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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 18, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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strong showing appears to be paying off as the latest poll shows he is closing the gap on the front-runner. dick morris has analysis. it was one of the most talked about moments of the debate. >> more people have been pout food stamps by barack obama than any other president in history. >> the white house is firing back but is it really? we'll break down those numbers. >> so-called party of the 99% rolls out pricy plans ahead of
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the democratic national convention. we'll check out with michelle and expose the culture of corruption. >> sean: governor chris christie rocks in a state-of-the-state address in new hampshire. >> sean: jerry springer reacts to the highlights. our countdown continues hannity starts right here, right now. >> sean: major developments. mitt romney has maintained on his status on the front-runner but following monday's fox news channel debate in south carolina a resurntd enter newt gingrich is climbing back into the contest. in the latest survey, former speaker jumped 11 points in just two weeks and now finds himself within the margin of error of governor romney. santorum is in third place with 15% and followed by paul and
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rick perry. joining me now is reaction is dick morris. welcome back. >> good to be here. stuff changes every minute. >> sean: if this debate, this fox debate, is it possible game changer? new poll out in south carolina and he is climbing rapidly, newt could it be a game changer? >> sure could. if romney were to win south carolina by seven or eight points the race would be over. gingrich would have no moment going into florida neither would santorum or paul. romney he has bought $4 million in ads and field organization he would win florida and everything after that. but if gingrich can defeat romney in south carolina, and more importantly if he can have a big gap between him and santorum and paul, then santorum and paul go away even if they
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don't drop out. perry has gone away and gingrich against romney race. that then becomes a would way race. florida becomes important but not decisive. one man could win florida and next could win michigan and next could win minnesota and it could go back and forth until april when they have winner take all primaries. >> sean: what do you make of what is now happening, the intensity in south carolina has an all time high. new romney ad on gingrich and newt saying, wait a minute, i think it's time the people of south carolina need to know about your tax returns after romney gave. i probably will, i might release them sometime in april. but he didn't give an answer. is that problematic for him? >> i think newt is making a mistake. he almost killed his candidacy
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with all the negatives on romney. he feels like he is retaliating but people think that newt is waging a nasty campaign. what was notable on monday, after 20 minutes of being nasty he spent hour and 40 minutes being positive with affirmative wonderful ideas. newt needs to get back to that. >> i think the voters of south carolina are going to say, okay, romney paid 15% of his income in taxes, others paid 35% that is the law. >> sean: that is second crack at it. this income is investment income in all likelihood that has already been taxed. i think what he is saying.... >> not necessarily. romney was probably a partner so that may be earned income, under the law hedge fund is only 15. does anybody make a voluntarily contribution to the israel of
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money that he doesn't owe. that is the point. >> what about governor palin's impact. she said if she were in south carolina she would vote for gingrich. she wants the race to go on. she thinks it's healthy in the debate of the republican party. do you agree with her? >> i think her endorsement is so helpful volunteers volunteer romney but the voters that would consider santorum or gingrich to leave santorum and go to gingrich. i think in the debate, santorum gave almost lawyer like detailed answer. i called it white meat chicken while obama was giving red meat. her endorsement could tip things to gingrich. nice thing about this for newt is once he is the sole alternative to romney you have a genuine head to head fighter. its fight we should have. santorum is nice guy and good person but he is scarcely a
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leader of the party. two main heavyweights are romney and gingrich. so let them fight it out. i think funny thing about it. everybody agrees romney would be the strongest to obama. >> sean: has that native changed -- narrative changed? a couple things have changed. he called president obama the food stamp president. he also says i don't want to bloody his nose. i want to knock him out. for people that feel feel that obama is hurting country, they are standing up and cheering. >> newt is totally right. when obama took office there were 32 million on food stamps, now there is 46 million. obama has put everybody o in the country on welfare. you i am outraged that obama is
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veegtd this keystone pipeline. this is the key to american energy independence. if we don't get a million barrels from canada we're going to have to get it from saudi arabia, russia or venezuela. i think he did cut a deal with the unions and i'll give you appointments on the national labor relations board. >> sean: president obama's own jobs council said drill baby drill. he is rejecting the advice of his own commission and his own council. >> when we have $5 or $6 gas, it's obama's gas. >> sean: we may very well see that from threats from iran. dick morris, thanks. >> gingrich says he obama is food stamp president and they are calling comments crazy.
