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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 15, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> gregg: fox news alert. brand-new information what is being called the worst major cruise ship incident in modern history. i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: topping the news this hour desperate search for survivors from the disaster at sea. costa concordia running aground with 4200 people on board. divers are still looking for 15 people still missing possibly trapped inside the ship. five people are dead. so many of the passengers describing how they desperately tried getting off the sinking ship, some using lifeboats, women and children first.
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others jumping overboard to save their own lives. >> they had to use hammers to cut the rope. after five minutes. >> fell four floors all the way to the water. >> i don't care about money. i just want to be with you. make sure you don't leave me. >> young woman on the lifeboat two young kids and there was no way to hold. hold my arm. she was latching on. i was holding her. >> gregg: now the ship's captain now in custody and being investigated for manslaughter and abandoning ship. gregg burke is streaming live from the port in italy. >> reporter: that is right. this is really fascinating, 48 hours after the incident, such a harrowing experience for so many.
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five dead, that is what is confirmed, maybe in the end there are going to be fewer than 20 dead. that is really just amazing if you think that hundreds of people had to jump in the water in order to get on land. what a harrowing experience for so many. certainly it's going to have an effect on the cruise industry in europe and globally at this point because these pictures are so strong. they keep coming out as people show with amateur video what was happening actually in the one-hour period when the ship hit from when they were actually starting to get off and on. you can understand why so many people just want to get out of the country. some of them can't until they actually get their passports because they had to leave with everything, nothing at all. rescue efforts continue but it's getting tougher. they went through the romance above water and they are looking
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for people. giving the air temperature and water temperature to find more survivors, but they are working on it. there was one good piece. a crew member rescued. he had a broken leg but they got him out eventually by helicopter. lots of pressure coming down on the captain of the ship. although, the owners of cruise line have defended him. they say they took the same route 52 times a year, but we're going to have see from the black box if that does, indeed, tell a different story. prosecutor saying today what is called the investigating magistrate, it does appear the captain did leave the ship well before many of the passengers. finally, gregg, one piece of good news, 24 hours after the incident there was a young couple, korean couple that had been rescued. they were taken out and actually went to the hospital.
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they are out of the hospital trying to continue their honeymoon. >> gregg: still a lot of sadness surrounding this. gregg, thanks very much. >> this is not the only incident involving this particular cruise ship. back in november 2008, costa concordia struck a duck in palermo, fortunately no one was injured. in february 2010 another ship owned by the cruise company hit a pier in egypt. collision punching a six foot hole in the ship. three crew members died in that incident. >> heather: new and detailed accounts of survivors of exactly what happened aboard the costa concordia. joining us live on the phone right now from rome is one of those survivors. karen kamacho? >> thank you for interviewing
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me. i am here in rome at the hotel. >> heather: where were you when this incident begin to unfold? >> i was with my husband trying to celebrate, our anniversary and we were having beer at the dining room. it was the first day of the cruise. we were having dinner when my husband and we heard a big noise. then everything start falling all over the place. they were falling on us, we just went to one corner of the dining room to see what was going on. >> heather: karen, describe for me what exactly did the noise sound like and was the ship tilting to the left? >> yes, it was sounded like something cracked. i said -- oh, my god what
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happened. they say nothing. honey, probably a noise. then everything started tilting to the right side of the boat. we're having dinner and we got off and went to the corner of the dining room. the boat after 15 minutes it started tilting to the right side. and we went to room to get our life vests. >> heather: then what type of direction did you get falling that? what were they telling you to do aboard the ship? >> they were telling us nothing. they were saying everything in control. lights went off in the dining room. they kept saying everything was fine. sqn rater broke down. keep calm. there was nothing wrong with the ship. we will be fine. there was nothing so to be calm. that is all they said the whole time. >> heather: we're looking at these pictures of the ship,
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laying on its side there in the water. what did you do once you left your room? where did you go? >> we went to the fourth floor and we were stuck in the hallway with a bunch of people pushing us. there were a lot of people with kids. i had kids on my but every time i would see a kid. they pushed them so they can go outside if anything happens. we don't want to be stuck in the hallways, so pushing people to go outside. there was nothing. nobody was giving dringsz, nobody knew what to do. the crew members were crying, they didn't know what to do. >> heather: once you were able to get outside and life rafts how was that working in terms who was getting on to the life rafts and who was able to
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evacuate first? >> they have nothing set up. had you to push the people in front of you in order to get on the boat that would take you to island. my husband and i were lucky enough to get one. we were running around for 15 minutes to try to get one of them. it got to a point we were not to get on any of them. i started crying. and then one, nobody tried to help us. my husband grabbed my hand, honey we're going in one of boats. don't worry about it. he approached one of boats. my husband said, we need to get in here. open the gate. open the gate. and we got on one of them but minutes later the boat wouldn't go down. we were stuck on the boat.
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we had to jump out of the boat and try to find another boat to save our life. >> heather: this isn't the first story. it sounds like complete chaos, screaming running around. >> yes, it was. >> heather: did you see anyone injured? >> yes. my husband was trying to help people getting out of the boat. the boat was supposed to take to us the island so the husband was trying to get it down to in order to find out what we were going to do. people were jumping from the little boat and people were injured. there was a lady her leg got broken i think. it was crazy. older people getting hurt. on even the crew members. my husband was able to help one and get off the boat.
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>> heather: i do want to get your thoughts on the latest news of at least five bodies have been recovered so far. still the search is on for other people that may be trapped. there are reports that the ship's captain could be facing manslaughter charges before people like yourself were able to get off. what are your thoughts about that? >> i think it's true because it got to a point the crew members that were supposed to get the little boats down, they say we're waiting for the captain to give us the okay to get you guys in here. they never got it. we were waiting. we had to push people in order to get on the little boat. we had no directions zbleetsz we are so happy that you okay. >> heather: thank you for talking to us. >> as for more complete coverage for the cruise ship tragedy.
