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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 11, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. captions by closed captioning services >> this is the fox report. tonight, the florida mom once accused of murdering her own child now says her daughter may have been the product of a rape. but was casey anthony even sane at the time? plus, now what? that mitt romney has gone two for two. >> thank you, new hampshire. tonight we made history. [cheers and applause] >> he has back-to-back wins under his belt. >> thank you, iowa. >> but south carolina could be a little tougher. [cheers] >> we're pretty optimistic about things will work out in south carolina.
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>> our message will play well in south carolina. [chanting mitt] >> shepard: tonight, the challenge facing mitt romney. >> this primary is the crossroads to this country. >> shepard: how his republic rivals are trying to knock him from the top spot. this woman went for a run and then went missing. >> probably the toughest thing any of us have gone through. the toughest. >> shepard: tonight, developments for the hunt for the teacher who disappeared. plus, a day you thought probably would never come. joran van der sloot pleads guilty to murder. but first from fox this wednesday night, a new battleground and a whole new ballgame. the republic presidential candidates descending upon south carolina. the first in the south primary as they call it a week from this saturday. mitt romney is now the undefeated frontrunner after his historic sweep of iowa and
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new hampshire. but he admits he is facing an uphill battle in a state where almost 70% of g.o.p. voters call themselves conservative. in fact today he said and i quote: i don't know if we can win south carolina. right now romney has a 10 point lead in the real clear politics average of the latest polls statewide there. but some of his rivals are keeping up their attacks trying to make a dent in those numbers. like newt gingrich and rick perry. double-teaming him now over his record at bain capital. they claim the firm looted companies and got rich by laying off thousands of americans. >> this is not anti-capitalism. that is the smoke screen of those who are afraid to be accountable. i am for a free enterprise system. i am for capitalism. i am for entrepreneurship, but i'm also for the american people's right to understand what are the games that are being played. how are they being played? are they fair to the american people? >> and i happen to think that companies like bain capital could have come in and helped
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these companies if they truly were venture capitalists but they are not. they are vulture capitalists. >> shepard: vulture capitalists. mitt romney fired back here today right here on fox news channel. >> i expect that to come. when people find their campaigns are having some difficulty they look for a new course. i don't think it worked. i think the evidence from new hampshire last night where the speaker and rick perry were both in single digits suggest this kind of attack on free enterprise is simply not gaining traction for them. >> shepard: ensays he actually helped create more than 100,000 jobs during his time at bain capital. newt gingrich is demanding that mitt romney hold a news conference and provide evidence to back that claim up. some conservatives say they are furious over this line of attacks. our corporate cousins at the "wall street journal" have published an opinion piece today asking why the mitt romney critics sound more like president obama or michael moore than republicans, more on that in a minute.
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campaign carl cameron live in new hampshire today. mitt romney seems to have more money than any of his republic contenders or any of them responding in this spot against him and he is trying to raise some more. >> he is pumping up the numbers in a big way here, shep. romney has raised $24 million in the last three months of last year. that by far and away puts him ahead of his rivals as far as money in the war chest. today in boston at his headquarters, romney had several dozen, as many as 2 dozen fundraisers all over the country convening for pep talks and dialing for dollars in order to press that advantage. opportunity for him not only to put money in the bank after last night's win against his republic rivals but money he knows he is going to need if he does become the republic nominee against barack obama's campaign that has already promised to raise a billion for this coming november, shep. >> shepard: he is getting attacked from both sides. from the right on this matter of him being a moderate.
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and then from the left on the matter of him being a, quote, vulture capitalist. how long can that play? >> well, it can play a while. we will see how long it goes for those who are attacking him with it it's a curious attack from both sides. on the right. they say he is not conservative enough. and then they come at him left on this business attack. and we have seen now rick perry, newt gingrich, and rick santorum all suggest that mitt romney is out of touch and that his time at bain capital illustrates that fairly aggressively. it does raise questions about the message, however. if they are pushing that mitt romney is too moderate, obviously they are playing the conservative card. even ron paul has said attacks on free enterprise such as their criticism of his time at bain capital amounts to a leftist attack, the kind of thing that romney says should be expected from barack obama. it may ultimately give romney an opportunity to fire back at his critics who say he is not conservative enough. by questioning whether or not they understand conservative economic philosophy.
