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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 12, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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"fox & friends" starts right now. >> welcome aboard, friends, and look who is with us today. gretchen and brian are off. we have ali and eric. i'm in for gretchen today and you'll be in for brian. >> that's fine. that's fine. great to see you. we have a huge guest list. >> big. >> this morning. senator jim demint will join us. candidate newt gingrich. former candidate rudy giuliani. former candidate senator john mcca mccain, and former candidate mike huckabee have a lot of insight into this presidential race. >> most of them have either run for president or are running for president. the exception is jim demint and he's a big tea party guy and he's running from the president. >> yeah, you're probably right. listen, ali, you were talking a little bit about the weather. it's lousy here in new york city but nothing compared to what we've seen across the country.
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>> let's get to your headlines and talk about what we're looking at this morning. a rare and powerful tornado ripped through the western part of north carolina. you can see in this brand new video here, dozens of homes and buildings were completely destroyed. at least three people were air lifted to hospitals. others are reportedly still trapped in their homes at this hour. emergency crews are heading out in just a little while to get a better look at the damage in the light of day. we'll bring you more video. and a judge will decide today whether to sign a court order finally declaring natalee holloway dead after she vanished more than six years ago. holloway's father requesting the declaration of death so she can use natalie's college fund to pay her brother's tuition and stop paying for insurance. it's a day after joran van der sloot, the prime suspect in natalie's disappearance copped a plea to murdering a woman in peru. he faces 30 years behind bars at his sentencing tomorrow but he's expected to get less.
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a u.s. aircraft carrier is in the arabian sea and the pentagon says another group of ships is its on way. there's no connection between the fleet movement and threats from iran but the arrival of the uss carl vincent comes on the heels of iranian military exercises in the persian gulf and threatens to block the -- threats to block the straight--f strait of hermuth. katy perry and harry potter dominating the 38th annual people choice awards last night. another highlight of the show, faith hill performing her new single "come home." >> ♪ come home come home ♪ ♪ cuz i've been waiting for you so long so long ♪ >> pretty. katy perry picked up the most wins, five including favorite song of the year for "e.t." >> i don't think she was there. >> she wasn't. harry potter and the deathly hallows part two followed behind
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with four wins. katy perry wasn't there. she's obviously still smarting from her breakup with russell brand. >> who wouldn't be? >> exactly. i understand. >> yeah, yeah. >> what? you're crazy about russell brand? >> i kind of am. i am. i hate to admit it in public. when i met him in person, he has a magnetism. he's irresistable. i'm sorry. >> when you run for president, we'll make sure we destroy that moment. >> and the moment where i was interviewing him on this couch and he kissed me also. destroy that. destroy that! >> lay a lip on her and suddenly she's your biggest fan. >> kind of. kind of does work that way. anything else to talk about today or shld i go on? >> let's talk politics and let's talk a little bit about endorsements. that guy right there, mitt romney has certainly gotten a bunch of them and interestingly enough, when it comes to foreign affairs, nobody on the conservative side really has credentials quite like john bolton, the former united states ambassador to the united nations. guess who he endorsed last night
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right here on this program on this channel. roll tape. >> i'm going to support mitt romney. i've thought about this very hard. this is an extraordinarily important decision for the republican party. i believe it is absolutely critical to defeat barack obama in november. i think our country would be in dire straits domestically and internationally if he gets another four years and i think governor romney is the person who can best lead the party, best articulate our conservative principles and is most likely to beat barack obama. >> you know -- >> you know what's interesting about that, it was just a couple of weeks ago where newt gingrich came out and said, you know what? if i'm president, i'd like to have john bolton as my secretary of state. >> bumped into bolton in the hallway. what about that? you know what? that's a great, that's a pat on the back. i like newt gingrich quite a bit. a little surprising last night. romney is getting interesting
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support from different places. >> john bolton, he was clear he doesn't think that romney is necessarily the most conservative candidate out there but he thinks that it's a two pronged approach that he took. he's the most conservative who can win. that's why he decided to choose mitt romney. meanwhile, let's talk about south carolina. >> by the way, in his opinion. >> yeah. that's -- >> maybe not necessarily all of our opinions, he's the most conservative choice. >> that's what his thought process was. so let's talk about karl rove's thought process now in south carolina. and obviously, all eyes are turning there. and he says, karl rove points out this is the last chance. south carolina could be the end of the road for so many of romney's competitors. >> right, this is a map that shows you where all the candidates. look for your candidate and look for the background color behind their head and then follow the map and it shows you, as you can see, it looks like rick perry fanning out all over the place and rick santorum as well. karl rove has new op ed in the "wall street journal" today and what he says is that mitt romney
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better come up with a pretty good defense of his days at bain capital because newt has been very, you know, he's really gone after him and, you know, newt is doing what the democrats would do if mitt romney were the general election nominee for the republican party so essentially, newt is inoculating him but at the same time, romney needs a better excuse. rather, a better explanation, right? >> explanation. i don't think he needs a better explanation. i think he did what he did and that was capitalism and it was high finance and it was legal and there was nothing wrong with what he did. what he's doing now is instead of -- instead of turning it around, he should be saying look, i did. i went in and i took -- the companies that maybe would have failed and lost all their employees, put them together, infused some capital. make sure they're on the backside of it were survivable and saved jobs. but -- >> doesn't he have to explain why he overleveraged them? >> you know what else -- >> that they didn't do that. if they didn't do that, maybe of
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the 77 that "the wall street journal" looked at, maybe 50 or 60 of them would have failed. >> maybe they wouldn't have. >> here's the point, if he says instead of this, i'm going to go to washington, d.c. i'm going to cut the fat. i'm going to cut 20% of the employees. i'm going to cut 15% of the spending that goes on that's wasteful. i'll be a vulture or venture capitalist in d.c. he turns the whole thing around in newt and perry and whoever else is taking shots at him will say whoops, maybe we shouldn't have done that. i think they're starting to rethink those shots at romney already. >> right. >> look forward instead of look back. >> by the time the general election rolls around, you know, if this is going to be one of the arguments against mr. romney by barack obama, it's going to seem stale. it's going to be like well, didn't we already -- isn't that plot of ground, haven't we gone over that? if we look at the latest rasmussen poll out of south carolina and keep in mind, there are tv ads up already down there, attacking mr. romney. it really hasn't -- you can see newt gingrich is at 18% right
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now. meanwhile, romney and santorum are pretty much, according to the margin of error tied for the lead. >> and you say that there are tv ads already down there. there's a lot of tv ads. there's six million worth that have already been bought down there. they say you win south carolina with the air war, not the ground war. that's already happening. let's talk about the tea party because obviously, they have expressed some skepticism of romney's conservative credentials but they did turn out for him. many in new hampshire. and now, it seems like a big endorsement is happening today because jim demint who, of course, is the spiritual leader of the tea party in many ways is going to endorse mitt romney. that will carry a lot of weight, they think. >> in south carolina, the woman who is the governor, niki haley who has endorsed him as well and did that, actually did that on this program. >> and did it very early. if you dig deeper, let's -- but niki haley, very quickly, niki haley won the governorship on the heels of the tea party.
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she got a lot of help from sarah palin, the tea party backed her and she got the south carolina governorship. since then, in the year that's passed, the tea party says we're not sure about mitt romney, if these conservative enough. they've looked at the very far more conservative, the rick perrys and newt gingrich at some point. mitt romney helped campaign for her during her gubernatorial race. this is kind of -- hey, niki haley is saying i did it for you. we understand why niki haley went with mitt romney, jim demint who represents, like you said, he represents the tea party. he jumping on the romney bandwagon is going to put a lot of conservatives who are out there searching for anybody but romney back into romney because he's electable. >> sure and demint's advisors are endorsing romney but mr. demint himself who endorsed mitt romney four years ago has not officially thrown his support behind the guy from massachusetts. >> he'll be on our show. we'll ask him about all that. >> this is a big show, isn't
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it? important people are here! >> we need more than three hours. >> we had it yesterday. >> we told you about this story, about this outfit called kid pan alley. they go into public schools and help kids put on musical performances. >> sounds grated. >> it does sound great. they went into a virginia public school and they helped third graders and the song that they came up with for them was about the occupy wall street movement and they created some of these lyrics such as for the song part of the 99, i used to be one of the 1%, i worked all the tie. never saw my family. couldn't make life rhyme. then the bubble burst. it really, really hurt. i lost my money, lost my pride. lost my home. now i'm part of the 99. >> here's the thing about this. according to a member of the school board and also members of the faculty and kid pan alley, third graders wrote that particular song and clearly, you know, we said on this program, come on, who are they fooling? no third graders wrote that. as it turnlz out -- turns out
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now the guy behind kid pan alley has issued responsibilia statem. he took full responsibility. they helped them with those words. >> why did they do that? what's the point of writing lyrics like that, we lost our house and family and we're part of the 99. >> we had a guest on last night that said it's indoctrination. >> of course it's indoctrination, it's the class warfare fight that president obama started, that the 99 picked up and it's spreading into the schools. can you imagine your kids are getting this on a daily basis in the schools? >> imagine, eric, if a kid came home and said look at this song that we wrote in class. it's about the tea party. >> all right, well. >> it would hit the fan. >> and it did. i mean, it did. as we said, the owner of the kid pan alley has issued an apalling and said it wasn't appropriate to introduce those lyrics. >> we're getting you up to date
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on what's going on this very busy thursday. coming up, they were so busy with their job fighting corporate greed, they forgot their job as parents. a baby abandoned at occupy wall street. good job, folks. >> and billionaire investor warren buffet insists the rich should pay more taxes and now it looks like he's ready to put his money where his mouth is. big money and big mouth, by the way. there's a catch! stuart varney explains next. follow the wings.
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>> the rich are paying more in taxes. that's what billionaire warren buffet has said. >> yep. that has prompted congressional republicans to call for the berkshire hathaway ceo to put his money where his mouth is and write a check. now the oracle of omaha will do exactly that but there's a catch. what's the catch? stuart varney, a great catch joins us live today. >> warren buffet says hey, you republicans, if you donate $1 to reduce the deficit, i'll match it with a dollar of my own money. and if it's $1 before mitch mcconnell leading the republicans in the senate, i'll match with $3 of my own money. that's what's going on. pure political gimmickry. that's what it is. >> is he talking about republicans in the congress or any republican across the country? >> no, republicans in the congress. this is a kind of tit for tat thing. >> nobody has money like he's got. >> that's true. warren buffet comes out in an op ed in "the new york times" and
6:17 am
says they're rich. they should pay more in taxes so the republicans say you're rich. pay more, write a check. >> one other question before eric get in. i know he was chomping at the bit. if warren buffet were to go ahead and put that money towards the deficit, would it be a tax writeoff for him? >> i think it would be a voluntary contribution. therefore, not tax deductible but i'm not absolutely sure. >> line item on your tax return, you can actually add to -- offer money to reduce the deficit. stuart, mr. buffet is very -- he's out there saying i want to reduce the deficit and i'll pay more in personal taxes. when you go after berkshire hathaway, though, he doesn't want to pay more in corporate taxes, though. >> he does not. what he wants, he said this many, many times. he wants the rich people to pay more in income taxes. the rich. the wealthy are not taxed on their wealth. and him specifically, him specifically, where does he make his money? >> he makes his money -- he grows his wealth by growing his
6:18 am
company, berkshire hathaway and growing the companies within berkshire hathaway. for example, in the year 2010, he made $11 billion growing his wealth. not taxed at all, period. no tax on it whatsoever. is he going to start suggest let's start taxing wealth? no, certainly not. there's an element of hypocrisy more. all you who strive for income, we'll pay more in taxes. us with the real wealth, we'll stay where we are. >> he grows his money and so he's got the capital gains vs. income tax which is what all of us have. >> precisely. by the way, mitch mcconnell's chief of staff shot back and said ok, how about you make that offer to the democrats and approach obama? you donate $1 to debt reduction and warren buffet will match it. we haven't heard from him since. >> we'll hear from him again at exactly 3 hours from 90 seconds right now as he kicks off things at 9:20 eastern on fox business.
