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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 7, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EST

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up, we do not tell you, you look it up. if you look it up, you will never forget it. please always remember the spin stops right here because we are looking out for you. >> we have new music. good morning, everyone, on saturday, january 7th, just daze before the new hampshire primary and candidates are on the attack but the only one if their sights is mitt romney. >> i'm not for government run health care. >> wrong person to put up against president obama. >> account rivals do anything to slow him down? >>dave: his foes try to bring him down in new hampshire mitt romney is set on the crucial south carolina primary. why south carolina is the big prize. >> plus the tax dollars sent to teach elementary school kids
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thousand dance for environmental justice. this you got to hear to believe. wish i was taught to dance in elementary school. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> all right. >> i need a little more time. >> the temptations. >> i need more coffee. >> good morning, everyone, great to see you guys. >> happy new year. we have not been together since last year! >> a couple weeks. >> a shot on camera these of dave's cuff links. >> pictures of the kids. >> brilliant. >> you got them from your lovely wife. >> from my kids. >> i see. they are very talented. >> i got something from santa this year. >> and now politics, because it will be a busy weekend with all
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kinds of debate and the candidates trying to ramp up their campaigns before the new hampshire primary and rick santorum up there in new hampshire is actually doing an interesting thing, he is sticking out there through tuesday and not headed down to south carolina, and ramping up the attacks on mitt romney. listen to rick santorum. >> the rhetoric is i will repeal obamacare and i am not for government run health care. when he was governor of massachusetts he was for the health care, the highest cost health care in the nation, no place where health care is more expensive than massachusetts and, the people that were added to the health rolls here in massachusetts south of here, well over half were government, addednd the government payroll and to have someone would has been for individual mandates and government run health care and a top down approach to solving the problem is the wrong person to put up against president obama. >>alisyn: so mitt romney has a
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big bull's eye, and the other competitors are attacking him. newt gingrich plans to launch a new attack ad against romney in south carolina. one calling him timid and the other dealing with his abortion stand when he was a massachusetts governor. so, the gloves are off. >>dave: what is interesting newt gingrich has been very critical of mitt romney and his super pang -- pac and now newt gingrich 'pac is rolling out a 27-minute video attacking mitt romney. the very thing that newt gingrich has been attacking mitt romney for doing, newt gingrich is now doing, can't wait to ask him about that. live on the program. >> and we will have karl rove. he is saying he is not sure the attacks from newt gingrich are working and he needs to remember who got him here in the first place. take a listen. >> speaker gingrich was leading
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iowa with 32 percent of the vote, 33 percent, december 3rd and he ran fourth! to be sitting there lecturing about who could go on to the next stage, it is unpresidental. remember what put him in the lead, people thought he was the best debater because he was the most knowledgeable and they liked him and he had a big vision for the country but now he sounded like an angry politician: >> we have not had a debate since the middle of december and people thought that elevated newt gingrich to the level. great debate spills, so, tonight, this could, it was interesting all week how things happened but this weekend it could be the precursor for new hampshire and south carolina. >>dave: tonight and tomorrow morning. will he attack or stay positive as in the debate before and show his extensive knowledge of virtually every topic.
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that is the question. >>alisyn: and in new hampshire the polls, although you can never trust the presidents they she romney with a great lead. but anything could be turned around. looking ahead to south carolina, romney is even already looking ahead to south carolina. he was there yesterday. he was stumping with governor haley. he focused on president obama. >> i don't think the president understands how the economy works, he subscribes to something i call crony capital im, not in free markets and free people pursuing their dreams but a government that pays back favors. a government that says, well, organized labor at the governmental level helped my election campaign says president obama is we added 135,000 federal jobs under his administration. and of course we have a lot of help from the afl-cio so we will stack the national labor
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relations board with union stooges to make sure they will give states that are right-to-work short end of the straw and not people from being able to build factories like boeing. that is wrong, we have to stop it and turned it around. >> tonight he will have a big bull's eye on him during the debate and we will see how he handles it and ask our guests what they see. >>alisyn: you have karl rove and newt gingrich and i raise you, so, big political day here. >>dave: we lost out in south carolina because of the betting he took in new hampshire and the time spent there so great person to speak to, to emphasize the point. >>alisyn: thank you. and now the news, we start with brand new video from dallas, texas, an american teenager mistakenly reported to colombia reported to the united states. the 15-year-old ran away from home a year ago and was arrested
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for shoplifting and told police she was illegal immigrant. that was a lie, and that led her to being deported back in may. and her family wants it know why officials did not see through her step especially since she doesn't even spoke respondish. well, police releasing the first 9-1-1 call from the new year's day shooting from washington, which killed a ranger and mother of two, margaret anderson. >> spots fires and officer down. >>alisyn: police found the shooter, a 24-year-old a day later in the woods and they believe he froze to death. officials say they plan to re-open the park this morning to the public. the white house's proposed budget could mean more money from federal workers, the half percent increase is the first raise since a pay freeze started
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in 2010 which needs congressional approval but some have calls for the freeze to continue for another year and the budget proposal will be unveiled early next month. an emotional, weekend forgive gabrielle giffords, one year since the shooting massacre at a tucson safeway that killed six and left her and 12 others wounded. gabrielle giffords was holding a meet and growth and last night she attended a memorial honoring a victim. a staffer. she will also appear at a vigil tomorrow night with her husband who we will be speaking to tomorrow on the show. >>dave: and now a check on the weather the we have not seen you in the new year. happy new year. rick: everyone is here. the gang is back together. it folks good. warm and fuzzy. eastern part of the country is extremely warm. we had a cold spell but now the temperatures are in the 50's across the eastern seaboard.
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winter was here for a few days. a few showers in the southeast and that will change this week. and big snow moving into the central rockies around 6". and as you wake up, 47 in new york city, and 54 in atlanta, and crazy warm temperatures it, and more records broken today, and that is ahead of that front you see cutting right across parts of the ohio valley so to the east of that, looking warm and we will see the showers pop up across parts of the southeast for tomorrows today. across the west, looking calm and you see moisture this across places like utah that will be snow in utah and the rockies of colorado, up to 6 itch today. temperatures still locking nice, cooler than a couple of days ago but locking nice for this time of year. tomorrow, the temperatures are not changing much, and we will remain quite warm. there are caseys that winter
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will return by the end of the week and maybe getting temperatures below average but too early to say. >> vacation today in new york. >> i'll take it. >> i like the heat. >>dave: we need some snow, rick. snow. snow. >>clayton: and the nfl playoff games and it is mild. and speaking of the environment and the weather we will talk about the epa this morning because they have over the past year given out some different interesting grants to nonprofit organizations. 46 different nonprofit organizations. $1 million in 2011 but you could have a problem with some of the ways the money was spent. >>dave: what the heck is an environmental justice grant? $23 million handed out isn't now measure for things such as ... dance theater. money to teach local youth about air pollution.
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>>clayton: dancing to air pollution? >>dave: of course, clayton. that makes sense. >>dave: interpretive dance to air pollution? >>alisyn: to educate people about pollution or the environment. some sound laughable but this are some that sound important like, ridding a project or a community bed bedbugs. that sounds valuable if your apartment building is riddled with bedbugs it could probably use a grant, so some of the, in my ... >>clayton: why wouldn't the slumlord? i have lived in some terrible apartments in pittsburgh, i was rats climbing through the ceiling, i called the landlord: eventually, he got a person out there, exterminator. >>alisyn: in knock, we know
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that word: exterminator. environmental justice is provided for some communities that are hazardous or or dirty or filthy and maybe they need help. >>dave: some are teaching the concept of global warming to middle schoolers and some argue it is not a perfect science. should your taxpayer dollars go to environmental justice. follow us on twitter. we need more followers. new year's resolution, if you are here to twitter, sign up, and choose a picture, too, not the cheesy avatar. >>alisyn: what recovery? president obama says he has helped the middle class but data shows americans are losing income.
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>>alisyn: good news, with the unemployment rate dropping to 8.5 percent, the lowest in three years and 200,000 jobs were added last month. >>clayton: but is it all good news? good morning, nicole. happy new year. breakdown the numbers. you look at jobs numbers and the way i understand it, it would take seven years of this type of a number to get back to 2008? >>guest: something like that with 13 million members unemployed and the numbers yesterday, it feels good and beat expectation but the big picture is that it is tainted, and temporary because it was a holiday season. the administration knows it, we know it, we are not being follows. this is retail hiring, transportation hiring, couriers, warehousing, all about the
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holidays. packing the gifts. sending the gifts. someone ringing up and taking your cash at that time? do experts think it will go up? i would watch for a few months. they do tons and tons of revisions all the time. so, it certainly --. >>clayton: so the december numbers could go up. or down. when he surprised. >>guest: from 8.5 percent, it could tick up, again. >>clayton: workers' pay is a big issue. the amount of machine you take home may not as high, right? and according to the recession and the numbers here 3.2 percent real income fell dug the recession so people do not pocket as much. >>guest: that is right. so, over the last, say, decade, we lost $6,000 in pay but a majority under this administration in the last few years where you have seen accelerate the loss in wages so the big picture is that people
6:18 am
are making less during the recovery, what recovery? and the people that are under the age of 25 or up to 34, black members, families with three children, or more, these folks are actually seeing their wages decline. so, what does the recovery mean? >>guest: well, great question. it is just that we are not in depression. you seeing your home, that is the biggest asset, the home values are still diminished. greatly diminished. and the jobs created, some jobs are created and it is not as bad, but, certainly not at pace we needed and we have noticed a lot of the men that are coming back into the workforce are taking and of the women's roles so they are out of construction and ifens and going into education and retail and health care. it is an interesting reversal. >>clayton: fingers crossed that the numbers trend up.
6:19 am
>>guest: the stock market is up. that is a little bit of good news. >>clayton: and there is now a starbucks on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >>guest: that is a gift for me: >>alisyn: thank you for coming in. >> they have one goal in mind, get president obama out of the white house. but does the tea party have an overall g.o.p. favorite? >> you saw them in the movies and now you can check out real thing: treasures from the titanic, recovered from the bottom of the ocean and some of these could be yours. my name is robin. i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke,
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>>alisyn: after the nuclear disaster japan will set a 40-year limit on nuclear reactors and require them to shut down after that time. 54 reactors, he are at least 40 years old. and a familiar symbol could use the target bull's eye, apple is looking at setting up stores. target sells iphones and ipods but no mac boxes but it is not confirmed. and now over to dave? >>dave: there are two big debates on tap this weekend ahead of the new hampshire primary. so, can rick santorum keep at mitt romney's heels? and now michele bachmann is out, is rick santorum the overall tea
6:24 am
party favorite? weighing in is comic and radio personality. tony, good morning. >> how are you, my friend. good to see you. >>dave: tough to figure out who is the tea party guy. we have a poll from rasmussen that show as mixed bag, rick santorum seen ahead for the family but mitt romney and newt gingrich right there. so, who is, who best represents the tea party were beliefs? >>guest: that is still a conversation going on. since the tea party came into existence in 2009 we are so much more educated. this is a smarter electorate, and you saw in iowa's the caucuses 41 percent of people were not sure which way they were going to go and they are paying a lot of attention, digging this deep. so, listen, people like rick santorum and they think she a nice guy but this are issues with the record. but in iowa when he virtually got a win people are taking a
6:25 am
bigger look and saying is this the guy we are going with all the way? so i think that the tea party is going to take another look at newt gingrich and i believe when you look to south carolina where this game really gets decided, they will take another look at rick perry and if the family is willing to forgive, not forget, but forgive the debate performance of rick perry early he could have a hell of a day. >>dave: i don't if i would agree with that, but if mitt romney wins new hampshire, take south carolina, and he is in the lead in most polls there, and becomes the nominee, does the tea party, then, fail, if he is the nominee and will they truly support mitt romney? >>guest: well, first of all, take that in two parts. fail? absolutely not. the tea party owns the debate in america. it will be difficult to win without tea party support. and the tea party are the ones looking as the down ticket races and in the senate and the house of representatives cross the
6:26 am
country. the tea party does not campaign for mitt romney but them hold their nose and vote for a romney in states where they have other reasons to do so. you could have a reversal, in indiana they want lugar out and they will vote for murdoch but a romney nomination could have some stay home, saying, just not my guy. >>dave: you will not a huge town out to devote president obama. who are you taking? >>guest: i am taking anyone over the constitution trampler and chief the you have people who engage the constitution and respect the constitution or you have people who attack and want to destroy the constitution and are doing so each day. your choice. you choose. >>dave: thank you, tony forgetting up, tony katz. let us know on twitter: has the
6:27 am
tea party failed or will they succeed depending on the romney nomination. fiend me on twitter. tension at white house with the first lady clashing with someone over the presidency. emily's just starting out... and on a budget.
