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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 9, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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coverage of the new hampshire primary at 6:00 eastern, and bret will anchor at 7:00, and ship and i back together here at 8:00. and now shepard smith. >>shepard: the news begins anew, like from our newsroom in manchester, presidential candidate newt gingrich admits positive campaigning doesn't always work. really? this is the revelation to newt gingrich? come on. how will that change the campaign going forward? guess. he will be like here to explain it. and the g.o.p. candidates taking aim at the frontrunner mitt romney. could his own words help their causes? a live report next. and a former u.s. marine facing execution now in iran. what officials there say he did. and how they are responding in washington, dc. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything.
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this is "studio b" but first from fox at 3:00 in new hampshire the president is set to aunited states no the resignation of william daley. the president will speak momentarily. according to the administration folks the budget director is set to step in and take his place. ed henry is live from the white house. i am getting some information about how this went down. give us the back story. >>reporter: it is a surprise for the president because we knew that william daley was planning to head out after the re-election battle, say, november or december, regardless of how it turned out and the interim chief had taken on more duties so we knew he was headed out. an administration official says privately when he came back from chicago, a stop in mexico over the holidays and told president obama early last week in private
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that he wanted to step down sooner, i'm told the president was caught off guard by this by how quickly it played out. the president obviously is headed into a tough re-election battle and he was named actually, a year ago this week by president obama to replace after rahm emanuel left and said this is the guy to right the shift after the committee -- shellacking in the midterm elections. >>shepard: we will talk about the big story when the president finishes. stay tuned. >> last week my chief of staff informed me after spending time reflecting with his family over the holidays he decided it was time to leave washington, dc, and return to our beloved hometown of chicago. obviously this was not easy news to hear. and i didn't accept bill's decision right away. in fact, i asked him to take a
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couple of day dozen make sure he was sure about this. but, in the end, the pull of the hometown we both love a city that has been synonymous with the daley family for generations was too great. one thing that made it easier was the extraordinary work that he has done for me during what has been an extraordinary year. bill has been an outstanding chief of staff during one of the busiest and most consequential years of my administration. we were thinking back just a year ago this weekend before he was even named for the job, bill was in a situation room getting updates on the shooting in tucson. on his very first day bill took part in a meeting where we discussed osama bin laden's compound. this was all before he had time to unpack his office. over the last year he has been
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intimately involved in every decision surrounding the end of the war in iraq and our support of the people of libya as they fought for their freedom. he was instrumental in developing the american jobs act and making sure taxes didn't go up on middle class families. and he helped us reach an agreement to reduce the deficit and he play add central role in passing a straight agreement with korea, colombia and panama given the past record of service he was invaluable. no one to my administration has made more important decisions more quickly than bill. and that's why i think this decision was difficult for me. i asked bill who he thought could fill his shoes and he told me there was unclear choice and i believe he's right, association today, i'm pleased
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to announce that jack lew has agreed to serve as my next chief of staff. let me first, thank him for allowing jack to serve in the most difficult job in washington. he has had one of the most other difficult jobs in washington, serving as the director of the office ofment and budget. as fin who has been following the news can tell you this is not an easy job. during his first tour at omb under president clinton he was the only budget director in history to preside over budget surpluses for three consecutive years and over the last year he has helped strengthen our economy and streamline the government at a time when we need to do everything we can to keep our recovery going. jack's economic advice has been invaluable and he has my complete trust both because of mastery of his numbers and, because of the values behind the
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numbers. since he began his career as a top aide to thomas "tip" o'neill he has fought for an american where hard work and responsibility pay off. a place where everyone get as fair shot and everyone does their fair share and plays bit same rules. and that belief is reflected in every decision that jack makes. jack also has my confidence on matters outside the borders. before he served at omb for me he ran the budget and operations process for secretary clinton at the state department. where his portfolio included managing the civilian operations in iraq and afghanistan. and over the last year he has ad in on many of the major foreign policy decisions that we have made. so, there is no question that i'm going to deeply miss having bill by my side here at the white house. but as he will soon find out, chicago is only a phone call
