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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  January 9, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EST

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i am bret baier. >> i am megyn kelly. good night tonight from new hampshire. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. line >> politics unplugged. we are here in new hampshire. you will hear the sound bytes you haven't heard the ads you haven't seen and you will hear straight from the candidates and their most important supporters and 30 new hampshire voters. let's get right to it. the debates have been essential in this campaign. more people watched the presidential debate in this election cycle than any up to now. there's nun -- one candidate that has done better than the rest. >> i think this super committee is about as dumb an idea as washington has come up with. walk in before thanksgiving and say we can shoot you in the head
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or cut off your right leg, which do you prefer? >> all of the occupied movement starts with the premise we all owe them everything. that is a pretty good symptom of how much the left has collapsed as a moral system and why you need to reassert something as simple as saying to them, go get a job right after you take a bath. >> i think that too much attention is paid by the plus core about the campaign minute unusual shaw and not enough to the press corps to the basic ideas that distinguish us from barack obama. >> newt gingrich. pleasure to be here. >> welcome former speaker of the house. (applause) oo is there something in your career that gave you the special capability that allows you to do well in the forums?
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>> i think having been a teacher helps. i always wanted to reach out to my students and get them excited about what i was saying and excited about what i was doing. i suspect serving in the house you are allowed to open the day with a one-minute, address the house for one minute. you learn to compress things differently than senators do. >> we have been talking before you got here about the debates. how nanny of you have seen at least half a dozen of them, raise your hands. this is new hampshire for you. i have another question for you all. is it the elect ability of the candidate or the philosophy of the candidate that matters most? who says elect ability? who says philosophy? so it's kind of split 50/50. which one are you? >> both. >> why? >> if you try to elect somebody who doesn't believe anything you may have defeated obama you may have fixed washington. if you pick somebody who has a right philosophy and a hopeless campaign you are not going to
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change the country. you have to look for who combines an ability to explain our values and implement them with an ability to reach a majority of the american people specifically in competing with obama which is why i think the debates will be so important in the fall. >> tell me. is he electable? >> yes. >> how many say he is show of hands? why do you think he is electable? >> i think his experience in washington. i think what he stands for for the american people makes him absolutely electable. >> i think he brings us back to the breaking conservatism. that's very important. >> back dead center. >> i think he also knows how government runs and how he can work as president where he was speaker before he knew the ins and outs of washington. >> john? >> i also think the speaker knows how to work as a team with the people on the other side of the aisle, and the man in there now does not. >> the numbers have deteriorated for you.
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they are not what they were a month ago. if they find you electable why don't the polling numbers show it? >> take away 45 percent of the ads that were negative and the polling numbers would have showed up. we are adjusting to this new reality being much clearer in the contrast largely between me and governor romney. i feel very good about where the campaign is and where we are going. this has always been his third best state after utah and massachusetts. so it's an uphill campaign. even here in the last week you can feel a momentum shift. you can see it in the town hall meetings and the gatherings we had yesterday a tremendous turnout of veterans. i feel very good about it. i think the two debates were helpful. >> how many of you have met him before? 2, 4, 6, 8. as you look at the campaign has it been fair to him and has he been affected? you are nodding your head no. why not? >> i keep hearing all of these attack ads from ron paul like
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newt gingrich is really great. he hasn't been up here enough i don't think. >> somebody else. you guys in the front row. talk to me. susan? >> i think he has got a brilliant way to express himself. i hope he is able to get that across to people. i think he does an excellent job. >> is heable to get it across to people? >> i think he needs to temper things a little bit but still be strong in what he says. >> do you need to temper things? >> yeah, i think that's a pretty good critique. my grandmother would agree with that, too. (laughter) >> some of these attack ads if you responded to some of them a little bit more i think just get rid of some of the myths that would be helpful to all of us. some of them are convincing even though they are not factual. i think if you respond to them and say like you did last night that's not true when you said i wasn't eligible for the draft would be great. you know? >> i think that's right.
