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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 6, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> take it to court. >> any senator would have standing right -- you are an attorney. any senator. >> he could do it. it could trust him. good to see you. great panel. thank you for being with us. that's all the time i have left. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. news continues. greta is next. with "on the record." see you tomorrow night. greta? >> greta: tonight, santorum shocks us again. rick santorum skyrockets to number two in a national poll. and he is right here to go "on the record." that is next. plus, senator john mccain knows how to win the new hampshire primary. he did it in 2008. but not until after a knock-down drag-out primary battle with governor romney. but that was 2008. well, now, now they're friends. can mccain help romney pull off decisive victory in new hampshire? senator mccain will be here if a few minutes. but first, rick santorum proved the political pundits wrong and now he is really making them wrong. he has taken over the number two spot in national poll.
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governor romney leads with 29%. then there is rick santorum comes in now, second, with 21%. and former speaker of the house newt gingrich at third, 16%. of course, the national polls don't win you the nomination. only the state primaries do. how is senator santorum doing in new hampshire polls? well, not so hot. in the latest poll of new hampshire voters, governor romney leads with 41%. congressman ron paul comes in second with 18%. and senator santorum is pulling up the rear with only 8%. are the new hampshire polls as mixed up though as the iowa polls? senator santorum joins us from manchester. good evening, sir. i'm a little reluctant to see the new hampshire poll as a particularly bad sign in light of the polls that we watched in iowa over the last two months. i assume you agree. >> yeah. i'm not worried about it. a lot of those polls were taken before iowa. i don't think they have credibility to them. we came from 1,000 people at town hall meeting.
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i feel like our numbers will be good here with energy and enthusiasm. we're having a great time going around iowa. >> going around iowa, that did it. i'm working on less sleep than i normally do. i apologize for that. >> greta: i'm sure people in new hampshire understand that. i want to talk strategy and issues with you. first, bookkeeping. it's being reported tonight since your victory in iowa, as it was, eight votes shy of the victory that you have brought in $2 million to your campaign war chest in 48 hours alone. that is reported by abc. is that true? and number two, if you put it in perspective, in terms of how much has the money been coming in, in the months previously? >> all i know is online, we have gotten $1.5 million. i don't know what we have been able to pick up in other places and checks delivered in the mail and things like that. so i know we have had a very robust couple of days.
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i'm feeling just you understand, if we did raise $2 million, as i said, i've been running to place to place and i haven't been talking to folks in the campaign, i think we are going to report somewhere in the neighborhood of the first three quarter of the campaign roughly $2 million. in the last two days, $2 million. >> greta: so that does give me an idea. another bookkeeping matter, it's reported a couple of places, unconfirmed at this point but everybody is talking and chatting about it there. may have been a vote count problem in iowa and that perhaps it was not an eight-vote loss for you but you may have come out number one. i'm not so sure how significant it is, but i'm curious your reaction, if indeed it does turn out to be true. that you won by a handful of votes. >> here is what i know. having talked to the chairman, matt strawn, chairman of the republican party of iowa that all these counties are going to be reporting in. they are going to be certifying them, that there
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was one county where there was e a 20-vote mistake1-vote mistake vote in romney's favor so it netted out to what i understand is a one-vote difference. but there will be changes, due to hecticest in and counting the numbers lateness of the hour, eight votes or nine vote difference, there may be some. it doesn't really matter to me. it was a tie. we came from, you know, four or five points two weeks before the election. and ended up with 25 points. the most recent poll published three days before the -- excuse me, four days before the caucus, we were at is a. we ended up with 25. so i look at it this way. let's see what the polls look like in new hampshire here. by the end of the week. if you can see the upward surge i know by the poll that
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came out the day after the iowa caucuses, that was taken before iowa. we were at 4% or something like that. we're going to move up. we are going to do very, very well here virgin islands no doubt that when it's saided a donald we will compete here in the top tier. >> greta: from the bookkeeping to the strategy. speaker newt gingrich said to laura ingram on her radio show and it's got an lot of buzz, something about wanting to sort of align with you. have you had any conversation with him? do you have any sort of thought or reflection on his statement to laura ingram? >> no, i haven't talked to newt since the last debate. i'm going to go out and talk about what i'm going to do to get economy going and what i'll do to reduce the federal deficit and strengthen the family to strengthen our economy. what i'll do to make sure that we have a strong presence around the world to make sure
