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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 15, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EST

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>> good morning everyone, it's sunday, january 15th, i'm alisyn camerota and start with a fox news alert. it's a miracle at sea. another survivor located after that cruiseship overturned with thousands of passengers on board. why the captain of that ship is now in deep trouble. we have details of all of this straight ahead. >> and governor romney ran, saying he created 100,000 jobs in the private sector. >> mr. speaker, we've said we will not allow comment on the other-- >> this is the question. >> and let me say this differently. >> okay. >> i believe that it's fair to ask the records-- >> well, probably not the reception newt gingrich was hoping for.
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why the former speaker not booed at a forum with south carolina's undecided voters. the back story coming up. >> clayton: all right. and big brother joining the battle of the bulge. some parents are outraged. schools now spying on their kids for being too fat. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> and how are they doing this morning. >> dave: i've been better, ali for thank for asking. >> clayton: dave and i have both been better. >> dave: it's a beating. >> clayton: i notice you're not wearing your denver cuff links. >> dave: the orange tie put away for next year it was not a tebowesque evening on the briggs house old. >> clayton: on the cover, tom brady, "remember me", and dave
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and i stayed up late and the coffee is flowing. alisyn kick it off. >> dave: we have. >> alisyn: we have to get to the breaking news. horrible night ma i remember could be described as out of the "titanic." thousands of passengers on board a costa concorda cruise are left in sheer panic, it hit the sand bank or rocks, off the coast of italy. >> and she was with her mom on the ship celebrating her birthday. rescued by life boat. >> she joins us nonthe phone from italy and thank you for being with us this morning. if you could, just describe for us what you saw, what the scene was like, the moment you realized things were not right aboard this cruiseship. >> good morning, pretty much me and my mom left dinner and explore the ship we were only
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on there for about three hours. we were walking down to just look for something, my mom actually just, we were looking for a bar, nightclub, and there was stuff lit up. nothing on the ship that's in english. there was something lit up and it was cathedral and she went in there and said a prayer and literally walked out of there and the ship turned. almost like it turned on a 70 degree angle like you were going around, like the ship was turning in a circle, it wouldn't, it wouldn't turn back, and everything was falling, we were try to just get down the hallway, because the hallway was on an incline. and just get to a crew member, but none of the crew members spoke english so we couldn't figure out anything. there's the big problem with it, there's nothing labeled on the floors and elevators, it doesn't say what's on that floor, there's no emergency
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exit lighting, nothing on the floor that lights up. the lights went out and it was a blackout. >> clayton: besides the lack of english written on the ship. there seemed to be from the reports we've been reading and chae chaerg-- reading about, the confusion among the crew members. >> they had no information, and kept asking where are the life boats, where are life boats. >> don't need life boats, go back to your room. i'm not going back to my room. so we figured the life boats were on the fourth floor and outside people were already getting life jacts on. we didn't have a drill. like i've been on cruise ships before with royal caribbean and carnival. you have a drill the first hour you're there. know exactly where you're going to and where your life boat is. when we got into the room and looked at itinerary. 5 p.m., very much yesterday, so the day after. that was our drill.
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i mean, i joke with my mom, what happens with my mom if something happens today. we don't know where to go. >> alisyn: that's what unfolded. what happened when you got to the life boats, panic stricken and chaos there. >> we got to the life boat, there's no one that's a leader. in royal caribbean, they will have a leader. and they'll skim you off your card. they didn't know who was off, who was on. we stood out there for an hour and a half on that ship, while it kept getting lower and lower, and no one said anything to us. there was a couple announcements that said there's a technical difficulty, sorry technical difficulties and it was all in different languages, so, we're trying to figure it out and found a woman who worked there who was a dancer from england. the only one who was helpful. we just stayed at a life boat.
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when the alarm sounded and there was someone who actually said we're speaking on behalf of the captain, i don't know if that went the captain wasn't there, i don't know if the captain just didn't-- >> well, we know, melissa, the captain is facing criminal charges and one charge is in fact abandoning his ship. what has happened since you got to land. i'm told another chaotic scene, people without passports and credit cards and without phones and no one helping them in the terrible situation now at that they're on land. what's happening now and where do you go from here? >> i'm leaving on a flight in a couple hours, but i mean, there is no one, when we got to land, physically off the ship, first of all, our life boat wouldn't open and take my hand and run to another life boat we got on and found other americans, we got off the boat on to land which was an island and no one can tell us what island we're on or where we were. there was no one who made an announcement that said, stood
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on top a car, there's thousands of people and i videotaped the whole thing, not nothing where to go, what to do, and people are screaming for their family members names and standing on cars and just trying to get a hold of anyone, and there's no direction, there was a priest who opened up a church for us, in the town, the town people we helpful and throwing blankets out, it was freezing, we stayed in the church that night. that was the 9:45, when the ship kind of tilted and an hour and a half later we weren't off the boat until about 11:30. one o'clock in the morning i looked outside and there was still people upon the front of the ship of the the ship at this point in time was like three quarters of the way already sunk, and. >> wow. >> there was people, five lights i counted inside flashlights they were making signals, and there was three blinking lights in the water.
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i mean, it took them a while. there was not even a helicopter there or a coast card until about two o'clock in the morning. >> gosh. >> alisyn: melissa, how are you and your mom doing now. >> oh, i mean, we're, everyone's a bit shaken up, but we have our lives, we're okay, we're coming home, but eem, there's just, a lot of people, especially i feel bad for the crew members because they were sent back on to the ship to go find people they don't know who were on or or and they were hurt. >> dave: they're searching for the missing. >> there's some-- >> well, melissa, thanks so much for giving us your dramatic experience. >> dave: right, if you would, melissa, come see us when you come back, we'd like to see that video you shot and talk to you again once you're back here, right us here near connecticut and hear about this again. >> alisyn: safe travels homes, melissa. >> thank you. >> alisyn: that's a, nightmare. >> clayton: and the search
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continues this morning, folks they can't account, you can hear the disorganize, and account for who is on the ship, 0 of the ship and missing, you can imagine though this rare island, a small island 4200 people descend on it and must be chaos. >> dave: to mess up one element of this is a major mistakes. every single thing in this process was botched by this cruise line. what a disaster for them. lawsuits will soon file. >> alisyn: ap makes you wonder. >> dave: unbelievable. >> alisyn: back at home, let's talk about what's going on in south carolina and of course, governor huckabee held a big candidates forum last night in south carolina and most of the candidates, five of them were there, and it was interesting, the rule was they weren't allowed to talk about each other, weren't allowed to attack each other, but, they occasionally strayed from that, including newt gingrich. >> clayton: got one of the largest headlines, he went after mitt romney, answering
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the question about mitt romney and went after him on the bain capital attacks, once again. let's listen to a little about that. as he gets booed and then governor huckabee slightly-- >> finds its way. >> georgetown has a steel mill which was closed, capital wasn't put at risk, capital was drained out of that company. governor romney, ran saying he created 100,000 jobs in the private sector, let me just say. >> mr. speaker, we said we will not allow any comment on the other candidates. >> answering the question. let me say it differently. >> okay. >> i believe that it's fair to ask the records be clear. aen that people reveal what happen happened. >> dave: look, he certainly found his way and in explaining that the democrats are going to hammer romney on this, we ought to do it now. this is again not a popular line of criticism for him. it's not working with conservatives, but it is helping him in the polls. >> clayton: or is it? >>. >> dave: continuing. well, not with conservatives,
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but you're right with the polls, it certainly seems to be helping. >> clayton: undecided voters down there who-- ooh. >> dave: then should he have to talk about what happened with freddie mac and what he did there specifically. >> clayton: sure and he had answers for that, obviously what happened in iowa, we saw the negative attacks in iowa and precipitous drop there. >> alisyn: what many conservatives, including monica crowley said, she said it on the air here, basicallies' reading from the same script as the democrats. that newt gingrich at times rick perry, have been saying things from the obama playbook about capitalism, or about the free market or about bain capital. let's listen to monica crowley. >> i think the whole occupy wall street movement was orchestrated to provide president obama with a major campaign theme, which is income inequality. >> 1% versus the 99%. mitt romney certainly fits the 1%. and they'll do everything they
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can now that they have the back drop, the evil capitalist, he's the 1% and not on your side. now that obama has the ammunition to go against them and i think all along that romney was going to be the republican nominee, why they set it up this way. >> clayton: i don't think there's anything worse said about newt than when richard trumka, afl-cio says i'm with newt on the bain capital attack. the worst endorsement he could have possibly hoped for. >> some of it leveled by republicans. and 2008 jn mccain said some of the same things during the debate right to his face and these have been out. rush limbaugh on wednesday said this is an assault on the system, on the capitalist system. let's listen to rush this he can woo. >> capitalism, economic liberty is being assaulted on every front. the current occupant of the white house is a sworn enemy of capitalism. it's abundantly clear that
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obama intends to run for reelection by running against capitalism. he's already on that path. >> and in fact, i mean, rush is right in that obama's campaign has leaked a memo calling romney a corporate raider and painting him as one of the develop -- vulture capitalists, and it's confusing when both sides use the same language. >> dave: and muddle it more, no one argues what the president is doing, streamline, cut out excess, overlap, lose a few jobs and save money. doesn't that sound a lot like the model for private equity? to me it sounds an awful lot like what bain capital is doing. >> alisyn: you're not taking out a lot of debt. >> dave: you're cutting jobs on this. >> clayton: streamlining. >> dave: and streamlining things. >> clayton: and turn around the company. and turn around experts. mitt romney along the rope
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line wanted his, i guess one of his workers wanted his-- >> staffers. >> clayton: i don't know if you want to say staffers, workers, volunteers the word i'm looking for, came up to him i've been out of work. what did mitt romney do, reached out of the pocket and fumbled through and handed her about 50, $60 in cash. take a look. >> i pulled up to a stop sign, a bus was there and bus driver i said go romney, go romney and followed the bus and i followed the bus to the airport and then they told me to meet romney at 5:30, we don't have a refrigerator or anything, he's a kind guy. >> alisyn: now, that's the story of how she found her way to the event because she just happened to be behind his bus. >> dave: by chance. >> alisyn: and she followed the bus and that was on wednesday. and she's since abouten following him around basically. >> and working. >> alisyn: and she's been to
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many of his campaign events and in fact, he's-- south carolina campaign head, she's paid her electricity bill. now, this is all very kind, wonderful stuff, but she was undecided. she's been between mitt romney and rick perry. are you supposed to be paying somebody cash who will now be voting for you? >> well, one vote at a time. >> clayton: it goes back to another incident he was trying to go through his wallet, remember, and trying to find another bill that was a non$100 bill. a kid had come up to him at one point and handed him like a $1 he made in origami and he wanted to give him something back, thanks for the bill that you made into origami and thumbing through the wallet, i only carry $100's. >> dave: when you and i go through our wallet trying to find something that's not a one or a five. >> clayton: i'm lucky if i can find a one in there.
