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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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get anywhere else. business community, other networks will be reruns of specials that ran, you know, when despots were still alive. that kind of thing. here we are all over it. be there. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: hello. happy friday 13th. 6 i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." we have a great show today. tebow time from those watching his endorsement to the big game tomorrow night. we have it all right here for you. things got explosive on "the view" when elizabeth schools joy behar. we have the tape. surprise fan of "the five." mr. rush limbaugh. he spoke about us a lot today. we'll play it for you. "the five" starts right now!
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♪ ♪ >> eric: be scared, be very scared. it's friday 13th. the power-grabber in chief took this day to ask for more executive power. scary power. listen. >> today, i am calling on congress to reinstate the authority that past presidents have had to streamline and reform the executive branch. this is the same sort of authority that every business owner has to make sure his or hear company keeps pace with the times. let me be clear. i will only use this authority for reforms that result in more efficiency, better service and leaner government. >> eric: yeah, we trust you. streamline and reform. that sounds exactly like what mitt romney did at bain capital. maybe romney envy perhaps. i'm not sure what is more
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outrageous. obama usurping congress for more executive privilege or theattacking romney from the let and side of his mouth. >> bob: usurping congress is one thing because they don't do anything. what obama is doing is something you should rally around. streamline government and bring departments together. i'm not sure what he said that was so wrong. he is trying streamline and make it work. as opposed to streamline, cut, rip it apart and send jobs overseas like romney does. >> eric: it sounded like he needs more executive privilege to power the pen. >> dana: you can see the campaign strategy. if we run against congress we need nuggets to throw out along the way. this was first brought up last january. year ago this month in the "state of the union."
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not a bad idea. we're in the worst recession as we're reminded daily. can anybody here name the commerce secretary, right? not somebody you see out talking about bringing jobs to america. >> greg: why do they call them secretaries? it's demeaning. >> dana: it's traditional and old school. very establishment. it's not really, not so much a rallying cry. i take, i with something you said in a gentle way. the least effective branch being the legislative branch. when president obama first got elected he had all the opportunities in the world to pass all the bills he wanted to with the democratic congress. only when republicans took over in 2010, he started to -- >> bob: he did and he passed historic great healthcare reform. >> dana: everyone hated. >> bob: then i died. >> eric: it may die over the summer. >> bob: i doubt it. >> eric: this is further on in the speech today. he said with or without
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congress i'll keep at it. it would be easier if congress helped. meaning he will do it no matter what. bleaking the law of the land -- breaking the law of the land. >> kimberly: that is the problem. these are desperate times because of the situation he did help create. it's not just past administrations. this works really well for romney. united states is begging and taking out a help wanted ad. commander-in-chief with business experience to get us out of this. he is well-suited and he can turn it around and play to his advantage. say i'm not a guy to throw something up against the wall and see if it sticks. i know what to do. any concerns about romney will dissipate. >> eric: you said newt can't see his own hump. >> greg: i did say that. >> eric: you did. with the bain capital thing is
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this newt not seeing his own hump? >> greg: mitt or newt? >> eric: newt. >> greg: i did a report, gutfeld institute of crud did a report on the economic impact of -- >> kimberly: highly regarded. >> greg: it found it created 4 billion jobs. looking to eliminate risk from capitalism is looking to community activism for results. this is how the left views the economy. >> bob: can i take issue with things myself? this is one of my great sources. we are not in a great recession anymore. we are out of a great recession. number one. we are coming back strongly, with the obama recovery. >> eric: the obama recovery of the obama malaise. excuse me. sorry. >> bob: you're interrupting me. the other thing i'd say is there are a lot of community activists that do good things
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for no way. >> eric: stop. we have don't want to do community act virgin islands right now listeislands -- activ. listen to charles krauthammer on this controversy. >> if the lead is slinking it's as a result of the bain issue. if it will bring him down in a republican, conservative state, imagine what it will do in a general election when there are independents and democrats who aren't hardly inclined toward capitalism in the first place. this is a challenge for romney. if he doesn't have a good answer and good way to deflect it and good story to tell, this is a warning. >> eric: let's see if his answer is good enough. listen to mitt romney. >> mitt romney helped create and ran a company that invested in struggling businesses, grew new ones and rebuilt old ones. creating thousands of jobs. those are the facts. we expected the obama administration to put free market on trial.