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we are safe and secure in the country. those are the issues i talk about on campaign. i'm not looking to structure any deals with anybody. it have run a campaign that's very positive. when i contrasted myself i try to do so respectfully. it will contrast myself with other candidates in the race but i will do it in a way that people of new hampshire and people of south carolina going forward would like to see me do it, which is respectfully but directly. >> greta: you know, that is, that is sort of strategy didn't do so well for speaker gingrich. he surged ahead in iowa, suddenly the strategy about being mr. good guy, mr. nice guy, everybody lambasted him with negative ads. now you are surging. are you expecting a target on your back? and if so, are you going to stay mr. nice guy or run the risk? we do know unfortunately negative ads do have an impac impact. >> to be a negative ad is characterizing somebody, as opposed to laying out record.
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i have no problem. i never had a problem in my campaign, contrasting my record with someone else. i'm happy to go talk about, you know, the bail-out for example. i did not support the bail-out. i'll contrast myself and say why i didn't support it and why it was injurious to the country to have the government intervene in a major way. even if the economy might have taken a bigger dip, the consequence of bailing out companies on wall street was creating a moral hazard and precedent we shouldn't have set. >> greta: all right. let me go to the issues of today. substantive issues. former c.i.a. chief, director michael hayden told fox news he thinks iran is the single greatest destabilizing force in '2012. and that iran is clamping down
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on in the expansion, one of the things to provoke the arab spring. tell me, your thoughts on iran, because it does seem to be heating up today. if you were president tonight, tell me what you would be doing tonight. >> i have been specific about this. i laid out a plan that i would be using covert activity to sanction, to laying out the scientists who want to participate in the iranian nuclear program, not iranian scientists but from other countries treat them as enemy come bants that we should be funding the prodemocracy there and do everything we can to create agitation and problems in the government of iran for purposes of making sure that the government does not remain in power. finally if all else fails and we're reaching a point where we believe that we are on the precipice of having iran having a nuclear weapon, lay
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out an ultimatum and work through israel or by yourselves and say unless they open up and allow inspectors and begin dismantling capability we'll degrade that capability so they cannot produce this weapon. >> greta: that is the big question. how do we know when they are on the verge? i heard so many estimates in the past couple of years. some says the years off, sometimes they say they are close to a nuclear weapon. the whole idea of our intelligence has been so faulty going back to weapons of mass destruction. how do we know what to trust and it's really -- it's unfortunate that the intelligence has been so faulty. >> we know what they tell us and what they profess so to be able to demonstrate. we can base upon there the likelihood and the time frame is of the next milestone or next development that is part of it. part of it is obviously, rel relying upon variety of
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sources. this is difference and that iraq or syria or any other country that we have had this standoff with. there is no question that they have capability. there is no question they are developing nuclear technology and that they are being successful in developing the technology. no question that they are headed in this direction. it's simply a matter of time. that is not necessarily been the case with the iraqis as we found out. syria, but it is the case here. so this is not a matter of if they're going to do this. they're doing it. from my perspective, i would probably be laying ultimatums sooner rather than later given you don't want to err on the side of the next thing you hear is underground explosion of a nuclear weapon. >> greta: senator, thank you. we'll be in new hampshire next week. perhaps we can catch up with
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you and do another interview before the vote. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> greta: trying to book you on air when you have no choice but to be polite and say yes. >> i'm always happy to come on your program. you've been very welcoming in the past. it greatly appreciate it. >> greta: senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: governor mitt romney feeling the squeeze tonight. first it was the iowa caucuses. romney squeaked out a win over senator santorum. only eight votes. as far as we know. governor romney has to be a bit disappointed. he expected more. now, of course, he is being assaulted by the biggest newspaper in the state where he was governor. the "boston globe" endorsing rival former utah governor jon huntsman. the "globe" praises huntsman's vision and criticizes romney limited ideas. ouch. and despite the win in iowa and the hometown newspaper insult, though, governor romney hoping for a decisive victory in new hampshire. he is getting help from a former political foe, senator john mccain. we spoke with senator mccain earlier today. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta.
