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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 9, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>> he turned around and said is this helping me? i think it is. it's what nightmares are made of. a bungee cord snapped sending tourists into crocodile infested waters. down she goes! she survives. swam to safety and is telling the death defying story. >> what a show. >> "fox & friends" promises to bounce back this week and starts right now. >> if you're doing a bungee jump and the bungee breaks, do you actually lose the security deposit? ? >> no, what happens is you do not have to wait in the line to get your turn again. you can go right to the front. say sorry, mine broke. >> because any time you do something dangerous, they always have you sign a waiver. if the bungee cord breaks like that, you can't sue them? >> oh, my goodness. can you imagine? and gators down below? >> luckily, she's ok.
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she's an australian woman. you may hear from her during this show. in the meantime, let's kick off our monday with some headlines beginning with a fox news alert. overnight, iran sentencing an american and former u.s. marine to death for spying. 28-year-old amir hekmadi who holds iranian citizenship was arrested in december. he was shown on iranian state television saying he was a c.i.a. operative sent to infiltrate the iranian intelligence ministry. under iranian law, he has 20 days to appeal. we now know the identity of the woman found dead on queen elizabeth's estate in england. her body was found in a wooded area of the state on new year's eve. the 17-year-old student from latvia was reported missing last august. police say it's highly unlikely she died of natural causes. they are in the process of questioning workers on the estate about what they may know. exactly one year after the tucson shooting massacre, congresswoman gabby giffords
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makes a rare public appearance. >> one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> giffords led the pledge of allegiance on a candlelight vigil honoring the six people that were killed that day and 13 others were injured when jared loughner allegedly opened fire under a supermarket. giffords who was shot in the head has not decided if she'll run for re-election. more sad news this morning, tony blankley, perhaps, best known for serving as press secretary to newt gingrich during the republican takeover of congress in the 1990's has died after a battle with stomach cancer. he spent six years in the reagan administration and later in life, he turned his political career into a job as a commentator. tony blankley was only 63 years old. and those are your headlines. that came as a shock yesterday. i didn't know that he was ill but he was a prominent voice in the republican party. >> friend of this show. >> yep. and, of course, he worked for newt gingrich for a while.
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2 minutes after the hour. with one day to go until the new hampshire primary, the g.o.p. presidential candidates are getting an early start to their last full day of campaigning in that state. molly lyons exhausted, she's refused to sleep for the last week. she's in manchester, new hampshire with a breakdown of each candidate's day. >> yeah, we are all running on coffee and sugar. i think the candidates are, too. a lot of them are kick off with stops at breakfasts and diners and getting in those last couple of handshakes before the voters head to the polls. the earliest they go to polls, right at midnight. these guys have to work fast if they're going to earn the undecided votes that are still out there. let's start with romney kicking things off with a business brunch or breakfast, ishtd say at the nashua chamber of commerce and then hits the metal fabricating he'll be appealing to workers and talking a lot about the economy that's on everyone's mind. ending the day with a become -- big rally, he has a big rally tonight in manchester. jon huntsman is barn storming through a ton of diners today.
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daddy pops tumble inn diner in claremont, on to mary's bakery in heneker. he's going to dover and nashua and he has a big rally later on this evening after he does the retail politicking early in the day today. ron paul a breakfast at mojo's and santorum at 8:00 in the morning, he has a town hall followed by another town hall and a meet and greet and finally a big rally today so there's a lot of retail politicking going on throughout the course of the day. a couple of town halls where people can ask their questions and a lot of handshakes from these final hours. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot, molly. appreciate it. and by the way, the one person up there, rick perry. listen, i'm not going to do well. i'll meet you in south carolina. >> see you, it's warmer down there anyway. if you were watching over the weekend, two back-to-back debates 12 hours apart, saturday night they were on abc. sunday morning, they were on "meet the press." interestingly enough, on both of them, the moderators tried to draw the republicans in to get
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them sniping at each other. on saturday night, george stephanopoulos was badgering mitt romney regarding contraceptives and then on sunday morning, it was david gregory's turn who just absolutely unleashed a string of political talking points. >> it's very interesting, though, how the republicans stacked up against those questions so saturday night, really nobody laid a hat -- a mit on mitt. >> they didn't try. >> he this didn't even try. that was fascinating. everybody said he's so far ahead in new hampshire, somebody has to do this because all these other kanld dates are pretty much the same. i know they're not exactly the same but going for that not-mitt vote. then by sunday morning, a mere 12 hours later, they did start to push some of the pufrnlz towards them and newt gingrich really had the most memorable line of that debate where he basically called romney pious baloney. pious baloney. >> delicious. let's watch. >> i realize the red light doesn't mean anything to you because you're the frontrunner.
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but can we drop a little bit of the pious baloney? the fact is you ran in 1994 and lost. that's why you weren't serving the senate with rick santorum. >> so if he's the nominee, do you support him? >> sure. >> pious baloney would be better than obama. >> yeah, but the thing is there's no way if it is romney and it's not newt and they don't team up which i find hard to believe they will, there's no way that he would be a benefit because he basically has outlined the weaknesses that maybe mitt romney has. but in terms of pious, what he was responding to was mitt romney saying look, i didn't -- he was referring to rick santorum who said why don't you run for re-election of governor of massachusetts. i'm not in this for stay for governor of massachusetts. that's my goal. that's when newt came across the aisle and newt ripped him at bane and as a liberal moderate.
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>> there's a "wall street journal" assessment of exactly how he did do at bane capital and we'll share some of that with you with donald trump at the bottom of the half-hour. meanwhile, chris christie was one of the endorseers who was out on the stump with mr. romney yesterday and one of those pesky people from one of those occupy movements got up and started shouting. little did they know chris christie was loaded for bear. watch. >> really? something may go down tonight but it ain't going to be jobs, sweetheart. >> if she wasn't so blinded by her barack obama induced anger, she'd know that american jobs are coming back when mitt romney is the next president of the united states. >> he went on to say that jon corzine who is the governor prior to him lost 120,000 jobs
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and i brought back 60,000 jobs. so it's so amazing to see his chief advocate be so different than governor romney. governor christie and governor romney couldn't be more different. it's like the older brother and younger brother. the older brother has one approach to it and the younger brother says i don't care what mom and dad thinks. >> you hope there's some sort of alignment behind the scenes going on between the two of them because if you are a republican, and mitt romney is going to be the nominee, you probably want that guy next to him to be the v.p. nominee? because of that ying and yang, right? for a while, i thought maybe chris christie endorsing him would not be a good thing for mitt romney long term. the more and more chris christie gets up and talks, the more people will be like i wish he was the guy running for president but maybe this helps him in the situation. back to newt gingrich for a minute, one of the reasons he's still in this race and why people still think i kind of like this guy, even though he went on the attack and said that pious baloney line, when he's
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immediately asked again, would you still support romney if he's the nominee? sure, i would. i think it's that ability to have an answer immediately and sound like he's not trying to hedge every bet in his answers that keeps people liking newt gingrich. >> i don't like that personally, just my opinion. >> it was raw. >> when you go after somebody personally and stop with your pious baloney so you're a liar and pretending to be above the fray. i think if you just wanted to be specific like he is every other time in his debate, just say mitt, do you really think you do not want to run for re-election? engage him but just to give his opinion, i thought it got very -- extremely personal. i expected more of that from axelrod than i would gingrich. >> sure. rick perry made some points yesterday morning. he remembered those three departments he was going to cut and he got a big laugh line from the audience there in new hampshire. meanwhile, even though he is down, you know, relative to the frontrunner, mitt romney in the polls, he's not going to quit and in fact, here's a little
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exchange where he's not quitting talking about how children are worth the fight. he's going to do it for the kids. >> you're the best. >> yes, ma'am. every chance i get to help me out, ok? get you a bumper sticker. i know you're not quite on that vote yet, are you? not quite. >> asked my mommy about it. >> if anybody wonders about why i'm in this race, that's why. i've never quit a day in my life. i have never quit in the face of adversity and i'm not about to quit on the future of america. i am going to stay in this race and stay in this fight because our children and this country are worth the fight. >> a lot of people are saying where was that rick perry a couple of months ago? you know, when he came barn storming into this race and took over in the polls and then he sort of had those lackluster debate performances? people are now saying hey, the last two times around, kind of like this guy again. is it too late? he's down at 6% and 8%.
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>> there's no doubt about it, it was his best debate yesterday, i thought it was a riot when i thought yesterday morning when he named the three things he would change in government and everybody else on the stage, what i love is the other candidates all clapped for him. >> they did. >> as if to say good, it took a while but we got him. >> even though he went back to texas to reassess, he went back because he had money in the kitty. good news for newt gingrich. he got $5 million from a big casino guy. >> absolutely right. going to help him in south carolina. look for a lot of newt ads coming soon. >> a little later, we'll break down what "the wall street journal" did today, break down what happened during mitt romney's reign at bane. was he unbelievably successful or a job killer? >> i like that. >> i just stumbled into it. it's a gift. >> let me stumble into this, a bungee jumper's cord snaps sending her straight into crocodile infested waters. this morning, that woman is
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alive and sharing her horrific story. >> remember those government health care waivers. it turns out for every waiver that went to private companies, $700 went to the unions. oh, stuart varney doesn't like that one little bit. he's coming up next. good morning, stu. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am.
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. >> they wait until friday night when nobody's watching. another document dump on the white house. this time the health and human services department released a list naming all 1,031 companies
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receiving health care waivers. >> who is getting a free pass on the health care law? it turns out a whole bunch of labor union. stu varney has been doing his labor homework and he joins us bright and early. at least you're doing your math homework. what did you find out? >> a total of 543,000 union members are now waived from accepting the new rules under obamacare. 543,000. 69,000 private employees. so these waivers are heavily skewed towards the unions which were heavy backers of obamacare. >> what does a waiver give? >> ok, the new law says you can't have an annual or lifetime limit on the benefits paid. if you're going to do that, you're going to charge a whole lot more for the premium in the first place unless you get a waiver so the unions get a waiver. it's like mini meds, that's a limited benefit package offered by some companies frpt that's going to be down away with under obamacare. do away with that, you have to charge a lot more for health
6:17 am
care coverage unless you get a waiver. >> what a sweetheart deal so all those union members in an election year will pay less for health care than they will next year. >> these waivers lasted until after the election so the price increases on what they have to pay for the health care coverage don't hit. >> that's so sweet. >> so let me get this clear, it will eventually hit, so this waiver is not a lifetime guarantee that you don't have to pay. >> that's correct. >> if they were granted late last year, they can't -- these waivers can be up for 2 1/2 years so you're ok if you're a union member within these unions, you're ok until 2013. way after the election. >> we just saw that graphic, stuart, where so many more union members are getting this benefit than private companies. do we have any information whether or not and there you can see right there, 69,000 private employees to half a million union workers. do we have any idea if more private companies applied for waivers and simply were denied and they were given to these
6:18 am
unions instead? >> a total of 1,231 waivers, organizations, 1,231 organizations got a waiver. 96 were rejected. and i believe it was mostly private enterprise companies that were rejected. >> of course! >> that's very interesting. and if you missed the deadline, you're out of luck, right? >> yes, you are. i believe that the last waivers were issued late last year, hence the document dump on friday afternoon right before the big football weekend. by the way, when was the last time president obama mentioned obamacare in any public speech? it is still unpopular and it's unpopular in part because -- >> because it's an accomplishment in a recent interview. >> was that two or one? >> it was one. >> thank you. in what line, in a bracket on the side. we'll be watching you three hours from right now on fox business network. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> coming up on our show, emergency on a packed passenger jet moments after takeoff. both pilots nearly pass out? behind the controls? we'll tell you what went wrong. >> oh, boy.
