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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> you were here last week so we had to take side jobs. we got worried about it. we have didn't know if you were coming back and got nervous. i got a tour with me. >> guys, that is sean hannity. can we get pictures? >> yeah. you can get a picture. get a picture. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> kimberly: yeah, hi, all right. i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with you know him, bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, andrea tantaros. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ right to the top story tonight, iowa. the first of many battles in the republican presidential race. it was the closest finish ever. with mitt romney only topping rick santorum by eight votes. here are the highlights.
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>> game on. [ applause ] >> congratulations to rick santorum. this has been a great victory for him and for his effort. he has worked very hard in iowa. we feel it's been a great victory for us here. [ applause ] ron paul as well. ron paul has had a great night. >> i think there is nothing to be ashamed of. everything to be satisfied and be raring to move on, on to the next stop, which is new hampshire. [ applause ] >> we are not going to go out and run nasty ads. we are not going to run 30-second gotchas. but i do reserve the right to tell the truth. if the truth seems negative, it may be more a comment on his record than it is on politics. >> kimberly: all right. there you have it. it was a nail-biter for those of you, political junkies who want to stay up all night and using visine today like myself and most of you at the table. go through it. how did -- go through the
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night. what is the take-away from it and where do the candidates stand? i'll begin with you on this. your assessment in terms of the victory for mitt romney, where does he stand? >> dana: a seasoned victory for romney. a win is a win. even if it was just by eight votes. if the tie goes to the second place person -- what is it? >> eric: you got it right. >> dana: then santorum had a huge night. it's rare in your life if everything aligns perfectly. after a lot of hard work. and dedication that he just peaked at the right time. now he has a short window of opportunity to make a large point. how he would lead the country, positive agenda and how he's a better candidate and how he would beat obama. not a lot of time to make the point but he will get a ton of national media attention. how he seizes this moment will tell us a lot about he is. >> kimberly: goes to you on
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santorum. you have asessionments about him -- assessments about him. >> andrea: i went to sleep and santorum was leading by 18 votes. i thought boy, if he could get the duggard children who endorsed him to show up and vote. this is a big day for santorum. he ran the best face campaign on the ground. now finally conservative have a conservative alternative. eric, you and i at the end of the show we said we held conservative emergence. for the first time, mitt romney is actually going to get tested. he will be battle tested in new hampshire. we saw this all day today. i think that together, santorum and gingrich, they are going to tag team him. gingrich can go negative. santorum can say i have nothing to do with it. again, this is going to be a test for santorum. can he appeal, to not just the conservatives in iowa because he ran a conservative race there. socially conservative. can he appeal to the independents. >> kimberly: andrea brings up the point, this is the alternative. it's also his time, right? he put in, i love that he put
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in the time there. he work and it paid off for him. victory for him in that regard. but is he going to be able to court the conservative base to the point they will show him the money he needs to have legs going forward? as everything is brought up in new hampshire, he has to try to move it to get momentum. >> eric: important observations from iowa. mitt romney got 25% of the vote. that's all he has gotten from the beginning. every poll they took nationally, iowa here. with the exception of new hampshire, he is at 25%. so clearly, 57% of the g.o.p. voters don't want mitt romney. santorum steps up. does a fantastic job. newt gingrich -- this is more important for newt gingrich than rick santorum. personally. because it paves the way for newt. bob and i had a discussion yesterday on air whether or not if mitt romney wins iowa and goes ahead and wins new hampshire, you said it was all over. bob, i disagree with you.
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he will probably win new hampshire. i will say there is still a wide open field for it to be anyone but mitt. another, someone else. >> kimberly: bob the great predictor is not surprised by the results, are you? >> bob: sitting next to you in this race has gotten me to think a lot. a lot. listen, let's look at this thing. first, rick santorum did not necessarily peak gingrich bottom. those votes all went over. the second thing about rick santorum that surprised me, eastern iowa, heavily catholic. he didn't do as well among catholic voters as i thought he would. he won the small rural area. he campaigned in 99 counties and he really did. give him some of that. where i expected him to do better was with the value catholic voters in the eastern part of the state. having said that, normally out of iowa, you have a front runner and a follower. only mitt romney could be
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fortunate enough to have him and not two, not three, but four people. newt gingrich who has no reason to stay in this. and bachmann, bachmann is gone. and if your friend in texas is not, he might want to think about it. another six-shooter. because he probably should be. eventually, money does dry these people out. i think what has happened now is what romney has got is ideal situation in new hampshire where he has a lot of people splitting up the vote. from his standpoint, he probably wins. but the biggest winner -- i didn't need visine. i was asleep by 10:30. >> kimberly: andrea was sending e-mails. >> eric: obama cannot be -- >> eric: all day, that's all i heard from the liberal mainstream media. barack obama, big winner. barack obama -- why is he the big winner? this is a fight. if there is a fight, that means that the g.o.p. will continue to, the front forward will be here -- here is how the g.o.p. is different from obama. obama is failing. this isn't a win for obama.