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>> alisyn: meanwhile to your headlines, we have a fox news alert for you right now. western iraqi city of ramadi has been rocked by car and suicide bombings. four car bombs went off at a mosque in a police building. two suicide bombers struck at the building. it's not known how many deaths they are from the attacks, a day after a suicide bomber killed 53 shiite pilgrims in southern iraq. also this morning, police desperately searching for two men who opened fire at a missouri shopping mall. hundreds were running for their lives. >> i was scared, i thought we were going to die and hoping that everyone was okay. and hoping that god was with everyone. >> alisyn: this all happened at independence mall in kansas city. and police say that the victims were a man and a woman who reportedly had gotten into a fight with the shooters earlier in the day and both are expected to make a
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recovery. an explosion in south korea, tears open a cargo ship, six men are missing, it happened far from the border with north korea and officials do not believe that the north was involved. it was carrying 80 tons of bunker oil and diesel fuel. no word of leakage. went from four contestants to two, the crowning moment at the miss american pageant in los angeles. >> your miss america 2012 is... miss wisconsin. (cheers) >> the one crying is the winner, the one smiling is the loser, it works that way. a 23-year-old figured 0 thought. she beat out miss oklahoma for
6:18 am
the title. and the wisconsin native is a singer, and won talent competition, too, guess who else was there? >> i just want everyone in america to know what these women are going 0 to do in the future and even with us behind us here, we're going to go on to be doctors and lawyers and politicians and tv anchors and i hope one day, president of the united states. >> gretchen carlson of course, also a former miss america, she was crowned back in 1989. looked great. how glamorous is that? >> wisconsin. you know that guy in "love actually" colin, i know clayton knows what i'm talking about. >> clayton: i'm not going to know "love actually". dave i have no idea what you're talking about, hung out to dry. >> dave: i bet you've got a go packers line, too. >> clayton: come over later we'll watch "love actually". and rick santorum getting a boost from social
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conservatives in texas. >> this meeting in texas, people are trying to assess, not just who is the most electable, you know, who is the most electable conservative vis-a-vis mitt romney, but who is the most electable period. we're encouraged and have a lot to do. >> what does it mean for the religious right and are they going to support him and not mitt romney. david webb is panel of 365 and radio talk show host. elliss henican, a fox news contributor and liz, nice to see you. >> good morning. >> clayton: liz, what do you make of the split in the party. 100 evangelicals, holding a meeting this late in the calendar event for a party that always falls in line. what do you make of the split? >> i think it would mean a lot more except that mitt romney first of all has a huge immediate and secondly, there's not one other
6:20 am
candidate opposing him. even with the endorsement, santorum is one of several and i think that sort of keeps the numbers under making any tremendous surge. it's too late. i think that romney has a lot of steam and think that nicky haley's endorsement in south carolina sort of offsets that conservative endorsement from this group e elliss, can there be a vote split here? what we saw in 2008 and we saw in 2000. if there's a vote split in south carolina, can it come from rick santorum and romney be hurt by it? >> exactly. it's fascinating. conservatives used to be good in politics, this year completely skunked by the moderate guy from massachusetts frankly most of them don't like very much or trust very much. i'm afraid that it may just be a little too little, too late. too many of them still out there. >> and we hear some tea party rivet rifts in south carolina ap one tea party member saying that romney makes my stomach
6:21 am
turn. this idea is far removed from a tea party guy. >> unlike most liberals, conservatives different dreams, we don't have a singular mindset, a group thing. so essentially you have a conservative, a social conservative and they have to right to support their candidate. they're going to do that. i'm with liz, it's not going to have that much impact. you have a right to work state that has been under adult by the nlrb and the obama administration and i've been to south carolina. they're focused on the economy and that's the big story. 100 people in texas represented a large group of social conservatives, a nation of 300 million. we've got a look who we need to beat obama. santorum doesn't have the mechanism. even with the endorsement e does romney run away with it. he's got a point santorum has voted against right to work. >> hurt him in south carolina. >> clayton: for sure. >> i'd like to think, unlike
6:22 am
the stupidity of conservatives, and this should not be an election about social values, conservatives need to keep their eye on the ball and fight on economic issues and i think that's where romney's strong suit is and i think this is the year for that. obama should be running, should be held to account for the fact that we still have extremely high unemployment. and his policies have failed. >> elliss, i've heard it described as a difference between brooks brothers republicans and wal-mart republicans, the rift, that's happening in south carolina. do you agree? >> and that's a pretty good shorthand description. listen, the math seems so obvious to an outsider, right? >> something like 75% of republican party is self-identified conservatives, right? and yet, they're losing here, because they've taken their big chunk and sliced it into little bitty pieces and it doesn't speak for the pulse of the party and maybe it's brooks brothers and i would say it's something more like--
6:23 am
>> and david, i don't know where else-- >> and romney would exactly. >> you better go higher than brooks on that one. >> when you said there's a multiple ideas here, but when you look at the issues, it doesn't seem to be a lot of daylight here. maybe ron paul to one side, but when you talk about romney pro-life. there may have been considerations in the past. not a lot of daylight there. >> instead of group think, by the way, it's about 44% of the republican base that considers themselves social conservatives, the fact is that when it comes down to the economy and jobs, the little splits, the ar gruments, the disagreements, the debate, let it happen. let it play out. in the end, the republican party finally, if it hangs its hat on the social conservative in this debate. the real issues, the economy and certainly give obama victory. so, let's focus on the economy, the lack of jobs, the national security issues, we see bombings going on in iraq, we see a world falling apart,
6:24 am
the theater, we've got problems here that are bigger than our differences, if you will, in who goes to church. brooks brothers and wal-mart, they go to church. we've got to leave it there. thank you for coming in on a crazy morning, a lot of breaking news. david webb and great sunday to you guys. >> thank you. >> ali and dave, what's coming up on the show. >> congress heads back to work this week, what battles lie ahead in washington. >> airport security confiscated a cupcake, now, unwith baker has a way to get the tsa to back off. we'll meet her next. ♪ i just can't get enough, i just can't get enough ♪ ♪
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♪ >> oh, i'm dave briggs and he's clayton morris and who are you. >> alisyn: alisyn camerota. happy to be here. >> dave: we'll talk broncos and patriots in a moment and lawmakers headed back to capitol hill and some in the media saying that house speaker john boehner like a couple waking up after a fight. i don't know what that would be like. >> alisyn: for more on that, we go to peter doocy live in washington d.c. how thick will the tension be, peter? >> the house is coming back this weekend and important business to attend to. we know that wednesday they're going to vote on the resolution of disapproval of
6:29 am
president obama's request to raise the debt limit and that's the first major test for the g.o.p. leadership as they try to rein in some republicans who have not been happy with the way their bosses set the agenda last year. one freshman member told the new york times that speaker boehner needs to be clear about our strategy. and i got scolded back home and i really don't like it, leadership has to make decisions sometimes, but we could at least be on the same page. now, speaker boehner defends his record and his job performance, performance by saying, you know, i grew up in a big family and had my share of frustration, trying to come to decisions within the iffamily and 242 of us in the family and my job is to listen to my members and make a decision about how we move forward, get everybody on the same page, and go. it's not easy. 2012 is obviously a very important election year and a
6:30 am
major part of the president's reelection strategy has been to contrast his record with that of what he called a do nothing congress, but the congressman says he thinks more things now will get done since last year' huge freshman class knows how things work and says with the 25 seat majority you need to be together in order to govern with so many new members comes the challenge of getting everyone's expectations to be reasonable and having unified goals and i believe many more members have more reasonable expectations now and also says that the republicans will avoid infighting and if it's hard to find common ground. back to you. >> alisyn: oh, boy, should be interesting when they return. >> clayton: i love the idea how do you wake up after a fight. quietly-- >> hug it out. >> hug it out. >> give a kiss. >> or do you start it over again? >> depends how bad is the fight. >> we shall see what happens. let's get to your other stories making headlines,
6:31 am
there's a new apparently in the case of missing florida mommy michelle parker, police believe this is' a reason to believe she was spotted in palm bay, not part of the original search. you can bet it's teeming with police right now. this is the first real lead they've had since she went missing in november the same day she appeared on an episode of people's court arguing offer the cost of hadder engagement ring with her exfiance. another block to the 9/11 suspects. the gitmo military says that new rules from the commander in cuba violates ethical obligations an as an officer. satisfying the commander has said all correspondence between the suspects and lawyers to be inspected. and one says he's refusing to meet with lawyers because of it and the lawyer is asking the federal court to step in now. beg brother coming to a school
6:32 am
near you. talking about students forced to wear electronic wrist monitors so school foreclosures can track their physical activity around the clock. the $90 wristband is used at schools in missouri, new jersey, and soon new york. and school officials say it's secured in a secure website as a way to help fight obesity. and some parents call it invasion of privacy and some parents say they were never told about the program or given a chance to opt out. weight watchers website is secure? didn't we have the drone attacks that were, that were website backed? >> raise a lot of questions. watch this everyone, this is not intentional fireworks display. display. >> . >> clayton: that was a truck carrying explosives which crashed, setting them off inside a tunnel in china. >> alisyn: luckily, the driver
6:33 am
got out fast enough to avoid any injuries. firefighters eventually got the fire under control after several hours. and that's a look. >> clayton: check in with maria molina in for rick reichmuth. for a look at the forecast. >> hey, you guys, it's a cool day across the northeast, the temperature as i calm in to work this morning, 17 degrees in new york city and it's not warming up that much more and we're looking at highs in the mid 20's. again, a frigid day across the northeast, that's one of your headlines and in comparison across the central u.s., we're looking at temperatures up to 20 degrees above what's typical for the month of january. enjoy it because you'll look at changes at the storm system in the northwest begins to head eastbound and bring in again colder temperatures for parts of the central u.s. the current temperature right now in the northeast, how cold is it out there? two below zero and burlington. when you factor in wind, it's not that windy out there, but doesn't take much to make it
6:34 am
feel colder once it's in cold. looking at a current wind chill at only 9 degrees in new york city, and 13 below zero what it feels like over in burlington, vermont. high across the northeast and 18 in syracuse, going to stay cold there throughout the day and temperatures are below what's typical for the month of january. as we head southbound, beautiful weather for the southeast and southern plains and 68 in austin, texas and sunshine in the forecast, meanwhile, across the midwest, here we're looking at well above average temperatures and 61 will your high north platte and nebraska and dakotas, than the northeast. westward we have unsettled weather and snow across the cascades and some will be making it into seattle. two to four inches possible and watch out for dangerous driving conditions along interstate five as well as a passage through the mountain and this system will continue to head eastward and start to impact parts of the central
6:35 am
rockies as we head into later on tonight. by monday we'll be looking at rain across parts of the central plains before the storm impacts us in the northeast as we head into tuesday, guys? >> thank you, maria. let's talk sports now. it was quite a night for the new england patriots, not so much for tim tebow. the game everyone was waiting for, well, it happened earlier. we'll talk about it in a moment and the patriots opened up, with a drive in a minute and 51 seconds and from there, well, it pretty much continued on that torrid pace. tom brady shredded the denver secondary all night long and threw a nfl post season record five touchdowns in the first half. and that pretty much sums up tim tebow's night. 9 for 26 on the evening, and never really got it going. as for brady though, he's the story, the guy that has three
6:36 am
super bowl rings and no one was talking about, routes the broncos 45-10 and gronkowski three first half touchdowns and the saints, what a game this one. arguably the best finish in post season history, four lead changes in the final three minutes and 53 seconds. and every time the saints kept coming back, and so, too, did the 49ers. and alex smith was just unflappable in this ball game. we should point out the saints turned it over five times in this game. drew brees threw 458 yards and four scores, but alex smith gets a touchdown pass late and the 9ers move on in the nfc. what a score that was, what's the final clayton, 36-32. >> clayton: right. >> dave: big win for the harbaugh-led 9ers. >> clayton: i twieted with a meant 37 all joe montana would have needed to come back and all he needed was a minute 28 to drive down the field.
6:37 am
>> dave: almost 30 years to the day after the joe montana, dwight clark, this time it was vernon davis with the catch. >> clayton: what an amazing game. >> alisyn: i was going to say all that, i'm glad you guys were-- >> you were watching the games. >> alisyn: it was on at my house. >> clayton: let's talk about something sweet, shall we. >> dave: let's do it. the tsa declared a cupcake security threat. and one business owners came up with an idea for a sweet that will pass through any check point. >> clayton: and seizing on an opportunity. capitalism at hits purist and sweetist. nice to see you, how did you come up with the idea, tell us about it. >> well, basically, cupcakes are really just a fun product and we saw everything that happened with the that. and we thought why not have fup and a spoof cupcake, we took a vanilla bean cake and
6:38 am
three ounces or less of frostings and packaged it in a one quarter see tloou bag and tongue in cheek boarding pass with it and promote it and taken off, no pun intended. >> alisyn: now, see, we had rebecca lanes on and just to update our viewer, her cupcake was confiscated at the airport. a glass jar and when you open it up, you see frosting, right away. and the tsa said that was a gel-like substance that they found dangerous. >> you took the frosting off. >> clayton: dave's got it all over his hands. >> alisyn: what makes you think yours will be tsa friendly? >> well, adheres to 311 guidelines and we're going to test it out later this morning at the airport in rhode island and hopefully see that it will make its way through the security check point and it will go to wherever it needs to go. are you worried about the
6:39 am
waffling of some of the tsa. fly to new york to vegas and they don't check you from here. from vegas to here they check you for this. may get out of rhode island and never get back from colorado. >> right, yeah, i definitely understand how rebecca hanes was concerned with the inconsistency. anything they do to protect us is a good thing. if i was in their shoes i'd probably do the same thing. >> alisyn: yesterday, i tasted one to make sure it wasn't dangerous and now i'll have to at that taste one of yours to make sure it's not a weapon. how fast can you get one here? >> we could do it pretty fast. >> alisyn: okay. the end of the show. >> dave: get some here from silver spoon. no wonder she was in pr before opening up the silver spoon. >> alisyn: brilliantly done. kelly. >> it's part of the screening process, thanks, kelly. all right, coming up on the show, it hung for nearly 50
6:40 am
years, but now, a school prayer banner must come down thanks to the complaints of one suit. with the banner promoting religion, we asked the man who wrote it, he's coming up. >> alisyn: is the american dream fading? there's surprise information about middle income americans. we'll break that down for you. ú don't our dogs deserve to eat
6:41 am
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>> 43 minutes past the hour, time for a quick headline for you, a headline has been made in the killing spree of homeless men in california. this man, you can see him in the red sort of was chased by witnesses after he allegedly stabbed a man to death on friday. and the fourth man to be murdered since december. how is this for a piece of presidential history the last check that abraham len con wrote before being assassinated. made out to himself for 800 dollars and other heavy
6:44 am
weights like george washington and thomas edison. i don't know. >> dave: and clayton-- >> wonder if it's still good. >> dave: the american dream for parents, the hope that their children will have greater success, more money, better homes than they had. >> clayton: a new study finds that right now that's not often the case. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the story. >> with would,ing conditions improved and wages increased, the american workmen shared prosperous national economy. >> the american dream, the idea if you were born into a middle class family, mom and dad owned their modest home and had enough for you to go on vacation every summer, you would go to college, raise your own family and do better than dad has. >> i took that to heart and worked very hard. >> sam, 48 years old. never married lives alone in denver, colorado after ten
6:45 am
years was an appraiser with the same construction company he was called into the sales managers office last may. >> he just basically stated sam, you've seen the projects decrease in number and sorry to have to tell you, but, well, we're going to have to lay you off. i just kind of sat in stunned silence. >> now correcting state unemployment insurance and job hunting, sam is resigned to making half his own salary and doubts he'll ever again buy and car and take a vacation, like annual trips to disneyland and boating and fishing that his dad took him and his brother on. >> i don't think i'll see that again. >> sam's sorry is emblematic of a trend documented by the pew charitable trust and track the middle class babies like sam born in the mid 1960's. one out of every three middle class kedds have fallen out of
6:46 am
that class by the time he is an adult. >> a person with some college or college degree is more likely to stay in the middle than someone with a high school diploma or less. a person who is married is more likely to stay in the middle than someone who is single or divorce. >> race and gender factor in. the pew study found that 38% of black men fall out of the middle class compared to 28% of white men and one third of white women fall out again, compared to one-fifth of white men. >> our national leaders and top economists recognize the problem and, too, the long arc it has traveled. >> and over the last few decades, the run of the ladder of the opportunity has grown farther and farther apart and the middle class has shrunk. >> whether washington will achieve consensus how to address it, appears unlikely to the sam blick's of america. >> the concept of the american dream is still there, but i don't see that happening for myself or several of my family
6:47 am
members. it's just not in the works because we can't afford it. >> james rosen, fox news. >> one thing to stand out is college. and we think about when we're growing up. never questioned you'd go to college and get value out of it. the studies over the past two years and in the work going to college, get the money out that you put into it and the debt you accrue. >> now you're talking about some $50,000 a year tuition and it's also very different from the affordability. >> right, there may not be the right solution anymore. and that's a sea change from where we were. >> all right, coming up, the candidates spoke one-on-one with voters at last night's presidential forum in south carolina. what issues did they take issues with. >> a prayer banner must come down, thanks to the complaints of one student. was the banner even promoting religion? we ask the man who wrote it. he's here next. that hill without a helmet. i took some steep risks in my teens. i'd never ride without one now.
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>> it's been a fixture at a rhode island school for nearly 50 years, but a judge has now ruled that this banner must come down. it's a victory for one student who filed the lawsuit, but not everyone agrees with this decision. >> the country was founded to be a secular country, church and state separate. >> i think they need to look at the whole population at the school an and not just one girl's opinion. >> david bradley wrote that banner, welcome. >> you wrote this banner back in 1960 when you were in the 7th grade. >> that's correct. >> alisyn: how it's considered a prayer banner, that wasn't your intention, what was your intention? >> i was assigned to write a school prayer and a school
6:52 am
creed, so it was indeed and conceived as a prayer. >> alisyn: fascinating. what did you think it was important to point out? >> it was important to make the prayer nondenominational, at the time because rhode island was heavily roman catholic in morning exercises we would recite the "our father" at morning exercises and it was perfectly all right back then. but as the school needed an identity and as we were a brand new school, i was tasked with the idea of a school prayer and i, being a rather open-minded person, decided that nondenominational prayer, if you will, would be a better alternative. >> how times have changed, david. in fact, let me read some of the wording from your prayer, in which you start with "our heavenly father grant us each day the desire to do our best, to grow mentally and morally
6:53 am
as well as physically, to be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers and ourselves as well as others and help us to be good sports and smile when we lose as well as when we one. teach us the value of friendship, amen, that's a beautiful mention. you ended with amen and started with our father-- and that's what the girl who is an atheist objects to. >> and it was for the our father god, or deity. i thought gender neutral was more appropriate. >> and the state sponsored prayer in public school, therefore this is unconstitutional. what did you think when you heard the judge's ruling?
6:54 am
>> i felt disappointed, disenfranchised and i think my free speech is abrogated. >> alisyn: i know you've talked to school officials about this. we should say that the girl won her lawsuit, but she has left the school because she felt alienated after she brought the lawsuit and in fact, she has said that she's been the victim of some bullying now online and she in some way, feels even more isolated now. what do you say to that? >> i say it's very unfortunate. i think she should have thought of those things about of she opened up this can of worms. >> alisyn: what do you and the school administration plan to do now? >> well, i have nothing to say about it except to lend my uncompromising support to the city of cranston, and i can't say anything else about it because it's definitely in the hands of the superintendent and the school committee and their attorneys. >> alisyn: do you know if they're taking any more action, any further. >> i do not know. i hope they do.
