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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 8, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> this is the fox report, live tonight from new hampshire with two days to go until the first in the nation's primary and mitt romney trying to seal the deal. >> and i hope to be your president and i need your vote, get out and vote! >> can anyone stop mitt romney? new hampshire? i am convinced that we're going to surprise a lot of people here. >> and the reagan conservative alternative. and with the victory in this race, for our campaign, sends a very powerful message. >> we've made it a point to be in every single corner of the state. >> one candidate, not even
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trying. >> i challenge you to go work in south carolina over the next two weeks, like you've never worked before. >> tonight, governor perry joins us live. >> but first, from fox's sunday night special edition of the fox report. live from the college in manchester, new hampshire, just 12 delegates, the first primary and it's momentum, we know that now. mitt romney trying to go 2 for 2 after winning the caucuses in iowa and he's been way ahead for many months now, but in the final days, the race is clearly getting closer. and so the former massachusetts governor up by double digits and dropped by eight points in less than a week according to the polling of suffolk university trackers and john huntsman into third place and the former governor skipped to proceedings on hawaii and now leads the former house speaker newt gingrich and rick santorum and
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former governor romney is up by 20 points. and he was feeling the heat at this morning's debate on nbc. former speaker gingrich going after romney's claim that he's not a career politician. >> can we get rid of the pious baloney, you've been running at least since the 1990's. >> we want someone who is going to stand up and fight for the conservative principles, not bail out and not run and not run to the left of ted kennedy. >> i don't know how we can do well against obama if we have any candidate that, you know, endorsed, you know, single payer systems and tarp bailouts and 15 trillion dollars worth of injection bailing out their friends. >> well, the candidates are headed right back on to the campaign trail after the back to back debates last night and this morning and since the year 1976 only one republican has lost in new hampshire and gone on to become our president. that was george w. bush in the
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year 2000. >> let's start this sunday night with team fox coverage in new hampshire. and steve brown in portsmouth about the independent voters who could make the difference. campaign carl cameron in his home state in exeter where a romney rally, it's my understanding you caught up with the front runner and what did he have to say about managing the an attacks coming at usments a man are of ng making attacks and expectations and he had the new jersey governor chris christie in tow, who was playing with the audience and got him fired up. and there's a certain degree of confidence and at ease since coming off of mitt romney although he's careful not to make any bold predictions, i asked him how do you deal with the attacks you experienced in this morning's debate and to a lesser degree, last night's debate and here is what he said. >> remember, our interviews, carl and i've been able to hold my temper. and okay. let's try that again. [laughter] >> and no, i mean, my guess
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is that it would have been harder to be able to keep your cool in the setting where you're being asked repetitive questions that are wrong, and had i not had that experience over the years. mr. romney argued that part of what has braced him for the attacks he's getting now from virtually all of his republican rivals at one time or another all said they'd rather criticize barack obama than themselves is the time he spent on the campaign trail in new hampshire and both know he's been around the track twice, having run here in 2008 and back then failed to win and this time looking for the two for you mentioned, shep, and it's worth noting, too, that no one has ever won the south carolina primary without first winning new hampshire or iowa and if mitt romney does, that mean none of his rivals can. >> what about second place in iowa rick santorum. when we were there, it wouldn't translate to new
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hampshire, is that the case? >> it's translated as far as money and enthusiasm and buzz. a successful presidential campaign takes three components. one, a positive and effective message. two, a lot of money, and three, an organization. and santorum's collected over 3 million dollars since that iowa second place showing, but organizationally, less than a week is an awful lot of time to do an awful lot of catching up on and looks as they he may have seen his surge and beginning to subside. so, rick santorum will have to go to south carolina where we'll get aggressively in the palmetto state campaign and where rick perry and newt gingrich, recognizing it's unlikely they'll be able to unseat mitt romney here and the wild card. ron paul, the texas congressman, if he comes in strong second. there will be those who say he didn't capitalize on the 8 point win in iowa and hasn't maintained momentum and goes south where the conservatively, socially for conservative republicans will beat him up even more, shep. >> carl, remember four years