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then with all eyes on the g.o.p. presidential field, is president obama getting a pass on his failed policies? that's the question for our washington insiders. they report for duty. coming up next. ♪
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>> 22 minutes after the top of the hour. couple of quick headlines for you now. a carbon monoxide scare at the merchant marine academy on long island. 38 people hospitalized after carbon monoxide leaked from a building on the campus. police say no one seriously ill. and former m.f. global chief jon corzine can't account for more
6:23 am
than a billion bucks of his customers' money. that's not stopping him from going back into business. telling "the wall street journal" corzine is looking for office space in a small brokerage firm around the corner from the new york stock exchange. how does that happen? brian? >> please don't make me answer that question, gretch, because i don't know. all eyes on the republican primary race, who's watching president obama in the meantime? is he getting a pass on some of his policies that can be deemed failures or at the very least controversial? let's ask our washington insiders. we have a white house correspondent for talk news radio service, victoria jones. welcome, victoria and susan. good morning, susan, the chief congressional correspondent with the washington examiner. susan, to you. is president obama getting a pass? >> well, i think part of the issue is congress is not in session. they will be back on january 17th and tn we're going to be taking up yet another increase in the debt ceiling and you're going to see congress in the house vote against the debt ceiling increase and in the senate they'll vote in favor of it and it will end up on the president's desk and it will
6:24 am
happen so i think that's part of the issue but what you're saying earlier is true, everyone is really focused on the republican candidates up here in new hampshire and people aren't -- it's not getting the headlines, the fact that, you know, these big defense cuts, some new appointees to the national labor relations board and his recess appointment of richard cordray to run the consumer protection bureau is a move that republicans say could threaten the economy because it provides this guy with a lot more power than they're comfortable with and it could result in sort of government overreach. >> susan, sorry, we have no time for you. i'm only kidding. first off, let me ask you, susan, are we focusing too much on what rick santorum things about contraception and not what's happening with the administration? >> i think that debate was interesting because there was a lot of -- there's a lot of focus on social issues and less on the economy which is sort of interesting because new hampshire voters are really a lot more sort of focused on the economy and less so on these social issues as they were in iowa. that's part of the issue and just speaking in generalities about obama and not really
6:25 am
focusing on these recent events. >> victoria? >> brian, you know where there's a fox there will be a story on the president's failed policies. we're safe here. >> excuse me, are we talking about appointees that were bypassing the senate and talking about massive military cuts but yet as a nation are we discussing same sex marriage? >> you know perfectly well, you have numbers coming out last week, we had a new defense strategy. we did have richard cordray and we had the national labor relations board. there were big stories on all of those. and in fact, what happened was we had them bouncing to the republican candidates who use them in their strategy, in their efforts to run for the presidency of the united states. so we have a bounce effect and we have the payroll tax cut and the president was accused of being too much involved in that and then we had crazy stories about the president. we had was he taking too much of a hawaii vacation and then we
6:26 am
have the disgusting story about michelle obama's bottom. we have a lot of stories about the presidency lately. >> michelle obama's bottom? i don't know where that was. i must have missed that one. susan, so this is an election season. do you feel that the president hasn't gotten enough attention, perhaps, or for example, democrats when it comes to not passing a budget for the last three years, that doesn't seem to be as big of an issue. >> you know, part of the problem is the american public, their eyes glaze over when you talk about some of these issues like not passing a budget, what does that mean? i think for people right now, everybody is focused on this race. it's very exciting and i think for republicans, too, they're focused on who can beat barack obama and less on what he's doing right now. >> do you feel they might pull out overnight and the chaos that ensued after sitting on our hands in syria and in iran, close to getting a nuclear weapon as they announce another nuclear site, weaponizing that
6:27 am
uranium, do you think as though the president is getting an easy pass on that? >> well, actually, that's one. issues that i think the republican candidates have tried to highlight, even more so than some of his budgetary policies in recent debates, there has been a focus and you heard about rick perry talk about sending troops back into iraq and other candidates sort of denouncing his foreign policy so that's getting more attention here at least in recent debates for sure. >> and victoria, where do you think we'll head from here now, do you think it will equal out or as the republican has more drama on the republican side, will that give president obama more cover? >> i think what's gonna happen is that when congress comes back in session, you're going to see the president get more and more involved in the payroll tax cut discussions so you are going to see more focus on him. also, as the race really heats up, and he gets more involved in his side of it, you're going to see more focus on his side of the race but definitely you're going to see more focus on him. definitely. because there are going to be so many issues and he'll continue
6:28 am
with his we can't wait strategy and so he's going to continue to do more things that are going to really tick off the republicans with executive orders. >> right. ok, susan and victoria, great job. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, as we move ahead, don't mind china. the country is not a threat to america. did you hear about that? wait until you hear who is saying that and then hear what donald trump has to say about those who are saying that. plus tim tebow, is this true? pulling off a miracle victory and a personal record in the blink of an eye in overtime? he needed a touchdown to end it. i believe he scores. we know a place where tossing and turning
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just carry preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recommend most by name. preparation h totables. the anywhere preparation h. >> got him at the 40. it's thomas at the 50. stiff arming down to the 30, to the 20. thomas to the 10. denver is going on to new england. they win it on the first play of overtime! >> he was playing for his job and to keep alive in the playoffs. tim tebow did just that. it's your shot of the morning. tim tebow stunning the steelers in overtime. 80 yard touchdown strike in the very first play. tebow celebrating in familiar fashion drops to a knee.
6:33 am
the afc champions are dethroned and the broncos go on to play new england next. a team they stayed with for three quarters and john elway who has been anything but supportive really to tim tebow. >> suddenly loves him. >> he said he's got to let it go. he knows the quarterback position. and start believing in himself. because he had three straight horrible games. >> well, this is the one that mattered. i got to tell you, funny story. we were watching with our kids and i -- when i went to overtime, i'm going to go upstairs and get something quick and come back down knowing the umpires is saying the new rules. you both get possession time. my husband is screaming for me, gretchen, it's over! it's over! what? i come running down the stairs. sure enough, there you have it. >> one play and it's done. it was amazing. they threw for 300 yards after throwing for 60 the week before. >> he's the guy. >> pretty interesting story. >> did you see those signs yesterday, tebow for president?
6:34 am
>> they love him in denver. bigger than the team. bigger than elway. >> yeah. all right, we have some news for you on this monday morning. a pipe bomb that seriously injured a couple may have been the work of the woman's ex-husband. officers in lafayette, colorado, say this man, michael britain is a person of interest in that case. they raided his house. but he's not in custody at this hour. police say a paper bag was left next to the couple's car. their names written on it. it exploded as the woman went to open it. the couple being treated now for serious burns in colorado. >> the pilots of the british airways jet forced to make an emergency landing because they nearly passed out behind the controls. passengers report hearing panicked calls from the pilots asking for help shortly after takeoff. how would you like to be on that plane? this was happening out of london's heathrow airport. fortunately, the plane did land safely. investigators trying to figure out what caused both pilots to become light headed at the same time.
6:35 am
>> all right. it stood for 60 years and it was gone in seconds. >> the 20 story texas medical center demolished by more than 1,200 splo 1,200 explosives. they were put there on purpose. they had cracks in their foundation and were too expensive to repair. new cancer center is being built in its place. >> a nightmare comes true for an australian woman bungee jumping in zimbabwe, the rope snapped in mid air. >> she says instincts immediately took over. she put the arms over her head breaking her fall into the water. >> straight away and i felt like i had been slapped all over and i had to come down and yank the bungee cord out of what it was caught on to. >> amazingly, she was able to
6:36 am
free her legs as she was carried downstream. she swam for some rocks and waited for rescue crews. she suffered a broken collarbone and massive bruising and she's going to be just fine. you can see her injuries on her arms in which she said she felt like she was slapped a bunch of times. it's amazing those were her only injuries. >> jen roche one of our producers on the "fox & friends" program when she went to africa not long ago, she went to that exact place and they were thinking about doing the bungee jumping there. but when they got there, they thought wait a minute, this is a little rick ety. i'm not going to do that. >> that's why i go to montauk for miniature golf and less chance of getting hit in the head with a windmill. >> had she gone on it, we might have had that shot of the morning two months earlier. thanks a lot, jen! all right, let's talk about something in "the wall street journal" today you'll find very interesting. what's the number one topic vulnerability or, i guess, plus that you can say about mitt romney? he spent his time in the private sector. people say that's good, we need that now. he's been involved in big
6:37 am
business. that's pretty important. what did he do at bain capital to get so rich and successful? that's what "the wall street journal" looks at today. >> they analyze it. and this is like a precursor to what the president would do, president obama would do if he, in fact, were up against mitt romney. trust me, they're already digging deep into bain capital. 22% of the companies that he took over either filed for bankruptcy, reorganization or closed their doors by the end of the eighth year after bain first invested. additional 8% ran into trouble so that all the money that bain invested was lost. those are the negative things. but if you were an investor in bain, they put in $1.1 billion over a course of a lot of years and the return was $2.5 billion. so it appeared to always be a good investment for people who were putting money into bain capital. >> and what it shows, "the wall street journal"'s analysis is that the companies that they invested money in were company that were having trouble to begin with. so they'd see a company
6:38 am
sputtering along and say let's see if we can fix that. does that sound like the economy right now? amazing thing is they produced 50% to 80% annual gains which put them at the top of the heap when it comes to those buyout firms. so, you know, regardless of the statistics and you're right, gretch, 22% went bankrupt but they made so much money for the investors, they wound up very positively rated. >> they say the 10 firms brought 70% of the profits in and the most spectacular victories were staples, dominoes pizza, sports authority and some visioncare center, eyecare center worth $6.4 million. this is what i found fascinating. how is he going to answer this? because "wall street journal" is not something that really has made its name on attacking republicans. so how is he going to answer all this in detail? can he break it down for the people who don't do this big business, and if he's effective in fending off newt gingrich's attacks, then i think he'll be primed for david axelrod &
6:39 am
company. >> here's the thing. i'll tell you exactly how obama is going to go against him. this is what debbie wasserman-schultz talks about all the time. it will be about jobs, how many jobs were created, how many jobs were lost and that will be the way that they'll simplify their attack against mitt romney because let's face it. to read this entire thing and digest it and figure out 22% and 10%, people aren't going to listen to all that. they'll listen to jobs. >> it did come up in the debate. let's look at how it went. newt gingrich brought it up. >> in the business i had, we invested in over 100 different businesses and net, net, taking out the ones where we lost jobs and those that we added, those businesses are now added over 100,000 jobs. >> i think it's a legitimate part of the debate to say ok, on balance, were people better off or were people worse off for this particular style of investment? >> and remember, he was in the business of making money, and he was very effective at that and we have heard mitt romney in the past say look, you know, the
6:40 am
intent is to make money and to create jobs but some of the jobs did not work out. and just the fact that they were involved in a lot of organizations and companies that were already sputtering along and risky investments, sounds like he's got a pretty good record. >> they have a 30 minute movie coming out on what he did do at bain and didn't do at bain. newt gingrich is going for blood. he'll see him go at it as hard as the president is going to go at it. he was an attack dog on sunday morning and if he can withstand that, if mitt romney has the answers he'll be in good stead if he gets the nomination. >> the dnc trotted out the guy laid off at bain capital, how long until the republicans trot out somebody that was laid out effectively by the president. >> wheel out the clark guy at staples or the domino's pizza delivery guy. >> let's talk to donald trump. he'll join us in about 50 minutes from now, 7:30 a.m. eastern time, he'll talk about the american dream. he certainly has lived it and
6:41 am
worked hard to achieve it. so we'll get his thoughts on this. >> man, this is a good show. meanwhile, we were telling you about this last week. hard to forget this mom who killed an intruder to save her newborn child. >> i've got two guns in any hand. is it ok to shoot him if he comes in this door? >> so why the would-be killer's accomplice walk just one week later. brad stein here to comment shortly. >> plus criticizing the president won't play in peoria. our next guest was supposed to speak there until he said something the white house didn't like. or somebody organizing the event and now he's not going to be there. stick around. ♪
6:42 am
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6:45 am
>> welcome back, everyone. tavis smiley, you know that name, guess what, he will no longer be the keynote speaker at the annual martin luther king luncheon in peoria. his appearance was canceled after he criticized president obama for ignoring poor african-americans. here to discuss is pbs television host and the author of "fail up" tavis smiley. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you as well. you've been on this program before and you have criticized the president. you believe he hasn't done enough to raise up the poor people in the african-american community but what did you say recently that had the peoria folks decide to cancel you just recently? >> i have no idea. you'd have to ask the peoria folk and i have not spoken to them. i learned a long time about trying to tell the truth about the suffering. i believe it's the telling of truth that allows suffering to speak. when you're trying to tell truths that is on behalf of those who are politically and economically and socially disenfranchised sometimes you're going to be challenged.
