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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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balanced and unafraid. >> good morning. bright and early. hope you're going to have a great tuesday. it's january 10th. thanks so much for spending part of your day with us. i'm gretchen carlson. the first votes have already been cast in the first primary of 2012. in new hampshire, there's a clear leader. all right. there's only 20 votes but anyway, everything could change when thousands of new hampshire voters head to the polls in a few voters. lots of undecideds. >> indeed. mitt romney being painted as the bad guy for saying this. >> i like being able to fire services who provide services to me. >> really? there's more to those comments that you probably won't hear anywhere else. what else did he say? we'll play it for you. >> great. occupiers in new hampshire getting out of control hours before voting.
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>> ahhhh! >> yeah, right after rick santorum's appearance and his family dragged in it as well. a lot of tension. meanwhile, "fox & friends" starts right now. >> all right. look at that party! all right! one person. look at all those people dancing in the sfreets. >> gretchen, we're the only ones awake. nobody is awake there. that's the college there in -- >> there's one guy, all right. >> he's out to party! >> he still thinks it's monday. >> you think so? >> i'm trying to wake the two of you up. you were like good morning, everyone.
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>> we have some votes to count already. >> we do. >> i'll go through it the best i can but i believe that it's a figure even i can handle. >> indeed. 20. >> get out the calculator. >> we'll get to that in a minute. let's tell you who is coming up in the next four hours here on the fox newschannel. gary bower once upon a time ran for president as did steve forbes, they're both joining us. gary bower, though, very influential in the very conservative circles. are they talking about particular -- one particular candidate? are they trying to winnow it down and figure out who they should throw their support behind. >> carl edwards will be talking to brian. >> back flips as well as co-hosting with kelly ripa. he does back flips. >> newt gingrich will be joining us in the 7:00 a.m. eastern time hour. we have a lot to talk about with newt, how he changed his campaign strategy and rick santorum, another presidential candidate will be joining us as well. stay tuned with us.
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>> debbie wasserman schultz, colonel allen west, laura ingrah ingraham, frank luntz. we might need a third hour. rick santorum, if we have access to his team sweater vest. >> yeah. >> this is -- if i was a true entrepreneur, i would have done this in 1988. >> i was the sweater vest guy. >> that's right. last night on the hannity program, mr. santorum gave mr. hannity one and i think he would like mr. hannity to wear it. >> all right. let's get right to your headlines this morning because as you saw in our opening there, the occupy new hampshire protest turned ugly as republican candidate rick santorum and his family are surrounded by a noisy mob. >> ahhhh! >> the santorums confront outside of a restaurant by a combined pack of occupy protesters and ron paul supporters. all of them shouting bigot and shame.
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nobody was hurt or arrested. newt gingrich's security team saw this kind of trouble coming and canceled a campaign stop at his manchester headquarters last night. we're learning more about the islamic extremist accused of planning terror attacks in tampa. >> the infidels, the jews, the pagans, the hindus, the buddhas and the atheists, they're the worst of creation. we'll fight the charge. look at the evil. >> the views of the 25-year-old so extreme, the fellow muslims banned him from two mosques. they showed his violence confrontation with protesters from the westboro baptist church. he was busted in an f.b.i. sting last weekend and is accused of planning to use car bombs to attack multiple targets in tampa. he's believed to be a lone wolf with no direct ties to terror groups. he's being held without bail facing a possible life sentence if convicted.
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major white house shakeup, president obama's chief of staff william daley on his way out now. turning his resignation after just one year on the job. the president did not see this one coming according to reports. daley's tenure was supposed to last longer at least through the next election. he'll return to his native chicago and be replaced by the budget director. the white house getting drilled over that lavish hollywood style alice in wonderland halloween party. yesterday, press secretary jay carney tried to deny any cover-up and down played the event. >> well, if it was secret, why did we invite the press in? why was there a pool reporter? why were there contemporaneous photographs. >> about johnny depp being there. >> yeah, this wasn't a publicity event for the outside. this was an event for military children and their families. >> despite carney's comments, no record of johnny depp ever appeared in the official white house visitor log. to me, that's because he showed up as that guy.
