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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 15, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm EST

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ravens -- >> dave: ravens, texans, everyone has the ravens big, i like them but not as big as everyone is taking and they'll win by ten and i'll take the upset, giants over the packers. >> alisyn: your poker chips. >> dave: i'm all in. >> alisyn: i don't know, which one has a better uniform? >> jamie: we're beginning today with a "fox news alert." take a live look at the ship off the coast of tuscany. why are we showing it to you? it's in bad shape, shocking details are emerging about the chaotic moments after this cruise ship ran aground in italy. there are also accusations that the crew actually abandoned the ship, with passengers still on board. and there is also brand new video of a helicopter rescued from the scene, crews just rescuing a ship employee, trapped until moments ago. great to have you here today, it will be a busy two hours, i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric sean, welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters for this sunday
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morning. the death toll from friday's tragedy stands at 3 which is remarkable when you think about it. the sinking happened at night, with more than 4,000 people aboard the ship. and the captain as we see here has been detained by police and he could face possible criminal charges including, potentially, manslaughter. passengers describe a pes separate struggle to survive -- desperate struggle to survive that's ship started listing to one side. >> we had to jump 10 to 20 feet, off the sinking ship and people were falling, several people broke their arms. and there was blood all over the deck from people cracking their heads. it was just a nightmare. >> eric: greg burke is streaming life from italy. greg, they are describing panic and confusion and what is the latest you have there now? >> well, eric, the latest is good news, that number you were talking about, you know, the
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three dead, only three dead, considering what a problem it was and at this time yesterday they talked about 69 unaccounted for, that number is down, to just 17, there was a korean couple rescued last night and the helicopter rescue you talked about was an italian employee who had broken his leg, both of them found the couple and the italian employee, by the divers and we're coming to the end of daylight now and they'll have a little more time to work and hopefully the number will go down, even further. some of those unaccounted for, people had gotten into rome by themselves and that was a group of four japanese people as well and, hopefully, the death toll will not rise too much. it is an incredible search issue now, more than 1500 cabins on the ship. eric? >> eric: certainly let's hope people are not trapped in the ship, maybe an air pocket. it has to be horrific. what about the mood of survivors after going through all of this? >> reporter: it is a real mix, as we have heard a lot, anger
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about the crew taking care of themselves more than others, but, also stories of heroism. an argentinian woman telling us she has a pair mreeraplegic daun an indian crewmember, carried her down, and the mother could not get into the life boat and she jumped, she said, four stories into the water but they met up on land and it is a mixed deal and there is a lot of anger and they felt they were lied to, initial reports it was only an electrical problem, only an electrical problem and people felt it didn't give them time to get ready to be safe. >> eric: they have the modern technology today, radar and sonar. how come they didn't know about the rocks and the ship was so close to the island? too close? >> reporter: there is a huge debate on that right now. allegedly the captain has said that they were not marked. he did not know about it and essentially it is an underground island, is what there is and
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other people in town have said everybody knows that those rocks are out there, and, one of the things the mayor says, there has been a tradition on the cruise ships to greet the island, to go close to it an greet it, perhaps you want to visit sometime, that kind of thing and at night you can't see much and if that happened it is a mess and the company that runs the ship, they have claimed it was one of the -- used to claim it was one of the safest ships in the world and apparently they won't do that anymore. eric? >> eric: so sad and a tragedy, especially happening in this day and age when they have all of that technology, greg burke, thank you. >> jamie: talking about the safety record of the ship it isn't the only accident the cruise ship had, in november of 2008, the ship struck a dock in the sicilian port city of pa lermo and the ship was repaired
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and another ship, hit a pier and punched a 6 foot hole and three crewmembers died in that incident and for more on the cruise ship tragedy in italy and the continuing search for more of the passengers and employees go to the web site and check out or gallery of still photos from the scene and you can find it all at >> ec: to iran now, they are accusing the u.s. and israel of, quote, state terrorism. that after the latest assassination of a nuclear scientist, mostafa ahmadi roshan who was killed by a personal assassination bomb on wednesday, the foufrt attack and he's the third iranian scientist to be murdered, as they sit, struck in rush hour traffic in downtown tehran and iran blames israel and the u.s. for these assassinations and they are vowing retaliation. joining us now as he does every
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sunday at this time, the former united states ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, ambassador, good morning, good to see you. >> glad to be here. >> eric: they are threatening to retaliate. will they start killing officials on our side? >> they are laying the basis for it by saying this is -- it was an act of state sponsored terrorism and of course the united states denied it. israel has declined to make comment on it. i think part of it is bluster on the part of the iranians and what they are looking to do is both intimidate the united states and europe and make them back away from some of these attacks on the iranian nuclear weapons program and, also, try and lay the basis for the negotiations that are about to begin led by the european union. because, those negotiations unfortunately, i think, have every prospect of simply buying iran more time and backing away from some of the sanctions, allowing them to get closer to
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achieving a nuclear weapons capability. >> eric: assassinations are like out of a james bond film, mission impossible. it is unbelievable and take a magnetic bomb, on a motorcycle and speed by the car and paste it on the window or by the door and boom it kills the scientist, basically nobody else, it has mort telewou mort mortaly wounded a bodyguard. . >> before we get -- before people draw too many conclusions from the individual, the tragedy, obviously, he's dead, he was 32 years old and the deputy director for commercial affairs, at the natanz enrichment facility. now, there are no commercial affairs at the natanz enrichment facility. the government of iran is the only customer. 32 years old, he may be a nuclear scientist but i wonder what his contribution was. so, this is part of the problem of trying to discern exactly
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what impact the assassination and other things have had. the conclusion is that all of the activity has had very little impact, even though it gives the appearance of doing something about iran's nuclear program, when, in fact. it is having very little consequence. >> eric: also they threatened to close the straits of hormuz and have apparently 2,000 mines and let's talk about the speedboats that continue to harass the u.s. navy. >> this is certainly part of the iranian threat. and, they've perfected the art of surrounding large ships with these tiny boats and, you know, the u.s. navy has some history with this as well. pt boats in world war ii and i think they understand the nature of the threat posed by this kind of iranian capability and, if iran did try to close the straits, eliminating this threat would be a very high priority and, one i think the navy and the air force have practiced on