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ago traipsing around manchester and points beyond and the roll paul folks were chasing around every within and couldn't get in debate and now all of a sudden, can they hold? >> it can hold in new hampshire. not only the question of the license plate that says live free or die as the motto, there's a libertarian streak here that ron paul cultivates aggressively and quite often and independents are 41% of the vote and here is the statistics that's fairly shocking. headed into the final weekend before the first official vote. 63% of new hampshire voters were considered either undecided or potentially able to change their minds. aen that's not just any poll. that's the university of new hampshire, and they know this state, they live right in the heart of it, shep. >> they sure do. carl cameron live with us in exeter, new hampshire and excuse me, when voters head to the polls, it's the independents who might have the final say and carl made some 62% of all people said
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they were undecided. . >> well, 40% of new hampshire's registered voters have no tie to any political party and with history as our eyed guide. no telling with which way they'll swing and independents pushed john mccain over the top and despite the fourth place finish in iowa and the began knit state helped to propel them to the nomination. and steve, the candidates had two debates, one last night and one this morning, to reach independents, but did they pay as much attention to them as registered republicans do? >> according to the research, they paid just as much attention as republicans do. and the polling data suggests that three of every four independents in new hampshire watch some or a lot of the g.o.p. presidential debate. >> and i have watched the highlights of the previous debates before iowa, but i definitely watched last night, and a little bit of this morning.
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>> somehow, the question is how much weekend debates, back to back, saturday night, sunday morning debates we'll have and our first clues will be the suffolk university traffic polls out monday morning where they've got a full weekend worth of absorption for all of those debates, shep. >> were the independents top of what we're interested in list jobs, had to be, right? >> yes, jobs and the economy like a lot of folks, but also, there's a strong dissatisfaction with what's going on in washington d.c. >> they're ticked. they're tired of the gridlock, the constant gridlock in washington. it's not just this year or last year, it's been through the last decade. they're tired of it, they're looking for someone different. >> and when they don't get a performance out of somebody, who's in d.c., in this state. they tend to go against them and there are a number of folks, independents who voted for president obama last go round. liberal leaning independents, planning to vote the republican primary, shep.
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>> don't take them for granted, steve brown live for us tonight in portfolios mouth. much more to come in new hampshire and tonight we're hearing about trouble inside the obama white house. the first lady michelle obama reportedly clashing with some of the president's advisors, it's history now, but laid out in a new book that claimed it got so bad, one aide even cursed the first lady. we'll get to that as fox reports live across the great granite state. st. ansell's college we've been here every four years what seems like a better part of a lifetime. never seen it without snow before. fascinating. ♪ [ smack! ] [ smack! smack! smack! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster.
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>> now there's a campaign trail. and a book explores the personal relationship between the president and first lady and advisors. the book is called "the obamas" and from the aides and
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first family's friends aen among the claims. first lady michelle obama was at odds with members of the president's staff and indicates that simmering tensions sometimes spilled, spilled over into nasty spats and a white house advisor david axlerod says a lot of it is exaggerated. i was reading today, yeah, they cursed her was true. >> axlerod apparently confirmed that robert gibbs the press secretary got so mad at her, she wasn't in the room at the time, but he cursed her because he was upset the way she handled an issue. >> shepard: yeah, about health care, actually the senate seat and the state of massachusetts and the way that got away, i believe, was the beginning of it, wasn't it? >>, but, but let me say this. >> shepard: i'm just saying what it says. >> let me say this, that it always is the case that the first lady is at odds with what west wing staff. >> shepard: sure. >> there's nobody who has the president's interests more at heart than the first lady.
