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tv   America Live  FOX News  January 6, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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respond tkepbtsz. douglas kennedy and his wife molly welcoming a baby boy, daniel beau kennedy born yesterday. 8 pounds 7 ounces. congratulations to doug, and molly who did all the workment. jenna: we than work. jenna: thank you for being with us today. jon: "happening now" is all wrapped up. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: new reaction from the white house and republicans as we get word the unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest level in nearly 3 years. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. president obama speaking out a short time ago saying the number is headed in the right direction, but also acknowledging that many americans are still hurting. here is where we stand today. the unemployment rate is now at 8.5%, thanks in part to the 200,000 jobs that were ordered last month. one of the other reasons the unemployment rate is following,
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170,000 folks have given up looking for work all together just in the last two months. our chief white house correspondented henry is live on the north lawn. ed. >> reporter: the downside in these kind of numbers is the number of people who continue to give up and stop looking for work. republicans also pointing out that some of the job growth probably thaos d has to do with seasonal hiring around the holidays. what the president was 24-hour news 8 is he can now say he's had straight months with the unemployment rate going down. 3.2million private sector jobs grown over 22 months. and so as you noted, as he appeared with richard cordray his new consumer protection chief who caused a lot of controversy this week has the president used a recess appointment to bypass republicans and install him into office, the president's aides keep saying he won't be in full campaign mode until the summer. it was hard to tell when he was appearing with richard cordray
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at his office a short time ago. there were whoops and hollering, kind of a rally as the president was talking about standing up for the consumer and the middle class, take a listen. >> we are starting to rebound, we are moving in the right direction. we have made real progress. now is not the time to stop. i would urge congress to make sure they stay on top of their jobs to make sure that everybody else is able to enjoy hopefully an even more robust recovery in 2012. >> reporter: the president pushing for a recovery in 2012. obviously there is also an election in 2012 that both sides are looking at intently. the house majority leader eric cantor this morning put out a statement reacting to the job scene. this is a real serious situation and yet the president was heading over for the second time this week appearing publicly with richard cordray to push that line about standing up for consumers and the middle class. canned tore saying, while the white house has made clear that they do not intend to work
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constructively with congress in the coming session as the president moves into full-time campaign mode house republicans stand ready to work together. bottom line, you heard in the president's sound byte there, he says congress needed to do its job. he was talking about extending the payroll tax cut for the full year. these what will be on the docket once congress comes back into session. you hear republicans like eric cantor saying it sounds like the president is campaigning instead of governing. the more republicans complain about that they say the more the white house believes it plays into their message which is that the president out there either on the road in battleground states like ohio earlier this week or over at the consumer protection office today standing up for the middle class, megyn. jenna megyn. megyn: with a big cement mixer passing by, that was fancy. we are not seeing much if anything about the millions of people out of work or barely working who are not being count ned this number. is that a media oversight or is something else to blame?
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that debate is just ahead. fox news alert outrage right now from republican presidential candidate jon huntsman who was blasting an ad that attacks him by using images of his adopted daughters. the spot is on youtube and the posting claims it is produced by a group of ron paul supporters that go by the name of nh liberty for paul. while the huntsman campaign is denouncing this. so is the paul campaign. ron paul's campaign coming out and saying the video is terrible, is disgusting and should be taken down immediately. it's already going viral, however. and now there is a mystery about who this group is. the huntsman camp joins us live next hour to respond to this nasty attack. meantime, with just days until the first in the nation primary the republican presidential candidates are spreading out across new hampshire. while mitt romney at been at the top of the pack with a comfort lead in new hampshire rick santorum is riding the momentum
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from his near win in iowa jumping in the new hampshire polls in the last five days, look eight. santrick santorum surging. his growing popularity also making him a target. take a look at this testy exchange when he tried to explain his stance on gay marriage to a group of college students at a town hall. >> are we saying that everyone should have the right to marry? >> yes. >> everyone. >> yes, yes. >> okay. so anyone can marry anybody else. >> yes. >> okay. so anybody can marry anybody else. so anybody can marry several people. >> no. >> wait a minute, woe, woe, woe, stop. megyn: chris stirewalt is our fox news political host of power play. they say this is going to cause
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trouble for him with more moderate voters. >> that is right, megyn. new hampshire is a much more moderate place at least on social issues and i what was. you saw ron paul's success in iowa. new hampshire is an even more libertarian kind of state. what is different about the new hampshire primary is independents show up to vote in the republican primary without changing their vote. that is why we see in new hampshire all the new polling that is out since the iowa caucuses do so rick santorum with this very significant bump but it shows him clotted, clustered with ron paul, newt gingrich, and jon huntsman who you were just talking about. it's going to be hard for him to break out of the pack because he is primarily seen as a one-trick pony. they see him as a social issue kind of guy and he's trying to push hard on economic issues. megyn: he's been talking about manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing, he's trying to make that message. even though he is paying
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attention to new hampshire and campaigning there aggressively this week it seems like his sights are set on south carolina. i could be wrong. he just wants to make a descent showing in new hampshire. could he win south carolina? >> sure, that depends in large part on what happens in new hampshire, because remember, if he doesn't stand alone as sort of the clear, conservative alternative to romney, if he can't best newt gingrich and not -- and finish ahead of ron paul, those are the things he needs to do, he's got to beat newt gingrich and finish ahead of ron paul in new hampshire to show that the mojo is working then he can go down to south carolina and make a stand. right now the way the polls in south carolina are stacking up is that mitt romney is doubling or more his prior performance in the state in 2008 when he was about 15%. now he's up in the low 30s, doing a good number, and rick santorum finds himself essentially tied with newt gingrich down there. he's got to change that dynamic and start to push newt gingrich off into the shadows so he can
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rise up and try to win south carolina. megyn: he's got to get the air of inevitability behind you. that always helps. chris stirewalt, thank you, sir. the u.s. navy making a dramatic rescue at sea freeing 13 iranians held hostage by pirates for two months. this coming despite tensions between the u.s. and iran. they were being held captive by somali pirates. crew members from the search and seizure team boarded iranian fishing vessel. 15 pirates were taken into custody and the iranians were set free in their boat. they say timing is everything. iran saying it will hold another round of war games near the strait of hormuz. is that the thank you? the passageway of course for 20% of the world's oil. right on the heels of president obama's announcement that america is moving toward a leaner and cheaper american military. do the latest moves out of iran mean the president's critics are right, critics who have said the new strategy sends the wrong
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signal to american's enemies. national correspondent jennifer given is live with us now. >> reporter: every war since world war ii presidents have tried to cut the army and favor air power. what military historians will tell you is that projection of weakness is often misinterpreted by adversaries and leads to the next war. buck mckeon is very concerned. >> time after time after time we found that that was the wrong strategy starting world war ii we had been going across africa with inadequate equipment, inadequate training, inadequate leadership and it cost us lots of lives. >> reporter: after world war ii truman cut the army from 8 million to 500,000, that lead to the korean war some say. eisenhower tried to rely on b5 # bombers and nukes after the korean war.
