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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 14, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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primary in south carolina and catch him on fox business when the results come in. watch it and profit from it. thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. >> a luxury cruise turns in to a nightmare at sea. it ran off the coast in tuscan yekeeled over. three people are dead and 69 unaccounted for. survivors describe chaoticuation as they call and climb to safety. >> they are joining us with the latest on the disaster and search for the missing, greg. >> uma that's right. confirmed dead. two french tourist and somebody from peru. dozens of those missing and it
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just got dark. obviously that is trouble looking for any of them tonight. this is one of those huge luxury cruise ships from the costa coatia company. it is outside of the big port used for rome. people were down at dinner and they witnessed what they said was a scraping sound. two big holes and 20 minutes nothing drastic and then total panic. there is good video that start to come in from what was happening in the moments as it keeled over. the captain tried to get close to shore. it was ruve. there was a lot of shocked passengers and people saying you can't imagine what they had to go through as they . many of them and lots of french and german tourist many
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of them have made their way back to the rome airport but it is a tough night there on the island of gilio. 130 merrence on the ship . none with serious injuries. and this is really a beautiful, beautiful part of the tuscan coasts. it is the last chance for mitt romney's oppons to stop the march on the nomination. newt gingrich is emerging as the leader of the battle. john, what can you tell us . good afternoon to you.
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uma, sevendays left. and they vote in the paul meadow state. brand new public policy shows mitt romney with 29 percent. newt gingrich with 5 points behind with 24. and ron paul at 15 . rick scant sant at 14 and rick perry trailing then. and average is 26.sevenfor mitt romney and 22 for newt gingrich and paul and santorum tied at 14.7. newt gingrich left behind the attacks and will focus on an aggressive effort to compare and contrast his record with mitt romney. newt gingrich said he will compare his record as a nra lifetime legislative leader with that of romney's.
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governor mitt romney was comfortable with the gun control laws. in a state like south carolina that is definitive of who is the conservative and who isn't. >> this is an issue. they are touting support for mitt romney's position on abortion. featuring mary ann glendon. she was also president bush's ambassador to the vatican. the pro life movement is all about changing hearts and minds. mitt romney has been criticized by some people for coming to a pro-position on the basis of information. that's what the pro life movement is all about.
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a few people in south carolina sees mitt romney as the true social conservative. if they split that vote as they are now. there is a chance that mitt romney could take it and on to florida where he could wrap it up. but with things tightening up the way they are. uma, it is unclear who would take the contest. it could be mitt romney and newt gingrich if he continue to rise the way he has. >> quite a battle shaping up there. great to see you. mitt romney is trying to get out his side of the story concerning the time in bane capitol. and joining us is utah congressman. great to see you and nice to have you here today. >> thank you. >> that super pak is releasing two new ads in south carolina,
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one labeling romney a rino. republican in name only and the other for misleading the number of jobs he was with dane capitol. >> is this forcing him to play difference. >> it is ridiculous that we are putting capitalism and free enterprise. mitt romney has a stellar record. i am fairly new person in the house of representative and second most conservative person . i will totally comfortable with mitt romney. i think when people look at who we will put up against obama. we need machine who knows about jobs in the economy. i have a hard time believing that the people of south carolina and across the country will put a 30 year washington d.c. insider who worked on k street to go up and make the case that we need to change washington d.c.. we need a true outsider.
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that's why i am supporting mitt romney. >> he has created 100,000 jobs. is that true or not. >> yeah, dominos and staples and thort sports authority all over the country. he's had failures and success. that's what private enterprise is all about. and fundmentallyy what mitt romney understands it is the private sector and individuals that create jobs and not the government. that is it a fundmental difference from obama. >> and the tv ads in south carolina are brutal with a voice saying mitt romney, not conservative . not electable. are you concerned that this type of attack attacks the gop ahead of the general by volidating the democratic argument. >> it is a page written out of move, and bark obama. and for candidates in this race, republicans to take that
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line and approach is very concerning not only for current mitt romney supporters, but people in the undecided category. that's not who we should do in the party. speaker gingrich said there are inaccuracy. they should come down. they are irresponsible and not accurate. and look, governor is totally open to his record. >> let me jump in here a second. is this a betrayal then? is it a betrayal for people who say this is something that we need to do when it come to supporting the gop or is it a betrayal of conservative values? >> both. speaker gingrich is tarnishing has record. he has accomplishments in the past but we will walk out so tarnished he should be embarrassed by what he's doing and how he's doing it. there are differences on policies and we need to be
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united in fighting and beating barack obama and talking about jobs and the economy and not putting private enterprise on trial. >> thank you. >> and we'll have much more on this later in the program. but it is the undecided voters that may end up being the key in winning the primary. former arkansas governor mike huckabee who was a gop candidate for president will be sitting down with five of the six republican contenders and a group of undecided voters as part of a special foryum you will hear from the candidates and that is tonight on the fox news channel. and it is your turn to weigh in. a timely question ahead of huckabee's forum in a state where evangelicals are influential. is someone with social conservative values more important than picking someone with the best plan to fix the economy.
