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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  January 10, 2012 8:00pm-11:00pm EST

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martha maccallum is here with our exit polls and fox news decision team crunching the numbers will make the call when we have a winner. we also have a team of reporters following the candidates here in new hampshire. >> bret: stand by. we are able to make the call in this race. it's 8:00 p.m. eastern time. all the polls have closed in new hampshire. and mitt romney is the first republic since 1976 to win the first two nominating contests in the nomination race. fox news projects the former massachusetts governor will win the new hampshire primary after winning the iowa caucuses. and the win tonight is projected to be significant. at this point, we just don't know how large the spread will be. >> megyn: fox news is also projecting at this hour that ron paul will finish in second place in this race. governor jon huntsman will finish third. meantime newt gingrich and rick santorum are locked in a race for fourth place at this hour with that contest too
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close to call. but fox news can project that rick perry will finish in sixth place, which is not a particular surprise given the way he was campaigning and polling here. also to no end surprise president obama who was unchallenged for the democratic primary will, of course, win his party's contest here in new hampshire. >> bret: a big win for mitt romney here and it wasn't a surprise, according to the polls, but what is a surprise is ron paul being able to hold on and pick up second place. >> megyn: there was a lot of talk whether he was overpolling. whether he will poll better than he would perform. i'm sure his campaign is happy a second place victory tonight. coming up martha maccallum live in new york. exit poll shows why the way people voted the way they did. this could be important to candidates down the line as they go to further contests, martha? >> that's exactly right, megyn. here is what matters to mitt romney tonight and brought his victory in the state of new hampire. most most of the voters, six
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in 10 cited the economy as the most important issue to their vote. look at how these people voted. they strongly backed mitt romney. a big night for him in this regard. also new hampshire voters want to pick somebody who can beat president obama. that is a top priority here. it was a top priority in iowa as well. 59 officers of those for whom electability was paramount went for mitt romney. you can sees a the numbers go down for newt gingrich there and ron paul at 11% in the lebility nt category. also, romney got the support tonight that he wanted from moderates and also from those who consider themselves to be somewhat conservative. take a look how he did with the very conservative vote. not that weak either but he tied rick santorum among those very conservative voters. how about the story we talked about all week this week which was that nearly half of the voters were making their decision very last minute in this race. everybody in this candidacy was struggling to get those last minute voters but look who got them. 29% went to mitt romney.
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huntsman worked very hard to pull in those folks in the last minute and they went for 22% of them. but it's interesting late deciders there was so much bain capital and other issues out there this week they did not seem to put too big a dent in the support of those who made the decision over the course of the late hours in the recent days. how about this one? a majority say that they would be satisfied with mitt romney as the nominee. and consider this: majorities would be dissatisfied, they say, if the candidate turned out to be in the end rick santorum, ron paul, or newt gingrich. that is not great news for those campaigns. that's a look at some of the exit polls. still poring through them. we will bring you more later. back to you guys. >> megyn: martha, thanks so much. >> bret: carl cammeron is with the very excited romney campaign. the race was called early even before a lot of folks were in that room, right, carl?
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>> breaking loose here at the romney headquarters. these are the victories that mitt romney had wanted. it's important to remember that he was beaten in iowa by mike huckabee four years ago and beaten by jon mccain in new hampshire four years ago. romney has made his come back, pulling off victories in both. he has got the teleprompter ready for tonight's speech. expect a message meant not just only for south carolina, the upcoming states but for the nation. he will outline how, again, he plans to go up against barack obama and with electability, one of the real pivot issues here tonight that will build what he will focus on. to give you an idea of the magnitude of his victory tonight, remember this summer when sarah palin took her bus tour from washington, d.c. up the eastern seaboard and she landed and ended it in seabrook new hampshire on the sea coast here in new hampshire. that was the town that palin chose to end her bus tour. in tonight, mitt romney has won the town of seabrook by 2 to 1 over all of his rivals
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combined. it is a decisive victory. he wanted to best his numbers here. he he got 32% of the vote. it looks like he dual that and then some. it melee to rest some of the skeptics who thought he would have to win a big enough number to put away and run the table situation. romney is not planning that. he he recognizes that south carolina will be a battle. all of his rivals have been focusing their rhetoric all this week on the upcoming palmetto state fight. rick santorum has been camped out there putting down battle trenches for exactly that reason. romney will roar out of new hampshire in the morning and head to the first of the south primary with even more momentum. as we have said all night, nobody has ever won other than a sitting incumbent president these back-to-back opening states since the 1970s. and, it's worth noting that no republic has ever become president without first winning the south carolina primary and no republic has ever won the south carolina primary without winning either iowa or new hampshire. and romney has now done both.
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bret? >> bret: carl, we can now project that the win, the spread will be double digits. we don't know exactly what the spread will be. so double digits. the campaign has to be happy with that two, it seems these attacks over the past couple of days either didn't stick or didn't have time to stick or he was able to shed those attacks as they were coming. >> well, there was an interesting development today when none other than ron paul accused his other republic rivals, other than mr. romney, of leftist attacks on mitt romney for their criticism of his time running bain capital, the venture capital company in which he both bought and grew companies and occasionally shut a few down. rick perry, newt gingrich, and rick santorum all criticized him suggesting that that was costing people their jobs and profiteering on the suffering of some companies. romney chose not to respond aggressively other than to say he would expect that sort of attack from liberals and democrats. not his own rivals.
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that hasn't taken hold yet. but he will face more of that criticism when he gets to south carolina tomorrow. bret? >> bret: carl, we will check in later. thank you. >> megyn: get over to molly line now. she is with the paul campaign in manchester. molly, what's the reaction there? >> well, you know, they just let the folks in here. it's filled up. you can see it's completely packed. there are a lot of young people in here. we have seen it on the streets. a lot of ron paul supporters. that's what we are seeing here packing this room. the music just startinged playing. the party atmosphere is just beginning here. i'm not sure they have a full concept of what kind of a victory they have here tonight. we know they are already, the campaign itself is looking toward south carolina, planning to move forward and planning the rallies in this state. this campaign is definitely planning to continue to make a go of things as things go on. interestingly enough, carl touched on this a little bit. on senator rand paul, ron paul's son will not be here tonight according to his campaign. according to the campaign. but he did send out an email
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earlier today essentially condemning the anti-capitalism rhetoric of ron paul's g.o.p. opponents explaining the recent attacks on mitt romney going against the core of our political philosophy. it will be interesting to see in south carolina if there is almost a sense of ally when it comes to that topic as this goes forward defending the capitalist principles of america. it will be interesting to see what senator santorum and other candidates have to say about that going forwards. megyn? >> megyn: molly line, thank you. >> bret: let's get some analysis from "fox news sunday" chris wallace and his guest, chris? >> chris: the space cowboys are back to try to put this in some historical progressive. carl rove republic strategist and joe trippi who i think your first caucus was 1820 or something like that. the first new hampshire primary. karl, let's try to put this first of all in some perspective. bush 41 back in '88 got 38% of the vote.
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mccain got 37% four years ago. looks like romney is going to finish in about that same position around 37%. when you look at the size of his victory and looking at what martha maccallum said, how would you characterize it. >> i would add two more things to it looks like the turnout is going to be larger tonight than it has been before. meaning more people. >> chris: record turnout? >> record turnout. second of all the field is somewhat broader than it was in previous campaigns. we have six legitimate contender who's spent money time and effort in the state. five of them spent a lot. one of them spent a little. if this carries out through the end of the evening, it's a pretty strong accomplishment. >> chris: you know, joe, i would think that the romney forces would be as excited about anything as did the rest of the field, not just how he did. that paul and huntsman, who are going to get a bounce of new hampshire don't look like particularly strong candidates in south carolina. and gingrich and santorum, who might do well in south carolina down the line are not
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particularly are not getting any bounce at all in new hampshire. >> that's right. he is having the same thing that happened in iowa where he had two people come out of iowa against him. and paul and santorum. and now he has got two people coming out in new hampshire. the field does not winnow down one-on-one. electability really mattered here a lot more than it did in iowa. iowa was 31% guy wanted the one most elected. they picked again romney. for him, that seems to be the overriding decision-making factor for a lot of republic voters right now. >> chris: let me ask you one thing about huntsman. i suppose he is happy he finished third and disappointed he didn't finish second. he had 175 events here. he lived here. he polled what santorum did in iowa. he did here. how can he go forward? he can continue to run. how will he do in south carolina and florida? >> i will tell you the number that would worry me. in the exit polls, 51% of people who voted for huntsman
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said they were satisfied with barack obama as their president. i can't imagine that constituency existing anywhere out there big time inside the republic party. so, i don't know how he grows from here or how he fairs in south carolina. >> chris: also, 70% of the huntsman voters describe themselves as moderate and liberals. karl, the super pac released an ad today attacking romney by linking him to a villain of the democratic party. let's take a look at the ad. >> the republic establishment's king maker is lining up for romney. if is he carl rove's candidate, do you really want him to be yours? >> chris: i'm not sure i even want to sit next to karl rove given that. >> evil genius. i will anoint you to something. i will be happy to do it for you. how silly was that thing?
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>> chris: they would say you are the bush guy. you are the founder of american crossroads, the republic pac. what do you think of that? >> look, i think this is envy on the part of mr. burton, the head of the -- chris i have bill burton former press secretary. >> set up crossroads he said they would set up a counter group they have been pitiful. they have raised little money and had little impact. he can generate memos like this. i guess the guy is obsessed with me. i hope i don't have to get a restraining order. >> chris: as a democrat, do you think that's effective thing to try to link romney and rove and bush all together? >> i don't think it does any good at all. i think there are -- people don't care who is consulting or who is connected in that way. it's about the issues. i think it's a mistake to run that ad. it can raise money for the other party, for the democrats. >> i do have to say my name is used a lot in emails by the democrats to raise money.
