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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 8, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm EST

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donald trump is on, mitt romney -- >> who? >> alisyn: mitt romney and dana perino and... >> dave: trying to whip the weekday team into shape. thanks for joining us and mike, for filling in for clayton. see you in the "after the show" see you in the "after the show" show. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> eric: good morning, you know, it was about 48 hours, into the first primary of the 2012 race, occurs and that, of course, in new hampshire. the republican candidates making the most of every minute after the debate last night. from the town halls to voters' living rooms the presidential hopefuls can be found shaking hands and making a final case for the candidacies to the voters in the granite state. and, good morning, everyone, i'm eric sean. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, great to have you here, welcome to a brand new hour, inside america's news headquarters. the candidates are also taking aim at each other.
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did you watch the debate? they are doing it directly, and there's a final few debates coming up, chief political correspondent carl cameron live in manchester, new hampshire. you have been keeping track of all of this. psalm days they are nice and some days go on the attack and when it comes to election day, though, the undecided voters could really play a role here. how many are expected to turn out, at least in new hampshire? >> reporter: undecideds and independents as well. there are a million people in new hampshire, and, the election turnout on tuesday, according to the secretary of state, bill gardener will be around 250,000 and that will break the number set in 2008. and we know from history that about 40% of to quarter of a million votes will be independent voters. they are very fickle and they do swing elections and they usually do it at the last second. about 0% of them will be republican and about, you know -- democrats, who can actually vote in new hampshire and fewer expected to register as independents in order to participate but it's an open primary, and, it is very much in decided and the latest polls in
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new hampshire, from channel 9, and the university of new hampshire, suggest that as of friday, that puts us into the final weekend which doesn't change votes with the exception of the debate performances, 60%, 60% were either undecided or likely to change their minds. so, these debates could be potentially consequential. but, folks in new hampshire say over and over and over again they wait until the last day because they know anything can happen tomorrow and on election day itself. >> jamie: fascinating. it seems in iowa folks waited until the last moment as well. the back-to-back debates gave us a chance to get to know the candidates on a lot of different issues. where do you see things standing with though debates being owe close together? >> reporter: well, particularly, last weekend, one last night and one this morning, it has been feisty. the candidates are did he evefi fighting, this morning mitt romney is going after newt gingrich and, saying he has not
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been a politician since 1974, and, tough stuff from newt gingrich against mitt romney, and john huntsman was attacked by governor mitt romney, of massachusetts who said huntsman, who criticized him for having served as the ambassador to china, with the obama administration. and he said, look i was serving my country and, compared it to his sons' service in the military and mitt romney said, i don't think when we're looking for a conservative republican nominee to oppose barack obama working for him will necessarily help very well. it is tough and they went at it last night and most of the attacks were actually not at mitt romney last night, they were amongst the candidates going after one another in competition for second place. in terms of being the chief rival to romney going forward as the conservative alternative. this morning, they apparently read some of the headlines and heard the reviews and now are going at mitt romney pretty hard. >> jamie: and i understand some are complaining about how things were handled last night. keep us posted, carl, great to see you.
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good morning. >> eric: a "fox news alert," a troubling show of defiance from iran, tehran starting to enrich uranium at another secret underground facility. this according to a newspaper, that is close to the ruling clerics of the regime, the site said to be heavily fortified and protected from airstrikes and is built 300 feet underground and on top of this, more saber-rattling from the islamic republican this weekend, a senior commander of the powerful revolutionary guard says iran will close the strait of hormuz, if the country's oil exports are blocked an europeans are working on that now and the passageway, a vital traffic route for a significant portion of the world's oil supply. joining us now, as he does every sunday morning, at this time, is former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, who is a fox news contributor. ambassador, good morning. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> eric: does eastern have the ability to shut down the strait
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of hormuz? >> no you are hearing bluster and bluff intended to back off this europeans from oil sanctions they are considering, and, to back off of the united states, from the central bank sanctions congress recently imposed, which, by the way, does take effect for another six months. i think a lot of this has to be seen in the context, though of the nuclear program, that you referred to, and, iran's increasingly drawing near the 20 year long goal of getting nuclear weapons. >> eric: would you say they are drawing near to the goal? how near do you think they are? >> very near, last month, defense secretary panetta giving the obama administration's position, said they could have a nuclear weapon within a year and i'm worried it could be less than that. if they pick up their pace. and that is why the announcement that they've begun enrichment at the so-called fordo facility, if they've gone, they are close whether they injected uranium into the centrifuges means they are moving to a different phase
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and one that may make it much more difficult to interdict militarily. >> eric: you mentioned the kums site, and this new facility, you say they are enriching up to 2 positive, what does it mean and how close are they to the bomb, they say they could have with in a year. >> you enrich reactor grade, 3 to 5% of u2-235, you are 20%, of getting to the enrichment levels, to 90%, it may sound strange but that is how it work. getting up to 20% gets you 75% of the way to weapons-grade and the key thing about these facilities, that are deeply buried and hardened, they are more difficult to destroy even natanz, though it is buried, not very deeply and other facilities and the u.s. may be able to destroy it without much
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difficulty it questionable whether israel can and that could be a big tipping point for eastern. >> eric: meanwhile, mahmoud ahmadinejad will be in the backyard, 90 miles away from us, going to cuba this week, has a latin-american tour and will be hitting, besides cuba, venezuela, nicaragua and ecuador. why is he making the trip to our backyard and is it his way to get back at the obama administration, somewhat? >> i think he's hoping up connections in a variety of countries, all which are within venezuela's orbit, looking for more ways to evade financial sanctions and looking for other banks, to money-launder his oil proceeds through. let's keep in mind venezuela has the world's second-largest deposits of uranium ore, critical to a nuclear weapons program for iran. for all the talk an sanctions, mahmoud ahmadinejad and the iranian regime are continuing their push to get closer to nuclear weapons and build a
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network of rogue states around the world, with the help of others like russia and china. that can withstand even stricter economic sanction. >> eric: despite the sanction? >> right. i think the iranians recognize that the sanctions will cost them and given the discontent within iran, against the regime that is potentially dangerous and they are not sitting idly by. they are looking for loop hose and finding ways to get around the sanctions and the incremental costs being imposed are not going to be that substantial, i'm ash frayed. -- i'm afraid. . >> eric: ambassador john bolton, thanks for your insight. not always good news on the iranian front. thank you. into thank you. >> jamie: two days until the new hampshire primary and mitt romney is enjoying the healthy lead among voters in the state, gaining in south carolina which comes up next and, also merging
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relatively unscathed from saturday night's debate. what about the rest of the field? and what do they need to do to close in on romney as the race heats up? can they catch up? editor of campaigns and election magazine, great to see you, shane, good morning. >> good morning, jamie. >> jamie: what is interesting, last night, many of the reports about the debates say that mitt romney was unscathed, even untouched. how close did the other candidates come and who did the best job, rail, of differentiating themselves from mitt romney? >> you know, i think rick santorum did it a little bit finally toward the end of the debate last night. it took about an hour-and-a-half. i mean, i was relatively stunned, that the rest of this field really looked like they were jockeying for second place last night. i would have thought very early on there would be sharp contrasts with mitt romney, particularly from newt gingrich, and also, from rick santorum and you didn't see it and it's amazing to me, and, tables are
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turned a little this morning, i think they are in the second debate, that is ongoing, there are attacks, i think pointed at mitt romney, however, after this many debates, the fact that the narrative still is that mitt romney emerges from these things relatively unscathed, is stunning to me. >> jamie: let me play the sound bite from rick santorum that struck me. and the question is, is that campaign spin from the romney camp that he is unscathed or is it really true? let's listen: >> i was not ever for individual mandate, i wasn't for top down government run health care system, i wasn't for the big bank or wall street bailout as governor romney was... >> jamie: what is the technique that rick santorum used and why -- should the other candidates have jumped on board? maybe they will today. how effective was that? >> i think it was effective but it took an hour-and-a-half into last night's debate for the moment to happen. and i think that was the stunning part for me. the interesting thing is, right
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now the question for the rest of the field is, somebody needs to emerge that's lone alternative to mitt romney and that was the debate last night. grin grinch versus santorum, and santorum versus ron paul, jockeying for the second position and, however, if mitt romney goes on to win big here in new hampshire, he goes on to win south carolina and it is probably game over in florida and that is the nomination and by then it is too late. while you are drawing contrast with the rest of the field, you have also got to really, really ding the front-runner, mitt romney and, that didn't happen to the extent it needed to last night. >> jamie: who got dinged by this? listen: >> it's time to stop. you have to play by the rules. i will not let you kill american jobs any longer. [applause]. >> i think it is important to note, as they'd say in china, mitt. [speaking chinese]. >> jamie: mitt romney or jon huntsman. >> jon huntsman, one of the most ridiculous moments i have ever witnessed in a debate.
