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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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night. after that debate tonight gingrich has gingrich and santorum. that's it patient. two seconds now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i said to him "newt, we have been married a long time." he said, "yes, but you want me all to yourself calista doesn't care what i do." >> running a an interview with newt gingrich's former wife. we will speak to brian ross who filed the story. >> today, i am suspending my campaign and endorsing newt gingrich for president of the united states. >> bill: at least there was some good news for the speaker today. rick perry bowed out and is endorsing him. we will tell you what that will mean for the south carolina vote on saturday. >> he went in his pocketbook and he got mope and he paid
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for my light. >> bill: bill mitt romney hopes a poor black woman but his good deed is being branded racist. >> as an african-american woman it gulls me. i don't even like to watch it. >> bill: bizarre story that once again proves no good deed goes unpunished. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thank you for watching us tonight. political chaos in south carolina that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the polls are all over the place in south carolina. there was is one common thread newt gingrich son the rise after last monday's debate. abc news is running an interview tonight with the speaker's ex-wife who says bad things about him. voters are digesting a bunch of new data.
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governor perry dropped out of the race endorsing mr. gingrich. perry and romney do not like each other at all. the governor was polling about 6% in south carolina. so his support will likely be divided between gingrich and santorum. ron paul not much of a factor down there aconsideredding to the polls. republic primary campaign has become very nasty that is of course helping the democratic party and president obama. there is blood on the ground and more to come. reports say that doing the i view with marianne gingrich was hotly debated within abc news. you can understand why. the speaker has admitted mistake in his past and has said that his conversion to catholicism changed his life and moral outlook. there is no question that some south carolina voters are going to be disturbed by the speaker's past and the report on nightline will certainly ramp that up. abc news has released a clip of the interview and mr. gingrich has responded. >> i said to him, newt, we have been married a long time ." and he said, "yes, but you want me all to yourself.
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calista doesn't care what i do." >> what was he saying to you, do you think? >> he was asking to have an open marriage. i refused. >> he wanted an open marriage? >> yeah. that i accept the fact that he has somebody else in his life. >> and you said? >> no. no. that is not a marriage. >> i'm not going to say anything negative about marianne. my two daughters cathy and jackie have sent a letter to the president of abc news saying from a family perspective they think this is totally wrong. they think abc should not air anything like this and that intruding into family things that are a decade -- more than a decade old are simply wrong. >> bill: talking points believes this is terrible stuff and you, the voter, must decide if it is relevant. in the past the press has largely looked away from marital indiscretions we can site jfk. president clinton's problems changed everything and so has
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the 24/7 news cycle. so gingrich will have to relive his past once again. that's the memo. let's bring in chief investigating correspondent brian ross who did the interview with marianne gingrich. mr. ross broke the jeremiah wright story during the last presidential campaign. also reporting in mitt romney's offshore investments now. doing that interview make you scweem squeamish at all, brian. >> not where i thought i would go when we were seeking out marianne for the interview. we were investigating the ethics investigation and the fbi investigation that ultimately philadelphia. that's the starting point. as we got to go back and forth with marianne she finally agreed to do an interview this last week and said she wanted to say all about what happened to the marriage and why, in her view, she thinks newt gingrich does not have the moral character to be president. >> bill: okay. but she has said that before. it's been around, you know that. when i saw the cut aways of you, you didn't look like you
