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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 11, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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arrested. this was in fun. i have been arrested before. not in fun. but these people, the police in the city have turned out to be some of the nicest people. >> greg: that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. >> bret: the battle for the republican presidential nomination moves to south carolina. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. romney will take his two election winning streak to the first southern primary of the campaign season in south carolina. a week from saturday. romney easily won the new hampshire primary last night. after a narrow victory in the iowa caucuses a week before. chief political correspondent carl cameron shows us what romney is up against down south. [ chanting ] >> reporter: 2-0 after new hampshire, and mitt romney arrived in south carolina
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fully aware that this will be a tough game three. >> i have an uphill climb in south carolina. given my tack record there. >> romney announced his campaign raised $24 million last quarter. today at his boston headquarters had several dozen top national fundraisers pumping up his war chest. not just for the primaries but he hopes to face the obama billion dollar barrage in the fall. >> the vulture capitalist. >> rick perry who pulled out of new hampshire and got 1% continueed the populist attack on romney venture capitalist days, growing most but closing some businesses. >> ron paul takes earmarks and votes against him. rick santorum is an individual who is the king of earmarks. >> santorum lost some of his iowa steam in new hampshire. >> on to south carolina. >> he hopes to heat things back up with $1 million in tv ads, five new south carolina campaign offices and blue collar populism. after a rough night in new hampshire, newt gingrich continueed hi his his torrent of
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romney criticism. >> i am the only conservative to unify the conservative movement. >> romney was pro-choice until seven years ago. gingrich launched tough attack ad on the abortion record. >> romney signed government mandated healthcare with taxpayer funded abortion. massachusetts moderate mitt romney. he can want be trusted. >> the super pac backing gingrich released a 30-minute slam on romney for closing down panes in south carolina and elsewhere. >> story of greed. playing the system for a quick buck. a group of corporate raiders led by mitt romney. more ruthless than wall street. >> ron paul held airport arrival rally but is not expected to campaign aggressively in south carolina. palmetto state has 10% unemployment. higher than the national average. populist attacks on romney could hurt. he will need a big vote along
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the affluent coastline and coast country. nikki haley won there in 2008 will help. it was huckabee territory four years ago and now may be split between perry, santorum and gingrich. they are pulling down the posters and the yard signs here in new hampshire. while in south carolina, they are digging their battle trenches and read out for what is likely to be the toughest battle for romney and among conservative rivals yet. bret? >> bret: all right. thank you. president obama re-election machine is already firing shots across romney's bow. ed henry tells us about the attack. >> monday he claimed he is not focused on politics. >> the level of his even gaugement is relatively low now because he has work to do as president. >> 48 hours later, that work as president included use the white house today to stage a jobs event, which obama campaign advisors openly acknowledge was aimed in part
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at republican front runner mitt romney. as they accuse him of out sourcing jobs while running bain capital. >> the companies are insourcing. the companies are choosing to invest. in the one country with the most productive workers and that is the united states of america. >> after the speech, the white house put in front of tv camera some of the allies who when asked by the media were delighted to pile on romney. >> i am president of one of the unions that had bain capital come in and close companies. this president tried to create jobs. >> if you look at what he has done versus romney at b abin capital, the president will win the argument. >> the stratify somewhere some obama allies is anoint romney and get on to the general election battle. republican nomination fight isn't over and the president is still the prime target. >> middle class is slinking, the country is getting pour. >> all we need is leadership
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and a plan. >> the country has a leader who divides with us the bitter politics ofenvy. >> problem for romney as he charges the president with using class warfare, some of the republican rivals are playing the same game. >> i want a free enterprise system fair to everyone and gives everyone an equal opportunity to pursue happiness. >> as for the president, aides say in coming week he is will unveil tax incentives to get more u.s. companies to grow jobs at home. he is bankrupt about trying to get credit in battleground states. >> shifting production from countries like japan, mexico and china to states like michigan, ohio and missouri. >> after his latest pitch for the middle class, the president headed to chicago for three fundraisers including one where tickets are over $35,000 per couple. right now, the president for first time is visiting the campaign headquarters in chicago, another sign this race is on. >> let's talk about the 2012 campaign with senior political analyst brit hume.
