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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 15, 2012 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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>> all right liz, great to see you. fascinating sub. let me know if they call you again. >> i will. >> that does it for us on this sunday morning i'm eric shawn. >> i'm jamie colby. third person pull out alive from the wreckage of a cruz ship in italy that ran aground -- from a cruise ship in italy that ran an ground and started sinking. more than 4200 people were onboard, at least five were killed, more than a dozen still missing officials fear some could still be trapped in the ship. new video of the panic on board as the ship started going down. [ screaming ] >> shannon: i'm shannon bream. greg burke has the latest from italy.
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>> reporter: that's right, as you mentioned, very important piece of good news today, one more rescue that was an italian crewmember who had a broken leg bad enough to be stuck in there 367 hours with a broken leg. unfortunately, two -- 36 hours with a broken leg. unfortunately, death toll up to five, unaccounted for only 15 people. some great video coming in as people get to shore and they get to cell phones charged up again and we get act stows a computer we are seeing this from the survivors. -- it shows utter confusion crewmembers not able to speak english. getting unclear directions go up, go down. essentially what survivors are saying terrible sense of being betrayed. they were just told for so long there was no real problem just an electrical outage, of -- one woman took a sleeping pill because she believed there was no serious problem
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and thought she with would go to bed her sister had to wake her up. the ship was considered one of the safest around costa concordia who runs the line boasted about it saying it was one of the safest ships out there because of the high-technology, because of the size. clearly, something went terribly wrong. with we are hearing the black box recovered has already begun to speak. the rescue will continue tomorrow. at this point, there's a problem with time that's the latest from here, back to you. >> shannon: greg burke, thank you. we with were told 125 americans were also onboard. not all have been accounted for. with we are hearing from some of those american passengers about what happened as the ship ran aground. >> we jumped off. one of the crew members was telling us with we need to stay on. that's when mark was saying, we don't need to stay on, because it was sinking so fast. where we were standing is
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underwater now obviously we need get off right then. that's when 100, 150 people started swimming. >> you are thinking oh my . we have to go this way without having to say good-bye to my family. and you are trying your phone, i need to say good-bye to you. >> some of those americans are on their way home. we will speak to a seattle woman onboard that ship and got out alive, in the next half hour. for the first time we are hearing from the captain. he says allegations that he left the ship before everyone escaped are not true. he's been taken into police custody for questioning. the captain claim the rocks the ship rammed into were not on his maps. >> even though we were sail ago along the coast with the tourist navigation system, i believe the rocks were not detected as the ship was not heading forward, but sideways as if underwater there was this rock project shupbl. in such a moment you need
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decision making to understand what the best alternative is. in fact, i believe almost all passengers have been rescued. >> shannon: officials say the captain could be charged with manslaughter and an abandoning passengers. south carolina has a reputation for rough-and-tumble politics it looks like the race there sheeting up. santorum calling on romney's super pac to take down a negative ad aimed at him. carl cameron and john roberts on the ground in south carolina. we kick it off with campaign carl in myrtle beach and joins us live. >> reporter: south carolina is living up to its reputation for some of the bearest knuckle politics in america. the attack -- attack ads are filling the airwaves, radio filled with ads on the web banner ads linked to videos that are news in many cases. examples from super pacs and campaigns, outside groups
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anplenty going after different can -- an plenty. going after different candidates. son for -- look at the latest going after santorum. >> santorum pushed for billions. voting for the bridge to new where. indoor rain forest. santorum voted to raise the debt limit five times increasing spending three trillion and voted to let convicted felons vote. >> reporter: that last part has rick santorum the former senator from pennsylvania infuriated. this morning he called for the romney campaign to insist that ad come down. once released and paroled from prison there's a possibility for former felons to their
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voting rights back, possibility. he said romney is wrong to have done this. romney continues lead in the polls he's considered a favorite here now it is getting tough anything can happen in the final six days. lastly newt gingrich polling second within the margin of error against mitt romney not backing off. newt gingrich led the charge on romney's business history adopting what an many said was the obama and democrats attack. today gingrich is calling for mitt romney to release his tax returns. ding rich says he with will release his -- gingrich says he will release his thursday and romney should follow suit. off the trail today, talking about one possibility, when if they are to be the inevitable nominee when do they start heading around the country and trying to unite conservatives? the romney campaign realize there is is still a lot of
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work to be done for the republican party to unite behind him. >> shannon: newt gingrich isn't backing away from his attacks on romney's record. attacks weren't welcome at last night's huckabee forum in is. the audience of undecided voters booed gingrich when he brought up bain. >> governor romney said he created with 100,000 jobs in the private sector. >> mr. speaker he said we will not allow comment -- >> let me answer his question. let me say it differently. i believe that it is fair to ask the records be clear. >> shannon: if you missed the huckabee forum it will replay tonight 8:00 eastern right here on fox. coming up, a live interview with gingrich supporter former oklahoma congressman j.c. watts. >> the christian vote has been a big question mark split between at least three. leaders of 150 christian groups met in texas yesterday
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and decided they would back santorum. what does it mean from other votes violating votes from the religious right? >> take a look at that in a second. first, what does it mean for rick santorum? it raises two questions, will these he van kell and conservative -- evangelical and conservative leaders support rick santorum and do they have enough time? according to the latest polls if he hopes to take second place from gingrich, santorum needs pints in the next week if he hopes to beat mitt romney he would have to get 12 points or more in santorum's favor that and a lot more in iowa in the same period of time. obviously, santorum very happy that he prevailed in the voting yesterday. >> it is a very big deal. the bottom line is that had you folk there is representing a lot of different camps, a lot of people who came there to win the day for their candidate and i was a divided group at the beginning.
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as they worked through it, they came to a consensus, like 75% of the people there decided to support me. i think they did so because they know that i'm the consistent conservative. >> reporter: what does this mean for the other two candidates who are courting social conservatives? newt gingrich and rick perry. a slap in the face to perry. this meeting took place in texas. he had a lot of support from evangelicals in texas, yet he didn't make it past the first ballot. as for newt gingrich running a strong second to mitt romney, a lot because of the support of social conservatives could this pull the rug out from underneath him with six days to go? then, what does it mean for mitt romney? if social conservatives drain away from newt gingrich but don't fully get behind santorum, is it possible we could see a repeat of 2008 when social conservatives spritz between huckabee and tom man -- thompson and allowed john mccain to take
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the win. -- the race is fluid and tightening up at the top, anybody's guess at this point. >> shannon: gingrich supporters say the move by christian leaders in texas was more of a stand against romney than it was for santorum. joining us j.c. watts a gingrich supporter he was part of that important meeting of religious leaders in texas. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> there are multiple ballots and a lot of discussion. you were on the inside, tell us what happen? >> tony perkins was the spokesperson. of course, whatever tony would have said after the meeting, someone would have been unhappy. we think it is just totally misrepresenting what happened in the meeting to say that 150 tan conservatives or leaders supported rick santorum that was not the case. it was the strong support that
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rick perry had going into that meeting, he had coming out of the meeting it the strong support that newt gingrich had going into that meeting, he had coming out of the meeting there was nine votes that separated santorum and gingrich on the first ballot. it is just not an accurate representation to say that 150 people supported rick santorum. and, it was not an endorsement. i've heard chris wallace opened up his show, we just heard john roberts say 150 leaders. you said in your introductory remarks, 150 leaders, that was not the case. it doesn't represent the integrity of what the meeting represented. >> shannon: it was not unanimous. let me ask you, you were there in defense of newt gingrich why have you decided to endorse him? >> look at all the things we are talking about as a nation.