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away and i'm going to be using that phone number quite a bit. i plan to continue to seek bill's advice and council on a full range of issues in the months and years to come and here in washington i have every confidence that jack will make sure we don't miss a beat and continue to strengthen our economy and the middle class and keep the american people safe. i thank, again, bill, for his extraordinary service. but, also, his extraordinary friendship and loyalty to me. it has meant a lot and i congratulate jack on his new role. i know he will do an outstanding job. thank you so much. >>shepard: well the president with changes being announced, there. i want to bring in ed henry at the white house. ed, i don't work in washington, dc, or live in washington, dc, and i don't know the white house but the folks here in new hampshire who do, and do, and
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do, say this isn't the whole story, that this man who is leaving found himself beaten up by the white house, being one upped by folks there, and he had enough and quit. is that a fair assessment of things? >>guest: i think it could be partly true in the sense that he was being eclipsed by others, other senior advisors who are more outfront with the president dating back to the first 2008 campaign. a lot of people have missed is that when he was name add year ago there was a wide assumption, she from chicago, he is part of that elite group of close knit advisor whose have known president obama for a long time, that not the case. these two men did not know that well. they are both from chicago but different generations and not time the way this president is with rahm emanuel or axelrod so i don't think it was nasty but i have been hearing that back,
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say, two or three months ago when he took on a lesser role and gave way to others that was because of handwriting on the wall that things were not quite working out as people thought a year ago when the president touted this as a great pick. people here like bill daley but it wasn't quite the right fit. >>shepard: juan williams is with us, fox news contributor. what is your take on this? >>juan: it was a bad fit, but the reason it was a bad fit you have to look at the dynamics inside that white house. and there are a number of power players, and ed henry mentioned the communications director, but you also have to pick up on valerie jarrett and her role which has long been difficult because she is so intimate with the president that it becomes a different center of power inside the white house. this is something that wrangled rahm emanuel when he was chief of staff and you come to automatic the other position, axelrod and others and now
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carney, the press secretary, and others who compete for attention trying to drive things through like how do you negotiate with the republicans when they are is locked in place in terms of opposition. and for use his -- using all of his socializing, he is not adept at dealing with egos and power inside that white house so three months ago, they made him into the guy who was supposed to be the long-term, the long-view person. essentially at that point he was out to pass tear. >>shepard: very interesting. we will see if he makes public comments. thank you. and we got breaking news as the president was speaking, and if you are all for the economy, this is great news. consumer borrowing surged in the month of november and it now is reported, from washington, americans increased the borrowing in november by the
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largest amount in a decade. they took out more loans to buy cars and prepare holiday gifts a sign of their growing confidence in the american federal. total consumer borrowing rose 20.4 billion in the month of november, the largest increase since the $28 billion gain way back in november of 2001. consumer borrowing is up and indicates confidence in our committee, thank goodness. all right, a lot to come here, newt gingrich will be live with us this hour, and did you hear what peggy noonan, the noted conservative, a columnist and thinker, a fascinating take on newt gingrich. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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>>shepard: a heated race for second place. tomorrow. here in new hampshire. the former governor mitt romney is holding on to a commanding lead despite losing support recently. governor romney was above 40 percent. now in this poll from public policy polling taken yesterday and the day before, romney down to 35 percent, ron paul at 18 percent, huntsman at 16 percent, rick santorum the winner in iowa, 11 percent, and there is rick perry down to 1 percent. the real clear politics average of all the polls paint as similar picture going into tomorrow's first-in-the-nation primary, mitt romney there about 39 percent, ron paul about 20 percent and down the list. according to the survey, only 44 percent of likely primary voters
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in new hampshire have made up their mind which is why the final push is so important aiming at the frontrunner. >> i want individuals to have their own insurance. that means the insurance company will have an incentive to keep you healthy. and if you don't like what they do you can fire them. i like being able to fire people that provide services to me. >>shepard: i like being able to fire people who provide services to me. that last little part plays really right into the hands of rival whose criticize governor romney as out of the town. carl is down the road a piece in new hampshire. context is everything, but governor romney already taking heat for his record. >>reporter: the context was health, insurance, choice. but in a political campaign rivals have been going after him for his history as a venture
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capitalist where he helped some companies actually grow but some companies were shut down and people lost their jobs. newt gingrich went off on him today saying i draw a distinction between looting a company and leaving behind broken families and neighborhoods. here is newt gingrich, rather, huntsman who went after mitt romney. here is what he said. governor romney enjoys firing people. i enjoy creating jobs. it could be he is out of touch with the economic reality playing out in america. that is a dangerous place to be. down in south carolina today, rick perry who has pulled up stakes in new hampshire and gone to the first-in-the-south primary said if you are a victim of their downsizing it is the ultimate insult for south carolina to come to south carolina saying he feels your pain because he caused and it some companies were closed by that capitalist company. so the discussion of health care choice ... talking about firing people is something that will be