8:13 pm
>> do i it all the time. >> i have got to tell you i'm insulted because they generally ask 3 to $5. i thought i would be worth more than that as evil genius i thought i would be worth 10 to 15. >> chris: karl, very nice picture of you. >> thank you. there is no good picture of me, that's the problem. >> chris: that's not true at all. self-deprecation is not genuine and secondly not realistic. >> yes, it is. >> chris: bret, the state's cowboys will be back later with more historical perspectives or we will just talk about ourselves. >> bret: that's exciting. thank you, chris. [ laughter ] >> megyn: update our viewers for those of you just joining us. fox news has now projected that mitt romney has won the new hampshire primary. projecting he has won by double digits. not yet able to put the exact number on it but by double digits. fox news also projecting that ron paul has come in second. it was a battle between ron paul and jon huntsman for that position. in the end fox news is projecting that jon huntsman
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will take third and we are not yet able to project who will come in fourth in this contest. that is still a battle between newt gingrich and rick santorum at this hour. >> bret: this is a big moment for the ron paul campaign coming in second in new hampshire with something that really striving to do. it seemed in the polls in the final couple of days that jon huntsman had some momentum heading into today. it has not materialized. he will come in third. the question for the huntsman campaign is third good enough for him to it bounce on to south carolina where polls are showing he is in trouble down there early in south carolina? this moment for mitt romney is a big one. we are getting ready to see governor romney address his supporters here in manchester in just a matter of minutes. a speech that likely this campaign has been working on for some time as karl said the tell prompters are out. is he ready to deliver a
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message. >> megyn: these things can resonate and become part of the dialogue. remember mostly cloudy's speech when she won new hampshire four years ago saying you helped me find my voice. after she had cried in that cafe and she was so grateful to new hampshire. now, of course, she did not go on to win the nomination. proof positive that you don't necessarily always win the nomination after winning new hampshire. but one interesting point for huntsman who had all of his eggs in the new hampshire basket. our exit polls are showing that late deciders went for gingrich by 30%. huntsman was second with 28%. so they were pretty close. romney got 15% of the late deciders. santorum 12. huntsman has almost as many late deciders as gingrich. basically neck and neck. and does that suggest that he he did have some sort of a boost at the last minute? does he have some sort of a momentum? if this primary had been held tomorrow, might he have edged out ron paul for the second spot? we will never know that certainly his campaign will be looking at this for some
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shades of good news as he finishes in the top three. so, what are the issues driving tonight's vote? bill hemmer is at the touch screen right now. we will take you there. and to bill. for more on that, right after this break. as we expect, bill, stand by, we will be to you momentarily. we also expect mitt romney momentarily to give his victory speech. stay right here. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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>> megyn: welcome back to our coverage of the new hampshire primary. fox news projecting at this hour that mitt romney has won this primary by double digits. not able to tell you exactly what the margin of victory was at this hour but by double digits and we're live to the romney campaign headquarters in new hampshire momentarily, bret. >> bret: key can tell that you ron paul will finish second. beginning of the night it seemed like there would be a horse race here. we can project that ron paul will finish second and jon huntsman will finish third. right now there is a battle for fourth between newt
8:21 pm
gingrich and rick santorum as we look live in manchester. awaiting the speech from former massachusetts governor mitt romney. >> megyn: you can see it's a standing room only crowd as you might expect. carl cammeron is live on site to give us some color and tell us what to expect. carl? >> hi, megyn, well, expect governor romney to essentially start talking eick like the presumptive nominee but cautiously so, recognizing that even if he were to run the table he can't mathematically clinch the nomination until the end of april. having said that mitt romney in iowa did not have a tremendous amount of establishment support. but here in new hampshire he had locked up virtually all of the major big name republicans with a very, very comprehensive organization that had them all in his pocket. in south carolina, he has governor nikki haley backing him and a lot more organization than people realized. then, in florida, mitt romney has been on the air now for a better part of the week with advertisements and the super pac that supports him has been
8:22 pm
on the air for quite some time down there. so, while he won't be too boastful about talking about the growing strength of his candidacy, behind the scenes what he has been doing is a steady ramp up of the under current of a juggernaut. he is trying to make it appear in a subtext as though he is unbeatable by the shear strength of the republic pooh bas who are backing him. just a moment ago i saw a couple of his top advisors literally dancing to the background music. mr. romney will be out here in a few minutes to. say they are elated is an understatement. they know at this point it looks like they have a margin big enough to give him the boost that critics will not be able to undercut. sending him into south carolina. jon huntsman they were afraid might have come in second here and been able to ding up romney in the weeks ahead. but huntsman does not have the money or the organization in south carolina since he has been focused so exclusively on new hampshire in the last couple of weeks. megyn, the candidates are coming back out. we will send it to you for
8:23 pm
just a couple of seconds. there will be introductions and little bit of remarks. then we will hear from the new hampshire 2012 primary winner, mitt romney, megyn? >> megyn: we will watch and wait as we see the candidate and his family entering campaign headquarters. for a moment they very much wanted to see happen and here is an romney. let's take a listen. [cheers and applause] [chanting] >> there are some friends here. what a great night this is. thank you, new hampshire. [cheers and applause] this could not have happened without the help of a lot of people. i just need to mention a few of them. special thanks, senator kelly
8:24 pm
ayock. governor john is a knew knew. i just don't know where he went. senator judd greg. congressman charlie best. they have spoken for us and fought for us across the state. thank you also mayor. senate president peter bragdan and sharon horn and counselors who endorsed our campaign and been tireless workers on her behalf. one state senator deserves special attention. jeb bradley. he is out there somewhere. [cheers and applause] he has fired up audiences for everywhere we go. thanks to ray burton, doug and stella stamman hilliard who have been there for us since the very beginning. grateful for the people who lead our campaign in new
8:25 pm
hampshire. jim merrill. [cheers and applause] jason mcbride and tom rast. and a a special thanks out to the thousands of volunteers who have devoted countless hours to our cause. finally, we want to thank the people of new hampshire. [cheers and applause] they are the active part of this democratic process. the ones we met by knocking on doors, visiting towns and cities throughout this great state and who turned out to meet mitt and me at one of our many events. and now, guess what i want to do? [ laughter ] i want to introduce the man who we all believe should be the next president of the united states. mitt romney. [cheers and applause]
8:26 pm
♪ [chanting mitt] [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you, new hampshire. tonight we made history! [cheers and applause] this state has always been a very special state for our family. i have made a home here. we filled it with great memories of our children and grandchildren. the granite state moment we
8:27 pm
have we will always remember. i have my sons and daughterin-law. where are they they are behind us. it's great to have family here. tonight we celebrate and tomorrow we go back to work. [cheers and applause] we do remember when barack obama came to new hampshire four years ago he promised to bring people together. he promised to change the broken system in washington. he promised to improve our nation. those were the days of lofty promises made by a hopeful candidate. today we are faced with the disappointing record of a failed president. [cheers and applause] the last three years have held a lot of change but they haven't offered much hope. the middle class has been crushed. nearly 24 million of our fellow americans are still out of work, struggling to find work or have stopped looking. the median income in america has dropped 10% in the last four years. and soldiers returning home from the front lines are waiting now in unemployment
8:28 pm
lines. our debt is too high. opportunities are too few. and this president wakes up every morning, looks across america and is proud to announce it could be worse. [ laughter ] it could be worse? that is not what it means to be an american it could be worse. of course not. [cheers and applause] what defines us as americans is our unwavering conviction that we know it must be better and it will be better. [cheers and applause] [chanting mitt] that conviction guides our campaign. it's rallied millions of americans at every corner of this country to our cause.
8:29 pm
over the last six months i have listened to anxious voices in town halls and town meetings, visited with students and soldiers in break rooms and living rooms. i have heard stories of families getting by on less, of carefully planned retirements, now replaced with jobs at minimum wage. but even now amidst the worst worry since -- recovery since the great depression i have rarely heard any speech of hopelessness. americans know that our future is brighter and better than these troubled times. [cheers and applause] [chanting mitt] >> we still believe -- we still believe in the hope, the promise, and the dream of america. we still believe in that shining city on the hill. we know that the future of this country is better than 8% or 9% unemployment. it's better than $15 trillion in debt. it's better than the misguided policies and broken promises
8:30 pm
of the last three years. and the failed leadership of one man. the president has run out of ideas. now he is running out of executions. -- excuses. and tonight. [chanting mitt] and tonight we're asking the good people of south carolina to join the citizens of new hampshire and make 2012 the year he runs out of time. president obama wants to put free enterprise on trial. and in the last few days we have seen some desperate republicans join forces with
8:31 pm
him. [ laughter ] [boos] >> this is such a mistake for our party and for our nation. a country already has a leader to divides us with the bitter politics of envy. we have to offer alternative vision. i stand ready to lead us down a different path where we are lifted up by our desire to succeed not drag down by resentment of success. >> we are with you. [cheers and applause] [chanting mitt] >> in difficult times, we can't abandon the core values that define us as a unique nation. we are one nation under god. [cheers and applause] make no mistake, in this
8:32 pm
campaign i will offer the american ideals of economic freedom, clear and unapologetic defense and we are going to win with that message. [cheers and applause] but you know that our campaign is about more than replacing a president. it's about saving the soul of america. this election is a choice between two very different destinies. president obama wants to fundamentally transform america. we want to restore america to the founding principles that made this country great. he wants to turn america into a european-style social welfare state. we want to ensure that we remain a free and prosperous land of opportunity. [cheers and applause] this president takes his inspiration from the capitals of europe. we look to the cities and
8:33 pm
towns across america for our inspiration. this president puts his faith in government. we put our faith in the american people. this president is making the federal government bigger, burdensome and bloated. i will make the federal government, simpler, smarter and smaller. he raised the national debt. i will cut, cap, and balance the federal budget. [cheers and applause] he has enacted. [chanting commit] -- chanting mitt]
8:34 pm
he lost our a.a.a. credit rating. i will restore it he passed obama care. i will repeal it. [cheers and applause] and when it comes to the economy, my highest priority as president will be worrying about your job, not about saving my own. [cheers and applause] internationally, president obama has adopted an appeasement strategy. he believes that america's role as leader in the role is a thing of the past. i believe a strong america must and will lead the future. he doesn't see the need for overwhelming american military superiority. i will insist on a military so powerful no one would ever think of challenging it. [cheers and applause]
8:35 pm
he criticizes our friends like israel. i will always stand with our friends. [cheers and applause] he apologizes for america. i will never apologize for the greatest nation in the history of the earth. [cheers and applause] our plans protect freedom and opportunity and our blueprint is the constitution of the united states. [cheers and applause] now the path i lay out is not one paveed with ever increasing government checks
8:36 pm
and cradle to grave assurances that government will always be the solution. if this election is a bidding war, for those who can promise the most benefits, then i'm not your president. you already have that president. if you want to make this election about restoring american greatness, then i hope you will join us. if you believe that the disappointment to the last few years are a detour, not a destiny, then i'm asking for your vote. i'm asking each of you to remember how special it is to be an american. i want you to remember what it was like to be hopeful and excited about the future. not to dread each new headline. i want you to remember when you spent more time dreaming about where to send your kids to college than within derg how to make it to the next paycheck. i want you to remember when you weren't afraid to look at your retirement savings or the price at the pump. i want it you remember when our white house reflected the best of who we are not the worst of what europe has become. that america is still out there. we still believe in that america. we still believe.