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and are fully capable of doing. >> eric: you are looking at video released on friday of the speedboats harassing a couple of navy ships and there was the war game in 2002, pretty astounding, they can basically sink our navy, a quote in "the new york times," reports said, quote, small agile speedboats swarming a naval convoy could inflict devastating damage, 16 major warships and aircraft carrier, cruisers and amphibious vessels were sunk to the bottom of the persian gulf in an attack that included swarming tactics by enemy speedboats. what if they do that? >> well that is why you have games like that, to allow the navy to be prepared but as i say we've had our own experience with small motor boats of that nature and, in fact, very famous pt boat pilot got his boat rammed by a japanese destroyer, and it is a threat, no doubt. and the navy takes it seriously and i think they are confident
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cents a reasonably -- as reasony can be, if in fact iran decides to deploy. >> eric: and, the pt pilot you mentioned, president kennedy. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> eric: jamie? >> jamie: america's election headquarters and the music picked up i noticed there. certainly the race is picking up, too. the g.o.p. presidential candidates have their hands full, making their final big push in south carolina. with less than a week until voters there head to the polls. the white house hopefuls are busy today with public events and television interviews, and senior national correspondent john roberts joins us now, live from myrtle beach. good to see you, john. >> reporter: good morning, we're outside the myrtle beach convention center where the all-important fox news debate is tomorrow night and just inside is a prayer breakfast for the south carolina g.o.p. going on and rick perry spoke there a while ago and rick santorum is
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addressing the crowd, right now and all eyes in south carolina are on rick santorum to see if, after he got the endorsement, that group of conservatives and evangelicals out of texas yesterday, he came out with an iowa style challenge to mitt romney and yesterday the conclave of conservative leaders determined rick santorum was the republican candidate best able to defeat president obama in november and so the consensus, decided to rally around him, see if they could push him over the top in south carolina and in florida. and yesterday, at a campaign event in mt. pleasant, south carolina, rick santorum reacted to that. >>... people are trying to assess, not just who is the most electable, you know, the most electable conservative in the -- vis-a-vis mitt romney but who is the most electable, period and we are encouraged by it and we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: still got a lot of work to do and a short amount of time to do it, and, the real
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clear politics average polls, he's at 15%, mitt romney at 27% and he has to make up 12 points and he did that and more, so, in iowa. and another republican candidate trying to make a move this week is newt gingrich who will be engaging in an aggressive effort to compare and contrast his record with that of mitt romney, yesterday, all of the candidates save ron paul were at the huckabee forum at the college of charleston, newt gingrich ran afoul of the rules, though, which stated you can talk about your issues and you, and you can't mention your opponents or attack your opponent and when it came to mitt romney and bain capital, newt gingrich couldn't resist, let's listen: >> governor romney ran saying he created 100,000 jobs in the private sector, and -- let me -- >> mr. speaker we said we will not allow... >> trying to answer his question. let me say it differently. >> reporter: and he's not going to give that up today, he'll be in georgetown, south carolina
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where a bain capital owned company used to exist and he'll hammer on mitt romney's record with bain capital again. >> jamie: john roberts, live in myrtle beach and john cusack, editor of "the hill" joins us. >> good morning, jamie. >> jamie: the semi surge, a vote of confidence from the group of evangelicals who got together in texas for rick santorum, too little, too late? >> well, it is a big deal but it might be. timing in politics is everything, and, it should have been helpful for rick santorum, maybe right after iowa or, perhaps even before iowa. mitt romney finished fourth in south carolina. in 2008. it will be a big test, can he close the deal? i don't think the polls right now, i went pay much attention to them, because we have a couple of debates before south carolina goes, and, remember, newt gingrich was up double digits, just about a month ago in south carolina, volatile situation, i think the debates will be very important here.
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>> jamie: the south carolina voters that participate in the primary, in the past, they have a good track record of picking at least the candidates. for the g.o.p. so, as you stated, i bet that will be very, very important, but, what about the base? what is most important to them? would texas be indicative that santorum meets the needs and how do they get over the fact that mitt romney, by many, is the one that can actually beat the president if they want to stick to their core values? >> i mean, this is a real challenge for mitt romney, the social conservatives have never warmed to him. partly, i think because he's changed positions on a variety of high profile matters. so, mitt romney, first has to wrap up the nominations and if he wins south carolina it will be basically over -- we'll go on to florida and super tuesday, but he will be 3 for 3 in that situation and he has to unify the party and, the base has to come out and there's a reluctance of the base to
10:15 am
embrace him. he may be helped by the fact that in many months from now, right before, the fall, october, november, that conservatives say, listen, we have got to get rid of president obama, but, that is a challenge to mitt romney, because he has been trying at this a long time and the social conservatives have into the embraced him, evidenced by the fact news came out of texas. >> jamie: let's talk about the young vote. and independents and i have to ask you about the ron paul factor. he has a unique ground game, he is able to raise money in small quantities that add up and, he's not going anywhere, it would seem, how does he factor into south carolina and as we move forward with florida? >> that is a great question, this is the most fascinating question remaining on the republican side, is what does ron paul want? ron paul has not been criticizing mitt romney, a lot of speculation he possibly could run a third-party bid and i don't think it will happen. remember his son, rand paul is in the senate. and i think he's passing the
10:16 am
baton to rand paul and the other big question is, the convention, ron paul did not endorse senator john mccain in 2008. i think the republicans would be smart to reach out to him, mitt romney, reaching out to ron paul, trying to get a major speaking slot at the convention and have that youth vote, many of which i think, if they don't vote for him they'll vote for president obama, so, i think the republicans face a very delicate line with ron paul and may have to embrace his policies on the fed and maybe listen to him on afghanistan. as far as getting troops out, because ron paul will pull a lot of voters in the coming months and he's going to be a key factor in 2012. >> jamie: i have to leave it there. definitely for reasons you stated there might be some embracing coming up down the road. thanks, good to see you, bob. >> thanks. >> jamie: rick santorum is hoping to use this week's conservative endorsement, as a spring board into the south carolina primary and, fox news sunday host and anchor chris
10:17 am
wallace sat down with the presidential hopeful, one-on-one, and that interview is coming up at 2:00 eastern on fox news channel. america's election headquarters and we'll talk with chris, shortly. >> eric: we're continuing our coverage of the tragic and surprising crews ship disaster, looking at a live picture of the wounded ship. as she sits, as you can see, totally stricken. divers have been searching for any more possible trapped passengers. can you imagine what is going on in that ship? potentially air pockets, if anyone else is in there at the moment, who survived this? we will have new survivor accounts, and they paint a terrifying picture of their struggle to evacuate that ship. the latest throughout the hour. ok! who gets occasional constipation,
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and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home.
