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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 4, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> not really. >> thanks, that's it for this special report, fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight one down, 49 to go. but all eyes are not on new hampshire. tonight different candidates, different strategies. and the first casualty of the first caucus. >> the people of iowa spoke with a very clear voice. >> shepard: she's calling it quits. >> i've decided to return to texas. >> shepard: he's heading home for now. and the rest are moving forward. >> it's been a great victory for us. >> game on. >> believe me, this momentum is going to continue. >> on to new hampshire! >> shepard: now one candidate
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picks up a big boost. >> i am really here for one reason and one reason only. >> shepard: and everybody is checking strategy. next stop, new hampshire. a new year's day shooting leaves four people dead, including two navy pilots. >> my heart dropped. i didn't believe it. >> shepard: and a brother and sister among the victims. >> he was her rock. >> shepard: tonight the mystery murders of coronado, california. but first from fox this wednesday night, a dramatic shift in the political landscape as we look ahead to new hampshire's first in the nation primary. just hours after the iowa caucuses, two of the republican candidates made major announcements. >> i have no regrets, none whatsoever. we never compromised our principles and we can leave this race knowing that we ran it with utmost integrity.
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we made a very important contribution to this race. >> shepard: the minnesota congresswoman and tea party favorite, michelle bachmann, officially calling it quits after her sixth place finish in iowa. then there is the texas governor, rick perry, who played things a bit closer to the vest. he said this last night. >> i've decided to return to texas, assess the results of tonight's caucus, determine whether there is a path forward for myself in this race. >> shepard: today governor perry sent out a photo of himself in running clothes and tweeted, in the next leg of the marathon is the mal met toe state. here we come, south carolina. even though his spokesman told us he didn't know what the tweet meant, it meant he was taking off a few days before taking off to new hampshire and then south carolina. his republican rivals are focusing on new hampshire. ahead of next tuesday's primary there, you can see their travel
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today here. remember in iowa, the former massachusetts governor, mitt romney, beat former pennsylvania senator rick santorum by just eight votes, with the texas congressman ron paul in third place. the polls show mitt romney heavily favored in new hampshire. in fact, the latest real clear politics average of polls shows former governor romney up by 20 points over his nearest challenger. and today former governor romney picked up an endorsement from the 2008 presidential candidate, senator john mccain. >> i am really here for one reason and one reason only and that is to make sure that we make mitt romney the next president of the united states of america and new hampshire is a state that will catapult him on to victory in a very short period of time. that's why i'm here! >> shepard: so will that just add to the blowout or is new hampshire more up for grabs than it appears? we have team fox coverage
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tonight. steve brown live in des moines, iowa tonight. first campaign carl cameron in manchester, new hampshire. carl, you're there with newt gingrich, who came in a very disappointing fourth place. i thought there were only three tickets out of iowa? >> yeah. he's a professor of history and he's trying rewrite it. we're at the new hampshire institute of politics here which has been a proving ground for candidates in the present for years and an archive of campaigns that goes back over 75 in the first of the nation primary state. in the past, if you haven't gotten the first three tickets, you haven't done very well there. but gingrich says this is just the beginning. he launched with a full page ad in the union leader, the state's largest newspaper, criticizing mitt romney and comparing romney's record on the issues against mr. gingrich's, and the former speaker of the house has said quite clearly he plans to spend the next week here in new hampshire trying to do well, but mostly emphasizing issues that will play out loudest in south carolina. gingrich, perry and rick santorum all hoping that while
