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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 10, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EST

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bill schulz. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld.
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>> welcome back. the national debt is now reportedly as large as the
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entire u.s. economy. "u.s.a. today" reports the government owes more than $15.3 trillion. as of september the value of all goods and services produced in a year equaled 15.17 trillion. senate republicans blamed what they called a failure of the leadership from president obama. wall street started off the week on the plus side. the dow gained 33, s&p finished ahead 3 and nasdaq up 2. the economy is tough on veterans trying to find work. jennifer griffin tells us what's being done about that in this return hero's report. >> unemployment rates may be falling for some americans but not for young veterans from iraq and afghanistan. >> we have 850,000 veterans who can't find work. the overall unemployment rate came down a little bit last month but unemployment for veterans of iraq and afghanistan
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continue to rise. >> ettes not something the country should be proud of when you have unemployment in the 33% tile for the youngest. we have a surge coming back to the united states of america and i don't know that we're prepared. >> the unemployment rate in december of 2010 was 9.4%, now 8.5, unemployment forrion veterans jumped from 11.7% to 13.1%. >> when he got out of the military i was unemployed ten months. i had been in for ten years and an officer. i would tell people i was in charge of a company of companies where a $300 million budget but they didn't understand. >> unemployment for young female veterans nearly doubled. the president signed a bipartisan bill providing tax
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credits to businesses who hire vets. the chairman of the house services economy worries cuts announced by president obama as part of his defense strategy will make it worse. >> we're talking about cutting 100,000 out of the army, the marines and what this means is they're going to go on the unemployment lines. >> as the pentagon and white house look for ways to save money, you be employment paid to benefits shot up, to $940 million a year, is number that will go up as the afghan war winds down. supreme court justices today heard arguments on a case pitting individual property rights versus environment law. here's shannon bream. >> our story is david versus goliath. >> mike an shantel bought their
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dream idaho lot and prepped for construction then the environmental protection agency told them it was a wet land and mandated they return the land to the original condition or risk fines starting at $37,500 per day. after the epa denied their request for the hearing they took the case to federal court. >> we're fighting for ourselves, bigger than that, we're fighting for everyone else that owns property. we believe property owners have a right to their day in court and the epa has to be subject to the rule of the law. >> the e psa says it should have been handled administratively and not in the courts. the natural resources devons council says the shackettes should not be using administrative processes they could and should have followed. today justice kagan questioned whether they could have avoided this by getting a legal
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determination that you wanted through that process. the sackettes say it would make no sense to launch a costly, time consuming request for permit when their lot isn't a wet land. justice alito was one of several justices that empathized, asking the government lawyer, don't you think most ordinary homeowners say this can't happen in the united states? >> under intense questioning today the government's attorney conceded the epa could double penalties to $75,000 a day if enforced at this point the sackettes would face more than $100 million in fines. >> thank you. still ahead, i'll take you along for the ride to see some of the big campaign stops here as we catch up with the candidates. first an american in iran is sentenced to death.
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checking world news. activist say syrian troops fired or protesters. arab league repeated their demand the government stop the crackdown on descent. senior foreign affairs amie kellog. >> iranian state television says they claim former marine translator amir mirzaei hekmati was sent on a mission by the c.i.a. to destabilize the country and sentenced him to death. his family says he was visiting grandparents.
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the u.s. government believes the confession was forced and denies amir mirzaei hekmati was an agent. >> we've had trouble for decades with the iranians seizing americans, holding them long periods, trying them in inappropriate circumstances. >> iran shows military id's at prove amir mirzaei hekmati is a spy. they raise more questions than answers. >> the u.s. intelligence services are not going to send somebody with military i.d. in their pockets to iran to carry out a covert mission. >> this unfortunate individual got swept up into the iranians need to have something to leverage us. >> the un nuclear watchdog says iran is enriching nuclear to 20%. tehran says it's for a medical reacting, enriching to a higher
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level can be seen as a provocation. as iran feels the squeeze, president ahmadinejad returned west and south for support from venezuela and caw aboutz mars. >> in london, amy kellog, fox news. a 25-year-old florida man originally from kosovo has been charged with plotting terror attacks around tampa. sami osmakac wanted pay back for perceived wrongs against muslims. he planned to use car bombs at nice clubs and a suicide bomb belt in a crowded area. we bring you more election news from new hampshire. when we come back, come along for the ride to see interesting
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campaign stops.