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top donors to the reelection campaign will be showered by lavish perks at this summer's dnc convention. so much for the party of the 99% as the president prepares. we'll check in with michelle. she has reaction. [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing? ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment. or zero dependency on forei oil. ♪ this is why we at nissan built a car inspired by zero. because zo is worth everything. the zero gas, 100% electric nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all.
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>> sean: this should not come as a surprise for the white house. white house is not exactly happy
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that gingrich has called president obama as food stamp president and jay carney called the comments crazy. >> when this president took the oath of office back in 2009 our economy was in free fall. the result of that terrible recession was a dramatic increase in unemployment and a dramatic, or increase rather in the number of people who need assistance. >> sean: gingrich refused to back down. >> i helped create paychecks twice, 16 million to 11 million. obama is the most effective food stamp president in american history. [ applause ] his policies have put more people on food stamps than any other person in history. we are running a campaign, if you like being independent and earning a paycheck, be with gingrich. if you want to be dependent and depend on the government for food stamps, you ought to be for
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obama. >> sean: the numbers back up the speaker's claim. 2009 when he took office, almost 32 million people were on food stamps. now compared to most recent data from october 2011, that shows the number has climbed to over 46 million. joining me now is reaction from the civil rights coalition, michael myers and nationally syndicated, monica crowley. is he food stamp president? look at the numbers. 36 million to 46 million. obama's policies resulted people on food stamps? >> hasn't been that been the objective. the objective of the democratic party is expand the people that is dependent on government. this is purpose of obamacare. this is the point of everything they have done. there are two parts of this. one to expand the cult of victim
9:14 pm
hood. this is what they need. secondly to eventually achieve a full democratic majority. when you change the balance in the public sector you have a permanent voting majority. >> sean:. >> a racial component to this? what is so unfair about saying this is a food stamp president? >> a food stamp president, gingrich should know he was lbj. he created it to address it and hunger problem in america. >> sean: one in six americans. >> when it comes to racial issue that is good question. what does food stamps have to do with blacks and what do blacks have to do with food stamps. this is not a racial issue. the problem was, i like juan
9:15 pm
williams. it was insipid question from juan williams. he took offense on behalf of the quote, unquote, black community with respect to gingrich's statements about food stamps. i get tired and bored when there is no offense in a racial sense should be inferred. >> sean: let me give you an example of this. the liberal media, god bless chris matthews, any time a conservative speaks, he is not exactly happy. here is him trying to turn this into a racial comment. watch this. >> he got a lot of applause for that. why saying that would give you a big applause. this whole thing is about race. it's about a candidate who knows just how to make his point to appeal to a certain kind of voter. somebody talking about food stamps, calling him a food stamp president when nobody is talking
9:16 pm
about food stamps knows precisely what he is talking about. it's about a cartoon, a people of getting assistance are lazy, don't want to work and are black. >> sean: one in six americans are in poverty. 50% of young african-americans could not get a job this summer. unemployed. 46 million americans needing food stamps. >> many more white americans on food stamps, but the point here, chris matthews, it has to be addressed as such and put aside as such. i think the more important question juan williams, particularly on south carolina particularly on the night of martin luther king's birthday what the role of federal power and federal judges in courts with respect to standing down on states rights that permit racial segregation. that was the question to ask newt. >> sean: i give juan a lot of
9:17 pm
credit. the audience was booing but.... >> you can't take racial offense, there is no racial oh ee oe fence. >> that is exactly the point. for somebody like chris matthews to suggest there is an element of racism when there isn't any, you are right. he is engaging in it. >> sean: i don't suggest that about chris. i mean chris always has an interesting point of view. but for some reason he is blinded had by this. >> here is what is so offensive that is calling racism. in 2008 we saw a subtle playing of the race card in teorms of obama candidacy. now it's more aggressively. he has a horrendous economic record they need to pull out the stops. i find it incredibly offensive. in interpretation of the social welfare programs we actually
9:18 pm
record numbers of food stamps, we have record numbers on every social welfare program in the united states under this president. >> it's an economic crisis and economic downturn that recession that many americans are going through. i think monica is correct. you have to reject forced charges of racism. because if racism raises it's head in this campaign, we need credible people radio ad, black churches will burn -- this coming up in every election. >> sean: this is going to be the most divisive campaign. >> no, it's not. black and white are finished with racial rhetoric. they really are.
