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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 12, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EST

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thank you for joining us. and the spin stops here and we're definitely looking out for you. ♪ >> the nation's first republican primary is now over. day 2012, the year he runs out of time. former alaskan governor sarah palin is here with last night's big one for the romney campaign. how the g.o.p. field rolls on to south carolina for the next election showdown and does any campaign have what it takes to knock team romney out of the top spot? the architect karl rove is here with the answer. he's known for making
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controversial statements. >> i think he needs to get off the symbolic crack pipe. >> sean: tonight i go one-on-one with cornell westment and he says he's going to make a statement and he'll respond live to cornell west. and our countdown to election day continues. hannity starts right here, right now. last night governor romney scored an impressive victory. and the campaign battles on, this time in south carolina, ap the rest of the field try to catch up to the front runner and some are targeting governor romney's business background and the head bain capital and rick abouterry had this to stay last night on the special edition of hannity. >> there's a real difference between venture capitalism and vulture. venture capitalism we like and vulture capitalism.
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no. the fact of the matter, he's going to have to face up to this sometime or another and south carolina is goo-goo good a place as any. >> and blaming president obama's class warfare rhetoric for blurring the lines of this debate. however, the speaker did call into question the government's conservative credentials and here is what he said. >> i believe it is telling somebody trying to debate obama who isn't sure what they believe. isn't sure what the record is and isn't sure how to articulate it. it's just going to be what we've done in the past. you've seen when we nominate moderates, they can't debate. they can't explain it because they're standing there trying to figure out, what is it i believe now? >> and as for governor romney, well, he doesn't seem at all surprised, he's the focus of the field. watch this? >> i believe in free enterprise and freedom and opportunity. and i frankly think members of my own party who may be desperate in their campaigns trying to attack free
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enterprise, are making an enormous mistake for themselves and for the country. we have differences on policy, why, that's valid for us to discuss, but these attacks from the speaker and rick perry, i expect that to come. >> sean: joining me with analysis of last night's results and preview for south carolina, the former governor of the great state of alaska, fox news contributor, sarah palin. welcome back. >> thank you so much, sean. >> sean: before we get into the specifics of what's going on now, is there too much infighting, too much attacking or is it healthy and the end is the vetting of the candidates make them stronger and prepare them for a billion dollar obama barrage? >> they need to vet one another. we're not going to get the media to help vetting on the other side of the ticket, so, we'll vet within our own party and we'll allow that, that prepared candidates to rise to the top. so, it's tough, it's rough and tumble and this is the way
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that you, adhere claims, absolutely, that are being made today. you hear backup and facts, and information supporting the claims, say, for job creation and that's been the talk the last couple of days, claims made in these campaigns and sometimes it gets rough and tumble as you try to hold these candidates accountable for what they're claiming. >> newt has backed off his criticism of bain, but i had governor perry on the program last night. he doubled down, the term vulture capitalist, taking advantage of these companies in their hour of need. you know, just to turn a quick profit, et cetera. what do you think of those attacks in particular? is that where, if you were running a campaign, would that be your line against governor romney? are they making a mistake? are they attacking the fundamentals of conservativism, which is we support capitalism? >> i don't agree with the attacks on free market capitalism at all. i don't believe that that's really what is at the heart of