6:55 am
and the attorney that handled the case before the ruling has stated, i believe, that he will continue to represent the city. the problem being that the city has to pay the legal fees of the other side regardless. >> alisyn: so, what if you had just taken out, they had taken out our heavenly father and amen. >> they would have to do more than that, cross out the heading, school prayer at the top and i would prefer that they did that and just put down, put an appeal or some word like that. >> alisyn: a school credo. >> no, school creed is on the other side of the auditorium, that exists as it stands and i wrote that, too, but to put up an appeal, cross out "our heavenly father" if that's what they want and instead of amen, put down that's all, folks, or something like that. >> alisyn: that works. i mean, it seems look this has really gone to great lengths
6:56 am
for three words that one girl found objectionable and in fact, not helped her life at the end of it, either. david, thank you for coming in and explaining what you originally intended to do. >> thank you for having me on fox. >> alisyn: appreciate it. coming up, a nightmare at seament you're about to look at a live picket of that cruiseship that overturned with thousands on board. the captain of that ship is now in hot water. we'll tell you why. and you'll hear from one of the passengers. then, will sarah palin jump into the presidential race after all? why some of her supporters are still holding out hope for the former alaska governor and the moment they think she's going to do it. we'll explain that at the top of the hour. ♪
6:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, january 15th. i'm alisyn camerota. a fox news alert. a miracle at sea. another survivor was pulled to safety this morning after that cruise ship overturned with 4,000 people on board and plus, why the captain of the ship is now in deep legal trouble. >> dave: what a story. and newt gingrich gets booed a bit at a forum with south carolina's undecided voters with governor huckabee, he'll join us with what happened straight ahead. >> clayton: will she throw her hat late in the game. is she wearing a hat? some are hoping for a rogue run from sarah palin. someone get her a hat. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪
7:01 am
>> hey, good morning, everybody. good morning on this sunday morning, thank you for waking up with us. that's dave briggs, alisyn camerota and i'm clayton morris. >> alisyn: sarah palin supporters think there's an exact moment when she would do it. ripe for her to announce and we'll talk when that would be. >> dave: the whole ballot procedure thing. >> clayton: when the primaries are wrapped up? >> why get your hands dirty in the process. >> clayton: in october. >> alisyn: there's a better moment. >> clayton: we'll find out when that is. republican candidate rick santorum holds a rally in pleasant valley and mike huckabee hosts this year' g.o.p. forum. >> alisyn: can't make that rhyme. >> dave: second forum. our john roberts live from charleston with the details of what took place. good morning to you, john. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave and company. rick santorum, yeah, he's running, third, fourth in a
7:02 am
lot of the polls, but trying to make a move here in south carolina with just six days left now until people go to the polls and he got a big boost yesterday when that conclave of conservative and evangelical leaders decided on the third ballot that they were going to coalesce around rick santorum's candidacy. at a rally in mt. pleasant, he talked about that endorsement. >> what you saw with this meeting, in fact, people are trying to assess not just who is the most electable, you know, who is the most electable conservative vis-a-vis mitt romney. but who is the most electable period. we're encouraged by it and have a lot of work to do. >> he has a lot of work to do and little time to do it in. unlike in 2008 when they couldn't decide and consensus around huckabee, they wanted to do it before it's too late and you've got to ask with mitt romney wrapping up in the
7:03 am
process, could be already too late? >> governor romney ran saying he had 100,000 jobs in the private sector. >> mr. speaker, we're not going to talk about her candidates. >> i'm trying to answer his questions. i'll say it differently. >> went out of order, supposed to talk about what happened at governor huckabee's forum. a similar affair, most of the audience asking questions and most candidates sticking to policy. under strict rules not to attack the other candidates and most stuck by that rule and you heard from that slippet that he got booed by the audience, it seems that newt gingrich cannot help, but attack romney on bain capital. he'll go to a steel mill once owned by bain capital, went under and taking a number of jobs. in the end, gingrich is
7:04 am
running strong and his obstacle may not be romney, but the conservative leaders who decided to throw support behind rick santorum. >> alisyn: a lot of interesting stuff and interesting at georgetown, as john roberts can attack, when reporters went to gaffney, south carolina, another town held up by rick perry, this town is hurting since bain capital came to town, it didn't work out that way. that wasn't the narrative there. in fact, many didn't know that bain had ever been involved with its photo album company. let's talk about santorum and talking about the social conservative backing. and what happened in texas, evangelicals voting on the battle. a majority of them picking santorum as their guy that they think it sands for social conservative cause, however, there was some anger among some members there, and the way it was being portrayed in the media when they left the room. one individual said, wait a second, it was very, very close between rick santorum and newt gingrich.
7:05 am
it was very, very close, but some people at the forum, at this meeting in texas saying, it's being portrayed in the meeting as majority. everyone is for rick santorum. >> dave: exactly. and here is what tony perkins says about all of this. one of the leaders of this group. quote, from the outset, the stated goal of the meeting was to attempt to arrive at consensus. or a clear majority of support for a single conservative candidate. and that goal was achieved, while a super majority of those attending the meeting stated support for rick santorum as their preference in the republican primary and was made clear the conservative leaders could coalesce around any of the three presidential candidates who had strong representation at the meeting. gingrich, perry, santorum. and perry was the one that failed to get off the first ballot, but you wonder, it still sounds like they're fractured, doesn't it, guys? will it matter right now for rick santorum who has campaigned very well. are they coalescing around one
7:06 am
person? it sounds like they're split. >> it sounds like this he did. came to the conclusion that romney westbound the best alternative for them. three criteria they based on decisions on repealing the health care reform law, obama care, the debt, what you want to do about the debt and of course, abortion. >> what's amazing to me, there's no daylight on the issues on the candidates if you think about it. of course, mitt romney has been criticized for flip-flopping or pro choice and working to pro-life and when you actually look down the issues, mitt romney pro-life and rick santorum pro-life. >> and they want to overturn obama care and reduce the deficit. very little daylight. >> alisyn: what weight will this carry in south carolina? the decision made in texas yesterday, will people who are undecided, we know many of them in south carolina, will they take the 150 evangelical leaders' decision into the ballot room with them? >> rick santorum happy about
7:07 am
the endorsement of the leaders, says it speaks to his true conservative nature. >> this meeting in texas, people are trying to assess not just who the most electable, you know, who is the most electable conservative in vis-a-vis mitt romney. but who is the most electable period? we're encouraged by it. a lot to do. >> something interesting happened and at governor huckabee's forum yesterday. it was a great setup. undecided voters in the audience could get up to the microphone and ask the candidates directly the burning questions on their mind and help them make a decision. one person got up and posed a question to rick santorum and asked how can you be considered a true conservative when you voted to raise the debt ceiling six times? >> and yeah. >> the name is robert booth and mr. santorum and my question, how can you call
7:08 am
yourself a true conservative when you voted six times to raise the debt limit? >> thank you very much, i appreciate that, robert. and it was five, by the way, and ron paul says, i have checked, here is the issue, that have i voted and have i worked to get that budget deficit down and balance the budget and take care of the serious issues that we're dealing with. unformer, when you're a united states senator or congressman, you're know the president of the united states and you can't unilaterally stop spending which i could by vetoing bills and by proposing budgets. >> clayton: i've heard it described, i heard it described, political pundits calling the differences in south carolina right now the difference between brooks brothers republicans and the wal-mart republicans in south carolina. what do they mean? they mean that the finance republicans who have been transplanted from the northeast, the coastal areas to south carolina, the dem graphics were different than in the past. and david webb making the
7:09 am
point earlier on the panel that social issues not playing as much of a role in south carolina as years past because jobs are number one there, and the unemployment rate higher in south carolina, than the national average. take listen. the republican party if it hang its hat on the social conservativism in the debate. the issue is the economy and will certainly give obama victory. let's focus on the economy, lack of jobs and security issues, we see bombings going on in iraq, a world falling apart. the af-pac theater and problems that are bigger than our differences and who goes to church. by the way, brooks brothers and wal-mart, they both go to church. >> dave: that's where we want to bring you in, not brooks brothers versus k-mart, but if the republicans focus on social issues, will it, as david webb said, lead to defeat in the general election? we want to hear from you on that, at ff weekend on twitter
7:10 am
and e-mail us at >> alisyn: and we have a story to tell you about the cruise ship, thee people, italian firefighters rescued late last night from the sinking cosa concorda cruise ship. they heard the south korean couple on their honeymoon screaming from their cabin. and they had been trapped more than 24 hours, there they are, coming out now, obviously, and it's estimated 4200 passengers were on board. at least 126 of those were americans and one of them, melissa, we spoke to her earlier on "fox & friends." >> we got to, i kept asking the crew members where are the life boats, no, you don't need life boats, go back to your room. not going back to my room. i mean, we stood out there for an hour and a half on that ship, while it kept getting lower and lower, and no one said anything to us. there was a couple announcements that said there was a technical difficult,
7:11 am
sorry, technical difficulties and it was all in different languages. >> alisyn: at least three people died in the accident, but 40 others are still missing at this hour. police detained the captain for questioning on charges of manslaughter and abandonment of ship. and another fox news alettered for you, because the western iraqi city of ramadi rocked by car and suicide bombings. four car bombs went off at a mosque and police building while two suicide bombers struck inside. it's not known how many deaths there were from the attack. and it comes a day after the suicide bomber killed 53 shiite pilgrims in southern iraq. also this morning, police searching for two men who opened fire at a missouri shopping mall. the terrifying scene leaving two shoppers injured and hundreds of others running for their lives. >> i was scared that we were going to die and hoping that everyone was okay. and hoping that god was with everyone. >> this all happened at the
7:12 am
independent center mall in kansas city. police say the victims were a man and a woman who reportedly had gotten into a fight with shooters earlier in the day and both are expected to make a full recovery. joe paterno breaks his silence. he's speaking in his first interview since being fired from penn state amid that child sex abuse scandal and he reportedly said he was reluctant to speak at first and wanted to continue the interview with the washington post despite being ill. the 85-year-old told the paperses' quote, shocked and saddened of the accusations against jerry sandusky. i spoke with my superiors and said, hey, we've got a problem. i think. and look into it. i didn't know. i had never had to deal with something like that. >> alisyn: hard to understand because his voice has been so weakened. sandusky with criminally charged with some of the counts in november. >> dave: yeah, basically paterno said, you know, we have a problem. i need you guys to do something about this.
7:13 am
and people are going to say, was enough done by joe paterno? he clearly was a man at the end of his historic career who just wasn't prepared for these circumstances, but his bosses should have handled it better than they did. >> alisyn: right and some critics say he should have followed up. >> dave: but he's not bitter at penn state, not bitter at being let go. he wants to enjoy his legacy and happy about the new hiring of the patriots offensive coordinator. >> clayton: and his bain attacks seem to be back firing, does newt need to issue an apology to rommel? we ask next. >> dave: and big brother is joining the battle of the bulge? some parents are outraged that the schools seem to be spying on their kids for being overweight. ♪
7:14 am
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7:16 am
>> are his bain attacks back firing? listen to what happened to newt gingrich at a forum with undecided voters? >> georgetown has a steel mill which was closed. capital wasn't put at risk, capital was drained out of
7:17 am
that company. governor romney ran saying he had 100,000 in the private sector. >> mr. gingrich, we're not allowing comments on the other candidates. >> let me say it differently. i believe it's fair to ask the records be clear. and that people reveal what happened. >> clayton: as the candidates gear for tomorrow night's debate. does newt gingrich need to apologize to mitt romney? joining us is mark teeson. i'll ask you a two part question. does he need to apologize. that would be an odd political move to see that happen and number two, is this actually helping mitt romney basically framing the debate for mitt romney in a place that he's strong? >> well, that's exactly right. i think if anything mitt romney owes a thank you to newt gingrich. he's accomplished something that mitt romney has been trying to do for five years and failing to do. rally conservatives behind mitt romney. i mean, if you look at, this has become near under universal attack on the right.
7:18 am
rush limbaugh came out against it and called the attacks absurd and indefensible. wall street journal said that newt was embarrassing himself. from the forum you showed there, the voters in south carolina agree. there's a new poll this morning, a reuters poll that shows that newt has dropped from second place to fourth place, dropped 10 points from 22% support to 12%. he's getting blowback for this attack. >> alisyn: you know what, mark, i hear your poll and raise you a poll. because let me show you this one, this is in south carolina, primary poll and shows newt gingrich in second place and within the margin of error, 29 to 24%. i get a little outside of the error of this one. and it's hard to say whether or not it's helping him to tick up a little bit? >> yeah, i saw that poll that was out and i don't know the dates on the reuters poll, but it came out after that one. maybe it's an outliar. i know this that a lot of
7:19 am
conservatives, you saw the reaction of that crowd in south carolina, they don't like these attacks and they see it as an attack on capitalism and the reason that it's hurting newt because it's undermining the main message of his campaign. the message of the campaign, i, knew gingrich am the principal conservative and mitt romney is the flip-flopper who will say anything to get elected. look, now it's newt gingrich that will say neg to get elected, attack capitalism and mitt romney is helped by his campaign. >> and does it help mitt romney if he goes to be the nominee. all of it's out there and enough to exhaust the issue for the democrats? >> absolutely, i think it is. if you've got a silver bullet, you don't want to fire at 12 months before the, you know, 8 months before the election. so, this issue has been dealt with, most voters made up their mind whether it's a fair attack or not, long before, long before the campaign.
7:20 am
>> alisyn: it sounds like the issue is becoming the bain of newt gingrich's existence. you're welcome, guys, i've been working on that all night. >> clayton: mark, don't reverse the charges. [laughter] >> coming up on the show, no miracles last night. and tim tebow couldn't get past the patriots. is tebow time over? we'll let you decide. >> alisyn: will sarah palin jump into the ring after all. and some say it's a sign that she will throw her hat into the ring. we'll tell you coming up. 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste, more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats.