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twet your answer to anhqdc or hurricaneuma. >> it is becoming more common place these days. it is a friday document dump from the white house. the white house gave more than 500 million to solyndra even though it knew that the company was gearing up for employee lay offs n just released e-mail it is clear that even though the obama administration knew about the clip they stayed silent. >> it was six days before the 2010 midterm election that the obama administration knew that solyndra was in trouble and the company they gave 535 million was about to fire a big chunk of the work force. we have an e-mail from the white house aide to the director of climate and change policy laying out what they knew and chose to keep quit.
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solyndra will lay off 200 of the 1200 workers. that is from the chairman. they don't think it is bueno. the sad truth is, solyndra was tainted by stim tim politics from the outset and rushed out of the door over protest of the administration's top experts. lay offs delayed until after the 20 10 election and all left the taxpayers on the hook for a half billion. in a letter to the committee. white house council makes clear there are no support for favoritism and inappropriate white house interference. the chairman of the house over sight darrell isa disagrees. one of the thing that is bothers me the most they were concerned about the news of
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the lay offs come out before the midterm election than whether or not their plan to finance companies like this even if they were not viable was a good one or not. >> it is worth pointing out not only were they releasod a friday, but a friday of a three day weekend. a time when many concerned citizens are distracted by other things. uma. >> thank you for the update. and debate roars on with haly barbour's mass pardon. two hundred crim nams free and some of them are murderers. barbour defended his decision and saying killers should be forbegin. >> i believe in second chances. i believe we are taught that as christians and that's the principle of mississippi to give people a second chance. >> despite the public outrage, barbour is noting that several of the pardoned criminals worked in the governor's mansion and he trusted them to
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be around his grandchildren. over seas the death tollon a shiite bomb nothing iraq has risen to 53. it happened in the city of basra. this is the latest in a string of attacks direct in the shiite muslim community coming after the u.s. troops completed their withdrawal from iraq. iran is accusing the sy of being behind the bombing of a nuclear scientist. he died when a bomb attached to his funeral exploded. this latest flash point comes as obama administration is warning iran through public and private channels not to make good on the blocking in the strait of the hormhormuz. >> a new law that the obama
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administration put in place after o.k. knowledging it lost weapons in operation fast and furuous and held up. julie banderas has more on the story. >> yeah, u.s. federal judge handed the obama administration a victory and throwing out a lawsuit against new federal rules requiring gun dealers in four states to report the state of the multiple semiautomatic rifles. in an effort to curb the border violence. the atf ordered 8000 gun dealers in texas, new mexico and arizona and california to report the sales within five-days. that came as the atf has been under scutiny after a botched guns called fast and furuous. it resulted in thousands of weapons falling in the hand
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drug cartels. two of those guns were found in the murder scene of agent terry killed in a shoot out in mexico. and a well placed source on capitol hill tells fox, that the head of the u.s. attorney division in arizona patrick cunningham is resigning. he supervised prosecutions related to the operation. mexican officials complained about guns illegally coming from the united states. tens of thousands of mexicans have died in the drug wars since 2006 when the government decided to take on the cartel. the national rifle association said the rules will not impact the cartel but rather burden law-abiding retailers. >> thank you. talk about hanging by a thread. look at the dramatic video. a mother and two daughters trapped in the smashed car and
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>> i find it sort of the fascinating when they get athis is different people. it could be the media or opponents i sort of have to chuckle when they describe you and me as being dangerous. >> there you have it of the congressman ron paul is not at the huckabee forum in south carolina tonight. fresh off the second place finish he is in texas. joining us is jesse benton. mr. benton, thank you for joining us. (no audio) 92 we are going to check the audio for mr. benton. we'll move on and come back with more. we'll go on to other guest that is we have here. we have leslie marshall radio talk show host and mike gallager standing by. we have told you it is a rough
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and tumble arena in south carolina where there is it a barage of negative campaign ads. joining us is my two guests who are here ready roll up the sleeves. leslie, how do you rate the ads. >> you know personally i don't like the negative attack ads whether democrats or republicans for whatever office. but you said earlier, uma, we have so many undecided people and in new hampshire they call them undeclared. and they awn will use these ads and these sound bites in order to make that decision. if they are saying how does ron paul feel about the relationship with iran. affective and why politicians use them. >> for those democrats in the
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white house, that is the gift that keeps on giving. it will cripple mitt romney campaign. >> no. i am th leslie for the republican side of the race. there would have been more cleanliness in the campaign messages. but you know, it is so funny to watch the rightousness coming from the folks that are decided. and you are hearing from mitt romney . i love congressman chaffes with his indignation. but romney supporter doesn't want to acknowledge the ads that were vicious on newt gingrich. rick santorum admitted to me, attack ads work.