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this is a big loss for obama. a win is if it's over. >> bob: wait a minute. look, if by the outside chance i'm right and mitt romney may get the nomination, it is true that there is a base of the republican party who do not like the guy or admire him. but they don't like barack obama in a big way. the question is, is that enough enthusiasm against somebody to overtake what will be the lack of enthusiasm over the candidate? i think there is two or three margin difference in that and that hurts and got help obama. >> andrea: i think the enthusiasm is with the republicans. i think they despise obama so much and that the economy is not going to improve where it needs to be. get where it needs to be that the swing voters and the independents that voted for him for hope and change are going to be so disgusted. >> bob: one indicator we have about the enthusiasm base of the republican party they turned out 3,000 fewer votes in 2012 than in 2008. iowa caucuses.
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people were predicting "a," a lot more registered voters in iowa, republicans, and that they were going to be a bigger turn-out than last night. >> eric: it was bigger. >> bob: less than 3,000 votes. >> eric: more. more by 3,000. >> bob: then we predict -- >> eric: the record turn-out by the g.o.p. voters. record. >> kimberly: dana? >> dana: i want to mention, eric erickson at had an interesting piece that said look from the conservative standpoint you may not be in love with romney. but his point was as a party, and as a movement, something you think is not a good thing, from his perspective was, conservatives moved the party rightward and there should be some celebration of that. we should mention before we get to michele bachmann that ron paul did come in third. it was kind of expected he would come in third. he might have a decent showing in new hampshire as well. >> kimberly: he might come in first place or second at least, so i thought it was surprising he didn't expect
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for late-breaking surge. >> bob: he has fallen another four or five points. it's begun to catch up to him. the republican base and he is, for example, isolationists. it's something he has been all along. >> kimberly: they were hitting him and we saw what happened with newt. talk about michele bachmann. she stepped out and suspended the campaign. let's take a listen. >> last night, the people of iowa spoke. with a very clear voice. so i have decided to stand aside. make no mistake, i'll continue to be a strong voice. i'll continue to stand and fight for the country and for the american people. >> kimberly: i think she bowed out of this in a graceful way. this is something, she was a class act about it. instead of making it about her, she is trying to think of the good of the party going forward, which is admirable. >> eric: not only -- fantastic speech she gave. she bowed out like you said, gracefully and said for the good of the party, i'm stepping aside. also for the good of america, we need -- she did it. she said we need to make sure
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we don't have four more years of obama. that was very important. we need to stay with our conservative values. all of the conservatives, the red state guy, eric erickson, whatnot, it's good to get romney further right. but we conservatives would like to see it even further right. >> kimberly: what about her role and future as well with the republican party? >> andrea: she has a bright future. the best thing for rick santorum is for your boy, from texas rick perry, step out of the race for the other candidates. even if newt gingrich doesn't, it's a benefit. the best thing for santorum is have the other g.o.p. candidates step out, and rally. i do think it even benefits mitt romney to be tested finally. even if he makes it out of this thing. >> bob: i agree with that. >> kimberly: maybe he can get the perry people -- >> bob: first, rick santorum. first, whoever was advancing that thing, announced after everybody went to sleep his speech -- but the web page wasn't set up to take any contributions. somebody said he lost
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$3 million that one night. that is not his fault. that is a problem when you run a shoe string campaign. as i said yesterday, you can get a bunch of money in. but you don't have the apparatus to put it out, it doesn't do you any good. >> eric: that was a huge point that romney made when he made the speech. you know what? santorum did a great job. not retail campaign. but i was setting up a national campaign. >> bob: he is saying in his mind thank god santorum wasn't perry. that's what he is saying. he wanted a close race. >> andrea: the difference in speeches, though. the difference in speeches. >> bob: i think bachmann -- >> andrea: romney's own sons look like they were going to fall a. she santorum was from the heart. without a teleprompter. >> kimberly: the whole story about his background as a father. >> bob: i know you want to get out of here. a quick point on the entrance poll, that less than 50% of the people that voted for romney as the most electable, which surprised me. he got a third of the tea party people. so, in that regard, the tea party is good for him.