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when the army gets cut presidents rely on air power. donald rumsfeld wanted a leaner army then the unexpected happened, 9/11. the iraq war was supposed to be one with shock and awe. aviette nam 58,000 troops had been killed, inflation was at an all time high, nixon began the drawdown, carter began deep cuts. it was the beginning of the hollow army. >> we were stunned by what we found. we had planes that continue fly because the pilots didn't have enough hours of training to be qualified as pilots. ships that couldn't sail because they didn't have fuel oil to moat ric moater rice and sale around the world. >> reporter: the president said yesterday he would not make the same historic mistakes.
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he pointed out with his defense budget even after cuts in ten years would be larger than the bush administration budget and larger than the combined budgets of the next ten countries after the us. megyn: among people killed in a horrifying murder suicide, a navy pilot and his sister. that is next. a growing threat to our healthcare. hundreds, even thousands of doctors getting out of the business. wait until you hear the specialties of these doctors. we'll investigate just ahead. and the man who helped save apollo 13 now at the center of a big controversy. can he sell a critical keepsake from the life and death moments during this mission, something he wrote himself? the answers after this break. >> okay. we have a problem here. >> this is houston, say again please. >> houston, we've had a
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all four courses, just $15. [ jody ] it's really good value. all my guests love it. i'm jody gonzalez, red lobster general manager. and i sea food differently. megyn: new evidence today that jealously may have sparked the murder saw side on new year's day that left four people dead, including new navy pilots. among the victim were pilot david rice and his sister
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karen. the other navy pilot, john robert reeves shot and killed the siblings, a third person and shot and killed himself. one possibility is that reeves had or wanted a relationship with karen rice. authorities are also waiting on lab results to see if drugs or alcohol played any role. there is a growing controversy today over a remarkable piece of american history. nasa is questioning the commander of apollo 13's right to sell the emergency checklist from that troubled flight. the checklist credited with making the difference between life and death for astronaut james lovell and his crew, this as an entire nation in 1970 could only watch helplessly as the moon-bound spacecraft floated 270,000 miles from earth after an explosion on board. >> okay we've had a problem here. >> this is houston, say again,
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please. >> houston we've had a problem. >> this is the crew of apollo 13. we hope you have a nice evening. >> we had a pretty garag pretty large bang. >> ththe apollo 13 aircraft has had a large problem. they are operating on battery power alone. megyn: it became a lifesaving mission after an oxygen tank exploded forcing lovell and his crew to move into the lunar module. he was played in the movie by tom hanks. that flic made the checklist famous and worth a pretty penny as it turns out. trace gallagher has more. tom han' character was a real guy who was in a life and death situation and wants to sell something he wrote with his own
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hand. what is the controversy? >> reporter: you said it's worth a pretty penny. they put it up for sale for $25,000. it ended up selling for $388,000, nearly 15 times as much. that is pretty good, right? well it's 70 pages long, it's held together in a three ring binder and it of course has jim lovell's calculations that he put so meticulously down during that flight. when the oxygen tank failed at first another tank failed after that, so when they moved into the lunar module they had to transfer all of those key elements, right, they had to transfer all of the navigation equipment, and the controls into the lunar module and it was jim lovell's calculation that made all of that possible. that was the most dramatic scene in the movie where tom hanks was trying to do those things so quickly as they ran out of time. they say jim lovell provided a signed affidavit that he had clear title to that checklist.
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now nasa is questioning that, saying there is nothing to indicate there was any transfer of ownership, going onto saying i'm quoting here, that only nasa has the authority to clear nasa property for sale. so now the sale has been suspended pending the outcome of this inquiry. the astronauts claimed back in 1972 nasa gave them the power to take some of these items homes with them as long as they gave nasa a list of the items that they took. nasa says, no, that memo does not exist, and we cannot find that memo. so now the sale is on hold, and we should also note that nasa has many times gone after other astronauts for selling things, like moon rocks, or parts of their own uniforms and nasa has been able to get those items back. jim lovell now owns a restaurant in chicago, he's 83 years old. we contacted him for comment. he has not responded to us, and he has not commented on this to anybody else as well, so there
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you have it. by the way, just for the record, now that we know you played that clip at the beginning, megyn, it's not news ton we have hughehouston we have a problem, it's houston we've had a problem. that is the exact quote april 13th. megyn: will the proceeds of the sale go to jim lovell? >> reporter: yes, it's his. he put it up for sale for 25 grand and all of a sudden boom it went up to 388 grand. it's his, he says the money is therefore his. megyn: the guy is in his 80s, he served his country. what do our viewers think? should nasa get the dough, should they be able to prevent this? it's not like stealing a moon rofpblgt he's up there working for the united states, it's his own writing. we're taking your thoughts on it at two new investigations on capitol hill. did the obama administration share classified information about osama bin laden's death
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with a hollywood film maker? the chairman of the house homeland security committee, peter king, is here to explain yes is very concerned and why there is now a department of defense investigation. plus, a car engulfed in flames with a man inside as the dash cam was rolling as the police came to the rescue. the incredible video is next. a growing number of doctors are running into serious financial challenges, why this could be a serious new threat to the future of healthcare in america, and wait until you hear the specialties most affected. that's right after this break. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
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showing a bizarre situation in michigan. amana sleep in his parked car awake end by police dragging him to safety. as you can see his car was on fire, but the 32-year-old man did not even know it. police say he was, get this. too drunk. police dash cam was rolling when the cop rescued the driver. take a look. >> get out of the car. get out of your car. your car is on fire. oh, oh, oh. >> did you realize your car was on fire? >> no, no, no,. >> stand up. stand up. turn around and look. your car is burning. are you that drunk that you did not realize your car was on fire and you were sitting in a
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burning car? >> nope, huh-uh. no. megyn: i mean, it kind of makes you dispense with the whole put your arms out to the side and touch your nose test, it's like we're good. the neighbors called the police when they heard a car trying to start for over an hour. the man was arrested, spent the night in jail, he's going to have a tough one getting out of those charges. serious new concerns for our nation's doctors, and you, their patients. a new report finds a growing number of doctors nationwide are facing serious financial issues, many of them even going broke, declaring bankruptcy. thousands may have to close their doors all together. what does this mean for the future of your healthcare? dr. marc siegl is of course a member of our fox news medical a team. doc when i look at this i get concerned when i see it's not, you know, i don't know, i guess we need a lot of doctors, but we really need family physicians, cardiologists, and oncologists, and there is a report talking
1:26 pm
about one oncologist, kneel barth who is in the top 10% of oncologists in his region says he may have to fold up shop, file bankruptcy. 6,000 patients may have to look for a new doctor. why? >> reporter: it starts with medicare. they have been cutting the costs of paying doctors for chemotherapy. they made a tiny profit on it before, now they are going in the red. cardiologists medicare is cutting by 25, 30% some of the procedures, like echocardiograms and stress tests. private insurers file suit. once medicare sets a standard the private insurers do the same. megyn: medicare cuts your reimbursement as a doctor, you're done, private insurers will do the same thing and you're making a lot less dough. >> reporter: we are facing the 27% across the board medicare
1:27 pm
cut if they don't kick the can down the road. megyn: they've been kicking that can for 13 years, why don't you think they will do it for year 14. >> reporter: our office expenses are up 20 to 30% and our reimbursement are flat. it's not just cardiologist and oncologists, hip replacements are under a thousand dollars, cataract operations $900. imagine the amount of training have you to go to before you get to the point that you can do one of these operations. megyn: what are these doctors going to do? are they going to start to ask for cash payments for an echocardiogram and set their own price? not everyone is going to declare bankruptcy and yet doctors need to make a living and payoff a whole bunch of medical school loan nasa loft cases. >> reporter: there was a survey over the summer that says we have one-half of our doctors in the united states that actually work in private practice, but by 2013 it's going to be 1/3. you know where they'll flee to hospitals and clinics. they will group up.