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we had a lot less resources than governor romney. we were careful. we didn't want to get into a game if we respond to ad number one then we have to respond to ad number two. you talk about what they want to. >> there is a clip i want to show them of you in today's nbc debate because it was particularly powerful. let's take a look. >> we could save 100 billion a year in medicaid and medicare if the federal government were competent. that's a trillion dollars over 10 years. the only people i paying would crooks. i think a sound approach would be to improve the government not punish the american people. >> what do you cut? if you want to hold them accountable if you think washing toen is failing you which i know that you do, what do you do? you are the voters.
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don't sit there. what do you do? >> in bush's last budget i think it was for 2008 the deficit was 457, 458 billion. now we had three years of well over a trillion dollars. >> your point is? >> my point is, it was not all from the so-called stimulus program. what it was was an increase of the total bureaucracy of the federal government. >> it's really a quiet will solution you implement 9, 9, 9. that really fixes our economy right away. >> where have i heard that before. her m herman cain would love you. but notice his picture is not behind me. >> you need to take a look at every federal agency and go in there and get rid of all of that because it's useless. >> it's a spending problem first. we have to get the spending under control and stop the wasteful spending and spending
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of things we don't need like this newest consumer protection agency. i thought we already had one. why isn't that being enhanced then. >> we have to go to commercial. before we do how do you get spending under control? >> you have to elect a congress and president willing to do it. in the 90s we balanced the budget for four years. you can get it done. it is very doable. >> what do you cut first? >> you cut the crooks. who are they? >> 1 billion stole in medicare and medicaid. you bring in visa and master card you cut 91 percent of the tleft. >> we will have more from newt gingrich and you are going to see some of the most effective ads in the campaign including the single best ad against barack obama and the most popular united states senator, and so much more that i can't even remember. we will be back in a moment. thank you guys.
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let's play the ad that had the speaker so angry these last
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couple of weeks. >> know what makes barack obama happy? newt gingriches baggage. he has more baggage than the airlines. helped cause the economic collapse but gingrich cashed in. freddie mac paid him 30,000 an hour. he teamed up with nancy pelosi on global warming they sponsored a bill that gave 60 million a year to the u.n. program supporting china's brutal one child policy. he supported tax payer funding of some abortions. newt is the only speaker in history to be prep manneded. >> this is about accountability. you challenged that add now we give you a chance to pick it apart and i am going to ask your reaction. >> there are several pieces. let me take the example of the bill i co-sponsored with nance receive pelosi which is bill introduced by a republican from rhode island which dealt with a whole series of issues at a time
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when ronald reagan mexico city policy said no u.s. money could be spent overseas for abortion. so it was literally false to suggest that i was supporting abortion overseas and it was totally misleading to suggest that it was a gingrich pelosi bill. it was a claude dean snyder bill from rhode island and a generally good government bill. the second the fact is i did not team up at any point with nancy pelosi on global warming. the dumbest thing i have done -- or done in recent years was sit on the couch with pelosi. i concede that. that was a clean hit. but it's in fact not technically accurate to say that then jumped to the next stage when al gore testified in favor of cap and trade, the very same day i testified against cap and trade. it's not straight forward. i didn't get $1,000,600. mitt romney as the head of bane
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knows that. he would never allow you to say the gross revenue of bane was his personal income. he knows better and they know better. my share was 35 thousand a year because it went to a company that operates in 3 cities it was a normal corporate payment and the only time i spoke to the congress about freddie mac i told them to vote no on giving freddie mac and fannie mae a penny. new york times july 2008. >> how many of you walked in here at least leaning toward mitt romney. raise your hands. more than half of the people here. let me ask you. is mitt romney's -- or the super pack ad, is that ad correct or do you believe the speaker's response? >> what message would you give to mitt romney? >> i actually would still almost agree with the ad. with all due respect, i feel
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that there may be some things with your personal life that would lead me to believe that you can be deceptive. >> who else agrees with the ad? one other person. tell me why? >> it may have been a bad idea but the shouldn't are repeated on the idea of dealing with global warming problem. it's scientifically valid and shows if you had not down the emission you can go to nuclear power you can do a variety of other things, clean coal and new plants we are experimenting with. cap and trade is a terrible accident. you can go to the doctor you be told you need to lose 30 pounds that doesn't mean you amputate your right leg. cap and trade is equivalent of enormous government control over the economy. >> your reaction. >> my concern mr. speaker as newt romney -- i am sorry as mitt romney said -- >> you frightened a lot of