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the most electable is not good for him. eric, if you are right and they move right and win, it's not going -- the presidential election won in this country anyplace by the center in the history. you will become an historic figure. >> kimberly: isn't that interesting? >> eric: i'm not sure "i i agree with the assessment that presidential won never won -- >> bob: on the right? >> andrea: the best thing is -- >> kimberly: we can talk about this in the next block. oh, yes. we're not done by a long shot. lots more to come. directly ahead, conservatives, rush limbaugh and sarah palin -- remember her, eric -- hased vice for the republican party. we show you what they are saying in the aftermath. that's all next on "the five." don't miss a minute of us. don't forget to e-mail us at stay with us. ♪ ♪ welcome idaho,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five."
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so are you like me wondering how newt gingrich is going to hand a fourth place finish in iowa? take a listen to conservative hero my man rush limbaugh on newt versus mitt. >> newt is not getting out. newt is in this to destroy romney now. newt may be more motivated to destroy romney than to especially win this. who does that benefit? santorum who is going to be sitting there on the other side, you know, doing the mr. clean routine. newt already has a full-page ad in the "union leader" comparing himself to romney. he's possible that romney might have to endure newt going for the jugular in the debate. the gloves are coming off. >> eric: and well, they are coming off -- >> kimberly: they're off! >> eric: were you wondering what is going to happen to fourth place? next thing you know he is fourth. is there a fourth ticket out? >> andrea: hell have no fury
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like a speaker scorned. he is saying he is upset about what happened in iowa. essentially the speech last night was saying i cannot win, everybody, but i will put a blow torch to mitt romney every day, i will chew him up in the debate. santorum can talk about the the economic plan. that the "wall street journal" gave kudos to this weekend. blue collar voters. santorum has perfect foil in gingrich. he wins by having him go after him. >> eric: so what happens with romney? hold it. what happens to romney if newt and santorum hit iowa? positive and negative. >> dana: he continues as he has been. their campaign is saying it's not like we haven't been attacked. we have been the front runner for year. of course we've been attacked. remember bret baier asked him about healthcare one of the times we thought you're not ready for that? you are still testy about it? wait until president obama gets ahold of you.
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but another person we haven't talked about is rick perry. he came in fourth -- fifth. fifth. he decided to go home in texas, take time r assess, have a conference call. going to have a few days' time-out. half hour later, announce on twitter he is making a run for it in south carolina. also come out against -- perry could come out against any of them, right? try to have a second or third place position in south carolina. >> bob: all of this assumes that the people are able to do that. the presidential campaigns cost money to move. gingrich can get -- they can get one of the media and it's true. but at a certain point you start to fall in debt and the treasureer comes to you and you are personally responsible for the debt. santorum, it wasn't an important day for him yesterday but it didn't make him a big momentum guy in new hampshire. he has to do something. he can't sit back. i bet he has not going to win 10 or 12 points in new
5:20 pm
hampshire right now. he has to go out and be aggressive. he can't wait for newt gingrich to deliver him. are you kidding? >> kimberly: but what about the fact that new hampshire may be we've been there, done that with romney and perhaps they will be excited about somebody new coming in? he might shave some points from romney and gain some of that momentum. romney didn't win new hampshire last time around. the question is does he have the money or the time? does he have time to raise the money. but the -- >> eric: time to set up the apparatus. >> andrea: the blue collar workers that he has experience wooing, the guys that vote with the lunch lunchpails. >> dana: santorum hasn't been the front runner yet so no one has come after him. >> eric: governor palin had wise words for conservatives. listen to the former governor on the ron paul phenomena. >> the worst thing that the g.o.p. machine can do is marginalize ron paul and his
5:21 pm