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balanced budgets, paying down our public debt, entitle reform, tax relief. we are going to need somebody that is bold, not timid to get us from point a to point zp if you will. i think newt has a track record for doing that he has ticked off a lot of democrats and republicans. at the end of the day get the results that the american people wanted. i think that's why you've seen the faith community have a strong support of newt and his record. also, this meeting, it just didn't represent the integrity of newt's supporters. jim garlo with w, tim and beverly lehay who doesn't get involved in primaries, david lane, george barner, wohl man, mr. rodriguez, myself. to make it look like we threw
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newt overboard or rick perry's people threw him overboard and totally went to santorum i think it is a little unfair. we are trying to deal with the damage of it. and we will. but, i think the integrity ofçyt was in that meeting, i would hope -- would hope all people from all camps would come forward to say 150 people did not endorse rick santorum. it is inaccurate. >> shannon: we will watch and see how that plays out in south carolina. i know you will be working hard on behalf of the former speaker. thank for taking a break to visit . it is your turn to weigh in at home will the gop nomination be settled after the south carolina primary? we put that with question to you on our show's web page. 68% say no, it is not going to be settled after south carolina. still plenty of time for to you weigh in tweet us your answers: we'll read some of your
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responds later in the show we all love to hear from you. >> fox news is your election headquarters tomorrow night fox news teams up with the "wall street journal" to host a debate in south carolina. moderated by bret baier starts 9:00 eastern, you will not want to miss it. fox is your place for politics complete coverage of the first in the south primary next saturday, january 21st. the scandal may have lead to another resignation. reports that the head of the u.s. attorney's arizona criminal division has low signed over the gun running operation. so far, no official word from the doj. in the first interview since the scandal that cost him his job joe paterno says he's not bitter. sandusky the assistant coach of 30 years stands accused of sexually assaulting several young boys. in 2002 when paterno was first told about the allegations he says he did what he thought was right.
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>> i said we have a problem i think. >> shannon: paterno battling lung cancer says winds to make it clear he is not a victim. paterno told the "washington post" if the accusations turn out to be true, "i'm sick about it." some passengers aboard that italian cruise liner says the evacuation was terrifying and chaotic. we hear firsthand from an american woman from seattle who survived that is coming up. >> rick perry may be down but he says he's not out. the texas governor still taking swings at mitt romney for miss business record. we will talk to government perry, later in the show. you don't want to miss it. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties ha sixty calories oless
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>> shannon: we have a new miss america of the last night miss wisconsin took the crown. she --vañ she re ed her father was in prison for 18 months on mail fraud charges her talent an opera performance.
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newt was fined $300,000 for ethics violations took 1.6 million -- >> shannon: republican presidential candidates and attack ads. not all the ads are negative. which approach is best at situation voters? penny lee is a democratic strategist and doug hy, thank you both for joining u let's talk about negative ads. penny a lot of campaigns will public disavow them but the truth is they work. >> they do. they are reinforcing the narrative that is already out if they can do it in a tway that is cleaver, that sometimes evokes humor, but reinforces a message in 2004 one of the most effective ads john kerry wind surfing reinforcing he was out of touch and flip-flopped on so many issues. those ads work because they
12:21 pm
reinforce the negative. >> shannon: newt gingrich was vote fall about the fact that he would not attack -- we talked to him last week. he is now behind some of the toughest attacks he says he's only speak the truth. >> campaigns will say when circumstances change, strategies change that is what we are seeing with newt gingrich and it makes sense. as candidates have tried everything they can to attack rite rite -- to attack mitt romney nothing has stuck. that's why they are doing anything they can all last-ditch efforts here in south carolina. >> shannon: the state as carl reported earlier, they are used to the rough-and-tumble ads, just six days left. we've seen so much activity this year by the super pacs that the candidates will say i'm not directly aligned with them, i can't tell them what to do. several have come forward to say what you are running is not accurate i'm calling on
12:22 pm
you publicly to chastise them or break from what they are saying. >> they can say i have absolutely nothing to do with it as mitt romney did, i don't know anything that is on there, but the three being fast in which they are attacking newt gingrich about, aren't they true? now they can say take them down. how about negative ads -- i think they are deplorable. the truth of the matter is, they work, effective now a candidate can say i'm running positive ads myself, that's somebody else. it is an interesting time. there's way too much known in this session right now waiting to see whether or not some laws change to be able to curb some of this. >> shannon: a lot of this is focused on 28 minnesota any documentary, king of bain. talking about romney's record. newt gingrich has stepped toward to say if there are things that are not true i'm calling on the super pac to get rid of it or correct it if the information is already out
12:23 pm
there will that make a difference? >> i don't think so if they change it because of what newt said that can be considered as coordination. we are in a day and age where 30 minute infomercials don't work they were tremendous for ronald reagan, but voters today don't have time to sit down for 28 minutes. probably what we are seeing people watching that are the already converted. >> i think the more effective ad was mitt vs. mitt more effective than a 30 minute add. >> what about positive ads we've seen santorum talk about his family, sharing trials and tribulations he's tried to go with more positive adds with will they with work? >> i think so. in eye what the most effective ad i saw was by ron paul, edgey, caught attention it showed the campaign was more focused and strategic than just trying to attack reporters or cause whatever
12:24 pm
noise they've been doing. >> what do you think makes a difference? >> it is going to be reinforcing that narrative. if somebody already has a propensity to dislike somebody about something, having that done on fact in their own words used against them more effective. >> how much impact do you think the debates will have in south carolina this with week? >> debates have always had an impact this is why michelle bachmann became a rocket going up and fell down. why herman cain became flavor of the month for a while. all bets are on, not off for what going to happen with the next debate. >> thank you both. new information, firsthand accounts surfacing from that cruz ship disaster off the coast of italy -- next, a seattle woman upon board that ship. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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two more bodies pulled out
12:29 pm
of that italian cruise ship. peter doocy standing with top stories. >> reporter: two more bodies found that brings the death toll to at least five. three survivors pulled from the wreckage one crewmember and a south korean couple on their honeymoon. a dozen people are still missing. >> it is a jam-packed week for presidential presidential candidates including two debates all of the candidates with the exception of ron paul are in south carolina right now ahead of those debates. the first is tomorrow in myrtle beach. the other is thursday in charleston. >> nome, alaska one step lowser to gassing up. officials say once the harbor ice -- refreezes crews will run a mile long whose to the tanker. [ inaudible ] the season is over for tim tebow and the broncos they
12:30 pm
lost 45-10 to the patriots after brady threw for six touchdowns. new england moves to the afc championship game. 49ers move into the nfc title game by surviving a wild finish against the saints. toes are the top stories. -- those are the top stories. >> shannon: peter doocy, thank you. passengers who survived describing it as a nightmare at they said they had to crawl to safety with little instructions they say without help from the crew. 125 americans we believe were that ship one joins us now. karen thank you, we are glad to hear you are safe. what can you tell us about what happened? >> well, something that you don't expect in the middle of dinner. we had just sat down for dinner. people sitting with us with we
12:31 pm
had hit a light wave and you push the dishes back. then all of a sudden we had this hole -- roll and i look up and see the lights were not far from shore. then another one comes, a loud noise the tables are falling. everything is coming off the bars. as soon as we got up we left the dining room. we -- i knew with we hadn't had any kind of muster we had only been on boat two hours, we didn't even know the layout of the boat. luckily, our room was nearby. we got back to our room. i had a flashlight, lights were going on after off. we went to our room. i told my friend we need to get our life jackets on. we need to have warm clothes. with we need to have socks, sensible shoes.