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people. (laughter) >> as mitt romney said, the obama campaign is going to be all about personal attacks and negative campaigning, so are you going to be able to hold up to his kind of advertising which is probably going to be ten times worse than anything romney's people can show. >> candidly that's why the debates are so important. any republican who thinks they are going to raise enough money to offset obama in matching negatives is kidding themselves. he has the full power of the white house all of the trial lawyers all of the labor unions all of the left wing millionaires all of the hollywood elite. if you try to fight his lies verses our lies we are going to lose. we have to run a campaign first of all with very big truth. we are for paychecks he is for food stamps. we are for defending america he is for internationals. most of his ads fall in the middle people don't care. what reagan did to carter. in the end it will come down to september and october in a
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series of debates. we had better have a nominee who can stand on the same platform with obama and decisively communicate how fundamentally bad his campaign is and more important how bad this presidency is. >> quickly give him advice in a sentence. >> that's a tough question. i think he needs to come back a little harder on romney and clarify the falseness of some of his ads. >> one sentence of advice. >> keep your brilliance and your facts. stay factual. >> the youngest person here. advice. >> i would like to know more about the underlying philosophy that led you to do the things that have been critiqued against you in that ad. >> that's exactly what this campaign is going to allow you to do. >> mr. speaker thank you very much. (applause) >> when we come back, the favorite congressman, the most
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popular united states senator the woman who would be first lady and the most powerful attack ad against barack obama. we will be right back. stay tuned. (applause)
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>> in every survey in almost every state, mitt romney has surged the lead and one of the reasons, because of ads just like this. >> this election is about more than just replacing a president. it's an election to save the soul of america. we still believe in an america that brings out the best in all of us. challenges each of us to be better and bigger than ourselves. it's time for this pessimistic
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president to step aside and let american optimism that built this great nation on this earth to lead our children. if you believe the disappointments of the last two years are a detour not a destiny then i am asking for your vote. >> i am mitt romney. i approve this message. >> how many of you have met mitt romney. raise your hands. i guess it's working the fact that he is actually living here has made a difference. in the last couple months have any of you supported another candidate but moved toward mitt romney? you have. and you have. tell me why. >> i was supporting rick santorum and to be honest i may go back to that before the prime mrier -- primaries. the reason i am supporting mitt romney now over rick santorum is i am scared to death if we don't elect somebody that can really have a chance at beating the president our country is down the tubes. >> doug in the back. >> i agree with that. this election is not about what we do. we hope we are getting somebody
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that will move in the right direction it's about electing a republican. >> i was supporting tim pawlenty and he dropped out. i felt he was a governor, a governor hound knows how to do checks and balances. that is important how to write a budget and stay within a budget. >> i love the accept of new hampshire. it's so great. >> you are one of the leaders of the conservative movement in washington, d.c. you choose mitt romney over everyone else why? >> i want to win. this is about jobs and the economy. i really do believe in my heart of hearts that the best thing we could do is nominate and put mitt romney in for the presidency. he understand the budget he did it in the private sector in the olympics and governor. i like the idea that he has only served for four years. if you are going to take it to barack obama and make the case for jobs and the economy mitt romney is by charge the best to do that he has knowledge and i
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believe he will get his fingernails dirty in cleaning up the budget. it is a mess. >> this is important not just for the presidency but for the senate and house. both are up for grabs. why would romney be the better candidate for congressional candidates like yourselves and senate which republicans hope to capture in 2012? >> one of the key things i have been telling my colleagues encouraging them to endorse mitt romney. 60 in the house and senate in terms of endorsements have 106789 he's the most well vetted candidate out there. that is so important. if you are on the receiving end of a billion dollars you know where the warts are. they don't look so bad. mitt romney looks very good. if you are talking jobs jobs, jobs in the economy you have to talk to somebody who has actually been there and done that. >> what is holding you back? >> the same wp kewent in and bought struggling companies sold off the assets and shipped the jobs overseas. he did not create jobs.
