle. >> i think he wants to deflect away from some of the charges made against him by having a supporter of arlen specter. he was a pretty liberal senator. he supported prescription drug programs and no child left behind and voted for all the foreign aid, so i would say that he ought to be talking about that rather than calling me names. >> shepard: of course, lots of political types say ron paul has zero chance of becoming president. in fact, i asked his son, the senator rand paul about that today on "studio b." >> people want to win elections and they say well, it's important to get independent vote. if you get only republicans, you don't win. if you get only democrats you
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don't win. but when you poll ron paul he gets more independent vote than any other candidate. if you poll ron paul against president obama he does as well as romney and better than every other candidate in the republic side. >> shepard: so the candidate is spending one last day making their cases here in iowa. most of them hanging out in the des moines area. remember, only half of likely caucus goers say they have definitively made up their minds. some of them say they may wait until the very last minute to decide. that's what they say. team fox coverage now across iowa. steve brown with more on those crucial undecided caucus goers. shannon bream on how this arcane process actually works. first to campaign carl cammeron live here in des moines. newt gingrich and mitt romney also went at it today. man, we're all adults in the room, aren't we? >> well, shep, you know the whole field sort of divides nicely into two tiers, the rick santorum surging, mitt romney the long-time frontrunner throughout this
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race at the top tier along with ron paul. then there is the second tier. today newt gingrich this that second tier back in the polls along with michele bachmann and rick perry are looking forward to come back in south carolina. gingrich went hard at mitt romney today again essentially agreeing when asked that mitt romney is a liar. listen to this? >> mitt romney fails to tell the truth at three levels. he won't tell the truth at his own record. he is at best a massachusetts moderate, not a conservative. he has failed to refuse to tell the truth about his super pac, which is run by his staff and funded by his millionaire friends. and his super pac runs ads that are just plain lies. >> well, i understand newt must be very angry and i don't exactly understand why. look, i wish him well. it's a long road ahead. is he a good guy. i like he and calista. we have many months ahead of us. i will leave it at that. >> romney is spending the night in iowa expecting to do morning shows talking about his victory here tonight.
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newt gingrich, on the other hand, will leave this evening and head for new hampshire where tomorrow he has bought a full page ad in the union leader aimed squarely at mitt romney. looking at buying ads in south carolina and florida. the battle is on between mitt romney and gingrich. >> shepard: iowa asked mitt romney about his stand on abortion. sounds to us like he has made a major change in his position. >> he no longer makes exception for abortion in the case of rape or incest. a couple of weeks back mr. gingrich signed the so-called person hood pledge also signed by rick perry. both of them no longer make. life begins at conception and therefore it is a person at conception. they do continue to make exceptions for the life of the mother but only after all possible medical alternatives have been sought after. so, it is a change. but one that is consistent with his signing of that person hood pledge, shep? >> shepard: carl, last week newt gingrich broke down while talking about his mother.