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as the "wall street journal" said, mr. romney's g.o.p. opponents are embarrassing themselves by seeking the obama line. >> eric: what do you think of that? >> dana: effective defense. one thing they talk about is he is going to have to talk for himself. but also effective to have others defend you. i pulled this out of the "wall street journal." jonathan macy, yale law school professor, one thing he said is the private equity firm are equity investors. they don't get paid back until creditors are paid back. that's one thing that was an outrage of solyndra. they reengineered a deal to help the private equity people getting the government money to paid back first before the tax -- >> kimberly: got bonuses. >> greg: let me add. once sub explain what is bain it, it's really boring. people stop caring. this is not if the same realm of a terrorist throw you a
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rundraiser. >> kimberly: good point. >> bob: if i could make a point about the romney ad. he will have to have courage to answer questions about bain capital. what happened to his 100,000 jobs he kept saying he was all for 100,000 and now down to 1,000. it notice that. the first return on the bain capital investors are to investors. that's what they want to do. whatever maximizes the return, losing jobs for people or cutting businesses, they'll do it. >> eric: first, private equity means, private means it's not government money. >> greg: that is a key point. pensions that rin vesting in it. >> kimberly: like calpers. >> eric: sometimes. not all the time. allow me. you made a point about 100,000 jobs. if i'm romney and i'm his campaign manager i do this. the attacks come from waserman
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schultz and axelrod, maybe it wasn't 100,000. maybe it was 1 million jobs we created. maybe we saved or creating a million jobs now. you want to start talking about saves or creating jobs? then you win. >> bob: companies like bain are in the business of doing maximize with their investors. but their business was not in helping to save companies. it was to maximize -- >> eric: no, no, no. >> bob: in the process what he has not answered here, a steel company and something else he got started but he didn't mention 30 that went under. >> eric: they saved companies that were viable. >> dana: if it would haven't been successful no, money -- >> bob: plenty of successful companies that made a fortune, but there are companies that went underwater. >> kimberly: when you go and invest and you see a company, you do your research and you have analysts. a long process. you decide if this is a company to take to the next level. the whole point of private equity is invest and restructure, grow the business to make money for everyone involved. >> bob: or in bain case a company to take apart and sell
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in pieces and make money for. >> eric: let me get to dan, the last thought. and greg. siely was going under in 1997. about to be belly up. i remember it distinctly. the company had 25 employees left. bain came in and changed the pricing and the marketing and they grew to 5,000 employees. it was gone already, bob. >> bob: there companies in south carolina that lost -- >> dana: it happens in capitalism. >> kimberly: free market. >> greg: it's not like soccer everybody gets to play and at the end it's 0-0. >> eric: and everyone gets a trophy. >> bob: if you take over companies to maximize the investors' money and it means ripping the companies apart and losing jobs, that's all that matters, that is part of capitalism? >> eric: corporate raiders -- >> bob: that's what they are. corporate raiders. >> eric: invited in. >> kimberly: in the movie "pretty woman."
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richard gear is a corporate raider and he would go in for private companies. it's richard gere. the hair is similar. >> eric: a huge republican debate on fox news monday night. we will be here to preview it and hope you sick with us all night long for the best political news coverage on the planet. coming up, obama slammed by liberals. guess who is bigger in the united states? liberal or conservatives? greg will tell us about it next. don't forget to e-mail us at ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." according to the new gallup poll, a survey done for horses, only 21% of people call themselves liberal. for every liberal you find there are two people avoiding him. so what does it mean for
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america? the main stream media does not represent the country they talk down to and more americans are resisting the message that insist things would be better only if we were belgium. it means offering alternative to liberal mush, fox news has freed millions to be themselves without feeling like outcast and the military will be respected as awesome men and women. americans aren't ashamed of a capitalistic system that works better than any other. it means pelosi is likely to stay wherever the dems have hidden her. i won't have to convert my sports car to run on nonpolluting lemur urine. congratulations, americans. you wiseed up. clean your room. >> bob: the people who pay your bills! >> kimberly: got brown on your nose over there.