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governor perry's criticism of romney and his time at bain. this isn't about a politician making huge profits in the private sector, think what governor perry is getting at is that governor romney claimed to have created 100,000 jobs at bain and you know, people are wanting to know, is there proof of that claim? and was it u.s. jobs created for united states citizens? you know, the 100,000 jobs, and i believe that that's what governor perry is getting at is, you know, own up to the claims that are being ma i had and that's fair. that's not negative campaigning, that's fair to get a candidate to be held accountable to what's being claimed, especially when it comes to job creation because so many of us are so concerned about what's going on on main street, as well as wall street. >> sean: well, let me see if i might have some general disagreement, his terms were they were taking advantage, meaning bain capital, of companies going through tough times. he says he compared bain and
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companies like bain, to vultures who leave carcasses behind. now, venture capitalists, we know what they do. they go in and help either new business, they help restructural about business that are going bankrupt or expand and private equity money, people that want to investigate, yes, make a process in helping distressed companies in many of the cases, is that vulture capitalism in your view? >> you know, i will speak for governor perry and what his point was as he used those particular words, but he-- the governor of texas, having been so passionate about creating u.s. jobs there in his state and be successful in allowing the private sector to come in and knowing what government can do to intersent advise these private businesses to hire more americans, he knows what he's talking about when it comes to some of the job creation antics that gosh, we wish that our own president would listen to and then learn from. but i would hope that governor
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perry and the other candidates would shift gears a little bit and start talking about how important it is we embrace free market capitalism and, yeah, fight against the crony capitalism and that's a problem in washington d.c., kind of focus along those lines. because, sean, the difference that we're facing in the two parties, and as we approach a general election, is that clenched fist of barack obama's that's forcing the socialist type policies that kill jobs, we're facing that as opposed to that invisible hand in a free market, adam smith and more recent thomas sole speak of, what america's foundation is and how it grew to be a prosperous, and healthy and voluntarily generous nation based on free market enterprise. >> sean: and i said this to governor perry, there are questions you can ask about governor romney and distinctions from his record
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versus your record. a good record as you point out in texas of job creation here and i guess as, you know, as time goes on, i'm just not sure if this is-- it sounded to me, let me be more-- it sounded like the attacks, if governor romney gets the rom nation, they'd make against him or frankly any republican that got the nomination, did you not hear that at all? >> you know, what i heard was a little bit what's going on today, is some innoculation of the candidate itself. the front runner and what it is that he's going to face when he comes up against barack obama. nobody should be surprised that things about bain capital and maybe tax returns, not being released yet and maybe some, you know, records not being as transparently provided to the public as voters deserve to see right now, don't be surprised that that's all coming out today because it would come out as an october surprise had these g.o.p. candidates not, not
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brought those out today. barack obama and his machine and the billion dollars that he's got behind him, will bring all of this stuff out anyway and let's get it out there and hear the defense of the candidates who are being charged with some of this. it's kind of some of the come to jesus moments for some of the candidates and that's healthy and good. as i say, sean, it's rough and tumble not bean bag as romney and others have called it and you've got to be prepared for this. >> sean: all right. that's governor palin. when we come back we'll ask if romney is the apparent winner and if you'll endorse, and cornell west, he's going to be my guest and sure will be an interesting discussion to say the least and following that interview, former presidential candidate, frequent target of dr. west, herman cain will be live in the studio to respond and the architect, karl rove will have much more on the
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♪ it gave man wings... ♪ ...and took us all to the moon. ♪ great things can come out of sweat, so don't let odor stop you. ♪ gillette odor shield. turns odor into freshness. >> as we continue on hannity and joining us former alaskan governor. you said the first two went rogue in endorsing newt gingrich. at any point do you see yourself getting in and making an endorsement. >> i'm like a lot of g.o.p.