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log on to our website. check out our gallery of pictures. find it all at >> gregg: we are days away from the first primary in the south, south carolina. the race is heating up among gop presidential hopefuls in a state known playing for hard ball politics. santorum calling on romney's super pac to take down negative ads that says is aimed squarely at him. carl cameron is there. romney seems to have a lead there in couple of the latest polls. is this shaping up to a battle between gingrich and santorum for secondly place? is it still too fluid to know? how are things shaping up? >> quite possibly a battle for second or even first. romney has a lead and there is a
4:12 pm
sense of electability that conveyed by a lot of folks in south carolina. having said that, 35% of voters are likely to change their minds. six days left for that to happen. rick santorum on the sunday shows challenging mitt romney and specifically mitt romney to tell the super pac to support them to stop the negative ads. at the same time, newt gingrich challenging on romney to cough up his tax returns. noting that the obama administration made a big deal about it. gingrich and santorum giving up but here they are after mitt romney. >> obviously governor romney doesn't have the kind of persuasion, if he can't persuade his own people to do something, how he is going to persuade his own people to get things done. >> you say the same thing for
4:13 pm
newt gingrich? >> i would say same thing. >> president obama will release my records. i will release my income tax records. this is part of the process. american people can have trust with the candidates. if romney ought to plan to release his records. >> reporter: two things about south carolina, one, in this state more than any other, character and integrity is what people are really looking for. you see the attacks on the candidates reflecting that. secondly, this state has a long history since 1980s, it has always chosen the presidential candidate and in some cases the presidency. no candidate has won the presidency without winning here. a lot of them are thinking about electability. >> gregg: what about romney who i understand is not campaigning today. >> reporter: he is not. he has taken the day off.
4:14 pm
exactly how he is trying to unite conservatives. evangelical leaders that were gathering in texas, rick santorum after a third vote. newt gingrich has a dood good deal of support and trailing romney closely in the polls. for romney the question is whether or not they had can coalesce conservatives? south carolina and beyond. he is still the front-runner. he is 2-0. opportunity for hat trick is very much available to him but could less or unity around one of alternatives. right now it's still too soon to know. >> gregg: it's exciting to watch. carl cameron, thanks so much. >> tonight, do not miss a two encore, had huckabee the governor sits down with five of the six candidates. forum 2, south carolina,
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undecided, re-airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. then tomorrow fight, all six republican candidates will be right here on fox news from south carolina when brett baier moderates the fox news channel and "wall street journal" presidential debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. >> heather: the empire state building, chrysler building how skyscraper boom can be economic indicators. this is undergoing a building boom. brenda butner is live next. >> three years ago today, we saw a miracle on the hudson. what some of the passengers aboard that flight are doing today that they have never done before. >> we are confident this is u.s. airways plane that has gone down in the hudson river. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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new york city firefighters are on the scene. we are waiting for our first chopper pictures. when i called it a small plane, it is wrong. this is clearly a u.s. airways jet which is down in the hudson river. >> heather: that was shepard
4:20 pm
smith three years ago today reporting on the miracle on the hudson. u.s. airways made an emergency landing on the hudson river after the engines were knocked out by a flock of geese. amazingly the plane stayed virtually intact. none of the people were killed. their survival has been credited to the skill of this man, captain sully sullenberger whose quick thinking made him able to make the landing. i talked to some of the passengers. they took carolina aviation museum where the aircraft is on display. for some it was the first time they had seen the plane since that incredible day. >> gregg: how about this one. is it possible that the world's most iconic buildings could be an economic indicator.
4:21 pm
some economists are saying, it is no coincidence that a skyscraper boom ushers in an economic bust. india and china's high-rises going to welcome hard times? let's put the question to brenda butner. >> before you answer that question, i want to go through the examples that lead us to wonder about this question. we'll put it up on the screen. let's go back to 1929, empire state and chrysler buildings, just as the great depression hit. then you've got fast forward, 1974 world trade center towers, chicago sears towers, they coincide with economic crisis. and twin towers, just as the asian financial crisis and dubai's, 2010 as dubai was going bust. coincidence?
4:22 pm
>> there is some unhealthy correlation. that is what barkley's capital that did the report. sky skypers are built in rising optimism. of rising land prices. sound familiar a bubble basically. that is what we're seeing in both china and in india. so usually what happens, the first floor of the skyscraper is built during boom and last floor is built during bust. >> gregg: china is getting the distinction of being the biggest bubble building. it's home to 53% of 124 skyscrapers that are being built globally. i was struck by this. residential sales in china have dropped up to 50% in beijing and
4:23 pm
shanghai. how wobbly is the real estate market in china? >> what is really interesting, a lot of skyscrapers are not being built in the huge cities but being built out of the big cities which is crazy in many ways. we know that china gdp is slowing significantly. >> gregg: it's like triple us? >> definitely. we would wish for 78% gdp but it is slowing and it could slow more. there is some sense one of the biggest economies could be slowing down. this huge bubble of skyscraper buildings, they may not sell them. they could be experiencing what we experienced earlier. >> gregg: india has just two
4:24 pm
skyscrapers but they are in the process of building 14 more including the second tallest building the tower of india, what about india? >> we know they are non-performing loans, which is an accurate indicator, grew a third at the beginning of the fiscal year. already we're seeing signs that there are problems there. so why are they building skyscrapers. >> gregg: let's not build any. we'll have a healthy economy. >> i'm not so sure. it is interesting. >> gregg: we work in manhattan and there are too many tall buildings. >> heather: gop presidential hopefuls is turning sections into a political battleground. they are there with the first statewide convention and want to
4:25 pm
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>> heather: fox news alert. dramatic new stories in exactly what happened aboard the doomed cruise ship. luxury liner costa concordia owned by carnival cruise lines ran aground with some 4200 people aboard reportedly hitting rocks. five people are dead. 15 missing and three have been rescued. passengers describing the chaotic scene ai board that ship
4:30 pm
has as she was going down as terrifying, desperate and botched. julie banderas is live in the new york city newsroom with some of the survivors stories. >> as thousands of passengers are recovering in italy the stories are coming out. they compare their experience to the movie titanic. the chaotic moments the ship begin to sink. some crawled down ladders and hallways to escape and went into the frigid sea. many passengers were inside the restaurant having dinner and say waiters instructed them to remain seated even as the ship was listing. they attempted to evacuate women and children splitting up families when men refused to be separated from their families. >> i w praying for someone to come and rescue us.