12:23 pm
thiwill make the decision. i wish it would stay more positive. it is not good for the republican party and i suspect democrats don't like it either. >> and the negative spots do have an impact with the electorate . gingrich has been asking the super pac to be accurate when it goes on the attack against romney for example. is it clear and true that he has nothing to do with the super pac. they can do whatever they want because they are separate from the campaign. the ads are not accuracy. they are market directing specificly at the undecided voters and defending the campaign against another attack ad. i am getting over the fact that mike and i are agreeing.
12:24 pm
>> this is a moment . sort of like your mother wears army boots . really, that is what it is. fine. if it was not affective they wouldn't spend so much money. >> i have talked to a lot of the campaign folks one of the ads accuse speaker gingrich of supporting an individual man date for health insurance. he didn't. he was angry because he said those attack ads were factually incorrect. as for whether or not the candidate knows about the super pac? come on. that is a joke and myth in politics today. they are staff by people who work with the individual candidate if you think that the candidate is not aware of the message. i know that is the ways rules and supposed to be. they know what is happen
12:25 pm
gingrich said i want accountability. one thing for newt when he lashed out at romney. this is why i am more conservative and i will not hide behind what my super pack is up to. >> and it is not just newt and romney, it is also ron paul going after santorum and the other guys rick perry. they are all playing the same game. leslie in dirty politics to do whatever it takes to get votes, isn't that a turn off with the way the process works. >> it really should be but it isn't. it is so effective. and even for hey, newt gingrich was like i will not play that game . how many points behind am i? american people need to understand that politics unfortunately is a game. running this country is not. politics is a game if you
12:26 pm
will. they are in a contest and they want it bad. come on, seriously. i don't care if you are a democrat or republican. you have to have a huge ego. you don't want to lose. >> all right. that will be the last word. always great to see you. >> you bet. all the best. >> let's check back with jesse who is ron paul's campaign manager. nice to have you here. thank you. >> nice to be with you. >> your candidate is doing well in south carolina. recent polls show he is closing the gap between himself and mitt romney. >> we are surging in south carolina. we have the resources and grasss and the winning message. people in south carolina are looking for a candidate to cut the spind serious about the debt that is exploding and go to the white house to cut the spend get the government under control.