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they probably won't be able to beat mitt romney here in new hampshire because he has prohibitive lead in the polls, that they can begin to take him down a peg at a time, and perhaps unseat him from the top spot in south carolina on the 21st of this month. >> shepard: carl, traditionally, the winner in iowa goes to new hampshire to huge crowds and applause. why didn't that happen for mitt romney? >> well, we've talked all year about how republicans aren't as excited about the field as they have in years past and they still haven't been able to decide and there are so many people who might change their minds. got to new hampshire today and unlike years past, when candidates usually come overnight and have midnight rallies with 1,000 people at the airport, today mitt romney came during the day and he went to the central high school in manchester, the state's largest city and he was really only able to fill up about a third of the gymnasium there. a fairly small crowd. several hundred people, no doubt, but at this point in the campaign, 1,000 people at a rally in the granite state is
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not uncommon. romney did not have that. it was generally tepid performance. the crowd questions were sometimes antagonistic. mr. romney wasn't quite on his rhythm. granted, he had a late 9-11 but there is a clear and evident lack of evidence that this is a state that's on fire this time around. the signs that normally fill the snow banks, a, there is not a lot of snow, and b, there aren't a lot of signs. it's just an inspired electorate and that may be an expression of how they feel about the campaign. mitt romney has a big, big edge and six more days to hold on to it to get to the first in the south and south carolina. >> shepard: carl cameron working manchester, new hampshire i that. not long ago, senator john mccain was releasing ads accusing a former governor mitt romney of being a flip flopper. that was during the 2008 nomination battle and today, a group who support the house speaker newt gingrich put one of those videos on its web site. look at this. >> i believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this
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country. >> i will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose. and have devoted and dedicated to honoring my word in that record. i am pro-life and favor that legislation. you will not see me waiverring on that oring a multiple choice. you can go back to youtube and look a the what i said in 1994. i never said i was pro-choice. >> shepard: today the gingrich campaign also took out a full page newspaper ad in the new hampshire union leader, slamming mitt romney as a, quote, timid massachusetts moderate. the former pen opinion senator rick santorum was the big winner last night h a very strong showing thanks to a late surge in iowa. and he says he plans to keep that momentum going. >> i've been to new hampshire 30 times and done more events than anybody but jon huntsman and he cheats, he lives there. we will be in new hampshire. we'll leave tomorrow, we'll spend our time there and with your help and god's grace, we'll have another fun night a week from now. god bless you.
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>> shepard: of course, with michelle bachmann now out of this race, rick santorum and his fellow republicans will try to coax her supporters over to their respective camps. team fox coverage continues, steve brown live in des moines. steve, who is in the best position now to pick up congresswoman bachman's supporters? >> well, short of an endorsement from the congresswoman, you have to take a look at who her supporters were or have been. arguably, you could say it's tea partiers and people of faith, people who have on top of their list, definition of marriage and abortion. in our entrance polling here in iowa before the caucuses last night, rick santorum won both of those categories. but those categories were split among six different folks. nobody really dominated a category or captured a majority of the categories. her support might get splintered among the rest of the candidates. >> shepard: hard work paid off in a big way for rick santorum in iowa. man, there is not enough time
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for that much work in new hampshire and the challenge is completely different. >> no. the santorum campaign did mention that donations had started to come in as the surge was going on. but they're up against the romney campaign that's got millions in the bank and just one comparison. the santorum campaign spent $30,000 in television advertising over the course of last month. that's what they told me last night. romney, better than a million, reportedly. that's the kind of uphill climb they've got financially and it's romney's home turf. >> shepard: it certainly is. steve brown live for us again tonight in iowa. jon huntsman is betting everything on new hampshire. but as we just saw, he still is way back in the polls. the former utah governor didn't even compete in iowa, claiming nobody cares about the caucuses. he tells fox news, nobody will care about senator mccain's endorsement either. >> it will mean zero in terms of any poll improvement for mitt romney because this nation is tired of the past. it wants something new.
