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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 7, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> harris: tonight on the fox report. breaking news in colorado. a bomb delivered to a home has exploded. this is just coming in to the newsroom. a woman in the denver area has picked up a package off her door step and it blew up. there are injuries in this and we will bring you the full story as it it develops. i'm harris faulkner. also on the fox report, two big republican debates within hours of each other. one tonight. the road to the whitehouse for the gop goes through new hampshire and we are there. battling. for the hearts and minds of new hampshire's undecided voters. with the first in the nation primary just three days away.
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>> people in new hampshire expect you to work hard, to earn it. >> i really do believe in the people of this state that they are going to do what is right. what is necessary. >> we made it a point to be in every single corner of this state. every corner matters. >> harris: fox reports live from the campaign trail on the race for the republican presidential nomination. also, back on u.s. soil after the feds deported this american teenager to colombia by mistake. in minutes, the family reunion on the finger pointing over who is responsible. and -- for the first time, desperate scrambler ras to respond to a tragedy. as it was happening, a park ranger gunned down in cold blood. tonight, reopening a national park in the wake of murder.
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>> harris: we begin tonight with the gop race for the presidential nomination. voters in new hampshire getting ready to head to the polls for the first in the nation primary. and we are getting a better idea tonight ahead of tuesday's contest just how many people are expected to cast their ballots. and we know all of the major candidates are in the granite state tonight. over the next 12 plus hours back-to-back debates. one this evening, another in the morning. analysts saying most of the candidates will focus on former massachusetts governor mitt romney in the debates who is currently leading in the polls by a pretty wide margin. the new hampshire secretary of state saying he expects to receive 250,000 ballots on tuesday. more than the 2008 presidential primary when voters cast 241,000 ballots. and democrats also holding a primary with 14 names on the democratic ticket including president barack obama. unlike some other states, in
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new hampshire, undeclared voters can take part in either primary. campaign carl cameron live in manchester, new hampshire for us tonight. carl, it comes down to the undecided voters. they will no doubt be paying close attention to the debates tonight and tomorrow morning. what are they looking for? >> reporter: un esided and independent voters. what they are looking for is who can beat barack obama. in new hampshire, mitt romney has a big lead in the polls and getting larger crowds and they are beginning to see real enthusiasm from romney supporters. he had an event today earlier. it was by far and away the biggest energizing crowd he has brought to the campaign trail in recent weeks. but rick santorum, the former pennsylvania shore who came so close to beating mr. romney in iowa had a big surge in iowa -- in new hampshire the last couple of days.
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a big question about whether he has the organization and money. he had momentum coming into new hampshire but it might be subsiding a little bit. if santorum shows that he has exceeded expectations, really risen from far back in the polls in new hampshire and gotten himself up in contention in second place he could come out of new hampshire with big headlines much the same way he did in iowa even if he doesn't have the ability to beat romney here in new hampshire. >> harris: some of the fireworks between former house speaker newt gingrich and mitt romney. what is the former speaker's strategy tonight for the debate? >> he spent the last several days in new hampshire going very hard against mitt romney. this afternoone turned it around a little bit and suggested he was going to go back to his relentlessly positive strategy in the preiowa caucus cam pin. here is what he had to say. >> i'm not going to go after mitt romney. i may define the reality of a regan conservative and a massachusetts moderate. i may describe the difference between cutting taxes and
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raising taxes or being right to life and putting planned parenthood into romney care but that is the most i'm going to do. >> reporter: gingrich likes to say he is not going to give mitt romney hell, he is just going to tell the truth and it may feel like hell. we will have to see if he keeps a smile on his face. >> harris: others in the race. what are their strategies shaping up like? >> texas governor rick perry hasn't been in new hampshire. after the iowa caucuses he said he was going to go back to austin and reassess his campaign. he said we are running in south carolina. he will be at the debate tonight in new hampshire and tomorrow morning but leave the primary trail and go right to south carolina where he will be campaigning in the palmetto state's first in the south primary. then jon huntsman. the former utah governor bet it all on new hampshire. spent a big amount of time here. spent most of his money and effort here. and he hasn't gotten the kind