6:19 am
thank you, stuart. >> the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks going on trial sooner than you think. and our next guest has an inside perspective. how will it all go down? >> if you thought iran hated everything about the united states, hold it right there. turns out there's one american they can't get enough of. here's a hint. he doesn't have too many friends here. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style.
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>> got some quick headlines for you on this thursday morning. ford recalling nearly 490,000
6:23 am
suv's and minivans over concerns that defects may cause fires or loss of power. that doesn't sound good. it affects 2001 and 2002 escape models as well as 2004 and 2005 free star minivans as well and even though florida's presidential primary isn't until january 31st, absentee voting already under way. mitt romney and ron paul are already getting a jump on the other candidates by aggressively reaching out to voters who have requested absentee ballots. it's early voting. >> thank you so much, steve. pretrials for 9/11 mastermind khali shaikh mohammed are expected to start as early as this march and one author is already drawing comparisons between that and the nazi trials in 1945. william shockroth explains that in his new book "just and the enemy, the trial of khali shaikh mohammed." he joins me now. his father, by the way, was the
6:24 am
chief british prosecutor in the trials. what do you think are the similarities to that and what we'll see with ksm? >> the biggest similarity is these are evil man put in the dark for unbelievable crimes. nazi war machine was on trial there and the key people who still survive and who are arrested quite properly by the united states are on trial for the crimes of 9/11 and many other crimes, of course, al-qaida continues with the big crimes. >> what do we learn from the trial that instructs what happens with ksm now? >> the biggest difference and this is an important one to stress that if any of the nazis in the dock at nuermberg were hp transported to guantanamo, they would be astonished by the privileges the united states give them. those people on trial will have all the safeguards of american justice and if they're found
6:25 am
guilty, they can appeal all the way to the supreme court. as they could if they were in a federal court in manhattan. >> there was so much outcry of the possibility that ksm was going to be tried in manhattan in a court. what do we know going forward about this trial and particularly about the new prosecutor? >> the new prosecutor is a very splendid plan called general mark martins and he's a military lawyer and he's most recently been an infantryman and most recently been in afghanistan establishing rule of law in the countryside in afghanistan and he's now taken over the role of chief american prosecutor and he's somebody we will hear a lot about. and the chief american prosecutor in nuremberg was a marvelous man and his direct successor is mark martins who spoke recently in new york this week and i went to his lecture and he emphasized that the fairness of the trial is absolute. and no information that's been uncovered by water boarding or other -- other aggressive
6:26 am
interrogation will be allowed. and every -- they have all the rights in these military courts that they would have in a federal court. it's just that the military courts give a bit more protection to the armed forces and for example, a soldier arresting someone like ksm does not have to read him his miranda rights in the military court that seems to me entirely appropriate. >> so this is a real trial. this is not a show trial. >> no, this is an absolutely real trial and i think americans can be proud of the system of -- parallel system of justice in military courts. it's not replacing federal courts. federal courts will carry on trying terror suspects but the military courts will be there for some cases and i'm quite confident that they will do it well and what is interesting is that obama having attacked president bush all through the campaign and said i will never have military courts, i won't close guantanamo. now has military courts in guantanamo. >> he came to see the logic of doing that. william shockroth, thanks so much for coming in. the book is "justice and the enemy."
6:27 am
great to talk to you. >> thank you. next on the rundown, thousands of good paying jobs up for grabs and these are just for veterans. and the folks hiring are here to tell you exactly what they're looking for. we're going to find you a job today. then forget air guitar. oh, boy. clayton morris has the scoop on t-shirt drums. it's more than just a toy, he claims, he's live at the consumer electronics show in vegas. look at how cool he looks there. wow! ladies, be still your heart. but first happy birthday to "glee" star maya rivera who turns 25 today. ♪ [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft,
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6:32 am
tearful plea from the mother of a missing california teenager. listen. >> we need all of your help to find my daughter. we miss her terribly. we just want her to come home! we just want to hear she's ok. >> well, the f.b.i. is now involved in the search for 17-year-old christine gillenick, she vanished last week and her parents last saw her before they went to bed. when they woke up, she was gone. she may be with a middle-aged man she met on line. she released his sketch yesterday. call your local authorities if you have any information. and a disturbing find at the occupy d.c. campsite. we're talking about a baby girl abandoned inside one of the tents. >> what? >> a 13-month-old girl was wearing nothing but a onesie and mittens despite the near freezing temperatures. she was reportedly crying at the top of her lungs when a woman finally found her and told police. the baby's father returned a half-hour later and was arrested on the spot.
6:33 am
not clear if he was an occupy protester or a homeless person living in one of the tents. seriously close calls for d.c. metro bus passengers caught on camera. one of the most disturbing was a bus clipping a man in a crosswalk. >> yikes! somehow, that man walked away. another video shows a bus rear ending an s.u.v., hitting it so hard, it ended up hitting another school bus. >> oh, my goodness. >> all these clips have been obtained by a d.c. radio station. officials from d.c. metro say that the operators in all of the videos have already faced disciplinary action when warranted. yikes! >> why does the radio station need video? >> probably because they're doing a prank of some kind. we'll find out that answer. here's a question, who do you think is the most popular filmmaker in iran? we'll give you a hint. he's the same guy who accused the bush administration of somehow knowing about 9/11.
6:34 am
that's right. none other than michael moore. even an iranian filmmaker says he's the most popular director in iran. they know his shows because they're played on the national television all the time. this is a country known for censoring almost all western influences. >> i hope he's making some money there, then. >> yeah, he's the 99%, right. it's another nerd alert. the teleprompter says. did you type that? >> clayton morris is like a kid in a candy shop at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. good morning to you. >> hi. good morning, guys. i was getting all my gadgets ready and i heard nerd alert and i woke up and i was ready for you guys. i'm out here at the consumer electronics show. you like photos? you like photos of your kids. you have lots of kids, you want to take and print out your photos and don't want to send it off to the store anymore. everyone has a smart phone these days. what if you could print off
6:35 am
things from your iphone. you go into this free app you down load from the store and you pick your photo that you want and you can get little wallet sized ones. do people carry wallets anymore? you can pick and choose what sizes that you want and you hit print, that's it. and it pops out the front. that will go through a little process here. we'll come back and show you this -- you can pour water on it instantly and it won't run and look all nasty so this is like sort of the finished product of the photo cube from viewpoint solutions, guys. pretty cool stuff. >> looking for a phone that i can pour water on. now, tell us about this next interesting emergency radio gadget. >> yeah, you guys know a few weeks ago, we talked about at the tend of 2011 i think rick reichmuth compiled that big chart and graph about how many natural disasters we had in the united states, millions of people without power and it was a record breaking year. i was one of them, no power for three days. they have come one the hand crankable radio, you charge -- you just spin it for one minute, crank it up and it gives you 15
6:36 am
minutes of radio play. you can actually charge your cell phone like in an emergency, if you don't have power for like three or four days, now, you only get like an emergency call but you flip open the back of this. it has a back compartment, you plug in your iphone, plug in your smartphone, it will give you a few minutes of talk time plus on the side it has an l.e.d. flashlight. you press that after you've been cranking for a few minutes and it gives you alerts and weather band alerts built into it so you don't need power to do it. >> you actually, clayton, can do a little exercise. while you're sitting there in the dark, you're in good shape. >> now, you've -- >> that's the only exercise i've got. >> you look cool. explain how this is working. >> this has been a long process. it has taken 35 years to look cool. this is the guitar apprentice from ion. there's an ipad inside the guitar that teaches you how to play guitar. it shows you the actual -- >> that's an expensive guitar. >> accessory will be out a little bit later, it's $99.
6:37 am
you can strum and learn by down loading the app how to play the guitar right here. follow along with the tutorial. >> why not just get a real guitar? hello? >> that's the cool thing. silly for the record. >> look. >> follow along. >> you can even have a real guitar and look cool or have a guitar hooked up to an ipad. >> oh, yeah. >> that's the clayton version of the garage band. >> when you play guitar like this, it looks like you're passing a stone. a little discomfort. but here, let me take you back to the -- and i'll polish it off with this. here's a little photo that popped out of this thing and look at how beautiful that is actually looks. >> that's incredible. >> finally, guys, i have a dog. guys, i have a dog here i want to show you. >> yes. >> here's the pet tracker from tag. never lose your dog again, steve. >> i love that. >> put it on top of the dog. if it gets outside of your yard, it will send a text alert to your smartphone and say rover left the backyard, down the street, go find him.
6:38 am
right on the neck of the dog and it's safe. >> i'm waiting for one for kids. >> irng -- i think i got something like that. does it have a gps that tells where the dog is? >> exactly. it pinpoints the location and lets you know when it happens. >> we'll check back in with you. that was cool stuff despite you performing it for us. thank you. >> very nice. all right, clayton, thank you very much. over to eric. >> all right. now this is something very, very cool for real for the brave men and women protecting our freedom overseas, there's another fight when they get home. finding a job. fortunately, some companies are looking to hire our veterans and those jobs are just a click away. kevin o'brien is the creator of, on-line job fair for veterans and shary is the president of diversity at sears holdings and john is the national recruiting director for progressive. let's start with you -- let's start with you, john.
6:39 am
tell us exactly about the web site first. >> absolutely. so it is a fantastic way for us to have a virtual presence which is different than other career fairs and folks can very easily get out, find information in companies like progressive and find the type of jobs we're listing and do it from the comfort of their own homes. >> what do do veterans do? i'm going to be returning in three months. let me go to the web site. what do they do? >> whenever they have an interest, if it's something where they're looking even a year in advance, they can absolutely come out. see what types of jobs are available. learn more about companies and it's like a regular career fair. you can come out and browse, talk to recruiters, representatives of companies and learn more about the companies on the site as well. >> all right. we're showing a picture of the site right now. let me go to sherri, this wouldn't work if it weren't companies like sears and progressive who are willing to
6:40 am
hire these returning veterans. tell us why did you decide to get involved? >> absolutely. it has just been a pleasure to work with the military. since 1916, we've been hiring veterans. for us, it's largely about the type of tangible skills that they bring. really, really great for our business whether it's supply chain, inventory management, logistics. you know what? the intangibles, the leadership qualities and the ability to solve problems, for us it's been a great business decision for many, many years. so we're thrilled to be a part of it. but also, i think, sears holding has been a partner on this for a long time in that as soldiers transition out, unemployment is not an option, right, we're here. we have great jobs at 4,000 locations so it's really, really important. >> and then tell us what kind of jobs, here we go. we have a full screen up here. 4,000 to 5,000 professional salaried roles. 3500 opportunities in stores. 1500 corporate. what kind of numbers are they looking at? what kind of salaries are we looking at? >> yeah, well, you know what? let me talk a little bit about last year. we had about 1800 folks and
6:41 am
that's 600 from the prior year so our efforts have really yielded us a great deal of impact positively for our veterans. this year, the jobs range anywhere from entry level and you'll notice there's a lot of hourly. we do about 150,000 hourly hires a year. the 5,000 plus salaried. you know, the salaries range, you know, commensurate with experience. i'd say if you go on to milicruit and look at our on-line career booth, today would have a presence there where we can talk specifically about jobs for folks. >> let me bring kevin in, i'm sorry. kevin, go ahead. please weigh in on this. >> absolutely. so what we basically have done is we've brought the career fair to the veteran, the military spouse and the employer. especially employers like progressive and sears that have needs all over the country. the veterans can actually log on from the comfort and convenience of their home or wherever they may be and meet with these recruiters in real time. they just simply build a profile when they log on, upload a resume, visit the employer booths and they're off. they're meeting with these actual recruiting managers.