8:37 pm
[cheers and applause] we believe. [chanting mitt] we still believe in the america that is the land of opportunity and a beacon of freedom. we believe in the america that challenges each of us to be better and bigger than ourselves. this election let's go on to fight for the america we love because we believe in america. thank you so much. god bless america. thank you, guys. you are the best. [cheers and applause] >> bret: governor mitt romney the winner of the new
8:38 pm
hampshire primary after a win in the iowa caucuses spending much of speech focusing on president obama saying the president has run out of ideas. now he is running out of excuses. he took some time saying that these attacks coming not only from the obama campaign but, quote, desperate republicans should not happen. he said as a party, republicans should, quote, not be dragged down by resentment of success. he also mentioned south carolina and obviously fighting on there, saying south carolina should join iowa and new hampshire. >> megyn: well, in 2008 arizona senator john mccain defeated mitt romney in new hampshire after a disappointing fourth place finish in iowa and a complete campaign overhaul. mccain went on to win the republic nomination. senator john mccain joins us now. senator, good evening to you. thank you so much for being here. >> thanks, megyn. it's a great thrill to watch that speech and to see this really significant victory. >> megyn: you were able to parlay a win in new hampshire
8:39 pm
into a win in south carolina. how can mitt romney do the same? >> well, i think recent polls show him in good shape. and we'll fight hard in south carolina. i'm confident that we'll do well. the thing that i think is a little surprising about the returns so far is, one, that ron paul has a pretty strong showing. jon huntsman, who i admire greatly and is a wonderful man and a wonderful family showed well. but the weakness of both santorum and gingrich is certainly interesting to me. mitt is not taking anything for granted but there is no doubt that this is an historic victory as you pointed out and we will be working hard in south carolina and florida but i think there is an opportunity. i know they don't want me to say this that we could wrap this thing up more quickly than we originally thought. >> bret: senator, what about the threat from ron paul? he comes in a strong second here. in fact, he out performed your
8:40 pm
best counties in 2000 here by really reaching out according to the exit polls to independents. you have, obviously endorsed governor romney as we look at him live. what do you think the threat is from ron paul in this nomination process? >> i wouldn't take anyone for granted. you know, people who do that there is a lot of obituaries written. but the fact is and i admire ron paul for his stead fast i had eagle. ideology. it simply on national security issues is something that's not mainstream republicans. it's also an indication of a rising sentiment of isolationism reminiscent in the 1930s and other time in our party. there has always been tension within the republic party between the kind of bob taft wing and eisenhower wing of the party. because of iraq and because of afghanistan, there is a rising
8:41 pm
sentiment in that direction. i think it's still a significant minority of the republic party and i think that mitt romney really reflects the views of most of the republicans. >> megyn: senator, at what point does the pressure get so great on the lower tier candidates that they need to get out? in other words, at what point do you expect the party in this race will coalesce around one candidate? >> i don't know, megyn. you know, ron paul stayed on for a long time. huckabee stayed on for a long time in 2008. but, frankly, when you all judge the race to be over, it almost is irrelevant as to whether they actually, quote, stay in the race or not. i think what happened tonight, particularly with ron paul being the strong second, that it's -- that is the significance, frankly, of this vote tonight. i always expected, i think you did too mitt to come around 36%, 37%.
8:42 pm
but the weak showing by santorum and gingrich is certainly surprising to me. >> megyn: senator mccain, thank you so much sir. all the best. >> thank you. >> bret: continue our coverage of the primary here. romney big winner double digits. ron paul second. jon huntsman third. still battling for fourth. coming up next, brit hume and his analysis of this big night. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. r science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three y we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love ience. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool.
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and we'll throw in up to $600. how's that for common sense? >> megyn: welcome back. 8:46 here in the east. fox news has projected a winner in this race. mitt romney will win this race by double digits we are projecting at this hour. cannot say exactly what the number will be. we are also projecting ron paul will come in second in this race and jon huntsman, former governor of utah will come in third. the candidates rick santorum and newt gingrich still battling for fourth place. >> bret: we expect to hear from congressman paul at the top of the hour from his headquarters. we will bring that you speech live. it's a big second place finish for ron paul as he he prepares to continue to fight for the nomination in a number of different states, including small caucus states. joining us now, senior political analyst brit hume with some thoughts on this evening. hi, brit. >> hi, bret.
8:47 pm
my thought would be obviously we have an important win for romney in new hampshire. proves once again that new hampshire primary matters and matters a lot. the paul showing is interesting because i think it's, perhaps, a closer second than many of us thought he would achieve. i continue to believe and i think most observers do that he has got as much chance as being nominated as ru paul does. he has chance to -- huntsman finish i don't think is enough to give him much momentum coming out of here. what this shows you bret and megyn is if you look at this field now and you look ahead and you think well who now is in a position to really challenge mitt romney going forward, the one person with enough national name recognition and perhaps enough money and enough intellectual candle power who might have been able to do it is newt gingrich. this shows you why it was so important for the romney people to do to him what they did to him in iowa, which was
8:48 pm
to knock him down and to leave him in a position where now tonight, you know, he is fighting with rick santorum to finish a distant fourth, maybe even fifth. as we look ahead here, you know, it's not over. it's never over. we have got a long way to go and all of that is true, but it's kind of hard to imagine a scenario in which any of these other candidates really emerges as a serious challenge tore mitt romney. >> megyn: can newt gingrich still do it? i interviewed him yesterday. he believes he has resur jans. he has money in the covers coffers now. film coming out that's going to go after mitt romney and his experience at bain capital. he believes he can still stop mitt's momentum. >> he may be able to cause romney some damage, particularly if romney goes on to win and some damage in the general election because it will help to give creed dance, perhaps, coming from gingrich to attacks on romney from the left which is make no mistake about it. that's what this is.
8:49 pm
this is an attack by newt gingrich on mitt romney from the left. gingrich denies that. that's not likely to be the view taken by very many republicans. i don't think this approach to mitt romney is going to do newt gingrich any good with republic voters. i think, you know, what happened today, you are rush limbaugh climbing down his smokestack likening him to the occupy wall street protesters. other conservatives have said as much. newt gingrich ought to spend that money on positive ads for himself if he wants to spend it wisely. >> bret: all right, brit, thank you as always. we will send the ron paul emails to you. >> megyn: he will look forward to that. coming up we will check in with bill hemmer who will break it down county by county. as you can see, we are awaiting ron paul and his remarks this evening. stand by.
8:50 pm
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
>> bret: welcome back to manchester, new hampshire. a big night here. primary night as we look live at the ron paul campaign headquarters. we are waiting for the texas congressman to speak. they are going through some speaker introductions. we will head back there as soon as he takes the stage and delivers his speech on a big finish for him, second place in new hampshire. >> megyn: as we wait, we want to go back to our new york studios and check in with my friend and colleague bill hemmer who is taking a look at some of the issues in this race. hey, bill. >> good evening to you. i find very interesting on the touch screen billboard behind me here is the margin of the vote mitt romney is getting right now. at this point in the night based on results when you compare it to his vote total from four years ago in 2008, when he went up against john
8:54 pm
mccain, here is where we are, 30% reporting right now. this is live data as it ticks through the night, romney, paul, followed by huntsman. come down here in the south. remember, we really keyed on this county. this is hillsborough county. four years ago, romney had 35% of the vote. at the moment, he is at 37%. so he is up 2 points right now. and this point of the evening. this is merrimack county, state at that capital is concor. four years ago he was at 27%. right now at 31%. so romney is up 4 points. he increased his vote total at the moment over four years ago. up here in grafton county, this is a county that john mccain tom nateed in 2008. mitt romney picked up only 20% of the vote. you are just shy of 40%. he is at 31% right now. so, again, that's a heavy increase. up 11 points already from 2008. let's pop back out here right now. go down to strafford county. this is an area that continues
8:55 pm
to grow near the border with maine. romney is at 34%. he was at 26% only four years ago. that is a significant increase, too. just checking in right now, this county just filled n live time. this is belknap county. romney is at 36% to ron paul's 26%. that's the county where mitt romney has a summer home. ironically enough, four years ago, john mccain beat mitt romney had his home county of belknap. at the moment he has a comfortable lead there. just a bit of a glimpse as to how mitt romney is putting this together tonight as compared to 2000 will. megyn, brit. back to you. >> got to be feeling better this time around romney does. thanks. >> bret: while you are watching fox news channel, don't forget you can get the latest on fox news online/nh. realtime results, exit polls, live chats.
8:56 pm john roberts is tracking some of the trends online in tonight's vote. john? >> good evening. in friends from google search trends how the race is going. we can see that the top three searches of today abby from google is with us were the top three candidates. that's the seconds time that's happened. looking ahead to south carolina as well coming up in just a second. when we think about mitt romney and what he faces now abbey in south carolina. what does new hampshire tell us about what might lie ahead? >> we looked at what new hampshire, people in the state were searching for over the last seven days. when you search for mitt romney they are looking for other words as well. generic words, 2012, president. this was interesting here. the fifth most search related to him was net worth. voters here really drilling into that one here. >> newt gingrich and rick perry saying he is too rich, out of touch with the rest of america. we will see how that plays in south carolina. abbi, thanks so much. >> bret: we will top over many
8:57 pm
times throughout the night. obviously this is also the web site right here. you can see all the counties, results as they come in. stay tuned, ron paul speaking in manchester in just a minute. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company.
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now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business... protect your family... and launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side. ♪ >> it is 9 p.m. on the east coast and fox news is projecting that mitt romney has won the new hampshire primary and the man you see there, dr. ron paul has come in second. jon huntsman third and we want to go right to the ron paul headquarters and take a listen to the candidate. >> and we have another member of the family and also on the staff, but i think that technically in the family he's a grandson in law. and that's jessie. [applaus [applause] >> and it is a delight and jim, senator forsythe thank you for your support, along
9:01 pm
with andy and your co-sponsorship and ray, i appreciate that. and that's great. i want to mention three names of the individuals who did so much organization up here, jared shacoin as well. and jared, i don't know if he's here. probably still making phone calls or something. [laughter] >> and bob goodman, a tremendous amount of work here and george braun, he was fantastic. but there was, there was one other acknowledgment i wanted to make. i wanted to thank the union leader for not -- for not endorsing me. (cheer (cheers) >> now, i called governor romney a short while ago before he gave his talk and graduate him because he certainly had a clear-cut victory, but we're nibbling at
9:02 pm
his heels. (cheers). (cheers). >> , but there was another victory tonight, he had a victory, but we have had a victory for that cause of liberty tonight. (cheer (cheers). there is no doubt, there is no doubt that this whole effort that we are involved in will not go unnoticed. let me tell you. i think the intellectual revolution is going on now to restore liberty in this country is well on its way and there's no way they're going to stop the momentum that we have started. (cheer (cheers). and that is a victory that you have brought about because you have been the ones that have done the work. there's a lot of people here,
9:03 pm
but the ones across the country, the donors and the excitement on the campuses, it's just unbelievable. we don't always get the coverage or the interest shown on what is going on, because they did, they wouldn't, they wouldn't be ignoring so much of what we're doing. but you know, i find it sort of fascinating when they finally get around and this is different people. it could be in the media. it could be our opponents, whatever, but i start of have to chuckle when they describe, you and me as being dangerous. (cheer (cheers). and that's one thing they are telling the truth because we are dangerous to the status quo. (cheer
9:04 pm
(cheers). and we will remain a danger to the federal reserve system as well. yes. and and yeah, yeah! >> you know, in studying monetary history throughout our country and throughout all history, monetary policy on periodic occasions will become the dominant issue and we have em sized that and it's become an important issue and just think, this is the first presidential campaign that the subject came up since the federal reserve was started. so. >> so, we are now, because of what is happening, it will remain a dominant issue. there's no way they're going to put it to bed because they
9:05 pm
have destroyed our money, it's worldwide. there's a financial crisis going on and it's only sound money and personal liberty that can solve the crisis that we have today. (cheer (cheers). and one reason, one reason i talk about the monetary system so much, it was a sneaky, deceitful way to pay the bills. you know, an honest government wants to be a big spending government, with tax to people and then, the people would know what they were doing. if we had to pay taxes for everything that they do, you know, the people would rise up and stop it. so, then they started borrowing moan -- money a lot and people didn't notice it as much and pass that on and then they've resorted to printing the money. that's why the federal reserve is established, to take care of the military industrial complex, the banking system and deficit financing and there's a couple of reasons
9:06 pm
they have deficit financing. sometimes there are conservatives that want deficit financing and sometimes there are liberals who want deficit financing and they have resorted, they have resorted to this, and of course, this is why we are facing this crisis today. but, it also served those interests who like to think that we have this responsibility, they claim it's a moral responsibility to take our young people, put them into the military and send them hither and yon around the world and policing the world and using up the money. boo! >> so just as we have been able to bring to the forefront that most important issue of funny money, the paper money system, the federal reserve, we have brought to the forefront, others have takenly talked about it, and get in office and they do nothing about it.