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in ads, in videos, and already is. the dnc has been trashing romney for the capital days, and now the republican rivals have joined the cry. >>shepard: governor romney's lead is sizable, carl, sizable. i remember hillary clinton was down 13 points and there was crying, if i remember, and it got better. will there be crying? >>reporter: well, no, but it will cause a change of tactics. newt gingrich said he would be positive and not criticize his rivals and he said, look, i'm going to have to paint sharp contrasts and i will tell the truth. i will not give mitt romney hell but he may thing it sounds like hell. and now newt gingrich is saying he will not give orders to the super pac that supports him to stand down and he will not new jersey them to avoid any types of tough criticisms of mr. romney, and newt gingrich has now sort of gone back to
3:19 pm
being the happy warrior. delighted to bash mitt romney. we have a sound bite of that. >> if you are faced with somebody who is determined to be negative, you have to at least draw a sharp and clear con forecast to people understand would the person is, you don't have any choice. and that's fin. i'm pretty happy to outline, clearly, mitt romney's record as a remarkably nonconservative and often confused person. >>carl: confused and nonconservative but it is not negative, just the facts, he says. he has been on the receiving end of tremendous attacks back when he was speaker of the house and then some and knows what it is like. you cannot go positive when you are pounded by the opponents so he is pounding back. >>shepard: surely he knew that already. surely. >>reporter: you cannot blame a
3:20 pm
guy for trying. in new hampshire they try to do it different, and some folks try to skip new hampshire or iowa and you skip not answering back you pay a price and newt gingrich is tired of paying it. >>shepard: he will be our guest and my flooding is his event just wrapped up and he will be live and i will ask him what peggy noon and an has just branded him and speak with a senior advisor of the mitt romney campaign, a question, when did you get your hate on? wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years?
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>>shepard: who is an angry attack muffin? we will know when newt gingrich arrives. and the question of how conservative republicans will report. evangelical leaders agreed if a call last weekend that finding a mutually acceptable candidate to stop mitt romney is not likely. joining me now the veteran political consultant, former member of the reagan administration, and former campaign manager for the republican candidate, michele bachmann and huckabee, and contributor and straight shooter. nice to see you, ed. the evangelical leaders got together and decide flood is no alternative to mitt. what will they do now? >>reporter: not much they can do. not like anyone will go away. there are several candidates they like including rick perry. they like rick santorum but he basically is viewed as a big spending government guy. and the rest of them are kind of mixed. they like michele bachmann for a
3:25 pm
while. and i don't think there is a candidate they can coalesce and or as important, really in candidate that has the money, the organization, to go all the way. gingrich has some of that support for a while, too, and someone wins new hampshire, beside mitt romney or second place, some would win south carolina but that is unlikely. maybe. >>shepard: as a backer of the party and a worker fore the party, isn't it counterproductive for newt gingrich to continue to assail the man whom all the polls and now the evangelical leaders say is most likely going to be the republican nominee? >>guest: he effectively is making a charge against romney that, obviously, the democrats will do again in the fall. but, unfortunately, newt gingrich does it more effective than they will. and i think they will have an after taste that will not be good aftertaste. i wish newt gingrich who is the most articulate would argue what he can do to move this economy
3:26 pm
forward. the problem that newt is having, there is the good newt and the mean newt and to a certain extent when people see the mean, tough newt, sort of assaulted by the attacks on the record it is not a pretty picture and it does not move voters forward. >>shepard: back to the matter of the party, is there some leader somewhere who at some point or a group of people has the area with all and the stature in the group to step forward and say, you guys who are beating up the sky, stop beating up this guy, start beating up the president. >>guest: the problem is this are no wise men sitting in washington or new york or somewhere else. what there are, a bunch of money people and romney has many. a budge of political operatives that newt and others don't like that have a big impact. and there is a party chairman who is very effective but he, in town, cannot basically say to someone get out and someone else get in and it is one of the processes that moves forward and anyone can go out and hire a
3:27 pm
consultant and try and raise money and run for office. several candidates running this time probably in days gone by would not have been viable candidates but became providable through debate and what have you and now we are down to where there is no real viable conservative to take on rome any. >>shepard: do you have a sense of how that is playing among conservatives of the republican party across this nation? are they upset? moving on? is there a sense yet? >>guest: they are not happy. and at the end of the day what is occurring they are starting to say, well, maybe he cannot win and we all need to be behind him. if he is the nominee we need to join in and beat obama. the best thing romney has going for him is obama and if he is the nominee the vast majority of republican conservatives will get behind him but there will be a lost gnashing of the teeth and there will be speculation until we get someone else, can we get sarah palin back into it or huckabee back in and that just will not happen. this is the field.