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>> greta: senator, i know politics is a rather unusual peculiar game to many of us in america. i must confess i'm perplexed in your 2008 ad you wasn't after governor romney for being a flip-floper on choice versus life and on guns and also where he says he doesn't want to go back in 1994, said he didn't want to go back to reagan years. i don't fully understand how you can endorse him today and now. >> well, greta, i don't expect you to keep up with everything i do in politics but the fact is that after, as soon as that campaign was over, he and i and our families spent time together. we had excellent meetings together. no one worked harder on behalf of my campaign than mitt romney. he went anyplace, at any time. to help us in our you campaign. he has campaigned hard.
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he brings in my view credentials necessary to be the president of the united states. long ago, any differences that we had in the 2008 campaign were resolved. i'm grateful for all the work he did on my behalf. and he continues to do by standing for the nomination of our party. >> greta: i can get that and i understand the brutal nature, in 2008 you called him a manager, not a leader. i can understand that sort of burying the hatchet. but what you were going after him in that ad but more than just being a nice guy or good campaigner. you said on important issues to your party he changed. not just the minor changes but the big changes. that is different. >> again, i want to say, there were strong differences between president reagan and then george h.w. bush.
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and his running mate. there were spirited campaigns. this will be a spirited campaign. after the campaign is over, we come together, because we share the same values and principles that we want to ensure the nation's future. i'm telling you, that a long time ago, any differences between myself, and governor romney were resolved. and again, i'll always be grateful for the way he rallied behind me. as soon as that primary was over. politics and campaigns aren't bean bag. but the fact is that i'm grateful for what he has done for me. i'm proud of the way that he has performed so far. >> i don't mean to corner you, but do you stand by the factual state in the that 2008 campaign? not so much like is he my friend or a good guy, but did he change positions profoundly and did he explain it to you adequately?
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>> of course, he adequately explained many positions to me. but the facts are we had differences on certain issues. we share the same principle and value and belief in the enterprise system and same belief in the strong national defense. all of the fundamental principles we share together. they never were different. we had differences and that's why we campaigned against each other. we were good strong conservative republicans. i'm proud of my record. he is proud of his record. >> greta: you bring up defense. i suppose you know the news today president obama making announcement at the pentagon about cuts to defense. your thoughts on that, sir? >> i'd be glad to look over his proposal. i know we need to make reductions but i worry more about the conduct of the overall national security policy, leading from behind.
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this desertion of iraq when we need to leave behind a residual force. this announcement to withdraw from afghanistan which according to written reports are caused general petraeus almost to at least consider resigning. i don't know if it's true or not. but this is what the reports were. this is not a leader of national security. every place i go in the world this president is believed to be weak. and america is perceived to be withdrawalling. that is what i worry about more than anything else. the weakest leadership we've had on national security since jimmy carter. >> wasn't his strategy that he is laying out today very similar to the defense secretary donald rumsfeld pre9/11, that we could win everything apparently by air and by sea? are we visiting ourself and put ourselves back in the question about what we really want our military to be or what we need it to be?
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>> th's appropriate to turn our attention to asia pacific region. we know about china. they continue to prop up north korea, that they are not mature entrance in the world it seems. so i understand that part. it's not only the capability but the projecting world leadership. this president is leading from behind. one of the graphic examples that historians will be very scornful of, after the fraud elections, corrupt election in iran, a million-and-a-half people in tehran demonstrated in the streets. we have watched a young woman bleed to death in the streets of tehran, and they were chanting, the demonstrators were "obama, obama are you with us, or are you with them?"