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were having a good time there. >> well, this is not exactly where we go. but, in this campaign, character has become an issue. mr. gingrich has campaigned on a platform that includes a strong stand on family values and the sanctity of marriage. >> bill: he says is he a converted guy now. it's a redemptive situation that he is a different religion and different guy. you know, i see, i have to put myself in your position. before i say that i want to ask you about, this was debated within abc news, right? some people didn't want to put this on air, i understand? >> no. that was never the question of whether we put it on the air. it was the question of the timing. we did the story as you mentioned on mitt romney and his wealth and some of his offshore accounts last night. and we felt that both stories, one on romney and one on gingrich should go before the primaries and shouldn't separate them. i got involved earlier in the week in coverage of the italian cruise liner so we ended up with this time squeeze and we had to give
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gingrich time to respond. we contacted him tuesday. so it ended up the decision being it should go on tonight and we did not want to put it on friday which we felt was 24 hours before the primary and just too close. >> bill: do you ever have -- >> -- that was the debate inside abc news. >> bill: okay, so whether -- this will influence the vote. i mean, i don't think there is any doubt about it will. do you ever have any qualms about the family situation? you know, it's hurtful to the daughters and as i said this has been around before, it's not that marianne gingrich is saying anything she hasn't said before. it just looks like she wants to punish her ex-husband. and that's understandable. it's a human emotion, betrayal is very, very deep. people don't get over betrayal. they never do. but i don't know whether -- i don't think i would have done the interview, brian. you know me, i'm pretty -- >> look, that would be your call. but, in this campaign and with mr. gingrich and in this primary character has become an issue. this is one of the issues that
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has been raised again and again. mr. gingrich has addressed. >> bill: i understand the character thing how do you define character? >> well, i think you define character. >> bill: go ahead. >> how do you treat those around you? what your moral standards? at the same time, he was highly critical of president clinton's morals he was carrying on a six year long affair. >> bill: he has apologized for all of that. he said he made a mistake. he said he turned his life around with a new religion and new outlook. so, should we not take him -- look, i'm not in business to defend newt gingrich. i'm trying to figure out what the news worthiness of this is. if the man does a mea culpa and he asks for forgiveness, which he has, and he says this is why i feel differently now. new religion, i'm trying to get redemption here, and then you rehash all the old stuff in the context of, okay, -- >> -- first of all, yeah.
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>> bill: go ahead. >> first of all, i really don't think it's old stuff. she has not before said he wanted an open marriage arrangement which is a very unique thing and not really in the mainstream of american norms. you have to agree with that. >> bill: i do. it's sensational. >> she points out here is a man who apparently was present when she wag diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and a few months later comes to her and asks for a divorce after the doctors told mr. gingrich don't put marianne under any stress it will hurt her therapy. >> bill: the first wife had almost the same thing with the cancer stuff. >> yeah. he admits he was a bad guy. >> and she -- look, and she spoken well of him and so had his daughters. i think it's all fair, i believe, to go into this. it's been raised in the campaign. it is an issue. and why not address it? >> bill: okay. >> we talked also to mr. gingrich's daughters this afternoon. that's one point i want to add. we have talked to his two daughters in the interview. they say they have talked to
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their father and he denies that he ever asked for an open marriage arrangement with marianne. >> bill: okay. >> just so everyone know what is they are saying and what he said to them. >> bill: let's look at the cayman situation, mitt romney says he hasn't done anything wrong at all. he has a bunch of investments that are bundled. in those investments some of them wound up in the caymans, but he pays a tax rate in the united states. he is not a tax dodger. do you believe mr. romney did anything wrong in his investment portfolio? >> he says he has paid all taxes that are required by the law and that there would knob tax difference if those funds were in the u.s. nevertheless, the arrangement to put money into the caymans is a unique and rare situation, most americans don't have their money in offshore accounts. and those accounts are set up primarily to offer tax advantages. there is no doubt about that. whether he takes advantage of that, i don't know. but the critics say that these funds that bain capital set up and there are about 138 of