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shep? >> shepard: carl cammeron live with us tonight in manchester, carl, thanks. mitt romney came in fourth in south carolina four years ago. are his chances any better this time around? we will be live in south carolina to hear from the locals and ask an expert coming up inside fox report. and the not mitt, the not romneys will get another chance to go after the frontrunner in yet another debate in south carolina. that's this monday, 9:00 eastern time right here on fox news. countless folks start their days by going for a jog. but on saturday, one of them went for a run and never came home. and now the fbi is joining the search for a missing jogger. her name is sherri arnold. she is a high school math teacher from a town in montana near the border with north dakota. despite days of searching, just the only clue anybody has found is one of her sneakers. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt has been following developments in this case. jonathan, investigators seem to be really, really struggling here. >> yeah, they really do, shep.
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they have almost no physical evidence relating to this disappearance beyond that one running shoe that sherri arnold was apparently wearing when she disappeared. she just got an email from the fbi saying that they are now suspending the ground search. we also understand from cops in this case that the fbi is now the lead investigating organization in this, which may lend some credence to the idea that sherri arnold may have been abducted and taken over the estate line into nearby north dakota or even perhaps across the border. the northern line into canada, shep. >> shepard: what's the family saying about all of, this jonathan? >> we spoke to one of the sisters today. she told us they are just praying and hoping. here is her husband, gary arnold talking about how he has been copping since his wife disappeared. listen. >> it's been a very difficult day. it's been very difficult series of days. i went out for a walk first. 5:30 to 6:30.
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i returned home. looked like my wife was out on a run. she didn't come back from that run. >> everyone in that small town seems to love sherry arnold. her friends, the students she teaches, and those who teach with her. the superintendent of schools, in fact, told us today that she is, quote, a phenomenal person. they all just want her back, shep. >> shepard: hopefully they can get her back. jonathan hunt, thank you so much. investigators in aruba could never prove that joran van der sloot was involved with the disappearance of the american teenager natalee holloway. but in peru, they had more success. today joran van der sloot actually pleaded guilty to murder, but how much time will he actually get behind bars? plus, secrets of the casey anthony trial. we'll check out some never before released evidence with an absolutely stunning new allegation. from the journalists of fox news on this wednesday fox report. wake up!
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>> shepard: casey anthony, she claims somebody may have drugged her the night her daughter cailee was conceived. that word in newly released documents from the trial. we just got these. you will remember in july a jury found the florida mom not guilty of murdering her little girl. today a judge unsealed some key depositions in the case. they include casey anthony's claim to a psychiatrist that someone may have slipped her a date rape drug and gotten her pregnant after she blacked out. and they also include a doctor's finding that casey has no evidence of mental illness at all cast anthony is serving a year of probation for unrelated check fraud case. the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway has pleaded guilty to murder in peru. joran van der sloot told the court he feels, quote, very bad for strangling a 21-year-old woman whom he met at a casino back in 2010. the dutch native gave a
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confession in spanish. [speaking spanish] >> yes, i want to accept anticipated conclusion and as i was thinking from the first moment always to give my sincere confession. i am truly very sorry for what i have done. >> shepard: prosecutors say joran van der sloot beat, strangled, robbed the woman inside the hotel room. today his attorney said it was the fallout the holloway case that made his client snap. the murder happened five years to the day after the 18-year-old natalee holloway vanished in aruba. she was last seen leaving a nightclub with joran van der sloot and he is the main suspect in that case. the court will sentence him on friday in this peru case. prosecutors have said they will not go after life in prison. and we're told today's confession could knock years off any prison time. steve harrigan with the news. he is in our south florida newsroom tonight. steve, there was a bit of a battle i understand in court over whether they would be allowed to bring up the natalee holloway case in the middle of these proceedings.
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>> that's right, shepard. the defense attorney for joran van der sloot tried and failed to bring in the natalee holloway case. he said since that case his client joran van der sloot has been made into a monster by the media he also said because of persecution that joran van der sloot now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. that that disorder that caused the violent rage in peru that led to stephany flores death. the prosecution was having none of this. they said your client has already made a full confession. there is not going to be a trial here. just a sentencing. and that sentencing, from three peruvian women judges will take place friday morning, shepard. >> shepard: joran van der sloot faces charges here in the united states for something related to extortion. how long is he expected to get in that sentencing on friday? >> the victim's family has been pushing all along for life in prison for joran van der sloot. as far as the prosecutor goes, he said that joran van der sloot is a dangerous psychopath. they should lock him up and throw away the key.