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>> they looked under mad hatter, maybe they'd find it. >> all right. 5 minutes after the top of the hour, it finally happened. it happened about midnight last night, new hampshire primary officially kicks off the first true primary of the season. and where did it take place? dixville notch and as usual, we were there to chronicle the results. within five minutes, we knew who won! >> that's right. and so here are the vote totals from northern new hampshire. mitt romney leaps to the lead or actually to a tie with jon huntsman. they each have two, newt gingrich has one and poor ron paul one as well. rick perry is the poor one. he didn't get zip. >> in that place. here's what i'm upset about. 75 people live there. where are the rest of the people? three of them voted for obama, ok? so then you have five, six, nine. 9 of 75. >> they can still come out the rest of the day. they don't have to get there -- >> thank you, brian. more faith in the power of the vote of the people. >> they could be exhausted.
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>> let's see this village and see if they were any better. harts location where mr. romney got five votes, ron paul got four. jon huntsman got two. rick perry got one vote and newt gingrich got one as well. i wonder if this is a precursor of things to come throughout the day. it would be interesting to compare those two little towns to what happens later on tonight as far as percentages. >> you know, so far, i think if you look at the campaigns there's only one candidate running a national campaign and it's mitt romney and so far, you know, you see the events that you go to are -- that are choreographed, they're better decorated, they're better organized. that doesn't mean he's going to win. however, the other thing is the candidate hasn't made many mistakes and you could argue he still hasn't made one but i would say one line that is being used yesterday is being used against him because it happens to coincide with the same series of events that happened with him being accused at bain capital of having people fired without -- heartlessly and at the same time, he went out and wanted to
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talk at a nashua event. he goes to talk and said a few things. >> the single line, we'll play you the entire soundbite in context so you can see where democrats and republicans have just extracted the part where he says i like being able to fire people. brian's absolutely right. somebody asked about health care. he was talking about, you know, if your health care provider doesn't do a good job, you ought to be able to get rid of him. here's the entire context. >> i want individuals to have their own insurance. that means the insurance company will have an incentive to keep you healthy. it also means that if you don't like what they do, you can fire them. i like being able to fire people that provide services to me, you know, if someone doesn't give me the good service i need, i want to say that i'm going to get somebody else to provide that service to me. and so that's one thing i'd change. >> all right. that's one of those things that this candidate wants back desperately because we know how it works, folks, they're not going to run that whole clip
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when they come out firing. and it happened immediately. and not just from the dnc who lined up their videotapes to put out an ad lickety split. no, rick perry went after him. if you're a victim of bain capital's down sizing, it is the ultimate insult for mitt romney to come to south carolina and tell you he feels your pain because he caused it. there's something inherently wrong when getting rich and sticking it to someone else is how you do your business. that's a fellow republican. ron paul went after him. jon huntsman went after him. newt gingrich is going to go after him on this particular thing. how unfortunate if you're running mitt romney's campaign when you've just been facing immense criticism over the weekend about how many people you may have laid off when you took over these companies and now he says that line. i don't know how he gets out from underneath this for the rest of this week. >> see, i think there's a thing to add into that. if he said the line, he absolutely said the line. if you see in context, does anybody have a problem with the context? if you're not happy with your
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car or health insurance, you should get rid of it. it's taken out of context and we expect more especially when you have his entire work record to look at. you said "the wall street journal" broke down his days at bain capital and you have a 28 minute documentary coming out about what he did in the private sector. do you really need those nine words? >> exactly right. when you see and later on, we'll have debbie wasserman schultz up. they've got an ad out that uses it over and over and really clobbers you with it. just every time you see that, just remember that's taken out of context. he was talking about if i'm not getting good service, i should be able to fire my provider which everybody feels that way. >> the problem is people -- that's exactly right and it's all about free enterprise. however, in a political season where people are not tuning in 24/7 to every single word that every candidate says, this could be very damaging to mitt romney. people just aren't paying attention to every single detail and they're not looking at the context of everything. and both sides do it. anyway, newt and santorum will
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come up in the 7:00 hour and to talk to them about that. >> they took a shot at newt gingrich and the private equity firm that he was involved in. coming up straight ahead, governor romney may be ahead in new hampshire but our next guest says the real context is between rick santorum and newt gingrich. >> yep. then we told you about the navy seal who punched out jesse ventura for trashing our troops. stick around, now jesse ventura is talking.