6:42 am
and they can get there at any time they want. we do regional and national career fairs throughout the year but they can go any day and meet with employers and log on at all times. >> this is a great service. this is fantastic, guys, log on even if you're an employer or a veteran, this is a place to go. thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> so you think all the pictures you post on line, you think they're private? think again. up next, how your privacy is flipping away and at an alarming rate. then the one thing that could stand in the way of mitt romney snagging the nomination after south carolina, a former pollster for president carter explains. we'll be right back. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep
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6:45 am
>> more than 800 million people are now on facebook.
6:46 am
all of them friends with eric bolling which means all of the users combined would actually form the third largest country in the world. but as our on-line profiles grow, so is our lack of privacy, obviously and protection. >> joining us us now to discuss this is lawyer and author of the book "i know who you are and i saw what you did" lori andrews. thanks for joining us. this is becoming a really, really, really big issue. let's start with images. i post something on facebook and i think only my friends and people i've contacted with can see them. that's not exactly right, is it? >> no, and in fact, 35% of employers say that they reject applicants if there's a photo of them with a drink in their hand even though it's perfectly legal to drink. in addition, it may come back to harm you in a personal injury case. one woman was harmed. she has four surgeries as a result of her injuries but the judge said there was a smiling photo of her on facebook so she
6:47 am
couldn't really be that hurt. >> wow. and you say, in fact, that women are suffering more discrimination based on their on-line profile than men are. why? how so? >> absolutely. it turns out that employers also turn you down if you're wearing provocative clothing on your social network page. well, you know, men in a sweater vest or suit aren't thought of as provocative but women wear provocative dress and women have lost custody of their children based on having a sexy post on their my space page. >> let's talk about, ok, so you post something that's provocative and it goes out there and employees -- employers say we don't want her. that's perfectly logical and ok. when you think your photos are private or your notes or tweets or whatever private, yet it goes into some -- i don't know, it somehow hits the blogosphere, that seems like a violation of my rights. >> absolutely.
6:48 am
and it turns out there are data aggregates that put cookies on your computer, not only take the photos but look at every google search you do and look at particular web sites. when consumers have sued and say that violates my privacy, the federal courts have said we are willing to allow these things as long as one party gives consent so if you're on a web site like, as long as has said ok and put 233 cookies on your computer, it doesn't matter that the personal information that's being taken is, in fact, your information. one judge even said that your e-mails should be thought of as postcards and should be perfectly free for any data aggregator to take and use. >> oh, my gosh! your suggestion, you have a solution for some of these problems and you call it the social network bill of rights. you have 10 things. we don't have time to go through all of them. we'll put some up on the screen here. the right to connect. the right to free speech and freedom of expression. it seems like those rights
6:49 am
already exist but the right to privacy of placing information. how would this work in your mind? >> well, for example, we'd have something like a law that they have in finland which says that your potential employer can't do a google search of you. i wouldn't let employers, insurers, schools expel people, fire people based on what they've put on a social network page. i actually think social networks are great. they allow us to connect if you're a band, you can get an audience you wouldn't otherwise have and they allow us to develop but an important part of this country has been the ability to change yourself. you know, we have bankruptcy laws that allow you to start a new. and so i don't think that when you're 30, something you posted when you were 12 which is still available on sites like the way back machine should be used against you. and so i think if a 24-year-old schoolteacher in georgia, she went to ireland on her summer vacation. she posted 700 photos. one of them was her with a beer in her hand at the guiness factory, she lost her job as a
6:50 am
result. that shouldn't happen. >> oh, my gosh. wow. thanks so much for all of that reminder to us. that's important and your book is "i know who you are and i saw what you did." thanks for sharing it. >> thanks. >> mitt romney has a problem on his hands and it's the same problem that hillary clinton faced when she ran for president. pollster pat kidell explains next. >> lot more "fox & friends" coming up. senator jim demint, newt gingrich, rudy giuliani, senator john mccain and mike huckabee all here. they have very interesting perspectives on the presidential race. we'll talk to them. [ coughs ] what is thishorty? uh, tissues si i'm sick. you don't cough, you d't show defeat. give me your war face! raaah! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. but think about your heart.
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6:54 am
>> well, governor mitt romney has a problem on his hands and it's the same problem that hillary clinton faced when she ran for president about four years ago. joining us is former pollster for president jimmy carter and fox news contributor pat kadel who joins us from florida. you're overdressed for the beach. >> i know that. i'm sorry, i'll go back and put on beach clothes for you. it's cold. >> we were just mentioning hillary and you've got some parallels between what happened in 2008 with what's happening right now. >> yes, well, you know, when you go from being the frontrunner to the presumptive nominee, something happens. hillary was favored early on in a big way, obama wins iowa. they go to new hampshire. the one week window, obama -- everyone in the media and then obama makes a terrible mistake and said to the voters, i'm going to win tuesday and i'm going to be the nominee. voters in new hampshire at the end said it's not that we dislike you, we're not ready to coronate you yet and they
6:55 am
basically flooded to hillary. romney now on tuesday came out of new hampshire, no longer the frontrunner but presumptive nominee. he is going into south carolina. he is going to face the same problem of running against himself. voters are going to have to decide whether they want to end the process. that can be a problem and i'm not sure that they're aware of how to address it. there's another factor to this, steve, which is that -- which is that both iowa and new hampshire, fewer republicans have participated in the caucus and in the primary than did four years ago. there's a slight increase in turnout but that's all coming from independents. we had about 20,000, 25,000 republican -- registered republicans less voting in new hampshire on tuesday than we had four years ago. that's amazing. that's telling us that they don't like to feel or they're not excited or something because you look at the interest in the debates which has been very high and if you look at how
6:56 am
republicans feel about president obama, democrats felt about president bush, they're very strongly opposed. >> sure. >> they should be turning out. this is the dog that isn't barking. and if you tie that to this question of romney, i think south carolina he may well win but it may be a tougher slog in a different way than people think. >> right. and what about all the -- only about 30 seconds. we understand newt is running a bunch of anti-romney bain capital ads down there. didn't seem to impact him in new hampshire. will it down there? >> well, first of all, there wasn't a lot of time. this story broke basically on monday. so we don't know. but romney certainly won the voters for the exit poll in the last couple of days. i wouldn't do that. i think it's all this negative may hurt romney. it doesn't help gingrich. gingrich's power has come from his ideas. and those are being jettisoned entirely and on an issue that i think has obscured the republicans. >> always great to have you on the "fox & friends" program. thanks for getting up so early
6:57 am
down in naples, florida. >> good to be with you. >> thanks. it's a prayer that encourages students to study hard, it uses the word amen. should the school have to tear that down? we report, you decide. back on the board with bank of america. leaks from inside the obama campaign, the president seeking cash from the industry. he loves to bash. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. [ announcer ] who could resist the call... of america's number-one puppy food brand? with dha and essential nutrients alsoound in mother milk. purina puppy chow. [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol to advil. here's one story. my na is betty an i am an animal lover who does rescue. being a foster parent for dogs is very grueling.
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. today is thursday, january 12th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. homes leveled, cars damaged, trees torn down after a wild night of weather across the east coast. we have the latest pictures for you moments away. >> and debbie wasserman-schultz blaming the tea party for gabrielle giffords' shooting. >> it takes a very precipitous turn towards edginess and a lack of civility with the growth of the tea party movement. >> really? well, was that taken out of context? we'll play the whole segment and
7:01 am
you can decide. steve? >> it looks like the fat cats are back. new reports that president obama might turn to bank of america for campaign cash. you know the industry he loves to bash. anyway, "fox & friends" hour two for a thursday commences now. >> good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. eric bolling in for brian today. great to be here. >> you're in for? >> gretchen. >> and i'm? i'm just here. i got no place to go because this is a big show. look who is going to be joining us very shortly within five minutes from right now, jim demint, very influential tea party guy from south carolina. knows what's heading their way and joins us live here on the curvy couch. >> also candidate newt gingrich, former candidate and mayor rudy giuliani, we have senator john mccain here and mike huckabee all in to weigh in about the presidential race. >> call hemmer and martha, i think we're going to need an
7:02 am
extra hour or two. >> take it straight through to "the five." >> let's get right to your headline and see what's happening. we have a brand new update about some extreme weather. there is now word that at least 15 people were hurt after a rare and powerful tornado ripped through north carolina overnight. that's up from just three injuries reported earlier this morning and you can see from this brand new video we're showing you, more than 50 homes and buildings were destroyed by the twister. emergency crews now heading out to make sure that no one is still trapped in that rubble and a judge will decide today whether to sign a court order finally declaring natalee holloway dead. she vanished in aruba more than six years ago. holloway's father requesting the declaration of death so he can use natalie's college fund to pay for her brother's tuition and to stop paying for her insurance. today's hearing a day after joran van der sloot, the prime suspect in holloway's disappearance copped a plea for murdering a woman in peru. he faces 30 years behind bars as he's sentenced tomorrow but he's
7:03 am
expected to get less. a u.s. aircraft carrier is in the arabian sea and the pentagon says another group of ships is on its way. officials say there's no connection between the fleet movement and threats from iran but the arrival of the uss carl vincent comes on the heels of iranian military exercises in the persian gulf and threats to block a major oil shipping route. the vincent is the same ship that dumped usama bin laden's body in the sea. a teen atheist has won the lawsuit against her public school forcing them to take down a prayer mural. the prayer starts out with "our hefrnly father." and it encourages students to strive academically. cranston, rhode island, officials say the mural is a historical artifact and serves no religious purpose. the judge didn't see it that way siding with the teenager who said she felt left out saying it promoted a particular religion. those are your headlines. >> rhode island is the same state they didn't have a christmas tree. they had that holiday tree. yeah. >> meanwhile, take a look at this. it's going to be another busy day for the republican
7:04 am
presidential candidates as the fight focuses on south carolina. peter doocy up early and has more on what the candidates are up to today. good morning to you, peter. >> good morning to you and it's just one week and two days until the south carolina primary so five of the last six men standing are going to fan out across that state today. look down south in south carolina towards hilton held. that's where senator santorum will be holding rallies and town halls today. he'll hit sun city, bufort and charleston almost crossing paths with governor jon huntsman who has one event today, a breakfast with the berkeley county g.o.p. in daniel island, a little further west that long red line represents governor rick perry covering a lot of ground. starting his day in blythewood with a meet and greet around breakfast time. be in orangesburg by lunch and walterboro by dinner time and driving past that baby blue spot on the map, that's speaker gingrich staying in charleston all day long and governor mitt romney who is up 9.3% on gingrich in the latest real clear politics average of polls,
7:05 am
it's just going to have one event in south carolina today for a rally in greer where weather will be in the 50's. then he'll skip town and head for a rally where the weather is a little warmer. west palm beach, florida, high 70's and low 80's today. the latest real clear average in polls has romney up eight in the sunshine state. if he wins south carolina next saturday, that will be three in a row for romney and he's clearly already looking ahead to maybe make it four in a row. ron paul is also looking ahead. he isn't on these maps and his next event isn't until tomorrow and it's in nevada. he's concentrating a lot on the caucus states and theirs is the next caucus on february 4th. >> very thorough. thank you very much. >> thanks, peter. let's bring in michelle malkin now. we have a lot to talk to her about. good morning, michelle. >> good morning, alisyn. let's talk about something that happened with debbie wasserman-schultz. she was at a forum and she was talking -- she was asked about
7:06 am
how the lack of civility in congress. and she gave a response that brought up her good friend, gabby giffords' shooting. let's listen to what she said in response to this person at the forum. >> to make sure that we tone things down. particularly in light of the tucson tragedy from a year ago. i have noticed it takes a very precipitous turn with -- towards -- towards edginess and a lack of civility with the growth of the tea party movement. >> ok. that sounds like she's blaming the tea party, doesn't it? >> she certainly does. and after that soundbite that you included, there's a line that just really made me snort out loud where she said i hesitate to place blame and then a half second of hesitation. but i will anyway, i blame it all on the tea party movement. one thing that she is completely right about, of course, is that there has been a lot of edginess
7:07 am
and lack of civility that has gone along with the rise of the tea party movement. but it hasn't come from -- and it hasn't emanated from the tea party activists themselves. it has been unhinged democrats and femagogues like debbie wasserman-schultz who have used every opportunity to smear grassroots conservatives as the worst evil in this country. >> just to be clear, just to be clear, debbie wasserman-schultz says she was talking about blaming the tea party for the lack of civility. that's what she was responding to. she was not blaming them for the shooting of gabby giffords. >> well, i think there's a lot of game playing going on there and, of course, now she's protesting that she was taken out of context. something she's the queen of doing where it's clear there's a nexus she was implicitly trying to draw between the tragedy that was over politicized from the
7:08 am
very moment it was reported, between that and the tea party movement. >> right. what is so delicious about this and you brought it up where she's saying, look, i'm out of context and her friends over at media matters say she didn't -- she wasn't blaming the tea party. we had her on this program a couple of days ago responding to mitt romney's comments taken completely out of context. i mean, joe biden even said they were taken out of context and yet she would not say that romney was out of context. watch this. >> your web ad where you make it sound like mitt romney, where he talks about i like -- i like firing people. makes it sound like he's on a yacht lighting cigars with a 50. but when you listen, then, to the sound bite in its context, you realize that you probably have taken it out of context, haven't you? >> well, is there anybody that likes firing people? i mean, mitt romney had the opportunity to be specific and talk about that he would let his insurance company go and switch insurance companies. but he didn't.