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>> welcome back to manchester, new hampshire. just a few hours now from primary day. one of the benefits of making that's road trips is getting a chance to interact with voters and catch up with the candidates on the campaign trail. in something a little less formal than a tv studio. that's what we did today. a morning drive to the other side of manchester took us to a
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ron paul breakfast meet and greet packed with press. >> there's a lot of congestion. >> there were so many photos and reporters the paul campaign said the press created a mob like atmosphere that was unsafe for the candidate. we managed to catch up with the congressman with camera bumps. >> just a little bit chaotic. i'm used to more calm and delivering a message in a calmer fashion but i do the best i can. but it is exciting. it's great that they're interested in what i've been saying. it isn't like i'm a movie star. >> what about the fact you're skipping florida an going to the other states? there's folks that say are you really competing for the nomination? >> if this keeps up, we might have to reconsider. florida is a bigger state and even though we're raising fund, to compete in florida, you have to be into the big bucks.
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if something happens greater than we anticipate and do very well here tomorrow as well as doing well in south carolina, i mean you can always reconsider. you take one week at a time and one primary at a time. >> you look at it as you want to influence the party's platform in tampa. if you don't want win the nomination you want to affect how the g.o.p. operates. >> they're not two different issues. the best way to influence the party is win and do exceptionally well in the primary, so the better we do and more we win, if we win, we really have an influence. >> a lot of people were surprised you haven't attacked governor romney. he's in the lead here and in the lead over all. they're surprised you haven't had more swings against him but to come swings against others. >> i wouldn't say i haven't. maybe there's a degree but i think we call mitt a flip-flopper. he's been back and forth and i
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think he's been exposed pretty well on his positions when governor of massachusetts. so when i'm asked about him i'm not hesitant to say he's part of the status quo and they've been all over the place. >> on the road to catch a romney event and try to talk to governor roadway. we're in hudson, new hampshire, the stage where they're getting ready for press availability. you can see reporters crowded around. we tried to get governor romney for a one-on-one afterwards before the press event but they're going to do the press avail. it's really organized. all the events are. if you look here you can see rose of tables with computers a press file for reporters, print reporters, warrior -- wire reporters. that's not usual. waiting on governor romney to come back and answer questions
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likely on the attacks from a lot of rivals about firing people. so we'll bring you some of that in a moment. >> you know the context of what i was saying, we like to be able to choose our own insurance company and if they don't do the job, get rid of them. that's what i was referring to and -- i understand that in pot ticks, people grasp at anything and make it something it's not. by the way, that's the nature of the process and i have to be an adult and recognize that goes with the territory. >> reporters and photographers trying to catch as many candidates at possible. >> i know i believed what i believed and i wasn't saying it to say it. >> for a two-hour town hall answering questions. >> this is new hampshire. they don't want sound bite answers. they don't want prepackaged vision that some experts and some behavioral scientists have been able to concoct to portray
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an image of who you are. they want to see the real deal. if you want something that's produced out of new york, then romney and obama are the two candidates that you want. >> you want to bed the conservative alternative. you want to be the guy that's the starkest choice. how do you do that heading into south carolina? where do you need to finish here and what about south carolina? >> well, we've in many respects accomplished what we wanted in new hampshire. we've gotten big crowds, the enthusiasm has been maintained. the energy around the campaign, the attention we've gotten from the media, we've gone to south carolina, the media's not in south carolina, they're here. so we're getting a lot of attention. >> but beat newt gingerich. >> it would be great. he's running television, i'm not. he's been spending more time in the state recently than i have. so it's a pretty big nut for us to crack to beat newt with the
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union leader behind him but that would be a huge signal that we're the alternative, even in joe mcquade's backyard. >> we talked to governor jon huntsman in hampstead. >> we've got to get the message out. will you do it for me? >> i like the guy. he talks in -- i can understand what he's saying. but how can he win? >> first, they want a consistent conservative. my record is absolutely as a consistent conservative. look what he did i did in utah. they could they want someone electable. if you combine electability with a consist consistent serve active record, watch out. with every passing hour starting this morning we're getting more money coming in. we learned from iowa, 75% of the voters said no to the tailback. a-- establishment anointed
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candidate. mitt romney. they said no, it's the same in this state and the same in the country. this race will play out for a while. >> newt gingerich after an event in manchester. >> this is a very, very important election. >> paint the picture, a supporter looks at you and says if he doesn't come in one, two, three in new hampshire, how do i buy into this? >> you interviewed me when i was dead. then when i was half alive, then when i was the frontrunner. >> where are you now. >> i'm coming back again. it was a great surprise to have 45% of the ads in iowa attack me and we weren't prepared for it. we weren't prepared to become the frontrunner. we've adjusted. we've put things together and by the time we get to south carolina on wednesday, you'll see a full-blown campaign and i think as you know, when people see me on television and hear me
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on radio -- look at the size of our crowds here, in romney country. wait until you get to south carolina. >> a lot of miles on our rental car. a shakeup at the white house. we'll talk about that and the big picture of the 2012 campaign ahead of the new hampshire primary. the fox all-stars join me live
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>> i think governor romney owes us a press conference where he explains what happened to the companies that went bankrupt and why did bain make so much money out of companies going bankrupt. >> i have no doubt mitt romney was worried about pink slips, whether he would have enough to hand out. >> things are always taken out of context. as you know i was speaking about insurance companies and the need to make a choice and my comments reflected that discussion which is we should be able to choose
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the insurance company of our choice and not have one foisted upon us by the president and obama care. >> governor romney talking about not only the obama administration but his fellow opponents. governor huntsman saying governor romney enjoys firing people, i enjoy creating jobs. he might be out of touch with the economic reality and playing out in america and that's a dangerous place for someone to be. this back and forth was a comment that was made in a discussion about health insurance in which governor romney said he likes to have the ability to fire people providing him services ins the context of health insurance and not only republicans but the democrats jumped all over this today. let's start with the new hampshire polls. the latest before i bring in the panel. wmur has romney at 41%, paul at 17% and huntsman at 11%.