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>> there is an interesting poll from the gallup organization that may tell us a lot about why mitt romney is where he is today. the question that the gallup organization asked about 500 republicans and independents who lean republican was the level of acceptability. look at this. mitt romney is accept to believe 59% of conservative republicans more than anyone else. you can see second and down the list. look on the moderate to liberal side. he is accept to believe 59% of them. gingrich comes in second. way behind on that. if you look at that alone the two numbers at the top that is a commanding position for him to be in across a broad section of the republican party. it gives you a sense of his electoral strength. that doesn't mean they are excited about him but it means they that he is sellable to everybody. that may tell you why he is hard to stop. >> bret: what about the ron
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paul factor and how the romney campaign deals with ron paul who had a strong finish, second last night? >> so far ron paul has been nothing but helpful to romney because he collects votes that could go to the other candidate and blocking them from other showings. he is helping. down the road, ron paul will be an issue. he is on a path to collect a significant number of delegates a big block at the convention. romney people are going wantto want to have a unified convention, that means bringing the presiden paulites e fold. what will he offer to them in form of the planks in the platform or whatever else to appeal to voters? they also don't want paul to get his nose out of joint and run third party. if you look at the appeal that paul has he appeals to a lot of people that looked like voted for barack obama last time. young people. people fed up and disgusting and want something new. it would help in the general
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election if the votes were for romney and general running mate is. he has work to do. i am not sure how he can do it. not too soon to think about it. >> bret: thank you. >> you bet. the federal reserve says the final weeks of 2011 where the economy strongest since it appeared to be slipping back in recession in late spring. consumers spent more freely and some parts of the economy are weak, especially the housing market. stock were missed. the nasdaq was up 8. up next, controversial ruling on abortion in the lone star state. and tonight is the return of our text to vote segment. sponsored by infinity. something we'll be bringing you up until the general election. tonight's question: will former massachusetts governor mitt romney win the south carolina primary? text sr 1 to 36288 for yes. he will. or text sr2 if you think he will not win.
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we will bring you the results at the end of tonight's show.
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in international news, iranian officials blame israel for bombing death of a university professor who worked at a key nuclear facility. two men on a motorcycle attached magnetic bomb to the professor's car killing him and his driver. three other people with ties to the nuclear program have been killed in the past two years. this afternoon, the u.s. state department condemned today's killing and denied any involvement. prosecutors in tucson have agreed in principle to unseal some of the records in the shooting death of border agent brian terry in late 2010. two of the weapons found at the scene were part of the gun
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tracking program called operation fast and furious. several news organizations had pushed for the release of the records. a federal appeals court ruled a new texas abortion law can be enforced. while it is challenged in court. correspondent shannon bream tells us what that means. >> reporter: a controversial texas law that requires women seeking an abortion to get a sonogram and then listen to doctor's detailed description of images will stay in effect. following what pro-life advocates call a tremendous win at the fifth circuit. >> we have a tradition in the country of informed concept, of women getting all the most accurate information possible before they sign on for a major medical procedure. >> reporter: a number of physicians challenged the law saying it violates the free speech rights forcal them to advocate the pro-life position. but the judge panel said it requires the doctors to provide truthful, non-misleading information. following the ruling, the center for reproductive rights
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said, "this clears the way for enforcement of insulting and intrusive law whose purpose is harass wade and dissuade them from exercising their constitutionally protected reproductive rights." it's appalling when i see people presenting themselves at advocates not standing up as women to have the information they deserve. even the fifth circuit came out and said specifically they felt getting information that comes with a sonogram is very important for women to have. >> in addition to texas, six other statesman date an abortion provider perform an ultrasound on a woman who comes to them with the intention of terminating a pregnancy and the woman be given the opportunity to view the image. similars isimilars in oklahoma n hold. governor perry called yesterday's ruling a victory for all who stand in defense of life adding that the important sonogram legislation ensures every texas woman seeking abortion has all the facts about the life she is