1:28 pm
hospitals know this and they are busy going out to recruit doctors, make a sal raoerbgs make a little less, but you're under the security of a hospital. if you're used to going to private practice to a certain office you better check with your doctor to see if they will be there in a few years. early retirement and going to hospitals. megyn: i have a doctor in new york who used to take insurance and then suddenly no more insurance you have to pay cash. >> reporter: i think a lot more doctors are going to do that, provided that patients are willing to pay that. i'll tell you what the problem is with that, it's okay for a doctor to do that but no one is in their network. if i say i'm only going to take cash, what am i going to do if somebody needs a hip replacement they then have to go to someone who doesn't take cash. it's very hard. you need to work with insurance to stay in the network. megyn: is that the result of the healthcare law or does that predates that. >> reporter: it predates it but i'll tell you the role that is playing. the healthcare law is forcing us to go over to electronic medical records which is very expensive
1:29 pm
forcing us to write prescriptions online, or we get penalized. and bringing in something called accountable care organizations which sound great on the surface because uri warded for quality but you need a business manager or a large hospital or some group to actually document that in a way that gets you the money. megyn: more red tape. >> reporter: it's red tape. megyn: doctors like yourself in private practice, where are you going to get the money. >> reporter: how will i afford all this regulation? i'll have to have a particular person hired just to deal with the government's regulation. megyn: people think doctors are rich, it's not so. tell us why. give us an example what the average doctor has to pay for med school the insurance, malpractice and the cost of running an office. >> reporter: loans can be well over a hundred thousand dollars by the time you're through, 2, 300,000. the average physician in the united states is making 200,000 which sounds a lot to our viewers, primary care doctors making close to a hundred. considering you have to have the whole office running, a staff, turn the lights on, pay the electricity. megyn: and your malpractice
1:30 pm
insurance. 8 years you're not earning that other people are earning. internship, residence lee, fellowship, all of which you don't make a lot of money at all. it could be ten, 12 years that you're really not earning very much. then you graduate with a whole bunch of student loans and have to pay that back at a hundred thousand dollars a year animal practice insurance. >> reporter: obstetricians are paying a hundred thousand dollars for that alone. megyn: i thought the healthcare law was supposed to help a little bit in this regard, you're saying it hasn't. >> reporter: the whole healthcare law was keeping its eye and getting more coverage for people. it's fair, but what kind of coverage? i always say it's excessive coverage. had no idea at all about how the horses that have to pull the cart have to deal witness. physician are in big trouble, more and more patients, less and less insurance reimburse -plts, more and more responsibility, more and more red tape and they are paying us less. this is what obamacare is bringing us. megyn: not just that but the state of american medicine right now. >> reporter: even before. megyn: anything people out there
1:31 pm
can do? you just earn more money because you'll have to pay your doctor cash? what is the solution for real-life americans. >> reporter: the solution for doctors as i said, they group up, go to hospitals, real-life americans better ask their physician, can you handle this. are you going to be in practice within the next few years. i want every patient out there to ask how their doctor is doing today. megyn: all the best. the job numbers the best in almost three years. are we getting the whole story on america's job picture? a fair & balanced debate is next. remember that movie in the works about the osama bin laden raid? both the pentagon and the cia want to know if classified material was leaked to the film maker by the administration. congressman pete king, the lawmaker who first demanded an investigation months ago joins us live. breaking news on the campaign trail, jon huntsman is blasting an ad just put out by some folks claiming to be ron paul supporters. but ron paul is blasting the ad as well. who made this thing? and who is it really trying to
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megyn: a glimmer of hope for out of work americans. the unemployment rate dropping to 8.5% the lowest level in nearly 3 years. it is thanks in part to the 200,000 jobs that were added in december, but over the past two months 170,000 folks have become discouraged workers, meaning they are not even counted. now making more than 2 million folks not being counted when they do this unemployment rate. they are not being counted because they stopped looking for a job all together. so why aren't we hearing about them? is this a media oversight or something else? christopher hahn is a former aid to new york democratic senator chuck zoomer. chris plant is the host of the chris plant show. gentlemen, thank you so much for being here. let me start with you chris plant. is this something in the media
1:36 pm
putting their thumbs on the scale to not -- that want to just go out and celebrate a lower rate, or is it just an actual oversight or a failure to understand what the numbers truly mean? >> well, gee i wouldn't want to assume any sinister intent on the part of award win winning journalists and beyond. the books are being cooked here. before president obama paths himself on the back there are a lot of people not being counted. people in the last few years who are no longer eligible for unemployment that have dropped out of the job market are not being counted. that cooks the books in one way. there are the 42,000 jobs, courier jobs, fedex and so on for the kreu mass season and delivering packages and so on. they need all kinds of extra help. the books really are being cooked on both ends of this.