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>> last night bide subsequent his wife went to see "the girl with the dragon tattoo," but he had to ask if that was the girl with the tattoo. >> how was it? >> good. pretty darn close to the book. a movie version. but it is pretty darn close. it is creepy. >>dave: a new book about the first lady is causing quite a stir in the white house. the obamas is a behind the scenes look at president and mrs. obama but it is how they are being portrayed that has people talking. >>alisyn: and like in washington, dc, with more. peter? >>peter: in september of 2010 an article suggested that the first lady told the french first lady that she thought that living in the white house was
6:32 am
hell. that story continued out not to be true and this book suggests as soon as then press secretary gibbs found out it wasn't true he fought back against the reports and the story went away. well, the new book, claims that gibbs did not respond the way the first laid would like and the next time the advisor and friend told him that at a meeting and we have the cleaned up free version of the response from that meeting and he says that is not right i have been killing myself on this, where is it coming from? it was coming from the first lady, through valerie and after that he stopped taking her at all seriously as an advisor and her viewpoint in advising the president is that she has to be up and the rest of the white house has to be down, so begins and jarrett did not get along because of tension of the first lady who did not get along with rahm emanuel, either, writing
6:33 am
that they had in bond, the relationship was distant and awkward from the beginning, and the white house says about all of this, in the book, the author last interviewed the obamas in 2009 and did not interview them for this book, the emotions, thoughts and private moments described in the book, seemingly ascribed to the president and first lady reflect little more than the author's own thoughts and the book causing all this commotion, comes out on tuesday "the obamas." >>alisyn: sounds juicy. it is hard to know how she is getting the information. >>dave: this are always leaks. >>clayton: and marco rubio has penned an open letter to president obama, not pulling any punches and the debt ceiling debate is automatic, as we know, the new upgrade to the debt ceiling was automatic, it was a
6:34 am
delay, until congress was back in session, but, that has not stopped the senator from saying he is not on board with it although it is an automatic trigger. >>alisyn: and from the letter he says it is a tragic reality but on your watch more and more people have come to believe that america is becoming a deadbeat nation headed toward a european-style debt crisis and america deserves leaders who stand front and center, level with the american people about our challenges and offer real solutions rather than asking for another debt ceiling increase. >>dave: he is the many that people talk about a vice presidential candidate but he denies any interest in that position and has said i will not be the guy to be on anyone's ticket but what he is saying not president would have shown leadership on this, on the debt issue and he said i like this
6:35 am
simpson-bowles plan, we might not be in this position we are in today saying it has been failed leadership the last couple of years. >>alisyn: saying the first three years of your presidency have been a profile in leadership failure and we need congress to make it routine to spend no more than we take in. could that work? spend less than they take in? i need to calculate that. >>clayton: members of congress and senators can vote against this but it doesn't matter, much, you can vote your disapproval of this trigger but it is still built in, because congress has agreed. >>alisyn: what a senator can do other than writing an angry letter is not much. and now the other news. other news. here is the top story, a man opens fire at a hospital in. killing two people and this happened last night at the
6:36 am
medical center and police say the gunman shot and killed his wife and mother-in-law and drove to the police department and turned him self in. a motive is not known, but the women were visiting a family member at the hospital and no one else was hurt. take a look at this surveillance video: police in seattle hope you can help lead them to a suspect who left a bomb at a chase bank. he reportedly entered with the suspicious package and left it by an a.t.m., and it was not this will three hours later a customer spotted it. fire experts were able to disarm the device, and it failed to ignite and anyone with information is being knowledged to call hole authorities. you can find that person: don't you hate it when you trying to rob a pharmacy and a state trooper happens to be there? this 27-year-old armed with a box cutter trying to steal prescription drugs from a c.v.s. but the officer was also there
6:37 am
buying a bottle of water. >> it was just instinct. it happened very fast. it certainly did catch me by surprise but i would say it went about as well as it could have gone. >> police officer chased the robber outside before subduing him, and it turns out the car that the robber drove to the foiled truck heist was also stolen. casey anthony has popped up in what is believed her second video diary in less than a week. and now a look. >> very excited. very exciting. >> very exciting. >> that was her back to brunette in a seven-second video clip and fox news has not confirmed the valid of that video but we know she released another clip on youtube, and did not messages her deceased daughter
6:38 am
in either of the clips. >> but don't know if she released them because the defense camp said they did not put it out there. >> when you are talking to a camera, what do you think will happen? >>clayton: you keep it on your own. >>dave: she is not getting millions for interviews so we should be happy. turning the page in the paterno era, bill o'brian is the new head coach. you may know him as the offensive coordinator for the new england patriots and will finish out the season before heading to happy valley. the 42 replacing, long time coach paterno, would was fired two months ago not of a math of a scandal involving defensive coordinator sandusky. and paterno has congratulated o'brian and likes their common brown university background. now the cotton bowl, arkansas taking on kansas state at cowboy
6:39 am
stadium, 80,000 fans and second quarter, joe adams, got a couple of blocks and this guy glides. just glides. 51 yards into the end zone and then hogs up before they even get a first down, third quarter, 19-9. the snap brings in the touchdown. boy, not happy there. and late in this game, kansas state made run at it but the second just dominated bowl games, more than two thirds over the last six years, eight of the last nine cotton bowls. and razorbacks win. >> rick?
6:40 am
rick: it has been so warm that a lot of people who ice official or snowmobile the ice is not thick enough so we hear of a lot of people in cars and such who have been falling through ice so it is important to stay off of the ice. these are the letted guidelines of how much ice you need to do different activists. around 3" before you can walk on ice. 4" is recommended for ice fishing and 5" for snowmobiling and 8" to 12" for a car: so this is very incredibly dangerous and you see these citizens happen. and this is how much snow is on the ground, 16 percent of the united states has snow including the rockies. with more today. and to the northern plains no snow in south dakota which is unheard of. much of minnesota does not have snow, little bit across new england, and, for the next few days nothing else will happen.
6:41 am
we will see some colder air by later in the coming week but maybe by wednesday we will see temperatures drop below the freezing mark but in the meantime, big story here about people falling through the ice because it is not thick enough. >>dave: in colorado they had a raise, across the lake and it was 50 degrees! >>alisyn: scary. >>clayton: great story in the "wall street journal" pointing out new services taking off with great success. wing woman and wing men services, so, basically, if you don't have the confidence to date by yourself, if you are socially awkward, would you hire a wing woman or a wing man to go to a bar and walk up and hit on people for you. >>alisyn: she say you could be lucky in love with a when map, and internet dating is falling
6:42 am
by the wayside people have not had. success as they hope so now they are hiring for $125 or $130 for a night you go with a wing man who knows how to do it. >>dave: like the movies "hitch," and "crazy stupid love." >> because i watch you picked one doesn't mean i know how to do it. >> ever see karate kid. >> so, without fail buy her a
6:43 am
drink. insist. >> do i talk about myself? >> never. always about her. >>dave: that movie is outstanding, he says never wear the new balance shoes. >>alisyn: agreed. that is worth $120. >>clayton: when are like packs of wolves, with three and four and if a guy is out it is difficult to infiltrate the pack, so you hire the when man and he knows what to do, he rolls over and he says you want me to take a picture of you guys, in, in, in like flint. >>alisyn: someone has been taking notes. >>dave: would you use the services? let us know. stay tuned. people with a machine.
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the only preservative we use is the fridge freshpet fresh food for fido
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>> and how will president obama get military votes for the election bid? we have veterans for congress. thank you for being here. in 2008 the president got 44 percent of the military vote. now that he has toured the big terrorism victories, yet, also, announced the budget cuts for the military how do you think it will play out. >> he will do worse with veterans and military folk. a up cough reasons. you look at the policy, the pentagon is looking to downgrade military pensions to 401(k)'s and the ft. hood shooting 13 american soldiers were massacred and the administration whitewashed that as a work-place shooting. so he is bad on policy, and the politics, in all the battleground states: he, north carolina, virginia, an iraq veteran running for congress. in congress, a veteran running for the u.s. senate and has been elected and that will play a
6:48 am
part. in north carolina, where fort bragg is, you have iraq veteran running to represent those folks. so, if president obama is down on the ground campaigning for the veterans against an actual iraq veteran or afghanistan veteran, the voters will be swayed by their where veteran more so than the president. >>alisyn: there are interesting polls suggesting that ron pull is -- ron paul is getting a large chunk of the military vote the least engaged in. ing what overseas conflict and wants to pull out of all wars. >>guest: a fraction of every group that are isolationist and grandfather state at 10 or 15 percent grandfather state to ron paul but the isolationist veteran is with ron paul and the other 85 percent of veterans are not and they understand the need for a strong military presence and support the other 85 percent. >>alisyn: thank you, we appreciate you coming in.
6:49 am
from the jailhouse to the house of representatives, sheriff hoping to make a big move. he joins us next hour to talk about his plans. across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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and a little blue diamond from the hit film "titanic." >> "the heart of the ocean." >> it has been 100 years sin the real tragedy on the ship of dreams and now, real long, long treasures from the "titanic," help the memory live on. i am joined by president of an
6:53 am
auction house and premiere exhibition with a special announcement. good morning, gentleman. nice to see you. >> thank you for bringing the incredible items. >> the big announcement is in april 100 years to the day of the sailing of the "titanic," we will be conducting a major auction of the entire body of material that has been brought up from the debris field surrounding the titanic the last 25 years, more than 5,000 objects will be sold as a remarkable collection. >> i understand you cannot actually get them individually, so i cannot pick and choose and go to the auction and pick and say i just want a tea cup. >> no, this collection of approximately 5,000 artifacts consists of all of the artifacts ever recovered from the bottom of the wreck site.
6:54 am
>>clayton: this is the debris field that spread from the wreck. >>guest: they come from the depress field which spans several miles but they do not come from snowed the ship. and, as you said, they will all be sold, together, as one collection. >>clayton: we have incredible binoculars. but i not allowed to touch them. security will grab me. tell me the stories. >> the binoculars were lost on the crow's nest and we know from left that had the look out seen the iceburg quote have a different story. we don't know if these were the particular binoculars they should have or could have used but they were lost. >>clayton: and there is china from the ship. >> third-class china. >> they had different china for
6:55 am
the different classes. >> absolutely. >>clayton: and espresso cups from first class. and an incredit we wool jacket looks like a crew member's jacket. >> third class passenger. >> we know who it belonged to? >> we have extraordinary personal stories from the objects, not all of them, but this was recovered and a leather satchel and we identified who this was on. all there are thousands of shipwrecks all around the world, why is the "titanic," have such resonance with people? the human element of this disaster? >>guest: it was first created it was the greatest creation that mankind had ever produced. it was the talk of the world. this fantastic bigger than live ship. and obviously in hollywood like
6:56 am
fashion it had its sudden tragic ending on board where some of the world's wealthiest victims but people of every economic strata and it just continues to be a compelling story. i have a 12-year-old son who as fascinated as any of us here. >>clayton: i am, too, when i saw the items coming if here i doesn't wait to talk to you gentleman. the auction will take place on 2012 on the deck of the "intrepid." nice to see you guys. >>alisyn: listen to this story. the truancy police are cracking down on one mom. >> reprimand me but this is not fair. >> they give her possible jail time tore her son being late. that is with because her son is autistic and he has been late. has the school gone too far?
6:57 am
>>dave: the e.p.a. is dancing away your tax dollars. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at
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6:59 am
>>alisyn: the candidates are gearing up in the last weekend before the new hampshire primary but mitt romney is set on south carolina. is he banking on a win before a
7:00 am
single vote is cast in we are live in new hampshire. >>dave: your tax dollars will teach kids ... how to dance for environmental justice. is government waste run amok? and only getting worse. >>clayton: a mom facing jail because she is having trouble getting her autistic son to school s that fair? we report. you decide. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> this is former mayor giuliani watching "fox & friends" one of my favorite shows. >>alisyn: puts you in the right mood the minute you wake up, right? >>dave: like the pleasant wake up alarm. a heart. >>alisyn: that is old school. >>dave: coming up, newt gingrich, california guest, and,
7:01 am
huckabee, and keep your tweets coming, would you hire a wing man if you are single, like you need someone to go to the bar with to meet a lady, would you hire a wing man? >>dave: i have no skills like that. i would not have helped in that department. we have gotten tons and tons of comments. >>alisyn: i can only imagine your rap at a bar. very busy day of campaigning and debating for the g.o.p. presidential candidates, they have throw days until the new hampshire primary. >> and now live in new hampshire this morning where the candidates are today. molly? >>reporter: we are at a rally where mitt romney will kickoff the day, joined by south carolina governor haley, a little bit of south carolina coming up here, to new england, a reminder the governor will do well in south carolina with key endorsements down there in the southern state, the far more conservative southern state. tomorrow, he is joined by new
7:02 am
jersey governor christie so he has big names coming here to the critical new hampshire state to endorse him and rev up the crowd. they will have supporters door knocking and they have a campaign "earn it with mitt," not taking the lead for granted and the supporters will knock on doors days before tuesday but he has the commanding lead. rick santorum is here, and today he make as stop in south carolina, a south carolina very critical state for the more conservative candidate particularly on social issues which are begannerring a lost attention here in the granite state where there are far more lebanonarian minded folks that like to talk about the "live free or die," slogan and stands on issues such as gay marriage and abortion have caused the younger crowd in new hampshire to boo him and we have had a tough time, but he will have a warmer reception in south carolina and gingrich doing a townhall talking about
7:03 am
entitlement reform and huntsman has spent more time on the ground than any other candidate and we see if it pays off on tuesday, and ron paul who was not here nobly following the third place final in iowa, will -- arrived yesterday. and the independents are a key voting block. something big to want tonight and tomorrow morning, the debate. a final debate before the polls on tuesday. >>alisyn: great, molly. how many times has your producerred made the job "new hampshire don't take it for granted." >>reporter: he is resisting that urge but they wanted me to say hi to you, andrew saying hello this morning. >>alisyn: i miss him and i am glad he retired that joke. >>clayton: you used to terrible puns from this couch.
