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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 16, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid as we leave you with the debate hall. it's coming. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, the search resumes in that cruise ship disaster as the number of missing passengers climbs. plus, republic politics. and now there are five. >> today, i am suspending my campaign for the presidency. >> shepard: jon huntsman now throwing his support to one of his former rivals. tonight, we will see how this shakes up the race. does it mean more momentum for mitt romney going into tonight's big debate? disaster at sea. >> i was crying. i was terrified. i was telling my husband we are going to die here. >> the wall horizontal --
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>> the life boats didn't drop down. >> choking more. no one was telling us what to do. >> was it all the captain's fault? >> under control. >> shepard: tonight, what we learned about what he did. plus, the hunt for an american couple still missing from that ship. and that is first from fox this friday night because several days after the cruise ship ran aground off the italian coast, rescuers there say there may still be many people trapped inside. finding anybody in that half submerged maize of skill requires risking more lives. right now the entire thousand foot long ship is dangerously close to sliding deeper into the sea. at least six people now confirmed dead. and reports now indicate 29 are officially missing. after the costa concorda slammed into a reef. it's a unit of the carnival
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cruise lines. american couple from minnesota among the missing. their daughter told the chicago radio station that their parents had been really looking forward to this trip. >> certainly hope that they are found. our prayers are with them. that's a very difficult thing to have to go through. >> amateur video from inside the ship new to us now reveals moments of chaos and confusion as made loud speaker announcements insisting everything was under control it clearly was not. >> they said everything was okay. we were kind of tilting. then it came back a little bit and then it did it again. >> it was lifting and we thought that if the boat went over completely, we would not get out. >> it was chaos because we had to go through the center of the ship, which had been obliterated by glass, everything was everywhere. >> i had two kids and i thought i was going to die.
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because nobody was saying anything to us. >> through the tears they were some of the lucky ones. ones who survived. new questions about what exactly that captain was doing in the moments before disaster struck. team fox coverage now jonathan hunt on the survivors. first, our correspondent greg burk live in port toe santos and greg burke in italy. the crewman is locked up. >> that's correct. why did he bring the ship toot island it may have been only to blow a whistle for a friend who lives there he could be charged as early as tomorrow. the prosecutor saying that frances co-left the ship well before most passengers did. possible charges abandoning a ship and also the charge of manslaughter. now, rescue efforts running into trouble today had to be suspended for a while as the giant vessel begin to shift a bit in rougher seas. even in the best circumstances this search is difficult.
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now even more so. the ship continues to move. 500,000 gallons of fuel aboard. major fears of a possible spill. this is a favorite area for divers. also a dolphin sanctuary. people are somewhat nervous. finally, ship, tuscany is beautiful. the coast is stunning. it's looking very much like a region at risk. shep? >> shepard: greg burke off that coast. thank you. we are hearing more from those who survived this disaster. they are describing some really terrifying moments as the ship tilted toward that water. "the fox report" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is here with that part of the story. they thought the ship was going to fall right over. >> we are hearing so many tales of absolute terror, shep, one survivor actually described it as being like a scene from the movie titanic with water rushing into the corridors of that ship and everybody scrambling desperately just to save their own lives. many of the survivors have
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also recounted stories of the crew being completely disorganized and unable to organize effectively the evacuation and launch the life boats. listen. >> one the boats full of 200 people went down and caught on the railing. life boat tipped side ways and fell and swung and everybody screaming. >> in the very end, before we jumped off, one of the crew members was actually telling us we need to stay on. that's when mark was saying we don't need to stay on because, you know, it was sinking so fast. where we were standing is actually under water right now. obviously we needed to get off right then. >> worth remembering that all of, this shep, was happening in the dark of night. true ofly terrifying. >> shepard: as i mentioned the number missing has gone up now to 29, including an american couple. what do we know about them? >> they are jerry and barbara heil. they are 69 and 70 respectively. from a suburb of saint paul, minnesota. the embassy is asking anyone who may have seen them
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anywhere to contact them with any information. their four children issued a statement today which said, quote: we are waiting patiently for the rescuers to try to safely find our parents. our prayers and thoughts are with our parents. those others that are still missing and their families and the brave rescuers. we are working closely with the u.s. embassy in italy and are confident that everything is being done to find our parents. as well as the four children who issued that statement, jerry and barbara heil also have 15 grandchildren, shep, who are also obviously desperate to get them home. >> shepard: i'm sure they are. jonathan, thanks very much. republic debate here on fox news channel. and jon huntsman will not be there. the former utah governor and ambassador to china is suspending his campaign and now endorsing a candidate he recently called, quote, pretty much unelectable. >> i believe it is now time for our party to unite around
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the party best equipped to defeat barack obama. despite our differences, and the space between us, on some of the issues. i believe that candidate is governor mitt romney. >> shepard: missing from that announcement, governor mitt romney. he was not there to accept the endorsement. he did not mention huntsman even one time on the campaign trail today. but romney did put out this statement and i quote: ron ran a spirited campaign based on unity, not division. and love of country. i should say jon, of course. jon huntsman. he went on to wrote i appreciate his friendship and support. jon huntsman was only polling at 4% or 5% in south carolina. one survey had him trailing stephen colbert the comedy central star comedian who claims he may try to get on the ballot in the first southern primary. here is where things stand right now in the real clear politics average.