supporters. they have heard what ron paul has said about our need to do all that we can to not allow our country to become bankrupt. the supporters of ron paul, they hear that. they are touched by that. and the g.o.p. has had to work with them, not marginalize them. >> bob: of all of the analysis i heard last night, there were some bad ones, that was one of the smartest things said. for two reasons. one, she is exactly right. the paul people are -- he is the only one with committed supporters. the one guy that could guarantee he has a base of supporters from the people. one. two, they are going to be there. three, the last thing the republicans need is ron paul -- paul run independently. >> kimberly: don't alienate him. >> andrea: he doesn't care if he gets the white house. >> bob: he doesn't care if he runs as independent. >> kimberly: that is why he is dangerous. he can be the obstructionist. who has the best chance to get
5:22 pm
support to paul supporters? >> eric: paul expert on the table, who is a ron paul expert? what percentage would -- what? what percentage would ron paul get if he wasn't libertarian and wasn't for legalizing pot and other drugs? what percentage? half? look at his followers. they're all under 25 years old. kim young supporters. >> eric: talking about the foreign policy and their eyes glaze over. >> bob: you have to remember a lot of republicans, conservative republicans who have gone back for 100 years who are opposed to international intervention. intervention by the united states. that has a following. >> andrea: but the newsletters and homophobia. >> bob: he is worth 5-7% nationally as third party candidate and that would destroy the republican party. >> eric: we have to go. john mccain endorsement. romney today. will it help or hurt romney with the conservatives. rick santorum looks ahead to new hampshire.
5:23 pm
bob has an idea on what his strategy will be. "the five" coming back. ♪ ♪    
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♪ >> bob: that election yesterday was all right with me. all right, they are going to look at what happened today and what happened today was the republican presidential cammed date from -- candidate from 2008, john mccain had an endorsement today. >> i am really here for one reason and one reason only. that is to make sure that we make mitt romney the next president of the united states of america and new hampshire is the state will catapult him on to victory in a very short period of time. that is why i am here. >> bob: okay. i'll reserve my comments. does it help or hurt mitt romney? >> eric: it does not help him with conservatives at all. john mccain suspended his 2008 campaign to rush back to d.c. so he could pass tarp. tarp has become the conservative bullseye.
5:28 pm
all the things you don't want. bigger government, more spending, taxes, distribution. mccain's endorsement goes nowhere for romney as far as conservatives. >> dana: i don't think it hurts him. i don't think it helps him. but it doesn't hurt. politics is a funny thing. these were bitter rivals three years ago. today mccain puts -- forgiveness is an amazing thing in politics. to be able to set that aside. and i think, one thing about mccain is he sincere and authentic. genuine. when he gets up there, i think he means it. but i don't think it necessarily helped or hurt. >> kimberly: he is genuine about it. the right thing to do. i think for him to do, because romney did bow out. people were questioning later whether he got out of the race last time too soon. he went ahead and cleared the way for mccain. now the gentleman repaid the favor. >> eric: also endorsing campaign for mccain. >> kimberly: absolutely. absolutely. pay back. >> andrea: it helps him a little in new hampshire if he goes on, it would help him in states like arizona.
5:29 pm
i got to agree with you. i think the conservatives when mccain was on the ticket they rolled their eyes thought oh, jeez. he crossed over so many times. that is what they feel about mitt romney. again, he needs conservative support. he needs tea party support. that is who romney needs to get. bachmann or perry. >> bob: new hampshire a different state than iowa. that is the reason they often split the outcome. new hampshire is a much more secular state. much more concerned about the economic issues and much legislation value oriented. probably have the largest pro-choice republican base in new hampshire, because the motto is live free or die. i think that mccain, remember, he won in 2000 and 2008 in that state. he has a lot of good will. if he could do nothing else for romney than to help romney hold the 40% he has got now, which is what -- romney doesn't need to get any more votes. he needs to hold on to what he has got there. i think that cain probably will help him some. here is the thing.