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it wants a new approach to problem solving. >> shepard: jon huntsman admits he's the underdog in new hampshire, but stays the state loves an underdog. he claims republicans are still looking for a romney alternative and insists the race is wide open. four years ago issues senator john mccain came in fourth in the iowa caucuses. of course, he came back to win the republican nomination. so iowa clearly is not the last word and the question now is, what's next for those who didn't perform so well as they would like to have? plus, the accused arsonist in southern california set to appear in court today, but he's not the only family member in trouble. his mother accused of running, well, a massage parlor out of her house, and that's apparently just within of her secrets. the details ahead and the rest of the night's news from the journalists of fox news on this wednesday fox report
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you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. >> shepard: the man investigators are blaming for a string of arson attacks around hollywood in los angeles expected in court any moment now. prosecutors there charged the german national with setting more than 50 fires in and around hollywood. the intense flames caused $3 million in damage, according to authorities, including to a home once owned by the lay doors front man, jim morrisson. prosecutors say they believe the same man torched his family's home in germany back in october, allegedly for insurance money. meantime, in the united states,
7:14 pm
officials haven't released a motive, but say the suspect may have been angry that authorities that were trying to deport his mother. the fire started right after cops nabbed her on fraud charges. neighbors describe him like this. >> pretty sad, like, you know, withdrawn type, you know. i mean, he wasn't very friendly or very talkative. >> everybody say that, i don't know, maybe that described he has mental problems. i didn't see any sign. >> shepard: police say they have the suspect on suicide watch. his mother's court hearing today, she told the judge that her son is mentally ill. but that's from the same woman who moments later, asked whether nazis were tracking her family. william lajeunesse with all the details live in our los angeles news room. hey, william. >> the pieces coming together paint a bizarre picture. beginning last week when 24-year-old harry burkeheart yelled obscenity and said the f
7:15 pm
word toward the united states at his mother's extradition hearing. two days after christmas, that helped lead to his arrest when an official recognized the accused arsonist in surveillance video. his mother, dorothy, was in federal court again yesterday, fight ago german arrest warrant for 19 counts of fraud. one, for faming to pay a german doctor $10,000 for breast implants. yesterday things got a little hysterical. when she suggested nazis may have taken her son. >> miss burkeheart posed the question to both the audience in court and to the judge, where is my son? i haven't heard from my son since yesterday. indicating that she is not aware that her son has been taken into custody in relation to the arson incident. >> it appears tore thee, who entered the u.s. illegally, was running a socks parlor out of the apartment she shared with her son, charging men $160 per
7:16 pm
visit. german prosecutors suspect he may have burned down the family home near frankfort in october for insurance money. neighbors previous it was being used for prostitution. shep, as you say, we just got new information out of the courthouse. apparently there were news clippings inside his apartment related to the arsons here in l.a., as well as car fires back in frankfort. we do find out that he is from chechnya, as his mother. she does not speak german virtually at all. only russian. and also we did find, he does have a criminal record there. they're asking for no bail. she is back in court friday. back to you. >> shepard: william, thanks. police in texas today shot and killed an eighth grade boy after they responded to reports of a weapon at school. late tonight, cops confirm it was a pellet gun. it happened at a middle school in brownsville on the southern tip of that state. a school employee there called the cops, reporting a 15-year-old child had a gun.
7:17 pm
when the officers arrived, they say the student refused to drop that weapon and they opened fire. we're told the teen-ager later died at the hospital. police say only afterward did they realize that the teen was holding a pellet gun. a deadly shooting has shattered a family and two u.s. navy pilots are among the victims. we got a live update next, plus the murder mystery at one of the queen's houses. police say they have new clues about what happened at the queen of england's estate and they hope they can blow this case wide open so you earn 50 percent more cash. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back! i'll be right here, waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash.