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>> that's not true. i totally disagree. i am a job mitt romney saved. he saved my job. >> i think he philosophically understands government doesn't create jobs, people create jobs. that is -- you are going to have a battle a philosophical battle in this country do we want to become an entitlement society which is barack obama or opportunity society? >> i think mitt romney understands that. >> he had a debate segment there's night which i thought as a language specialist was powerful he talked about his vision for the future and the fight for the soul of the country. let's play that debate clip and get you to react. >> what's at stake in this election is jobs balancing the budget, yes, and dealing with our extraordinary over hang from our entitlements. we have to make sure they are preserved our entitlements. we have a lot of issues we talk about. this election is about the soul of america. the right course for america is
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to return to the principles written down in the first words of the declaration of independence. we were in doubt by our creators by certain unalienable rights among them life, lip bert a-- l and pur tsuit of happiness. we have a right to pursue happiness as we choose. the question is are we going to remain a unique nation in the history of the earth. that is what is at stake in the election. >> very powerful language. what's your reaction to what's happening now and are these candidates connecting to you? >> the candidates do connect. mitt romney i really feel that he genuinely loves america. i am just having trouble really -- he's not strong enough to me. he doesn't stand up strong enough and really show himself to be as conservative as i would like him to be. however i do think that he could work both sides of the aisle. he just wasn't bought me yet. >> is rit romney strong enough for you?
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>> absolutely. he was a congressman before. >> the guy wearing shoes like that i don't know. >> by the way when pollsters get hit they go straight down. >> you have heard people say he is not strong enough. what do you say? >> the legislature was 85 percent democrats. 85 percent democrats. he inherited a $3 billion deficit without raising taxes. cut taxes 19 times and turned that into a surplus. that is powerful. he issued 800 vetoes, 800 times he vetoed bills in 4 years. conservatives love that stuff. i love it. >> in order to have done anything in massachusetts with that democratic heiress awesome. >> you are voting for him? >> absolutely. >> you have 10 seconds. make the last pitch. >> it's about jobs the economy we need a strong leader that will take the fight to barack obama there is nobody better to do that than mitt romney.
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>> when we come back senator ron paul will be here, mrs. john huntsman will be here. mary kay huntsman. you will see ads that will blow the roof off in south carolina and nationwide.
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gay rights i don't like to use those terms gay rights, women's rights, minority rights, religious rights. there's only one type of right. it's a right to your liberty. >> the right to your liberty. senat senator paul welcome to new
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hampshire. tomorrow i am going to try to catch up with the congressman. he has been drawing so many people you can't even get inside some of these halls. what is it about his message that is attracting people by the houses? >> i think the fact that he is a consistent fiscal conservative but he believes a little different foreign policy one restrained by the constitution where we only go to the war if congress votes on a declaration of war. there's some restraints. a war is not always the answer. we might have to go to war but only go to war when the people house one person votes on it they don't get to make the decision. he has more contributions from active duty soldiers than all of the candidates combined. that's perplexing to some people. they don't quite understand it. people in the military are not monolithiccally wanting to go again and again and again. they will serve their country but they want there to be rules and understanding it is not always the answer to go to war.