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carrying and understands the devastating impact of a life-ending decision. you can be sure the legal battle is far from over. a number of similar laws are channeled around the country. advocates on both sides of the issue believe it will be up to the supreme court to set the dispute. bret? >> bret: shannon, thank you. staying with the law and politics, indiana's primary election is may 8 this year. lock after super tuesday. but officials are trying to make sure this year's republican primary does not feature repeat of the allegation leveled after the 2008 democratic contest. senior correspondent eric shawn explains from indiana. >> it's a push to prevent fraud. >> any election can come down to two votes. we'll get someone on the ballot could come down to a couple of names. >> officials attended a seminar in indiana to learn tow to spot possible election fraud. on the presidential petitions they are collecting and began turning in to election boards today. the goal to avoid of election
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fraud in south bend. prosecutors are investigating allegation that faked petition signatures got president obama and hillary clinton on the state's democratic primary ballot in 2008. in virginia, republican presidential candidate newt gingrich charges forged signatures. on his petition denied him a place on that state's ballot in the current race. indiana attorney general greg zeller a republican said the process should be transparent. >> these are public documents. there is no reason they can't be distributed early and quickly over the internet so people can look. >> the first time, that is happening. the web site of the secretary of state will post petitions. republican party officials are told to double check names and watch for suspicious handwriting. among those attending the session was the vice chair of the republican party who was shocked by the state's petition scandal. >> it is a travesty. it is very sad to think that this stuff goes on.
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but it does. isolated. >> there is a desire on the part of both political parties in to and ensure that the process is one that can be relied on. it's consistent and fair and uniform. >> the campaign have until end of the month to file the presidential petition. those here hope the lessons learn from the election fraud allegation means there will be no questions about the integrity of the petition filed the 2012 presidential race. in the port of indiana, i'm eric bollingerici'meric shawn, . >> bret: there is a video purporting to show four marines urinating on the body of taliban. they have not verified the origin or authenticity of the video but it's not consistent with the core values or indicative of the character of marines. a handful of protesters are trying to occupy new york's zecati park today
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306-7890 protesters came in after that. tents and sleeping bags are now banned from the plaza. a few blocks from the new york stock exchange. this is a picture of a toddler, the u.s. park police in washington say was found alone in a tent, among the occupy wall street group in mcpherson square. after authorities were called a man claiming to be the child's father showed up later. he was then arrested. the i.r.s. can't keep up with surging tax cheating and doesn't have enough money to do its job. that is the conclusion of an annual report to lawmakers by a government watchdog. it states the agency is undermining fundamental taxpayer rights in the process. the i.r.s. calls that inaccurate. and without basis in fact. still ahead -- what the voters in south carolina are saying about the republican candidates. first, the state of business at the start of the new year. ♪ you're singing with a broken string ♪
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>> bret: we're going to spend the next few minute talking about the u.s. economy and the state of business in america as the new year begi begins. with me is the president of the chamber of commerce. you will give a speech. what is the state of the american business overall? >> it's doing better than it was a year ago. i think you can see the market is up and unemployment is down a little. the numbers can be misleading. i think you will see in this quarter, maybe three, 3.5 growth. but it's very clear it will fall off in the next two or maybe three quarters.
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depending who you talk to, it could be 2.5 or lower. you could errr going down and it could be worse. you can err going up. it could be better than you think. there are positive things going on. we will say here or five or six things and if you do them you are going to see the value going up, not value going down. >> bret: republicans on the trail will argue this hindered the recovery, it hasn't helped it. do you think it's true from where you sit talking to businesses around the country? >> this isn't a matter of just the administration. it's a matter of the administration and the congress and the regulatory agencies. we have created such a regulatory explosion in this country with healthcare and dodd-frank. and environmental issues. labor issues. companies are holding their breath. they're starting to spend
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money but they are asking questions. what will it cost me going forward? how am i going to spend my money? where am i going to spend money? who am i going to hire? i think at a time, that we'll say tomorrow for the administration and the congress to send a clear signal of where they want to go and what the business community can expect and then time for business community to step up and spend money. >> bret: the administration will say the point you made at the beginning that the things are trending the right way, the markets are up, the corporate profits are up. there should become a cloud of uncernty. yet, you hear that. >> the administration is in a unique position. they don't have to run profit-making company or hire people in the private market. they don't have to compete all across the world to raise profits. i think the companies are facing another reality. that is you can only make so much money being competitive.