7:21 am
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7:23 am
>> and here on this tablet. news by the numbers. >> 11.3 million dollars the record amount of money that the presidential candidates and the outside groups backing them have spent so far in
7:24 am
south carolina. it's a lot of money. and next, $50,000, how much one new york city woman paid to get her dog cloned. you're looking at double trouble, the city's first cloned proof. 5.7 billion bottles how much wine americans drank making us the top global consumer and dave and i consumed a fraction of that, 3.7 billion. >> and thanks not adding 45-10 in those news by the numbers. and fans expected miracles, but last night the broncos prayers were not answered. and tim tebow's broncos couldn't get past the patriots. is tebow time over? will his message of faith still resonate. and john collins, a motivational speaker and nonprofit. >> good morning. >> alisyn: the tim tebow thing, not surprised by the adoration because of everything the guy has
7:25 am
overcome. i'm surprised the hatred and vit troll, and there's a website, tebow haters. people were thrilled to see him last night and. >> to some degree i can understand it. a lot of times people understand it they're unnerved by it. i think it's something me, personally, i feel like to compartmentalize things our faith here and sports, and basically expressing himself it's not just a compartment of faith, it's his life style is devoted to jesus christ not sunday or art path day. the way he lives, he pers personifies that. >> dave: and able, i'm a bronco fan and i wish he would have spoken before this game because the message you have been preaching, boy, has it worked for the new york giants. now, john paul was brought in to speak to the giants before the jets game that was pivotal for this team and you preached
7:26 am
a message, all in. and you gave players a poker chip, explain the message of all in and why you gave them a poker chip. >> a poker chip to explain the idea of commitment. a lot of times for men and us in general to go into half some things, if you're not successful, i wasn't trying anyway, it half. but when you totally commit yourself to something, you're putting yourself out there. win or lose, i'm going to be all in for this. much like a poker player would put a chip on the table. he wants to do victory, and i think as men we can do in all parts of our lives. and god gave us the ability to be, with our friends, relationships, take it to all parts. >> it's not just about football. folks, if you've been watching the giants one you'll see the towels all in. you'll hear it, you'll see it. it is unavoidable, entire giants nation and the team has taken on this all in concept. why do you think it's taken
7:27 am
off so much? obviously, it's faring well for the giants pause they beat the jets, the cowboys and the falcons and today the packers in lambeau. why has the message resonated so well. >> i see the ability how many times have you been totally invested in something. i'm a high school teacher and i tell my kids that and go et totally invested in their homework or being a college coach and my players get totally invested in something. and need a nudge to say hey, leave it on the floor. >> it's not just a football message, but justin, tuck, one of the players you've spoken with, a good friend of the program, he talked about what this means. here is justin. >> the chapel last night, our speaker talked about it, all in and to date, and feel the giants are all in, regardless of the circumstances happening or you know, whatever happened
7:28 am
it just seemed like, regards what was going to happen. we were going to be all in. and that's how you've got to play this game. >> they're doing that on the field and is this something that you take home with parenting or wherever it is, whatever it is you do? >> i think you definitely can. i think you definitely can. it's part of all facets of your life. to be hold you're devoted to something, we've been given an ability and talent and it's not just going to happen by magic. >> is it enough against the packers today? that's what i've got to know. >> i think it can be. >> dave: you're not giving me a prediction. >> the giants are all in and. >> dave: let me give clayton and ali a poker chip, all in. thank you. he checked a legal gun at the empire state building and now a marine is facing jail time and speak to the councilman demanding the charges against him be dropped. as the iron lady, some say she
7:29 am
could crush anyone in her path, but her biographer says that margaret thatcher had a softer side. does he think the film depicting her got it right? he joins us with his take next. ♪ but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes? [ chuckles ] yes. yes, it does. ♪ call 1-800-steemer yes. yes, it does. nature made takes a scientific approach to making their vitamins. in fact, they've invested millions of dollars in studies to learn how supplements improve your health. that's why i trust nature made. nature made, the number one pharmacist recommended fish oil brand. learn more at
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7:33 am
giants on couch, but all in whether as a parent, educator, as a football player, as a green bay packer. >> clayton: as a candidate. >> dave: a wonderful concept. >> clayton: what about as a candidate. >> alisyn: what about it. >> clayton: sarah palin, is she all in or half in? half in, half out? who knows, right? will sarah palin, there's a new piece out there morning, questioning whether or not she's waiting for the exact right moment to throw her hat into the ring and actually run for president. is that moment approaching or is it long past and she's missed the deadlines for ballots and primaries. >> circle the date, february 11th on your calendar, the moment it could happen when she will be giving the keynote speech in washington and the conservative political action conference and they say that there's ever the right moment it would be that day. >> of course, by then. the nomination will be all, but wrapped up in terms of the actual delegates you'll need
7:34 am
at the delegation in tampa. and there's talk what is the next move? the question, where does she go from here? is she a vp candidate down the road? hard to imagine that happening again, but where does she go from here? >> well, donald trump talked about making decision in the springtime or winter time as to his decision. could it be an independent run, a rogue run? >> with the pocker chip, what's your bet? >> no, she would have done it by now. i'm going to fold. i'm not-- i don't think she's going to run, but then again, the question about hillary clinton, whether or not there'd be a flip-flop with vice-president biden and her on obama's. >> dave: wouldn't be a bad move. >> alisyn: that's interesting. let us know if you're the betting type, what you think about sarah palin and hillary clinton. more okay, time for your headlines. let's tell you what happened. a fox news alert important to tell you about, along with new
7:35 am
video. you're about to watch as a bomb blast rips through a religion procession killing at these 13 people in eastern pakistan, at least 20 wounded there. and officials say it went off as hundreds of pakistani shiites came out of a mosque. so far no one is monitoring the attacks and we'll update you as soon as more information becomes available. another explosion in south korea, tears apart a cargo ship. six crew members are missing, and the vessel is half submerged. it happened far from the sea border from north korea and officials don't believe that the north was involved. the shape was carrying bunker sea oil and tons of diesel fuel. no word of leakage into the water. police in california believe that a man tried to kill his wife, about putting goof-off, a household cleaner, into her
7:36 am
rice krispies. his wife was taken to the hospital after she ate some of the cereal and later released. expected to be okay. count this woman out for mother of the year award. police say that lori rubble took her five-year-old son along with her wheel she helped her boyfriend rob a bank. it happened just outside chicago. police say she scoped the bank out before her boyfriend went in and robbed the bank at knife point. and all of this with the baby in the back seat. hard to get baby sitters now. dave. >> dave: do i have to. >> alisyn: yes. >> dave: broncos, patriots, what a game it was supposed to be. there's tim tebow. and wasn't much of a factor in the game. the patriots took over from the first second, they got the ball. a minute and 51 second it took them to score their first touchdown. tom brady and company, never
7:37 am
took their foot off the gas. that was wes to make it 7-0. brady set a record in the post season with five touchdown passes in the first half alone. three touchdown catches for tight end gronkowski and that's a record. there was the night in a nutshell for tim tebow, 9-26. the patriots rolled over 45-10. fortunately, my kids were from boston, i covered that team for four years and i'm going to be okay. >> alisyn: both sides. >> clayton: your kids are patriots fans. >> dave: my daughter was pulling for them. >> alisyn: sweet. >> dave: the patriots are a pretty good football team. meanwhile, the game that was supposed to be a blowout was outstanding. 49ers and saints, four lead changes in the final three minutes and 53 seconds. it was back and forth, back and forth. and the saints now turned it
7:38 am
over five times in in game. and drew brees throwing for four touchdowns, 458 yards to bring them back, but it was alex smith, the man of the night. almost 30 years to the day after the catch, joe montana and dwight clark, it was alec smith to vernon davis for the game winner. 49ers win and how about harbaugh and the 49ers. >> clayton: fantastic. one of the best playoff games i've watched. >> dave: unwith of the best finishes in nfl history. what happens today? you've got the texans and ravens early at one o'clock and giants and packers 4:30 on fox. giants fans here? giants have a chance, i think, it's a lot like that 9ers team yesterday. no one gave them a chance, but this is going to be a great game. >> clayton: a good one. >> alisyn: sound like they're all in. >> clayton: steven hayes yesterday on the show, a packers fan, not comfortable they're eight point favorites in vegas line odds. >> dave: not overly confident.
7:39 am
>> clayton: but i saw the giants fans in here, and as an eagle fans, got a stomach twist. >> dave: an intimidating crew. we'll need a picture. crew in a second. let's it will you about this that's happening in long island at a school. how do you feel about your kids being monitored with wrist bracelets for the amount of activity they get during the day. designed to ward off becoming fat and overweight and so your kids are going to be monitored and the information is stored on a school computer system. >> clayton: that watch, polar, a weight loss watch, at gyms and i actually own one, it monitors inactivity and-- >> inactivity. it monitors your inactivity. >> clayton: but it monitors your waking state and when you're asleep in bed. how long you've been sitting on the couch and not doing anything. and monitors how many calories and steps you've taken, like a pedometer and tracking device.
7:40 am
one mother outraged basically said i didn't know my child had this thing on. i can't okay it. and furthermore, the information sent to a website where this is supposed to be hidden and encrypted so other people can't access it, has parents raising high browse. >> dave: major privacy concerns. and who is instituting the program from bay shore. why they think it's a great idea. and tells kids in real time, am i active, not active? we want to give kids the opportunity to become active. is this an insult to kids intelligent or invasion of their privacy. don't they know if they're active or inactive? some are graded on their inactivity. >> clayton: the problem i have. >> alisyn: what. >> clayton: if you're a parent and suddenly your child is wearing a watch, monitoring. that you don't know or have not approved it. if it's approved, fine. to me information is power and all of the apps that help people lose weight. an app on the iphone to help
7:41 am
me watch calories, lose it. >> alisyn: if you're aware of it, that's fantastic. but some parents suggest it's not voluntary. if it's voluntary, great, efrn ooh can lose help and they're questioning what they'll do with the information and somehow, some way passed on to insurance companies or stored permanently. so, there's a lot of questions and the kinks need to be worked out of the system. and let us know what you think. >> dave: tell us at ff weekend, parents. would you let your kids wear this without your permission? all right. let's get now to maria molina in for rick reichmuth on a freezing, cold, new york day. >> it's cold out here and we did see the thermometer jumple up to 17 degrees for a minute and now back to 16 degrees, breaking news for you out here in new york city and cold, across interior parts of the northeast, temperatures in the mingle digits and even below zero when you factor in the wind chill factor out there then you're looking at very
7:42 am
dangerous conditions, well below zero, up to 24 below zero i did spot. we have wind chill advisories. temperatures across the center u.s. above average and the rpgs pa across the northwest and central parts of the rockies where we'll be looking at a lot of heavy snow and it's going to continue to snow out there, guys, basically the next 48 hours and looking at accumulations well over two feet across parts of the cascades and northern rockies. >> clayton: good football playing weather. >> alisyn: thanks, maria. mitt romney is looking to make it a three-state sweep in south carolina. looks like without evangelical support. we report, you decide. >> clayton: and offering up a fair portrayal of britain's female prime minister, margaret thatcher? and we'll talk with the man who wrote about her life. >> about your character.
7:43 am
>> i understand. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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7:45 am
>> welcome back to some of your headlines. start with a fox news alert. and talking about a survival story, two of three people. italian firefighters rescued from the sinking cruiseship. emergency cruise heard the south korean couple on their honeymoon screaming from their cabin. trapped for over 24 hours. it's estimated 4200 passengers why on board. at least 126 were american. and michelle obama running for
7:46 am
her husband's old senate seat? tv commentator making that bold prediction that the first lady will be on the ballot come november, 2016. that's a bold pre decks. >> alisyn: a lot can happen between now and then. >> right. >> alisyn: it's a critically acclaimed performance that may earn meryl streep a golden globe as margaret thatcher, britain's first and only female prime minister. >> well, prime minister? >> first off that hat has got to go and the pearls. i may be persuaded to surrender the hat, but the pearls will were a gift from my husband on the birth of our twins and, they are absolutely nonnegotiatable. >> alisyn: has the film earned respect from margaret that
7:47 am
muchers colleagues and reporters? >> let's ask, the author of the biography, the iron lady used as a reference for the movie. good morning, john. i want to ask you about the condescension, but in terms of the performance from meryl streep, is it right on? >> absolutely. it is an astonishing performance. she gets right under the skin. it's not that she gets the accent and the tilting of the head and the voice she gets under the skin of the personality incredibly well. >> clayton: the movie and book called "the iron lady", but there is a softer side to her, the margaret thatcher that we might not know about. first of all, does meryl streep pull it off and what is the softer side? >> well, she was very skillful at combining the two. she was the iron lady, but she could disarm colleagues and opponents by unexpected femininity. they didn't know what they were dealing with and they weren't used to dealing with a powerful woman during that
7:48 am
period. their wives probably didn't work and she played the unusualness of her gender very skillfully. >> alisyn: you were consulted during the creation of the movie and what did you most want the movie makers to convey about her character? >> i wasn't consulted quite how they were going to do it. i was pleased with the results. i think they have conveyed the single-mindedness and the personal cost involved in that career. i mean, that you do see that she is sub board nating her husband, her family and everything to, to what she sees as her duty. her mission, you know, one's life must mean something, she says quite early on. and that is conveyed very accurately and well. >> is there a modern day equivalent of margaret thatcher? has there been anyone like her since? >> i suppose angela merkel in germany is the closest
7:49 am
contender for the title. >> dave: and any shares from margaret thatcher. >> she made it by herself on her own. so many of the other women who have got to leadership positions have come on the back of a husband or a father, like mrs. gandhi or-- >> and mrs. thatcher made it entirely by her own efforts and that's what the film is about. >> alisyn: the book is "the iron lady, from grocer's daughter to prime minister". >> is she going to win the oscar. >> i hope so. >> dave: looks like a great movie. >> clayton: coming up on the show, rick santorum picking up support from top conservative leaders. does that mean mitt is out? we report you decide coming up. [ male announcer ] when a moment suddenly turns romantic, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use.
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7:53 am
>> welcome back, top social conservative leaders are throwing support behind rick santorum. what impact will it have in south carolina and is this a problem for mitt romney down the road? >> joining us now is dr. orrin smith from the palmetto council. a leading organization in south carolina. good morning, mr. smith. >> good morning, glad to be with you. >> alisyn: it sounds as though the 160 evangelical leaders have decided to support rick santorum, and what sway do you think that will hold in south carolina with voters? >> well, these folks who identified and endorsed, yesterday, these are the cultural warriors, for them, all social issues and culture war every day. in some way, the culture war has really not come to south carolina fully so, i think the question is, the folks that
7:54 am
are fans of gary power, their antenna are going to be up for this. kwt he -- question is what about the fans like tim tebow, the broader evangelicals, those are the ones whether they're going to receive the signals. >> dave: tim tebow fans have another problem. we won't get into this. is this a problem for newt gingrich who feels he needs to make it a two man race to really compete with mitt romney? >> well, i think it is. i think the endorsement of santorum, santorum's town hall meetings here are packed and he's starting to get energy behind his campaign, the grass roots is starting to to work for him and the polls are kind of mixed, but i do just get sort of an anecdotal feel that gingrich is dropping here and santorum is definitely rising. >> how do you think the evangelicals or mike huckabee likes to call them the values
7:55 am
voters. how do you think they're responding to mitt romney in your state? >> well, i think that romney is popular with some evangelicals because they like the kind of campaign he's running and appears to be running an effective campaign. electability means a lot of things. one thing electability means is the quality of the campaign you're running and i've had leading evangelicals come to my office and say, quietly, almost whispering, i'm going to support mitt romney because i think he's an effective campaigner, and he's run a really good campaign here. >> dave: the question always with things like this, whether it's an endorsement that comes out, most often we seem to hear that people don't want anyone else speaking for them. how representative is this group of evangelicals in texas, of other groups around the country, as we go to your state and beyond it into florida, nevada and so on? >> well, a couple of things there. i mean, jim daley, a focus on
7:56 am
the family was not at the event. and tom, not focus on the family, know the at the event. we seem to be an independent group and we have a long hit of being kind of independent-minded, so, folks from the outside, i mean, thank goodness for the work of all of those groups, very similar to our group, but i'm not sure that south carolinaions necessarily respond to the endorsements from the outside. i think the endorsements out there that are important are tim scott and jim demint, those are the ones i think people in south carolina are listening to. >> alisyn: you're the president of the palmetto family council. thank you for coming in with your perspective. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> dave: coming up, a nightmare at sea. like something straight out of "titanic." the cruise ship sinks with thousands on board. we'll hear from some of those frightened passengers coming up. >> alisyn: plus, we have a new miss america this morning. a look at the crowning moment straight ahead.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> good morning everyone, sunday, january 15th. i'm alisyn camerota. we start with a news alert for you. a miracle at sea after tragedy. more survives have been pulled to safety this morning after that cruiseship overturned with thousands of people on board. why the captain of the ship is now in big trouble. >> and newt gingrich gets booed a bit at a forum hosted by mike huckabee and florida undecided voters. details coming up. >> clayton: and he checked a legal gun at the empire state building and a former marine a facing jail time. a councilman who demands that the charges be dropped, joins us in minutes. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> oh, it was a late night in the football world.