1:37 pm
and the number is to be honest is just a little bit phony. we have a very lazy news media that is going to paint this as a rule as being a great victory for obama, and it's the silver lining media. there is another fun factor megyn and that is people ought to be paying attention to, that is that the black unemployment rate in the united states of america is 15.8%, and that is up nearly a full percentage point just in the last couple of points. megyn: i think christopher has something to say. >> yeah, i think so. >> yeah, i mean, listen i've been listening to the republican candidat candidates for president mope about the job number. in the last 12 months the private sector has put 2 hill new jobs out there for americans based on the policies of president obama. as the needle keeps moving in the right direction it gets harder and harder and heard for people running against him to claim that he is not making this economy work. remember, he inherited the worst economy since the great depression, and all signs are
1:38 pm
moving in the right direction, chris. and if they keep moving in this direction, and listen there is a chance they won't, but if they keep moving in this direction he is going to be impossible to beat in 2012 this year. megyn: chris plant -- >> i'm very excited. i know that -- megyn: let me say, chris plant it's the lowest unemployment rate since february 2009. it has been down for four consecutive moves. 170,000 people have dropped out of the labor force the past couple of months. do you give the president no credit for edging down the unemployment rate? >> look, i mean i'm all for giving credit where credit is due. i want people back to work by all means. at the same time let's not fool ourselves, let's not play games with these numbers and forget about all the people that are no longer in the job market. we've got 20 million people in the united states that are either unemployed or under employed. that is a huge number. the number ticking down and it's good,. >> very good. >> you want to see it go. as long as the numbers aren't phone he' phonied up.
1:39 pm
the numbers in several different ways are shaded this way and that way to puff it up and make everything little a little bit greater. >> this is the way we count jobs in america and it's the way we've always counted jobs in america. megyn: chris hahn let me pose a question to you. even gallop, which is not a partisan organization they do polling, they came out and said that their data suggests little improvement in the job situation. this was written in mid december, but they were anticipating this report today. they said their data suggests little improvement in the job situation and they talked about under employment which considers those who are actually working part time but want to be full timers. they say it's about 18.4% in mid december, which is similar to the 18.5% of a year ago. they seem to be painting a more gloomy scenario, christopher hahn. >> well, listen, nobody is saying that the economy is as robust as we would like it to be. i think everybody will agree that we've got a long way to go
1:40 pm
before we get back to where we were and where we ideally would want to be. let me throw one more number out there megyn. the private sector in december created over 350,000 jobs. we get to the 200,000-job mark by saying all the government jobs that were cut, so to call obama a big government president is absolutely wrong. in fact the size of government nationally both state, local and federally is far smaller than the government he inherited, and he's creating private sector jobs that evaporated over the last -- over the eight years of the bush administration. he's doing a very good job right now in creating private sector jobs, and scaling down the size of government to fit our current budget situation. megyn: all right guys. i've got to leave it at that. i know chris plant would like to keep it going but he can't. that is the end. see you next week. >> thanks, megyn. >> see you later guys. megyn: geraldine ferraro, clint
1:41 pm
eastwood, sarah palin all punched holes in the glass ceiling. now that michelle bachmann is out of the race where is the next iron lady that could poe ten alley lead our nation? where is america's march tkpwrat thatcher? casey anthony could she have new legal problems months after she was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter? we are on the case. >> so, this is my first video diary. it is october 13th, which is a thursday, 2011. kind of nice finally being able to say that i have some belongings -- yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside.
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megyn: a candid online look inside the mind of casey anthony, footage surfacing on youtube showing casey blond with glasses talking about her life while on probation. eye the first timit's the first time we've heard from her since she was acquitted of killing her
1:45 pm
daughter caylee. never mentions the murder trial or her daughter caylee, calling it her first video diary. the woman she accused of kidnapping caylee is planning to use some of this clip as evidence in a civil case against casey anthony. >> it's unreal how things have changed since july and how many things haven't chained. but the good things is that things are starting to look up and things of starting to change in a good way. megyn: joining me now to discuss it geraldo rivera, host of geraldo at large, who just talked with casey's lawyer and was in court when the verdict was read, and lis wiehl. she uses the word i50 times in this thing. she never mentions her little daughter caylee, yet she seems to want to, i don't know, suggest that she is humbled, and, you know, this is a new
1:46 pm
beginning for her, what do you think is really going on here? >> well, i think this will be a great exhibit for the civil case with miss gonzalez who was as she said accusing of kidnapping little kale leave. it will be great evidence. what this will show and i think you see from the video, that's right she says i48, 50 times. she never mentions her daughter, she never mentions grieving for her daughter. it's all about her, not just about her but her things, megyn the cellphone that she has, the camera that she has, all of the new equipment that she has. of course she does this videotape that goes viral. this is great to show that a woman like this is a narcissist, thinks only about herself and would be quite capable, megyn of fabricating a lie such as she posed against miss gonzalez. megyn: our viewers should know that -- remember zanny the nanny, that is the first person she said had her daughter. we know that with us a live. now zanny the nanny is suing
1:47 pm
this woman because of the allegations, and casey pleaded the fifth in her deposition. she won't give any answers. zanny the nanny's lawyers says if she can talk to the video cameras she can talk in this case. do the lawyers have a point? >> i think i love you both dearly, and i think the emotion that you are both showing, and the snide comments you are making about casey anthony are reflective of how people have treated not only the most reviled woman in america but also in many ways the evidence in the case, giving disproportionate weight to the prosecution's presentation, minimizing the defense case. remember this woman was acquitted. i don't know, lis, as brilliant and attorney as you both are what the possible admissibility of this deposition is in a slander case. what is the possible relevance? this is also a four-minute excerpt. we don't know if there were 400
1:48 pm
minutes or 4 hours. megyn: it doesn't matter. >> it's extremely unfair. you hate her so much that anything she does is going to be more reason to be -- megyn: wrong, geraldo. i. >> i love you too, these are not snide comments, this is my opinion. my opinion is that in fact in those four minutes can you imagine saying i 48 times when you're talking and you should be thinking about -- megyn >> it's a diary, should she speak in the imperial. >> she doesn't talk about her dead daughter. >> even in that little clip you just showed, the little excerpt 20 seconds or so. there is a moment where she mentions the month of july where there is a feeling of -- there is a catch there, you want to say, okay, what is she going to say now? but she is a lot of things, she is living in seclusion in florida, in fear for her life, totally isolated, she has no friends. she cannot reach out to her family. she's fearful that anything she
1:49 pm
touches will be then -- some entrepreneur, some promoter will turn it into gold. the very fact she made this video diary it leaked somehow they don't know how. megyn: there are reports that her brother leaked it u. how did brotherly get it? >> i don't know if that is true. jose baez swears to me the defense team has nothing to do with it. and we are as shocked as anybody else. megyn: what motivation would she have, lis to do this and if she leaked it, leaked it through her brotherly, why would she put that out there. >> i suppose to make herself look good, look pathetic, saying she had to change her hair color and glasses. megyn: she hasn't been able to get the big payoff interview. >> the big book, all of that. >> don't you think she would have been far more premeditated in saying, oh, woe is me, my heart is ripped a thupbder by the greath u.n. der by the
1:50 pm
great loss. she could have had a script to follow if it was that premeditated. we have to say what is this. this is a person who beat a murder rap and the vast majority of people think she did it in a way that was crud deand that she is stone, cold guilty and danced on the grave of her child. she is going to live forever with a big bull's-eye on her back and i think we should take this for what it is. megyn: she lied repeatedly to police about her missing daughter should find herself in this situation. geraldo even you know if she didn't kill the daughter she lied, and lied, and lied, and lied. >> she may not be able to put a video tape out there that shows her as a compelling person, because she may not be a compelling person, she can't do it. >> do you think she should have pled the fifth in those video depositions? don't you think she should have pled the fifth as an attorney. >> that's right. she has something to hide in a civil case. >> it's not a question of something to hide you have a
1:51 pm
criminal appeal pending of course you've got a right against self-incrimination. >> this video should get her back in court for another deposition. megyn: i think we've established that we all love each other and that's really the note we want to end on and we love the viewers and we'll see them in three minutes. don't go away. swrao breaking nea
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
man america got to know well a few years back. the murder trial for joran van der sloot is now on hold. he is facing charges that he killed a business student at a casino in peru, but the dutch national is also the main suspect in the disappearance of american teenager natalee holloway in aruba back in 2005. we've apparently put one of our top war correspondents on this story. steve harrigan live in miami,.