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today, rick perry got a bit emotional, it appeared. >> he did. he was talking about veterans and you saw him wipe away a tear. it's the second time it actually happened today. mr. perry getting emotional. he, of course, is an air force veteran and today showing a little bit of a softer side of himself. may be something of a consequence how brutal the campaign has been all getting emotionally frayed. they will have a couple hours and then get saddled back up on their horses for new hampshire and south carolina. it's worth noting, shep, this is just the starting line. statistically no candidate, even if they were to win all the states sequentially will not be able to clinch this until august 30th. lots of elbowing but it starts pretty slowly in a crowded marathon starting line. >> shepard: cammeron season we call it carl cammeron. good to see you bud, thanks. tens of thousands attending the caucuses tonight have not yet decided which candidates
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to support. that's what they tell us. you decide whether to believe it half of iowa's likely caucus goers could still change their minds. how could they have decided in such a short period of time, right? some say why they are having such trouble picking a candidate. >> it's hard to find somebody that stands out in that crowd. >> not sure what we're going to do yet. >> i'm really undecided. i'm not going to note who i'm going to vote for because there is things i like about several different candidates. but they can't all be rolled into one. >> shepard: not a whole lot of love for any one person. well, all day today the campaigns have been trying a lot of different techniques to get folks on board. that continues our team fox coverage. steve brown at rick santorum's caucus night party in johnsston, iowa, about 15 miles north and west of us here in des moines. steve, santorum has been surging in the polls lately. how are his people capitalizing on that momentum. >> the lean campaign has been
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getting caucus captains and doing phone banking. it's been getting some help from folks organically organizing on their own. some from some pretty big organizations with deep reach into iowa. redeem the vote would be an example. they sent out an email to 750,000 iowa christians asking them to show up to caucus and display their values with their vote. it mentioned santorum is surging. it doesn't say vote for him and other candidates are mentioned but that's looking to be somewhat of a help to santorum. shep? >> shepard: nobody is more organized on the ground than ron paul. no one has more representatives at caucuses tonight by a mile. and his people are all smiles today, steve. >> they certainly are. they believe that they have grown the universe of caucus-going republicans by pulling in inactive republic voters. independents, democrats, and the youth vote. rock the caucus event over at valley high school in west des moines. he easily got the loudest round of applause. his campaign believes that
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they have tapped into that university kids that are on break. they will be caucusing at home in their hometowns in iowa. they think that's an advantage as well. shep? >> shepard: steve brown live with us tonight. thanks. iowans have their choice of more than 800 caucus sites across the state including schools and libraries. in a few cases people's homes. and even at one winery, which is probably what i would choose. but it's not like a primary where you just walk in and cast your ballot. no, we're full on arcane here. you listen to speeches from supporters of each republic candidate. write your choice on a little piece of paper or in some places you just do a show of hands if it's a small group. then a representative from each campaign can watch the ballot counting. democrats do things a little bit differently when they do. this supporters of each candidate gather in separate corners of a room to show their support for different candidates. but this is republicans. of course, president obama is running uncontested in iowa. more on his campaign a little later. first, shannon bream live in
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walk key wisconsin? i know it's 20 miles west of us. explain exactly who exactly is allowed to show up at these caucuses tonight. >> shep, you are got it right, it is walk keen. it is one of the spots. it a spot, a church seats more than 900 people. they are -- if you show up here with the proper i.d. and precinct you can register on the spot to become a republic and voting within minutes. shep? >> shepard: how important is the ground game? traditionally it has been very important in iowa. but have all these debates and all the television changed that? >> well, political insiders here say it is all about the ground game whether a candidate has been building it for weeks or for months. they say it's going to show through tonight. we talked with tim albrecht from the governor's office. here is some insight from him. >> that's where organization
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matters. campaigns are the best organization are going to call every single last one of their supporters, which could number in the 20 to 30,000 range and make sure they know where to go on caucus night. >> another important role for surrogates is to give that last-minute speech before the voting begins. some spots folk also actually seat candidates themselves. in fact, texas governor rick perry is prepared to make a stop here with own final plea within the hour. shep? >> shepard: shannon bream live with us waukee. thank you. just ahead the "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace will be here to tell us what we can expect after iowa and how tonight could set the pace for the whole republic race. that's coming up from the journalists of fox news on this special edition of "the fox report." ho ho ho we're from iowa it's caucus night. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
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or shrimp and scaops alfredo. all four courses, just $15. [ jody ] it's really good value. all my guests love it. i'm jody gonzalez, red lobster general manager. and i sea food differently. >> i'm not going to run ads and go out and show romney with a growing nose like pinocchio. if somebody asks me straight to my face do you think governor romney has been telling the truth? i'm going to tell them the truth. no, i don't think he is telling the truth. >> this is campaign where you need to have broad shoulders. i'm not going to whine about ads being too tough. i'm going to insist they be honest. >> shepard: lying and whining. those were not the only two candidates taking shots at each other today. we can expect more back and forth as the battle moves beyond iowa.