7:09 am
he broadened it out and generalized and said that he likes firing people who provide services to him. >> femagogue alert! there she goes again, taking every opportunity to exploit her agenda and when it's clear, as you said, as even joe biden said, that is not the intent nor was it the meaning of what mitt romney was getting at. but poor mitt romney, of course, has been taken out of context not only by the usual suspects but among his purported allies as well on that point. >> hypocrisy alert, speaking of hypocrisy, obama campaign, they're going to move the last night of convention to the bank of america stadium. why are they going to do that, michelle? to sell more seats to wealthy donors and raise more money. >> bank of america? >> yes. where are the occupiers when you need them? but bank of democrat america has been bailing out the democrat party for many years now.
7:10 am
a lot of people forget that during the midterm cycle, the dnc actually went to them for an extra revolving line of credit to the tune of $15 million. and the bank of america itself despite all of the haranging about evil corporate banks has been one of the biggest left wing panderers out there, has forked over cash to jesse jackson for shakedowns, acorn and a number of minority grievance mongers. this is a match made in heaven or some other place. >> grievance mongers. all right, always a pleasure. thanks so much for getting up so early in colorado to join us live. >> thanks, michelle. >> you bet. take care, guys. >> see you next week. could barbie be going bald? why a group of moms are pushing the toymaker to bring out the clippers. >> interesting. >> and senator jim demint of south carolina says mitt romney will most likely win his home state's primary but the senator is not supporting him just yet. why? we'll ask him next.
7:11 am
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7:14 am
>> welcome back. south carolina has picked every eventual republican nominee since 1980 and it looks like mitt romney is poised for, perhaps, another win. >> and according to the latest rasmussen poll, romney leads with 27% and our next guest says romney will likely emerge victorious but he's still not supporting him quite yet. republican south carolina senator jim demint is the author of the new book "now or never, saving america from economic collapse." senator, thank you for joining us. so, you know, i spend a lot of time. i'm far right conservative and i talk to conservatives and say what do we do? looking for a conservative nominee on the g.o.p. side and
7:15 am
they say well, mitt romney is likely more conservative than you think. do you agree with that? >> well, i think they'll all do the job. and i'll tell you why i'm focusing on the senate is if we have, whether it's romney or gingrich or santorum in the white house, and we have a senate and a house who will send good legislation and send the right budgets we can get the job done so i'm afraid the country is focused just on the presidency so if the senate stays the way it is, it doesn't matter who we elected as president so my focus has been on the senate. there's some good aspects of all of our candidates so i've tried not to weigh in. and i feel good about any of the top three or four getting in there. >> mathematically because there are so many open democrat seats, odds are you probably could actually win. >> we could. i think if the country pays attention, i mean, we're not going to turn this country around. that's what they are all about. i think this is our last chance to save our country. and that may sound like an exaggeration.
7:16 am
>> president obama is out to destroy it or just happening? >> i don't think he's out to. i frankly just don't think he understands those principles that make this country exceptional. because everything he's doing is trying to centralize power in washington but everything that made america great was a bottom up decentralized individual decision making approach. that's what was so unique about america. and what i want people to understand is what made us great, how much trouble we were really in and how we can fix it and we can fix it now and decide our own destiny but if we wait until we are in a greece like situation, then decisions are going to be made for us. everybody will be running around with their hair burning and say we have a crisis again. >> are you going to endorse mitt romney? >> no. >> but your staffers have, some of your staffers have. >> i told my staff they can support any candidate they want. it's always been that way in elections, some go one way and some the other so there's some working for different teams right now. >> yeah. and one of your advisors, what,
7:17 am
barry winn had been rick perry's finance guy and now he's endorsing mitt romney. >> right. >> what about -- and i saw something about this where you -- i think you were talking to our friend laura ingraham yesterday where -- what about the ron paul impact? i mean, you look at the number of people who are supporting him across the country and republicans would not be wise to discount the power of the ron paul voter. >> if republicans don't understand the important aspects of what ron paul is saying, i don't think we'll continue to exist as a party. certainly not as a majority party. >> you like parts of what he stands for. >> yeah. i mean, some of the foreign policy i can't go with. the fact is if we don't listen to other aspects like getting our budget under control, we're not going to have the money to be a foreign policy. >> he sounds like you. >> well, the debate in the republican party needs to be between libertarians and conservatives. that's what our party needs to be about. there's no longer room for moderates and liberals because we don't have any money to
7:18 am
spend. so i don't want to be debating with someone who thinks we need to grow government. >> well, why ron paul? i mean, i get it. you want sound fiscal policy. you want smaller government but aren't there conservative choices that don't think that israel maybe doesn't -- shouldn't be protected with some military help and some of the other crazy ideas he has. >> the unaccountable and out of control federal reserve, individual liberty, the constitutional limited government, those are the concepts that ron paul is bringing forward and all of our country needs to listen to that because those are the things that made this country so great. >> well, next stop for the political presidential nominee or rather, candidates is south carolina. it's always been an exciting politics wise down there. bare knuckles, no doubt about it. how do you feel about newt gingrich's approach to hitting mitt romney on his days at bain? >> well, i think it's not wise for any of the republicans to damage each other at this point.
7:19 am
because it's just going to help the other side. but this is a teachable moment, i think, for our country because in business, the successful companies have leaders that are willing to make hard and painful, unpopular decisions in the short term for the good of the whole company. and we don't have that in washington. we don't have a president or a congress that's willing to make tough decisions now that are unpopular like you saw in wisconsin with governor walker. and if we don't have a president who is willing to take the hits and make the hard decisions and reorganize, make some of the government workers unhappy, we're going to lose our whole country. that's what the whole book is about, if we don't recognize we're on a cliff and we need to make some hard decisions, so i think the country needs to stop and realize that leaders in business that are successful sometimes have to do difficult things. we need that in a president. >> you know what? it's now or never. that would be the good name for a book and that's the name of
7:20 am
jim demint's book that's out there right now. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. moving ahead on this thursday, if you're underwater on your home and a lot of americans are, there could be an easy way out. bob massi explains coming up next. >> then what the heck is clayton morris doing? punching that tv? will it cost us? he's at the consumer electronics show in vegas. clayton is trying to be cool. [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it... you can do dinner. four minutes, around four bucks. campbels chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.
7:21 am
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7:23 am
>> with more people turning to short sales to sell their homes
7:24 am
quickly, it's important to understand how they work and what players are involved. fox news legal analyst bob massi is here to fill us in. hey, bob, quickly tell us why -- what prompts someone to a short sale. >> well, because they don't want to have a foreclosure to affect their credit as bad so short sales are designed to sell the home for less than what it's worth. but there is a process and i want our viewers to understand infrastructure wise, eric, how this whole thing works. >> ok, when a home owner decides to list the house for a short sale, how does it actually -- what's the whole process? who gets involved? what do they have to do? go ahead. >> let's say you make an offer on my home, eric, that offer is sent into the lender. immediately, let's assume there's a first and second on the home. immediately, each lender independently of one another appoints what is called a negotiator. that negotiator is there specifically to review their finances. they will send out forms that want to see what your monthly expenses are, what your
7:25 am
liabilities are. they want to see tax returns. if you're in business for yourself, they want to see profit/loss statements. if you're not, they want to see your w-2's and your pay stubs. those negotiators, eric, are the players that are involved with the realtors negotiator trying to ultimately reach a decision if you're going to be able to have a short sale accepted and you have to show financial hardship. >> well, who pays for all this? >> well, basically, everybody has -- the lenders are paying for the negotiators and the realtor has a negotiator that gets paid a fee on the back end and what they do is what's called a dpo, called a broker's price opinion. each of the lenders will put a value on the home, usually the first lender, eric, will send somebody in and take pictures of the home. it's like an appraisal but they call it a bpo, it costs a few hundred bucks. the lender pays for it. but it gives them a range of what the value is of that home in the area where the home is located. and that's a very important part
7:26 am
of this whole process of a short sale. >> all right. you talked about the second mortgage. but can it play a role -- can it stop the process? >> major role. major role. because a lot of times here's what happens. that second mortgage are unsecured, it's underwater, eric, so the first negotiator will say look, we're not going to even consider massi's offer at all unless we know that second mortgage is going to be willing to be bought down for a lesser figure than what's owed because they figure why spend all the time going through this process if the second is going to hold it up because the second could say, hey, massi, you owe us $50,000, we want $25,000 or we want $15,000 and a lot of times in order to get a short sale approved, eric, the seller wants to be -- they want some contribution from the seller. they want to get it done. >> thank you so much for getting up early for us in vegas. >> my pleasure, guys, take care.