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them that bain capital set up, he is in about 12 of them, but those funds also are there primarily to attract foreign investors who want the benefits of investing in the u.s. without having to pay the u.s. taxes. and the u.s. treasury estimates it loses about $100 billion with a b every year with a year because of offshore funds in the tax haven. >> bill: not a good week for the republic candidates in the hallways of abc, that's for sure. brian, we appreciate you being a stand-up guy coming on in. next on the run down, ms. ingraham will react to the situations. newt gingrich gives a black woman some money. opponents saying that was a racest act if my name is jill strange, i'm forty-nine years-old, i love gardening, and i love volleyball. i've been taking osteo bi-flex for several years now. i really can't see myself not taking it.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight week in ingraham angle. running interview with newt gingrich's interview on nightline. joining us from washington talk show star laura ingraham. what do you think about this? >> i loved your interview with brian ross. i think brian ross has done some great reporting over the years chief investigative correspondent for abc news. the key question is here is news worthiness. for the most part, ebbs settlement for the open
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marriages claim, open marriage claim, this was a rehash of the esquire article. i find the fact that abc is putting all this effort into promoting it, they were on "the view." he was on morning radio. and now he is on "the o'reilly factor." forget desperate housewives that airs on abc. desperate news department of abc. newt gingrich sought forgiveness and received forgiveness from his family, from his daughters and obviously sought it from god. and for brian ross and abc news to sit on high and say well, he holds himself out as family values guy. people can make the moral judgment on their own. i hope they have that same kind of higher, you know, sitting on their high horse attitude when families complain about modern family the other night. their hit show where the little kid, you know, uses the f bomb and drops that any of the other shows that have people jumping in and out of bed. they don't seem to be making
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moral judgments about any of that suddenly newt gingrich's pillow talk from 10 must years ago is breaking news. i find it repugnant. >> bill: i don't know if that analogy is. >> they are making moral judgments, bill. >> bill: i know that. i don't know if he is making moral judgments. >> he is making a moral judgment. he made the comment about the wife and the multiple sclerosis. >> bill: here is how i read ross. ross is one of the best in the business. is he a stand-up guy. he didn't have to come in. he knew i was going to be skeptical about it. he came in anyway. i don't think ross himself is making any moral judgments. i think what he is saying is gingrich is close to running for president. for getting the nomination. he could get it. so, the news department says, listen, it's our job to scrutinize these guys. >> this is an old story. >> bill: and i said i wouldn't do it. i wouldn't have done it, okay? their contention is that the viewer and the voter can make
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up their own mind so they are going to do it. again, they didn't like that. >> abc was all over that john edwards story, oh, wait, they weren't. come on, the national enquirer beat them to it but i guess they want to be the national enquirer now. and the story about romney frankly not all that much better given the fact that we know that romney paid the same taxes as he would have paid if the investments were made in a fund domiciled in the united states. he is making some argument about oh the u.s. is losing out on tax dollars. romney did what romney does as a smart investor. he uses the laws that are on the books to return the biggest investment to himself and his family. that is nothing to be ashamed of. and abc is trying to muck around in that as well. i find it all to be nonnews as china, meanwhile is stealing all of our business and benefiting from the fact that obama is killing the keystone pipeline. i mean, it's just like that is the story of the day. >> bill: point out again last time news cycle it was ross
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who drove the jeremiah wright stuff. >> that doesn't mean. >> bill: i don't think there is a political agenda here but i could be wrong. >> he did a great job on jeremiah wright. but that was actually, newt gingrich isn't denying that he made serious mistakes. >> bill: that's what i said. let's just advance the story lauer here. the vote is on saturday. you got the stuff out now, how do you think it's going to influence the race? so you have got gingrich who is coming up, because romney didn't do that well on monday night. now, both romney and gingrich is taking other hits. santorum looks like mr. clean. so it looks to me like he might be the guy that benefits. >> not just that, bill, santorum won iowa. right? he won iowa. he came in fourth in new hampshire. i think he comes into south carolina. he didn't quite turn that really strong showing in iowa into the surge that i think he needed to. but, you know, maybe this marianne gingrich pillow talk, open marriage comment, maybe that will shave a few points