7:15 pm
the "fox news sunday" anchor and playboy's chris wallace part of our caucus team tonight. is he live in our newsroom in new york. how are things in new york, chris, and how do you feel about. this first of all greetings from the number 21 ranked harvard crimson while everybody else was checking with the vote total was in dubuque 8 years ago i was checking ole miss is 9-4. go ahead, shep. >> shepard: that's all i have. chris wallace with us live from new york. good night. just kidding. most of us don't understand why it all begins to iowa. why iowa is supposed to matter so much. why it should be relevant to people across the country why this place should be the one that win those people down. it is what happens. i need to know from you what happens past tonight. >> you made exactly the right point. win knowing down. it isn't that they are going to go on to be the republic nominee let alone the president of the united
7:16 pm
states. iowa has a pretty poor record of picking nominees and picking presidents. we went back over. carl rove and i going back over it today george h.w. bush lost in iowa in 19 8 went on to win the nomination. i think it was bob doll in 1996 and george w. bush in 2000 are the only two people who won the iowa nomination went on iowa caucus went on to win the nomination and bush was the only one that went on to be president. it's the winnowing down factor. it's not that they pick the president they pick who isn't going to be the president. you hear talks people who finish fourth, fifth and sixth might go on. awfully hard for them to mount seirous campaigns after finishing up the track in iowa. >> shepard: carl cammeron said to me yesterday all these flavors of the week within this group, especially on the conservative side had rick
7:17 pm
santorum not not accelerated at this moment by next week he would have been down the ladder anyway. he has a real shot here tonight, doesn't he. >> absolutely. people said maybe he peeked too early he peaked two days before the caucuses. as we saw with newt gingrich three weeks. people said that was the exact right time. 20 points in 20 days. you hope santorum can hold on to his surge. is he going to do well tonight. no question about it. some will say it's because he did it the old fashioned ways. he campaigned in all 99 counties of iowa. some will say it's because he is the last man standing. in any case is he going to get a big boost. as we saw from mike huckabee if you come from the back of the field and peak at the right moment do well win or finish in the top two or three in iowa you become part of the conversation. remember, we have been paying attention to this for a long time, real people with real lives haven't. so tonight may be the first night that they really are paying serious attention to the republic field.
7:18 pm
if rick santorum does well and gives a good speech tonight, a lot of republicans are saying hey, maybe i should consider him for the nominee in the other contests. >> shepard: you talked about newt gingrich. three and a half to $5 million of outside money that suddenly legal in america that took him down. anybody anywhere saying why do we allow this again? >> well, the supreme court said that we could allow it and interestingly enough, i guess it was the "wall street journal" is saying no, you t. shouldn't be the outside groups. but there shouldn't be any limits on how much money you can give to the campaign. so that if mitt romney wants to run tough campaigns against newt gingrich he can do it. don't have the outside groups. just have unlimited contributions, unlimited spending by the candidates themselves. >> shepard: all right. chris wallace in new york following things for us. we will be watching you this "fox news sunday" from manchester, new hampshire, looking ahead to the nation's first in the nation primary. that's down the dial on your local fox stations. check your local listing for harvard zone and playboy's
7:19 pm
best chris wallace. new threats tonight out of iran and they are very real. telling the united states navy to stay out of one of the world's most important shipping routes. oh really iran? details on that ahead. plus, murder at the queen of he can gland's royal estate. the latest on that case coming up. of course, our special coverage of tonight's iowa caucuses continues when "the fox report" returns to des moines, iowa. all politics all night because fox news is america's election headquarters.
