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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 21, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EST

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>> andrea: he is such a good singer maybe he should quit and be professional singer. >> eric: have a great weekend. thank you for watching. see you monday. welcome to red eye. let's go to tv's andy levy for our pre game report, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, greg, and don't mass ask you raid with a guy in shades. our top story, with thursday night's gop debate off the chain our allstar panel will try to figure out what that means. and why does robert redford hate america? try to find out. and what happens when we send bill schulz out to arm wrestle women? spoiler alert.
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happy penguin awareness day, greg. >> i would rather be aware of the unhappy ones. >> it is important to the >> it is important to the let's welcome our guest. she is so bright you can only look at her through a pin hole in a piece of cardboard. i am here with criminal defense attorney remi spencer. as a leading expert on financial matters, but steve "forbes" couldn't make it. it pretty marketwatch came down to matt mccall and mc hammer. so welcome matt mccall. and hepatitis gets tested to to see if it has contracted him. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he has been voted top comedian and sitting next to me joe derosa. his latest cd is called "return of the sun of depression." please buy these. and his weekend edition is worse than addition.
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it is our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> steven holder calls "red tails" quote, pilots who fought to sore above racism. i too often sore above racism. each time they throw me over greg gut field's -- gutfeld's head. >> there aren't anymore paper boys. >> yes, and they are delicious. >> interesting. >> does a character flaw make him a better draw? well, dr. keith ablow thinks so, sign here subjecting gingrich's infidelities means he would make a strong president. wow. the psychologist and fox news contributor notes that, quote, three women have met mr. gingrich and have been so moved by his emotional energy and intellect that they decide they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with him. and one felt this way even though he, quote, was not exactly her equal in the looks
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department. is this what you call projection? and that means america would want to sleep with newt. i mean, equally nam mored of him. the only thing is, quote, another nation perhaps a little younger than ours, would seduce him into becoming their president. >> what? >> i think he is kidding, or is he? at thursday night's debate, newt came out swinging which he is good at apparently. cnn's john king asked about the former wife's claim that he wanted an open marriage. and newt's response showed no mercy. we have the tape. >> look at that. who is that in the background. >> that was really just a metaphor for what happen -- with what happened with this thing.
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>> i think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office and i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. >> he seems like a nice person. he seemed forlorn there. isn't ablow saying if three women wanted to spend their lives with you, then you would have what it takes to be a great leader? >> she is -- he is saying that. mccals would be running this country. >> we are talking about women you don't pay for. is. >> i think he is right. i read this article twice scpirks didn't get it the first time. what he is trying to say is he has the characteristic like bill clinton first of all. also it is a fact that he was in a marriage and wasn't happy and found something better and he moved on.
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he is to the like these guysthat are married and complain about their wives all the time. he actually went out and did that. that's a quality in a president you need. you need the ability to make a decision. >> but you left out the convenient overlaping of the relationship. >> you always want to make sure you have something else lined up. that's like saying we will break down talks with south korea, but let's get japan in bed too before we break it off with south korea. that's a great point. >> it is like going out to buy grocery to get more groceries in case they go bad. tell me about dr. ablow -- hoas been on the show before. it has been awhile. what if he was your shrink? that means anything bad or questionable you do he will say, it is proof you are capable of getting away with it. >> ablow was my shrink and even if i was the guy with the three wives in newt's position and he said what he said about newt i would fire him, even if he was the advice he was
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giving me. i think it is insane to insinuate there is anythin positive to do with the presidency with cheating on your second wife. >> remi, if men are adept at seducing women, does that make them good leaders? is there something to this point? >> there is nothing to this point. i don't think it is anything new. i don't think it is a surprise that women are attracted to men who are? positions of power. they topt have to be necessarily good looking or even all that wealthy. but men who are authoritative and who have earned a level of respect and power in the community, and that could be at any different level. go to your local town council meeting, and you will see the same thing. they are women who are attracted to them. that's what this is. >> that status. >> exactly. >> and you are always going to find a woman who is going to be attracted to the status. it is not necessarily to the person. but it has nothing to do with his ability to booy a leader.