1:55 pm
>> reporter: megyn joran van der sloot was in a tiny peruvian courtroom for about 90 minutes today. he entered wearing a bulletproof vest and a blazer and shed both because of the heat inside the courtroom. he'll have a decision wednesday when the murder trial resumes whether or not to plead guilty and make a full and sincere confession to receive shorter jail term. [speaking spanish] >> reporter: i want to give my sincere confession. i'm not in agreement with all the circumstances ep imposed by the public ministry. >> reporter: he became notorious seven years ago. ef was the last person on the dutch isle of aruba to be seen with natalee holloway. he was imprisoned twice in that case but never charged with her murder. this case is much stronger. the body of the 21-year-old peruvian woman was found bludgeoned inside his hotel room. there is videotape of both of them going into the hotel room and him only leaving, plus the police have joran van der
1:56 pm
sloot's confession. [speaking spanish] >> reporter: he's asked twice there, did you murder stephany flores, twice he answers in spanish, yes, i did. his appearance in court today was unusual for someone looking for clemency, he repeatedly yawned and shuffled his feet. one judge rebuked him and said he should show morey specht for the peruvian court. megyn: i'm thinking you probably don't mind being there doing what you're doing there. >> reporter: it's a good spot. megyn: see you, steve. coming up, geraldine ferraro, clint eastwood, sarah palin, they all punched holes in the glass ceiling. but with michelle bachmann out of the race where is our own iron lady, where is the american
1:57 pm
margaret thatcher? megyn: a man surprises his children with the best gift ever for christmas. what i is inside that box? stick around and find out. what's he looking for? i think he's looking for savings. ♪ i can't watch this anymore. stop! there's an easier way! we compare your progressive direct rate to other top companies so you get a great price. no more running around. ha ha ha! wouldn't you love to see the world through his eyes? i bet i look like the strongest man in the world. the best place to find a great deal. now, that's progressive. call or click today. when i'm out with my kids, my daughter's like, "mom, wait up!" and i'm thinking, "shouldn't you have more energy than me? you're, like, eight!" [ male announcer ] for every 2 pounds you lose through diet and exercise alli can help you lose one more
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megyn: a surge for two candidates in a fascinating new poll on the presidential battle. a brand-new hour 6 "america live" on a friday. i'm megyn kelly. american research group showing mitt romney with a healthy lead in the strategic battle ground state of south carolina. rick santorum is gaining ground and newt gingrich is losing ground. the real clear politics average puts things closer in south carolina with newt gingrich slightly on top. joining me now new hampshire
2:01 pm
senator -- i want to talk to you about mitt romney's latest poll numbers. he's doing well in south carolina. you don't write him off for new hampshire. but i want to ask you about an interesting editorial chris stirewalt had out. he says he can't win in new hampshire. unless he wins by more than 45-50 points, new hampshire is a wash at best, perhaps worse for him. your reaction? >> i would say first of all, i know this primary will close up. but he's doing well here. he has a strong grassroots campaign. a win is a win at the end of the day. if you look historically. the winner in south carolina has either been the winner in iowa or new hampshire.
2:02 pm
megyn: ing megyn: ing are rick santorum says he's look for the iowa surprise he had in new hampshire. he believes the on the ground campaigning will lead to the same results or close to in new hampshire, leaving him well positioned to go down to south the carolina and overtake romney in a state that tends to lean more conservative. to that idea, what do you say? >> i would say this. i think the reason the poll gave him a slight bump, he doesn't have the same level of grassroots support here governor romney has. also the fiscal issues are the issues here. i think his support for earmarks is an important issue for new hampshire voters. megyn: what is going on with
2:03 pm
"the union leader" in new hampshire. it does not like mitt romney. it has come out with editorials every week bashing mitt romney. he's the establishment candidate, he's uninspiring web's cautious, he's reserved. he's a flip-flopper. it goes on and on. why do they dislike the guy you endorsed so have much. >> the man classer "union leader" certainly picks a candidate. you can't build a campaign based on an endorsement from the "union leader." newt gingrich doesn't have the grassroots support he needs to build a candidacy around that. the "union leader" has to say, they weighed in against me in my primary and i still earned up winning. megyn: do you think the people
2:04 pm
in new hampshire listen to the "union leader"? >> it's the only conservative newspaper in the state. they will talk to the candidates themselves. new hampshire voters carefully vet our presidential candidates. they won't just read a newspaper and make a decision. they wills ask the questions of the candidates themselves. megyn: why did you get behind romney instead of huntsman. >> i think governor romney has the experience we need for our country. you look at the experience he has in the private sector. he came in with a deficit and ended up with a rainy day fund surplus. i think he has the experience to turn around our country. i think he's the strong conservative business leader we need. megyn: i know you heard this before. i don't think folks are connecting with him. it seems like they are not connecting with him.