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talk about not connecting with the folks in the audience, not connecting with the voters? i'm not really sure why you respond to an attack by speaking mandarin. i don't know what he was going for there but it didn't help him. >> jamie: expect that he will move on to south carolina? is everybody still in the race then? >> it will be interesting. i think it depends on just how far apart the candidates are. after tuesday. jon huntsman i can see him moving onto south carolina. he's laid at least a little bit of organization there. and i think newt gingrich wants to continue and most likely will and certainly rick santorum, there's enough votes in there, santorum, perry, newt gingrich splitting the conservative, anti-romney vote when you look at the latest poll in south carolina. there is not much reason why they wouldn't all go on down to south carolina. so, i don't see too much change after new hampshire. the real question is, just how much and just how large is the margin on tuesday for mitt romney and i think that is going to determine a lot.
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>> jamie: sets interesting, at least in new hampshire "the independent"s can come and vote in the primary and we have to see what happens in south carolina. we appreciate your in sight this morning, shane. >> thanks, jamie. >> jamie: eric. before we go i have to tell everybody, because -- >> eric: exciting. >> jamie: you are tuned in, you are smart enough, the place for your full coverage of the new hampshire primary, and tonight bret baier and megyn kelly will anchor america's election headquarters, a special, live from manchester, begins 8:00 p.m. eastern, you don't want to miss it and on primary day, where else would you be? tuesday, january 10th, coverage begins at 6:00 p.m., eastern, here on fox. >> eric: now, the fox voter fraud unit, authorities in virginia not confirming if there is a criminal investigation of alleged fraud in the current presidential race, republican candidate newt gingrich did not make the virginia primary ballot, election officials say he failed to hand in the 10,000 number of signatures needed and
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knute beneath blames election fraud for that and he said 1500 newspapers on his presidential petitions were forged by an unnamed campaign worker. a federal judge now ruled he can join rick perry who was also disqualified in a lawsuit against the state. the court said both rick santorum and jon huntsman can join in and there will be a court hearing on the qualifications, to get on the ballot, later this week. meanwhile, indiana, the criminal investigation of the allegedly forged presidential primary petitionses there, also continues. so many signatures and names on the democratic petitions from the 2008 presidential election were supposedly faked, there are claims president obama may not have legally qualified for the indiana ballot. numerous voters told fox news their names and signatures on both obama and hillary clinton's petitionses were as you forged. and, i have been getting e-mails
10:15 am
from you about our continuing investigations out voter fraud do with it is written, it has deeply concerned me that it is more widespread than reported. my question to you is, is there a way to find out if my name has been used in any kind of fraud? log onto the secretary of state's web site and you can check your own voting history. and jerry from alabama writes: thanks for having the guts to seek out an exposed voter fraud, voter fraud to me is about the worse crime one can commit against our country, as bad as treason. and a nice surprise from patricia. superior coverage of voter fraud, and america owes eric sean a debt of gratitude. how about that, and thank you, and the voter fraud unit. thanks, you can write us, if you suspect voter fraud, voterfraud@fox jamie. >> jamie: great work. it is now one year since the horrific shooting rampage that
10:16 am
took place in tucson, arizona and shocked the nation. today, the city is planning a series of ceremonies to remember the victims. all of them. congresswoman gabrielle giffords among them, she is returning to the site, visiting the safe way store where she was shot point-blank in the back of the head. astronaut mark kelly, her husband, spoke about the moment, earlier this morning on "fox & friends." >> i was home in houston, with our two daughters, and, you know, it was just an unbelievable day, a very sad and tragic day. >> jamie: all the family has been through so much. six people were killed that morning including a nine-year-old girl, 13 others wounded, including gabrielle giffords and the lone gunman, jared lee loughner is awaiting trial inside a missouri prison. coming up the next hour, casey steegel will be reporting on the memorial going on, he'll be live from tucson, arizona. stay with us for that.
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>> eric: is emotional eating adding pounds? coming up we have important information to try and help folks deal with this information. the doctors are in on "sunday house call," in just a moment. >> jamie: and a husband tries to outs run the law after allegedly assaulting his wife. we'll show you how this incredible police chase ends. stay with us. i couldn't concei this as a heart attack. the doctor leaned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker." i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now. before you begin an aspirin regimen. why nature made? they were the first to be verified by the usb. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. and that's why i trust nature made. nature made,the number one pharmacist recommended letter vitamin brand. learn more at
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>> jamie: one of the most dramatic police chase weiss have seen on tape, the suspect was accused of assaulting his estranged wife and accelerated, reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour and the chase ending 20 miles later and led police to
10:21 am
his mother's house where he got out of the house, surrendering and held his hand up and, no surprise here, is behind bars now and is facing a slew of charges. ♪ >> eric: after a third-place finish in i was, congressman ron paul is looking to make a stronger showing in new hampshire on tuesday. this morning, the presidential candidate told fox news sunday's chris wallace, what he believes his message is resonating with many voters. >> the country, out of desperation is looking at a constitutional approach, you know, foreign policy and tired of war and, think how many people are looking at monetary policy and that only happens, about every 100 years where people get concerned about monetary policy and everybody knows, we're up against the wall on the spending and the debt is a problem and they know i'm ash greecive on dealing with the deficits that we have -- aggressive on dealing with the deficits we have. . >> eric: joining us is the anchor of fox news sunday, chris
10:22 am
wallace. ron paul is polling... how does ron paul think he'll do. >> if you believe the polls he'll finish second and there could be movement the next 48 hours but he's holding steady, 20%, about the same as he did in iowa. it seems that he has a high floor and low ceiling. he can get above 20% of the vote, but can't get a lot more than that. and remember, this is an open primary and so, not democrats, but independents, so-called undeclared voters can vote as well, heels a l shg, he has a l them and young people and a lot of college students in new hampshire, no reason to think he will not be a credible second or third. >> in your view does it help him? you have the weird thing in new hampshire, you can be undeclared, 62% of primary voters are ac tell registered republicans in a republican primary.