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>> the economic to foreign policy. your reaction to the economic p message. >> what would your father do initially if he were elected president? what would be one of his first actions? >> you know, he said he will balance the budget within three years. he is the only one saying that. he will cut a trillion dollars in spending. he would eliminate five departments. i think you can bank on that. he voted against almost every appropriations bill in the last 20-years in congress. >> how is he going to get congress to work with him to be able to do that. he can't be a dictator. >> i think he would completely agree with you. i would say the ultimate compromise we are all going to make this is something we as republicans will have to accept is it has to be cut across the board. he would go to liberals and say we can cut military without ruining military -- national defense. there are many tom coburn jim
4:34 am
demint who admitted we have to cut some mill tear spreending. the compromise has to be conservatives and liberals coming together. he has shown he can work with people on both sides. do you agree with this? >> do you agree with this? >> i would like to know one of the five things he would eliminate? >> as far as the departments he's talked about the department of education, the department of commerce, the department of energy, the department of the interior, and housing and new development. there would be a few things within those departments that he would slide into other departments, but the vast majority would end. this also separates him. we heard a candidate who says they are the reagan conservative. reagan believed in eliminating the department of education. there's only one person standing up there and is still in favor of that. ron paul was only one of four congressman to support reagan over gerald ford. he has been doing it over his whole career. many want to be reagan conservatives but they are for medicaid part d the largest
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entitlement program in the last 12 years. >> you are asking you don't agree with this. don't you want these cuts? >> i agree absolutely. we need to wake up and realize that we need to cut spending. there is nothing left for social security. i am giving my paycheck away to a program that failed. we need to get serious about these cuts. >> in the back? >> we can definitely cut things -- everything can be cut. we are already spending too much. government is way too big right now. >> nobody disagrees with his economic policy for the most part. it is everything else. >> we let go to that in one second. >> so far we see cuts. when are we going to get to entitlement. >> reaction? >> absolutely we have to cut entitlements. they are 60 percent. budget. if you take spending all of the revenue that comes in goes towards entitlement and interest. 40 percent of every dollar is
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borrowed we are borrowing 40,000 a second. entitlements have to be addressed military has to be addressed. everything has to. you can't have something off the table. >> senator watch this. how many of you agree with the foreign defense policy. raise your hand. >> we have work to do. we have some work to do. >> give it your best shot? >> here's what i can say. he has been misrepresented as far as foreign policy goes. the number one priority ron paul believes in is national defense. he doesn't believe federal government should be doing most of the things they are doing. he does think they should be providing for our national dpeens. once you say that you have to decide what is in our national defense. you have to decide where the money is going to be spent. >> back row. >> it comes across as misrepresented how can you change it? if it comes across as isolationist very 1800's. >> iran has been a big issue. he doesn't care if they get a nuclear weapon. that misrepresents his position.
4:37 am
he doesn't want them to get a nuclear weapon. he does care. can we contain iran or go to war? >> the three previous heads of central command all say a preef preempted attack could have repercussions that could hurt us and israel. they said this week they need to quit saying it's an attack against israel. the cuban missile crisis did we invade we blockaded it but eventually we negotiated and took missiles out of turkey and italy in order for russia to take missiles out of cuba. sometimes can be diplomatic. >> did he get you? let me keep trying. >> when we come back we are going to show the best ad of the 2010 campaign and we are all going to wish senator paul a happy birthday.
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and then we have great ads to show you the woman who would be the first lady of the united states of america when we come
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>> even though here in new hampshire we are focused on the election that will be held in the next 48-hours it was still an incredible political ad one that was the best of 2010 and it involves our next guest.
4:41 am
let's take a look. >> how do we defeat the washington machine? first send career politicians home by enacting term limits. next require congress to read the bills they vote on. then stop wasteful spending by requiring a balanced budget by law. stop lobbyists from taking our tax dollars and using that money to lobby for more. most importantly, expand our liberty by down sizing big government. i am rand paul and i approve this message because government is the servant not the master. >> how many agree with that ad. it's unanimous. here's my question, senator, did you beat washington in the last year? or did washington beat you? >> we have started. the first thing we did when i got there is wended ear marks. that's the first vote i took even when it called in. even though democrats want to spend new money we insist it
4:42 am
comes from someone in the budget. they are still insisting they come from new taxes or from borrowing. we are insisting they come somewhere. the dynamic of the conversation has changed. i will tell you where they are still failing. when it comes to 300 million to subsidize local airports or 200 million for amtrak we are losing half of the republicans still. when i ran i said it's not just about getting a republican it's about the kind of republican you get and we have to have ones who cut spending. >> what is it about washington that you hate so much? jibe it -- describe it to me. >> they don't do what they say. >> lack of job creation. >> you think washington should be creating jobs? >> no. they are not voting to make cuts. >> spending and making tax cuts to open up opportunities for new jobs. >> they speak out of both sides of their mouth. >> explain that. >> basically what you want to hear is what i am going to tell
4:43 am
you. if he wants to hear i am going to tell him. now it's up to you to decipher it. >> allison. >> not looking out for us. but who is going to help them and support them with their finances and winning the next election. >> i think that's one reason we have to have term limits. (applause) >> i have been there for about a year i can promise there's no monopoly. they are sometimes better sometimes worse than the average but we need turnover. >> in 2010 we got a bunch of people but nonare in leadership. we are unable to stop the process. >> are you attack the issue? >> never think of it. >> >> when message do you want to
4:44 am
send? oo we have been looking at some of the cuts in spending. we look at what pan neda did 1 trillion in the military. could have been a lot of areas we could have cut. >> i think we need to cut across the board. remember they talked about cutting 1.2 trillion. sounds good they were going to cut a lot of money. it was from the rate of increase. the debt is going up 9 trillion over ten years so they can meet their target. the debt goes up 7 and a half. $8 trillion. there are people wanting real cuts. >> it is 13 billion against the bait line. they will tell you the $500 billion cut. if you choose spending for two years it's a $9 trillion cut.