12:27 pm
they know dr. paul will do what he says. >> and what about more young people drawn in this race. >> that is very, very important for us. young people realize the mess they are being left and they want real change. they want civil liberties back and they want a government to be its proper size. dr. paul won 50 percent of the vote under 30 in iowa and new hampshire. dr. paul is bringing them out in the process and getting them engaged and that is crit beingal. we are counting on a great turn out to push him to the top. >> are you really hoping for a big upset next week? but if he comes out second or third is that good enough for you. absolutely. we have a campaigned and marshall our resources and focused on iowa and new hampshire. and we had great turn outs in both of those states and rolling in hard in south
12:28 pm
carolina and we are surging there. we moved from the single digits and nipping in the heels x. we are going to do well. most importantly we are the only campaign with the organization and resources down stream further in the caucus states in february and super tuesday and beyond to keep on going. so after we have a strong showing running with the front runners. we are going to show it is a two-man race between paul and romney. >> you expect that you will see more dollars flow and if you come out second or third. it is going to take money going forward and organization. it is going to take money and you know, dr. paul has a wonderful network of donors. hundreds of thousands of people who give $25 or $50 or $100. money will keep going because
12:29 pm
people want their liberty back and they want to see spending cuts and get the government back under control. we want to save america before we lose. >> i apologize for the audio problems and we wish you all of the best. >> so the question, will south carolina conservatives hand mitt romney another win? we'll ask a man who knows the paw meadow state. governor mark san ford coming up next. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties ha sixty calories oless
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welcome back. one week ago the crucial scouth carolina primary. mike huckabee is hosting the white house hopefuls in a special forum in charleston today. peter doocy has more on that. >> uma, all of the republican
12:34 pm
candidates except ron paul will field conditions from gop voters in a town hall style meeting. this is the second forum huckabee hosted and you can see it here on fox. a sad ending for the search for a missing montana teacher. school officials posted on the website that sherry arnold is dead. f.b.i. has one man in custod yequestioning another in her disappearance. she vanished when she left her home for a run. >> a luxury cruise ship ran acraud in tuscany and gashing the hulland forcing 4200 to evacuate. three are dead and 69 unaccounted for. >> tom takes on tim. nfl playing. quarterback tim tebow leads against tom brady. and the 49ers host new orleans
12:35 pm
later tonight. those are the top stories. >> big games to look forward to. thank you very much. and a school board in arizoninded a controversial mexican-american program. after the state threatened to halt money for the district. here is a story from casey. >> uma, we told you about the story last weekend. top education officials say this program in the tucson unified school district violated state law. the ethic's study program and the superintendent of public transaction said that is because of the course curriculum and lesson plans and text books were not approved by the school board saying that the mex-american history classes had gone rogue. the judge agreed saying they promoted racial resentment and the state threatened to pull million in funding from the
12:36 pm
entire district if the problems were not fixed . you have a curriculum unit that became an independent political power base. and they essentially took possession of the part of the school. what they were teaching in the classes and to be reviewed and approved. >> to avoid losing that cash this week, the school board there voted to end the program altogether . the mood created upheaval with the students and partners and teachers saying that the program was essential to teach chicano history and literature to the 61 percent of the district's hispanic population. >> we don't want to be silent and them doing stuff we don't like. we are not ignorant of how they think and no. we like the classes and they help us in other classes.
12:37 pm
>> we have a right to culture history and identit yelanguage and education . we want something that cultures fit. divided we fall. >> and an could be coming. 150 students staged a walk out in protest. they left school and marched to the district headquarters and federal has been filed on behalf of the students and teachers claiming that this move violates their first amendment rights. uma. >> emotions are running high on all sides there, casey, thank you very much. >> and a fuel tanker in alaska may be able to deliver the cargo. the tanker is bringing in much needed supply of fuel to that town. look at this. unbelievable rescue after a
12:38 pm
terrifying car crash. icle yeher two young daughters were left dangling over a 100 foot drop after being rear ended by a big rig. a group of u.s. navy seals was caught in traffic and they used their fork lift to stabilize her car. rescue crews pulled the family to safety. the truck went through a concrete barrier and went off killing the driver. >> up next in the gop race. we'll talk to former governor mark tan ford. stay with us. my name's jeff. i'm a dad, coach... and i quit smoking with chantix. knowing that i could smoke during the first week was really important to me. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke -- and personally that's what i knew i needed.
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>> welcome back, everybody. divided conservative mitt romney best weapon in south
12:43 pm
carolina. newt gingrich and rick perry are launching strong valms and divided up the support of the party faithful. former south carolina governor mark stanford is here. >> you are a veteran of politicings. we lost the governor and we'll fix the audio problems. we'll take a quick break and be back with more after that. stay with us. what is thishorty? uh, tissues si i'm sick. you don't cough, you d't show defeat. give me your war face! raaah! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop.
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okay we are back with mark stanford. great to have you back. sorry about the audio problems. thank you. let's hope we can move forward now. you are a veteran of south carolina politicings. we -- what is it that sets it apart from the rest? >> i think politics is rough and tumble to begin with. and it is exasbrated in south carolina's case. in the last 30 years south carolina is a good predictor of the evenual nominee.
12:48 pm
for 30 years if you didn't win in south carolina you didn't win the nomination. it is a make or break time for a lot of the candidates. it is game over in many cases. and for the maybe nominee, they could predict what comes next. probably the big things is the money. it is inexpensive media market to play and 300,000 to buy a states worth of tv in thisitate versus two million like in florida it is a cheaper place to test ideas and what works. and as a result you can see the elbows flying. >> and how important do you see the evangelical vote in carolina and what social conservative impact the contest. >> i think social conservatives.