10:23 am
what, 43 or so% are undeclared. clearly, you think it could help paul. >> absolutely. it is interesting. he got half of "the independent" vote in the iowa caucuses and only 14% of of the republican vote in the republican caucuses. so, his support is coming overwhelmingly from independents from nonregistered republicans, and, much less from republicans, and, in fact i said to him, how can you win the republican nomination if you are not getting republicans voting for you and he says, we have to reach out to the group. >> eric: all right, pretty good campaign strategy. finally, you know, this year you have proportional representation. not winner take all for the first time. so, in his view, did he address the potential of going to the convention in tampa, with a whole block of delegates to try and be a power wielder? >> yes. maybe not the nominee. he certainly isn't giving up on being the nominee but one of the
10:24 am
strategies is to go into the caulk states which the other candidates won't contest as much, minnesota, maine, missouri, louisiana, there are a bunch of them, and, if you win, even if it is not a majority, if you have a plurality in five states, you can have your name placed in nomination, at the convention, in florida, in august and you can also have a lot of play in the platform and he says quite openly, you know, plan a or -- first goal is to win the nomination, second goal, failing that, is to have a real impact on the party which means a primetime speech at the convention and trying to get the antiwar and anti-government views into the platform, so he sees a role for himself and, you know, he has not closed the door on an independent run but i must say he talks like somebody who wants to have a role both for himself and his sons, senator rand paul of kentucky going forward inside the republican party. >> eric: and certainly, he has become influential, at least an influential voice in that.
10:25 am
chris, always good to see you. exciting next 48 hours. >> you bet, thanks, eric. >> eric: for more on his exclusive one-on-one interview with presidential candidate ron paul, tune into fox news sunday and chris sits down with the republican and democratic national committee chair people, there they are, to talk politics, elections, the issues, you can check your local listings here later here on the fox news channel. >> jamie: thanks, you find yourself fatigued in the afternoon, you lay down to take a nap? a great way to refresh yourself, right? turns out hitting the snack for a quick snooze might hurt folks more than it helps. the doctors are here with "sunday house call," everything you need to know about napping and so much more. coming up. emily's just starting out... and on a budget. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan.
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>> jamie: and time now for "sunday house call." your one-stop for everything you need to know to be healthy this week. joining us now, this morning, dr. david samadi, the vice chairman of the department of urology, chief of row box at the mt. sinai medical center. >> and dr. marc siegel at langone medical center and the author of "the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness and health." good morning, docs. >> jamie: and your two chief residents, coming along, i
10:30 am
think. we passed over the internships. let's get started... >> surgical training. >> jamie: don't battle over surgery, medicine, dermatology... all of it. okay, new research raising red flags on prostate cancer. i want to get to this. it concerns a lot of men, according to specialists, a specific drug used during the treatment may lead to stroke and heart disease. dr. samadi, what do you want to us know about this? >> when it comes to prostate cancer you can have a very early stage organ... the prostate cancer could be in the organ and the best treatment is to remove it and if the cancer has spread, whether it has gone to the bone or outside the prostate you treat it with radiation an hormones and if it has gone to the bone you give them the hormonal treatment and the fuel of prostate cancer is testosterone and bringing the level down you delay the progression and the patient may live longer and now we find out
10:31 am
from the studies in sweden they look at 30,000 men that went through the hormonal treatments and over 40% of them ended up having heart attacks, strokes, and, real significant findings and we are helping them with prostate cancer and now they are dying from cardiac issues, very significant. we know that low testosterone can affect insulin and cause diabetes and other issues. >> jamie: that is a "catch-22." you have to lower the testosterone and without it you have all of these issues. do you monitor patients? >> absolutely, and i think -- i agree with david on this. there is no free lunch in medicine. we have spent so much time talking about how long you live, we are losing sight of the fact it is how you live. people out there need to know, if they -- if we delay your diagnosis on something like prostate cancer, by not doing the psa as we discussed you have prostate cancer, 1/3 is advanced at the time of diagnosis and what treatment are you getting?
10:32 am
suppression therapy, which lowers your testosterone and triglycerides and cholesterol and increases your blood sugar and, it can lead to heart disease, stroke and diabetes and you are living on but in a state where there's more risk of a heart attack. >> eric: what do you do and tell your doctor and what do you ask? >> the biggest message we are getting out of the study is, perhaps the world of urology and cardiology should come together, and, before starting the patient on this hormonal injection, perhaps we should do a cardiac workup and find out if they have underlying disease before we put them on medications and following it closely and the other thing that comes up in osteoporosis and, fractured bones in these men is a big issue. it is a good therapy when it is already too late but want to be sure you catch it early and give them definitive therapy. >> jamie: and you clarified the last couple of weeks, though the recommendations changed in terms of getting the psa screening, you are big believers in the fact that men should go? >> yesterday we also showed that according to national cancer
10:33 am
institute, the mortality death from prostate cancer is actually going down as a result of all of the screening, so i've always been a big traffic of getting tested. >> jamie: and dr. siegel is nodding. >> get screened. >> eric: bad habits? when it comes to junk food people are hooked and it is called emotional eating. you know you have done that, don't feel well and, you know, stuff your face. dr. siegel, how do we stop that? >> this is a huge problem and i talked to the obesity research at nih and he said this is the reason we have the obesity epidemic, it occurs when you are not hungry and occurs suddenly and comes on you with no notice. you feel bad afterwards and feel guilty but it is too lay and people end specific foods. number one on the list: ice cream. now, i want to ask you a question. eric, what do you think men tend to eat, emotionally. >> jamie: you mean rocky road versus cherry... >> after we screen.
10:34 am
>> eric: personal experience, hostess cup cakes. >> men? pizza. and casseroles. i don't know what they are doing with casseroles. university of illinois studied it. women... >> jamie: what do women eat? chocolate. >> chocolate number one on the list for women. absolutely right. and i don't know what kinds of chocolate, because the university -- >> jamie: dark chocolate. dark chocolate. healthy, healthy. >> when you see that, how do you not want to grab it. >> that is what you have to do. tips for people out there. to understand what it is that is going to get you and, figure out what your triggers are, is it stress, late night eating? terndz to be sadness or stress, a study gave people fatty foods and found they felt better. what do you know? so, you soothe the sadness with fatty foods. >> jamie: give us an alternative, then, if i don't go for the french fries, because i'm having a stressful day, give me an alternative. >> you will that like that. healthy foods, celery, things that -- fruit, vegetables, fiber, things we'll --
10:35 am
>> eric: baby carrots. >> jamie: with the hommus. >> the key is recognize it. the most important part and make sure that you have a gamut of therapy, whether it is cleaning the house or washing the car or walking or playing cards, something that will shut down the hunger effect, that comes as a result of the emotion and the study mark mentioned actually is important and i was fascinated by this. one of the reasons i love, "house call" on sunday, they put saline in people's stomachs as opposed to fatty foods and created a sad environment, sad music and found the ones that actually had fatty foods, they did not feel it as much, they were happy, and, the mri shows the area in the emotional part with the fatty -- division with fatty foods was not as active. there is some connection, not just mechanical, but, a biological connection between our brain and our stomachs and it is a complex phenomenon. recognize it, replace the
10:36 am
comfort foods with healthy foods and i want to say something today, there is nothing wrong with eating unhealthy foods, one in a while. yes. i said it on fox news and you heard it from us, make sure you cut count on the calories later on. once in a while it is okay to deviate. >> eric: one bite and throw it away and, get to the healthy food. >> david is pointing out, you get addicted to the foods, they signal the brain and the brain will not release happy hormones until you receive these foods. >> jamie: that's the hook. bring me the half cup cake you don't eat and we'll eat half. it will be okay. given the high stress lifestyles, that can cause eating, too, the stress, it is essential to know a few home remedies if you feel like you may be have been high blood pressure and would be surprised to know, garlic is one of them. dr. samadi, why? >> this was my favorite topic. garlic, you know, the history of garlic goes back to centuries.