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>> shepard: welcome back to fox news special coverage from the embassy suites hotel historic indeed in downtown des moines. we are on the party deck. that's what they call it to note that we have changed the
7:23 pm
water blue tonight. nice, right? huge night ahead of the caucuses which begin just 38 minutes from now. you know the economy will likely play a big role here and in the primary election process that follows. the candidates' plans for america's finances could make or break their campaigns frankly. we will talk to the fox business network's gerri willis about that in a few minutes. don't forget 8:00 eastern time. 37 minutes from now. bret baier and megyn kelly will have full coverage of the action as the iowa caucuses unfold before our very eyes. there is big news outside of iowa if you can believe it as well. the pentagon this morning announced that united states warships will stay in the persian gulf in the face of iran's warnings to get lost. the islamic republic has been holding naval war games in the gulf near the strait of hormuz which is no doubt the most important waterway on this planet. in fact, more than 20% of oil traded in the world goes through it. and that's exactly why the
7:24 pm
pentagon reports it has zero plans to leave it. so what from iran? "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is in our new york city newsroom. this saber rattling is all about iran's nuclear program, right? >> absolutely, shep. to try to force the iranians to back off that nuclear program, the u.s. just announced a whole new round of economic punishments targeting iran's central bank and, therefore, its oil experts. so now you see iran staging these war games and issuing these kind of threats against u.s. warships. but it is hard to find any experts, shep, who thinks that iran would follow through with those kind of threats and invite the inevitable and overwhelming military response it would get, shep. >> shepard: what's been the official verbal response from our side to that side? >> to completely dismiss these threats as unfounded. and to say that u.s. warships will continue to move where they want to, when they want to, in accordance with
7:25 pm
international law. the state department spokesman also said today that officials believe this just shows that iran is beginning to feel the squeeze, listen. >> we see these threats from tehran as just increasing evidence that the international pressure is beginning to bite there. and that they are feeling increasingly isolated and they are trying to divert the attention of their own public from the difficulties inside iran. >> and the french president tonight, shep, backing the u.s. call for tougher economic action in what is shaping up to be a critical year in iran's nuclear development. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt on the new developments from new york. jonathan, thank you. the iowa caucuses kick off the 2012 presidential race, of course, and some analysts say this day could be a key battleground come november. check in with bill hemmer on the changing face of iowa. plus the republic rivals battling a a common enemy tonight, the weather.
7:26 pm
it's cold here for those of us who aren't from here. i mean it was 16 here last night with a a wind chill of zero and iowans are walking around in thongs. not really. they are not all bothered by the cold like the rest of the country. they are used to it they are heartier than that that's the wind chills, that's not going to do anything. not to iowans. might keep a floridian at home. iowans giggling at that. democrats are caucusing here too. it's more of a pep rally for their only candidate. they will be hearing from president obama. we will get an update from the white house on a special edition of "the fox report." we we are just getting started. caucus time is upon us. get a sitter. you are going to want to pay attention tonight. >> republicans, in general, aren't enthusiastic about any of their choices. and that is one of the reasons i think that there isn't a single one of them that is showing in any poll right now that they would beat president obama in iowa. and nationally, president
7:27 pm
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24-year-old german national's arrest came after federal agents saw surveillance video of a man who looks a lot like the suspect leaving the scene of one of those fires. according to "l.a. times" newspaper and its reporting, law enforcement sources say that weeks before those fires began the suspect launched into an angry anti-american tirade at a deportation hearing for his mother. investigators now say that more than 50 fires caused at lease $3 million in damage. we are told there have been no new fires since the arrest. but police say they have not ruled out the possibility that somebody else might have been involved. i'm shepard smith. and this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. live from the heart of des
7:31 pm
moines. 30 minutes and counting now until the start of one of the great traditions in american politics, the iowa caucuses. and the official opening of the 2012 presidential election race. so let the games begin. as you may know, the political landscape in iowa is quite a bit different than it was just a few years ago. it's been conservative in the past but many analysts now consider it a swing state. with us now from our new york studios the co-anchor of america's newsroom bill hemmer. swing state, hey? >> yeah, shepard. good evening to you. guess what is back now in the touch screen. the billboard ready for a whole new season. great technology that will take us through the election year in 2012. look at historical knowledge, your economic data. track the candidates on a daily basis. tonight, what we are going to show you is how historically iowa has gone back and forth. it certainly has become over the past several decades a swing state. take you back to 2004 on the map behind us red is republic and blue is democrat. in 2004, when george bush took
