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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 4, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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mouse. think of it ... that's it for "studio b" with shepard smith. i'll be back for the "fox report" tonight. two days of dow to far in the new year, each a positive day. speaking of positive, your man cavuto is up next. >> the people of iowa spoke with a very clear voice. so i have decided to stand aside. >> neil: bye-bye bachmann, hello rick. the texas governor says he's in. the former pennsylvania senator is going all out. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. rick santorum ready to go mano-a-mano with mitt romney. santorum's poll numbers in south carolina look better and a chance for a nasty ad war look
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good, or should i say bad. aides for santorum say he's about to find out what happens to those who soar. rick perry ace rise reversed when ron paul tied him to al gore. romney pounded his ties to freddie mac. what do you think, buddy? >> neil, i think he's going to go after earmarks, something that santorum got hit on but no one noticed because santorum was in the single digits. earmarks, government spending. >> neil: bob, you're an encyclopedia. you have defended the earmark process in the past and he's since tried to explain by saying, you know, it's money out there that goes to justifiable causes. >> and government spending while in congress, both in the house
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and as a leader in the senate, also i think they're going to go back to his 2003 vote to expand medicare to add a drug benefit, costly benefit not paid for. can rick santorum take a punch? romney did not have a great night last night. no doubt about it. but at the same time he's been able to take on all comers and win on a one-on-one situation as you mentioned. newt gingerich, perry, bachmann, he's been able to knock them out. can he knock rick santorum out? i think this is going to go on for a while. >> neil: i'm looking at mitt romney saying a few weeks ago, it seems like ancient history but governor romney was criticized by the governor of the iowa for not campaigning enough in iowa and embarrassing romney to come to iowa to campaign more there. he was not giving romney a chance in iowa, focuses instead on new hampshire. to win after all that, by eight votes, a win is a win is a win,
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is it not? >> that's right. that is something he's going to say. it was a close win. i wasn't there all the time. i didn't put resources that i did in 2008. it's a pretty good showing and of course then the pressure builds, he's been in new hampshire a lot, that's his backyard. he did not win by 2008, shocked by senator mccain, who endorsed romney today. he's going to have to come up big in new hampshire and he probably will. >> neil: what about a more independently minded streak emerging, huntsman is 10%. could anyone give much of a challenge, leaving the ads out of it, to mitt romney there? >> i don't think so in new hampshire. i think it would be very difficult. huntsman has not gotten the traction he expected to get. he's got all his eggs in a new hampshire basket but it depends on mitt romney. he's been strong in the debate, other times he had a $10,000 bet
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with rick perry and stumbled in the interview with bret baier and came across defensive. it depends how mitt romney performance. his speech last night wasn't great. santorum's was more genuine and he has to come across as the genuine candidate. they're asking what makes mitt romney tick. the base is under decided. will they get behind rick santorum in south carolina? there's a chance. >> neil: we shall see. bachmann is out and perry is in. the man who put them in this political pickle is up. in iowa he's all but a king, or a king maker. bob vander plats, head of the social conservative organization, the family leader. i was so thinking that he was a researched last night on "fox business," i called him a
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reverend and he politely told me you're wrong, i'm not a researched but i answer to god. -- reverend but i answer to god. kidding. when bob went with rick santorum, he not only put a single digit polling senator near the to be, he got other conservatives to blow their top. welcome back, thanks for coming. >> i appreciate being here and my mom thanks you for calling me a reverend. she always wanted me to be a preacher. >> neil: i didn't mean any offense. you were the answer to senator santorum's prayers. in the state of iowa, what i found intriguing, you did at times when santorum looked like he was going nowhere, you weren't saddling up with the guy in the lead so to touche to tha. but the argument, we're not in iowa anymore. we're going to new hampshire, we're going to south carolina, where your influence might be
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less. and where shock of shocks, some people might knowshon -- no you so santorum's on his own. >> we can't make the same makes a we mistakes. the pro family leaders need to embrace rick santorum, they need to get around him and coalesce so this can become a santorum versus romney race. romney does not want to go one-on-one. he wants a fragmented field. santorum i believe is take it to romney so it's up to us to make it happen. >> neil: what you want to make happen is the other guys to go away. michele bachmann is going away, rick perry is not as of now. newt gingerich is still in the race. in fact, he seems to indicate he's ready to go negative
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himself in ads that worked against him in iowa. what do you make of that? how divided is this field? >> i give compliments to michele bachmann for putting the cause of the country above herself. rick perry needs to reassess his campaign effort. he spent $4.5 million in the state of iowa and he went from 10% to 10%, not a good return. newt gingerich has been open today about saying he would like to be in collaboration with rick santorum to make sure that we have an alternative to mitt romney. mitt romney really ticked the u.s. speaker off and i think if he wants to get his payback, let's surround rick santorum and go one-on-one with mitt romney. >> neil: do you think in so doing, you might be inviting a holy war in the republican party? and that doesn't ultimately suit your end needs.