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by law the most he could get is 30 years. usually in cases where the accused gives a full confession as joran van der sloot did in court today, that sentence is reduced somewhat. we are likely looking at something just under 30 years. that time could be very hard time indeed. served in a remote prison in a mountainous region near the border with bolivia. shepard, back to you. >> shepard: steve harrigan, thanks. there is evidence tonight that a country already in deep crisis is descending now into chaos. this video is said to show an area in homs, syria that government forces have now destroyed. syrian troops have been cracking down on protesters for months. so far at least 5,000 people have died. [explosion] >> shepard: today a french journalist and at least six civilians were reported killed in homes during a government sanctioned trip. one witness says attackers threw grenades at the group. if this report is true, it
7:16 pm
would be the first instance of a western journalist dying in this uprising. arab league observers have been inside the country to keep an eye on the government and see whether troops are stopping the violence. one former worker tells the al jazeera network what many already suspected. their mission, the entire mission is a farce. as far as for the syrian president bashar assad, he made what was supposedly a surprise appearance before thousands of supporters in the capital of damascus. he he calls foreigners. he said this is terrorism. secretary of state hillary clinton called his speech cynical and full of excuses. he has said he will not step down. another top iranian nuclear scientist is dead tonight. assassinated after a deadly attack in broad daylight. it's the latest in a series of assassinations, fingers are being pointed at the united states and at israel. the response from the state department in an escalation of tensions with iran coming up.
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>> shepard: it appears there has been an assassination in iran. key nuclear is dead now two people managed to attach a magnetic bomb to his car. witnesses claim they saw a pair of motorcyclists leaving the scene of the blast, which killed this nuclear expert and his driver. the car was left mostly intact. the man not at all. it comes after the united states and other western nations recently issued tough new penalties over the islamic republic over nuclear program.
7:21 pm
iran has accused the cia as well as israeli and british intelligence agencies of going one step further. and waging their own terrorism campaign. now, we should mention this is not the first time a bomb blast has killed one of iran's nuclear scientists. far from it. that's a big part of the story. and we have more of it in a moment. today a very strong response from ourselves hillary clinton. >> i want to categorically deny any united states' involvement in any kind of act of violence inside iran. >> shepard: wasn't the only warning from the united states either. catherine herridge in d.c. tonight. catherine, the experts are saying this has all the hall marks of an israeli takedown. what else are we hearing? >> well, we also had a very stern warning today from the secretary of state, shepard, on the straits of hormuz. warning iran that any blocking of that strategic waterway, which is really the lifeline keeping oil and gas moving around the world, that threat crosses the line. >> the provocative rhetoric
7:22 pm
coming out of iran in the last week has been quite concerning. >> and to underscore that warning, clinton staying the straight is an international waterway and the u.s. and other nations are committed to keep it open, no matter what it takes, coming on the back of that very strong language denying any responsibility for those takedowns in iran, shep. >> shepard: all right. who else has this so-called covert campaign taken out, catherine. >> this is the most important part of the story. in virtually every case it's the same m.o. as today's hit. part of ongoing investigation into iran's nuclear program. the special unit has confirmed four scientists are dead since january of 2010. among them 50-year-old professor, an expert on nuclear energy at tehran's university who was killed when a bomb strapped to a motorcycle exploded outside his home in the iranian capital. he was considered one of iran's most important nuclear
7:23 pm
scientist. also another man was killed after an assassin placed a small precision bomb on his car when they exploded the nuclear scientist was killed instantly. the style, the timing, the targets all suggest a coordinated strategy to stall tehran's nuclear ambitions. >> someone has a very aggressive covert action campaign, apparently, against the iranian program and it appears to be setting the program back. >> and this scientist, a key figure in iran's nuclear ballistic program he spotted the killers in time and he was able to escape. it's worth noting since he has been promoted and u.s. officials believe he is behind this acceleration in iran's production of nuclear material, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in d.c. tonight. cat, thanks. >> you are welcome. >> shepard: the first lady michelle obama is responding now and to the for the first time to a book that claims she clashed with some of the president's top advisors. the first lady says she has
7:24 pm
not read the book but she has obviously heard some of what's in it. including the story about former white house press secretary robert gibbs cursing her at a meeting. excuse me, the first lady tells cbs news she was not at the meeting and this is the first she is hearing about it. >> barbara gibbs is a trusted advisor, he has been. >> and remains so. >> and remains so. i'm sure we could go day-to-day and find things people wish they didn't say to each other or said. people stumble, people make mistake. people, every day in families, in churches, in schools all over the country, they say things they don't mean sometimes. >> shepard: mrs. obama says she loves being the first lady. insists it's been, quote, a privilege from day one. president obama holding a jobs event at the white house today. think the name mitt romney and bain capital came up? as the president spoke of trying to bring back jobs that were outsourced overseas, we are live at the white house.