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wmur university of new hampshire. the suffolk poll has romney slipping to 33%, paul 23%, huntsman at 13. the average of all the recent polls, the real clear politics average and there you see the breakdown. that's the table for us. now our panel. joana goldburg. and steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. i call this other goatee panel. not you. >> yeah. >> ab, nongoatee. what about this attack from romney's opponents about bain capital and how he operated that company? >> well, what is so interesting is if he had not mentioned pink slips yesterday and then woken up today -- >> explain that. >> he said i at one point myself worried about a pink slip.
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and worried about being fired and that -- that caused his rivals to pounce. so did the comments perhaps taken out of context, definitely out of context, about the fact that he believes as a consumer you have the right to fire someone to provides goods or services depending on their performance and he said i like to fire people, meaning i would drop and insurance company if i wasn't pleased. >> even if the context it's okay for an employer to say i like to have the ability to fire someone if they're not performing. >> that's true. the problem is if he hadn't said those two things, it wouldn't be as easy for governor perry and former governor huntsman and others to jump on him. they're not jumping on the pro gingrich super pac ad about about romney's record, they're jumping on what he said. they would prefer to jump on his
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comments. when it comes to his record and bain and might move him in new hampshire, he's going to have to act swiftly and aggressively because this will move votes t scares people to know he was -- you know, a private equity guy who comes in, wipes out a company and revitalizes it but without the full time wages the previous employees enjoyed and they were moved out of theirs homes. it's gripping, the testimony. but he's got to fight back immediately and ask members of the republican party, who among you will put capitalism on trial. if he doesn't soon, the ads will take take effect. >> perhaps that's why we saw a press avail today. >> it was the end of the mittness protection program. i find the spectacle of the attacks on bain -- i don't feel
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sorry for romney because he plays fast and lose with quotes out of context but it's dismaying for me to say free market conservatives attack bain, the record of bain, sounding like dennis kucinich and if romney is the nominee it will hurt him. it's what bain did w not going around hurting companies, it went around trying to save companies that would have died entirely. was it better to have fewer benefits and fewer employees and a surviving company or a dead company. >> it has been characterized at vulture capitalism and there were instances where they went into companies and unleveraged and scrapped -- let go of a lot of people. they made a lot of money, they took it out and that company went under eventually. but this is business. we get that but it's a
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compelling story politically. >> shepard: i >> it has the potential to do a lot of damage but i find it dismaying that it's hard enough for conservatives to defend capitalism in this climate. you don't need newt gingerich, rick perry going out sounding like it's outrageous to fire people or streamline a company. >> what about the super pac candidate, the firewall. you heard newt gingerich talking about pretty extensively what the super pac would do, about bain capital. where is the wall between a candidate and the super pac? it's hard to know. mitt romney did the same thick thing. he had a nodding acquaints about what his super pac was saying abouting in. these are among the things we
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have to find out and ultimately will be litigated. i agree with jonah on the nature of the attacks. if you're a conservative and depressed about the presidential race and think the field hasn't been strong and you see people come up and go down, this has to be the nay dear of the election season. you have three con actives in it as much as to stop mitt romney as anything else. you can'teel sympathy for mitt romney. he's placed fast and loose with quotes of others as well so now you have this scrum based on intellectually dishonest arguments, things that may or may not be true. the suggestion that mitt romney likes firing people is silly and this is what voters in new hampshire will go to the polls about. >> i don't believe newt gingerich believes these
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attacks. newt gingerich was on the board or advisory board to forsman little, a leverage buyout firm. >> isn't there a silver lining if romney is the nominee that he could say he went through the fire of this time ready for the democratic attacks and i dealt with that months ago. this is old news. >> it's true. everyone said that barack obama in an race with hillary clinton race would -- when you go look at the fire, you're better able to come up with a response. the democrats are drooling over this. if mitt romney survives and comes up with a narrative about bain and says why businesses need to be protected he'll be better off as a general election candidate. >> but the fact this came from somebody who used to work for mitt romney, launched by another republican campaign, it will be