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>> i don't think so. i think what this is going to be, it's a vigorous primary. obviously we saw it in iowa. it was relentils against speaker gingrich with the negative ad. i think if 75% of iowans and 75% of americans say they want an alternative to romney, let's provide an alternative then have a full-fledged debate and who wins this, let's defeat barack obama. >> neil: all right. bob, my treat. thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. a pleasure. >> i'm really here for one reason and one reason only, that is to make sure we make mitt romney the next president of the united states of america. >> neil: was it me or that great 2008 show? john mccain throwing his support behind hit rival then. his presidential choice now. mitt romney. but with romney under fire over healthcare and rick santorum
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getting hit on earmarks, what is loyal tea partyer to do? we grab jennifer stefan knowo. >> i think you do exactly what you want. as a tea partyer again, not united, not one voice, not one leader, i'm one of many. this is why you see santorum and gingrich rising. there's an amazing ground game and organization here that people are going into the camps they believe in and pushing it forward. that's why it's competitive. >> neil: what he's saying is they're dividing. that there's a -- you have gingrich and perry still in it obviously michele bachmann left but they'll divide the tea party and help mitt romney win. >> not necessarily. mitt romney barely won. >> neil: did he win? w, w, w. >> not only did he win. we went in iowa, romney leaves.
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it was a media event. >> neil: i was in the air for seven hours and made it an event. just play along and say it was important. >> everything you do is important. don't you love this fight? this is old school. >> i know it mentions you a lot, you and different groups and organizations, what is it with you guys and mitt romney? >> you know what? i'm one of the few -- they're about to revoke my tea party card. i don't think he's that bad. they have a stroke. people get angry. look, you look at santorum and romney and gingrich and they're all flawed. they have problems. >> neil: if you're going to go offer mitt romney on flip-flop, leaving aside the president's flip-flop, what about newt gingerich's flip-flops? what about rick perry's? what about rick santorum's flip-flops? >> these saints among us?
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the. >> neil: the way you tea parties make it sound? >> we're all individuals. >> neil: no you're not. you're out to torpedo mitt romney. >> no, i'm not. here's what people have to look at. the lore of bore. romney and santorum have something valuable, they're boring. >> i built a career on it. >> obama is boring. they're family men, they have children and wives. they go home. that is very, very important in a presidential candidate. newt gingerich, god bless him, not boring, very exciting but obama will attack personally because nothing adds up. the jobs, the deficit, he doesn't want to focus on that. >> neil: i have followed movements and events and you and i were in the fur vent fire you. like that. >> i love it. >> neil: that's a problem. you never look at guys who are boring. you say the lore bore, you don't
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mean it. >> this is not a slight but family man, six kids. not a lot of scandal. that's -- he almost took out mitt romney. >> what about mitt romney? >> same thing. romney, they feel it's the kennedy thing. he tried to go to the left. >> neil: hello, governor of massachusetts. >> you have to understand it's a individual movement and people will focus on the personal assets. >> neil: you're saying one thing but you're giving -- i wish we had an image person. you're saying one thing but you don't mean it. >> you're saying i'm a politician. >> neil: you're open to boring but you are the type of woman in school who every guy, you would say he's a nice personalty but boring. >> meat and potatoes, not flash and dash. my father told me, stay away from the flash and dash, stay with the meat and potatoes.
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i want boring. you know what i think? in life, with children and candidates, the more you give them hardship and they have to overcome, the stronger they'll be. whoever wins, it's going to have to be tough to get there and they'll be strong going after the most vicious opponents. we're going back to '56, this is good stuff. >> neil: you have to take a vacation. >> i don't get out much. >> neil: jennifer, thank you very much. take a look at this. >> you know, they're off. the primary race is getting started and so is our nonstop business coverage. the primaries and pocketbook in new hampshire. we'll have the results life market reaction from the "fox business" network at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we just got back just a few minutes ago. we were on the air until 3:00 in the morning.