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>> don't you also think -- i don't know anything about his politics -- >> it is awesome. >> don't you think this wreaks of a little right wing desperation here? >> i mean, obviously, it just sounds like i don't even think this guy believes this. i think it was a provocative pose. you know, i like he cheated on his wife. >> i do sense a tongue and cheek when he said a younger nation. i think he is having some fun with it. the young people like to say that. bill, using his logic, you could never be in politics. >> that's because i am awesome? >> no because no woman would date you. >> they all want to date that. have you ever thought about that? >> i will tell you why ablow hasn't come back on the show. he is jealous of my hair. when you compare this with the original excuse which was, and i quote, i cheated on all of those -- i cheated on my wife because, quote, how
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passionatly i felt about the country. it is the kind of -- they are part and parcel right there. it is as saw 9. they are living in no accountability land. i have a duplex and i look forward to exchanging sugar and hookers. >> if he is somebody in power and running our country, he has to be happy. >> who said? i want the president to be miserable. >> i want to make a point before i move on. i always do the mirror test. i take something -- people know my politics. i am a conservative libertarian. and i would tend to agree with things that are going along in gingrich's or romneys or ron paul's life. but if i see something like this, you have to apply the mirror test. what if this was written about somebody on the opposite side of the spectrum. if this article was about bill clinton and about his infidelities, i would laugh that person out of the building. how dare you? so i have to put it in the context that if it is silly there, it is silly here. i want to go to the segments,
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my favorite of the debate. newt often brings up his relationship with ronald reagan. romney hit him pretty hard. let's check it out. >> mr. speaker, you talk about all of the things you did with ronald reagan and the reagan revolutions and the jobs created during the reagan diary. i looked at the reagan diary scpru mentioned once. in the diary heed you had an idea in a meeting of young congressmen and it wasn't a very good idea and he dismissed. it that's the entire mention. >> joe, number one, how weird is this that they are reading president reagan's diary? don't they have that some police where you can't get at it? >> well, apparently it was only under his pillow. >> that's where i keep mine. >> it is pink and that is great unicorn de will kas on it. if you get to page 33, the stuff on you is mind blowing.
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what do you make of this? >> look, weather -- you dressed him down pretty good. he really made newt look like the first drummer in the beatles. a little too late, a little -- not enough involvement for the amount you like to talk about this right now. >> i would say he made newt look like the -- like a white haired version of the mascot of bob's big boy. >> i would say they made him look like the guy that replaced ron howard on "happy days." >> i think the beatle thing is -- >> who was that? >> ted mcginley. he replaced the guy on "married with children." >> look how proud you are of yourself. >> speaking of newt, we will get another dig at newt, and this is from a rick santorum. >> grandiosity is never a problem with newt gingrich.
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he handle itself very, very well. >> remi, he says grandiosity is never a problem with newt as if that is an insult. america is gran di ose, your beauty is grandiose. what is wrong were being grand grandiose? >> then again i don't know what grandiose means. soes it mean annoying? >> what i really want to know is am i in your diary since i am grandiose? >> well, there are certain sketches of you in my diary. >> forget i asked. it is weak punches if that was what he intended to do. to call somebody who is running for the lead of the free world grandiose is not a negative comment. and perhaps it was for a lack of anything more significant. >> he could be his running mate. he softened his back and forthwith newt. >> you think so? >> absolutely. >> i am not so sure with that. >> oh yes greg with his glasses on.
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>> that looks like something an older person in hee-haw would wear. >> that's enough about my glasses. we are like this. i want to go to another sot, which is tv terms for sound on tape. candidates were asked one thing they would do differently in their campaign and this is what mitt romney said. >> get 25 more votes in iowa, that's for sure. >> matt, you know what i like about this is that romney is i think probably the nicest person out there. that's a flaw. that was a self-depricateing remark and you don't get a lot from politicians. don't you think he has good character and it makes it hard to be a good politician with good character. >> i don't view mitt as that. mitt looks like the cocky guy in school. the rich guy who wore -- >> he reminds me of you. >> nice.
