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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 18, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> none! >> mitt romney, a true hip -- >> leader! >> i'm jon huntsman and i want to be vice president. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it. fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is "the fox report". tonight, a new report that this republican presidential candidate had millions of dollars of his own money in what's known as an off-shore tax shelter haven. now his campaign is firing back. plus new troubles in a cruise ship horror. they've been risking their lives searching for survivors but when the ship flipped, officials ordered them out. tonight, danger in the depth. and what the captain now says about his role in the disaster. did president obama request
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direct talks with tehran? >> we have many ways to convey our -- >> we'll check out the report of a secret letter sent straight to the supreme leader. some of mitt romney's republican rivals are pushing him to release his tax returns. >> i hope you'll put your tax records out there this week. >> shepard: even a political ally pulling for the release. >> we're waiting for the tax returns for the recent years completed and then release them. >> shepard: tonight, we'll see what's happened when this controversy came up in the past. but first from fox this wednesday night, president obama says he had no choice. he today rejected a plan to build a brand new oil pipeline from canada to texas. and republicans claim it would have created thousands of jobs. but the president insists g.o.p. leaders forced him to make a decision before the experts could weigh in on whether the keystone pipeline was safe for the people. and environmentalists say it could threaten the water supply
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in eight states. the president originally put off a decision until after the november election. republicans called that a political move. so they set a new deadline for next month. and they attached it to the bill that congress passed last year to extend the payroll tax cut. >> because for some reason, extending a tax cut to 160 million americans wasn't victory enough, the republicans put in jeopardy a process that should be immune from politics. >> president has said he'll do anything he can to create jobs. today, that promise was broken. the president selling out american jobs for politics. >> shepard: and house speaker john boehner says this is not the end of this fight. james rosen picks it up from here live in d.c. >> good evening. the transcanada corporation, builder of both keystone pipelines said late today it will reapply for a new permit in
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hopes it can start pumping oil through this proposed pipeline by late 2014. keystone one is already delivering roughly 500,000 barrels of crude oil a day from alberta canada to oklahoma and illinois. keystone xl would have added another 830,000 barrel of crude a day. environmentalists cried tears of joys. >> the only determination the president needed to make is this in the national interest. the president has clearly said no, it's not in the national interest. i'm not interested in creating 20,000 jobs. i'm not interested in making the united states more energy secure. all i'm interested in is politics. >> the kind of oil that it would produce is heavy oil would not be sensible to be sold in the united states so basically, we're talking about billions of dollars for profits for the canadian oil company and all the danger to the american public.
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>> president obama had talked approvingly of keystone at one point. he said we're either going to be dependent on dirty oil from the persian gulf or dirty oil from canada. today, the spokeswoman said they were clearly responsible for her agency's recommendation. >> this was presidential authority dissolved to the secretary of state which she was charged to manage, this building was charged to manage across the eight involved agencies of government. that is the way this has been proceeding. >> canada is already america's largest source for foreign oil with an estimated 2 million barrels a day coming here from the northland. shep? >> shepard: thanks. there's a new battle now over raising the nation's debt limit. who can forget the saga over the summer? well, we're apparently about to hit our credit limit yet again. today, the house of representatives rejected president obama's request to raise that limit. of course, it really doesn't matter. the vote is symbolic and
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political, make no mistake. and the president's request was just a formality. mike emanuel is on capitol hill tonight. that resolution is going nowhere, mike, and i assume the debt limit is going up. >> that's correct, shep. it did pass the house, we don't expect it to go any further. some democrats call this a manufactured crisis and they point out president reagan had to raise the debt ceiling as have more recent presidents. the democrats say today's vote wasn't serious. >> the reason it's not doing our job well is because it is a pretense, a shame. this legislation is to pay bills we've already incurred whether, as the gentleman said, it was incurred with your votes or whether it was incurred with or votes, we have incurred these expenses. >> this was the first issue vote, if you will, in the house of representatives for 2012. the first of many fights, shep. >> shepard: the first issue but they knew it was nothing but politics in the first place,
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right? >> the republicans argued if we're about to hit $15.2 trillion in our national debt and we're not going to get serious about it now, when will you get serious about it? they argued that washington must change its behavior. >> this must stop. and we in this house must be the responsible adults in this room to stop it. now is not the time to go get another increase in the limit. now is the time to cut up the credit card and buckle down. >> you mentioned politics. it is 2012. it is an election year so this also gives republicans a chance to go back to their supporters and say they tried to stop the debt from going up. >> shepard: mike emanuel at the rotunda tonight. thanks very much. police and navy divers are risking their lives to search that crippled cruise ship off the coast of italy. yesterday, teams briefly stopped going into the ship after word it had been shifting a lot.