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of boos boost he was expectth r iowa. he wanted the attention on him. instead, most of it has been on santorum or gingrich. if he doesn't have a breakout performance he could be in serious trouble and his trail may have the end in sight. then ron paul. the texas congressman polling in second. a big libertarian streak of voters here in new hampshire. it is entirely possible ron paul would come in second place. would breathe all new life into his libertarian candidacy. you can't rule out ron paul being able to shake up the dynamic here in new hampshire. how he does in south carolina and states beyond a totally different question. >> harris: keeping us informed and in a fantastic interesting way. always good to see you, carl cameron, thank you. new polls show rick santorum on the rise in new hampshire after his strong showing in iowa. according to the latest real clear politics average which
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takes five recent polls in account, santorum comes in third behind mitt romney and ron paul. two weeks ago he was polling as low as 2%. in an interview tonight on huckabee, former governor mike huckabee asks rick be santorum if he endorsed romney in the last election, why he is challenging him now? >> what he did in massachusetts was the basis for obama care. we need a candidate that is starkly contrasts with obama on this issue and he isn't that candidate. >> you can catch the full interview tonight on huckabee. it airs right after fox report, 8:00 eastern. don't miss it. >> reporter: well, with voters saying the economy and jobs are big issues this election season we thought we would point out unemployment right now is higher than it has been going into any election year since world war ii. but it has been going down. just yesterday, new numbers for december from the labor department. the nation adding 200,000 jobs.
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the new numbers coming aid head of president obama's insourcing american jobs forum and we are told that will be will american companies keeping the work here at home. doug mcelway is live in the d.c. bureau with more on this. a good reason why the president has been tauting recent job numbers. >> history shows us that the fewer unemployment number, even if it is as high as 8.5% is not as hurtful to an incumbent president as the trendline is. no incumbent president has lost when unemployment fell over the two years leading up to the election and none has won when it rose. the president is touting the trend as he did yesterday as the consumer finance protection bureau. >> we are moving in the right direction. we made real progress. now, is not the time to stop. i would urge congress to make sure that they stay on top of their jobs to make sure that
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enjoyody else is able to hopefully an even more robust recovery in 2012. >> reporter: from the trend continues history shows that the president will be very difficult to defeat. predicting the unemployment trend is a difficult job, especial lip given the volatility of conditions that could profundly affect the u.s. economy including the european sovereign debt and the u.s. foreclosure crisis remains a real danger, harris. >> harris: what more can you tell us about the insourcing jobs forum from the white house? i think that is on wednesday. >> coming up wednesday. at least 12 different companies large and small will offer perspectives on why they are bringing jobs back to the u.s. among them, masterlock which is returning 100 jobs to milwaukee, wisconsin. linkington furniture. a company called galaxy solutions that created the outsource to detroit program.
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the white house praised that program a lot. and dupont, a company that everybody has heard of. building a $500 million new plant in south carolina. most of these companies say that returning to the u.s. makes access to communications and distribution easier. some also say that employment costs in places like china are now beginning to go up. harris? >> harris: doug, thank you very much. tomorrow marks one year since we all watched together on that january day last year the tragedy in tucson unfolding. this was the scene when a gunman opened fire outside a supermarket where congress woman gabrielle giffords was holding a meet and greet event. 6 people killed and 13 wounded including giffords. she was shot in the head. she has made a remarkable recovery. now, able to walk and talk and we are told soon she will have to decide whether to head back to washington. her husband saying that after