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crud on your nose. >> dana: that was all boiling inside, like a boil and erupted. >> greg: i wanted to get through it because it's friday, dana. is that surprising that americans are conservative given that it is a country of rugged individualism, dana? >> dana: no. introduceness matters and i think you will see a lot of that discussion in the next nine months. the question comes down to what kind of country are we going to be this how are we going to pay for it? in the last four weeks the campaign turned to do we like the system we have with improvement or go to something different like europe? >> greg: it's about turning into belgium, isn't it? >> bob: it's not. there are a lot of things in belgium that are very nice. >> dana: fries. >> greg: it's not the food. >> kimberly: waffles! >> bob: first, the debt
5:18 pm
total up to 61%. 39% of the country considers themselves moderate. it's there that the presidential election are won and lost. one. two, conservatives, there are a lot of type of conservative, moderate conservative to the wing, my brother here. this is trey wingo. i'm not sure that you say it's hard right conservative. that is is not what it means. it's been a big disparity. this is a center right country. i'll accept that. >> greg: that is a good point. if the country is center right how did they elect obama? >> bob: 90% of the center voted for him. that's. why >> kimberly: he was able to pull the votes. but now what? if there is this much dissatisf, favorability rating and economy is. the opportunity right now at present, they should be able to, they should given numbers
5:19 pm
take both houses. and the white house. >> bob: kim, the independents who will decide this presidential election. in new hampshire, mitt romney. >> kimberly: they're ripe for the picking. >> bob: they have a serious problem with independents. as does barack obama. >> kimberly: who can get them better than romney? >> bob: not romney. >> greg: eric, doesn't this tell you in the last couple of years when the republicans weren't around the american public was counterweight to obama? >> eric: i don't know if i'm reading that. the most important thing you read from that two to one conservatives over liberals is not about who will win the white house. where are the states going to go. not just the senate or the house, but the state legislature is moving to the right. the middle of the country now is red. getting more red. wisconsin, indiana, the states
5:20 pm
are becoming dominant -- >> kimberly: they have to capitalize it. >> bob: what happened in upper midwest happened in the 2010 election. the most important election when 60 million more people come to the polls. in 2012 you see the ledgeture turned over. >> greg: i doubt it. >> bob: your boy scott, whatever his name is -- >> eric: scott walker, indiana now is going to move to be a right to work state. on the state level, republican and conservatives are spreading to become more -- >> dana: it's not easy to be a republican and go in a state failing under democratic leadership and turn it around. michigan is a great example. wisconsin, governor snyder in michigan, walker is in wisconsin. you have to make tough decisions to get things moving
5:21 pm
again. >> bob: kasich is in trouble. >> eric: mitch daniels in indiana c'mon, you have to admit it starts at the state level. >> bob: in the muper midwest, the polls are terrible. kasich told me that himself. >> dana: he has to turn it around. you have to make a case to deep it in there. the republican bench on the state side is impressive. our friend ed gillispie helps run that and they have had steady gains since he was at the elm of it. >> greg: more like your friend. i don't know him. >> dana: want to get to know him? >> greg: love to. >> dana: nice guy. >> bob: nice guy, but you wouldn't get along with him. he talks politics all the time. >> dana: he is funny. >> greg: shall we take a break? coming up, you a choice. we can talk about tim tebow, tim tebow -- or yeah, tim
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: take it away. welcome back to "the five." joran van der sloot, the guy suspected in the death of natalee holloway will be lock up for a while. he got 28-year sentence after pleading guilty to death of peruvian woman. this is shocking. no one expected this. he was going to get 28 years. the thought process was he was
5:27 pm
going to bleed guilty, own up to it because the judge might give him leniency and he will get far less time. were you surprised by it? >> dana: not really but i don't follow peruvian law that well. but i'm going to start. looking at the photograph of him, jail has not been good to him. not a pleasant experience. he looks terrible. look at that. >> bob: not that jail is good for anybody. look at greg. >> dana: look at him. >> bob: is he the guy that was with that natalee? >> dana: yes. >> kimberly: aruba. >> bob: i thought he'd get half the sense tense and time he spent in jail so he could spend 13 years right? >> kimberly: the sentence could be ended in 2038. so he has to do a significant amount of time. but nevertheless, he should given the horrific nature.