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newt gingrich leads newt gingrich by seven points and romney hitting a new high of 40% in a fox news national poll. that's a 17 point jump since last month when newt gingrich was actually in the lead. see that? the former house speaker has plunged more than 20 points. he is now in third place behind rick santorum. here is the real clear politics average of all the national polls. mitt romney up by 15 points with newt gingrich, rick santorum and ron paul in a statistical tie for second. 25 delegates on the line in the south carolina primary this saturday. most of the candidates spent the day in myrtle beach, the site of tonight's debate right here on fox news channel and campaign carl cammeron is there among them. how much could jon huntsman endorsement really help mitt romney? >> well, it's probably not going to hurt. whether it really makes a difference statistically in the outcome of the vote, probably not very much, in fact, jon huntsman didn't have a lot of support to divvy up. across the country there are
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activists and volunteers go not only to romney but perhaps other candidates. what may be important in south carolina may be where some of the supporters may go. they include the states' attorney general, the campbell family, the late governor's wife. by being free agents they could throw some support into the race. endorsementment at this late date don't tend to have any impact. >> shepard: calls for romney to release his tax return. >> this is something newt gingrich picked up on every over the course. >> it's a democratic national committee attack back several weeks. rick perry and santorum have joined the call for mitt romney to release his tax return. something isn't required to do. something he should consider if he he is a nominee. something curious go after tax returns which haven't been a top priority of voters in south carolina or anywhere else on the campaign trail. santorum tonight released an ad running over south carolina
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for the next few days that is much, much tougher than we have seen. goes after mitt romney and president obama together showing unflattering presidents of the president in black and white and mitt romney in black and while the. comparing things on health care and romney's. tough attack. far more potent than trying to get his tax returns revealed. >> shepard: what about ron paul we show him neck in neck with rick santorum. >> there is a battle for second. you can't rule out ron paul either. is he right on santorum's heels. there is always a possibility that paul surprises here. were he to best santorum for fourth that would be a big set back for the senator. rick perry former texas governor polling dead south should he come in saturday, it might be the end of his campaign. >> shepard: could be. carl cammeron live for us in
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myrtle beach. "special report" anchor bret baier will moderate tonight's debate. he will join us inside fox report. of course, watch the debate right after "the o'reilly factor" 9:00 eastern time, 8:00 central. live coverage of the south carolina primary this saturday, same team starting 6:00 p.m. eastern standard time. the cruise ship crash probably has some folks rethinking vacation plans. and that could be a very big problem for the cruise industry. millions of people sign up for cruises every year and we're already seeing early indications of how bad for business this disaster could really be. plus, tensions with iran. we'll see what the united states and israeli military have just agreed to do to try to keep things from spiraling out of control. that's all ahead from the journalists of fox news on this martin luther king day, fox report.