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>> neil: the white house said to be liking the outcome of the iowa caucuses, it may mean the gop candidates will pick each other apart. what does it say about divided opposition, it's the best? the next guest says the president should worry about the iowa entrance poll. the number one concern, the economy. something we haven't seen in decades. james, with the daily -- jamie, what is interesting is -- you think it's obvious the economy would be a dominate concern. social conservatives issues, prayer, abortion, pertinent issues dominated. not this go around, aye iaea ron
4:18 pm
in this case. >> it might not have been dominant in iowa traditionally but the economy affected most americans and going into the general election it will continue to dominate. the president is going to have trouble focuses on his own record. he can't tout his stimulus bill, which was to keep unemployment below 8% and it shot to 10%. he can't tout the healthcare bill, which is unpopular so he can only hope the republican race will drag on and he'll look to republicans after they beat each other up. >> i looked at the polls and iowans are questioned about their own positions and how they're doing. they were more upbeat so i'm barack obama and saying, i could take that. i could take the 20, 21 months
4:19 pm
of trending jobs and improvement in retail sales, though not great, steady gains. the word from the white house is that they like the direction and that's what they're counting on, the direction continues going their way. >> well, the most i've heard from economists is they don't think the unemployment rate will drop below 8% by election day. historically, though there haven't been many cases, no president has been elected since fdr when it's above 8%. he's not touting his stimulus plan or healthcare bill, he's going after the do nothing congress, obstructionist congress and touting extremism in the republican party which seems he's trying to run attacking his opponent instead of his own record because he doesn't believe his record is popular. >> neil: if people are ticked
4:20 pm
off and really serious, 120,000 people, republicans, voting in iowa, if people are incensed, they come out of woodwork in droves. so i'm the white house reading that, i might say they're not as furious as jamie and others say. >> maybe they're not as furious and he reads it differently. i suggest they're underwhelmed by the republican field, which is understandable. i think the republican field has not inspired passion among the conservative base. understandably sew. the names that conservatives wanted to see jump in have not. maybe the turnout has more to do with the republican field than the people that are not -- that are happy with the current state of the economy. >> neil: they eventually coalesce around one guy. the same was said about bill clinton added other dwarfs. he emerges the guy. you never can tell.
4:21 pm
nameo jamie. thank you. >> up next, the winter storm everyone's talking about. is the price of orange juice about to melt your wallet?
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>> neil: the sound of chattering teeth up and down the east coast as we speak. old man winter blowing a bitter blast the air, the tail end of a weather system at a brought several nasty pileups in the midwest. rick reichmuth, freezing in manhattan with the latest. >> it's cold. look at the temperature, 24 degrees. a lot of people don't think 24 is much but it feels cold because it hasn't been cold on the eastern seaboard this
4:25 pm
winter. the snowstorm was a lake-effect snow storm. by this time the lakes are almost frozen so you don't get lake-effect snow at this point but the lakes, so warm still this year, because it's been one of the warmest winters on record so far, warmest decembers on record. so now it's feeling cold, no worries, it's a quick shot of cold extending across florida last night. tonight will be one more cold one then everybody warms up. a seesaw pattern will continue. look at this one weather map and it shows the temperature change over the last 24 hours. you can see the eastern seaboard where it's cold. so much of the ohio valley and towards florida, your temps are 15 degrees warmer than you were 24 hours ago. tonight is going to be better and by tomorrow in new york city, we're back to 40 degrees and above where we should be. the month of december, 27 out of
4:26 pm
31 days at or above average. it's been warm and now the cold air comes and it's a shock to many people. >> neil: indeed. and to those looking at the higher fuel costs. just like rick said, even people in florida are bundling up as the temperature fell below zero, florida home to the $9 billion a year citrus industry and the cold could heat up the fruit prices. these guys wear colorful, dramatic jackets to be recognized on the trading floor. scott, happy new year. >> happy new year to you too. >> neil: what's going on here? how bad is this versus other years we've seen florida fall prey to a freeze? >> well, it happens every now and again. it's not that shocking. what we have to worry about is that if you get the cold snaps that last a certain amount of time. in the big picture that is what
4:27 pm
we don't need. curious -- obviously enough we have reports about food inflation issues and this is down that allie. oranges, strawberries, grapefruits, lemons, lime, peppers and eggplant will all be affected. not to mention the workers laid off from lost crops. this effect will shock everybody down the line. number two, we've had some calls for this food inflation abate a little bit but we can't keep having these bad weather events happening like the freeze in florida and we've got a hot and dry spell in the southern hemisphere heating up other commodities. >> neil: you're an expert. the government is saying inflation is not a problem. the basket of goods is contained but i'm looking at the 4% uptick in orange prices even prior to the freeze. i'm looking at double digit
4:28 pm
gains in milk, cheese and other stuff. what is in their basket that's not in mine? >> their basket always changes. and they take out the inflationary things. i have a great story, in the 1930's when curtains game expensive english authorities took it out of their basket. there's always a changing and rebalancing of the basket to report better numbers. you're right, if you go across the border to the commodities in chicago and the freeze in florida, they're well above that are enormous and rallying. -- norms and rallying. look at oil. one of the biggest things to put the brakes on this economy that looks like it's turning around. you tell me, what is in their basket? everything keeps changing and they present an inflation basket which is a moving target. >> neil: you're good, scott. thank you very much. i appreciate it.