5:28 pm
the judge went through it all. >> bob: did he get off for the awry bah thing? >> kimberly: no body. >> kimberly: the problem if you don't have a body in aruba, there was a controversy in the beginning perhaps his father coached him. saying no body, no case. they weren't able to recover it. despite the fact he was on tape admitting, confessing it to. the story goes further when he tried to extort money from natalee's money beth saying i'll show you where your daughter is buried if you give me $150,000. >> bob: you still can't get a murder penalty for that? >> kimberly: this is not a how-to show. >> eric: given what happened with natalee the other guy brought his girlfriend to aruba and allegedly killed her and he is out now, right? giordano. >> kimberly: but they held
5:29 pm
him for the extent period of time. completely different judicial system over there. when this happened people were worried saying he would engage in the behavior again. recidivist, issues with women. et cetera. i did sit down and you can look at this, many moons ago with his mother. anita van der sloot. >> bob: who is that? >> kimberly: that is me. i was asking her, she seemed to be in complete denial. >> bob: i had one take me to cybeion and leave me, too. >> dana: we might try it this weekend. >> greg: you look at this guy and you know he killed more people. he has an i killed more people face. the problem with psychopath, prison isn't a problem. he will excel in prison. they will look up to him because he is a mass murder and learn to maneuver through the system. his dad got away with it.
5:30 pm
why can't you hire seal team six and kill the guy? >> kimberly: that would be illegal. contract killing, so you know. >> bob: he won't that well in prison. >> kimberly: speaking of murder, bob. we'll talk about philadelphia. a nice bit of the sound about fuming about what happened there. it's tragic in terms of the amount of homicides. 14 murders 12 days in the year, 2012. a crisis and problem there. take a listen. >> if you want to act like an idiot and be a low life we'll track you down like the dog you are, catch you and you'll be subject to every possible penalty that the law allows. >> bob: this guy is serious. he says it straight. it's one thing that an african-american mayor can say it the way he does. difficult for white mayor to say it.
5:31 pm
not afraid to call out guys in the hood. he is serious, give him credit. >> dana: he had a conservative sentence. >> eric: this is a guy who was mayor when the black panther, the new black panther party at the polling place threatening people. >> bob: think he invited them in? >> eric: no. he defended it. we got in a huge argument about it. he said i didn't know, i had nothing to do with it. he was told about it. we had rick leventhal almost beat up. >> bob: the language in the press conference is language you don't normally hear out of mayors. >> dana: it was aimed at parents. he had a conservative sentence. he said we cannot completely legislate or by policy make people responsible for their children. that is why you get gallup poll numbers, maybe they are not as conservative as others but that is saying government can't do everything for you. >> kimberly: excellent work. >> greg: if you look at oakland and detroit and
5:32 pm
philadelphia, you think what is the greatest transformation in any city i have seen? new york city in '70s to '90s in undergiuliani is amazing. this is a different city. if you look at "taxi driver" they're science fiction films. the era doesn't exist. isn't it time for these cities to look at new york and learn something? >> kimberly: you have to be tough about it. >> eric: give giuliani credit. >> bob: but new york was at the bottom of the barrel. look at us now. >> kimberly: i need a tebow fix immediately. tebow mania mile high in denver. you like that? he has a big game tomorrow. everyone is buzzing about it. so are we. it's next. tebow time! ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is some republican conservatives to bash presidential candidate mitt romney for his record as a businessman. tonight on "special report," mike emanuel looks at what romney detractors are saying, what the front runner is doing about it. john roberts talks with folks in south carolina about whether the attacks are hurting romney. the south carolina primary is a week from tomorrow. it is shifting. former mississippi governor haley barbour will join us live in a fox news national exclusive. we will talk about his decision to grant more than 200 pardons on his way out of office. a move receiving a lot of attention and chris schism in his state. president obama made his pitch to reduce the size of the federal government. ed henry looks at the politics behind that move. plus, late-breaking news on the downgrading of the number of countries' credit rating. how will that affect the
5:38 pm
u.s. economy? "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: well, we're going to talk about not very well known fellow named tebow. tim tebow among other things tomorrow night will be playing in the playoffs against new england patriots. tebow, as you know, is the faith-based quarterback from denver. and has done some remarkable things. in fact, espn just named him by view of their audience the most favorite athlete in the country in the shortest period of time to get on that list. but, there also was a poll done about how much god was involved in tebow's successes over the last several weeks. and 43% said yes, god was