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voters who are looking at contrasts to obama policies and their proposed solutions to the challenges we're facing. i'm still with the majority searching. >> sean: mitt romney, the first nonpresident to win iowa and new hampshire. it's historic. do you think it's inevitable. do you think it's a case where you think that governor romney has it or maybe there's too many people trying to be an alternative to him and then the field has to be winnowed down a little bit? what do you think? >> i think with romney coming off the 39% that he garnered in a liberal leaning state like new ham, shows again the majority has not coalesced round one and i think that conservatives are still looking and investigating what romney stands for and even his work there at bain, what the buyouts were all about and you know, some of his actions at
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bain result in government bailouts of any of those companies and did that benefit romney. conservatives are still looking into those fiscal and social issues that not only romney, but all the other companies espouse and we want to to know who is best prepared to lead this country. >> sean: let me play a cut of michelle obama saying people just don't know, we're confused. remember, president obama said we're lazy, among other things and we cling to our guns and bibles and religion, but this is the latest comment, this one by michelle obama. i want your reaction to this. >> some people say they're disappointed in barack obama's presidency, that it hasn't accomplished all that they thought that it would or all that he said it would, would you. >>, but they don't know, they don't know all that so we're going to. this campaign is going to be making sure that people understand all that's been accomplished. i think that people are confused about what some may be confused about how much have been accomplished. >> sean: are we confused,
12:16 am
governor? you look-- >> oh, lord. oh, lord, what are we just a bunch of numb skulls out here in the heartland of america? just, just a bunch of numbskulls who can't read the unemployment numbers and see that 5 trillion dollars in new debt later under her husband, president obama. it 5 trillion dollars more and we have viewer jobs today than we had before we took over, but, no, we're numb-skulls out here and we don't know what the numbers actually represent. >> sean: we're not that bright. and too, there's a poll out. americans fear obama's reelection. that's a pretty significant amount and a lot of people i'm hearing from twitter, e-mail and people i meet every day. they're fearful of another obama term, and all the damage that was done the first time. do you worry, are you concerned about the republicans coming together? at one point you said well, the republicans better listen to ron paul. i agree with ron paul on economic policy, totally
12:17 am
disagree with him on foreign policy. do you think if you worry, are you concerned that there's too much damage being done here and that ultimately, the conservatives, tea party members, republicans alike, will unite and somebody won't run third party and the divide the anti-obama vote? >> no, historically we know that primaries are tough battles, especially contested aggressive g.o.p. battles and i think that's fine for the process. no, i'm not worried about afterwards, i know i'm going to put my heart and soul into helping uniform independents and reagan democrats and g.o.p. members to come together and do all that we can to replace obama and what he stands for, with a free market, pro strong military, strong national defense candidate who can help lead our country and put it on the right road. you know why people are so concerned, two to one, about a second term for president obama. we understand with now 15, 16
12:18 am
trillion dollars in debt, there's not enough money in the world to pay back what it is that we have borrowed for today's wants and needs and yet we're going to try to hand this bill to our kids and grandkids. that makes us less safe and secure as a nation and when you see the turmoil going around this world and now, more than ever, america needs that strong military, we shouldn't be looking first at cutting military funding. we should be looking at the entitlement programs that need reform and looking at frivolous expenditures in our bureaucracies are still engaged in. look what is going on under obama. we cut military first? and we look at almost becoming an isolationist nation and tactful acting like we're disinterested around the world and that's where i disagree with some of ron paul's foreign policies. no, but i understand why people are concerned and again, that's why i've committed to doing all that i can to support the g.o.p. nominee in a couple of months and i predict that's when
12:19 am
we'll find that person. >> sean: governor palin, thank you for being with us, we appreciate it. next, the architect karl rove is here and herman cain says he's preparing to take an unconventional endorsement for south carolina, and i'll ask what that means and later, several rights activist dr. cornell west is here and you don't want to miss this. he once talked about herman cain smoking the
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>> and so, with the new hampshire primary behind them. candidates have shifted focus to the upcoming primaries in south carolina and florida and former massachusetts governor mitt romney, the decisive winner has good news out of the sunshine state. a brand new poll in that state, head to head general matchup. romney to president obama. 46 to 43% among voters and the g.o.p. candidates stand a chance of stealing the front runner status from team romney? joining me now with reaction, the fox news contributor, the architect, karl rove, how are you. >> fabulous, how are you. >> sean: it's historic, we've never had a republican, margin of victory over 40.