5:30 pm
i don't mean this to be mean. but john mccain was not known as an electrifying speaker. he looked electrifying compared to romney. >> andrea: oh, boy. >> bob: you can't mold -- >> andrea: he was exciting. >> bob: romney has a lot of things going for him, money. but what he doesn't have is a personality to jack people. >> dana: if santorum was the conservative choice he would have been a choice a long time ago. he's running for a year. >> eric: what did mccain do? he picked sarah palin because she had the fire and more conservative base. >> kimberly: romney needs someone like that. >> bob: i'm worse on santorum. can we have the santorum kent he is made about the working class people? >> they were towns centered around manufacturerring and process. good jobs that built those towns. we found those jobs leaving iowa. why? because government made workers competitive, by
5:31 pm
driving up the cost of doing business here. so when republican purists say to me why are you treating manufacturerring different than retail? i say because wal-mart is not moving to china and taking their jobs with them. >> bob: let me -- andrea made this point before. let me say this about rick santorum. to pivot as well as he did, that is where he comes from. he comes from pittsburgh, pennsylvania, the valley up above pittsburgh where there is devastation. he went through it and lived through it and he understands it. another state in the union, the northern part of the state is new hampshire. i think he has a good message. his message about wal-mart was well positioned if you think about it. because romney is the kind of guy who defends wal-mart. >> kimberly: he made it on purpose. >> dana: why not defend wal-mart? >> bob: because they ship good paying jobs overseas and destroy small businesses across in the nation. outside of that, a lovely group of punks.
5:32 pm
>> andrea: his zero percent tax on manufacturers will help him with the union workers, the reagan democrats. santorum understands that demographic better than anybody. mitt romney can get the ceos, but santorum has campaigned in the blue collar districts. i would point out looking at the map today. ohio, iowa state we focused on, obama is down. he is down big-time. >> bob: the other thing i'll say about it -- >> kimberly: personable, though. >> bob: about romney, too, he does not have -- he has a firm base of support. but if newt attacks him too hard, two things happen. you draw support off of your candidate or reinforce what you've got. newt is not the guy that is a reinforcing mechanism. be careful if i were him. >> andrea: maybe romney should extend the olive leaf. >> bob: i was told to take a tease and apologize to wal-mart. i wouldn't do it for a minute. what do obama and democrats have to say about the g.o.p. race? we'll tell you. ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today the fall-out from last night's and early this morning's iowa caucuses. ment to on "special report," carl cameron will tell us what is next for iowa caucus winner mitt romney as the
5:37 pm
presidential race moves on to new hampshire, the site of the first in the nation primary next tuesday. bereave brown is in des moines and he will focus on the santorum campaign. rick santorum coming in a close second, by eight votes. how did he do it? what does it mean going forward? brit hume is here with analysis. president obama defied congress and appointed a chief for the new consumer watchdog agency. ed henry will look at how the lawmakers are reacting and where the confrontation could end up. catherine herridge has update on talks between the u.s. and taliban about forcing a peace deal in afghanistan. in the grapevine, what is in the name? especially when people don't know it. "special report" at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: president obama's camp didn't waste time reacting to last night's
5:38 pm
results. this morning, the president's campaign manager said the extremist tea party agenda won a clear victory. i don't know what he is talking about. didn't we just say they had a lower turn-out in high what? >> kimberly: correct. >> bob: people said they represented the tea party, over 50% or 60%. related to or were a member of the tea party. you have to be a little careful, i, my, as you know on occasion, tea party. but my basic view about it, energized opposition base, don't quote them. >> dana: let sleeping dogs lie. >> bob: that's what i was trying to remember. >> dana: i also feel like they just can never leave well enough alone. why not let the republicans have one night where they beat each other up? instead they do something you brought up earlier. they insert president obama into everything so even if you are a republican sitting at home going i don't love any of these guys, but i don't like
5:39 pm
him more, they can't ever leave well enough alone. debbie waserman schultz head of the dnc was on fox and friends this morning and had her talk points ready to go. >> what is the strategy for the dnc moving forward? will we see more people like randy johnson who came out, a former employee who mitt romney let go from bain capital? will we see more people like that that the dnc will sponsor and speak out against mitt romney? >> you will see at every opportunity helping iowans and americans understand that mitt romney has very little conviction. dabs why do you think if santorum was the one on the up-swing yesterday, why do they keep going after romney? >> andrea: they think romney is going to be the nominee. >> bobnominee. >> dana: they are like bob. >> andrea: exactly. in their office in washington, d.c., chicago, plotting against mitt romney.