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>> sean: and it's too bad. >> by the way.... >> we want everybody out of work working. >> to see the real issues. >> sean: thanks for being with us. coming up chris christie brought lawmakers to their feet in the state of the state last night. breal have reaction from two guests. we'll have governor christie on the program tomorrow night. the party of 99% is preparing to pill out stops for big money donors. michelle malcolm will expose that hypocrisy and much more coming up. i find the omega choices overwhelming. then i found new pronutrients omega-3. it's from centrum. it's a smaller minigel. with two of the best omegas to support my heart, brain and eyes. new pronutrients from centrum.
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>> sean: democratic national committee announced that anointed one will be give his nomination acceptance speech from none other than itself bank of america stadium in charlotte, north carolina. it's well, let's not forget deeply troubled bank of america which is headquartered in charlotte was the proud recipient of $45 billion bailout during the financial crisis. as my next guest michelle malcolm holding it at 74,000
9:24 pm
seat stadium will open the dnc fund-raiserers will give them special perks. but i thought this was supposed today be the people's convention hosted by 99%. the author of "new york times" best-seller "culture of corruption," michelle malkin. i'm trying to keep up with you. it's very hard. >> we're becoming twitter alcoholics. >> sean: let's start with the big announcement. president has to one of his lavish vacations but this is an important issue. when you look at the extravagance that is going on, big money people behind the scenes. appointment of this guy by the administration.
9:25 pm
how can they say they can make this argument anymore? >> it's really rich, isn't it? i mean really rich. you got the dnc, host committee down in charlotte drumming of 37 millions dollars to put this big coronation celebration together. what the white house and what team obama is counting on is that people will not compare their rhetoric to their record. you've got first lady michelle obama, dnc debbie wasserman schultz with their populist rhetoric calling it the people's convention, which the party of 99% catering to the 1% to bail them out for these bills. $1 million presidential suites, sky boxes, anything they can do to money grub. here the message is be damned
9:26 pm
the coughers must be filled. >> sean: they are calling on governor ramirez to release tax records. i would still like to see obama's transcripts. how radical sit. what are they hiding? they are supposed to be transparent. people on the left that newt said, it would be a good idea to get a job as a janitor and learn a work ethic. i didn't know what kind of jobs you did as a kid. i did dishwashing in restaurant and construction. so when you look at it through that prism, what do you see? >> i think you see the republican party always under fire as the party of the rich, conservatives being attacked as greedy capitalists and panderers of wall street where we have him
9:27 pm
delivering his speech at a stadium that is named after one of the biggest banks that failed bank of america. let's call truth in advertising go. fat cat convention. we're talking about a corporation that has not gotten just $45 billion but nearly a trillion in secret emergency funds, that has forked over $21,000 in pac money in obama to get him elected. you see the culture of corruption and crony businesses that work here. hey, where is the outrage of all those progressives and occupiers. this is such a perfect symbol of dissonance of progressives. >> sean: what do you think of the narrative. democrats are laying their attacks against romney and gingrich. rap against romney, he only paid 15% rate.