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>> eric: many social conservative voters desperately seeking an alternative to the current g.o.p. front-runner, mitt romney. but the votes had been spread out among three candidates, rick perry, newt gingrich and rick santorum. this morning, on fox news sunday santorum said he's confident he can take on mitt romney once the field narrows. >> we need to get this eventually down to a conservative alternative to mitt
10:22 am
romney. and, those -- when we finally get matched up and we believe it will be us, we get matched up, if you look that the polls that have been done in other states, down the road, we match up very well and are ahead of the governor, almost every one of those state polls, and we feel like once the field narrows and we get it down to a two-person race we have an excellent opportunity to win the race. >> eric: joining us is the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. >> good morning. >> eric: senator santorum has 12 points to make up and he seems confident he can do that. >> he got a big boost and the conservative christians had a summit, 150 of them at a ranch outside of houston, texas and on the third ballot, like a brokered convention, voted a super majority, 75%, voted to back santorum and the real key, eric, is the practice cal impacf it and, the conservatives, some of them who are not for santorum will not necessarily go for him
10:23 am
but are the majority, are they going to speak out for him and give him money or mobilize supporters, through social networks? we don't know that yet and as you say, there are only 6 days until the south carolina primary. >> eric: the tea party factor, also, is huge. in south carolina. and potentially how does he do that? now tied with ron paul, according to the real politics latest average poll, at number 3 with 14%. >> well, that's right. he's got ground to make up, at this point, according to the real clear politics average of a bunch of polls, he has a small lead over newt gingrich and, there is quite a drop back to the tie for third, between paul and santorum but we have seen amazing swings and you have two debates, the fox debate on monday night and another debate i think on thursday. a lot can happen in six days and, south carolina has a history of pretty volatile politics. so i wouldn't say that the race
10:24 am
is by any means static or wrapped up. things could change dramatically. >> eric: look at what we have seen, so far, what a fantastic race, chris, always good to see you. >> thank you, eric, same to you. >> eric: for more on his interview with rick santorum, watch it on fox news sunday, right here on the fox news channel, 2:00 p.m. today an 6:00 p.m. later tonight, you will not want to miss it if you love politic as much as we all do. >> jamie: a "fox news alert." take a live look at the ship that has been grounded in italy, gone aground, and, the search continues. survivors, found earlier but now, some news according to a report, that the searchers that have gone inside the boat have found two bodies. we're working now to get more details on this, as we continue to watch the pictures, night fall has come. and, the search nevertheless, continuing to find as many
10:25 am
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lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >> eric: time for "sunday house call," joining us this morning as always, dr. marc siegel, associate professor of medicine at langone medical center and the author of "the inner pulse". >> jamie: and dr. david samadi, chief of robotics at the mt. sinai medical center. >> eric: doctors, good to see you. new information for expecting parents, a noninvasive test for down's syndrome. doctors say this screening can be administered like ten weeks into the pregnancy, 99% accurate. doctor, it seems to be a terrific break through? >> this is amazing, eric. i spoke to the doctor who
10:30 am
developed the test and, studied it in 4,000 women, and, he said there is a 99 out of 100% chance you will find it but you want to do it in mainly high risk groups, women over 40 and people with a problem, we use ultrasound to see if there is an abnormality in the heart and 50% of downs babies have that and we look at the neck and if it could be a problem it may replace the need for and invasive test, amniocentesis. >> eric: is it available now. >> absolutely. >> it is available and only costs $235, if you have insurance, currently the test we have is something called quad tests and they test the blood level of mom, for things such as proteins, acg and if you have a low level that is an indication there could be a child with down's syndrome and you have to
10:31 am
make the decision. like i said, we are finding 15 to 20 weeks, the test, maternity 21, is a simple blood test, you can get it done in the tenth week, and it is pretty much accurate. the idea behind this, is that a lot of dna from the child is circulating in mom's blood test and we are able to diagnose it. if the test is negative you have a good chance you will have a healthy child. if it is positive, you have to go on and get the amniocentesis, et cetera. it's a break through. >> eric: ask for the blood test. >> maternity 21. >> number one chromosomal abnormality. >> eric: t-21 test. >> jamie: you need to know. certainly great news and there is a growing debate going on now over whether or not you need a thyroid check, doctors warn not just for pregnant women and i didn't know women who are pregnant had thyroid issues. everybody could have, right? >> that is true and it is interesting, because the
10:32 am
researchers looked at over half a million pregnant women and found out up -- to their surprise, 15% of them ended up having a low thyroid. why is it important? if you have a low thyroid you have a higher chance of miscarriage and low iq children and this is critical. the big debate here is, should we treat this? and there are a lot of them in the gray zone, and, there is a big debate. now, the scientists, clinical trial shows there is really no benefit from treating these moms, with thyroid medication, our clinical trials, will be pending until 2015 but i want a couple of things out. one is recommendations, you should be screened if you have any thyroid symptoms, previous thyroid problems or if you have type one diabetes which is some sort of auto-immune disease. now, this is different than the american thyroid association, which we'd recommend anyone over the age of 30, pregnant women over the age of 30 should be
10:33 am
screened, and anyone with enlarged trilli thyroids, obesi one thing, talk to your doctor about prenatal vitamins, which is i deodine, and, some of the >> jamie: but is it safe. >> no question, they are absolutely safe. 60 million people in the united states probably have thyroid disease. we only catch half of them and as david said 15% of pregnant women have it and we are missing half of them. it's a bag problem because of mental retardation in the fetus and the problem, that 80% of the people with thyroid disease are women. a checked every, single patient out there. for thyroid disease. every, single one, it is a cheap test, especially, women. now if you have it in your family, it is even more likely. over half of the people have thyroid disease because they
10:34 am
have run -- it runs in the family, so, in other words, if someone says, their mother has thyroid disease i check them extra carefully and more than once. >> jamie: same as anything else, right? not to be a separate test, do it as part of screening? >> exactly. and it is women of child bearing years, not just pregnant women because as david said, we are trying to figure out if we should test it before a woman gets pregnant and we don't know what happens in the first trimester if they are having a problem and we didn't start them before hand. >> eric: for years, experts believe memory loss comes with age and starts before 60 years old and there is a study which says, memory starts at age 45. dr. siegel, tell me about it. >> jamie: if you can remember... >> the only person in the room that it doesn't apply is to jamie. but the rest of us, even dr. samadi here is in his 40s, i'm... >> 45. >> you know, he's just under the
10:35 am
curve. the problem is, that cognitive decline goes on way before 70. we look for alzheimer's when you out there hit 70, but it is starting at the age of 40. this is good study, and thousands of people in great britain, civil servant, 10 thousand they followed over decades and found it starts in their 40s, but i have good news, previous studies have shown if you exercise you cut down on the risk greatly and if you are not obese and you lose 8 years, in cognitive function, if you are overweight. 8 years. so, people out there, exercise, eat right, stay slim, and you will not lose your mind as quickly. >> eric: dr. samadi, astounding, you can do something about this? >> this is interesting, they found short-term memory and verbal skills went down and the vocabulary didn't change, interesting findings. what i got out of this is that, you don't have to wait until you are getting older and then,
10:36 am
remember that you have to work on your dementia and alzheimer's. our health, our body, our minds are connected, better body, better mind and vice-versa. take care of your lifestyle an marc mentioned, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, results in higher grades of dementia, if you want to intervene now, now is the time, even as early as 40s. >> jamie: keep working. your mind keeps going. >> absolutely, challenge your mind. >> eric: stay active. >> puzzle-solving. >> jamie: we'll have a lot more with the doctors when we come back, first i want to show you another picture of the concordia cruise ship, which is continuing to sink. as the coast guard continues to try to find any survivors they can. a new report crossing the wires, right now, the coast guard says they've found two more bodies on the ship which ran aground in italy. we'll have more, when we return. paef
