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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 21, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EST

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we will do it fair and balanced here. on the other network you know way will get. remember, the spin stops right here. because we are looking out for you. >>alisyn: good morning, everyone, saturday, january 21st, primary day in south carolina and in one hour the polls open. but what seemed like a sure fire win for mitt romney a few days ago now turned interest a dead heat between him and the foam speaker, newt gingrich, we have a live report now from south carolina. >>dave: romney towns the table on newt asking him to release his ethics report but newt says it is already out this. (inaudible) >>dave: gingrich staying on the assault, that is coming up. >> a nasty blast of wreak
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wreaking havoc across the united states. will it be eat snowmagedden. rick loves that. >>dave: he loves panic. panic. >>clayton: "fox & friends" starts right now. >>alisyn: panic at the disco. >> a crazy busy morning on the show. and now the list of guests, we have senator rick santorum on the show. newt gingrich. huckabee. governor sanford. and vanilla ice. >> i don't who he is endorsing. the polls open in under an hour in south carolina and they are interesting this morning and we will get to a lost that. >>alisyn: thank you for joining us. the big story is the south
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carolina primary, voting begins at 7:00 a.m., eastern, and mike emanuel joins us live in columbia, south carolina, what is the scene, mike? ,. >> good morning, we expect an hour from now people in the neighborhood will be coming to the polls and it will be open from 7:00 to 7:00 and we have a map to show you of what the candidates are doing, crisscrossing the state, and we have rick santorum in -- going clear across the state. most candidates will end up in the greater columbia area. bottom line, we expect it should be a flurry of activity in a little while, and we look forward to seeing voters to talk to them about what goes into their decision-making and we have heard from a lot of voters the past few days and a lot of sampling from voters in south carolina.
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>>dave: what do you hear on the groundst obviously we hear a lot about newt gingrich following the attack on john king, a success will one, but, still, the more i read it sounds like a lot of folks are undecided on the morning the polls open. >>reporter: excellent point. i was at an event in orangeburg, south carolina, for newt gingrich and it was packed and i thought this was saying something about the candidacy but they had a show of hands who was for newt gingrich and what was still undecided and half of the room was undecided. and, so, we talked to a budge of folk who say they were essentially down to maybe two candidates, and it is interesting newt gingrich is trying to make it about him being the conservative alternative to mitt romney, and romney is saying this is going to be a long fight and santorum is saying it is a they person race and ron paul is saying we have a long way to go and he will continue on no matter the result. so, they were all out making their final pitch to south carolina voters and people were
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down to two candidates, and would not necessarily say can two, but, today's decision day and you can throw the polls out and we will see what the voters here decide in the first in the south primary. >>alisyn: mike, thank you forgetting up so early for us. >>clayton: the polls and the surge the past week what has happened it is fascinating because a week ago there were reports that mitt romney is unbeatable in south carolina, and now you look at a new poll this morning from clemson, university, and look at this, back to where the points were a short time ago, newt gingrich had a on-point lead. >>alisyn: remarkable poll on several levels. if you add in the margin of error, it is basically a tie. but he still is winning, there, and the political scientist whose conducted this poll, by the way, this is just g.o.p.
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voters who say they do plan to vote today. so, not just any old voters these are ones who are motivated and led the political science department there at clemson to say they predict, they will confident newt gingrich will take it. >>dave: they days ago it looked like a three state sweep and now the likely hood of one state santorum, one romney and one gingrich and it was interesting to hear romney out on the campaign trail tampering down specifications saying we expect this to go a long, to go deep, and the slog and he has, you know, has neighboring state in georgia and we expect newt gingrich to do well. >>clayton: looking ahead to tampa and the news if you are just waking up at midnight last night, iowa g.o.p. declared santorum the winner in iowa.
