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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 11, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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night with governor rick perry going on the record. and let us know what you thought about tonight's show. and they're not too happy on greta wire and they're hostile on the issues. good night from washington, d.c.. i'm shep and this guy is bill. ♪ >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is is on. tonight: ♪ see your true colors shining through >> corporations are people, my friends. >> i like being able to fire people. >> bill: didn't take long for the democratic national committee to begin bashing mitt romney as he is now way out in front of the republic field. >> this is huge! >> bill: we will take a look at the romney situation with dick morris, monica crowley and lanny davis. >> leave me alone for god's sake. >> bill: dennis miller will weigh in on what happened in new hampshire last night. miller also wants to talk about the tim tebow phenomenon. >> who is america's greatest president. >> i will go with lincoln.
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>> nixon? >> reagan. >> oh my god that is some base wassing. >> bill: jesse watters continues his quest to find% perspicacious americans. >> who is that guy? >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the big news out of new hampshire that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. after getting nearly 40% of the vote last night mitt romney now appears to be unstoppable as president obama's opponent next november. in fact he beat newt gingrich, jon huntsman and rick perry combined. ron paul vote last night basically a protest vote as ron paul has no chance to get the republic nomination by his
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own admission. even if you don't like governor romney you have to admit he has run a disciplined campaign. here is his response to those bashing him over his business career. >> i believe in free enterprise and freedom and opportunity. i frankly think members of my own party who may be desperate in their campaigns trying to attack free enterprise are making an enormous mistake for themselves and for the country. >> bill: cool, calm, collected. the romney bashing not likely to stop. later we have a report that evangelical christian also meet in texas on friday to deal with the romney matter. they are not real keen on the governor. obviously newt gingrich is royally teed off and it looks like he will go after the governor in south carolina big time. a new cbs news poll among registered voters says that mitt romney would defeat barack obama 47, 45 if the election were held today. exit polls in new hampshire today say many voters supported the governor because they believe he can defeat the president. that brings us to the democratic party. didn't take long for the dnc to put out this ad. ♪ >> i like being able to fire
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people ♪ but i see your true colors shining through. >> corporations are people, my friend. ♪ true colors. >> let detroit go bankrupt. don't try to stop the foreclosure process. let it run its course and hit the bottom. ♪ true colors. >> i like being able to fire people ♪ beautiful like a rainbow ♪ >> bill: of course, cyndi lauper had to give her permission for that song to be used. the democratic national committee took the "i like to fire people" comment out of context. mr. romney was talking about being able to fire insurance companies who disrespect their customers. i believe barack obama would support that. but, of course, context and fairness do not matter in the dirty world of politics. talking points bottom line kind of guy. all the verbiage surrounding last night's election was fine. it was fine. i'm glad a bunch of people
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have jobs yacking. but it's clear mitt romney won big in the new hampshire primary and his pathway to the nomination is strong. by the way, by the way, we were amazingly accurate in our assessment on monday night right here on the factor. thank god. i got to do a tebow, hold it. okay? i posted the talking points memo on bill o' in case you missed it. thank god we were accurate. after last year me predicting hillary. that's it for the memo. top story tonight dick morris, purveyor of dick what's going on here? no flights of fancy. just facts. where am i going wrong? >> most likely romney is on a glide path to the nomination. i could see a scenario where he could lose it. he is not getting a majority of the voters. the problem is the anti-romney vote that used to be for cain and then for perry and then for bachmann and then for gingrich is my trifectainged among paul, gingrich and