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right now the ship is resting on its side just off shore in 45 feet of water they tell us but it's right near a ledge and there's a risk it could slide into the area that's more than twice as deep. some very rough weather in the morning is expected to cause higher waves at the scene and that will make things even more difficult. but hours ago, some brave divers put aside the risks to go back in and explore the ship hunting for survivors and people's remains. eight people are confirmed dead after that luxury liner smacked into land on friday night. more than 20 are still missing. video from inside the ship shows the chaotic maze that rescuers were facing. one diver described how limited visibility made things even tougher. >> can't see your own hands. we're proceeding blind. there's a lot of floating stuff. it's really dangerous. >> shepard: for a better idea of the scale of this disaster, check out this image from the ship from space. a satellite snapped this shot after the disaster.
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as for the captain, who is now facing charges of manslaughter in abandoning his ship, his lawyer says "he is a deeply shaken man. not only for the loss of his ship which for a captain is a grave thing, but above all, for what happened and the loss of human life." trace gallagher is tracking new developments from our west coast news hub and i'm guessing for the families of those who died, this is little consolation. >> that's right, shep and the first victim has been identified as a hungarian violinist who apparently was performing on board the ship and the witnesses say that when he went back to his cabin to get his violin, before he did that, he was helping some crying children put on their life jacket and yes, the captain may be remorseful but his story just keeps on changing. you'll recall, the day after the disaster, he said and i'm quoting here "we were the last ones to leave the ship." well, since then, in court, he now says, ok, we did leave the ship but it was accidental saying, and again i'm quoting "since the ship was at a 60 or
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70 degree angle, i tripped and ended up in one of the lifeboats. that's how i found myself, in the lifeboat." but now his lawyer says he was not in a lifeboat. listen. >> they did not find him among the passengers. though he was on a rock, he's always been in front of his ship, keeping on giving information and answering the questions on the phone. >> on a rock, not on the lifeboat. the captain also says the rocks that cut that big hole in the cruise ship were not on any nautical maps. the coast guard says they were on the maps. shep? >> shepard: we'll get to the truth eventually here, trace. we know there's a strong possibility that this disaster could lead to big changes in maritime law. >> especially because the passengers on board didn't know how to evacuate. i mean, you look at the video on board that ship and the chaos and they were kind of wandering the decks looking for guidance. looking for a way to get off. the ship had just left port and
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they hadn't done their evacuation drill, international law allows 24 hours for that and the experts say that will likely change as will, they believe, the laws governing the behavior of captains. the old saying is that maritime law is written in blood because they are the results of disasters, even 100 years ago, shep, after titanic, the laws had sweeping changes then. >> shepard: trace gallagher live tonight in los angeles. trace, thanks. the south carolina primaries just three days away now and one candidate says if he doesn't win, republicans can probably get ready for another four years of president obama. details on that ahead and going through pregnancy is tough enough on its own. but when you get struck by lightning half way through your pregnancy, well, that could complicate matters. just ahead, how one woman survived a bolt from the blue to deliver a healthy baby. from the journalists of fox news, this is a wednesday "fox report." es.
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>> shepard: newt gingrich busted out a warning for south carolina republicans today. said if he doesn't win, the primary on saturday, the g.o.p. can probably kiss the white house good-bye. listen here. >> your support in the next four days can change history. if i win the primary on saturday, i will be the nominee. i think it's literally that simple. and if i don't win the primary on saturday, we will probably nominate a moderate and the odds are fairly high he will lose to obama. >> shepard: of course, there are still a few other candidates in this race and some of them are lashing out at newt gingrich tonight. yesterday, gingrich told conservatives a vote for rick santorum or rick perry would be a vote for mitt romney. today, both santorum and romney fired back. campaign carl cameron is live tonight outside of columbia. newt gingrich has been attacking romney for a long time.
