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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 6, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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had a mid-air emergency. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hi, everybody. it is perfect friday here in studio e. welcome aboard. >> what does frippett mean? >> bill o'reilly tells you to go look it up. you look very presidential today. >> i'm thinking about running. >> not only do you have -- i'm not talking about the fact that you're wearing a three piece suit. you're wearing a vest which is very santorum. but then at the same time -- hold on, hold on, you're wearing a gold tie which is very -- >> cainish. herman cainish. >> that didn't work out so well. >> there you go. and it costs me $9.99. so very -- >> frippett, it's a noun, british. it's slang. a pretty, frivolous, young
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woman. thank you. >> and you just gave them out all over the world. >> it's friday. i love when i go to friendly's and i get a frippett and i really enjoy it. >> sure. >> with the cherry on the top. >> exactly. that sounds frippettish. somehow, we have to get past this. we have some news headlines for your friday. tgif, everyone. fox news alert. a series of bombings rocking afghanistan today leaving five nato troops dead. they died in two separate attacks in the southern part of the country. just yesterday, three other nato soldiers were killed in another bombing. no word yet on the nationalities of any of those victims. joran van der sloot finally getting his day in court. in a few hours, his murder trial will get under way in peru. the 23-year-old charged with killing stephanie flores, a woman he met in a casino in 2010. he confessed to murdering her in his hotel room later that night after finding her researching
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his connection to natalee holloway on his computer. prosecutors want a 30-year prison sentence for him but he could get as little as 10 years behind bars. emotional night in ogden, utah, hundreds of people gathering for a candlelight vigil in honor of the police officer shot and killed during a routine drug raid. his brother says he died doing what he loved. >> he was an awesome brother. he was an awesome man. i can share stories, you know, all night long about him. he truly had a love that, you know, you just don't see in a whole lot of people sometimes, i guess, but he showed it and he shared it. >> one of just six officers shot that night. some of them still in the hospital. so is the lone suspect, by the way, 37-year-old matthew david stewart, the gulf war veteran reportedly started that firefight after officers searched his home for marijuana. he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression.
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huge plane, tiny problem. cracks found on the wings of the world's largest passenger jets. the airbus a-380. the french company that makes the super jumbo jets claims the cracks are not a safety risk but engineers say they should be fixed immediately. tiny cracks were found on the wings of at least three a-380 used by quantas and singapore airlines. one of those planes, a jet that suffered a mid-air explosion after takeoff in 2010. they say the cracks are now being fixed. those are your headlines. what's the rush? i mean, you know, if you find out there might be some cracks, wouldn't you just put those planes in a hangar and fix those up. >> that's why you have two planes in case one cracks. i know so much about aviation. >> thank you. >> right now, it's time to move on. now, it's a big caucus controversy, so to speak. you have new allegations mitt romney might not have gotten as many votes in iowa as officials first thought or did he? could it change the outcome?
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peter doocy is live in washington. peter. >> brian, a 28-year-old man told a tv station in iowa that he helped count the votes at the garrett memorial library caucus site in molten down in apanoose county and his notes show romney having two votes there but the official count on the g.o.p. iowa web site says that romney got 22 so a 20-vote discrepancy is being alleged. the iowa g.o.p. takes two weeks to certify caucus results. if this man's claims are true, it could swing the contest in santorum's favor. the runner-up is telling the story a little bit differently down playing things late last night. >> they're going to be certifying them that there was one county where there was a 20-vote mistake in my favor. but there was a 21-vote mistake in romney's favor so it actually netted out to what i understand is a one vote difference. but there will be, without question, given the lateness of the hour and the -- and the
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hecticness that comes with turning in these numbers, there will be changes. >> the iowa g.o.p. chairman tells us, out of respect to the candidates involved, party officials will not respond to every rumor, innuendo or allegation during the two week process for certification. that said, iowa g.o.p. officials have been in contact with apanoose officials tonight and do not have any reason to believe that the final results of that county will change the outcome of tuesday's vote. for what it's worth, the man who is making these allegations also told the local station in iowa that he is a ron paul supporter. back to you. >> oh. all right, thanks so much. this kind of -- this is why i asked the question on that day. these are handwritten votes. these are votes that were in some truck that they couldn't find for three hours. come on. this is 2012. and yet, this is the way the system still works. >> on purpose! they could change it. >> i'm not saying that they
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should. i'm just saying that i don't think you just take face value that those are actually the automatic votes on the next morning when we heard them. it could change. now, does it matter? it does in a sense for history. because if mitt romney goes on to win new hampshire, he will be the first person in a long time to win -- maybe ever, to win iowa, new hampshire and then go on to get the nomination so now if he's not the winner in iowa, does it change anything? interesting to talk about. >> although rick an santorum on the greta show last night said if it's what he's heard from iowa, the state party officials will be the ultimate final arbitor of what the number is. rick santorum has gotten good news two days out after coming in second by apparently nine votes. according to him now. he got $2 million in two days. that's going to help him going into not new hampshire where he's not going to buy a bunch of tv ads but south carolina where
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he would like to buy as many as possible. >> couple of new polls came out, he's running third. in the national poll, he's second. the money is going to be key, goes back to your point, gretchen, the reason why i think santorum isn't making a big deal of it, he's already benefitting. people say where did you come from? i had 3% and being ignored and now he's got more press following him than anybody else. meanwhile, big pat on the back and a boost for his credibility, charles krauthammer says he's a formidable foe and gives a worthy challenge and writes a nice column about him but talks about the challenges as a social conservative. and somebody else i think is very -- is -- knows that santorum is a real contender, that's mike huckabee who doesn't like mitt romney, i don't think. >> they've had trouble. >> he'd be more on the social conservative side of a senator santorum. it will be interesting to see how the press now attacks senator santorum. even though his views are quite similar to other republicans in
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the field, he will be dogged, i bet, as the right wing nut. you just wait. that's what they're going to go after him. >> they spent a lot. they had earmarks. they'll go after that. >> and he's a big government guy as well, they would allege. in the meantime, newt, he was out there, two different soundbites. one, he would not engage rick santorum which did suggest that maybe they've got some sort of an alliance they're going to beat up on mitt romney and not each other. at one point, newt yesterday referred to santorum as a fine person but then later in the day, he referred to him as a junior partner. yeah, when we were in congress, he was my junior partner. that is faint praise. >> i would say he has faint praise and a kick in the teeth just a little bit. yeah, don't vote for me. vote for my junior partner? no, that to me is a little bit smarter because i think that newt gingrich has to fully understand better than anybody that he will be successful not by taking on mitt romney but by proving he's the alternative and santorum stands in his way. >> ok. and i think they're not --
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you're not going to see that whole thing duped out until they get to south carolina because that's really where the more conservative part of the republican party is probably going to be behind the santorum or a gingrich as opposed to mitt romney. in the meantime, let's focus on president obama for a minute because, as you recall, the main tenant of his 2008 campaign speech was -- speeches was hope and change. he was going to bring hope and change. well, he was asked that question yesterday, his spokesperson was by one of our own reporters, ed henry. jay carney was asked whether or not the president still believes he can bring hope and change. >> the president's promise was not just to change atmosphere but to change the way washington did business and to change it by -- by working together collaboratively with congress and others in washington to get people here to focus on challenges that they had ignored for too long.
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>> he didn't do it alone. he did it with congress in almost all cases. so, you know, it is true that partisanship prevails still. >> we'd like to highlight just one of the little things that mr. carney said right there. he said the president is going to work with congress. is that why the president did the recess appointment the other day of mr. cordray? keep in mind, what they did was, you know, he -- presidents absolutely can do that if the congress is officially in recess, apparently it is not. but here's the thing about mr. cordray and people haven't talked much about this. they brought him up for a vote in the senate. and they voted him down. to advance his confirmation so voted down and yet through this recess appointment, now he's got the job going around the back door of congress. does that sound like he's working with them? >> it sounds like he was very critical of president bush for doing that, 170 times had recess appointments when the congress
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actually was in recess, that's a novel idea. now he said that's a gimmick. now he could through the spokesperson, the obama administration says that's a gimmick, this whole pro forma thing where you show up, stand on the floor and then leave again. things certainly seem -- you couldn't circle change but i thought something was really ironic that was pointed out in today's "new york times" that goes directly against what carney was saying. that's by another press secretary. deputy press secretary joshua earnest, the headline of this story is obama to turn up a tax on congress and campaign. that's an interesting change. back to 1948. that's an interesting hope and change. in terms of relationships with congress in 2012, he says, the president is no longer tied to washington, d.c. that's an interesting way to get along, isn't it? no longer tied. after three weeks in office, he's gambling with that approach. that's like hope and change. >> it's the hope and change of 2012. that's going to be the campaign strategy. that's what the president is going to run on because many
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people will argue he doesn't want to run on his record, right? he's going to run on saying that he is not congress. look at congress. they're not doing anything, folks and that's why i cannot bring you hope and change that i promised in the first four years and i need four more to be able to do it on my own without congress. >> the problem, though, for the president and that argument is congress has passed a whole bunch of stuff and john boehner and company there in the republican-led house of representatives has done a lot of stuff. >> senate hasn't given a budget in three years. >> that's the problem. and the $15 trillion debt. >> and the last budget that the president sent was so unserious, it was voted down 97-0 including most of the members of his own party. >> don't worry about the deficit. >> why not? >> when in trouble, just cut defense. we don't need much defense because the world is a safer place now. i watched the press conference. >> we don't need army guys anymore. we've got drones. >> we have g.i. joes. >> i think all those shows you did yesterday has increased your game. >> really? >> yeah. you're like -- you're on today.
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>> and the game is? >> battleship. you sunk my battleship. >> coming up on the show, the battle over collective bargaining rights taking an ugly turn now. governor scott walker says that unions still want to repeal his policies, they want him dead. >> then if you're gonna bad mouth america, don't do it in front of this guy, one of america's toughest seals shares an outrageous story. why he knocked out, socked him in the face, governor jesse ventura. >> you -- i like him more if that's possible. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
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>> 16 minutes after the top of the hour. the battle over collective bargaining rights in wisconsin taking another ugly turn now. >> unions are pushing hard to recall the governor, as you know, but in an interview with "the washington times" scott walker, the governor says the unions don't just want him out of office but "they want him dead." i don't think that's an exaggeration. >> wow. stuart varney is here to analyze that. not much analyzing, i mean, i guess it can't get worse than that. they want him dead. >> let me repeat it. they want me dead. that's not an exaggeration.
6:17 am
"washington times" interview with scott walker. it's really, really intense. governor walker is facing a recall vote possibly this june. this whole thing is just blowing up again. we saw it in 2011. we're going to see it again in 2012. at issue, now, the collective bargaining rights of state worker unions and the pensions they are being paid. the states are broke all across the country. they've tried to cut services, raise taxes, borrow a ton of money but they still got to pay those pensions which are unreformed. that's at the heart of this issue. i think those angry street demonstrations, i think they're coming back this year. >> it's interesting because remember what happened in ohio a few months ago, governor kasich took it a step further and included police officers and firefighters in those cuts. that was overturned by the voters. if you look at that as precedence, what do you think will happen in wisconsin? >> before we look at wisconsin, consider this as a precedent.
6:18 am
in rhode island, they have rolled back pensions to people who have already retired. that's existing retirees, they've had their pensions rolled back because rhode island is flat out broke. what happens in wisconsin, i don't know. but the fight is going to get ugly. you've got in illinois, the governor quinn there, he's got a stop pension abuse vote coming up. in indiana, they want to make it a right who to work state. in ohio, as you said, they roll back the union restrictions. in california, they've got a $9 billion deficit and they've got to cut more people and they've got to raise taxes to meet that deficit to pay the pensions. >> see, i look at walker who has this cool under fire, he's been very even keel. he's actually doing the work for every democratic and republican governor who is responsible for their own budget to get it in line, unions have to pay more to their health care and they have to cut a deal with pensions whether you like it or not that's feasible and doable. walker says this is the plan. if you don't want me and you don't want the plan, good luck. >> it's true in wisconsin.