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three terms in congress, gabby is eager to get back to work. he says his wife won't wait until the last minute to decide but just may wait until 2014 to make her political comeback. for now giffords attending numerous events this weekend in honor of the people who died in the tucson parking lot. and we remember them, too. phillies, doran. dorothy. gabe zimmerman. a gifford staffer. federal judge john roll and 9-year-old chri kristina taylor green. >> breaking news to continue telling you about coming out of colorado. a package has exploded leaving two people hurt there. and we he have learned now that homes are being evacuated in the area and that is a bomb squad is at scene. all playing out in lafayette colorado. the denver area. the newsroom is working on the story. we will bring you more as this continues to develop. meanwhile, home sweet home for a texas teenager who got
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deported by mistake. she ended up in south america. now, federal officials are facing some tough questions about how an american citizen, a child, just 15 years old gets shipped off to another country. the girl's grandma is speak out. iran at odds with the u.s. and much of the world over its nuclear program. new tonight a message from that country to our u.s. navy. all over the video you are watching. our navy rescued some iranians in trouble. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪
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a bomb squad now right there working the car we are told at this hour. they have to make sure that whatever else was left in the car doesn't blow up. once that has been worked out and it is safe they will move in to begin their investigation. >> we know that there was some type of an explosion. some type of device that started on fire. currently we have the bomb squad and hazmat teams looking at the car and trying to as certain exactly what was in that device. >> and this is impacting a whole lot of people in the area. the surrounding homes now evacuated. and the two people who were hurt, the woman and another person are now in the hospital with burns. we don't have their conditions right now but we will update you as we learn more. deported to another country by mistake. quite a story for an american teenager who is now back home tonight in the u.s. just why and how did a young girl from texas end up in colombia where she isn't even a
7:16 pm
citizen? here is what we do know. the 15-year-old ran away from home in dallas and ended up last april getting arrested by houston police. she told them she was a grown up from colombia in the u.s. illegally. they eventually sent her packing to south america. tonight, turner back home with a very grateful family. and our julie banderas with the news now in our new york city newsroom. julie, turner went through the entire court system in houston, proceedings down there but still ended up being deported by mistake. didn't they check her out? >> reporter: while cases of mistaken identity are rare, people can slip through the cracks especially if they don't have legal help or family members working on their behalf. she was deported to colombia because she told them she was an illegal immigrant. upon arriving in the country she was even given colombian citizenship. how could the government responsible for tracking illegals in this country deport someone without verifying if they are illegal or not?
7:17 pm
that is what turner's family wants to know. especially considering she is a minor. not flew went in spanish. has no ties to colombia. u.s. officials and colombian officials are pointing fingers over who is responsible. the 15-year-old was returned to dallas and reunited with her family friday evening. >> i hope and pray that no one else has to go through what i went through. i think the system needs to be changed along with more security and more protections. >> reporter: a family attorney says she is happy to be home and added the family would not be issuing any further statements other than to sea they are ecstatic to have her back in texas and plan to make what they can to make sure she gets back to a normal life. saga began when the teen ran away more than a year ago in november 2010. houston police say the girl was arrested in 2011 for misdemeanor theft and claimed to be a colombian woman born in
7:18 pm
1990. after being jailed a sheriff's office employee recommended an immigration detainer be put on her and an immigration judge ultimately ordered her back to colombia. immigration officials insist they followed procedure and found nothing to prove the girl wasn't a colombian citizen living illegally in the country. a daring u.s. navy rescue of a group of iranian fishermen being held by pirates. the government of iran calling the rescue a positive humanitarian gesture. but we should also tell you one of the country's biggest news agencies is dismissing our navy's actions as hollywood dramatization. here is the video that came to light showing our navy destroyer boarding the seaship. the sailors captured more than a dozen pirates who had been holding the fishermen hostage for nearly two months.