7:15 pm
>> and there's been some conservatives who suggested that some of his attacks come more from the democratic national committee's playbook than what republicans would be expected to talk about. and that was essentially and has been how mitt romney has been firing back and it's getting a little bit tougher. romney has made it very clear his record at bain capital for which gingrich has been quite critical will actually be something that romney intends to campaign on and challenge his republican rivals to keep coming at him. listen. >> government doesn't create jobs. it's the private sector that creates jobs. congressmen taking responsibility for taking credit for helping create jobs is like al gore taking credit for the internet. >> that's a direct reference to newt gingrich's statements on the campaign trail in recent days that as a member of congress during the reagan administration, he helped create jobs in the reagan era. mr. romney obviously taking issue with that and suggesting that private sector experience is what's needed.
7:16 pm
>> shepard: gingrich and rick santorum went at it pretty good today, carl. >> they have been for several days now. gingrich has been critical of rick santorum, since he lost his race for senate he's essentially snake bitten for president. it irks rick santorum who has done better than gingrich in iowa and new hampshire and today he called him out on it. and said some of his ideas were hair brained and detached from reality. >> i might go so far as say the arrogance of speaker gingrich to suggest that i don't have the experience to run a campaign, i finished tied for first in iowa, he finished fourth. i finished fourth in new hampshire, he finished fifth. >> santorum is hoping to do well here in south carolina on saturday. not withstanding the results, almost all the candidates say they're going to continue on into florida and beyond.
7:17 pm
big question about whether or not rick perry, the texas governor was pulling last night but ron paul continues to run as well. >> shepard: the romney campaign as i mentioned at the top of the newscast is responding to a report that mitt romney has millions of dollars in his personal money in the cayman islands, a place pretty famous for being a tax shelter. romney campaign says he's not hiding money there at all and one of romney's supporters is telling him, release your tax returns now! we'll look at how other candidates have been handling their taxes over the years and follow this issue coming up inside "fox report." the internet's day in the dark. why some of the world's biggest web sites have gone down. and how they've gotten some lawmakers in d.c. to do a 180. plus did president obama really send a secret warning to iran's supreme leader? a live report coming up from the white house as "fox reports"
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>> shepard: if you're trying to look up any info today, you may need to crack open an old-fashioned book if they still have those. if you go to wilkopedia's english language web site, this is all you'll see. the popular on-line encyclopedia of sorts as gone dark as an unprecedented protest. some of the internet's biggest names urging users to contact congress and complain about two anti-piracy bills. that legislation had some very big backers including movie studios and record labels that don't want folks illegally posting their products on line. another supporter happens to be our own boss here, the chairman and ceo of news corporation, the parent company of this network. but as google's home page today indicates, the critics say these bills would lead to censorship.
7:22 pm
and this on-line protests already has some in congress changing their minds. that's been big news throughout the day. it looks like, claudia, this protest is working. >> well, shepard, the impact on capitol hill was huge or immediate. a bunch of people dialed back their support of this leblg lakes including marco rubio, the florida republican who had co-sponsored anti-piracy bill in the senate. he said congress should listen and not rush through a bill that could have many unintended consequences. even the california senator dianne feinstein who supports the bill says more needs to be done to balance property rights against legitimate business practices. >> auto what we need to do is find a balance between the two and that work has begun. there are meetings going on in washington. i'm going back on sunday and going to miss the playoff game
7:23 pm
of the 49ers that i dearly love and go back so i will be able to monday join in on these negotiations and hopefully by tuesday, we'll have something that is balanced. >> tuesday is when a test vote is scheduled but a growing number of senators are now calling on the majority leader harry reid to postpone it. shep? >> shepard: anybody benefitting from this blackout on the internet? >> yes, plenty of other web sites reached millions of new users today like scholarpedia. it saw a four fold increase in traffic today. encyclopedia britannica on-line reports a bunch of visitors willing to pay a subscription fee and they could find out how to circumvent the blackout by resetting the browser preferences. step by step instructions to do that are on >> shepard: thanks. nearby in seattle, it's cloudy a lot. but the rain that comes is
7:24 pm
usually kind of misty and the frozen stuff doesn't happen much. we're live in seattle for a storm the likes of which the pacific northwest has not seen in three decades. plus what is the mailman doing with your packages? wait until you see this surveillance video. plus there's word mitt romney has lots of money in the cayman islands. what that means and the campaign's response. stay tuned, bottom of the hour. top of the news on "fox report." perhaps you've seen my picture... on chef boyardee products. i make real italian ravioli. small tender macaroni pies, filled with hearty italian seasoned meat, smothered in vine-ripened tomato sauce.