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>> all right. we just told you that mitt romney is leading in new hampshire and has been for a while but it's still very, very
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early and he has dropped in some polls as many as eight points and our next guest says the real contest may be between newt gingrich and rick santorum. joining us right now from manchest manchester, new hampshire and the eye of the storm is the director of political events. are you saying that second and third place has more drama than first? >> yes, it is. virtually everyone i've talked to including supporters of just about every candidate say this is a slam dunk for mitt romney. i'm not going to play the game of how large his first place finish will be, many people concede second place to ron paul, former governor sununu told me that yesterday but the winnowing out or winnowing in process will be who comes in third, that should be either rick santorum or newt gingrich. the third place finisher will go into south carolina as if he had a rocket pack on his back. the fourth place finisher, well, be a little wounded after tonight.
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>> right. yet a factor of jon huntsman into that. what's the mood with jon huntsman, should he drop out or not? >> i would say that governor huntsman has his work cut out for him. he's been in the granite state for so long, he could be a registered voter, i think. and he's worked very, very hard but one thing you have to remember and i've seen this covering candidates for a long time, one who puts his or her chips on one state usually will get some capital that lasts 24 or 48 hours but the question is -- where do they go from there? the late paul tsongas found that out when he defeated bill clinton in new hampshire in 1992 and won very little else. >> well, let's see, so you say if huntsman is fourth, if he's anything less than third, he should drop? >> i'm not going to tell governor huntsman what to do. i'm certainly not going to tell someone with his resume and his
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linguist skills what to do. what i will say is if he doesn't place fourth, it will certainly slow the momentum and his team going into south carolina will certainly have to take a second look at how far they go. >> or tell dad i need the money that i've been rejecting so far. now, you also write that ron paul is the henry cabot lodge of 2012. what does that mean? >> no, i said that jon huntsman was the henry cabot lodge. that's right. henry cabot lodge in 1964. >> they look alike. >> he was ambassador to saigon under presidents kennedy and johnson and he actually won the republican primary for president as a write-in candidate while he was a world away and again, he never went that far after that. jon huntsman is a republican who served as a diplomat under a democratic president and yet is
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trying to show some strength in new hampshire. and yet, he's being criticized for it as lodge was. lodge won. i'm not sure what jon huntsman will do but the parallels are striking. jon huntsman is the first republican since henry cabot lodge to have served in a democratic administration and run for president. >> wow. so it's going to be interesting. you also brought up in the break that last night, all these protests canceling of two events and santorum had some turbulence and newt gingrich said i don't want to deal with it. it's a mix of occupiers and ron paul people. bizarre. >> i saw them all out on elm street last night and in fact, i did a couple of interviews that you can see on gizzy's america at i had to mention that you will find that the ron paul supporters were as critical of the republican establishment so to speak as the occupy people have said they are. i'm not sure who got a little
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out of hand with senator santorum last night. i hope it wouldn't be the paul supporters whom i found nonetheless very respectful and law abiding. >> right. there was some ugly chance there. thank you so much. looking forward so seeing what you have on line there. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up straight ahead, palin's pick for president and probably not what you think or the palin you think. plus no politicians allowed. why this new hampshire hot spot frequented by frontrunners is now turning them away at the door.
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>> 23 minutes after the top of the hour. houston has a problem. take a look at this video. cars stranded in the middle of the streets. the water right up to the windshield. other vehicles managed to plow through the floodwater. at least five schools were shut down after power was knocked out and arizona election officials announcing jon huntsman is off the primary ballot there. officials say huntsman's paper work was missing a notarized signature from the candidate. a spokesperson says the campaign will submit what was required and challenge that ruling. steve? >> thank you, gretch. it's a classic scene on the campaign trail. candidates doing meet and greets in diners like this one right here. but not so fast. in ft. smith, new hampshire, breakfast and lunch is off-limits, they are banning politicians. fox news radio's guy joins us live from manchester, new hampshire. good morning to you, todd. >> steve, good morning!