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country's top nuclear scientists. including to the reporting of iran's state-run media, officials are interrogating several different suspects about last week's car bombing that killed the scientist. both u.s. and israeli officials have denied involvement. though the u.s. is a little more strongly. today iranian officials pointed the finger at the west and vowed revenge. >> they cannot hide their sinister hand by saying they had nothing to do with it or not done by one of their agents. there is an important point that they have nurtured a bad boy in the middle east. >> meantime the united states has postponed a joint military exercise with israel originally planned for april. pentagon officials say iran's threats were not a factor but israeli sources tell the associated press they halted the war games in part to avoid aggravating tensions with iran. the joint chiefs of staff chairman is scheduled to meet with leaders in israel later this week. experts expect iran to be the main focus of those talks.
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>> shepard: al qaeda now controls an entire city in yemen. that's according to the local security forces there. the country is launching -- is a launching pad, of course, for recent terror plots against the united states and it's been in chaos for many months with protesters demanding that their president step down. security officials say al qaeda militants stormed through army barricades and raided a prison, then released 150 inmates. happened in the town about 100 miles south of the capital. radical and american cleric anwar al awlaki was a leader of al qaeda in yemen until the u.s. killed him in air strike last year. the feds have linked him to the attempted christmas day underwear bombing, fort hood massacre and botched times square bombing. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live for us in washington tonight. how bad tonight is the situation in yemen, catherine? >> well, thank you, shepard. within the last hour i spoke with a senior yemeni official who has been briefed on the security situation. he says the takeover took
7:17 pm
everyone by surprise, quote: the situation all over the country is chaotic, he said, the yemeni government as a whole is losing control of the opposition and those loyal to president are arguing and bickering while the country burns. fighters with rocket propelled grenades and rifles pushed into several points over the weekend and raising al qaeda's black banner over the city's mosque. the prison breaks have been game change gears in the past. in the past a long time aid to usama bin laden was freed and became the leader of al qaeda in yemen. a really transient point between the capital and south where u.s. officials tell fox al qaeda and yemen has been trying to create a safe haven kind of like we saw in afghanistan, shepard. >> shepard: now word that another american is in the mix here? >> that's right. fox news was able to obtain this bulletin from the fbi and dhs. is it says al qaeda in yemen is still drawing new american recruits. most recent video includes this man who speaks perfect
7:18 pm
american english. and while his face is obscured, fox news has learned federal investigators believe he is an american citizen who knew anwar al awlaki the first american on the cia's kill or capture list backed in the united states. and this is al qaeda's holy man in the 1997 mugshot from san diego where he solicited an undercover cop for sex and tonight a senior yemeni official says identifying this american is an urgent priority for the fbi, shepard. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington tonight. new backlash over the president's appointment of people to jobs while congress was in recess. now some critics are taking their case to court. we will get details of that live from washington. plus, a warning for online shoppers. the major hack attack affecting millions of customers. that's ahead tonight on fox report. when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief?
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>> shepard: federal judge is set to decide whether to take on the first legal challenge to the president's recent recess appointments. you may recall earlier this month the president bypassed congress to name several appointees, including three members of the national labor relations board. of course, every recent president has made such recess appointments when congress is not in session. but some business groups, which were already suing the labor board over a different issue are now taking that suit even farther. they claim that the president violated the constitution because, technically, congress was in session. and technically it was. although the white house dismisses that as a gimmick. you decide. shannon bream with the news. she is live in our d.c. newsroom tonight. if you talk to the legal analysts on this matter, they seem to believe that the white house's argument is strong. >> here is what it is,ship.