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santorum. if that vote ever came together, it could defeat romney. now paul is never going to get out of the race. but he might be marginalized in south carolina because he he is not pro-evangelical. and it's possible, i could see a scenario where romney gets like 30, wins the primary. gingrich or santorum get 25. the other one gets 10. and paul gets 8 and perry five and huntsman three. and at that point you go into florida as a two-way race of romney against either santorum. >> bill: one or othe other. there is talk they might make a deal. >> no, i mean even if they don't make a deal. if the south carolina voters make the deal for them and designate a real frontrunner. >> bill: take a look at south carolina. we will do this at the end of the program with cammeron and rosen as well. that obviously coming up on the 21st of january. rick santorum even though he raised a lot of money after iowa he has got money problems, correct? >> and gingrich doesn't. >> bill: gingrich has enough
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money because gambling guy adelson came in with 5 million. that puts gingrich in good position to just rip up romney and he has already started. tomorrow we are going to have gingrich's new ad. he didn't do the ad but the people supporting him did. just like iowa. i'm not complaining because romney's people brutalized gingrich in iowa. what's goose good for the goose and all of that. >> i'm a little worried that newt is so mad at romney that he would rather beat up romney than get elected himself. >> bill: listen, i don't know what the speaker is doing. we put in a request to talk to him. i hope he comes on either tomorrow or friday. you are absolutely right. the negativity that he brought to new hampshire certainly didn't help him there. >> when he comes out there and he says like he did on another show last week on fox, he said okay, they made 130 million bucks, bain capital and 700 people lost their jobs. maybe they could have made 120
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and the 700 would keep their jobs. how the heck does he know that 120 would be enough to attract the venture capital to try to turn this company around? these aren't taxes. these are voluntary contributions by businessmen who want a return on the investment. >> bill: i already tried ladies and gentlemen once to get through this bain capital swamp and i was unsuccessful. stuart varney who i think is brilliant, he said it was bull. it wasn't one of stewart's pounding the table and the "wall street journal" reporter, we couldn't find out from her whether she thought that romney was a predatory capitalist or not. she basically. >> how can it be predatory when you invest 16 million bucks on a company that's bankruptcy. goes broke two years after you quit. >> bill: all i'm saying is i don't think anybody can define it because it's complicated. because compt people go in -- corporate people go in abuy companies all the time. lay off more people. hire more people. >> it's called capitalism.
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>> bill: that's exactly what it is. he didn't break any laws, romney. he is not indicted for insider trading. >> net gain of a hell of a lot of jobs. >> bill: what he did today was smart on "fox & friends." basically saying listen, i'm a free marketeer. i want capitalism. this is capitalism. i didn't do anything wrong. newt gingrich -- >> -- he goes to owe bomb any any-obama and says how many jobs did you create as community organizer. >> bill: nobody doesn't know that morris. >> they will. >> bill: watch the jessie watters segment, i guarantee you not everybody knows. right? >> what's the name of this country? he will get there. >> real quick, let's go there now. rick perry is done. rick perry is done, right? >> right. >> bill: rick santorum? >> santorum or gingrich could rise again. >> bill: no money. >> it's the if the other one falls. >> bill: if gingrich doesn't get traction. >> if gingrich goes
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wall-to-wall negative and santorum goes positive he could make the final cut. >> bill: tread water and gingrich has got to hope the strategy works, right? >> gingrich, we will see what his strategy is is it to try to get elected president or sabotage romney so santorum can do it. >> bill: the speaker is going to try to win the primary in south carolina. rubber meets the road. >> if they both win it and tie like they did in new hampshire, romney is elected. >> bill: ron paul is around to the end. >> ron paul is a significant thing. 47% of the voters under 30 voted for ron paul. >> yeah because they want legalized marijuana. >> no. >> bill: have you ever been to dartmouth? you have got to smoke pot to go there. >> it's not that. it's that they really buy into the whole libertarian capitalist thing. >> bill: whatever it is. believe me south carolina is not going to be for paul. >> i'm saying to you that there is an enthusiasm gap here. people are voting for romney but they are not enthusiastic.