4:31 pm
i thought i was going to die. nobody would say anything to us. we were very afraid. >> it was very difficult for the lifeboats to get down because the ship was at an angle so it can't go down like. that few hundred people, and one tipped sideways and everybody was screaming. >> once aboard those lifeboats, passengers say the crew members weren't trained for an evacuation. in fact one helmsman was unable to steer the boat until a passenger shoved him aside and took the lead. meantime, the state department says 125 americans were on board some are still unaccounted for and family members back in the states are being early awaiting their return home. >> heather: such a horrifying story. we keep hearing the same thing that no one was giving anyone any direction.
4:32 pm
thank you so much julie. >> gregg: for more of our complete coverage of the cruise ship tragedy in italy, log on to our website. you have to check out our gallery of still photos from the scene. they are really heartbreaking. find it all at you are inside american election headquarters, conservative leaders in texas backing rick santorum in a tie breaking third ballot over newt gingrich they say santorum is able to beat president obama in november. take a look at this. gingrich still has the lead over santorum in the south carolina poll. can santorum close the gap? joining us now for a fair and balanced debate. and christy joins us, former spokesperson for vermont
4:33 pm
governor howard dean. let me start with you. santorum got 84 out of 114 points, super majority. the backing of christian leaders is nothing to sneeze at. how much does this help rick santorum and equally important does it hurt to gingrich and to a lesser extent perry? >> i think the endorsement helps santorum but i think it's too much too late. the evangelical voted in south carolina is going to be highly important and perry and gingrich and santorum splitting the vote. until that ceases mitt romney is going to walk right through south carolina. >> gregg: some leaders changed their vote to support santorum, that he and not gingrich had a better ability to beat president obama. would santorum be less polarizing than gingrich in a general election and would
4:34 pm
romney be a bigger threat? >> i think there are a couple things to consider. one is that evangelicals are just like the rest of us. yes, they vote on issues but they vote on the economy. it will be a healthy endorsement but not going to mean anything. in the other piece, i think there is a gun-shyness with evangelicals voting for santorum en masse because they have a bit of self-esteem issue. they don't believe santorum can be a general election candidate, despite he did very well in iowa and seems to be showing support in south carolina. >> gregg: for gingrich vowed not to go negative seems to have changed. last night at the huckabee forum he got boo'd by the audience when he criticized romney record. they said gingrich is suffering
4:35 pm
a serious backlash over the ads run by the pro gingrich super pac? >> the latest they are hurting newt gingrich. they see the ads as being anti-free entered price. that is cornerstone of conservative ideology. so gingrich is going to have to pull the ad or make a more focused toward mitt romney because attacking free enterprise is not a winner in south carolina. >> gregg: three newspapers examine the pro super pac ad and all three concluded that it's rid i would in inrack as if not outright lies about romney and his business record but voters may not learn that. they may not feel that way about it having seen the ads. so are all of these, you are a
4:36 pm
democrat, gop intraparty negative attacks only helping president obama? >> yes, they are. for one thing as you said there was a bit of inaccuracies but that is why there are so many happening in south carolina right now. the bigger problem with gingrich making these attacks on romney the idea is that republicans are the ones who are laying the groundwork for democrats to make the same attack against romney in the fall. i think that is the issue they have less the attacks on free enterprise. >> gregg: it's not just newt gingrich that is leveling attacks. rick perry he calls romney a vulture capitalist because romney ran a venture capital firm. that prompted a south carolina party official to ask, i'm quoting here, what don't they
4:37 pm
like about capitalism? referring to gingrich and rick perry is this the same kind of assault on free market capitalism that republicans accuse president obama of waging? >> it is but i do have to say some of these attacks on mitt romney's record is attacks he is going to see in the general election. a lot of ways opponents are tough ending up. to be perfectly honest the attacks are running are going to be lot softer than president obama is going to run should romney win the nomination. romney has to get his inner voice out there and deal out a message. he can win south carolina and florida he will be presumptive republican nominee. >> gregg: we appreciate you being with us today. >> heather: they are key voting
4:38 pm
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>> heather: welcome back a gesture by mitt romney going under the microscope. opening his wallet for an unemployed mom in south carolina. handing her about $50 cash. how will this play out with the public? let's bring in power panel. jehmu greene, judith miller and ellen ratner and we appreciate all of you being here. >> one of the problems by mitt
4:43 pm
romney has been discussed is needs to appear more human and less robotic. will this help in that endeavor? >> i hope that 50, $60 will help her pay the electricity bill and some of the i do think, it doesn't smell right here. yes, there are all these comments he needs to be humanized and we have a story like this. he is cleaning up in campaign office. why not hire her as a campaign. >> i agree why not hire her. romney has trouble connecting with people. this is a connection. maybe it's a slighted connection but its connection so i think that is a good thing. >> i happen to believe that romney is a genuinely charitable man.
4:44 pm
his net income is over $200 million. he established a family foundation in 1993, he has given away over $200 million, most of it to the mormon church. about 75% of it. this is a pattern of giving. whatever it takes to encourage all americans to give as he does, in small amounts and large amounts. i think it does humanize them. i know he is a little stiff. >> do find it insulting that he handed $50 or $60 cash? >> why is it insuggested? it would have been extended himself more, one more way. hired her or helped her find a job or ask her staff to interview her.