7:23 pm
they are relying on a justice department memo that says it is the president's call to make whether or not the senate is actually in session. a lot of constitutional experts like e.n. mill heiser for the center for american progression say the president made the right call this time. >> there is a little bit of smoke in mirrors where one guy shows up and pretends to do his job for 30 seconds now and then. that doesn't make the senate capable of doing business. the senate has to be available to con fern someone in order for there not to be a recess. >> millhiser acknowledges that the next president will is to point back to this decision by president obama. >> shepard: critics seemed very confident in their position here. >> they do feel like they're on solid footing and arguing that the senate was always in session throughout the holidays. they are arguing that the recess appointments are just another example of the president expanding his powers in the executive branch beyond their constitutional boundaries. mark mix one of the groups now suing over these appointments
7:24 pm
the national right-to-work foundation. >> this president has said because they won't acted i must. what he is saying i don't care what the process of the constitution is here and process be damned i will do what i want. that's a serious violation. >> he wool wait to see if a federal judge agree recommendation, shep. >> shepard: shannon, thanks. the biggest online shoe retailer on planet earth is now alerting customers about a massive security breach. the company is it reports some criminal has hacked into its online records potentially exposing personal information for more than 24 million people who visited the site. items include names, addresses, and phone numbers. the ceo of zapos said the hack attack did not effect credit card or payment information in any way. they were stored in another place. he adds that the fbi is helping to investigate. yesterday, zapos emade an apology to those million of customers urging them to quickly change their pass words.
7:25 pm
as the remaining republic candidates continue to battle each other, we are not getting a glimpse of president obama's strategy to try to win in november. a live report from the white house straight ahead. plus, a preview of tonight's fox news republic debate with the man who moderate the "special report" anchor brit hume. and a father, saves his toddler from following down a elevator shaft. wait until you hear how long the man held on to that child while waiting for the rescuers to show. that's all ahead. and since it's about to be about the bottom of the hour. it's time for the news on "the fox report."
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>> shepard: a father's strong grip was all that saved his son from son down elevator shaft. he was at a dinner when he heard his 20 month old son crying. the boy had gotten stuck between elevator and that elevator shaft. the father says he reached down, grabbed the boy's hand and held on to him for, get this, 40 minutes until rescuers arrived. firefighters have no idea how the kid got stuck but we're told he is now doing just fine. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and a live look, myrtle beach south carolina where the republic candidates will face off just about 90 minutes from now right here on wownel. and a new fox news poll says president obama would be in a rough battle if the
7:30 pm
frontrunner mitt romney becomes the nominee. look at that they are just one point apart. the numbers are identical in the real clear politics average of the latest polls. but our poll pollsters point out most president obama supporters say they would be voting for him while most romney supporters tell our pollsters they would be voting against the president. tonight's debate is the first bought john jon huntsman who dropped out today it and endorsed mitt romney. ed henry is live for us at the white house tonight. how are democrats reacting, ed, to the quitting of jon huntsman? >> no surprise. they are trying to turn this into an attack on mitt romney. david axelrod took to twitter only 140 characters but it says it all he said quote: hunts as in huntsman remarkable leader. mitt was a perfectly lube brie indicated weather vain now is he 4 mitt and decries politics. jumping on this with a montage of video showing candidate
7:31 pm
munts han beating up on candidate romney. been nervous about the huntsman. somebody who could appeal. conservative governor out in utah but searched this president as ambassador to china. that's something didn't sell well in a republic primary. but could have sold well potentially in a general election and appealed to some independent voters. but we'll never know now, shep. >> shepard: what about president obama's campaign strategy here. is it fair to say, though they won't, that they are gaming for a mitt romney opposition? >> they are certainly planning that way. they know it's not a done deal yet. if mitt romney wins south carolina it's what the obama campaign is expecting right now romney v. obama. one of their strategies is to suggest if it is romney in the end, this was out of political expediency and not principle. this is that fox news poll you just mentioned. we asked few primary voters how important is it for the g.o.p. nominee to be able to beat obama? 80% agree with you on issues.
7:32 pm
47% true conservative. only 42%. and then who has the best chance of beating the president? 63% romney. 9% gingrich. paul 7. santorum 4. you get the idea overwhelming for romney. that's why democrats told fox earlier today they're going to run on the economy and the fact they think it's getting a little better. take a listen. >> while we can debate whether or not the recovery is happening as fast as we would like, the fact of the matter is, we have had 15 months in a row under president obama's leadership of positive job creation. we haven't been able to do that as a nation since 2005. that debate about jobs continued this afternoon. a senior advisor to mitt romney, it sort of ended with axelrod finally said dude, he actually called him dude on twitter. none of my business shouldn't you be in debate prep instead of explaining yourself to me?