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>> shepard: who travels and doesn't love to complain about air travel? especially airports? well, a major travel guide has just ranked one united states airport terminal among the very best in the whole world. new york's j.f.k. international airport making the list with terminal 5, the new jet blue airways space and it is nice. travel experts judge things like cleanliness, services and accessibility. four u.s. terminals, though, made the 10 worst list in all the world including j.f.k.'s terminal 3 which ranked all the way at the bottom and for darn good reason. the web site's other three u.s. terminals to avoid are new york laguardia airport, newark liberty and chicago midway. well, a man hunt ends behind a burger king where authorities nab an escaped convict and that tops our news across america.
7:29 pm
florida, we're told a k-9 unit tracked down the 28-year-old in a drainage ditch after he'd taken off from a work detail in the miami area. the inmate was reportedly living in a minimum security work release center and had served about 2/3 of a nine year sentence for burglary. he's now facing extra time for the escape. colorado. a mother-to-be who survived a lightning strike last summer has given birth to a healthy baby girl. the woman was reportedly leaning against a pole at a race track when the lightning struck. it temporarily paralyzed her. as for her newborn -- >> a little small but she's got a big attitude. >> shepard: she says she and her husband joke about their baby having super powers. connecticut. police accuse one man of defrauding another of $35,000 in a scheme to market key chains containing what the suspect claims was dirt from the original yankee stadium. the suspect faces larceny and
7:30 pm
forgery charges. california. a mailman finds a locked gate in hollywood and tosses a package right over the fence. the home owner says it held an antique clock. >> launches my clock into the front yard. my 1938 black forest cuckoo clock. >> shepard: he's reportedly filed a complaint with the post office and that's the fox watch across america. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. mitt romney's campaign now confirms he does in fact have personal money in the cayman islands. abc news broke the story today but the campaign insists he is not dodging taxes at all and i quote "the romneys' investments in funds established in the cayman islands are taxed in the
7:31 pm
same way they would be if those funds were established in the united states." well, some of mitt romney's rivals have been calling on him to release his tax returns and do it now. tonight, one of his supporters says he agrees. >> what i would say to governor romney is if you have tax returns to put out, you know, you should put them out. put them out sooner rather than later because it's always better in my view to have complete disclosure and spespecially whe you're the frontrunner. >> shepard: mitt romney says he's following tradition by waiting until april to release his tax returns. he gave us a preview of sorts yesterday saying he probably pays close to 15%. that's because most of his income, he says, is from investments which the government taxes at a lower rate than your paycheck and mine. newt gingrich says he plans to release his 2010 tax returns tomorrow. he claims they'll show he paid a rate of 31%. twice as much as mitt romney says he pays to something close. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is here. jonathan, what to make of all
7:32 pm
this? >> shep, this is one of those issues that comes up every presidential election cycle. it's not a legal requirement for a candidate to release his or her tax records. but these days, it is expected and any candidate who delays always seems to raise suspicions. >> it's a big deal as far as people being able to look at the tax returns and see how the candidate made his or her money. >> it was certainly a big deal in 2008 for hillary clinton when she was heavily criticized for not releasing the family tax returns. she eventually did. senators john kerry and john mccain also took flak for not releasing the full tax returns of their very wealthy wives. but ultimately, experts say it matters little because voters expect their candidates to be financially far above the average american. >> most of the presidential candidates are rich and a fair amount of them are very wealthy. so yeah, you want to get it out,
7:33 pm