4:45 am
that's not freezing spending that's not a $9 trillion cut. >> where do you and your dad disagree? >> i can't do that today. i am here to help my dad today. >> where do you and your dad disagree. >> i think that sometimes it's in presentation. but overall message it's like my wife and i but don't agree with every issue. i like the idea of cons taugsnal government. i am a big believer of the original intent of the constitution and james madison and jefferson. but on every exact issue and every exact position not the same. sometimes it may be a difference of degree. for example i think we needless troops overseas? can it be zero tomorrow? maybe not. i think japan needs to pay more for defense i think china teedz to pay more. we send china 4-8 for goodness sakes. that's the most ridiculous thing in the world. >> you are not the only paul with good advertising. i would like to show one of the
4:46 am
most effective ron paul ads. let's take a look. >> this election is about trust. >> the one true consistent candidate. that's doctor ron paul. >> ron paul has been so consistent from the beginning. >> he seems like a more honest candidate. >> he tells the truth about what you believe whether you like it or not. >> he has never once voted for a tax increase or unbalanced budget. >> he is bold cut five departments is what we need. >> when he says he's going to cut a trillion dollars in the first year i believe him. >> ron paul,>> ron paul. >> ron paul. >> is the one we have been looking for. >> your ads are positive that ad is positive. i know from the work i have done at fox that i have been people on the ron paul web site. >> just being the son doesn't always guarantee love. now that i got such a great
4:47 am
introduction i am thinking my favorite fox announcer might be frank luntz. >> you still like sean hannity. i am thinking -- >> here's my question. how many of you in this room agree with ron paul's domestic policy. raise your hands. almost all of you. how many of you agree with his foreign policy? >> we have work to be cut out. >> the foreign policy is not always an either or situation. i brought up the cuban missile crisis. we talked about that. it's complicated and shouldn't always say the response has to be the war or bombing. there might be an in between response. one person doesn't decide this. the president does not unilaterally decide this. the constitution and founding fathers wanted to divide that power. the power to declare war. last time we did it world war ii. we fought that war when we came
4:48 am
home. that's more my father's conception of the way we fight war. >> when we come back, marrying kay huntsman talks about trust and character. john huntsman and the most powerful anti obama ad. coming up next. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling,
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>> he may have stayed out of iowa but john huntsman has gotten a lot of publicity may gos nation hide. -- nationwide. >> if you look at john huntsman's record as governor of utah, if you look at the economic policy he has butt out
4:52 am
economic policy the wall street journal which is the bible of economic conservativism said that huntsman's economic policy his plan is the best of all of the other republican candidates. this guy is 100 percent pro-life. >> his proposal is as impressive as any in the gop presidential field and certainly better than what we have seen from the frontrunne frontrunners. >> it is the best ever if you saw his plan. it is fantastic. >> first off welcome mary k huntsman. >> those are very special clips. we have not had a chance to talk about the character of somebody. you know john huntsman the best. he is knew to america because he wasn't in iowa. what can you tell them about who he is as a person? >> that's the best part of it. the person he is off the camera this person that i see every day we have been married 28 years we
4:53 am
have 7 children, three girls the john 10-12 girls they have been a secret weapon on the campaign, watching him as a father, a father, as a governor ambassador, i couldn't be more proud of the honorable person that he is. the comments that people come up to us through out the country is always the's honest, he's a common sense guy. when he got into this race, many of the republicans immediately dismissed him. because he crossed party lines and he worked for obama. for me as a wife i have never been more proud to know that he steps up and serves his country. >> can i ask you guys a question here? how many of you applaud him as a presidential candidate for having served barack obama raise your hand? who criticizes it? why isn't he doing better? go ahead.