7:32 pm
on john kerry there were 1.5 million votes cast in iowa. george bush won iowa that year by only 10,000 votes. the slimmest of margins. auto% to 49%. come four years later, in the year 2008, barack obama not much of a problem with john mccain that year. solidly democratic for iowa that year. 54% to 45%. that takes us up to tonight. and how do you win a caucus? mike huckabee did just that four years ago in iowa. we wanted to find out how he did that? where did he go in the state and where did he find his strength to beat mitt romney finish 1 and 2 in 2008. huckabee 1 and romney second. 99 counties in iowa. deep red is where huckabee did so well right here in the center part of the state. he almost ran the table in that part of iowa. romney won the ends, the sides. he won the western part which tends to be more conservative. he won the eastern part which tends to be more liberal.
7:33 pm
look tonight to see if romney adds to his victory of 2008 when he won in these specific counties or does somebody like rick santorum or ron paul sneak in and take away some of this. it's something that we will be watching. with returns in, and some parts of iowa within the hour, we have that for you on the board when we come back then, shepard. back to you. >> shepard: beautiful thing. hemmer and the billboard along with martha maccallum along with the entrance polls. those are interesting. i got a sneak peek coming up 27 minutes from now as bret baier and megyn kelly kick off the coverage of the 2012 iowa caucuses. democrats in iowa are caucusing as well. there is just one candidate. you know him. as bill mentioned president obama's 2008 iowa caucus win helped propel him to the democratic nomination and ultimately obviously the presidency. earlier today on "studio b" the florida congresswoman and debbie wasser isman schultz told us her party is ready for round 2. >> we will be ready tomorrow when all the republic
7:34 pm
candidates shut their offices down ant go on to the next states to hit the ground running, run an effective grass roots campaign. win iowa again for the president and on to november 5th. >> shepard: they have to get doo some work to get it done. half of iowans approve of the president's job performance according to nbc news and marist cleaning -- college poll. ed henry is live outside the white house tonight. the focus is on the republicans squarely the president is getting involved tonight as well, ed? >> that's right, shep. a little less than an hour from now here in washington, the president will be speaking through a special video hookup with iowa democrats at some of those caucus sites tonight to try to sort of rally his troops if you will. the bottom line is as you noted it was four years ago tonight that then senator obama's career was really propelled by that surprise victory in the iowa caucuses. the republic national committee has a web video out right now saying that basically using some of his
7:35 pm
words that night in the victory speech against him to say that his record has been nowhere near what he promised that night. but when the president speaks in a little while, his aides tell me you will hear a little bit of what we see in this obama campaign video that's been put together that basically says a lot of the promises he made four years ago have been kept. take a listen. >> i will be a president to finally makes health care affordable and available to every single american and put a middle clas tax cut into the pockets of working americans who deserve it. >> and the bottom line is tomorrow the president will be in the battleground state of ohio talking the economy. republicans may be getting most of attention right now but he is still going to be hitting these battleground states, shep. >> shepard: what's the white house saying about how critical the president is going to be come november. >> one of those smaller states that could tip the scale. there is only six electoral votes but every one is going to count. as you noted while is he
7:36 pm
unopposed tonight on the democratic side, obviously, nevertheless, the obama campaign has more than 20 paid staffers right now on the ground in iowa. they have 8 different offices all across the state. des moines register's web site today the obama in a campaign bought ads all over the sight to get his name out there. the reason is that they believe in a close race those six electoral votes that he had last time going to be uphill battle now because of the economy, every electoral vote is going to count. that's why he is trying to rally the base tonight there even by delivering this speech, shep. >> shepard: ed henry out in the yard it snowed a little bit today i heard. >> just a tiny bit. a dusting. >> shepard: tis the season. thank you. ed henry at the white house. by now you probably know the former massachusetts governor mitt romney is running for president. did you know was named after the founder of a major hotel chain? a look at the life of the g.o.p. candidate coming up. you might find this interesting. plus, a couple weeks back a long time republic political consultant very well respected ed rollins made the following
7:37 pm
prediction about the texas congressman ron paul. >> he has been running nonstop for six years. he came very close, 150 votes of winning the straw poll. is he probably going to win the caucus or certainly come in second. >> shepard: you really think is he probably going to win iowa. >> i think he could very easily win iowa. >> shepard: you think he will, you said? >> i think he will. >> shepard: again, that was december the 20th. it's now, what, january 3rd? what does ed rollins say now? we will hear that along with the latest on the first contest of the 2012 presidential race as fox reports live from des moines. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] feeling like a shadow of your former self?