3:28 pm
>>shepard: thank you from north, ed. who is sharron the angry attack? so says peggy noonan, and what does newt gingrich think about that? when i grow up, i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're ner done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. get this free travel bag when you join at
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>>shepard: brand new attack ads targeting mitt romney and a pro newt gingrich group known as a super pac set to spend a lot of third-party money on the ads aimed at voters in south carolina. the amount reportedly $3.4 million and the focus? governor romney's record, the kind of ad that many took down the former speaker in iowa. remember, back then he promised not to run a negative campaign and says he still isn't. but this time around speaker gingrich says he welcomes the outside help. of course the supreme court ruled a super pac can raise and spend as much money as a super pac wants to raise and spend supporting or opposing political candidates. do whatever you want. the only rule you cannot coordinate between the candidate and the super pac. the former newt gingrich aide is running the group. with us now the former house speaker and former fox news contributor newt gingrich. nice to see you, mr. speaker. thank you. >>guest: good to be with you.
3:33 pm
great time in new hampshire. >>shepard: glad to hear it. i heard the event in nashville went well and i want to ask you about an ad, the narrator in an ad says speaking of romney, a story of greed playing the system for a quick buck, a group of corporate raiders let by mitt romney, more ruthless than wall street. how so? >>guest: well, someone should read today's "wall street journal" story and --. >>shepard: you don't know anything about the ad? >>guest: no, no, no, i really don't. i haven't seen it. >>shepard: how do you feel about those words, "a story of greed playing the system for a quick buck, a group of corporate raiders led by mitt romney," are you in agreement with that ad run on your behalf? >>guest: what i would say people who question those words ought to look at today's "wall street journal" article which describes a company in which
3:34 pm
they put $30 million, they took out $180 million, six to one, and then the company was bankrupted. and you have to ask the question, if they took out, say, $120 million that would be a four to one margin, could the company have survived? he will have to hold a press conference and he will have to, step-by-step, explain why was it that he and his associates were getting $180 million and leaving behind people who went bankrupt? that is a legitimate question. he is the one who cited his private sector record as proof of why we should consider it so ma makes the private sector record fair game. i am for capitallively. -- for capitalism. and i am for entrepreneurs and investment. if the rich guys get the $180 million and you get the unemployment check that is not
3:35 pm
capitalism, that is take advantage of a system >>shepard: a super pac for money is the money that took you down, attacking you and you went way down. is that where this attack mitt romney thing began with you? is there a real hate there? and would you agree with peggy noonan who described you as an angry little attack muffin. >>guest: i will not comment negatively, all i can tell you is, governor romney, i spent three weeks saying let's be positive, three weeks directing to romney and the media, why not pull the ads. when we were positive i was ahead by a huge margin because the reagan conservative i was offering was winning and if you look at the new hampshire union
3:36 pm
leader editorials again and again they said, on philosophy, on solutions, i was winning. the "wall street journal" said my plan was bold and aggressive and they said that the romney plan was so timid it resembled obama. that is the "wall street journal" describing romney's plan. at that point romney decided he had to go negative and i spent three weeks saying to him much better to run a positive campaign and he said a variety of things of can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen and have broad shoulders, fine. if he believes this campaign is appropriate, i am prepared to draw a contrast. we put up, every tax increase he had while he was governor. now, affectually accurating totally correct, verifiable by anyone who wants to look but look at saying here is what he did to raise taxes as a massachusetts
3:37 pm
moderate. >>shepard: conservative evangelical leaders got together and came to the conclusion there is no conservative alternative for romney and i guess the question is, at what point does this attack we on the one they believe is going to be the candidate to represent the republicans, at what point does the attack become counterproductive for republicans? >>guest: well, first of all, anyone would believes that the billion that obama and axelrod will spend are going to be used without taking these, somehow, questioning governor romney's position this is not realistic. if we have a potential nominee who cannot take the heat in february, you sure don't want to discover that in september. so, i think governor romney owes all of us a press conference where he explains what happened to the companies that went bankrupt and why did his company make so much money out of companies that going bankrupt. it is one thing to say, if a company has failed despite best
3:38 pm