4:54 am
>> he's probably the most intelligent guy in the race. he comes across wooden. he doesn't smile. >> you will see the real deal. >> the other thing i would say i give your husband a lot of credit for the xashth ter he presents on the debate and there's a credibility gap in american politics. you go to the web site i look for facts and figures on things there are things that are ostensibly missing. there's an incompleteness to your husband. >> can i make an offer? we have one of the clips from today's debate where governor huntsman talks about that very issue. if we can contrroll that clip. >> i think it is most likely the person who should represent our party running against president obama is not someone who called him a remarkable leader and went to be his ambassador in china.
4:55 am
this nation is divided because of attitudes like that. >> they have had enough. there is no trust left among the american people in the institutions of power and among the american people and elected officials. we have had enough. >> how do we reinstill trust? he has analyzed the problem. what's his solution? >> i think the way he conducted his life look at his record. you can tell about a person that is running for office by going back and looking at their record. i was reading an economist magazine it had four things that you look for in a presidential candidate. number one, somebody that has had government service preferably served as a head of their state which john has done. someone who has business experience. john has been in business
4:56 am
manufacturing helping family business as he went into governorship. he had that number one in business and best managed state. and the next thing was finding somebody that had extensive foreign policy. i think you all know on that stage nobody has the foreign policy background that jon has. i think in a time of need that our country is going through right now that is an important thing. >> what message would you say to him? >> i would say at a time like this where the next president has to have such extensive foreign policy experience to be able to solve the problems especially in the middle east that he has got that he has to let the american public know that those are his strong e skills. >> this candidate has an attribute no one else has. he's the best candidate. he's found a way to deal with major policy questions in ue kau to help get -- utah to help gt t reform. he's done it without partisan
4:57 am
gridlock. he's the guy that can do it. >> my concern is the economy my husband has been laid off three times in four years. how is he going to create jobs decent paying jobs to bring manufacturing into this country. i am not talking $10 an hour jobs jobs he can live on how will that be created how can he do that. >> there's one ad in the whole show and it is the ad we have been testing out of hundreds that is the most effective at challenging barack obama and his administration. are you a mom? are you a kid? this ad sounds like it came from you. watch how high it dials. this is what the american people are thinking. let's play that ad. >> sometimes it's hard to sleep. worried i guess. my job, our home, my kid's future. i supported president obama because he spoke so beautifully. things have gone from bad to
4:58 am
much worse. the stimulus would create jobs now we have huge debt and even more work. obama's solution to spend even more and raise taxes? really? we have to take away president obama's blank check. >> is it effective to you all? >> you are a mom. >> i am a mom of 7 kids. i think we have seen every emotion come through our home. i can tell you that watching john as a father he is extraordinary. we have two boys serving in the united states navy. i think of the example their dad has been to them about giving back and service. i will tell you about a year ago we went to the united states naval academy to see our son. we had been over in china. talk about the emotions of a mom and dad. >> did i cry? i don't think i ever cried that much when i first dropped him off my husband looked at him and said you don't own him any more
4:59 am
the united states navy owns him. i am so proud. i can't tell you how proud it is to watch your son step out in this united states navy uniform. the first time he saw him we went to the cemetery where he wanted to take us that's where he runs every day at the academy. he said -- my son was right in front of us. first time we had seen him in the uniform. my husband looked to me last year and said i am so worried about our country. less productive, less good, more divided than the country we got. i think that was inspired him to get out there and to get into this debate. he knows he has the ability to lead this country. the one thing we are missing is leadership. >> thank you for participating. keep your son safe. new hampshire in 20 hours if you live in new hampshire m


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