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♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪ trying to get people to caucus for them tonight. everybody. they are very busy and we will watch them. continuing coverage from the caucuses live from des moines tonight. two weeks ago on "studio b" the veteran g.o.p. consultant and fox news political consultant ed rollins made a bold prediction for the time. at the time ron paul was not winning anything, certainly not iowa. but he predicted that day, ron paul will win here tonight. well before the polls showed him among the frontrunners here at iowa. today on "studio b" ed rollins came back and said ron paul
7:41 pm
has a strong chance for the caucuses but as for the white house, forget about it. >> shepard: you can or any other legitimate non-biased political observer chart a path to the presidency in any way, shape, manner or form for ron paul. >> no, i can't. >> shepard: no? you can think of anyone who can. >> i don't think anybody can honestly say that clearly if he wanted to go as a third party which we all hope he doesn't he could create chaos. i expect him to be in the race all the way to the end. i hope the party is smart enough to treat him with respect and his supporters with respect because we desperately need them in the fall. >> shepard: he put ron paul and mitt romney basically neck and neck here in iowa as all the polls have shown. ed rollins ran congressman woman michele bachmann's campaign at the beginning for a short time. he said congressman bachmann would be smart to end her race for the white house after today. he says she has absolutely zero chance. stocks gained some momentum today the first trading day of the year.
7:42 pm
by the end of it all we were up almost a percentage point and and a half. the dow up 800 points. the nasdaq up 44. s&p 519. tonight call it a come back. the economic outlook for 2012 still uncertain. many americans can't find work and the housing crisis continues. critical issues likely to dominate the election season which officially kicks off in iowa tonight. could come down to whose recovery plan the folks like best. we like gerri willis best. she is back in our newsroom in new york. what's the most important economic indicator, gerri for this election? >> jobs, jobs, jobs. as you look at this election calendar, the states holding these primaries, these contests have higher and higher rates of unemployment. iowa at a .7%. by the time you get to february, nevada has 13% unemployment. have you got to think the later we get the more voters are obsessed with the idea of the economy. who can fix the economy and, of course, jobs.