6:19 am
it's true elsewhere. if you don't restrict in some way the pensions that are already being paid to existing retirees, you're broke. you can't raise taxes enough. you can't cut services enough to pay for this. >> i don't know the answer to this. and maybe you don't either but i'm wondering in every state, can you just recall -- >> recall the governor? >> yes, it's a petition drive. i don't know in every state but certainly in wisconsin if they get 540,000 signatures by june, there's a recall vote and it looks like they will have that recall vote. so this whole issue of pension rights and worker rights is going to be all revisited in the summer of this year. >> we'll be watching you, we'll revisit you at 9:20 a.m. fox business network. have a great weekend, stu. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, it looks like rick santorum is hot on mitt romney's heels heading into new hampshire now. brand new power rankings from jason wright who is in the horse race now when we come back. >> then, lights, camera. investigation. the white house accused of leaking confidential information about the bin laden raid to hollywood producers.
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>> 23 minutes after the top of the hour. a couple of quick headlines for you. eta james back home this morning after being released from a california hospital. the legendary singer is terminally ill with leukemia. the investigation into the los angeles arson suspect now widening. canadian police now think he may be responsible for at least a dozen unsolved arson cases in vancouver. he lived there before moving to l.a. where he's charged with setting 52 fires in the hollywood area. steve? >> thank you very much, gretch.
6:24 am
and they're off again for another week! mitt romney edges out rick santorum in iowa by a nose but now they're heading into the second turn of the primaries, new hampshire. get ready. it's time for this week's political horse race and here with the latest power rankings is the editor of, jason wright. good morning to you. >> happy frippett friday to you, doocy. i don't know what that means. >> it's o'reilly's word of the day. let's go ahead, out to the tlak we go and the top three horses are -- in this order, mr. romney, mr. santorum and ron paul on the white horse! let's start out with mitt romney. >> yeah, i mean, he's clearly in the lead. i don't know how you can argue. otherwise, had a dominating win in iowa with either an eight or a nine vote margin depending on who you believe. really, really good news for him and i want to talk just quickly when we're looking at santorum here in the number two spot for the first time, obviously, the highest the former senator of
6:25 am
pennsylvania has been in the ra rankings but i think it's important to look at return on investment in politics, i've been talking about this for the last couple of days. in 2008, mitt romney spent a fortune literally and a lot of time in iowa and he lost with 25% of the vote. here we are four years later, he spends very little time and very little money in iowa until really the last couple of weeks and he finishes with, drum roll, please, 25% of the vote and a win so if you're looking at his return on investment, if you don't think that team romney was giddy on the flight out of iowa on wednesday, you're nuts and if you look at rick santorum, this is a guy who again talking about return on investment, didn't have a lot of money. he spent what he had in iowa and he spent like two years there, i mean, seriously, folks, rick santorum spent so much time in iowa, he gets his oriental trading catalogs there. do you know how tough it is to
6:26 am
do? second place, rick santorum. >> very good. ron paul in third. let's go to the second tier and leading the pack you have rig rig -- newt gingrich and rick perry and jon huntsman in the sixth position. >> that's right. congratulations to former governor huntsman. here he is the highest he's ever been. thank you, michelle bachmann. maybe he ought to send her a fruit basket or something, i don't know. huntsman seeing a little bit of movement in his numbers. i saw a poll yesterday in new hampshire. unfortunately, it's the wrong direction. he's slipped a couple of points there. the story here, i think, is the interesting comparisons shaping up between 2012 and 2008 with the role that rick perry could play. could rick perry be the spoiler? i mean, everybody in the universe thought he was dropping out of this race. the coyote that he shot in texas thought he was dropping out of this race. and here he decides to take the fight to south carolina. could he be huckabee? could he be the spoiler this time? he could prevent santorum who this time would be viewed as the
6:27 am
challenger. he would be the romney from four years ago. could perry siphon enough votes away, continue to keep the far right of the party fractured and help hand this nomination to mitt romney. it's looking that way to us. >> speaking of rate of return on investment, i heard karl rove the other night say that all the money that mr. perry has spent in iowa probably wound up each vote cost him over $450, not very good. before you go, i want you to talk about newt gingrich and you say that his speech in iowa was angry. it reminded a lot of people of the guy from the movie "network." >> so true. you know what? just for fun, i'm glad you asked me about newt. i forgot all about him. you go to google. you go on the interweb and you search for gingrich or newt and angry and i found 10 million results. folks, this is a real issue for him. and it was -- i mean, you were starting to see this narrative in the media a little bit, his anger in general but mostly driven towards mitt romney but here in the wake of the iowa
6:28 am
caucus, that speech he gave which i think he is going to regret, whether he will admit it outloud at parties or not, i think newt is going to regret that seething tone that he took and now all we're talking about is angry newt. that's not good. tough to win voters when they're perceiving you as always upset at the world. >> all right. always great to have you here on "fox & friends." he's the founding editor of, jason wright, have a great weekend. >> thanks, bud. >> all right. >> bud. thanks. all right, 28 minutes after the top of the hour. he does like me. this bud's for you. hey, then if you're gonna bad mouth america, don't do it in front of this guy. one of america's toughest seals shares an outrageous story. why he knocked out governor jesse ventura, the body went down. then from sensitivity to stability, the true difference between the sexes finally revealed. and the gap bigger than we thought. get a tissue. and first, happy birthday, though, to gabrielle reese, the
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6:33 am
why didn't anybody else report that? why is jay leno leading the pack on that? >> that's fantastic. >> can you imagine the babysitting in a control in like a car seat? >> absolutely, yeah. believe me, the guards don't want to deal with a baby. they'd much rather have a prisoner. >> no kidding. >> probably have a sheriff with a snuggy on. >> a huggy rather. >> what do you call it? >> jump suit? >> no, you call it a baby bjorn. >> really? >> because we're swedish. >> yeah. you can't relate. anyway, you can relate to this because congressman king is from your district in massapequa, new york and he has some concerns about this new movie that's going to be coming out about bin laden. now, remember, catherine bigelow was working on this movie about bin laden before he was found and killed. but then the accusation from
6:34 am
congressman king goes like this -- he says that the white house gave inside information about how that whole thing went down to that director and now that information is going to be included in this film and he believes that's wrong. >> what king went on to say is look, the pakistanis that have cooperated with us have been arrested. some have been killed and assassinated because we've leaked out too much information and gave out too much detail and now evidently, reportedly, the c.i.a. was told to cooperate fully with this producer. and that includes telling classified information according to peter king or at least that's what he's worried about. >> and the reason we're talking about this and this all gatt got launched by -- >> we love the movies. >> we do. we loved kathryn bigelow, married to the guy that did "titanic." but maureen dowd had written in her column one saturday, the movie makers are getting top level access in the most classified mission in history
6:35 am
from an misdemeanor that is that's tried to throw more people in jail than the bush administration. maureen dowd said that, right. what's curious is sony as well, the picture company has thrown some fundraising for the president of the united states back in april of this year. but the announcement is that apparently the movie will not come out before the election but come out after. that's what they're saying in tinseltown. >> we'll see what peter king gets. he chairs the homeland security so he's got some -- >> pentagon inspector general is working on it. >> right. let's do some headlines for your friday. police in orange county, california, searching for a serial killer this morning? the killer is targeting homeless men. and has already struck three times. the biggest lead, this image taken from surveillance video at a strip mall. they chose a person wearing a black hooded sweatshirt approaching the first victim. all three men were stabbed to death. brian? >> don't mess with former navy seal sniper, our guest from earlier this week. you think jesse ventura, a seal himself, would know that because
6:36 am
he was in the navy as a seal. jesse was on "fox & friends" and so was our seal, our buddy, kyle. he told o'reilly last night that he decked ventura after memorial for a fallen comrade in 2006. kyle says the former pro wrestler was trashing the war in iraq. >> he said, we deserved to lose a few guys. >> he said we deserved to -- we, the united states. >> no, he said you, y'all deserved to lose a few guys. >> navy seals? >> i am assuming he was saying that to me. >> you popped him? >> yes, sir. >> did he fight back? >> he went down, the cops were there. i took off running. >> you ran? >> yes, sir. >> did they arrest you? >> no, sir. i had my master chief always said, punch and run. >> kyle has 150 enemy kills under his belt making him america's most lethal sniper. he's telling his story in a sure to be bestseller called "american sniper." >> just days before his brokerage firm m.f. global went
6:37 am
belly up, jon corzine reportedly bragged his plans to buy a fancy chateau in the south of france. "vanity fair" reports corzine and his wealthy wife were at a party in paris talking about the mansion they were about to purchase on the french riviera. two weeks later, m.f. global went under and more than a billion bucks of clients' money vanished. poof! >> he should have kept his skeletons in his closet. a guy in washington state used a plastic skeleton as his passenger to sneak into the car pool lane. only problem is, what happened to the blow up girl? he started speeding. >> drunk. >> highway patrol officers pulled him over and they found the skeleton in a hooded sweatshirt strapped into the passenger's seat. officers not amused like i am this morning. they arrested the guy. that's like a connection between a -- a cross connection between "e.t." and something else. >> he looked scared to death. >> what's in his lap? >> arrest on wall street.
6:38 am
>> tin of cookies in his lap. is that part of the disguise? >> i think so. >> oh, my god! he needs a little meat on his bones. >> cookies will kill you. there you go. once again. >> take a look. where's it raining on this friday? and as you can see, not so much rain across the country. a little bit down along the gulf coast of texas into louisiana and a little bit of snow around the great lakes. otherwise, things are nice and dry on this friday and it's chilly in caribou, maine, man, 3 below is the air temperature. wind chill much cooler than that. 30's to 40's across much of the land. we have some 50's along the gulf coast. later today in tampa, 72. it looks as if they'll eventually crank it up into the teens in new england mr. kilmeade. >> thanks, steve. i'll take that as a toss. i'll review the tape later and wonder if it really was. new reports this morning that new england patriots offensive -- >> it was. >> thank you, steve. there you go. i guess that's a yes. patriots offensive coordinator bill o'brien will be taking over
6:39 am
as head coach at penn state. nittany lions expecting to make the announcement official tomorrow. he'll be replacing joe paterno who was fired two months ago in the aftermath of the abuse scandal involving his long time defensive coordinator and former player jerry sandusky. to the nfl news & notes. coaching news first, jay grudin will be taking over as coach for the jacksonville jaguars reportedly. grudin was the offensive coordinator for the bengals and the brother of monday night football commentator and super bowl winning coach for the tampa bay bucs jon grudin. former titans coach on the verge of a new gig. he's reportedly in negotiations with the dolphins and with the rams. everyone wants jeff fisher. and finally, ben roethlisberger says his ankle is still a problem as he prepares for the matchup against the denver broncos. he's going to play, though. roethlisberger managed to say nice things about his opponent tim tebow. he says he empathizes with him when it comes to the stress a quarterback's first playoff game. you remember baltimore ravens linebacker terrell suggs when he
6:40 am
knocked tebow and his faith earlier this week. here's what terry bradshaw had to say when he joined "fox & friends." >> better be careful, you know, you can take shots at tim but when you go messing with god, that's a different story. suggs is obviously an idiot and has no clue what he's talking about and i would be very careful. if i were him, i'd ask him for forgiveness. >> that's terry bradshaw telling it like it is. if you want to hear more about sports, we have no more time now and it's not in the format so go to andcroll down if you see someone like me, click on my face and you'll have a sports blog. called keeping a score. >> is it a brian kilmeade row botd? >> i cannot answer that. >> trying to eat up more time. you do not want to discuss this next topic. >> i actually embrace it. >> there's a new study out there -- i hope you didn't pay for it. talks about the differences in the sexes. all right. so here -- we don't learn anything new, ok?