9:28 pm
the problem is it's likely, that is lawsuit. i assume he has obeyed the law. if they don't like the law, that is their problem. they should have changed it a long time ago. in the case of "new york times," when obama is food stamp president, there is more people on food stamps and more people dependent on poverty that never before were in poverty. "new york times" say this is racial politics in play and democrats are echoing that sentiment. do any of arguments in your mind work? >> they don't as long as the electorate is armed with information about the hypocrisy of this information. what conservatives and republicans need to do more of, no matter what our differences may be about the candidates and whatever disagreements way have, we have to unite and perform political jujitsu and say, wait a minute. didn't the obama administration
9:29 pm
just break its own anti-lobbyist rules and appoint lobbyists as a domestic policy chief. how about the guy that used to work for bain that is now in charge of omb. how about the goldman sachs men and financial people who helped usualer in the prime crisis, recycled through the bush administration and still in place in the obama administration. people need to know the truth about the culture of corruption that has dominated this administration from day one. >> sean: michelle, thanks for being with us. >> coming up, new hampshire governor reveals his bold plan to slash tax rates as part of his, quote, new hampshire come back. we'll check in with bill cunningham and jerry springer and don't forget, chris christie on this very program as we continue. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> sean: on the campaign cycle full of bitter attacks, one subjects on which they all agree the need to lower tax rates and put more money back in the hands of american families. when asked what the tax rate of choice would be, well, here is what the field of candidates had to say. >> a flat tax, keep it simple. >> two rates, 10 and 28% which is the highest rated under ronald reagan. >> i would like to get it down to 25 but now it's 35, let's get it down as low as we possibly can. >> a flat tax of 15% and i would like to see reduce government to reduce revenue. >> it was zero percent. what so bad about that. >> sean: last night, chris christie who will be on the program tomorrow night made this announcement. >> today, i am proud to report
9:35 pm
that the new hampshire comeback has begun. i propose to reduce income tax rates for each and every person in new hampshire by 10% across the board. >> sean: joining me now to discuss how we can save the american economy by putting your hard earned money in your pockets, is radio talk show host and tv host, billy cunningham along with legend, jerry springer. how are you? >> good to be here again. >> i like him in the middle. >> sean: simple question. we have five trillion dollars of obama debt, new deficit debt, new debt from obama, more debt recession. >> three years and didn't fix it. >> sean: he called george bush
9:36 pm
unpatriotic and unpatriotic for accumulating $4 trillion in eight years. bill cunningham sewed this program mr. springer that barack obama who got you in trouble was unpatriotic and irresponsible, you would say? >> he is a great president and god bless him. i'm looking forward to the next four years when he is president again. having said that, obviously we are in a recession. obviously, we're in difficult economic times. ideally, it would be great if every american could have a job in the private secretary for, that would be perfect. in a capitalist system which we all three love and benefited very much from, in a capitalist system, every business tries to employ as few people as possible lowest benefits as possible. knowing that the government has to step in when people are unemployed. >> sean: bill, if we took the $5 trillion and he distributed it
9:37 pm
to the bottom 50% of how holds in america, tens of thousands of dollars per family could have been given out? >> sean i look at this way, we in a terrible time. when i saw mark throw it 40 yards down the field. mark levin, unbelievable. chris christie has it right, cut taxes. newt gingrich has it right, a flat tax. let's face it, your guy taking money out of the private sector that could be used to grow the private economy and.... >> first of all. for you guys that are saying, isn't it great to lower taxes. how come you were the guys when obama wanted to extend the payroll tax cuts and republicans came back and said we'll only extend the payroll tax cuts to pay the top 3%.