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>> boys, boys -- keep going. >> i see your point. people view him as not grandiose really is what they view him as. >> i said this earlier in my other program i co-host. i i said basically mitt is an alpha male in a religion, mormonism that repute yates alpha male behavior. every time he has to answer a question he has to put forth something he gets a nervous grin. i met him once. he was at -- he came by to introduce himself to the press and i met him. i felt he is uncomfortable about expressing how good he is at things. >> i don't see that in him at all. i agree with matt's assessment. >> you are jealous of him because you think he is good looking. >> and he makes a decent living. >> a lot of money. >> mitt has a vibe.
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he reminds me of your friend's dad. everybody had that friend's dad in high school that was a debonair dad. you know, a little slick, a little cool, but everything had to be by his rules. you know what i mean? the second anybody sliped up, the guy that would go, hey, pal, you know the rules, bub. >> debonair dad? >> you know the rules, bub. you know how we do it around here. he reminds me of that guy. >> debonair dad. >> you are really stuck on that. >> yes, debonair dad. i am thinking it is the guy that dresses too well to impress the daughter's friends. >> that was a sitcom in 1982. ted watts. >> ted wass from "soap." he played the boyfriend in "soap." black hair, parted in the middle. kind of italian looking. a poor man's travolta. >> he was on "blossom." >> yes. >> more like don't drop the soap.
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>> this is why i believe that newt romney which is obviously the perfect candidate, a mixture of newt and mitt -- no, newt gingrich. this is why newt gingrich is so interesting in many ways and very likable when he talks about young people. >> why is president obama being allowed to stay on their parents' insurance until 26? he can't get any jobs for them to go out and buy their own insurance. [applause]. i have an offer to the parents of america. elect us and your kids will be able to move out because they will have work. >> you see, he is the opposite of a debonair dad. he says get out, get a job. america finds that refreshing, right, matt? >> we need that right now. where is our country going? we are looking like somebody -- looking for somebody like newt that can take the bull by
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the horns. >> bull by the reins. >> newt is the dad that will wait until your friends come over and then start walking around in the kitchen in his tighty whiteys. >> no, he is not. >> that's the kind of dad he s. >> he is the dad that is really strict. but then you finally go to the wedding with him and after the reception it is like your dad gets wasted. >> he's really fun. >> that's true. he is the dad that is says why don't you come on over here and i will open the liquor cabinet. he will give smu scotch and he will let you smoke a cigar. the next time you see him he says get the f out of my den. who says you can be in there? last time you let us in there. i don't remember him. >> mute is the dad that when -- newt is the dad that when you open up your bagged lunch it is half eaten and there is a post in it that says, ha-ha. >> that was your dad, bill. >> i see some shades of my dad in newt. >> remi, what kind of dad is newt? >> i am just sorry i am not
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voting to elect a father. this would be enlightening. >> they are all fathers. you've got -- >> they are all fathers, but i don't really care so much about their fathering or parenting skills or their fill plan dering whether they are cheating. i want to know about their economic policies, their foreign policies, their oacial policies, and that's -- social policies that's how or why i will vote for them jie. you know what we need? we need a founding father. >> they are great. coming um, what is up with pencils? we discuss matt mccall's new book, what is up with pencils. and 17 weeks on the best sellers list. congratulations. first, it is video of porn being filmed. this is truly a tease unless we don't get to this story which we didn't last time.
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would no more porn make la forlorn? after the city council required actors to wear condoms, the adult films produce thread could be wrapping it up jie. what? >> for good. >> perveyors of porn say they will shoot their smut elsewhere, and the founder of vivid, a company i never heard of says, quote, it will be interesting how they try to enforce it, and who will fund it, and all of the time and the effort they are going to spend. clearly we must discuss this in the -- >> lightning rooooouuunnnnndddd. lightning round. >> joe, is this like when they first made hockey players wear helmets there was resistance, but then it was never the same again and hockey sucked? >> were hockey players mad they had to wear helmets?