10:37 am
it is recognized as a super-star of herbs and a lot of ancient egyptian doctors used it. whether it was the greek physicians, coming all the way to the chinese alternative medicine, garlic has always been around. whether it really helps or not, there are a lot of studies out there, that have looked at this. and, there is a question whether it boosts the immune system, it may help us with cardiac issues and may even have anti-bacterial or anticancer, whether it is stomach cancer or colon cancer, but, most studies are showing that the benefit from garlic, for blood pressure is only marginal, and so it is not going to be the main treatment for blood pressure. it may dilate the vessels and lower the blood pressure. but, you really want to make sure that you talk to your doctor, and use this as a complement. the main ingredient of garlic is something called alosinth and that is what causes the smell, odor of garlic, once you cook it you will lose that. and you want to be sure you take
10:38 am
raw garlic and that would be helpful. >> jamie: maybe on a night you are staying home. >> and i want to add, watermelon, this year, it was studied in the american journal of hypertension and has a substance, cytriline which actuates to amino acid and curry is studied and they all lower blood pressure, but to my patients, don't use the treatment without your doctors being aware. it may make a slight or marginal na difference but if you have high blood pressure, i need to know it and follow it and, you can't treat it with garlic. you need to know what the real medications i have to offer you are. >> jamie: good. >> eric: watermelon and parsley. you have to check with your doctor if you have high blood pressure. a new warning for parents follows a shortage of common children's medications. what doctors say you can do to try and avoid using unsafe
10:39 am
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>> eric: back with "sunday house call," dr. siegel and dr. samadi. a drug shortage forced parents to potentially use unsafe substitutes, they think. we are facing, they say one of the most severe shortages of adhd medications since they first appeared on the market. dr. siegel, why is this so troubling? what are parents to do? >> i want to say what adhd is, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which means inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity. you don't have to have that. what is going on? a lot of kids, 2 million kids with the diagnosis and they rely, many on therapy but also on system lance, like ritalin
10:43 am
and adderall. there is a shortage, why? a lot of students in college and elsewhere are taking it inappropriately because they have a test and it has been a rampant recreational use of the drug and another problem with the drugs, is they also are faced with a problem with being generic and in other words, drug companies are not making a profit on them the way we used to and we have the problem with chemotherapy and heart drugs an me indicatio medication across the board. first, do you have the right diagnosis and then you better be on the lookout to see that you have enough supplies. >> eric: what if there is not enough supply? do you go to the drug store and they say we don't have anymore? >> parents go from pharmacy to pharmacy and it is a big struggle and the kind of disease that has to be managed and there is a small window for doctors who treat this and, the appropriate dosage is critical. the big issue, as marc mentioned. there is a problem between fda and dea, drug enforcement
10:44 am
administration, because a lot of these drugs can be used for illegal and used as a drug, one thing and the other thing is, also the manufacturers are not -- there are not many of them, they are very limit number of manufacturers out there and that is a huge issue. and the issue with generic, as mark brought up, is, there is a problem because a lot of times you may not get the right dose or the amount of -- available for your kids, and, this bouncing from being too sedated or simulated is a huge problem, talk to your doctor and find out if there is a another drug they can give you, the way to go until we solve the issue. >> jamie: it's an interesting question, about other drugs, if the drug companies can't make money on it or particular drug company finds its drug and the patent goes generic -- >> there is a problem with chemotherapy and heart drugs and, you go to the emergency room and you may not have the heart drug you need. i don't want to scare people, chemotherapy is a problem, drug
10:45 am
companies refuse to make the drugs. >> you open the opportunity for other companies to get in and the problem will be solved. it is just the problem with the free market and there will always be ways to solve it. >> jamie: good issue to raise, thank you so much. do you take a cat nap during the day? after the show, lying down later? well, not so fast. if you have insomnia, a midday shuteye can be counterproductive. so, before you curl up on the couch, you want to consider whether your quick fix might backfire. when you lie down. dr. samadi, you'll take away the nap? >> that is probably the best thing that happened to us, i'm a big advocate of taking an afternoon nap. it is usually 8 hours aftery wake, 15, 20 minutes, the best you can do, and you rewire and reboot your biologic clock. >> jamie: short nap, okay. >> i like it and if you have insomnia and aren't getting enough sleep at night it will be
10:46 am
another fragment, segment that will not help you. if you look at the history of this country, from albert einstein to edison to john f. weekend to george w. bush, these guys took afternoon naps and actually helped them. i grew up taking afternoon naps and always hated it, when my mom made me do it but it worked because it shows, most of the studies, that your cognitive skills, memory and your efficiency boosts. if you look at the sleep cycle, two hours, go from short sleep to longer one and then, finally into deep sleep, the rem where you have the dreams, you don't want to take a 45-minute nap, you are really deep and if someone wakes you, you are groggy and it makes you more tired. >> jamie: the risk of the longer nap, worth warning people about. >> absolutely and recent studies show they are restorative at 45 minutes, of memory but as david said, if you have insomnia,
10:47 am
don't replace that with a midday nap, even if it helps with memory function, they are for people with narcolepsy where they are fatigued or sleep apnea where you are really not getting proper sleep because of a medical diagnosis. then you want that nap. >> jamie: medically necessary. >> i see a lot in my practice, patients with sleep apnea, owe bessie patients that wake up at night because they are not breathing well and as a result, have slept hours and are extremely tired and make sure you get the sleep study and, there are some positive pressure points that will make you sleep better. >> jamie: a big topic for a lot of people. great advice. thanks. >> eric: put the nap in, though it isn't scheduled... >> jamie: i'll call and wake you later, eric. >> eric: men, losing your hair, part of aging. now there ways to manage the pattern of baldness, the doctors will break that down when we
10:48 am
come back. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that fes like copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... keepinmy airways open... ...a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintence treatment that does both. and it's eroid-free. spiriva doesot replace fast-acting inlers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and call your doctor right away if your breathing suddenly worsens,... ...your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain,... ...or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd.
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spiriva helps meeathing with copd is no small thing. ask your doctor about spiriva.