12:32 pm
medicine and that's about it. with were able to pack those. with we got our camera, our phones, luckily, i remembered the charger which is very important right now. and made our way at that point we got separated. i thought to the muster station, many people had no idea what to do. i had a sweater my coat, i gave it to a baby who was there with no clothing. babies are crying, parents don't have coats on, no diapers, no food. with we -- we with were standing in the hallways facing the lifeboats for about 45 minutes in the meantime, the bells have already rung and the staff people along the -- are waiting for some kind of instruction. nothing came, people were getting more and more excited. the crew people now because the boat is still moving and making creeky noises starting to lift.
12:33 pm
staff telling -- telling passengers be calm, go into your room, everything is fine we have a mechanic onboard it is an electrical problem, it is a generator. people are outside, it is dark, they are sitting in their rooms, in their pajamas. finally, when it starts to get -- starts to move even more, now they can't get into their rooms, they have no life jackets, they have no coats. by the time we got to the tenders, they are over-filled. the one i was in, people are pushing and shoving trying to get women and children in first. people were just -- it was awful. it was really the passengers. once -- once we are in, we are sitting there they can't decide what to do. the staff people really were not that knowledgeable of how they were going to deploy these. once they got in and they are trying to unhook the tenders
12:34 pm
themselves and they are banging on them, theyv4á%>hget e down and now if you could imagine, holding a tissue by a corner, you have 50 people in this fiber glass thing now you have utter chaos. now you are afraid you going to drop into the water and the cable going to break. manipulate their weight so we can level out until they could break the other cable. many people couldn't get their cables broken. once they got in they had to crawl out and get to another one. >> shannon: karen, it sounds terrifying like your worst possible experience that you could imagine having on a cruise ship. there have been conflicting reports about how helpful the crew was or wasn't. was there a language barrier, a lack of training? where do you think it broke down? >> the crewmembers were very young people we met several
12:35 pm
that had just been on the boat five or six days, very few spoke english. there was absolutely no leadership at all on the boat. the young workers, they were afraid to use a bullhorn they said i'm not allowed to touch the bullhorn. people that kept calm are the ones that did the best. the other ones that were running around like a chicken with were the ones having the most problems. >> shannon: karen it sounds like you kept a calm head that you were very organized in knowing what to get together and get off and you were able to help others. we are so glad you are safe. we wish you the best moving forward from this frightening experience. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: thank you. south carolina primary days away there are six gop
12:36 pm
candidates vying for a win. joining us now are south carolina representative in spar pwaurpbg -- gentlemen thank you for joining us with we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> morning shannon, good morning frey. >> hey how are you? >> i just want to -- [ talking over each other ] >> shannon: i'm sorry, go ahead. >> i want -- i wanted to know if he put on a tie? >> shannon: you can't see him but he's dressed up very nice. congressman, what it is going to take to win over a south carolina voter? as far as i know you haven't endorsed yet. we would love to hear if you are ready to do that and what do you think it going to take? >> i think what south carolinians want is consistent legislative or governance paradigm we want consistency in the
12:37 pm
administration of the office, authenticity and moral courage. i hear a lot of reports that south carolinians are not unified, that we are divided. shannon, if there is anything that unifies, people who are going to vote a week from saturday, it is our desire for a new resident at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. people are going to vote their hearts in the presidential preference primary, i promise you we will come together. whoever the nominee is in our desire to replace the current administration. i'm not going to endorse -- >> shannon: i'm sorry go ahead. >> i'm not going to endorse anyone for a couple of reasons. number one, i'm not sure -- i had a long. with my three sisters and my mom and wife yesterday and none of them asked me who i was voting for. i can imagine people are waiting on the edge of their seats. i've friends supporting all candidates, including myco
12:38 pm
guest for whom i have tremendous -- my co-guest for whom i have tremendous respect. vote your heart saturday no matter who wins let's rally behind that person. >> tell us why you decided to endorse mitt romney? >> the worst possible outcome as republicans is to lose this election in november of 12. the second worst possible outcome is to elect somebody who says the s during the campaign but willing to put those things into action in january of 2013. when i looked at all the candidates, all of whom i know, respect, admire some are my colleagues, it was governor perry from texas who has done the things that he said he was going to do and i have faith if given the opportunity he can do that. he provides a tremendous amount of contrast with the current resident in the white house. think that going to be a tremendous benefit as republicans as we move into the general election. i think governor perry would
12:39 pm
make a tremendous candidate look forward to continue to work for him the next couple of days. once this is over south carolina will unite behind our nominee with an eye towards getting rid of the current resident in the white house. >> shannon: what can governor perry do to close the gap in the next few days? >> it is simple.h,r we've been candid with people. what sell stphbgs is honesty and straightforward -- sells in north carolina is honesty and straightforwardness. if perry can convince people he can beat barack obama in november has a chance to win next weekend if he doesn't my guess is he he would won't win in south carolina. everybody knows how conservative he is, good southern conservative governor they know what he's done they just want to know if he can beat president obama. >> shannon: thank you both very much. >> thank you. texas court upholding what some say is the toughest pro-life law in the country. does a sonogram law give women
12:40 pm
and doctors more information or is it harassment? we hear from both sides. >> as the nation prepares to honor dr. martin luther king birthday his memorial is about to undergo a big change. with we'll tell you about it, next. [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk. but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance.