8:01 am
>> alisyn: you guys were up late. >> dave: it was, and difficult trying to watch football and keeping track of governor huckabee's forum and he had the candidates minus ron paul. we'll bring it for you in a couple of minutes. >> it was a terrifying ordeal for the passengers on board the cruiseship and start with the headlines and fox news alert. check it out. video given to fox news moments after the cruiseship ran aground off the coast of tuscany. >> oh, my gosh, the first time that you can hear what the passengers have described of all of the plates and glassware shattering, and you saw there, the plates were flying across the floor and a passenger recorded that thing before scrambling to get off to the life boats and off the ship. right now looking live at the picture of the ship.
8:02 am
three peoe were rescued today, but italian official say at least 17 people are now still unaccounted for and the numbers keep fluctuating, they did not do a good job who was on and off the ship as they were evacuating. 126 of those were americans. >> thinking oh, my god, and have to go this way without having-- trying your phone and trying your phone and thinking, god, please, i didn't say goodbye to you, i can't let it go. >> at least three people did die and police detained the captain for questioning on charges of manslaughter and abandonment of ship. another fox news alert to tell you about. the western iraqi city of ramadi has been rocked by car and suicide bombings. four car bombs went off at a mosque and a police building and two suicide bombers struck inside.
8:03 am
not clear how many were attacked. and comes a day after a suicide bomber killed 53 shiite pilgrims in southern irk ooh -- iraq. police are looking for two men who opened fire at a missouri shopping mall leaving two shoppers injured and hundreds of others running for their lives. >> i was scared. i thought we were going to die and hoping that everyone was okay. and hoping that god was with everyone. and this all happened at the independent center mall in kansas city and police say the victims were a man and a woman who had reportedly gotten into a fight with shotters earlier in the day. motor are expected to make a full recovery. >> went from 53 contestants to two. your miss america 2012 is... miss wisconsin.
8:04 am
>> alisyn: now how do you decide between those two, okay? honestly. >> i know. >> alisyn: 23-year-old laura kessler beat out miss oklahoma for the title. she's also a singer ♪ >> she's singing, well, she won the talent competition, too, guess who else is there? i just want to let everyone in america know what these women are going to do in the future. even the women with us behind us here, they're going to go on to be doctors and lawyers and politicians and tv anchors and i hope one day, president of the united states. >> alisyn: that was gretchen carlson of course, a former miss america, she was crowned back in 1989. >> clayton: that was gretchen announcing her candidacy. i didn't realize that. >> alisyn: she's throwing her crown in the ring.
8:05 am
>> clayton: there was a huckabee forum last night. flipping the channels back and forth between the blowout of the denver broncos and that kind ended up being kind of boring. >> dave: thank you. >> clayton: exactly. and you flipped back over to see huckabee's candidates forum, cordial. not allowed to talk about the her candidates and criticize them and 800 people in the room, undecided voters, but newt gingrich managed to somehow get booed over his criticism of mitt romney and bain capital once again. watch this moment and huckabee to correct him a little bit. >> georgetown has a steel mill which was closed. capital wasn't put at risk, capital was drained out of that company. governor romney ran saying he created 100,000 jobs in the private sector and let me just say. >> mr. speaker we've said we will not allow comment on the other candidates. >> and i'm trying to answer the question. let me answer it differently. >> okay. >> i believe that it's fair to ask that the records be clear
8:06 am
and that people reveal what happened. >> dave: now, the speaker went on to give a thorough, thoughtful response as to why this is an issue, he says, if democrats are going to make an issue of this in the general election, we should make an issue of it and clear it all up right now. and it may be working for newt gingrich. he has risen in the polls recently at least in south carolina. >> alisyn: except that lots of conservatives are saying we're not airing it right now, we're giving them the play book, you're basically writing the script for democrats for what president obama can use against bain capital or against mitt romney, so they're angry, and you heard the audience there booing or getting restless when he was talking about it. >> clayton: there are a couple of other big moments from last night's candidates' forum and john roberts is live in south carolina with details on what else took place from that big forum, john, nice to see you. >> alisyn: john. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, folks. clayton, alisyn and dave.
8:07 am
yeah, you know, it was a forum for undecided voters and still 30%, more than 30% of voters in south carolina who are going to vote in the republican primary remain undecided and get the questions answered that they wanted last night? not sure, a report suggested a lot went out dissatisfied and certainly some are with more information. rick santorum is trying to make a play in the state to see if he can get an iowa type surge and the endorsement of the conclave of evangelical leaders and thought he's the person best to beat president obama in november and santorum go the a question on that from a woman who said, look it, you may be the conservative choice here in south carolina, but what are you going to do to attract moderate and liberal and independent voters that you would need to win the presidency? >> here is what santorum said. >> really, the only person in this race that has the track record of being able to win the states necessary, pens, ohio, missouri, michigan,
8:08 am
indiana the industrial states and i've put poles together that do that. >> reporter: yeah, he was talking about the fact that he has won four elections in very heavily democratic areas so when it comes to crossing party lines or at least being able to attract some of those independents that he could point to a record to say, look it, i did it. >> alisyn: everyone is trying to court the conservative vote there in south carolina. what is mitt romney doing to that end? >> well, yesterday romney's campaign put an ad up on the web touting high pro feel support for his change of heart on abortion saying that is something he should be applauded for, not criticized. romney, if not trying to attract a lot of social conservatives over to his side, maybe just making sure that they don't actively campaign against him. and he was asked a question yesterday during the forum that's appropriate for sunday morning, what would mitt romney do to protect freedom of religion in the united states, here is what he said. >> i will stand up for the
8:09 am
ability of americans to worship god as they choose i will proceed down the path you're seeing across the country, which is trying to secularize in america and manger themes, and menorahs representing other favorites. >> not many people in south carolina believe that mitt romney is a true social conservative. and when you look at voting at the conclave, he got three votes in the first round and never factored into the balloting. as your previous guests were seeing, some think that because of the potential lektability, social conservatives, at least some of them may indeed vote for mitt romney. >> and practicality versus ideology, on display there, thanks for breaking that down for us. >> you bet. >> and rick santorum did get a he thinks mention of the sweater vest last night and credited governor huckabee with starting it all. he first wore it in des moines at a governor huckabee event as well and took off from
8:10 am
there. >> well, i think we deserve a little bit of credit for also giving the vest legs because we did, the numbers did shoot up on the website. >> dave: missed that. >> clayton: i know. >> dave: we rocked the vest. >> clayton: and i heard they're bringing the sweater vest back. you need it on a cold day like this. >> dave: you're right. >> clayton: may need a couple of them. maria molina in for rick reichmuth for the forecast. >> you do need a couple of sweater vests out the door, at least across the northeast and right now current erment it 53 degrees, and parts of the great lakes, 14 now in chicago and 19 further off to the west in the city of minneapolis, a sharp contrast, actually looking above average temperatures across the plains. 30 in rapid city right now and 41 in the city of denver, colorado, across the northeast, a cold temperature in place and the other problem, you get a little wind. 5, 10 miles per hour and doesn't take much, and what it actually feels like is a lot colder.
8:11 am
single digits right now in new york city, philadelphia, and 7 is what it feels like in harrisbu harrisburg, current wind chill 2 below and guys, in burlington vermont it's bad out there. 17 below zero and that's when it's dangerous and don't have any exposed skin for a long period of time as you head out the door. otherwise, today's forecast, temperatures will gradually warm up. and meanwhile, across the south a beautiful day, a lot of sunshine across texas, the southeast, 63 your high temperature in mobile, alabama and meanwhile, the parts of the midwest, not too bad across parts of basically the midwest where they're above average and again, snow across the northwest, washington, oregon and even across parts of the central rockies later on tonight. quite a bit of it, guys, clayton, we're looking up to two feet of snow across the cascades and the rockies. >> i'll be by the fire watching football. won't be out in that. thanks, maria. >> listen to the story, shocking. marine facing 15 years in
8:12 am
prison for trying to check a legal gun, he had a legal permit. brian jerome was arrested at the empire state building when he was asked if he could check his legal firearm. joining us is the city council man. good to see you. >> good to see you, good morning. >> clayton: this is not an isolated incident. >> apparently not. the policy in new york city, a woman meredith jerome, meredith from tennessee is being prosecuted, has a legal license to carry. mark mekler of the tea party from florida, came through the new york airport, same story. >> clayton: what is the story here? he is from indiana. he has a registered gun in indiana, comes to new york city to visit the empire state building and carrying 15,000 dollars worth of jewelry, a business man and he wants to protect it. so he he's carrying a legal firearm and goes up to the security desk at the empire state building and what happens. >> he does the right thing.
8:13 am
sees no firearms per it meds goes to check it with security. called the n.y.p.d. exams his permit and doesn't matter you're in new york city, and puts him in handcuffs, a gunnery sergeant who served in the united states marine corps, but emblem matic problem. and new york city doesn't respect the second amendment and the notion that somebody can have a legal firearm and make a mistake. it's a felony. >> clayton: a felony and automatically gets three and a half years. what's going to happen to him. is it going to be overturned. >> in this case there's so much political pressure and media coverage i think d.a. vance is going to take a step back, but we had hearings a couple of weeks ago before this marine found himself in trouble when a nurse from tennessee found herself in trouble. went to turn her weapon in at the 9/11 memorial, had a license to carry in tennessee, saw the sign, no firearms, this is a problem. >> clayton: is there a
8:14 am
precedent. if this gets overturned, can the mayor come in and do something about this or the district attorney overturn this and say this is out. doesn't it set a precedent. it's a law. >> it's on the state, sullivan act, a corrupt in 1911 tried to get weapons out of the hands of gangs who he didn't want to have them. one of the tightest gun controlled cities in the country. the argument that this is going to prevent gun violence e councilman, we have to leave it there. let us know what you think >> thank you. >> clayton: we reached out to the d.a. for a statement and yet to get a response. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. [ male announcer ] in bli, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years.
8:15 am
[ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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8:17 am
>> social conservative leaders in texas is throwing their support behind rick santorum now. does that mean that the religious right is going to support santorum and not mitt romney? and who is this a problem for. >> alisyn: joining us now from washington, chris? >> good morning, guys. >> alisyn: does this endorsement from the 150 evangelical leaders breathe new life into santorum's run into south carolina? >> it certainly helps and we're going to be talking to rick santorum at the top of the hour. we're not quite sure how much it helps. here is the point. there were 150 leaders and almost three quarters of them voted, a super majority, to
8:18 am
back santorum, but it's not clear, first of all, the once who aren't backing santorum don't have to and the two others, rick perry and how much the ones that backing santorum are going to back him. go out on the air, going to urge their followers, are they going to provide money? so it's certainly a boost to santorum, whose campaign seemed to be flagging a back in south carolina, but we're not sure how big a boost. >> clayton: let me ask you the opposite question that alisyn asked. will it help, may or may not help santorum. will it hurt mitt romney trying to get some of the evangelicals in florida. >> that's not his base and some of the true evangelicals are not going tore mitt romney. it only hurts mitt romney if it unites the voters behind santorum. he's benefitted from the fact that it's been split among
8:19 am
santorum and gingrich and perry. if it's less split and they back, unite around santorum. that could hurt romney and that's what he's always feared that there would be a single romney alternative. so for there hasn't been he's been a free run as front runner. >> dave: and you also talked to rick tyler, the head of the pro gingrich super pac. it's interesting to see what they're going to do after newt called them out and said take out the inaccuracies over the king of bain 20 minute ad. if they made any changes in their attack against bain capital and mitt romney? >> no, they said we have some questions about the role you played in bain and we want you to answer the questions and until you do, we stand by the ad. we'll not only talk with rick tyler, a fair and balanced debate advisor to the super pac and the head of the club for growth, a very respected
8:20 am
conservative group here, who have called the attacks disgusting. >> fox news sunday, must-see tv as usual. got to check it out. check your local listings, senator rick santorum on the new news will be there. >> alisyn: thanks, chris. >> guys. >> dave: giants and packers. >> packers. >> dave: he stumbled a little bit, but said the packers, thanks, chris. >> alisyn: many are quick to log on to facebook, just how private is the information you put on there? i think we already know the answer. the trace you leave online could have a greater role in your off-line look than you think. we have a warning about all of this and an explanation coming up. >> dave: from her childhood to taking the throne. queen elizabeth has intrigued people around the world. and now sally smith is pulling back the royal curtain with an intimate look at her life. she joins us with that next. . like a ramen noodle- every-night budget.
8:21 am
she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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8:24 am
>> as england gets ready to celebrate the new reign of england. a new book looks at her life. elizabeth the queen, the life of a modern monarch and she joins us now, hi, sally. >> hi, nice to be with you. >> nice to be with you as well. great to see you. what do you think the biggest misunderstanding is about queen elizabeth? >> oh, i think that people have a view of her as the regal and dignified presence carries her hand bag. all of that is authentic. what i was able to learn talking to his close family and friends, behind that image, it's more than an image, it's authentic, but she's incredibly lively.
8:25 am
a wonderful personality, a great mimic. and she, i can sum it up. images of her sitting on a box on a remote island in scotland singing lustily with her family or giving, giving her, serving her friends picnic on the moors of scotland and putting on yellow mayor gold gloves and cleaning up after everybody. so those kind of glimpses i think that people aren't accustomed to knowing about and also, her essential humanity. she was somebody trained from childhood never to express her emotions in public. and, but yet, but yet, when she's frustrated one of her cousins told me she'll often go out to a field in scotland and pull up a weed, called a stinking willy and walk and pull the weed and take her dogs with her and vent
8:26 am
frustrations that way. >> alisyn: it's that stoic, stiff upper lip perhaps on display at will and kate's wedding. some people thought she looked almost glum during that very festive occasion, but i know that you think that we were miss interpreting something. >> oh, we definitely were misinterpreting. she once sort of poignantly said, i don't have a naturally smiley face like my mother, but there's something else going on as well. when she's experiencing powerful emotions, she, she looks very somber, at the way of protecting herself. one of her, one of her colleagues once said that she sort of looks like a thunder cloud, but it's something that she does really to suppress those intense emotions that she's feeling. >> alisyn: such wonderful insights. again, the book is called elizabeth the queen and you were able to look at all sorts of intimate documents and letters, never before seen
8:27 am
correspondents and bring a different side to the public. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> alisyn: meanwhile, president obama calling for shrinking the government and laying off government workers. wait a second, isn't that what bain capital is catching flak for from the white house? we're going to talk to michelle malcolm about that next. and big brother joining the battle of the bulge. some parents are outraged about tools they say are spying on their kids for being too fat. we'll explain. ♪ [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
efrment. >> clayton: a fox news alert for you. >> alisyn: we have more new amateur video we want to show you from the costa concordeia
8:31 am
cruise ship. listen to these terrified passengers, [screaming] >> they said it went black and plates and glassware crashing to the ground. right now you're looking at live pictures of the aftermath of that crash. that of course is the ship there submerged on its sign and three people rescued in the past 24 hours. italian officials say at least 17 are unaccounted for at this hour and estimated that 4200 people were on board. and one named robert mory. people were just falling and several people broke their arms and there was blahhed all over the deck from people cracking their heads, but there was no organization. most of the crew was already at shore when i feel that we were one of the last boats to get ashore. most of the crew members were
8:32 am
there and it just was, it was a nightmare. >> alisyn: it sounds like chaos. at least three people have died and police detained the captain for questioning on charges of manslaughter and abandonment of ship. we have another fox alert. video of a bomb blast ripping through a religious procession. and this is believed, believed that 20 others were wounded. officials there say the explosion went off as hundreds of pakistani shiites came out of a mosque and appeared to have been planted ahead of time. so far no one has claimed responsibility for that attack. there is a new lead reportedly in the case of missing florida mommy shell parker and police say they have reason to believe she was spotted in an area, palm bay, not a part of the original search. this is the first real lead they've had since she went missing in november.