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>> shepard: cops outside san diego say four people are dead, two navy pilots among them after a mysterious murder-suicide early on new year's day. it happened, they tell us, in
7:21 pm
coronado, california, a ritzy resort town along the san diego bay. apparently the victims had been out partying that night, according to the cops. but when they got home, neighbors reported hearing several bursts of gun fire inside the house. the medical examiner says one pilot shot himself. but which of the four killed the others, we still don't know. two of the victims, a brother and sister, family and friends say they were inseparable. and they are crushed by the tragedy. >> i didn't believe it. we became best friends and have been sisters ever since. he was her rock. she adored him and he was a great big brother. >> shepard: so far, we're told the cops have yet to establish any sort of motive. trace gallagher is covering this and live in our west coast news room. what happened, trace, when they got back to the condo? >> in all, there were five people that came back, the four
7:22 pm
who died and unidentified man came back. we're told the pilot who committed suicide, john reeves, was the first one to walk back inside that condominium, followed by karen reese, the sister of the other pilot. and a man they had just met that night named matt satterly, who they had just met, they walked in first, david reese, the other pilot, stayed outside talking to his friend and that's when the shooting happened. listen. >> we know that gun fire was heard coming from within the residence on park place and we know that david then ran into the residence. a short while later, there was another series of gun shots. >> the friend outside is the one who called 911 and david's body was found in the entryway. he had been shot one time in the chest. >> shepard: are there indications that any of these victims tried to get out of there? >> well, police won't say, but they too say the crime scene in
7:23 pm
that condominium was vast. that there was literally evidence in every single room on all three levels of that condominium, including the garage. they say that shots were fired all over that home. listen. >> i can tell you that three of the bodies were on the third floor. it appeared as though the male and female were partially in one of the bedrooms and another male was on the landing, on the third floor. >> there had been reports that jealousy may have been a motive here, but the sheriff's department knocked that down, saying they simply do not know. now they're waiting for toxicology reports to see if alcohol was a factor in the shootings. >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles thanks. cops are trying to crack a murder case in one of the queen of england's vacation home. sky news in the united kingdom reports investigators have been running tests to identify the
7:24 pm
victim. a man walking his dog says he found the body at the queen's estate on new year's day, the same day the royals were there for a party. sky news reports the victim was a young woman, 15 to 23 years old, and investigators say it looks to them like the body had been there for at least a month. police say they're also examining recent missing persons cases for any clues to the victim's identity. a woman in massachusetts is recovering tonight from a gunshot wound after a state trooper mistook her dog for a deer and opened fire. happened in norton, massachusetts, 30 miles south and west of boston. a mother of three says she was walking her golden retrievers right behind her own home and a state trooper with an old husband katy fired at one of the dogs. the lead ball hit the woman in her hip and the trooper called 911. >> i'm on norton.
7:25 pm
were you hit? >> i don't know. >> how are you doing? you okay? >> i'm so sorry. >> shepard: the boston globe newspaper reports deer hunting season ended about 13 minutes before that shooting. the agency that enforces hunting rules in massachusetts had no comment on that. and state police would not confirm reports that they've cleared the trooper of any wrongdoing. but cops in norton, mass, tell us they're still gathering information. nobody likes getting pulled over for speeding, but what do you do when the officer later tracks you down and asks you out on a date? well, this particular woman files a lawsuit. but does she really have a case? plus the texas governor rick perry said he was assessing his campaign after a poor showing in iowa. but now he claims he's pushing forward. how can rick perry get back on track? that and bottom of the hour
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>> shepard: so a woman in illinois is suing a police officer. she claims he used state records to track her down to ask her out on a date after he gave her a speeding ticket. according to the lawsuit, the officer searched for her address, then left a handwritten note on her car outside her apartment. she claims the note read, and i quote, it's chris, that ugly bald cop who gave you that
7:29 pm
ticket. i've not stopped thinking about you since. i did cost you $132, least i can do is buy you dinner. well, the woman using rebecca's law, is suing the police officer. back in 1989 a man used sitcom star rebecca schaefer's driving records to track her down and kill her. reno's championship air races are a go for this fall despite last year's devastating crash. remember that jet plummeting to the ground right next to the grand stand there. hundreds of spectators ran to escape the flying debris. 11 people killed and more than 70 others hurt. today the president of reno's air racing association said organizers will consult a panel of experts to make sure this year's event is safe. for now, officials say tickets are on sale. a shark attack off the coast of australia happened about
7:30 pm
50 miles north of sydney. a 28-year-old surfer, we're told survived the attack. witnesses say he was able to paddle to shore for help. >> shark came up, bit his arm. he had the other arm to hit the shark and he came into shore. >> shepard: the man ended up in the hospital with a two-inch gash on his right arm. the guy told witnesses the shark was the size of his surf board. officials say this happened at night, the most dangerous time to surf since it's feeding time for the sharks that live there. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. heading to new hampshire or heading home? the iowa caucuses turning the republican pack by at least one or thinning it by one. minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann is out. but now there are serious new questions for the other candidates in the bottom three.