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25,000. fewer people voted this year than four years ago. >> bill: they all watch the factor. we dominated the rating. they don't really like me. it's the same thing. we still win. dick morris, everybody. next on the run down, will mitt romney be acceptable. >> i'm glad you said that and not me. >> bill: monica crowley, lanny davis and gary bauer. seeking wisdom from the folks. >> what do you know about jimmy carter? >> um, they said his name weird. >> jimmy carter. ♪
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[ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? sorry i'll clean this up. shouldn't have made it rain. >> bill: in the impact segment tonight, according to the "the washington post," some conservative americans are upset that mitt romney is doing so well, so they will make a last stand in south carolina against him. here now, fox news analyst monica crowley and from washington former advisor for president clinton lanny davis. can anyone stop romney now, lanny? >> no. >> bill: you have got to say more than no. >> i wanted to be decisive. >> bill: say no we can all go home. >> no spin zone, i wanted to be decisive with bill o'reilly. >> bill: find. we will start paying you by the word, okay? >> the answer is i think that romney is the toughest one for us to beat because he appeals to the middle, but he is the
11:14 pm
most ungenuine and on a character and personality basis the easiest one to beat. so, he will be the nominee but i think we will beat him. >> bill: all right. now we and us, are you talking about middle aged guys who live in washington? [ laughter ] is that the us? is that what you are talking about? >> talking to a guy. >> bill: why don't you just pretend that for a second you actually look at life in an objective way. all right, let's get to miss objectivity monica crowley. >> yes. i think it's very tough to see any path to victory for governor perry, for newt gingrich, or for a rick santorum. >> bill: you are knocking out the three big conservative icons in the race. >> yeah. they could make some inroads against mitt romney in south carolina. south carolina is the first reliably republic state to actually hold a primary. new hampshire is not. iowa is not. so you are looking at a heavily republic state with a big veteran's population. governor perry is a veteran. so there could be some inroad. >> bill: how did romney do in south carolina last time
11:15 pm
around? i forgot to ask that. >> he lost. >> bill: did he lose big do we know snmple. >> yes. >> bill: upstairs south carolina from, what was it 2007, right? >> 2008. huckabee ran and huckabee did very well. >> bill: upstairs, they will get it. they are pretty good. get me that south carolina figures we should have it but we don't. you say you agree with davis that it looks like romney right now unless there is a scandal or some kind of stuff we don't know about. >> there is not going to be that because he he ran four years ago. everything about him has been vetted. >> bill: believe me the teddy kennedy people, come on. the bain capital stuff that newt gingrich is going to open up on him again it's not gingrich himself it's his pac. what do you think about this? >> look, i look at this from the bigger picture. i think the whole occupy wall street movement was orchestrated to provide president obama with a major campaign theme which is income inequality. 1% versus the 99%. mitt romney certainly fits the
11:16 pm
1%. they will do everything they can now that they have this back drop to paint him as this evil, rich capitalist dude. he is the 1%. he is not on your side. now that obama all of this ammunition to go against him, and honestly i think all along they believed that romney was going to be the republic nominee which is why they set it up this way. i think romney needs to be very smart about this, bill. he needs to get out there and preempt it by too long one thing. that's not getting into the weeds about bane and the rest. it's to be out there making the moral case for free market capitalism. >> bill: that's what he did this morning. romney would be smart to lure them in on this, them being the dnc and then make it a classic capitalism versus socialism election. now, mitt romney, lanny, came in fourth in south carolina last time around. mccain beat him. huckabee beat him and who else beat him? thompson beat him. thompson beat him. thompson beat him? really. somebody woke him up.