6:46 am
sometimes you're challenged with merit and sometimes without merit but i have a first amendment right to free speech. folks don't have to agree or like or embrace everything i say. that's their choice. >> here is the statement from the event organizer in peoria, it became evident over the last few days that people were upset about comments that tavis smiley had made. comments that we weren't aware of. i think you started to get critical of the president, was it not when he did some of those town hall meetings across the country and you felt like he didn't go to cities where african-americans were losing out on jobs. >> i would tweak or change one word. i don't see my role as one of criticizing the president. i see mine as one holding the president, this and every other president accountable. clinton, bush, bush, any president has to be held accountable by those of us who think our calling is doing a public service to speak truth to the power and powerless. i have not been criticizing the president but trying to hold the president accountable to what i think ought to be an agenda to
6:47 am
advance the country. what i said that particularly got under their skin i do not know. sometimes the political right and i'm no defender of the political right in this country as you know, sometimes the political right gets accused of playing the game of political correctness. what this underscores is that those on the left, that democrats can play the game of political correctness as well and when six people, you got 1500 people that have already bought tickets to come to an event and six people want their tickets back and they end up trumping the entire event, that's -- that's a quintessential example of political correctness and we have got to do better than that in this country particularly in an election year. >> thank you for pointing out the fair and balanced nature of p.c. in our society. you're going to host your own event at george washington university called "remaking america" this thursday night. >> this thursday night. there's not enough conversation in this country about poverty. when 1 out of 2 americans is in poverty or near poverty, this issue has to be front and center
6:48 am
in this presidential race. the last time around in three presidential debates, mccain, obama did not mention poverty or poor. the moderators didn't raise it. we cannot go through at this critical time with all these poverty numbers so compelling, we cannot go through another campaign for the white house, gretchen, without talking about poverty. thursday night live on c span we'll be talking about poverty in this kuncountry. >> would you agree when they call this president the food stamp president? >> speaker gingrich is a thoughtful individual. i've known him for years and had great conversations with him public and private. when he goes to this level of base campaigning to appeal for votes when he's now falling behind, i think it doesn't represent the best of him or the republican party. but it's not just mr. gingrich. mr. santorum, mr. paul. when they make these kinds of statements demonizing the poor and rendering them invisible and basically starting a verbal war against the poor, it doesn't advance the party. it doesn't advance the country.
6:49 am
>> all right, tavis smiley, the best of luck with your event. sorry you won't be speaking at the other one. people can find you at george washington university this thursday night. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks, gretchen. >> coming up on our show, hard to forget this mom who killed a man trying to break into her own home. >> i've got two guns in my hand. is it ok to shoot him if he comes in this door? >> so why is that guy's accomplice now a free man? brad stein weighs in for us next. plus keifer sutherland making a major move and this time, it does not involve his emotional stability shown in taking down that christmas tree. i'm jennifer hudson, and i believe. i was strong before weight watchers, but i'm stronger with it. i believe because it works.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> welcome back. all that stood between her baby and two armed men was a door and a gun. listen. >> absolutely. well, she shot and killed one of the men. the other guy, that guy right there fled and was later arrested. now he's out on bail despite first degree murder charges because he was an accomplice and somebody died here. joining us right now to weigh in on this case is brad stein. good morning to you, mr. stein. thanks for joining us from nashville. >> nowhere else i'd rather be on monday mornings. thank god she was an oklahoma woman, the first thing they do when they're out of the womb, they give them a diaper and a
6:54 am
gun and she knew how to use it. god bless america. god bless oklahoma. >> that's right. and as we heard with the 911 call is the fact this woman, she had a guy with a big knife at the front door pounding on the door. and a guy at the back door pounding on the door as well. apparently, they'd popped some pills about half-hour earlier. her husband had died earlier, one of the theories is that they thought she might have had some drugs that they could use. >> right. right. exactly. and they let this guy out on bail. is that idiotic? is it foolish? is it stupid? yes, which means only one thing. it's a liberal idea. now, listen, i don't go around saying liberals are stupid because they're not but what they believe is stupid. this is my point. i mean, they let this guy out on bail but here's what they said. stay away from that girl. now, here's a guy that -- >> or else? . >> here's a guy who tried to break in and maybe kill this girl so to the liberal, this was a guy of integrity. a guy that you can count on.
6:55 am
a guy that is good for his word. stay away from that girl. now, why would they think that way? why do they do these things? because they think in a way that conservatives don't. they think people are really good and we're not. conservatives believe, like the founding fathers, that we are sinful people and that our nature is bad. so how do we know that? we've got a brain. have you ever seen a kid growing up, you don't have to teach him how to be selfish. you have to teach him how to share. you don't have to teach him how to be mean. you teach him how to be good. that's the difference. it's why the founding fathers made three branches of government. one guy with too much power, he'll over take it. they'll let a guy like that out as long as he promises to be nice. >> and he promised to be nice and they let him out on $50,000 bail even though first-degree murder charges. what's interesting, brad and i know you have a point about this. you always hear the mainstream media going you know what? there are too many guns in this country until you hear about a woman defending her baby with a gun. >> right.
6:56 am
exactly right. and this is what's so arbitrary and inconsistent with their point of view. if a guy takes a gun and shoots innocent people, what do they say? ban guns. if you use it to defend yourself, why aren't they saying we need to get more guns in more people's hands? it's inconsistent. they believe the solution is banning. banning has never worked ever for anything. we tried to ban liquor once in this country. oh, that worked like a charm. didn't it? you couldn't get a martini during the roaring 20's. let me tell you something, if banning worked, i got an idea, steve, why don't we just ban crime. that's what we'll do. we'll make it simple. we'll have all these evil people that suddenly have a utopian world. i was going to shoot that guy. apparently it's illegal now. there we go. >> thankfully she will not face charges because she was defending herself. brad stine, always great having you live and i like the new hair do. looks very sharp. >> thank you, my friend. god bless you.
6:57 am
>> straight ahead on this monday morning, former clinton aide turned news guy george stephanopoulos relentless at questioning mitt romney. were the questions valid or media buys aat work? tucker carlson reports and you decide. ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes? [ chuckles ] yes. yes, it does. ♪ call 1-800-steemer i had[ designer ]eeling enough of just covering up my moderate to severe yes. yes, it does. plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months,
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c'mon, it's not that... gahh, oh yeah that's gotta go... priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $4.95. only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship and return. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday, january 9th. i'm gretchen carlson. hope you had a fantastic weekend. thanks for sharing part of your morning with us. it's the last day of campaigning before the new hampshire primary and all targets are aimed on mitt romney, the frontrunner. >> can we drop a little bit of the pious baloney? we're live in new hampshire with everything you need to know. >> all right. occupy hecklers find out the hard way you don't mess with new jersey's governor chris christie. >> really? something may go down tonight but it ain't going to be jobs, sweetheart. >> meanwhile, that was a guy. i'm only kidding. new jersey governor set their record straight as you can see. we'll expand on that. >> remember that lavish alice in
7:01 am
wonderland party the president reportedly wanted to keep secret in the state dining room at the white house at halloween? now the white house wants to set the record straight. we have that and so much more. hour two of "fox & friends" for a monday starts right now. >> thanks to the new music. >> you know who it was, for the first time, the brady bunch and partridge family have gotten together and put together for our show. >> i thought you knew that. >> no, don't even think that. don't ever think that. >> brian has a scoop on who the singers are. >> it was the brady bunch and partridge family in those days and they'd always end in a song. 20 years later, we have "glee." but now -- >> do you remember any of those? >> was it peter's voice -- >> "time to get happy" wasn't it? >> was it peter's voice the one that was cracking? >> when he went through the change.
7:02 am
>> obviously, peter's voice has changed. >> ♪ come on let's get happy >> right, on partridge family. >> or the brady bunch. >> no, that was definitely the partridge family. the brady bunch didn't sing, i don't think. >> they did in the movie. >> we'll investigate that. in the meantime, let's kick off the morning with some headlines. we have a fox news alert for you, overnight iran sentencing an american and former u.s. marine to death for spying allegedly. 28-year-old amir hekmadi who holds iranian citizenship was arrested in december. he was shown on iranian state television showing he was a c.i.a. operative set to infiltrate the iranian intelligence ministry. under iranian law, he has 20 days to appeal. we know the identity of the woman found dead on queen elizabeth's estate in eastern england. her body was found in a wooded area of the state. this is on new year's eve. the 17-year-old student from latvia was reported missing last august. police say it's highly unlikely she died of natural causes. they're in the process of
7:03 am
questioning workers on the estate about what they may know. exactly one year after the tucson shooting massacre, congresswoman gabby giffords makes a rare public appearance. >> one nation, under god, indivisible. with liberty and justice for all. >> she led the pledge of allegiance at the candlelight vigil honoring the six people who were killed and 13 others who were injured when jared loughner allegedly opened fire outside of a safeway supermarket. giffords who was shot in the head point blank has not decided that she'll run for re-election. keifer sutherland is making a major move but this time it doesn't involve a christmas tree. >> that would explain everything. >> we're talking about jack bower, sutherland confirming he began shooting the "24" movie in late march or april.