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obama's statement was i don't want to jeopardize the opportunity to negotiate with islamic iranian republican. that was a terrible mistake and we paid a heavy price in a lot of places. >> greta: i don't mean to put words in your mouth but i want to see if i understand you correctly. are you saying that the president and the secretary of defense are sending a message by what they said today and what they plan to do, that we are becoming less strong in the world? are we telling the enemies we'll be less forceful or is that overstating it? >> i'm saying today with some of the cutbacks in defense that are necessary and adjust to new realities in the world including our withdrawals in some part of the world. by the national security policy, leading from behind, saying you want to withdrawal and overruling time after time your military advisors on how to conduct the conflict in iraq and afghanistan.
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it is the lack of leadership and the incredible weakness america is displaying that i worry about more than the hardware that we have today. >> greta: all right. if we take right now and the trajectory of what the president and the secretary of defense intend to do are we going to be weaker or stronger one year from now and two years from now? >> i think we have less capability. i don't think there is doubt. but i agree that there are different kind of operation that require more naval and air power. we can't afford to draw down some -- we can afford to draw down some of our army and marine corps. so there are certain areas i agree with him. but i repeat, the message we send to the world when we announce withdrawals and when we say we are going to lead from behind and our failure as
1:20 am
ronald reagan did to inspire those people that are struggling and seeking freedom and their god-driven rights. >> greta: senator, thank you. nice to see you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: straight ahead, the battle for the oval office just got rougher now. the g.o.p. candidates are going full throttle and right at president obama. who does president obama think is his biggest political threat in 2012? dnc chair debbie waserman schultz is here and next. also, congressman allen west is absolutely furious. he says president obama's plan for a leaner military do something very dangerous. he is going to tell you. congressman west goes on the record. plus, hang on to your seats for this one. do you remember casey anthony? the mother found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old child caylee? now the stunner, she is talking. why is she talking and what is she saying? you'll hear, you're about to hear from casey anthony herself.
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this president has engage and is engaging in crony capitalism. it's happening with the national league religions board where he is paying back big unions that helped his campaign. >> as of today, this president has proven total willingness to violate the law and impose imperial presidency. >> the debate about american exceptionism. we are having it because some people suggest the president doesn't believe in it. one of the people who suggested the president doesn't believe in it was the president. >> greta: president obama wants to keep his job, but the other g.o.p. candidates are targeting president obama. they're not holding back. governor mitt romney, senator rick santorum and former speaker newt gingrich all bashes the president in -- bashing the president in new hampshire today. which candidate has the most for 2012? congressman debbie waserman schultz joins us. good evening. >> thank you for having me.
1:25 am
>> greta: thank you for being here. i'm curious. i have been looking at your comments and since the iowa caucus, your comments are directed only at least as far as i can see as governor mitt romney. have you decided in your mind that governor mitt romney is the candidate that you need not worry about the other ones? >> no, as i said before, mitt romney has simply earned this kind of scrutiny. when you are someone who operates without core conviction, when you are a candidate like mitt romney who has exclusive focused and trained your attacks an mischaracterizations and distortions of president obama's record repeatedly, we are not going to take it lying down. it's important that people know that mitt romney has not stayed consistent on almost any position. because he is focused not on creating jobs and getting the economy turned around, but one job, barack obama's. he will say or do anything to