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10:51 am
>> eric: back with dr. samadi and dr. siegel. hair loss for men may be inevitable, an inevitable part of life but there are new ways to potentially help men manage pattern baldness. dr. samadi, how do we do that and keep the nice head of hair you have. >> over 50 million men are affected by this and it really doesn't matter what you do, because a lot of genetics plays a big role in the, and, testosterone, is one of the things we talk about, is a big part of it and, dht, is the well-known factor that causes hair loss and the muscle mass and the growth of the prostate
10:52 am
and a lot of treatment for hair loss is to bring down the level of dht, and, one of the topical ones is rogaine and we hear a lot about that, and it is a topical application of rogaine, where, it lowers the dht, near the follicle of the hair and you apply it twice a day, for a lifetime and the minute you stop losing it, you lose the hair and, the other therapy is, propicia, a smaller dose of what we use for an enlarged prostate and it is quite expensive and you use it once a day, and there are side effects to it, maybe sexual dysfunction occasionally, 2% or enlargement of men's breasts, and, for most part it works really well and look, most women think that having a bald head is sexy, no big deal but if
10:53 am
you have to do it, these are the treatments. >> i get the question all the time, 30-year-old men come in and say, doc we don't want to look like you, we want to keep our hair, what do we do and i say... >> jamie: get out! >> i'm all for the rogaine but propecia, honestly, the -- you have to decrease the testosterone in the scalp by 60% and, there are sides effects like david said, with libido and erectile conversati erectile dysfunction and i want to have the conversation, do you want to take a risk? here's what your risk is if you want to go ahead with it and as long as the conversation has bend had i say i'm fine like this. i don't need it. i wouldn't take it. >> eric: you're beautiful. >> jamie: thank you. all right, a lot of people have feelings about their bodies, and, how they look, whether they are overweight or not and resort to diet pills and claim to help
10:54 am
you lose weight and curb your appetite. what does work and what doesn't when battling the bulge? dr. siegel have you found any that are safe and effective? >> the first thing is life stale changes, we have talked on "sunday house call," a lot about this, you don't jump to bariatric surgery and i'm happy to see new research that is coming to the. there is a pill coming out of great britain, oap-189 which looks at the hormones, the stomach produces, and, after you do the gastric bypass surgery that suppresses hunger in the brain and put it in a pill and give it to people, it is 5 to 7 years away, and some of the major drug companies got involved, a risk of nausea, we don't know yet. there are other pills that suppress appetite, directly in the brain. that is where the cutting-edge research is going. we aren't there and now i'm focused on changing lifestyle. >> jamie: medically necessary versus physician ordered versus
10:55 am
go to the health food store and pull something off the shelf. >> i'm glad you brought this up. over-the-counter, weight loss medications are out there. look on the internet and you see hundreds of these publicized and, the fda looks into it and you find out there is a risk of heart disease, the only one over-the-counter is ali, and, that basically depresses the absorption of fatty tissue from the bowel and it is exciting but will not be on the market for five years and this technique is by pfizer. quite exciting. >> the one david talks about, has side effects like diarrhea. you have to be careful. >> eric: coming up, healthy monday tip. we'll be right back. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms,
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10:59 am
time for your healthy monday tip. this question is relevant now because it is flu season in full swing you probably see a lot of people coughing and sneezing. is it a cold, flu? >> the answer is, if it comes on suddenly and you have a very high fever and you feel muscle aches and headaches and sore float, it is probably the flu. most of my patients think everything is the flu. it isn't the flu. the flu is peaking end of january or february every year this year just kentucky and nevada has it so far. get your flu shot. 130 million doses this year, we got plenty. >> dr. samadi? >> stay home. if you have the symptoms it is better not to contaminate others. drink a lot of fluid and take
11:00 am
anti-inflammatory pills if you are pregnant, elderly, chronic illness you have to go on medication to shorten the period. these are viral and they can pass on their own. >> thanks so much to both of you. see you next week. we want to start this hour -- with this. we want to remember the victims of a deadly shooting rampage in tucson, arizona. in less than an hour memorial services will begin with a city wide ringing of the bells. it will ring 19 times one for each of the victims from that day. >> it was one year ago today that the gunman opened fire at a crowd outside this safeway store. six were killed, 13 wounded, including congresswoman gabriel giffords who was shot in the head, -- gel give pores
11:01 am
who was shot in the head, point pwhrafrpbg. >> good morning i'm jamie coll >> and i'm eric shawn. emotional somber day of remembrance and prayer. congresswoman giffords returning to the site of that horrible massacre today. casey goal is there. >> reporter: -- good morning it started out like any other crisp, january morning here in tucson. some were at the center to do their grocery shopping. others were here to attend that congress on your corner event. a little after 10:00 in the morning gunfire erupted in this parking lot. a total of 19 were shot, six lost their lives on this day. for the next several days the world waited and watched as
11:02 am
congresswoman gabrielle giffords fought her life. she was shot, point blank range in the head at times, her doctors didn't know if she would pull through. but one year later, a true miracle to see this touching seen exclusive video of the congresswoman shot by fox news channel, visiting the shooting scene for the very first time since that day. a group of employees and member of the public applauding her, giffords was with her husband astronaut mark kelly. i had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with mark kelly yesterday, reflecting on the last year, the struggles, the triumphs and how they wanded to approach this day. -- how they wanted to approach this day. >> depending on how you think about it, seems like this was yesterday or like a long time ago as a year goes by. we've talked about what this weekend was going to be like.
11:03 am
she went over a lot of vents and made a decision on what she was going to attend. she talks about being sad about. also hopeful for the future. >> reporter: a number of events are planned for today, including a service where the six victims who died will be remembered and surviving family members will speak on their behave. gabby will attend the main memorial tonight 8:30 eastern on the university of arizona campus. the accused gunman, jared loughner remains in a facility in missouri where he's being forcibly medicaid with hopes of getting him mentally competent to stand trial. >> our thoughts and prayers of course with the giffords and the families of the victims. if you will allow us, let's take a moment to pay tribute to all at victims being remembered today. first a retired construction worker and active church member in tucson, friends and
11:04 am
family say he loved helping everyone in need. 76-year-old dorothy morris, a mother of two. friends say she loved to travel and arrived at the safeway that day to attend a scheduled meet and great with congresswoman giffords. 9-year-old christina green on the student council of her elementary school she had huge aspiration force her age. that day a family friend suggested she might enjoy seeing government in action. john was the chief federal judge in arizona. he survived by his wife maureen, three sons and five grandchildren. 79-year-old phyllis was a great grandmother her son says she loved to sew for church fundraisers. gabe zimmermann the 30-year-old was an aide to the congresswoman and engaged to be married. of course, we are going to bring you much more on this day of remembrance. coming up congresswoman gabrielle giffords and the
11:05 am
other survivors are expected to attend a vigil tonight we will bring you that part of the story live beginning at 4 p.m. eastern keep it right here on fox news channel and keep them in your thoughts. now to the primary. the gloves are really off in new hampshire. less than 48 hours until the polls open for the nation's first primary. republican candidates unleashing sharp criticism against mitt romney. in another debate that occurred earlier this morning. molly line is live with the latest. they had the debate last night then a short turn around of sleep last night and another debate early this morning was much more tess than last night's exchange. >> reporter: -- clutely last night was tame in comparison. we thought mitt romney would become the pincushion last night.