efforts and you put money into it and you take a loss with the workers, that is free enterprise, no one is guarantee to succeed. but if the rich guys taking all the money, and the working guys being left on unemployment check, that is not sound healthy capitalism, that is the kind of thing that, frankly, makes people very suspicious of wall street. >>shepard: a week ago you said after iowa is when you decided going positive wasn't going to work, so some numbers from real clear politics averages of the polls, and a week ago you were at 22 percent in new hampshire and you are now at 9 percent and in 5th place and in south carolina a week ago you were around 40 percent and now at 20 percent, and in third place in south carolina, and in florida, a week ago you were at frye and now 25 percent in florida. is going negative working? >>guest: most states have not responded and in south carolina and florida you have romney
3:39 pm
negative as going. he is going in usually, pending the money and he will shrink the opponents to his size. in new hampshire, in fact, the latest poll this morning say he lost ten points in eight days and we are in a three-way race for third and we are doing fine and will come out of here strong enough to go to south carolina which is the straight where i have to win and beat romney. >>shepard: kind you and good luck, mr. speaker. campaigner for mitt romney to come on, next. if he is as peggy noonan puts it, how, an angry attack muffin how does that feel? [ nadine ] buzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz,
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>>shepard: 18 minutes before the hour, the former speaker of the house newt gingrich who joined us is leading the pack of
3:43 pm
the unanimous romney candidates in the bashing category. the bashing of mitt romney as someone who is bad for the economy. critics accuse romney of exploiting companies and firing workers in a quest to make millions. romney says he is not going to worry about the attacks. and now, senior advisor to the romney campaign, senator talent, a distinguished fellow of government studies at the heritage foundation, and, also, fox news political analyst, who writes for several numbers including the "washington post" and "new york times" and the "wall street journal" which is owned by the parent company of this network. welcome both. senator, the beat up companies, fired people, to make millions, at business ventures. >> he creates tens and tens of thousands of jobs, one of his strong points and has been his elections in the past and is now. this is a guy whose private sector experience and success in the private sector, could be the first opportunity we have in our
3:44 pm
lifetime to get a budget who understands the free market. >>shepard: his numbers are down in new hampshire, and he is down from a height of 33 percent or 34 percent and trending down not only state where he gets above 25 percent. why? >>guest: tomorrow we found out the numbers. there shall be a lot of polls in the margin of error but it is a fluid situation. we think this is a marathon not a sprint which is why we have been campaigning in different states at the same time. >>shepard: what do you thing of peggy peggy noonan's angry ak muffin. >>guest: the short of it is, there are aspects of the speaker's public and professional record like, for example, his attack on the ryan budget that are questionable and he wasn't able to answer those questions to the satisfaction of the people of iowa.
3:45 pm
we contrast on the record and we will continue doing that. we have a candidate with outstanding record. >>shepard: is that where the war began in and has anyone from camp mitt reached out to camp newt and said, evangelical leaders said there is no conservative alternative stop beating up the president who is trying to get to the white house. >>guest: i vicinity, and i don't know if someone else has we believe that the party needs to pull together after the nomination and we have made every effort. >>shepard: after the nomination. >>guest: because until then we will vie for who is the nominee. i think miles per mitt romney ce the party. >>shepard: the polls indicate he cannot get above 25 history and the history books tells he cannot be president. >>guest: he will do better than that. >>shepard: he hasn't yet. he was go of the state next door, his sensibility and his brand of republicanism might
3:46 pm
arguably be more like new hampshire than iowa or south carolina but outside of those two places he cannot bust 25 percent. >> in a fractionized study he has gotten steady support. >>shepard: not among the conservatives. >>guest: i expect his support will grow and others will drop out. >>juan: there is a big problem, you are trying to say that what it looks inevitable for mitt romney, but the fact is, the capital thing seems to be growing and among republicans you would think, well, and this is the art that comes from mitt romney, we love free enterprise and this are winners and losers but you see everyone of the tea party conservatives opponents at this moment, taking him on big time and suggesting he was rejoicing not only in firing people but by profiting from their misery. >>guest: of course he didn't do that. >>shepard: today he said i
3:47 pm
like firing people. >>guest: he was talking about as a consumer. my insurance company doesn't dot work for me it should do i will switch. he has an outstanding record bain capital he has been attacked and he wins that battle. and the opponents are sounding like democrats attacking him when they say romney is not conservative they attack the guy who was successful in the free market. >>shepard: does he attack back at some point? >>guest: we have been consistent. he talks about the strong points of his record: private sector expense, experience as a turn around guy, success in the olympics in massachusetts and we contrast on the records and we point out that the other people have spent their lives in government and that is not what the american people are looking for. >>juan: i drew the phony baloney comment from mitt.