1:26 am
get elected. that is important for people to know in who they decide to be the president of the united states. >> greta: are you saying by your silence toward other candidates they are not doing that? >> no, they are doing that. but mitt romney has been top of the attack for quite -- top of the pack for quite some time consistently distort and lied about the president's record. he particularly earns that focus because he has no core conviction. i mean i know for me as an elected official, i pride myself on taking a position, on talking about it in my district. and you know, i think my favorite thing that happens to me is when a constituent will come up and say i don't always agree with you, but at least i know where you stand. no one knows where mitt romney stands, because he stands anywhere he needs to. and at the end of the day, with the need for us to continue to focus on getting this economy turned around and
1:27 am
having someone in the white house who is going to fight for the middle class and working families the only one that mitt romney would fight for is himself. that is something people need to know. >> greta: here is what i think. if that is true and the thinking within the democratic national committee that is true, i would think he is the one i'd want to run against because it's easiest to do is say he is positions that he can't back up. the others one, you think they have the core convictions and they are more powerful, potent opponent in the general election so you are shooting yourself in the foot trying to take apart the one you think is the most vulnerable to you at a general election. >> no, greta, quite frankly, the collection of republicans that are running for president really are pretty unremarkabl unremarkable. they all embrace extremism and embrace the tea party. they are in a circular firing
1:28 am
squad. it doesn't matter which one ultimately is the nominee. at the end of the day, it's a dramatic difference in the two directions that the country will choose to go. the direction that president obama is taking us, where we were bleeding 760,000 jobs a month when he took office. thanks to the republican policies. now we have had 22 straight month of private sector job growth and someone fighting for the middle class and working families and all the republicans, any of them frankly who want to go back to the failed republican policy that got us in the mess in the first place. >> greta: i hear the word "extremism" said about the republican party. but i also heard it said about the democratic party. a lot of people can say there is a profound change in the direction of our country with the republican party. really. >> i don't know how -- >> greta: that is how we throw insults around a within our country. >> but let's spend a minute going through the differences. i don't know how anyone could. >> we're going to break. you can have the last word.
1:29 am
go ahead. >> no problem. i don't know how they suggest it's extreme to give 95% of americans a tax break, which president obama did. extreme to pass affordable care act alone. >> greta: just an aside, he didn't do it alone. >> right. he did it with a democratic congress. he didn't do it alone. >> greta: bipartisan nature of the -- there was bipartisan the in the last extension of the payroll tax. >> republican members of congress focus on extenting the bush tax cut for the wealthiest, most fortune americans. democrats and president obama fight to give tax breaks to the middle class, small business owner. that is a dramatic contrast. one is extreme. the other is focused on making sure that everybody in america has an opportunity for a fair shot at the american dream. that is the choice that people have on november 6. >> greta: thank you. i hope you come back. it's a fascinating next ten or 11 months, whatever it is. 9-1/2. >> it sure will. i look forward to coming back. >> greta: thank you. coming up, why is congressman allen west so steamed at
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>> greta: you know congressman allen west, former army lieutenant colonel and he is not one to beat around the bush. he tells you exactly what he thinks. tonight he has something to say about president obama new strategy for leaner military. the strategy cuts the military budget and makes our military leaner. congressman west joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. how are you doing, greta? >> greta: very well. today the president made a historic trip to pentagon to tell us about the plans with the defense secretary panetta, plans about the military. i know you don't like the idea, so tell me why.