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>> and i know it's cold up there. so god bless you for standing out there on the camp pus with us today. so why did this guy just say i've had enough, i don't want any politicians coming in here bugging my lunch crowd. >> yeah, this guy is not a big fan of the folks running for office. he was especially upset because a number of the republican candidates were coming into his diner and he says they were interrupting people as they were trying to eat their scrambled eggs and their toast. so he put up a big sign on the front of the door and said absolutely no politicians, no exceptions. it's interesting to note, though, steve, this fella happens to be a liberal. so it's maybe not so much of a big surprise that he's going after the republican candidates running for president. >> sure. i know. and as we look at the video of life inside the diners there in new hampshire, we know that when you go to places like kolbe's, you really can figure out what the people of new hampshire feel and you were at a diner
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yesterday, what is the number one thing people are talking about up there? >> they're really talking about jobs. i had a chance to go over to the red arrow diner which is sort of an icon here in manchester. and oddly enough, there were more reporters there than there were actual people eating but the few folks that were there said it's all about jobs and the economy. and they want to hear these -- these politicians talking about that. but they also talk about the idea of live free or die. this idea that there are some socialist tendencies emanating from 1600 pennsylvania avenue and they want a candidate for the presidency who is going to put a stop to that nonsense. >> i understand that while you were there at that particular diner yesterday, you asked the waitress, just out of curiousity, i'm a reporter, who tips better? republicans or democrats? >> that's right. and the waitress tells me by far, without a doubt that republicans are the best tippers. >> there you go.
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but we -- you know, i would imagine they do ask for receipts. so that they can go ahead and use it for tax purposes. now, you're from the south. have you seen some similarities between life way up north in new hampshire with life where you're from? >> well, we don't have moose back in tennessee but it's really interesting because when i crossed over the border into new hampshire, i found a cracker barrel, there was a nascar track and a lot of pickup trucks. i thought i may have made a wrong turn and ended up in alabama but i think the idea here is that many people have shared the same values and i think folks here in new hampshire have much more in common with folks in alabama and mississippi than they do with folks over in boston. people here take great pride in, again, that slogan, live free or die. and it was really sort of refreshing to see folks that -- that quite frankly share those great values. >> they like that slogan so much, they put it on the flags up there.
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all right, todd, thank you very much for getting up so early and joining us today from new hampshire. >> thank you, steve. >> thank you. >> all right. straight ahead when we come back, early on this tuesday morning, there's a palin endorsement for the 2012 ticket and it might surprise you. we'll tell you about that. and remember the navy seal who punched out jesse ventura for trashing our troops? stick around, now jesse is talking about it. plus gary bower, steve forbes, carl edwards, newt gingrich, rick santorum and a whole bunch more on this early edition of "fox & friends." type 2 diabetes.
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it will give you better understanding on insulin and how it can lower blood sugar. talk to your doctor about whether insulin is right for you. take control of your type 2 diabetes for yourself and for them. call or visit >> welcome back, everyone. if you're just waking up, we're here bright and early for you this morning because of what's happening today. it's the first primary of the 2012 season in new hampshire. we have the latest results for you because two little towns in new hampshire actually open their polls at midnight and so we have a handful of votes that have come in so far. >> in their slippers and bathrobes they made their way to the voting booths. here's what they said. mitt romney, you have two of my votes. huntsman, you got two. newt, you have one. ron paul, you have one. let the voting begin. >> that's in dixville notch that's been doing this early
5:32 am
voting for one minute since 1960. meanwhile, in hart's location a little further down state from dixville notch, mr. romney wound up with five there. ron paul with four. huntsman two. perry and gingrich each get one. if you're keeping score at this point, way early, mitt romney leading by a couple. >> why do they do it so early? because they are keeping up tradition. apparently they started this for men and women who worked on the rails. they needed to go and vote before they could go to their shift. anyway, let's talk about modern times since the 1950's, two cities and nine towns in new hampshire have always been right? >> that's hard to look there. >> i love stories like this. there's nothing better than a good mystery. so let's take a look at what they are so you can come to your screen and read them out for you as well. >> ok. the towns that are always right, rochester which is, of course, as you know, the lilac city. also the state flower. clairemont, these two are on the eastern and western sides of the
5:33 am
state. also, east kingston, new market, pembroke, washington, that is to say, sanbornton, lancaster as well. >> in terms of what to watch for when the voting begins, it looks as though mitt romney, it looks as though the margin of victory will be the most intriguing thing. if he gets over 37, people say look out, that trend may be impossible to stop. huntsman has got to do well or go home. and can santorum outperform newt? >> when you say that train may be impossible to stop, you're not talking about the cain train because he's not driving it anymore. >> he pulled that train to the side of the road, i believe, about two months ago. >> yeah. >> all and all, 325,000 people, that's what they're expecting. that's how many votes they'll be tallying up tonight so keep it right here on fox and we'll be back bright and early tomorrow to give you the final results. >> she went out for a jog and never came back. police have found her shoe. sherry arnold, the teacher and mom of three never returned from a run over the weekend in
5:34 am
montana. her shoe discovered in a ditch along one of her usual jogging routes. the disappearance has rock the small town of sydney with over 1,000 volunteers showing up to help in the search effort. >> g.o.p. presidential candidate newt gingrich has a palin endorsement under his belt but it is todd palin. sarah palin's husband says gingrich is well suited for the white house. >> the best conservative that can win against obama. of course, will have a lot of the media in his corner and newt is a proven reformer. you have to have a proven record to go up against the obama machine. >> that's interesting because as you recall, todd palin is an independent. so what does that say about independents going for gingrich? i don't know. we'll ask him when he joins our show a little bit later on. newt gingrich that is. sarah palin has not announced who she is going to endorse. >> i'm worried about levi johnston, who is he going with? >> me, too.