7:33 pm
i guess we will find out in 90 minutes whether team romney was spending too much time fighting axelrod on twitter instead of getting ready. >> shepard: the first dude. ed henry on the white house lawn. each has a one in shot five of winning the g.o.p. demonstration. you can watch the newly narrowed field go at it in less than 90 minutes from now in first debate since new hampshire right here on fox news channel. moderating will be "special report" anchor bret baier live outside the convention center down south in myrtle beach. hey, bret, what should people be watching for tonight? >> hey, shep, should be an exciting night. obviously the different configuration without jon huntsman on the stage. we will also be asking a couple of topics that have not been asked before in any debate. i know that's hard to believe because there have been 15 debates up until this one. there will be some new ground that's plowed with questioning. i think it will be interesting to see how aggressive the candidates get. they have been talking pretty fiercely on the campaign
7:34 pm
trail. >> shepard: i will say fiercely. some pointed criticism, i guess you might say, bret, from rick santorum today, aimed at mitt romney and specifically the super pack, the funding that comes from outside the candidate himself. >> right. romney super pac running ad against santorum listing a bunch of things including a vote supporting felons, essentially. santorum blew up today about it saying it's unfair and he is a victim of this attack. and then went on a radio show, laura ingraham's radio show and called romney saying he is putting out lies. got pretty heated. back and forth we have seen. santorum has stayed out of mix on the bain capital issue. is he in the mix now where he needs to make a mark tonight in order to consolidate conservatives in south carolina and be the anti-mitt romney candidate. >> shepard: interesting you mention that look at these polls makes us realize that
7:35 pm
were there just one conservative candidate as opposed to a group of them the numbers would be very close with mitt romney. from your dealings with people inside the republic party are there those suggesting to the candidates to get this down to one pretty quickly so see if there is alternative to romney? >> yes. they would love that this meeting in texas. one candidate. turned out three ballots. little muddy and murky coming out of that santorum was the choice. yet to be seen on the ground that's moving the needle as far as his support. they would love one candidate. there is another candidate a big factor here in south carolina and throughout this race. and that's ron paul. and he has his own loyal base of supporters and it seems like it continues to build in state after state. >> shepard: have there been any suggestions from ron paul, bret, that in the end he might run as a third party alternative, which could
7:36 pm
really throw the republicans into a tail spin. >> you know, shep, he has hinted at it he said he wasn't going to do it. he plans on running in the g.o.p. he has never really closed the door officially it is in the back of the mind of republic leaders a fear that would happen. if he doesn't win the nomination. ron paul would be a major factor in tampaened a the g.o.p. platform. but right now he says he is in it to win it. >> shepard: bret baier live in myrtle beach. watch for you tonight opt debate. on fox news, also hannity's normal spot after o'reilly. 9:00 eastern time. the victims of the cruise ship disaster in italy reportedly talking about suing. but it might be a tough case to make and we'll explain why coming up. plus, gas hits a record high for this time of year. and costs may well keep climbing. we'll tell you ohio -- how high and why. that's straight ahead as fox reports live tonightht. ♪
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just into fox news the detroit piston's basketball team's plane has made emergency landing in houston. 44 people on board and nobody reported any injuries. apparently this plane had some sort of hydraulic issue that forced it down. pistons are in town play the rockets at the toyota center tomorrow night. rescue teams off the coast of italy have suspended their search for the night with more than two dozen people reportedly still missing from the costa concordia cruise ship. that means possible survivors inside the massive wreck will have to wait for at least morning for any hope of rescue. the cruise line is blaming the skipper for this crash at least for now. he changed course and took the hulking luxury liner into dangerous water he did it so someone on the ship could wave
7:41 pm
at folks at shore. the cruise industry could face uphill battle trying to replace confidence in resorts. already plunged 17% in the first day of trading since the disaster struck its italian subsidiary. greg jared is with us now. is the cruise industry and specifically the cruise company in any legal trouble at all? >> oh, yeah, a myriad of lawsuits by the passengers. here is the thing, shep, they have got to file it in genoa, italy, the ticket they bought is a binding contract it says so and 21 years ago our u.s. supreme court said that's enforceable and binding. the question of negligence though seems clear according to a maritime lawyer i talked to just a few hours ago. take a listen. even costa come out and admitting their captain is at fault. in terms of liability, there are some issues that passengers face, but i do think that all the passengers have a strong right to recovery. this is a very clear case of