4:45 pm
>> at the same time, all the evangelicals are meeting down in texas and actually supporting rick santorum. santorum has his story coming out of the receive errands coming nut favor for him. now we have romney side. they always come out in the campaigns. >> 50% on top of it. >> it's better than placing ten thousand dollar bets with other candidates. >> she is now doing work for the campaign or getting paid for that. so its good gesture. >> heather: women may be the wildcard in this year's presidential election apparently. statistics showing that democrats majority of female
4:46 pm
votes in every presidential election since 1996, but that could change this november. apparently people jumping off of president obama's bandwagon, jumping onto the gop. >> it could change change. it could change in every election but probably not going to change. the very first bill that president obama signed into law was the to make sure that women would have a better shot at equal pay. republicans have demonize, this is going to be president obama secret in his pocket. women understand that we no longer have to pay more for health insurance because we are women. it's no-no longer a preexisting condition to be on women. we have birth control covered by health insurance. there are lots of things the president has done and his campaign, the young women and all women is going to be very strong. >> i think for many people, half
4:47 pm
of them are women are very disappointed in obama. i'm not sure who is going to get these women back. these are very independent minded people. they do not vote according to gender issues. they vote according to what they think is business for the country. people vote their own pocketbook >> what happens when they put, assuming roms is the nominee and they see the president and romney next to each other, governor romney next to each other, i think it's going right to the president. i have no worry. >> putting women in science and engineering, even know he has very strong record on healthcare but he has strong record for women and economy. >> he will lose a lot of women because 69% of women between
4:48 pm
18-29 voted for barack obama last time. this is a huge demographic. if he loses a lot of them. >> they are not going to governor romney. >> they are going to look at romney. they will look at obama. they will look at his record. and romney in massachusetts, this is no contest. >> and gop candidate is romney, what about any of the others? >> the only person that i think the president could give a run for his money and that is govern huntsman. >> steven colbert is popular. his social issues are not off the charts. they are very mainstream. >> saving ultimately the problem for romney on social issues, not
4:49 pm
so much of the economy. >> also with romney they are going to look into the whites of his eyes and not to be able to trust this man, at one point was pro-choice and in favor of not interfering a woman's health decision between a doctor and the family, now he has changed his mind. >> where is romney's economic plan? >> heather: obama administration demanding big changes on what we have been the 83rd birthday of martin luther king. we'll tell you more up next. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack.
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>> heather: new martin luitdzer king memorial in washington, getting a makeover after five months on display. critics crying foul over a misquote inscribed on the side of the monument, saying it misrepresents the modest civil rights leader. our power panel is back.
4:54 pm
so let's talk about exactly what is going on. inscription, this is what it says, right now, i was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness. what it originally said or his phrase was more like this. in a speech, yes, if you want to say that i was a drum major, say that i was a drum major for justice, say that i was a drum major for peace. i was a drum major for righteousness and all the other things will not matter. that was the full quote in context. so we'll start with jehmu greene. >> to celebrate, he would have been 83. as we go into the martin luther king holiday, so many people and community service events. this monument situation, i don't understand, what about a quote is not a quote. is paraphrase. it does change the meaning of it. he was responding to someone
4:55 pm
telling him, if you are going to say that, say i was drum major for peace and social justice. mya arngelou stepped up but to celebrate. >> i think it's very important to keep the quote as originally typically because, drum major institute which is based on the work of martin luther king. there are lots of people that have used that in the proper way and are using for community service. >> as a reporter i have to wonder, how did this happen? angelou who is campaigning for change to go back to the original, what this great man absolutely said was not at meeting that approved the inscription for the monument even though she is the head of the committee that made it.
4:56 pm
i think was a whoops on her part. i glad it will be corrected. i don't know how they are going to correct it. >> to quote and speeches are so famous to get it right. >> heather: thank you all for joining us. another great power panel. >> gregg: how did that happen and nobody said anything or noticed? a lot of chisel work to be done. new details surroundings the cruise ship disaster offer the coast of italy. at least two americans are among the missing and we are hearing new survivor accounts as thousands scrambled. we'll talk to somebody aboard the ship in few minutes. look! the phillips' lady!
4:57 pm
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5:00 pm
a fox news alert. new details surrounding the sinking of the costa concordia cruise ship. two americans are among the 15 missing in what is now being referred to as the worst major cruise ship disaster in modern history. welcome to a new hour. >> topping the news, that mega ship, owned by carnival cruise line. there you can see some of the video. you can hear the people. let's listen for just a second.
5:01 pm
[ screaming ] chaos and panic you can hear the screams, people fighting for their lives as it ran aground friday off the coast of italy. 4200 onboard. the bodies of two elderly people found inside the ship today. five now confirmed dead. three were rescued overnight. >> getting off that sinking vessel proved to be a near life or death experience in itself. many passengers reporting, as you heard, utter chaos on the deck. >> we are all standing there and as the boat started going a little quicker, turning i saw one of the cranes, it popped the life raft and it exploded went boom! and it crashed. two people on it got off.
5:02 pm
we saw five people jump in the water. i looked and the other crane next to me, three feet above water, two meters below water. >> fresh reports say the ship's captain abandoned the vessel with passengers still aboard. the italian coast guard said he was spotted on land while the evacuations were still taking place. here's a life look arrest cue investigation develops off the coast of giglio island, 11:00 at night local time greg burke is streaming live for us from italy. >> reporter: that's right, five dead right now that is really pretty blow if you think about how many had to jump in. it looks like the death toll will go up. with the number of unaccounted for, which has again down drastically, overall people feel lucky. there was lots of panic. we're seeing it so much has been documented. much of it is on video with
5:03 pm
more than 4,000 passengers on this ship, plenty of stuff keeps coming out. you get an idea of how dangerous and chaotic it was. the main complaint we are hearing from survivors is that they feel betrayed. they feel betray. they were told everything was all right, it was just an electrical problem. also the crew did not seem to know what they were doing. more than 1,000 employees, you would think they would know how to run an evacuation. the ship is now sitting in the water as a symbol of how wrong everything can go. costa concordia the subsidiary of carnival cruise had bragged about the safety of this boat. saying it was with one of the safest at sea. that brings back memories of the titanic, certainly they are not going to be saying that any more. the rescue efforts with will continue, but people are admitting that it is looking more difficult, at this point, as they will go underwater now,
5:04 pm
are going underwater in -- [ no audio ] >> it looks as though we just lost greg burke live from the area, close to the ship. we'll try to get back in touch with him. obviously a difficult story. so many were having a dream vacation, a dream of a lifetime and it quickly turned into a nightmare thousands were trapped onboard thatb$x0ñ sinking ship, desperately trying to get off. joining me to talk about it on the phone one of those passengers onboard the costa concordia. an american from boston. her husband surprised her with the cruise for their fifth anniversary. thanks for being with us. you have made your way to rome now. let's go back to the moment when the ship ran aground struck a huge rock and reef and tore open part of the hull with what did you see, feel and hear?