7:19 pm
the navy releasing pictures showing the crew of the iranian ship thanking the u.s. navy men. the fishermen even wearing hats. and what do they say? u.s. navy. yesterday the state department calling it "a humanitarian gesture." ironically the warships involved in the rescue are the same ones iran warned the u.s. to keep out of the persian gulf. this comes as tehran plans to hold more war games near the strait of hermuz. iran threatened to shut down the strait if the u.s. and other nations did not back down on economic sanctions. months after a child sex abuse scandal rocked penn state and cost legendary coach joe paterno his job. that school has a replacement. details on the man stepping in to take over for joe paterno. plus, a father driving his two young children home from daycare. what police say he also did while they were in the car and how his five-year-old son
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>> harris: after a two month long search, penn state university finding their man to replace legendary head football coach joe paterno. bill o'brien announced and said he intends to stay there until their run in the playoffs is over. he will. o'brien takes over a penn state prohe gram as you may know that is reeling from the child sex abuse scandal that cost head coach joe paterno his job. he was the winningest coach in
7:24 pm
division 1 college football history. he was fired back in november. the long time defensive coordinator was arrested in october, accused of molesting several young boys. young school district is in danger of losing crucial funding because of what is being taught there. a judge ruled the mexican american studies program violates arizona state law saying the curriculum is biased and promotes reverse racism and based on the ruling arizona can hold back funding to the district until the program is changed. casey stegall looking into this for us from tucson. >> reporter: harris, the tucson unified school district created the ethnic studies program about ten years ago. makes sense considering about 61% of the student population here is hispanic and other urban school districts around the country created similar programs around that time. the idea, to address the needs of a specific population to
7:25 pm
help them succeed in school. the top education officials here in arizona say tucson's mexican american studies program actually violates state law because the curriculum and lesson plans were never approved by the school board. a judge recently agreed saying because of that failed oversight the classes were and i'm quoting here, promoting racial recentment and activism against white people. >> we have no problem with a history class talking about historical injustice. it becomes problematic when you take every historical incident and interpret it in racial terms and put it in a racial context and use that to in flame a low income hispanic minority against a white caucasian majority. >> now, they must decide whether to get in compliance
7:26 pm
with state standards or end it all together. many parents and students say the classes promote chicano history and awareness. a federal lawsuit has already been filed saying that the state law is unconstitutional. >> it infringes on first amendment rights of students and teachers. we put forth that the teachers have to have some rights to teach an adopted approved curriculum. >> the school board is expected to take up the issue and vote this coming tuesday. if they do not follow the state department of education guidelines, the state will withhold million is of dollars in funding to this very district. harris? >> harris: thank you. a minnesota man accused of driving drunk with his children in the car and police say christian stoner's five-year-old son managed to get out of the car when his dad stopped and went to knock on someone's door to ask for them.
7:27 pm
they say he complained his dad was pulling over in random places after picking him and his one-year-old sister up from daycare. police say when they caught up with the 40-year-old dad he was sitting in the car with no shoes. his children were with him. police saying stoner's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. the children now with their mother. with the clock ticking down to the new hampshire primary the gop candidates for president doing all they can to convince independent and undecided voters to support them on tuesday. we'll look at the ground game in the granite state and find out what voters there are saying tonight, next. plus, this is a new book out about president obama and first lady michele bachmann. it details the life inside the white house and reportedly exposes some tensions with the administration. that's coming up. the best approach to food is tkeep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal.
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>> harris: i'm harris faulkner. this is "the fox report." it is the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. three days to go to the new hampshire primary. analysts say it could come down to independent and undecided voters. republican contenders ahead of back-to-back debates in the state, both taking place 12 hours apart. the first one is tonight. most of the candidates spending the day traveling from one event to the other, trying to sway those undecided voters but history has shown us many
7:31 pm
voters in that stay play it close to the vest right up until they, well, take part in primary day. steve brown season o is on ther us here in manchester. steve? >> reporter: harris, one political observer says he believes independents here in new hampshire are using his words, particularred at washington. ticked at the economy and a bunch of different things. as we found out at this restaurant behind me, folks were concerned certainly and concerned mostly about the economy and jobs. >> people losing their jobs. i know so many people who have lost their jobs. i have never known that many people before that lost their jobs. educated people. people who worked really hard their whole lives. >> reporter: now, what folks say makes them interested in the republican primary is that they are looking for an alternative. those independents likely to
7:32 pm
vote and that includes some folks that may have voted for president obama the last go around. harris. >> harris: how do they target independent voters? >> they are really difficult, actually. because they don't tend to show up at campaign events where you can sign them up for e-mail lists. this they don't tend to go to websites and sign up and volunteer theirs personal information. do a self-searching sort of thing. do pay attention to the debates and television advertising, cable news coverage, mail circulars and talk to their friends but they like to make their decision with a little bit of distance for the campaign which makes it difficult for campaigns to get ahold of them. >> makes for interesting news on primary night because we never know what is going to happen until the last second always. always. >> harris: always good to see you, thank you. tomorrow night, "the fox report" heads to new hampshire for all the primary action.