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7:29 pm
charges yesterday. somehow he climbed out of the back of the car into the driver's seat and sped off. used a police radio to ask where he might find cigarette lighter and keys to pesky handcuffs. police tried to talk him into giving up. instead found the car in the pond. he took no weapons from that car. a couple's birthday trip ends with a girl fighting for her life. it tops our news across america. utah. we're told the couple split up while hiking and hours later the man spotted his wife at the bottom of the canyon blood everywhere and bones sticking out of one leg. she was still breathing when he got to her. the temperature was dropping. he built a fire and went to call for help which came 11 hours later. >> my husband saved my life. >> she reportedly lost her toes but otherwise should recover. california.
7:30 pm
a close call on a highway north of los angeles after a metal pipe shot through a car's windshield barely missing the driver. cops say the pipe would have impaled him had it not hit the steering wheel. new mexico. a stolen pace rock back on display at a campus museum in albuquerque. the meteorite is worth 40,000 bucks. the suspected thief apparently sold it to a collector for a fraction of that the collector returned it when he learned that it had been stolen. maryland, a day of surprises for one military family. twin teens went to kfc to make care packages for their mom's unit in afghanistan. turns out it was all staged. it didn't end there. the soldier's mom showed up. kfc awarded each of her daughters a $20,000 scholarship and that's a fox watch across america. >> fox across america is brought to you by aarp. join today and discover the best of what's next.
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>> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. mitt romney is on a roll after back-to-back wins in iowa and new hampshire. but the republic frontrunner now admits he may be about to hit a speed bump. >> i have an uphill climb in south carolina. given my track record there, i will be there today talking about my vision of making america an opportunity society again with good jobs, rising incomes, and a much smaller government. so, i will be out there selling this message and hopefully get support. >> shepard: more support than he got four years ago when he came in fourth place in south carolina. this time mitt romney has the backing of this state's governor nikki haley who is a tea party favorite. she endorsed the massachusetts favorite over competitors who call themselves the true conservatives. jonathan serrie live in greenville, north carolina. jonathan? >> that's right, shep. greenville where newt gingrich is attending a private fundraiser. earlier this the day he was
7:32 pm
visiting in the nearby town of spartanburg made a campaign spot at the beacon a very poplar drive-in restaurant. we also went to another poplar restaurant to take the pulse of voters to see what was on their minds. not surprising everybody was talking about bread and butter issues. >> it should be the economy. people out of work. i think that's the top thing that they need to look into. so far it hasn't been taken care of. and whoever gets elected is going to have to face that. >> social conservatives play a prominent role in south carolina's electorate but wafford political science professor says voters also have a pragmatic side and favor electability, sometimes tipping the scales in favor of more moderate candidates. >> you have practical conservatives down here that have the tradition of voting for a nominee that's going to get -- that has the chance of getting the nomination and that has a chance of winning.