5:05 pm
>> well, first of all, with were were sitting on the third floor on the third deck. it was around 9:30. all of a sudden we hear massive scraping sound and this huge ship comes to a halt just like that. the lightsgçeú went off. the next thing you know everything is falling on the ground. we see glasses falling and then the champagne bottles were popping. but they just kept on saying stay calm. there was no information for the first 5, 10 minutes. after that, all of a sudden the lights would come on, all you keep hearing is somebody speaking on behalf of the captain, that it is an electrical problem. everything is under control. please stay, enjoy your dinner. the waiters were bringing out our food. with we were like, with we had no idea what was was going on. there was a state of panic you could see it on the face of
5:06 pm
the crew. >> gregg: what did you do about your situation? >> well, at first with we just followed instructions because with we didn't know any better. they kept telling us this is just an electrical mistake or whatever, under control. and 10 minutes into the situation, the ship starts tilting the other way. i could see it because my wine was shifting towards the other end. i was holding the glass in my hand and i'm like i'm not that drunk, this is my first sip. at that time my husband grabbed my hand, he's like our room is on the 9th floor, we don't even have our life jackets on let's grab our life jackets with we have a better chance of survival that way. around quarter of 10, we made our way on the stairs, we couldn't find the stairs there was no lights. we made our way up to our floor, grabbed the life jackets because the door kept shutting on our face.
5:07 pm
we were just panicked. with we grabbed our life jacket and tried to make our way out. >> gregg: how did you get off the ship? >> at first, once with we did get our life jacket there is was this crewmember on our floor you could see people sitting out in the lobby. i said, where is our station? we didn't go through a security drill. she kept telling us the emergency hasn't gone off yet so stay in your room. i asked again, no we need to know. she finally said 4th floor. we went there, there was utter chaos. nobody knew what to do. luckily we amongst the first few to get to a lifeboat but we had nothing on there. they wouldn't let us get in at first. somehow, with we got to our boat then the boat wouldn't disembark because the ship was tilting on it. you could hear the crewmembers
5:08 pm
were as panicked as we were. you could see from the face, they didn't speak english, they were speaking italian. we were confused sitting in the lifeboat thinking it would go off right now, it wouldn't go off. when it did, they did take it off, it fell right on to the water. it was chaotic, very scary. >> gregg: did you see people injured? other people who never made it to light boats? >> yeah, we did see some people injured while they with were trying to get on. again, when the ship was tilting it was slippery. i had an elder gentleman trying to get into the lifeboat and he slipped right in front of me. we helped me. -- we helped him. we were personally, in one of the first boats to get to the shore. >> gregg: divya, i know you are looking forward to getting home to boston. thank you very much for share
5:09 pm
sharing your harrowing story. i know it must have been incredibly traumatic for you. glad to know that you and your husband on your fifth anniversary are okay. >> yes, thank you very much. >> heather: the stage now set for with what some political observers are calling the fight for the coast with less than a week remaining before the south carolina primary, the gop's presidential hopefuls canvassing the state's coastline. a region filled with moderates and fiscal conservatives. mitt romney rivals hope they can maybe stitch together a diverse voting coalition in time to win the state. chief political correspondent, campaign carl cameron is in myrtle beach ahead of next [$ primary. i've been there a time or two. romney is off the campaign trail today. rick santorum, newt gingrich, they are voting for those
5:10 pm
votes. >> reporter: that's right tomorrow night fox news will have the big battle for the palmetto state. no republican has ever become the president without first winning in the palmetto state so winning south carolina matters. romney is taking the day off to talk short and long term strategy. that has set up a dynamic where santorum, and newt gingrich are battling it out. not just for second place but the real possibility of perhaps over taking mitt romney and stopping his surge. there are conservatives who are very upset with mitt romney and think he would not make an adequate nominee. so you see mr. gingrich today challenging romney to release his tax returns. saying he, gingrich, will release his. this is an attack that the obama administration, democrats have been waging against romney for several weeks. santorum suggesting romney's the super pac that supports romney are running ads that
5:11 pm
are i will lit mit and false. -- illegitimate and false. neither on voters' minds if in a campaign about spending the size of government, taxes repealing obamacare and things of that nature. south carolina has a long history of going after character and integrity issues that's what these arguments are about. >> heather: carl, you mentioned overtaking romney. >> the conservative vote divided, could romney win? >> reporter: absolutely. the low country which runs the coastline as well as into the lower southern central part of the state, as opposed to the upstate. upstate is very conservative it runs along the north border with north carolina to the western part of the state that's where the conservative votes are, greenville, spartanburg, et cetera where newt gingrich, santorum and perry are fighting it out. mr. romney wants control of the low country and sea coast by copying the mccain map of 2008.