6:41 am
women are sensitive, ok? they exhibit warmth and anxiety. duh! >> excuse me. have you seen the scientist? >> well, duh! take off your lab coat. >> you read the man part. >> all right. this study done by the university of turen and the university of manchester and they say that men got higher scores when it came to emotional stability to men are -- they are suggesting more emotionally stable, more dominant. >> true. >> more follow the rules. >> absolutely. look at joel. >> well, i just happened to put together this little snippet of video on that whole emotional stability thing and men. see what you think. >> we've never seen you behave this way before. have you ever felt this way before? >> you're a pirate, man. >> that would explain everything.
6:42 am
>> and washington and michigan and then we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house. ahhhh! ahhh! >> we don't have pictures of the unabomber, can't we throw them in? >> you know why we don't have any female pictures of showing a sensitive side to back up this story? can we go to a shot of our control room right now and can all the women please stand up. they clearly have tilted the scales in a very -- >> about time. >> look at that, all the women in there that are writing this -- gary is alone. there they are. woman. another woman. >> all right! >> let's see another woman in rob's shadow. >> i never thought you'd say that so many times. >> another woman. >> here's other women in there, they only -- >> apparently one of them is controlling the camera, had they allowed the camera to zoom out, you'd see lots of girls. >> gavin obviously has no pull in the control room.
6:43 am
>> between gavin and sterling who is directing today. >> right. >> along with shawn who is just pushing buttons. >> and all the guys who are in the studio behind the cameras, i think it's even steven. dudes. >> you got the tape. what do you think about that? e-mail us at they've been accused of part of the problem causing a housing crisis. the government says fannie and freddie are actually the solution and they're about to get more power. oh, good! >> and trading in wall street for the wilderness? our next guest quit life as a banker to become a hunter. how is that working out for her? we'll talk to her and get her squirrel recipe. >> about time. >> lots of salt! ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
6:44 am
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>> from wall street to the wilderness, this self-professed girly girl banker traded in her stilettos for a rifle and has been cook up a storm ever since here with her journey from the board room to the kitchen and now the woods is author of "girl hunter, revolutionizing the way we eat one hunt at a time." georgia pallagrini, great to see you. you go to this very fancy prep school in new york city growing
6:47 am
up. you end up going to wellsly college and end up on wall street and after a year, you go this isn't for me. >> it's true. i think, you know, the silver lining in doing what doesn't make you happy forces you to think what you're doing when you are happy. for me, it's food and cooking. that's why i dove in. >> you decide i'm going to be a chef. >> yeah. >> for six years, you do that and at one point, your boss says will you go out and kill that turkey in the backyard. what did you think? >> it was a very emotional and tense moment but you sort of have this moment, this is what it takes to bring meat to the table and i decided if i was going to be a chef and i wanted to be a meat eater, i needed to be able to do it. >> how did you do it? >> they were domestic so you just cut their windpipes, pretty sort of straight forward. and primal. first, you had to chase it down. >> yeah. i mean, they weren't wild so it wasn't hard but, you know, there's a pen just the way you do at a farm and you cut their wind pipes and it's sort of a
6:48 am
spiritual moment if you make sense. you're tapping into that primal extinct that we all once had as hunters and gatherers. >> it's so interesting because suddenly you found your passion. at that moment in time. you decide to start hunting everything else from quail, deer, wild boar, elk, even squirrels. >> some people say it's the best meat in the woods. >> i want to show your recipe because this is how if you want to go out and hunt squirrel, folks, this is how georgia recommends it. there are a lot of ingredients for your brunswick stew with acorns but here's what else you say about squirrels. where do i have that? there's a difference between old squirrel and a young squirrel. >> young squirrels are more tender and you think about it as we get older, our muscles work harder and so the muscles become more like that. younger animals have more tender meat and older animals have more muscles. >> i read that your father is a vegan. >> he is. he still salivates at the thought of a roasted pheasant and he was one of the people that actually encouraged me to
6:49 am
join the ranks of the women hunters. i grew up on the land that my great grandfather grew up. we grew up living off the land. it was the next logical step. i used to go fishing with him for my trout for breakfast growing up. >> you had a little bit of this in you. but it has to be kind of scary the first time to put your hands inside of an animal and to be doing this on a daily basis. now you're used to it. >> i am. being a chef, you have your hands in the gory bits often. it wasn't too much of a step. it also makes sense and taps into that natural human instinct and it feels very natural in a way if that makes sense. it sounds scary from far away. once you're in that moment, you really are encouraged when you have to work hard for your ingredients to use every part of the animal and treat with respect from the fields to the plate. >> this is a woman who is living for her passion. georgia, author, now former investment banker now chef, now hunter. go out and get the book. >> great to meet you.
6:50 am
>> the feds found a way to fix the housing market? they did? giving fannie and freddie more power? didn't they spark the housing crisis? judge napolitano with a warning for congress next. another government business gone bad. the chevy volt promised to revolutionize the auto industry. g.m. wants customers to bring them back. whoops! [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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6:53 am
>> freddie and fannie. i'm talking about fannie mae and freddie mac both lost $14 million last year and the two big reasons that the housing market are crumbling down.
6:54 am
now the federal reserve wants to give them more? can the government actually do that? and is that in our best interest? the host of "freedom watch" and fox news senior judicial analyst. >> how many times have you said that? >> i know, it's true. senior judicial analyst judge napolitano is here. judge, we saw the report that says housing is still struggling and the concern for federal reserve. you see a plot and a plan here. >> i do. early last week, paul krugman, the princeton professor and very, very liberal columnist of "the new york times" says don't worry about debt. it doesn't mean anything. we owe it to ourselves. that $15 trillion that the government borrowed basically is money that it owes itself and the american people owe each other. two days later, that guy, ben bernanke comes out with a statement, we'll take over fannie and freddie. we can operate it. the treasury department owns fannie and freddie. fannie and freddie are in debt $179 billion. the only way the fed can take it over is to print the cash which, of course, would cause
6:55 am
inflation. >> yeah, and devalue our dollar further. let's take a look, judge, this backs up what you're saying. here are the numbers and i'm going to read that outloud. a little bit far away. that's what the document looks like. in terms of money lost, fannie and freddie has $102.6 billion. this is what he went on to say and the bailouts cost $72 billion but this is what bernanke said. some actions have caused greater losses to be sustained by the fannie and freddies of the world. in the near term, might be in the interest of the taxpayer. might be the interest of the taxpayer to actually pay more. >> prior to -- prior to 2008, fannie and freddie basically said that banks lend all the money you want, don't worry about whether or not those people will pay their mortgages back. it's good for them to own houses. sell the mortgages to us. and that's exactly what happened. and people borrowed money from banks that couldn't afford to pay it back. >> they're trying to do it again. >> they're trying to do it again. we had a terrible crash in 2008 and now the fed and the money managers that run fannie and
6:56 am
freddie did not learn their lesson and are suggesting the same thing happened all over again. >> fannie and freddie, we needed $112 billion and freddie mac needed $72 billion and still counting. >> guess who paid that money. we did. >> we went into deficit. >> according to him, he doesn't matter. he's a genius, just ask him. they also claim that tight lending restriction are currently destroying america's wealth. and devaluing their homes. so he's blaming fannie and freddie for not lending more so he wants to force them to lend more. >> fannie and freddie is in a $200 billion hole. they don't have a nickel to lend. they are looking for more money to lend under the umbrella of the fed. >> freedom watch tonight at 8:00. >> absolutely. it's what's happening in new hampshire who has the money to pay on mitt romney. >> and he's getting a the lot of money. maybe it's santorum with $2 million in two days. great to see you. have a great weekend. this american girl was missing for two years. she was deported by the state.
6:57 am
we told you the outrageous story yesterday. now there's an update. then president obama's approval rating now aligning him with past presidents who lost re-election. does that spell trouble? we'll report, you decide. the best approach to food is tkeep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the otr guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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so i'm glad it's with fidelity. they offer me one-on-one guidance to help me choose my investments. not just with my savings plan here at work. they help me with all of my financial goals. looking good, irene. thanks to fidelity, i can stay on topof my fi? good one. why, thank you. whether it's saving for retirement, college, or anything else, contact a fidelity investment professional today. >> tgif, everyone. it's friday, january 6th. hope you'll have a great friday and great weekend.
7:00 am
vote counting controversy rocking the iowa caucus. will first place finisher mitt romney get knocked down to second place. or will it be a tie? we have the very latest. >> president obama cutting our defense budget but boosting welfare spending. will that leave the nation vulnerab vulnerable? we report and you decide. >> is it another government business gone bad? remember the chevy volt promised to revolutionize the car industry? now, general motors wants customers to bring them back. why? we'll tell you why. in the words of one guy running for president, it's an oops. "fox & friends" hour two for a friday starting right now. >> i'm ollie north and you're watching "fox & friends." >> welcome aboard. would you buy a car if you thought it would catch on fire?
7:01 am
>> i think i would. if it looked nice and girls liked me in it. >> once you install the fuzzy dice, you're in. >> and by the way -- >> by the way, i put -- i was one of the first to put rug on my dashboard. >> rug? >> you mean shag carpet? >> that's what i like to think. it was velvet. it was -- >> velvet rug? >> it was one -- it was like a smooth texture to it. >> velvet? are you kidding? because in the back of my car -- >> you're driving in massapequa. >> in the back window, you know, there was that area back behind the back seat, shag carpet and then speakers this big. so you could hear my eight track tape in the next county. >> finally met somebody with more embarrassing car stories than i do. >> i'll keep my car stories to myself. >> you've got great ones, i'm sure. maybe you've heard them. we begin with the headlines instead. busy on the campaign trail. the republican presidential candidates making their way
7:02 am
around new hampshire ahead of tuesday's primary. today, jon huntsman is stopping in concord, randall and brentonwood, newt gingrich will visit lebanon, newport and salem. rick santorum hitting five cities. ron paul making two stops, nashua and durham. mitt romney is rallying up support in conway, south carolina this morning and then heading to hilton later today. now to a fox news alert. a series of bombings rocking afghanistan today leaving five nato troops dead. they died in two separate attacks in the part of the country. just yesterday, three nato soldiers were killed in another bombing. no word yet on the nationalities of any of the victims. taking a live look now. this is lima, peru, joran van der sloot will be arriving at the courthouse there for the first day of this murder trial. the 24-year-old charged with killing stephanie flores, a woman he met at a casino in 2010. authorities say van der sloot confessed to murdering her in
7:03 am
his hotel room later that night after finding her researching his connection to natalee holloway on his computer. prosecutors want a 30-year prison sentence for van der sloot. he could get as little as 10 years behind bars. moments ago, pope benedict named 22 new cardinals, two of them from the united states. one of them, a friend of the show. timothy dolan, archbishop of new york as well as ed win o'brien, former archbishop of baltimore. both will be elevated during a formal ceremony february 18th. cardinals are the pope's key advisors and members of the group that will eventually elect benedict's successor. congratulations. >> great job. >> a 15-year-old girl from texas, remember this crazy story we told you yesterday, deported to colombia by mistake is heading back to the united states. she will be handed over to u.s. officials in colombia today. but exactly when or how that will happen is not being revealed. turner ran away from home in 2010. she was arrested in houston for
7:04 am
shoplifting and here's the twist. she gave police a fake name which apparently belonged to an illegal immigrant from colombia who had warrants for her arrest. so immigration agents failed to confirm her identity before departing her eight months ago. and those are your headlines. >> don't give the cops a wrong name. >> yeah. that's true. >> i find it ironic because a lot of people are crazy about the fact that not enough deportations are happening in this country for illegals and yet, here's somebody who is not even really an illegal alien and she's deported. >> shipping out americans. >> you carry your i.d., you'll end up in sweden. >> you never know. >> making -- >> is that -- >> let's talk about this. we told you on wednesday morning that mitt romney won the iowa caucuses by an eight vote margin. well, that night, a fellow by the name of edward true who is a vote counter out in appanoose, iowa, he had put on his facebook page that, apparently, in his
7:05 am
precinct, mr. romney got two votes. and yet when you look at the official results, it was reported as 22 so suddenly it looks like mitt romney wound up with 18 votes too many. >> there's other reports that mitt romney might have gotten 21 votes that belonged to him and were not put in his column. rick santorum looked at this entire thing. matt straun came out and made the announcement and said i know it's been a late night. here's the winner. i'm going to certify it in two weeks. he wanted to make sure the numbers are the same. here's what rick santorum said. >> they're going to be certifying them, that there was one county where there was a 20-vote mistake in my favor but a 21 vote mistake in romney's favor so it actually netted out to what i understand is a one vote difference but there will be without question given the lateness of the hour and the hecticness that comes with turning in these numbers, there will be different -- there will
7:06 am
be changes. >> come on, there was some confusion that night. no way every vote was counted absolutely perfectly. there's no way. human error, i don't know what it would be 3% to 4%, i don't know. 1% to 2%, i don't know. there will be human error in there. this will affect history as far as who is actually the winner. will it matter in the hearts and minds of voters moving forward? maybe not. but it will affect history and that's why it's too close to say with absolute certainty this thing is a done deal. i don't think it is until they officially count all those ballots or recount them. >> you say history matters, too, that's true. but delegates don't. it's not like you're going to walk away with delegates. >> to be able to say -- for mitt romney to be able to say i won iowa and let's say he wins new hampshire. i won new hampshire. that has so much to do with momentum moving forward just in the minds of people. when you call somebody a winner, that's totally different than saying it's a tie or i was second place. totally different. >> right.