7:33 pm
>> and, of course, south carolina voters pride themselves on picking the eventual g.o.p. nominee in every primary since 1980. shep? >> shepard: jonathan serrie live for us in greenville, south carolina. thanks. the south carolina primary 10 days away. then 10 days after that it's time for the big showdown in the sunshine state. the real clear politics average of the polls in florida finds mitt romney with 8 point lead over newt gingrich. rick santorum. ron paul, rick perry and jon huntsman trail in the polls. mitt romney would come out slightly ahead 46 to 43%. that's still within the margin of error and assuming the election were held today. and the president today proposed new financial incentives for businesses that keep or create jobs right here in the united states. he also said he wants to end tax breaks for companies that continue to ship jobs overseas. this morning the president met with ceos of some of america's largest and frankly most important firms. ford and intel among them.
7:34 pm
and he said the choice to invest in the future of america should be about morals as much as profits. >> i don't want america to be a nation that's primarily known for financial speculation and racking up debt buying stuff from other nations. i want us to be nobody for making and selling products all over the world stamped with three proud words "made in america." >> shepard: that message is not just for business leaders. it was also a clear pitch to millions of middle class voters. ed henry is our chief white house correspondent and is he life there tonight. you know, this jobs event today, tell us more about it. it felt like it might be aiming at one particular rival. >> yeah by the name of mitt romney the republic frontrunner. in fairness there certainly was substance here as you noted. the president touting what he calls insourcing instead of outsourcing where jobs are shipped overseas. touting american companies keeping jobs right here at home. he wants to lay out tax incentives to encourage more of that. but when you speak to obama
7:35 pm
campaign officials in chicago, they are very upfront about saying this was also aimed at mitt romney because they want to highlight what they allege to be outsourcing when romney was in charge of bain capital. take a listen to the president today. >> you have heard of outsourcing. well, these companies are insourcing. these companies are choosing to invest in the one country with the most reproductive workers, the best universities, and the most creative and innovative entrepreneurs in the world and that is the united states of america. >> similar pitch we have heard from the president before standing up for the middle class. after that he he he went home to chicago where he is right now, three fundraising events including one where the tickets are over $35,000 a couple. >> shepard: wow. that better be a good meal. some republicans are stray saying strangely enough what the president is saying. >> yeah. that's not good news for mitt romney. in particular newt gingrich who seems to be mirroring some
7:36 pm
of the president's rhetoric about the middle class, getting a fair share. you heard mitt romney last night. have you been talking about it taking aim at the president. looking past his current rivals and get to the general election saying he thinks the president is practicing class warfare. take a listen what newt gingrich said earlier today in south carolina. it sounded similar. >> i want a free enterprise system that is honest. i want a free enterprise system that's accountable. i want a free enterprise system that is fair to everyone and gives everyone an equal opportunity to pursue happiness. and i think it's central to our future. >> fair, equal opportunity, some of the same themes we have been hearing from the president. and that is why it is from frustrating the romney camp so much. because they believe if romney eventually gets the republic nomination, the president now has a lot of ammunition that's being handed over, not by a democrat but by a republic in newt gingrich, shep. >> shepard: ed henry at the white house. ed, thank you. the u.s. food and drug administration reports it's ramping up testing of all
7:37 pm
orange juice imports. it's doing so after one company found its product contained trace amounts of a chemical that the fda has banned in the united states. the news briefly pushed orange juice future to an all-time high price. this chemical is something growers in brazil used to kill fungus on orange crops. brazil is the world's largest orange producer and supplies more than 10% of the united states' orange juice market. anna with this story in our new york city newsroom this evening. >> no product had been recalled but the food and drug administration says they are testing all imports of orange juice and will turn away or even destroy any shipments with even detectable levels of the pesticide. it's called carpentizine one of the facilityiest in the world. not registered forever use on citrus tree notice united states. the highest level reported so far is 1,000 times lower than the level that would cause health problems it still
7:38 pm
raises concerns for consumers and health care experts. they are already on alert after a recent report showed traces of arsenic in other juices. >> though this particular fun guscide may be car sen genic in the tiny amounts it's being discovered here it is not a risk to human health. it does shine a spotlight on the f.d.a.'s inability to be consistent in how they monitor our food and our juices. >> pretty strong words there the juice products association or gpa insists that juice is safe to drink and gave us this statement. the jpa has discussed the matter with the f.d.a. and offered full cooperation to continue the safety and quality of juice products. this recent deep freeze in citrus grow in florida has caused a lot of volatility in markets. they have started testing it on store shelves. >> anna in new york city tonight. anna, thanks.