5:40 pm
they are scared of mitt romney. to your point, they are playing politics at everybody chance. in a g.o.p. primary. >> dana: sure. >> andrea: stay out. it wouldn't hurt the president to back off and not remind people he is there. >> bob: this is a relatively new phenomena, for the last ten years. we show up at primary night with the other party and have people around you, set up the campaign operation. i never thought it was important to do. it is very dangerous. particularly on a night like this, when the story was there. get out of the way! >> dana: i want your take on this. bill burton, deputy press secretary at the white house and now head of the obama super pac had a statement he put out last night saying that mitt romney wanted to eviscerate medicare and going after him. to me, if i were president obama, i wouldn't want that to be my image. i would want to look presidential. instead they are constantly
5:41 pm
degrading the president. >> kimberly: yeah, not a good move at all. let the dust settle, wow! surprises here with what happened last night. sit back, but they try to monopolize and poke the snake and raise money. >> dana: one of the reasons, i want -- that is exactly the point i want to get to. the priorities usa, which is their version of american crossroads, from what i understand, they are not raising money. when they put out the statement, more of a fundraising tool. do you think they are having trouble raising money? >> eric: yeah. maybe it's going to be 100 million, not $1 billion. 20%. but what they are trying to do is they see mitt romney on tv going i'm coming after you. they are countering it now. i'm not saying it won't be romney but i would love to see
5:42 pm
a conservative candidate to represent the g.o.p. if not, conservative of romney to the right. but if it's a more conservative romney, obama has his hands full. >> bob: by the way, i'm not saying it will be mitt romney. i have never seen front runner go wire to wire. he will make a mistake and it's possible he will get tripped up. i'm not suggesting that. but i the do disagree when you have a pac, they will stay on romney every day they can. they should. romney is formed by the voters and soon we form it around they took apart companies and lost jobs -- >> dana: i don't disagree they should go after romney but they pick bad moments to do so. just on the policy of what they are attacking. >> andrea: like republicans on medicare. debbie waserman-schultz went after them and said democrats cut $500 million out of
5:43 pm
medicare and obama care. republicans should hammer democrats on every turn. >> dana: i didn't get to talk about high school today. coming up -- i'll save it for the last block. u.s. broke the spending spree continues and we'll break down numbers for you when "the five" comes back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the five." all right, well, we're broke but the spending binge continues in congress. today we found out the debt exceeded gdp and we're in debt, a record $15 trillion. now, our good friend bob beckel likes to say over and over the deficit don't matter but i would argue, bob, deficits matter in greece. don't you think? >> bob: yeah, but -- >> andrea: we're going down the road. >> bob: but does greece matter in the scheme of the world? >> andrea: yes. >> bob: sorry. >> andrea: the first place of democracy is about to knock down the west. >> kimberly: now you've done it.
5:48 pm
>> bob: look, when i say the debt doesn't matter, i'll repeat this again. i want somebody, not with all this crying about my kids and grand kids, you tell me today, this day, exactly what is about this debt and did you damage economically? >> eric: can i? [ laughter ] >> bob: if your pocket. >> eric: nothing happened today, just like last night's iowa vote won't of course your pocket or the president -- won't affect your pocket or the president eight months from now. but think about this. china has no debt. they're -- >> bob: zero. >> eric: they run a surplus. we have are indebted to china, we are indebted to -- allow me. if china said bob, obama, guess what? we don't want to get 3% for the money anymore. we want to get 6%, or god forbid 10%. we'd go belly up, bankrupt and broke and say china, please don't do this.