7:04 am
that means i have to schedule date night with my husband a year and a half from now to go see that. >> i'm pretty sure. it's a quick moving thing. he'll be exhausted by the end. >> i wonder if it will be 24 hours long, though. >> more of a marathon. time is ticking in new hampshire, as you know, a matter of hours and that means only one thing, the g.o.p. candidates will spend their last full day campaigning before the new hampshire primary. they estimate 250,000 republicans will show up. >> well, and molly lyon has already shown up in manchester, new hampshire, with a look at where all the candidates are today because they are busy with less than 24 hours to go, molly. >> absolutely. and so are their supporters. we got a chance to stop by a couple of the headquarters in the last couple of days and they are working the phones. if you live in new hampshire, there's a pretty good chance you'll get a phone call and probably a handshake, too, in the next couple of hours through the course of the day. the candidates are just barn storming across the state. mitt romney kicks off today with kind of a business lunch. at the chamber of commerce and then goes on to the metal
7:05 am
fabricating plant to talk with workers there and talk about the economy. he ends with a big rally tonight. newt gingrich's meet and greets this morning. he'll be at the rotary. two town halls today and a big rally of his manchester headquarters tonight. jon huntsman is hitting the diners today. he's the guy if you want to have a cup of coffee with a candidate this morning, he has a couple of those lined up. he'll be in clairemont, in dover, in nashua and big rally for him tonight as well. ron paul, breakfast at mojo's, all hitting the diners today. santorum has a town hall earlier this morning and following it up with a town hall in salem and darrien and a meet and greet at the diner. if you want to have some eggs and coffee with the candidates, they'll be out there doing the handshakes. big day, last chance to connect with voters one on one before they head to the polls tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you very much, molly lyon live in new hampshire where it gets started less than 24 hours from right now. >> we know in the suffolk poll that came out, it looks like the
7:06 am
numbers can become less significant but it shows trends and shows mitt romney coming down a little bit and it looks like jon huntsman is on the march up. newt is dropping and santorum third. >> the interesting thing to me is the lack of attention to rick santorum. just a couple days after that tie or almost win in iowa. it seems like people are not talking about him as much as they were. now, maybe that will be different in the way in which they vote tomorrow night. maybe we'll start hearing about him much more when we go to south carolina as we will the other candidates. >> in new hampshire, he hasn't wound up with much of a bounce. as you look at all the candidates right there in that spt screen, we have a little -- >> i should say actually ron paul was second. >> right. >> and huntsman is third. >> right. >> we've got a couple of snippets for you, the first one is to show you is newt at one of the debates over the weekend and it he really lets mitt romney have it and it's a raw attack as you are about to see. but then later, our own bret
7:07 am
baier sat down with the former speaker to see how the status of their relationship is. so -- >> between bret and newt? >> between newt and mitt. so all that and much more in 24 seconds. watch. >> i realize the red light doesn't mean anything to you because you're the frontrunner. but -- but can we drop a little bit of the pious baloney? the fact is you ran in 1994 and lost. that's why you weren't serving the senate with rick santorum. >> so if he's the nominee, do you support him? >> sure. pious baloney would be better than obama. >> ok. >> this is his last sort of shot that he can make really against mitt romney because if newt gingrich does not place first or second in south carolina, then people will start saying his candidacy may be over. and new hampshire and south carolina are such different states that it's very interesting to see what's gonna happen in new hampshire and then moving forward to south carolina. keep in mind, south carolina
7:08 am
since 1980, the republican that has won south carolina has become the nominee for president. so it is a very important state. >> and, you know, newt wasn't attacked much but he was on the attack because he's not the frontrunner by most polls. he compared mitt romney to michael dukakis and john kerry, i don't believe that's a compliment. he ripped his days at bain saying his business success comes from raiding and destroying businesses, putting people out of work and stealing their health care. that's a guy going for the jugul jugular. if you're mitt romney, you worry if this guy is the nominee, will all these words be stacked up in various different soundbites and commercials to attack you. >> i would say yes. >> i would say you're right. >> i mean, guys, let's face it, though, mitt romney's pacs eviscerated newt gingrich in iowa. that's why he fell down in the polls there. some people that were supporting newt gingrich were upset he didn't do this earlier, that he didn't go out there and attack so, you know, you can argue is it fair game if you've been
7:09 am
attacked? would you just lay there and take it? or do you suddenly come out and point out differences between the two candidates? >> that was his strategy. >> it was. no, his strategy was to not start a negative ad but he would respond to attacks against him. >> that was relatively ineffective. now, apparently, he's got $5 million from a big guy out in the casino business and his super pac, the newt one which, of course, newt can't coordinate with is going to let mr. romney have it. meanwhile, mr. romney was at a high school in exeter, new hampshire yesterday and one of the guys who has endorsed him was really the big star. we're talking about chris christie lashing out at one of those occupy protesters who had a big mouth. >> really?
7:10 am
you know, something may go down tonight but it ain't going to be jobs sweetheart. if she wasn't so blinded by her barack obama induced anger, she'd know that american jobs are coming back when mitt romney is the next president of the united states! >> best performance by an endorser right there. governor christie went on to say we can no longer put up with the most pessimistic man in the oval office, barack obama. you listen to the president now and he sounds angry. >> i wonder if governor christie is take a sabbatical from being governor from new jersey for the next couple of months and being the wingman from mitt romney every single day because undoubtedly with that kind of fire, it helped. it helped that candidate right there. >> he's the closer. so he's looking to close the door in new hampshire and one thing they did, the romney camp looked into barack obama, how he blew new hampshire after winning iowa and they said the last thing we're going to do is be passive. barack obama says he was kind of -- they said their camp was isolated and allowed hillary
7:11 am
clinton to get momentum and they feel as though they're not going to do that. that's why they've unleashed him. >> there's a new writer coming out, you know one of the stories is that apparently i think halloween 2009 they had an elaborate hollywood party in the state dining room of the white house starring johnny depp who stood on tables and apparently the people at the party were drinking punch out of blood vials and stuff like that. the press was shown part of the public party but nobody knew about what was going on in the state dining room although apparently one of johnny depp's fan sites did show a picture of him dressed as the alice in wonderland character. >> and part of the other new news coming out this morning about that book is david axelrod was asked to respond to it yesterday. remember, he used to be the main advisor for president obama and a story about whether or not robert gibbs, the former spokesperson for president obama actually got really mad at michelle obama over certain things and cursed her out in one
7:12 am
exchange. here's david axelrod. >> is it an accurate portrayal? >> no, it's not. you can take any one incident and exaggerate. >> it's true, isn't it? >> yeah and the context of it is important. but -- and we don't have the time to rehearse it here but george, you were, in the white house and you understand that's a very -- every day is a very tense working environment. and you can have great collegiality and that doesn't mean people have exchanges and words. >> she was defending the president and has not been too happy with a lot of the staff throughout the years and i think she's -- she's a lot more of a player according to the 33 people that jodi cantor interviewed for this book. >> exactly. jodi, in the book she says they didn't want these images of this elaborate hollywood party with johnny depp in alice in wonderland leaked out during a time of recession and war. eric cantor said this yesterday if we wanted this event to be a secret, we wouldn't have invited
7:13 am
the press corps to cover it, release photos of it or post a video of it on the white house web site. we did see photos from the public stuff outside but nothing really aside from that single johnny depp shot on from the hollywood party. >> i hope that's one of the least most interesting things about the book. i mean, not having a party but the interaction with her and others, for example, rahm emanuel said, according to the book, that he stayed away from the first lady after his experience with the last first lady, hillary clinton for the most part but robert gibbs seems to have clashed a lot. for example, he worked extremely hard to kick out -- remember what carla bruny, in her book, michelle obama said to her being first lady is hell. robert gibbs worked hard to find out that translation was wrong and tried to clear it out. >> one thing for sure, all first ladies moving forward and in the past are important parts of the entire white house. that's just fact right now. coming up on the show, former
7:14 am
clinton aide turned newsman george stephanopoulos relentless in questioning mitt romney about a 47-year-old court case. that's next. >> do you believe that states have that right or not? should that be done in this case? >> contraception? it's working just fine. leave it alone. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at
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7:17 am
>> former president clinton aide turned newsman george stephanopoulos relentlessly questioning mitt romney about contraceptives and a 47-year-old court case on saturday night in new hampshire. >> do you believe the states have that right or not? should that be done in that case? >> should that be done in this case, contraception? it's working just fine. leave it alone. >> joining us from new hampshire this morning, tucker carlson, a fox news contributor and the founder of the daily caller. good morning to you, tucker. >> good morning, steve. >> you know, i don't remember hearing anybody asking questions about the deficit and debt, it's
7:18 am
saturday night but instead, we got that screwy conversation about that particular topic from george stephanopoulos. >> well, it's a burning issue, i think, in the minds of many voters whether contraception will be legal going into this next year. >> like who? >> it's insane! look, this is really a question about abortion. it's about griswold vs. connecticut which is the predicate of roe v. wade. people who aren't familiar with the topic looked on in total confusion, baffled. what are they talking about? he wouldn't let it go. this is a question that was designed not to elicit information or illuminate the views of the candidate but to embarrass him. i've asked a lot of questions like that in my life. i'll concede that. however, this is a presidential debate. the point is to let voters know what these guys think and this was an utterly irrelevant question for that purpose for sure. >> when i was watching it with my wife, i said do you have any idea what that's about and she goes nope. it does seem jaw dropping. when you think a little bit about it, there you got george
7:19 am
stephanopoulos, former spokesperson to the president of the united states, a democrat, it does look on its face like left wing bias hard at work, doesn't it? >> sure. a lot of news organizations, in fact everyone i've worked at except fox goes into these events with the idea, look, we need to tell the american people how extreme the republican candidates are and that's clearly the goal with a lot of these questions. i've been to a lot of debates recently and the question of gay marriage keeps coming up and it's pressed again and again and again. two points, one, is this even in the top 15, 50 most important and pressing issues in america right now? of course not. america is in crisis and it has nothing to do with gay marriage. second, the president himself, barack obama, has a very similar position on gay marriage to rick santorum. he's against it. but you would never know that. and you're not going to see the president asked these questions, i can promise you, hounded on this question when he gets up to debate his republican challenge. no way, the press gives him a pass on this question. >> you're absolutely right and go back four years.
7:20 am
i can't remember while the press is really hounding newt -- rather, mitt romney on bain capital, i don't remember anybody asking hillary questions about the rose law firm. >> no. no. because that was considered old news. even though most people watching had no idea, they haven't been following this stuff long enough to remember the rose law firm. of course. look, i actually think most people who moderate these debates don't think of themselves as partisans or idealogues but they are. everybody that lives near them agrees with them. there's no diversity of opinion at most news organizations. everybody is liberal. not an activist liberal but has the same assumption. they're from the same world and don't even know it. >> that's a good point. tucker is up in new hampshire right now and he's going to be part of our coverage. tucker, thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks, steve. >> what do you think about that? liberal bias in those questions? e-mail us, friends at meanwhile, the times are a changing. studies claim that religion is
7:21 am
fading and more americans are turning to atheism. is that right? lisa olstein, sister of the pastor has a different view. tim tebow pulls off another miracle with that run. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. ♪ savor and explore, a the great indoors ♪ ♪ ♪ friskies indoor delights. ♪ feed the senses. [ coughs, sniffs ] especially when you're sick. now, with new simpler packaging, robitussin® makes it simple to get the right relief for your symptoms. new simpler packaging, same effective relief. robitussin®. relief made simple. but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk.
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want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance.