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>> eric: back now with "sunday house call," hear about the medical break through, a big one? a simple test, will soon check if men with a history of prostate cancer, family history if they have a fault you jooern -- faulty gene that could lead to the risk. >> the big study was published in the "new england journal of medicine" and they are looking at a specific type of families with prostate cancer, called familial prostate cancer and genetics plays a big role and they look at 200 genes on a chromosome and found a mutation that is occurring and when you have that, you have a higher risk of getting prostate cancer and the target populations are the families that have prostate cancer or men under the age of 55. in my practice, when i see someone that comes in when they are in their early 30s or 45, or
10:42 am
so forth, this genetic test would alert me to make sure i keep an eye on him and if i find the cancer to treat him faster. it is a big thing coming out of john hopkins and the university of michigan and i think opens a lot of doors for people with prostate cancer, because now we are breaking the codes and getting into the genetic testings and going beyond the simple test of psa which is not that specific and is another tool we can use in our practice. >> eric: now go to the doctor and say i want the psa and besides the psa, a gene test? >> not necessarily but it an arrow in the quiver of early detection and we want to intervene, if we can. and the point, if you have a severe family history of prostate cancer and are on the young side there is a 3% chance you'll have the gene and the larger issue is, we're moving in a direction of knowing genetically who is at risk. who will have a cancer and who
10:43 am
might, and who will be at the greatest risk to target the patients. >> jamie: before any symptoms? >> symptoms are rare in prostate cancer anyway. but... >> prostate cancer is known as the silent killer, there are no symptoms and it is important you brought it up. if your father, diagnosed under the age of 60, you have 20% chance of getting prostate cancer, if you have two brothers, 30% chance of getting it. so, enfamil yell prostate cancer families, if you have fathers, uncles, sons, diagnosed, the test in the future will help us diagnose it early. >> jamie: i hope my trainer is not watching this segment and i'm sure she is and i'm in trouble here, because here's the next topic, are you tired of hitting the gym? researchers claim they've created a pill that provides the same benefits as exercising and you don't have to do the hard work, oh, i will get it after this. dr. siegel, really? >> you will not, because i'll agree with your exercise trainer. it is done out of harvard with
10:44 am
dr. spiegelman as the lead author, muscles have on the outside, a hormone that is magnificent, and helps you convert fat which will clog your coronary arteries and give you risk of stroke and cancer, white fat is converted to brown fat which sits on your neck like a power pack waiting for a cold day, and that is what the pill does and here's where your trainer comes in, we can do almost the same by exercising and can get more benefit from exercising and helped the happy hormones in our brain by exercising and it is good, reduces our appetite, i'm all about exercise and this is for people who can't exercise, and may be helpful for people with chronic diseases, and people that are in wheelchairs and can't exercise and may be something we use in addition to exercise. >> jamie: could i cancel one day? dr. samadi? a week? >> let me say the hormone is not going to replace any kind of
10:45 am
workout. because it will not prevent osteoporosis and help with muscle mass but is a great way of thinking because now we're getting into the biological cascade and are determining how exercise will help our health and, the hormone, which is name after the greek goddess of iris, it is helpful by changing the white fat to brown fat and you remember, jamie we talked about how fat around the stomach in the past works like an organ an secretes hormones that are not good for the heart or diabetes, et cetera. and it may convert back to the good fat and we are really understanding great tools about this kind of hormone. exciting stuff. >> eric: keep going. >> jamie: i will for the endorphins at least. >> eric: a study function the myth binge drinking is college age. and, we look at shocking statistics about it, straight ahead.
10:46 am
i remember the day my doctor told me i have an irregular heartbeat, and that it put me at 5-times greater risk of a stroke. i was worried. i worried about my wife, and my family. bill has the mos common type of atrial fiillation, or afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. he was taking warfarin, but i've put him on pradaxa instead. in a clinical trial, pradaxa 150 mgs reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin without the need for regular blood tests. i sure was glad to hear that. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding, and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have a bleeding condition like stomach ulcers, or take aspirin, nsaids, or bloodthinners, or if you have kidney problems, especially if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all medicines you take, any planned medical or dental procedures, and don't stop taking pradaxa without your doctor's approval,
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10:49 am
>> jamie: welcome back, we have talked about vitamin d and it turns out there is research on the impact that vitamin d can have on your heart. physicians are being warned to think twice before relying on the nutrient as a treatment.
10:50 am
dr. samadi, a treatment for people with heart disease? or for all of us? >> there is a new recent study that came out and looked at vitamin d. there was talk of vitamin d and high blood pressure and cardiac prevention of cancer, et cetera and they looked at all the studies out there, 19 of them were good ones, randomized control tries an 28 observational studies that showed when it comes to osteoporosis and bone fracture, combination of vitamin d and calcium actually helps. so, in that we have positive studies, great news, for older populations, and prevention of cancer. for colon cancer, high dose of vitamin d, actually helps, and, it reduces the risk of colon cancer. we are not getting the same results for prostate cancer and breast cancer. now, when it comes to heart, i personal think vitamin d has some merit and absolutely helps. i can't prove it. and most of the studies out there, we're looking at, it is inconclusive, when it comes to the benefit for the heart.
10:51 am
we need further studies to find out about this. why is it important? the task force in february will make an announcement about what kind of dose, who should be taking it and the final recommendations, which is really great because there is a huge debate about vitamin d and our health. >> you have to understand, there are two categories here, people who are vitamin d deficient and people who aren't. and i want to emphasize, previous studies have shown if you are vitamin d deficient you have a risk of heart disease and stroke and a problem if you are on dialysis or have kidney problems. it is definitely good for the bones, everything david said, good for preventing certain kinds of cancer and the question is, many of us have climates where we don't get enough sun and as we get older we don't have enough vitamin d and, i check every patient and if it is low i replace it and do we get enough in our food, normal levels? do you need it if you have a normal level?
10:52 am
that is the question. >> 20 minutes per week of sun and too much vitamin d causes kidney stones. be careful. >> jamie: you check every patient and usually have to ask your doctor to check on vitamin d. not part of a standard panel. >> it should be. >> eric: excessive drinking, you hear about the stories in college and, research shows four times a month, one in six americans go on a drinking binge. dr. siegel, how do you stop it. >> they looked at 500,000 americans around one out of six are binge drinking and these people end up in car accidents, the real problem and, 80,000 deaths were year. from drinking and here's what the new information is. it is not just young people. it is not just people who are in college. it is those of you out there who are over 35, over 35, is 1/3 of the binge drinkers. maybe people are getting into bad habits and are empty-nesters. we have to shine a spotlight on this, because people that don't usually drink, suddenly go out and have more than four drinks a day, what we're talking about, can end up in a car accident.
10:53 am
>> there's a specific definition here, for many, five drinks or more and women, four or more, within 12 hours is considered binge drinking. >> eric: within 12 hours. >> two hours, that is a lot of alcohol within a short period of time and as marc mentioned it leads to unplanned pregnancy and... and if there is an olympics of binge drinking, the state of wisconsin gets a gold medal, 26% of people, binge drinkers, and utah would lose with 11% and the other states with the frequency, new jersey is the lowest rate of frequency of binge drinking, and kentucky has the highest. so if you or any family members have issues with binge drinking call 1-800-662-help. and, there's a lot of information for you to call in. >> eric: great information, thank you. >> jamie: a pretty serious situation going on in the "fox
10:54 am
news alert," for you, too. the ship wrecked cruise liner, the costa concordia, they are still searching and that is probably a rescue boat. not the ship. it is sinking and the rescue crews are still trying to find survivors but, now, from the coast guard, the italian coast guard, the death toll rises to 5. we have just found two more bodies and are still searching the vessel. we'll head to italy for an update, keep it here on fox.