7:27 am
>> you can e-mail bob massi your questions at coming up live this hour, former speaker newt gingrich right here. what's the real reason he's changing his tune on those attacks? then what didn't you see at the president's big jobs speech yesterday? wait until you see what happens when we turn the camera around. hip, hip hooray! those cheerleaders are cheering on our troops and they're coming up after the break. better be in that segment. in my line of work, it's not uncommon for the term "hero" to be bandied about. but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes?
7:28 am
[ chuckles ] yes. yes, it does. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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7:31 am
>> oh, yes. now your shot of the morning. it looked like a standing room only crowd at president obama's white house speech to ceo's about insourcing jobs yesterday. that was far from the case. just rows from the podium, dozens of empty seats while he was talking. look at that. who is that guy right there with his back to us? well, you got 49 empty chairs in all. vice president joe biden playing seat filler sitting all by himself in an empty row. how many no shows? white house spokesperson says a bunch of guests who were invited suddenly backed out at the last minute. >> that's incredible. but joe biden wasn't doing a good job of filling all seats. he must have been there out of his own interest. >> that's some of his best work,
7:32 am
though. >> i would suggest next time -- >> lay down. >> maybe you remove those 50 empty chairs just so that the optics of a bunch of empty chairs isn't there forever. >> that's why we have him here. >> event planner. >> meanwhile -- >> speaking of events, clayton morris rejoins us from the consumer electronics show from las vegas with the pick for the most innovative product. >> another nerd alert. >> that's right. i got something for you in a second. you want to find your kids and track your kids, i found a gadget for you but first, i want to show you how to make an executive work station with your ipad. this is really, really cool. the folks from ihome have come up with an executive work station for your ipad or tablet. you flip it open. you come to work. you pop it down. and it actually works over blue tooth so you can type out, do whatever you need and this is also a phone. has a built in phone over blue tooth. you ever see one of those people with the phone jammed in their
7:33 am
neck while they're trying to type. they have a speaker built in and phone in the keyboard, really cool. >> tell us about iballs, i don't know what that means and i think it's different than what a doctor would say. >> that's why i paused because i wanted you to say it. actually, the name implies -- exactly. so this is what i balls is. you put it on any tablet device and it actually protects it. i haven't done this yet. i want to see if i can actually do this. you can drop it. it's kidproof, basically. you dare me to drop it? here's a tablet. and it's fine -- >> it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. >> perfect. >> there's the tablet completely protected. >> works on a glass surface as well. >> is everything there about the sticking ipad? >> you know what? that's not even an ipad, that's a kobe tablet. i know it's deceiving but look at all the design. it looks like an ipad, right?
7:34 am
so apple is not here at the consumer electronics show but a lot of design elements are, you know, apple friendly or apple ripoffs? can i say that? ali, this is the thing -- >> clayton, i was reading the next product. i don't have my glasses on. it looks to me like a bikini locator. that sounds pretty cool. >> you know why he doesn't have his glasses? he lost him. help eric! >> bikini -- >> if we got the iballz for his glasses, that might help. this isn't the bikini locator but the beacon locator. this is what ali was talking about earlier, if i could have something where i could track my kids and keeps all your valuables, even your kids. you can put it on their backpack and snap it on their backpack. gps locator. it actual rings with your smart phone and lets you know where your kids are or your valuables. you don't want to lose your keys, you open up your sma smartphone and you can find it. >> tell us what your final finale is. >> i'm just doing some exercise walking if you don't mind. gorilla glass.
7:35 am
>> three hour show. >> i'm just doing some power walking like at the mall in the morning. the power -- you ever see the gorilla glass that's built into iphones? corning makes it and they've come up with their brand new gorilla glass and they've had people over here punching glass saying go ahead. hit it as hard as you want. it's indestructible. it won't break. so they've actually had -- clayton over here punching the heck out of those things. this is glass and it's unbreakable plus it's touch screen so i can actually manipulate and move different things around the screen but try as you might, a whole line of people are trying to break this thing. >> i know. that's really cool. >> but it's much cooler when our sound guy adds that -- >> that wasn't real? >> no. >> thanks, clayton, thanks. very cool, thank you. >> thank you. >> you bet, guys. >> now to the other stories making headlines, mississippi judge blocking the release of 21 inmates who were pardoned by former governor haley barbour, calling the pardons issued on barbour's last days in office a slap in the face to law
7:36 am
enforcement and a violation of the state's constitution. included in the pardons, four convicted murderers and the brother of former nfl quarterback bret favre who was convicted in the drunk driving death of his best friend. barbour says many of the pardons were for inmates who needed medical help. steve? >> meanwhile, eric, a bombshell confession from casey anthony. the 25-year-old claiming she became pregnant with her daughter caylee after being drugged at a party when she was just 18 years old. as a result, anthony says she has no idea who fathered the little girl. the revelations coming out shortly in newly released court documents detailing casey's sessions with the psychiatrist. why are those coming out? the documents show anthony was mentally stable, was stable, while standing trial for caylee's murder. as you know, she was later cleared of all those charges. >> and parents of cancer patients makg waves with an
7:37 am
on-line movement for barbie, and maker mattel to create a bald barbie. facebook page is pushing for a doll that reflects the challenges that face kids with cancer like losing hair. already has over 30,000 likes. if mattel agrees to make the doll, parents want them to donate the proceeds to cancer research. that's a great idea. ali? >> listen up. normal the washington redskins cheerleaders perform for thousands of football fans, of course. last month, they got to perform a very -- for a very special audience. they surprised american troops in kuwait. but the girls also got a surprise of their own. they witnessed the end of operations in iraq. and we're joined now by washington redskins cheerleaders dawn, takara and jessica and president of adopt a soldier platoon, alan crushkoff, united states air force colonel ralph romein and treasure of adopt a soldier platoon alan and thanks for all of you for being here. let me start with you, you got a surprise. you didn't know that the end of
7:38 am
operations was going to be happening while you were there. >> no, we didn't. and to be surrounded by, you know, everyone in the military is affected in some way, you know, with iraq and, you know, as far as the redskins cheerleaders are concerned, we were the first group to be in iraq and we actually visited -- or first group to visit all spots in iraq through one of our tours, and, you know, we personally, you know, it's a celebration but also holding your breath moment. i lost someone in iraq, a close friend. and you want to celebrate. you want to say thank you and it's the perfect time to say thank you to our military. it's in person face to face. >> i can only imagine how happy our soldiers are when they see you guys. what was it like and what was the response? >> it was amazing. everyone was really appreciative that we were there. especially for the holidays. able to bring a piece of home to them. >> and i know, jessica, that you
7:39 am
guys don't leave until everybody who wants to meet you has had a chance to do so. that's got to cut into your schedule. >> oh, well, that's what we're there for. we make it a point to meet and greet every single one of them because they made the time to come to our show and we flew all the way out there to say thank you. so we're going to make sure we say thank you to each and every one of them. >> what is adopt a soldier platoon? >> adopt a soldier platoon is a nonprofit 501c3 public charity made up of all volunteers and we've been supporting the troops for, it will be nine years this year. >> so colonel, what is it like when the cheerleaders show up there and how do the soldiers respond? >> it was pretty amazing. we had a tour of all the bases in kuwait. and i'll tell you, they were amazing. they stayed through after the show, signed all the autographs, pictures, it was really a morale booster. we were really thankful they were able to come out and we're indebted to them forever. >> that's great. you're the trustee of adopt a soldier platoon. obviously, you guys need some money.
7:40 am
tell us about the mission and where people can find you. >> our web site is and on the web site you can find a donate button where you can contribute to our cause. >> that's great. thanks so much for coming in. it's great to meet you guys and thanks for the great work over there. what an experience. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, newt gingrich appears to be backing off his attacks on mitt romney. was it all because of a voter? we're going to ask him about that straight ahead. and the president's new campaign message is about showing voters all the change he has made but what about the things that he failed to do that he promised? has he heard from you? is the mainstream media giving president obama a pass? we have that debate for you next. but first, your pfizer trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1951, this political commentator started working at a radio station at 16 years old and now hosts the highest rated radio program in america. who is he? confused by all the nutritional information out there?
7:41 am
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>> now for quick headlines on this thursday morning. divers searched a river in maine for any signs of missing toddler ayla reynolds and found nothing the 21-month-old disappeared on december 17th. and scary moments in california when a window came crashing down nine stories. luckily, nobody was standing on the sidewalk below. it seems to be plaguing problem. the same thing happened back in 2005. look out below! eric, over to you. >> thank you, steven. the white house is trying to down play the hype over the new book "the obamas" by jodi cantor who claims there's a lot of tension between the east wing and the west wing. take a listen. >> tend to overhype and sensationalize things and i think that's the case here. >> but why is the -- supposedly
7:45 am
the insider information about the obamas coming out in the form of a new book and not exposed by the white house press corps or the mainstream media. here to weigh in this morning, my co-host of "the five" juan williams from d.c. and andrea tantaros here on set with us. go ahead, andrea, explain what's going down here. why is this such a big issue? >> well, reporters are typically two things. not all reporters. but generally, most reporters. they're lazy, and they're liberal. now, juan and i are columnists so we've been in the business. we know these reporters pretty well. a lot of them, eric, don't want to do the leg work. they'd rather have stories spoon-fed to them by the white house, by the senate or by the house and then write them up themselves. there's very few investigative reporters that are going to do the work. also, the main reason -- they're all buddies with this administration. eric, you know better than anyone, they want access to this administration and if they write a story that might actually hurt someone's feelings or expose the truth, that access will be cut off. so it's more of a buddy-buddy thing and when they write a book, a lot of these reporters,
7:46 am
they want that access and the white house cooperates so it's about making money, too, these days. >> go ahead, juan, you disagree with andrea? >> no, i think andrea is on target, you know, in large part, access, being in the loop is so critical but i will say this, you know what? all reporters want scoops. all reporters want their name in lights and i don't think it's that anybody is here liberal or favorable towards the obama administration when the social secretary had that huge blowup and i think that couple actually got into the state dinner, that was all over. >> salahis. >> yeah. and similarly, any time there's any kind of tension that's revealed, you know, vice president biden arguing with president obama over sending additional troops to afghanistan, it's all over -- the newspapers do have an incentive to tell the story. that's the business reporters are in. they all want to move -- >> absolutely, juan, no doubt. andrea, very quickly, half a minute or so, they want to sell a book, right? the book has got to be interesting, right? >> yeah, absolutely.
7:47 am
but look, the party crashers. everyone knew that was -- i mean, how hard was that to figure out that story and put it in writing? they had to do that. what i'm talking about is these investigative stories, eric, like where is the rest of the stimulus money? or has the stimulus worked? or why did the administration back off ozone regulations? tough stuff that's actually going to take some leg work that we deserve to have answers to. >> right. we got to go, juan. i cut you short. more time we'll give you more time than andrea. we have to be fair and balanced. >> give everything to the beauty. i say. >> absolutely. all right. newt gingrich, guys, keeps saying he wants mitt romney to answer questions about bain capital. we want to know which questions exactly newt, up here next. but first on this day in 1972, don maclean had the number one song with "american pie." [ male announcer ] where's your road to happiness?