7:43 pm
>> shepard: how different is the economic climate expected to be by the end of the year? i mean, i know you don't have a crystal ball and all of that what are the economists saying. >> i can tell you the federal reserve said today they expect a moderate pace of growth. consensus is 3% broad economic growth by the fourth quarter. the jobs rate isn't expected to go down dramatically it should be marginally lower at the end of the year. not dramatically. that could make a big difference to a lot of the people going to the polls then. >> shepard: gerri willis reported 5:00 eastern time 4:00 here in des moines on the fox business network right down the dial or up it probably. if you don't get it, you should demand it now that the election process about to start. we will be introducing you to all the g.o.p. contenders here on "the fox report." tonight, mitt romney one of several candidates taking turns at republic frontrunner. recent polls giving him a commanding lead in new hampshire. i'm talking commanding. is he one of the top three here in iowa. the twists and turns in his
7:44 pm
current run for the white house just the latest in the long string of ups and downs personal and political life. >> there has never been a president of the united states that was born in michigan. and i'm hoping to rectify that. >> willard mitt romney born in detroit in 1947. the youngest child of an auto executive owho became the state's governor. >> only through political acts can [inaudible] desstruckive trends in america be reversed. >> shepard: his own live reaccept neld. is he named after his father's friend willard marriott the founder of the hotel chain. romney stopped using first name in kindergarten. his childhood friend ann would grow up to become his wife. they started dating in prep school. >> she a date with someone else. i said to that guy that brought her to the party i live closer to ann than do you. could i give her a ride home for you? he said sure.
7:45 pm
she have been going steady ever since. ♪ happy day ♪ >> shepard: mitt romney spent two years as a mormon missionary in france. while there, he was in a car crash so serious the first officer on the scene reported him dead. but romney recovered and returned to the states to earn undergrad degree from bringingham young followed by mba and law degree from harvard. as his family expanded, romney began his career in the management consulting industry before going into business for himself. >> it's been a dream of mine to try to build a business from the ground up. >> he founded a profitable investment banking firm and became the go-to guy when the 2002 salt lake winter olympics were deep in red ink. >> we would like people sit in the front rows to pay as much money as possible as they would going to the super bowl or nba finals. >> raise mitt romney's political profile. he had already run a
7:46 pm
unsuccessful campaign against ted kennedy in the 1990s. in 1992 he won the race for massachusetts governor. at home his wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. mother of five fought through it and doctors say the disease is now in remission. mitt went on to run for president four years ago. when john mccain pulled ahead in the early primary states. >> this isn't an easy decision, i hate to lose. >> shepard: romney dropped out leaving little doubt about his intentions to try again. >> shepard: romney's given first name was willard. mitt was the name of his father's cousin who played for the chicago bears in the 1920s. coming weeks campaign 2012 continues we will take a look at the rest of the g.o.p. frontrunners inside fox report. democratic strategists and former clinton advisor lanny davis had some choice words for the iowa caucuses words like illegitimate. he joins us next to explain
7:47 pm
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>> shepard: live in des moines, iowa. caucus night. just a few minutes away. 10 minutes now. but before one more prediction from a man who is, well, called what's happening here tonight the most antidemocratic and ridiculously important state nominating process of all. fox news contributor lanny davis is with us from new york. >> who said that? >> shepard: he has been involved in -- i think you said it. that is what you said. have you been involved in every iowa caucus since 19 the 68 except for '96 when you started a two year stent special consultant to president bill clinton. the last time i was with you at one of these events it was four years ago in iowa and we
7:51 pm
were ready for a coronation of hillary clinton. i think they spent $3 million on a party and barack obama won it. how was that? >> i just told your producer that i'm sitting here thinking back to having a broken heart just about when you and i were together, shep. so, it's a painful memory. i have been a friend of hillary clinton. let's move on. i don't want to remember that painful night it was a very painful night. >> shepard: why did you say these things about iowa? should i repeat them. >> people of iowa i love you you are great state please forgive me. your antidemocratic. don't get a chance to secret ballot. have you stond topic. the voter registration checkpoints are very loose. >> shepard: that's for democrats. >> the fact is that it's a very small turnout of a very small atypical state that has a disproportionate impact on electing presidents. >> shepard: the average attendance at the university of michigan home football games is 111,000. if they are lucky tonight they
7:52 pm
will have 140,000 iowans beginning the process for 320 million americans. makes perfect sense to me. >> look, before i get destroyed next time i go to iowa, the fact is these people do take this seriously. they want to meet and talk three our four times to every presidential candidate kind of like new hampshire which has a disproportionate influence on the process. i have been saying this since 1968, it's never going to change because nobody running for president is ever going to challenge iowa because they know they need iowa. >> shepard: democrats may be sitting around giggling at this process as it's one frontrunner after another frontrunner after another. have you got a candidate whose poll numbers are low. who is dealing with unemployment numbers which history tells us means he can't win. now, history may not repeat itself but history says with these numbers you can't win. >> well, people have to make choices and i do agree that president obama would probably numbers have to get better by next october.