7:39 pm
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i'm going to own my own restaurant. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. g this free travel bag when you join at >> shepard: there is a new report out now that indicates some of the nation's biggest banks may have been deliberately overcharging customers on certain types of homeowners' insurance. the report is from the "new york times" newspaper. in t state that new york state's department of services jp morgan chase, bank of america, citigroup and wells fargo among others. the agency is said to be looking into whether mortgage services units at those banks intentionally steered customers to overpriced insurance policies. some of them 10 times the cost
7:43 pm
of their original plans. gerri willis is with us from the fox business network now. these things are called what are they called force placed policies. >> that's the technical term for it. if you have a mortgage, you have to have homeowner's insurance, if you can't afford it and a lot of folks during the mortgage downturn couldn't, their banks bought it for them and charged them for it the question regulators are asking tonight were these folks overcharged for these policies that were sold by the bank itself. also, have there been kick backs? big questions here about some of the nation's biggest banks and whether consumers were duped into trying to buy these policies. we even heard of one policy that cost $33,000. >> shepard: good grief. the same day we are learning the ceo of fannie mae is stepping down. >> that's right. he has been with the company for some 30 years. michael williams. 20 years, pardon me. it's no surprise that he is stepping down. under pressure, all of these executives of these big
7:44 pm
mortgage giants. they have had to testify in front of congress. their predecessors have been investigated by the fec and on the hot seat. now to add insult to injury congress is saying we are going to cut your pay and not going to get bonuses anymore. these people thinking through whether they want to remain at fannie mae and freddie mac. >> shepard: i bet they are. gerri willis, watch for you on the biz. part of the best team. the willis report airs 5:00 eastern time, 4:00 in oxford on fbn. twinkies, the maker of twinkies hostess has just filed for bankruptcy. the 87-year-old company that brought us ho hoes and dingdongs and snow balls and wonder bread for that matter reports it suffered from high cost and rising competition. increasingly health-conscious u.s. consumers may also be an issue. however, we are told hostess has enough cash to keep iconic traits on the store shelves as it attempts to restructure. thank goodness.
7:45 pm
the feds hitting airlines with new rules. the department of transportation giving them two weeks to include all government taxes and other fees in advertised ticket prices. so those fees that you see there won't double by the time you get to the end of the email. and it can add up to quite a cost. some carriers are appealing the ruling. they also have to give customers 24 hours to change reservations without paying any rebooking fees. at least nine people reportedly killed in a violent showdown between a government and its own people and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. nigeria. day three of the nationwide strike that sent tens of thousands of people into the streets for protests like this one in the capital city. rising fuel costs have sparked the unrest. gas prices doubled overnight after the government strapped the subsidy. officials say they had to do it to keep the country from going bankrupt. australia, a fast-moving
7:46 pm
wildfire threatened about 100 homes near sydney. the smoke so bad police had to wear face masks while evacuating folks from the area. high winds have made it tough on fire crews. they got help from above as helicopters made water drops. south korea, a test of strength and endurance east of seoul. [shouting] >> shepard: they powered through pushups in the snow and ice cold swim. all part of a military drill to prepare more than 200 special forces soldiers for cold weather battle. taiwan. the so-called three little pigs movement gaining steam. it reportedly began when a little boy gave his piggy bank to an opposition presidential candidate and the government declared such contributions illegal. now spokes people claim folks have given the opposition some $7 million in piggy bank donations. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds.
7:47 pm
a kayaker coming to the rescue of a dog that turned up in the gulf of mexico half a mile off the coast of florida. his own video camera capturing the moment he pulled the animal to safety. he said that dog was bleeding and shaking pretty badly so he tried finding its owner. >> you didn't lose a dog, did you? >> no. >> it just came swimming up to me. >> shepard: nobody out on the water recognized the dog. so the man paddled back to shore and dried the animal off. when he finally learned the identity of its owner the news was not good. >> highway patrol officers say a drunken driver had killed that owner near a beach in florida earlier in the day while she was jogging with the dog. the pet is recovering with that woman's family? a hundred miles of ice up to three feet thick posing some serious problems for a tanker trying to deliver oil to alaska. plus, what's worse for your lungs? marijuana or tobacco smoke?