5:35 am
>> it sounds like something out of the show "24." a suspect holds an elderly couple hostage in their own home. things got worse. the woman says the suspect forced her to rob a bank by strapping what she said was a bomb on to her ankle. when she got there, she quickly alerted employees. a bomb squad safely removed the device from her ankle and are now testing it to see if it really was a bomb or even if it was really dangerous. police at this point do not have a suspect. what a story. >> former governor jesse ventura shooting down a navy seal sniper story that he decked ventura in a bar in 2006. chris kyle says ventura was talking trash about u.s. troops in iraq and said you deserve to lose a few guys. >> you popped him? >> yes, sir. >> did he fight back? >> he went down, the cops were there. i took off running. >> you ran? >> yes, sir. >> did they arrest you? >> no, sir. i had my master chief that
5:36 am
always said punch and run! >> well, not true according to ventura who said this posting on facebook. if this happened six years ago, someone would have known of it before now. i have always opposed the war in iraq but never spoken or wished any ill towards the soldiers. someone is out to destroy my credibility. all right. so there you have it from both sides. time to do a little weather if you're just waking up bright and early. >> what credibility? >> meanwhile, let's go ahead and take a look. we have -- we saw with the news a little while ago, we had a big storm move through the houston area that, as you can see, is rumbling along the coast. gulf coast that is to say and brought a whole bunch of rain. possible tornado damage as well. it is currently swirling to the north of dallas and portions, not the southern half of oklahoma at this hour, up through the central mississippi and missouri valley so it's going to be a slow go on this tuesday down there. meanwhile, current temperatures as you get out in the 20's right now by the way in new hampshire. it's going to be chilly today up there for the big primary and
5:37 am
cloudy but certainly nothing that's going to keep anybody from getting to the polls. 50's right now across much of dixie land and 70 along the gulf coast. later on today, almost 80 in tampa. mid 60's in the mid atlantic northern plains, temperatures in the 40's and throughout new england today, temperatures in the 30's. meanwhile, last night, they don't call it the college super bowl but brian, that's pretty much what it was. >> finally, the kids can get back to studying. alabama celebrating their second bcs championship in three years this morning led by a dominating defense. they got some revenge. crimson tide blanked lsu 21-0. i don't think lsu showed up. that's the first shut out in the game's history. huge rivalry and lsu was previously undefeated. the alabama head coach nick sabin won a pair of titles and another in 2003. he's the first coach to win three bcs titles. congratulations to them. it should be a tiebreaker. seven months after winning the nba title, the mavericks finally had their meeting with the
5:38 am
president of the united states. you know the president would love this. the mavericks beat the star studded miami heat, you know, in six games last june. the president giving high praise to general man guy, the series mvp. he played with a painful finger injury and a fever. >> hey, tim tebow is delivering a mile high miracle and ratings gold. nearly 42 million people tuned in to see tebow and the broncos soar past the steelers in overtime sunday night. that makes it the highest wild card rated game in 24 years. that's incredible. all right. by the way, coming up in four hours on "kilmeade & friends" jennifer griffin, andrea tantaros and gretchen carlson will be on talking all about the excitement of new hampshire. >> plenty to talk about, too. >> i hope so. >> tons. straight ahead on this store, lots to talk about as well. we'll take you to the biggest american auto show as well. brand new modelses being unveiled today in detroit. >> the republican elite looking
5:39 am
for a consensus candidate. someone they could all stand behind. could it be rick santorum or somebody else? an inside perspective coming up next. brian, he's wearing your sweater vest. >> i'm so angry! >> you're just jealous.