7:04 am
>>dave: thank you, molly. >>alisyn: andrew, great to see you. >>clayton: so many great folks would being behind the scenes on the election coverage. great to see those folks. >>dave: south carolina is the all important state because as you know, mitt romney looks very good in new hampshire, and will come down to south carolina, can newt gingrich or rick santorum step up and challenge him? mitt romney was there responding a lot of team in south carolina because he is confident about what is happening in new hampshire. >> you understand the good jobs come not from government but from a private sector? >> this president i don't tension he understands how the economy works but ascribes to crony capital im, which is not about free people and free markets pursuing a dream but a government that pays back favors to the people that took care of them that says, well, let's see,
7:05 am
organized labor, at the governmental level, that helped my election campaign, says president obama, so we have haded 135,000 federal jobs: and then, of course, we have a lost help from the afl-cio so we will stack the national labor relations board with union stooges. that is wrong. we have to stop it and turn that around. >>clayton: and he was in south carolina and threw back to new hampshire and brought governor haley with him to new hampshire and the g.o.p. candidates yesterday, because of the job numbers, it is interesting to see how the g.o.p. field was responding to the jobs numbers. great numbers. so, how do you go failure. romney has built the campaign around this idea of the economy and will it resonate going forward, this longer term idea about the growth of the economy, that is what he has been hanging his hat on and rick santorum says these are great numbers. take a listen.
7:06 am
>> i'm glad it is doing better now. i am sure the president will want to take president for it. for any improvement. guess what? he doesn't deserve it because egg that has been done has hurt this economy's recovery, everything done by this president. >> i am gratified to see in spite of president obama's policies the job market is picking up, and there could be optimism that maybe republicans are beginning to take the white house and maybe that is spurring people to start taking risk. >>alisyn: it is complicated because you cannot say that the president is solely responsible for the bad economy. there is verbal or position gymnastics they from to figure out. but it is good news and they want to recognize it but do not want it to steal their thunder. >>clayton: and the 8 percent thing in the obama administration that let us pass the stimulus, $787 billion and it will not go before 8 percent but it is 8.5 percent.
7:07 am
>>dave: great numbers, and it will come down to the three to six months before the election that matter, what the trend is. right if you, it is a story. but it is gone. >>alisyn: the president has some thoughts on unemployment numbers. >> we are moving in the right direction. a reason for this is the tax cut for working americans that we put in place least year. and when congress returns they should extend the middle-class tax cut to make sure we keep the recovery going. >>clayton: it will be interesting to see how it plays in new hampshire because the unemployment rate is below 8.5 percent. as well as iowa and states like ohio at 15 percent or 14 percent, so, it is interesting to see how that will play. >>dave: it goes up as we go on in south carolina and florida and nevada. were higher. >>alisyn: and now, outside of politics an american teenager
7:08 am
who was mistakenly deported to colombia is back on u.s. soil, the 15-year-old arrived in dallas, texas, last night and her story started more than a year ago when she ran away from home and got arrested for shoplifting in houston and she told miss she was an illegal immigrant. a lie that led to her being deported back if may if you can believe it and the family wants to know why officials does not see through her story especially since she doesn't even speak spanish! >> we hear the 9-1-1 call from the new year's day shooting in washington state. it killed a ranger and mother of two margaret anderson. >> an officer down. officer down. >>alisyn: police found the shooter a day later in the
7:09 am
woods, they believe he froze to death. officials plan to re-open the park this morning to the public. president obama making it easier for illegal immigrants to stay not united states, by changing a long standing rule that requires people to go back to their home country of origin while applying for u.s. citizenship. instead, the white house says this will allow those people to stay here in the states for most if not all of that process. the were more leap egypt guidelines go into effect this year. those are the headlines. rick: the eastern part of the country, another extremely warm day and a couple of cold days this week and everyone freaked out thinking it was winter. well, now it is not again. feeling like spring. and snow across the central rockies, maybe 6" across the higher elevations and the santa ana winds will check up in southern california so watch for
7:10 am
that. there is a fire danger. send me pictures of what is happening, people have been reporting it is looking like spring with irises blooming. there is hardly any snow across the northern tier. in maine you are closer to typical, but still high. and boston has 1" of snow, usually you have 13" and buffalo has average of 42" of snow and they have had just over 5". and lake erie not reporting ice. a lost times the ice is frozen over but not now. today the temperatures across the eastern part of the country are 10- to 15-degrees above average and the only spot of temperatures below average is across colorado. eastern pat of the country, rain showers toward the south and across the west you looking good but for the snow in and around the central rockies. guys. >> >>alisyn: last hour we told
7:11 am
you of a story involving government spending and the e.p.a. gives owe millions in environmental justice grants. and, some of these, perhaps, raise eyebrows, environmental justice, they do not spell it out not article but it is that some underriffed places and poor communities are more hazardous and more dirty. should they get government spending on eradicating bedbugs? >>dave: it is $23 million they have handed out since 1994 including money to teach local youth about air pollution and a dance theater. >>clayton: so, kids, you can listen how to dance about air pollution? what? >>alisyn: some of them sound laughable but some of them ...
7:12 am
>>dave: and addressing bed bug infestation so you are saying tax dollars should be used for that? >>alisyn: a building with bedbugs. >>clayton: i have lived in slums before, and i had rats across the country. >>alisyn: i live in new york and i still have this issue. call the property owner. you don't call the government. >>alisyn: something tells me this owner is not dressing the bed bug issue in the way that the residents would hope: >>clayton: should the government step in and pay for it? >>dave: and they are teaching the concept of global warming to middle schooler. lets us know how you feel about this.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
>>dave: we have gotten to know him during a fight to secure our border and now the sheriff is hopping to move from the jail house to the house of representatives. the sheriff announcing his bid for congress, sheriff babeu joining from phoenix. good to see you, sheriff. >>guest: great to be on. >>dave: the border is a tough, tough situation, fighting illegal immigration, but you want to take on congressional gridlock, an altogether different ugliness. why? >>guest: well, i'm a trained first responder and when others are running away from trouble i am running toward it and we do have an emergency here in our country and in washington and a lot of the people we send this betray their oath and do not do what they promised. with i have done i have gulf filled every promise and i
7:17 am
understand firsthand not only what we face with an unsecured border in fighting illegal immigration i stand up for the rule of law and i see the economic problems facing our country are so serious because they literally compromise our strength as not just a free economy but you see now obama is looking to cut our military. because of the weakness of our economy. and that compromises the future, ten, 20, 40 years out from now, our standing, our ability to defend and project our foreign policy, we have always used the military and that is the wrong direction. we have so many people --. >>dave: do you take something from your law enforcement career and apply that to getting congress to break this gridlock? is there something applicable you can take to the house of representatives? >>guest: well, absolutely. we need to remember not just our oath, our commitment but get things done.
7:18 am
when someone calls 9-1-1 we have to spend. people expect action. right new we see leaders kicking the can down the street. nothing is getting done. i am used to making tough decisions. we need to tackle entitlements and get hands off the neck of our economy with higher taxes and regulation. we have to stop that. more stimulus will not create jobs for america. we need to get the private sector to invest the money they are hoarding because of the fear of the division of those who have and work or earn it versus those who occupy wall street and think they are entitled. in america you have to earn it. >>dave: that message is similar to the one we hear from romney, that is your guy. why? >>guest: well, not just he is inspire race am i cannot wait to unleash mitt romney against obama because they are so different. mitt romney is a patriot and he understands the essence of our free market and has something
7:19 am
that obama has never had: a job. and the fact we need a president who understands it is the private sector that will create the wealth, that strengthens our country. we have seen in my county with 21 percenten employment and the stimulus hasn't done anything but further compromise our country. $15 trillion in debt! 42 cents of every dollar we spend is borrowed. this is insanity. this president and this congress must be fired. >>dave: sounds like you have a platform but you do not have an opponent so that is good news. paul babeu thank you. still ahead, a mom facing possible jail time because her autistic son has been late to school. has the school gone too far?
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
>>alisyn: a detroit mother faces possible jail for her son's absences at school. she says it is tough to keep her nine-year-old autistic son on a
7:24 am
rigid schedule. >> i have charts on the wall, this is what you do at 6:15 or 6:30, and he falls short in those areas. to they need to reprimand me but jail is not fair. >>alisyn: and now the mother's attorney. thank you for being here. according to the school, and this is according to the attendance officer at the school, the boy in the past two years, has missed 21 days of classes and ben late 99 times to school. what is the mom's explanation? >>guest: well, she is raising an autistic child and some days it is difficult to get them to school let alone to school on time. >>alisyn: she is a single mom with a nine-year-old autistic son, can the school make some sort of special accommodation for her situation? >>guest: well, not only can
7:25 am
they make a people accommodation under section 504 of the 1974 act they required to make an accommodation and under title two of the americans with disability at and one accommodation that the federal laws provide to make is with regard to time, attendance and other policies and rules and this instance the school direct have absolutely refused to do that. the mother told them her child was autistic and she said they didn't care. >>alisyn: the mom has been charged with truancy, your client, and faces a 90-day jail sentence. is there any precedent in michigan for sending a parent to jail over this? >>guest: well, unfortunately, it is not only a precedent but the judge she is in front of has a record of sending parents of disabled and special needs
7:26 am
children to jail. i have gotten calls from other parents going back to 2004 including a woman put in jail for 30 days from christmas of december of 2004 to 2005 and to milk her case so bad she had spina bifida and she was taking her child to therapy on a smart bus and she could not get him back to the school on the days he had therapy and she was convicted and the judge put her in jail for 30 days! she lost her children through child protective services. and another instance where a young man was sentenced to 11 days by the judge although his child had a heart condition, possibly had heart surgery, and he was given 11 days because the mother kept the child home.
7:27 am
>>alisyn: the school says there is an ongoing situation with this mother and when things don't change it has to go to court. our number one priority is edge indicating kids. sir, thank you for coming in with the mom. keep us posted as to whether she does, in fact, go to jail over this. we appreciate it. >>guest: thank you. >>alisyn: and how do you feel about this? you can fine us on twitter. tension at the white house. who did first lady michelle obama class with over her husband's presidency? husband's presidency? details ahead.
7:28 am
when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we knew it would take time, but we were determined to see it through. today, while our work continues, i want to update you on the progress: bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery. we're paying for all spill- related clean-up costs. and we've established a 500 million dollar fund so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years. thousands of environmental samples from across the gulf have been analyzed by independent labs under the direction of the us coast guard. i'm glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy. and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> and a pleasant shot of the morning. congratulations in order for a count, douglas kennedy and his wife, polly, welcoming a new baby boy into the growing family born thursday morning weighing eight pounds and seven ounces. a big baby! best wishes from everyone at "fox & friends" family and the entire family. eight pounds. seven ounces. >>alisyn: mom looks to be doing well. >>dave: next, mid-february. >>alisyn: you are barely showing. >>dave: if you book about the first lady causing quite a stir, a look at the president and mrs. obama but it is how they are being portrayed that has people talking. >>alisyn: i will read this
7:32 am
now. juicy. all the previews and the details for us. tell us, peter. >>peter: not run up to the 2008 election when she relied her husband was probably going to become president and she was probably going to become the first lady this book says that she wanted to stay in chicago with her daughters after the inauguration and delay moving to the white house until at least the end of the year and she caved and went to walk it wasn't because she was eager to fulfill the obligations of being the first lady only because she wanted to keep the family together. the first lady also did not get along at all with her husband's former chief of staff, rahm emanuel. they had almost no bond. their relationship was distant and awkward from the beginning. she was skeptical of him when he was selected and he returned the favor. and he was uneasy about first ladies in general, based on clashes with hillary clinton in the 1990's that she tried to
7:33 am
fire him from the administration. and the first led used the president's add requires and long time family friend jarrett to criticize former press secretary robert gibbs over handling of a story that accused her of telling the current first lady that living in the white house was "hell," that story ended up being falls and gibbs fought it but after this, gibbs stopped taking jarrett at all seriously as an advisor to the president and her viewpoint in advising the viewpoint is she has to be up and the rest of the white house has to be down. the white house is saying about this book the author lacks interviews of the obamas and did not interview them for the book, and the emotions, thoughts and private moments described in the book, ascribed to the president and first lady, reflect little more than the author's own
7:34 am
thoughts. this book, by the author who work for "new york times" comes out on tuesday. >>alisyn: always interesting to hear about the white house intrigue the and now to the headlines. a man opens fire add a hospital in. killing two people, last night at the medical center. police say the gunman shot and kill the his wife and mother-in-law and drove to the police department and turned himself in. a motive is not known. the women were vesting a family member at the hospital and known else was hurt. >> he says he felt numb. new york city's beloved archbishop speaking out about the pope's decision to elevate him to card until. listen. >> cardinal, when i was a kid the word "cardinal," was associated with giant towering figures, and i just wanted to be a parish priest and to think now the pope is naming me a cardinal
7:35 am
... that's awesome. >>alisyn: he is a nice guy one of 22 archbishops in the entire world to be chosen for this honor, cardinal is the second highest ranked position in the catholic church, just under the pope, and himself, and baltimore archbishop is the only other american, and they will be appointed to the college of cardinals in a ceremony at st. peter's next month. i volunteer for that assignment. a california man goes out for a cup of coffee and ends up a hero. he sees what happens to be two men stealing beer at a store and he rushes from the aisle, tackling a robber, into the street, and the other robber beats up the clerk, but he goes to charge outside, the brave clerk takes him out, too. >> you recognize there is a throat someone and whatever kind of environment, flight or fight and i just fought.