11:06 am
this morning it seems like any digs they missed out on they got them in this morning. mitt romney certainly catching a lot more flak. there was a testy exchange between himself and newt gingrich early on in the debate. >> can we drop a little bit of the pious baloney. the fact is, you ran in '94 and lost that's why you weren't serving the senate with rick santorum. you had a very bad reelection rating you dropped out of office you were out of state 200 something days preparing to run for president you didn't have this interlude of it is eventship while you thought about what to do running for president while governor going all over the country, out of state consistently. you promptly reentered politics you happened to lose to mccain as you lost to kennedy. now you are back running. you have been running consistently for years and years and years. >> and i happen to see my dad run for governor when he was
11:07 am
54-years-old he good advice. he said mitt never get involved in politics if you have to win election to pay a mortgage. if you find yourself in a position to serve you ought to do so if you think you can make a difference. >> reporter: that was newt gingrich going after mitt romney saying that he's a career politician. mitt romney defending himself saying i was a businessman throughout the course of my life i'm not just a career politician. newt gingrich pointing out some of the losses that mitt romney experienced. pretty feisty, good one for sure. >> pretty sharp exchanges there. the debates are over. what are the candidates doing in the next 48 hours? >> reporter: right, it is a busy day for sure. rick santorum and rick perry heading for south carolina, hoping their more conservative messages, really play to those voters there. mr. santorum especially going to be in one of the more conservative areas of that
11:08 am
state today. here in new hampshire, mitt romney holding two rallies, one governor christie will be attending from new jersey he has already indidded mitt romney. that will be a chance for mitt romney to -- to play up that endorsement. the other candidates newt gingrich, ron paul, jon huntsman also all holding town halls today giving voters a chance to ask questions in these final hours. >> we'll have continued coverage in this next hour. thanks molly. fox news channel is all over the new hampshire primary. tonight bret baier and megyn kelly, our special coverage begins 8 p.m. eastern time. tuesday coverage begins at 6 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. president obama starting off the year with a move that has republicans crying foul. the president anointed richard cordray to head the consumer
11:09 am
protection final bureau while all the law make away on his own. the president's approval rating has moved up and the unemployment rate is creeping down for the last couple of months. can we expect more bold moves later this year? joining us now jehmu greene and gretchen hamill ladies great to have you here today. let me ask you first, gretchen, are we seeing a more pushy president obama? >> we absolutely are. in fact, these reports say this be the operating mode the president takes on this year as he prepares for reelection. that's what his state of the union will say later this month. if congress doesn't act, i will. while this is showing leadership, i don't know if the american public will be ready for a president that uses executive orders and regulations to get the job done. >> jehmu, he has tried, on occasion, to bring both sides together. what is more important to the
11:10 am
american public and voters, that he makes these decisions on his own, as he has as gretchen points out by executive order or that he's able to let congress do its job by uniting them on some of the issues that so important right now? >> you are right jamie, has tried. he's tried multiple times. i think what is most important to the american people, they don't care about the president holding hands and singing kumbaya with the congress who has refused to act to create jobs. they are looking to this president to take action and that's what he did by appointing mr. cordray to make sure consumers have a watchdog to protect us from predatory lenders, greedy wall street manipulation that caused the recession to begin with. it is not necessarily pushy, i would say it is being effective. he has decided he's no longer going to attempt to compromise with a group of folks who i
11:11 am
look at as bullies on a playground who i think in a sense some of those republicans congressmen decided that actually they needed to destroy the economy to help defeat president obama that's just irresponsible. >> that's a pretty bold accusation. >> it is. >> i'll ask you what your thinking backs that up. gretchen this appointment, why this particular appointment? i'm certain that congressional members see the relevance of having somebody as a consumer watchdog group this committee or commission has talked about for a long time do you think the president was concerned he wouldn't pass muster in a confirmation situation? was that necessary? why pick this one as a recess appointment? is there more to this? >> i think there is more to this. i think the president knew that he probably would not be passed by the senate in order to take over this position and the president felt strongly he
11:12 am
needed to be in this position. let's look at how the president did it. he threw out 20 years of precedent of not appointing someone if the senate had been on break less than three days. the senate had been on break only two days and therefore, made this appointment on that third day. most presidents, when they have used this process in the past has made it over three days. now he's setting forth a precedent that he and other presidents that follow, including republicans can use, as making recess appointments on the weekend. >> gretchen, is the president going to score point force this recess appointment? even if you don't like the process? >> i think this is a beltway argument. the american public doesn't understand it. he will score with the unions who are incredibly important to him in 2012. >> mu? >> he will score points with voters on this, they care about the fact there is going to be a 1-800 number they can
11:13 am
call if they are having problems, seniors can reach out and have effective way of stopping people from scamming on them. i think you have to look at what the senate was doing this appointment. the president appointed cordray in the summer. a small number of republican senators decided they were going to block him even coming up for a vote. he has incredible by part san support. his record as attorney general in ohio protecting consumers, watching out for the little guy, he is absolutely respected by democrats and republicans alike. i was a procedural move to just block this agency from faking action and holding wall street accountable. >> i have to leave it there. -- i invite people to look up the credentials of richard cordray. i'm wondering where the funding and staffing is going to come from. thanks ladies. the economic down turn has
11:14 am
been difficult for everyone. men have been hit the hardest. eight of ten jobs lost, guys prompted some to call this a man-session. men workers are staging a comeback they say. 97% of new jobs going to men. what does this say about the economic recovery? brenda buttner host of bulls and bears. why the difference between men and women in this recession? >> a lot of people think men were hit harder because so many of male dominated fields were hit the hardest, manufacturing, finance, construction, because the housing down turn. and the whole mess in finance. basically, took out so many male dominated fields. so men lost a lot of jobs and now they are making up for it.
11:15 am
they were unemployed for so long now they are taking jobs in fields they might ordinary not have. what we are seeing is that even in traditionally fields that women dominate, such as retail, education, men are getting hired at rates faster than women. we see men going into education, fashion stores, jobs they might not have considered before but they've been unemployed for so long they are taking jobs now and considering careers they might not ordinary have before. >> is there a way to balance this out or is it good news that jobs are coming back? >> it is great news that jobs are coming back, number one. there's another story. that is, women are not necessarily just not taking these jobs, they are going back to college in greater
11:16 am
numbers than men are. maybe they are taking the chance to get skills that they didn't have before the recession started so they can perhaps go into more male dominated fields when this recovery is gains speed and they can go into more technical oriented jobs. it is very interesting what is going on. but men were so hard hit, of course they are going to now be hired at higher rates. it is interesting they are taking on jobs they might not have ordinarily thought of before the recession. >> we hope the recovery gains and speeds more, more jobs for everybody. brenda, thanks. more jobs and maybe more loans. record low rates on 30 year mortgages. this maybe the right time to either buy or refinance your loan and we're gonna show you how to get the most bang for your borrowed buck. one week after the serial
11:17 am
arsonist dozens of fires in los angeles there was another fire, a huge one that defer stated a warehouse in southern -- that devastated a warehouse in southern california. what happened and why? whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline.
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crews in los angeles battling another massive fire warehouse ignited it took more than 100 firefighters more than an hour to knock down the flames. one building ended up collapsing. this fire comes a week after the arrest of that suspect in dozens of arson attacks in l.a. and the -- no one was injured in last night's fire. an investigation is underway.