5:49 pm
>> bob: best financial system in the world is the u.s. treasury bond. >> eric: because of them. because they haven't done that. pull the trigger overnight. >> andrea: we're very far in debt. taxpayers spending $250,000 on the chevy volts that now got the worst product of the year. bolling loves this car. the worst product swap according to yahoo finance and the yahoo journal. money well spent? when is the administration going to stop wasting the money getting us in debt? >> andrea: that is a proble problem. >> kimberly: this is symbolic with a number of issues with them. reckless spending. it doesn't seem to be an appropriate vetting process. it seems to be rewarding those that are supporting them and then they get these things likesy lin dra and the volt and -- like solyndra and volt. not from a common sense business perspective that they'd make a profit instead of foolishly and recklessly spending. that is why we're in the
5:50 pm
problem we are in right now. >> andrea: in the '70s the oil embargo and the oil prices were skyrocketing and boll boll was driving muscle car to versevy shore and driving around in a boat, the market reacted instead of the government. the market said all right, we'll give you the dodge omni and the chevy chevette. why not let the market respond? >> dana: partly, because congress got involved and people were worried. they were like we need to do something. but doing something then has led to several decades of this. president obama said -- whoever the president is sets spending priority. congress is responsible as well. there is good news on the horarhor -- horizon. this last month they did not reup the ethanol tax credit. that's big deal. it has been going on for years and years. i went away and it says that people start to realize -- maria pete. >> andrea: i'm no body language expert but -- >> bob: listen to you guys
5:51 pm
go through this stuff. we spent $880 billion in iraq. was it worth it? was it worth it? >> eric: kept us safe. >> bob: from whom >> eric: from attacks after 9/11. after 9/11 there were no terror attacks. >> bob: there was no weapons of mass destruction. >> kimberly: you just went ron paul on us. >> eric: the tax credit for the volt also applies to the nissan leaf? where? where, bob? japan. >> bob: if you are so big on the iraq war -- >> kimberly: exporting america. >> andrea: we have to go but i have to correct you and put you in your place. the iraq war is only ten months of deficit spending under obama. all of that spending wasn't close to -- >> bob: that justifies $8,980,000,000,000 in a war to allow iran to get loose?
5:52 pm
>> andrea: all right. >> bob: fine, if you consider that. worry about the chevy volt. >> andrea: one more thing when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: i love it. all right. time now for one more thing. our favorite new segment, right? an degreia, you have something for us. >> andrea: michele bachmann, we touched on her briefly. kudos to her for running a top-notch campaign. she never took the bait from the media. she was unfairly criticized for headaches. listen, the main stream media gives me headaches every day. >> kimberly: literally. >> andrea: this woman is remarkable. attorney, raised 20-some kid. it can't keep anorchid alive in my apartment. something that the conservatives and the republican party should be proud of for women and republicans everywhere. great job. hats off to her. >> kimberly: class act. we love her and look forward to more from her. >> dana: mine is not political but this morning on "fox and friends" i got to meet somebody who was a huge fan of "the five." i thought i'd share the photograph with you, because he was here. terry bradshaw was here saying
5:57 pm
he loves the "the five." here to promote nutrisystem. he said bob, if you want nutrisystem he would send you as much as you can eat. >> bob: appreciate that. >> kimberly: cute photo. >> bob: i love the guy. he's great. >> kimberly: winners love winners. got to tell you. yeah, moving on, eric? >> eric: they also played a clip of pinocchio waserman schultz with gretchen. roll it, please. >> the record versus mitt romney who was a specialist at bain capital in dismantling companies and cutting jobs. forcing corporate businesses to bankruptcy. go up against the job creation record any day of the week. >> eric: really? sure you want to do that? the first jobs lost 1 1.855 million lost under obama. unemployment went from 7.8% his first month to 8.6% right now. duration, duration, on benefits, guys, started when
5:58 pm
obama came to office, 19 weeks he stayed on unemployment. now the average is -- medium is 40 weeks. this one right here, only costing american taxpayer $4 $4.5 trillion. >> dana: karl rove and i tried to go to your office and steal the white board. >> kimberly: a covert operation. did you call herpy nokia? >> eric: did i spell it right? last night i spelled something wrong. >> bob: forget the spelling. the numbers are wrong. but i won't go through that with you. >> bob: my turn? >> kimberly: all you, baby. >> bob: i want to say this is nothing to do with politicians or anything else. just when i missed dana when she was in scotland and i said this on the show. this is the first show i've done, i have done virtually all the shows without having greg here. i miss him a lot. he is a heart of this panel in so many ways and he makes me laugh more than anybody else. greg, you are a fantastic --
5:59 pm
>> dana: ran him out of town with the iowa stuff. >> bob: we love you so much we'll make you a special "the five" correspondent to the next iowa caucuses. >> andrea: he loves looking at my face. >> kimberly: exactly. so what else do we have? last night, i was doing my home wok, reading everything, staying up, trying to keep one eye open. i got to tell you, this went very late last night. and then there was the whole drama, suspense about the truck and where are the votes? then you had the back and forth. with megyn kelly and bret baier. very dramatic. who can do math and who can't. i was like what is going on around here? i got to tell you. please! >> bob: that was, it was really interesting. >> kimberly: will new hampshire take that long? >> bob: talk about snooze. msnbc and put you to sleep in five minutes. >> eric: 108 votes. 108


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