7:36 am
>> the robbers ran off and police are searching for them. the holidays over gnaw did not stop a new mexico family from celebrate, with a surprise of a very special gift. >> daddy! dave, get out the tissues we know how feel about the reunion stories, inside the box was the dad, spending the last six months serving in the middle east. >> it's ... it's ... emotional. you miss them a lot. >> she said "better than any gift." the kids were total shock and did not expect him home until the end of the month. >>alisyn: i hope he was not delivered from the middle east
7:37 am
in that box. >> remember growing up jumping inside of the refrigerator boxes. rick: that was the best. and you know christmas is over, look at this: the half trees. they are on the way down. the great christmas decorations on 6th avenue being taken down. the tree on rockefeller center came down. you think it will be extremely cold but look at the maps, because big problems, we have heard a lot of stories the last few days of people falling enthusiastic. they think the ice is thick newspaper to do the walking and ice skating, whatever. this is the recommended guidelines of how thick the ice needs to be: you need 3" to walk on the ice. you did not know if the ice is that thick all over the place because there are different areas where the wart could be
7:38 am
warmer with vegetation growing and cattails and the ice will be not is strong. all the cold air is to the north. it is not across parts of the continental united states but toward alaska and northern canada. across the continental united states it is not that cold and we will see some of the cold air move into the foreign plains bit time we get to monday or tuesday but we will see how long that lasts. and across the northeast, another mild day and 56 in new york, and 62 in washington, dc, and in the southeast a few showers and temperatures mild and the northern plains another day of temperatures well above the average and across the west, snow toward utah and colorado. deaf? >> folks, what is your new year's resolution? we have trainer up ahead and if
7:39 am
you want to get organized, we have help with your organization. >> i am glad you brought that up, that is why this is a great time to talk about it. it is a resolution. when it is spring and nice you want to be outside, and it is cold, you are in the house, anyway, it is a great time to get organized. and the craziness of the holidays is behind us. if you are looking to get agod, go through the process of weeding out what you don't need that you want to keep but you do not use on a regular basis. >> if you have not worn it or used it in a few years get rid of it. >> or if you want to keep it, put it someplace out of the closet such as wonderful containers we have. we have a nice sturdy one, and
7:40 am
what is great you can label these, there are clear ones, a lot of phone like to see what is in there on the shelves. sometimes you do not want to see if you have yet another holiday sweater, christmas sweater, but if you want to label these, so keep it nice and clear put things like this on here, to help you understand. >> clayton antique doll collection. perfect. also, shelving units. we have tons of different types and looks, and some are just plastic made for not necessarily to be in the living room, you can put them in the attic or garage, but this metal one and some that are just wire for the kitchen. >>dave: that even someone like me can put together. >>guest: we have a great cube
7:41 am
agoer from martha stewart. this shelf unit goes together in minutes. some of the areas are open in the back. some have backs. and these are stackable. you can make them as high as you want. great for kids' room. they are cool because you can get the little fabric bins and put awards if here, and pictures, photographs, a nice-looking setup. >>dave: different toys. >>guest: these are great for office, or perfect for a basement. the closet is the key. if you have an older room with just a bear, but you have so much wasted space. this is a starter kit. this goes together in 40 minutes, you can put these in easy with a support in the back and this system hangs off of that, but, the great thing, this
7:42 am
absolutely do it your sell. you can spend thousands on complicated closet systems or $159 for this to get started n is a 4' to 8' system the if you are between that space you can expand it. the rods come mess and expand. >>dave: you are not wasting space. >>guest: but there are so many accessories, you can expand this and you can add different shoe organizers, drawers, all kinds of things to make this personal for you and make it work. and if you go to our website there are two design tools, one from closest maid and one from martha stewart living and you put in the dimensions of the closet and it draws it out for you. and you can make it work for you by altarring it and it makes the process easy.
7:43 am
>>alisyn: thank you, dave. >> what do you do with your antique doll selection right now? >>guest: i have a special website, and i secure the site and i am a curator. more ahead. what's withou? trouble with a car insurance claim. [ dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, noit's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy. dolr for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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7:46 am
>>clayton: rick santorum's surge in iowa has helped him in the caucus but what does san tom need to do as we countdown to the new hampshire primary? joining us is radio talk show host michael graham. >>guest: i take my advice from political philosopher alisyn who says, new hampshire, don't take it for granted. >>clayton: the same person that off the air asked for a bag of chips for breakfast. don't get your advice from her. and now, because i thought it was interesting his speech in iowa, rick santorum's speech in iowa after the big caucuses there he got up on stage and he gave a really, i thought a lot
7:47 am
of people thought, a moving speech about seeing, his father or grandfather, laid in the casket with hands from having worked in the coal mine, and trying to paint himself differently from mitt romney, a privileged individual. but, does he have the time in new hampshire to get on the airwaves, to tell all of the people of new hampshire she a blue color -- collar go. >>guest: the rick santorum said they could not get on the air because the air time was bought, and it is a barrage of non-step tv ads. but, rick santorum is strong in another comparison, i gave a speech last might and rick santorum and newt gingrich were there and he said, you know, in 1988 all the pundits said vote for the moderate because he can win, george h.w. bush but new hampshire said no we will go with the real conservative, reagan, and he urged them to do the same thing and that is an
7:48 am
interesting message because there are a lot of people in the tea party and small government end of the spectrum who are not comfortable with mitt romney and don't think he shares their fundamental approach and rick santorum has his own political issues, which they don't grew but mitt romney has been dogged. and he says vote for the guy you like who is a winner. >>dave: we got e-mails saying ron paul is like the original tea party guy. so, speaking to making your point here about voting for the true conservative, is that how new hampshire voters will turn out on tuesday for ron paul? >>guest: well, ron paul polls in second place, and the polls are all over the place because of the rick santorum bump in iowa and some think he is in fourth and some thing he is coming up on ron paul. paul's support is fixed. people will not go from, i was backing rick santorum to i will back ron paul so quickly, here is what needs to happen to keep
7:49 am
going forward. rick santorum needs to outpeople, he will never win, but if he can come in second and approach 20 percent that is good and he needs mitt romney to underperform, a poll yesterday had mitt romney at 44 percent and if he gets 34 or 33 percent or 32 percent rick santorum can say he is not the "lock," you thought. >> and huntsman is stake his entire campaign on new hampshire and drawing a line in the sand and the boston globe gave him an endorsement this week, does that do anything for huntsman to get him a bump or do anything for mitt romney who is saying you can have that endorsement. >>guest: people ask, why isn't huntsman doing better. when you are a candidate who thinks getting endorsed by the boston globe is a good thing, you are so clueless it is no surprise you are not doing better. you do not want to be endorsed by the boston globe democrat in a republican party in new
7:50 am
hampshire. they hate massachusetts, and they hate massachusetts liberals more. the theory is the globe wanted to hurt mitt romney, and they really wanted for hurt mitt romney they would have endorsed mitt romney. that would be the ultimate text blow. >> coming up we have a big lineup for the next two hours, governor hurricane bee -- governor huckabee will be here and newt gingrich and karl rove all life on "fox & friends" and if that is not enough, she keeps celebrities in shape and here with us
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>>alisyn: time to get serious about your new year's resolution on weights. >> kick fried food to the curb. celebrity trainer from "biggest loser," great to have you. >>alisyn: look at you! >>guest: you don't eat fried foot. >>dave: a little bit. a little bit. >>guest: i will yell at you!
7:55 am
i will yell. >>dave: just because it is not fried you say doesn't mean it is not delicious. >>guest: exactly, we will have a few snacks as examples and in a perfect world you have stuff liked vegetable sticks and hummus and fruit, and dry or roasted nuts and turkey cold cuts with fresh tomatoes and spinach and for those that are say that does not sound like the best and i don't have access or the money or the time, something that is a little more practical and tastes great, a chip option, a little company i scoffed, not, really, little, called "pop chips," 100 calories, no preservatives or art officially flavoring, 100 calories. kits will of although it. and just for you, not fried.
7:56 am
>>alisyn: would knew? >>clayton: too much of a good thing can be bad. >>guest: when you have have foods like olive oil and nuts it is still high in cali so the universal rule is manage your calorie intake, count your calories and you can control your weight, because that is all it is. calories. >>alisyn: i say people say they skip a meal. i would never do that. ever. i will not. do you actually lose weight by eating more in some weird way? >>guest: it is actually more complicated than that. presume we took 1,400 calories eaten through the course of the day or one meal. the truth is 1 mix 400 calories is 1,400 calories however when you skip a meal it tens to cause us to overate, food tastes better, you become impulsive, so
7:57 am
skipping a meal, and they say it slows metabolism but studies show you 1,400 calories is not a good strategy to eat well and main allowance. hing through the day gets away from you, do not keep track of it, you are not sitting down for a meal, so that is a strategy to cause overeating. >>dave: and extreme shred, great to see you. >>alisyn: if you think the financial crisis is over, think again, second big bank gust juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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8:00 am
>>alisyn: good morning, everyone, g.o.p. candidates ready to go toe to toe but they are looking at one guy: mitt romney. >> i am not for government run health care. the wrong person to put up against president obama. >>alisyn: can romney's rival slow him down? >>dave: for mitt romney, new hampshire, no problem, already, looking ahead to south carolina. why the state could be the main event in the g.o.p. race. need some help landing the hot date? hire a wingman or a wingwoman.
8:01 am
the service making single life easier happening across the country. would you do it? fine us on twitter. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us on this very important political weekend. we have a lot of great guests coming up. karl rove, and newt gingrich and mike huckabee. >>clayton: newt gingrich said he would not go negative and we are seeing the attack ads and last week we asked the campaign chair when he would roll up his sleeves and fire back and now we are seeing attacks. >>dave: he is taking off the gloves. and rick santorum obviously all eyes on him in new hampshire, can he mount a serious challenge to mitt romneyst can he do the same thing in south carolina?
8:02 am
we have rick santorum from the campaign trail yesterday talking about the property runner, mitt romney. >> rhetoric now is i will repeal obamacare and i am not for government run health care. when he was of go of massachusetts he was for government run health care the highest health care cost in the nation, no place where health care is more expensive than in massachusetts and the people that were added to the medicare, excuse me, to the health rolls here in massachusetts, to the south of here, half were ated under the government payroll and to have someone who has been for individual mandate and for a top down approach to solving the problem, that is assembly the wrong person to it up against president obama: >>alisyn: so santorum is going after romney and gingrich is going after romney. so if did you know you are focusing just on how your opponent is different, is that
8:03 am
helping? >> a huge difference between a massachusetts moderate who campaigned on no tax rate increase and raise taxed $70 million and a john republican reagan conservative who fought for the 1981 tax cuts and tax cuts in the 1990's and who opposed reagan's tax increase in 1982, opposed the bush tax increase of 1990 and opposed clinton tax increase in 1993. >>alisyn: that is fair. >>dave: he said that romney raised taxes on the blind so this is not only pointing out differences but he is attacking romney. >>clayton: and talking about taxpayer funding of abortion under romney care and other things on the attack and calling him "timid," and she a bold reagan style remember. and karl rove has his insight.