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officially, so now it is historically foil, no republican has ever won back-to-back new hampshire. and now a national poll, this is interesting showing romney with a sizable lead, 30 percent, and gingrich 20 percent and we will talk to gingrich later in the show and santorum 13 percent, if santorum has a poor showing in south carolina, can he continue at this point? can he go on and newt gingrich is unfavorable rating at 27 percent in this country, so he does not, the approval rating is around 27 percent, nationally, so he is not beloved. >>alisyn: and the difference in the points between the candidates is just at the beginning of this week, the beginning of the week, just a few days ago there was a 23-point spread that mitt romney had over newt gingrich and new sit down to ten points so if anyone questions the significance of debate, there is proof positive of what happens after a solid debate performance
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>>clayton: we thing of iowa and people dismissed polls and said lock at whole surge that san form has, and people said you cannot trust presidents, but what happened? san tom comes out of nowhere with a week and a half to go and wins iowa so you see the surging poll numbers. >>clayton: we told you the reason any campaign tampering expectations a bit and here is what newt gingrich is saying, the night before the polls open. newt gingrich i have two appeals to make. one is that you vote. because the poll don't count if the folks don't show up. and the other is that you talk to your friends and neighbors. if we can unify all of the conservative we will be winning
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by 47-26 the kind of decisive margin that would send a signal and i do not believe we can defeat president obama with a massachusetts moderate. we have to have a solid conservative who can make the case for what america has to go. >> 1992 -- newt gingrich is assuming that all of santorum's supporters fall into the gingrich camp is santorum is out. we don't know where those folks would go. >>alisyn: but we just made the point that the polls don't matter if no one votes. he is teaching people you have to vote. and the weather is supposed to be bad in south carolina, rainy or drizzles and he is saying you have to vote. >>clayton: rick santorum continuing fight and where are the perry voters now that he is out with the evangelical voters do the conservatives move into the santorum camp now he has the
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supporter of dobson and "focus on the family." >> i would say this, i don't think it is a non-romney versus romney race. i think there are three candidates in the race who is a chance to be president and one is a conservative. the other two are not reliable conservatives. >>clayton: the question this morning is we will talk to governor pawlenty, what does it mean to be a true conservative. that is the battle. what does it mean. >>dave: we should mention a final note, 10:45 this morning, both newt gingrich and mitt romney at the same campaign stop tommy's country ham house. i don't know if they will have a pancake eating contest or what. that should be fascinating. >>clayton: ham sounds delicious. >>alisyn: and now the headlines, new video shot by a passenger on the costa concordia
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just after the ship ran aground off the coast of italy the footage shows one crew member directing passenger into lifeboats and another crew member tells them to do the exact opposite. she even tells them egg is under control and go back to the cabins. the company that owns the cruise liner say it got the same kind of reassurance leading them to believe in assistance was needed and that turned out to be horribly wrong, 11 passengers died on the singing ship and right now 21 others are still missing. >> a person is dead and a suspect is loose at a shooting in chicago at a wall greens opening fire at around 10:00, and a 23-year-old man died. the shooter is believed to have fled by foot. no arrests have been made. >> proof that solyndra is throwing ambassador your taxpayer money and taking skit throwing it in the garbage. we are not kidding, brand new
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photographs that show workers at solyndra headquarters unwrapping brand new solar equipment and throwing it right into the dumpsters. this includes $10 million worth of specialized glass. of course many people are wondering where the bankrupt energy company did not just sell the equipment or give it back to the manufacturers especially since it still owes the american people half a billion it received. so far folks are refusing to comment with more on the story later. right now an extreme weather alert because mother nature has been causing havoc in the white house. in iowa they are digging out, after an overnight storm brought them 6" of snow. look at this nightmare in chicago: frustrated driver waited two hours in traffic wheel they dealt with slippery conditions open the road. but the stock market is far from over. it moved to the northeast. you are looking live outside right now. rick you think i am actually trying to be a forecaster and
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steam your job, you are right. i am. >>dave: rick? rick: you did a nice job. you said everything completely right. chicago, second storm of the we, after not having any winter, face it, gives, so many have not had winter at all but that changes and now the east coast has winter weather advisories in effect, and the pentagon are the warnings, and we will see the heaviest snow. the snow will be heavier when you get elevation going so polices around 500 or 800 or 1,000 feet, they will see more snow but no one will see any snow fall that will cause too many problems, and this is saturday so we can enjoy it. stay off the roads. be careful on the roads as least, it is so cold we are certainly seeing quite a bit of snow sticking. across the west, another big storm, this is where we have seen it all week and this continues to get full melted with rain and snow and the