get it over with and hopefully there are no skeletons in those returns. and then you move on to the next issue of the day. >> and if there are no real skeletons -- >> most times it's much ado about nothing. >> interestingly, mitt romney's father was the first presidential candidate to release his tax returns. he did not win the nomination back in 1968, shep, but he started a trend, george romney that his son is having to deal with. >> shepard: yes, he is. jonathan hunt, thank you very much. the white house is so far refusing to confirm reports tonight that president obama sent a sort of secret letter to iran's supreme leader. and iranian news agency quoted a lawmaker in tehran as saying the letter called for direct talks with the islamic republic. but the administration officials will not say whether that's true. >> we have multiple ways to communicate to iran and we deploy them all. >> shepard: how vague. the secret letter also reportedly contained a warning for the iranians about what
7:34 pm
would happen should they interfere with oil shipments through the strait of hermuths. what is all of this? ed henry is at the white house tonight. have you confirmed whether this letter went out or what's the deal? >> shep, it's a little less vague at this hour. i've spoken to a senior u.s. official who says that no such letter went out from the president of the united states to the supreme leader in iran. what did happen and they believe this is just being exaggerated by the iranians for political purposes is that u.s. officials did reach out through diplomatic channels to the iranians and basically said, you cannot block the straight of hermuths where a large chunk of the world's oil supply goes through there. basically, the u.s. said that would be a red line and essentially a declaration of war and they sent a signal that the u.s. would be ready to talk to iran to work this out diplomatically. republicans like john boehner said that shows the u.s. is weak. take a listen. >> i think it's very difficult
7:35 pm
to have talks with a country around the world who has vowed to do everything but to wipe us off the face of the earth. this is not the kind of environment that i believe can lead to a constructive discussion. >> now, a former senior u.s. official who used to be in the obama administration tells us tonight that in 2009, the administration did send two letters to the iranians to try to reach out for diplomatic talks. obviously, so far, that has not been realized, shep. >> shepard: speaker boehner talking about this showing weakness but the white house is insisting it has a very strong hand here. >> that's right and there's some evidence to back the white house up on that. today, spokesman jay carney pointing out because of u.s. sanctions, european union sanctions, this has put a lot of pressure on iran so if there were any talks, iran would be on the defensive. take a listen. >> we had a situation where iran's economy is clearly suffering from the effects of
7:36 pm
the international sanctions regime as well as the unilateral sanctions that the various nations have placed on iran. >> the other problem and challenge the white house is facing is tonight the officials believe the u.s. has to go further with even tougher sanctions and israel talking about the possibility of a unilateral military attack on iran to take out their potential nuclear program. bottom line is that the president's chairman of the joint chiefs, general dempsey will be in israel tomorrow to try to huddle with israeli officials and make sure everybody is on the same page. >> shepard: ed henry live at the white house. thanks. and just into fox news, word that u.s. forces have come to the rescue of yet another fishing boat in iran. the navy is reporting a helicopter pilot spotted the sinking boat in the central arabian sea this morning. the crew of the uss dewey, a guided missile destroyer raced to the fisherman's aid, we're told that the dewey provided more than 100 pounds of supplies
7:37 pm
including food and water while helping the fisherman board other vessels. this is the third time that we know of this month that we received reports of u.s. military rescuing iranian boat dwellers. and a fox weather alert now and folks in seattle are used to lots of cloudy skies and a whole lot of mist but not this. forecasters say this could be the city's worst snow storm in 30 years. seattle usually gets about, i don't know, 6 inches or so of snow per year but today's total alone is expected to top that. snow and ice making for some, well, pretty bad conditions on the roads. about an hour away in olympia, one jogger made the best of it. >> it's like running on a pillow. it's like an adventure. everything was so beautiful. it just sparkles. i can't get out on my road bike so this is the next best alternative. >> shepard: meantime, oregon, in that state, the snow has largely turned to rain with powerful wind gusts along the coast.