8:33 am
the same day she appeared on an episode of the people's court arguing over the cost of an engagement ripping with his exfiance. big brother may be coming to a school near you. we're talking students may have to wear a wrist monitor around the clock. a $90 wristband used at schools in missouri, new jersey and soon new york. officials say it's secured in a secure website as a way to fight childhood obesity. but some parent say it's an invasion of privacy and worse, some say they were never told about the program or given a choice to opt out. well, they're occupying this man's home. the wall street protesters in new york say they moved a homeless family into a foreclosed brooklyn residence of this man even though they knew it blond to a struggling father. they say they took it to proof
8:34 am
that they're robbing people and the bank is not only tied to the movement, but letting other occupiers stay with them. talk about scores. >> dave: all right, folks, if i have to. the truth as i tweeted, it's hard to ask god for help when he happens to be wearing a patriots jersey, number 12. that's the reality facing tebow and the broncos, tom brady, well, he was kind of god last night, wasn't he? five first half touchdowns, that is it a nfl record in the post season, three of them to gronkowski, also a record in the half. six touchdowns in all for tom brady, mr. perfect. 45-10, tim tebow 9 of 26. as their run comes to an end. clayton, go ahead. >> clayton: no, i was going to say he tied steve young's record. speaking of the 49ers. >> dave: and first, here with the saints, and making it a
8:35 am
ball game, bam come the 9ers, alex smith, most post rushing since steve young. and looked like they had it won. drew brees, scour scores, to the tight end graham and they were back up and then right back down the field go the 9ers. alex smith to vernon davis, the tight end almost 30 years to the day after joe montana and dwight clark, the catch there, as far as the hugging davis. and you have to be happy for that guy. 36-32, 9ers. what happens today. texans at baltimore and giants and packers. giants fans, how are you feeling. >> feeling good. our director refusing to take a shot of them not a giants fan. >> dave: too early for that. >> clayton: we don't need to see that.
8:36 am
>> dave: baltimore's wear home playoff game. that ought to be interesting. >> dave: i think that baltimore comes out on top, but houston is going to do better and people are giving them credit and i'm scared of my crew i'm going to take the giants. >> clayton: and michelle from colorado probably a tear in her eye this morning. >> dave: and feel like me this morning. >> alisyn: can you get the teacher. >> clayton: and it's cold in denver, it froze to her face. and nice to see you from colorado springs. >> thanks, good morning to you all. >> dave: let's talk about what the obama administration is doing with government. he wants to reduce the overlap. he wants to cut out some departments that clearly don't have as much purpose as they ought to. he wants to cut expenses, lose about a thousand jobs, save 3 billion dollars over ten years, to me, without loading debt on to the balance sheets, it sounds a bit like what private equity firms, like boehner capital do, doesn't it? >> yeah, i think that's a very apt way of framing it and comparing these two things 'cause in fact, bain capital
8:37 am
in the private free market has gained a reputation of being able to squeeze out efficiencies, do the downsizing and layoffs that nobody else wants to do and people are willing to pay them to do it. here, with obama's kabuki exercise of government it's for sure. gesture politics in a campaign season. that without touching the massive spending on entitlements, that this is really isn't going to amount to much and it's sort of an old hat for democrats, something that they trot out every election cycle and everybody knows that it's just a dog and pony show. >> clayton: democrats would disagree. look, the president talked about it in the state of the union address last january, nearly a year ago when he did the whole salmon compare sop talking about the commerce department doing this kind of salmon versus salt water, if they're smoked it's a different story.
8:38 am
this was a whole year ago say democrats and finally getting it out, and putting it out to pasture? >> well, this is very reminiscent of al gore's reinventing government and like i said, i think it is an empty exercise when you're talking about laying off a few dozen or a thousand here, and at the same time refusing to layoff the taxpayer massive expepped -- expenditures and piling more on. >> we sound like a broken record because we talk about friday document dumps and this friday was no different. there was another release of e-mails that showed that some administration officials knew about solyndra and knew that solyndra was going to be firing people and it was in trouble before they ever let the public know. and could the solyndra thing still have legs? >> i think it does and i think we need to have some theme music every time they have one
8:39 am
of the friday document dumps. maybe the sound of the dump truck going doo, doo, doo. and it's a bad habit for the administration that says it's the most transparent ever. i think we've got to give a lot of credit to the republican watch dogs on the house side. particularly fred upton and cliff stern that chairs the committee that's been on the obama administration's case from day one about the coverup with solyndra. the white house is saying with the latest dump that it moves nothing, no evidence there's been any politicalization at all. but we have to remember that in the last document dump the department of energy was urging solyndra to postpone the announcement about the layoffs and the most recent e-mail show is that the communications between some of these underlings and carol browner, at the time the energy and global energy czar were worried and fretting themselves about the pr that would come from the layouts.
8:40 am
and the phrase, the take away phrase that the underling wrote was no es bueno. >> indeed. we want to talk to you about a guest that we had on earlier this morning, who wrote in 1960, when he was in 7th grade, a prayer mural for his school in cranston, rhode island and just this week, a judge had ordered that this be taken down because it begins with "our heavenly father" as you see and ends with "amen." other than those two things it's sort of a daily affirmation to students. and let's listen to our guest and have you respond. >> at the time as they say, it was perfectly all right to have an appeal to our heavenly father, rather than father god, or any particular deity, i thought that being rather a neutral gender, that it was a little more appropriate. i feel disenfranchised, not to say i'm outraged, which i am.
8:41 am
i think my free speech is abdicated. >> how times have changed since 1960 and the mural has been up and now they say it violates the constitution because it's a prayer on the public school wall. what do you think? >> you know, this is just another example of not only political correctness run amok in the public schools, but also, secularism, extreme secularism run amok. tolerance is always a oneway street for so many of the atheists who keep using the courts to enforce their own views on the public schools. when clearly this is something that was a proud tradition in that school system, apparently it was just one student who was carping about it, went to the courts and had some sort of judicial order. and i think it's a shame, what's happened here, when there are so many other harmful things that are spread and disseminated in the
8:42 am
schools. >> clayton: michelle malcolm live from colorado this morning, the mourning state of colorado. and dave briggs-- >> michelle great to see you. >> thank you, take care, you bet. >> dave: coming up, congress is back to work this week, what battles lie ahead in 2012? we'll be live in d.c. coming up. >> clayton: a number of online profiles grows, so does the lack of privacy. our next guest is fighting to congress that, and the social media bill of rights. what we need to learn about it, that's straight ahead. ♪ wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. these are the reasons i quit smoking. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> you're on twitter, you need to pay attention to this. more than 800 million people are on facebook which means all the users combined form the third largest country in the world, but as our online profiles are growing, so does our lack of privacy and protection. joining us to discuss this is lawyer and author of the book "i know who you are and i saw what you did." great title for the wok. for the book. >> sure. >> and the amount of people on social media, putting more and more out there. >> we're putting more and more intimate believes, political
8:46 am
believes and who we're having sex with. and if there's a photo of them with a drink in their hand, even an innocent wedding photo, one in five college emissions officers, are looking at applicant's social networking pages and rejecting them based on what they find there. >> clayton: women are feeling the brunt of discrimination more than men. >> turns out if a woman shows any sexuality, a sexy photo on her my face page she can have her child taken away in a custody case and the judges don't look how the child is faring. and also, the employers say they reject people wearing pro v vok-- provocative clothing. they're not going to reject you in your suit and yellow tie, but a woman with something low cut. >> clayton: you've put together a social network bill of rights and we'll put them on the screen. right to connect. we'll talk about them. right to privacy placing
8:47 am
information. who is it for? for the the individuals putting themselves up on social media and employers would look at the social bill of rights and say hands off? >> in other countries they're already adapting laws saying that employers can't look at your social network page in finla finland, employers can't google you. i'm hoping for courts to follow these and people follow them in terms of buying technologies. some people don't realize how the gadgets can be used against them. if you down load a program, enable your mic, are you at home, eating, having sex, and using that information to send apps to but also, market that information to employers, and do a google search for hand tremors, an insurer or employer might think you yourself are ill. >> clayton: might have an ailment and not be employable
8:48 am
for a job. >> very often we hear about congress so far behind the technology and don't allow employers to ask questions, references for specific questions, is this a new version of not asking references by going on google and trying to find dirty laundry. >> and now, the equal opportunity commission adapted a regulation that says you can't use medical information that you found on a person sos social network page making decisions about hiring or going forward, but most judges haven't caught up with us at all even though we have a right to privacy in other areas of our life we don't in our online life so judges have said you've lost your right to privacy on an affirmative key stroke, reading your e-mails aren't private. >> clayton: if you say agree on facebook, you're out there. >> it's funny one website as a joke last april 1st by agreeing to the terms and conditions, you give up your
8:49 am
immortal soul. >> clayton: they don't read them when they click, accept and agree. the book "i know you are and i saw what you did", the facebook time line changes and so many layers of privacy, go through there and set themselves for yourselves and don't share what you don't want out there. laurie, thank you for being here. >> terrific being here. >> clayton: looks like mitt romney and newt gingrich are next and neck in the polls can he pick it up. and mark sanford is here and will join us in the next hour. is it fast? it's got a lightning bolt on it, doesn't it? ♪ is it fast? i don't even know if it's street-legal. ♪ is it safe? oh, yeah. it's a volkswagen. [ male announcer ] the security of a jetta. one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. ♪ got you in a stranglehold, baby ♪
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8:52 am
>> the candidatesathered in south carolina last night for the huckabee forum two. giving them another chance to speak one-on-one with undecided voters.
8:53 am
did they do, speaking from south carolina, frank luntz. good to see you. what did you take away from last night. the voters were undecided and did anything help make up their mind? >> it was an interesting program because voters themselves got to ask the questions and i'll tell you two things, number one, a lot of the people were not undecided, they may say so, but they're not. second, for those who are, they're desperately trying to find the perfect candidate and they can't. and three things that illustrate what happened. first from newt gingrich. even though he performed quite well, he's the only one to cause this reaction from the audience, let's take a look. >> georgetown has a steel mill which was closed. capital wasn't put at risk, capital was drained out of that company. and governor romney ran saying he created 100,000 jobs in the private sector and, lets me just say-- >> mr. speaker we said we would not allow comments on other candidates.
8:54 am
>> let me say it differently. i believe that it's fair to ask the records be cleared and that people reveal what happened. >> now, in the polling down in south carolina, newt gingrich is clearly gaining and so the challenge is a distinction between gingrich and romney is increasingly clear and that's why gingrich is doing so well. make no mistake, the south carolina voters are not going to tolerate candidates that attack each other and that's a warning before tomorrow night's fox news debate. >> each of our states are under assault right now by this administration. but we may be under assault, south carolina, they're actually at war with you, i mean, the idea that they would come in here with their justice department and take on your voter identification law, that they would come in here and take you to task and you're having to spend money to defend your sovereign right to have immigration laws put into place.
8:55 am
and when i'm the president of the united states, you don't have to worry about seeing the justice department in your business. >> and i've been to more than a koz dozen of the forums, where the candidates are present and this is rick perry's best performance so far. most applause lines and he knew south carolina very well and quite distinctive. as you saw there, he focused on what barack obama has gone to south carolina rather than for south carolina, and did very well. and there's one more clip that we have for you, which is rick santorum at his best yesterday. >> my name is robert booth, mr. santorum, and my question is, how can you call yourself a true conservative when you voted six times to raise the debt limit? >> thank you very much. i appreciate that, robert. and here is-- it was five, by the way, despite what ron paul says, checked. and here is the issue, have i voted and worked to get that budget deficit down and
8:56 am
balance the budget and take care of the serious issues. unfortunately when you're a united states senator or congressman, you're not president of the united states, and stop spending, which i could by vetoing bills and proposing budgets. >> that's the number one issue, wasteful government spending, wasteful washington spending. the candidates that wins on that attribute i think is the candidate that wins a week from saturday. >> alisyn: all comes back to the economy and government debt. frank, thanks so much for-- >> and jobs. >> alisyn: jobs, right. thanks for playing that for us. and i'm glad you pointed out rick perry, a solid performance. he was comfortable, funny, made jokes. >> dave: doing great, but vulture capitalism is going to kill rick perry. >> alisyn: he's dropped that. >> dave: a little late for that. we'll let the votes decide. >> alisyn: weigh in if you saw the huckabee forum. we'd love to hear from you. . >> dave: a nightmare at sea after a cruise ship hits
8:57 am
ground ap sinks, how many passengers are still missing and we hear firsthand about the frightening ordeal from one of the american survivors. >> alisyn: it looks like tim tebow's prayers weren't answered, he doesn't pray to win, he says, prays for a good game. >> dave: absolutely. >> alisyn: is his faith and football what america needs today? father jonathan morris sits down to talk to us about tebow mania. what is thishorty? uh, tissues si i'm sick. you don't cough, you d't show defeat. give me your war face! raaah! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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9:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, it is sunday, january 15, i'm alisyn camerota. a "fox news alert," there has been a miracle at sea, after the tragedy. another survivor has been pulled to safety this morning after the cruise ship overturned with thousands of people on board. plus, why the captain of the ship is now in big legal trouble. >> dave: newt gingrich booed a bit at governor huckabee's presidential forum, in south carolina. with the undecided voters. what made them boo? we'll tell you. >> clayton: and we have told you -- >> boo! >> clayton: you are -- >> i booed you. >> clayton: you are my boo! we told you about a case where airport security confiscate aid passenger's cup cake -- confiscated a passenger's cup cake and now, how you get them to back off the baked goods. fox and friends, hour 4, starts, fox and friends, hour 4, starts, right now.