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>> i believe so. there was the hockey helmet rebellion of 1847 -- 1933, 1956. >> if i was a porn person i would be glad they made us wear condoms. i think it would take some of the job stress away. >> i think they are too high on uppity drugs to care, remi. as an avid porn watcher, does it bother you knowing there may beacon domes involved? does that ruin your excitement as a pervert? >> there are so many fas sets of this story i find interesting. >> of course, you love porn. >> who is the -- who and what and how did they decide they need to make these new regulations? was there a local politician? was it a state -- >> it was called aids. that's what happened. where have you been? do you remember? >> i am talking about the -- is it the cost of healthcare to employ these porn actors?
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>> it is probably an insurance problem because they were getting hiv. there was a huge outbreak -- there was a huge transmission of hiv through the adult industry i have heard. >> shut up, remi. i was kidding, darling. matt -- was just moving the show along. >> i like it when she talks about porn, especially in the dress. >> matt, uhponents say it is more about government regulation, but because it is between two consenting adults who agree not to use condoms. where do you fall on this because i'm sure in your private life you don't care about condoms. >> no and i want real life stuff in porn. >> you like to watch a movie where there is three hours of you standing alone in a bar, and then finally you call an escort service? is that what you want to watch? >> without a condom though. >> as soon as the sex ends he wants to see the girl stand up and say, never call me again!
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>> it is about regulation. too much regulation already. and really if you want to not use a condom -- and the testing porn stars have -- i have known porn stars. >> i'm sure you do. >> they are tested consistently. you can't shoot without having been tested. what is a condom going to do? >> this is reminiscent of the smoking ban in bars. people would say, this is for the employees. here is the thing, i always said when somebody would say, it is for the good of the customersand the employees to not get secondhand smoke. if you don't want secondhand smoke don't work or drink in that bar. >> are you really angry about this. >> it is ridiculous, and i quit smoking. >> and using condoms too. >> if they want to have sex with no condoms on, let them do it. i don't see what the problem is. >> i will get to my theory. they are talking about moving the industry. where do you think it should go? milwaukee, cleavland?
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someplace in canada, kuai? >> east midtown and con confine it to one apartment. call me. and even if they do enforce the condom use, i look at it like football. football would be a lot cooler if they weren't wearing pads. but they are wearing pads and i will watch it anyway. stil same with porn. >> to use the sports metaphor, porn stars are sexual pro athletes. as you know pro athletes have a shorter life span than anybody else because they take heightened risks. they are constantly -- in football they are hit. these are the risks you take. they live a short life, and in return you get paid a lot of money. so the risks you take are the risks you take. there should be a place where there is no condoms and a place with condoms and you get paid less money. >> come on, i didn't want to comment on this story. this story makes me uncomfortable. i don't like it. but how in the world can you compare a professional athlete , a former -- as a former
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competitive tennis player, i take offense to you comparing an athlete to a porn star. >> did you see some of the porns? >> no, but they are not the same jie. they are acrobatic. some of those physique runs believable. mine is a silly theory projected here only to take up some time. >> are you wrong. >> i actually think it is idiotic that they are not using condoms. actually, let me say, i think the porn industry itself is idiotic. i have never met a porn star that is happy. i mean, on the female side. the guys drift off to construction work and they die. the women end up with heavy substance abuse problems and lots of disease. they become miserable and they never make it to 50. >> but that is the -- that makes them the worst kind. >> and you shouldn't buy it. >> that's human nature. i don't think that is the porn industry. that's the average person not dealing with the decision and the things that they are
3:27 am
taking on in their lives. there are porn stars out there , bella donna for instance, who has a firm handle on what it is she is doing -- >> a firm handle? nice. >> i didn't mean it like that. as an entrepreneur, asia caw rare raw moved on to be a business agent. >> moved on to produce porn films in which they entice young women to act in these films and ruin their lives. i can't believe you didn't bring up the star of "entourage" sasha gray. everybody brings up sasha gray because she is the edgy porn star. no, she had to get to where she was by having sex with a lot of strange men. how is that a lotable? >> what is wrong with that? >> i will tell what you is wrong with that. >> she wanted to. that's a difference. >> i will tell you what is wrong with it. it is not because she is doing porn in a porn environment. shows like "entourage" and the documentary on her are putting her up as a role model saying, look, porn stars can become actual stars. no, only one did.