4:29 pm
>> thank you. >> neil: all right. forget mother nature, is the chill in the east coming from the trail?
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>> neil: get ready, it's about to get gast nasty. last night newt gingerich promised to fight rival mitt romney. >> the truth seems negative it may be more a comment on his record than politics. this debate begins tomorrow northern in new hampshire. >> neil: he's making good on that promise with his full page ad in granite state newspapers. carl cameron in manchester, new hampshire. karl, it's not a surprise mr. nice would turn mr. many mean -- mr. mean if he feels its fair game to respond. >> surprise, surprise. newt gingerich knows how to throw a punch.
4:33 pm
mr. gingrich has been pretty good in the last two weeks of saying when i get to new hampshire i'm going to call mitt a bunch of names and he did but it's not negative, in the gingrich view, he's not giving mitt romney hell as he likes to say, he's saying it sounds like hell. the former speaker of the house was in manchester campaigning around new hampshire's largest city today. he got here early having flown from iowa last night. a union leader full page ad contrasted romney's position to gingrich, a pro gingrich ad, critical of romney. gingrich recognizes he's got a big, steep hill to climb and is on a mission to go offer mitt romney and ding up the massachusetts moderate unworthy of the republican party and part of the reagan legacy. while gingrich is on the attack he's not alone. rick santorum comes into new hampshire roaring, coming in second by eight votes and grabbed many of the headlines.
4:34 pm
santorum picks up momentum, the opportunity to raise money and he has a real necessity of building organization. he's got a small organization in new hampshire but it pales compared to romney who has run twice and taken up a vacation residence in new hampshire. santorum will provide a conservative criticism of mr. romney so there be a squeeze between gingrich and san form. romney got to new hampshire today. he didn't fly last night as is often the case when you win. you want to be on the ground first thing in the morning. romney got in midday. he went to central high school in manchester. there he had a rally that only consumed one-third of the gymnasium and there he talked about last night's win. and he suggested that he really expects folks from the granite state to do better than the iowa caucusgoers did. >> what a squeaker but it's nice
4:35 pm
to have a win. the question i have for you is can we do better here in new hampshire? with we -- yeah, yeah. >> reporter: that was a pretty good piece of raucous applause but it was the only good pause of plows. was a a flat reception. mr. romney had a late night and had to get up early for live shots and tv round robbins. then the commute to new hampshire. the audience threw him tough questions. there was some sort of occupy democratic leaning questions clearly there to mess him up. one child read a question probably written by a parent and it was tough. generally it was not the enthusiastic reception you would expect the frontrunner to have. it will be a fascinating six days in new hampshire. rick perry last night said he was going to think about running. he's going to stay in the race.