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>> quick headlines right now. hostess, the maker of twinkies is planning to refile for chapter is 11 bankruptcy. "the wall street journal" reporting that the company is facing a major cash crunch with more than $860 million in debt, high labor expenses and the rising cost of ingredients. and wal-mart is rolling back the price of tax prep to three.
5:43 am
free preparation of simple tax forms will be made available at more than 3,000 wal-mart stores nationwide starting today. gretch? >> thanks very much. even while voters head to the polls in new hampshire, the g.o.p. elite are meeting this week in a secret meeting to reach a consensus behind one candidate they feel will adhere to evangelical values. our next guest is one of the republicans attending that meeting even though he already endorsed rick santorum. former 2000 republican presidential candidate and former advisor to president reagan, gary bauer joins us right now. >> good morning. great to be with you. >> you did endorse rick santorum. that comes before this secret meeting that's taking place at an undisclosed location in texas this weekend. should we believe, then, that the other evangelical leaders that are meeting with you will also back rick santorum when they come out of that meeting? >> look, it's a private meeting. not a secret meeting. there's been a lot written about it already. i don't know what's going to come out of the meeting. i know that senator santorum is
5:44 am
gaining some momentum right now. and i think what people are hoping to accomplish at the meeting is just try to see what could be done to make sure that conservative values, sort of reagan conservativism continues to dominate in the republican party and at least i personally decided that while we've got a lot of great candidates, all of whom would be better than the current president of the united states, that rick santorum best personifies those ideas of both smaller government, lower taxes, but also a strong national defense and also pro family values and pro life. >> i guess what you're saying without saying it is that the people who are coming to this private meeting don't like mitt romney. >> you know, i wouldn't say it that way. i saw some press coverage suggesting it was a stop romney meeting. i don't want to be part of a stop romney meeting. i want to go all romney meetings whose purpose is to stop barack obama and i think there will be supporters there for all the various candidates. i actually think we've got a
5:45 am
good field even though the obama operations tried to make all of them look bad or try to undercut all of them, obviously. >> very interesting. bob vander plaats endorsed rick santorum and he ended up almost having a tie with mitt romney in iowa. a lot of people said it had a lot to do with that endorsement. here's what he told me about romney in an evangelical vote. >> for governor romney, that responsibility is on his shoulders. throughout the cycle, he's pretty much dissed our base and not showing a whole lot that he wanted to come and visit with us. we need to sit down and have some of those visits and hopefully the conservatives can rally around him. >> do you believe that mitt romney has dissed the evangelical base? >> you know, i don't want to get into the sort of inside baseball stuff. i think on the issues that conservative christians care about as well as conservatives
5:46 am
generally, mitt romney is certainly saying all the right things. when i made my endorsement, i made it clear, i wasn't going to trash any of the other candidates, i was going to support rick santorum because i don't believe there's anything more important than ending the obama era right now. i think the country is on a road that's going to kill us if we keep going down it. >> i know. in fact, you say that 2012 will be the most important election of this generation. i want to move you forward, though, to something that happened to the guy you're endorsing, rick santorum, he was at a college convention 2012 event in new hampshire the other day. he was booed at this campaign event. let's listen to that. >> let me thank you all very much for being here and for your time and attention. thanks. >> who is booing him? >> you know, who knows? although i suspect or at least i've read that the booing was because shock of all shocks, he
5:47 am
thinks marriage should be between a man and a woman. that's what, of course, for several thousand years, marriage has been. the booers aren't offering much to the debate. look, the overwhelming majority of the american people think that marriage is between a man and a woman. the thing that amazes me is that some elites keep pushing that issue when the real problem facing the country is not same sex marriage. the real problem is the millions of children that are coming into the world in the united states that have no fathers. rick santorum talks about that all the time because that is really key for our future and quite frankly, it contributes these fatherless homes are contributing to the economic problems we're having, the educational problems we're having, single mothers try to do heroic jobs but when you don't have a father in the home, it's bad for society as well as for the children in that household. >> yeah. how long have people been talking about the breakdown of the family as one of the main
5:48 am
problems we're facing in america? hard to think that that could be booed and by the way, president obama agrees with rick santorum about gay marriage which nobody talks about. gary bauer, president of american values, let us know what happens at that meeting. i'd love to talk to you next monday. >> good to be with you this morning. >> the occupiers didn't expect this. >> what's your view, madam? what do you think? >> is governor romney ripping a page out of chris christie's book now? and made in the u.s.a., we'll take you live to motor city to check out the 2012 rides. the new american model being unveiled today.