7:33 pm
there it is. a special edition of "the fox report" anchored by shep in new hampshire. don't miss it. a behind the scenes look at the white house and the relationship between the president and michele bachmann. a book set to hit book stores on tuesday called simply the obamas. giving a detailed account of the first couple's interactions with each other and with staff. and with a look for us, peter doocy from washington. >> the first lady initially wanted to stay in chicago after her husband's inauguration so their daughter could finish the school year and her move was only because she wanted to keep the family together not because she was excited to fulfill the duties of being the first lady. rahm emanuel apparently didn't trust first ladies because of his clashes with hillary clinton in the mid 90s and cantor tells a story about how
7:34 pm
president obama relayed his wife's unhappy feelings about the backroom deals that were cut telling aides she feels as if our rudder isn't set right. obama strategist david axlrod says of the first lady when she thinks things have been mishandled she will raise is because she is hugely invested in him. the obamas also explains that the first lady will send the president's scheduler nasty notes if she doesn't book him for certain events or meetings. when asked if the first lady is an advisor to the president she said only in the most private sense. cantor did not interview for the obamas for the book. she did talk to more than 30 staffers but the white house says the emotions thoughts and private moments described in the books though often seemingly ascribe the to the president and first lady reflect little more than the author's own thoughts and the
7:35 pm
book by jody cantor the new york times reporter will hit shelves this tuesday. harris? >> harris: peter, thank you. now, new reaction to, well, unexpected publicity for target stores. this was breaking news with amazing pictures yesterday and now we know more. one of their huge trailer trucks sank through the ice, minnesota, right up to the windshield when the trailer truck veered off the highway and on to an icy pond. witnesses say it took a few seconds before it broke through the ice and sank. this happening not far from the company's minnesota head gms quarters. the driver minor injuries but they pulled him out safely. responding crews including a dive team were blown away at what they saw. >> this is what a toe guy looks for if he wants excitement. >> out of the ordinary? >> absolutely. is it something that is crazy? no. >> harris: we should tell you the ice on the respond was only 8-inches thick.
7:36 pm
not enough to support a heavy truck and the mild start to the winter can maybe be blamed for the lack of ice on that pond. meteorologist maria molina is live in the weather center. >> they should be frozen over and even lake erie has not reported any frozen ice on the lake which typically should have seen colding of air down in the great lakes to have some ice built up into the lakes. basically looking at mild temperatures here not just for today but basically over the past two months over parts of the upper midwest and northeast. that is why we have a lack of ice and lack of snow across both area. tore today again a record warmth across portions of the northeast. new york, broke a record again today. warmth expected to continue into the second half of the weekend across parts of the upper midwest and the mid atlantic. you mentioned 8 inches of ice not being enough to support a
7:37 pm
truck and this is very well the case. we do have some recommended minimum ice thicknesses to keep in mind. i would say if you are a person or you are considering walking over a pond that you think is frozen i would suggest at least 6 inches of ice being there before expecting that ice to probably break and you sink into very cold water. otherwise, 8 to 12 inches recommended for a car or small pickup truck. also a lack of snowfall because of how mild it has been out there. buffalo, new york, currently has only received 5.2 inches of snow. on average this time of year should have received 41.7. drastic as well in boston. one inch is all we have gotten so far and should have already received at least a foot of snow. lacking in snowfall across the northeast and midwest. tomorrow is another mild day. 43 the high temperature. new york city. 40 mississippi. 40 over rapid city. today, not looking at any snow out there. just a few isolated snow
7:38 pm
showers across northern new england. >> maria, thank you very much. former pakistani president pervez musharraf may not want to go back home any time soon. prosecutors in pakistan are saying he will be arrested in connection with the assassination of former prime minister benazhir bhutto. she was killed in 2007. her death at the time was blamed on the taliban. thousands of people being forced out of their homes by massive flooding in brazil. and the all-out effort by police to break up a major brawl over soccer as we go around the world in 80 seconds. brazil. more than 10,000 people homeless after a spring of storms since the end of december. heavy rain and flooding destroying homes.