5:39 pm
behind tebow. and 42% said no, god wasn't behind tebow. 14% had no opinion. which atheist vote. >> dana: don't you think it could mean that god gave him talent and he developed them and worked really hard? >> bob: no. with the way the poll was worded meant he was this helping him along. what do you think about that? you started. >> dana: the way i read it that god gives even a certain amount of talent and you do what you with it and the opportunity that presents themes to you and sometimes there is luck and sometimes it's hard work. that's how i read it. i know how the rest of the media would read it. >> greg: was there a part of the poll that talked about how much of tebow was involved in god's success? dane no. that is coming out monday. >> bob: do you agree with dana that is what they talked about? >> eric: at least 4 #% of the team that tebow play thinks god has something to do with it. if he beats tom brady in foxboro, at patriot stadium,
5:40 pm
that 43% number will go to 110%. i have a bet with chris wallace, i took tebow plus 14. good luck my friend. you're going down. >> bob: you are a tebow fan. >> kimberly: who wouldn't take that bet. you have 14 points? >> bob: it's 13-1/2 on the line now. >> kimberly: by the time the show is over, it might to 14. >> bob: what do you think? >> kimberly: god blesss you with talent and ability and it's up th up to you to make the most of you. god wantous to help yourself. >> bob: i hope that is what the poll is about. the idea that god would intervene in an n.f.l. series of games is -- from a christian standpoint i find absolutely outrageous. >> eric: can i just add, too, a question. sorry, bob. >> bob: fine. >> eric: you are offbase here. remember when the muslims came down here and they were all in the street. they were praying. everyone said this is what they do. respect the religion. everyone said that is fine. tim tebow scores a touchdown
5:41 pm
and goes like this. everyone has problem with it. >> bob: i don't have a problem with it. my problem the assumption that somehow god came and intervened in an n.f.l. game is absurd. bordering on obscene. >> greg: god should have intervened on "project runway." the all-stars began thursday. mondo duerro is involved. he lost two years ago and where was god then? there he is now. >> bob: where are you now? >> kimberly: no one knows. planet greg. >> bob: apparently every republican g.o.p. candidate asked tebow for his endorsement. do you think that tebow should give his endorsement? >> eric: absolutely not. keep separation of church and state. >> kimberly: that was cute. you're a good boy. >> dana: kno focus on the game. >> bob: what do you think? >> greg: i don't care. >> bob: i don't know why i asked you the question. >> greg: me neither. >> kimberly: i think it would help. i would like his endorsement,
5:42 pm
too. >> bob: he is a unique individual to say the least. the last thing i'd do is get in the business of endorsing in politics. a big mistake for him. stick with what he is doing now. other thing, what if he endorsed somebody and they lose. then a lot of people like you -- >> dana: then god will intervene and there will be a recount or something. right? >> eric: >> bob: it was a cat fight. on the "view." unlike us, we don't have cat fights. between what is the name? joy behar and hasselbeck. pop some popcorn. we'll show you what happened. i don't watch the show. >> eric: do you guys mind if i tebow? >> kimberly: here he comes again. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: we have been talking a lot about comments that mitt romney made on the campaign trail saying he likes to -- excuse me? >> greg: while dana is talking. >> kimberly: look at that.
5:47 pm
>> unbelievable. >> dana: can we go to tape? i'll regain control here. >> his reputation is he lays off workers. he used the phrase "i like to fire people" does not sound good whether in or out of context. >> let's fact check something. working at bain the job was to go and rescue companies going bankrupt. anyone running a company knows at times you have to make tough decisions. >> companies or laid off workers? >> everyone who is an employer probably had to lay off somebody at one time. if anybody is going to not talk about having emploit now, putting people out of work, take a close look at what is going on. >> average worker in this country. >> maybe this sounds terrible if you are not listening to all the facts. >> dana: i want to ask you something. we have a couple things to get to and we wasted so much time earlier. do you think that joy -- joy?
5:48 pm
joy, would not have fired someone in a second if he she didn't get good service? >> eric: gone. that was elizabeth schooling joy on free market capitalism. it's strange how the left is i'm worried about the people, the employees because they want everyone to make the same and have a job. >> dana: i want to ask you about this. if this is happening on view "if view" how deep is this argument penetrating? >> bob: not as much with the average voter. that's why the democrats are upset started early on romney because they want to lay this on him. are view all from the jersey shore?