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flooding concerns and last thing, guys, tornado threat, right enjoy, a tornado watch until 1:00 o'clock local time across the south, severe weather all day long and that includes south carolina where they are voting today. >>alisyn: good to know. >>dave: it could affect the polls. coming up a suspected terrorist caught with an al qaeda magazine at gitmo. ♪
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>>dave: supposed to be one of the most secure prisons in the world so how did a terror training magazine get smuggled into guantanamo bay and land into the hands of a detain he. the information coming to light during a pre-trial hearing for the accused mastermind of the 2000 "uss cole" bombing and now raising more concerns about gitmo. and from washington, dc we have lieutenant colonel schaefer from the advanced defense studies. good morning, sir. first off, describe a little bit what, exactly, is this magazine "inspire," and how big a problem is it to you? >>guest: this is huge. this is like world war ii nazi prisoners getting nazi propaganda when being held in ohio. the deal is this: "inspire," is a magazine don't by al qaeda and primarily al qaeda and the now
6:18 am
deceased al-awlaki to inspire if you individuals to join the ramps of al qaeda and become a terrorist, focusing primarily on u.s. citizens here in the united states. >>dave: specifically on the united states, so, i am curious do you think this is isolated or is this part of a larger narrative, a larger problem in terms of detainees? >>guest: this is a problem in our government, period. we spend so much money on the security, and, catherine went through the figures yesterday, we spend a lot of money trying to secure them and beyond that the whole federal government is going through this idea of removing all references to any radical islamic reference to anything in doctrine to eliminate any reference to this. so this is not only gitmo, but this is across the board. >>dave: and i want to gauge
6:19 am
your level of optimism or pessimism with the taliban negotiations set to begin next week. is it realistic anything is accomplished? >>guest: at this time, i am highly skeptical. first, the taliban are an extension of the isi, and this will upset folks but they are, were created and still controlled and all the leadership of the taliban are in pakistan. and the other thing, the taliban are not a single group. so, you might as well be negotiating with the plaque on your teeth because what you need to do is have individual groups deal with the karzai government and try reconciliation before we push the process before. >>dave: should be interesting and that the begin next week. thank you for being with us. like a scene from a movie this little girl is kidnapped but manages to escape, and the inedible story of how she got away and we hear from her
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mother. next. plus, as polls prepare to open in south carolina the beg question remains: who gets the evangelical vote? my name's jeff.
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>>alisyn: less than an hour before the polls open in south carolina. how, so big a factor will religion be in the primary? evangelical cents make up 60 percent of voters, or g.o.p. voters in south carolina. >>clayton: we have the president of the southern baptist leadership convention. welcome toking show, doctor. i can imagine last night at dinner tables across south carolina because this are so
6:24 am
many undecided voters. the question, though, i have been hearing from pundits is, look, economics trumps social issues because south carolina has so many folks out of work. is that the case when people go to the polls? >>guest: why think so. there is birthday agreement -- broad agreement among the top three candidates. there is, really, not that much ideological difference. difference in style and emphasis and of course you have two catholics in santorum and gingrich and one mormon in governor romney is you have interestingly, not a protestant in the top three. dr. paul is lutheran by background. one if four voters in south carolina is a son baptist so there will be a lot of southern baptist voting and i know southern baptist who support all four candidates.
6:25 am
>>alisyn: doctor, let's talk about newt gingrich's surge. in 36 hours. all evangelicals do not speak with one mind or vote the same way but is there a way to categorize how they feel about newt gingrich? >> ambivalent. he has charisma, he has moxy and obviously he is brilliant but he does have baggage, personal baggage, some would say "freight," that causes women voters to have pause. right now the polling shows that he has twice as many men voting for him as women but i figured out a tv series that is an analogy for the race. "happy days." richie is santorum, and mr. cunningham is governor romney, and potsy is dr. paul and newt is the fonz.
6:26 am
he has the charisma, but do you want him for president? do you want the fonz for president? >> you have not endorsed for any candidate but you would like to hold out for the most conservative pro life candidate. who is that? if folks are voting today, who is that candidate? >>guest: i don't think south carolina will determine that. frankly, i think newt gingrich will win in south carolina, and that means the process will continue. it will not end early but it will end late and a mayor thought, not a sprint, going way beyond florida and it will be the candidate would can convince the republican voters that he has the best chance of beating mr. obama in november. >>clayton: you heard it hear saying newt gingrich will win. >>alisyn: if he doesn't jump the shark as fonzie did at the
6:27 am
end of "happy days." thank you, doctor. >>clayton: tennessee declaring civil war on new york drivers and a gun possession bust in manhattan is causing a congressman from tennessee telling knockers to slow down. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
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nature made, the number one pharmacist recommended fish oil brand. learn more at - ♪ 'cause people got me questioning ♪ ♪ where is the love - ma'am. you forgot your purse. - thank you. oh. thank you very much. - a message from the foundation for a better life. >>dave: welcome behalf to "fox & friends" and a question, guys, when you go do a different state do you look and fine out what their laws are? find out what the gun laws are? can you talk on the cell phone while drivingst >>alisyn: i have been remiss. >>clayton: i ingest the radar detector. >>dave: i have never look into the laws of another state. >>alisyn: that is your