4:36 pm
bachmann suspended buttery's in it so there's going to be conservative criticism. >> neil: that divides the vote so if you're newt gingerich, you're trying to make traction. santorum is trying to make traction and you're divvying up the pie. >> reporter: that's what romney hopes. it's a lot of defense. >> neil: carl cameron, in manchester, new hampshire. from the race to the white house to the race for just the house. -- i screw this up. he keeps criminals under lock and key and wants to do to do te on spending. today he announced his campaign for congress in arizona. welcome, congratulations. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> you've become a national sensation along the lines of sheriff joe arpaio. i heard one media organization
4:37 pm
say a more reasoned, less in your face approach. i don't know if that's a right but i wonder what your clarian call for the congressional seat will be. >> i can easily stay sheriff and retire from that job. i love being an law enforcement officer and loved being a officer in the united states army. our country is in an emergency asman a trained first responder i'm usually running towards the crisis as others run the other direction. that's what we need, somebody to fix what's wrong and make tough decisions. >> neil: what's your platform? >> clearly the economy. people know i'm against illegal immigration, securing the border, i commanded 700 troops to secure the border and we have done that with the greatest success. above that is the deficit. i'm not talking just the deficit
4:38 pm
in washington financially but the deficit in leadership. we've got $15 trillion in debt and all we're hearing is a solution for millions of people out of work is more stimulus, more spending and regulation. that's got to stop. and going to washington, you hear about lowering the corporate tax. it has to be done to 25%. we have the highest rates in the industrialized world. >> neil: do any of the presidential candidates interest you or share that view? >> mitt romney is my guy. i endorsed him early. he understands the issues in arizona and i believe what a novel concept to have a president who has something that barack obama never has. a. >> neil: what do you think about the tea partiers. he doesn't jazz them. he likes rick perry though perry might not be going anywhere. what is it about mitt romney that keeps you loyal to him even as many more conservative
4:39 pm
members in your party say you ain't it, man. >> well, i'm a big tea party guy and i can tell you there's no stronger border hawk than me. mitt romney not only understands are, he wants to enforce the law. he was the governor that actually vetoed this in state tuition for illegals. he supported his state police in massachusetts to enforce the law. immigration law. he didn't handcuff them at a lot of leaders, including president obama. and there's only one guy i believe able to beat barack obama. this isn't going to be a cake walk and we need the strongest candidate. i've met and like the other candidates but mitt romney i believe is the guy that's going to take it home. >> neil: sheriff, thank you very much. as your democratic counterpart emerges, fair game, all are invited on this show. that you have. the president says he's watching the recess appointments for the economy sake. one of his top economic guys is
4:40 pm
here on that and much more. ♪
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>> neil: president obama using recess appointments to put richard car republicans are calling this a power grab and won't stand for it. gene spiraling, first on the consumer protection board appointment. these things are always dicey to do, president bush found that out the hard way. will this president? >> look, i mean what the president wanted here was simply to implement a law that was passed that created a consumer watchdog that could do things like make sure there's model credit card transparency in plain english, that students knew the fees they were going to pay when they took out loans
4:44 pm
from private lenders, that veterans would stop being targeted by installment lenders. he wanted to implement that law and put forward someone with impeccable credentials, endorsed by republican and democrat state attorney generals alike and who was held back not because of his credentials or differences with him but frankly because some people were trying to use the prevention of appointments as a way of nullifying a law congress just passed. >> neil: i'm not going over ancient hest history but when president obamas was senator obama and the bush administration appointed john boatman to the united nations he was against that saying that's going against the constitution. i think of that along with the nrlv appointments and think he's
4:45 pm
riding roughshod over things he held near and dear a few years ago. >> article 2 of the constitution expressly grants the president of the united states the authority to make appointments during the congressional recess. i don't think there's question congress actually, as the president's lawyers found, are in recess and remain in recess. he's using that constitutional authority but there's differences from the examples you said. this is not a case people are challenging this particular nominee's credential or capability. as i said -- >> neil: they were questioning both. the reason i mention that -- >> that's my point. here they're trying to block it as a way of nullifying the consumer watchdog that congress created a law to put in. >> neil: you risk creating enemies. the chamber of commerce with whom the administration has had
4:46 pm
chilly relations says the nrlb credibility suffered greatly during this administration due to an aggressive agenda favoring unions. does this help that relationship? >> look, neil, there's no question, we would more prefer for the united states senate, the republicans in the united states senate, to work helicopter actively with -- cooperatively with us. with the nrlb there were only two people. without these appointments, they couldn't do the nation's business. one of the three that the president put forward was a republican so this is about preventing the blocking of appointments from allowing government to function. you shall not use blocking appointments to nullify laws that congress passed. a republican attorney general said if my party disagrees with this law they should change it.