6:25 pm
what we face is we grow or we don't prosper. the companies are working very hard to grow. the government is calling for growth. if we don't work together to get it done we won't get the growth and we won't get the jobs. >> bret: a lot of rhetoric flies around in the times as you are well aware. does the current line of attack about bain capital and the things, about mitt romney as the ceo there from democrats and republicans is it harmful do you think? >> we don't do ourselves favors, republicans or democrats when we criticize people who have had brilliant careers who have created jobs, created industries, have saved companies that were on their way out. not saved some of them. first of all, what that is all about is about risk. the real problem now is that
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as we look at the banking and so on, everybody wants to get rid of risk. no risk no, reward. if it was a matter of buying the neutral fund that is not what business is. business is putting down your capital and going in a competitive market. you may win and you may lose. if we discourage risk and discourage people who are going to go out and lead in the world, and the competitive environment, we make a big mistake. because others will leave us in their smoke. we have don't want to do that. >> bret: do you think it's taken a lot of oxygen in this debate currently? >> i think it's not as serious as everybody thinks. in one positive way, romney is getting a lot of experience and answering attack by the other party. >> bret: mr. donahue, as always, nice to see you. >> appreciate it. >> bret: next in grapevine,
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vatican does something none of us at fox news should every do. don't forget the text to vote question of the day. will mitt romney win the south carolina primary? text sr1 to 36288 for yes and sr2 if you think he will not win. results at the end of tonight's show.
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money. the daily mail reports the movement raised more than $700,000 in three months. now it has about $300,000 left to spend. here are some ideas that were reportedly considered and rejected. stuffing the remaining bills in to sacks and burning them. splitting the cash among the occupiers. rock star mode where ten of the most vocal members would go on a tour to spread the word down the eastern seaboard. a solidarity tour in egypt. investing $150,000 on a place for homeless protesters. and setting aside $100,000 for jailed comrades. boys could compete on girls athletic teams and vice versa if a proposed law in california is approved. los angeles tv station is reporting that schools would be required to allow students to participate based on their gender identity. not their biological sex. it would also require opposite sex access to sex-segregated
6:32 pm
facilities which might include locker rooms. california recently enacted a law mandating schools teach student about gay historical figures. finally, the vatican is defending a public relations rush job. the holy sea gave journalists biographies of the 22 newly elected cardinals. lifted directly from wikipedia and without attribution. the media were tipped off knowing that the newly promoted archbishops were nee needlessly described as catholic and some of them were depicted on conservative on issues such as homosexuality and abortion. the spokesman said the bios were labeled unofficial and were taken from wikipedia in the interest of timeliness. ♪ ♪ >> bret: our top story at the bottom of the hour, the quest for the republican presidential nomination is now center on south carolina. that state's primary election a week from saturday. mitt romney will try to make
6:33 pm
it 3 for 3, while his rivals hope to hand him his first defeat of the campaign season. tonight, correspondent jonathan serrie is in south carolina to give us a sense of what people there are saying about the race. >> g.o.p. candidates are in south carolina trying to connect to voters hard hit by the economy. at papa breakfast nook in spartanburg, bread and butter issues are on everyone's mind. >> what are the most important issue to the south carolina voter in this election? >> jobs. >> jobs is number one. then our security overseas. we don't hear enough from the candidates about these security overseas. >> south carolina, two of the most important things. >> getting the debt under control. trend more socially conservative than counterpart in new hampshire. romney's win in that state and iowa can only help says
6:34 pm
wofford college political science director jeffrey. >> there will be momentum. and i don't think it will catapult them to a massive victory but it will be difficult for the candidate to make up the difference. >> poll show romney leading where 69% of voters in 2008 primary exit polls identified themselves as conservative and 60% as evangelical christians. professor jeffrey says the south carolina voter vas practical side that seeks electability. >> we have practical conservatives vote for the nominee with a chance of getting the nomination and chance of winning. >> weep they fail to narrow the field of g.o.p. contenders, professor jeffrey says candidate who fares poorly in south carolina is likely to drop out of the race rather than face potentially costly primary campaign in florida. back to you.