1:34 am
>> one thing i'm concerned about you talked about the president going to the department of defense in the pentagon. we're not talking about a coherent national security strategy. what the president laid out is very dangerous and it really does show incompetence in understanding the national security strategy. he did not talk about how we go forward on the 21st century battlefield. the ability to engage, deter and strike the enemy when necessary. we cannot sit around and say we won't fight a second combat operation. because the enemy has a vote in this. what we need to be able to do is sit down and look at our geographical area of responsibility. and start examining the threat for the next ten to 20 years and come up with the requirements and capability and capacity that our military needs to be able to meet these threats. because if we continue to go down this path, after world war ii we desecrated it to a
1:35 am
state the first unit on scene were attacked. i don't want to see that. >> greta: listening to the president tonight and the secretary i was reminded of the early part of the bush administration when i think, correct me if i'm wrong, but the secretary of defense rumsfeld spoke about transforming the military and making it wider in terms of the less boots on the ground and being more prepared from the air. from the sea. am i right it mirrors a little bit about what the secretary of defense rumsfeld planned? and then, of course, 9/11 happened and everything changed. >> you know, exactly. i think what you saw with secretary rumsfeld believing that the means to go to afghanistan could be a new model for the united states military. that is one of the problems we tend to have. we believe in a one size fits all, after what was a success in one combat theater of operation. that does not transition to another combat theater
1:36 am
operation. that is why it's so important to have the respectful generals that are over there and understand the battlefield. you allow them to go in and develop the threat assessments and come back to you telling me what is the capability of the -- [ inaudible ] >> greta: do you think that the president were i assume, maybe i'm wrong, but were military leaders not part of the new plan and strategy going forward? are you hearing from people at the pentagon, former colleagues they were ignored in the discussion on which direction to take the military? >> i can tell you that is probably the case. when the president stands up and says this is the guidance i gave, the guidance he gave was not oched toward how we have a strategy to contend with threats across the world. it was based on budget analysis. one thing that troubles me is
1:37 am
mahmoud ahmadinejad next week will travel through latin america, south america and coming up through central america. we are on the crux of having a 21st century cuban missile crisis that could threaten us in south florida. wi cannot disengage and leave the staunch ally in the middle east, israel. but yet we see an arab spring that is turning into arab winter. those are things we have to evaluate. we haven't talked about the threat. we know that china is developing the strategic navy and air forces. >> greta: congressman, thank you. got to go. i hope you come back. >> i will. >> greta: tea party express chair amy kraemer says the iowa results set the stage for a battle royale. what does she mean by that? she will tell you herself. she is here. and the death of little caylee anthony. to the shock of many, her mother was found not guilty.
1:38 am
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from america's news headquarters, the investigation entete l.a. arson suspect is reportedly widening. according to the "los angeles times," canadian authorities are looking into whether harry burkhart was involved in a series of suspicious fires in
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vancouver. he lived there before he moved to l.a., where he is charged with dozens of arsons. so far, vancouver police have not connected him to any specific fires in canada. a washington state company is suing johnson & johnson, claiming a recalled product killed their son of liver fail nur 2010, after taking very berry strawberry children's tylenol. johnson & johnson says the product is not related to their recall. for the latest headliance, go to
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>> governor romney is a businessman. you know, he was a businessman before he was governor. he turned around the salt lake city olympics. but the thing with governor romney is -- romneycare. and the people across the country do not want a mandate, regardless of if it's a state or a federal mandate, they don't want a mandate.
1:45 am
>> all right. suppose no state wants a mandate, but the state of massachusetts does. does that change it? >> i don't think so. i just -- i think -- i mean, a mandate is a mandate. >> so that moeb it's. >> people across the country don't want. >> it you don't think that if you are a betting woman that the tea party express is going to endorse governor romney, even though they love nikki haily and she has? >> i think that any of these candidates right now would be better than barack obama, any one of them in the field. but they all have their issues. none of them are perfect. they're human beings,ar all. we tend to put these candidates up on a pedastal and they are human beings. and my perfect candidate is not your perfect candidate. but at the end of the day, the people are going to have to decide. >> is there any way you can quantify how many are in the tea party? do you have an email list? do you have any idea how big
1:46 am
your organization is? >> we have a big email list. we have a large number of supporters across the country. but is there a way to tell how many are in the tea party movement, no? >> give me a guess. >> my parents are the perfect example. they don't go to rallies, they don't go to meetings. they are not activists, so to speak. but they absolutely agree with the principles and values that we stand on. and they vote along those same lines. there are millions of people out there like them. >> 21st, south carolina primary, will you come back and tell us you who are going to endorse? >> we will. >> great! i locked you in. >> now to a stunner, why is casey anthony talking? it's been exactly six months since she was found not guilty of killing her daughter, caylee. as soon as the verdict was read, anthony went into hiding. her lawyer says she feared for her life. but now she's take talking. she recorded a video diary.