7:53 pm
people have to make a choice as to whether president obama would do a better job than the republic that they are looking at. and right now the republicans are shooting at each other and not looking so good. but i don't think there is a basis for confidence here. i think president obama still being in the 40s in his approval rating is a big problem. republicans get their act together, this is going to be a very tough election. >> shepard: mitt romney, is that the one that democrats are most worried about? i mean, that's what they would like for us to believe. but i just feel like they got, you know a few dozen million dollars that they are going to throw at it. >> well, first of all, mr. romney is the more moderate among the range of conservatives even though he wouldn't like me to say that until he he gets through the primaries and then he will probably like that. but i think he is quite weaker than i really thought. i have a lot of admiration for him. but what he is now doing about trying to deny he had anything to do with the gang up on newt gingrich with millions of dollars from a super pac and he sorts of says oh i have nothing to do with that. >> shepard: please. >> now he won't disclose his
7:54 pm
income tax returns. this is going to catch up to him on the issue of authenticity and candor which is his greatest vurentd. i think he has really got a tough road and may not be as electable as people think. >> shepard: what about newt gingrich? what happened? >> well, look, is he clearly the smartest, most experienced, probably the most qualified but all that baggage and the negative super pacs made it very tough on him. >> shepard: yep. they came down on him with $3.5 million from the romney camp. whether the romney camp wants to admit that or not is another matter. that's all legal. newt gingrich is done as a result. >> let the fighting continue, shep. let them keep throwing all that mud at each other. >> shepard: you can count on that. you should remember it very well by the time you got to new hampshire it was tear time just to get back in it, remember? >> well, she also won all the big states that i can think of. >> shepard: she did. >> going to the end. i'm still very proud of her as secretary of state. there you go. >> shepard: she has worked hard. lanny davis, great to see you as always. >> thanks, shep.
7:55 pm
>> shepard: latest on how the g.o.p. con tenders are making their final pushes. man, we're five minutes to caucus time. get in that car. get down the road now iowans. ho ho ho. most amazing superfruits. hey, keep it down mate, you'll wake the kids. plum amazins. new, from sunsweet. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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7:58 pm
i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home. >> shepard: two minutes now to the start of caucusing in iowa. here is some of what we have been following as we wait for them to begin. the former pennsylvania senator rick santorum calling texas senator disgusting because claim santorum is pro-choice and antigun choice. congressman paul's response that is not nice. mitt romney still locked in a dead heat with ron paul and rick santorum. all three holding last minute campaign events today in an attempt to draw support and win over undecided iowans. texas governor rick perry showing signs he will stay in the race after iowa no matter. what rick perry's campaign officials confirm this afternoon they started buying tv time in south carolina. and on this day in 1959, the
7:59 pm
president dwight d. eisenhower signed a bill admitting the territory of alaska into our union as america's 49th state. it began just after the civil war when the secretary of state then, william seward purchased alaska from the russians. the deal infuriated the u.s. congress and the press called the territory a polar bear garden 30 years later things changed when prospect tores discovered gold there after world war ii the push for stayed hood began. another star joined the stripes 53 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, january the 3rd, 2012. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us into your home. and iowans thanks for having us into your state. it's a fascinating process to watch. you might not think that the arcane way they do things around here is the right process for this all to begin. but it's how to works. tonight iowans begin an american tradition, choosing who our next leader will


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