8:04 am
>> speaker newt gingrich was leading iowa with 32 or 33 percent of the vote around december 3rd and he ran fourth! to be sitting out there lecturing about who could go on to the next stage or who couldn't, is unpresidental. he ought to remember what put him in the lead. people thought he was the best debater because he was the most knowledgeable they like him. he had a big vision for the country and instead he sons like an angry politician. >> likening him, someone said, saying he is like an unexploded missile firing in all directions right now, is newt gingrich. >>dave: called an angry attack muffin in the "wall street journal" but the debate is tonight, will newt gingrich go back to that guy who dent go after his rivals on that stage and points out how knowledgeable he is on the issues or will he
8:05 am
set his sights on romney? >>alisyn: and we can ask him that question when he is on, in an hour. and a mark how confident mitt romney is feeling in new hampshire, that he left new hampshire, actually, year, and went to south carolina, the next big battleground state. here he is talking about president obama in south carolina yesterday. >> i don't think this president understands how the economy works and subscribes to crony california -- crony capitalism, a government that pays back favors to those who took care of them. that says, well, organized labor helped me, so we have added 135,000 federal jobs. under his administration. and we have a lot of help from the afl-cio so we stack the national labor relations board with union stooges to make sure they give states that are
8:06 am
right-to-work a short end of the straw and stop people from being able to build factories like boeing. that is wrong. >>dave: his strategy is focused on the president and not attacking rivals, there are not a places to go after rick santorum if you are mitt romney. >>alisyn: and now a video from dallas, texas, an american teen mistakenly deported to colombia returned to the united states overnight. the 15-year-old a year ago ran away from home and was arrested for shoplifting if human and she told police she was an illegal immigrant. that was a lie. and that led her to being deported in may. and her family wants it know why immigration officials didn't see through her story. especially since she doesn't even speak spanish. police release the first calls
8:07 am
from the deadly new year's dave shooting in washington state. >>alisyn: a range customer mother of two, margaret anderson was killed, and the 24-year-old suspect was found in a creek, and they believe he froze to death. this morning, the mark will be -- the park will be re-opened for visitors. >> iran's foreign ministry praising the us navy rescue of 13 iranian fisher men from pirates called "humanitarian," and "positive," and all nations should display the same behavior. the 13 hostages were arrested and video of the rescue was released by the navy and this is an unusual twist in the often tense relationship between the united states and iran.
8:08 am
an emotional weekend for arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords after a year from the shooting massacre when six died and 13 others were injured including give. she attended a memorial in tucson honoring one of the victims, her staffer who appeared a vigil tomorrow night with her husband, mark kelly, who we will talk to tomorrow. >> and now the forecast. rick: dave was outside and could not believe how warm it is. don't even need a coat if you are crossing the south. and toward the northeast, 48 starting out in new york, and into the 20's across the northern plains and we have been talking about the snow deficit across the east and the northern plains, fargo, north dakota, only 4" of snow, and usually you have 23" and same in minneapolis, and chicago, almost 2" and you should have it will. and we will see changes happen
8:09 am
the next week and there the be an active weather pattern and rain today in the southeast that will continue to develop over the next couple days. across the west, there is nothing beginning on but we will see snow across colorado rockies and we are watching wind advisories in southern california and another santa ana wind event through tomorrow. and now, you can see not much going on right now and tomorrow, a little bit of snow dropping toward new mexico and this will be our next stock market and will become a power will storm with severe weather monday and tuesday and rain wednesday and thursday in the northeast. >> the question we put to you this morning, would you hire a wingman or a wingwoman if you were single. you do not have the social skills to be able to talk to someone at a bar or a coffee shop, would you hire someone to do that? >>dave: are you sick of online dating scene and leading you
8:10 am
nowhere? people are hiring wingmen and wingwoman to help them in the romance department, with a little line, or a way to be introduced. like a couple of great movies "hitch," and "crazy, stupid love." >> just because i have wanted you pickup women doesn't mean i know how to pick up women. when i go up to a girl i buyer a drink. always. always. without fail buy her a drink even if she doesn't want one. >> do i talk about myself?
8:11 am
>> never, never, only about her. >>alisyn: here is what interesting, there are agencies that are wingwomen, for dudes, so you would hire not only men but you cast me out i reel them in for you. >> is this a scam? >>alisyn: yes, it is a scam. because you are tricking --. >>dave: why are you tricking them? some gives are clumsy. they cannot talk to women. >>alisyn: i don't know you, you are just paying me. >>clayton: here is the tag line "we are better at hitting on women than you are." allegation i agree. women are better at meeting other women and bridge them in than guys i see why would -- why would you wire -- hire a woman.
8:12 am
>> here is what you had to say, at steve says, it makes it easier to crash a group it is more than just your self my wife fell november to this tactic many years ago. well done, steve. >>clayton: you would not go in packs, for men to come up to you. >>alisyn: and a defeat, what do they do, slip them a note that says i like you, do you like me? >>dave: just give them the right lane, or go to your app on the iphone for pointers in the romantic department. >>clayton: how embarrassing, well, wait, let me check my pocket. >>dave: would you wire a wingman? >>alisyn: or woman.
8:13 am
>> a woman home alone with her newborn, and two thugs at her door. she killed one of the thugs. more ahead. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way.
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>>clayton: and the unemployment is down to 8.5 percent the lowest rate in three years. are we headed in the right direction? a senior economic writer for the "wall street journal" joins us this morning. nice to see you. so, we hear about what we thought we got out of the weeds with the banks going under and we reported on "fox & friends" a number of banks kept failing and now the number numbers are remarkable and you say this could be far from over. >>guest: if you look at the number of distressed banks, the federal regulators that are undercapitalized, they do not have enough capital to undergo a severe crisis with respect to, say, mortgages, there are 800 banks on the watch list, and that is a lot of banks, and it is interesting because right
8:17 am
now, interest rates are so low you expect banks to be, what is the principle loan that a lot of the banks are making? mortgages. and i am worried about what happens if the mortgage market goes south again, you could have a lot of foreclosures and of course that means a lot of banks are at risk. >> what we asked is about the holiday hiring spurt, critics are saying the new jobs numbers are great but it reflects all of the companies and retail space and hiring couriers and people to come in and wrap gifts. is that what the numbers are or is this good news? >>guest: really go news, that was probably president obama best employment rate in three years. it took a while. the economy is picking up. there is no question. we are going to get the g.d.p. numbers for the fourth quarter next week or two. i am thinking 3.5 percent to 4 percent growth, an improvement in the first three years in
8:18 am
office. so, the economy is picking up, and the job gains everyone not just in the service sector, we had job gains across the board. even in the construction industry there was job pickup and we have not had construction jobs in a long time. >> all of this, front page stories in the "wall street journal" about the issues withup. how does the united states insulate itself against a crashing euro and is there anything that the obama administration can do, whether banks in the united states or anything, to try to help that, all the gains we are getting are they offset by what happens in europe? >>guest: to some extent they will. it is a great question because the economy in the united states is starting to pick up steam but europe is submerging and europe is flat lining, at best, in 2012, so that will create head winds in terms of our ability to grow the economy rapidly, but, i do think the biggest factor for
8:19 am
2012 in terms of growth and the willingness of businesses to hire new workers, the number one issue is that big tax bomb that will go off in january of 2013, dividend taxes, and the payroll tax, when i talk to employers that is their big fear. what are you facing in 11 months because of the big tax big starting if january. >> a lost them are saying we will not hire until we find out what this looks like. >>guest: that is why everything you have been talking about about the election is not politics, it really has a very big impact on how the economy will be doing over the next ten months because if investors think we will have obama re-elected and a huge tax increase in 2013 there is a big reluctant to invest ahead of that tax bomb. >>clayton: steve, thank you
8:20 am
for joining us. >>guest: tell ali i may need your help i am on a losing streak and i love the idea of her as my wingwoman. >>clayton: she can headache that happen. a single mom home alone with her infant and two intruders banged on the door. she shot and killed one and the other got away. and get this, the one who got away is already out on bail. that story is ahead. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. r science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three y we've put nearly 100 million dollars
8:21 am
into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love ience. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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8:24 am
>> a young widow and her baby trapped in their home on new year's as two intruders tried to break in. she was on the phone with 9-1-1 as it unfolded. >>alisyn: she waited for a man to come inside and she shot and killed him. now, the other man, the alleged accomplice is charged with first-degree murder. but a judge let him out on bail! the host of "justice," is here. judge, why would a judge let this other accomplice out on bail when we know he knows where the victim lives and he could come back to retaliate? >>guest: the purpose of bail is to assure the defendant is going to return to court. this is first-degree murder based on felony murder and
8:25 am
surprising a judge would bail anyone in a situation like this. he is twine years old, and we did not know if he has a record but the crime itself is certainly enough to force a judge to say, this guy has a reason to disappear and maybe we should not bail him. but aside from all of that, the truth is, he is charged with felony murder, he did not shoot the gun, he didn't know that someone was going to be killed and it is an age old concept that says if you did not do the killing and you did not plan on killing, if you are committing a burglary or a robbery and someone dies, you are responsible. first-degree murder. period. end story. so a guy, first-degree murder although his co-defendant, or accomplice was killed, and the judge lets him out on bail it really is shocking that a judge would do that. >>alisyn: the mom had a tragic story, only 18, she now is a single mom after her husband died on christmas day, she was on "studio b" with shephard smith and talks about this
8:26 am
second accomplice: >>guest: he fell over the couple and his accomplice when he her the gunshots called 9-1-1 and said his friend was shot and he went to his parents house and they took him to the police station. >> the accomplice called 9-1-1 and reported it, and he calls his parents and they drove him to the legislation station and that gave the judge leniency. >>guest: those mitigating factors in temperatures of the judge saying this guy is a good bail risk. he went to jail, he went to the police himself, and, so, maybe that is the reason. but make no mistake this guy is facing first-degree murder. it doesn't matter if he intended or if the victim shot his buddy, and, forget the first-degree murder he is involved in a robbery and a break in of a widow with a baby a week after her husband died of cancer!