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
before the doctors leave they want you to have one healthy monday tip this is for asthma sufferers in the with winter. dr. maddy is the winter tough for people with asthma? >> this is a tough time. let's start with a, you want to have an action plan you want to make sure when your symptoms are bad make sure you have access to a doctor or emergency room. b, besides fireplace. you want to an individual any smoke, cigarette smoking or the smoke from the fireplace, that's really important. c, close your mouth. the cold air can irritate. make sure you breathe through your nose that was up the air or cover with a scarf. dc, bronco dialators, treatments half an hour before you go outside that is going
10:59 am
to open up lungs. e, exercise you don't want to be out there in air like this and start exercising. also warm up before you exercise that opens up your s. f, flu shot and the cdc recommends flu shots over the age of six months. the other that is important is change the filters of your home and office. there's a lot of dirt and dust that come through the canals. g, the grade medications. any medications take them on time and don't miss them. finally wash your hands frequently and properly. that will avoid any kind of asthma attacks and that should help you. >> anything to add? >> millions of asthma sufferers, cold weather in the winter, cover your mouth with a scarf, low humidity, get a humidifier inside, put your humidity between 30 and 50%.
11:00 am
as david says, get a flu shot, also a pneumonia shot, very important. >> thank you. >> see you next weekend. we start a new hour with a fox news alert. a grim discovery in the last hours for the rescuers combing the shipwreck as you see in italy. two more beds discovered inside that ship. that brings the death toll to this accident to five. the number is remarkable when you think about it. consider the fact that the number of people onboard in the thousands, and the confusion they said that appeared after the ship hit the rocks. the costa concordia cruise liner was packed, more than 4,000 passengers and crew, when it ran aground off the coast of tuscany friday night. now the captain could face criminal charges. good morning. i'm eric sha with wn. >> such a sad story, -- perhaps more people could have
11:01 am
find. i'm jamie colby welcome to this new hour. troubling new details with the chaos that runned onboard. the passengers that have been speaking out, say there were confusing directions. no one knew what was going on. they are painting a frightening picture of ignorance and panic as they call he it. also her -- cast they call it. also heroism. greg, the sun is going down, hopefully you can hear us. greg has been talking to a lot of sources and the coast guard in the last hour has been searching through the ship, many of the people trapped in their rooms. earlier, a south korean couple were pulled from their room where they were trying to stay above water. now the coast guard says they've found two additional bodies on that cruise ship. bringing the death toll to five eric. >> it is astounding. you have to imagine how
11:02 am
frightening it could be over 24 hours now. if any more potential passengers happen to be trapped in air pockets, let's say, they had a couple dozen people still missing. there are concerns about that. also, some confidence over the fact that some of the people who are missing may just not have checked in. they may have left the area,ih÷ gone back to rome, as they try to get back, that may be one of the reasons why there are still unaccounted for passengers. you have to try to figure out and understand the depths of the desperation. >> and the middle of the night. >> panic. middle of the night, and the divers now inside that ship searching for any more stranded passengers that could be trapped. >> here's the big question, how well did the crew do to get the people notified, the passengers and off that ship in time? there are a lot of questions about the captain of the ship now taken for questioning by
11:03 am
authorities. did he abandon the passengers? greg burke is joining us live with the latest. >> reporter: that's right. one of the questions on the captain is that, will he be charged? he's being held, unclear at this point. although, suspicion of two different things. one would be manslaughter, the other leaving the ship, abandoning the ship, also criminal charges there's lots of the witnesses. the latest news two more bodies being found the death toll had to rise that was the feeling here. but only five is considered pretty good considering the impact, considering what an accident it was. that leaves only 15 people unaccounted for. some have been found they just made their way to rome, some japanese people. there was good rescue somebody in the crewmember in the ship for 36 hours he a broken leg, couldn't get out. divers were able if get into
11:04 am
his cabin and save him today. so many passengers complaining essentially there were have been good news stories of heroism on the crew's part. for the most part total confusion that is what they are talking about, being told to go upstairs. being told to go downstairs. crewmember not being able to communicate in english. most of all, a sense they were lied to. they were told for the first 20, 30 minutes this is only an electrical problem. nothing else. that is the latest from here. the search will go on again tomorrow. the sun is basically just setting now. it with will come to an end quickly. right now it is five dead and 15 unaccounted for. >> we are going to follow the story continuously. greg will remain there, news gathering for us. thank you greg burke live at the scene of the ship.
11:05 am
a week way from the south carolina republican primary next saturday. candidates newt gingrich and rick santorum this morning speaking out. they hope to become the only conservative alternative to front-runner mitt romney. most of the candidas are meeting with the voters today on the campaign stump, romney exception, he has no public events scheduled. for the latest our chief political correspondent, campaign carl cameron live from myrtle beach, south carolina. good morning. romney leading the polls but not on the stump today. >> reporter: no that can always run the risk of offending voters here in south carolina. the romney campaign has serious studying and strategizing to do as they look down the road as the front-runner here having won in new hampshire and iowa leading only slightly against newt gingrich, they recognize his conservative rivals are coming after him aggressively. in addition to preparing for the big debate here, the romney campaign is trying to
11:06 am
figure out how they can best go about uniting the party, uniting conservatives and not antagonizing them further. a lot of developments with conservatives trying to get behind santorum or newt gingrich, very close to mr. romney in the polls. romney campaign recognizes that a win in south carolina could be decisive, it could drive nails in the coffin of other candidates. to get there, six more days of very tough attacks from the rivals that's what the romney campaign is preparing for with tomorrow's debate and this riddle of how do they get conservatives to get behind his candidacy. >> according to the latest poll romney is at 26.7%, gingrich 22%. that's pretty -- can he make it up? >> reporter: it is. he's right on his heels. newt gingrich has done so scratching back, being very aggressive attacking romney going after romney's record as a job creator. newt gingrich was first to embrace the obama campaign in
11:07 am
the democrats' attack on romney's time as a right equity investor. today, mr. beginning mitch -- mr. gingrich joined the obama campaign and democrats' call for mitt romney to release his tax returns. >> he's got to make his own decision. president obama is releasing his records. this coming thursday, i will release my income tax records. governor romney if he plans to stay in the race ought to plan to release his records. >> reporter: romney campaign points out they have released all kinds of financial records over the course of the last few months as required. they have not ruled out the possibility that mr. romney will release his personal income tax returns. they suggested as a general election nominee against president obama, when the president does it. another attempt by the romney campaign to push back criticisms from newt gingrich and stay away from too much financial disclosure. obviously he's a very wealthy man. he doesn't want to do it until
11:08 am