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off of gingrich. maybe though gingrich picks up a few from perry. in the end it could be a bit of a wash. i think santorum is right to say, look, guys, i'm the one who, you know, really did the, you know, heavy lifting in new hampshire and iowa. and i deserve respect in these final days. >> bill: i think santorum may be the guy who benefits from all of this today. but tomorrow could be more chaos. >> big news day today. >> bill: directly ahead, governor romney gives poor black woman cash and is immediately trashed. we will tell you what that is is all about. megyn kelly doing reporting on mitt
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>> bill: personal story
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segment tonight, last saturday mitt romney was approached by an unemployed woman in sumter, north carolina. she told him she was having a hard time and the governor gave her some money. >> pocketbook and he got money and he paid for my light bill. you know, it's ironic that this day would be martin luther king birthday and i know a lot of people wonder why i'm black and voting for a more money. it's got nothing to do with that i think martin luther king main thing that he said today was not to judge a person by the color of their skin but by the context of their character. >> bill: well, you would think that that would qualify as a good deed for governor romney. not so fast. >> as an african-american woman it gald me, i don't even like to watch it i felt like it plays into every sort of patronizing stereotype of black people. >> bill: joining us from tampa, florida dr. marc lamont hill teaches at columbia, university. i don't know, hill, you know, the governor helps a woman
5:23 am
out. the woman appreciates it very much and there you have this pinhead from the miami herald saying that it's a racial stereotype. and you say? >> well, i don't want to call her a pinhead. what i will say is i slightly disagree with her. i don't think that mitt romney's decision to give her money was bad in and of itself. what else do you do. if he ignores the woman or tells her to get a job he would be blasted for being cruel to the poor as he has been for the fast few weeks. how does the story get taken up. old narrative woven by republicans equates poverty to race. darken the face to make it marginal and irrelevant to people. that's the issue and how the story has been taken up. also about mitt romney's own history with killing jobs. great britain had this largess personally as a president if he policy that does the opposite. what good is an individual act? >> bill: well, it remains to be seen if mr. romney created jobs or didn't. so nobody knows right now. everybody is analyzing that we
5:24 am
will go to megyn kelly coming up behind you. let's get back to the issue at hand. this person from the miami herald could not, could not, all right, even give credit in such a simple, charitable act because of her racial animus, i believe and political fanaticism. why else? look, why else? i guarantee if i went to your class and explained to your class what romney did, even at columbia university, 9 a% would have said just what you said, it was an act of charity and it was a good thing. not that person. i'm getting real concerned with the level of hatred toward political candidates. it does cut both ways there is no doubt. >> i am more concerned with the level of hatred with republic presidential candidates toward the poor. when you have this. >> bill: wait, wait. you just saw a generous act by the leader of the republics right now, romney and now you
5:25 am
are concerned about that. i don't see it. i don't understand it. >> well, there is some who would beg to differ he is the leader of the republicans. not about the individual act of charity. how does he project his vision for creating jobs? how does he project his image of how to help the poor. helping one individual is great. if you have a disposition toward the poor we should have them clean toilets as newt gingrich says or don't have any sense that we need structural change and not individual charity then who cares about giving $50 to the woman. i think it's great that mitt romney did that it's not enough, bill. >> bill: i don't think you are being fair to mitt romney at all because is he running as a job creator and did that in massachusetts. let's go to the gingrich comment. mr. gingrich obviously and he was given a standing ovation for saying so, is wanting, wanting to create jobs and a so-called work ethic. that's what he says he wants to do. for everybody. >> that's racist.