7:07 am
look at the giants, they're in the playoffs. they're winners. the vikings are not. >> i was so nice to you today. >> i was trying to further frustrate -- >> all right. meanwhile, the guy who runs the republican party in the great state of iowa, matt straun says this, regarding this. out of respect to the candidates involved, party officials will not respond to every rumor, innuendo or allegation during the two-week process. that said, iowa g.o.p. officials have been in contact with appanoose county republican officials tonight and do not have any reason to believe that the final certified results of appanoose county will change the outcome of tuesday's vote and we should point out this fellow who made the allegation, this edward true, a big supporter of ron paul's. nonetheless, at the end of the day, i got a feeling that mitt romney will stand as the winner because, you know, the -- the republicans in iowa have a lot on the line. >> absolutely. >> and ultimately, it has to do with the accuracy of what they report that night and i just
7:08 am
have a feeling if they're saying right now that -- >> i'm not going to say anything. >> i keep wanting to sing a black eyed peas song, because i gotta a feeling. there was a press conference and it was held at the pentagon. and the president goes over there to say look, i'm going to build a leaner fighting force. we're going to be cutting things because we have budget problems. we're going to be cutting back troops because we don't need as many. he ended one war and is is about to prematurely end a second war. he's going to go forward and we're going to go forward as a country with a fighting force shrunk down for approximately 1.4 million to 500,000. in a nation of 320 million, we can't find money in the budget to have a $1.4 million force. >> this kind of follows his whole strategy in the way that he has been continuing on the war on terror which is they've been doing a lot of these drone
7:09 am
strikes which many officials believe have been more effective than in trying to root out these guys. so i guess their argument is we need more drones and not more people on the ground. here's the president. >> we'll continue to get rid of outdated cold war era systems so we can invest in the capabilities that we need for the future. including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, counterterrorism, countering weapons of mass destruction and the ability to operate in environments where adversaries try to deny us access. >> so what does this mean? what it means is the president plans to cut half a million troops and in the past, we've been able to fight two wars at the same time. now, we will be able to fight one war when big war and if something happens over here, something little, we can fight the one big war. >> the president says from here on forward, we're not going to get into land wars. a lot of times wars happen. not of our choosing. in world war ii, we didn't go
7:10 am
into europe to need help. if north korea meets south korea, we should told the south koreans sorry, we don't do land wars anymore. if that happens, at the same time there's a problem, i don't know, if afghanistan, we have to tell them we're not going to -- >> is this a result of the cuts that were the trigger cuts when they couldn't -- >> not yet. nope! no! it's going to get worse. >> that's a very important point. >> no, it's going to get worse. if that happens. >> and leon panetta said yesterday the united states has turned the page. >> oh, really? that's nice. have we told the rest of the world? i know bin laden is dead and that's fantastic. but the rest of the world has no idea it's a safer place because it isn't. >> sure. if something crazy goes on on the korean peninsula and suddenly we have to tell the south korean president, you know what? we can only fight the one war at a time and currently we're in afghanistan. can you guys hang on for three or four months? >> there's nothing wrong with cutting the budget and leaning it out and finding ways if
7:11 am
salaries are too heavy of a burden, here's the thing. you cannot do this at the same time. refuse to cut medicare, increase spending on welfare so the military has to be the sacrificial lamb, arguably the most successful, the successful part of government in our history. we put together this fine force and in our generation, we are going to rip it aparted and those generals that stood behind the president have to speak their minds and general dempsey, does he really agree with this as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff? because it's outrageous. >> you could argue it all comes down to voters. and there are more voters who benefit from the other programs that are not going to be cut instead. >> wow, that would be bad. >> let's talk a little bit about the chevy volt because apparently, general motors is now asking all owners of chevy volts to bring the cars back for safety enhancements. that's a nice way of saying that there could be a car fire inside the volt. it also made the list for 2011's flops, unfortunately. >> they wanted a bunch of them and they needed government
7:12 am
subsidies to sell them. i will say this, i'm a little biassed for the volt. every time my car needs to go in for repair or lube job, they give me a volt. five separate times, i had a volt and all together, i maybe put $10 of gas in it. >> you can't beat that. newt gingrich took the news of the day yesterday and turned it into a political plus with this soundbite on the trail. >> i don't know when he did this but obama goes as part of his greenness to jump in a volt that's he helped fund which is proving how his investments are working to create cars that they made that you won't buy. all the volts are being recalled, right, and i had this thought that i thought i'd share with you. it's a pity we can't recall him along with the volts. >> newt making a funny about
7:13 am
it. the government is subsidizing a lot of the cost of the cars. and i think that's what has their heads scratch. if there's a safety hazard also included in the car when you buy it. >> if it doesn't happen in real life, it's different. it only happens in the test that the safety agencies are running. it costs $40,000 and you get $8,000 in subsidies and you're paying $32,000 for a car and you can't get three people in the back. that's the challenge. >> you like it? >> i do like it. >> 13 minutes after the top of the hour on this friday. can mitt romney hold his lead in new hampshire or will the other candidates creep past him? our political panel sitting by with their do's and don'ts for this weekend debate. >> and their dogs. >> that's right. >> who let the dogs in? >> should parents be held responsible for their kids' mistakes? that's a loaded question. we report, you decide. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
7:14 am
♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties ha sixty calories oless per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce.
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7:16 am
>> republican hopefuls gearing up for the republican debate tomorrow night in new hampshire. so what are the debate dos and don'ts that the candidates should adhere to and who can benefit the most? joining us right now, our political panel. down at the end, fox news
7:17 am
political analyst angela mcglowan, and bernard whitman, former pollster for president bill clinton. all right, bernard, let's start with you. a lot of people are thinking, well, we saw newt gingrich the other night and he seemed angry coming out of iowa. is angry newt going to be there tomorrow or the old newt we fell in love with in the other debates? >> my recommendation for newt gingrich is don't be newt gingrich because if he goes away and licks his wounds for four days and lets rick santorum take the true conservative position, that would be sort of shocking. what newt gingrich needs to do is play the high minded, i'm smarter than you are professor stick that he's so good at. mitt romney needs to act presidential. he needs to connect with voters. he needs to look dignified. he needs to look confident. when he gets attacked, he needs to deflect it in a very strong manner. he needs to look at obama. >> there's one debate that mitt romney, everybody was beating him up like a pinata and i would
7:18 am
imagine everybody will try to do that again tomorrow night. he seemed to get a little ticked off. >> he needs to stay on message and don't rise to an occasion when there's no occasion. he has it right in his hands. instead of running against rick and newt, he needs to run against obama. people want answers and solutions. they don't want the fighting anymore. obama wants to see us fight. wants to see republicans fight but if i -- if i were advising mitt romney, stay on message. >> and rick, what about that? do people at home -- i know they want to winnow the field down to one or two people but do they like it when one candidate just, you know, whacks the other candidate upside the head. >> i think they do. these debates have been very popular so far, haven't they? it's one of the more encouraging things about the whole campaign so far. romney seems pretty unflappable frankly. he's stayed on message and he's been very clear. he has been going against obama and he's been acting like the nominee. i think we'll see more of that. one encouraging thing out of iowa is voters rewarded the
7:19 am
candidates that have conviction and have a coherent plan and they punish the people who were factually challenged such as michelle bachmann and seem like they have cobbled together a plan that perry has seemed like. so that is really -- zero in on your strengths and stick with them. >> negative ads work. and with newt gingrich, we've seen his popularity gone down. and we've seen the nasty newt. this guy is a brilliant guy. when you come out nasty against your opponent. >> newt gingrich cannot not be newt gingrich. we've seen that. >> jon huntsman. tonight i'll be appearing as jon huntsman. >> he'll probably have another strong debate performance and then he'll be newt gingrich again three days later. >> i'll read part of the preinterview from bernard here and he says that ron paul is the truly only authentic candidate. we're not going to talk about it. that's it. >> ron paul should be ron paul. he should believe he's still got a shot. say what you will, he is the only truly authentic guy in the race. >> he's entertaining.
7:20 am
>> he is indeed. all right. we'll continue the conversation with the panel in a moment. president obama's approval ratings now aligning him with past presidents who have lost re-election. does that spell trouble for that guy waving? we report, our panel will decide. and jesse ventura learning a painful lesson in patriotism. don't trash talk america in front of a navy seal. the former governor. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> according to gallup poll, president obama's current approval rating is 46%. that is the exact same rating president george herbert walker bush and president gerald ford had in their re-election years and you know what? they both lost. in fact, only presidents nixon and clinton got re-elected with approval rates of less than 50%. back with our political panel. well, angela, with -- we should point out that apparently, the president got a bump before christmas. it has since disappeared and the week between christmas and new year's day is back in the low 40's. can he get re-elected with the number in the low 40's? >> yes, he can, and we cannot underestimate this guy. he's a great politician. he'll do whatever he needs to do to win because it's about obama. it's about self-preservation. it's not about this country. it's not about policy. it's all about politics and he's a political monster. we cannot underestimate him. >> political monster? >> look at how he turned the argument, he said he was going
7:25 am
to run against washington, d.c. and by making the appointment that he made, now he's put republicans on the defensive by going against him. >> he's got a ton of money, too. so that's a huge factor. but i feel like that -- the little rises and falls on obama's approval rating for the next several months doesn't really matter. what will matter is what's happening in the economy in october and november and there's a real sense of an updraft if people feel like this is getting better, i think that's great news for obama but there are a lot of things that could go wrong. if gas prices are close to $4 around that time or some problem in europe that's, you know, igniting more talk of a double dip recession, he's got a lot of problems. >> and he's reaching out to the independents. >> to quote your old boss, it's the economy, stupid. >> it is the economy. >> not calling you stupid. >> it is the economy. two things, number one, great manufacturing report. the economy is going to continue to improve little by little. that's number one. number two, the weak g.o.p. field when obama starts campaigning in earnest in the
7:26 am
spring and says you know what? i did what i said i was going to do. i halted a great recession. i saved the auto industry and ended pre-existing conditions and got us out of iraq and i caught usama bin laden and killed him -- >> a lot of notches. >> importantly, he's likable. mitt romney is not. obama's favorability runs six or seven points higher. >> you don't have the -- you don't have mitt romney and obama but when you poll right now in certain polls. >> obama is looking better but there's another factor here. what's going to happen is we're going to have a third party, third alternative that's going to lower the required vote. >> i hope not. >> i suspect that the winner will ultimately take the presidency with 46%, 47% of the vote which is exactly where obama's approval rating is. >> you know what barack obama needs? hillary clinton should be his vice president, not -- >> he's not going to be second fiddle. that's a dream. hillary is going to stand back and watch it all happen. there you go. >> all right. great debate this morning.