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call now and we'll include a free $50 savings card. call now for your free information and this free $50 savings card. call now! it may be carved in stone but they are still going to fix it. a quote on the martin luther king memorial in washington will be changed. it currently reads: i was a drum major for justice, piece and righteousness. critics it sounds like he was arrogant. and left out the beginning that said if you want to say i was a drum major that change is coming. it has been call the strongest pro-life law in america. this week a court ruled a texas law requiring women seeking an abortion to get a sonogram and listen to the
12:45 pm
doctor's description of the images can stay in effect. advocates of pro-choice say the law is insulting and dangerous. joining us nancy keenan and charmaine youst. thank you both for coming in. >> thank you. >> nancy, what are your concerns about this law? >> we believe that women should have the option for an ultrasound. and that it would be with her request for one or a doctor's recommendation. the problem with the texas bill is that it forces a woman to have an ultrasound against her will. that's wrong. we believe that the woman, her doctor should make this decision and not politicians. >> shannon: charmaine why are you supporting the law? >> this is an easy call this is informed consent at its most basic. even the court said this was truthful and nonmisleading. sonograms are the gold standard of informed consent. i can't understand why any
12:46 pm
woman's advocate wouldn't be standing up to get all the medical information available tomorrow this. >> fifth circuit in upholding the law -- [ unintelligible ] many felt to be forced to pursuant the pro-life agenda in their words. the court said what they are asking is to be providing truthful nonmisleading information. do you have a problem with that ruling? >> yes. with we believe with women should have the option for an ultrasound. if she requests it, or if a doctor recommends it. in the case of the texas law, they are forcing her to undergo and have an ultrasound against her will. it is not about informed consent, it is against her will. if she wants it, ask for it. if the doctor recommends it, then have it. again, it is not for a politician in texas or anywhere in this country to determine what is best for this woman and her family we don't know their situation. yet a politician is making this decision. >> shannon that is not
12:47 pm
technically true. our attorneys worked on this i can tell you there is an opt-out mechanism if the woman doesn't want to see the sonogram she does not have to see what is man kaid in the law the doctor must read to her the medical description of the son . this protections the woman so she knows she getting accurate information from the doctor. the doctor must read to her whether or not a heartbeat is present. why would you not want a woman to know before she make as irrevocable decision the full and accurate information about her baby? >> charmaine, let's be clear. women are very cable capable of making this decision and they are capable of asking for information, if they have fully informed consent. >> if they have fully informed consent even if the fifth circuit said it was truthful and medical information. >> again, we are forcing women, forcing women to undergo an ultrasound that they have not
12:48 pm
asked for, nor had the doctor recommended to them. that's wrong. >> with what i think is fascinating the panel of judges say denying women this medical information was more of an abuse of women in helping them make this decision. even the circuit court said taking away a sonogram's medical information from a woman was abuse of her right to make an informed choice. >> this is about politicians passing a law that forces women to have an ultrasound against her will. this is about these politicians who ran on jobs and economy who said that jobs and the economy are important and they now are attacking a woman's right to make this decision. this decision belongs with the woman, her doctor, her family and her god. and not, not politicians in texas or anywhere in the country. >> i think it is fascinating would you bring in the relationship between a woman and doctor, when planned
12:49 pm
parenthood even in texas is pushing having abortions via where you hook-up a woman to skype. we are seeing women not have informed consent not getting to meet with a doctor before they have abortions. that's the agenda of the abortion lobby not ensure women have all the information they need and the medical care before making a ref able -- >> we are never against -- women have o'having options and information something they request and are not forced. forced. these women in texas are going to be forced to undergo an ultrasound that they did not ask for nor did the doctor recommend. >> we have to leave it there. thank you both. we know it is far from over there are a number of states where similar laws are being challenged. maybe we'll see you both at the supreme court as it is hashed out there >> thank you. two u.s. aircraft carriers heading into the strait of hormuz as threats from iran heat up. we will dig into that, coming up. ♪
12:50 pm
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12:53 pm
this week the united states began moving two aircraft carrier strike groups that the arabian sea is this a sign of increasing s with iran?
12:54 pm
joining us to talk about that further is general jack keane. what did you make of our actions now in that area? >> well, certainly, if there's -- the ships are moving these things have been planned for sometime, first of all that is not at the request of the commander of central command. nonetheless, tensions are rising. they are rising because of the nuclear weapons issue. specifically, because some of our economic sanctions are finally starting to take hold with the iranians, and they are frustrated, their economy is shrinking we are affecting the performance and operations of their central bank. but it is not going to be enough to stop their development of nuclear weapons. >> shannon: let me ask you about the assassination of one of the nuclear scientists. they say they have evidence showing there is a cia connection and guidance to support of the assassins that
12:55 pm
carried this out. what does that do with an already strained relationship between iran and the united states? >> we should be doing covert operations. if you accept the red line we don't want nuclear weapons because there would be a nuclear arms race in the mideast and the i'll rannians have threatened to use those weapons against israel. what do we do to stop it? short of military action ourselves or israeli military action which no one particularly wants. covert operations one of the ways that we can hurt them. certainly, spy better attack against limited economic and mill -- cyber attack against limited and economic targets, espionage targeting that could force other leaders contributing to the development of nuclear weapons. whether this is -- whether we have our hands in this or the israelis doing it themselves, it is what we should be doing. >> shannon: what do you make of the fact that a u.s. doesn't is there in jail sentenced to death on charges
12:56 pm
ofs knowledge? >> they will pull out the stops to embarrass us, manipulate us as they've been doing for 30 years they declared us as their enemy in 1980 they lie, manipulate us much as the soviet union did for 40 years. >> shannon: general jack keane thank you for leaning your expertise. >>[s good to see. more survivors could be trapped inside that battered cruise ship off the coast of the italy. new accounts of what happened during the disaster it sounds like chaos. a live report from italy, coming up. i wouldn't do that. get married? no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. nice ring. knock it off. ignore him. with the capital one venture card you earn...