2:05 pm
santorum maybe is having a little bit more success connecting with people. beale see if that translates into success. do you see what i'm talking about? how do you think governor romney gets past that? what do you say to people who say i don't feel connected to him? >> i have been to a whole host of campaign events and i think he is connecting with new hampshire voters. the other person who will connect well with new hampshire voters is ann romney. she'll make a great first lady and they are a great couple. megyn: what are you predicting for tuesday night when we are on the air covering these results as they come in, what would you be happy with, any margin of victory? >> victory period. but i expect it will certainly be a lot larger margin than iowa. megyn: let's hope. at least that will make it clear for those of us on the air and
2:06 pm
it won't be a 7-hour contest. >> you won't have to stay on the air as long as you did in iowa. megyn: we are tracking a developing story about an ad that attacks jon huntsman using images of his adopted daughters. the posting claims it's produced by a group of ron paul supporters. the huntsman campaign is furiously denouncing this spot. but so is the paul campaign saying the video is disgusting and should be taken down immediately. we tried to reach this so-called group of supporters which doesn't seem to exist beyond producing this spot, though they claim to have had some contacts with the ron paul campaign which we cannot confirm. the huntsman cam is complengts on this. they join us live in five
2:07 pm
minutes. rick santorum is surging in the polls compared to where he was. he has a way to go to catch up with the frontrunners. but the momentum in iowa is helping him attract big crowds. carl? >> reporter: dublin, new hampshire in the southwestern corner of the state. mr. santorum just wrapped up a town-hall style meeting at the dublin high school where he got a lot of questions from the kids about his opposition to same-sex marriage which is legal in new hampshire. he has carefully, cautiously enunciated his view that marriage should be saved for a man and woman as parents and what he calls the birthright for all children. he was also asked about the misperception that he would ban contraception, and he said while he is a catholic and he adheres to his church's personal
2:08 pm
teachings, that it's something he should not do, he would not paint as a matter of public policy. apart from that, a fairly typical rick santorum town hall meeting where he was pushing the faith, family and freedom tour and made it clear he's kowrnght on granite staters to do what hawkeye voters did in iowa. don't listen to polls and pundits. >> they have to stand and be bold. we need a clear contrast. someone who has a record of painting a different vision, particularly on healthcare. >> reporter: santorum still has a long, big climb in new hampshire. the latest poll suggests mitt romney has a comfortable lead. santorum has gained some ground but it's a long distance before
2:09 pm
overcoming mitt romney. more important for mitt romney the latest poll in south carolina, shows romney now on top, he, mr. romney has more than doubled his support in just the last couple weeks. and rick santorum has moved up as well. he's in a statistical tie with newt gingrich in the palmetto state. newt gingrich has lost some grounds. santorum is clearly twaining grounds. and that's also illustrated by the money he has raids. a couple million dollars which will go on the air big name south carolina. there has before -- there has never been anyone who has won south carolina without winning new hampshire or iowa. now romney has a lead in all the polls. megyn: new video of the u.s.
2:10 pm
navy coming to the rescue of 13 iranian fishermen. u.s. forces respornd nod a distress signal to find pirates holding the fishermen hostage. catherine herridge is live in washington with more on this. >> reporter: the state department spokeswoman was extremely an made. she described the irony. >> the very same ship and set of vessels that the iranians protests on its last voyage through who are mus justoo through hormuz just rescued the iranians. >> reporter: this video shows
2:11 pm
the ship picking up a distress call. they detaingd the suspected pirates holding the fishermen. according to the navy the pirates had control of this fishing boat for the last 40-45 days. they have provided still photos of the rescue. you can see the seahawk helicopters hovering overhead. they say the ship was used as a mother ship for pirate ships throughout the gulf. america is not always an aggressor in the persian gulf and that undercuts the iranian propaganda. megyn: we are learning more about two new investigations on capitol hill. did the obama administration share classified information about usama bin laden's death
2:12 pm
with a hollywood film maker? an update to an unbelievable story. this american teenager deported to colombia by the u.s. government. now new developments in the effort to bring her back home. it may be the best christmas present she kids will ever receive. wait until you see the surprise inside this box. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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megyn: a fox news alert on a campaign trail controversy that has become something of a mystery. jon huntsman is furious over a new web ad that shows images of huntsman with his adopted daughters. the purpose to raise questions about huntsman's commitment to american values. we have not been able to track down the group or find anything else it has done. but this is getting a lot of media attention. and governor huntsman has weighed in on it as has congressman paul. watch and you will see why.
2:16 pm
megyn: that's enough of that. governor huntsman called the ad side and ron paul weighed in as well. joining me is governor huntsman's daughter. abby, thank you so much for being here. i don't think anybody can disagree, it sounds like enron paul agrees d it sounds like even ron palm agrees. our family, we put ourselves on the national stage we expect to get everything and anything. but i think this video goes a bit far. my two little sisters are the love of my dad's life.
2:17 pm
they came from unfortunate circumstances. and we are blessed every day to have them in our lives. unfortunately the ron paul supporters don't understand this affects the ron paul campaign. megyn: it has to be somewhat hurtful for your family. for the viewers who don't know about gracie and your sister from india, tell the viewers the story there. >> gracey was found in a vegetable market. we were lucky to get her at 6 months old. asha from india was found in the middle of a field the day she was born. they are the ones that get us through this process and the fact that they have been put into any situation like this is very unfortunate. i just hope gracie won't ever get ahold of this. megyn: when you go into politics, not just your dad, but his family as well.
2:18 pm
you know you will take sharp elbows and there will be attacks. you hope it look on the candidates and be fair. but to see your little sisters your family adopted and took in and your family's love for them portrayed as the manchurian candidate, do you think this discourages people from getting into politics and throwing their hat into the ring to run for president of the united states? >> i was surprised to see this ad? i don't think i have ever seen anything quite like this. you just keep going. we are focused on our message on the ground in new hampshire. that's where we are seeing people coming out in huge crowds and they are attracted to my dad's message. you can't think too much about this. it's unfortunate that it happened. but i hope people will look at it, my dad loves his daughters more than anything in the world. i hope this stuff doesn't continue to happen anymore.