7:39 pm
99 cities declaring states of emergency. reports some families now living in classrooms or buildings they can find for shelter. and many children suffering skin allergies and diarrhea due to bad sanitary conditions. the forecast calling for more heavy rain next week. germany. an indoor soccer tournament canceled after a mass brawl. hundreds of police brought in to break up the angry crowd after the game ended in a 3-3 tie. they used tear gas and clubs arresting dozens of people. in the end, 49 injured including 11 police officers. china. a cold front causing an entire waterfall to freeze. the natural phenomenon on lotus mountain where the ice is forming different shapes. some look like diamonds. the mountains a popular spot for tourists. georgia.
7:40 pm
orthodox christians attending a midnight mass to celebrate christmas eve. they observe the birth of jesus on january 7. the service at the holy trinity cathedral led by the head of the german orthodox church. that is a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. near early one week after a mom of two was gunned down at mount rainier national park the park is reopening to the public. this was breaking our first story last weekend on "the fox report." police now releasing recordings from the deadly shooting as they were responding to it. you can hear them for yourself coming up. plus, a good samaritan stops some would-be robbers. and this isn't the first time this ordinary citizen has done something extraordinary. and 20-foot waves sounds like a surfer's dream. not all fun and games. the life guards are being kept very busy here. ♪
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>> harris: right now mount rannier national park officially reopened to the public and we are getting brand new police recordings from the deadly shooting at the popular tourist attraction in washington state. all of this comes six days after police say an iraq war veteran shot and killed a park ranger. it was breaking news on "the fox report" last weekend and now we know police say the suspect gunned down 34-year-old
7:44 pm
margaret anderson, a married mom of two young daughters during a traffic stop new year's day. officials say the suspect then took off, leading them on a manhunt. >> gun fire you said? >> it is about six miles up. >> harris: they had her but he says it doesn't appear that she survived. after clearing the park and shutting it down, police found the body of the suspect 24-year-old benjamin barnes the next day. he drown. a candle light vigil for margaret anderson scheduled for tomorrow. most of us know of human
7:45 pm
trafficking and sexual slavery as global problems but here in the united states on any given night we are told 100 teenaged girls are sexually exploited in atlanta, georgia, alone. elizabeth is live in the atlanta bureau. how are they going to fight this problem? >> reporter: , well, activists are taking the issue head on. according to the study the girls that you speak of are entering the commercial sex trade between the ages of 12 and 14. >> have been approached by a pimp. >> reporter: wife and mother of three, keisha head used to live a very different life. >> i knew my predator was a monster. i knew my molesters was a monster. i knew that these people were monsters. >> reporter: at only 16, she was bought and sold for sex. like millions of others she was a prisoner, forced in prostitution and threatened if
7:46 pm
she tried to leave. >> when i felt that my life was in danger or the life of my loved ones was in danger i really lost myself because i knew i had to do whatever i had to do to survive. >> reporter: now, she is working with a grass roots group in atlanta trying to rescue other victims of human trafficking. >> we have to stop demand. this is a lucrative business. we have to look at supply versus demand. >> reporter: the governor's office estimates more than 400 girls are sold for sex in georgia every month. >> atlanta is one of 14 cities in the united states that is the highest in terms of child prostitution. it is a major transportation hub, not just domestically but internationally. >> federal authorities are ooh working with local police to stop it. >> it is modern day slavery is what it going on here every day.
7:47 pm
>> reporter: big corporations are taking a pledge to educate employees about warning signs not only in the sur you ply chains but also with customers like airline passengers. back to you. >> thank you. >> harris: two people dead after a horrific crash involving an ambulance. it is our top story on a fox trip across america. virginia. an ambulance colliding with a cement truck at a busy intersection and it was deadly. the ambulance driver and the patient killed. the other emt flown to a hospital in charlottesville. no word on what caused the accident. arizona. a van patchy fo smuggling 23 il immigrants refusing to stop for police. the driver calling in backup for her own. another vehicle, a hot car enters the scene, hitting the squad car to help the van get away. it didn't work. police stopped the van and the hot car, arresting both drivers and the 23 illegals.