11:21 am
the u.s. economy had seen better days. things were looking good the last couple of weeks. if you take charge that could mean pretty big saveses this year too. especially with your mortgage. freddie mac says average rates on 30 year fixed mortgages 3.91%. a record low set weeks ago still doing little to boost the housing market it is really struggling. in today's segment, we wanted to look at how you can take advantage and why in may be the time for to you do that. real estate and business attorney joining us. the folks that i'm most concerned about, if you can afford to buy a house now you will be able to figure out now get the mortgage at this rich the people sitting with a house now that is worth less than the amount they owe, is this a time, is there a method
11:22 am
for them to benefit or take advantage right now? >> definitely. number one, because the rates are at all time lows. the other reason is becauseh
11:23 am
for 80, 90% maybe refinance and get a mortgage for part ever it to be creative in terms of the amount of a mortgage. is there a benefit to not refinancing 100% right now? >> that's an option. for folks who can pay down some they have more flexible. the rates, although they've come down are still high because so many of those lenders have taken losses. >> those are home equity lines. >> the home equity lines of credit. offering those. in that case folks may be better off getting a conventional second mortgage as opposed to a home equity line of credit. the other problem is that most of them contain provisions that allow lenders to freeze them together or revoke them. with their pants down when their home val will yous went down and their home equity
11:24 am
line of -- line of credit got lost. >> what is your number one tip, how do you find the best deal out there? is it a bank, some other financial institution, where do you go, what do you do? >> you know, you have to shop three different rates you have to go to three places. people are looking at rates, cost, you also need to look at the other terms. if you only have five, 10 years left on a mortgage you mate not want to start that amortization period all over again. -- lenders have a lot of loans that will allow you to readjust the rate on the remaining balance so you don't have to extend for another 20, 30 years. something folks should do. we want those loans paid off. >> great tip, ask for the amortization schedule make sure you are not paying so much more because you are going over 30 years see if you can tighten it up to the amount of time you have left on your loan, i like it.
11:25 am
thank you shari. you can get more of our take charge tips on a number of consumer issues go to click on the america news headquarters page at the bottom of the main page you will see a link tom of these programs. -- link to many of these programs. coming up, iran has been raising stakes again over disputed nuclear program. now they claim a new secret site is enriching you are yum but heavily for the need and underground. as they -- threat tone close the most important oral root what this means coming up. mitt romney is in front in the polls. some of the newspapers are not feeling the love. why is that? in america, we believe in a future
11:26 am
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11:29 am
iran no signs of backing down over their nuclear program. tehran starting to enrich uranium at a new underground facility. the islamic republic defying the threat of sanction after sanction saying it wail close the strait of hormuz if the
11:30 am
country's oil exports are blocked. doug mcelway live with the latest on this. doug, i don't know if it is saber-rattling or they are going to take steps. sounds like they are gearing up. do they have the military capability to block the strait of hormuz? >> reporter: they probably do have that capability, at least for a period of time. that's what it has threatened to do if the europeans go ahead with their plan to impose sanctions on iranian exports and if the united states goes ahead with its plan to sanction iran's central bank. john bolton puts credence in that threat. >> i think what you are hearing is bluster and bluff intended to try and back off the europeans from the oil sanctions they are considered. and to back often united states from the central bank sanctions congress recently imposed. which don't take effect for another six months. >> reporter: chairman dempsey speaking on face the nation
11:31 am
said iran has the capability to block the strait. but the u.s. has the capability to reopen it. secretary of defense panetta added the u.s. has made it clear it will not tolerate closing the strait to which 1/6 of the world's oil flows. >> my money is on the fifth fleet who had the goodwill gesture of rescuing some of the iranians. what about the news of the iranium enrichment facility? >> reporter: secretary panetta did not respond to that news directly. he spoke about the need for iran to do the right thing. >> the responsible thing to do right now is to keep putting diplomatic and economic pressure on them to force them to do the right thing. and to make sure that they do not make the decision to proceed with the development of a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: general dempsey, a little more specific, saying he wanted the iranians to believe that a u.s. military
11:32 am
strike wipe out their nuclear program. mitt romney said under a romney presidency iran would not have a nuclear weapon. santorum said he would bomb iran's nuclear facilities. former governor romney leading in new hampshire up to tuesday's prime area and south carolina's primary just under the corner. there morning his rivals really after him. will they dent his lead? congressman mchenry is a republican congressman from north carolina who is on the romney team. congressman good morning thanks for joining us. >> thanks it is a little chilly in manchester for a north carolinian. >> that i can understand.
11:33 am
this morning newt gingrich and santorum predicted your guy cannot beat president obama, what do you think? >> that's not what the polls are saying. the only reason we are having this discussion is because barack obama hasn't led 25 million americans are out of work, have part-time work or have given up looking for work. this president has not led. i believe that the best candidate to beat barack obama is in fact, mitt romney. he's got the best economic plan. he's laid out his vision for a more prosperous america. i think he can take that to this president and unseat him. >> why can't more republicans be convinced of that? he's had such trouble through this process. there's been the not romney, rick santorum is the latest. he hasn't broken 25%. what does he have to do tuesday? >> win new hampshire, strong showing in south carolina. i think florida and nevada look great for him this is a
11:34 am
long process. it is about getting 1150 delegates to the republican national convention, it is not about any one contest. mitt romney basically hasn't campaigned in iowa, except for like the last three weeks, to win iowa, is a huge boost. then to come to new hampshire and win, which i think he will do by a nice margin that will be the first time a republican nominee for president has actually won both iowa and new hampshire, who wasn't an incumbent. that is a huge piece of historical evidence that this candidate, mitt romney, is doing something very different than previous candidates for president. i think that's why he is going to get the nomination. >> you said he needs to have a strong showing in south carolina. do you think he will win? >> well, look, 40 years ago i watched as he got 15 -- four
11:35 am
years ago i watched as he got 15% of the vote and finished four he has a long way to go and win. i think he's going to out-perform in south carolina. i think people are seeing what happened in iowa, they are seeing what mitt romney is doing here in new hampshire. he's gotten great traction across the south. sock that i didn't think he had about six months ago -- something that i didn't think he about six months ago when i signed on with mitt romney. does he have to beat john mccain's percentage in 2008? mccain beat romney 37%-31%. was if mr. romney doesn't hit those numbers and doesn't beat expectations? >> well, that's like saying what if he didn't get the same percentage as reagan got in '76 or '80. it is not as relevant. we have the current field running. we don't have previous candidates for president
11:36 am
running or former presidents running. he's going to be judged against this field. and he's going to be judged by republican activists based on choices they are presented with. the fact is, the choices in iowa showed that he got the most votes. >> finally, there's always been a mixed issue with him. look at the newspapers and endorsements, conservative standard-bearer in new hampshire the manchester union leader endorsed gingrich. mr. romney has five endorsements of newspapers, including the "boston herald". huntsman got the boston globe, four and paul got the new hampshire press. as he goes into south carolina how come there has been such a mixed reaction? will he be able to overcome that? >> it is the same thing every candidate has to overcome. they have to layout their vision clearly that's what he is doing. in terms of newspaper endorsements, if an in.