7:42 pm
negligence. even teetering on gross negligence against this airline. >> it's used in plane crashes, planes just don't fall out of the air absent negligence so it's presumed you could say the same thing about a ship that strikes the shoreline and finally, what about damages, shep? well, there is an international treaty, passengers are limited under the treaty to $75,000 for injury, unless they can prove recklessness. they could probably prove that here in the u.s., italy? who knows. >> shepard: we will see. greg jarrett, thanks very much. if you recently filled up your gas tank, you are well aware the prices are very much on the rise. one group is warning it's about to get a whole loss worse. the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.39. up 11 cents in the past two weeks. highest ever seen this time of
7:43 pm
year. now the folks at gas, they monitor things like this. they are predicting that we could be paying more than $4 a gallon by springtime. folks in some big cities including chicago could be paying close to $5 a gallon by memorial day. the predictions last year turned out to be accurate. the growing tension between iran and the west is partly to blame here. iran's leaders have threatened to shut downtown strait of hormuz the most important oil shipping line in all the world. gerri willis is with us to talk about what those mean. those threats are not solely responsible for these soaring prices but they are a big part. >> a big part, absolutely. in the last week alone prices have gone up 4 cents a going loan. a.a.a. says the national average for this time of year will be 4:13 a gal gallon. some see it going up 5 bucks. oil per barrel knocking at 100
7:44 pm
bucks per barrel. saudis saying today we like it that way we want to keep it that way. >> shepard: markets closed in the united states for the martin luther king day holiday. overseas they were open really not a lot of movement. >> you would have expected the european market to improve lower on that news. what happens is stocks actually went up. anybody's guess how our markets will react tomorrow when we see the impact of s&p credit agencies taking a look at the bailout fund for european stocks. we're in a wig -- big mess. we heard it before and stocks continue to trade higher. >> shepard: big mess. there is the understatement of the day. gerri, thanks. part of the best team in business. catch her every weekday afternoon on the willis report 5:00 eastern time, 4:00 in oxford on the fox business network. facebook reported will i one
7:45 pm
step closer to going public. it's t. looks to begin selling stocks in sometime in late may. still a number of regulatory hurdles that must be cleared. no doubt one of the largest internet ipo's ever seen. something in the neighborhood of, get, this $10 billion. wow. officials say a truck hit a car and sent it right into a medical center and that tops our news across america. illinois. the car punched a hole in the building on the south side of chicago fire department spokesman says the truck rear ended a sedan at the interaction which pushed it into the place. drivers of both vehicles went to the hospital. california, a fire rages at two story office building at refinery south of los angeles. emergency crews from the plant working with the l.a. fire department. the company spokesman says crews have contained the blaze and that there is no danger of any petroleum products burning
7:46 pm
about a 15 minute drive from there in tore rensz, california, members of a girl scout troop reunite ago deaf puppy with its owner. a rescue group says the stolen 4 month old pup's bruises and bite marks could mean somebody used it in a dogfighting ring. owner just relieved that the pet is back. >> we're just so happy to find her. like we were so happy. >> the scouts had done door to door and put up fliers. arizona. [. [cheers and applause] >> shepard: warm welcome home for soldiers from a tour in afghanistan. >> extremely happy to be home. >> shepard: we're told they helped provide communication networks for various ways and task forces and that's a fox watch across america. mitt romney's republic rivals have spent months trying to derail his white house campaign. lately they have been pointing to his time at the financial firm bain capital. are the attacks really fair?
7:47 pm
tonight we will report. you decide. plus, lifeline in alaska. a tanker full of desperately needed fuel finally arriving at the snow bound city of noem. but getting the oil off the ship into the people of noem who need it, that's another matter apparently. the details of it all straight away. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm!