7:27 am
angela and rick and bernard, fantastic. >> thank you. >> have a good weekend. >> all right, straight up, jesse ventura gets a painful lesson in patriotism slamming america in front of one of our toughest navy seals. he got levelled! jesse did. then they claim women are more sensitive but men are more stable. somebody forgot to tell that guy on the couch, tom cruise. details on the new study straight ahead. hold on, oprah. [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain... two pills can last all day. ♪
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7:29 am
the heart checkmark from the american heart assoction for foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. so they're good for my family, and for yours. heart smart idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
7:30 am
>> and the daughter of mafia boss john gotti victoria gotti
7:31 am
is going to be on the next "celebrity apprentice." that's got to put some pressure on donald trump, huh? who do you fire? the daughter of the most powerful mob boss in history or screech from "saved by the bell." you know what i mean? >> screech. "saved by the bell." >> they said this is the best cast ever on this "celebrity apprentice." >> really? i read something else from one of those guys, pen orgy -- or gillette. >> is the one that can't talk or does talk? >> he's the one that can talk. hence the interview. gretch. >> i thought he signed it. he thought he signed it. >> this is what the guy has said so far, a blank page. >> ok. >> that's why i asked. let's go to something more substantive, shall we? the december jobs report due out in an hour from now and economists are optimistic about job growth. fox business reporter keeping an eye on the report from outside the department of labor in washington, d.c. does that mean you get the first copy of it? >> i do.
7:32 am
i get the first copy, just about a half-hour from now, can share it with four or five other people in the room there and we come out and release the numbers at 8:30 and investors will be watching. you guys are right. this could be a month where folks are expecting a little better report. in the last couple of days, we've gotten good indications that, perhaps, we're finally starting to see some job growth here. a private payroll company says the month of december, they saw more than $300,000 job hires and first time unemployment claims coming in below that key mark to 400,000 to 372,000. that was better than expected. right now, the expectations are for an increase, about an average here of what analysts are looking at, increase of 150,000 jobs in the month of december and an unemployment rate increase slightly to 8.7%. the unemployment rate can be an interesting statistic. we saw last month, it fell dramatically to 8.6%. a lot of folks weren't expecting that. part of that was good news but part of it is bad news. this is something we're going to be looking for a half-hour from now. the unemployment rate can decrease if people leave the
7:33 am
work force. it means if they stop looking for work and that's what we saw last time, so many folks have become discouraged and didn't think they could find a job. they stopped looking and they're not counted in this calculation. a lot of ins and outs in this report. we'll be watching it and have the official numbers live at 8:30. back to you. >> thank you very much for that report. >> all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about the president of the united states. you know, he -- when he was elected, so many young people and people across the country have said i voted for him because i heard him say that he looks forward to some hope and change in this country. well, fast forward to where we are right now, a lot of people feel hopeless and not much has changed in washington. and our own correspondent yesterday, brian, was, you know, trying to pick the president's spokesperson's brain on that. >> right, he was postulating like you were, steve but he had a chance to talk to the president's spokesperson. let's see what jay carney said. >> the president's promise was
7:34 am
not just to change atmospherics but to change the way washington did business. and to change it by -- by working together, collaboratively with congress and others in washington to get people here to focus on challenges that they had ignored for too long. he didn't do it alone. he did it with congress. in almost all cases. so you know, it is true that partisanship prevails still. >> you think? >> all right. so maybe they don't have their stories completely straight because deputy press secretary joshua earnest has said this. in terms of the president's relationship with congress in 2012, the president is no longer tied to washington, d.c. but you just heard jay carney say he did it in conjunction with congress. but for me, i'm not sure he really answered the hope and change question. did he answer it for you? >> well, we're hearing -- >> for me, i didn't really get the idea that he answered that question. did he succeed at bringing hope
7:35 am
and change in the three years that he'd been in office? i still didn't hear an answer. >> if you -- if you weren't in a rush and didn't have a sundial, if you wanted to listen to the whole sound bite, he went on to say about the president bailing out by killing usama bin laden and bailing out the automobile business, that's the hope and change he was promised but it's just so unbelievable that he said that hope and change, the president still sincerely wants it, but yet, at the same time, their strategy from here on forward is to separate themselves from congress. their headline of the story was in terms of the president's relationship with congress, turn up attack on congress. that will be part of his campaign. there's no hope and change on that. that's the same old stuff. >> that would explain the so-called recess appointment with richard cordray a couple of days ago where they brought him up for confirmation in the senate, he did not get enough votes to, you know, you got to get a super majority to go ahead and vote on it. he went around the back way, the
7:36 am
president did to get that guy in the job before the consumer bureau. >> and the hope and change president is now, according to a spokesperson gambling on a go it alone approach. >> that's because he didn't want to run on his record, you know. so anyway, i guess you can spin hope and change a bunch of different ways because there really is no exact definition of hope or change for that matter. >> i hope he saw the headlines. >> i do, too. >> let's do it right now. republican presidential candidate jon huntsman picking up a new endorsement in new england days before the new hampshire primary, boston globe, open up the paper today. they are choosing huntsman over the former massachusetts governor mitt romney. "the globe" calls huntsman bold and romney an appeaser. huntsman in place pollwise right now, last. last place. >> police in orange county, california, searching for a serial killer this morning. the killer appears to be targeting homeless men and has already struck three times. the biggest lead, this image taken from surveillance video at a strip mall. it shows a person wearing a
7:37 am
black hooded sweatshirt approaching the first victim. all three men were stabbed to death. >> hey, don't mess with this former navy seal. sniper chris kyle. he figure former governor jesse venture would know that since he was also a navy seal. kyle who was on "fox & friends" earlier this week told bill o'reilly yesterday he decked ventura at the memorial service for a fallen comrade in 2006. kyle says the former pro wrestler was trashing our troops. >> he said we deserve to lose a few guys. >> he said we deserve to -- we the united states -- >> no, he said you -- y'all deserve to lose a few guys. >> navy seals. >> i'm assuming he was saying that to me. >> so you popped him? >> yes, sir. >> did he fight back? >> he went down, the cops were there. i took off running. >> you ran? >> yes, sir. >> did they arrest you? >> no, sir. i had my master chief that always said, punch and run. >> and he did. kyle has 150 enemy kills under his belt making him america's
7:38 am
most lethal sniper. he's telling his story in a new book called "american sniper" and he said there was a bounty on his head and he took that as the ultimate compliment. >> no kidding. tough guy. is this fair? a single mom facing possible jail time all because her 9-year-old autistic son can't make it to class on time. truant officers in ma comb county, michigan, say the boy was absent 16 times this school year and has been consistently late over the past three years and now, they're taking his mom to court? well, there's a chance she could be sentenced to 90 days in jail or worse yet, lose her son to foster care. the woman reportedly distraught, she says her son's autism affects his ability to focus and get ready in the morning. seems kind of obvious there. >> let's tell you about a new study out of england. >> turns out men and women are different. >> they are. there are gender differences, men and women are more different, in fact, in their personalities than commonly thought and here's -- >> steve, you know, the babes, the skirts, they're sensitive.
7:39 am
>> brian! >> getting to the point. >> brian, you're fired! >> listen, they're sensitive, they're warm and they have anxiety. >> i was going to ask if you wanted to trade a sweater for your vest. but not anymore. to see if we actually have different. >> you know what? it would take too much to take this whole thing apart. >> and i was just to admit that i think most women would agree that they are more sensitive, warm and yes, sometimes riddled with anxiety. duh! why do we need millions of dollars to figure that out. >> but if you want stability, if you want emotional stability, you turn to a man, right, steve? >> according to this. >> that's the meaning. >> according to this particular -->> the daddy pants. >> according to this particular study, men got higher scores in emotional stability, dominance, rule consciousness, and vigilance. always vigilant. >> we follow the rules and we rarely cry about it. >> really? because watch how stable these guys are.
7:40 am
>> we've never seen you behave this way before. >> i know! >> have you ever felt that way before? >> you're a pirate's man. >> that would explain everything. >> and washington and michigan and then we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house! ahhh! >> ok. that was a skewed sample. excuse me. >> in what way? >> gretchen, i have to take that editor away from you. by the way, men not always emotionally more stable but we are dominant. >> come on! >> we are -- brian, we are stable enough, we don't need to show a montage of whoopi goldberg, of joy behar, of kim kardashian, of britney spears shaving her head, of lindsay lohan. >> i would like to see that. >> wrap! wrap! >> let me see if this summing
7:41 am
up about the study written by a man gets you anywhere. the accurate qualification of between sex differences represents a necessary initial step towards an informed theoretical debate and may eventually help researchers discriminate between alternative models of biological and cultural evolution. >> my words exactly. >> huh? >> oh, wow. so glad a man wrote that. >> let's find out what you think about this. let's go to chaz blackmoore, he says this. women are unpredictable and changeable. men get along with women or suffer. study completed. chaz now says he is not dominant so he's got a problem with this study along with -- >> well put. >> good thing i wore a skirt. because you called me one. >> i want people to know the difference in the genders. men don't wear skirts unless they have bagpipes. peter johnson jr. is on deck. he's warming up with our next guest. that's chris powell, the trainer from "extreme make-over weight loss."
7:42 am
stick around to see who gets in shape first. >> roll the tape. >> yeah. >> oh, my god! >> come on. there we go. >> ok, those two are not big losers. >> all right, time for the trivia question of the day. born on this date in 1955, this british comedian is a carren enthusiast to recently crashed his sports car. beth!
7:43 am
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>> 45 mininutes after the top the hour. he has helped shape some stunning transformations and now chris powell is clearing up the myths about eating carbs. how excited are we about this? in his new book "choose to lose, the seven day carb cycle solution" chris says you can still have that pasta, bread or cereal while shedding those unwanted pounds, that's the best news i've heard all week. i'm joined by author, trainer and transformation specialist chris powell. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you know how people are sitting at home saying we love chris powell! we love chris powell! we can eat carbs. >> you're welcome, first and foremost. that's just the thing, so many people got caught up on the whole carb craze and granted it gives you instant gratification
7:46 am
but in the long term, it does slow your metabolic rate. research has proven. so in order to create a truly sustainable weight loss program, we have to do it with carbs. it's one of the necessary macronutrients in our bodies. >> let's talk first about portion size and i know you're going to use your hand and your fist and your thumb to tell us how to do it. >> there's so many different ways. it comes into calories in and calories out but truly, counting calories, that's not realistic. i mean, even though we know we should do it. it's not something that we do. it's not a real life solution. we have the cool measuring tools right here with our hands. if you want to get a ballpark estimate on the portion size that we should be eating, well, it's really as simple as this. for your proteins, you should eat a palm sized portion of protein. about the size and thickness of your palms. >> like a piece of chicken. >> absolutely. a piece of chicken or fish, cottage cheese. for carbohydrates, something about the size of your crunched fist or, you know, a tennis ball
7:47 am
or size of your clenched fist. brown rice, pasta, granola. all these incredible complex carbohydrates. fruit, perfectly portioned. all these pieces of fruit are about the size of a clenched fist. when it comes to your veggies, we can eat them almost unlimited or about the size of two clenched fists and when it comes to your fats like cheeses or nuts and some oils, about the size of your thumb from the knuckle up. >> hope i have a big thumb! i'm glad you chose the biggest digit. >> i have these tiny mits here. they don't help me much. >> let's look at high carb day. in your diet, we do this seven day diet, some days are high carbs and some days are low. the high carb, you would do what. give me an example. >> so a high carb day, a great breakfast would be, say, greek yogurt for the protein and fruit which is fantastic. and so it's actually what we want to do is take the portion sizes, you know, palm sized portion and fist sized portion of carbs and simply combine
7:48 am
them. you can do granola and a protein shake. you could do just -- i mean, the possibilities are endless. >> what about lunch on that day? >> for lunch, you could do -- how about some ground turkey and pasta? you know, like a whole grain pasta. for dinner, you could do anything from flank steak and potatoes. i mean, so the key is like the possibilities are endless. >> what we have on our board right now. >> there you go. >> tuna fish for your protein. whole wheat bread, vegetable, iceberg lettuce and tomato. >> there you go. perfect. >> i know you probably can stick to your diet because you're busy raising a baby right now. >> i am. >> so you're really busy doing something else. how is it to be a father? >> oh, my gosh. it's amazing. my first experience with fatherhood was about a year and a half ago. i'm the stepfather of two amazing little kids. they're 6 and 5 right now but our newborn, he's not so newborn anymore. he's about 6 1/2 months and it's just -- it's amazing. it is so incredible. little cash is his name and i
7:49 am
got to tell you, it has changed my life so much and even my approach with the people that i work with, through this transformations, you know, it's crazy how much children teach you about the world. and their questions are so pure and they're so innocent. and they treat such a fresh new perspective on things. it's just -- >> they give you hope and that's what you do to a lot of people when you inspire them to lose weight. by the way, chris will be judging the miss america pageant next week on abc which i'll be a part of on saturday night, january 14th. check it out. great to meet you and i'll see you in vegas. >> thank you so much for having me. i'll see you next week. thank you. >> take care. >> peter johnson jr., have you caught your breath after those high knee lifts? >> it's great. he's the best! >> did you pull a hami? >> you like the high carbs. no, ready to go. next round. let's go. >> come on over, you're up next. >> ok. >> on this date in history in 1958, danny and the juniors had the number one song. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery?