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played in a loop by mainstream media and obama as tremendous power this argument. >> next up, experts from new hampshire tell us what they expect in tomorrow's
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>> welcome back to manchester, three local experts join our panel. kevin landerbegan for the national telegraph and andy smith from the university of new hampshire and james pindell for james, we hear a lot about the undecideds, people who switch their vote. independent flavor in new hampshire. is that real as we head into tomorrow. >> it's real and happens every
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cycle. we go into the last two days and we're hours away from the first votes in dixville notch and according to our last polling by andy next to me, 56% of new hampshire voters are still making up their minds, they were as of last night. it's real and they're trying to decide, brett, if it's not mitt romney, maybe they made up their minds months ago, then who. secondly, if they want to be to the winner, our station showed 78% of new hampshire voters believe mitt romney will win tomorrow so maybe they want to go with the winner. >> we talked about trends and where things are headed. your last poll, what are you seeing trend wise? >> we're seeing romney slipping and that typically happens with the front runner in new hampshire. other than that, we see a little bit of a rise for huntsman. huntsman, capped because he's going after the democrats who
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will vote as independents in new hampshire. but i think the bigger issue is that how much can they do over the last day or so and how much advertising is out there that could move the voters. >> kevin your thoughts about this primary versus other primaries. >> it's interesting, this has been a fierce fight for second and that doesn't typically happen here. in 1988, when a former massachusetts governor, mike dukakis had the democratic nomination sewed up in new hampshire by winning new hampshire and the fight was over second, a lot of familiar names, al gore was in that race and finished fifth in that primary. the problem for the rest of this field is tuesday will present a muddling mess as to the consensus conservative. it's a jump for second through fifth place. if the numbers show that, nobody
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gets a bounce other than mitt romney and mitt romney roars into south carolina 11 days after. >> james, the sense bouncing around through the events was that, one, new hampshire folks like to answer questions. rick santorum was giving it to them but you're not seeing him bounce here. >> we're not. andy can speak about the numbers but he came in with a iowa momentum, 7 or 8 point bounce socials and liberals get but what he's not been able to do is consolidate that conservative days of newt gingerich, which has not gone away. even rick perry supporters or ron paul. they've not consolidated the conservatives behind him which he needed to do today.
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>> characterize the ron paul demographic and what you're looking at. >> with ron paul, he does well with young voters, particularly men, he does well with independents or undeclared, libertarians or people who don't affiliate with a party. he's getting discontented people who aren't strong democrats, they're not rank and file republicans in new hampshire. these are people that are more downscale, a little bit hurt more by the economic downturn. >> is there worry for the romney folks that because the polls showed him with such a big lead that the ability for people to get on the of couch and vote, maybe they wouldn't be as fired up to do that? >> there's a concern about that. one thing they take comfort from is their polling is not showing
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the undecided breaking to any candidate. their polling is showing them getting undecided. come -- complacency is their enemy. it's not bad but it's not of the level that both hillary clinton and obama had four years ago or john mccain. >> panels hate when i do this, but one, two, three, tuesday night. >> that's hard. >> see, you're the -- >> new hampshire has been : muddled field, it's over. >> james punted. romney. >> romney, paul, huntsman. >> i go with romney, paul then gingrich. >> how about that. thank you so much. you sure you don't want to --
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>> okay, all right. >> just checking.
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>> brett: finally tonight a remind are about tuesday. we will start off election night coverage with another live special report right here from manchester. that begins at 6:00 eastern. then 8:00 p.m. eastern time. megyn kelly and i will bring you results. we'll have expert analysis, charles drought ham you are, chris wallace, joe trippi and john mccain and sarah palin and maybe some surprise guests. please make plans to join us. in just five hours from now, folks in the tiny town of dix violent notch will start the voting. polls will open around the state tuesday morning. we'll follow every minute right here on fox news channel. thanks everybody. that is it for this special report. from h


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