9:38 pm
>> pay for it. >> absolutely we should pay for it. i'm willing to. last time you were on the show, i don't want to pay more taxes. i'm all in favor of the jerry springer box on the tax form, if you want to volunteer money and warren buffett and liberal friends in hollywood, to pay down the debt. i give enough. first of all we can never say about that. when it. when it comes to our own country and providing to our own country. than the don't know what enough means. we're perfectly okay to send sons and daughters to fight in war to die. if you want the state to confiscate money. >> i never said they should confiscated. >> but 50% of my income goes to taxes. >> i am saying right now, since
9:39 pm
the private sector cannot employ everybody, it can't because it cuts into every business we're in. >> jerry springser you are an embarrassment to the democratic party. >> okay, thank you very much. >> we need a government. >> sean: you are not a part of the democratic party. >> yes. >> when private individuals have money to spend you believe there is a large bureaucratic government that needs to be properly funded. i see government needs to be discreet. >> then you are agreeing that a great portion of americans won't have jobs because i'm telling you the private sector will never.... >> the private sector will never be able to employ everybody because the goal of every private business is....
9:40 pm
>> for the better part of the bush years, unemployment was lower than the 60, 70, 80s and 90s. >> obama has lost millions of jobs. >> he didn't lose jobs. >> last year of the bush presidency we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. >> sean: when obama came president? >> we had the recession. you think obama puts his pants on and take responsibility for this economy. he got everything he wanted passed. >> no, he didn't. >> there was veto. >> you fought against, number one, the stimulus package isn't anywhere near large enough to employ enough people. you guys feel great because you have jobs. but millions of people that
9:41 pm
don't have jobs. >> when you fail, you got fail more. mark levin said it last night, trillion isn't enough, spend two paul krugman says spend four. this is recipe for disaster. >> it's going to work in america >>. [ talking over each other ] >> you watch too many movies. >> capitalism can only work in america if we recognize that in the modern era private sector can never employ everybody. >> therefore, you have to have public works. >> obama has accumulated $5 trillion in debt. wait a minute we've lost millions of jorbs jobs since he has been president. excuse me. >> you start two wars.
9:42 pm
i start third one i would take the iranian facilities out. >> how are we going to pay for that dropping taxes? >> don't pay for healthcare, don't pay for things swee we don't have a modern day holocaust. all you want to do is make sure that wealthy people don't have to pay more taxes. >> you know what, i know it's not your audience but the rest of america, they irritated the rest of america right now. >> sean: check in regretted that wait, wait, wait, greta, what is on the record. >> greta: i'm exhausted from that. i'm going to be gracious. it's not easy. but i want to say congratulations to sean new york jets. so until next year. >> sean: the new york giants. >> greta: i meant the giants, i
9:43 pm
met the giants. >> sean: you brought it on up. i'm sorry the packers lost. >> greta: i meant giants. >> sean: it's the patriots or giants in the superbowl. >> greta: i congratulate the new york giants. we have donald trump and latest on election on keystone and on iran and much more. plus the legal panel will be discussing what is going on the cruise ship off the coast of italy. see how upset about the football game. >> sean: all right, greta. >> greta: come back at 10:00. >> sean: great american panel is next. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline.