12:24 am
and all education groups, making 30,000 or above, he won republicans by nearly 50%, moderates, conservatives, very conservatives, i mean, is this an indicator of things to come? or do you think that any of the challengers have an opportunity to win south carolina and then create momentum for themselves? >> well, look, this race is completely without rules. you're right. no republican candidate for president has ever taken in an open race for the presidency, iowa and new hampshire, but, you know, no matter what happens, history is going to be broken. because, you know, nobody's-- nobody like ron paul has lost the fuhrs two primaries and gone on to win. nobody's gotten 1% in new hampshire like rick perry and went on to win and no one has gom in fourth or fifth like newt gingrich and rick santorum and gone on to win. no one has avoided iowa like jon huntsman did and goes on to win, one of those six names
12:25 am
is going to be the front runner and nominee. this is a good night for mitt romney, but we have a highly unpredictable and very volatile contest and south carolina and florida are going to loom large in its outcome. there was one set of numbers in new hampshire last night that i think says something about the future. 35% of the voters said their number one issue was who can defeat obama and among them, 63% picked romney. 26% of them, just over a quarter said the right experience was the most important they think to them. romney got about 36%, he didn't do as well among people who said strong moral character was their number one party, or that true conservative, but these two issues, do you have the chops to beat obama and do you have the right experience to be president. he did quite well. >> it seems every candidate has the strength and weaknesses, and do you think the boehner argument. let me play you something that happened at the white house
12:26 am
earlier today at a jobs event. and see if this sounds similar to what governor perry and others have been saying about bain. here is what they said. >> apparently we don't have it. well, basically, they said, i can quote you on it. atlanta mayor said i think if you look at what's going on, what he's done versus what mr. romney did at bain capital, i think the president is going to win that argument. in other words, do you think that the bain argument is the strongest argument? my fellow republicans against, against governor romney? i personally think it almost, they're almost regurgitating the left's argument. i don't think that's the strongest argument if you want to defeat romney. >> most republicans don't recoil from someone being a practicing and openly practicing free market capitalist, i don't think hurts that much in the primary, but creates a narrative for the general election and gives the media and democrats a chance to
12:27 am
stay, oh, he is a going to be the easiest for us to beat because of this and cause some republicans to recoil out of nervousness, but, look, it is what it is. governor perry, congressman gingrich, they both made a decision they're going after him on these grounds. so, if you've got lemons, make lemonade and i think the key test here for governor romney is, is he going to take this issue and try and give us a sense how he's going to fight it in the fall and begin to lay the predicate and diminish the issues. >> sean: we're going to have to face this through the electi election if he's the nominee. and they may be doing a favor and bringing it out now. the president can't run on his record. >> sean: and you've been reports that michelle obama thought it was hell, and you know, living in the white house, made that comment. comments that she made about stereotypes earlier today and you know, some other events going on, being cursed out by
12:28 am
robert gibbs of all people. and he's a pip squeak, who would ever want to be cursed out by him. all of these things that have been happening, it seems like a lot of chaos, daley's out ap rahm emanuel is bragging i was there longer than you. >> not a pretty picture. four chief of staffs in three years. it's a tough job i grant you, ram, ralph, john daley and now jack. and i have a slightly different vision, unappears that michelle obama, like hillary clinton was, interested in the policies in the west wing and tries to have her own people involved in the pro process. robert gibbs first cursed out valerie jarrett and from what i read about that, the tension between rahm emanuel, david axlerod and valerie jarrett was pap pabl. once axlerod left, and
12:29 am
succeeded by david plouffe and gentleman jaert is attacking gibbs, the first lady is upset about how handled a question and turns out she's not tense at all. and that kind of thing drives you nuts. >> sean: and we've got too many for the white board. >> you were mentioning florida. bad news in the president. in that 44% of the voters in florida believe he deserves reelection and 52% don't. he's losing to mitt romney, and ahead 46-43, but there's 52% of the people today don't think he ought to be reelected. that means that once this republican contest is finished, whoever the nominee is, has a chance to grow that lead from being three points to being a, you know, an essentially an eight point lead in florida. if you lose florida by eight points, it signals a significant amount of distress around the country. >> sean: karl rove, thanks for being with us.