7:38 pm
talking hurricane strength. up to 110 miles an hour. that's taken down trees as you can see. up in the cascade mountains, folks are bracing for several feet of new snow by the end of the day. officials there warning that could trigger dangerous avalanches so a mess in the pacific northwest. dan springer is outside our seattle bureau this afternoon. dan? it's white! >> yeah, shep. in a word, it's ugly. you know, we had snow virtually all day long. all up and down the pacific northwest and now, all that snow has turned over to an icy mixture of snow and rain. uggg! it's nasty out here. at least seattle didn't get the bull's eye they were talking about. predictions of 10, maybe 14 inches of snow right here in the puget sound did not materialize but those predictions led a lot of people, most people to stay home today so the roads, the highways virtually empty. downtown, usually we'd have people going home right now but it's virtually empty here as
7:39 pm
well. schools are closed including colleges. 80 flights were canceled. the airport got 4 inches of snow. seattle only got 2 or 3 inches of snow. that's enough to cause a mess down here. the big areas, some areas like olympia got 13 inches. some places got 20 inches of snow. they'll be digging out for sometime, shep, and of course with all the rain that's coming behind all this snow, it's going to be a slushy, sloppy mess in the pacific northwest for days! >> shepard: you know it will. i bet the pass is quite a place right now. thanks so much. let's get to the extreme weather center. our main guy, rick reichmuth is there. how is it looking? >> they're going to start to see a little bit of rain move in. that means flooding concerns at least in seattle. the higher elevations it's all snowa lot of people have been wondering where winter is. here it is. anywhere you see the pink, winter storm warning is in effect. it includes places around lake tahoe and all of this ultimately good news for all the ski areas out there. take a look at this, shepard, a big long plume of moisture here continuing to head mostly now across oregon.
7:40 pm
over the next day, this will slowly shift towards the south and parts of northern california and in towards southern part of oregon is where we'll see the bull's eye of the moisture. still a lot of snow to be had over the next 48 hours. around the mountains of yellowstone and in towards idaho a lot of snow. maybe a couple of feet and shep, we'll be talking about a week's worth of storms continuing to move through this area. some spots around 10 feet of snow and they'll take it. shep? >> shepard: wow, rick reichmuth at the weather center. thanks. if you're going to steal a police car, you have to understand that cops probably aren't going to offer you any advice on how to get away with it. >> you got to get that car stopped. >> we can't help you if you can't help us. >> if you want to help me, you can tell me where the handcuff keys are so i can hold the steering wheel right. >> shepard: more from one demanding suspect coming up plus police scanning you for weapons? as you walk down the street. is it an invasion of privacy or
7:41 pm
a way to protect the public? >> we're looking at something that's going to help us do a more effective, more efficient job. >> this proposal is both intriguing and worrisome. >> shepard: coming up, virtual patdowns at the speed of light. i'm going to own my own restaurant. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. g this free travel bag when you join at ♪ ♪ ♪
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the new york city police department is now teaming up with the department of defense to develop a high tech tool that could let cops detect weapons through people's clothing. it is reportedly similar to airport body scanners but smaller so officers could tuesday on the go to tell from a distance if suspects are packing heat. right now, police say that distance is about 13 feet. they say the goal is to extend that reach to it 80 feet and install the devices inside cop cars. of course, opponents say they worry that cops could use the scanners on anybody without his or her knowledge.
7:45 pm
>> when the police department tells us that any time we walk down the street we are going to be subject to a virtual patdown even though we are not suspected of doing anything wrong, that raises privacy concerns. >> the police commissioner argues that friskless searches as they are being called will help crack down on gun violence in the city. a lot to consider here. david lee he miller in the new york city newsroom tonight. how does this work? >> we all heard of x-rays. this is a device that operates like a camera and uses t rays. this is part of the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared and microwave and the waves can see through virtually any object that is nonmetallic. it will let an officer see what is under someone's clothing or even in someone's shoes and the image will appear on an lcd screen in the patrol car. in addition to the privacy concerns that you mentioned
7:46 pm
some critics say that this type of technology, the t rays can damage human dna so you can expect a great deal more controversy before it is implement. >> it is expected to hit the streets, though, right? when? >> they have been working on it for three years with the department of defense. some of the experts say you can expect it will be a few years until you see this in patrol cars. what we could see much sooner, though, is this type of technology applied to scanners at airports. not only can the t rays detect explosive compounds but can tell an operator what type of compound they are looking at. further more it is possible the military is going to use the device to detect roadside bombs. it would be a great aid in the war against terror. >> we are hearing just released police radio recordings of a suspect cops accuse of stealing a police car after they had handcuffed him. happened last week in northwest
7:47 pm