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>> sean: tonight on our great panel, he was a former pollster to jimmy carter and advisor to
9:48 pm
george mcgovernor's and pat gidell. host of the john gibson show. john gibson is back. let me play a shot of newt gingrich calling on two ricks to get out of the race. >> we're looking forward to winning on saturday. if you consolidate the three conservative candidates we clearly would have a huge margin over romney and challenge to me is convince conservatives to come home and have a seasonal candidate on saturday. i'll work the next four days to do that and i think we have a good possibility of doing it. >> i would agree about rick perry. but santorum won two elections. why would he bow out at this point in favor of gingrich who hasn't beat him. >> sean: gingrich has the momentum. it was the game change other monday. >> he has a similar performance this week, i think that is total
9:49 pm
game changer. >> pollsters, of seven campaigns since new hampshire, romney once he was the presumptive nominee, romney versus romney. unless he has compelling message and gingrich blew it open on monday, what will happen potentially and 50/50 chance, voters will cluster around sarah palin, gave gingrich more good by stating the argument it's too early to close it now. i saw it happen to carter and obama in new hampshire. remember i predicted hillary would win. that is what is going on there. what is happening, gingrich is the alternative. other candidates. >> i think it's too early to make the call. there are other things out there. character counts. newt gingrich has some explaining to do. >> sean: in fairness, that is 14
9:50 pm
thing. >> it's being brought up. if he becomes the nominee, we need to vet these things out. >> sean: you like the idea extending beyond south carolina into florida and to super tuesday? do you agree with the narrative which is that it's romney, non-romney, do you agree with that? >> i do, yeah. >> i think santorum has made a good indication to be rick santorum. the problem with gingrich he knocked it out of the park. he knocks it out of park in every debate. >> the argument that needs to be dealt with this. romney is unpopular with conservatives, that is not true. he won in new hampshire. they are not enthused and they
9:51 pm
are not negative to him. activists may be but voters are not. >> there is a reason they keep looking for somebody else. what is the reason? >> he is a moderate. you know, people know that. they know that about him. he started out as a moderate. he became a liberal and now he is conservative. they are trying to figure it out >> this is gingrich said. they don't want to go out and bloody nose. they want somebody to knock obama out. romney doesn't seem like he will punch a guy out. gingrich is so conservatives will stand up cheer for him forgetting last week he was against capitalism. >> we have to a person that will be a game changer. >> sean: who would be the best game changer? who would be the boldest person. >> rick santorum.
9:52 pm
>> sean: if romney, they played it too true. romney needs to go out and wow people. >> he a big issue, people believe overwhelmingly in the republican party he can beat obama. >> sean: we need to take a quick break. we'll continue right after the break. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare.
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9:56 pm
>> sean: continue with our great american panel. white house wants mitt romney to release tax returns, wait a minute, where is the history of obama? the transparency, college transcripts, his writings, jay car in car any was asked about it. >> republicans like to complain about the president has not released his college transcripts? >> sure. i think we've answered this a bunch. i think the tradition of releasing income tax records presidential candidates was serious. potential nominees is well established. it's not a law but it's well established. >> sean: not a law. but i would like to see what he wrote in dissertation. >> let's see, did he claim to be
9:57 pm
a foreign student. release that stuff. >> sean: we're going back to birtherism. i'm just checking. >> i thought it was transparent si. i want to know is there something, i never believed in the birther stuff but what is on application. >> sean: let me tell you they won't release it. because he probably expressed his radicals views. >> why are you rolling your eyes? >> i think it was romney to go after him after taxes. they did something worse. this type line thing. go to the issue that i think. >> sean: i agree with you. >> he has made a decision to blow off blue collar democrats most of the swing electorate in this country. republicans can understand a
9:58 pm
narrative. this is greatest break they have been handed. this is the difference so far they don't seem to be able to donald trump when he sees going after this issue, blue collar democrats, this is the issue where they can tak voters from. >> sean: the debate with newt was a little bit of a game changer. if they a little bit of the passion and willingness to be as bold as trump. you don't have to go as far as trump but the passion about jobs about country. that is what i want to see. >> keystone pipeline thing is absurd. of course, if somebody should go after him. >> sean: oil is going to china. >> this is oil that would replace saudi oil. there is no reason to do it
9:59 pm
except sucking up big labor and in exchange. >> sean: his own job's council says to drill. >> it's all about appealing to the cookie environmental far left bill hanna part of the party. he did it and he didn't have the guts to admit why he did it. he hid behind hillary clinton's skirt tail. i think he has to man up and he has failed american families. this is outrageous. >> he always sacrifices, working people, his white house does for what i call the lead of the democratic party, the environmentalists. that is why the deal in december was important. this is a huge issue up and down the line. republicans better use it. >> it's


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