5:49 pm
going to school with the -- >> kimberly: don't start. >> dana: i thought she was great. she is an entrepreneur, in addition to if -- >> bob: that woman? >> dana: yes. i don't have much time. greg has things to say. last night on tonight show, megan mccain was on and comparing herself to ronald reagan. >> do you think reagan would like this? >> if ronald reagan were running today he'd be called a dirty moderate like me, unfortunately. >> she was confused. she was thinking of ronald reagan junior. thought he was present. on the steam train of conventional wisdom she is caboose. by the time she said it 100 other people said it. thing about reagan moderate has been said 1 ,000 times. but she is so wonderful. >> dana: everybody compares themselves to reagan in one way or. a do you think tebow thinks of
5:50 pm
himself as reagan? tie our segments together. >> kimberly: no. people glob on and say i'm like reagan or the candidate to bring about the revolution in america. people look up to him. to call him a dirty moderate -- >> dana: what do you think? >> eric: the difference between megan mccain -- liz cheney is now a contributor. one is brilliant, smart and articulate. megan mccain could be the dumbest people on msnbc. >> dana: they have different experience levels. >> bob: i think she is right about it. ronald reagan is one that signed the last immigration law that made sense and allowed people illegally in the country to stay. you right wing nuts won't do now. he is the last -- >> eric: don't do the next one. go ahead. go ahead. >> bob: what do you any i'll
5:51 pm
do? >> eric: are you going with the abortion issue? >> bob: no. >> eric: good. >> bob: are you interfering with my commentary? >> dana: i'll cut them off. one more thing is coming up. the last one of the week. special edition involving a big fan. we love him. rush limbaugh. right back with that. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: time for one more thing. i was listening to rush limbaugh today. guess what? it turns out she a huge fan of "the five." take a listen. >> last night on fox, the show they have at 5:00 called "the five." you know why they call it "the five"? no, it's not five women. unless you count beckel. you don't even really know who the host of the show is. they rotate it. do a pretty good job of it. "the five" at 5:00. they can put anybody in there. they do have a regular rotation. the rotation yesterday was eric bolling, a good guy from fox business network. and beckel was in there.
5:56 pm
i think kimberly guilfoyle is part of this group. dana perino is part of the group. andrea tantaros is part of the group. >> eric: back story on that. he called her andrea trample t tarantula. >> bob: i can talk about andrea. i have sat next to her for years. i have the pleasure doing that. once in a white, she has a bite and sometimes it can hurt. but it's not poisonous. she has two good legs, rush. not eight. >> eric: has called you out a couple times on the establishment. >> dana: i appreciate he said he like me but -- he thinks i'm too nice. i get that a lot on the street. >> greg: we came in the
5:57 pm
segment -- he didn't mention me. we came in with "rush, rush" by paula abduhl about a weekend she spent with rush limbaugh in the hamptons in the early '80s. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> greg: listen to the lyrics. they'll blow your mind all over the table. >> eric: why me. >> bob: by the way, rush i have been called a lot of things but a girl? >> eric: listen one more time. >> talk about what rush said. to say that the president of the united states is warn enemy of capitalism is outrageous statement. >> no, it's not. it's the bolling thing. the beckel thing is outrageous. no, it's true. maybe not sworn. i don't think i said obama is a sworn enemy. >> eric: bob?
5:58 pm
>> bob: i thought he did say that. he, like you -- i gave rush limbaugh, the first tv show he did was with tony snow and i on the fox show in 1990. i'll say this. i said if you elect a democrat in 1992, i will be the biggest talk show host in history and it turned out to be right. we went out to eat. dangerous thing, between me and rush and steak. i can tell you that. he is like you. you buy into this stuff. you have called the president of the united states ferocious names. so has rush. i can't think of the time i call bush what you call obama. >> eric: i don't attack obama the man. i tack obama the social -- i atam obama the socialist -- >> bob: you made my point. yesterday you called me barry. >> dana: two days ago. >> kimberly: his friends called him barry. not kidding you.
5:59 pm
>> dana: i can't call the former secretary -- if i say secretary rice i would not call her condie ever. >> greg: when i was writing for the post, there was nothing more disgusting than what was said about bush. you don't do that, bob, but some people said -- they would take the name bush and use "h" to spell hitler. >> bob: i was the deputy assistant secretary of secretary of state. you don't call me mr. mr. secretary. i don't get any -- >> dana: mr. secretary? >> eric: deputy to secretary of state. >> dana: we have title inflation going on in the government. >> kimberly: do you have business cards? >> bob: this is where you fail to understand the depth of the federal government. >> kimberly: that would help you dating. >> eric: we have to go. we have to go.


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