6:32 am
mistake. >>clayton: in tennessee you will be in trouble, the tennessee legislature is doing something interesting because it all started with what happened at the 9/11 memorial, a ten woman went there and had a licensed firearm with her and that was a problem because you cannot bring a licensed gun, she told authorities, and this happened to a marine, same thing, a possible arrest, up to 11 years possibly in prison, and tennessee, though, not happy with what happened. >>alisyn: but she brought a loaded licensed gun from tennessee, new york city law requires you have a new york city license to carry a gun. so she didn't know that. >>clayton: how can anyone be of new york city's laws when you have a people, should we on, if you are allowed --. >>alisyn: and she did the right thing and saying, oops, i have a gun here where can i check it and they arrested her. so tennessee is fighting back and they have said, all new
6:33 am
yorkers sudden look out on the roads in tennessee if new yorkers plan to come and visit their state. >>dave: they are considering a resolution, "we remind the citizens of new york especially those residing in new york city to drive carefully through the great state of tennessee paying extra attention to our speed limits warning you that state troopers could pay extra attention to new yorkers," this tennessee woman faces 3 1/2 years in prison if convicted on the charges. >>dave: unbelievable and it happened to a marine and this is ridiculous. the mayor needs to step in, and some say, look, this is tongue and cheek by the legislature, and they will vote on it this week but it is appear issue. the language, we remind citizens of new york, drive carefully through our state. >>alisyn: we are gunning for
6:34 am
you. leave us out of it. we understand why you are so outraged this medicine student who did the right thing could face 3 1/2 years in prison. that is wrong. and hopefully authorities will charge her with a lesser crime. and not any sort of prison time. >>dave: if you have new york plates, go to disneyland. >>clayton: and now, congress shelving the controversial antipiracy legislation that fueled a huge internet protest. lawmaker could not reach an agreement on this. >>dave: peter is leave in washington, dc with the details. >>peter: the most popular websites on the internet went dark like wikipedia, to protest the legislation and it appears lawmakers have given in. for now. because yesterday the stop online piracy act and the second
6:35 am
act which had bipartisan support in congress were put back on the shelf. the republican chair of the house judiciary committee helped draft the bills and says the committee is committed to finding a solution to protect american innovation. the house judiciary committee will postpone consideration until this is wider agreement on a solution. in the senate, majority leader democrat harry reid tweeted his displeasure with the bills being put away complaining there is no reason legitimate issues raised about them cannot be resolved, counterfeiting and piracy cost thousands of jobs americans rightfully expect for be fairly compensated for their work. i'm optimistic we can reach compromise in the coming weeks. now the bills were designed to protect intellectual property and counted hollywood studios as
6:36 am
the biggest exporters and backers but it is an election year and lawmakers are weary of enraging other side which is the users of popular website such as facebook and wikipedia. senator widen has a petition with 14 million signatures of people what hate this and ten million are voters and it was republicans who were the face of opposition in the end in the congress. speaker boehner says the bill needs more consensus but it is well meaning. >>clayton: peter is right. i checked the report on wikipedia. deaf dave never wrong. never wrong. >>alisyn: and now what else is happening, a pakistani official speak exclusively to fox news about a possible diplomatic deal is looking to, the deal they are looking to strike, pakistan is prepared to allow u.s. military
6:37 am
trainers back into their country but only if the c.i.a. agrees to step drone operations there. pakistan is expected to give the white house more complete list of conditions thing week, and things have deteriorated after an accidental strike killed 24 pakistani soldiers in november. a man has committed to causing a destructive brush fire expressing extreme remorse after he tossed fireplace ans in the trash. 29 homes have been destroyed by the fire and thousands have been evacuated from their home. >> from colorado, a nine-year-old girl safe and sound after escaping a kidnapper and calling 9-1-1 and she say suspected sex offender on deducted the girl from outside of her school, and in an unbelievable twit of fate his
6:38 am
car reportedly broke down and a passerby gave them a ride to a thereby by convenience store and she jumped on the opportunity to call police. her mother says she could not be more proud or relieved. >> she did egg i have ever told her to do and that is to get away, to fight, don't stop fighting. >> she did have self presses on her body, and face and now is recovering at a local hospital. as for him, he is behind bars this morning. >> and doctors in el -- in illinois found a 3 1/2 itch nail in a man's brain after he went to the hospital complaining of a headache. he was doing work around the house. >> the gun hit me in the head and crushed the pressure sensor and ejected a nail into my brain. >> my gosh! the 32-year-old thought the x-ray was a yoke because he dent
6:39 am
feel any pain until 36 hours later. dots say he will make a full recovery. >> amazing. >> do you remember this from while, fhineas, a railroad tie shot through his head and he was find. >> i was thing of the happy gilmore scene. >>alisyn: always wear protections when you are nailing something. >>dave: dramatic win for the timberwolves over the clippers, 20 seconds left, and finally, setting up a huge three, setting up love for a game winning shot at buzzer, and there is love, 17 points and 14 rebounds and they win 101-98 for timberwolves. and orlando puts another win over the lakers.