6:35 pm
>> bret: jonathan, thank you wealth i'll see you this weekend down there. the chairman of the democratic party today implied tea party shares some of the blame for the shootings in tucson last year. that left six dead and congresswoman gabrielle giffords cit klit injured. debbie waserman schultz referenced the shootings this morning in new hampshire and said the political discourse in america took "a precipitous turn toward edginess and lack of civility with the growth of the tea party movement." in fact, shooting suspect jared loughner is said to be a mentally unstable loner with no partisan political agenda. so it's on to south carolina. we will talk about the 2012 race with the fox all-stars after the break. confused by all the nutritional information out there?
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we came where the campaign was and we delivered a message not just to new hampshire but we delivered a message for america. >> i'd say third place is a
6:39 pm
ticket to ride, ladies and gentlemen! [ applause ] >> i think the intellectual revolution is going on now to restore liberty in this country is well on its way. there is no way they are going to stop the momentum that we are started. >> this campaign is going to go on to south carolina. >> tonight we're asking the good people of south carolina to join the citizens of new hampshire and make 2012 the year he runs out of time. >> bret: romney two for two so far in the elections of 2012. with iowa and new hampshire last night. now headed to south carolina, trying to make it three for three. it will be a tougher race there. this as his campaign announced today that they raise $24 million last quarter and pushing forward. the panel, bill kristol editor of "weekly standard." charles lane, editorial writer for "washington post." sindcated columnist krauthammer. charles, we didn't hear from you last night. your reaction to new hampshire?
6:40 pm
>> well, there were two stories, the romney story was a big story. the paul story is a bigger one. romney won a smashing success 40% of the vote in a six-man race. it's remarkable. he beat his number two by 16 points. his opponents are scattered. gingrich and santorum were diminished by the outcome. perry got barely 1% of the vote. and huntsman he lived in new hampshire, he ended up with less than half the vote that romney got. where does he go? but the big story is ron paul. he got 21% in iowa. 23% in new hampshire. he got between a quarter and a fifth of the vote. he has a stable, energetic constituency. he is not out for the presidency. he, himself, said he doesn't see himself in the oval office. he is the leader of a movement. or as he said last night the cause. he is now the champion of a cause on the up swing. i mean he is going to stay in the race. he is not going to drop out. he will end up in tampa, with
6:41 pm
perhaps the second most delegates. he will be like jesse jackson was in the '80s among democrats and buchanan was in '92, leader of the eternal opposition. man that brought third party run in a position at tampa where he can negotiate for changes in policy and speaking role perhaps even on prime time. that is a historic achievement. >> bret: i asked him about that and he said he does want to influence the platform. he says he still wants to win and he will go to the different states, though he is not playing in florida. i talked to brit earlier in the show. what plank is romney going to be able to give if romney is the nominee? is he going to be able to give to ron paul to make the ron paul people happy? >> it's not going to be in international affairs for sure. but it could be on the margins abolishing a department here and there. some extra cuts.