9:07 pm
but right now, it is this liberty movement, which is seen as a patriotic movement and an individual liberty movement that is saying to the country and to the world, we've had enough of sending our kids and our money around the world to be the policemen of the world. it's the time to bring them home. (cheers). (cheers). bring them home. >> bring them home, bring them home! >> the one thing is, we do know they will come home. my goal and our goal has always been to bring them home in a deliberate fashion, to avoid major economic crisis by destroying our economy by spending so much overseas. in the last ten years, the wars that have been going on added 4 trillion dollars of debt and i don't think we have been one bit safer for it. i think we have been less safe
9:08 pm
because of all the money that we have spent overseas. and so, this is the issue now, it is, it is an issue that i think is crucial. jim mentioned in the introduction that you know, so often they say that if we tell people that we think we should spend less in the military. they say, oh, that's-- that means you want to cut defense. no, if you cut military industrial complex, you cut war profiteering and don't take a penny out of national defense. (cheers). and besides, besides, we're flat-out broke. fortunately, we did not have to fight the soviets. the soviets brought themselves down for economic reasons. you know, they were so foolish and thought so bold, they invaded afghanistanment, but we will come home, but if we
9:09 pm
do it now, calmly and deliberately, we can save our economy here at home. because there are a lot of people who are suffering here at home. you have to stop the inflation, because that's what the story of the middle class and that transfers the wealth and poor and middle class to the wealthy and that's why the bailout and lost their houses and this is what we have to do, we have to cut the spending and this is why i have made a token suggestion, in the first year of office we would cut at least 1 trillion dollars from the budget. (cheer (cheers). now shall the one thing that-- the talk you hear in washington is pure talk, because there is nobody suggesting, the other candidates are not talking about real cuts. they're talking about cutting proposed increases out in ten years. and they say, well, we'll cut
9:10 pm
a trillion dollars. >> yeah, a trillion dollars over ten year period, which is 100 billion dollars over year, our national debt is going up in real terms, 100 billion dollars every month and they claim that's cutting aen they're yelling and screaming, we can't cut, we can't cut. we have to cut. we have to live within our means if we want to at least be able to take care of the people who have been made to be so dependent on the government. i mean, we have to work our way out. i would say if we did this and cut this overseas spending at least we might be able to allow the social security beneficiaries to get their checks and medical care be provided, but if we continue to do what we're doing, the results are that the dollar is destroyed and the whole thing comes apart and it's going to be a worldwide phenomenon. already, already, social security beneficiaries are suffering a lot. their income is shrinking because the value of the dollar is going down, so, they're getting their checks cut. and that's why you have to think about the cutting, and stopping the inflation, and
9:11 pm
overall, you have to ask, once again, as our founders did, what should the role of government be in the free society? the role should be, they simple. the protection of liberty! bring us back the constitution, ron paul revolution. bring us back our constitution, ron paul revolution. >> wonderful, wonderful, you know, the constitution was written for a very precise manner. was not designed to restrain the individual, not to restrain you, it was to protect your liberties and restrain the federal governme government. (cheers). liberty, liberty, has to be reemphasized bah us we have been careless over the last hundred years and taken liberty and chopped it up.
9:12 pm
and some think it's personal habits, i agree. and others people think it's how you spend your money and fight about when to do what. i think we make the emphasis, that liberty means you have the right to your life and property as long as you don't hurt people and keep and spends your money as you want to. (cheer (cheers). but freedom, freedom is a wonderful idea. and that's why i get so excited, but i really get excited when i see young people saying it is a wonderful eyed. freedom is popular, don't you know that? [cheers] and freedom brings people together. i think it's magnificent that the crowds that have come out over the weeks and months have been very diverse, because it should be. because some people want their freedom to practice their religion one way, maybe
9:13 pm
another way. some might not want to practice it at all. but, freedom, if you understand it. you should all fight for freedom because you want to exert your freedom the way you want. the same way with economic freedom. it should bring people together, and i think this is one reason people worry about how are you ever going to put the coalition or, oh, no, they don't want to. how are you going to compromise and give up some of your beliefs in order to get some things passed? you don't have to compromise. what you have to do so emphasize the coalition that people want their freedoms for different reasons, and bring them together. and america has been the greatest country ever, the most prosperous country ever, the largest middle class ever, and it's not that way today. our middle class is slerhrinkin, the middle class is getting poorer and it's based on debt and the few who hold the
9:14 pm
wealth, it shifts over to the regulations to control the government. we've had too many people too long in the las hundred years, to of high paid lobbyists, to get them to find out what they can get from the government, rather than us petitioning our government in a proper manner, petitioning our government and demanding our freedoms back again. (cheer (cheers). now, a lot of times they give us trouble and they say freedom, you people are just too selfish, all you want to do is have your freedom. and-- they, they argue that's the case, but, the thing of it is, the people, the bleeding hearts, and i understand them and i recognize them and i believe most of them are well intend intended, but it doesn't work is the problem. all of that good intentions saying, we're going to give everybody a free house and no
9:15 pm
loans and then they can borrow against the equity and look what happened. it was a bubble that burst and they lost their houses. so, the humanitarian instincts are there across the board. what we have to convince them if you're a true humanitarian, you have to fight and argue the case for free markets, sound money, and property rights, contract rights, no use of force, in a sensible foreign policy so we don't waste our resources. (cheers). (cheers). >> we're well on our way. we're well on our way. people have asked me what did i expect, five, ten years ago? i had no idea. i assumed the best i could do was set a record. i didn't know you were out there. but it's no longer that i
9:16 pm
raised the minorities stirring up the troops. now the irate minority is going to continue to grow by leaps and bound and we will restore freedom to this country. thank you very much. (cheer (cheers). thank you. >> megyn: texas congressman ron paul celebrating a second place finish here in the new hampshire primary. and new hampshire, thank you the union leader for not endorsing him, and they endorsenand had a chuckle, saying they're dangerous and the status quo and sounding unlike that of the other republican candidates and one of the reasons he's so supported by those people you see before you there. a big night for ron paul in new hampshire. >> bret: actually outperformed the polls going into today, he outperformed his 2008 vote
9:17 pm
totals. >> megyn: after a weekend in which he was radio silent for a couple of days. >> bret: significantly. so this is a big move, underestimated, really, the turnout for ron paul. young people, independents, making the difference in that campaign. and time now for our all-star panel here in manchester. steven hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. bill kristol, weekly standard editor and juan williams, let's speak broadly about this night. thoughts? >> well, it's a good night for mitt romney, not a great night for mitt romney. looks like he's winning by about 13 points and that's a gap a little smaller than we've seen in the real clear mreks average the past couple of months, but it's a good number. 37%, it looks like ron paul, as you suggested, overperformed, did better than people expected in part because it looks like turnout seems to be a little down from 2008, actually, rather than up and he was able to get independents and especially some democrats to the polls to
9:18 pm
vote for him. interesting. i was struck by mitt romney's speech. he had a line in his speech, i think, looking forward to south carolina where he talked about cut, cap and balance. that's a dog whistle for conservatives. jim demints and others pushed that plan during that fight over the debt ceiling and mitt romney has not gone out of his way to really court conservatives in a way that says i'm speaking your language. he gave a speech in washington d.c. at americans for prosperity conference in which he talked about entitlement reform and he seems to make an appeal to conservatives there, but he hasn't otherwise done that. i thought the line about cut, cap and balance, the federal government, was a good line to appeal to conservatives and something he can take with him to south carolina. >> he also seemed to be in some way, trying to speak to the attacks against him in recent days in particular with respect to his experience at bain capital and he talked about not just attacks from democrats, but from quote, desperate republicans and spoke of the bitter politics of envy. and one of the ways in which
9:19 pm
he tells weather the attacks worked is to look at late deciders and whether they decided with mitt romney or against time. the latest polls suggested it wasn't a problem for those folks. and just to give you the viewers, a number. look at this, and deciders went 32% for romney and folks decided in the last few days, and jon huntsman in second with the voters, pal third, santorum, fourth and gingrich about 9% those are the numbers so far, what does it tell you? >> well, romney underperformed on undecideds, and people who decide the before gave him almost 50% and remains a question mark how effective romney is the more he's campaigning, but he won and it's a reasonable victory. 36% is not huge and he will, i think, end up with viewer vots or almost the exact number of votes he got four years ago and turnout is down. that's a surprise. tunout was about, is going to be down this year with no
9:20 pm
democratic contest and that's worrisome. >> bret: you two are not coming out of your shoes here for the romney folks, juan, many people say couldn't have written a better script. a call at eight o'clock, a speech in the eight o'clock ho hour. >> right. >> bret: everyone is watching, he wins iowa, wednesday new hampshire and bounces on to south carolina. and that's not a great night? >> it really doesn't feel to me like a grate night for him, because the expectation was, you know, the polls had been saying he's getting regularly between 36 and 40% of the vote. and he has put a tremendous amount of resources here, especially in the last few days to try to bump up the numbers. >> bret: sure, but look at the ron paul finishing second. >> yes. >> bret: no real significant challenge, from the rest of the field and of course, his lead and we don't know exactly what the spread is going to be yet. you're making a very important point. among republicans, it seems like now, i take this
9:21 pm
differently than bill kristol. some of the late deciders, it should have been higher, but people are settling, i think, on mitt romney, but what is distinctive about this electorate in new hampshire. 47% described themselves as independents voters and iowa 25% and i think though broke for ron paul and that's why he exceeded expectations here tonight. the audience i have here if they're listening to that speech that mitt romney gave. it sounds like he's a very edgy, angry guy, not only at president obama, obviously, but at some of his fellow republicans. if you listen to ron paul by comparison, he was capturing the populace energy and independents and going on to south carolina, my thought, there are going to be fewer independents, more republicans, and i guess they're going to be more of an opportunity for the guy who really disappointed tonight and that would be newt gingrich. santorum didn't capture any of
9:22 pm
the momentum he had out of iowa and gingrich didn't seem to elevate him. the race for fourth and fifth. 10, 11%, it's not a great night, even though you have to say that mitt romney, as you point out, was a winner. >> megyn: quickly, on this, steve. didn't mitt romney split the independent vote with huntsman and ron paul? i mean, he did fairly well with the independents and he won the republican vote, i mean, which is what matters in the republican primary going forward. >> he did and very conservative. >> i think he won and he did very well with tea party votes and the same number roughly of rick santorum. if you look at the exit polls and see good news for mitt romney. i'm saying given the context and the fact that he was governor exin door and has a house here, all of those things, it's a fine night. not a great night. >> coming up, we're going to go to the jon huntsman headquarters and he has come in third and we are also in about 35, 40 minutes see our
9:23 pm
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>> welcome back to
9:27 pm
manchester, new hampshire. the new hampshire primary, former massachusetts governor mitt romney, the winner tonight. texas congressman ron paul comes in second. and jon huntsman, former governor of utah comes in third. right now, there is a battle for fourth between the former speaker of the house, gingrich and former senator from pennsylvania, rick santorum. and both at 10% and battle for fourth if it can be described, how big of a deal is that? want to come in fourth rather than fifth, but in south carolina, you have to be seen, next the 21st. >> megyn: they wan to come in fourth instead of fifth. thank you, bret. >> bret: i'd like to give you that stat. they'd like to come in fourth instead of fifth. >> megyn: that's why they make you the anchor, a special talent. we want to get you to former governor sarah palin and fox news contributor watching this nt to. what's your reaction to mitt romney winning iowa and new hampshire and to the panel on