11:17 pm
just by a little they are telling me upstairs. so this time around, nikki hazelly, right? governor of south carolina, has endorsed gingrich. jim demint, big, big powerful guy, senator, hasn't said anything. we are trying to get him on the program on monday. but it looks like the machine in south carolina is going to go for romney. i think it's going to be like it was in new hampshire. although i do believe that the conservative candidate either santorum or gingrich will do much better in the second place thing. last word, lanny. make it more than one, please. >> more than one word. first of all, romney becomes more and more beatable even with president obama having low numbers because he just doesn't come across as real. the bain capital issue, i think, is bogus until democrats start to focus on specific examples. we all favor free market capitalism. i'm a liberal and i favor free
11:18 pm
market capitalism. what we don't favor manipulating companies. >> bill: you would have to prove your case though. you would have to show that he did something wrong and you would have to show it beyond a reasonable doubt. >> therefore, there has not to be specific transparency. did he drive companies into bankruptcy. we have got to get down to facts. >> bill: our people are researching it right now to show that they created 75 million jobs. >> that's a low ball estimate, bill. >> bill: you know how they go. oh my god. davis and crowley. where is colmes? colmes in jail? >> on vacation. >> bill: he is on vacation. >> that's his story anyway. >> bill: colmes vacationing with the occupiers. i think he is in some kind of dingy park somewhere. >> got a sleeping bag. >> bill: doing god knows what. dennis miller will analyze new hampshire. jesse watters talking to the folks once again about american presidents. up ahead. follow the wings.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight tonight. 150 evangelical leaders will meet at a christian ranch on friday to strategize against mitt romney. tea party convention in myrtle beach, south carolina where newt gingrich and rick santorum will both speak but not governor romney. gary bauer president of a conservative organization called american values. let me ask you first up mr. bauer if mitt romney does get the republic nomination, will you vote for him? >> oh my goodness, i will enthusiastically work for him. the only kind of meetings most of us are interested in going to are stop barack obama meetings not stop mitt romney meetings. i have endorsed santorum.
11:23 pm
i think he is the best guy. i like what he has done over the years. i trust him. but i believe all of these candidates are head and shoulders above the guy that's taking us down the road to bankruptcy and currently sits in the oval office. >> bill: what about the "the washington post" saying that the evangelical, some of them, the leaders are upset meet in texas on friday, try to get some strategy going to derail romney. are you buying that? >> you know, being one of the callers of the meeting i don't buy it. are you going to be in texas on friday. >> i will, indeed. if the meeting starts turning into a bash session of one of the republic candidates, i will stand up and fight that and if that doesn't work, i will leave the meeting. look, there will be a lot of people there. we have these meetings fairly regularly. we will be sharing ideas. people will say why they endorse various candidates. there will be newt gingrich fans, perry fans since we are
11:24 pm
in texas. people like me supporting santorum. there will be people there that have endorsed mitt romney. >> bill: free exchange of ideas not a cabal to derail romney. have you got to let us know if you walk out of the meeting right away. we have got to report that. the mainstream media, i'm not running down the "the washington post" here because somebody probably told them yeah we don't like this guy romney and going to try to do something. i'm not running him down. when you see a guy like rick santorum, your guy, being marginalized by the mainstream media and the best example of that was the questioning in the debate about contraception, full disclosure, i asked mr. santorum about that as well right here on the factor, you know, about how he viewed the state's rights to control something as common as contraception. i asked him here. but then when he gave his answer we moved ahead to other things. in the debate that was a theme. the theme was pretty clear
11:25 pm
that he is an extremist. the way to marginalize the right, and you know this from years of doing what you do. you ran for president. >> sure. >> bill: make them extremists, that's what the liberal media does. >> i love it. >> bill: planned parenthood are not extremists and aclu are not extremists so we all know the game. do you think that hurt rick santorum in new hampshire? >> you know, it's hard to tell. it may have hurt him a little bit. but, i think the whole line of questioning that we saw in a couple of those debates was so absurd that most people setting in their living room worried about losing their jobs or their homes must have been scratching their heads about why abc was so worried about contraception. you can get contraception anywhere you want in this country. >> bill: anybody watching that debate has to be politically savvy anyway. they knew why. because they -- look, the mentality is that a guy like rick santorum is out there.