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>> shepard: of course. >> and she isn't running for mayor of chicago, like rahm emanuel was and isn't thinking of consulting contracts like other people are, all she wants is for him and them to succeed and there's always a difference of opinion and i know from covering nancy reagan, she got in such a spat with donald reagan, at one point in the middle of a fight he hung up on the first lady and i found out about it reported it on the air and reagan fired him. and that's how reagan got fired. >> shepard: i don't think i remembered that. >> it's true. i played my little part. >> shepard: so proud of you, chris. hey, that debate last night. they were all night and knelt like to me, it's sort of a casual observer, that they got up this morning and realized, we've got to beat this guy up or he's going to walk away with it. >> i didn't know why. >> shepard: why are we playing
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nice here? >> and he, romney, ahead by 20 points in the polls, you've got to try to take him down and they spent more time, santorum and gingrich and paul fighting with each other who was going to come in second, than who was in the lead. not today, so much, they went after him. >> gingrich, is he the attacker in chief or sidekick or running for president or what is he doing? >> i think the answer is yes, he's running for president, but also is an attacker and some has gotten personal. >> shepard: and genuinely gotten personal. >> i don't quite know why. what's happened the negative ads for the super pacs and took him down in iowa and you know, what did he think was going to happen. this is politics and he didn't object to super pacs when the supreme court saithat in citizen's united they were legal and neither did anybody else, i don't know what he's whining about. >> whining, the word they're using about the president and i've been somewhat surprised
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they haven't spent more time attacking the president during this process. and-- >> the one who has is romney. >> certainly, ro many any. >> because romney doesn't want to get into it with them and you don't punch down and he's focusing on the president and trying to say, look, despite what these guys say, i would be a reliable, strong, standard bearer and make a republican case against obama. >> and rick perry is going to be on in a little while and i want to ask you first, when he went home to reassess his campaign, that's code in politics language for i'm going home to quit. >> oh, absolutely. he got home. who called him on the phone and said, i've got a barrel full of money for you something like that or why did he say-- >> the answer is i don't know. i'm going to ask him in a few minutes, and he'll be here live. >> i think part of it may have been pride. do i want to leave after the first race? south carolina might be a better fit for me, the military contingent there and also got evangelicals and social conservatives and maybe i don't want to quit and this is a tough guy and he's fought the wars and won multiple
7:16 pm
elections and in texas over the last decade and a half. and so, i don't know whether it was money or pride or whatever, but he's in it and i'll tell you something, in the last two debates. he did very well. >> he did. i think all the analysts would agree with you on that, and then there's rick santorum. iowa was a big thing and a big showdown in south carolina. a little bit of research will show you he doesn't have money and doesn't have an organization and i think he's got a couple million dollars in a couple of days and mitt romney has more than 30 million dollars. how in the world is he going to compete? >> here is the key. did rick santorum do so well in iowa because he's rick santorum. >> no he's not mitt. >> or musical chairs, bachmann, perry and gingrich, and he does have opportunity and money and in the center of the stage in the debates and in south carolina a better place nan new hampshire given his political profile and see whether he can stand up to it or not. >> shepard: you wonder, is he the kind of guy with the republican establishment
7:17 pm
believes would be able to take on obama and potentially win? i mean, which people from the middle are coming toward rick santorum again? >> i don't think so. a lot of them looked at the last race in 2006. when he ran against bob case lost by 18 points, more than any other incumbent this year. i know it was a bad year for republicans, but i'm not sure they're going to look at that and think this is a guy to take on barack obama. >> shepard: how was fox news sunday? i missed it, i'll watch the tivo version. >> you watch it and we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> shepard: we'll see you. >> i've never shade that to you in person. >> shepard: now, next fox news sunday, though, birthday. and there's a, no, there's football. the giants will be playing next sunday. are the redskins playing? i don't think so. chris wallace every sunday. >> you sat there and waited to do that, about the ole miss basketball. >> shepard: no i want to talk about the redskins. >> harvard ranked nationally. >> shepard: chris will be back next sundays and until then you won't see him if i have anything to do with it.
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happy new hampshire, i don't know what happened to the snow. >> it doesn't feel like new hampshire. >> shepard: all of the hot air. more to come from new hampshire i'm told ahead first in the nation, republican primary. first one year after tragedy, a triumph. [applause] >> cheers for congresswoman gabby giffords, she returned to the site where she once lay bleeding and six people died. a live look from tucson where tonight the congresswoman is expected to be on hand to remember that deadly day. we'll get a live report on that and take you across the campaign trail. that's next. er ] is zero worth nothing? ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment. or zero dependency on forei oil. ♪ this is why we at nissan built a car inspired by zero. because zo is worth everything. the zero gas, 100% electric nissan leaf.