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> the trivia question, mr. bean. the winner, mike from south carolina. in 2008, the candidate obama criticized president bush for using signing statements and promised that if he was elected president, he would do no such thing. >> congress' job is to pass legislation. the president can veto it or he can sign it. but what george bush has been trying to do as part of his effort to accumulate more power in the presidency is he's been saying well, i can basically change what congress passed by attaching a letter saying i don't agree with this part or i
7:54 am
don't agree with that part. i disagree with that. i believe in the constitution and i will obey the constitution of the united states. we're not going to use signing statements as a way of doing an end run. >> president obama embraces signing statements after blasting his predecessor for using them. peter johnson jr. is here to explain. is there a double standard here? >> i taught the constitution. i believe in the constitution. i'm not going to use signing statements. the president said that. he's broken that promise. it's the last in a long string of broken promises. how many pieces of tape do we have to see? >> a lot, yeah. >> on this issue in terms of an imperial presidency. we've seen this plethora of executive orders and then we saw these phony nonrecess appointments that were unconstitutional and illegal yesterday and now we're talking about this notion of signing statements that were actually developed by republicans, ronald reagan's administration started to use them a lot and then
7:55 am
clinton and then the bushes but those are all abrogations of the constitution and all in violation of what we believe to be america. and when you're the president, either sign the bill and say i'm going to accept what you the congress has defined to be the law of the land or veto the bill! don't say ok, i accept this part, but not that part. and i'm going to make a constitutional statement myself as the president like i'm the supreme court. >> why do they have recess appointments? the answer essentially was when they first set up -- when they were writing the constitution setting up government, it was a part-time job basically. you wouldn't be coming back. it took forever to get there. the president couldn't wait to staff his administration. >> you're absolutely right and history is absolutely right. but now, we're talking about a tape from 2008. we're talking about a campaign promise. we're talking about a president who says i'm going to roll back the imperial presidency that some other people have put in place. i'm going to respect congress. i'm going to respect the supreme
7:56 am
court. and not make my own determinations about what's constitutional. if the defense spending bill that he signed in his latest signing statement is not constitutional, don't sign it. send a letter back to congress and say listen, make these changes and get me some other kind of bill. or veto the blessed bill. >> the signing statement on new year's eve. >> don't say listen, elect me. i'm going to cut this out. this will be a straight constitutional presidency and then do something else. >> the american bar association on signing statements weighed in, peter. >> they hate it! the constitution gives the president the power of veto and if the president is not going to abide by a part of any given legislation provided by congress, then he needs to veto that legislation and let the congress decide whether to override that veto. that's not taking place for this president in spite -- in spite of his strong promise to do so. >> mitch mcconnell, do you look for him to bring a lawsuit
7:57 am
forward and sue the president? >> i'm not optimistic. i think in order to preserve our constitution, there should be lawsuits going forward but i think the republicans are afraid to do that, that they're going to be perceived in some way as doing something that's not progressive for this country. >> gotcha. >> we need those lawsuits. >> all right. fox news legal analyst and fitness buff, peter johnson jr. thanks so much for joining us. >> high carbs. >> high carbs for one day. you're going to need a massage tomorrow. good job. have a good weekend. casey anthony shows her new face coming up. >> i'm extremely excited, extremely excited that i'll be able to skype and obviously -- >> more of her video diary and geraldo here live. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: tgif. it's friday, january 6. i hope you're going to have a great day. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of it with us. eight votes. remember that? enough for romney to win iowa the other night, but this morning, a vote counting controversy erupted. will it change the outcome? the very latest seconds away. >> steve: lights, camera, investigation. the white house accused of leaking confidential information about the bin laden raid to hollywood. we'll tell but that. >> brian: okay. where in the world is casey anthony? >> i'm extremely excited. things are starting to look up and things are starting to
8:01 am
change. >> brian: if she wants everyone to know where she is, what's with the disguise? geraldo is here and will weigh in next. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: thank you. are you something every time we say and so and so will weigh in, we actually weigh them in? >> brian: that's my goal here. by the way, i have a correction. geraldo is 161. not 171. >> steve: is that a correction or clarification. >> brian: clarification op my correction. >> gretchen: would you like to correct yourself on men being dominant? >> brian: we don't have any time. >> gretchen: okay. hr is on the phone because you called me a skirt. >> brian: i apologized. i got to read that manual again. >> gretchen: i'll bring it to your office right after the show. let's get to your headlines this morning because here is the big story this morning. did mitt romney actually win the iowa caucus or was it a mistake?
8:02 am
that's exactly what one caucus volunteer now seems to be claiming. the man says he was counting votes in his small precinct tuesday and according those calculation, romney only got two votes. not 22 like the iowa republican party reported. if true, that could mean rick santorum was the real caucus winner. iowa gop chair says he's looking into the allegations. but that he has no reason to believe there was any mistake at all at this time. about an hour ago, pope benedict named 22 new cardinals and two of them right here from the united states. one of them, a friend of the show, timothy dolen, archbishop of new york, as well as edwin o'brien, the former archbishop of baltimore. both will be elevated during a formal ceremony in february. congratulations. cardinals are the pope's key advisors and members of the group -- remember when they go into the room and you wait for the smoke to come out? they eventually elect benedict's successor. emotional night in ogden,
8:03 am
utah. hundreds gathering for a police officer who was shot and killed during a drug raid. his brother said he died doing what he loved. >> he was an awesome brother. he was an awesome man. i can share stories all night long about him. he truly had a love that you just don't see in a whole lot of people sometimes, i guess. but he showed it and shared it. >> gretchen: he was one of six officers shot that night and symptom are still in the hospital. so is the lone suspect, 37-year-old matthew davis stewart. the gulf war vet reportedly started the fire fight after officers tried searching his home formant. stewart's father says he suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. cracks found on the wings of the world's largest passenger jet. the company that own it is
8:04 am
claims they're not a safety risk, but engineers say they should be fix immediately. they were found on three planes. one of those planes, qantas jet suffered a problem in 2010. the company says the cracks are being fixed. let's get right on that. >> brian: four minutes after the top of the hour. >> steve: couple of days after bypassing congress to akin richard cordray to lead the new consumer financial protection bureau, president obama will pay a visit to the bureau today. >> brian: doug is live at the white house. good morning, doug. >> good morning. happy friday to you. with his appearance at the consumer financial protection bureau today, the president is basically standing by his recess appointment of richard cordray and three others he appointed to the national labor relations board. all of this in defiance of congressional republicans using
8:05 am
unusually harsh language to describe the appointments. mitch mcconnell saying it was arrogant. speaker john boehner saying it was unprecedent power grab by the president that defies centuries of practice. republicans virtually unanimous in their opinion that the president is thumbing his nose at the u.s. constitution. article 1, section 5 of the constitution reads, in fact: neither house, during the session of congress, shall, without the consent of the other action adjourn for more than three days. well, the house has not adjourned. it remains in pro forma session, precluding any recess appointments. but the white house has an entirely different take on this. here is jay carney on yesterday's briefing. >> more importantly, this isn't about process. this isn't about whether or not congress is in session and if i could digress for a minute, i think all of you should run up to capitol hill, check out the house and senate and see if you can find a single member of congress and tell me on this working day for most americans
8:06 am
whether or not congress is in session. >> meanwhile, the newly appointed richard cordray behaving as if he had the job. yesterday he said it's a valid appointment. i am 100% focused on the job. meanwhile, potential republican presidential candidates also lambasting the white house for this decision. look at this ad that mitt romney has been running this week, beginning this week in south carolina. >> the national labor relations board now stacked with union stooges selected by the president says to a free enterprise like boeing, you can't build a factory in south carolina because south carolina is a right to work state. that is simply unamerican. >> the only way this is going to be resolved is through the courts, specifically when some business, some payday lender, for example, has the regulation imposed upon it by the consumer protection financial bureau, doesn't like that and files suit that. could take months if not years. >> steve: doug, we thank you very much.
8:07 am
joining us is geraldo rivera. >> so nice to see everybody. happy new year. >> gretchen: happy new year. >> brian: you look very nice. >> brian, you look extremely snappy. >> steve: he does, doesn't he? >> is that to hold the belly in? >> brian: it goes with my outfit. >> men assertive -- >> gretchen: no kidding. >> brian: now i got to be careful. >> steve: peter king, congressman from brian's home state -- >> homeland security? >> steve: exactly right. he wants the pentagon, inspector general, and he agreed to do this, whether or not the white house leaked confidential information to katherine bigelow, who is making this bin laden raid movie. first the raid makes obama look great. >> and i have very little doubt but that they have leaked confidential information. let me tell you why i say that. since world war ii at least, i think really going back to world
8:08 am
war one, although i can't track it that far back, but since world war ii, the pentagon and hollywood have had a symbiotic relationship. it's part of the propaganda war, you know, the information conflict is as important in some ways as the military conflict to win the hearts and minds and all the rest of it. and they put together films that are essentially lauding what the pentagon has done and in this case, what the white house has done. the real rub here wasn't that they were making a film, because this was an american triumph and this was president obama's finest moment, i think, in pulling the trigger, if not literally, thin figuratively, giving the order. so i think he should look good. the problem was, the film was originally slated to come out in october, in the midst of the presidential campaign where it would have been obviously like a campaign film for president obama's reelection effort. now they have agreed, sony has
8:09 am
just agreed to delay the release of the film until december a month following the presidential election. >> steve: he's breaking the law. >> listen. i don't know for a fact that they have broken the law. all i know is they have been given extremely gracious treatment by the pentagon and now, as you say, the pentagon inspector general is probing it and if there is a violation, i assume that we'll hear about it. i think it's kind of business as usual. i think the biggest point was the political point and peter king, a republican, is opposed to president obama's reelection. president obama wants to get reelected. he wants to look as good as he can in the film. but i think the real point was whether or not the film would be reloosed in the midst, in the heat of the presidential election campaign. now they're delaying it until a december release. so i think it mutes the. >> gretchen: let's talk about casey anthony because that case captivated the minds of many people in florida in this past year. now she looks a little different. i don't know if i would recognize her walking down the street look tag video. >> that's the point.