11:26 pm
he is so far out there because people who work in washington and new york and los angeles, they don't know anybody like rick santorum. they don't know folks and they don't know how folks think and believe. you know that. >> absolutely. but, look, when you actually look at what senator santorum believes, it's the reagan agenda. it's the three legs of the stool. >> bill: no, no, no. it's more than that though. he is very adamant that homosexuality should not be a public policy matter in the sense that he wants don't ask don't tell back. he wants to roll back gay marriage. so, you know, mr. santorum is a culture warrior. there is no doubt about it. >> those are reagan positions. do you think ronald reagan was for same sex marriage? i worked for him for eight years. >> bill: i don't think reagan would bring it up. >> oh my goodness. i completely disagree, bill. in all due respect. >> bill: really? >> look, president reagan, changing the topic a little bit, president reagan wrote a book just on the abortion
11:27 pm
issue after he was elected president of the united states. >> bill: abortion is different though. that's a different issue than the don't ask, don't tell, and gay marriage, i think. it's a different issue. >> 31 states have voted on same sex marriage from liberal california to conservative georgia and every one of them have voted to preserve marriage as a union of one man and one woman. >> bill: i'm not debating the issue with you. i think it's a legitimate issue. the way the country is changing now, according to the polls, that territory is very, very fluid. fluid. >> if it had changed that much, bill, barack obama would be running as openly same sex marriage. instead he claims he is not while is he doing everything he can to make sure it ends up happening. >> bill: you wait. that position will change in this election. keep us posted on what happens on friday. thank you. >> absolutely. great to be with you. >> bill: dennis miller has many many things to say about the new hampshire primary and presidential politics in
11:28 pm
general. he will be here. next, jesse watters surveying the folks about presidential politics in a wild watters world. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: watters world segment tonight, it is to our benefit to get jesse watters out of the building as much as possible for a variety of reasons i really can't get into. his latest assignment, asking the folks about leadership. ♪ ♪ so hot greatest american president. >> abraham lincoln, definitely. >> lincoln, yeah. that is a huge monument. >> take the foot off the gas. >> thomas jefferson. >> bill clinton. >> bill clinton? >> i thought he was a terrific speaker. >> lincoln's leadership. what exactly did he do. >> i literally have no idea. >> i can't believe it how about you guys?
11:32 pm
>> i can't believe it. >> i'm going to show you a few pictures of other presidents and we will go bing bing bing bing bing. >> bill: bing bing bing bing bing. >> peanut farmer. >> you are north helping at all. >> that's jimmy carter. >> nixon? >> not carter. no, definitely not. i don't know. >> it's carter. >> i think it was a serious mistake. >> they said his name weird, jimmy carter. >> mr. cotter. >> you seem like a carter fan. >> i'm not a carter fan. >> just by looking at you. >> what are you looking at. >> jfk. >> what's that stand for? >> idiot. >> who is that? >> hoover? [buzzer] >> dwight eisenhower? [buzzer] >> who are you one of the mental patients? >> fdr. do you know what that stands for? >> franklin roosevelt? >> no. i honestly did not know that. >> what's it stand for.
11:33 pm
>> isn't there a famous building named after him. >> lincoln, my boy. >> abraham lincoln. >> if he were president he would be abraham lincoln. >> who is that? >> i have no idea. >> stranger, why? >> who is that? >> bush senior. >> [buzzer] >> that hurts, man. >> there you go again. >> this was ronald reagan. he was wonderful. >> what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ronald reagan. >> wasn't he an actor? >> he cared about this country. >> what's his most famous line? >> the broccoli. >> no, that's george bush. >> i do not like brokeically. >> is that nixon. >> is she right? [buzzer] >> oh my god that is so embarrassing. my parents, if they see this. [screams] >> off with her head! >> ever watched "the o'reilly factor"? >> all the time. >> anything you document say to bill? >> keep on trucking.