5:26 am
>> bill: for everybody. >> that's racist. >> bill: that's racist? >> the conversation hasn't been around everybody. it's been around urban people. you know urban is secret agent talk for poor black people. >> bill: among blacks is much higher than whites. inner city much higher than anything else. of course the discussion about jobs is going to be centered there. >> here is the difference. when we talk about poor unemployed mechanics in west virginia. talking about the quote unquote bubbas unemployed. we assume that the government has failed them. we assume the economy is broken. we don't question the work ethic. the fact is poor people work harder than anybody else. the problem is that poor people don't work hard or inner city people don't work hard. the problem is they don't have living wages or access to quality jobs. >> bill: i see it differently. we don't have time to debate this. i will bring it back. the problem among some poor people are bad role models and no supervision for the children in a poor educational system where they aren't taught the value of education and they aren't taught the value of hard work. it's a chaotic existence in many of these precincts and
5:27 am
you know it. >> bill, if you look at the uber wealthy, not exactly a hard work ethic. if you look all around the globe. >> bill: i don't care about the uber wealthy, i want poor people to prosper and get nonpoor. i want them to get elevated one of the reasons they are held back because they don't have role models showing them the way out. i will give you the last word. >> the last word is untrue. what you just said is simply untrue? >> bill: untrue? i taught in inner city school. it's not untrue. i saw it bad parents constricted the kids and all day long. i saw it when with my own eyes. you can't tell me it's not true. i taught those kids. >> i taught those kids, too. i can't say what you taught 30 or 4 years ago when you taught in inner city school. every day poor people work hard, role models, month is lasting longer than the money. >> bill: everybody's circumstance is different. no general circumstance but i think you guys -- >> -- that's why we can't rely
5:28 am
on your antic dotes because every circumstance is different. >> bill: you are seeing racism where it's a policy difference, not a racial animus. >> same poor black people don't work hard as racists? >> bill: great american news quiz civil war edition. how much do you know about the nation's most intense conflict. culture warriors analyze the latest beauty contestant fad. lesbians competing.
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>> bill: culture warrior segment. we asked the ladies to pick issue that will be in play in this year's presidential election. march greted hoover and gresham carlson. the economy is going to override everything on the debt and all of that. there will be some cultural issues. and the main one is going to be, what? >> in my mind it should be the breakdown of the family. this has been in the forefront of many people's minds for years. maybe even for decades.
5:32 am
>> bill: politicians can't do much about can they. >> why not? >> bill: force families to stay together and get married before they have kids. >> being a single parent is probably the hardest jobs out there i herald single families doing that 200941% of all births were to unmarried women. >> bill: again, what can politicians do to stop that? >> they can set a good example. start talking about the family again. you know what's happened in our society? just like when we talk about being a christian, suddenly you are maligned for talking about something that used to be a positive thing. >> bill: you are attacked. >> media directly responsible for that reality shows that glorify having teen babies and out of wedlock. >> bill: cannot censor programs. we cannot do that in this country and that if do you start to talk about family values and this and that and you have ever done anything bad in your whole life, you are hanging. what do you say, hoover? what's going to be the main cultural topic? >> i think hands down the main
5:33 am
cultural topic gresham even alluded to it the role of religion in politics. think about it. i'm in south carolina tonight. we have got in primary voters in south carolina 60% of them are self-identified evangelicals or born again christians. they will be voting for a mormon, two catholics or one protestant. first time it's ever happened in a republic primary have a nominee that's not a protestant. >> bill: let's assume that mitt romney gets the nominaon and runs against barack obama a protestant. i can't imagine they are not going to talk about religion. and barack obama doesn't seem to be very, let me choose my words carefully here. he doesn't seem to be interested in promoting organized religion. i have never seen him do that. >> well, that's -- that in and of itself is an issue. >> bill: [inaudible] going to
5:34 am
do it. >> think about it, bill. right now, what is barack obama's biggest hit on the religious front that he hasn't picked a parish in washington, d.c. yet. he has been to church three times in the last month why in because religion is an issue. the electorate actually is religious. plays into all of our social issues. >> bill: i disagree with you here. i don't see any of the candidates. >> religion is -- >> bill: except santorum. if santorum got it i think he would bring it more to the forefront. none of the others. in california, miscalifornia is that what it is, miss california u.s.a. >> there is a difference. >> bill: first time there were lesbian contestants, right? >> um-huh. >> bill: is this a good-bad thing? i don't understand do they have to register as lesbian? you are a beauty contestant person. >> let me say there is a huge difference between miss u.s.a. and miss america. miss america is a scholarship program you don't pay any money to enter and yes there is a talent category. miss u.s.a. you pay a fee to enter this makes this process much easier.