absolutely necessary as the nominee. >> gingrich got the boot last night when he great it out how will that affect him and then santorum? >> reporter: rick santorum is the guy who could shake things up here in south carolina, he's in third place, ron paul not compete aggresively. santorum picked up the endorsement of 150 faith leaders. it took three ballots it doesn't mean the evangelical right is unified. there's a vote that went to santorum and that is helpful. today he was going after romney for the super pac of some of romney's ads that santorum called lights. -- called lies. obviously, governor romney doesn't have the kind of persuasion, if he can persuade his own people to do something how is he going to per sway the american public and democrats? >> reporter: santorum challenging romney to have the attack ads by the pro romney
11:09 am
pac brought down and take falsehoods out of his own advertising. when the campaign talks about the honesty of the ads, they are attacking one another's honor and integrity that's where we are in south carolina, six days before the primary. >> carl, thank you. as carl just mentioned a group of conservative leaders supporting rick santorum days before the primary in south carolina. is it too late to break romney's stride? some are asking, why can't conservatives rally around one candidate? mike huckabee, host of huckabee here on the fox news channel he joins us live from little rock, ash saw. good morning governor. -- >> good morning. >> how do you see this playing out with gingrich just a few points below romney and the attention on santorum? >> it was a good bump for rick santorum he needed that coming out of a disappointing finish in new hampshire. on the other hand, a lot of the constituents of these
11:10 am
leaders have already made up their minds as to who they are going to support. i'm not sure it will be the boost in south carolina that certainly rick would look for. the real question is, if newt gingrich is surging forward, does the endorsement of santorum, by the evangelical leaders blunt that growth and put santorum in a -- momentum? i don't think it does. >> i think we got some cb traffic there, sorry about that. you mentioned when talked about the gingrich capital attacks didn't go down well last night? >> no. a little bit of some of the reaction i saw on political blogs last night, maybe overblew it, there was booing it wasn't as pronounced and loud as the blogs made it out to be. people did react when newt gingrich brought up mitt romney, the rules were clear you couldn't attack or mention another candidate. you were supposed to focus
11:11 am
solely on answering the questions. in fairness to to newt, the question length itself to -- lent itself to discussing the bain situation. realized i can't do that be, stepped back talked about the issue of the venture capital in a general way, as he should have. i don't think it hurt him in a long term fashion. >> in 2008 you came barreling out of iowa, remember that? >> oh yeah. >> i hate to bring up south carolina with with you. it didn't work in south carolina. what happens with the social conservatives down there? you did not have the tea party at that time but it is there strong now. >> what happened four years ago was a splintering of what would be considered sort of the anti-mccain vote at that time or the conservative vote women what you are seeing today is the same thing. -- vote. what you are seeing today is the same thing. some with newt, santorum, perry this is the nonromney. no unity, no sense in which
11:12 am
somebody has captured all of it. the truth is, with newt and rick even if one gets a significant vote, even 8%, from someone else could keep romney in the first place. that's very much what is beginning to look like. although, things can change dramatically in a week in south carolina politics. it is a full bore brass knuckles get out the chains and knives. it is fun to watch. not as much fun to be on the receiving end of the pummeling, as i can attest. >> for sure. governor always good to see you. fascinating forum last night. hope you do some more. >> i hope we do too. it was healthy that the candidates have to answer questions they get time, everybody gets the same amount of time. >> exciting race in is. we'll see what happens next saturday. governor, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> tonight there will be a special encore of the forum.
11:13 am
8:00 tonight eastern time right here on the fox news channel. there have been insults, taunts and threats, back and forth between israel and iran has been heating up for months november, israel's president said a strike on iran was more and more likely. a few weeks later, iranian general wished that they take that action. then last week, israel said 12 will be a critical year for -- 2012 will be a critical year for iran and the nuclear community and now president obama warning israel about the consequences of attacking iran. ambassador gellerman joins me. good to see you and good morning. >> good morning jamie, good to be with you. >> i know we have a slight
11:14 am
delay. does president obama walk a tightrope here? how difficult is it for him to show the kind of support, unshakeable, he told benjamin netanyahu. at the same time, be firm enough to leave all options on the table, if in fact iran were to attack. >> well, i don't think is a tightrope act jamie. i think this is a very, very clear path that the president has to take. i think the president has to remember that israel is indeed the only ally the united states has in this region and maybe the strongest ally and the most faithful ally in the world. israel has never, ever asked the united states to fight for it. it has never asked the united states to defend it. it has never asked one single american soldier to die for. and none did.
11:15 am
just as israel has never asked the u.s. to defend it, i think israel should not be in a position where it has to ask the united states permission to defend itself. i think israel will do everything it can to stop iran. we hope very much that the president and the international community realize that iran is as much a threat to the rest of the world as it is to israel. but at the end of the day, no is israeli prime minister has been elected to preside over the second holocaust. no israeli prime minister will let iran become a nuclear power. >> there were some reports that said israel moved some of its assets around. i'm sure every option for israel is being looked at right now, given iran's defiance of previous sanctions. this new set of sanctions, is there any comfort on the part of israel? particularly, with when iran
11:16 am
says we want to talk. are you pulling back? or do you feel that things are proceeding and god forbid a million times, israel would be ready. >> well jamie, i was at the united nations for six years i've seen three an three resolutions on sanctions as far back as six, seven years ago of these sanctions have so far not made iran detract or go back on its nuclear program. i don't think further sanctions will. the fact that iran says let's talk is another ploy to try and win time. the iranians are masters at fooling the world and winning time. we've seen another rogue regime do that before, that was north korea. one day the world woke up to a nuclear north korea. we cannot afford a situation where we allow the iranians time to attain a nuclear
11:17 am
weapon. i remind you, 30 years ago when israel bombed the nuclear reactor in iraq it was condemned by the whole world. then it was applauded. because god forbid if saddam hussein had been allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> really quick, i general dempsey will go to israel this week. what is it that you want him to accomplish with israeli officials? >> well, there is very close cooperation between israel -- the israeli military and the u.s. military and general dempsey is a close friend. i'm sure he and our chief of staff will have serious discussions about all the options. what we hope very much is the u.s. will realize that time is running out. the clock is ticking. and action must be taken. if military action is necessary, we hope very much that the u.s. and the rest of the world will take it. as i said this is a threat to
11:18 am
civilization as we know it, not just to israel. we welcome general dempsey and we hope very much these talks will produce an alliance which will make sure one way or another that iran does not pose the existential threat it does to israel and the rest of the world. >> the existing threat i know you believe, ambassador, thank you for being with us this sunday morning. fox alert. two more bodies have been found aboard the shipwrecked cruise liner, costa concordia. you are looking at a live picture as the sun begins to set. the death toll stands at five. you have to think that is amazing considering the 4,000 onboard. coming up throughout this hour, we will have the latest and go to italy live, for an update. i had a het problem. i was told to begin my aspirin regimen. i just didn't listen until i almost lost my life. my doctor's again ordered me to take aspirin.
11:19 am
and i do. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ mike ] listen to the doctor. take it seriously.