indiana. officers there say they just busted the guy for some kind of drug charges when somehow climbed behind the wheel of the officer's vehicle and took off. here is some of that police radio back and forth. listen. >> stop the vehicle immediately. pull the vehicle over. stop immediate. >> i. >> i'm going to have to say negative on that one. i have a little boy at home i ain't going to jail for some [ bleep ] time. >> when asked for the keys to the handcuffs he had one more request. >> if you can't tell me where the handcuff keys are at least tell me where the cigarette lighter is in your car. i can think better if i have a smoke, man. >> that didn't happen, thinking better. >> he ditched the car and took off but surrendered two days later at his family's home. >> the government often deports immigrants who break united
7:48 pm
states laws but the supreme court heard a case that could change things dramatically for thousands of immigration cases. plus, garth brooks donated half a million bucks to the hospital. why is he going to court to get his money back? that's coming up. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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7:51 pm
the u.s. supreme court is now weighing an immigration case that could have an enormous impact on our government's ability to deport criminals. today the justices heard arguments on two different deportation cases but they are now combined into one. the focus, two men who became legal u.s. residents but face deportation because of criminal convictions. attorneys for the men say they should be allowed to stay in the united states but the white
7:52 pm
house says that could set a dangerous precedent. shannon bream covers the court for us and is live from washington tonight. what is the argument mere for allowing the immigrants to say? >> under current law in order to fight deportation the two men would have to show they lived in the u.s. for a specific amount of time but neither has enough years to meet the requirement. today they asked the supreme court to give them credit for the years that their parents have lived in the u.s. the government says no way, this is nothing in the statute that allows for that but the men -- the attorneys for the men argue that the statute is vague and say if that is the case you have to interpret in favor of keeping the families together. >> shepard: what appears to be a rough day for telemarketers. everybody's favorite. >> a florida man who said he was being harassed night and day by someone calling him trying to collect on a student loan debt decided to sue on that in federal court but the lower court said the law didn't alaw for it. in a unanimous opinion the supreme court said federal
7:53 pm
lawsuits against telemarketers are legit. >> shepard: shannon, thanks. country music singer garth brooks wants his half million dollars back and is suing a central oklahoma hospital to get it because they did not name a building after his mother. that is what they promised to do when donated the cash but they say that is not what he agreed on at all and that his gift was unconditional. jurors heard opening arguments in the case and most said they know who garth brooks is and some admitted to attending his concerts. lawyers asked them to be fair and ignore his celebrity status. more than 12 years ago, john f. kennedy, jr. his wife died in plane crash off martha's vineyard. his former assistant reveals she convinced his wife to take the i will fated flight. she said that initially
7:54 pm
kennedy's wife wasn't planning to attend the wedding in massachusetts she say's the couple's marriage was strained and his wife said she wasn't a priority in his life. the one time assistant said after a long talk mrs. kennedy finally agreed. on the night of july 16, 1999, jfk, jr.'s plane plunge inside the atlantic ocean. the former assistant's book fairytale interrupted hits store shelves next week. >> looking for a place to hold a super bowl party? the cash strapped greek government has a deal for you. rock bottom prices to rent out some of the world's most historic sites. that's next jrkt. ♪ ♪
7:55 pm
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>> shepard: it has come to this. greece is starting to rent out its treasured ancient ruins at reduced rates. the debt ridden country announcing it will be easing
7:58 pm
restrictions on commercial use of the iconic sites starting with the acropolis. permits for a day of filming there, $2,000 down from five grand. greece, of course needs every euro it can get injuries the country is currently in talks for a second bailout to keep it from going bank run. our team's top five things of the day. secretary of state clinton announcing nba hall of famer kareem abdul-jabbar will act as a global ambassador. some dropping support for on line piracy bills. the dow ending the day with its highest close since last summer in part on strong housing reports. number two, divers returning to the cruiseship that ran aground off italy to search for any more survivors for bodies after last week's disaster. number one tonight president obama says he is rejecting plans for the keystone oil
7:59 pm
pipeline because a deadline from republicans did not allow for a full rehe view. that is the fox report's top five. on this day in 1778, british sea captain james cook became the first european explorer ever to lay eyes on the hawaiian islands. captain cook had been exploring the pacific for years and when the ships first landed on the beaches of hawaii the natives there reportedly greeted him with open arms. in fact, we are told the islanders initially considered cook and his crew to be gods and by all accounts the men took it full advantage of that status and the women. but the goodwill did not last long as you might emergency. after a crew member died the hawaiians realized the men were just mere mortals and an angry mob killed captain cook. still an explorer shouted land ho 234 years ago today. and now you know the news. for this wednesday,


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