8:10 am
>> gretchen: okay. but she's kind of putting herself out there. let's listen to her. >> i'm extremely excited, i'm extremely excited that i'll be able to skype and obviously keep a video log, take some pictures, and when i have something that i can finally call mine, which has been a bless not guilty so many ways. now i have someone to talk to, i'm not by myself so i'm not bothering the poor dog. the good thing is, things are starting to look up and starting to change. >> brian: by the way, the cabin on your yacht looks fantastic. >> thank you very much, brian. i spoke with jose baez last night who is lecturing at harvard university law school this week. he swears that the defense team had nothing to do with the release of that video, which was done back in october. it's kind of her video diary.
8:11 am
she is living still in florida. i can report that. obviously in an undisclosed location for security reasons. >> steve: now we all know what she looks like. >> that's when she looked like in october, steve. there is no telling what she looks like now. she's leading a very solitary life. she has very, very few personal contacts. >> brian: she has dog. >> she has a dog. but i think the video, although generally speaking portraying the country's most reviledoman in a generally sympathetic way, still you see the pathetic nature of her life as a loner. >> brian: no mention of her child. >> well, who knows what she has said in her video diary. you have a four-minute excerpt here. i've seen commentator, particularly in florida, there is a guy, one of the lawyers of one of the many lawsuits again her saying look, she's a
8:12 am
narcissus. she doesn't mention the child, it's all about her. come on. who knows if she's done four minutes or 40 minutes or 400 minutes. >> gretchen: let's say come on. why would somebody who wants to lead a reclusive life put out a videotape? it's a little weird. >> i don't think -- it is the posture of the defense team that that video was not intended to be leased, gretchen. now, i don't know, because it is relatively sympathetic, whether that is disingenuous. all i know is jose baez, and he's my friend who wouldn't lie, is that they didn't have anything to do with it. >> brian: who is coming up this weekend? >> it's all about politics. my show sunday night, 10:00 o'clock p.m. eastern time follows the debate on saturday. we've got all the fox news team up there. so we'll be live. maybe two hours. we don't know yet. at least one hour and we'll talk all about new hampshire and whether or not santorum surge can sustain the chill of the new england winter.
8:13 am
>> steve: great. we'll be watching that. you're on the radio now in new york city. >> yes. let me get my radio show. >> steve: i'll be on brian's radio show at 9:30. >> brian: absolutely. all right. the democrats say mitt romney is bad for business and they point to his time at bane capital. so are they right? that's next. >> gretchen: and jesse ventura learns a lesson in patriotism. he gets knocked out by one of america's toughest navy seals? someone who knows ventura, wrestleer curt angle here live [ male announcer ] what if you have potatoes?
8:14 am
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8:16 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. with mitt romney sitting on top of the republican heap, his opponents are stepping up the attacks now, saying he's bad for business? >> economic plan, timid. parts of it virtually identical to obama's failed policy. timid won't create jobs and it won't defeat barak obama. >> steve: our next guest is supporting mitt romney and joins us live to debunk some of the arguments against him. let's hear from harvard history professor and author of a book called "shrivellization," neil ferguson.
8:17 am
how are you? >> find. >> steve: thanks very much. one of the arguments again romney is he's a business guy, he's laid people off, he made money at bane capital. >> yes, shocking, isn't it. the "new york times" talked about his long time running bane capitol and we were supposed to be appalled by the fact that he turned a series of people around and laid people off in the process, oh, and made some money, too. i must say, my reaction to that piece was almost completely the opposite of what the times intended. i was impressed. i hadn't realized that it was at that start-up bane capital and romney took it from the get go and made a huge success of it it. his record in business is impresssive. it's one thing to take an existing company and make it successful. to take a new thing from start up and make as much money as he did -- it seems this is the kind of qualification we should be looking for in the future president given that what we really need to see a turn around for the whole u.s. economy.
8:18 am
>> gretchen: and some of the other criticisms that have come even from people in his own party, you just saw that ad by newt gingrich, saying mitt romney is timid. in other words, he's been running a cautious campaign and maybe that's how he would lead. rick santorum calling him bland and boring. >> i've met mitt romney and i don't think those are the right things. you could certainly say that he's pragmatic. you might even want to use that dreadful word, technocrat. he doesn't engage in high oratory. he's not going to make the most thrilling speech you ever heard in your life. but this is a guy who gets things done. he's somebody who actually can turn a company around. he's somebody with experience in the private sector which i don't think you can really incredibly say of newt gingrich. i must say, we've had now four years nearly of somebody who made great speeches and who was certainly not timid when it came to rhetoric. what i would rather see is somebody in the white house who
8:19 am
is competent. i don't really want any more inspiring speeches. i would like to see somebody who actually knows how a capitalist economy works. >> steve: before you go, what about the rap, he's a flip flopper? he has changed his mind? >> have you never changed your mind? especially on big issues like abortion, which is the one that always comes up. i know i changed my mind on that issue since becoming a parent. i think it's a siphon his intellectual sophistication, that he's prepared to admit that on tough issue, he has changed his mind. what's wrong with that? >> gretchen: neal ferguson, history professor at harvard, and the author of " "civilization,." thanks for your thoughts. >> steve: straight ahead on this friday, the battle over collective bargaining rights taking an ugly turn. governor scott walker says the unions don't merely want to repeal his policies, they want scott walker dead. >> gretchen: we told you about the navy seal who knocked out jesse ventura. coming up, a man who knows ventura from his wrestling day,
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. couple headlines. back home after being released from a california hospital. the singer terminally ill with leukemia. and firefighters in portland, oregon used brute strength to lift a 3200-pound car off a biker who got pinned underneath it. the guy was seriously hurt and slapped with a ticket for making an illegal lane change. let's go over to brian. >> brian: thanks. he has the most kills of any
8:24 am
military sniper in history. maybe jesse ventura should have thought twice before trashing the military to his face. >> he said he deserved to lose a few guys. >> he said, we, the united states -- >> no, he said you, y'all, deserve to lose a few guys. >> navy seals? >> i am assuming he was saying that to me. >> you popped him? >> yes, sir. >> did he go down? >> did they arrest you? >> no, sir. i have a master chief that always said, punch and run. >> brian: and he did. we're joined by a guy that knows jesse ventura, the legend himself, curt angle. you have exciting news. but first, you have run knave'sy ventura before. do you understand the angst that could build up against him? >> yeah. jesse had his own viewpoint. i love him, he's a great guy. but his choice of words and what he said i think was wrong, so i don't blame this seal sniper for
8:25 am
what he did. but with jesse, you never know how tough he really is. i'm glad the guy ran. >> brian: absolutely. so you actually wrestled against him. you made a transition from olympic wrestler to pro wrestler. a lot of people just got to know you then because olympic wrestling every four years, you were olympic champion, gold medalist, but you said you never enjoyed it. >> i never did. i never got to soak it in. i don't remember the olympics. i don't remember opening ceremonies. i don't remember enjoying olympic village. i don't remember winning the gold medal. i don't remember -- all i remember is i had a sense of relief. i made it a job. i put a lot of pressure on myself, so much pressure, i lost a lot of sleep, lost a lot of weight. lost years of my life, eight years of my life that i don't remember. this time around i want to soak it in. i want to enjoy the experience. >> brian: at the age of 43, after spending these glory pro wrestling, now impact wrestling,
8:26 am
you're going to do the impossible. you're going to try to qualify for the u.s. olympics. it's not been done yet. >> no. i think the oldest was 37. so yeah. i am going to be -- i am 43 now and it's going to be very difficult. but the way i'm wrestling right now, i wouldn't count myself out. i am wrestling just as good as i did in '96. now, i can't train as much and as long because my body doesn't recuperate, but my wrestling, it's there. i'm ready to go. >> brian: i'll be the judge of that. how much do you weigh now? >> i weigh about 225 pounds. >> brian: what are you going to wrestle at? >> 211 1/2. >> brian: wow. so something you can do, it's within your striking distance. >> i can lose that in one hour. >> brian: you can do that. old-fashioned training. not carb loading. pro wrestling tour? n yes. >> brian: we got a lot going on now. today or tonight in westbury, new york, we got a show and pay per view on sunday, which obviously you can order that.
8:27 am
then we have our impact wrestling tv and we're going over to europe for two weeks at the end of january. so i got a busy, busy schedule. but i also have my training i'm going to be doing during the tv taping. >> brian: while you were talking issues you know what i was doing? i was unbuttoning my vest because you said before, you think you're ready to go and you think you're ready for the olympic team. i wrestled up until the sixth grade and i know talent. so i have an idea. >> okay. >> brian: i'm going -- go into the wrestling position. you go down. >> you mean parked here? >> brian: yeah. that's when i mean. sorry. if you can escape from me, i think you're on the right route. but if you can't, you're not going to -- don't get discouraged if you can't. >> okay. >> brian: try to escape. go. >> now? really? >> brian: ready? >> you're going down now.
8:28 am
>> steve: you okay? really great to have you. >> thank you. >> brian: you do this, you'll be on the cover of sports illustrated. >> i hope so. >> brian: you okay? >> yeah, you okay? >> brian: no, that's why i'm asking. >> steve: did he hurt you? please don't sue us. >> don't sue me, please. >> steve: all right. job well done. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. we're going to take a quick time out right after the break. the brand-new monthly jobless numbers, they're expected any moment and we'll bring them to you live. then the -- watch your head. then the mom home alone with her newborn baby and two thugs, front door, one at the back door. >> i've got two guns in my hand. is it okay to shoot as soon as he comes in this door?
8:29 am
>> steve: she shot and killed one intruder. the second just got out of jail. how did that happen? that's straight ahead on this friday, "fox & friends". [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8. forty years ago, he wasn't looking for financial advice. back then he had something more important to do.
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8:32 am
>> gretchen: fox news alert right now. check out your screen. the monthly jobs number out. unemployment down to 8.5% from 8.6%. employers added 200,000 jobs in december. we expected 150,000 jobs. this will be good news for the administration. so let's bring in chris wallace who is sitting right in the same town as the administration behind the capitol in front of it. chris, what do you make of it? >> well, most importantly it's good news for the country. it does seem that the economy is beginning to heat up a little bit, 200,000 jobs.
8:33 am
now we're starting to get the kind of number that we're going to need to keep pace with population growth and actually to start cutting into this unemployment rate. 8.5 is still a lousy number, but better than 8.6. 200,000 jobs is a really good sign for obviously december, some seasonal employment with the christmas holidays. we'll have to see if it continues. but we dropped a half a percentage point in the last two months. that's good news. >> brian: you know what? i think, chris, you would know this better than most, it's very important, the republicans don't look at this and look at it as half empty because you could easily be portrayed as being against the country instead of trying to win an election. don't you agree? >> absolutely. look, obviously the republicans want to win as the democrats do, but the most important thing is putting the millions of americans who are still unemployed back to work. >> steve: absolutely. all right. i'm sure you're going to be talk being this on your program. also how about this out of iowa?
8:34 am
apparently there is this ron paul supporter who told kci in des moines that he was watching the vote in his particular precinct and they wrote down 2, but -- two votes for mitt romney, but reported 22, which was wrong. 20 off. so there is some suggestion that there could be some shenanigans. rick santorum, who stands to then win, was on greta last night, had this to say about the controversy. >> they're going to be certifying them that there was one county where there was a 20-vote mistake in my favor, but there was a 21-vote mistake in romney's favor. so it actually netted out to what i understand is a one vote difference. but there will be without question, given the lateness of the hour and the hecticness that comes with turning in these numbers, there will be changes. >> steve: so it sounds like mitt romney may have actually won by nine. but even if went to rick santorum, would it matter?
8:35 am
>> well, i mean, obviously it would be nice to win rather than lose. the problem for santorum and we should point out that the republican party chair made a statement yesterday after all these reports came out and said we went back and talked to the county. it doesn't look like that whatever changes there were, it would have affected the results in the race. even if it turns out that santorum won, he's gotten a boost, he's gotten $2 million in fundraising in the last two days. so he's already getting a boost. and two, by the time we find out whether or not he officially wins in iowa or not, which could be two weeks from now, i thill we'll have already had the results in new hampshire and almost have the results in south carolina. at that point, it's kind of, you know, ancient history. >> gretchen: historically it will matter. that will be it? >> yeah. >> gretchen: okay. let's talk about the santorum big boost because he's going to go into now new hampshire tuesday night and then south carolina the next week. as you mentioned, $2 million in two days.