12:30 am
>> appreciate it. thanks for having me, sean. >> sean: next several rights activist dr. cornell west tonight. we go head to head on what america needs in order to restore prosperity and also he attacked herman cain, saying he was smoking a symbolic crack pipe. i'll see if he'll apologize and afterwards, former presidential candidate herman cain stel on the trail, targeting dr. west, and he'e'
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>> and how to restore ross prosperity in our broken nation. free making america, that's what they aim to, and that's hosted by liberal tv host tavist smiley, a televised discussion among a quote all-star leaders ap activists and film maker michael moore and civil rights activision
12:35 am
dr. cornell west and he joins me for the first time since 2006 to reveal whether his thoughts on restoring america are in line with the obama administration and include actions like expanding the role the federal government, raising taxes on the so-called rich. so, here with me now is co-host of remay being america and dr. cornell west. you don't come on my show anymore. >> no, brother, you ask and i will come. >> sean: i ask and you don't come. no, you ask and i've got something else to do, that's what happened. what happened. >> sean: good to see you. >> happy new year to you though. >> sean: all right. now on your radio program with tavist, i've known hem for many years and our careers got started together. and harry belafonte says that barack obama does not deserve a second term, he lacks a moral compass. do you agree with him. >> no, no not at all. when you look at republican candidates, i've got to be honest, i see mediocrity, and
12:36 am
mean spiritedness to the poor and too many of them not being for real. one of the reasons that ron paul is doing so well. and he is to are real even though i disagree with him 85% of the time, but no doubt that barack obama is much better than the republicans. my problem is i wish barack obama were even more intense in terms of his commitment to the poor. >> sean: he's given us 5 trillion in debt and got his health care bill through and stimulus through and gave money to his cronies at solyndra and sun power and quote cronies, and you want more spending and more government. >> not at all. >> sean: no? >> my problem in america, ole garths rule and rotating politicians reign. look at big money in new hampshire and south carolina, and here goes money from the-- >> obama had a billion dollars to smear republicans. >> i know, it's big business, and big money across the board. that's what i'm critical of. that's one of the reasons i do
12:37 am
deeply disagree with you, brother, when you spread the falsehood that obama is a socialist. he's not a socialist, he's a neo liberal. and if you want to see a real socialist. >> sean: and splitting hairs and. >> no, it's not splitting hairs now. >> sean: listen, i know your class at princeton is popular. somebody we both know goes there. >> who is that. >> sean: my nephew, i told my you my nephew goes to princeton and couldn't get into the class and graduate this yearment he have' got a bone to pick with you. let me have the words that you used for herman cain and he's on next and i think you owe an apology. >> what do you make of what herman cain said? he did acknowledge that racism exists, but he says, you know, it doesn't matter that much that more of it is about actually working hard and making opportunities happen
12:38 am
for yourself. >> well, one, black people been working hard for decades. i think he needs to get off the symbolic crack pipe and acknowledge if the evidence is overwhelming. >> sean: symbol crack pipe? why can't somebody be african-american and conservative and why are they constantly beaten up, demonized, called uncle toms and sellouts, horrific names that i know in your heart you're not like that. why would you say that about somebody like that? >> herman cain is a member of the antioch baptist church, i come out of a baptist church and we're fellow christians. by symbolic crack pipe, he's living in never neverland and when it manies could to the way our brown sisters and brothers are treated with immigration policy. when it comes to the glass ceiling still at work even though we have a black president, racism is still real. when he says the reason you're not rich you've got to blame
12:39 am
yourself, i know this is not just conservativism, but it's a vulgar version. i believe a sophisticated version of conservativism even though i disagree. that's not a sophisticated version, my brother. >> sean: wait a minute. go ahead. >> no, you believe that racism is stel very much in america. >> sean: of course, absolutely. >> hang on a second. >> sean: but herman cain, herman cain, look at the word, he was called a bad apple, crying to curry white favor. the tea party, the base likes him because he's a black man who knows his place, you're talking about the proverbial or symbolic crack pipe. all i said was out of touch with reality. >> sean: you know me racism is repugnant. we're brothers in christ. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> sean: the point is why would you use such language because you disagree with him? and why are conservatives that are african-american beaten up, called names, with
12:40 am