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>> more to come from here in new hampshire, along the campaign trail. first a day of prayer and painful memories in tucson.
7:22 pm
one year after the day of a massacre that left people dead. ringing bells marked the moment that the gunman opened fire in a crowded safeway parking lot. the shooter targeted people there to meet congressman gabby gifford. she took a bullet in the head and yesterday the fuhrs time since that bloody morning she returned to the scene where she and her husband knew who died there. and gifford's aide who gave gifford whose wedding was this week. and then there's 76-year-old d dorwin stoddard. and then phyllis snek and christa -- christina taylor green, born
7:23 pm
on 9/11. >> and a candlelight vigil is planned, shepard and gets underway in just about an hour and congresswoman gabrielle gifford will be in attendance though it's not clear if she will make any remarks, as you can imagine. dozens of memorials have been going on across the city of tucson this weekend. a tearful tribute on the university of arizona campus, just wrapping up. and not far from there, hundreds packed this cathedral to pray. and they chanted, we remember, with grateful hearts. now, yesterday, i had the great privilege of sitting down with gabrielle gifford's husband, mark kelly. and he reflected on her remarkable progress this year and how they feel they should be marked. >> and it's not about gabby, you know, it's about the six individuals that died a year ago today. and it's, you know, it's, if it's a sad event, but i think it's a, you know, it's a
7:24 pm
marker in time, it's important to acknowledge what happened and for the community to get together, that's what we're going to do. >> and an emotional few days here in arizona, shepard. >> casey stegall, live for us in tucson, casey, thanks. texas governor rick perry skipped the nation's first primary as he put it to focus on the first in the south primary and he'll join us live from south carolina straight ahead, plus in a study there's a claim that mitt romney's tax plan would actually raise taxes on some americans and increase the deficits. details and reaction from a romney supporter. romney is trying to be the first nonincumbent to ever win iowa and new hampshire since they became the first presidential contests in '76. metamucil uses super hard working psyllium fiber, which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol.
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>> more ahead, but a tourist is fighting for her life and tops the other news around the world in 80 seconds. >> zimbabwe, an australian woman took his new year's eve jump and the cord snapped and plunged into the river below. and the woman struggled to swim and her feet tied together when she hit the water. despite all that, no serious
7:28 pm
injuries. just minor cuts ap bruises. new zealand, investigators back at the scene of a hot air balloon crash that killed all 11 people on board and the country's deadliest air disaster in 50 years. and it could be some time before they figure out what went wrong and the balloon burst into flames before slamming into the ground. austria, officials warning of a high avalanche risk in the western part of the country where heavy snow has already shut down roads and train service, the storm reportedly trapping dozens of people in a mountain refuge for two days, colombia. veterinarians say the rare spectacle bear cub might be dead if not for this boy. he claims he found it near his home in the rural west and took care of it for weeks without telling his parents and the vets say they'll release it back into the wild when it's strong enough. climb on, little dude.