12:49 pm
they are labeled and care about what you and i care about in terms of jobs and economy. what kind of america where the kids or grand kids grow up in? i would say it is not a model that is unobservant and what one traditionally thinks about social conservative and abortion and things like that. it is an important voting block in south carolina and along the i-85 corridor and some call it the bible belt. those issues will resonate in a significant way all over the state and particularly in that part of the south carolina. you have three folks that are contending hard. newt gingrich, santorum and perry for that block of votes. some evangelical conservatives seem to be go mitt romney's way. >> what is unemployment, and
12:50 pm
what does it take to convince the voters that the gop contenders can change the unemployment forecast? >> i think that you know, it is a long conversation, say all of the ingredients that go in the unemployment number. they are moving because there is more opportunity in our state than versus where they left in ohio and michigan and spot in the northeast. and leading those subsets aside, i think the bigger issue with unemployment is the way south carolina will be a test case for what comes in the campaign across the nation. if you look at iowa and new hampshire, you have relatively low unemployment and well below the national average. south carolina we are above and so is florida which is the next republican primary state. the more interesting question is, how are folks going to vote differently based on it being a high unemployment
12:51 pm
state versus how they voted in iowa or new hampshire. >> are you taking any bets right now? >> i would say the race is tightening and it is in some ways, romney's to lose. it seems like he walked in the race here in south carolina with a sizable lead. that is dwindling and we'll see what the voters decide next saturday. >> thank you very joining us today. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> next week house is back in session and lawmakers will have a place. the debt ceiling is looming again and the president's recess appointment. arizona can congressman is talking about what lies ahead. welcome. >> good morning,. >> i am great, thank you, sir.
12:52 pm
look moving forward it is going to be busy on the hill there. how are the republicans going to be receiving the news about the issue of the debt ceiling? there is a lot of people upset that the president is asking for more money. republicans are concerned where we are headed in terms of financial stability and just this weekend and just yesterday several countries in europe were downgrade the bond rating is downgraded and last year ended with the senate in the democrats to kick it down the road two months. they did it on unemployment and taxes and as you point out, that is going to lead to having to confront the increase in the debt ceiling. that two-month span is going to make the return of the congress very tense and tenacious and a lot of acrimon
12:53 pm
yeconcern about how do we deal with this issue given the little amount of time there is to deal with it. >> it is high in the election year . the white house continues to show case congress as the culprit saying that the republicans in particular are the ones standing in the way of progress. do you expect the republicans to counter this in an effective way? >> well, i think house republicans are going to try to act in a business-like fashion and make it clear to america they are trying to do their work. the president is doing everything he can to change the topic from his record, and what he's done to anything else. and in this case he would love to blame the congress and he's had success in doing that. the being thing is to senate democrats that just extend the current provisions for two
12:54 pm
months and create this problem right now. as governor stanford said what happen in south carolina is going to set the tone for not just the remainder of the primary but the presidential election to come. if mr. mitt romney attracts support in the south that will aid him. republicans will be working hard to project the image that they want to get the work done. it is difficult to do in an election year and you can look forward to a lame duck session. >> it is always great to have your insight. thank you for joining us today. >> you bet. my pleasure. >> six little numbers change one couple's lives forever. what the winners of the new york lottery are saying next. >> it is just crazy and we are excited and just relieved and happy.
12:55 pm
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>> the first few days you don't believe it and then, then it starts to settle in a little bit and, you start to be able to enjoy it. feeling so lucky. >> yesterday, daniel bruckner and his wife claimed the big 208 megamillion-dollar jackpot and the timing couldn't have better. the california couple expecting their first baby. they plan to take a lump-some
12:59 pm
payment that will leave them with $101 million, after taxes. can you believe it? one can only dream. anita and ashley lee showed up at a kentucky fried chicken thinking they were going to box up chair packages for their mother's air force unit serving afghanistan and instead, they got a huge surprise, their mom, captain theresa jackson showed up and, the icu nurse has been deployed four times and the fast-food chain gave each of the girls a $20,000 college scholarship. congratulations there. and, of course, we love hearing from you at home, we have been asking you, is picking someone with social conservative values more important than the best plan to fix the economy. caroline writes why do we sacrifice one over the other, we can have both. jeff writes i hope evangelicals like any other voter will vote for the person who they think is a person of integrity, intelligence axp


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