6:42 pm
some of the libertarian issues on civil libertys. i'm sure there is stuff he can offer that would not be a contradiction of romney's position. the fact that a libertarian, paul has been in the wilderness for a quarter of a century. he could end up in tampa as the guy that gets all the attention on day one and two, like jackson in '88 and buchanan in '92. >> bret: this race is hardly over. this race goes to south carolina, chuck, where this is an interesting point for the anti-romneys if you want to call them that. if they can solidify any support against governor romney. >> it doesn't look like they are going to, though, because you still have so many of them coming out of new hampshire, all competing for this title of alternative to romney. even jon huntsman, frankly, doesn't seem to be a natural for south carolina. and insists on carrying on. you have perry, santorum and gingrich all trying to carve up that big huckabee patch
6:43 pm
that was present in 2008. so, strangely enough, even though it's a more conservative state than new hampshire, romney looks like the favorite to come out first there, too. maybe not as much as he did in new hampshire, but the polls i have seen show him with 30% of the vote. i think it was well said by one of your previous, one of the people on the tape before that south carolinans want an electable candidate, too. so far that has been romney's strong suit. >> bret: talk about romney's time at bain capital has been the focus for the last few days. today, newt gingrich and rick perry had to answer questions about the line of attack. take a listen. >> i am for a free enterprise system. i am for capitalism. i am for entrepreneurship. but i'm also for american people's right to understand what are the games that are being played? i'm prepared to have people irritated on the right and the left. >> i'm as much as a capitalist
6:44 pm
and have a record to prove it. he will have to defend this. why you wanted to take $20 million out of that company and basically release all of the people to be unemployed. >> bret: what about that? >> i think mitt romney is going to have to explain what he did at bain capital. a lot of his campaign is based on the experience as a ceo. the company of the ceo was bain capital primarily. i was a good governor or good senator, vu to explain your vote and explain what you did as governor. you have to explain. i think he will do an adequate guy of convincing people he was responsible c.e.o. of this company and i don't think it will be a decisive issue. i do think, however -- i'm not one that thinks after winning by eight votes in iowa, getting 40% of the vote in his basically, his second home state, that this race is over. it's just not, 25% and 40% in two states an everyone else is supposed to go oh, sorry, we have to go home? that is not going to happen. i don't think it's division of
6:45 pm
conservatives is a problem. say romney get 30%, and geng gets this% and santorum gets 2%. the race will go on. the fact that the delegates are proportionally allocated most delegates are not romney delegate it. most in iowa were not romney delegate it and new hampshire where he got 40 will end up not being romney delegates. eventually the conservatives have to consolidate. newt and santorum, one of them will emerge. it doesn't have to happen immediately. the media here is desperate to end this thing. two states voted. there are only 48 left. let's end it. call the football season off after the first two games. they look very good at the beginning of the season. >> bret: when speaker gingrich today and yesterday says i have to win in south carolina or essentially the race is over, that's not the media. that is one of the candidates. >> well, i didn't realize he said he has to win. i think he has to do well in south carolina. i think between gingrich and santorum we will emerge in the next couple states as a
6:46 pm
knock-out going. there will be conservatives running against, self-proclaimed con seventive, i won't say they are or aren't conservative against romney staying in the race. one thing that a lot of people like me should want it to happen. if he doesn't stay in the race. charles is right, what will happen in the next 46 states? romney will win the majority of them and ron paul will get 30, 35, 40% of the vote. there is always an anti-vote. it will go to paul and make paul much more formidable figure in the republican party. if you think gingrich, romney or a santorum-romney race is discomforting, don't pressure one of those guys to get out. you are going to end up with ron paul as a major senior. >> conservatives voting for santorum will go for paul. >> who is pressuring here? there is a different between advocacy and analysis. you want a certain outcome and you imply any other analysis is a way to pressure people to quitting the race. i am not pressuring anybody to quitting the race. if i look at it objectively, i
6:47 pm
think that only two people have played in the different states. iowa, socially con seve conserv. and new hampshire. romney and paul. either played in one other or neither. any object i analysis says romney is the prohibitive favorite. not that everybody else has to run out of the race. i'm not advocating any of that. it's analysis. >> i'm not saying you were advocating it. i don't say prohibitive favorite. but i just say he is a favorite. >> bret: the debate monday will be interesting in south carolina. a little tease there. next up, the white house takes aim at mitt romney. don't forget to log on now at get ready for tonight's online show. it could be ferry. we'll be back after a quick time-out. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep
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what these companies represent is a source of optimism, and enormous potential for the future of america. you have heard of outsourcing, the companies are insourcing. >> i think if you look at what he has done versus what mr. romney did at bain capital, i think this president is going to win that argument. >> i am the president of one of the unions who had baen capital acquiring companies and high grade them and close them. >> bret: the white house press secretary said the president is not focused on politics right now. but this event today at the white house was a jobs event. and aides acknowledge pointedly that it was aimed at mitt romney and his time at bain capital. afterwards, you just saw there, the allies of the white house, who were at that event openly talking about it. answering questions about it. here was governor romney response in his speech to all of this back-and-forth.