7:48 am
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7:51 am
>> you know whose birthday it is, it's rush limbaugh. 60 years old today. the winner, jeffrey from boston. congratulations. >> fantastic. newt gingrich has been hammering g.o.p. frontrunner mitt romney on his record at bain capital. but is newt gingrich now changing his tune after this exchange with the supporter in south carolina yesterday? >> i'm here to implore one thing of you. i think you've missed a target on the way you're addressing romney's weaknesses. i want to beg you to redirect and go after his obvious disingenuousness about his conservativism and lay off the corporate vs. the free market. i would like to -- >> i agree with you. >> ok, he said i agree with you right there and the presidential candidate, newt gingrich joins us right now from south
7:52 am
carolina. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. i think it's important to notice what he said. he said the gap between governor romney's record as a moderate or liberal governor of massachusetts, a governor who, for example, put planned parenthood into romneycare, the largest abortion provider in the country. the gap between that and his claim to be a conservative is an even bigger vulnerability than any questions about his business dealings and i agree with that. if you're drawing a sharp contrast in south carolina, a tax increase and pro gun control, raising the tax on owning a gun, pro abortion governor trying to pretend he's a conservative. that's a pretty big target and i want south carolinians to understand the gap between a georgia reagan conservative and a massachusetts moderate. >> after you said i agree with you, you know, one of the blogs came up, oh, he's backing off and says he went over the line. you're not backing off of your attacks on mitt romney and bain capital? >> look, let me point out -- romney ran on the grounds that
7:53 am
at a time when we really need jobs that he has this great jobs record. now, "the washington post" came out yesterday and gave him three pinocchios and said, you know, when you get down to it, he didn't create 100,000 jobs. he didn't come close to creating 100,000 jobs. when he ran for the senate in 1994, he claimed to have created 10,000 jobs and he left bain capital. you get three pinocchios so you can't run saying i have two great credentials, my governorship that you're not aloud to talk about because it's pretty liberal and the work at bain capital. if you talk about my record, that's an attack on free enterprise. that's baloney. there's specific cases that t"te wall street journal" has reported where companies that they invested in went bankrupt for circumstances. he owes it to the country to hold a press conference and walk the country through these. this is his record that he's been campaigning on but i'm not focusing on that in south carolina. i'm focusing on how do we
7:54 am
develop energy off shore to create $80,000 a year jobs? how do we modernize the port of charleston to be fully competitive when the panama canal is widened in 2014 and how do we fire the national labor relations board of obama to get them off the back of boeing so we can create more jobs in south carolina. i'm campaigning as a pro jobs reagan conservative and a secondary issue is romney's record is in fact valid. >> we want to ask you about mitt romney's record. what you're calling for him to do is to come out and explain why those five in particular companies went bankrupt. you want to hear him say that they took out too much debt or you want to hear him say what? >> well, i think i just lost you for some reason. >> can you hear me in new york? >> we hear you. can you hear us? >> it just came back. i would just say to you that when you have a circumstance where they made a lot of money and the company went broke, it's legitimate to ask a question.
7:55 am
this is the whole wall street problem. how come the big boys made money and they went broke? that's an attack on capitalism. that's not an issue about the whole capitalist system. that's a question about a very particular style of activity involving a very particular person. remember, we're not talking about the system. we're talking about somebody who is running for president of the united states and we're asking a question about his judgment, his values, the choices he made. seems to me that's very central to what kind of a president he will be. >> you are attacking the essence of capitalism. you know, venture capital is taking risks. look, the bain capital took risks on companies that likely may have failed had they not taken the risk. just allow me. >> wait a second -- you don't even know! no, wait a second, you've had no evidence -- you have no proof, they are totally private firm. they have never explained what they did. >> that's what they -- >> you're making an assumption. i'm asking -- >> vulnerable companies and make sure they don't go bankrupt. look, i'm no fan -- i'm -- >> no question about the general process of entrepreneural
7:56 am
conservativism. there are a series of cases that don't look right. and i'm saying for a guy to run for president, use his record as the basis for running, and then tell us we're not allowed to ask about his record, ask about the record of a presidential candidate. >> sir, let me follow that up. >> i don't get this blanket, please don't look, please don't ask for details. i can't think of any other place in american life where the news media would back off and say oh, my gosh, we can't look at this. >> mr. speaker -- >> that's nonsense. very specific companies in a very specific case and i'm not -- this is not the centerpiece of my campaign. but it's a legitimate, important question. just as, by the way, the point that the gentleman made yesterday in greenville or spartanburg was very straight forward. romney claims to be a conservative. he raised taxes so much, we have an entire site called mitt romney >> speaker, we're about to run out of time. >> ok. in fact was for gun control and
7:57 am
raised taxes on the gun. big gap between his record and his -- >> thanks so much for joining us with your perspective on all this. we appreciate it. still ahead, our political power hour is just getting started. up next, three guests back to back who all ran for president and all competed in south carolina. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. i took some steep risks in my teens. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol
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8:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's thursday, january 12. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. our political power hour starts now. three back to back guests who all ran for president, all competed in south carolina's last election. what the difference this time around? rudy guiliani, senator john mccain, and mike huckabee are all on deck to explain it to us. >> steve: meanwhile, is debbie wasserman schultz blaming the tea party for gabrielle giffords' shooting? tucson? >> i noticed it take a very precipitous turn towards edginess and the lack of civility with the growth of the tea party movement.
8:01 am
>> steve: really? she says that's taken out of context if you blame the tea party. we'll report so you decide. >> eric: the supreme court delivers a knockout blow to the white house and the president, telling them stop going after the church. "fox & friends" starts right now >> steve: if you like politics, we are in the thick of things. we just wrapped up new hampshire. we're heading for south carolina. we got great guests this hour to put it all in perspective and eric polling. >> eric: and we have these big discussions in the break about venture capital. >> alisyn: and we have headlines for you and a lot of news. let's get to those. a judge will decide whether to sign a court order declaring natalee holloway dead. she vanished in aruba more than six years ago. her father requesting the declaration of death so he can use natalie's college fund, he
8:02 am
says, to pay for her brother's tuition and stop paying for her insurance. today's hearing a day after joran van der sloot, the prime suspect in her disappearance, copped a plea to murder agawam in peru. he faces 30 years behind bars at his sentencing tomorrow but is expected to get less. a u.s. aircraft carrier is now in the arabian sea and the pentagon says another group of ships is on its way. officials say there is no connection between the fleet movement and threats from iran, but the arrival of the uss carl vincent comes on the heels of iranian military exercises in the persian gulf and threats to block the strait of hormuz a major oil shipping route. the vincent is the same ship that dumped osama bin laden's body in the sea. even though florida's presidential primary is january 31, absentee is underway. mitt romney and ron paul getting a jump on the other candidates. aggressively reaching out to voters who requested ballots. katy perry and harry potter dominating at the 38th annual people's choice awards last night.
8:03 am
another highlight of the show, was faith hill performing her new single "come home." ♪ come home ♪ ♪ come home ♪ we're waiting for you ♪ so long ♪ so long ♪ . >> alisyn: now katy perry was a no show. but she picked up the most wins, five, including favorite song of the year for "e.t.". harry potter followed with four wins. those are your headlines. >> steve: joining us live, the people's choice, how are you, sir? >> i'm great. how are you? >> steve: great to have you. at the end of next week, south carolina is going to have their primary. you were in it last time. people are saying look what newt is doing right now. it's historically, south carolina has always been a gloves off state. >> right. and you have following me john mccain and mike? we ran -- you become very friendly with the people you run with. i developed great admiration for them. i think we debated 11 times from
8:04 am
early 07 to the end of 07. i got to know them really well. south carolina primary has -- it's the crucial one, very, very often. it was the crucial one in 00 when mccain won new hampshire. he was poised really well to win south carolina, particularly the military vote. and bush surprised john and i think that turned it. >> steve: there was crazy robo calls. >> right. >> steve: a lot of rumors that never panned out. >> it's like new york. >> steve: yeah. it is. tell me about it. >> every dirty trick. on either side. then last time it was absolutely crucial because john didn't win iowa the way romney did. he didn't do iowa, new hampshire like romney. but he took new hampshire from romney, which was a heck of a thing to do because romney was the governor of massachusetts. so that was a big plus. then when he took south carolina, my firewall was
8:05 am
florida. when he took south carolina, my wall eadvice rated. >> steve: it was toast. >> and all my voters who after all, they were all trying to figure out -- all my voters liked mccain and all mccain voters liked me. when john seemed like the better choice to pick, all my voters abandoned me. when john won florida, i made a different choice than rick perry and the others. i think john mccain should be president of the united states. so what the heck am i going to contest new york and california? might pick up a state like my home state. i'd go to the convention, i have 40 votes. big deal. i wanted a president. i wanted john. >> eric: we have newt gingrich on a couple of minutes ago and a lot is being may have had his attacks on mitt romney and bain capital. care to weigh in? >> very strongly. i have a strong inclination for newt as i do for huntsman and santorum. i really like them. i think they bring something
8:06 am
that romney doesn't. however -- >> alisyn: what's that? >> i'll tell you in a minute. i'm outraged about what he and rick, who is a very close friend of mine, i'm shocked what they're doing. it's ignorant, dumb. it is building something we should be fighting in america, ignorance of the american economic system. playing on the dumbest, most ridiculous ideas about how you grow jobs. all these guys talk about growing jobs. the mayor of new york, i grew 500,000 jobs. i took over a city at 10.5% unemployment. i left the city with 5% unemployment. took over $2.3 billion deficits and left behind $3 million surpluses. i did it by practicing aggressive capitalism. >> alisyn: is it fair -- >> not just capitalism, aggressive capitalism. >> alisyn: is it fair when investors get huge returns on their investments and the little
8:07 am
guys all lose their jobs? >> if you put it that way -- that's why it's ignorance to say it that way 'cause that isn't what happened. it is true investors make a lot of money. it is true people get fired. it's also true you just straightened out the company. >> alisyn: by making it bankrupt? >> by streaming it out so the company can go hire 2,000 more people who will have real jobs, not make believe jobs. men, they could do these on me if they want. when i took over new york city, the health and hospitals corporation had 12,000 more people than it needed. they were taking care of beds that didn't exist for 20 years. total political hire, total political corruption, people in wards, nobody there. i laid them off. i laid off 12,000 of them. i was declared to be a monster, a slave driver, hitler. i don't know, all the terrible things.