9:28 pm
the set tonight who seems to think nonetheless it's not a great night for mitt romney? >> i'll agree that it's a pretty decent night for mitt romney, it's so predicted he'd be able to take new hampshire, known as a state known as center left and with mitt romney with one of his homes there, it was predicted. so not a real earth shattering result. i think ron paul's showing was a bit more of a surprise and then i think people are having tuned in to his speech about free markets and capitalism, i think he's going to shift a little bit of the debate going forward in the next couple of days, away from sort of an anti-capitalist mantra into what the g.o.p. really represents with free markets. >> bret: governor palin, welcome. you've mentioned that those attacks, some of them coming from republicans and governor romney mentioned that as well. calling them desperate republicans. and what do you think that
9:29 pm
line of attack? do you think it's a real problem for the party? >> well, in the words of the front runner, this isn't bean bag. and you know, i don't blame newt gingrich and others who had come out on offense swinging against the front runner, because they had just faced millions and millions of dollars in attack ads in iowa and they'd just come off there, they went on offense and they took one of these issues that has to do with mitt romney's private sector business, bain capital, and some of the efforts that resulted in job losses and took that and ran with it. but i think that this opens up-- >> i hate to interrupt you, i'm sorry, governor palin, i want to get to a speech right now. we'll come back and stick around, please. governor huntsman just arriving and he's third place, saying he's beating market expectations according to his campaign and will fight on in south carolina. let's listen in to his speech at the huntsman headquarters here in manchester. >> thank you, ladies and
9:30 pm
gentlemen. i'd say third place is a ticket to ride, ladies and gentlemen! gentlemen! [cheers]. hello, south carolina. ladies and gentlemen, we are here tonight because of you. we've got the greatest volunteers, the greatest organizers this state has ever seen, give yourselves a hand (applause). and we proved the point that this state wants its candidates to earn it the old-fashioned way, that's on the ground, handshake by handshake, confrontation by confrontation, vote by vote, we got it done, ladies and gentlem gentlemen. (cheers). and you know what else we got done during this great seven months where we've had at
9:31 pm
least 170 public events in this great state, 170 public events. no one even came close. we had conversations about the importance of putting this country first, ladies and gentlemen. [applaus [applause]. because the people-- country first, country first, country first! >>. >> megyn:. >> because people in in great nation, the greatest there ever was, they're tired of being divided. they want leadership that will stand up and tell us all, but first and foremost, we need to come together as americans in order to solve our problems. we, we need a president,
9:32 pm
ladies and gentlemen, who is going to stand up and say we have an economic deficit. it's called 15 trillion dollars in debt. this is the debt problem, it is a national security problem and we're not going to leave it to the next generation of americans, ladies and gentlemen. gentlemen. [applause]. and i want to stand up and i want to square with the american people about this s afghanistan is not our nation's future. and iraq is not this nation's future. our nation's future is how prepared we are to rise up as the american people and hit head on the competitive challenges of the 21st century. you know what i'm talking about. and this is about economics. and this is about education. and this is going to play out over the pacific ocean, with
9:33 pm
countries that i have lived in before. and all i can tell you tonight, without any hint of hyp hyp hyperbole, folks, we'll see the end of the american century and we're not going to let that happen, are we? ladies and gentlemen, we've also been able to get the message out about an is second deficit that we have. it's not an economic deficit, ut it's just as cloorrosive as called a trust deficit. because the people in the united states of america no longer trust their institutions of power and no longer trust their elected officials and how did we get to this spot? we're too good as people to be in this hole. we're the most blue skied, problem solving, can-do optimistic people on earth and
9:34 pm
we're going to get out there and we're going to address the trust deficit. and it's going to start, and it's going to start with congress because everybody knows, congress needs term limits. (cheers). and everybody knows we've got to close that revolving door that allows members of congress to file right on out to become lobbyists, trading on tlar insider information and relationships and we wonder why there's cynicism. no trust. and i say there is no trust in our force abroad, ladies and gentlemen, and we're going to fix that part. because i'm going to stand up in front of the american people and i'm going to say, we have something to show for our ten years in the war on terror. something to show for the american people, that's mighty important. we have run the taliban from power. we've upended and dismantled
9:35 pm
al-qaeda, they're now in sanctuaries in wizzerstand and beyond. and we have strengthened the military and helped the police. we have done what this nation can do. and it's time to bring the troops home from afghanistan, ladies and gentlemen. (cheers) we need trust infused back into this nation. we need a president who is going to be able to stand up and say it's time that we come together as americans, first and foremost. this nation, the greatest nation on earth has ever, ever attribute a nation would ever want for success, you know that? that's why we're going to succeed as we go forward. all we need is a little bit of leadership, and a plan. but i saw this nation from 10,000 miles away.
9:36 pm
you hear me? 10,000 miles away. when you see this nation from abroad, you tend to see it in broad colors. you know what i saw it from 10,000 miles away living over in china, i saw a nation with the latest people on earth, a nation that is down for the moment, down temporarily, but a nation that's about to rise up again because we have every attribute a nation would ever want to succeed. we have stability. we have rule of law. we have the longe esest survivi constitution in the world and we have property rights, right here in new hampshire. we have the greatest colleges and universities on earth. and people flock here from every corner to attended them. we have the most creative, innovative and entrepreneurial people anywhere and they're sitting on their hands because there is no confidence about
9:37 pm
the direction or the leadership of this nation. and i say, that's an engine of growth that we're going to refire. and i say we have the greatest and most courageous armed forces this nation has ever seen. (cheers) and i'll be darned if we're going to allow the men and women to come from the theaters of combat, the front lines, to the unemployment lines. that's not going to happen. and those men and women who have worn the uniform of the united states of america, in the theater of combat, are going to come home to dig at this time and respect, and to admiration. and they're going to come home to jobs and opportunity as well. and they're going to do the same thing for this nation
9:38 pm
that the greatest generation did so many decades ago. they rebuilt this nation. they pulled this nation up by the boot straps and there's another greatest generation coming up. you know the people i'm talking about. they're in your families, in our neighborhoods and we love them all and they're going to do what earlier generations did, they're going to help us rebuild this nation and make it the very best it possibly can be. ladies and gentlemen, i love this state. this state-- this state. (cheers). this state worked hard and dilige diligently. we've pounded the pavement. shaken hands, conversations and won these people over person by person, this is the old way to get politics done in new hampshire and my confidence in the system is reborn because of the people in new hampshire. because they just turn out at
9:39 pm
the taun hall meetings and nobody forces them and tells them this have to do it. it's because they believe in a better tomorrow for the united states of america. (cheer (cheers). thank you very much. and they turn out to the town hall meetings and they turn out to the house parties and they hear from the candidates and then they assimilate and they digest it all and render a judgment and here we sit tonight, ladies and gentlemen, with a ticket to ride and to move on. here we go to south carolina, thank you all so very much! thank you! >> former utah governor jon huntsman finishing third tonight saying he now has a ticket to ride to south carolina. finishing third. he spent all of his time here in new hampshire and he really had a one-state strategy saying that new hampshire was
9:40 pm
his plan and there you see him with his family and he did get some independent votes tonight, finishing third though, many people wondering how he will do in south carolina and polls showing him low, approximately 5% in the latest polls in south carolina, but he says, third place is a ticket to ride. right now, the race is for fourth. between newt gingrich and rick santorum and currently 75 votes separate the two and it just changed of course as we put up newt gingrich and rick santorum. both at 10%, all of the real totals are coming in from ten different counties throughout new hampshire and it's going to be, perhaps, a long night to figure out who comes in fourth. as i said before. people would want to finish fourth instead of fifth. [laughter] >> but how much it matters in south carolina is really the question. >> megyn: we will wait for that. hopefully that won't be another seven hour question, who comes in fourth. and i want to get back to governor sarah palin, standing
9:41 pm
by listening to governor huntsman remarks. governor, it appears so far that unlike iowa where we saw michele bachmann drop out the next day, it doesn't look like new hampshire is going to eliminate any one candidate from the contest. should it? do you believe somebody should go? >> all of them have money in the coffers, so, financially speaking none of them will be forced to drop out at this point. whereas michele bachmann was a different story when her money started drying up. and she probably like me being a fiscal conservative wouldn't want to waste money going forward, but remember, rick perry still has a lot of money in his coffers, if we're speaking specifically about him finishing last tonight there's no feed for him to drop out especially headed into a conservative state like south carolina and then even, florida, potentially. >> megyn: governor, thank you so much for being with us and all the best. >> thanks. >> bret: coming up, we'll hear from newt gingrich and rick santorum and we're expecting to hear from both of those
9:42 pm
candidates and of course, sean hannity will be here at the top of the hour much keep it here on fox. and big new hampshire primary night as the election for the nomination for the republican party. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪
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9:46 pm
fourth place and it's between former speaker of the house newt gingrich and senator rick santorum. right now santorum picking up the votes in the last tally as the ten koents come in. 85 votes separate the two and santorum currently in fourth and again, 57% of the precincts reporting at this point. we'll see who comes in fourth as the night progresses with real vote totals. we want to get over to john roberts who has been tracking results as they come in and sort of looking at issues that people are searching when it comes to online searches and google. john, what are we seeing with respect to the next contest, south carolina? >> as you know, we've been trying something new. tracking google search trends and trying to overlay those how people may be making decisions in terms of which candidate they're supporting. and abby is with us from google. as we look at south carolina, what is on people's mind and what they're searching about.
9:47 pm
>> from what we've seen, it's employment. and seven or eight years we're looking in south carolina, abortion, deficit. gay marriage and see 2004, 2005 shall the blue line, that's abortion, but the red line is the story, unemployment now really building up over 2009, 2010. >> and a spike here going into 2010 pt. and the social issues higher here than in new hampshire, but down to unemployment. and might bode well for mitt romney, in terms of putting it in high gear. in terms of the candidates searched. how are they coming now. throughout the da i in south carolina, the ever popular ron paul and he's most searched right now and looking the last couple of hours with the news of mitt romney, he's really creeping up again right now. >> he's getting a surge coming out of new hampshire for south carolina. >> and searches for rick santorum were way down from where they were in iowa and
9:48 pm
look at this, back on the map again in south carolina. suggesting that maybe rick santorum may be posting an effective challenge against mitt romney and jon huntsman number four and newt gingrich number five and now newt gingrich has been going after mitt romney very, very hard on the issue of bain capital, whether or not he's a corporate raider, whether or not he's in the best interest of the country. is there anything to suggest that those ads are beginning to take hold? >> one. things that we looked at when we're looking at mitt romney here in new hampshire was the fact when people were searching for his name. they were searching for other terms as well. sometimes 2012 and sometimes president, but net worth was something we really came through, and saw that, searches in new hampshire, mitt romney and his net worth were topics. >> gingrich and perry saying he's a rich guy and fat cat, and out of touch with regular people e thank you. >> bret: and go to hampshire and show you. this is the website and you
9:49 pm
can see the counties coming in and you can get to each county and see the vote totals. by the way michele bachmann, 88 votes and herman cain, 48 votes so far as the raw totals are coming in. keep it here, it updates all the time. we'll have an update on the other side of the break and newt gingrich will speak very soon here on fox news channel.