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>> soderburg did not do a documentary about her. she starred in the movie and he said she is the best person for the role. i don't care if she did porn or not. >> he was obsessed with her. >> well, you are making things up now. >> am i really going to make things up? >> i read the story. she went on the addition and she was the best. >> and then he was following her around with a camera. >> in the movie. >> yes. >> she steard in the movie. he had to follow her. >> he he was obsessed with her and he made a movie around a her. >> he wrote the movie and then she additioned and got the part. >> i would like to know a little more about what happened in the addition. >> all right. i think we could talk about this for another three hours. you know what, we will. we are going live. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us on red eye at fox news .com. and to leave a voicemail on the direct line give me a call. the half time report coming up from andy levy. he didn't -- he doesn't watch any porn with the cats there. >> it is sponsored by ard
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varks. the mammals with the snout, powerful claws, long tongue and a heavy tale. thanks ardvark.
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy in an undisclosed location. >> which we will not disclose. might be able to guess from
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the stuff behind me. >> are you definitely at a best buy. >> yes, i am. wow. good for you. that's 50 points. >> thank you. >> all right, first of all, so dr. keith ab blow thinks newt's divorces would mean he would be a good president. so i'm assuming that here are some other good candidates. billy bob thorton has been divorced five times. larry king and the killer himself jerry lee lewis, six times. but mickey rooney, seven divorces. >> and he is a little guy like me. >> yes. that's why thankful leahy will never be president. >> how littlest. of you. >> i think it is called sizist. >> all right, blondey. >> matt, you think ablow is right, and you said the fact that newt's marriage has overlaped as greg pointed out is okay because you want something else lined up before you leave. so marriage is like a job for you. >> marriage? i don't believe in marriage, but dating is a job,
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absolutely. you can't date one girl, even if she sucks you can't break up with her until you have something else lined up. you don't want to be alone. >> that is the saddest answer i have every heard on this show. and we have had a lot of sad answers. >> it is coming from the heart. >> you don't have one. >> wow. >> remi, you said somebody being attracted to power, go to a town council meeting and you will find the same thing. so you say some women are attracted to a small amount of power? >> it is all relative. it is all relative. i see it all over the legal profession for sure. i am not speaking badly about any woman. she can be attracted to a man for any reason. but power happens to be one of those common threads. the town council, really? joe, you said you don't know what ablow's politics are, but it wreaks of right wing desperation. he does say, i will tell you what gingrich's history is.
3:35 am
for anyone that wants to write our economy, promote freedom here and abroad and defeat the threat posed by iran and other evil regimes. >> i remember that part. >> do you? >> yes. it sounds interchangeable to me though. >> does it? >> yes. >> to either party i mean. >> okay. >> don't we want the same thing? >> i don't care. >> and you said mitt's dressing down made him seem like the drum inert beatles. bill, you said -- i totally missed that. >> bill, you said santorum softened his attacks on newt at the debate. where did you read that? >> i don't know. he did, didn't he? am i wrong? >> i don't know, did you watch the debate? >> i didn't watch last night's no. >> maybe don't say something
3:36 am
like that. >> can i read highlights of the debate? >> amazing. >> are you amazing. >> how many points do i get for that one, andy? i am going to give you negative 5 for being smart with me. >> we can't point you to the exit. >> you don't have that kind of power. >> don't i? you said romney was probably the nicest guy out there and he was wishing for 25 more votes in iowa. first of all, in the tank much? >> you mean later? yes, sure, i can be there. what are you wear ?g. >> like 10:00? >> yes. it is a great club, the tank. you wear tiny trunks and it is -- it is like a steam bath. >> greg, don't forget your rebreather this time. >> my what? >> your rebreather. that was awkward.