11:37 am
by a newspaper meant something then you would have huntsman doing much better doing new hampshire and newt gingrich and all these others. instead we saw this morning and last night that all the other candidates are fighting among themselves for who going to be second, third, fourth and fifth. that says something not judgment in iowa, new hampshire it will say something in south carolina. i think mitt romney going to out-perform in south carolina on his way to the nomination. >> congressman patrick mchenry of north carolina in new hampshire, cold, you have a scarf, you don't have a hat that is pretty bold. >> i'll have a hat on in moments here. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks so much. >> great to see you sir. >> the future of health care in america. the obama administration has now taken another step with the supreme court trying too uphold a controversial part of the health care law. we'll tell you about it with florida attorney general pam
11:38 am
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go to
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welcome back. this week the obama administration urged the supreme court to uphold a controversial part of the health care overhaul law that is in place that requires americans to either buy insurance or face a fine. how can we expect the high court to decide? what is this move by the white house mean? let's ask pam bondi, florida's attorney general representing one of 26 states that is challenging the law at this point. attorney general bondi, thanks for skwroeuplg us this morning. >> thanks jamie for having me. i think we can expect that the supreme court will force the advocates to engage in a very vigorous debate over the fundamental principles of our constitution. it is about the vision that our founders had about a
11:42 am
limited principle federal government. >> in its brief that it filed, the white house, about the fact that they want the mandate to be upheld that they think it is constitutional, you disagree, 25 other attorneys general do as well. they are saying that it seems to me, it may stand in the way, if that mandate isn't there, of covering americans who need health care coverage. can you make the argument for us that you are not standing in the way of americans having health coverage? >> of course not. the obama administration they are going to try to shift the focus just as you said, away from the constitutional principles that apply here. as attorneys general throughout the country, we firmly believe this is unconstitutional. we all agree we need health care reform this is not the way to do it. this is very real and it is very dangerous, for the people
11:43 am
of america. this goes farther. they are taking this so much further than a congressional act has ever taken anything before in trying to force this federal health care act on every american simply by being alive. it is very real, it is very serious and it is very important to the people of -- the american people. >> the whole country, the whole country [ talking over each other ] >> in addition to the 26 states, i understand the importance, i don't know what the answer is. i know what the constitution says. but i'm going to leave it to supreme court to decide. you also have at least 36 republican senators that have gone on record and filed their own brief with the supreme court, saying that they agree with your position. is there anything in the brief from the white house that you would at least say is compelling in the president's argument about why it is
11:44 am
unconstitutional or is it -- winner take all in terms of your position? >> it is the same argument that they've continuously made that they believe that they have the power to do this under the commerce clause. we firmly believe they do not have the power to do this. we believe it is of great national importance because the supreme court has given us so much time to argue this case. i think the obama administration's goal is to take over 1/6 of our economy that's more important to them than abiding by the constitution and what our founding fathers envisioned when they drafted this document that we all live by. >> i understand that's your position. without a doubt the constitution is important. i imagine the candidate that you will endorse, among the gop primary seekers of the nomination, that you feel that person has it right when it
11:45 am
comes to health care. i'm going to ask you right here, right now, will you tell us who you will endorse for the nomination? >> i absolutely will this is the first time i've publicly said it. i moderated a presidential debate on fox. guy to hear from all the great candidates -- i got to hear from all the great candidates. we have great leaders. but, i firmly believe that the one person who is prepared and ready to hit the ground running and lead our country and our world out of this economic recession is governor mitt romney. and i'm very proud to endorse im. i look forward to working with him. he's asked me to work with him on many national policies, including health care. >> right here, right now, florida attorney general pam bondi you are making your endorsement clear, for the first time, that mitt romney is your candidate. and would you like to see him not only be in charge of health care, but you feel he's
11:46 am
prepared on other issues. i just want to ask, chris christie will be appearing again, new jersey's governor, with governor romney, is he someone that you see as adding to the ticket if he were to agree to be the vice presidential candidate and mitt romney does get the nomination equipment >> i know that governor romney has appeared with chris christie, i think the world of john thune, there are so many great people out there i think the world of mike huckabee. i think there are a lot of qualified vice presidential prospects out there that is obviously up for -- that that's governor romney's decision who is running mate will be. >> when you know i hope you let us know. attorney general pam bondi hot on the trail of the health care debate if the beginning. thanks for joining us, great to see you. >> thank you jamie, . new movie sparking controversy that hasn't hit
11:47 am
the theaters yet. the investigation into hollywood story about the killing of osama bin laden? liz trotta on that.
11:48 am
11:49 am
11:50 am
we certainly don't see this everyday the wild west making its way to the big apple roaming far from the ranch, cowboy and their bull kicking off the professional bull riders new season at madison square garden where julie ban bar is there live. going to give it a -- give it a try? >> i don't think so. we always like to take the bull by its horns maybe it is something we can do after we retire.
11:51 am
some of the best bull riders are competing here today against the best bulls on the planet, i'm told that's an official word from the bull riders association. they are come beating and kicking off here at madison square garden, the competition begins 1 p.m.. the riders are going to hold on for dear life. this is the first stop where fans will witness thrilling eight second rides where cowboys risk it all against bulls that weigh as much as 2,000 pounds. today is round four. riders with the 10 highest cumulative scores will van to the next stage. the overall event winner which spans 23 states before the world finals in vegas, will win a championship buckle and a million dollars. and the big bucks don't stop there breeders are racking it in. this weekend alone each bull will be earning his owner $500 if they make it to preliminary round and $1,000 if they make it to finals. >> the bull business is turned
11:52 am
into similar than the horse racing business people are breeding the bulls with blood lines. when i was riding, the bulls were every bit as rank as the ranked ones are some of them. when i was riding maybe they had 15 really ranked bulls in the united states. now there's 15 really, really ranked ones every weekend. >> of course they have to spend a lot of money. they have to travel every couple of weeks, dozens of times throughout the year to transport these bulls. they eat a truck load of hay and grain, $5 a day. some bull owners up to 1,000 bulls so it does add up. some of the owners make somewhere around a half a million dollars in rewards. i suppose it would payoff if we went into bull riding. >> risk/reward, let me think about it. >> it would mess up our hair and make up. reports claim hollywood
11:53 am
producers may have been high level access to classified documents about the killing of bin laden so they could make a movie. the administration has denied that. now there's an investigation into these claims. liz trotta will tell us what she thinks, next. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside.
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11:56 am
did hollywood filmmakers get classified information about the killing of osama bin laden for their movie? the white house has denied that. now the pentagon's inspector general is investigating. liz trotta author, journalist and fox news contributor who joins us every sunday at this time with commentary. what is this about? >> is hollywood now going to make a movie dedicated to their favorite person president obama? let's go back to how the whole thing started. it began, believe it or not, with an article by maureen dowd, her column. for once she has done something that will serve
11:57 am
humanity. the moviemakers are getting top level access to the most classified mission in history from an administration that has tried to throw more people in jail for leaking classified information than the bush administration. she wrote that shortly after the osama bin laden raid occurred. stunning raid that lifted everybody's spirits and certainly helped obama. but, the question is, there were two producers, catherine biggelow and mark boell theys had made the hurt locker which i said was a bad movie. in any case, they've been researching, they say, with lots of help from the cia and the pentagon, even before the raid. they were going to do a movie about we couldn't find obama,
11:58 am
sorry please osama when the raid went down they had to redo everything in production they said the release date was going to be in october, october right before the general election. somehow, after there was considerable rejection by republicans mainly, the date got changed to december 16th. the movie is being made -- released by sony. sony is a big supporter of president obama. huge fundraiser. so it is all cozy. enter peter king, representative, republican from long island. he several months ago asked for an investigation as to what was going on between these producers and the cia and the pentagon? he has recently said he got a letter from them in which he said the pentagon has agreed to do a thorough investigation,
11:59 am
not just a cursory one. and the cia is reviewing its guidelines. we'll probably never know. but i would tend to believe there's going to be a lot of advanced publicity, even before the election for this movie wouldn't you think so early rick? >> you think the controversy delayed the opening of it? it was supposed to open this october then they switch it to after the election. >> yes, i think there is going to be a lot of free pub bliss i don't know how real -- publicity. i don't know how real this movie is going to be they have an australian playing the lead not that i have anything against australians. the woman's role going to be a girl report went on the ray. oh please. so it doesn't really so far sound like it is going to be a true representation. if they do release any classified information, then 'l


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