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
>> my husband and i finally got on and we feel so fortunate that we made it on a boat because others didn't. we feel very fortunate. >> shannon: survivors recount their terrifying ordeal after their cruiseship ran aground, launching what many are calling chaos. a live look at the boat as new reports surface today that rescue workers have pulled two more bodies from the wreckage. several people are still missing and officials fear they could be trapped inside the boat. we have team coverage in italy and new york. we dic kick it off with greg be in italy. hello, greg. >> reporter: the number of dead now at five. there were two bodies recovered. unaccounted for, around 12 to 15. they are hoping that some of the unaccounted for could have
1:01 pm
slipped through the cracks. there were a small group of japanese who made their way to rome without telling anybody. and a great rescue a man who had been, italian crew member inside 36 hours recovered safely with a broken leg. some great video coming in as the survivors make their way back and get the video transferred from the very intense time, crunch time when the ship first started taking water until they were on shore. it is hard enough dealing with an emergency situation when orders are clear. imagine when they are not. survivors are talking about crew members having no idea what to do. some not speaking english. some even taking life jackets before the passengers. now, this ship was considered one of the safest out there. that, of course, also brings back memories of the titanic. the owner had boasted about how safe this ship was with all of
1:02 pm
the technology but you something obviously went terribly wrong. the black box should be giving some of the answers and that should be coming out within the next couple of weeks. rescue teams are back at it. they will continue to look for those who are unaccounted for. however, things are looking tough if you consider both the air temperature and the water temperature at this time. and finally, shannon, i think you probably heard about one of the more interesting rescues was a korean couple after 24 hours. so at about this time last night they were found in their cab bin. they had been screaming for help. apparently the rescuers heard that and got to them. the cabin has been shut down and they couldn't get in. they went to the hospital overnight and spent some time there but actually released from the hospital, supposedly trying to continue their honeymoon. shannon? >> shannon: glad to hear a bit of good news amidst the rest of the news. survivor stories are are
1:03 pm
pouring in from the ship wreck. julie banderas continues our live team coverage from new york. >> reporter: as thousands of passengers right now recovering in italy, the stories of what happened are starting to come out. shaken survivors comparing their experience to the movie titanic as they described the chaotic moments, the moment the ship began to sink. some crawled through hallways and down ladders to escape and others leapt overboard into the frigid sea as they tried to evacuate. >> and the very end went over before we jumped off, one of the crew members was telling us we need to stay on and mark was saying we don't need to stay on because it was sinking so fast and where we were standing was actually underwater right now so we need to get off right then. that is when about 100, 150 people started swimming. >> many passengers were inside the restaurant having dinner at the time of the accident and say waiters instructed them to remain seated even as the ship
1:04 pm
began listing. chaos rained as the crew attempted to evacuate women and children, splitting up families. once aboard life boats, passengers say one helmsman appeared unable to steer the life boat to shore, banging into ship until a passenger shoved him aside and took the lead. >> the rescue was awful. i mean it was very, very disorganized. we had not had our muster check. we did not know where to go. when we got to the side of the boat to board the rescue boats, they were full. it took us five tries on different boats to get on. >> many of the witnesses say that it appeared that a lot of the crew didn't seem prepared or that they had never actually received any kind of training, evacuation training. meantime, the state department says that some 125 americans were onboard. some are still accounted for
1:05 pm
and family members back here in the united states are eagerly awaiting their return home. shannon? >> shannon: amazing stories. thank you so much. coming up we will hear from a survivor who made it out. an american who made it through the tragedy joins us to tell the story, shortly. >> shannon: south carolina is living up to its reputation for rough and tumble politics. the gloves are definitely off as the candidates are taking swings at each other. rick santorum is calling on mitt romney's super pack to take down a negative ad aimed at him. carl cameron joins us from south carolina. >> reporter: a traditional evolution in the campaign. in iowa where the heartland midwestern values and caucuses small and organization matters it tends to be a peaceable campaign. new hampshire, a combination street and wilderness fight and you get to south carolina and
1:06 pm
everything comes out. just a basic cage match brawl and that is what we are seeing today and most of the candidates were on the sunday morning talk shows talking about the state of the condition of their campaigns. you had among other things rick santorum talking about the complaints and his position in the polls and a big endorsement from 150 evangelical pastors in texas. rick perry talking about how difficult it is to come back having underperformed in iowa and new hampshire struggling to survive here in south carolina. and newt gingrich suggesting it is time for romney to give up his tax returns. something the obama administration has been complaining about for weeks. a sampling of the three of them on the sunday talks. >> a very big deal. the bottom line is you had folks there representing a lot of different camps. a lot of people who came there to win the day for their candidate and it was a divided group at the beginning. they came to an overwhelming consensus. >> we get out every day and take our message of job
1:07 pm
creation and we are the most consistent fiscal conservative and social conservative in the race and that is our message both on the airways and out on the campaign trails. >> president obama is releasing his records this coming thursday i will release my income tax records. calista and i discusse discussd we agree this part of the american people having trust in the candidates. governor romney if he plans to stay in the race ought to plan to release his records. >> reporter: six days until the first southern primary and palmetto state voters are getting daily doses of criticism of the candidates as well as a barrage of ads. gingrich is right on mitt romney's heels and could go right down to the wire in new hampshire -- excuse me, in south carolina because just as in n hampshire and iowa there is a huge block of undecided voters and those likely to change their mind. depending on the poll and how you crunch them it looks like
1:08 pm
at least a third of south carolina voters are inclined to change their minds now and sometime ins next six days when the ballot boxes open across the palmetto state. >> shannon: he has not endorsed yet but florida governor rick scott says he may be ready to do that soon. joining us to share his thoughts on the primary race that is rocketing his way. governor scott live from florida. thank you so much for your time today, governor. >> good morning. or good afternoon. fun in a week, they will be down here and hopefully will talk about how they will help us turn the economy around. as you know the issue in florida is we want more jobs. i ran a campaign last year on job creation and that is going to win the person who has the best plan for job creation. >> shannon: who do you think has the best plan? ready to endorse and what will it take? >> i'm not ready to endorse. i have talked to the candidates. i think they are talking about some other things. i think they ought to be more positive and ought to say these are the three steps, five steps
1:09 pm
to my case. i had seven steps to job creation. that is what the issue is here and i don't think they are talking about it enough. >> shannon: what will make a difference for you? do you want to talk individually with the candidates? i imagine that you have. what do you need to see before you are ready to attach your name to one of these gop contenders? >> i talked to them individually. and look, the republican nominee is going to be the next president because we are going to be the party that creates jobs. in contrast to what has been happening the last four years. i'm not ready yet to endorse. i still want to talk to them about what they going to do to turn this economy around. that is what we want in florida. >> shannon: looking at the latest average of polls from real clear politics looking specifically to florida. governor mitt romney a 15-point lead at this point. still seven val days out, a -- still several days out, a couple of weeks. what message to floridians if they hope to close that gap?
1:10 pm
>> i think they need to spend more time. it will be really important how many events they have if they get out and talk to as many people as they can. that is what floridians expect. we are a big state but they expect to meet the candidates and talk to the candidates and they want to hear about how it is the economy, the economy, the economy. >> shannon: all right. i want to ask you very briefly about some of these sanctions that florida is going to be facing from the rnc. obviously the gop convention is going to be there in beautiful tampa bay but we are hearing things about bad seating, not getting great hotels, possible delegates being shaved away. what is your reaction? >> well, as you know we are the biggest swing state. you can't get to the presidency most likely unless you win, florida. so as the republicans convention is going to be a boost to the nominee. floridians expect to be treated fairly. we don't expect to be sanctioned. i hope we -- i hope in the end we are not because floridians care about this race.