6:52 pm
>> the country already has a leader who divides us with the bitter politics of envy. we have to offer an alternative vision. it stand ready to lead us down a different path. where we are lifted up by desire to succeed. not drag down by resentment of success. >> bret: okay. back with the panel. chuck, first of all, what about this event today and the fact that all of the folks came out in the white house briefing room to kind of go after mitt romney and bain? >> well, i don't think it was any kind of coincidence that it happened right after the new hampshire primary. there is, in fact, a legitimate phenomenon going on here of manufacturerring returning to the united states. the president talked about it in the midwest. it's actually happening in the nonunion south. but never mind that. it is a real phenomenon. it's a great phenomenon. the guys who decide to take a shot at romney almost taking advantage of way think we have to recognize, legitimate liability that romney presents. it reminds me, karl rove
6:53 pm
talking about how the way to attack your opponent is to go after his strong points. right? that is kind of counterintuitive. if mitt romney is going to go in the race saying i have real world business experience and it's why i should be president, they should go after an attack and show why it shouldn't. i think mitt romney is going to have to do just what bill said. he is going to have to talk and explain to voter what is private equity is all about. why it's a good thing. why it's legitimate business experience and why it qualifies him to be president. that is a legitimate issue. >> bret: we said and you said at the panel it's clear the white house is in campaign mode. but this is very clear. that they are come n campaign mode. >> you could call it an abuse of the office but of course i wouldn't. clearly the president has stopped governing months ago. this is all about campaigning. he thinks the republicans are in control of the house. nothing is going to happen anyway. he is probably right. but it is rather remarkable, i mean in january of an election year that he is already ginning all this up in the white house. however, it's a warning that
6:54 pm
romney ought to look at. to give an answer, the answer he gave last night is his class war and politics, is not enough. the white house and gingrich, perry are going to run ad after ad of somebody who lost his job. that will have a real impact. you can't answer with abstractions. he is going to have to "a," show faces of people who were helped. had a job. perhaps slimmed down, lost a job but regained it. he will have to say look what obama did with the auto industry. he had to throw a lot of people out of work and close dealerships but in the end he saved it. i did exactly the same. but with private money. higher risk because sometimes you have to make a company lean if you want to save it and produce jobs. >> bret: bill? >> it's better for mitt romney to get a lot of practice beating back assault now if primary he is probably going to win from rick perry and newt gingrich than to coast through and have to face the assaults suddenly in september and october.
6:55 pm
mike dukakis won primary easy in '88, ended early. mr. confidence. 17 points ahead of bush. never been attacked. suddenly bush attacks him on things ehad done as governor of massachusetts and the whole thing grumbled. that is another reason the primary should go on. and romney, you know, should respond to the attacks. also lay out his positive vision. the other way you get off the question of why did you take over this company in 1997 with this deal is you say hey, wait a second. talk about what we want to do with the country. here is my tax reform plan and spending plan. >> bret: quickly. >> if he loses, i like firing people -- >> bret: no, i like to be able to fire people who provide services. >> it will go down as the biggest gaffe. >> even taken out of context, taken as the most devastating gaffe. >> bret: talking about health insurance and it was taken out of context. we got this. but you are saying that sentence. >> that will be used against him. if he loses it will go down as one of the worst gaffes.
6:56 pm
>> it would be egregious if it's used against him in that way. >> stay tuned to see one of the overlook moments of the debate last weekend. it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. >> bret: time time for text to poll results. we asked you in this show will mitt romney win the south carolina primary. 66% of you responded yes. 34% of you said he will not win. thank you for your votes. more than a thousand during this show. finally there has been some back and forth about jon huntsman speaking man darren chinese at the abc debate in new hampshire. i asked him about it sunday and one late night show had some additional footage. >> do you regret using man darren in the abc debate in a g.o.p. primary making your case about china? >> not at all. >> the oddest thing. did you see what happened when he spoke chinese at the debate? take a look. >> i think it's important to note as they would say in china, mitt,. [speaking chinese] >> the guy shows


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