5:35 am
>> bill: anybody can get. >> in there is a age requirement for the most part i think you have to be a woman. other than that, look,. >> bill: for the most part? [ laughter ] >> i mean. >> bill: are there sections here. >> based on what we were just talking about with traditional values who knows. all i'm going to say is that i think this is fantastic because this takes away the stereotype about smart women competing and trying to make themselves better people. oh, by the way. >> bill: how does that they are just lesbian people. >> stereotype it's a specific kind of cookie cutter person who only can win these types of things or even be involved in them. >> bill: they didn't win. >> so what? they took part of it and here is what they said, being who you are and being true to yourself and being a strong woman. okay. to atouche. exactly why i got involved in the miss america. >> bill: carlson is down with that how about you, hoover? >> i think it's fine. i wish the girls a lot of luck. i think the pageant itself this specific pageant. gretchenson polite because she was a former miss america. i will be more harsh on this
5:36 am
particular side of pageants, solely based on looks, no talent, no leadership characteristics, character development, any other sort of qualities or characteristics that factor into the judging of these girls, that's a wrong message to send to girls. >> bill: i have to defend the message though, hoover, because i got this job solely on looks. [ laughter ] nothing else. >> yeah. >> bill: i cannot be a hypocrite. ladies, thanks as always. >> young girls aren't looking up to bill o'reilly. >> bill: i know. kelly file mitt romney and all his money reporting on that. also some schools tracking students electronically, is that legal? kelly is next.
5:37 am
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. miss megyn hosts a news block
5:40 am
1 to 3 every afternoon on fnc. a lot of reporting on mitt romney and his money. she joins us now. i watch your show. i'm very busy writing and creating and doing what i do every day. >> thank you for the time you give us. >> bill: monitor is there when you have something about romney and people over at the fox business channel you get them over and this, that, and the other thing. what is the consensus. is romney's 200-million-dollar fortune and the way he has invested it going to be a problem for him going forward? >> not that i'm hearing from the people who have been studying this so far. it looks like obviously his rivals will try to make it an issue and you can expect it not to go away because, you know, people who don't want him to win the nomination and/or the presidency are going to stay on it, but the folks who have objectively annualized what he has done, how he has made his money, how he has invested his money tell me there is nothing particularly unusual about it the thing came out this week that he pays about a 15% tax rate. >> bill: on cap gains, that's how he makes most of his money, that's perfectly legal.
5:41 am
may not play well politically. people may not like it. once he is given the chance to explain it and people listen to it they will learn -- >> bill: he hasn't explained it well, has he. >> no. he hasn't spoken it at all. given a sound bite saying it's about a 15% rate. >> bill: his tax returns, do you think they put those out there and just get that behind them him. >> sounds like is he going to. maybe around april. >> bill: by april he could be going the way of governor perry. >> listen, it sounds like he is giving us the headline that perhaps his campaign thought would be problematic already, the 15% tax rate, which you know, a lot of people say wait a minute. you get it out there in advance and have people react to it before you actually do the document dump on them. now there is a story out of this week that he has got investment in the kay men islands. >> bill: offshore accounts. >> they call that a tax haven. >> bill: paid all his taxes. >> they say he paid the same rate over there that he would pay here. the reason is he invested in the cayman islands he has a blind trustee he is blind in the trust and the trustee
5:42 am
makes investments and his money goes to the cayman islands. >> bill: my accountant is blind and is he deaf and dumb. i don't know where my money is don't worry about it, bill. i can't see or hear anything. >> laying the foundation for when the irs. >> bill: guy like romney has so much money. doesn't pay attention. he hires a guy named ziggy and his firm and they do it. >> some of the critics are upset because he didn't pay the maximum. he took advantage of tax loopholes. doesn't everybody? >> bill: kelly, i have got a lot of mail from conservative republicans who don't like the way romney presents on the money issue. they just think he is way out of touch from their concerns. i think the governor has got to wise up pretty fast. >> probably more related to the i bet you $10,000 than it is i took advantage of a tax loophole. >> bill: he has no idea what the regular folks go through which is not going to be a good thing if he gets the nomination. >> i bet you $10,000 he is wrong. >> bill: they strap on little