5:12 pm
mccain was successful in south carolina, won the state in part because he's a war hero this state has the highest population of retired active military families in the country. romney has been courting them aggressively and trying to manifest this idea that he's the juggernaut candidate with more money and organization and that even if a conservative alternative were to emerge and the conservatives were to coalesce romney will stop them in subsequent states. all of this part of the romney campaign's idea of not trying to attack too much antagonism in south carolina where he does have popularity problems, but also signaling to establishment republicans that he's going to be the nominee and it is time for them to come to grips with that. it is a posture that is very tough to pull off in south carolina. a state that is known for its bare-knuckle politics and going for the jugular with every possible punch. that is what is happening. very tough, very aggressive. everything from anonymous fliers that go on windshield
5:13 pm
wipers to the stuff you see on tv and radio ads. >> i was in heartsville, south carolina. >> reporter: then you know. >> i do. >> heather: thank you campaign carl. request do not miss a special two hour replay of huckabee, the governor is sitting down with five of the six candidates. huckabee south carolina undecided reairs tonight at 8:00. tomorrow night all six will be here on knox news from south carolina when bret baier moderates the fox news channel and "wall street journal" gop presidential debate at 9 p.m. eastern time. >> minutes from now, how is the tea party gearing up for 2012? some political watchers suggest the main focus may be more on what happens in the senate rather than the white house. might that explain strategies employed? >> heather: the house is
5:14 pm
returning to washington this week. facing a number of challenges, speaker boehner fighting a battle on two fronts trying to unite his party at the same time coming up against president obama who is making congress a main target in his reelection bid. peter doocy reports from washington. >> reporter: president obama is running for reelection against what he calls a do-nothing congress. some republican congressmen are saying par of the reason congress did nothing last year is because speaker boehner couldn't get his members on the same page. a congressman told "the new york times" speaker boehner needs to be clear in what our strategy is. i got chewed out by folks who said why did you fold? i got scolded home and don't like it. leadership has to make decisions but we could at least be on the same page. not everyone thinks boehner is to blame for s within the gop caucus. >> the -- the problems we had are not john winner's fault.
5:15 pm
first we need to look in the mirror and make sure we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. we have within half of 1/3 of government. -- we have one half of 1/3 of government. >> reporter: the speaker said i grew up in a big family trying to come to decisions within the family: . >> reporter: it is back to work this week on wednesday the majority leader eric cantor's off says the house will vote on their resolution of disapproval of the president's request to raise the debt limit. >> heather: thank you peter doocy reporting from washington. >> gregg: new developments in italy, changing by the hour following that horrific cruise ship indent. a number of victims rising. we are also hearing more about the incredible stories of survival. passengers, including many
5:16 pm
americans, we just talked to one of them, raced to safe their lives, that is coming up. >> heather: remarkable stories. >> take this to the bank, checks signed by some of america's most famous presidents found in a vault, after sitting forgotten for years. these pieces of history, priceless. >> gregg: could 2012 be the year of the bank customer? perhaps. a push for new perks may still end up costing you. >> heather: no, really? that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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5:20 pm
>> heather: welcome back. time for a quick check of your headlines: five people now dead after two more bodies are pulled from the wreckage of a cruise ship in italy. 15 others still unaccounted for. the ship's captain is being held by police could spend more than a decade behind bars if he is charged with abandoning ship. a claim raised by some witnesses. >> the leader of the pakistani taliban reportedly killed in a u.s. drone strike. he died a few days ago. the taliban has denied that claim. >> gregg: you are not going to belief in one. search through an ohio bank vault uncovering historical treasure trove.
5:21 pm
this happened at the columbus headquarter earth of the huntington bank. an employee was rummaging through old vault boxes when he discovered checks signed by, george washington, mark twain, charles dickens and thomas edison. the top find may be a personal check that abraham lincoln wrote one day before he was assassinated. he made it out to himself for $800. >> amazing find. >> heather: lincoln may be a high profile customer, to say the least. for big named banks this year it is all about you. experts predict a host of new rewards for 2012, designed to make customers feel like their bank is their friend. if you opt-out you will find out how much that friendship costs you. senior business correspondent and host of bulls and bears brenda buttner joins us with more. the big banks just want to be our friend, right?
5:22 pm
>> yeah. >> no string attached. >> it reminds me of my high school friend. best friends if i never looked at anybody else. and then boom, super jealous. >> heather: best friends until you get a prom date. >> yes, banks have to make up 10 billion dollars in lost revenue because of a host of new regulations. what they are going to do now it is called relationship banking. that has opinion around for decades. they are -- that has been around for decades. they are going to say they want you for everything. if they don't get you for everything they are going to hit you with a lot of fees. they want you for mortgages, credit cards, they want your kids literally, as customers. if you are not involved in all of those various businesses, they are going to hit you with fees for checking, debit cars
5:23 pm
for all the rest. they are really going to serious. >> heather: they say we won't charge you these fees if you have a checking account if you also do your more s and your savings account and everything else with us? that's the way to avoid the fees. if you don't do that they will levee these fees against you? >> yeah, in some ways you can understand the stand point of the banks. they have opinion hit with a lot of regulations and they do have to make it up. so they are going to the customers to make that up. >> heather: as we've seen with bank of america specifically, it can be a pr nightmare when they do this. >> and this probably will be again. but all the are going to be doing it. it ends up costing them money if you just have a checking account. >> it is $3 50 to $450 a year just to handle a -- checking
5:24 pm