11:34 pm
>> keep on speaking the truth. >> what up? [ laughter ] >> i love o'reilly. >> sea logger. >> somebody gave you a speaking part. nobody cares. >> what's o'reilly lied about. >> it's not that he lies but he holds back on some truths. >> are you a ron paul guy. >> i like ron paul. >> i knew it. >> i didn't know you wanted to get involved with the discussion mr. helper. >> bill o'reilly is very charming. >> ever watched watters world. >> no. >> ever watch o'reilly factor. >> only equipment i have is the record player. >> are you going back in time. >> i need to get back to 1985. >> how are you doing, bill? i hope i'm a patriot today. >> all right, now, there is actually a poll, right, taken about who was the best american president. who took it and how did it turn out. >> it was a gallup poll. americans think ronald reagan is the greatest united states president. second lincoln. third bill clinton. and then fourth and fifth we have jfk, and we have washington. >> bill: washington comes in fifth. >> he came in fifth. >> bill: i think that's
11:35 pm
probably an editorial comment from me. the lack of history. >> well, they probably haven't all red "killing lincoln." the polls are skewed. >> bill: when you are in school you should know the achievements of a guy like lincoln, jefferson, franklin delano roosevelt. eddy roosevelt. i'm not going to get into the best. i don't think people know what he they are talking about. that piece you just put on illustrates. >> yes. >> bill: they were all good spirits -- good sports. >> i think the one girl who couldn't identify reagan. she was going to an interview at bain capital. she was a little distracted. corporate raider. >> bill: jesse watters, everybody. when we come right back, dennis miller back from vacation he wants to talk about new [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing? ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment. or zero dependency on forei oil.
11:36 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight. let's welcome back the sage of southern california dennis miller who has been on vacation for three months. he joins us now from los angeles. a long prong from new hampshire. >> billy, it's good to see you. what happened with watters' tie tonight? did he win the masters for god's sake? >> bill: is he a clubby, kind of preppy kid. you know how they are. >> you look good tonight. you look like philip michael thomas on miami vice. >> bill: nobody knows who that is anymore but i do. it's better than sonny crocket. you know what i mean? >> nobody knew who he was three seconds after the last episode of miami vice. >> i loved that show when it was on. i had no idea what they were doing but i liked it. let's start with the new hampshire primary. number one, were you surprised at the results? >> i'm back on the cain train. no. i know that mrs. cain decoupled the locomotive and put it up on blocks because the engine was running a
11:40 pm
little hot. i will tell you what i am surprised of a guy newt gingrich can't get real accurate when he shoots himself in the foot. who knew that newt was a utopianist. for god's sakes, when he starts talking about ideal profit margins, gungadin could not carry axelrod's water any more than. that is he kidding me? >> bill: do you think by the criticisms coming at mitt romney by his bain experience, capitalism that that's helping the democratic party and that people are going to get angry with the speaker? they are going to get angry with santorum if he does it? >> all i know is when i see somebody who wants to get a liberal in a corner like a smart guy like is that correct stein or you you will say what is the ideal tax rate? what would you like to see the tax rate at? and they will never give you a number because then they will know they left prints. when gingrich starts talking, 30, 60, 90. when he is breaking down
11:41 pm
profit margins in increments in 30. i'm thinking what's the cut off line there? the smartest guy in the room is no longer in the room at that point. and i can only assume it's years and years of being hyperintelligent and, yet, watching moderately intelligent men like romney who look like romney go past him at the speed of light. because that seems like a suicide mission for me on gingrich's part. >> bill: he is angry and you can understand why he is because he was leading a week before christmas in iowa and all over the country and then the pack supporting romney killed him. in iowa they just absolutely killed him. gingrich is saying you know, i'm going to do the same thing in south carolina. this is what i perceive his weakness to be and he is going on in. let's talk about ron paul for a moment. ron paul gets 23. by the way romney got 40 last night, just about 40. >> that's a nice score. that's a super nice score. >> bill: that's right. you wouldn't know it by the pundits because they have a vested interest, the pundits in keeping this thing a horse
11:42 pm
race. because the ratings are better if there is, you know, an outcome we don't know. and that -- there is a will the of that going on right now. let's keep it a horse race because if it's a romney coronation. circulation will go down. 40 in new hampshire that's a good number, right? >> listen, billy, i think the longer this horse race goes i think every race has a silver lining, i think it affords romney effect. you should spill the beans on your own client before the other guys spill it. i think he does need a bain capital answer. and i think when gingrich brings this up and god knows what the next thing will bring up i think that affords him the opportunity. getting a little bit of the flu into you so you don't get the main flew. i think this is going to help romney become a good candidate. listen, i went with cain at the beginning because i wanted a regular guy and i had no real idea how regular herman was. he was regular in a lot of ways. some of them don't lead to the