8:08 am
what did i do? i took a hospital. i got it to profitability. i got rid of the five lack of accreditations that was stopping it from doing operations and saving people. the idea of venture capital, private equity, even hedge funds is a very, very healthy one in our economy. it makes businesses productive. productivism creates more jobs. but gingrich and to some extent perry is arguing for him and the obama people in the white house is an economy that will produce no jobs. you get rid of venture capital and private equity, you get rid of risk taking, which is what it's about, risk taking, romney was a risk tear. three win, five losses. that's the way we create jobs. that's the genius of america. that's how we move people out of poverty. >> steve: you pick up the phone as soon as you're done, you say to newt what? >> what the hell are you doing, newt? you believe what -- i expect
8:09 am
this from sala linsky. and the stuff you're saying is one of the reasons we're in the trouble we're in right now. this total, ignorant, populist view of the economy that was proven to be incorrect with the soviet union, with chinese communism. i was in china a few months ago with bill clinton and we had the same observation. these people are real capitalists. they should be teaching capitalism 101 to the american congress. >> alisyn: mayor -- >> look how they're doing. >> alisyn: right. we appreciate your candor. you're not pulling any punches this morning. >> and i'm going to tell you this, my emotional inclination is to support a gingrich or a perry -- >> steve: you've been on this program doing it. >> or a santorum. i like their version of more
8:10 am
consistent, long-term conservatism as opposed to mitt. what they're doing to mitt right now is totally unfair and bad for the republican party. >> alisyn: got you. >> eric: thank you, mr. mayor. >> alisyn: thank you so much. great to see you. >> steve: all right. coming up next, another former presidential candidate, hey, look, it's senator john mccain live in the studio. >> eric: just when you thought iran hated everything about america, turns out they're pretty much big huge fans of one guy. michael moore. really wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition.
8:11 am
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♪[music plays] when you're responsible for this much of the team... you need a car you can count on. ♪[music plays]
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8:14 am
also rudy guiliani, we can't shake him. >> alisyn: we asked him to stay. >> can i say this is my favorite mayor, a dear friend, a person i will never forget after 9-11 brought our nation together and came to arizona, world series, we beat the yankees. this guy was incredible. the american people still remember america's mayor with great gratitude. >> alisyn: absolutely. senator, so this time you're supporting mitt romney. do you think, as newt gingrich just raised on our show, that he owe has bit of a more explanation about his time at bain and what happened with the companies that went bankrupt? >> look, i am sure that there will be more information about that. by the way, it was the closest thing i have seen on this show to a filibuster in all the years i've been watching the show. you kept trying to get in one question. as rudy just said, look, one of
8:15 am
the -- the upside of capitalism is success and that adam smith and all of that is a reason why america is still the strongest nation in the world. there are tragedies and sad stories associated with capitalism. you want to do what bain capital did or do you want to give a half billion dollars to solyndra while they build this palacios quarters and go under or do you want to be like the soviet union? they propped up every industry in the entire country. this is a fundamental philosophical difference about the role of government and the role of the free enterprise system. look, i understand tough campaigns. rudy understands tough campaigns. if we want to talk about whether he changed his position on abortion or -- >> steve: that's fair. >> i understand that. it's tough. it's not bean bag. but to go after him on really
8:16 am
what is the essence of what we republicans believe in about economy, i think is a serious mistake and frankly, i think it's the last resort of a very desperate campaign. >> steve: sure. >> eric: senator. the point i was trying to make was, whoever the gop representative gets to washington after they beat obama, don't you want them to be practicing venture capitalism or vulture government in cutting some of the fat, cutting some of the spending? >> exactly. and you also will be glad to have government investment in research and development. not immature industries. it was because of government investment we got the internet. but once we got it, we handed it over to the private system. there are a number of defense systems that translated, gps. we don't support poor taxpayers' money into mature industries. there is a role for government.
8:17 am
but mainly it's hands off the private sector and let them -- less regulation, lower tax, all the things that make economies work and we can go back to ronald eggen and when he took office and the shape we were in and the way he got us out. that is a perfect textbook example of how you can restore an economy. >> steve: let's talk a little bit about when you guys were down in south carolina. you both -- and karl rove has a great op ed in the "wall street journal" where he talks about if it's romney in south carolina, that's probably it because when you go to florida, you got ten big media markets. nobody can afford to advertise down there. would you say that's accurate? >> john would know this. john's win in south carolina over huckabee, i think set up john's win in florida. i think that's right. then by the time he won florida, it really was -- the rest of the campaigns had to take place, but it was clear he was going to be the nominee. >> this will be three in a row. >> steve: never happened before. >> never happened before.
8:18 am
again, i understand why members of the media would rather spend time in hilton head -- >> steve: when is the hawaii primary? >> rather than back in their cubal in new york or washington. so i understand why they want to keep this thing going. but i really do believe that he can wrap this up. but i've never seen a totally successful campaign. there is always bumps in the road and there can be in the next ten days. >> alisyn: there certainly can be because as you well know, south carolina is famously bruising. it's a brutal battle ground there. you were the recipient of hideous rumors. is that what we're going to see this time in south carolina? >> i hope not, because people of south carolina are wonderful people. there is more patriotism and there is more involvement in the military, bases bases and citad. i hope we can also appeal to
8:19 am
those people because this president, i know it's not the issue in this campaign, and i understand that, but the fact is that this is a feckless foreign policy that will put news danger for years to come. >> eric: conservative vote, the establishment conservative vote can co- with a less behind mitt romney? >> sure he can. he got a lot of the conservative vote in iowa. that's one of the ways he won iowa. and in new hampshire. there is still a lot of independent voters out there. that's why campaigns matter. that's why i'm going from here down to south carolina. we can be guardedly optimistic. but boy, there is many campaigns that have been derailed -- that's why it's exciting. >> steve: you have been on our program many times via satellite and i remember once i read that you had five barbecue grills at your place in arizona. >> yes. >> steve: and mayor, bring it on
8:20 am
over. you said any time you come to new york city, we're going to have to provide some barbecue. >> oh, my gosh! >> that looks great. >> there's a couple of heart attacks right there. [ laughter ] >> alisyn: breakfast of champion, senator. >> thank you very much. that's wonderful. i'll come back and cook for you guys. >> are you going to pack this up for me? >> absolutely. we don't have to pay for lunch. >> we'll go to four seasons and walk in with this. >> steve: you're going to the four seasons? >> no. >> steve: senator, mayor, thank you very much. >> thanks for having us. >> alisyn: our political power hour rolls on on deck. someone who else ran for president. governor mike huckabee is live from south carolina. hi, governor. >> steve: he's steamed. he is not having a rib. >> alisyn: we'll save them. >> is it losers' day? >> eric: he was so busy fighting corporate greed, he forgot all
8:21 am
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>> steve: we just heard from former new york city mayor rudy guiliani and senator john mccain talk about the 2008 primary down in south carolina. our next guest also knows a thing or two about running in south carolina, former gop presidential candidate and the host of "huckabee," governor mike huckabee. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. hi. >> steve: great to have you. back in 2008, you feel, i've got a feeling -- you feel you could
8:25 am
have won south carolina were it not for the fact that john mccain was in bed with fred thompson. >> that's an image i don't even want to think about. in bed, john and fred. no, here is what happened. john certainly encouraged fred to stay in. i think everyone understood fred knew he was not going to get the nomination. i don't blame john. blown blame fred. they were good friends. many people in the mccain camp have since confirmed that he said please stay in. i need you in south carolina. primarily in the upstate where i had my strength. even as late as 8:30 on the night of the primary, i got a call, i remember it from george stephanopoulos and they were getting ready to call it for us. but fred thompson's vote totals in the upstate really took into ours and john won handily in the south part around charleston. that's ultimately what did it. you know what? that's politics. that's what happens. it was an honest, good, straightforward political move on his part. i had to congratulate him for it, but it was very painful at
8:26 am
the time. >> alisyn: so do you see that same sort of vote splitting possible this time around in south carolina where mitt romney is not a socially conservative as sop of the other candidates who are not as high in the polls? >> absolutely. i mean, there is splintering of vote, you have some people with santorum, some with gingrich, some with perry, some with huntsman. really it's not so much a conservative versus moderate. i have think it's more romney versus the challengers. the question is, who is going to be the challenger to mitt romney as the front runner? and one thing, let me say about south carolina, iowa and new hampshire are boxing matches. south carolina is a cage fight. just understand. it's one of those places you don't carry a knife to a gun fight. >> eric: governor, in iowa and new hampshire, there are a high number of undecideds going into the races. what about south carolina, how does the undecided vote play out next saturday?
8:27 am
>> it's huge. one of the things that recent polls have shown is that about half the south carolina voters are still undecided. that's astonishing this close to the primary. it means that there is room for everything to shift seismically over the last next week. this coming saturday, we're going to have a forum with all the candidates in charleston. we'll thereby with congressman tim scott and about 800 people who are all undecided voters in south carolina. they'll be asking the questions of the candidates. so maybe they won't be so undecided after they have a chance to ask the questions. >> steve: yeah. let me ask you this: all the political figures we've had on today, we've been asking them about what they think about what newt is doing versus bain capital and capitalism in south carolina against mitt romney. what do you think? what do you think he's doing? >> two observations. first of all, never build a fire if you don't have enough wood to sustain it. don't ask questions if you don't
8:28 am
know the answers. if he doesn't have some hard evidence about something at bain that was either illegal or highly unethical, he's raising a question that will come back to backfire on him. it's a very dangerous strategy. courtroom lawyers know, never ask a question you don't already know the answer to. so either he knows and he's about to pull the trigger, or he doesn't know and he's hoping that maybe -- he's just taking a guess. the second thing, and i think this is very important. if you're going to go after someone in the primary, just remember that you're, in essence, feeding ammunition, and inviting the same scrutiny upon yourself. so if there is anything in newt's private business, whether it's his relationship with freddie mac or fannie mae, all these things where he said look, i've answered that, he's going to get a chance to answer it again and again and again and once you open that door and say, everything in your private business life is now up for scrutiny, the weapon that you
8:29 am
use against others is the weapon that will be used against you. >> alisyn: governor, help us understand the pie chart in south carolina and how it's broken down, sort of social issues versus economy. there was a poll recently in a asked christians in south carolina, are you evangelical? 57% said yes. 43% said no. and then there was a question about unemployment -- not a question. there was the rate, which is 9.9% in south carolina. so which is going to be not more important, but what would you say the percentage is of economy versus social issue there is? >> the economy is going to drive this entire election, but it doesn't mean that the social and value issues don't matter because there are a lot of people who, when they vote, a criteria, a threshold is, does this candidate have respect for the dignity and worth of every human life? if they don't, they're not going to vote for them. i don't care what their view of the economy is. they're going to vote for someone who is both a value conservative, as well as an economic conservative.
8:30 am
so when people sort of ask, which one is important? it's like asking, which wing of the airplane is most important? the one on the left or right? i kind of like for both of them to be attached when i fly. >> eric: have you decided? >> no, i have not. i really haven't. if i had to walk into the booth today, i'd be one of those undecided voters myself. i'm not endorsing anybody at this point and i'm listening to all of them to make their best case. >> steve: it's all part of your forum. now, folks out there, if you are an undecided voter and registered in the great state of south carolina, join governor huckabee this saturday at the -- where are you? at the theater on the campus of the college of charleston. right? >> that's correct. >> steve: go to for information on how to attend the forum. if you're attending and have a question for the candidate, e-mail your questions to huckforum2 at fox send one question for a specific candidate and one that could be asked to any of the candidates
8:31 am
and please include your name and phone number as well. >> alisyn: a lot of instructions. you'll get a lot of questions there, governor. thanks so much. >> great to be with you. >> alisyn: last week there was good news on the job front. will we see more of the same this morning? we have brand-new numbers from the labor department in two minutes for you. >> eric: then the supreme court delivers a knockout punch to the white house. the topic? religious liberty. peter johnson, jr. has the details. >> steve: and have you seen the show "wipeout"? i love it. if not, you're missing out. the brand-new host, vanessa lechay, here live are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years?