2:19 pm
megyn: ron paul said it's in very bad taste. every candidate has supporters who do stupid things. we can only control the content of our own message and he a. [applause] the huntsman family for opening their family to children who needed one. yesterday or earlier this week i should say, senator mccain came out and endorsed mitt romney right before the new hampshire primary. by was at the republican national convention a few years back, and your dad was a big supporter of senator mccain. he was one of his campaign chairs and introduced sarah palin. here is a sampling for our viewers. >> i have long supported my good friend john mccain, and now it is my distinct honor and privilege to nominate my fellow western governor, sarah palin to
2:20 pm
be the next history-making vice president of the united states of america. [applause] megyn: your dad endorsed john mccain over mitt romney in 2008. he was the campaign chairman. he shows up as the convention, introduces sarah palin. how did you take the news when you found out john mccain was endorsing romney instead. >> endorsements don't mean a whole lot. we are not taking it to heart. we are focusing on our message here. john mccain can do what he wants to do. as for us we are sticking to our message here and i couldn't be more proud to be campaigning for someone i believe is the best person to take our country forward. megyn: you have you a beautiful
2:21 pm
family. can you believe this is what it has come to? it doesn't -- it doesn't seem to be any evidence this group has any ties to the ron paul campaign but they feel free to unleash that kind of attack on a man serving his country. it does matter whether you support him or not. she appealed for two women, but now that michele bachmann is officially out of the race. where is the iron lady that could potentially lead the u.s. is it even possible in this country? in three minutes, searching for america's margaret thatcher. it's one of america's finest accomplishments. the takeout of usama bin laden. but did the white house give film makers access to classified information? [ kyle ] my b.
2:22 pm
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2:25 pm
megyn: police say they captured a suspect in a casino fire that killed 52 people. the suspect is a alleged member of the zeta cartel. the sentencing for the underwear bomber has been postponed. he's expected to get the maximum life sentence next month. a court in peru granting joran van der sloot more time before making a plea. a company look for seasonal workers are find unlikely applicants. retirees traveling the country in their rvs.
2:26 pm
they are descending on cities by the thousands, then moving on when their jobs are done. adam housley live in benson, arizona. >> reporter: in the past maybe they were here on vacation. but now more and more people are finding part time jobs, make just for a couple weeks. some of them did stay for three or four month, getting free rents and hookups, everything from electricity to wifi. and when you have a chance to talk to them, they say it's the way to go. it's a value for us and the owners of the park in that they aren't having to pay insurance. what we get is our space. and electricity. from places have other
2:27 pm
amenities. >> reporter: there is 1.3 to 1.5 people who travel around at work campers. >> we take our work camping jobs. we choose areas of the country we want to visit. then we find a job that we think will suit us and we contact the campground and give them our resume and tell them the experience we have, then we negotiate the deal. >> reporter: some work for a salary, for a small salary, for over the holidays. others will come to a campground and work in the gift shop or work at the pool. with the advent of technology like cell phones and internet and the ability to have their
2:28 pm
mail forward here. they say they don't need a brick and mortar location. they will take their fifth wheel and head out on the road. megyn: it's the picture of the day. an 18-wheeler takes an icy plunge after skidding off a highway. what caught our attention is what the eyewitnesses did after this thing went in. michele bachmann bowing out of the race. who is the next female fit to lead the united states of america. >> for those waiting with bated breath -- i have only one thing to say. you turn if you want to. the dayy's not turning. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
2:29 pm
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megyn: check out the live pictures we are getting back from minnesota. minnesota police say the driver veered off i94 and skidded 100 yards across the pond before crashing the ice. you can see the semi sank up to the windshield. no word on what was inside that target trailer or possible damages. but in the moment after this thing went in, we saw people do what people do. just rush and run onto the ice that was all around it. you drop a two-ton truck through the ice, then you go out on the ice? people, not smart. >> it's a total violation of international law. you cannot have a situation where one country marches in and
2:33 pm
takes over another country that is a member of the united nations. i don't think the particular weapons they have affects that fundamental position. >> reporter: doesn't it affect what actions we can take? >> it only affects what actions we can take. megyn: prime minister margaret thatcher making it clear they would not stand idlely by after iraq's invaings of kuwait. with michele bachmann ending her campaign it will be at least four years before we have any chance of fiernding the iron lady. joining me now. monica crowley. jehmu greene, and the former aid to the governor mcgreevey of new
2:34 pm
jersey. i know you dedicated part of your life to readying female candidates. why are we in 2012 and it hasn't happened and it doesn't seem close to having it happen. >> we did come close in 2008. one of the things secretary clinton did was make it viable. senator clinton said there were 18 million cracks in that glass ceiling when she suspended her campaign. but there are challenges from sexism not just coming from the men, but many times you have in the media women who foe after women candidates. there is a piece today on where michele bachmann is referring to michele bachmann as a girl.
2:35 pm
megyn: in the writer's defense, she is trying to raise the issue, where are the strong temperature female candidates? where are all the women candidates? we have 9 candidates at one point. one woman? that's it? last time around on the democratic side, one woman? where are they? >> compared to other western democracies, the united states actually has a lower proportion of women in elective office than they do. i think there is a real challenge for women, especially in the united states, given 24-hour media, given the internet. the level of scrutiny of any candidate is so intense i think women may think twice more so than men about just not subjecting themselves to that level of scrutiny, but subjecting their family. megyn: jon huntsman's family subjected to this vicious
2:36 pm
campaign on the web. any sane person it seems would say i'm not going to subject my family to this. you have got to look at these factors when you run for office. let me throw this at you. does it have anything to do with the hyper sexualization of women in this country? >> i think that plays a role. we prepare women to run for offers and we let them know about the onslaught and the difference in the onslaught against them. if you look at the climate right now, you bring up hyper sexualization of women. michelle obama is an example of that. there are congressmen talking about the size of her rear end. and i would add the congressmen saying that don't have small posteriors themselves.
2:37 pm
this is the type of environment we are in. >> i remember something hillary clinton said in the last campaign. she and barack obama were both campaigning in the state of ohio. they both decided to come to the same factory to watch the swing shift come in at 4:00 in the morning. and hillary made an interesting insightful comments. she said my rival barack, all he had to do was get at 3:00 in the morning, shave, throw on a suit scene was at the factory gate by 3:15. i had to get up at 2:15 and it took me so much longer. the level of effort. women are judged on a much different -- i don't know if it's a tougher standard, but it's a different standard. michele bachmann going into the debate had full hair and makeup done which took away from her
2:38 pm
debate prep. megyn: some said she looked too glamorous and she should have toned it down. you look at margaret thatcher, she looked feminine, but you could tell there was an inherent toughness. you can be female, you need to be tough, you can't seem like a whiner. i don't think it was a good moment where she said i'm a serious candidate for president of the united states. it made it seem like why does she even have to say that. >> she shouldn't have to say it and i do think it's a double standard that you have to show that you are tough, but then you have to show you are not a woman -- secretary clinton had to go through in 2008. studies have shown women think about running for office 50% less than men do. if you look at why men run for office, from an ego standpoint, they want the power associated with it.