9:01 am
captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: we have to get to the breaking news, we begin this morning with a "fox news alert." about that horrible nightmare that school board described cou something out of the titanic, left in sheer panic after the ship hit the sand bank, rocks and sinks off the coast of tuscany. >> dave: what a scene, melissa was with her mom on the ship, celebrating her birthday and they were rescued by life boats and she joins us now on the phone from italy. thank you so much for being with us this morning. if you could, just describe for us what you saw, what the scene was like, the moment you realized things were not right aboard the cruise ship. >> caller: good morning. pretty much, me and my mom just
9:02 am
left dinner and we were going to explore the ship, we were only on there about three hours and we were walking down just to look for something. my mom -- we were looking for a bar, nightclub, and there was stuff lit up and, mind you, nothing on the ship is in english and there was something lit up and it was the cathedral and she went in and said a prayer and literally walked out and the ship turned, almost like it turned on like a 70 degree angle like you were going around in a -- turning in a circle and, just wouldn't, wouldn't turn back. everything was falling, we were trying to just get down the hallway, because, the hallway was on an incline, and, just get to a crewmember, but, none of the crewmembers spoke english and we couldn't figure out anything. there was a big problem is there
9:03 am
is nothing labeled on the floors, in the elevators, it doesn't say what is on the floor. there is no emergency exit lighting, there is nothing on the floor that lights up. i mean, the lights went out and it was a blackout. >> clayton: and besides the lack of english written on the ship, there seemed to be, from the the reports we have been reading, and hearing about, a lot of confusion among the crewmembers. >> caller: they didn't know anything and i can't blame them. they were in the same situation we were in. they had no information. we got to -- i kept asking crewmembers where the life boats were, no, you don't need life boats, go back to your room. not i'm not going back to my room and we figured out the life boats were on the fourth floor and went outside and people were getting lifejackets on and we didn't have a drill, like i have been on cruise ships before with royal caribbean and carnival and, you have a drill, first hour you are there. you know exactly where you are going to, where your life boat is and when we got into the room, we looked at the itinerary
9:04 am
and it said, 5:00 p.m., pretty much yesterday, the day after, that was our drill, and i joked with my mom, what if something happens today? we don't know where to go. >> alisyn: what happened when you got to the life boat scene? we heard it was chaotic. >> caller: we got to the life boats, no one is in charge, no one was like, i am the leader. in royal caribbean you have your leader and they say if there is an emergency they'll scan you off the sea pass card and know who got off and on the ship and there was nothing and so, they don't know when we got on the life boats, who was off and who was on, but we stood out there for an hour-and-a-half, on the ship while it kept getting lower and lower and no one said anything, a couple of people who said there was technical difficulties, and it was in different languages. so, we're trying to figure it out and found one woman who worked there, who was a dancer
9:05 am
from england, and she was the only one who was helpful to -- we stayed at a life boat and when the alarm sounded and there was someone who said we are speaking on behalf of the captain, i don't know if that meant he wasn't there. i don't know if the captain just didn't -- >> we know the captain is facing criminal charges, one of those charges is in fact abandoning his ship. what has happened since you got to land? i'm told of another chaotic scene there, people without passports and without credit cards and phones and no one helping them in their terrible situations, now they are on land. what is happening now? and where do you go from here? >> caller: i'm leaving on a flight in a couple of hours but, i mean, there is no one -- when we got to land, physically off the ship, first of all, our life boat would not open, it didn't open and i had to take my mom's hand and run to another life boat which we got on and found other americans and got off the boat, onto land which was an island, no one can tell us what
9:06 am
island we were on, where we were and no one made an announcement that said, stood on top of a car, there are thousands of people and i videotaped the whole thing, standing outside, not knowing which way to go, where to go, what to do and people are screaming for family members' names and standing on cars and trying to get ahold of anyone, there is no direction. there was a priest who opened up a church for us. in the town, the town people were really helpful. there were throwing blankets out. it was freezing. so we stayed in the church that night, by -- and it happened at 9:45 when the ship tilted, and, an hour-and-a-half later we weren't off the boat until 11:30, 1:00 a.m. i looked outside and there was still people on the front of the ship, the ship at this point in time was like 3/4 of the way already sunk, and, there were people, five lights i count, inside with flashlights they were making
9:07 am
signals, and, there was three blinking lights in the water. and i mean... it took them a while. there was not even a helicopter there, or a coast guard until 2:00 a.m >> alisyn: melissa, how are you and your mom doing now? >> caller: i mean, we're -- everyone is a bit shaken up, i mean, we have our lives, we're okay. we are coming home. but, i mean, there's just -- a lot of people, especially, i feel bad for the crewmembers because they were sent back onto the ship to find people, who they don't even know if were on or off and they they're ones who were hurt. >> clayton: wounded doing the searches. >> alisyn: melissa, thanks so much for giving us your dramatic experience. >> dave: and if you would, come see us, when you come back, we'd like to see that video you shot, we'd like to talk to you again, once you are back here, right near us, in connecticut, we'd like to see the video and hear about the experience again. >> alisyn: safe travels home.
9:08 am
>> caller: thank you. bye. >> alisyn: i mean, no drill, no safety drill, that should be the first thing that you do on a boat. >> dave: usually is and it is a subsidiary of carnival cruise and, it will be interesting to see where we go from here. >> clayton: politics, a lot happened as mike huckabee's g.o.p. presidential forum, yesterday on fox news channel. john roberts is live in south carolina with details of what took place last night. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, to you, clayton, alisyn and dave, it was a great opportunity for undecided voters and they number over 30% on the republican side, to take a measure of the candidates and actually ask them some questions and try to get some answers. now, rick santorum, is trying to become the consensus conservative candidate here, he had the big boost from the conclave of evangelical and conservative leaders out of texas yesterday and he was asked a question last night, that goes right to his fundamental
9:09 am
conservative principles and is the reason why he got the vote out of texas. he was asked why when it comes to abortion he doesn't have an exception for rape or incest. listen: >> the supreme court recently ruled that someone convicted of rape was not subject to capital punishment. that would be cruel and unusual punishment but that same supreme court said that a child of the womb, conceived from the rape could be killed. that is a country that has its morals up side-down. >> reporter: rick santorum said last night, for him it is the basic principle that every life is sacred. >> alisyn: and, john, we know that newt gingrich broke the rules a little bit last night that had been established by governor huckabee? tell us what happened. >> reporter: how long has newt gingrich been breaking the rules? >> dave: 30 years. >> reporter: they were told last night at the forum, the college of charleston, that you can talk about the issues, you can talk about your record, the only thing you can't do is mention your opponent, or attack your
9:10 am
opponent. and newt gingrich has been going at mitt romney so hard and the idea of the tenure at bain capit capital, business closures particularly in the state of south carolina, that he just could not resist last night. let's listen to what he said and the crowd's reaction. >> governor romney, he said he created 100,000 jobs -- >> we said we would not allow... >> answer his question. i'll say it differently. >> okay. >> i believe that it is fair to ask the records be clear. and the people reveal what happened. my total record is clear. >> now he has come under a lot of criticism from republicans in this state and across the country for attacking free enterprise, the capitalist system but he will not let it go and today is going to georgetown, halfway between myrtle beach and charleston, there was a steel mill there years ago owned by mitt romney's bain capital and it went under,
9:11 am
taking with it a number of jobs and, guys, he's not going to get the dog go. no way. >> on a day when rick santorum suddenly got 150 evangelicals to vote for him, as their candidate of choice, mitt romney, last night i guess, trying to court some of these social conservatives. was there anything that he said last night that you think helped him? did he say anything to talk to those individuals? >> reporter: you know, i guess that is in the heart of social conservatives and evangelicals. and they number 60% in the state, mitt romney has never been a favorite of theirs, the conclave, the first round of voting, only got three votes and there are some social conservatives who are pragmatic and they say mitt romney looks like an electable guy and maybe if we have to hold our nose we can vote for him. he also had a web ad out yesterday, running this weekend and, touting high profile support for his record on abortion and that is his change of heart, going from a pro-abortion stance to a pro-life stance and yesterday he
9:12 am
was asked a question, appropriate for this sunday morning what mitt romney to do to protect freedom of religion in the country. here's his answer. >> i will stand up for the ability of americans to worship god as they choose. i will not proceed down the path that i think you are seeing across this country which is to try and secular rise america. i think we ought to be able to have manger scenes at christmas time and menorahs, representing other faiths. >> reporter: no friendship trees, no candelabras, he wants christmas trees and menorahs. we'll see how it goes with the vote, it is don't campaign against me, it is okay if you vote for me. >> alisyn: makes sense, john roberts, thanks so much for bringing that to us, last night for those who missed it. thank you. >> dave: and a reminder, folks the fox news debate is tomorrow night, right here, bret baier will host it again, from south carolina. >> alisyn: meanwhile, to the rest of your headlines, we begin with the "fox news alert," the western iraqi city of ramadi is
9:13 am
rocked by car and suicide bombings, four car bombs went off at a mosque and a police building and two suicide bombers struck inside the building. it's not yet known how many deaths there have been. from the attacks, this comes a day after a suicide bomber killed 53 shiite pilgrims in southern iraq. and, yet another roadblock, for the trial of the 9/11 suspects. a defense lawyer at the gitmo military court says new rules from the detention commander in cuba violate the ethical obligations as an officer according to court documents which say the commander ordered all correspondence between defense lawyers and suspects be inspected. the argument being that it violates attorney-client privilege and one suspect is refusing to meet with his lawyers because of this new ruling, and the lawyers are asking the federal court to step in and sort it out. looking for two men who opened fire at a missouri shopping mall, the scene leaving two shoppers injured and hundreds running for their
9:14 am
liars. >> i was scared. but we were inside and, hoping that everyone is just okay. >> alisyn: it happened at the independence center mall in kansas city. the victims were a man and woman who had reportedly gotten into a fight with the shooters earlier in the day and both are expected to make a full recovery, those are your headlines. >> clayton: thank you, alisyn. coming up on the show... sing-songy. who better to ask about the mindset of the south carolina voter than the state's former governor? mark sanford, joins us live with insights. there he is on what it means to the people in this crucial state. we'll get to the heart of it, with the governor, next. beth!
9:15 am
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>> dave: less than a week until the south carolina primary, let's look at the recent polls, showing mitt romney slightly ahead of newt gingrich. with ron paul in third place, so, despite the lead mitt romney currently has, can he still lose the social conservative vote in south carolina? joining us this morning, fox news contributor and former governor of south carolina, mr. mark sanford. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning back to you. >> dave: the development over the weekend, is that social conservatives rallying around rick santorum, as their guy. will it have any impact on the south carolina voters, or are they determined to make up their own mind?
9:18 am
>> reporter: well, we're a determined lot and i think they'll be fairly determined to make up their own minds. i think it is an important indicator and frankly not all that surprising. i mean, i think you would expect a group of social conservative leaders to back somebody like rick santorum given his credentials on that front. i think the bigger question, though, is will social conservatives -- state in english, will the social conservative in essence drive the election in south carolina and i think the answer is no. it will be an important factor but i don't think it will ultimately drive the election. >> dave: should it? because earlier we talked to david webb, now a tea party leader and a radio host and he said that republican voters should is not put social values first in the election, if they do that, he says it will lead to president obama being reelected. do you think republican voters should first vote the economy and then social values? >> i don't think that there is
9:19 am
anything else they should or shouldn't do. i mean, i think that, again i go back to the individual nature of each one of the sort carolinians or for that matter americans, we'll make up our mind as we see fit and i think the reality of the election cycle is the economy, and jobs that are going to lead the train and you could be a social conservative, but, if you live in greer or gaffney or taylor, you pick the spot in south carolina, and, at the end of the day you lost your job, or your cousin lost his job, and your wife is struggling in terms of where she'll work next, what will drive your train, i suspect is jobs and the economy. so, again, i think it is an important factor, jobs and the economy and the debt and deficit are probably going to be bigger issues, this year. in south carolina. >> dave: when it comes to jobs, newt gingrich again, hammering on mitt romney's time at bain capital though he changed his direction a little bit. is it resignation with the estimated third of south carolina voters who are still undecided?
9:20 am
>> yes. but i think in a negative way. i think his rise in the polls has been despite those super-pac ads against vulture capitalism, et cetera. you know, i think he -- certainly is being talked about and maybe that helped, but i think, for a long time, here in the state, people have been looking for a romney alternative. and, that is why you have seen sort of musical chairs, the flavor of the week or the month as we went through the election cycle, both in our state and other states but this is crunch time and, sort of the last stand for a number of these candidates. to have their shot, and, in south carolina, it is a very conservative state, more so than new hampshire or iowa and so i think what you are seeing in terms of the tightening of the polls is, look for somebody else. >> dave: interesting, she debate, tomorrow night, we'll watch, tomorrow night, governor mark sanford, thanks for joining
9:21 am
us. >> my pleasure. >> dave: faith and football has the country talking. or more tim tebows just what our country needs? father jonathan morris next. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. r science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three y we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education.
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>> clayton: welcome back to "fox and friends," football fans were on the edge of their seats last night as the denver broncos took on the patriots, and that edge of the seat -- >> it became the bed, five minutes later. >> clayton: and tim tebow's making it this far, staying grounded. >> my mom and dad preached to me, you may have athletic ability and be able to play a
9:25 am
sport doesn't make you any special than anybody else and doesn't mean god loves you more than anybody else. >> alisyn: does america need more tim tebows? and what went wrong last night. let's ask sports analyst, father jonathan morris. i have a question, for people who think god helps him win, what is -- >> let's start -- a quiz, has he ever suggested god makes the football go straight. >> clayton: no. >> dave: no. >> alisyn: i don't know. >> okay. no, he hasn't. has tim tebow ever suggested... >> dave: it is not necessarily supposed to go strait. >> has he ever suggested that god is on the side of the broncos? >> alisyn: no. >> good. these they're type of criticisms, however, that he gets. right? how is it possible that he is so religious, because, does god care about football or not? he has never -- when he says, thank you, jesus, my lord and savior, he says, thank you,
9:26 am
jesus, my lord and savior, life, my talents and the ability to be here and a lot of the criticism is over the top, but, clayton, the statement that he just made. i don't know what poem it reminded you of. >> clayton: hmm... >> all about quizzing. it reminded me of a poem my dad quoted to me, rudyard kipling, who said if you can treat triumph and disaster, those two imposters just the same, then you are a man, my son. >> alisyn: he does. he is not saying, you know, now that we lost, you know, i think i'll convert... >> now i'm an atheist. that is sillness, we have a man who believes in his faith and lives it and does it in a public life. >> clayton: getting down on one the, publicly. >> dave: tim tebowing. >> clayton: and a got a lot of tweets saying i'm a christian and it goes against the bible
9:27 am
which is, these public displays of prayer. speak to that. speak to this issue. >> the bible never suggests we shouldn't have public expressions of worship. jesus went to the synagogue, okay? that's public and yes, there is also -- definitely room for and we should go into our room and shut the door, and pray before our father who sees us, in the silence and the secrets of our privacy. but, i mean, there is getting upset at victor cruise for doing the salsa dance. >> clayton: in the end zone. >> people get bitter about... >> clayton: people have been doing it for years, rounding the bases and pointing up and praying and it is not new, but the level of the focus. >> also because he's winning. they were 0-4 and now he's winning. they went to the playoffs. beat the steelers. which i'm happy about, because
9:28 am
i'm a browns fan. >> alisyn: gotcha. >> dave: god must be a brady fan. >> he likes to be on a winning team, right? >> alisyn: thanks, father john for coming in. >> you passed the quiz, pretty well. >> clayton: that's how we do it. thanks, coming up, we have been telling you about the tsa nightmare at -- >> alisyn: tragedy. >> clayton: the tragedy for crews ship passengers, coming up an update on how many people are still missing and we hear about the scary ordeal from one of the is yours visor. -- of the survivors. >> alisyn: and congress heads back to work this week. what battles lie ahead for 2012. we have a crystal ball, we're live in washington. >> dave: we're talking tsa, cup cakes pose a safety risk. we hear from a baker who has a unique way to get the tsa to back off baked goods.