7:31 pm
former house speaker newt gingrich and the texas governor, rick perry. how do they begin to bounce back from such disappointment in iowa? jim angle is live in washington for us tonight. jim, what are newt gingrich and rick perry going to do? have they said? >> well, rick perry, who came in fifth at first canceled his appearances in south carolina today and went back to texas to consider what to do next. that's what usually happens just before someone withdraws. but by mid-morning, the perry campaign made clear he will soldier on and nighses say he can. >> he's got the capacity because resources and stature as republican governor in the south to make a last stand in south carolina. what happens if we have a demolition derby in new hampshire and he has a shot to sort of be the fresh face in south carolina? >> governor perry plans to participate in the next debate in new hampshire and campaign in south carolina next week. >> shepard: that's perry. now to gingrich. he had a huge lead in iowa, then
7:32 pm
millions much dollars in super pac money went right after him and he plummeted. how do you recover from that? >> well, gingrich was fourth with 14% of the vote, but the ever inventive gingrich seems to have a new and unusual strategy, a plan to join forces in some way with rick santorum who came within eight votes of beating mitt romney. last night gingrich heaped praise on santorum for running what he called a great, positive campaign. so when asked by radio anchor laura ingraham today if he could see a scenario under which he would align with santorum to beat romney, gingrich leaped. >> absolutely. of course. rick and i, we have a 20-year friendship, we are both rebels. if you take santorum and perry and bachman and gingrich, you get some sense of what a small minority romney really represents. >> though it's not entirely clear what gingrich has in mind,
7:33 pm
analysts say gingrich isn't his problem. santorum is, because he's winning the lion share of nonromney votes. shep. >> shepard: jim angle, thanks. rick perry by the way, compared his iowa campaign to the early battles of the revolutionary war and world war ii. >> as we introduce you to each of the gop contenders here on fox report, tonight a closer look at governor perry's life and career. if voters and caucus goers choose him as the nominee for president, it would be a first time governor perry has come from nowhere. >> i stand before you today as the governor of texas, but i also stand before you, the son of two tenant farmers. >> james richard perry was born in 1950 in rural north texas. his folks didn't have much money. his mother sewed most of his clothes and their housing had no
7:34 pm
indoor plumbing. >> i came from paint crook. no zip code. too small to be called a town. >> shepard: there were 13 students in rick perry's class in a k through 12 school house. he was the quarterback of their six-man football team. his future wife, anita, first sat next to him at a piano recitallal which he was eight. >> we had our first date eight years later and she finally agreed to marry me 16 years after that. nobody says i am not persistent. >> shepard: rick perry penitentiary to texas a & m university where he served in the student military organization, the corp. of cadet s. the student body elected him as one of five yell leaders. there was to become a veterinarian. but his grades couldn't keep pace are his ambition. >> the fact is, four semesters of organic chemistry made a pilot out of me. >> shepard: rick perry joined the air force out of college,
7:35 pm
flying c-130 cargo planes around the world. when his service ended, he had the opportunity to become a pilot on southwest airlines. he declined, choosing instead to help his father back on the farm. when his state representative retired in 1985, rick perry ran for office and won. in fact, he's never lost an election since. the father of two started off as a democrat, but became a republican in the late 1980s as texas moved from blue to red. >> drought is so insidious. >> shepard: he served as the state agricultural commissioner through the 1990s. >> i want to work with george bush in the texas legislature. >> shepard: before voters elected him as george w. bush's lieutenant governor in 1998. two years later, bush won the presidential election. and perry moved into the governor's mansion. just a couple of hundred miles from paint creek, but a long way from his humble beginnings. rick perry is now the longest serving governor in the history of texas. as campaign 2012 continues,
7:36 pm