7:29 pm
that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, live from st. ansell's college in manchester. two days to go from the first primary and he has work cut out for him as well. in fifth place in the policy polling service with just 5%. and mitt romney leads the pack with 30 and the real politics averages of all of the polls. and rick perry is not campaigning here, but for the debates this morning and he had fun this morning. did you see this? >> let me answer the question that you asked earlier. what are the three areas that you would make some reductions if people would feel some pain and i would tell you it would be those bureaucrats at the
7:30 pm
department of commerce and energy and education, that we're going to do away with. >> oh, well, governor perry, with us now from greenville, south carolina, governor, that was a good turn it around moment. who thought that one up? >> hey, shep. every now and then some of this comes out right so we're in south carolina, having our story to tell. >> excellent. you know, i was wondering, you stood at the podium and said i'm going to go home and assess my campaign and we'll get back to you and that of course is politics code for i'm dropping out of here and i'll make that announcement in my home state and instead, you went home and came out the next day and all of an is sudden, you're still running, did somebody give a money dump or you need to run for this reason? what was it, governor. >> a number of people, a lot of folks in south carolina called up and said, hey listen, you need to come to south carolina, and with a really solid primary, people that share your values and they say, a real chance here. so, that had as much to do
7:31 pm
with it as anything and the other side of it is, i'm not a quitter. and we have a good campaign organization and a lot of people in south carolina, and so, that's why i'm here and we're going to keep running, we've got a message about getting the country back working again, and we've done it in the state of texas and americans are just ready for an outsider that will come in and overhaul washington d.c. and get rid of the insiders and the corrupt relationship between washington and wall street. and they still believe that i'm the person to do that. >> you said you've got a lot of phone calls and many' sure you did and not to be, i don't know, too tough about it all, but from the looks of the polls, everybody in south carolina plans to vote for you could have called you. you're at 5% and in fifth place, if that holds do you move on to florida or what's the plan? >> listen, we're just going to take our message. and i don't put a lot of stock in polls. this early out. we haven't been in south carolina in a while so let's,
7:32 pm
let's let the people settle this and we'll let the pollsters continue to make their money, but the fact is this race is still fluid and a lot of folks in south carolina hadn't settled on a candidate yet and we're going to talk to them about, not only our vision for this country about the flat tax, how to taxes and regulations and get this country back working again, and doing it with a set of values that folks in south carolina appreciate. >> when we talk to the insider, the conservatives within the republican party and they'll say we've got too many conservatives right now. the vote is split up all over the place and it's hard, really, for us to focus on one candidate. did this come a time in your estimation, that all you needed to take a look in the mirror and for the good of the conservative wing of the party, we've got to get down to one? >> well, the issue is, is it the right one? >> and when you look at the candidates that consider themselves to be quote, conservatives and you look at the record, whether it's rick
7:33 pm
santorum who's got huge issues on fiscal matters, ate times he's voted to raise the debt ceiling and newt, individual mandate guy and i'm the only outsider who has the true fiscal conservative track record and the individual who can really make washington as inconsequential in people's lives as it can be and that's what i think americans have been looking for. >> wonder why it hasn't caught on, governor, is it the gas? when they say let's try this, what do you think leaves you at 5% in south carolina? >> i still think we've got a ways to go before. i'll talk to you on the 22nd. if it's still 5% we'll have the conversation, but it won't be. >> all right. so, south carolina, the big difference between there and here in new hampshire, i guess you figured your brand of politics doesn't sell here or whats with a the thinking when you decided to skip the granite state?
7:34 pm
>> obviously, we came in for two debates and we had good performances there and i think we did as good a job of showing there as we could. we had a rally this afternoon, and then we flew to south carolina kind of got a head start in south carolina because we think we'll do quite well here. >> governor, good luck, nice to have your aggies in the sec. >> hey, shep, it's going to be fun and maybe they'll bring their a-game. i think they're going to need it. >> i think they will. and governor, nice to see you and good luck. >> so long shep. >> joining us now is the tea party backed congressman jason chaffeets of utah and juan williams is with us as well. mitt romney supporter seem to be doing pretty good. >> taking nothing for granted, working hard. >> shepard: can't get above 25% except in new hampshire. and not a recipe for success. why does the conservative wing
7:35 pm
not like your candidate. >> they do. >> shepard: no, they don't sir, that would be a fib. >> to win in iowa and potentially in new hampshire. no, i'm greatly optimistic and i think this is about fiscal discipline. >> shepard: not a 25% problem. there's a 25% problem and what i'm asking how in the world are you going to get past it. once you've been able to say, all right, we've won here and basically won here and hoping to win, you all need to go away and then you've got to deal with your 25% problem. how are you going to do it? >> i think that mitt romney has been a uniter. >> shepard: we're pretending a 25% problem does not exist? if they were walking around the room we would have to acknowledge it. >> if we said that mitt romney was walking into iowa having spent eight days there and no waun, you can't do that, he did that. >> shepard: can't get above 25%, and can't win with 25%, that's it. >> i don't know how to avoid the fact, but i'll say this to help the congressman.