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
>> welcome back to manchester and now back to new york for fox news sunday anchor chris wallace and his panel with final thoughts, chris? >> thanks so much, bret. i have to tell you that with all the zeal that karl rove
9:53 pm
went through, all of the counties, trying to figure out who was going to win in iowa last week and done the same thing about the race for fourth. who is going to win, santorum or gingrich. >> i think that san form santorum is going to pull it out at the end. partial votes with two more towns. >> looks like santorum than gingrich. >> and a lot more votes and-- >> i saw you shaking your head when up in manchester they were talking about this night for mitt romney and seems there's only one way to judge the nights, how much closer to winning the nomination and what would you say this does for romney's chances to become the republican nominee. >> a big night for him. for a couple of years he's been the presumptive front runner and tonight he became the presumptive nominee, not the nominee, but the presumptive nominee and go to south carolina and the rest of the field is stumbling out of gas and running out of time and running out of oxygen and,
9:54 pm
yeah, they're going to come after him in south carolina, but he, today, he scored here and there's no denying it, not when people turned out he was a weaker front runner than he turned out to be and now he's going to be the nominee unless he's stopped in south carolina or quickly by somebody. karl, your thoughts in terms of projecting mitt romney for the nomination. >> unless five new hampshire primary winner a margin of 10 1/2, he's now about 14, nearly 15 points. no one has ever won iowa and new hampshire both, and gone on to win the republican nomination and nobody has done this before and this is the first guy who's been able to do it. i'll agree with joe, he's the presumptive nominee, but a long way to go and the numbers in south carolina are that matter tonight may not be the poll numbers in new hampshire, but the amount of money. newt gingrich has placed 3 1/2-- 3.4 million dollars on tv, he and the super pac. romney 2.1. perry 654,000.
9:55 pm
santorum 560,000. ron paul 539,000, and huntsman 36,000, that's 7,350,000 on television advertising, that's much more in than previous week than by most major state wide candidates in all the state wide races. >> gingrich has placed ads on the air tonight about abortion and the super pac on your thoughts on the effectiveness in south carolina. >> it may be more south carolina. and the social conservatives didn't go for gingrich or santorum in new hampshire and in part because new hampshire was familiar what he'd done on abortion. and in south carolina may not be as familiar with his record as his neighbors to the north in new hampshire were. >> and bret, a good night for mitt romney and on to south carolina. >> okay, chris, thank you very much. that does it for us in new
9:56 pm
hampshire. next stop the palmetto state. >> megyn: join us next monday for the republican presidential debate. and coverage on fox news. >> saturday, january 21st, make sure to join us for the coverage of the south carolina primary, and very interesting. from manchester, new hampshire, i'm bret baier, we're going to leave you with rick santorum, i believe. >> that's right, i'm megyn kelly. hannity is next. you'll see rick santorum and then sean hannity and gretta is after that. >> we took it, talking about the manufacturing plan and what we're going to do to grow this economy and we took it to talk about faith and family, as the bed rock of our society (applaus (applause). and by your work and the grass roots effort and the crowds that we had, we've built, we've built this campaign here
9:57 pm
in new hampshire, just a very short period of time. we didn't spend a lot of money, but we put a lot of effort into this and we put our message out there. we came where the campaign was and we delivered the message, not just for new hampshire, but we delivered a message for america. that we have a campaign here, yeah. [applaus [applause] >> that we have a campaign that has a message and a messenger that can deliver what we need, which is first and foremost, to defeat barack obama, number one. (cheer (cheers). it's a message as i've mentioned in iowa from the grandson of a coal miner.
9:58 pm
someone who believed deeply that it's a responsibility that he had that someone who risked his life for a sovereign, a king, when he served in the austrian army during world war i and he fought on the russian front. if it wasn't for the aid of a friend in the middle of the night crawling out from a fox hole and pulling my wounded grandfather back into that fox hole, i wouldn't be here today. he fought for someone who didn't care about him or his freedom or his children's freedom. and so, he came to america because he wanted to make sure that his children would be in a free country and his grandchildren would be in a free country. ladies and gentlemen, that is our charge and that is what is at stake in america today. [applause]
9:59 pm
[applause] >> let me assure you, he was not deterred by some temporary setbacks. he believed in the greatness of this country and he believed in the freedom of opportunity that this country presented. we're going to go on to south caroli carolina. >> yeah! whoo! whoo! [applaus [applause] >> for those who would like to think that somehow or another that this race can be over in one or two states, states that have been, well, let's say the back yard and the home of a certain candidate, who by the way, i
10:00 pm
want to absolutely congratulate mitt romney for a great victory tonight. [applaus [applause]. he worked hard in this state and invested in this state and the people of new hampshire gave him a very-- >> and this is a fox news alert tonight. right here in new hampshire, former massachusetts governor mitt romney was declared the winner of the first in the nation primary, claiming second place was texas congressman ron paul, while surging is former utah governor jon huntsman and rounded out the top three tonight and at the very moment, rick santorum and newt gingrich are locked in a dead heat for fourth place and senator santorum is speaking now and we'll listen in a little bit more. >> and the true conservative who can go out and do what is necessary not just to win this race, and we can win this race. [applaus
10:01 pm
[applause]. but to be the conservative who understands that at the foundation of our country, our institutions that are crucial for us to be a successful nation. families, families that are bonded together as the foundation, that instill virtue and faith in our children, to build strong communities and build a great nation from the bottom up. that's the message, along with a government that understands that we have to create a playing field for all americans of a variety of different skill sets, to be able to be successful in this country. and we have a message that can appeal, not just in south carolina, but across this nation and in particular in the states that are necessary for us to win this election.
10:02 pm
in the states that are the swing states, like pennsylvania and ohio and indiana, and michigan. and the states that i've been successful, like in pennsylvania and winning elections, ladies and gentlemen, we're not only going to go out and deliver a message of the basic needs, the basic structure and the foundation of our country, be it faith and family and opportunities society. but we're going to do so, understanding that with faith in the american people, we cannot only wipe out this deficit, we cannot only rebuild this economy, we cannot only have a strong america who stands up for the values that i just talked about, but we can do so in a huge victory. >> all right, that is senator rec santorum and we're going to go live and listen to former speaker of the house newt gingrich who moments ago took to the stage. >> the fact is, the entrepreneurial free enterprise system which
10:03 pm
attracted people from benjamin franklin to the wright brothers, to henry ford, to thomas edison, to bill gates, to steve jobs, that model of maximizing the development of new approaches, new energy, new opportunities, new technology, has raised the standard of living of people across this planet more than any other system in the history of the world. with your help -- [applaus [applause]. you've been wonderful to us here. and i'm asking each of you, not to slow down. in the next couple days, make a list of every person you know in south carolina and every person you know in florida, 'cause those are the next two great contests and i believe as we get to south carolina, as the choice becomes clear, as people understand that there is a bold reagan conservative approach of lower taxes, less
10:04 pm
regulations, more american energy, a sound dollar, and actually being in favor of creating jobs, the opposite of the obama program, of higher taxes, more regulation, less american energy, and attacking the people who create jobs, look at those two models. i believe we can reach out and we can create a majority that will shock the country and a majority that will begin to put us back in the right track. it is doable. it is a daunting challenge, but consider the alternative. if we do not go the extra mile and we do not offer a vision powerful enough to unify americans, and we ten down the road that obama has us on, but more than obama, bureaucracy has us on, the judges have us off, the entire pattern of how washington operates. more years of decay, more years of inadequacy, more
10:05 pm
years of falling behind, more years of growing weakness, that's the alternative. i believe that it will take someone who is capable of debating barack obama face-to-face, delivering the conservative message, winning the argument in order to overcome his billion dollar machine. with your help, as your spokesperson, representing your values on behalf of our children, our grandchildren, and our country, i will do everything i can to win the opportunity to represent you this fall in debating and then defeating barack obama. thank you, good luck and god bless you. [applaus [applause] >> that was newt gingrich, and we're going to campaign carl cameron and joining us with an update from mitt romney's headquarters, i'm
10:06 pm
sure a celebratory mood. >> a fairly short speech from newt gingrich there, sort of reflective of how he fared this evening. he'll go on to south carolina as will mom. they're breaking down the set here and headed down to the palmetto state. mr. romney will campaign in south carolina, and there's a possibility that as he begins to impress the possibility that he's a juggernaut nominee, he may go to florida before the week it out. there's a debate in south carolina on monday and that's the next time the candidates go shoulder to shoulder and interesting if indeed if we see all of romney's four rivals, that is the five candidate debate on monday, and there's always the possibility that one of these candidates who fared less than expected could reconsider the next 24 hours and pull out, but we have heard from most of them tonight and made it clear they're not going to do that. rick perry is in south carolina, already digging trenches for battle and he's been attacking mitt romney pretty aggressively.