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7:24 am
>> welcome back, everyone. newt gingrich claims the moderator's questions in saturday night's debate that they were anti-christian. what do you think? >> you don't hear the question asked. should the catholic church be forced to close its adoption services in massachusetts? because it won't accept gay couples which is exactly what the state has done. should the catholic church be driven out of providing charitable services in the district of columbia because it won't give into secular bigotry? the bigotry question goes both ways and there's a lot more anti-christian bigotry today than there is concern on the other side and none of it gets
7:25 am
covered. >> and that got big applause and joining me now with her thoughts this morning, lisa olstein who is the sister of joel olstein and an associate pastor and the author of a brand new book "you are made for more." good morning to you. >> good morning. glad to be with you. >> newt gingrich as we know doesn't have a problem telling it like it is and a lot of people agree with him right now, this there seems to be sort of this anti-christian attitude in america. why? >> well, you know what, there may be bias but probably a little bit of bias in everything because we do have different convictions. we have different values. and it's going to happen. and the fact is, you know, that christians have been persecuted for years, and it hasn't stopped us. and we keep getting stronger and i think it's just like in our own personal lives, many times we face persecution or opposition, but, you know, we can't let that hold us back. we got to move forward and be the person of influence that we're called to be. >> maybe he's on to something because if you look at this latest poll coming out of "usa today," it says many say so what to religion, god, even atheism,
7:26 am
look at the results here. 46% never wonder if they'll go to heaven. 44% don't spend time seeking eternal wisdom. 28% say it's not a priority to find a deeper purpose. 18% don't think god has a purpose, plan for everyone. is this because of the entitlement nation that we live in right now, lisa and many people think that's the way in which we're raising our young people? >> that sort of surprises me because we sort of see the opposite like with church. some people get tired of manmade religion that doesn't portray god in a true way. god is a good god and wants to help us daily and i think people are interested in a relationship with a god like that. we see thousands of people turning to god and i travel events with joel and see thousands of people. >> i know, it's an interesting dichotomy, isn't it, because these poll numbers show that atheism and turning to no spirituality is growing in america at the same time that we're seeing these mega churches like you're a part of. how do you explain the
7:27 am
difference? >> i think it's not only in our church but in many smaller churches all over the world. but i don't know. i think people are empty. sometimes they feel a void in their lives and they don't know where to turn. that's why we like to put hope out there and let them know that god is for them and wants to help them. >> in your book that's entitled "you are made for more" you talk a lot about the struggles in your own life. people don't know this about you. you were nearly killed by a mail bomb that you opened that was intended for your parents in 1990. what happened? >> i did open that bomb. i put it in my lap and it blew up and blew out the side instead of blowing up on me. it's a miracle that i survived that. gretchen, think about it. people have bombs blow up in their lives all the time that they lose jobs, they go through a divorce, they're in hopeless situations and god brought me through that and i want to say to people, god will bring you anything that you're facing today. >> so you also had other struggles, unwanted divorce, infertili
7:28 am
infertility, other broken dreams. does that make you more real when you stand up in front of the church that people can relate to you when they hear your story. >> i think it does and it makes me feel like i can relate to them. and people helped bring me out of those situation. god helped bring me out. it gives me the confidence that i can say to people, you're going to make it through whatever you're going to go through. you can thrive in life because i'm the happiest person in the world that i've been through some tough times. >> that's exactly the title of your book "you are made for more." it's inspirational. if you get a chance, pick it up. so great to meet you in person. we see joel and victoria all the time and now we know you. >> thank you so much. great to be here. >> next on the rundown, donald trump says china is a huge threat. wait until he hears that could be a myth. at least that's the headline this morning. the trumpster joins us next. whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee!
7:29 am
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♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. >> time for your shot of the morning. you're probably familiar with this image for one britney spears danceed with a snake during the mtv awards. here's my take on it. all right. i got set up. during our after show on friday, go ahead. >> yeah, gretchen challenged her inner britney dancing with this massive snake. this was the first time i'm seeing this.
7:33 am
what happened? >> python. >> nobody else would touch it. so i don't know. for some reason snakes don't -- >> no kidding. you're mocking it with the dance. and the sway. >> after the -- >> hold on, wait, where is the tail going? >> it was getting friend willing. >> the other swamp guy doesn't like that. >> he was afraid of them. >> the other is afraid of spiders. both overcame their fears. what else did they have? remember the crocodile they had on set or the alligator? it had a bladder problem. >> they had a lizard. they brought a bunch of scary stuff. a big frog. >> but anyway, for some reason, the python doesn't scare me as much as when brian unleash the cobra on our set. >> there it goes. >> the cobra was deadly. >> that was the problem. because we could all die. >> and you dropped it on the set. >> right. >> but all right so how did they get him off? >> the snake? >> they lifted him. >> that's it? >> yeah.
7:34 am
>> it weighs a lot, though. but anyway, we had a lot of fun on friday with those guys. hopefully theme come back at that point. headlines for you now. the pilots of a british airways jet forced to make an emergency landing because they nearly passed out behind the controls. passengers report hearing panic calls from the pilots asking for help shortly after takeoff from london's heathrow airport. the plane did land safely and investigators trying to figure out what caused both pilots to become light headed at the same time. >> wonder what happened to the passengers. meanwhile, three different grisly murders in arizona. all the work of the same man, perhaps. police say that's a possibility. they're investigating whether the suspect who opened fire on deputy william coleman yesterday is the same person who shot and killed a new hampshire couple visiting sedona on friday. cops say in both incidents, a high powered rifle was used, the 40-year-old gunman was eventually killed by police after he shot deputy coleman. >> recall of some popular over
7:35 am
the counter meds you should know about includes some bottles excedrin no doze and they say the bottles could contain stray pills from other medicine. they're worried that people might unknownly take pills they're allergic to or create a bad mix. no sicknesses have been reported so far. >> tim tebow pulls off another miracle kind of stunning the steelers with an 80-yard overtime touchdown pass. let's listen. >> got him at the 40. thomas at the 50. stiff arm got him to the 30. to the 20. thomas to the 10. going on to new england, they win it on the first play of overtime! >> he found somebody open. i can't believe that's the pittsburgh defense. he connected with thomas. tebow to thomas there put them up 29-23 in overtime. that was the win. they're celebrating in familiar fashion. he does the tebow named after him. threw for 316 yards. no interceptions, no fumbles, no
7:36 am
touchdowns. personal record for him. broncos moving on to face new england. the giants played earlier in the day and the giants had a -- just thrashed the atlanta falcons at home. they'll play the packers. >> he will. and there goes tim tebow down on a single knee. >> meanwhile, let's take a look at the weather. more than 18 feet of snow fell this past week in cordova, alaska. look at that. that's the guy on the roof with a shovel to make sure his front porch does not collapse. meanwhile, we've got two people shovelling on the roof digging out their place, as you can see right there. and we've got a third house buried in snow. can you imagine doing all that shovelling? well, that's what happens during the winter. >> and that's your fox travelcast. as you look at the map right here, you can see widely scattered showers from the mid atlantic down through portions of texas, northern plains, it's nice and dry and as you head out the door, real quickly, the temperatures as you can see a lot of 20's and 30's in the northern third. only 8 right now in caribou.
7:37 am
warmer in the mid atlantic. >> hey, joining us right now is the man who is the author of this book, "time to get tough" donald trump. plenty tough himself. welcome to the week. >> good morning. >> first off, i have to tell you, t"the wall street journal" i don't know if your paperboy got there yet, they did a whole breakdown of bain capital and what mitt romney did or didn't do. 22% of his businesses either filed for bankruptcy or reorganization or closed their door. at the end of the eighth year. what does some of the stuff mean to you for the nonventure capitalists? >> a lot of the companies that were really bought by them were in trouble to start off with. they bought them to fix them. when you file for bankruptcy, that's a business tool that a lot of people have used. i've useed it in the past and many people have used it. many very successful people have used it. not a personal bankruptcy. you use the bankruptcy laws and use the laws of the nation to straighten things out so the fact that they filed for bankruptcy doesn't mean much because they bought troubled
7:38 am
companies. these were company that were in big trouble before they bought them. >> you know that the democratic national committee's strategy and probably president obama's if romney is the nominee is to attack from the job perspective. they'll simplify this whole thing. let's face it, the average american is not studying private equity on a daily basis. what they're going to say is, hey, a lot of people lost their jobs when mitt romney took over their company. how do you think he should respond to that and will it be effective? >> you have numerous companies, solyndra being the baby doll of all of them. you have, you know, solyndra where they invested $500 billion, the government and all of a sudden, wall street geniuses are politicians and led by obama and then the company closed. everybody lost their job. but you have numerous ones, i've been seeing them on your show and reading about many other companies where they were all of a sudden, investment bankers. i think it's very easy to respond to obama. i mean, what he's done is unbelievable. >> sure. according to "the wall street journal", at the end of a couple
7:39 am
of years, through bain capital's history with mr. romney, they had 50% to 80% annual gains among the best records with buyout firms. >> and they created jobs. there were ultimately jobs created. >> domino's pizza, staples and sports authority amongst them. >> donald, when you mentioned bain capital took under their wing a bunch of risky companies or companies on the brink of going off the edge anyway, that's a turn around guy that the country can use, his people would say. >> was it a turn around in many cases and as example, take solyndra. we got duped into going into solyndra. we got duped because our people weren't smart enough. bain probably wouldn't have gone into that deal. if you look at what's happening with that type of company, china is making products so, so cheaply and not very effectively, by the way. but so cheaply that the solyndras of the world could never have made it under a
7:40 am
million -- in a million years, couldn't have -- so a company like bain and smart wall street types wouldn't have made that investment and saved more than half a billion dollars. >> i want to bring your attention to a "washington post" poll or breakdown about the top five american myths and one of them is probably going to get under your skin. let's list them. the american dream is about getting rich, home ownership is the american dream. the american dream is american. and here's the one i'm talking about. china threatens the american dream. they say that that is a myth. do you buy into that? >> china is doing a number in this country and they're really hurting the american dream. if we don't do something about it very quickly, we won't have much of a country left. we have to do something about china and other countries. but china really is the poster child for this. >> why would they say that? >> well, it's "the washington post." and they have a very, very liberal bent. and they're trying to get obama elected under any cost. i mean, i've seen it. i've seen the stories that are written about him that should be
7:41 am
horrible stories and they're puff pieces. >> right. governor huntsman came out and spoke a little mandarin and said all those people who want to champ down on china has to realize there will be a backlash. let's listen to governor huntsman showing off some manlied mandarin. >> we have to get along. i'll tell the chinese it's time to stop. you have to play by the rules. i will not let you kill american jobs any longer. >> it's important to note, as they would say in china, -- >> he doesn't quite understand this situation. >> what do you think of that? >> i don't think the mandarin thing worked at all. i think it was ridiculous and i think huntsman stands where china is. maybe he's an obama plant. maybe he is. maybe he's an obama plant. i watched his dance on china and it's so pathetic and so weak that china would have another four years of the field day. they are having a field day with the united states and their leadership. i've watched huntsman.
7:42 am
i've seen him. he called and wanted to come up and see me. i've watched him. i've seen everything he's done and said about china. and i could never vote for him on that basis. >> interesting. >> we'll leave it there with donald trump. once again speaking his mind and giving us his opinions. have a great week. see you next week. >> thank you very much. bye. >> straight ahead, the biggest products show in the country is about to open its doors. we're there live with what's on tap in 2012. >> and a military wife ordered to tear down that treehouse while her husband is still away at war. seriously, the whole family here this hour. >> first, the trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1978, this athlete legally changed his name to match the number on his jersey. who is he? be the first to e-mail us, friends at with the correct answer and send you something spiffy. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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>> all right. captain in the u.s. air force built a tree house for his sons before being deployed overseas. then just weeks after he leaves, the county orders his wife to take it down or make big changes. but get this, the captain actually contacted the county before building it and was given the a-ok. captain phillip blevinth and his son joins us along with his wife denise and their son blake. studio isn't big enough for your whole family but our show is. you knew this could potentially be a problem. did you get the name of the person that cleared the treehouse when you called? >> good morning, brian. actually, we knew it could be a problem because of the numerous places that we've lived in the united states and the codes and home owners association so unfortunately, when we called, we didn't get the name of the person that we spoke with. but i explained to them, hey, i'm interested in building a kid a treehouse for my kids because
7:47 am
we made that promise to them because we've had to move so much and they said for a tree house, there's nothing required. no permit or anything. go ahead. obviously looking back in hindsight now, i wish i would have gotten an e-mail or a name to confirm that. >> but you thought when you serve in the military, you're serving the country, you wouldn't think somebody would stab you in the back once you leave. what was that like when you get that call, denise? >> we actually received a letter in -- it was taped on the door stating we had 30 days to take it down or to provide a response and it was quite nerve-racking. i e-mailed my husband right away which the time zone from where he was, it was -- he didn't get it until the next day so, you know, being deployed and everything else, this was just an added trauma to our lives at that time. >> incredible. what's it like inside, blake? >> it has a ladder that you can like pull up so you could play downstairs and there's a loft upstairs.