impunity, it would never-- if you're liberal and african-american it's fine. if you're conservative, you can't have your own thought process without being called these names. don't you find that repugnant? i bet deep down inside you do. >> i only reacted to him saying that racism was not still operating in society to the degree to which it's holding people back. if he's saying something agree with, there's a host of conservatives who are black, white, and red and what have you. dr. robe george is my dear brother. deeply conservative. you know, we touch together at princeton. >> sean:s' right and you're wrong on a lot of issues, i agree. >> i'm right and he's wrong on a lot of issues, we still go at it. i could even say you or him at times, out of touch with reality on the symbolic crack pine. >> sean: now you're saying i'm on the-- he's coming up next, let me ask you a question. he's coming up next, but wait a minute, here is a guy who grew up. his dad worked three jobs, his
12:41 am
mother a maid and his father drove a car and his father was also a janitor. he worked hard, he worked at coca-cola and he worked at godfather's pizza and he worked at pillsbury and all of these big companies and worked his way up to be contender of the president of the united states of america. doesn't he kesh more respect than those names i read off to you that he was called? >> i just think the words that he used. do you-- forget about that, but don't call him names. >> no, but the thing is, when it's mean spirited. when you say the reason why you are poor is because you must blame yourself, blanket statement. and those so cold a hearted people respond with righteous indignati indignation. and pushed out who create snood . >> sean: this is interesting to me, you said there are two jesuses and two martin luther
12:42 am
kings. i would agree and disagree with you. you know i studied theology. >> absolutely. >> sean: and i would argue there was a jesus that said go and sin no more and take responsibility for your god. >> and jesus had a fundamental tilt toward poor people and decency of poor people, poor people being precious like anybody else, but his tilt was toward the poor. >> sean: no, no, his tilt was toward bringing, reconciling man to god and that meant everybody. and tilt was to go et humanity and what they believed was evil ways and they could recognize them. >> you know, and he know he winter through the temple. he ran the money changes, the mark marketeeres and democrats can be as well. democrats can be as well. >> sean: all right. >> it's plutocracy that needs to be criticized.
12:43 am
>> anybody that moves the rich and humanity and-- >> i know what we need to do. i think we ought to teach a class at princeton together. i'm on my way to seminary right now. >> sean: wherever you go, i'll be there because deep down even though i disagree with you, i still like you. i don't know why. are you coming back on the program, did you have a good time. >> and we'll go back and forth because when you're roughlying with the blood at the cross a and-- a deep possibility, my brother? are you coming back on the program within five years. >> i'll come back and try to make any schedule rell it i have to come and the reason i don't come i'm on the run, on the run. >> sean: last question, mrs. obama, a headline from "the washington post," mrs. obama resists pushy label and she's wary of angry black woman stereo type. is that a stereo type that says that? >> i think there are citizens
12:44 am
out there that wrongly perceived his brilliance, courage, charisma and she somehow has a righteous indignation from the temple. but black people in general looking for the truth and-- >> she also said living in the white house was hell, and the first too i am in her adult life she was proud of her country. >> i think living in any house can be hell for a moment. and heaven times. she's honest. >> sean: you and i are rooming together. i think it would be hell because neither one of us would shut up. god bless you, good to see you. >> god bless you, and-- >> may the lord be with you. >> god bless you. >> sean: when we come back, former presidential candidate herman cain will respond to what you just heard from dr. west and plans to make him, quote unconventional endorsement next week in south carolina. [ engine revving ]
12:45 am
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>> now before the break, i asked dr. cornell west about some of the comments he's made about herman cain. and to react to that interview, herman cain. how are you. >> happy to be here. >> sean: you look rested. >> i am rested. >> sean: and first of all, this, this unconventional announcement, i don't like surprises. i don't i can lilike-- i want you to break it tonight and i want you to react to cornell west. >> let's react to cornell west. professor west is stuck in the 1950's and 60's and stuck on labels and he cannot present a coherent, logical argument. when you were talking with him he was all over the place. this is the typical rhetoric that people like professor west use to divide and intimidate people just because they happen to be conservative. >> if you're african-american and conservative. >> if you're african-american and conservative they use this kind of rhetoric to divide and
12:50 am