1:47 am
>> i am extremely excited. i am extremely excited that i will be able to skype and obviously keep a videolog, take some pictures and that i have something that i can finally call mine. i don't know. it's been a long time since i have been able to call something mine. now that i have something even as silly as saying i have a computer, and a camera and a phone. you know, i wouldn't have the phone without... and i have now paid for my own computer. the cam rafs a gift. but these are things that are mine. and i don't have to -- i don't know, that i don't have to give back. just a little surreal how much things have changed since july. i mean, how many things...
1:48 am
haven't changed? but the good thing is that things are starting to look up and things are starting to change -- in a good way. i hope they stay -- that things stay good and that they only get better. >> you notice that anthony never mentions her daughter, her parents or even her own whereabouts. the defense lawyer said she made it for personal use only and anthony didn't post it online. who did? the mystery goes on. also, there is big news about the lead prosecutor in the casey anthony case, jeff ashton is running for state's attorney in florida. but here's the kicker -- he is running against his former boss, incumbent state's attorney lawson lamar, whoa has held the job for two decades. but ashton says, it's time for a change. he quit his job as assistant state attorney just days after
1:49 am
the anthony trial ended. straight ahead, cashing in on a big catch. we will show you the world's most expensive sushi. you can guess how much it costs? start guessing. store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lie on one of those, if you want a soft bed you can lie on one of those." we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. welcome to the sleep number year-end closeout event. not just ordinary beds on sale, but the bed that can change your life on sale. the sleep number bed. it calibrates precisely to your body and your comfort zone. now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh yeah. it's really shaping to my body. it's the final days to save up to $800 on selected 2011 bed sets. plus, free standard shipping on all beds. you can adjust it however you want so you don't have to worry about buying the wrong mattress. once they get our bed, they're like, "why didn't i do this sooner?" hurry in to the final days of the year-end closeout
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>> greta: the top story and the best of the rest. the world's most expensive tuna fish. blue fin tuna sold in japan for three-quarters million. caught off the northeastern coast and fetched $736,000 at a tokyo fish market auction. the prize tuna weighs 600 pounds and sold at cost each piece of sushi from the tuna would cost $ed 96. in new mexico, the case of the missing wedding ring. the wedding ring recently vanished but the culprit was the 10-month-old hound. after a desperate search they realized the dog might be guilty. she has a tendency to eat rocks. they took the pup to the vet. and x-ray showed thing inside the dog's stomach. the vet removed the ring and the puppy and the ring are all just fine. 2,000 miles not enough to separate a man from his cat. after seven months a florida man was reunited with his long last cat.
1:54 am
the cat wandered away from the florida home in june. just turned up across the country in colorado. denver woman noticed waylan and brought him to a shelter. micro chip linked him to the owner. tonight they are back together. there you have it. the best of the rest. coming up, the last call, one more quick round before we turn down the light. governor romney sent message to the eight voters who put him ahead in iowa. but it's not what you think. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights because it's time for last call. and if you know governor mitt romney narrowly won the iowa caucus by eight votes, now, jimmy fallon is thanking those eight people. >> i would like to thank todd from des moines, iowa. playing a game with friends and took dare. his friend said i dare you to vote for mitt rom nee. i don't know who to thank. either way, i'll take it. this is david rogers. a 53-year-old construction worker only voting for me because he thinks i'm an anchorman at the local news affiliate. i'd like to thank norman van pelt, voting for me in the middle of an ambien sleep walk. and betty left her reading glasses at home. she thought it said micky
1:59 am
rooney. this is the wind sock man in a parking lot in a used car dealership. apparently as his hand goes up, it counts. i'll take it. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. we want to show you how reverend franklin gram and thousands brighten holidays for childrens around the world. the americans gave out nine million gift boxs. my husband and i joined and it was heart warming to see the children who have nothing smile when opening the boxes. if you want to see more photos from our trip go to greta thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow for a special edition of the show. join us for on the record on the trail. a look ahead the next big showdown south carolina, and florida. south carolina governor will be here


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