we'll take a look at some of the other gop candidates each night on fox report and you can check out their stories on-line at new word today that kodak could file for bankruptcy protection. coming up, we'll see what's happening with that camera company. plus, big news for the big three auto makers. what we've just learned from detroit about our car companies. and just ahead, the florida freeze that's causing big trouble for farmers. >> it's too cold to be outside. >> it's cold. >> shepard: that frosty weather could do some damage. tonight a big chill for the sunshine state. who has a million things to pick up each nth on top of her prescriptions. so she was thrilled that her walgreens pharmacist
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>> shepard: republicans report record turnout for last night's iowa caucuses. the number is pretty low. more than 122,000 people showed up to make their voices heard. less than 4% of the population of the state. we're hearing more about how they made their choices from our fox news entrance polls. they show the economy was not surprisingly the most important issue for more than 40% of caucus goers. followed by the deficit. abortion, and health care. one third of iowans who said that the economy was their top concern told us they support mitt romney. 20% backed ron paul. rick santorum right behind with 19. among caucus goers who said
7:40 pm
abortion was the most important issue, no contest. almost 60% say they supported the former senator, santorum. and as the republican race moves on to new hampshire, the analysts are predicting the struggling economy will stay front and center. the markets offered a mixed bag. the dow closed above 12,400. nasdaq and s & p, basically flat. far cry from yesterday when the dow soared almost 200 points to start off 2012. but very good news out of detroit today. the big three auto makers all reporting strong sales for 2011. look at chrysler, 26% jump from the year before. gm and ford each up double digits. gather are you willis is with us. fox really hit the malls after christmas, it would appear. >> you bet you. more good economic news here. sales fort last week of december, up 5.3%, largely because of gift cards and the
7:41 pm
heavy discounting that retailers are doing. this means overall, sales for december could be up as much as 4 to 4.5%. that's more than we originally thought. and good news for the economy. >> shepard: but am i understanding there is new trouble in europe? >> pick your headline. all the news is bad out of europe. first of all, spain saying they may apply to the imf, they play apply to the e.u. because some kind of loan to bail out the banks there. italy, their biggest bank, put out a private offering a today. they had to discount the price because investors there don't want to invest in the bank. finally, to top it off, the greek prime minister today said the country could be broke by march if they don't rein in spending. so lots of bad news there. we have to wait and see what happens. but we're waiting for the good headline. >> shepard: all right. i like that the dow has been up only two days of the year. that's pretty good. >> i love that. that's good news. let's have a repeat of the other day. not today. >> shepard: do it. thank you. she's part of the best team in business, you can catch her program week days at 5:00 o'clock eastern, 4:00 o'clock in oxford on the
7:42 pm
"fox business" network. the internet search giant yahoo, which has not been so giant for a while, today named the president of pay pal as its new ceo. yahoo has been without a full time chief executive since they fired the last one. scott thompson will take over next week. word kodak is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection. the struggling company could reportedly file under chapter 11 according to the reporting of the "wall street journal," owned by our parent company. kodak shares fell to an all-time low. and get ready for double the dunkin' donuts. the chain announcing plans to open twice as many stores nationwide over the next 20 years. that would mean close to 14,000 dunkin' donuts across america. compare that to the closest competitor, starbucks, which at last count had 11,000 locations. fox weather alert now as dangerously cold weather in
7:43 pm
florida today, temperatures expected to dip bow low freeze -- below freezing. another night. but this morning it was 18 degrees natale ha see. that tied a record low. farmers acting fast to try to protect their crops. last winter's cold snap took a major toll on florida's economy. reportedly costing the state more than $300 million from all the lost product. it's not just the plants. a bunch of manatees hanging out outside a power plant. it's strategy they used before to escape the chill. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the fox weather center. how about some relief? i don't know. miami doesn't look too bad. >> 62 now. the coldest one so far this year, all the troubles we saw last year was december 2010 and a really long cold spell. this one a couple of days. so we still have these watches and warnings here tonight. freeze warnings in effect down to about halfway down the state. however, this is not a hard