intimidate. i've seen it and that's the mow dass operandiment . do you think that if they keep it quiet if they're conservative? >> i go to the church and shiloh baptist church, i can to antioch baptist church north a member since i was a kid, where i was baptize. it's over 13,000 members. he'd go to church and been a conservative radio talk show host three years, and been on your show and so the people at the church, mostly black, they know what my opinions are and come up to me and say i listen to your show. great. i agree with some of what you say. wonderful. why are you whispering? because they don't want to have to go through the-- >> don't want to have to deal with it. >> they don't want to have to deal with intimidation. when i step out as a presidential candidate or radio talk show host or show up on your show, it's kind of like, ooh, he got off the plantation and we got it try
12:51 am
to bring him back. and how about you and cornell west come here and debate one day. >> if debate-- if there are some rules for the debate. the problem with debating professor west he's all over the place. >> i'll tell you the rules, figure out a way, equal time. >> that will be great and gef him minutes and let him spew his vitriolic stuff and i have my minutes and set it up like that, but trying to have a dialog with. >> sean: focus hims. he's a professor. >> i know he is, and that's part of his problem. a aen i'm a businessman. >> sean: and i knew every professor, a surprise party and when i turned 50 i knew about it the day she started planning it. i don't like surprises. and you'll tell me about an endorsement, i don't want any
12:52 am
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>> we continue with our good friend, herman cain. all right, so what is the unconventional announcement that you're going it break news here on hannity. >> on january 19th at the leadership conference in charleston i want to put my unconventional endorsement in a bigger contest and it's not as simple as picking a person and saying i like them because sean, my mission, even though many' not a candidate, is still to defeat barack obama. and get the nominee elected. if i were to endorse an individual in a conventional way, i could disappoint some of my supporters and i don't want to do that. look what happened in new hampshire i found out about this morning. there are 24,000 people, republicans, didn't vote versus 2008. we are already losing some enthusiasm and that's not good for the republican party. and, but what i want to do is to be a voice to help keep people inspired and if i do a
12:57 am
conventional endorsement i think it will hurt. >> sean: but it's an endorsement. it's not-- you're going to endorse, it's got to be a person. >> it's an unconventional endorsement, what i drive home. >> sean: are you endorsing a team? are you endorsing somebody outside-- >> sean, you're going to go, wow, i never thought of that, but i don't want -- i want to do it in a bigger context and this is why i don't want to go out there. >> sean: are you endorsing an idea or ideas? >> you are getting warmer. [laughter] e. >> greta: . >> but are' -- are' not-- >> i'm not going to get it. >> my focus is to try to help the republican party defeat barack obama. and the big message that we're going to have to wrestle with when we have a presumptive nominee, getting the republicans and conservatives
12:58 am
to start supporting the initial candidates, that's my focus. >> sean: you will support whoever wins. >> i'll support whoever gets the nomination, yes, absolutely. >> sean: what do you think of the current state, mitt romney has won iowa and new hampshire and good numbers in south carolina and florida, but you see the intensity, the attacks are growing. >> right. >> sean: what do you think of the comments we had governor perry, for example, on last night and you know, capitalism and-- >> i'm disappointed with that and taken the whole bain capital thing and made it a point. people sitting around their kitchen tables don't care about bain capital, companies that he maybe took apart and put back together and trying to nail him for eliminating jobs. sean, when i went to godfather's pizza we had to make the company smaller before we made it bigger. you had to save the company before you could grow the company. >> sean: that's what venture
12:59 am
capital does. >> and i think it's not doing any good-- a lot of people think it's smart for newt to pull back and you don't think it's smart for perry to double down? >> no, i don't think it's smart to double down. >> sean: do you see anybody challenging mitt romney for thenononononomination? is it going to be-- it's obviously now going to be difficult. >> very difficult. >> sean: so, and do you think there are arguments that could be made to challenge him effectively? >> i believe that newt still has a shot going into south carolina. i really do. and you know his biggest disadvantage is money. mitt has the money advantage and the newt super pac, 20 million bucks, a lot of money. >> you see, that's good. >> sean: that's not his money. >> that's right, he can't control it so what i'm saying is, i still think that newt has a shot at challenging romney. i don't think that realistically ron paul does because his base is sort of static and just stays there. >> sean: you don't think it will appeal beyond? >> no, an


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