account. somebody has to pay the price. eventually it has to be passed along to the customer. other businesses do it. people don't understand that in ing. they are going to see if they go from -- from wells fargo to bank of america everybody is going to be doing it. >> do you think they will offer any other incentives other than not doing the fees to pull your business from another bank? say you have the savings at wells far and checking account at bank of america, bank of america saying if you pull the savings account here we will do this for you? yeah, there will be rewards offered, all sorts of incentives like that, that will be offered. -- >> maybe it could work in favor of the customer? >> yeah, they may offer special kind of refinancing that doesn't hit you with a lot of closing costs, if you
5:25 pm
are a good customer. i'm already seeing that in a lot of . there are some benefits that you may not see right now. -- >> thank you brenda put her in. >> gregg: i sense you guys had troubling friendships in high school? [ laughing ] >> no. >> gregg: i had a great time san marino high class of '73. >> the tea party had an influential impact on the midterm elections. will that be the case in 2012? we'll look at where the tea party may be focusing its energy. it is notness saeurlg the white house. -- it is not necessarily, the white house. >> heather: it has happened again, space junk, hurdling toward earth. no one knowing where it would land. now we do, hopefully. >> i'm going to duck. plus, with disaster compare today to the titanic, the desperate last moments on poured a sinking cruise ship,
5:26 pm
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>> heather: it is bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. off the coast of cape cod a plane had taken off from martha's vineyard when the crew reported smoke in the cabin. mitt romney take a break from campaigning at gop rivals try to slow his momentum attending religious events in south carolina hoping to cash in on the state's large population of evangelicals and other conservative christians. >> heather: many parts of the country experiencing bitter cold temperatures this weekend. things should warm up in time for the start of workweek. a live look at temperature right now in midtown manhattan,
5:31 pm
23°, balmy. >> it was 17 when i came in this morning the windchill was so severe it had to be near zero. i ducked into a shop. i kaopblts walk the whole way from grand central. >> it hurts your face. >> i had to duck into a shop for a little while. spent some money there so they are happy. we are hearing new remarkable stories of survivors from the doomed cruise ship off the coast of italy. take a listen. [ screaming ] [ speaking italian ] greg growing can you imagine that -- greg growing can you imagine that. it is darkness and you are not ing much help or instruction and the ship is going down. many passengers were just trying to get out alive. julie banderas covering the
5:32 pm
story in the new york newsroom. i was talking to one of the survivors, a few minutes ago. >> passenger are describing hearing a loud bang ago the costa concordia ran aground immediately feeling the ship tilt as it took on water comparing the experience to the movie titanic. some crawled through hallways, down ladders to escape others lept over poured into the sea as they tried to evacuate. -- overboard into the frigid sea as they tried to evacuate. >> the crewmembers were telling us we need to stay on. mark was saying we don't need to stay on, because it was sinking so fast. where we were standing is underwater now. probably 100, 150 people started swimming. >> many were enjoying dinner at the time of the accident and say waiters instructed them to remain seated as the ship began listing. the crew attempted to evacuate
5:33 pm
women and children first, increasing anxiety by splitting up families. once aboard those life boats passengers say the crewmembers weren't trained for an evacuation. one appeared unable to steer the life boat to shore banging into a ship until a passenger shoved him aside and took the lead. >> the rescue was awful. it was very, very disorganized. we had not had our muster checks. we did not know where to go when we do to the side of the boat to board the rescue boats they were full. it took us five tries on different boats to get on. >> there was a 22 man on vacation with his girlfriend who bass convinced by to go on what was supposed to be a romantic trip. he says there weren't enough lifeboats the pilots were waiters and had no idea how to maneuver and kept having them
5:34 pm
turning in circles. he said it was the first and certainly the last cruise of my life. greg growing so confounding how the -- >> it is so confounding how the crew could give such wrong information. >> julie, thanks very much. >> the pentagon is confirming that a joint defense drill between the u.s. and israel has been as general dempsey premise to head to israel this year fearing the country may be preparing to attack iran over its nuclear program. doug mcelway is live with more on this. doug, if anything, it sounds like tensions between u.s. and iran have escalated higher over the weekend. >> reporter: that may be true. the latest iranian provocation is directed at other oil producers in the persian gulf region. iran is warning those countries not to boost producing to offset potential drop in tehran's crude exports if an empar get affects its oil sales. in another -- another sign the
5:35 pm
new chairman of the -- chairman of the join chiefs of staff general martin dempsey is headed to israel next week. the defense department is careful to point out this trip has long opinion scheduled and not related to the present tensions. the israeli express reporting today the u.s. has postponed until summer scheduled joint defense exercises that were to simulate an attack on israel. president obama, defense secretary panetta and other top officials have been on the phone with netanyahu warning him of dire consequences if israel launches a unilateral attack on iran. iran has been blaming the u.s. and israel for the assassination of a top nuclear scientist one of several who have opinion targeted and killed in recent years by -- have been targeted and killed in recent years by unknown --
5:36 pm
>> heather: thank you. >> >> if you were ducking it was probably a safe idea. debris from a russian space probe making a splash landing in the pacific. russia's space agency is saying its failed probe plummeted to earth this afternoon, plunging into the pacific south of chile's coastline. at one point nobody knew where the debris would fall. europe, the atlantic ocean and south america were all in the danger zone. we are all okay. >> that's a big zone. >> yeah. >>. 2010 was the year of the tea party some say after its effect on the midterm elections. there are suggestions it may not have the same influence on the 2012 presidential race, no matter who wins the republican nomination. today south carolina's tea
5:37 pm
party kicked off its first statewide convention with big name headliners like senator jim demint and nikki haley the governor of south carolina will be there tomorrow. some political watchers say the tea party, as a whole, may be foe cutting efforts on -- focusing efforts on helping republicans gain control of the u.s. senate. right now republicans are a few seats shy of a majority. tea partiers are hoping they can their candidates in office to keep the president in check, whomever that may be, after november's election. roll call staff writer david drucker joins us live. in the house last year, all of the new conservatives and tea party congressmen, this group of 87 wielded i think it is safe to say, considerable influence. if republicans were to win the u.s. senate, with the help of the tea party, might conservative senators have an out-sized impact on that chamber?