2:39 pm
women running for office it's because they want to fix a problem. senator patty murray said she feels the super committee would have been successful if more women were in office because it's about solving the problems. megyn: is it going to happen in our lifetime? >> i think so. i agree with you. when i worked for president nixon in the early 1990s. he said the united states is long overdue for a woman president. you think about the toughness factor. megyn: when you were in your stroller? >> it has to happen in our lifetime buffer it isn't going to unless we get more women who will start thinking about running for office. it's all about asking your friends. i say when are you going to run for office. megyn: i like the job i have. >> we have to make sure people are aware that you have a female president in liberia.
2:40 pm
you may have a female president in taiwan. we should not be lagging behind if we are the example for the world and we are far behind in women. megyn: look at angela merkel. little girls, pay attention. study up. thank you all so much. little girl power. jehmu doesn't like that saying. also from the campaign trail, one of ron paul's supporters may be in trouble with the u.s. military. he wore his uniform as he took the stage to speak at a recent ron paul rally. that's getting attention from the brass. >> reporter: not only is he a huge ron paul supporter but he's also a ron paul fanatic.
2:41 pm
when you saw him on stage that was on caucus day. he talked about how great he thought ron paul's foreign policy was and he pledged he was going to give him more support. >> you know what in we are going to go to new hampshire and get involved and keep getting online and keep talking to people and we are going to make sure this man is the next president of the united states. >> reporter: according to the department of defense supporting a candidate is fine as long as you are not in uniform while you are doing it. in fact here is the d.o.d. code. you may support a candidate if you attend part and and non-partisan activities, rallies, debates or activities as a spectator when not in uniform and when no inference or appearance of official sponsorship, approval or endorsement can reasonably be drawn. jesse has been in and out of the military in recent years. he went back in because he was
2:42 pm
convicted on a burglary charge in florida and the judge said he would end his probation if he reenlisted in the army. we contacted the military and they have not decided what punishment if think he will face for wearing his uniform at that campaign rally. megyn: the raid that killed usama bin laden set to hit the silver screen. but did the filmmakers give too much access to possibly classified information? that's what the cia and pentagon want to know. peter king has news on this and he joins us live right after this break. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d.
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megyn: the controversy over a movie about the raid that killed usama bin laden is back in the spotlight. the cia and pentagon are launching investigations into whether the filmmakers were
2:46 pm
given access to classified information. joining me the congressman who demanded this information. peter king, the chair of the homeland security committee. you were pushing for this and now you have gone the what you wanted. what is your evidence that any classified information was given to kathryn bigelow who won an academy award for ""the hurt locker"." >> there were several things. going back to may after this raid was carried south, i give the president tremendous credit for carrying it out. information started to appear in various news locations that compromise our assets on the ground. there is at least one person in pakistan who has been arrested and treated very badly by the pakistanis because of information the administration leaked out. then in july-august it come out this film will be done.
2:47 pm
you have maureen dowd saying they knew -- almost bragging about the fact that the administration was going to give sony and kathryn bigelow unprecedented access. so i put the two together, seeing what they already leaked out, like the "new yorker" magazine that showed the way our helicopters evaded pakistani radar. you put that together with the fact that this is unprecedented access. i'd called on the pentagon to do an investigation. jay carney dismissed it at a press briefing said i should have more important things to do than worry about a hollywood film. the defense department did do a preliminary investigation and based on that the inspector general decided to go ahead with a full investigation over what happened as far as making information available, what is going to happen.
2:48 pm
and so again if i feel vindicated on this because it was the defense department not just responded to my request. but they did their preliminary investigation before they announced a full-scale investigation. megyn: will they say there is no there there? we are not going forward with a full investigation? >> they wouldn't waste their time on this by going ahead with a full investigation if they didn't think there was at least probable cause to go ahead with it. if this was just me saying let's have an investigation. unless there is something there, again at least probable cause they wouldn't go forward, no. megyn: is there some value to releasing information -- obviously you can't release classified information. but something less than classified. something that normally would be kept confidential but the
2:49 pm
administration releases it to a filmmaker like big low for historical and documentary sake. taking out one of the most hated terrorists on the earth. >> i appreciate the point you are making, would i say the answer is question. but it should be done so carefully. there should be a panel set up, the defense department, cia, everyone involved in special operations sitting down to make sure nothing has been turned over can work against us. you may have some one in the administration not even realizing the full consequences of what they are hardening over. this was done during world war ii. if if we could have a board scrutinize what's being turned over. it was information put out by the administration back in may about a doctor who was going around giving injections to people and using that to get dna of bin laden. family members to make sure it was him.
2:50 pm
this was put out by the administration. now the doctor is in jail. the pakistanis arrested him. there are instances where this has compromised us. like the article in the "new yorker" magazine going into great detail how our helicopters are able to evade the pakistani radar. they can't be doing that. put out by amateurs or people who are overeager. this should be made into a movie, it was see heroic. megyn: why do you think the administration would leak classified information if they did? >> they may not have realized the full impact of what they are doing. sometimes you have amateurs running the operation. i was contacted by people in the intelligence community and the military saying that they were really is appointed and shocked by with was being leaked out. i have a former cia person
2:51 pm
pointing out over 20 instances in "new yorker" magazine alone of information he thought was top secret. megyn: thank you so much. coming up. i'm going to show you that christmas surprise. what's in that box? okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb
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megyn: air force tech sergeant has been in the middle east for his fourth tour of duty. he missed christmas but found a creative way to give his kids what they wanted. >> reporter: even 12 days after christmas, this is the quintessential holiday story. he has been deployed four times
2:55 pm
in the last four years. the kids were supposed to see their dad at end of this month. they look out on the lawn there is a big box. it's the best gift. but before they could out. the kids need to read the christmas cardout loud, then send it to dad. watch what happens and enjoy. >> >> it's great. i haven't seen the kids for so long it's emotional. >> we have gotten and lot of stuff for christmas.
2:56 pm
but nothing like this. >> reporter: the best christmas and to all a good night. we have one more piece of sound we want to show you from one of the daughters. you knead to hear it. >> oh, daddy! daddy! i will open it first. he's mine because i opened him first! great stuff. megyn: these guys and gals are over there serving us it's too easy not to think about them and the sacrifices they are make and their families are making. it just reminds you of how much they are loved and needed by the families. trace, thank you so much. thank you to all of our men and women in uniform for your service. god bless you all. we'll be right back. looking for financial advice.
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