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>> welcome back. we are live right now in new york and they are some of the most talked about cars at this year's north american international auto show. >> cars czar doug brown joins us live in detroit with a sneak peek. all right, doug, there's a lot of surprises there. and a lot of excitement. what's at the top of your list? >> ok. got some cars for you. some you may have seen. many you haven't. let me get out of the way. a car far better looking than i. what do you think? it's the all new ford fusion. this car is important. not just because it's good looking. but because for the first time ford is going to offer you the option of a plug-in hybrid power train, standard hybrid. if you want a gas engine, you can get that, too. ford continuing its commitment. not just to style and quality, but to offer consumers the choice of what they want underneath the hood.
5:53 am
look for the fusion in dealerships this fall. very cool. all right. let's go to cadillac because they are unveiling this. gretchen, i think you might need one of these. this is the atf. it's going to give -- i think so. i'm going to bring one back for you. this is going to give the bmw a real run for its money and go on sale later this year for 34 grand and you can customize the gauges any way you want them to look and from chevy, they're talking about this. this is the new sonic. 1.4 liter turbo, aggressive looking little hatchback. 17 inch wheels. what i like about it, it's just $15,000. it will go on sale late 2012. all right. i admit it. i grew up in the 1970's and my mom drove this car. although maybe not this car but it had the same name. take a look at the new dodge dart. they rolled it out and i just love the name. i want to buy it because it's a dart. it will go on sale this summer. it's built right here in the u.s., chrysler doing a nice job with its partner fiat on that design. again, look for it sometime this summer. and if you thought that the
5:54 am
pathfinder was kind of an old, stale car, well, nissan probably felt the same way which is why they came out with this new concept. it will go on sale this fall. three rows, seven passengers seating. good design revamp. it was a car much needing that and then this is the hyundai genesis coup. and then the winner yesterday, thank you very much was this, the north american car of the year. the hyundai elantra. why did all the journalists vote this car to be the winner which is, again, sort of the oscar of the automotive industry? real simple, the elantra about $16,000 gets 40 miles to the gallon and has that 10e-year, 100,000 mile warranty. much like the oscar, when you win it, a lot of people tend to see the movie. when it won north american car of the year, a lot of people go to the dealerships and buy it.
5:55 am
lot going on here. >> you mention they're bringing back the dodge dart and no plans to bring back the gremlin or the pacer, right? >> you know, if only they would, i can guarantee you i would buy them both because i'm that much of a doshg. but no, i kind of like the dart. >> doug, i did have a cadillac and now i drive a chevy. i'm an american kind of gal. thanks for the offer. >> yes. well, me, too. i got the keys, gretch. reroll the video of the cadillac. remember, cadillac sales were ok last year but not as well -- not as good as they wanted them to be. there you go. do you want it in red or silver, though? gretch, that's the key. i'm going to bring them both. >> tie-dye color. ok, you got it. i'll get it for you. we'll be in new york in 10 hours and roll it over to you. >> thank you. >> we're live in detroit, michigan and next to the fusion. all right, guys. thanks.
5:56 am
>> he's out there in the convention center all alone with all those beautiful cars. doug, good job. thank you, sir. >> all right. now, the tsa sparked outrage when they confiscated one flier's cupcake. now they have an explanation why the dessert is dangerous. you have to love this one. >> mitt romney's business record goes under the microscope. along with his big gains, he had some busts. is that how business works? we'll ask business mogul steve forbes when he joins us next hour.
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5:59 am
>> good morning, bright and early, everyone. it's tuesday, january 10th. i hope you're going to have a great day. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. while you were sleeping, new hampshire's first votes came in and there's a clear leader even though there's under 20 votes. yt


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