1:11 pm
we are going to be a major part of electing the next president. this is the swing state. you have to do well, here. florida should be treated well in the convention. >> shannon: governor, hope to see you in a couple of weeks. if you decide to endorse any time in between please feel free to come back to america's news headquarters. we would love to have you. >> sounds great. have a great day. >> shannon: fox news is your election head quarters. we will replay the huckabee forum reairs tonight from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. eastern. if you missed it. and tomorrow night, fox news teams up with the "wall street journal" to host a debate in south carolina moderated by our own bret baier at 9:00 eastern. you do not want to miss it. of course, fox is your place for politics. we will have complete coverage of the first in the south primary next saturday. wall to wall. january 21. the threat of a strike in nigeria could cause your gas
1:12 pm
prices to go up. fierces a strike there could tighten global sue plies and cause the price to rice by $5 to $10 a barrel. gas prices rising by as much as 10 cents a gallon. nigeria is the fist largest supplier to the u.s. the current price stands at $3.39 a gallon. the deadline for the obama administration to make a decision on the controversial keystone pipeline is next month. that has both sides stepping up lobbying efforts. doug mcelway live with more on that story. >> reporter: because of language inserted in the bill, the white house agreed to decide whether to give the go-ahead for the keystone pipeline by february 21 of this year but the white house is torn between two key constituencies. union who want the jobs that the pipeline would bring and the environmentalists who abhor the relyial on the pipeline. because of that inaction, republicans and oil in dusttry
1:13 pm
advocates have begun a media campaign to pressure the white house. >> he promised. >> i will do whatever it takes to put this economy back on track. >> because the proposed pipeline would cross international borders the state department will have the final say so in its approval. last thursday, white house spokesman suggested there is deep rest sens reticence to ape pipeline by the new deadline. >> the provision that extended the payroll tax cut to put this artificial 60 day deadline if you will on the decision-making process and state department has been very clear that that does not allow for the kinds of reviews that are necessary. >> nothing could be further from the truth. let's be clear. puts no time limit whatsoever on the administration's ability to review and set the
1:14 pm
pipeline's route through nebraska. which was the only area of contention left. >> convinced that the state department will reject the pipeline, senator hoeven that that you saw there has written legislation that would allow congress to approve the pipeline even if the obama administration rejects it. meantime, environmentalists are planning a capitol hill rally later this month targeting supporters of the pipeline. that is the latest. >> doug, thank you very much. the gop candidates on the stump in south carolina but one thing could make the primary much different than in iowa and new hampshire. we will talk with a former governor of south carolina about the role that religion could play and figure out who may have the best shot with voters on that topic a little bit later. we will ask governor rick perry what he is doing to court christians. governor perry is coming up. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm.
1:15 pm
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1:18 pm
>> shannon: newt gingrich rick santorum and rick perry are launching strong value centric campaigns and that is dividing support among hard line social conservatives. is mitt romney the only one who stands to benefit from that strategy? ask former south carolina governor mark sanford. he joins us to talk strategy.
1:19 pm
governor, thanks so much for your time today. >> my pleasure. >> shannon: how much weight do you think it carries with south carolina voters? >> well, at end of the day folks decide for themselves based on the candidates that they like best and the issues that impact them the most. i think that in some ways it was fairly predictable and, you know, mean rick santorum has a long and i think well established history that would appeal to a social conservative. i think predictable. but at the end of the day i don't think it drives the train. i think that christians care about a whole host of issues chief among them these days the economy and jobs and is there kid going to have an opportunity based on debt and deficit that may be coming our way. there is a wider swath of issues that christians going to be looking at this year in south carolina sanjaya i want to ask you about something that carl cameron is highlighting today. super pacs have had a big role
1:20 pm
in the southern states. do you to the south carolinians respond to the negative ads. do they grow accustomed to it? does it have an impact on them? >> we are under siege from the standpoint of super pacs. one of the unfortunate realities of this election cycle. some of the super pacs ads of gingrich and perry's campaigns against romney, i think have hurt them. i was talking to a fellow the other day who said he had been formerly a perry supporter or a gingrich supporter, i can't remember which and was now shifting over to romney based on the attacks on capitalism. lot of ads that cover the airways. you literally can't buy more air time in south carolina but there might be reverse or negative consequences that come with them. >> shannon: how much do you think the endorsements within the state's borders matter, how much do those things matter in
1:21 pm
shaping the voters who may not be decided yet with just days to go? >> i think that they matter a lot with folks with whom you don't normally hear about. for county council or city council i don't know how much you know about your local candidate. i don't think they matter that much as you get into bigger races. i have run for congress, i have run for governor. at the end of the day, i think endorsements matter less and less the further up the totem pole so to speak you got. i think they matter for folks that you don't have much information on but folks have a whole host of information sources on the presidency so at the end of the day i don't think that matter that much. >> shannon: and maybe in south carolina right now more information than they care to have. former governor mark sanford. thank you so much, sir. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> shannon: coming up, one of the passengers who survived the cruise ship disaster off the coast of italy joins us with a first hand account of exactly what happened in the moments during and after that disaster. and texas governor rick perry
1:22 pm
hot on the campaign trail in south carolina joins us live. how well does he need to finish there to keep his campaign going? and what does he need to do to connect with voters there? we'll ask him, coming up. be g the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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1:26 pm
>> shannon: the republican candidates getting ready tore tomorrow's debate in south carolina. that is coming up tomorrow right here on fox news. 9:00 tomorrow night. in just moments, texas governor rick perry joins us on america's news headquarters. we willle talk to him about what is at stake for his campaign on tuesday in a moment. u.s. officials say two americans are among the passengers still missing after the italian cruiseship ran aground and capsized. it is the bottom of the hour. peter standing by with the top news. >> the u.s. embassy in rome says of the approximately 125 american passengers on the mediterranean cruise all but two accounted for. rescue teams are slowly going through thousands of cabins searching for survivors.
1:27 pm
so far, three people rescued from the wreckage. five confirmed dead. iraqi officials say security forces are fighting gunmen who fought their way into a government compound in the anbar province. the standoff between iraqi shiite dominated security forces and suspected sunny insurgents marks the first serious gun battle for iraqi forces without american backup. five of the six gop rivals are focusing on south carolina ahead of next weekend's primary. the area is heavily populated by veterans, military personnel, moderates and fiscal conservatives. the candidates will square off in the fox news debate tomorrow night. and a 23-year-old beauty queen from wisconsin is the new miss america. laura kepler won the pageant lost night. those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> peter, thank you very much for the update.