5:38 pm
>> they might. i think it depends who wins in 2012. do republicans take control of the chamber? second, what kind of republican wins those seats that allows them to take the majority? as we found from the 2010 election a lot of tea party republicans won but a lot of conventional and even a few moderate republicans won because that's what it took to win in certain seats in certain districts. i think the tea party has a good chance to wield influence in '12 and to have influence in the next congress, which will begin in january of 2013. at this point, itgnq remains unclear how this is going to play out. >> lots of scenarios are being proposed. here's what one tea party official predicts. this is russ walker. conservatives would win enough to double the size of the senate's conservative romney wins, he could go down in the history books as america's most conservative
5:39 pm
president, not pause he wants to, but because he will have to -- not because he wants to, but because he will have to listen to the senate. what do you think of that? >> i think that's possible. it is unclear now how romney would govern as president. if he was dealing with a republican house and senate and if the tea party influence that is there now the conservative influence of old guard and number elected conservatives remains, -- newly elected conservatives remains they will have a lot to say in terms of what kinds of bills he signs and what kind of bills he gets. if republicans in congress feel they have some sort of mandate to govern in a particular conservative way, then they are going to feel emboldened to do that and send these kind of bills to the president. if republicans don't win control of the senate, but maintain control in the house, we would probably see a lot of what we see today. where the to sides battle it
5:40 pm
out. and half the time the president doesn't get any pill. >> democrats are defending more seats up for election than are republicans. it would appear numericallally, republicans have an advantage. look, -- conservatives are not just targeting democrats, they are targeting republicans that are deemed to be too moderate orrin hatch of utah, richard lugar of indiana facing primary challenges. isn't there a huge risk to that? i'll give you a couple cases in point. delaware, nevada in 2010 had republicans not fielded tea party nominees, christine o'donnell, sharron angle likely would have won, because establishment candidates deemed by the experts were more electable there. there's a risk here isn't there? >> there is. i would put it more like this, the problem is when the tea party chooses candidates that are lousy politicians and can't appeal to voters. marco rubio was a tea party candidate and he had a large
5:41 pm
wide appeal and is a very smart politician. the same can be said for a few others elected in 2010 on the republican side. when you elect politicians in a primary like they did in nevada, delaware and colorado where the candidate there should have won and turned out to be a lucy candidate who made a lot of unforced errors, that's when they cost themselves. cash what the tea party should do is look for the candidate that -- best reflects their views that is a smart tactician they will have more of a chance to win primaries and general elections. >> david ducker, thanks. coming up, 8 -- 8-year-old boy tragically dies of a treatable form of cancer pause his parents never took him to the doctor. now they are about to be sentenced in court for failing to save their son's life. should they go to jail? we will debate that. you decide.
5:42 pm
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pat parents of an 8-year-old ohio.pleading guilty to in father man slaughter to their son's death. confessed to denying their son medical treatment telling a judge they didn't have the money to pay for it. he died from hodgkin's lymphoma. his parents face up to eight years. our legal panel is here. mercedes, were these charges appropriate? >> undoubtedly. there's so much evidence that these parents knew there was something seriously wrong with their child. there's a family member, the aunt of the child consistently told the mother you have to take that child to the doctor. there's something very wrong. you had a social worker who consistently told the parents there's something very wrong with your child, go seek medical attention. not only that, just the
5:47 pm
symptomology that child had, by the way, pled to his parents to take him to the doctor. he had precipitous weight also, night sweats, fevers, swollen glands. how can you say after weeks and weeks, month and months this is just a bad cold that's what the mother said to the defense attorney. [ talking over each other ] >> prosecutors saying while the boy suffered the family, the parents paid an $87 bill to have the pill bull treated for fleas. doesn't that tell us something about what was going on? >> i don't know. first of all there was a discrepancy about the flea treatment whether they paid for it or not. regardless, the reports were the tkphrapbds were swollen but they would go an -- they would go away they would treat them, they would medicate the child and the swollen glands with would go away. they had five children, didn't have an enormous amount of means. when they would notice issues
5:48 pm
like the swollen glands they would monitor them, they would disappear. >> you don't that i is negligence? nobody is accuse them of murder, attempted involuntary manslaughter which is being a negligent parent. i'm a parent. if my daughters have a hangnail, i aren't to the doctor. by the way kirsten the law is such that you take a child or anybody to a hospital and by law medical center or hospital has to treat them at no cost. >> right, but it is a gross from what a normal person would do. negligence is one thing when you look at the definition of negligence it is a deviation when do we want to get in involved as a society and regulating what discretionary call by a family. it is not they were ignoring him. >> these parents knew from all the evidence that we know about this family, this family knew, those parents knew there was something very wrong with these children. that is clearly negligence.
5:49 pm
there was foreseeability that there was something very wrong with their child. get that child for medical attention. >> i think everybody knows, in the united states, if you go to a hospital, hospitals is going to treat they may ask for payment but they are going to still treat you. >> exactly. >> they knew something was wrong and they were medicating the child at home. do we want to insert ourselves into monitoring what every parent does? when you look at sentencing, general deterrents, repill , and penalization. >> how about deterrent this sends a message to all parents out there. >> absolutely. there's a huge message. you as a parent have a responsibility, you can't plead ignorance, poverty. you have a doubt to your child if there is something wrong get treatment for that child and don't say he would is me i have five children, i don't have money. get them to the emergency room
5:50 pm
they will get the medical treatment they need. greg growing i'm up against a hard break guy -- guys thanks very much. we are going to take a look at the golden globes tonight. . while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually se arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammatio plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. a celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naen, and melocam have the same cardiovascar warning. they all may increase the chance
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hollywood's hottest stars gathering tonight for the gold den globes. we are hours away from the excitement. ricky gervais is hosting for the third time after ruffling so many feathers last year many thought he would never be invited back, of course not. joining us live tariq khan. >> first oscar ceremony 1978 honoring films like "star wars" i watched that night as a child with my own brothers who were science fiction addicts. i became hooked seeing all the films something which has continued to this day. >> i'm going to nail you on trivia at the end. you are predicting a tie between clooney -- >> between brad pitt and george clooney. we saw mitt romney and
5:55 pm
santorum almost tie, almost 100,000 votes cast, golden globes have 90 voters, there have opinion many ties over the the years. there was a three-way tie with weaver, foster. it does happen from time to time this year clooney and pitt are so terrific, great performances. >> and they are pals. >> right. i think they are split down the middle, if they tie remember you her it here first. >> how spot-on are you with predictions? >> usually i'm 90% right. the golden globes are what the new hampshire primary is to the general election. is winning at the globes give you a boost? you better believe it. >> we saw your prediction. what actor starred in the 1946 motion picture the best years of our lives? >> theresa wright. >> myrna lo .
5:56 pm
>> wright was in it as well. -- >> he corrected you. seven out of eight nominations. [ unintelligible ] >> who portrayed frankenstein, wolfman, and mummy. >> lon chaney, jr.. . >> that won to out of 10 nominations. >> he can fill in. exciting night we have to wrap this up. >> i nailed you, the first time. we'll go again. >> thank you for joining us that is it for us, fox news sunday with chris wallace starts next. >> have a great weekend. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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