7:48 am
>> wow. and brendan, to have that tree house in your backyard, that must have been extremely special. what does it mean to you? >> it means like a fun place for me and my brother to play and to have friends over and a sleepover and something. we can play all through it. >> captain, do you think the timing is intentional? wait for the captain to leave, get deployed, and then we'll hit him with a letter. maybe they didn't have the guts to face you. >> no, i don't necessarily believe that the timing was intentional because most people unless they were close friends of ours didn't know that i was getting ready to deploy so my gut instinct tells me that the county probably didn't realize that either. i think it was just a coincidence that it occurred two weeks after i departed. >> let's hear what the fairfax county said about it. tree house doesn't currently meet with what's legally allowed. the county took action based on a complaint in fairfax county
7:49 am
zoning inspectors must follow the law. rules are attempted to protect everyone's quality of life. can you see -- can you see, denise, that is it blocking somebody's view or is it getting in somebody's way? or is it even able to be seen from the street? >> on normal times, it's seen from the street only in the winter when the leaves are not on the trees. but from the neighbors, yes, some of the neighbors can see it, if anything, i would say it provides a barrier between the houses more than anything. >> and blake, what is your message for those people in the county that want to take your tree house down? >> i don't really like it but -- >> right. brendan? >> i don't think we should have to take it down because of it took like two years to build and it was really hard and i just wish we could keep it up. >> and they better. can i just say one thing, c
7:50 am
captain, i'm a little jealous. it's bigger than my house>> you're welcome to visit any time. >> at least i have a place to stay in the treehouse where most people see me. thanks for your service and i hope the county sobers up and realizing they should call an audible here especially since they gave you the green light. captain phillip blevins, brendan, blake and denise, thanks so much. let us know what happens here. >> all right. thank you very much. we appreciate you having us on "fox & friends." >> no problem. talk to you soon. >> the north american car of the year has been announced. is it the one you are driving? yes, could it be the chevy vega again? but first, this day in history, 1983, men at work, they sang this song and then i think they quit the business. "land down under." [ male announcer ] where's your road to happiness? what ithe first step on that road is a bowl of soup? delicious campbell's soups fill you with vegetable nutrition,
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7:54 am
>> the answer to the question of the day, the guy who changed his name to the number in spanish. the number 8. the winner is michelle from ohio. >> who was johnson. and now he's invisible. >> ok. let's do some headlines now. i was just re-evaluating in my mind, ochocinco, it's what? 85, right? ok, sorry. $0.12. now you can see where i am supposed to do on math at least today. thank you, steve. that's how much gas has spiked -- how much gas has spiked in price over the past three weeks. the lundberg survey found an average gallon of regular gas will cost you $3.36 and this just in from the detroit auto show, the hyundaii elantra has won the north american car of the year award. and the evoke won the truck of the year. there you have it. >> let's talk a little bit. tomorrow will be new hampshire,
7:55 am
the primary there, first primary of the nation historically they are estimating that 325,000 republicans will vote. it's interesting, though, if you are an independent, you can vote in either the democrat or republican primary. >> not both. >> nope. you got to pick. and also, there will be a democrat primary tomorrow, they are estimating 70,000 people will vote there. the week after that, we move on to south carolina. >> yeah, south carolina is where governor perry has to make some noise or else he might as well -- he won't be looked at as a viable candidate and newt gingrich, i feel as though it's the same thing. i mean, newt gingrich was leading in south carolina for the longest time. in the latest polls, he wasn't but after two straight days of debates, two and 12 hours, you wonder what kind of progress he's making. in terms of progress, governor perry was he can -- extremely strong yesterday. listen to encouraging words he got from a child. >> you're the best! yes, ma'am. every chance you get, i'll help you out, ok?
7:56 am
bumper sticker. i know you can't quite -- you're not old enough to vote yet, are you? >> not quite. >> asked my mommy. >> if anybody wonders about why i'm in this race, that's why. i've never quit a day in my life. i have never quit in the face of adversity and i'm not just about to quit on the future of america. i am going to stay in this race and stay in this fight because our children and this country are worth the fight. >> and because he's got some money left. >> you could actually make that argument that you were just making before that, brian, for any of the other candidates other than mitt romney because if romney stays as the winner of iowa and then if he wins new hampshire and then if he wins south carolina, you know, the other candidates might all be mailing it in after that but at the same time, south carolina totally different demographic than new hampshire and could rick santorum suddenly come to the forefront again? and gingrich and perry? >> yeah, by the way, santorum moved up eight points in the
7:57 am
national poll. just ahead on this show in the last hour, the family's dream home more of a nightmare after the government stepped in to stop construction. what they're doing today could affect any american that owns property. >> we better watch. plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure,
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope odd great weekend. it's monday, january 9. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you far shirring your time with us. the gop candidates pounding the new hampshire pavement after a tough weekend of debates. we have the very latest. >> steve: former clinton aide turned news guy george stephanopoulos relentless in questioning mitt romney about a 47-year-old court case. >> do you believe that states have that right or not? >> pardon? >> should that be done in this case? >> contraception? it's working just fine. leave it alone. >> steve: funny line. contraceptive questions, are those valid or was the main stream media biased at work? we'll report and you decide. >> brian: how do you enforce it?
8:01 am
>> steve: yeah. >> brian: remember that lavish alice if wonderland party the president wanted to keep secret? the white house wants to set the record straight. dana perino was not invited, but she's invited here. we'll get her reaction. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: we're updated with the new music. love it. >> gretchen: we still got hims in it. so i feel just fine with that. let's do your headlines. fox news alert, iran sentenced an american and former u.s. marine to death for spying, allegedly. he holds iranian citizenship and was arrested in december. he was shown on iranian state tv saying he was actually a c.i.a. operative, sent to infiltrate the iranian ministry. under iranian law, he has 20 days to appeal.
8:02 am
we know the identity of the woman found dead on queen elizabeth's estate. alyssa's body was found in wooded area on new year's eve. she was only 17. a student from latvia. reported missing last august. police say it's highly unlikely she died of natural causes they're questioning workers on the estate. one year after the tucson murder massacre, gabrielle giffords made a rare public appearance. >> one nation, under god, undivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [ applause ] >> gretchen: giffords led the pledge at a candlelight vigil honoring the six people killed and 13 others who were injured when jared loughner allegedly opened fire outside the safeway supermarket. giffords, shot point-blank in the head, has not decided if she'll run for reelection yet. she may have to make that decision by may. tony blankly, perhaps best known for serving as press
8:03 am
secretary to newt gingrich during the republican takeover of congress in of 1990s passed away after battle with stomach cancer. he also spent six years in the reagan administration. later in life, he turned his political career into a commentator. those are your headlines today. >> steve: good man. all right. the gop presidential candidates already out in new hampshire getting an early start to their last full day of campaigning. >> brian: molly, i don't know if you realize that, you're in manchester, new hampshire. do you understand what is happening? we're finally on the cusp of the coming to fruition. >> oh, i understand, believe me. just over the course of this weekend, we've seen the events swelling, a lot more people are out, interested, trying o make up their minds. new hampshire voters break late. we've seen the folks in diners hold meet and greets. santorum had to get on a picnic
8:04 am
table to talk to a crowd yesterday. it's been interesting to see the numbers increasing. the candidates are working hard. they're holding all kinds of events. plenty of diners. also mitt romney, he's got a breakfast today. we can take fiek in there at what's going on. after he finishes up there, he'll head to a fabricating, focused on the economy, talking to workers. tonight he'll wrap up with a rally in bedford. newt gingrich also doing meet and greets this morning. he's meeting with the national rotary club and then goes to two town halls, still taking questions, still answering votes' concerns and earaches up in manchester. jon huntsman hitting diner after diner today. dover, and finally has rally in exeter. ron paul, break fest at mojo's. santorum, town hall today.
8:05 am
all of the candidates really pounding the pavement here in new hampshire. the only candidate that's not still here is rick perry who has gone to south carolina to court a very different demographic. he put his eggs in that basket. >> gretchen: thanks very much for that. she can be an organizer if you ever want to get on the tv news. she's keeping track of all those candidates. >> steve: dana perino is joining us now. thank you, molly. i'm sure you heard, there is this book coming out tomorrow by "new york times" writer called "the obamas." among other things, i looked at the first 100 pages and apparently some white house staff members coined the term, brackward, barak and awkward to describe him because he can't connect with the same people he does today as he did then. this book is not what the white house wants to see. >> it's not what any white house wants to go through, but every white house will go through it, including the one i worked for, the bush white house when we had
8:06 am
scott mcclellan's book came out, which some of the things that came out, you said, what is he talking about? what white house was he working in? i'm sure they look and say, that's not treatment but it only takes one to talk about what happened inside a meeting or to describe a word that they use. barakward might have been something funny they said to take the edge off because they're in a pressure cooker. but it's not fun when you have to go through this in a white house. but some of it, like this alice in wonderland party, i think this will stick nonresponsive let's talk about that party. the allegation is that there was this lavish wonderland party during 2009 halloween when america was facing a recession and that the white house allegedly didn't want the general public to know about it. it had hollywood stars there, like johnny depp, et cetera. >> i think even beyond that. as i read it, i think cantor is a good writer. she probably makes the story even a little bit better, but on -- for halloween party, the white house invited children of military families, come to the white house. that's a big deal.
8:07 am
that was public. that's why it got all the press. meanwhile, in the state dining room, tim burton, the director of "alice in wonderland" transformed that into his private wonderland. george lucas. no one in hollywood breathed a word. these are people that let people know when they're going to starbucks so they can get photographed in people magazine. they love the obamas so much -- >> you'll never believe where i am right now. white house historic room, nobody heard about it, except for when it's reported. >> steve: on >> that doesn't cut it. >> gretchen: here was the response from the white house. if we wanted it to be a secret, we wouldn't have invited the press corp. to cover it or posted pictures of it. you said that you think this will stick. in what way? >> because all day yesterday --
8:08 am
why do people care, that's a better question. they are setting up to run for reelection as part of everyday america. and that the rich are the ones supported by the republicans and that they're the ones ouch touch with america, when in fact, i think with something like this, when you're sitting this grinning like a cat because you can pull one over on the american people, that is what i think people will look at it and say, you know, i'm not buying it and they'll have a bigger hurdle to have to clear. >> brian: i understand, it's very hard for her to do appearances. she's very focused on his reelection campaign. in the begin, they thought it was a big joke. talking about michelle obama. one of the incidents involved robert gibbs and anyone who has seen robert gibbs has press secretary sees he has temper. at one point, according to the book, he cursed at mrs. obama or
8:09 am
about mrs. obama, david axelrod was asked about that. >> is it an accurate portrayal? >> you can take any one incident and exaggerate. >> that is true, though, isn't it? >> the context is important. we don't have the time to rehearse it here. but george, you were in the white house. you understand that that's a very -- every day is a very tense working environment and you can have great collegiality. >> it's like being on "the five" where you get mad at bob beckel but you still love him. but there are certain things you probably shouldn't say. when you're press secretary or anywhere in the white house, you have to swallow a lot because people will get mad at something in the press, but the press secretary can't control everything in the press. so you do feel like you're backd into a corner and i kind of felt sorry for robert gibbs a little bit when i read that yesterday. >> brian: you have to do the blocking for her.