7:36 pm
the way that he's going to try to get around it, say i'm the one best positioned to beat barack obama and if you look at people who are having a difficult time settling on mitt romney as the nominee, when you ask them about their second choice they say, oh, well, i can accept mitt romney and numbers go up way over 50% and that could be persuasive. if the republican right wing tea party base, saying, you know, what, we can't stand obama and that's the and mating force that's driving it. okay, so they will settle on mitt romney. but i think it's a fact that 25% seems to be his threshold and 40% hoo-- here in and south carolina, that's a wild time where the conservatives will have to make a decision, because if no conservative. if no one conservative comes out of there, then i think that romney is going to steam roll this thing and it's going to be over. >> shepard: that's the plan, isn't it. >> last time mitt romney game in fourth and south carolina,
7:37 pm
hope he does better, a good support team out there, raising money nationally and right on message. i think debate after debate after debate, most people came to the consensus that mitt romney won the debates. >> shepard: mitt romney is doing different than the rest of them are doing. the rest of them are beating him up and he's beating up the president and i don't know how you-- >> the last two debates and what we'll see tomorrow in south carolina coming from newt gingrich is another attack on mitt romney. in terms of his business record, bain capital and the rest. >> shepard: what happened with the two of them? i asked chris wallace, why does he-- i know that newt gingrich is upset because the super pac came in and ginsu knifed him and left him bloody on the floor, and campaign dead metaphorically speaking, killed it, okay, everybody understands politics. what happened? do you have any idea? >> i don't know. >> shepard: there's some hate up in there. >> it's hardball at this level. if you can't deal with your interparty fight, what's going to happen when you get a take on the white house, this dnc
7:38 pm
and the president? come on, it's going to be a rough and tumble campaign over a billion dollars spent and-- ments he felt he got knifed. ginsu is a good analsy, he felt it got personal and the money came in in such a way as to absolutely devastate him at the high point of his entire campaign. >> shepard: yeah. >> he's not for giving about it. >> maybe when they handed the process to the billionaires, somebody should have thought about this then. >> yeah. >> 'cause that's when you needed to think about it. if everybody gets 3 or 4 to fight with each other and you don't have to put your name on it, how does that go? >> and guess what? the way to run in, the crew, the crew that's on the republican side has no problems with citizens united unlimited money contributed and gingrich is the one getting hurt and he doesn't have what romney has, which is the tremendous pocket in terms of the super pac. >> enjoys the snowless new hampshire, nice to see you. and after placing fourth in iowa, the house speaker newt gingrich is reportedly setting
7:39 pm
sights squarely on his man, mitt romney. planning brand new attacks and hoping to chip away at mitt romney's lead in new hampshire. and live from manchester, new hampshire, a state that held the first primary in each presidential election since juan was born in 1920. >> thank you. [laughter]. they offer me one-on-one guidance to help me choose my investments. not just with my savings plan here at work. they help me with all of my financial goals. looking good, irene. thanks to fidelity, i can stay on topof my fi? good one. why, thank you. whether it's saving for retirement, college, or anything else, contact a fidelity investment professional today. >> good morning, dave. >> good morning, dave. [taps on window] dave. >> both: hey, dave. >> hey. >> hey, dave. >> mr. dave...
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>> former house speaker newt
7:42 pm
gingrich over attack ads in iowa over a political action committee that supports governor romney. >> governor, i wish you would calmly state it's your millionaire friends running the pac. >> we're going to describe the difference. >> shepard: now a former aide to speaker gingrich announced a nearly 30 minute long video will hit the internet attacking governor romney ceo background, reportedly calling it a story of quote, greed. and a billionaire and supporter who has given the group behind that video some 5 million dollars. and joining us now shall the chairman of newt gingrich's campaign. former pennsylvania congressman bob walker and he's back with the fox news political analyst juan williams. 5 million dollars? >> that's what i hear, you know, we know nothing about this in our campaign. so, but that's what the press is reporting.