3:48 pm
can you not understand why the conservatives are not for him. >>guest: and governor mitt romney understands how the market works. you cannot just take a snapshot. jobs will go but they will come. on net he creates tens of thousands of jobs at bain. >>shepard: check your medicine cabinet, would you? a major drugmaker is recalling some of the most popular over the count step -- over-the-counter pain painkillers [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil
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but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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>>shepard: and now the big of the drugmakers in the world is
3:52 pm
now recalling very popular over-the-counter medication on fears workers may have mixed them up with powerful prescription drugs. here is what is involved: the recall involves painkillers and headache medicine and caffeine pills. the company received complaints that some bottles contained broken or chipped tap lets among other pack ans mistake and they report they could take a loss of $120 million because of the recall. wow! and now, rick, sounds like this has the potential of being kind of serious? rick: if you think you taking aspirin and pop a percoset there could be problems and the mes are are -- and the pills are packaged at the same plant. it includes no-doz and all
3:53 pm
bufferin, made by novartis and hundreds of employees are trying to determine if and how other rods got mixed in with the over-the-counter medicines. so inspect the products carefully or return them for a refund. >>shepard: $120 million. >>guest: that is the charge they have taken for the four the quarter and it could go up. in word on wren they could manufacture the recall, the recalled drugs again and this appears to be a company well positioned to absorb the loss based in switzerland with sales of $56 billion last year and this makes us less than 2 percent of their business but it is a big hit.
3:54 pm
>>shepard: no one needs a world without gas-ex. rick, thank you, the mother of a former u.s. marine is shocked. and terrified. after a judge in iran gave her son the death penalty on charges he is a spy. spy for the united states on iran. the 28-year-old was born in arizona to an iranian family and he went to high school in michigan. a u.s. citizen obviously. last month state tv showed off this card which identified him as an army contractor but the iranians arrested him this year and, today, the media reports he was and i quote, "sentenced to death for cooperating with a hostile nation, membership of the c.i.a. and trying to implicate iran in terrorism." today the white house said the charges are bogus and at the same time the u.n. key nuclear watch dog confirms iran has
3:55 pm
begun enriching uranium at another facility southwest of the capital of tehran and deep underground with hundreds of feet of rock to shield it from potential airstrike. and tim tebow, seriously, you threw for what? you beat who? wow! tebow, amid criticism he is not a "quality nfl quaterback," can't pace 316 on his face but he can put up the numbers. are you kidding me he eve vis rated the steelers. and then there is eli, quietly, eli, stand by for news.icken dis that are campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
3:56 pm
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common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. these are the reasons i quit smoking. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >>shepard: we had a fox report from manchester last night but i know you were watching the football team. so was i, tebow pulled off another mile high miracle. are you kidding me? the broncos quaterback tossed 80
3:59 pm
yard touchdown pass to beat the steelers on the first play of overtime. never been done. the play also gave tebow 316 yard passing for the game. some fans are calling that a number more than coincidence. he used to wear the bible passage designate john 3:16 and the gators after losing to ole miss 31-30 went on to win the national championship and yesterday not only did heathrow for 3:16 he also averaged 31.6 yards per pass. spooky! according to television ratings reports 31.6 percent of homes were tuned in to see tebow's touchdown. but the numbers may not be so kind when the broncos head to new england, tom brady and the patriots are looking tough and this weekend


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