7:48 pm
california. the largest surf in a year keeping life guards very busy in san diego. at least 15 people had to be rescued from the water. despite the risk, the 20-foot waves simply ir resistible for surfers. >> went to the harbor over there it is good. once you past the crest it will suck you super fast down south. >> harris: cowabunga, dude! >> sci fi fans dressing as fair favorite superheros orville lanes. for those who couldn't choose, a zombie was the trend this year. >> what do you think of comic con? better than last year then? >> it runs through this weekend. and that is a fox watch across america. >> harris: and now we want to show you some video that is just coming in to fox news.
7:49 pm
we are trying to turn it around pretty quickly but it is coming from tucson, arizona. that is gabby giffords and her husband mark kelly. safeway is the scene just outside the grocery store where she and 13 others were shot. it is one year ago tomorrow and they have gone back to the scene. in a short little while, the live pictures coming out of tucson arizona. i can tell you more after the commercial break about the memorial there. we wanted to bring you the pictures as they are happening and first coming in. first pictures from the event. to see her recover like that, what a blessing. if you witnessed a convenience store robbery, what would you do? one man says he didn't even have to think about it. he just jumped into action. we'll watch i it together and here from the leer ro hero himn a moment. stay close. [ ma annncer ] wouldn't it be cool
7:50 pm
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>> harris: want to take back to the pictures just coming in to the fox newsroom just moments ago from tucson, arizona. there is now a memorial set up at the safeway where the shootings happened there a year ago tomorrow. that is congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband and they are talking with store managers there. you see her putting her arms around one of the people there at safeway. it was outside that store in the parking lot that 13 people were injured. i may have misspoken before. 13 injured and six died including that nine-year-old girl christina. now, back to the scene of the horrific day the congresswoman
7:54 pm
goes. the memorial was just unveiled. there it is at the store in memory of those who were killed and those whose lives were changed forever in that parking lot a year ago tomorrow. this is tucson, arizona. you see it there. of course, we will have more coverage of what is happening across the city and across the state in arizona tomorrow with our fox news crews in that part of country. for right now, some new pictures coming in to fox that we wanted to show you. more amazing video to share of a good samaritan taking on two men who tried to rob a convenience store. the man watched as two robbers tried to steal a few cases of beer and when the suspects turned on the store clerk, alex ruiz snapped into action. he tackled one of the would-be robbers to the ground and then a few minutes later the other suspects come flying out of the door are and ruiz came up swinging. >> the sooner that you recognize there is a threat to somebody and whatever kind of
7:55 pm
environment you either fly or fight. i chose to fight. >> do you have in i formal training? >> no, i watch a lot of batman. >> he watches a lot of batman. the same good samaritan stopped a robbery at another convenience store once before. the suspects in this case still on the run. local police giving this man an award for his bravery. he was popping those guys, wasn't he? >> gop candidates gearing up for the first in the nation primary getting ready for back-to-back debates ahead of tuesday's votes. plus, they are an endangered creatures in the sea. the biggest threat to the manatees, though, are people. what police are doing about it. when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief? try bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream fast and rushes relief to the site of your tough pain. it's proven to relieve pain twice as fast as before. bayer advanced aspirin.
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talk to your doctor. don't kid yourself about the risk of heart attack and stroke. if lipitor's been working for you, stay with it. lipitor may be available for as little as $4 a month with the lipitor co-pay card. terms and conditions apply. learn more at >> police in southwest florida, stepping up prls in waterways with the message, mind the manatee. they're spending inland waters with the colder temperatures in the gulf. as they work back to the open water, police are ticketing any boaters going too quickly. and boaters are the leading cause of death for manatees. >> campaigning ahead in new hampshire. getting ready for two debates, one is tonight. the other is quick turn around tomorrow morning. and an investigation just now beginning in colorado.
7:59 pm
after a package explodes, it's breaking news tonight on fox report, police saying a woman has picked up two packages, left at her doorstep and carried her to her volvo and thatlew up. that woman and another airlifted to a burn unit and had to evacuate homes. we'll update the stories as we get the information. tomorrow, marks one year since the tucson shooting massacre and brand new video that we broke in to show you moments ago here on fox seen only here, our fox affiliate getting this for us in tucson, showing congresswoman gabriel gabrielle giffords and her husband astronaut mark kelly. to the safeway and they were injured including give ford.


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