7:44 pm
freeze warning. we're not expecting the temperatures to stay well below that freezing mark for a number of hours. tonight getting to around the freezing mark, especially across the northern part of the state. the southern part look better. overall, we're improving. one cold night again tonight. but tomorrow a big improvement. >> shepard: not to complain, but here around the fox headquarters, we never got up to freezing today. what's up? >> it's january 4. lot of people unhappy with it. but it's just because it's been so warm, around the country has been warm all through december and now the warm moved across the west. you're 30 degrees across your average. temperatures around 10 degrees. a good friend, 4 hour temperature change. why we were 24 hours ago, everybody on the eastern seaboard where it's been so cold getting warmer. tomorrow in across the northeast, in the 40s. by this weekend, we'll flirt with 50 again. >> shepard: nice. mighty good for january. rick, thanks. a florida state trooper who arrested a police officer at gun point because he was speeding
7:45 pm
did nothing wrong. that's the conclusion of a review from the florida highway patrol. we're told the off-duty cop was driving, get this, more than 120 miles per hour at one point and reportedly refused to pull over for five minutes and when he finally did, well, here is what happened. >> put your hands out the window! right now! turn around! >> shepard: that's a little speedy. according to the report, the trooper believed the car might have been stolen and that's why she followed it anyway. the officer says he was late for an off-duty job. he pleaded not guilty to wreckless driving. president obama taking matters into his own hands today. >> every day that we waited was another day when millions of americans were left unprotected. >> shepard: what he says could
7:46 pm
not wait. and why the republicans say they are furious. that's still ahead as fox report's live enroute to mr. bill o'reilly [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> shepard: president obama defying republicans in congress with not one, but four recess appointments. the presidents from both parties have done this many times to push through nominee when is congress is not in session, but this time technically, senate republicans claim they are in session. more on that technicality in a minute. perhaps the president's most controversial appointment is that of richard cordray. he's the former ohio attorney general and five-time jeopardy champion who is now to head up the new consumer financial protection bureau. senate republicans blocked that nomination not about him, but
7:50 pm
about the bureau, saying it has too much power. today the president defended cordray's appointment while speaking in cleveland. >> when congress refuses to act and as a result, hurts our economy and puts our people at risk, then i have an obligation as president to do what i can without them. >> shepard: the president also side stepped congress to appoint three people to fill the national labor relations board vacancies. tonight some republicans are accusing the president of unfair power grab. i mentioned these appointments are not unusual at all. this is president obama's 31st recess appointment to a full-time position. the second president bush had 34 during his first three years. ed henry with this news. the republicans say they're upset because they say congress isn't actually in recess. >> that's right. they're in what's known as a proforma session. there had been a gentleman's
7:51 pm
agreement between the parties that if you're in pro forma session, you don't do recess appointments. the fact is, they're not really doing anything up in the senate right now. the pro forma thing is largely just a ceremonial to try and prevent something like this and the president appearing with richard cordray in ohio is basically saying, look, he's waited many months to get this nomination through. it's an outgrowth of the dodd-frank wall street reform bill. and it's part of the president's we can't wait campaign. he wants to get moving on this. and i have to say, we spoke to a former bush administration official earlier today who said look, president obama has the power to do this. >> he's not a president of my party and the appointments he's making are -- there is a good chance that's not appointments i would like to see made. but on the law, it's a difficult question, but i think he's got the better side of the argument in this one. >> the other part that's annoying republicans is that
7:52 pm