10:07 pm
and romney in his remarks today did talk about what he said was desperate attacks from rivals on his free enterprise history at bain capital. but other than that, mitt romney was focused on almost entirely on the occupant of the white house, casting himself as the presumptive nominee to oppose barack obama. listen. >> we still believe in the hope, the promise, and the dream of america, we still believe in that shining city on the hill. we know that the future of this country is better than 8 or 9% unemployment. it's better than 15 trillion dollars in debt and broken promises of the last three years and failed leadership of one man. the president has run out of ideas, now he's running out of excuses. and tonight, tonight we're asking the good people of south carolina to join the citizens of new hampshire and make 2012 the year he runs out
10:08 pm
of time. >> romney had a very, very aggressive and comprehensive established organization with most of the republican power players in new hampshire. in south carolina, governor nicky haley and john mccain who won four years ago is going to campaign there as well. were he to win the south carolina primary 11 days from now, it would be more historic, no one has won all three in a row and what he did winning the first two, the first time it's ever occurred, sean. >> carl cameron on the campaign trail and joining me with the results. the governor of the great state of texas, rick perry is back, sir. >> great to be with you. >> we heard from senator santorum and shows there's a race for a conservative alternative to mitt romney, it remains wide open and all three of you are saying the
10:09 pm
same thing. is there a chance you split the conservative vote you all seem to be appealing for tonight? >> well, i think that the campaign that we put together here in south carolina is really strong. i have got the speaker of the house, endorsed, aen really serious conservatives and that's a message that's going to resonate with people from south carolina. and people who get it from the standpoint we need an individual who's got a track record of creating jobs and mek made a powerful presentation and he looked at all the candidates and only one that's got the record job creation. a lot of people talk about what they're going to do. i've done it in the state of texas creating a million jobs and that's a story that resonates here in the palmetto state. it i cannily you look at the assault they're under by the administration, whether it's the justice department going
10:10 pm
after their voter i.d. law, immigration law and of course the boeing story, and texas being a right to work state and that's working every day to push back on this administration. and those are stories that really resonate with the palmetto state voters. >> let me ask you, governor, because i've been following your speeches as you've been going around south carolina. you are talking about the success of texas. you are making comparisons about the obama economy, but you've also had some very harsh words about governor mitt romney who now has won iowa and new hampshire and you talk about days at bain capital and companies like this, they leave the carcasses behind. bain is a vulture capital company, they walked into south carolina, a company like gaffney, they picked the bones clean of those people who lost their jobs in the same mill. you say rather than restructural jobs they're trying to make money. and ethics get thrown out the
10:11 pm
door, make as much money as they can in a hurry. you know, when i hear that, it almost sound like occupy wall street, it doesn't sound like is be who is governing the staet state of texas as a conservative. >> and develop tur -- development capitalism we like vulture capitalism. no. and the poeople in gaffney, south carolina, understand what happened to that company and the folks understand the jobs lost and bain capital took from each of those deals and walked away from it. that's not what we're looking for in a president of the united states. we're looking for somebody that knows how to build jobs and create jobs, that's what i did in the state of texas and no use for paving this over,
10:12 pm
that's a problem for mitt and-- >> are you saying, you said specifically not ethical. you're saying that mitt romney, governor romney is a vulture capitalist, that governor romney is unethical. >> i'm saying that the way they operate at bain capital with those two particular companies in those two south carolina cities, i think, was irresponsible. so, you know, the truth is the truth, sean, there's no use in trying to shy away from it. we think for a minute that barack obama is not going to attack this and talk about it, we might as well get it out in the open and discuss it right now and find out is this the type of conservative we want representing us at the top of the ticket. >> governor. >> i happen to think that south carolina voters want someone who has served this country in the military-- >> let me ask you this though. we know whoever gets this nomination is going to get attacked. it's going to be a billion dollar campaign. certainly there are areas, legitimate areas of disagreement you can have with
10:13 pm
governor romney, evolved positions on gun and abortion, ro many in i care. i think they're legitimate debate here, but there is, as a conservative to say that those people willing to invest their money for companies that have either been mismanaged or headed for bankruptcy and they come in and try to get them profitable again and say they're vultures and unethical, that's about as severe a charge as you can make and frankly, you're right. it's one that i would expect from barack obama who republicans say want dirty air and dirty water. >> the fact is that folks in gaffney, south carolina, and georgetown, south carolina agree with that and i happen to think if they were going to be real venture capitalists they'd help clean up the companies and save the jobs rather than coming in and picking their bones clean, exactly what he think they did, and then walk away from them, with huge amounts of profit. so, if those profits that have been put back into those companies, my instinct is, there'd still be people--
10:14 pm
>> you're vig that governor romney did a good job at bain, say with staples or some of the success stories where they did invest their moan and many jobs were created? would you say in other bain ventures that they were successful. >> sure, but these are the places with where they came in and destroyed the people's lives. when you walk into those communities and talk to the people here, they understand that they were used. they feel very used. and he's going to have to face that when he comes to south carolina, so. >> okay. >> you know, this campaign covers a lot of ground and it's about those flip-flops that mitt's made on whether it's guns or on abortion, whether it's on traditional marriage, whether it's on global warming. he's going to have to come to the south and talk to people who have very strong opinions about all of those, this venture capital versus vulture capitalism is just one of them. >> all right, we're going to watch this very closely and
10:15 pm
we'll see you next monday, the fox news channel debate, from south carolina. governor, we'll see you there. >> look forward to it. >> thank you for being with us. >> god speed. >> and the coverage from the new hampshire primary continues. and governor tim pawlinty is here and much shall much more on our great american people straight ahead. like many chefs today, i feel the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. and that's what they do with great grains cereal. see the seam on the wheat grain? same as on the flake.
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10:19 pm
is back. let's start with the results from tonight. obviously, even though it was predicted mitt romney would win, he had to come in, he had to campaign and the numbers had to come in and votes counted. expectations met? >> pretty much. but he remains a weak front runner. it's not clear what the turnout level is. and it was certain light when i was up in the north country today. >> sean: and you have like a bunker up there or-- >> yeah, a bunker in the deep north woods and emerged from it. i wonder having a weak front runner suppressing turnout and add in the ron paul factor and there are more ron paul groupies than four years ago, and take those guys out, might not be the scenario for the general. >> sean: do you agree that mitt romney is a weak front runner, percentage-wise, this is about when they end up
10:20 pm
getting the nomination, the percentage. >> and many' looking at the speeches, one he gave in iowa more hopeful and optimistic and words that connect beyond just the republican base. for romney to be successful in the fall if he gets the n nominati nomination, he's got to attract the independents and those who reject the philosophy. and barack obama is going after them. tonight mitt romney touched them in terms of reaching out and focusing on main street rather than wall street. in trying to get away from the traditional business message, and trying to personalize and humanize it i thought it was a good speech. >> sean: let's talk about, we just had governor perry on using strong language and let's go over some of it once again. they're taking advantage of companies, meaning bain capital going through did is stressed times and actually used the term vulture capitalism, again and again, picking the bones of some of the companies and cleaning them. the ethics get thrown out the
10:21 pm
door, vulture is there. >> and why does it sound to me like this would be the argument that you would anticipate any republican would receive. from democrats, occupy wall street, barack obama. >> i'm not a great fan of bain capital and i'm not a look of people, em a he not clear what it does. it's not like mcdonald's makes hamburgers and apple makes computers. it's not clear what bain capital does to most people. but this is a critique from the left and in a sense they're doing to economic conservatives in gingrich and perry, what ron paul is doing to foreign policy conservatives and they're clobbering it from the left. >> sean: and the one interesting component that always tied the republican party together. social conservatives and libertarian conservatives and everyone agreed on checks. and this is is a time when there's a separation and we'll get frank luntz' take and
10:22 pm
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10:25 pm
>> welcome back to the special edition of hannity and in manchester, new hampshire and mitt romney one the first in the nation primary and we're continuing to watch the tight battle fourth place between gingrich and santorum. and we're with mark stein and
10:26 pm
the pollster, frank luntz. i think there's a justified anger towards wall street and this is, what i think that's real. however, i think that, you know, bailouts, we're all against bailouts. why did wall street get bailed out? >> people having trouble paying their mortgages and losing their jobs, they're not getting bailed out. i worry about what we're discussing, that is of the three shall the triangles that they talked about. the three leg of the reagan coalition, if you will, that supported conservativism and reagan. >> right. >> economic conservativism is one and you've got to look at that and if that's now splitting off ap splintering off, what's the danger. >> the danger of disintegration, when you look at ron paul and rick santorum on the stage together. they don't have much in common, conservativism or national security conservative im. what we're seeing with rick perry and newt gingrich,
10:27 pm
they've chosen to pick a war with mitt romney on the basis of economic conservatives and now, it may be a subtle argument and i think that 2008, the global collapse and the rest of it was about the malign alliance between wall street and government. >> and government. >> i'm opposed to that, but this is going to be spun, attacking newt, newt makes no sense, i mean, he'll be interested in frank's take on it. newt makes no sense and claims to be running to the right of mitt romney and attacking him from the left and so is rick perry, how does it make sense. >> you've got crony capitalism or special interest capitalism and nobody supports that. if conservatives end up having to defend it, the indefensible, that's where they go down the tube and presidential candidates potentially running opposite of what the house and senate republicans sand and now you've got a nightmare. >> you talk about language. let me read you some of the language, ethics get thrown
10:28 pm
out the door. how much money can we make in a hurry now, this is governor prry's criticism of mitt romney. this is vulture capitalism. picking the bones and cleaning people out and losing their jobs. >> and see the ad by the way. sean, the ad is cut and doing it right now the democratic national committee and going to show republican after republican after republican damning capitalists, the problems, conservatives should not be defending capitalism, they should be defending economic freedom. the world capitalism was created by karl marx to dedemonize people who make a profit. and suddenly they're trying to defend something at that-- look, if mitt romney is the nominee, i don't know who the nominee is going to be, i haven't supported any of the candidates and stayed neutral and keep putting them on the air and giving them as much air time as we can. this is the very narrative that barack obama and the democrats have already
10:29 pm
started. >> i think that's-- if you figure this is the big issue, the economy, the debt, the-- which is an extension crisis, america is broker than everyone has ever been ever and yet, we're now having in the republican party, in the right wing party, in the conservative party we're having an argument that's essentially being played out on occupy wall street. >> let me ask you this, isn't the bigger problem, you talk about, you know, crony capitalism, but it's really the alliance that mark was talking about and that is that the government plays a big part in this because the government has made regulations for their friends, solyndra is another big example. isn't that crony capitalism or taxpayer money to pay back people that bundle money for you or special breaks or regulations for individuals, isn't that a-- >> or the incompetence of government such as fast and furious, there are so many issues that they could be arguing about the failures of washington d.c. and instead
10:30 pm
they're argument. >> fannie mae and freddie mac, which in 2008 had a piece of over half the mortgages in this country and came close to taking out the entire global economy. and we can talk about that because newt has issues there, so he can hammer romney on that and as a result, and what is infuriating for conservatives in this primary process is it's where you kind of road test the issues in the general election and that's not what's happening. >> the consequences of this are so significant. i believe we're going to look back on this day in this past week about at or nine months from now and ask a question of the two of us, could you see the seeds of this disaster, and you're going to say it came now when conservatives split between main street and wall street. >> there's one caveat to that is remember, it gets heated in every primary and beat time, once it becomes a choice of obama versus whoever the nominee is, i think. >> with all due respect. those who see 5 trillion dollars in debt and higher
10:31 pm
another 1.2 trillion on the horizon, when they see no jobs created, when they see, you know, our military decimated and put it altogether, i think it's still going to be obama has nothing to run on that's positive. >> come with me, come with me across the country. >> i come with you, i do your focus groups all the time. and travelling with you, frank, not an easy thing to do, one does ask a little too much. >> i happen to work, you like to sleep, i like to work. [laughter] >> i work 20 hours a day, what are you talking about. >> because you're 22 or 23, sorry-- >>en he's rick perry and you're mitt. that's why he's gone nuclear with you. >> he's obama and i'm the conservative, go ahead. >> the consequences -- wow, the consequences of this are significant because the anger among the average american. >> it's palpable. >> they feel screwed. whichever party addresses that, empathizes or acknowledges it. >> and what happened today. >> the answer is who did the
10:32 pm
screwing. the answer is, who told washington, and-- >> but frank has a point, and that was not evident in today's primary. what you heard was the great sound of people settling for a weak front runner reluctantly. >> electability was a big part of the exit poll. >> and ron paul had 25% of the versus and then hunts hahn. >> sean: a very good spirited debate and i'll avoid travelling with frank at all costs to my safety and security and he yells at everybody before his focus groups. and coming up, romney supporter, former presidential candidate himself tim pawlenty is going to join me live as we continue from manchester and the results come in at 75% reporting there you have romney 38%, paul 23, jon huntsman, 17%. igh school scier made me what i am today. r science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron,
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10:37 pm
nation. the country already has a leader who divides us with the bitter politics of envy. we have to offer an alternative vision. i stand ready to lead us down a different path where we're lifted up by our desire to succeed, not dragged down by a resentment of success. >> and joining me now with reaction is romney supporter and former minnesota governor and presidential candidate tim pawlenty, thank you for being here and appreciate you being with us. let's start at this point. there's justified anger at wall street. you know, we bail out bankruptcy and financial institutions and insurance companies and they give the bonuses to themselves and misappropriate the money so i think there's palpable anger, but i think, but in this case, i think it's a little different scenario. why would you argue that, for example, governor perry was on tonight is wrong, vulture capitalism comment? >> a number of things, let's
10:38 pm
tip the cap to mitt romney. a historical victory tonight. no none has won in iowa and new hampshire, ever. he just did something that no other candidate ever did and leading in the polls in south carolina and florida, don't take anything for granted, but that's an incredible compelling achievement. >> sean: and for a candidate, and give him his due. . >> he's in very good position and you're right this never happened before, we're not taking away from it. >> not you, but others have. aen let me say this, mitt romney understands the private economy. wall street was reckless, irresponsible and should be held accountable. and when romney ran bain capital, which is private equity. guess who invested the most for private equity. endowments for hospitals, pension funds and teachers and the like and these companies were going down anyway and bain tried to save them. if you look at the job increase or decrease in his
10:39 pm
leadership at bain he added a significant number of jobs. to have republicans attack private snaechlt, that's obama's argument and having class warfare rhetoric, that's not what we do. >> sean: if governor romney were to get the nomination, i think in the end they will have done him a favor because i think this is going to be one of the keys to obama's argument. while he's demonizing wall street and business and wants to spread the wealth around, people maybe begin to focus on his redistributive model which is that the government will take care of everybody from the minute they're born to the minute they die. so, that's an issue-- this came out when governor romney ran for governor in massachusetts. obama has brought it up before. and democrats brought it up. one candidate in this race started businesses, grown businesses, providing jobs and that's mitt romney. and stands in deep contrast to the current president who wants to instigate class warfare and have people fight over shrinking pieces of the
10:40 pm
pie instead of mitt romney's vision of growing the pie. >> sean: look, for those that want to be an alternative to governor romney. aren't there other areas where perhaps they could have disagreement with him on. romney care being one of them, some of the other issues, abortions, guns that he's had in the past. it seems like legitimate areas where they could have a real disagreement with the governor and it could be sperted, but this seems to be taken to a new level here. >> absolutely. to add the cherry on top of the hypocrisy sundae, we've got other people in this campaign who themselves worked for private equity firms aen now criticizing mitt romney, including speaker gingrich and others. and by the way mitt romney's record is about taking companies, starting them and growing them or taking troubled companies and tried to turn them around. did all of them make it? no, if you want a government and jobs forever, that's called the old soviet system, not the free enterprise and
10:41 pm
free capital. >> sean: governor, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: and coming up supporters of mitt romney and newt gingrich will going to be onset with the first in the nation primary results. we're live in manchester, new hampshire and see the latest numbers on the board. 77% of precincts reporting and we'll have the latest news as it comes in here on fox news. u, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer.