7:48 pm
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>> shepard: folks in parts of alaska are buried in snow as much as 18 feet of snow in just the past few weeks. 18 feet. they are facing brand new problems as they try to dig themselves out. the u.s. coast guard helping clear the way for a russian tanker to deliver more than a million gallons of fuel to the northwest city of noem alaska. crews say the ice is about a yard thick. many folks in a fishing town east of anchorage say they have never seen anything like this. >> usually it snows and it rains and it snows and it rains. but this winter it's just
7:52 pm
snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed, and snowed. holy smoke. >> so much snow that they say they are running out of shovels. a company in canada has promised a special delivery later this week. alaska's national guard has sent in dozens of soldiers to help. 18 feet of snow. in new york we have had two inches. some of us could use that kind of snow. it's the second week of january but folks living in the lower 48 are reporting warm and very dry weather which makes for pretty lousy experience for skiers and snowboarders. in fact, one of colorado's major resort chains visits are down 15% compared to last year. the mild weather has forced some ski areas to close indefinitely. others have not opened at all. that's taking a serious toll on jobs what is supposed to be the peak time for skiing. alicia acuna is live in
7:53 pm
denver. did you get some snow? what a beautiful picture. did you get some snow today alicia? >> we did, shep. we got some snow. colorado is still down 30% from normal. folks from chicago to salt lake city are still enjoying some warmth. if you depend on the snow it's been a rough season. resorts in oregon, california and vermont are using man made snow to get by. for some it's too little too late and they have had to close runs. >> we need feet of snow. but if it gets a inches, you know, every few days that will do it. should do it. hopefully will do it. >> so you can see, shep, we got a little bit of a layer here but it really wasn't anything to make a big difference, shep? >> shepard: i'm curious for folks that don't care that much did b. skiing. >> they might care about grocery bill it could cost them more at the grocery store because the snow pack is critical to farmer's livelihoods, that run off feeds the reservoirs. important for the agriculture
7:54 pm
industry. cut in water supply means a cut in production. >> if the trend line continues to be the same where we have a 70% snow pack, there is no question in my mind we will definitely see acres idoled, crops changed and production reduced. >> and there is a lot of winter left in the season so folks are remaining optimistic that we will get some more snow. >> shepard: hope so. i'm guessing winter is going to like until june. >> fear. >> shepard: thank you so much. how would you like to drink as much as you like and sober up in seconds or say good by to hangovers in minutes? well, scientists say they have discovered a drug that just might be able to make that happen. boom, you are sober. boom, hangover gone. it's worth waiting for and it's next. with a broken string ♪ ♪ tell me what you really mean ♪ do you know wh you want? ♪ while beating up on yesterday ♪
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delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, stop taking cialis and call your doctor right away. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if cialis for daily use is right for you. for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to ♪ ♪ ♪ one too many... [ male nouncer ] it time to reclaim your garage. the all-new passat. the 2012 motor trend car of the year. ♪ seek your way and go >> shepard: buzz kill. a new drug that could cure hangovers and alcoholism.
7:58 pm
the researchers say it's all natural and comes from the extract of a chinese raven raisin tree. they tested it on rats and the drunken mice sobered up in minutes. some experts say they are considered a sobriety pill and it would only encourage more drinking. number five, word the feds are going after local for nearly $95,000 in unpaid taxes. number four. health officials say first time in decades murder is no longer among the 15 causes of death in america. leading causes heart disease and cancer. number three, according to newly released court documents casey anthony, the florida mom accused of killing and acquitted of killing her2-year-old say she may have gotten pregnant after somebody drugged her and raped her. joran van der sloot facing up to 30 years in prison but
7:59 pm
probably get much less after pleading guilty to murdering a woman in peru in 2010. number one tonight, the g.o.p. presidential candidates stepping up attacks on mitt romney ahead the south carolina primary after his win in new hampshire. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1964, the garage band classic louie louie became the number one song on jukeboxes across the nation. love sick sailor telling a bartender about how much he misses his lady. but back in 1964, somebody and i mean -- well i should say nobody, really, nobody could decipher the words, including the fbi. you see, the kings men released and rumors began to circulate that the song was full of four letter words. the feds decided to check it out. after a staggering 31 month investigation the agency announced it could not make heads or tails of the lyrics.


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