7:43 pm
>> i find that attitude and i'm not talking about you, sir, with great respect, but i find that attitude it's not us to be really disgusting, it's disgusting, that isn't it to you, a little bit. that the background money of the world. >> yeah. >> as hijacked the process. >> yeah. >> to which we elect our representatives? >> no, i think that the fund raising in this country has become obscene. >> yes. >> and i'm very disappointed in the way in which politics is being conducted right now, but the fact is, i mean, under the law. >> oh. >> our campaign is not allowed to. >> no, no, we don't coordinate it. >>, but we don't. >> you're about to beat out of him again which has been sort of the way of the day. >> when did newt gingrich get the hate on for mitt romney? do you know? >> the fact is the ads running in iowa were not true. that they were not factual. that they were distortions and in many cases outright lows
7:44 pm
and it's hard to get four pinochios from "the washington post" in one ad. >> shepard: and they did, four. >> and my feeling is that it is totally legitimate to have ads that present contrast and that's exactly what our campaign is doing. we're attempting to contrast newt's record, his positions, with mitt romney's. >> shepard: and with these ads? >> with the ads that we're doing as a campaign. >> shepard: a lot of those, doesn't have a lot of money, right? >> well, we raised between nine and 10 million dollars in the last quarter and so we're very competitive here. the idea that somehow, we don't have the resources to go on to places like south carolina and florida is a total misnomar because we raised a lot of money in the fourth quarter and we think that we are going to be very competitive going forward. >> now what's interesting, i mean, i'm really pleased that you said it, i think it is. but the fact is that when i talked with the gingrich
7:45 pm
folks, we didn't say anything that's not accurate in terms of the baggage that newt gingrich has in terms of what happened to him being pushed out by other republicans when he was speaker, in terms of being sanctioned by the congress, in terms of having to pay back money, so what is it that you think was so terrible that mitt romney's people had to say about newt again grinch? >> well, that it was the manner in which they were presented. and at one point they figured, either they or paul suggested that newt was fined by the house. in fact, the papers that were done at that time said specifically it was not a feen that was being done. that he was reimbursing for some expenses because he filed some paper work that caused him a lot of problems. >> shepard: that $300,000, you mean? >> the $300,000, but it was a reimbursement and it was not a fine. the ethics committee said it was not a fine and in order to be accurate people should say what it is in real terms.
7:46 pm
>> shepard: how do you think that the president in his campaign, the current president will play the baggage that comes with newt gingrich, i would say they're eating cake and saying a prayer. >> i think they're dancing around waiting for newt romney-- >> newt romney. >> my mistake, mitt romney, what they want to go after the wall street crowd, they want to go after the 1% and mitt romney is a much better target for them than newt gingrich is and in all honesty, newt gingrich withstood this kind of fire for a long, long time and best able to stand on the stage and go toe to toe with barack obama. and i think survive what is going to be a very nasty battle. >> one quick question, what do you think about these attacks on his military, lack of military service? >> what, with-- >> oh, even now. >> and i believe that having grown up in military family and having done everything he has done towards developing
7:47 pm
strategy for the military, i think he's the best equipped to be commander-in-chief. >> shepard: all right. good to see you, congressman. thank you for dropping by. good to see you. and iowa does have the first presidential contest, when it comes to choosing the nominee, new hampshire has a pressent track record. where richard nixon won more presidential primaries in presidential history. three of them between 1960 and 1972. ... ... could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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7:50 pm
>> continuing coverage of the new hampshire primary. and ed rollins. former of the reagan administration and former campaign manager from michele bachmann and mike huckabee and juan williams and political analyst from the cypress
7:51 pm
group, a nonpartisan policy. d.c. consulting firm. ed rollins back in new york today. i guess we couldn't afford a plane for him. ed, is there a conservative, oops, is there a conservative challenger or what? it doesn't much feel like it, does it? >> there is and obviously santorum got to fill that void in iowa, but he's not moving up the way that he had hoped, i think, here in new hampshire and we're still at the end of the 24 hours. at the end of the day, 75% are looking for an alternative to romney and that should be a conservative and no one seems to be emerging and you know, you've got really two more contests after this. south carolina, which obviously, is all about conservatives and then you've got florida and florida is a state wide race and the problem you've got smart people who know government and a variety of things and don't have many people with the organization and the ability to go the long haul. >> you don't and james, i'm guessing at that the tea party folks across america are