8:10 am
>> i also think you swallow whatever you're thinking and go in the bathroom and scream. >> steve: if you were watching the debate on saturday night and then on sunday morning, it kind of looked like george stephanopoulos was trying to back mitt romney into a corner regarding the number one topic, contraceptive. >> brian: yes. and rick folbaum. >> steve: exactly right. is this media bias at play? here is a snip pet. >> do you believe that straits that right or not? >> pardon? is this case to allow states to ban contraception? no. states don't want to ban contraception. why would we try and put it in the constitution? with regards to gay marriage, i told you, that's what i would amend the constitution. contraception, it's working just fine. leave it alone. >> what if you had a son who came to you and said he was gay? >> i would love him as much as i did the second before he said
8:11 am
it. and i would try to do everything i can to be as good a father to him as possible. >> people are looking for someone who will not discriminate against gays or try and suggest that people that have don't have the same sexual orientation. they won't find that in me. >> when did you last speak out for gay rights? >> right now. >> steve: liberal bias? >> good for romney. because there has been so many debates, the only way you get attention for the debate is if you provoke some sort of angry answer or you get the republican candidate to trip themselves up. the question about right to privacy and contraception really goes to the heart of something -- >> steve: abortion. >> important in the republican party, most people don't realize that the right to privacy is really what was decided in roe v wade. they think of it that abortion was heel or not legal. and if you overturn it, women
8:12 am
will be sent to jail for having an abortion. and not one of the candidates has been talk being those issues. >> gretchen: rick santorum ran on social issues in iowa and i think that's with spurred some of these questions. to me, the bias comes in whether or not president obama would be asked these same questions. >> they don't ask him. they interview him every week, on "60 minutes" once a week and nobody ever asks him about gay marriage stance, which happens to be similar. here is the difference with them. they know president obama just has to say that to get elected, that he doesn't necessarily to previous it, he just has to say that. that's how they get a pass. >> brian: was there any big winner or someone who really hurt themselves this weekend, in your mind? >> i thought romney did great on saturday night. not so great on sunday morning. and vice-versa for gingrich and santorum. but what i would say is that going forward at the next election cycle, these campaigns would be very smart to do what has been done in the past and
8:13 am
allow the republican national committee or democratic national committee to be the ones who decide when to debate it. to do up with on saturday and sunday means you aren't out to solidify votes for the undecided >> steve: you're going to go on tv at 5:00 o'clock. you better go up to your office. always a pleasure. thank you for joining us in the 8:00 o'clock hour. >> thank you. >> gretchen: have you heard this? the president's case for reelection? >> we've done a lot, but we've got a lot more to do. that's why we need another four years to get it all done. >> gretchen: could republicans argue that he's had enough time? former new york city mayor eth koch knows something about four more years. he's here next. >> brian: then tim tebow pull it is off again. miracle finish in overtime. let's go home. come on, kids. the parking lot will be crowded where the broncos have won. they have to run to new england now. good job, tim tebow.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. last week the president told iowa voters that he needs four more years. >> i think the main message that we're going to have in 2012 is that we've done a lot, but we've got a lot more to do. that's why we need another four years to get it all done. >> gretchen: former new york city mayor ed koch says he's heard that before. he successfully used it against his incumbent opponent in 1977, but he says it won't heparins defeat this president in november and he's my guest right now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so back in '77, tell us what your ad said. >> very simple. i was running against a. beam. he and john lindsey were responsible for the bankruptcy of the city.
8:18 am
a. beam had a commercial saying he needed four more years. i wanted to have a humorous response in saying, four more years? hasn't he done enough? and it was a very successful commercial. that doesn't apply here? >> gretchen: why not? >> because president obama, in my judgment, has done a good job and every president needs eight years. there are term limits. they can only have eight years. i believe that in effect, the republicans have almost handed the positions to the president because they have such a weak field. that's not coming from me. that's coming from republicans. >> gretchen: but the interesting thing is, i think in this case it might be different because president obama promised hope and change. i think a lot of, especially independents who got behind him in 2008, thought that hope and change would come in the first four years. >> yeah. the fact is that when the
8:19 am
republicans refused to deal with legislation and can block it in the senate with threats of filibuster, it's impossible to get things done. >> gretchen: for the first two years he had a democratic congress. >> that's true and you can't remake the world in two years. >> gretchen: let's take a look at income because this is an interesting study that came out last week. it shows that between the period of 2009 and 2011 that average income for americans dropped 6.7% from 53,518 to 49,909. i gather this will not be a stat that the president will use for his reelection bid? >> most people believe that president obama was able to avoid the great depression. we had a recession. that recession started with george bush. i'm not saying he's a perfect president. i've been critical of him on different issues. but on balance, the democratic party and the democratic party's
8:20 am
candidate who is currently the president i believe are far better for america and that we will be reelected. >> gretchen: we should remind people what you're talk being in supporting other people is that you supported the republican gentleman who was running for congress in anthony wiener's former district here in new york. >> yes, i did, because i'm an independent. i'm a democrat. i love the democratic party. but when it does something that i think is wrong, i'm going to stand up and say so. that makes me an even more independent person, doesn't it? >> gretchen: it does. we always appreciate your viewpoint. thank you for coming in, good to see you. coming up, a bungee jumper's cord snaps. this morning, that woman survived and she is sharing her incredible story. their dream of own ago home got crushed when the government stepped in or stomped on them, however you want to look at it. what they're doing today could affect any american that owns property. stick around for that my name is ron orsini,
8:21 am
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8:24 am
>> brian: quick headlines. carbon monoxide scare at the u.s. merchant marine academy on long island. 38 people hospitalized after carbon monoxide leaking. no one is seriously ill. gwyneth paltrow clearing up confusion as to what beyonce and j. say named their baby. she and a friend noted, welcome to the world, blue. we love you already. the baby's full name is blue viey carter -- ivy carter.
8:25 am
congratulations. >> steve: a couple's dream is dashed after the epa informs them that the land they bought to build their dream house on is actually protected wet lands. the epa is threatening them with fines totaling $40 million on a lot they paid $27,000. they're fighting back. their case is going all the way to the supreme court later on today and joining us right now in washington, d.c., michael and chantel. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> steve: we talked a little bit about your case before, but to bring everybody up to speed, you were going to build your dream house on this lot. you paid $27,000. you got the permits to do the building. you put some gravel in and then the epa came in, mike, and said what? >> first, i want to make sure that we thank you and the fox people for having our case for over a year and the people at pacific legal foundation for getting our case to the supreme
8:26 am
court. >> steve: it is our pleasure because it seems like quite an injustice. but the epa did tell you what? >> they told us to remove the gravel, put the property back the way it was. put wetland plants not native to the site and fence it for three to five years and then they might let us apply for a permit to build, after we made our property into wetlands. >> steve: chantel, we're looking at the property. it's dry lot. absolutely bone dry. there are houses nearby in the same area. it's not a wetland despite what the epa says. that's what your point of view, right? >> that's correct. it is not a wetland. we have scientific proof. we've actually hired experts to come out to the site. >> steve: okay. so now mike, what your attorneys are going to argue is that the epa can't just come in here and say, no, sorry you can't build
8:27 am
it or we're going to fine you. you need due process. you need your day in court. right? >> that is correct. every citizen in this country gets their day in court and that's what we want. >> steve: because this is something that the epa routinely does to people, isn't it, chantel? and they never have a chance to fight back until now. >> that's right. they back knew a corner and bully you and don't allow you to get your day in court. it's unamerican. >> steve: do you think, mike, that this particular case, your case which is going to be argued later on today in front of the supreme court, this really does have an impact on everybody watching right now who owns land, doesn't it? >> that is correct. anybody that owns a piece of property in this country, it has -- could have an effect if they got into an issue and not only with the epa, but it could be with the corp. of engineers. anybody that wants to build a new home or do some improvements
8:28 am
to their property. >> steve: yeah. no kidding. we should point out, we did reach out to the solicitor general's office of the united states, but they declined to comment because the litigation is currently pending because they're getting ready for their court case later today at the supreme court. mike, chantel, this is a big day. are you excited, terrified, what? >> i would say both. >> excited. >> you know, it's a big step. we want to get on with our life. we want to build our home. we've been living in a rental house and right now our life is in limbo. we don't know what's going -- where it's going to go. we believe we're going to win and that's what we're going to do today. >> steve: we're going to be watching and tell folks your case because you weren't contentious to sit back and let the epa tell you no, no, no. you wanted your day in court and you're getting it today. mike and chantel from idaho, thank you very much and good luck to you. >> thank you. >> steve: what do you think about that?
8:29 am
e-mail us. meanwhile, don't mess with jersey. occupy hecklers find out the hard way, you don't mess with chris christie. >> really? some may go down tonight, but it ain't going to be job, sweetheart. >> steve: sweetheart. the new jersey governor setting their record straight on job creation in the garden state. sure, electric cars save you on gas, but they're costing you in other ways, even if you don't own one. coming up, our own william lajeunesse breaks out the taxpayer calculator. wait 'til you see this sticker shock [ male announcer ] in bli, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made?
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f! weight watchers online. why settle for a one-note cereal? ♪ more, more, more... get more with honey bunches of oats 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste, more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats. >> steve: out in the streets of new york city where it is cold, i was just talking to george right over there. george, come here for a second. come on! come on! it's freezing. actually it's 33 degrees outside. george told me it's just a little chilly and i thought george would like my hat. i was going to share it with him. you want my hat? okay. just trying to be a good samaritan. let's go ahead and take a look at what's going on in the weather right now. my magic radar hat. as you can see, widely scattered
8:34 am
showers down through texas and portions of lower mississippi valley. bit of snow in portions of the great lakes states at this hour and portions of new england as well. balance of the country, let's look at the next map, show you the temperatures as you head out the door. here in new york city, it's freezing! that's why i tried ogive george my magic temperature hat. he wouldn't take it. it's only 6 in caribou. 20s across portions of the central plains states. along the gulf coast, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. one more map to show you the daytime highs for this monday. it's going to be a pretty nice day along the gulf coast. 77 today in new orleans. 79 in tampa. eventually here in new york city, 42, like 40 second street -- 42nd street. that's quick look inside the magic temperature hat. pretty cool, huh? gretch, brian, in to you. >> gretchen: thanks very much. we have 70 degrees inside the studio. >> brian: we think. >> gretchen: a developing story, diplomats concerning reports
8:35 am
iran has begun iranian enrichment at an underground bunker. >> brian: joining us right now live from the white house, kelly wright. >> good morning to you. hope you're doing well. the obama administration has been very clear, it's keeping all of its options on the able, which includes military option how to deal with iran. it has diplomatic sanctions in effect against them and the u.s. is hoping that iran will back away from some of its provocative actions. having said that, days after president obama, leon panetta announced that there would be deep cuts to the u.s. military, there is news that iran is involved in the uranium enrichment program. diplomats confirmed that they're conducting it at the site near the holy city of kum. the report adds the latest enrichment is troubling because it can be upgraded for use in a nuclear weapon. defense secretary panetta says
8:36 am
for now, the u.s. will keep diplomatic pressure on iran to keep them from pursuing such a weapon. >> are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? no. but we know that they're trying to develop a nuclear capability and that's what concerns us and our red line to iran is do not develop a nuclear weapon. that's a red line for us. >> well, while conducting recent war games in the persian gulf, iran began threatening that it would shut down the strait of hormuz, preventing the sale of oil to other nations. they say they will do that if europe carries through on its threat to sanction oil exports and if the u.s. places sanctions on iran's central bank. the obama administration says if iran followed through with its threat, it would consider that an act of war and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff has said that the iranian navy does, in fact, have the capability actually shut down the strait of hormuz for a limited period of
8:37 am
time because it goes on to say with the u.s. navy already operating there and its assets there, they would be able to undo that shut down and then there are many experts who say that if iranians did shut it down, they would be hurting themselves. so they believe, brian and gretch, that they're actually bluffing. back to you. >> gretchen: wow. okay. kelly wright, thane for the update. good to see you. >> brian: if you're held by pirates, you probably want the american ships. >> steve: i hate you guys, unless you save our life. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: right now, governor chris christie of new jersey is lashing out now. he was in new hampshire supporting mitt romney who he has endorsed and one of the occupy protesters had a problem with what he was saying. listen to how chris christie decided to handle her. >> really?