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you really need fasten your seat belts airline in the u.s. jaging up fares for the new year. delta starting a $20 hike on round trip domestic flights. major rivals following suit in today's take charge consumer protection segment, with we look at how you can find the
11:23 am
best deals on fares. joining us to do that director of the consumer travel alliance. good to see you again charlie. >> good to see you too. >> i got a deal recently when i went on. a lot of people can't, i bob know why, maybe i just got in, in time this is a recent phenomenon? how do you shop smart? >> it is not such a recent phenomenon. getting a deal is a function of first looking at several sites. you can go to travel agents there are great ones out there who can find you good deals. if you are a do-it-yourself person don't just go to one website they all have different prices. >> what is the best one? >> you never know. it depends on what kind of deals they have. make shirt you check multiple sites. -- make sure you check multiple sites if you want to go to an online travel agent they can give you deals that airlines' own websites can't.
11:24 am
>> why? >> they can match an outbound flight on one heir line with a return flight on a different airline and sometime get you a farber deal nan if you stayed on the same airline. >> here's way want to ask -- i got a great deal on the base fare then i had to sign up for the extra leg room, board early, buy extra miles. how many of those add-ons are worth the price? >> first of all, i don't like any of the add-ons. however, if you have to pay for them being friends tell me extra leg room is worth. united has extra leg room on most transcontinental and international flights. continental is adding it, delta starting to do it internationally. it sometimes can be worth it. early boarding fees on southwest, sometimes worth it especially if you are too liaise toy check in during the first 24 hours -- laci to check in during the first 24 hours of your flight. wifi is important, if you work. pillows and blankets sometimes
11:25 am
can be a deal it makes your flight more comfortable and they have a coupon in the bag, you can get your money back if you use the coupons. >> shop around one more tip, after you book, keep calling and asking if the price changed. sometimes you call on a good day and get money back with. thanks charlie. we love to be a winner on occasion even. for more segments on a number of issues that affect you, go to and click the america's news headquarters page bottom of our main and you will see a link for many segments. if you need me to shop around for tickets to are you eric. >> always great tips. the battle for the republican presidential nomination getting nastier in south carolina. more negative ads are popping up, accusations are not stopping. will the attacks backfire and boomerang against the gop? plus we continue to
11:26 am
monitor live pictures from italy. at least five people killed when their cruise ship ran an ground. the italian coast guard still searching for any survivors. the latest coming up in a live report. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪ for just a little money? let's start with a paint we know can do the job. new glidden duo paint plus primer.
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more on that tragic shipwreck that happened in italy. the search continuing it is night fall there. crews have discovered two more bodies in the last hour or so from the costa concordia two elderly people whose bodies were found trapped in the ship's restaurant that brings the toll to five. the ship ran aground late friday night. passengers describing a chaotic struggle to survive. on the phone maria one of
11:31 am
those passengers, 24-years-old, recent graduate of the university of maryland on the cruise as a graduation gift from her mother. maria, thank you for joining us. thankfully, you are okay. what were you doing when the ship hit and what happened? >> umm, well i was trying to change currency, when all of a suddenly we heard loud bang and like scraping and the ship started to like tilt really, really far to the side and then everything started to fall down. i had to hold on to the deck so i wouldn't slip and fall. glasses are falling all over the place. picture the titanic and that's what it was. just horrific. then the lights went out and people started screaming. it was insane, unbelievable. >> as you say, just like the titanic. how was the crew?
11:32 am
did you get any help? did anyone say what was going on? >> first you see the crew like customer service desk people behind the desk, they were all speaking in i believe it was italian, i don't understand italian. i asked is everything okay? they were like fine no worries. i was like no, this is something really -- [ unintelligible ] then i see there's other crewmembers running around and some had life vests on other ones saying it is fine, don't worry, calm down. it was so confusing. they weren't giving us any answers at that point. >> how did you get out? what did you do? did you follow someone? did you go to a lifeboat? >> i ran up, got my mother we got our stuff together we had to wait at least 20 minutes before they told us we had to go to the lifeboat. [ unintelligible ]
11:33 am
we ran to tour station we were supposed to. we weren't even -- we didn't go through any training. with when to ask around, where do we go? we found out through people like otherm> you say you didn't get training. usually, you go on a cruise as you are going out, they have like a practice drill. you know where your life vest is and they go on the loud speaker. did they do that this time? >> no, not at all. i've been on a cruise before this and we did go through all of that training. we didn't have any training at all. i only knew where our life vest was because when i opened up the closet in our room i saw the life vests so i grabbed those. that's all i knew. i asked the people where do we go? they were telling us where to go. >> what are your thoughts, sadly and tragically, five
11:34 am
people have so far been confirmed dead in this. there are still searches going on. in terms of the experience that you went through and what you would want to see happen in future cruises? umm, one make sure it is mandatory they do the training all the guests. make sure all the crewmembers have training. a lot of the people taking care trying to get them off the boat they didn't know what they were doing there was an engineer running through trying to tell them what to do. so unprofessionally done. i would like them to be straightforward don't sit and wait to unload the passengers at the last minute when you see something as serious, just do it. reload people on the boat again, fine, but save as many lives as possible. >> maria, thank you for joining us after such a harrowing and emotional experience. all of our country's hearts go it to the families of the
11:35 am
victims and those passengers like you who thankfully have survived, thank you. >> thank you very much. back to politics. new questions about how damaging the infighting we are seeing between gop presidential candidates really is. attack ads in south carolina getting serious. that's not anything new. but gop leaders are warning the candidates if they don't stop targeting each other the party might as with well throw in the towel now. they want them to go after the president. professor of until politics and american government at citadel and founder of the monday meeting mallory factor joining us, great to see you. >> great to see you. >> tell me why south carolina has a little reputation for this mudslinging request? >> well, this is it. if they don't do well here, they are out. they have to make -- this is
11:36 am
the last stand for a number of candidates. >> how nasty is it? >> it is getting pretty nasty. we have to put a second line in our home because of all the robo calls coming in it it is really getting nasty. >> where does the tea party stand in south carolina? >> tea party is an interesting group of people. they are not happy with mitt romney as the -- they are looking for another candidate. they are probably going to be coming out a lot stronger than we've seen. i expect some endorsements in the next 24 hours from some fairly substantial people here that are part of the tea party movement for ron paul. >> whose endorsements could make a difference for ron paul? would the folks in south carolina be swayed? >> the big guy is jim demint he can't come out for anybody yet. he has kind of said that he
11:37 am
likes romney but ron paul has something to say he's sitting on the fence. the other guy is tim scott, the first term congressman from the charleston area, the african-american congressman. terrific guy, large following. there's a state senator, by the name of tom davis, i think you will see him come out later today for ron paul. it is expected that will happen and a number of other state senators will follow suit. >> you mentioned ron paul in both. what what happened in texas -- what about what happened in texas for rick santorum? is he getting traction in south carolina because of that? >> i don't see a lot of traction here yet. i have a little meter ter that i use called the yard sign meter. i've seen romney, yard signs go up slowly. i've seen a number of perry yard signs go up and come down. and i've seen the newt yard signs going up and staying up. i haven't seen a lot of santorum yard signs yet, but there are a few i don't see
11:38 am
them gaining ground. the first ones up were for ron paul these people are really out there and committed. doesn't seem like a lot of commitment for romney romney's problem is that it -- he has strength but it is an inch deep. >> how accurate has your yard sign prediction been? south carolina has been spot-on in terms of picking the candidate that moves on with the nomination. >> romney's yard signs keep growing. probably he has a couple more than anybody else right now. i think romney -- this is romney's to lose. newt is strong here. again, the ron paul people are also strong. i just don't see anybody else. fascinating. thank you so much mallory, great to see you. >> thank you. >> going to be exciting couple of days. >> you are going to see a lot
11:39 am
of mudslinging going on. well, here's a question, -- how easy is it to steal an election with voter fraud? the latest on that stunning absentee ballot voter fraud case in troy, new york. eight officials and political operatives have been indicted. two go on trial tuesday. fox voter fraud unit is on the case. whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee!