5:43 am
electronic gismos to chubby students now to see what they're eating and how they are exercising? is that what they are doing? >> part of an effort to monitor obesity, they forgot about secret option number two, your eye also also tell you whether the students are obese without any invasion of privacy. >> bill: they want to see what they are doing as far as maybe trying to get them to slim down. >> they want to monitor their heart rate. >> bill: you have to get parental permission to slap this thing on. >> it's not clear. at least one set of parents are claiming their permission was not asked for or given but it seems like that would have to be. >> bill: where do you put the gizmo. >> a wrist. when you reach for the pizza you get zapped. no. [ laughter ] >> bill: reports back how much they are sitting, sleeping, watching tv to see if they're getting exercise. >> if they are not getting enough exercise -- >> bill: down to the science. >> open up the cupboard to get cookies they hear move. >> bill: this is big brother stuff. that can't be allowed to happen. >> parents should watch their
5:44 am
kids for obesity it's a major problem. really give them wrist guards to have their heart rate monitored? do it the old fashioned way look at your children and educate them with words. >> bill: remember all parents aren't good parents. they can do that with drug involved children, too. >> so far they say that's not the purpose for it aclu has a legitimate argument. >> bill: i think so i don't like to side with the aclu. if the parent signs a waiver and says we want this because we can't control, we would like more data. i would be okay with it you can't slap the thing on the kids. >> if they do it without the parents' consent there could be a potential lawsuit. >> bill: i would like to do that to alan colmes, slap the thing on him. thought process because i don't know where this guy. >> change the way these segments work. >> bill: megyn kelly, everyone. great american news quiz on deck. the civil war edition. actor mark wahlberg says controversial things about the 9/11 attacks. coming right back.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the great american news quiz, the civil war edition. here now the quiz kids themselves fox news anchor martha maccallum playing for steve stackman, fairborn, ohio. steve doocy representing susan roe, clinton, michigan. go to bill o' if you would like to sign up to win some any of the were prizes. >> any of they, way to go. >> bill: civil war era your area of expertise, maccallum. >> you know this? >> bill: i wrote a book about it. >> i did too. it was a marriage book. >> you worked on that all day, didn't you? >> bill: i don't get it but that's okay. move on to question number one, in the debate earlier this week rick perry accused the obama administration going to war against the state of south carolina? >> i'm saying that the state of texas is under assault by
5:49 am
federal government. i am saying also that south carolina is at war with this federal government and with this administration. [cheers] >> bill: south carolina started a path to war back in 1860 when it became the first state to succeed from the union. which state was second? cards up, please. the answer is b, mississippi. you both got it wrong. [ laughter ] >> known for river, not the war. >> bill: this is not easy tonight. question number two the movie "glory" portrays the story of a all black regiment during the civil war. [gunfire]
5:50 am
denzel washington. movie from which state all black regiment very famous in the civil war. the answer is d, massachusetts, correct. all right. tie tied with three to go. after the civil war was over, a lot of soldiers went west to make their fortune. sometimes through dubious methods. which of the following notorious figures was a civil war villain? >> i can't believe i'm sitting with none other than jesse james. >> many a night i stayed up, my eyes open. my mouth open. reading about your escapades. >> it is interesting in many ways you and i overlap. >> i can't figure it out. you want to be like me? or do you want to be me?
5:51 am
>> bill: all right, the answer is jesse james. who got that right? >> i did. >> bill: you did. did you really know that? or was it an educated guess? >> do we have to do this? yes, i really knew it. >> bill: you really knew jesse james. do you know where jesse james was in the end of the civil war? what he did? >> no. >> bill: he was one of quan quantrel's radars. pillaged and all of that. >> in kansas. >> bill: where you are from. he broke off in pacs and started robbing banks and he. >> would you like a chalkboard for this segment? >> bill: i know everybody? >> snoring] brad pitt was in the civil war. question number 4, four years ago wal-mart wanted to build a store near a civil war battlefield in virginia. protests to activists, historians and appeal from some legendary actor not to build wal-mart on the battlefield.