4:47 pm
if not, let people do the job they're supposed to do and that's what the president is trying to make sure happens in both of these cases. >> neil: we'll be watching closely. gene, always good having you on. thank you very muchz to indiana, where unions are threatening to protest and democrats are threatening to leave again. senator, what's going on here? >> no, neil, a bill is being introduced in indiana which could make it the first right-to-work state in the nation's traditional manufacturing belt. with the support of governor mitch daniels, the bill is expected to pass the republican majority indiana assembly. governor daniels says it's about new job opportunities. democrats and labor unions promise a fight, including protests at the state capital like in ohio. under the proposed law employees
4:48 pm
at unionized private workplaces would not have to pay union do you say. the sponsor, jerry torah, says the bill is about fairness and freedom for individual employees. opponents to the bill say it's union busting and diminishing the coffers of unions who support political activisms. democrats get a portion of it the unions. >> neil: thank you very much. polar bears, spotted owls, and joe biden. the connection. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8. forty years ago, he wasn't looking for financial advice. back then he had something more important to do.
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>> neil: forget the challenge of president obama's facing republicans next tuesday in new hampshire. he'll face one in his own party. a group called hillary unleashed
4:52 pm
is pushed to write in her name. it's not the first pro hillary push. unless the president puts here on the ticket it might not be the last and could make this spotted owl reference like a dying species. >> their passion is absolutely not going away and who knows what's behind the calls. some say it's hillaryry supporters, some say it's republican supporters to want fracturering. >> would it help him to have hillary clinton? >> i would a shot of adrenaline in the democratic voters and a lot of help for the ticket for blue collar workers and especially women voters when many women and organizations focused on women's issues felt like there was a war on women,
4:53 pm
primarily from the republican congress. so there are a lot of aspects of what she would bring but vice president biden isn't going anywhere. he's strong on women's rights. >> neil: he seems like a vocal grenade. he says crazy stuff. nothing wrong with that but maybe something wrong with a guy that could be a heartbeat away from the presidency. >> she's had made it very clear she does not intend on running in 2016. if she got on the ballot, maybe that's what's behind the robo calls in new hampshire. if she got on the ballot it might make it likely she would run in 2016. sees not going to leave the state department to bake cookies. she's a public sur servant to the core. >> neil: what does this say about joe? >> ink i think it says there are
4:54 pm
people looking for anything they can to ensure -- >> neil: you're being nice, you think he's crazy and a embarrassment. >> am i holding hope hillary clinton will be on the ballot, yes? >> neil: but because joe is not deferring? >> i would like today's her on the ballot because she's the most experienced person we could have running in the future. back to the blue collar workers, the coalition barack obama has lost since 2008 could be reinvigorated with hillary clinton. >> neil: you're very politically correct the way you answered these questions. >> thank you. >> neil: have you had it the negative political ads? what if i told you ain't seen nothing yet?
4:55 pm
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>> neil: rip and reap. rick is about to find out the hard way and soon, because say what you will of negative ads, they sing every surge. indications are that rick santorum will soon see it for himself. gist like newt gingrich did and rick perry did and herman cain did. they rise and then they are rocked. if history was any guide, they rarely come back. santorum might be different. but up until now santorum didn't seem negative. now he does. now he is. now mitt romney has him in his sights. say what you will of the negative ads, the creators say they do move the needle. usually down for the guitar geted. rarely down for the guy doing the targeting. that is why it pains me to say this, in your face, rip your face ads are going to decide this. they plant doubts, just like they did about herman cain, whose foreign policy sense was questioned long before his personality sensibilities ever
4:59 pm
were. governor rick perry whose smarts were challenged long before his policy position were. or newt gingrich, who personal likability became a bigger issue than the political positions were. negative ads work because they make you think and they make you wonder. unless you fight fire with fire you are the one who is toast. that is assuming you can fight back because you have the bread, the money, the resources. to fight back or just back down. it's not pretty. but then again, no one made it to the white house just being nice. senator rand paul with me in one hour from now. his thoughts on this race. and his father's third place finish in iowa. i'm thinking to myself, if you missed our seven, eight-hour live coverage last night, you don't get fox business. >> everybody, come in way. on the aisle. come this way. come this way. when do we get this? this is studio "e" where we do "fox and friends" and "your world." hi, neil.


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