8:36 am
now you have governor mike huckabee saying he could see santorum going all the way. you have charles krauthammer, calls him a worthy challenger. what does this do to somebody who was basically in object live onthree weeks ago? >> we'll see. i wouldn't jump on the santorum band wagon just yet. i'm not saying he's going to be a serious challenger or even possibly the nominee. there have been all kinds of -- iowa is odd. i don't mean that in any negative way, but sometimes the person who does well in iowa surprisingly well, gary hart back in 1983, got 19% of the vote. mondale got 40% of the vote. but he got all of the publicity and went in, hart did, and won new hampshire and upset mondale, the sitting vice president. someone that has a huge boost and really threatens the front runner, pat robertson who finished second in iowa in 1988,
8:37 am
he went nowhere after that. so it can have an enormous impact or not much impact at all. we have to see how santorum does next tuesday in new hampshire. >> brian: you got to make sure to be on the ballot in vermont, illinois, and maybe mississippi. could be a huge thing. talk about huge, you have a huge show coming up, they include guests like? >> well, first of all, we are going to play the tape again of -- you can see it. but we got to say there was an extraordinary moment in television to watch you getting wiped off -- there is no dignified way to lose in wrestling. you literally get your face rubbed into the rubber mat. we're going to definitely replay that. there you go. it doesn't get any better than this. when he takes you to the floor and he -- >> brian: he was ahead 6-0, but if he had more time in the segment, i would have definitely taken him in the next period. >> it's a funny thing, because i am doing a hit with detroit at that moment, so i'm looking here. so off in the customer, i can see the monitor and i'm dying 'cause i want to watch you just
8:38 am
getting hammered. >> steve: i know why you like that video, chris, because in your head, you're that guy who is beating up brian. >> i'm not sure i'd want to get that close to brian even if i were whipping him. let me quickly say, sunday we're going to have debbie wasserman schultz and reince previn. we're going to get a head start on the general election. we'll have a debate between the two of them about all the issues because i'll tell you, obama's lying in wait for the republicans and vice-versa. we'll have them go at it and we'll have an interview with ron paul who finished a very strong third in iowa and at this point, is a very strong second in the polls and could derail the santorum express if he finishes a strong second in new hampshire. >> gretchen: let me give you a little advice for that other interview between reince prince debbie wasserman schultz, wear your face mask. >> really? >> gretchen: yes. >> brian: the gloves will be
8:39 am
off. >> gretchen: you might need to be an expert in boxing and wrestling. >> brian: and refing. >> okay. maybe we'll bring that guy who beat you up. >> steve: chris, come on. have a fantastic weekend. we'll be watching. >> see you, guys. >> gretchen: let's get to your headlines for friday. we have an update on your joran van der sloot, he's going to be arriving at the white house in lima, peru for the first day of his murder trial, charged with killing a woman he met at a casino in 2010. authorities say he confessed to murdering her in his hotel room after he met her later that night after finding her researching his connection to natalee holloway on his computer. prosecutors want a 30-year prison sentence for him, but he could get as little as ten years behind bars. >> steve: police are keeping a close eye on a woman in oklahoma, just days after she shot and killed a man who tried to break into her house. that man's alleged accomplice, 29-year-old dustin lewis, now free on bail. sarah mckinley says she acted
8:40 am
in self-defense trying to protect her and her newborn baby from the alleged intruders. she will not face charges. however, lewis was charged charh first-degree murder. he's set to be back in court on january 20. >> brian: the battle over collective bargaining rights in wisconsin took an ugly turn. i'd say so. unions are pushing hard to recall govern scott walker, as you know. but in an interview with the washington times, the governor says the unions don't just want him out, they, quote, want him dead. i don't think that's an exaggeration. that's according to the governor. there is a lot of angst and a lot of money on both sides for that recall. >> steve: that's right. meanwhile, up in wisconsin right now, cloudy, but no rain or snow. that is a good thing. 2003 have a little around the great lakes. the balance of the country is nice and dry. a little rain through portions of texas. temperatures on this friday, 0, zip in caribou, maine. 40 here in new york city. about the same for raleigh. 52 in tampa and new orleans. and as you can see right now in
8:41 am
san antonio, 54 degrees. later on today on this friday, look at that, 67 in memphis. it will be pleasant there. room temperature, 72 in dallas. about the same for new orleans. and tampa. hang on, caribou, maine. eventually later today, bakers dozen, just 13 degrees. >> gretchen: all right. let's tell you what's still coming up on our show. that girl right there on your screen, american missing for two years. why? she was deported by mistake to colombia. we told you the story yesterday. judge jeanine is here with an update from immigration. >> brian: then how would you like to wake up each and every morning and do this? wrestling gators. the swamp brothers are here live. but first, let's find out what's happening over the weekend. >> gretchen: with that guy? >> brian: he's not even moving. >> steve: there is nobody that could stop that thing even close. >> looks good. coming up, it's a critical time
8:42 am
for the republican presidential hopefuls as they get ready to debate in new hampshire. karl rove will be here to weigh in on what the candidates need to focus in on now. >> plus, a story of love and loss. the wife of patrick swayze opens up for the first time about her 4-year marriage -- 34 year marriage to him. >> if your new year's resolution was to shed pounds, jillian michaels will be here with her weight loss tips. >> oh, no. is she going to yell at us? >> we're going to try to lose ten pounds during saturday's show. it starts at 6:00 a.m. eastern time [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum.
8:43 am
it's all about absorption. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> gretchen: 15-year-old girl reported missing in 2010 by her family after she ran away, guess what? she's been found in colombia. apparently she was mistakenly deported by ice, immigration, after giving authorities a fake name and a fake identity, but how could something like this happen? joining memo is the host of "justice," gentleman jeanine, and i have a feeling you'll sound off on this one. how could it happen? >> this really is a colossal plunder by ice. i don't know what they're thinking. the truth is, you can't get them to deport people who convict violent crimes. they end up killing and murdering other people and then they come in with some excuse
8:46 am
that, well, the constitution allows them to stay until we've got their six months. this girl is a run away. she's 14 years old. her grandfather died. her parents divorce. she runs away and she is picked up for petty larceny. she then gives police a fake name. she's in texas. she knows hispanic names. she is an african-american, 14-year-old american citizen. they take her prints and there is nothing in the system that matches her prints. but they say this is a woman who is 22 years old from colombia that we've got many warrants on. if you have a 22-year-old woman from colombia with warrants, gretchen, the fingerprints of this 14-year-old girl who pulled that name out of the sky should match. they said, ice come back and they give this explanation and said, we did biometric verification. >> gretchen: what's that? >> that's when they match your
8:47 am
iris, your ear lobe, your fingerprints, your dna. >> gretchen: how could that be? >> it's hogwash! it's an excuse! >> gretchen: i think what's so frustrating is for any parent who has a 14-year-old who might run away, that he believe they could be deported? come on! where did this young woman get that name, did she know the name of an illegal? >> it's not unusual if you live in texas to pull out an hispanic name out of a hat. but she doesn't speak spanish. she's african-american. they bring in ice. ice says we're going to deport her. they send her to colombia. they give her work papers. she's been working cleaning houses and now she's pregnant. was she raped? did this just happen? i mean, this is -- by the way, not the first time ice has deported american citizens. we captain get them to do their job and deport the real criminal, but they got this 14-year-old girl and they rid the country of her. >> gretchen: which is the irony of all ironies. i got to read the statement from ice. upon her conviction, she was
8:48 am
referred -- speaking of the girl where are where are to ice where she continued to maintain a false identity. is standard protocol, database searches and biometrics verification were conducted and revealed no information to invalidate her claims. >> no verification to confirm her claim? they didn't know who she was. there was nothing in the system that suggested that she was a criminal or that she was from another country. >> gretchen: the only silver lining here is she's coming home. >> she's been in detention in colombia for a month. state department is having trouble getting her home. her grandmother is trying orgeat her back. this is a nightmare. ice really not good. >> gretchen: you might be covering this on your show over the weekend, among other things. >> we got a lot of stuff. sarah palin and a lot of good things this weekend. >> gretchen: we'll be checking it out. "justice" jeanine. their job, wrestling gators, yeah. swamp brothers are here next. first, let's check in with bill
8:49 am
hemmer for what's on at the top of the hour. if you were down here, would you be attaching that gator? >> i'd beat that gator. that's what i would do. >> gretchen: okay. >> not taking that home are you, are you? >> it's in my bag all right. >> casey, save some money on that. good morning, happy friday. breaking news on the jobs front. steve forbes reacts here live on that. jon huntsman is endorsed by a major american newspaper only days before new hampshire votes. governor huntsman is here live. how are he upset mitt romney? and these recess appointments have republicans in a twitter. we'll talk about that. see you in ten minutes with martha and me on america's news room [ male announcer ] in bli, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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>> brian: when brothers have the job of securing an alligator's jaws. >> keep your hands away from the jaw. steven! he's trying to move! quick, quick! >> quit yelling at me, seriously. >> i'm not yelling, my adrenaline is pumping. >> steve: stop yelling at me. >> i'm telling mom. >> steve: let's introduce you to the brother, robbie and steven. they are the swamp brothers on the discovery chapel. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: i think it's interesting, steven, you're actually afraid of reptiles. >> yeah. when i was young i got bit in the nose. hello, froggy. >> jaba the hut. >> gretchen: so you got bit on the nose when you were seven and now you're in the business. >> i got pulled in. my brother needed my help. i jumped in and i'm like, what am i doing? this is crazy. >> steve: kind of invigorating. >> i want to be the indiana jones type, but i crumble.
8:54 am
>> steve: you're okay once the mouth of the gator is electrical taped shut? >> somewhat okay. i'm more okay with the gators than i am with crocodiles 'cause they're completely different. >> gretchen: does he bite? >> no. well, he can actually. but he won't. >> brian: what is your message -- reptiles have a bad republic tuition because they're old? >> they're related to a dinosaur. >> steve: they're related to adipocere? >> imagine that. you have a fear of reptiles because people are afraid of it. they teach their children. stay away from that, it will bite you, it will hurt you. and you learn that as a child. >> steve: are you acting? 'cause it looks like it's actually trying to break free. >> these are from australia. they're really cool. they're friendly. >> gretchen: i really enjoy holding this frog, but i didn't want to hold it quite this long. >> put it down.
8:55 am
>> gretchen: he feels like he's a little marbly inside. >> brian: you have a lot of others. first off, what's it guy? >> that's castro. >> brian: i would think he's a broken sore russ a he's a cuban iguana. >> brian: did he come here by raft? >> through miami. >> steve: that's right. there could be a raid any time now. >> gretchen: but he's just been sitting this doing nothing. i'm impressed. >> yeah. they're awesome. they're critically endangered. they're found throughout the caribbean. most common one is the green iguana. >> gretchen: bring that boa. >> this is a python. >> gretchen: oh, not a boa. >> a burmese python. you really wouldn't see that -- oh. >> steve: good luck!
8:56 am
what are you doing? do we have a boy here? >> brian: absolutely. and he's excited to meet you. >> brian: why doesn't this guy move? is he bored? >> steve: can you get a shot of what's happening? >> robbie is getting comfortable over there. i thought we were coming to new york to do the boat show and away from animals. >> brian: when can we see you? >> today. tomorrow. i actually snuck in yesterday and was taking a peek around. there are so many cool boats in there. >> gretchen: this guy had a lot of water before he came on the show. >> yeah. he's on that diet.
8:57 am
>> steve: check out the swamp brothers on the discovery channel. >> brian: you're not good at doing this. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ dreams of land meet sea, deliciously ♪ ♪ friskies surfin' and turfin' favorites. ♪ ♪ feed the senses. no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card.
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