1:28 pm
>> shannon: the passengers aboard that cruiseship that went awry describe no lights, noyade what to do and little help from a clueless true as they tried to escape. lynn kay len is from seattle. she was a passenger. she survived. she joins us now by phone. we thank you for your time today. tell us about your experience in the moments you realized something was very wrong. >> we were at dinner. it was about 9:30 and we heard this crash and we literally -- everything started flying, tables, chairs, dishes. everything was just filling towards where it was tilting. and we all kind of just looked at each other and panicked, not knowing what to do. so kind of things calmed down and okay, maybe it made a sharp turn or something, you know, we
1:29 pm
are going to be okay and then bam it hit it again. and so i knew we were in trouble so i got up and i grabbed a hold of a pillar and i was hanging on to that and i had my friend and i grabbed her next to me and she said we got to get to the courtroom and get our life jackets and our coats. and she was looking for her flash light and other items to take. and i was telling her we need to get out of there. and she was being more calm because all i could picture of this thing going on its side completely. people were sitting in the hallways with their children. no one knew what to do and they kept saying that everything was okay, don't panic. it was the agai generator, an electrical problem, it was going to be fine. the lights kept going on and off. i started thinking maybe there was an electrical problem and more so you can feel that we are tipping more and that is when i was really starting to
1:30 pm
panic and i went back in to the cabin with my girlfriend and came back out and i notice everyone out of the hallways was gone so then i was worried and panicking then. so we had to get out of there. so we got separated. i was trying to go down the hallway leaning on the wall in the total panic thinking i was going to have a heart attack and looked back and she wasn't there and i thought she was behind me. we totally got separated. they told us to go to the fourth floor and then they told us to go to the fifth floor and then back to the fourth floor and people were trying to mind what they were saying but it was just getting worse and worse, the ship tilting. they finally let us get up towards the boats that were going to carry us off the ship and then made us go back again. get up there and no one knew what to do. no one knew how to -- [loss of audio] women and children
1:31 pm
first. family with their kids. people were pushing and not letting them in. i made sure that the boy got in and he got into the ship and i finally got in and he hugged me and thanked me. it was sher panic because no one knew what they were doing. no orders were being dispatched. one other thing about the whole thing is when they were trying to chop the rope to let the boats go down, they were pounding and pounding and pounding and it wouldn't release. and they were climbing out the windows and going over the side trying to make it disconnect. and it wasn't happening. finally one disconnect when we were hanging in the air. and they just kept working on it and finally got it apart and we went to the water. >> shannon: lin, we can only imagine what that experience must have been like to live through. we are so thankful that you and most others were able to get out safely. it sounds like you had a good strategy and kept your witts about you.
1:32 pm
we can only hope there will be lessons learned from this to prevent future tragedies like this. lynn kaelin an american who survived a ship run aground off the coast of italy. lynn, thank you for your time. last we checked, at least five dead and many still missing. >> you're welcome. >> companies like bain capital could have come in and help these companies if they truly were venture capitalists but they are not. they are vulture capitalists. >> that was governor rick perry going after mitt romney earlier this week for his record at bain capital. will it backfire? the attacks have cost him at least one influencial supporter and drawn criticism from some republican leaders. perry and other candidates say if romney is the nominee those are the kind of hard hits he is going to take from president obama's campaign. presidential candidate and texas governor rick perry joins us live from south carolina. governor, how are you today?
1:33 pm
>> shannon, fine, thank you. >> shannon: you got six days left to connect with voter there's in south carolina. how are you getting it done? >> we are making lots of stops in cities across south carolina and obviously we have got our tv ads up talking about our veterans and our veteran support and our military background and being the commander in chief of 20 plus thousand troops in texas for the last 11 years and how we supported our veterans and our programs and what have you and that and jobs is the real issue here in south carolina. federal government is absolutely at war with south carolina whether it is their justice department taking on the immigration issue, justice department taking on the voter i.d. issue and then, of course, the boeing plant that nlrb tried to stop from coming in until they leveraged them to go take the union's position on some of those. i mean south carolina people understand we need a president that is a pro jobs capitalist
1:34 pm
all the way and that is what we are talking to people about. my record on job creation is impeccable, over a million net new jobs created in the state of texas while i was the governor. and people are responding to that in a very positive way. >> shannon: all right. let me ask you, do you have a number for yourself where you need to finish in south carolina to be viable moving forward? i was there in iowa when you gave your speech. >> it would be number one. >> shannon: of course, ultramaltly if you finish one you are in great shape heading into florida. i was there in iowa at the caucuses when you said you were going to reflect on some things and decide about moving forward and quickly the next morning you said you are in and staying in. what needs to happen for you in south carolina? will you continue on to florida no matter what? >> obviously we going to work really hard through saturday. and to make a prediction today about what we are going to be doing after saturday is a little premature. the south carolina voters who we are focused on right now and
1:35 pm
we'll continue to have a great positive message for them and talk about our record of job creation and our values and that is what the people want to hear and, you know, tell us what you are going to do to get america back on track with your tax policy, with your regulatory plan to cut these regulations back that are just absolutely strangling job growth across the country and i feel very comfortable that when you look at the group of people that are running for the president much united states there is only one -- of the united states there is only one conservative who has been there on all of the issues whether they are social or fiscal side and that is rick perry. >> shannon: i want to ask you how much impact you think it has the group of coalition of christian leaders some 150 plus meeting in texas. they did not come to a unanimous decision but the majority in them in voting have come together behind rick santorum. how much of an impact does that have for you? >> i think people understand
1:36 pm
where i stand on the social issues and there is not anybody more pro life and pro traditional marriage than texas and what we helped create there in the state and that is the same values that we would take to the white house. i also bring that record on job creation that no one else has. and the idea that somehow or another this election is just going to be single minded voter, they are looking for the whole package. they are looking for a social conservative that is also a fiscal conservative and that is the reason i feel confident that south carolina voter letts make the right choices and move us right up to the top of the pack. >> shannon: i want to ask you about a win and a loss for you this week. the bad news first. virginia ruling that you and a number of other gop candidates will not be on the ballot there. you are going to appeal that to the fourth circuit. what is the latest? >> we going to appeal to the fourth circuit and let them take a look at it. the fact is they just made it so difficult to get when only
1:37 pm
two out of the seven people that attempted and these were major candidates could get on the ballot in virginia there is something wrong there. >> shannon: and a win for you this week, a law that you backed in texas that requires women to undergo a son mow gram when seeking an abortion and listen to a doctor's description about the images and the unborn child there. we had a debate about it earlier. that was a big win for you. that law looks like it will stand in place. >> it will. texas is probably as prolife a state there is in the nation. parental notification and consent law. we defunded planned parenthood this session of the legislature and there are 12 abortion clinics that aren't open in the state of texas now and then the sonn gram bill being upheld. >> we will watch you on the campaign trail there this week and beyond and see what happens unscarred. than on saturday. >> the religious vote a big
1:38 pm
question mark. a meeting of the pastors came tout with a majority of support going behind rick santorum. there are questions surfacing about whether there really was a consensus. we have the man who knows the answer. we will can tony perkins of the family research council. he will join us in it a live interview and the reverend. >> john: raymore about how younger evangelicals view the 2012 field and beyond. a suburban missouri mall on lockdown after a shooting sends shoppers diving for cover. we have details on that coming up next. plus, parent union. what some moms and dads are doing to take control over their kid's education. stay with us. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... well that's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt!