11:43 pm
presidency. but, i always said i liked romney. i would proud to have him as my president. he has taken a lot of blows from people in his own tent. that will help him in the long run. lean and mean going in that thing against obama. >> bill: got to deal with sydney lauper now true colors thing the ad they already have at. >> god forbid you get lauper pissed off. then you have coney francis is mad at you. >> bill: we don't want that? [ laughter ] let me ask you a question as they would in sports world. how about that tim tebow? throwing those left handed passes out there. what do you think? >> well, listen, if tebow wants to throw his helmet into the ring, i will vote for him as president tomorrow. i'm a big fan. i think it points out in many ways how polarized this country is you remember when your personal favorites rosy o use used to equate radical christians with radical muslims. there is 40% of the country
11:44 pm
hates his guts. 60% like me that look at him and think if i had a daughter imagine bringing that kid home. i love tim tebow. when he goes into a press conference after the game of his life and talks about taking a young girl named bailey who has had 73 operations out for dinner that night. when he gets 42 million fans following him, he testifies to his god, if he he ran for president, i am sure he would get an appreciable vote. with all the crappy, weird people in the world who are huge, it's nice to see somebody who doesn't even solicit it who is becoming bigger than life. >> bill: it will be interesting to see what happens saturday night in new england. finally snoop dogg busted for pot. shocked, we are all shocked. this is the same place willie nelson got busted. it probably is not a good stretch of road down there. border patrol popping snoop. you say? >> well, i say it's straight that piece of road. but it looks like it's swerving to the drivers, this is nunchyville u.s.a.
11:45 pm
that was first day they could have busted somebody since willie because the plume from willie which was like the loss aloe mows tested mat man and little boy that only cleared last week. snoom came through on the first day they could have isolated him as getting high. the judge down there ought to take snoop, willie, george michael from wham and one of the marley kids from jamaica, wring them all in, have a celebrity smoke off to raise money for charity. i think that's an idea. >> bill: i like it. celebrity smoke off. chili cookoff with can cannabis. >> the d man would like to remind you we will be appearing together in california. less than 400 remain. go to bill o' linking up with the box office. appearing solo in florida. naples and sarasota already sold out. see me on march 11th in tampa.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. south carolina primary saturday, january 21st. latest rasmussen poll out of that state has mitt romney at 27%. rick santorum. 24. newt gingrich 18, ron paul 11. rick perry 5 and jon huntsman 2. carl cameron still up in rochester, new hampshire. we will not let him leave that state until may 15th.
11:50 pm
carl, last time around romney came in fourth in south carolina. behind mccain and huckabee and thompson. now he is leading. do you expect those numbers to hold? >> no. he he will come down a little bit. those polls reflect the win in new hampshire, the momentum built prior to it from iowa. and now that he is in south carolina, with the rest of the republic field, and they are pounding him, it's going to tighten. south carolina is going to be a battle. and we can see that in a whole host of ways. romney, when he arrived there this morning said look, given my own track record, i know it's going to be a tough, tough race here. south carolina is a place that even more so than new hampshire in many ways there is a long and storied history of wanting and looking and presenting a street fight. romney is going to take a pounding not just from newt gingrich but rick santorum and rick perry. now that jon huntsman is going to stay in the race and go on to south carolina he too will be taking votes away from mitt romney. just a little bit. watch it go down to the very
11:51 pm
last second in south carolina. we may have a late night not like we had in iowa. >> bill: james, had you a number of spots starting to run tonight. we played the cindy lawp per dnc true colors spot. already in the internet. newt gingrich pac spot start tonight. we will show it tomorrow on the factor. we want to get research on what they are saying. all the same theme. that mitt romney is gordon gecko from the movie wall street, michael douglas, that is he a greed head. out of touch with the folks. doesn't care. and you have got with the populace gingrich or democratic case obama. is that going to hurt romney? >> probably not in the long run, bill. you do have this weird convergence between those in the republic primaries trying to outflank romney on the right such as newt gingrich and rick perry who are making the same arguments at dnc and about romney's past at bain capital.