8:32 am
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have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. >> eric: fox business alert. labor department just release the latest weekly jobless numbers. they're estimating 375,000 claims. more than expected. i'll sum this. moving in the wrong direction. usually we're talk being heading toward 350,000, which would be better. >> steve: we had been making progress. >> alisyn: because it's all holiday jobs that went away or something? >> eric: i don't think so. i don't think you can attribute that. these are people walking in saying, i need help right now. number should be going in the right direction. i think this will bode poorly on unemployment numbers. it may go up. >> steve: some people will start
8:36 am
blame bain cal -- blaming bain capital. >> steve: video coming into the fox news room because of extreme weather. take a look, north carolina this morning. pure and utter devastation after a powerful and rare tornado tore through two counties overnight. at least 15 people were injured in the twister. two of them seriously. others saying it was a gift from god that they even survived the night. >> thunder and lightning and felt like the side of the house was popping off. >> miracle we weren't killed. >> steve: the twister also destroyed more than 60 homes and buildings. emergency crews heading out right now to make sure that nobody is trapped in the rubble. we will keep you posted. >> alisyn: let's get to the rest of the headlines. a disturbing fight at the occupy dc camp site. we're talk being a baby girl who was abandoned inside one of the tents. the 13-month-old was wearing a
8:37 am
once entry mittens. she was reportedly crying at the top of her lung when is a woman finally found her and told police. the baby's father returned a half hour later and arrested on the spot. it's not clear if he was a occupy protester or a homeless person. dozens of former mf global employees are taking a few what, at senator and governor jon corzine. the bankrupt firm reportedly had a holiday party where laid off workers took turns smashing a pinata with pictures of corzine taped on it. inside the pinata were slips of paper with ious written on them. here is a question, who do you think is the most popular film maker in iran? we'll give you a hint. he's the same guy who accused the bush administration of somehow knowing about 9-11. that's right. he's none other than michael moore. an iranian film maker says moore is, quote, the most famous director in all of iran. he says everybody knows his movie, like "fahrenheit 9-11"
8:38 am
because they're played all the time. this is a country known for censoring almost all other western influences. >> steve: yep. meanwhile, it is a test of mind, body and spirit for the fearless folks who tackle that crazy obstacle course on tv's winter wipeout. as the show's new co-host, vanessa lechay is meeting some unique people. >> taking that 50 k home ♪ ♪ you watch me 'cause i love you people ♪ ♪ people ♪ . >> alisyn: who are these people? >> eric: we're joined by vanessa lechay. nice job on that. >> i have to be honest, i love my job, but i'm a little based for seguewaying from politic noose big red balls. only on your show can we do that.
8:39 am
>> steve: i love -- the part with the big red balls is amazing. have you done that? >> i have not done the big red balls yet. but you know, it's such a fun show and it is -- >> eric: here they are right there. >> steve: i'm surprised you haven't one time tried it. >> i'm going to give it a shot. i'm gog wait 'til it's a little warmer. next is coming up summer. when it's warmer, i might throw myself at the big red ball. >> steve: wear a helmet. >> i will. but it's fun. it's feel good. there is a lot of stuff going on in the world. so for an hour a night, just feel good, sit back and laugh. >> alisyn: the last time you were here, at least that i remember, you were not yet married. >> i wasn't. >> alisyn: to nick lechay. how has your life changed in the past six months? what's the biggest difference? >> the biggest difference is just my last name. and i mean that in a good way because nick and i have been
8:40 am
dating for five years. the day we got married was one day after our five-year anniversary. it's all pretty much the same. life is good. we got it figured out. we argue, we laugh. we cry. we make up. we do it all. there is nothing, no curve ball we can't handle. >> eric: we read a lot that you two are very competitive, though. >> we're scorpios. >> eric: does nick have any desire to jump on the big red balls? >> nick does have a desire to jump on the big red balls. i want to get him to do it with his brother. for me, i think it's best for our marriage that we don't do this together. >> eric: who would weapon -- win? >> i don't know. there are tricks. and i do know some of the tricks. >> steve: could you tell us one? when i'm watching, i say you have to wait for that big spinny thing gets there and then you jump. >> there is a couple of tricks with your body weight. think about it.
8:41 am
>> alisyn: interesting. of course, because you two are celebrities, everybody wants you immediate three have a baby. and you have said, i believe publicly, that you're open to -- >> steve: having baby today? >> yes. open to trying? open to having a baby. >> alisyn: are you guys close? >> steve: they just got married. >> are we close? i don't know. >> alisyn: any way you'd like to interpret that. >> eric: what do you know? >> you know what, we are married and so family is the next step. when it happens, it happens. i can't say it's not for lack of us trying. if that's what you were asking. >> alisyn: no, but i like your response. >> i love it. it will happen when it's meant to be. he's going to be the best dad. if he can have the baby now, he would. he's such a kid guy. >> steve: when you came in, we asked about politics.
8:42 am
in particular about south carolina. you said that you had lived in south carolina. you lived everywhere because you were from a military family. >> my dad is in the air force and 30 years. so i respect all of the people that serve and i'm happy now. i was just in the green room and saw some of the military servicemen and then the redskins cheerleaders and mccain was there. >> alisyn: just a typical day in our green room. >> and i was told it happens in the green room -- what happens in the green room stays in the green room. >> steve: good idea. >> thank you so much. >> alisyn: say hi to nick for us. >> i will. >> steve: he'll go alisyn who? >> absolutely. >> alisyn: meanwhile, next, a big win for religion. supreme court demands the obama administration stop going after the church. >> eric: is she too hot for the home room? her fellow high school students think so. they kicked this teen out of the yearbook.
8:43 am
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>> steve: bad news for the white house yesterday. the supreme court delivering a big blow to the white house and a big win for religious employers, like churches and schools. the high court ruled churches cannot be sued for employment discrimination for firing an unwanted minister. fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. has the prescription for justice. >> hi, steve, how are you doing? this is incredible story and it's emboldening to a lot of americans who are saying the white house and the federal government are getting in the way time and time on obamacare, on other issues, on religious liberty, about people's ability to freely exercise their chosen
8:47 am
religion. and the supreme court in the unanimous opinion yesterday -- >> steve: that never happened. >> democrat, republicans said to the federal government, hands off to lutheran church and their decision to discharge a minister who also taught some secular subjects, saying they made an internal church decision. the equal employment opportunity commission cannot get involved and make an issue out of it. that's their religious decision. respect the religion and respect the ecclesiastesal determination and a lot of americans have been looking for this based on this constant, constant infringement. >> steve: the extraordinary part of this is that the white house itself would inject the department of justice into this thing. if a church wants to get rid of somebody, a minister, the church should be able to do what they want to do. >> the supreme court in effect delivered a knockout punch to the white house on this issue.
8:48 am
the supreme court said to the federal government -- and the federal government argued this at the supreme court, there really isn't what's called a ministerial exemption or ministerial exception, meaning a religion is outside of eeoc laws with regard to its internal decisions. the church said, listen, we asked you, the plaintiff in this case, to go to an internal body within the church and let's handle this internally and that's our church rule. you violated it. you were up subordinate and we fired you. even though you had six years of training issues it was within our power as the heads of the lutheran church and the school to say no, you have to go. the federal government was saying no, don't respect the ministerial exemption. don't respect the ministerial exception. and let this school be sued by the plaintiff and by the eeoc. and the supreme court said, all of them, wrong.
8:49 am
the 1st amendment trumps all. religious liberty trumps all. hands often. so a big hallelujah went up because they said wow, maybe there is hope on obamacare when the supreme court steps in and sees the infringement of constitutional rights. >> steve: so many of you are interested in the story, peter wrote a commentary. it's at already thousands of people have read it. >> people should see it because it lay it is out for all faith. country that believes. >> steve: a big day for the churches. >> and for the constitution. >> steve: absolutely. thank you very much. next up on this thursday morning, students say her picture was not cool for school. they're here to tell you why they banned that young woman's picture from facebook. that man, bill hemmer. what's happening? >> great show this morning. >> steve: thank you. >> i really enjoyed watching it. good morning to you. is rick perry doubling down on his mitt romney offensive? rick perry is here live this
8:50 am
morning. we'll ask him about that. new polling numbers just out of florida, fresh out of florida. these are very interesting from scott rasmussen. ed rollins breaks down the picture in south carolina and warren buffet says he'll take that challenge from republicans. what's that all about? martha and i will see new ten minutes ugh, my sinus congestion, and it's your fault. instead of blaming me, try advil congestion relief. often the real problem is swelling, not mucus. advil congestion relief reduces swelling due to nasal inflammation. so i can breathe. advil congestion relief. hi. looking good! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed!
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>> alisyn: high school senior crying foul after the yearbook committee refused to let her use this picture as her official portrait. >> can't really honestly think that it describes who i am. people have pictures with their horses or guitars and that's my interest. >> alisyn: well, joining us now to explain their decision are two of the year book's co-editor , erin and paige.
8:54 am
thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> alisyn: paige, let me start with you. what did you find objectionable about this student's photo? >> i personally just thought that it was inappropriate and unprofessional and with our year book, we really tried to make it a professional publication and so we didn't want there to be any contradictions of the value of our book and so that's what i based my decision off of. >> alisyn: erin, the student, we should say, is 18 years old, sydney, an aspiring model and you just heard her there on the today show say that she basically thought it showed her personalities, that other students include pictures with their horses or whatever their interest is, modeling is her interest. what's your response to that? >> i think there were other ways you could maybe show your expressions other than posing like that and entering such a controversial photo. i think there were other photos
8:55 am
she could have chose than would express her personality the same way n a more appropriate photo. >> alisyn: paige, what's interesting about this is that lots of people would think, well, clearly the principal or some administrators at your school put the coo bash on this photo, but, in fact, it was just students. >> yes. that's correct. it really was us. we spent a lot of time discussing whether to print the photo l to not print the photo and sydney was part of a lot of those discussions. but when it came down to it, it really was just us five editors making that decision. >> alisyn: erin, you say sydney was part of the discussions. what did she say when you said, could you submit a less provocative photo? >> we gave her the option to choose another photo and she kind of took it the wrong way, i guess, and submitted another rather inappropriate photo which we also declined, which i think really upset her because we have
8:56 am
declined two now, which tho one else has had that issue this year. >> alisyn: paige, what's been the response from the rest of the student body, no pun intended? >> i think that what i've been hearing personally is that everyone is really in support of us. they also agree with us that it is inappropriate and it's a beautiful picture. just not for a year book. maybe for some other publication it would fit better. >> alisyn: you solved the problem by allowing her to what? buy an ad and post the photo? >> yes. we have seen her ads in the back of our year book, which parents and family members can purchase for their student and that displays their family memories and friends and that sort of thing. so she purchased two ads which were $570 and she's going to display that photo on one of those pages. >> alisyn: all right. erin, paige, thanks so much for joining us with your side of the
8:57 am
story. great to talk to you guys. more "fox & friends." >> thank you for having us. >> alisyn: be right back wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. ♪ baby, baby, come along ♪ baby, baby, come along with me ♪ [ air horn blows ] ♪ i love you and i need you ♪ just to hug and squeeze you ♪ baby, why can't you see? [ female announcer ] the space of a small suv. the fuel efficiency of a prius.
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