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[ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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>> shepard: closing in the first in the south primary the battle for south carolina where tonight's divop debate kicks notify a little more than an hour from now. post polls show the former massachusetts governor mitt romney leading the five man republic race to the nomination. of course his rivals keep attacking him. these days blasting his record at bain capital where he says he helped create tens of thousands of jobs. tonight, a closer look at that
7:51 pm
company. james rosen in d.c. tonight. james? >> we begin at the beginning, shep. bain capital is a privately owned investment firm in boston that employs 900 people worldwide. it handles public and private equity deals. that means basically buying existing companies and trying to increase their profits and market shares. bain also does venture capital deals investing in startups. bain has made private equity investment in some 450 companies. we see 240. we have updated this. it now manages 66 billion in assets. romney was bain capital's first ceo back in 1984. he stayed there about 15 years. under his guidance a 37-million-dollar investment fund returned 200 million to investors. and as late as 2006, romney was still earning up to 15 million a year from his tenure at bain. williams iii private equity investor in washington. >> i never heard of coming
7:52 pm
into a company, destroying it, and firing the employees and making money. that defies common sense. and i think bain just like all the other firms engaged in private equity are paid for success. they are paid for improving companies. that's how they get common said. >> when he first ran for office in 1994 romney claimed to create 10 to 17,000 jobs. even the "boston globe" which endorsed ted kennedy that year backed that claim up. today romney talks about the 100,000 jobs ehe and bain managed the figure that counts only the success stories which outnumber his failures but counts all the jobs added even since romney left bain 13 years ago. a bit of tricky accounting to be sure,. >> shepard: thanks. crews in western lawsks last leg of a mission to deliver critical fuel supply to the iced in city of nome, alaska.
7:53 pm
the russian tanker began this mission back in december. this weekend it finally made a half mile offshore from noem. once it arrived, more waiting for the bearing see to refreeze around the ship so that the crew could say connect this mile long hose to storage tanks and towns. that's all set now and officials say they are ready for anything. >> all the equipment is in place to carry those tactics out. training has been done you a all the man power in place. >> shepard: they say it will take a while. five days to get all that fuel from the ship to the shore. sim rights leader remembering dr. martin luther king jr. today. >> happy birthday martin. we will continue to keep the dream alive. >> shepard: millions of never before seen documents from the civil rights slain leader are now available for anybody to read. that's next. [ male announcer ] how'd yolearn to do that?
7:54 pm
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>> that we provide or engage in some kind of service on dr. king's birthday. no better way to celebrate dr. king than to do something on behalf of others. first family marking this dr. martin luther king holiday with a day of community service. the president rolled up his sleeves to help a group of volunteers to renovate a school library in d.c. he and the first lady painted some of dr. king's famous quotes on the wall. at ebenezer baptist church in atlanta where dr. king preached marking what would have been his 83rd birthday. the slain civil rights' leader only living sibling christine ferris presided. i should say in neighboring south carolina, hundreds mashed outside the state capital with the attorney general eric holder to protest that state's voter identification law. its discriminatory they say. and for the first time some 200,000 of dr. king's
7:58 pm
documents are available to the public they range from drafts of his sermons to the iconic letter from a birmingham jail. you can read them all at the king back/archive. before we go top five things of the day. a bank is foreclosing on o.j. simpson's house in florida while the former actor and athlete sits in a nevada prison. number four, a company dropping plans to sell a doll that looks like steve jobs after pressure from jobs' family and lawyers. number three critics of scott walker will submit a recall petition tomorrow with more than a half million signatures on it number two, rescue crews in italy say they will keep looking for more than two dozen people still reported missing from that sunken cruise ship but they have stopped for the night. number one the g.o.p. stage narrowing by one spot african
7:59 pm
democrat jon huntsman dropped his white house bid. the debate starts one hour from now on fox news channel. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1991, u.s. and british war planes began bombing targets in and around baghdad oorch the opening date of the first golf war. trouble had begun the previous summer when invaded quas. a coalition of nations issued ultimatum to saddam hussein get out of kuwait or face war. the deadline passed and operation desert storm hit iraq like a ton of brings. first there intense air assault followed by massive ground invasion. within a few weeks the iraqi military was in tatters. a little more than a decade later the u.s. military would return. still war raged in the middle east 21 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, january the 16th, martin luther king


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