8:27 am
the lowest of the low. they are dirt bags. end story. >>alisyn: in your expense, since the accomplice did not have the gun or shot anybody, and he is the person that call cops will he be con 60s of first-degree murder? >>guest: the prisons are in this country are lined with individuals who committed felony murder who had no intent to kill but were involved not underlying felonies that most states, 48 of them, allow for the imposition of intentional murder, an unusual common law concept. we don't care your intend, someone dies during the course of a serious felony and you will pay the price. >>alisyn: do we know what coined of sentence? >>guest: life sentence as everyone who is convicts of felony murder in this country: >>alisyn: fascinating case, thank you for explaining it to you. >>alisyn: not your typical bus ride a police chase leaded to
8:28 am
this unbelievable crash. tense moments terrorist ahead. and rick santorum had a huge surprise in iowa but does he have a chance in new hampshire? [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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8:31 am
>>alisyn: welcome back, everyone, here with laughing dave briggs and clayton. we have new music. >>clayton: the "fox & friends" orchestra. >>alisyn: we shortchanged the judge who wants to tell you about her show tonight, sarah
8:32 am
palin, and the five most ridiculous lawsuits. >>clayton: how do you shortchange the judge? >>dave: she will put you in jail. a busy hour and a half, get a nice cup coffee. >>clayton: and don't shortchange these folks. >>alisyn: a man opened fire at a hospital in. killing two people. this happened last night at the medical center in georgia, and the gunman shot and killed his wife and mother-in-law and drove to the police department and turned himself in. a motive is not known, and the women were visiting a family member in the hospital. no one else was hurt. >> he went in for a water bottle and he came out with a suspect. a massachusetts state trooper credited with foiling a robbery attempt at a c.v.s. the suspect was 27-year-old man armed with a box cutter as he tried to steal prescription drugs from the pharmacy. and the officer upped into
8:33 am
action. >> it happened very fast, all instinct and he caught me by surprise. but i would say it went about as well as it could have gone. >>alisyn: he chased him outside before subduke him with pepper spray. the car he drove to the foiled drug heist was also stolen: casey anthony popping up in the second video diary in less than a week. take a listen. >> very exciting. and very exciting. >>alisyn: that was casey back to brunette and this is our second video posted on twitter, fox has not confirmed the validity of the video but we know she released another clip on youtube this week, and the 25-year-old does not mention her deceased daughter in either of the clips. >> frightening right pore -- for
8:34 am
the passengers on a bus in oklahoma city. >>alisyn: interesting reaction to being in a car crab, a camera captured the chase which ended in a crash and the four men running from the car just robbed a home. police arrested three of the men and the fourth is still loose. no one on the bus was hurt. >>dave: and now sports. cotton bowl late friday night, arkansas taking on kansas state at cowboy stadium and governor huckabee, he is psyched for the hogs. kansas state punting, joe adams made governor huckabee very excited. steals the punt. gets a couple of fantastic blocks. and he kind of glides, he has a motor, 51 yards to the house, and governor huckabee what are
8:35 am
they saying in little rock? what was that? arkansas won, and the second has won eight of nine matchups and take down kansas state. and now answering the lions den, you are looking, now, at a house in nashville, michigan. the entire yard decked out with elaborate detroit lions display, and you can see a lions' mailbox, and a giant legal we -- helmet but the neighbors are not happy. he is not deterred saying they are not place offs for the first time in a decade and will not take the display down until they are out. well that won't take long. it could happen today when new orleanss saints play the lions. up against a presidential
8:36 am
debate. and now, rick, and the spring like conditions? rick:en saying they have flowers blooming and stuff coming from the ground, the earth thinks it is spring in north america and the lakes are not frozen. take a look at this graphic, to get an idea of how thick the ice needs to be before you can get out on to the ice, peoplic skates and play hockey and they fish and they go snowmobiling and so many of the lakes that could be frozen over because the night temperatures are below freezing, the ice is not thick enough and we have heard about so many people falling through and cars have been falling through the ice so remind you to stay off until we get a good cold spell. the cold air is across alaska, very cold there, and toward the northern part of canada, and it is is not across the continental united states, and moving to the northeast over the next week or two, but, nothing yet, and it
8:37 am
shows it will continue to get to the united states and stay there, so, that is some good news for people who want warmer weather and the northeast is looking good at 59 in philadelphia, today, and cruise the southeast we will see a few showers and temperatures will be mile. guys? >> that is warmer than philadelphia's opening, day in april. >> you her them off cameras. >>governor huckabee: good morning. >>clayton: i want your take on what is going on in new hampshire versus south carolina and an interesting piece about rick santorum's strategy in new hampshire, spending a lot of time in new hampshire right up until the primary maybe shortchanging south carolina. >>governor huckabee: you have to win south carolina, no president from the republican said became president that did not win south carolina since 1988. the first two states are
8:38 am
important and they are launching pads, but keep in mind, you can win those states withs grass roots effort but it is a tough state to win you need air and ground war. >>dave: and your manager said we spent too much time and resources in new hampshire if we would have spent more in south carolina you could have been on a path to the nomination. is rick santorum making a mistake? >>guest: he could be because if rick santorum does not win in new hampshire which the polls indicate that he when, then he has put all of those eggs in that basket and it is tough because romney has the advantage, and ron paul has a big base there, and, four years ago the challenge we had was you had john mccain and romney who owned big pieces of new hampshire and we felt we needed to show we could play but third did not help us that much. what could have helped us was winning south carolina. allegation you have been on the
8:39 am
record saying you believe that rick santorum could go all the way. so you think beyond south carolina, like super tuesday states he could have that kind of mass appeal? >>governor huckabee: he has to win either new hampshire or south carolina or both. if he does not do well in new hampshire and he places less than a tight second almost first in south carolina, i don't think he is going all the way. em>>clayton: and in new hampshire bill clinton came in third, he lost iowa, and, yet, those delegates up for grabs, with winner take all in a lost the states, maybe rick santorum is playing a smart game. >>governor huckabee: a challenge he has he did not made the billion -- ballot so that shows a lack of organization. he can make up for it. it is more proportional this time. it was front loaded last time. but you need money.
8:40 am
mobilization. media attention. that is favorable. not all unfavorable. and you have to be able to go out there and have a message that is resonating with voters. >>dave: and the question is, does mitt romney's message resonate, as newt gingrich said three out of four republican voters will not go for it. he is stuck at the plateau. >>governor huckabee: they have not gone for him. you walk into a ice cream shop with 31 flavors but the favorite ice cream is vanilla. and that is a compliment. the compliment is that everyone knows mitt romney, he has been in the showcase now for four, actually, five years, everyone knows, we know everything there is, so, what is going on, everyone is tasting a little rocky road or.
8:41 am
trying this or that. >>dave: but vanilla you can put anything on it. >>clayton: and now, which candidate is the tutti-frutti? >>governor huckabee: don't go there. >>alisyn: and rubio sends a letter to obama and he is upset over the we united states being turned into a deadbeat nation. on your watch more and more believe america is headed toward the european style debt crisis. america deserves leaders who will stand front and center and level challenges and offer real solutions, rather than asking for another debt ceiling increase. he snows this was voted in over the summer, and this is happening automatically, what is he doing here? >>governor huckabee: he is serving notice, and i love him, great guy, and it is a smart move, to calm out obama on the fact that obama was against the
8:42 am
debt ceiling increase as a senator and became for it as president. and he is showing the senate is not going to just continue to go along with raiding the debt ceilings. last week something significant happened, it did not get a lost attention, for the first time in our history our debt exceeded the annual g.d.p. of the country. that means at is 100.3 percent we owe more money than the we economy combines. that is a staggering and shocking turning point. what the senator is saying, a calling out, mr. president we will not continue to borrow the money and put future generations at risk. >>clayton: got to watch huckabee tonight. >>governor huckabee: tonight we have rick santorum and a report card on has president obama been on vacation too much, and the wonderful musical group the bellamy brothers, and worth
8:43 am
turning away from the playoffs, something special will happen to a wounded warrior that will leave you if not in shock, in tears. >>dave: i may cry. but we have more questions for you, so don't leave yet.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >>alisyn: your tax dollars go to kids in utah to dance for environmental justice, grants given out by the epa. >>dave: is that just more government waste? governor huckabee, environmental justice, good investment? >>governor huckabee: not with ridiculous stuff like this, we talked about how much money the governor owes. you could in a wonderful economy, with surpluses falling all over yourselves, you could say, well, we will give some candy to the kids this is no time to give out free can did you but a place where the federal government ought to
8:47 am
tighten its belt and stop this nonsense. >>clayton: and now, earmarks and government spending coming up on the campaign. rick santorum deeming with that and the amount of earmarks he brought to pennsylvania and ron paul dealing with the questions of earmarks. he says when he did it it was a way of giving the money that the texas members had given to the federal government, a way of getting the money back. is that true? >>governor huckabee: it is to a degree but the bigger thing, why did the government take it? leave the money in the local communities and let the local people decide how to spend the money. even with the epa i heard a point earlier about bed bug manifestation. >>alisyn: we have been debating this, $1 million a year, a drop in the bucket, of our ridiculous debt, some things like the dance theater sound, ludicrous, but a bed bug infestation of a low income housing project; that is use
8:48 am
will: >>governor huckabee: a public health issues. but here is the point, government has functions like that, but wouldn't it be better if the local community decided to they wanted to spray for bedbugs or mosquitoes and they make that decision in who in washington is smarter than the people on live in the community? that is the point. don't get the money out of the community. leave it there. that is where the agencies have no constitutional authority to confiscate the money and decide how to spend it. that is the fundamental problem. >>dave: who is second in new hampshire? >>guest: probably ron paul. >>dave: ron paul in second. bold prediction. the governor is on at 8:00 eat everyone time tonight with a lost stuff including a very emotional moment. >>governor huckabee: very emotional moment. >>dave: and i am a crier, governor. >>governor huckabee: you
8:49 am
will need extra kleenex. >>clayton: still ahead the u.s. in peace talks with our enemy? high ranking taliban officials could be released from gitmo bay. what is happening? stay tuned. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
8:50 am
♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. ooh
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8:52 am
>>dave: president obama made an historil appearance announcing major cuts
8:53 am
to our nation's defense forces and beens to shrink the size of our military. >> the world must know the united states is going to maintain our military superiority with armed forces that are agile, flexible, and ready for the full range of con ten answers -- contingencies and threats. >>dave: but my guest says this is the end of our military as we know it. joining us from washington, dc is lot lieutenant colonel senior goal let at the center for advanced defense studies. good morning, lieutenant colonel. how serious are the cuts? do they endanger our standing not world? will they embolden our enemies? >>guest: that is the key. how do we play it forward? the cuts have to be made. everyone agrees on that. the question is, how do we define real threats, threats which intend to do us harm. this is something where new threats are coming out, i agree
8:54 am
with newt gingrich and rick santorum, cyber threats, they have to be focused on but i agree with ron paul we have to find ways to use force. the question becomes, does the president's strategy actually focus it well? i argue we are still not defining it well enough to move us guard that does not about contractors to dominate the process through lobbyists and leave veterans and others who actually have to fight wanting for resources. this is my concern at this point. >>dave: do you agree we do have to as a country lock at our deficit, look at our financial situation when considering the defense department, when considering military action overseas. >>guest: absolutely. let me be clear the president says we can no longer fight two wars. we could not any when you come down to it so now is an opportunity to find a way forward to make it work. the pentagon has spent a lot of time defining threats, and the strategy was based on threats. now we are talking about going to a budget focused process
8:55 am
which will make the departments live if their means. >>dave: and a report that the united states has agreed, in principle to release five high ranking taliban officials from gitmo in exchange for what we are being told, in exchange for asking insurgents to open up a political office for peace negotiations in what we have been told at this point in qatar. your thoughts? >>guest: everyone in my circles agree a political solution is necessary in afghanistan but i don't think this is the way. when you have negotiated you want do have a give-and-take situation. so what are we getting for releasing these? they have a high rate of recidivism and it was reported on fox by catherine. if they want to be sincere, stop
8:56 am
fighting. we are funding an office in dubai and the taliban by law are our enemy so the idea of helping them is not a good idea. this is where the white house leaves it open to saying they are appeasing. they need to be careful. >>dave: and catherine has reported how many gitmo detainees have actually returned to the battle field. more ahead
8:57 am
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♪ >> yes, that's new music, i'm alisyn camerota. the candidates are gearing up. is he banking on a win before a vote has been tapped.
9:00 am
>> dave: the debate shot newt ngrich straight to the top of the field and now he's in the middle of the pack. is tonight's debate a chance for newt to make a comeback. >> clayton: one woman is having trouble getting her autistic son to school on time. and is that fair? "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. ♪ >> oh, lovely. >> dave: saturday morning, it's a night way to start your morning. a lot coming up. newt gingrich and right after him karl rove, don't miss a minute. let's get right to your headlines now. we have news to report to you. an american teenager who was mistakenly deported to colombia is back on u.s. soil this morning. 15-year-old jakad--
9:01 am
arrived in dallas late last n illl >> police found the shooter, 24-year-old benjamin barnes a day later in a creek and they believe that he froze to death. officials plan to reopen the park this morning to the
9:02 am
public. he will with, a new book depicts the first lady as having some fight in her. the book is totalled the "obamas" by jody can tore and takes a look at the first couple's relationship and shows mrs. obama as a force to be reckoned with, whose opinions lead to conflict with top white house aides and the couple was not interviewed for the condition and the white house called it an overdramaticization of old newsment is this fair, a single many facing jail time because her nine-year-old son can't make it to class on. they say that he's been consistently late or absent and taking her to court and the possible punishment, 90 days in jail or worse yet, losing her son to foss star care. the district is required to make special accommodations,
9:03 am
listen, he says. >> provide that they can make is with regards to time, attendance, other policies and in this instance, the macomb intermediate school district and attorney have refused to do that. >> alisyn: a judge is expected to rule on black's case and e-mail your thoughts whether that's a fair punishment. >> dave: please do. to recognizance-- rick reich mute. >> execs -- it's extremely warm and santa ana winds across parts of california. take a look at temperatures, 10 to 15 degrees above our typical warm temperatures across the eastern part of the country. across the west, a little area of colorado temps are around 5 degrees below your typicals, so we're looking extremely
9:04 am
warm again. the eastern and cold front it will drop temps to the northeast tomorrow and we'll see scattered rain showers and thunderstorms today and tomorrow and across the west, looks calm, but we will see this develop around parts of utah and colorado later today. tomorrow, that moves towards parts of new mexico, where we'd have some winter storm watches in effect. down to southern california, we have high wind warnings and we'll be seeing the winds gusting maybe 70 miles per hour, tomorrow the worst day and the fire threat with us for southern california. nobody looking cold all day today and tomorrow, temps a little across parts of the east and again, another extremely warm day. >> back to you. >> thanks, rick. >> and let's bring in a candidate newt gingrich, there he is. mr. speaker, nice to see you, welcome to "fox & friends." >> how are you doing. >> clayton: doing well. how are you doing on the campaign trail. a lot of people are saying,
9:05 am
last week we were talking about your iowa state chair saying we want newt gingrich to roll up his sleeves and roll up the french cuffs and go after mitt romney, and go negative. you said you wouldn't go negative and what's going on. >> first of all, i don't have french cuffs, i just have to roll up my sleeves. i think so we're drawing a sharp contrast. i'm a reagan conservative, he's a massachusetts moderate. i oppose tax increases in my careers and helped to pass several major tax cuts. i'm jnl right to life and romney care included tax abortions and planned parenthood an official roll in romney care and there are gaps where we stand. in that sense i'm willing to talk about the contrast between governor romney's position and my position, but i'm not going to run negative ads, i'm not going to have the vicious and i think in many cases dishonest ads 'cause i
9:06 am
think it's wrong. i think it's wrong for america, i think it's the wrong way for us to have a political campaign. >> dave: you've said on numerous instances you want to run a campaign worthy of your grandchildren and you criticize mitt romney by the ads run by his super pac and now these pro gingrich pac, winning our future, this is from rick tyler of winning our future, says we're going to release a short 27 minute film about mitt romney's time at bain capital he says is not a pretty story, more ruthless than wall street. is that worthy of your grandchildren and how is that different from what mitt romney did in iowa. >> depends, again, i've not looked at it and haven't seen it, i'm look at it if it comes out. if it's accurate, then it's accurate. look, i have no problem when people take a shot and my record based on my record. i have a shot when they run an ad that "the washington post" gives four pinochios, can you
9:07 am
imagine an image of somebody and each one the nose is bigger and bigger. and nothing factually honest in it. that's the difference. i've had a long career, people had specific votes and things that don't make sense, that's fine. as long as they're factually correct. >> clayton: you've been painting yourself as the bold reagan republican and you did it here again with newt-- excuse me with mitt romney painting him as a massachusetts moderate. but, is it too late to be drawing these distinctions in the campaign? some arguing you should have been doing this well long ago and coming out and this morning, the independent tea party up there in new hampshire has come out and endorsed mitt romney and mitt romney put this up on his website, a tea party group doesn't really seem to be backing moderates too often. what do you say to that? >> i would say that this is his third best fate after utah and massachusetts out of the various tea party groups in the country i'm sure he can find one. we've had tea party group
9:08 am
after tea party group endorse me. we've had very strong support across the country and andrew hemmingway running our campaign here is a tea party leader. speaker o'brien of the house, the leader of the largest state legislative body in the united states endorsed me, he's from the tea party movement so i would say overwhelmingly tea partiers don't find mitt romney's tax increase policies or his positions that favored tax paid abortion or, for example, his tax on-- he passed a tax which quadrupled the cost of owning a gun in massachusetts. i think those kind of things don't go over well with tea partiers. >> alisyn: mr. speaker, we want to talk to you about the new ad we understand you'll be putting out in south carolina about mitt romney's position on abortion. in the ad, we understand that you'll say that the massachusetts health care plan that he passed provided for taxpayer funded abortions. now, romney has responded and said that's actually a supreme court decision and that he, as governor, had no power to
9:09 am
overturn that decision. so, is your ad honest? >> okay. well, it's honest to say romney care has state paid abortions and he, by making it all of the state eligible, he extends the number of abortions dramatically in massachusetts. that's absolutely accurate. the effect of romney care was to increase the number of people who could get tax paid abortions dramatically and in addition, he signed a bill that includes planned parenthood as an official part of romney care, planned parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the kupt and he didn't put any right to life in romney care and it's a little too much that this wasn't expansion of abortion under government because romney care expands the power of planned parenthood and the number of abortions paid by the tea party and those are factually accurate and unlike the governor, i'm happy to defend any ad we put up and explain why that's factually correct.