3:37 am
>> it was. i forgot to bend. >> greg, going back to romney's thing, after he told his joke he laughed. >> yes. >> it yeld c the whole thing. that's his problem. >> i know. but he is not used to -- i don't think he is -- get that. >> it is my mom. >> you know what is funny? she is watching and she can see -- oh i wasn't there. you were there. >> what? >> she will know you didn't pick up the phone because she could watch you on tv. >> i told her not to call me here. this is a weird little half time report. you know what, no, i don't feel like doing that. how did you not talk about chuck norris? >> well, that was forgotten. he endorsed newt? >> yes, he did. >> pretty big endorsement. >> yes. >> you didn't want to talk about how he got the
3:38 am
expendables put down to a pg-13 rating? >> i didn't know about that. >> he made the movie -- the company take out the swear words "expendables 2" so it is pg-13 so he does president -- because he doesn't make foul movies. >> my replay is what the chuck? >> sorry. i didn't mean to. >> what is going on? >> it is all coming together. >> it is actually a fair point. all action heroes endorse republicans. what do democrats get? they get these leo dicaprios. >> i don't disagree. >> thank you for that. remi is laughing, but you don't see her on camera. >> did you have a point for that? >> i likely yo dicaprio. -- i like, leo dicaprio. but i don't think he was a good example.
3:39 am
i think ben of a flekt is a -- affleck is a good example. >> but ben affleck is kind of an action hero in "armageddon." >> i remind the room that "the rock" duane johnson is an obama man. >> porn actors wearing condoms. greg, you said you never heard of the company vivid, and neither did i, so i did some digging. turns out it is a big player in the adult industry. >> it is like an invisible planet. i heard about it and don't know whare it is. >> they won more avn awards which is the industry's oscars than any other company. >> i thought those were awards for people who likes birds. >> that's the avien awards. itself an easy mistake. here is what happens process wide. the aids healthcare foundation started getting signatures for voters to pass an ordinance. they believed the voters would pass an ordinance so they said
3:40 am
we will pass it before you even have to do that. >> thank you for enlightening me and educating me. i want everyone healthy and i don't want the spread of any disease or virus. i just think it is a very strange subject. >> that's how it happened. >> thanks. >> it does raise the question, can the l.a. city council make it mandatory for all citizens to wear condoms? >> no. and how do they enforce it really? >> that's why they passed the whole thing. they have to go to the sets to enforce it. >> what a job. >> i am done. >> i am not sure what we will do in the next segment. do you want to do stories or look at bill's package? i mean his story. >> what is happening tonight. >> his story he called a package. >> call me, vivid. >> what is it feeling like when you see a guilty murdererer go free. we have remi spencer's new book, it is awesome. coming up, this is bill's
3:41 am
package which we might not do, and instead do more stories of. see you soon.
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they are getting tats to celebrate their brats. a mommy tatoo is an inthing. it is thanks to celebrity moms inking their babies' image. among them angelina jolie and jessica alba. some celebs get an asian trans lakes of -- translation of their baby's names. they say, i am a stupid jerk who does president understand chinese. is it a stupid trend? >> it is obviously a trend. i just saw three pictures of it. >> if it is three it is a trend. i notice sometimes in television where they got to the point where they only need
3:45 am
two. sometimes if they find one woman who had a push present, what is a push present? >> a push president is when you get a president for being pregnant. is it a real thing? >> it is a real thing. take it from a woman who lives in saw bush yaw, new jersey. >> and always gets pregnant. >> yeah, i have never been presentingent. everybody who had a child you have a push present. >> that's when you get injured and somebody pushes you. >> that only happens to you. >> and it is jars of fecal matter. >> matt, if a mom invested that $200 instead of getting a tatoo and into something like apple stock, it would be worth $100 million. >> that's probably true. >> are you really good at math. >> i would -- i like the tatoo thing. i only date women with tattoo. obviously mothers. that's always good. >> your idea is a single mom
3:46 am
covered in tattoo. >> like britney spears. >> i thought more along your line is casey anthony. is that wrong? >> no. remi you are saying mean stuff to matt. bill is smiling. >> bill iwant to ask you you have a tatoo on your body for each one of your daughters. >> what are they? i heard one was a snapping turtle. >> no, it is them, their profile. i have a tatoo of my daughter shaniquah, lunesta and my daughter david. and they are on my butt because all of them are a pain in the ass. >> stop asking me for money, daughters. >> it is silly and hopeless. >> i don't have any. >> let's say you were going to have a child and you get a tatoo. isn't it em -- isn't it embarassing when the mom shows up in the third grade for --
3:47 am
what do they have, mother's day? i don't know what they have at school now. >> thank god you don't have children, greg. >> that's a hurtful comment. >> yes, it was. >> it is not a horrible injury. it saved me a lot of time. >> it was elect tiff. it was an elect tiff injury. >> i don't have any children yet. i hope one day to be a mother. >> call me. >> i would know -- i have no desire for a tatoo, not now, not later. and i see these women who get tattooed all over the place and i just wonder if when they are older and their children are growing up if they are going to be looking at how to get them removed. >> and bob said it will be the biggest industry in about 20 years. you should get in the ground floor. >> marky mark is getting his removed right now. >> i don't care. he is a jerk. >> the trend of tattoo are -- is dying when mothers are getting them for kids. >> it is creepy. >> it is creepy. >> it is one thing for a mom
3:48 am
to have a tatoo. that's fine. but don't put a picture of a child on your body. it is weird. >> i want their name over my heart interest always said i would do that. >> are you trying to get girls after all of the horrible things you said. >> if you do something like that, people think it is a memorial. that's the other thing. that's kind of gross. time for a break. when we return, more junk.