7:52 pm
astonished that they have so little play here. >> i mean, yeah, by all accounts, that should have been the year and did well in the 2010 elections and presented the challenge that they like and unfortunately, i think at the end of the day, they've got a line behind romney if he's the challenger because they hate obama that much more. in the meantime, juan, aren't the conservatives still in the race, giving them more ammunition to late mitt romney? aren't the conservatives just being told mitt romney is awful, mitt romney is awful and hard to go later, mitt romney is awesome? >> i think that's right. and what's interesting to me. it's not coming from any-- it's coming from the grass roots and remember, the tea party people had never been comfortable with romney and goes back to flip-flop and issues abortion and gay rights to romney care as we call it in neighboring massachusetts so they don't see him as able to take the fight to barack obama. and what they really want is they want a slugger, they want someone who is going to punch at barack obama and i think
7:53 pm
this is a big problem, and of course, as we just said, they're going to settle on romney if he's the nominee. >> is the sense that newt gingrich is the attack dog against romney and the white house. is that what's going on here? >> well, the problem that newt has, and he is the most effective communicator, and probably would be the best debater, but he comes off as too mean and strident. and at the end of the day you're going to like the person you're going to vote for. newt had an opportunity to put an organization together to get on the offensive to make his case positive, but instead he's now whining about being hit with negative advertising. and that's politics, i mean, he's been around the game for a long, long time and he should have anticipated this and should have responded. and he hasn't done that to date. >> james, why are all of the conservatives still in this race? surely they know that they're just dividing up their small piece of this pie? >> they hope that they will have another moment in the sun
7:54 pm
or the one that everyone unites around and unfortunately for republicans, perhaps, maybe mitt romney is the like the john kerry, out of massachusetts, consensus choice and not the one that tires up the party loyalists and at the end of the day might lose in a close race to barack obama and playing out on the republican side. >> the big question for me is threshold. when we look at the results on tuesday night. rick santorum in terms of his performance rises to the level in terms of he'll take away votes from somebody, could be ron paul and could be mitt romney. and might rise to the level. you know what he kept some of that out of iowa and it's not going to transfer down to south carolina. does mitt romney perform better than the 40% and people say, you know what, he's now unstoppable? i wonder what his threshold is, ed? is it possible if he doesn't hit 40 that a bunch of idiots like us are going to go, he
7:55 pm
failed, he failed. >> sure, i think realistically he's going to drop down a few points because the way that new hampshire is and 40 plus% who haven't made up their minds and we watch lots of switches in the end. the key thing, how well does he do with south carolina in the next days, and that's always a trap for more moderate and ready for bear when he gets down there. beat him up good. it's a trap. >> and the fire power of that magnitude. >> i'd love to have that mascot. special edition of america's election headquarters with bret baier and megyn kelly is ahead and first we'll wrap things up with the top political headlines of the day. stay with us. approach to food is tkeep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the otr guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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talk to your doctor. don't kid yourself about the risk of heart attack and stroke. if lipitor's been working for you, stay with it. lipitor may be available for as little as $4 a month with the lipitor co-pay card. terms and conditions apply. learn more at >> back in new hampshire with a special report. former massachusetts governor mitt romney coming under attack from rivals again in back to back debates here in new hampshire. and mitt romney with a comfortable lead in the state ahead of tuesday's first primary. and congresswoman gabby gifford making her way to the scene where a gunman shot her and six others one year ago today. and on this day in the year 1946, elvis presley got his very first guitar. a gift from his mom on his 11th birthday. and as the story goes, it
7:59 pm
wasn't on his wish list and he apparently asked his parents for a bicycle or a rival. instead, gladdist presley took him to the hardware store and shelled out 6.95 for a brand new guitar. it turns out she couldn't have made a better choice, ten years later released her son's major label single, "heart break hotel" helping to usher in a whole new era of music. ♪ . >> megyn: . >> before he became the king of rock and roll he was a guitar man, 66 years ago today, the boy from tupelo, elvis. now you know that he is. and sunday, january 8th, 2012, i'm shepard smith, thanks for having us around on this sunday night and we'll be back here in manchester three o'clock eastern, noon


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