9:10 am
>> the governor doing well 0 new hampshire and moves us on to south carolina and you know how important it is, when you look the a the numbers, it looks likes yourself, rick santorum and if you add the three of you up, you have more vote than mitt romney. isn't your problem more rec santorum than mitt romney in the state of south carolina. how do you define yourself from rick santorum from a policy standpoint? >> rick and i are good friends, but the fact is, i've been actively a reagan republican since i first met with governor reagan in '74. i worked with the reagan campaign in '79 and '80 and helped to jack kemp and others and worked with president reagan and we developed a contract of america, i became speaker of the house. rick's an important part of all that, i don't deny that and i don't say bad things about rick santorum, if you're
9:11 am
looking for somebody who help design national campaigns that were big wins and defeated the left and helped to run the government directly with negotiating with the president, there's no comparison about our total experience background and i think that's, that's a fair comparison. but my primary focus is governor romney for a very practical reason. he has enormous amount of money and he has numerous friends he and their super pac are burning down the nomination and tearing down everybody else. >> dave: would you support him in the nomination. >> sure i'll support him over president obama. but the reagan republican who is a conservative and a massachusetts moderate and i think it's very hard for a massachusetts moderate to beat barack obama. >> clayton: all right, mr. speaker. sticking around because we want to talk about the debate tonight. can the debate put him back in the top field? certainly shined in a lot of the debates and we'll talk
9:12 am
about that. >> alisyn: then, scoring a date just got much easier, guys. a new service says you need one thing. professional ring man or a ring woman. we're going to explain that. >> we've gotten a lot of e-mails about this. ♪ so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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9:15 am
>> welcome back, everyone. we're just days away from the new hampshire primary. first two debates in two days. >> clayton: can the debates give newt gingrich a bounce in the poll? we're back with the former house speaker, and mr. speaker, you have shined in the debates and we haven't had a debate nationally televised since december 15th here on fox. karl rove has criticized in part the way in which you're going after mitt romney lately and says you need to get back to the way you were during the debates. listen to mr. rove. >> speaker gingrich is leading iowa with 32% of the vote. 33% of the vote around december 3rd and running fourth. to sit there and lecture who could go on to the next stage and who couldn't. it's unpresidential. he ought to remember put him in the lead. people thought he was the best debater on the stage, the most
9:16 am
knowledgeable about the issues and liked him and big issue for the country and instead of sounds like a churlish, angry politician. >> clayton: churlish, angry politician, what do you say to mr. rove. >> i don't know if i agree, you start with 32, 33% and then negative ads in iowa about me. 45% of the negative ads attacked me and hard to explain the race another way. i will be the knight that would be. my debate approach is straight forward. i'd rather talk with the american people and try to talk about the things that matter to the american people. i try to do it in a way that's positive and that they can feel that they're having a genuine adult conversation and not watching cheap game playing by some politician who's been coached by, you know, clever consultants so i want to be exactly the same that i've been in every debate. >> alisyn: had you be pointing
9:17 am
out. >> i can't say in advance what happens. >> alisyn: we do want that to happen. we want you to tell us in advance. [laughter] >> will take off the gloves and go off shortcomings in a more forceful way than in the past? >> look if i want to describe clearly the difference between a reagan conservative or massachusetts moderate or describe the fact and kept my word and voted against tax increases and voted for tax cut. governor romney campaigned and raised 730 million in taxesment i don't know that that's negative. those are factually accurate statements. we're all adults and can have a straight forward conversation. >> dave: his camp will tell you they lowered taxes 19 times in massachusetts. i lived there during that period, so, taxes can be fudged, depending on your perspective on this. but the economy on the other hand, the numbers look all positive.
9:18 am
8.5% unemployment. created 200,000 private sector jobs. is this economy moving in the right direction? what are the political implications there? >> well, first of all, we hope for the american people that it is moving in the right direction. there are millions of people who are hurting very badly. there are millions who are unemployed. there are millions of small businesses that are clinging to existence by a narrow margins and millions more that houses are worth less than the mortgage that they owe and all hope that it recovers. we created 200,000 jobs last month by comparison, in august of 1983. and ronald reagan created a million 300,000 new jobs, six times as many. the things we have to worry about if there's any significant economic shock, euro zone collapses, something bad happens in the least, you can imagine the economy diving again because this is not a very strong recovery. i think we have to worry about how do we accelerate and improve this recovery? >> before we let you go. one interesting thing came out
9:19 am
in one of the debates. who would you pick for your vice-presidential nominee. and rick santorum said you. and that very has been raised on the campaign trail recently and you have respect him hem and he has a great deal of respect for him. and if rick santorum a nominated and asked you to be vp what would you say. >> i frankly don't worry about it much. i think right now my goal is it to continue getting back on the right track as a candidate as we've done twice before in this cycle and looking forward very much to the debate tonight and tomorrow and to the vote on tuesday and then to south carolina. >> dave: do you have to make it a two man race between you and romney? >> oh, sooner or later, sure. you have to make sure that people understand clearly that as a massachusetts moderate he's not-- he's going to have a very, very hard time debating obama and make sure they understand his record and eventually, if
9:20 am
you look at the vote in iowa, consistently by substantial majority republicans say that he's not somebody they want to have as their nominee. so, eventually the field will come down to one-on-one and when it does, i think that the, that in fact, you'll find it very hard to get a majority. >> all right, mr. speaker, thanks so much for being here, we'll be watching you tonight and dissecting it all for our viewers tomorrow morning and 6 a.m. and come back soon. >> good luck tonight, mr. speaker. >> look forward to it. >> eencourage, watch the nfl football game and come back for analysis. >> alisyn: leave it to us, and we'll tell you about it tomorrow morning. >> clayton: you've heard from the newt gingrich and karl rove will come back with his reaction to the interview, back and forth. >> alisyn: and patrick swayze's wife opens up and a story of the marriage to the iconic actor. look how cute. ♪ ♪ i've had the time of my life
9:21 am
and never felt this way before ♪ ♪ yes, i swear
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> it's one of the most famous movies of our time. and this is one of the most famous lines of his career. ♪ >> nobody puts baby in the corner. >> alisyn: that was patrick swayze as johnnie castle in dirty dancing, one of his most memorable roles. the iconic actor lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and his wife lisa, joins us with the wook "worth fighting for", good morning, great to see you. pancreatic cancer of course is such a cruel diagnosis, survival rate is so slim.
9:25 am
how did patrick respond when he learned that's what he was suffering from? >> well, he, he knew a little bit about the disease, i didn't. and the first day he was diagnosed, excuse me, frog in my throat. after all the doctors and nurses had left the room for the day, he turned to me and he said i'm a dead man. the fact of the matter is is that this statistics are so dismal that 80% of those diagnosed within -- die within the first three to six months after diagnosis. >> and yet, patrick lived longer than that, with the disease. he lived bravely and because he was such a big star he had to live in the public eye. that couldn't have been easy. >> no, no, it wasn't. and it's a testament to his incredible courage and his warrior spirit and how he battled this disease, and patrick more than is the first
9:26 am
to know that we are not statistics and he certainly wasn't one. he wasn't going to accept and let cancer dictate his life and how he's going to live it which is how he-- six months after everyone thought he was supposed to be dead he goes off and shoots a tv series for six months and working 14 to 16 hour days, five days a week and getting chemo on the weekend and kicking it while he was doing it. >> alisyn: another way that you guys sort of put statistics to shame was your marriage. you had a 34 year long marriage in hollywood. that's rare. what was your secret? >> you know, i heard two women just recently say, and i wesh i could take credit for it and they said the secret to a long marriage is you don't split up. and there's a lot of accuracy to that. i mean, we, you know of course we loved each other and that was always, we had a strong
9:27 am
base there. but, you know, we just, we weathered -- every relationship goes through bumps and we just weathered all of those and we didn't give up on each other and you know, hey, you know what? what's here today can change tomorrow, and it will, if you hang in there. >> alisyn: well, it's a testament to you as well and your confidence and your feeling of security because he was so handsome and seeing those pictures in dirty dancing with him, he with his shirt off, look at this, i mean, were you, did you always feel confident or was it hard to be in hollywood with lots of hollywood starlets around him? >> oh, you know, we always had worked together, we had done -- we had trained in our acting classes together so we were use today watching each other. this was our job. we like-- if anything we gave you know, we'd critique each other on our love scenes, you know what, i believed that moment or i didn't believe that, but also, i was really lucky that
9:28 am
i, i had a husband that made me feel important always. and balls of that, i didn't feel threatened. you know? so and of course, you know, my -- you know, my husband was a good looking guy, which is -- which i realized once every five years i looked over at him and i was surprised to see, oh, he really is good looking. because you know, when you live with somebody on a day-to-day basis that's not what you're seeing, you're seeing them as a human being and what they're saying to you, you know. >> alisyn: and it's a nice surprise to say, ex0, my husband is actually good looking when i wake up. that's a nice treat. lisa, it's great to talk to you, you seem so strong and the book is so special, "worth fighting for" love lost and moving forward. thank you for sharing your story with us. >> my pleasure. >> alisyn: up next, here to react to our interview with
9:29 am
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♪ >> all right. welcome back to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. that flowering music can only mean one thing. >> dave: "fox & friends." >> clayton: "fox & friends" time and karl rove, senior advisor, nice to see you. >> happy new year, when we were last together?