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. now the voter fraud unit and the story with we broke nationally in 2009. in troy, new york eight democrats among them public officials indicted four have pled guilty. the scheme faked absentee ballots they say, to try and steal an election. voters told us, their votes were faked. >> you didn't write that? >> i did not. >> you didn't cast a ballot. >> i did not. >> did you vote?
11:44 am
>> no. >> did you fill out an absentee ballot? >> no. >> application? >> no. >> your vote was a fraud? >> it what was. >> tuesday the democratic elections commissioner goes on trial. along with former city councilman who told me he didn't do. >> did you do anything wrong? >> no. >> did you try to steal an election? >> no. >> did you forge any ballots? >> no. >> joining us now to talk about this is the former republican leader of the county legislature who first discovered the alleged fraud. and former democratic party chairman in troy who warned about with it. gentlemen, welcome. bob good to see you. how easy is it to steal an election with absentee ballots? >> it is very easy. unfortunately, it happened in troy. it is an insider game. it takes insiders to do it and insiders to catch those that try to steal the election. >> that's the big issue.
11:45 am
in indiana you have allegedly fraudulent positioners on president obama's and hillary clinton's in 2008. it took a whistle-blower for that. are you saying it is easy to do this and not get caught? >> it is easy to do it. i guess it is easy not to get caught because people are not paying attention. it takes someone on the inside to catch it. >> you suspected something was wrong and you out. your reaction to the fact that you have had so many dims so far? >> well, it has taken a long time. we are in the serious phase now. one young councilman is going to jail for six months. he's lost his job. these fellows going to trial if convicted they face prison time. they stole an election and won but what did they win? they've ruined their lives. >> frank you condemned it and go run out of party? >> pretty much. it was obvious two years ago there was something wrong with that election. i spoke out.
11:46 am
i said that anyone who was involved should leave the democratic party. and i stand by those words. it is unfortunate where it is now where people have been indicted. it looks like jail for one of the former councilman. and an upcoming trial. it is unfortunate. i wish it didn't happen. but, the lesson to be learned is political parties have to police themselves. >> one of the democratic operatives who pled guilty, said it is a normal political tactic on both sides of the aisle. do you think has been a normal political tactic? >> i don't think. i think that is an overstatement. it might have happened in the past. i ran for council four times and i was never involved in anything like this >> how do you stop it? >> you punish those that involved. that's what is going to happen. you see four felony counts for four different people. they've pled to the felonies. four more people indicted. this will soon be over. but it is sad for the democratic party in troy.
11:47 am
>> bob, how do you stop this from happening not just in troy, but throughout the country when you see cases similar to this popping up? >> well, to be honest, i don't think you can stop it. people are absorbed with their own lives. as long as garbage is being picked up, snowplowed, average person isn't paying attention to this and it is happening in many places. -- >> how do you stop it? check your voting registration? >> well, the only way it stops is it going to take people inside politics that are following it everyday, inside the campaigns, to catch this stuff, bring it to the public and hopefully, fox news will report it to fox news to get the exposure that it takes to put a stop it to. >> bob, frank, thank you for joining us. we are on this case and we will be covering it and all the allegations of voter fraud across the country, gentlemen, thank you. our address, voter
11:48 am
we are also following here at fox all day the tragedy that is unfolding off the coast of italy. a cruise ship runs an ground packed with more than 4,000 passengers. the death toll rising. the ship's captain questioned about what happened and why? ou? trouble with a car insurance claim. [ dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, noit's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy. dolr for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. it's good. honey, i love you... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. ♪ what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic.
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the alaskan city of nome has to wait a little longer for fuel they need really bad. the tanker caring supplies got stuff in -- got stuck in ice offshore. i've been hearing mostly unseasonably warm around the country. i guess not there. >> not there. the center of the nation is what we are looking at very warm temperatures i'll tell you where else with we are not looking at warm temperatures across the northeast. it is a frigid day out there, 18° the current temperature in new york city, in the single digits across parts of upstate new york and burlington, vermont 1°. it is january, winter supposed to be cold. some of these temperatures are going to be 10 to 15° below what is typical for this time of the year. when you factor in a breeze, it feels colder, currently feels like 10 below zero in
11:53 am
burlington, vermont. 27 in new york city, sunshine, not expecting precipitation that is good news at least we are keeping things dry in the northeast. >> maria, thank you. new developments in the cruise ship capsizing in italy. two americans now remain unaccounted for. they are among the nine passengers officials say are still missing. the embassy in rome says 120 americans who are onboard have been accounted for. those two remain missing, more coverage coming up. so i was the guy who was never going to have the heart attack.
11:54 am
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c replacing joe biden? hillary clinton replacing the president? media speculation has continued. any basis in fact? liz trotta joins us every sunday at this time with her commentary. good morning. >> good morning. >> some in a frenzy over hillary, what gives? >> i know, all those robo calls, i confess i got one too urging everybody to get on a hillary band wag gone so we can put her on the -- put her on the national ticket. now bill keller former executive editor of the "new york times" proving once more how -- coming out full tilt in an article entitled just the ticket. here's how he thinks it is going to work. hill country steps down. then she -- then biden goes in
11:58 am
as secretary of state and hillary goes in as the vice presidential candidate. this he says, will guarantee obama's win. and also, in a very confusing conclusion, he says this will sort of loosen up the deadlock in congress this is foolish. i think he's completely out of ideas now. really sort of -- i think he left the executive editorship perhaps a little too early. >> where do you think this is coming from? >> i think it is coming from his heart and soul. we now know what we've always suspected and accused him of, he's a liberal democrat and will do anything to get a liberal democrat in and the liberal media has been complicit in this forever, forever. really, it is sad to watch him. the other thing of course is the clintons are so expert at leaking. so expert at spreading rumors. there's that to feed on as
11:59 am
well. then we have democratic consultants, two of whom are contributors here, writing pieces saying she should run, urging her to run there is some kind of movement afoot. it usually serve of -- services around halloween which maybe is a bad sign. i love pat and doug but that piece was something. >> they wrote in the "wall street journal" the hillary moment they called it, urging her to run for president, not vice president. finally, a bit left. tell us about that robo call you got? i can't believe the hilary clinton folks would be calling liz trotta? >> i kind of lost my composure. had i been cool about it i would have listened to the end. as soon as i realized what it was i hung up. first it is a recorded calls, i don't talk to recordings. they must be hard-up if they are


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