because of this executive power, these appointee also be in their jobs through the end of 2013. maybe beyond president obama if he doesn't get reelected because of this whole procedure. shep. >> shepard: that analysis of this situation, there are republicans talking about a legal challenge here. right? >> that's right. it wouldn't come from the hill. it would come from the private sector since this is a consumer protection group that will be overseeing companies and banks and making sure they're doing what they believe is the right thing. the u.s. chamber of commerce in this case is saying they're leaving the door open to a possible legal challenge if they feel that business rights are being infringed, jobs being lost because of new regulation, et cetera. the bottom line is, i spoke to john cornyn earlier today and he said he doesn't have a problem with richard cardura personally. it's the fact that this new office could really hit businesses hard. take a listen. >> it's about the unprecedented power given to this really another czar, but this is really on steroids. >> and this is basically the narrative we're going to see
7:53 pm
over and over in the 2012, republicans saying there is overreach from this white house and the white house pushing back and saying, look, we're just standing up for the middle class. shep. >> shepard: ed, thanks. a suspected car thief leads police on a high-speed chase and they say the driver was never supposed to have been behind the wheel. it's our top story on a fox trip across america. ohio. it happened in the neighborhood west of cleveland. officers there say they spotted a stolen car, but the driver sped off and later crashed into some parked cars. police say the teen then took off running, but cops caught him and arrested him. the thing is, they say he shouldn't have been driving in the first place. >> he had no driver's license. driving too fast. >> shepard: he's facing charges of driving without a license. georgia. an atlanta neighborhood shuts down after a gas and water main break. the double disaster forcing at least 80 people out of the area.
7:54 pm
part of a road still closed as crews work to repair the pipes. kentucky. nearly 1,000 convicted criminals leaving prison. a new early release program let's inmates serve the last six months of their sentence on the outside with parole officers keeping tabs on them. >> this is my time. i feel real good about that. >> shepard: the program expected to save the state $40 million a year. florida. two suspected thieves apparently picked the wrong stuff to steal from a home northeast of orlando. the victims say they used a cell phone locator to track down the stolen device. police say it led them right to the suspects hiding behind a tree near the home. that's a fox watch across america. so that childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, probably didn't pan out. but in the new year, that will not stop you from going to space. tonight, how to book your flight
7:55 pm
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walgreens. there's a way to stay well. >> next vacation, instead of a jet let's say you take a rocket. a hand full of space tourism companies already taking reservations for flights this year, according to the reporting of the "new york times." we're told you can book a trip on-line. of course, tickets cost about $200,000. virgin galactics spaceship two will launch before the end of this year. it will include five minutes of waitlessness. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five, a new study finds the number of twins born in the united states is on the rise. apparently because women are getting more fertility treatments. number 4, a company in india announcing what could become the world's cheapest car at less than $3,000. number 3, attorney general eric holder set to return to capitol hill next month to face more questions about that failed gun tracking operation known as fast and furious.
7:59 pm
number 2, after placing fifth in iowa, the texas governor rick perry says he's staying in the race. and number 1, the minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann announcing she is getting out. and that's the fox report's top five. on this day in 1999, central bank in much of europe up veiled a little something called the euro. it was the first single currency to unite the continent and more than 1,000 years. now at first, only 11 nations used it. primarily for banking. the plan was to help make the european economy stronger and give the u.s. dollar a run for its buck. three years later, the bills and coins went into circulation. these days, 17 nations in europe use the euro, but lately, there have been concern about its future, largely because of the global economic turndown. still a new currency went caching 13 years


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