9:33 am
i think it was 2011, a long time ago. >> alisyn: you've been avoiding us, karl. >> it was a year ago. >> clayton: he missed us, you can see the tear in his eye. we've got a lot to talk about with this weekend being an important political weekend and earlier on the show we had speaker gingrich responding to your criticism of him and saying he needs to focus what got him elevated in the polls and his debates. take a listen to his response. >> what he said, you know, you start with 32, 33% and then 45% ads run in iowa are negative about me. and 45% of all the ads run attack me and it's pretty hard to explain the race some other way. i will be tonight who i've been. my debate approach is very straight forward. i'd rather talk with the american people and i try to talk about the things that matter to the american people and i try to do it in a way that's positive and that they can feel that they're having a genuine adult conversation, they're not watching cheap
9:34 am
game playing by some politician who's been coached by clever consultants. >> clayton: what's your response to that, karl? >> look, i saw the whole interview and i thought he was getting back to where he needed to be. you know, look, when i was responding to it gingrich saying romney is a liar. if he doesn't get 30%, more than 30% of the vote in new hampshire he ought to get out of the race. 75% of the people voted against him in iowa. look, that's not-- that's what pundits say not presidents and frankly, it's simply not true. you know, nobody thinks the first word that springs to their mind when you say liar is mitt romney. and you don't look-- what happens if newt gingrich gets less than 30% in new hampshire should he pull out. 70% of the people in iowa voted for somebody than romney. 90% voted for somebody other than gingrich. does any of that mean they shouldn't go on, no.
9:35 am
and he needs to get back to big vision, and he'll be contrasted with romney, but if he talks about my record versus his record. that's fair politics and he will advance himself. there's one key thing though he needs to keep in mind. south carolina. over the last month, romney has risen 17 points to 37%, santorum has risen 15 points to 19%, newt gingrich has dropped 25 points, paul has risen 6, rick perry dropped 3. that 25 point drop did know the come from massive television ads being run against him. if came from people in south carolina observing the national contest, watching the debates, watching the news, turning in fox and examining the candidates and talking among themselves and they didn't like the newt gingrich that they saw. >> dave: and it came from rick santorum. i asked him, don't you need to distinguish yourself from rick santorum from a policy and experience standpoint? here is what he told us.
9:36 am
>> my primary focus is governor romney for a very practical reason. he has an enormous amount of money, and he and his millionaire friends through the super pac are going to try to burden down the nomination by tearing down everybody else. in south carolina, it's going to be a reagan republican who is a conservative and a massachusetts moderate and i think it's very hard for a massachusetts moderate to beat barack obama. >> dave: a massachusetts moderate thing probably won't help in new hampshire, but in south carolina, as we move on, maybe. does he need to distinguish himself from rick santorum. >> one is the first half of the answer was the bad newt. the second half was the good newt. the bad newt i've got to take on romney and millionaire friends. well, who do you think newt is counting on to fund his super pac? his millionaire friends. please, don't go that way. it's better not to have said the first two-thirds and said
9:37 am
the last third which is to say i need to contrast my record and his and look, it's fine if he says i'm the reagan conservative and romney is the massachusetts moderate. that's fair politics, but the first part of that is the old, the bad newt, the good newt was the second, the last third. one other thing, let's not think of south carolina as sort of, oh, this is the south. therefore everybody is typically conservative, baptist going to church, strong conservative. south carolina is three states in one. you have the up country, greenberg, spartansburg, social conservative. midlands which is strong economic conservative and then you have the low country from myrtle beach to hilton head, charleston in between with a lot of retirees, many from places like pennsylvania and michigan and new jersey and illinois, where there really are sort of moderate republicans. and so, south carolina is not like, you know, alabama or mississippi. and maybe far south, deep
9:38 am
south, but it's got a lot of retirees there who have a distinctly different view of politics and there's a reason why in 24 conservative state mitt romney is 37 and gingrich 18 after just a month ago he was at 20 and he was at 43. >> alisyn: fascinating numbers on your white board there. let's talk about the economy. president obama got some good news yesterday, the unemployment rate dropped down to 8.5. how are the republicans supposed to run against good news? >> first of all, don't run against good news. it's okay news, it wasn't great news. remember, we are 8 1/2% unemployment. when the president told us if we passed the stimulus plan we would be near 6% unemployment today. we have 13 million people out of work today and worse than that. this month we had more jobs, but fewer workers, and 50,000 people dropped out of the work force. if we're going to get to 8% unemployment by election day,
9:39 am
we're going to have to be creating 262,000 jobs a month and not 200,000 jobs. to get back to where we were when the president took office, we have to have 1.4 million net new jobs created to get to where we were before the recession began. 5.8 million jobs created. you know, there was virtually no change in the amount of time that people were unemployed in the latest one, about 40 weeks that people were on. >> an unemployed. and these are okay numbers, but they're anemic and they're certainly not what the president promised us when we passed the stimulus bill, 862 million of pork spending and left us with 13 million americans out of work. there's incidentally, an excellent-- if people want to track this, hamilton policies studies, excuse me, strategies, has a nice little sheet you can get going to the website that tracks the recovery and the picture it paints is, by matt mcdonald is not one of a
9:40 am
robust, this does not match any post world war ii recove recovery. >> alisyn: how many props do you have there, karl. >> clayton: some guys get up and read the sports page with a cup of coffee. karl will digest the numbers for breakfast, it's unbelievable. >> alisyn: thank you, karl, great to see you. >> we love you. >> i've made a new years resolution and start the year and mine is to protect gretchen against the two of you guys. >> alisyn: or alisyn. >> or remember her name. >> karl, i accept your offer of protection. >> i'm so sorry. >> clayton: he needs a wingman, more on that story. >> alisyn: or a wing woman. karl we'd appreciate it if you come back more often, too long since we've seen you. >> like three weeks, yeah, come on, please. i had the holiday. give me a break. >> clayton: we'll have your people talk to our people. karl, happy new year and great to see you.
9:41 am
>> alisyn: great to see you, mike huckabee. >> wow. [laughter] >> let's check with skippy for the weather. >> make it easy for him to keep his new years resolution, protect gretchen from you guys. nice work, karl. take a look at the map. and it's an important story we've been hearing people falling through ice i go this it's thick stuff. this is the recommended guidelines how thick ice needs to be in partake in activity. walking or ice skating or hockey or ice fishing or driving your car across the lakes. not this year, it's way too warm. take a look forward. snow across the plains. major deficits and ties into how cold it is and there you go. way below averages and no signs of big storms, but might see colder temps move in and later on this week, we'll try to fight and get cold air in here and feel like winter.
9:42 am
and back to you inside. >> thank you, u-reggie. gretchen is going to have much more coming up on the show because on the attack we've told you newt gingrich has launched ads against front runner mitt romney. is it enough to help his campaign? pollster frank luntz is going to share his thoughts. he watches the dials. this is fascinating. [ male a] how'd you learn to do that? when did you start that project? every new year comes with a few stories waiting to be built. it's when our brand-new to-do lists become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us build, make, and even store more, well, that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. make room for savings with these sterilite totes for a new lower price of just $5.88.
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>> time for head lines. if you think fudging your tax returns a little is no big deal. take a think again. new statistics shows that the fuzzy math added up to 450 billion dollars in unpaid taxes in 2006 alone. now, that was just my tax return. double what the federal deficit was last year and are you romantically challenged? how you can hire somebody to help you land a date. kind of like the movie "hitched". >> do you think you and i could get together and kind of go over things, financial things? things? >> great. let me give you my number. >> classic. believe it or not, there are several services that will
9:46 am
provide you with your very own hitch or wing man. one is the professional wing man charges around $125 for a night of help out on the town and don't worry, ladies, there are also sites for wing welcome. clayton is very interested in the story. you'll hear more in the after the show show. >> clayton: a lot of requests not only from our viewers, but guests for being the wing woman. the g.o.p. candidate is ramping up attacks on rival mitt romney. will issen to the latest ad. >> romney's economic plan timid, virtually identical and timid won't create jobs and timid won't defeat barack obama. newt gingrich reformed welfare, rebuildings jobs and rebuilding the america we love with bold leadership. >> clayton: is this aggressive ad enough or wait too long to
9:47 am
roll it out. joining us pollster and contributor frank luntz to break it down. did he wait too long or aggressive enough? >> everyone keeps talking about the negativity and the aggressiveness and i think that's the wrong tone. the question is, do you draw proper contrast and it's interesting that the grip ad uses the word timid. i've not heard that in politics, i'm going to test that in a show for fox, 9 p.m. talking to new hampshire voters, what works and doesn't. aen we'll have speaker gingrich on that show tomorrow night at nine o'clock. clearly, bold beats timid in this election environment. and it ends with 20 seconds of positives to go along with the 0 seconds of negative. in the end, the balance, i say it's an effective ads. >> and in your book, i hope i'm getting the title write. you're talking about the word timid and does it resonate with what i hear when i think of that word and what you'll
9:48 am
be testing tomorrow night? >> that's exactly it. and timid is another word for weak and bold is another word for aggressive. and republicans are looking for something very tough, in fact, they're looking for a candidate against barack obama who is going to take it to him in the election and so, again, on balance, i think it's an effective ad. >> clayton: tonight at the debates, you're going to be watching that closely to see how the candidates handle themselves tonight. the question, do you think that mitt romney will be a pinata tonight. what do the other candidates have to do? what does newt gingrich have to do tonight against the bee-- behemoth. romney has gotten better and better over time and learned how to dodge the slings and arrows and for romney, focus only on barack obama. and newt gingrich has to draw a contrast without negative. the danger for gingrich if he steps over the line it seems
9:49 am
to deliver a personal attacks. his sound bites and taxes, wasteful washington spending on the washington culture the best, they're applause lines and basically got to deliver an applause line every time he has a chance to talk. >> clayton: we have woer candidates still in the race. rick perry looking to save his campaign essentially before south carolina, and you also have of course, rick santorum, ron paul. what do those candidates need to do tonight to be effective? >> well, ron paul is the one that no one seems to talk about, yet he's at 20% in the latest new hampshire polls and moving up across the country and in single digits until about six weeks ago and now in double digits in some states clearly in second place, for him. when he talks about economic policy he's winning. when he talks about foreign defense policy he's not. why? because republicans don't agree with where ron paul stands on defense. on the military, on his foreign policy positions which are kind of isolationist, but they do agree with him on economic policy and his
9:50 am
opposition to wasteful washington spending. so if i'm advising ron paul. stay on the economic issues, avoid defense and foreign policy. >> there's frank luntz, pollster and fox news contributor and knows campaigns well and lookling for analysis post debate and tomorrow near on the fox news network. thanks, frank. >> thank you. >> clayton: coming up next nicky fitness joins us live with ways to whip yourself in shape. you won't want to miss the five fitness trends. there she is. work it. ♪ i like to move it, move it ♪ ♪ i like to move it move it, we like to move it ♪ ouncer ] ife looking for a pickup truck, check out the miles per gallon. the length of the power train warranty. and the horsepower. only ram delivers this kind of muscle.
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>> welcome back.
9:54 am
already given up on the new years resolution to lose weight? don't. nicky fitness is here with the top trends. >> nice to see you as well. >> we've got the five tips to dive into to help keep that new years resolution starting with special population. >> exactly. >> and and dvd and talk about moves. we're going to talk about friends versus fad. a trend is long lasting and fad is like the shake weight. so a trend this year, a trend this year, working out with your pet, for example. yoga fit has a seriously, furiously fit, f-u-r-r-fit, walking your dog through the day and i think we've visual and strengthen your upper body and do the moves with your dog and pets, too, because pets become obese as well. >> dave: that i've got to see. >> alisyn: another one of the
9:55 am
thing we'll see in 201, the niche targeting for different interests. >> michelle obama is big on kids working out and this is for dvd at home for using pomponsen instead of weights and seniors, more classes for seniors in the middle of the day. things we can use light weights to fight osteoporosis, baby boomers and summa classes in the middle of the day and sometimes get to the gym and work out. >> you can target a marathon, a 5 k or a tough mudder. >> and people who have done the marathon on 5 k want to get dirty and mudders. i know lots of clients i've had that have competed in the tough mudders. >> which is what? >> jumple over, cross through mud and climbing over hay stacks and things like that and you get really dirty and the funny thing is, they have a class so you can. >> no. >> get your dirt on and your
9:56 am
workout on. >> that sounds like a reichmuth thing. >> and you end up covered head to tie and i have on i can send out if you want to hear about it. >> using apps or arm bands to monitor your workouts. a number of different products out there on the markets to keep you on track, right? >> i lo of this, this is an arm band if you walk to work, how many steps you took and calories you burned and less likely to skip your workout. i know, i never not walk to work now that i know how many calories i burn. >> it will help you burn x amount and does calorie grounds. if your egg sandwich with cheese, now i know what that does to me and how much more i have to work out and go online and tell you if you're not sleeping well and things like that, how to do things that make it better. >> alisyn: and you're going to stick around and join us again in the next segment. we need to hear about the rest of this stuff. nicky fitness and hold on. you need to do more than use
9:57 am
the app, you need to exercise. >> dave: download it, that's not burning calories. >> clayton: you learn something new every day. >> dave: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. stick around. okay... is this where we're at now, we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's rth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. hey, i love your cereal there-- it's got that sweet honey taste. buno way it's calories, right? no way. lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one.
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>> do you have a plan how to handle your day. >> dave: watch the saints and lions eight o'clock eastern and don't need to see the debate. we're going to cover it entirely tomorrow morning 6 to 10 eastern right here and we'll have your wrap up. >> clayton:eb


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