11:52 pm
i don't suspect that that particular argument will have much traction. what romney has to fear if anything in south carolina is first the fact as you mentioned earlier that he finished fourth place last time around in 2008. also the fact that 60% of south carolina g.o.p. primary voters identify themselves as evangelical christians. their problem would be not with bain capital. but with romney's various gyrations on the subject of abortion. i will also tell you that i think that the romney campaign is prepared for something less than a compelling victory or even perhaps, i don't think they are prepared for a loss in south carolina. but i think they are already looking ahead to florida. romney people will tell you that they are here for the long haul if necessary and may not be. >> bill: if he wins south carolina, carl, that's it. that's it. i'm sorry. that's all. it's over. fat lady. hello. [ laughter ] >> james is right though, bill. the super pac that backs romney has been on the air in
11:53 pm
florida for more than three and a half weeks. romney himself is putting ads in florida. and now that he is in south carolina -- >> bill: he could preempt everything if he holds the poll numbers. >> look, romney is facing a weird sort of a pencer movement where in he has got the democrats hitting him from the left, obviously. and now he has got newt gingrich and rick santorum and rick perry joining what even ron paul has called the leftist attack on romney's history in what he describes as free enterprise. and then there is the criticism of him from the entire republic field that he is a massachusetts moderate and not sufficiently conservative. >> bill: gentlemen, thanks very much. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight featuring god,3q
11:54 pm
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their claim service is so good, noit's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy. dolr for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. >> first, my publisher announced the 19th printing of killing lincoln. just about 1.4 million copies now in the marketplace. thank you all very much. and if you become bill o'reilly members, you get a free copy. and go to bill o'reilly. bill, stop diminishing santorum's chance to win the g.o.p. nomination. and charles, youngstown, ohio. i don't understand your dislike of ron paul.
11:57 pm
i believe he used too many personal attacks. you and hume, enough romney drooling already. you're both trying to sway voters. i think i can speak for bret, bull feathers. avon, indiana, i don't understand the primary system why should four or five states pick our candidates. if only they were in states, the wealthy people could compete because by going to spaul places first, any candidate can get momentum with a moderate amount of cash and that's why the system has been set up. adrian jones, if romney took poorly managed companies and made them competitive that's the business model america needs. a and. and from thailand, i've noticed so many public candidates criticizing romney and companies, don't they want to close ineffective government agencies? as we say in thailand, same
11:58 pm
same, but different. and mr. o, got a great christmas present when i came home to my island. for the first time ever, the factor was broadcast. excellent! and from connecticut. killing lincoln cost me a good night's sleep, thanks for looking out for me. my pleasure to do that, heidi, thank you how much you learned staying out of the land of nod. mr. o, i read killing lynn done commuting to work. my job is in saudi arabia, a brutal 34 hour commute. and glad i could make it better, and from ohio, recommending the audio killing lincoln and those who have the book your verbal telling bring the stories and battles to life. i appreciate that, and the audio remains number one. and from pittsburgh, luke made a bet with the mayor of denver over steelers-bron close game last weekend. the pittsburgh mayor lost and
11:59 pm
he had to wear a jersey and a prayer ala tebow. and he's a catholic and got the posture down and he's a patriot for honoring his obligation. check out the fox news factor website and taking points memo, two posted today and one there, we broadcast earlier and then we have the one on monday on bill o' and i amaze myself. we hit it right on. so if you didn't see monday's program, go to bill o' and look at the talking points memo and we're on a roll here and telling the truth. and also, we would like you to spout off about the fact tore anywhere in the world and any town, any town, and apply today, could not be negative tri when writing the factor, it's an adjective. don't want to do anything. in a


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