9:29 am
♪ ♪ let's do the time warp again... >> alisyn: let's do the time warp. >> ♪ ♪ let's do the time warp again...♪
9:30 am
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9:32 am
>> dave: boy a love that music. >> alisyn: it reminds me of a song i like. >> clayton: we played it yesterday to see if we can compare it. welcome to your music half-hour, on "fox & friends," i'm your dj, clayton morris, that is dave briggs and our other dj is alisyn camerota. >> alisyn: i'll be spinning some tunes... >> clayton: spinning all the hits! >> dave: we start with lawmakers heading back to capitol hill this week. some in the media are saying speaker john boehner and house republicans will be like a couple waking up after a fight the night before. >> alisyn: for more on that unpleasant image, to peter doocy live in washington, d.c., let's talk about the tension they are
9:33 am
expecting. >> reporter: president obama is trying to get himself reelected by running against what he calls a do-nothing wrong and the truth is congress was deadlocked on important measures for much of last year and now, some republican congressmen are coming out, saying they hope their party can finally get together and the g.o.p. leadership and speaker boehner specifically can get everyone in line so they can move forward on more of a united front now that the huge freshman class from last year had a year to get used to things on the hill. congressman schatz says with a 25 seat majority you need to be together, and, with so many new members comes the challenge of getting everyone's expectations to be reasonable and having unified goals, i believe many members have more reasonable expectations. and others said the speaker needs to be clear. i get chewed out by folks who
9:34 am
said, why did you fold? i got colded back home, and i don't like it, leadership has to make decisions sometimes, but we could at least be on the same page and in ba wayne -- boehner said, there are 242 of us in the family and you'll have divergent opinions and, it is my job to listen to everyone and get everyone on the same page and go and it's not easy and this wednesday the house will take on the first major order of business, voting on a resolution of disapproval, of president obama's proposal to raise the debt limit, $1.2 trillion. back to you. >> alisyn: thank you very much. >> dave: thanks. >> alisyn: a preview of what we can expect. thank you. >> clayton: yes. we have a little bit of breaking news, newt gingrich just asking -- saying he'll release his tax returns. this thursday, and calling on mitt romney to do the same. he has been asking for that a
9:35 am
while. >> dave: that will not happen, mitt romney is not releasing his tax returns, maybe the general if he gets the nomination. >> alisyn: you're in on that? i'm all in. >> clayton: we'll ask governor huckabee about that in moments when we speak to him. >> alisyn: in the meantime, your headlines, we have a "fox news alert," we are now hearing some of the first dramatic reactions from passengers, frantically trying to escape the sinking cruise ship in italy. [screams]. >> alisyn: they said it was a blackout afterwards and the amateur video was taken that's ship started going down, at least 4200 passengers were on board. you can hear how panic-stricken they were, italian officials say 17 people are still missing at this hour and one american passenger said he really thought it was the end. >> caller: you a
9:36 am
. >> you keep thinking oh, my god, i have to say good-bye to my family and you try your phone, and you think, i need to say good-bye to you. i can't let it go like this. >> alisyn: the captain is in big trouble, questioned on charges of manslaughterer and abandoning the ship and he reportedly told police he was the last person to leave the ship and other passengers are not so sure. you are about to see is not an intentional fireworks display. a truck carrying explosives crashed, setting all of these fireworks off inside a tunnel in china. luckily the driver got out fast enough to avoid any injuries. firefighters did get the situation under control after several hours. you can count this woman out for mother of the year award. police say laurie rubble took her five-year-old son along with her while she helped her boyfriend rob a bank, it happened outside of chicago. police say that she scoped the bank out, before her boyfriend went in and robbed the place at
9:37 am
knife point and she provided the getaway car while her son was strapped into the back seat. some people don't trust babysitters. >> clayton: it is hard to find them on a friday night. >> alisyn: you have to bring the kid along to the bank robbery. >> dave: no criminal background... >> alisyn: you want to tell us about the russian space program. >> clayton: russian space debris, heads up, everyone gets panicked when it is about to crash down, a space probe is expected to crash into earth within the next few hours, experts believe it will land in the indian ocean, let's hope they are right. because it weighs 14 tons. filled with toxic fuel. why are we hoping... >> dave: you hope it lands in the ocean. >> clayton: we hope it lands on a nice coral reef, the probe was supposed to gather soil samples from one of mars' moons and was stuck in the earth's atmosphere, huge embarrassment for russian, billed as the most exciting space mission yet.
9:38 am
toxic chemicals and we -- >> wouldn't it better if it landed in newark and fit right in? >> alisyn: hey, hey! >> dave: i'm kidding! cory booker -- i'm kidding! >> clayton: or the hudson, maybe more accurate. >> alisyn: speaking of... speaking of strange inter planetary things, let's talk about the tsa, and, air travel. because, you may recall there was a woman whose cup cakes were confiscated by the tsa. >> dave: was it a cup cake or a jar of frosting. >> clayton: a cake of red velvet deliciousness. >> alisyn: this is it and you can see why the tsa was confused. it came in a glass jar and at the top of it -- is a snake about to spring out of here? >> dave: the frosting comes of on the lid. called wicked good cup cake and confiscated in vegas, i believe as they were going through
9:39 am
security. they said it violated tsa regulation. >> clayton: and the company in rhode island island has a way to go around the cup cake regulations, apparently, it was an epidemic, i mean, so many people traveling, so many people... what is it called. >> dave: silver spoon, a bakery in rhode island. >> clayton: they have a tsa approved version of the cup cake. and, it is in a bag form. listen to kelly, who came up with the idea. >> cup cakes are really a fun product and, we saw everything that happened and we thought have fun and create this spoof cup cake, so really what we did is just took the cake and added three ounces or less of frosting and packaged it in a 1 quart see-through bag and put en' tongue in cheek boarding pass with it and it has taken off, no pun intended. >> dave: pr! >> alisyn: mind you, she's not taken it for a test flight and
9:40 am
that will happen this afternoon when she tries to get the new tsa friendly cup cake through security at the airport in providence. we'll see what the tsa agents do. >> dave: first you need to screen the cup cake itself. >> alisyn: for danger. >> clayton: for danger. no other reason. >> alisyn: yes. i mean, i consider it my specialty, i test them out by eating them. >> dave: attention, alisyn camerota on the care package, please... >> alisyn: right. it is only fair. >> clayton: allergies she should be made aware of. >> alisyn: i'm okay with anything. >> clayton: let's check in with maria molina, looking at our forecast. >> reporter: good morning, a chili one across the northeast and new york city now at 16°, factor in a little breeze and it feels a lot colder and we are talking about windchill temperatures, in new york city in the single digits, that is the story across the northeast and some interior parts of our area, actually dipping below zero at times, now, we do have a big game, new york giants against the packers tonight and we're expecting dry conditions, and surprisingly it will be a
9:41 am
warmer day out there, at 4:30 p.m., for the game. we're expecting a kick off temperature of 27°, factor in the wind and it could be feeling cooler, low 20s, we are expecting and otherwise, dry weather, good for football and green-light there. today's forecast will be warming up just a little bit across parts of the northeast, 27 will be our high in new york city and sunshine, and again, the wind is going to be a lot cooler out there and across the south it will be a beautiful day, a lot of sunshine, highs in the 60s, 53, across parts of atlanta, and the midwest, also seeing relatively quiet -- staying quiet but all the trouble is out across the west and we're getting a lot of snow, guys, across parts of the cascades, and the northern rockies. >> alisyn: sounds good, thanks. >> clayton: newt gingrich said he'll release his tax returns and is urging mitt romney to do the same, this thursday. what is the former presidential candidate and governor, mike huckabee -- what does he think about this? that is him, you know him well. we'll ask him this very question
9:42 am
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9:44 am
>> alisyn: undecided voters in south carolina got a unique chance to speak directly with the republican presidential candidates vying for the party's nomination and thanks to governor mike huckabee who hosted the forum in charlotte, yesterday -- charleston. don't try to trick mean, prompter! i don't just read you directly, i think, occasionally, prompter. >> clayton: governor mike
9:45 am
huckabee joins us from little rock, arkansas. prompter, take the governor full in one shot and we'll ask this question, something came up was the idea of releasing records. newt gingrich talking about this. we need to have transparency, well, this morning he's continuing that theme, and, a little bit of breaking news we wanted to bring our audience this morning, he says he will in fact release his tax return, thursday and he's redoubling his effort for mitt romney to do the same. smart move or mistake? >> it is smart on his part, saying i've done it, now everyone else should, having had released them over ten years, almost 15 during the time i was office, is the dumbest thing you can document here's why: how many people understand their own tax returns? not many. they don't even do their own tax returns. how many would possibly understand someone else's tax returns and i imagine mitt romney's tax return is very complicated. and i'll tell you what you do, like loading a gun, point it to your own head.
9:46 am
all it does is give reporters and opponents fodder to attack you. why would you possibly do something the law doesn't require to you do that only has negative consequences? >> dave: right, because we know it will turn out, mitt romney paid the lower tax rate than most americans, you are right. certainly it cannot end well. regarding your forum, last night, we had frank luntz on earlier, who said a lot of the undecided voters who were there last night are still undecided in south carolina. why? >> i think it's not because they don't like any of the candidates, though, you know, that may be the reads you get from some. i think all the candidates have qualities they like but none of them have all the qualities they want. it is not like -- unlike going to the supermarket, when you are really hungry, looking up and down the aisles, and you can't find a thing you want to eat. or going to the television guide and there are 200 channels and other than fox news, you can't find anything you want to watch. the point is, if you you are just saying, gosh, i don't know what i want to do, everything
9:47 am
looks good and nothing looks good and i think that is what we're seeing in the republican primary. everyone will come down to it, people are breaking late, but, what they really want to do, they want to beat barack obama, that is the one thing that unifies the republican party right now, they want a new president. and, so what they are looking for is not just the guy that is exactly the dream team but someone who can beat barack obama, that is their number one priority. >> alisyn: let's talk about the evangelical leaders who got together in texas and decided after a lot of deliberation, frankly they were going to back rick santorum. what is the significance of this for him? >> it is very good news for him in that it gives him a boost, it raises his profile, it shows that he has street cred with evangelical leaders. i don't think it translates into a significant vote bump. again it gives him attention. but, here's why. the constituents of these leaders have already hitched
9:48 am
themselves for the most part to a wagon and most have made a decision, they will not change it is because somebody heads an organization they give $10 a month to, says we'll support rick santorum. a great bump for him but i don't think it's a seismic shift in the election. it could have been but they waited too late. they should have done it six months ago, not after two primaries happened and 7 days, before the south carolina -- >> alisyn: why didn't they do it sooner? >> i think they couldn't decide among themselves, the same thing happened four years ago, and, they were unable to come to a consensus, as to which candidate they liked and some of them, though they say we are feccolken val -- focused on value issues and they wanted to talk about defense issues and that is like the nra wanting to talk about a candidate's position on global warming, the nra has one issue and it sticks to the issue and
9:49 am
doesn't care what a candidate thinks on other issues and if these leaders want to be credible they have to stick to the issues for which they are known and put nothing else on the table and then they have punch and power. >> clayton: mark thiessen was on our show earlier, former speechwriter for george w. bush and he said with the fractured candidates that was not a threat to mitt romney but now with the idea of santorum being this one evangelical choice, that could really be a threat to mitt romney, split though vote and hurt him in florida, going forward. do you agree or disagree. >> not necessarily, because, again, newt gingrich has a lot of strong support from evangelicals. so does rick perry. ron paul does. and, so, yes, i want to make clear, i think it is a very, very wonderful thing to happen to rick santorum and his campaign. does it suddenly thrust him abo above everyone else? it might have a few months ago before the primary start. at this late stage of the game, too many people are invested and will not walk away from the investment they have in their
9:50 am
candidate, be it newt gingrich or someone else. >> dave: stick around, governor, we have a question for you next, and it is about rick perry asking you to be his vp, when did it happen and why did you say no? >> alisyn: have you said no? >> dave: i think we can safely assume he's still on the network. we'll ask about that in a minute. >> clayton: we'll have him have his oprah moment with us after the break. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> dave: welcome back, my friends. we are back with governor huckabee who, surprise, surprise, was asked about being a vice presidential candidate, you know what? governor, i need more coffee. alisyn... go! >> alisyn: this was a great moment, because rick perry who had i thought a very strong night, and seemed funny, he seemed comfortable, gave a solid performance. >> dave: did well.
9:54 am
>> alisyn: and i think his best laugh line was this one: >> how are you. >> excellent, thank you. >> my question is about your possible vice presidential pick. >> my question is what you got going on next year? >> alisyn: the crowd liked it, they liked the idea that next year you could be the vice president. what is your response? >> i gave it last night. i said, you know, i am doing the show, so there it was, it was a great line by rick perry and unexpected by me and i'm sitting there, minding my own business, over there in my chair, and he suddenly thrust me into it. it was a great line and i agree, i thought he had his best night of the campaign and i told him so. he seemed very much in command and relaxed and had solid answers and a lot of energy. >> dave: he did well the last time around. >> clayton: historically, great
9:55 am
founding fathers of the united states said the vice presidency is a worthless and actually a boring job and it wouldn't take up a lot of your time. you could fit it in. >> dave: what if you were asked by mitt romney say in a month. >> i don't think anyone will ask me, but i was a lieutenant governor before i was a governor and i thought the best description of that job, is similar to the vice president's job, like being a spare tire, you are supposed to be kept out of sight, in the dark and all pumped up in case they need you for something. and, you know, i'm loving what i'm doing, and, i'm probably not going to apply for the job. >> alisyn: let's talk about the debate that is happening, tomorrow night, in south carolina and you having come out of a room with so many undecided voters, do you think there is something that can happen tomorrow night that will move the needle, and, lower mitt romney's chances of winning and raise somebody else's. >> the race will tighten up in south carolina and it already is and that is typical as it gets
9:56 am
down to the moment. one of two things could happen tomorrow night. if mitt romney has a strong, commanding performance i think he moves ahead and people say, okay. maybe there is a reason he's the front-runner and even for those he is not their first choice, they assume he's a legitimate choice and they go with him and if somebody else could be newt, rick, santorum or perry, could be ron paul, huntsman, any could have the magic moment in which they say something so soaring, like the ronald reagan, i paid for this microphone, mr. green, but, that is what it will require for someone else to break out. they'll have to have a big moment tomorrow, or otherwise i think the field drifts toward where it is today. >> dave: let me ask you about ron paul, say he ends up, even if he doesn't get the nomination, if he has the second most delegates what does the republican party do to bring him and his supporters into the fold and is that possible. >> alisyn: you have ten seconds. >> they ought to give him a key spot at the convention and let
9:57 am
him speak. >> alisyn: shorter than ten seconds. >> clayton: future vice presidential candidate and host of "huckabee" on the fox news channel. nice to see you, governor. >> good to see you guys. >> clayton: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties ha sixty calories oless per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce. [ male announcer ] when kelley blue book's gave the 2012 camry a best resale value award, we were delighted. ♪ when it received a 5-star overall safety ring, we were ecstatic. and when camry became the number-one selling car in america 10 years running, we blushed.
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>> clayton: tomorrow on "fox & friends," dr. martin luther king, jr.'s niece joins us and donald trump, dana perino, tune in 6:00 a.m. eastern time, tomorrow but i have to ask dave, sports guy, games today, 1:00,


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