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>> welcome back to the special edition of hannity. we're live from manchester, new hampshire tonight and the results are in. first winner in the nation's first primary mitt romney and with analysis and much more, romney supporter, congressman chavitz and he's been in a bunker, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> sean: the results are in. this is historic and mitt romney has now won iowa and new hampshire, nobody has done that before. he's got good numbers in south carolina, good numbers in florida. newt gingrich went out tonight and said this is between a conservative and a massachusetts moderate. will that resonate more in south carolina than it did in new hampshire and why? >> first of all, congratulations to governor romney, a great win and we're all republicans and so we want to move on. look,it's going to go to south carolina and it might, i mean,
10:46 pm
a massachusetts republican in the south, i don't know. that's, that hasn't been tested for a while. so we're going to have to wait and see, but many' optimistic. i mean, basically it's a choice in south carolina. whether we want to go that route, with the massachusetts republican, or basically a moderate republican or do we want to go to more conservative. >> sean: do you buy into the argument that mitt romney is a moderate republican? >> no, i am as conservative as they get. number two conservative on the house. mitt romney is fiscally conservative. you look at his record and he dealt with legislators and vetoed 800 bills, took a 3 billion dollar deficit and turned it into a positive, where we're adding money to the rainy day fund without raising taxes. in fact, he cut taxes 19 times. when people study his record from iowa to utah, to i think south carolina and florida and
10:47 pm
certainly here in new hampshire, he looks pretty darn good. >> sean: what do you think about the electability exit polls and those weighed heavily on people's mind and tended to go with governor romney, why? >> you've got to remember 60 to 70% of republicans are voting for someone other than mitt in the primaries and i think that's important. electability, of course it's important. we all want to beat barack obama. and it's a-- >> and americans fear more than anything that barack obama get-- >> and if you find that's an issue, i would love to see gingrich debate him, it would be a clear line of demarcatio demarcation. and most the people would love to see them. lincoln douglas style debates. if he's not the nominee we don't get a chance to see that. the governor would expect the
10:48 pm
attacks on bain capital and his time there to come from president barack obama, and not republicans. it seems in the next week or so it's not going away as an issue and we had governor perry on and he doubled down with very harsh language tonight. will the governor respond to that. >> i think that people understand these are desperate attacks by people desperate to be in the white house. and he has a message what he forsees in the economy. are we going to be an entitlement society 0 are an opportunity society. >> sean: you know what i don't understand. i think there's justifiable anger at wall street and i really do and i think they've mismanaged money and gotten bailouts from the american people and somebody that's underwater in their mortgage and lost their home and why are they paying a bailout, insurance companies, and financial institutions. but, is there for him, does he fall into that category? and where is the anger at washington? they spend money they don't
10:49 pm
have. we have 5 trillion dollars of obama debt. it seems the politicians have thrown all of these rocks at business, and you know, i'm trying to understand where their anger is. >> i really do think that it's not going to be somebody who is a washington institution, a career politician, who's going to be able to take the fight to barack obama. it's going to be somebody from the outside. mitt romney was 64 years old. governor for four years, but he had a great private business experience and created immense wealth for people across the country. >> with all due respect and we've had this debate on bain capital, i don't want to go there right now, but the thing is, that's exactly the problem. when you nominate a republican who's talking about leveraged buyouts and how these are-- it's all capitalism. i don't have problem with that, but that's not what the guys on main street are talking about, they're talking about how do i get my mortgage payment up. can i keep my job and pay my bills and we'll have a republican out there leveraged buyouts, it's not what we need in our nominee.
10:50 pm
we'll pay the price for that. >> you don't want somebody in washington d.c. the last 30 years and on k street. you want ones that take on brm ap that's the fundamental difference. >> sean: gentlemen, another spirited debate and that will continue into the debate into south carolina. and let your heart not be troubled our great great great american panel is coming up next. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future.
10:51 pm
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>> welcome back to the special edition of hannity live in manchester, new hampshire tonight. thanks for being with us on our great, great, great american panel. and kirsten powers, and patriot david webb is here, good to see you guys, juan williams. let's go over the general impressions? >> i think it's been a powerful night and clearly history has been made and who wins iowa and new hampshire, unprecedented for someone who is not an incumbent. i'm surprised again that the number of independents that had the turnout and you still don't get a bigger turnout than '08 and romney doesn't get more votes. >> sean: do you think that's a lack of enthusiasm? >> i don't know, all of our friends here at fox, the big advantage that republicans
10:55 pm
have this year is a higher rate of intensity, enthusiasm and get barack obama. >> sean: a good point. >> and the republican voters aren't coming out. it's independents who are pushing the numbers. >> sean: but they're certainly not, i don't think they're going to go for barack obama next time. that would be my guess, a lot of them. what do you think? >> i think they're unenthused about the tactful field. there's a cbs poll show that they want another option. that's probably it. not that they're happy with obama. i think they're unhappy about obama, but not excited about the choices. >> sean: what do you think? >> i go to the last line in the story, obama ran in the democratic primary unopposed and he won. the fact is four years ago you had a dynamic between democrats and republicans, a fight. and a higher turnout. this one you have a republican only primary essentially and it's kind of an inevitable presumptive win by mitt romney. so a lot of people just didn't come out and i think it's not a lack of enthusiasm, just a lack of dynamic between the
10:56 pm
parties. >> sean: and the polls are showing palpable real fear that obama may get reelected and a fear for most people tends to be a great motivator and i think that's going to show up by the general election. >> yeah, but if you look at it and go down the line, you can see they're unenthused, unenthused about mitt romney, think he's a flip-flopper and santorum, they think he's a big government conservative, great on social issues and other stuff, they think he voted for no child left behind and other things and you can go through every single one and there's not one person that they really feel like that they could-- >> i like the debate going on right now in the g.o.p., which is how do we, given the field we have, how do we get the best out of that field, because in the end the american people have changed. the voting base has changed, sean, no longer the inevitable. if you're the guy this is what we want from you. that's a difference. that's the difference since
10:57 pm
the tea party movement and real want the accountability and the economy is number one, if you don't give us the answers we don't want the descriptions anymore. >> i think a lot of my fellow conservatives and i'm reading some of my twitter reports and e-mails and so on and so forth are concerned that they've always viewed the republican party as the party of liberty and the party of freedom. and in many ways, it seems, and i'm not singling out governor perry who i like and agree with on many issues, but vulture capitalism? >> i heard that. >> sean: that was harsh. now, see, this is surprising to me, this saying that i'm surprised that republicans are involved in this debate and surprised it's broken out this early. >> sean: agree with you. >> and i think it's a real departure, a real departure from the script that we had in mind which is that obama and the left. >> sean: would do this. >> go after. now you have it inside the party. when you have not only rick perry, but santorum saying he's a blue collar guy. >> rick perry saying he's a blue collar guy.
10:58 pm
>> sean: he was a blue collar guy. >> they're saying mitt romney is heir to a great fortunate and even jon huntsman is saying, you know what, in our family, huntsman family created wealth and jobs, this guy is generally what you might call predatory capitalism. >> sean: in threading the needle, we've got to make the distinction. i'm angry that we bailed out wall street and i don't think one taxpayer dime should have bailed out any insurance company, any financial institution, i'm angry about that, there's justifiable anger there, but on the other hand, to go after a company that would bale out companies that were in trouble, weren't forced to take bain's, you know, money, but they were going to have to fire a lot of people, layoff people and maybe go under anyway and that to me seeps to be the antithesis and obama's 5
10:59 pm
trillion dollar debt, kirsten, i think that's a par bigger a target. >> and romney made bain an issue by saying he created all of these jobs and the numbers don't add up because he chose a couple of places where they placed, but by making that an issue-- >> and we really have to look at bain for what it is. for one thing, unlike obama he didn't socialize the risk and privatize the gain and didn't use taxpayer dollars and solyndra, but on the other hand they want to pick on romney and democrats want to pick on romney and bain. what about warren buffett and berkshire hathaway. what does he do, kirsten is right. private capital, investors choose the risk, and socialize the risk, privatize the gains and give it back to-- >> and let me say, i am a romney guy, i don't like this conversation, i think that people are playing to a


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