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>> shannon: a man and woman are in the hospital following a shooting at a mall in kansas city missouri yesterday. police have identified two young men as persons of interest in the case. not clear if they have been located yet. the pair had an argument with the victims shortly before the shooting that sent shoppers
1:43 pm
diving for cover. >> scared that we were going to die and hoping that everyone was okay. and hoping that god was with everyone. >> we were just walking like normal and we heard these five gun shots and we didn't know what to do and everybody was running and grabbing us and everybody was like freaking out. >> police say the victims' injuries are not life threaten. >> some parents are not just about bake sales and fund raising. they are starting to do more. parents unions are starting to gain not notoriety. >> many of the so called unions are made up of parents fed up with the child's struggling schools and feel that conventional channels for change are not working. one of the most influencial groups around the country is los angeles based parent
1:44 pm
revolution. they managed to pass legislation called the parent trigger law that gives them the authority to force change through a petition. everything from firing jaded teachers to converting the school into a charter. >> right now, education a duopoly of power. the administration and teachers are making decisions and assessing kids and the one group that doesn't have a strong voice and actual place at the table are parents. >> there are 20 similar groups in places like, texas, mississippi and new york but some teacher unions are taking steps to limit their influence saying while they mean whelm some of the groups of misguided. they have concerns the trigger law will push controls further away. if a school is turn inside a charter funding can come from private donors, taking control away from the public. >> as we engage with parents,
1:45 pm
and engage with other community members we need to also shine a light on that. that is not about parent empowerrent when we have billionaires calling the shots in public education. that is in some ways using parents for a specific goal and that is not right. >> the teacher's association points out a charter school means no school board and parents actually have power when they are able to vote the members in. a fair and balanced debate, shannon. >> shannon: it is one that is interesting. thank you very much. rick santorum gets a boost from evangelical leaders. could religion be a game changer in south carolina's primary and beyond? leaders about that, coming up. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantiis proven to help people quit smoking. it reduthe urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking orood, hostility, agitation,
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>> shannon: more than a dozen people are still missing at least five people dead after a cruise ship disaster off the coast of italy. u.s. officials say two americans are among those unaccounted for. authorities are holding the captain for possible manslaughter charges. former penn state football coach joe paterno speaking out for the first time since he was fired in an exclusive interview with the washington post paterno says he wasn't sure how you to deal with the 2002 allegations so he turned the information over to people he thought would know how to deal
1:50 pm
with it. police southern, california arrested a man they believe killed four homeless men in just the last month. police don't believe any one else was involved in the killings. those are some of our top stories for right now. evangelical and christian leaders chose to unite behind rick santorum. what does it mean for the other openly religious candidates in the field? joining us tony perkins and reverend johnny ray moore. welcome to you both. >> good to be with you. >> good afternoon, shannon. >> shannon: there has been debate from represented candidates other than rick santorum saying there was no consensus and it isn't about rick santorum. it is about being against mitt romney. explain to us what this is all about. >> there was a meeting of as mentioned of conservative evangelical and catholic leaders in texas. and a discussion about the candidates. a discussion about the future but really a discussion about where we are as a nation and
1:51 pm
how critical this election is. with a backdrop of what happened in 2008 when there was a fragmentation of social conservative voters behind several candidates and there was a desire to try to come together in agreement over a candidate and after a process there was a super majority there, about 75% of those that were there agreed to back rick santorum or move in that direction. now, there is still strong support for others in the race, newt gingrich, and i can tell you this, the consensus was if it were a rick perry or rick santorum or newt gingrich that were to emerge or get the nomination they would have enthusiastic support from social conservatives but they want to get behind one candidate to see if they can make a difference. >> shannon: what will it mean? i don't know if it is proper to call this an endorsement. some have taken objection to that term. will it mean campaigning for rick santorum, will it mean money? >> i'm speaking a as a spokesman.
1:52 pm
i was asked to be the spokesman for the group so i'm just kind of bringing forth the facts of what took place this weekend. it will manifest itself in different ways. some will make endorsements. some will not. some will make personal endorsements. others who have organizations other than 501 cs, maybe they have pacs will put money into the campaign and be actively involved. others that were there were businessmen and financiers and they will possibly direct money. i think you will see movement as a result of that meeting of individuals. again, make very clear there was a hard fast contingent there, the final vote being 75 to 25. some that were committed to newt gingrich going in will remain committed to that and that is understandable. people have -- they were passionate but i tell you what, there was a great spirit about the meeting but the overarching emphasis was the fact that america is in trouble and we can and must replace barack obama as president in 2012.
1:53 pm
>> shannon: johnny, i want to turn to you. you have sort of a bead on young evangelical voters. do they care about party and issues. what going to drive that age group? >> one thing that is not going to drive the age group is the party. it is going to be the particular person. there are 80 million m melennials. also the biggest unemployed group in the united states now. huge college loan debts and a lot went in droves for president obama last time around and they are incredibly disillusioned. they are disinclined to just go with a party or just do what they did last time around injuries they will look for a person that they can trust, that they believe in that has an authentic air about them. i think it is something that is yet to be seen. >> shannon: give han you point out such an acute economic worry among the group do they care about the social issues, about religion, will that factor in for them? >> for sure for some of them.
1:54 pm
this is also the most prolife generation. oddly enough, democrat or republican from the southern culture o of the united statesr northern or western they are the most prolife generation and also the most generation that would probably appeal more towards socialist kinds of ideays. it depends on which group and where they are coming from. one thing that unites them is the same thing that unites conservatives across the board and that is we are in a fiscal crisis in america and whether you are a social conservative primarily or not everybody is concerned about that and america's 80 million are just wondering if they will get the same chance at american dream that our parents did and that is a huge determining factor. >> shannon: the evangelical vote is one that all of the candidates would love to tap into. thank you both for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> thank you. >> shannon: boxing great muhammad al i-marks a personal milestone. look! the phillips' lady!
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that'll thin out the herd real quick. guts. glory. ram. >> shannon: one senator is working to make sure that some very special veterans aren't overlooked when they return from combat. senator richard blumenthal is proposing legislation that to make it easier and cheap are for military dogs to be adopted after they retire from service. right now the military classifies dogs as equipment. ♪ happy birthday to you you
1:59 pm
boxing great momen muhammad ali celebrating his 70th birthday. mellencamphn melon camel provided the entertainment. we love hearing from you at home and you responded today. we have been asking you will the gop nomination be decided after south carolina. many of you weighed in. here is a bit of what you had to say. william writes "our primary system is broken. three small rural states with no big cities have decided the presidential candidate? why? 96% had no say. another viewer writes no conservatives are awakening to the moderate threat to the gop and will consolidate between newt or santorum. another viewer writes in no, ron paul is going to win this one in south carolina and then i'm sure he is going on t


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