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all right, the cb, which is a network ordered a pilot for a "sex and the city" prequel. the carrie diaries is a young carrie bradshaw coming of age in the 1980s -- >> 70s. >> 60s. >> and, quote, asking her first questions about love, sex, friendship and family while exploring the world of high school and manhattan. later they all become homegrown islamic jihadists. it is a nice twist if you ask me. i was going to go to you on this until i found out joe derosa owns the whole collection. >> i don't have a girlfriend. let me tell you when i watch
3:53 am
that show, i am one of the girls. >> you have five girlfriends and then you realize you don't need a girl friend because miranda, samantha, charlotte and carrie are there. >> four people. >> what is the name of miranda's boyfriend? >> steve. >> steve, miranda. miranda, don't you know i love you no matter what. >> steve is a regular guy that made a guarded gal feel like it was okay to love again. and if you want to watch that then you can. >> miranda, i'm opening a bar. that way we can have money for the kids. i just want to eat cereal and watch scooby doo. >> make all of the jokes guy. did he really love carrie? >> big is no the a real person. >> yes he is. >> no one does voice officers while they are walking from a shoe store to shoe store. and putting the men in menopausal. >> i have seen you walking alone and talking allowed to
3:54 am
yourself. >> yes, and that is psychosis. that is what sarah jessica parker had. >> that's what you realized in the last episode. it was all in carrie's said the whole time. >> she is talking to herself while simultaneously chewing. >> have i to jump in here. -- i have to jump in here. i want to let the viewers in on a little story. it was 4th of july weekend and joe derosa and bill derosa and andy levy were all in my car and we were celebrating the holiday. these men know more about "sex and the city" than any woman i have ever met. each one had a very specific take. >> i remember bill siting in the backseat going, this is not that bad of a show. i sort of like it. >> i never said that, and i don't sound like that. >> my guess is you slept with
3:55 am
all of them. >> who was the oldest one? >> samantha. >> which was 65? >> will partake in your reindeer games. >> i for one have built a homemade countdown clock out of discarded swim wear and rat bones. i have it up next to my bed. it doesn't move. i have to move it with my finger so i have to use a real clock. i will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. to see clips of recent shows go to fox news .com/red eye.
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i will see you back here on monday at 5:00 p.m. eastern for "the five" and a new" red eye" returns on monday. guests are ann coulter, jesse joyce and sherrod small.
3:59 am
back to tv's andy levy. >> before i get to your question, in that car ride, it was joe and bill, right? >> you were too. and if i remember correctly you were thinking about it. >> i actually tweeted that i couldn't -- i wanted to kill myself because i was in the car. >> we are never talking again. >> >> remi ihear that monday is a big day for you? >> yes, thank you. and i am very excited to uh thowns that the new jersey scream court is going to be publishing the decision in my case about whether or not the government can force a wife or a husband to testify against the other in a criminal trial. >> excellent. >> how is the pod cast going? >> it is going well. it is available on itunes. please subscribe. >> nobody cares. how is it going?


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