8:38 am
[ applause ] you know, something may go down tonight, but it ain't going to be job, sweetheart. if she wasn't so blinded by her barak obama anger, she'd know american jobs are coming back when mitt romney is the next president of the united states! >> brian: he says his record has governor corzine losing 120,000 jobs when he was governor of new jersey and he added 60,000 jobs. so he was going at it. he went on for a while. he likes the turmoil. >> steve: absolutely. and it may have been a romney rally, but clearly chris christie was the main event. >> gretchen: the other stories making headlines this morning action the pilots of a british airways jet forced to make an emergency landing because they nearly passed out behind the controls. this is a scary story. passengers say they heard panicked calls from the pilot asking for help shortly after takeoff from london's heathrow airport. they land safely. investigators still trying to figure out what caused both pilots to become light headed at the same time.
8:39 am
>> steve: an australian tourist on vacation in africa heads to one of the most beautiful sights in the world. victoria falls. when she decides to bungee jump, that dream vacation turns into a nightmare. watch the tape. oh, man. it's supposed to bungee. her instincts kicked in immediately. she put her arms over her head, break her fall. >> went black. straight away. i felt like i had been slapped all over. i actually had to swim down and yank the chord out. >> steve: wow. her legs were tied together when she hit the water. she was able to free them and swim to some rocks. she broke her collarbone in the fall and wound up with some major bruising. but she is alive. as is tim tebow, brian kilmeade. >> brian: yeah, he pulls off a late night, late game stunning
8:40 am
victory the steelers who are the defending afc champions. game tied at regulation, then this. >> got him at the 40! it's tom at the 50. down to the 30! to the 20. thomas to the 10. denver is going on to new england! they win it on the first play of overtime. >> brian: tim tebow connected with thomas. celebrating in familiar fashion. that was john elway. 316 yards, two touchdowns. 50 yards rushing. a personal best for him. next up, the new england patriots in new england. >> steve: she was just 15 when she fell in love with a mobster and for four years, she was considered a mob wife. now she's sharing her story in a new book, a novel, including how she was able to escape the life.
8:41 am
alive. >> gretchen: joining us is the author of "brooklyn's story." at only 15, you hook up with tony. you didn't know he was in the mob. >> no, i did not. i was too young for that. >> gretchen: so did you ever have any clues or was it not until he got arrested that you knew you might be in trouble? >> well, i remember at the young age of 17, my mother slamming down the daily news and saying, this is who you're going out with. so really i was two years into the relationship and not knowing what was going on. so when you're faced with something like that, it's very scary to get out of it, especially when you're dating someone from organized crime. >> steve: in the beginning, you didn't know it was organized crime. you thought man, he's cute. he looks like john travolta. >> he's gorgeous he's buying me everything. i grew up in a poor background. my dad left when i was born of the it was my mother and grandmother and you're getting fur coats, beautiful dinners and thinking this boy is treating you wonderfully. and then it's not all roses all the time. >> steve: when you ask him, where is the money come from?
8:42 am
what do you do? he said? >> the typical answer, i work in construction. or in my case, i was a librarian. it was interesting how it worked out. >> steve: you bought it? >> gretchen: you say this unless he was going to be arrested, unless -- if he wasn't arrested, you would have been in this relationship for life. >> i think i have a tremendous amount of faith and i'm very happy that he was arrested. i remember the whole trial and then he went to jail and i don't know where i would have wound up. thank god he went to jail. i just wanted out of it. >> gretchen: you never technically married him? >> we never got married, no. >> gretchen: but you were assumed to be a mob wife. explain that. >> i don't know why they're saying i was a mob wife. mime a mob girlfriend. that's the difference. >> steve: what you've done is you've taken your experiences of being so close to the mob and put them thinly disguised them and used different situations, things that happened in your real life in this novel? >> exactly. it's based on my life growing up in brooklyn in the late '70,
8:43 am
early '80s. what i like to bring out all the time is the fact of abuse. >> steve: he beat you up a lot? >> he smacked me around. i don't want to say he beat me up a l. but he smacked me around a lot, the verbal and emotional abuse takes its toll and no woman should be abused by a man. >> gretchen: ironically, you are friends with one of the mob wives from the tv series? >> yes, i am. renee. >> gretchen: so does she listen to the lessons you learned? >> i don't know. i wish her luck with the show. it's just when i watch it every now and then, it's just not the path i wanted to go down, to be honest with you. i just wanted to get over that bridge. not that brooklyn is a bad place. i love where i come from. it was just the people in brooklyn stifling me at the time and i wanted to get out and i'm so happy with my life. i can't tell you. >> steve: read all about it in the novel called "brooklyn's story." we thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> gretchen: coming up, electric cars can be expensive. but don't worry, taxpayer also pick up the tab? why hundreds of thousands of
8:44 am
your dollars are going to those cars which some people say people are not interested in. >> steve: what was the last time jillian michaels was here? remember that? today the celebrity guru is back with a whole new challenge. ♪ [ male announcer ] when kelley blue book's gave the 2012 camry a best resale value award, we were delighted. ♪
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♪ when i have school. and work. every morning. it's faster and easier than coffee. every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. -every day. -every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day. >> brian: thousands of bucks apiece for volts. no one seems to want to buy them. why is your money being dumpd into programs like this? william lajeunesse live now in los angeles bureau. he's done research and brought out his calculator. what have you come up with? >> brian, it's all part of the administration's effort to go green and nurture a new industry. but these subsidies also mean, while you may not own an electric car, you are helping the likes of jay leno and leonardo dicaprio and other wealthy consumers buy them. >> it handles like a european
8:48 am
car and, you know, that's all it takes really is a test drive and people are sold. >> jeff loves his electric car, but others don't like what it cost them to help pay for it. >> the average volt purchaser's income is around 160, $170,000. this is a massive subsidy to people who don't need it. >> but he sees electric cars as a transfer of wealth from those who can't afford a $40,000 chevy volt for $100,000 fisker or tesla roadster to those who can. >> politicians love to get in front of something they think is the future. the problem is, is that they do it poorly. they waste money. >> first technologies are always expensive. early adopters like me are willing to pay high prices. i want to see the cars flourish and the prices come down. >> right now the numbers don't look good. when every new hybrid adds at least $10,000 to the federal debt. he claims it's much more. >> when calculated on a per car
8:49 am
basis, the volume of subsidies offered to this project is massive and amounts to up to $250,000 per vehicle sold. >> that figure was derived by dividing billions in subsidies by the number of volts sold. a number that will drop as sales increase. >> the government's role is to spark innovation and jump start industries. >> how much is it costing you to underwrite the electric car? go to and check out the taxpayer calculator. it costs in the 30 to $50,000 bracket, about 11 bucks. earn 100 to 200,000, the price tag is 80. more than 250 k, almost $800 you can also vote if you think this is a wise use of your money. just last week, legislation was introduced in the house that would end that $7,500 tax credit for those who buy plug-in electric cars. back to you. >> brian: not exactly the affordable model t. i have driven a volt and it's
8:50 am
pretty cool, but very expensive. meanwhile, next up, the last time we had jillian michaels on set, she got gretchen to show off her guns. that's a slang term forearms. today she's here with a new challenge. that's next. first, let's check in with a woman with great guns herself. martha mccallum. what's on your show at the top of the hour? >> thank you, brian. we've got one day 'til the primary and there are new polls out and six in ten voters say they still haven't made up their mind. are the romney folks feeling uneasy? chris christie speaks out and tim pawlenty is here. jackie gingrich, newt's daughter is here. is her dad too angry on the trail. she's got thoughts on you. bill and i join you at the top of the hour with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare.
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>> brian: the last time she was here, she had gretchen and i doing pushups. what will jillian michaels make us do today? maybe nothing, except for observe what we're supposed to be eating. >> gretchen: let's find out. she's the star of the new dvd "extreme shed and shred." no pushups today. >> what do you think, maybe squat jumps? >> maybe. >> brian: we'll see what we get through. first off, you're into how we eat and how we cook the things we're eating. >> well, exactly. there was a recent study that just came out through google that suggested the average american ingests one fried meal a day. and we all know that americans are getting bigger, two-thirds of us are obese. we're talking about simple changes, things we can swap out to get rid of the fried foods. >> gretchen: you say because it's not fried, doesn't mean it's not delicious. so show us an example. >> in a perfect world, we all know we love to see snacks like veggie sticks, hummus, dry
8:55 am
roasted nuts, raw almonds, things like that. but i realize that, you know, a lot of people think my kids won't eat that. >> steve: only for a day. >> exactly. so what i want you to start looking for are products like this one. this is a little company that i discovered about three years ago called pop chips. >> steve: we eat those all the time. >> they're great. i became an investor in the company because i loved it so much. 100-calories in this little bag. 11 different flavors. no preservatives, no colors, not fried, no hydrogenated oil. >> steve: that is a nonfried alternative to potato chips? >> exactly. there are a ton of other products out there just like this. you can look for cookies and all kinds of treats that are not fried that tonight have chemicals in them that are good options to help you keep your weight down, that still taste great. >> brian: the other word is grill and bake, right? >> when we get to cooking, then we start talking about grilling things, baking things. another trick you can also do, 'cause we're also looking for
8:56 am
that texture, you can take either whole grain bread crumbs or crush up some nuts and dip your protein in that and then bake it and it will still taste good and it will have the texture that you're looking for. >> gretchen: why are we showing olive oil and avocados? >> one of the reason this is is out here because although i want you eating better quality foods, you still cannot eat too much of anything. >> steve: fat is bad. >> well, no, no. >> steve: you need fad. >> you really do. healthy fats. these are healthy. fat is higher in calories. so fat is 9-calorie has gram. where carbs and protein are 4. if you eat too much of anything, even if it's health years you'll put on weight. count calories. >> steve: can you hang around? we november you've got one more tip. >> steve: what a cliff hanger. >> brian: i hope she remembers. she will.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> gretchen: final tip? >> final tip, eat three meals, one snack. don't graze throughout the


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