5:52 am
>> first we had disney, then we have the power lines and now we have wal-mart. i certainly believe in capitalism but i believe in capitalism coupled with sensitivity. >> bill: so do i. sensitivity and money. so you got that right. >> we are tied. >> bill: tied with one to go. okay. this is very dramatic. >> bill: question number 5. gods and generals tell as story of confederate general, stonewall jackson. >> you are the first brigade in the affections of your general and i hope by future deeds and you will be handed down to posterity. as the first brigade in this our first war of independence. >> bill: what was jackson's first name not stonewall that
5:53 am
was his first name? cards up, please. the answer is d. thomas. >> tommy. >> bill: tie breaker. maccallum always gets it first. how did stonewall jackson die? >> a stonewall. [ laughter ] >> bill: do you know how he died, maccallum. >> um. >> bill: no? do you? >> he was killed. >> bill: he was killed. right? he was killed. >> bill: how did he die? he was killed. have you got to give me more to win. >> it was a sad event. he was shot. >> do tell us. >> bill: by? >> somebody with a gun. >> bill: his own forces. i'm going to call it a tie. you both win the prizes. you are a dunder head and you are always brilliant. thank you very much. okay. pinheads and patriots on deck. mark wahlberg saying controversial stuff about 9/11 and then apologizing. p and p back in just over two [ male announcer ] lately, there's been a seismic shift
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in what passes for common sense. used to be we socked money away and expected it to grow. then the world changed... and the common sense of retirement planning became anything but common. fortunately, td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. take control by opening a new account or rolling over an old 401(k) today, and we'll throw in up to $600. how's that for common sense?
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>> pinheads and patriots. first, some confusion. miller and i will be appearing together. check it out now on bill o'reilly now if you want to see us. but i, your loyal and humble correspondent right here will be doing a solo swing sol low. naples and sarasota, already sold out. west palm. we, april 7th melbourne also available.
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friday, february, durham, north carolina, telling fast. and we will also have some bold fresh q and a. it will be a lot of fun. available on we have all the info there. now from afton, oklahoma. >> that's a good clue. you will be disappointed, wayne. we always tell the truth here. >> not quite fair to the speaker. he used his expertise to make money, that's capitalism. >> and do what, roxanne? what do you want me to do? i'm well aware of median income in the usa is $50,000 a year but rich people shouldn't be demonized just because they have
5:57 am
money, come on. >> slightly more than $7 million, linda, according to the center for responsive politics. greg from the university of maryland. >> pat, howard beach, new york. >> sam single ton, myrtle beach, south carolina. >> i appreciate that, doctor. and jason wilcox, provo. >> way to go, jackson. please remember if you sign up for bill o'reilly premium membership you get killing lincoln free of charge. finally, pinheads and patriots. mark wahlberg making tons of
5:58 am
money playing macho guys. >> you got something for me? >> come on, man. just give it to him. just give it to him. >> yeah, i didn't think so. >> stop it! stop it! what are you doing? >> that had to hurt. but in the february edition of men's journal magazine, said if you were on one of the 9/11 hijacked planes, he would have saved all on board. obviously that's an irresponsible hypothetical. now mr. wahlberg has apologized. so he's a pinhead for saying that stuff but a patriot for recognizing it. if you like to spout off about the factor, flown talk about tonight, o'reilly, o'reillyly the word of the day today, no
5:59 am
cautel when writing to the factor. no cautel. >> tgif, everyone. brian is debating whether or not he can wear gray in the winter. we'll get to that headline coming up. january 20th and i'm gretchen carlson. final four candidates squaring off for the last time before south carolina voters head to the polls and they came out zinging. >> i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on the topic like that. >> wiped the floor with him after that. his best lines of the night straight ahead. >> meanwhile, mitt romney standing strong on capitalism with a warning it our current president. >> we're going to stuff it down his throat and point out it is capitalism and freom


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