6:40 am
and they pulled it out 92-0 leading by 20 in the second quarter. brady having a pretty good week. no surprise. he ranges third all time for post-season touchdown passes, and 5th for passing, and if he wins on sunday he will tie joe montana for most post-season wins by a quarterback and off the field, well, life ain't so bad, the quarterback, as you know, married a super pedal and now their dream home is complete, and $20 million estate in california. do we have the photo? >> point of the story was to show you the photo of the home, but wraps we will do that later. unbelieve average. >>clayton: it is absurd. >>alisyn: i have just about had it. >>dave: his and her gyms. >>clayton: the good news is
6:41 am
risk -- rick could finally sell the home to them. rick: guys, it is snowing in new york first time since october. we had the big storm and everyone was so afraid winter would be tough, and we have not had winter. look at the maps you can see what is going on, temperature-wise cold air is in place. 24 degrees. so the snow that has fallen, so far 1", is sticking and making conditions slick. be careful. and look at the radar across the united states, a lot stuff going on. snow toward the fess, severe not southeast, and across the west, and cease of storms continues to bring rain and snow and this time moving into southern california today, as well, and big day in south carolina and we also have big storms today in south carolina, take a look at what will happen today: this goes through the next number of
6:42 am
hours, a line of storms by around 1:00 o'clock today, cutting law the western side of the state, and midday through the central part of the state and tonight it will still be out there committing the coast, and the storms are going to be severe with a threat for isolated tornado or two and suspectly strong winds and hail, so, folks need to get around that storm today. guys? >>clayton: almost time for the south carolina polls to open in about 20 minutes, or 18 minutes. and palmetto state and a live report coming up. >>alisyn: the new ad defends the half billion federal loan given to now bankrupt solyndra, but should he be touting that investment that was a failure of venture capitalism? we have a business expert here to talk about this. that projec? every new year comes with a few stories waiting to be built.
6:43 am
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>>alisyn: game on for president obama with the re-election campaign in full swing releasing a campaign ad defending the record on energy. >> independent watch dogs call this president's records on ethics unprecedented and the clean energy industry 2.7 million jobs and expanding for the first time in 13 years our dependence on foreign oil is below 50 percent. president obama. he kept the promise to toughen ethics rules and strengthen america's energy economy. >> i am rebound and -- i am president obama and i approved this message. >>alisyn: why are they talking about this after solyndra went bust. great to have you, obviously the administration is trying to get out in front of the step so that solyndra does not become a blemish during the election and trying to say that they have done a great job. what has the administration policy or history been investing in green energy? >>guest: they will have a
6:47 am
testify time with the math. the reality is there are 12 companies going into the new grown or alternative energy and five are in bankruptcy and we spent $6.5 billion of taxpayer money into the companies and the priest sector passed on. so what of the companies that the federal government and the obama administration have invested taxpayer money in, have gone bust. >>guest: five filed and the others no one is turning a profit. so they don't know how to be able to do a good investment and the secretary, a great nobel peace prize winner but he should not be doing venture taxpayer decisions with the taxpayer money. >>alisyn: you are an environmentally friendly, green jobs pioneer. you know about this. what is the administration doing wrong their calculation of which companies they shut be investing? >>guest: this is a reason why private sector passed on the jobs because the math don't work. the calculated risk and we do calculated risk all the time but
6:48 am
if the math doesn't work, for solyndra, that is an example, $6, the market had $2 or $3. what consumer will pay twice as much for the product and the price did not have the wow factor. you have to have the wow. it was not different from what is there. >>alisyn: why invest that much money when you do not have a home run. it was clear. someone in basic business school would say this is not something to invest in. >>alisyn: why aren't you advising them? and it sounds like surely there are green technology companies out there that are a good bet. >>guest: absolutely. >>alisyn: but the administration is not considering? >>guest: i don't think there is the end game. i think there is something big we here that we have to look at. the more you dig into this, he is saying, is this another motive other than saying, green. and that is my concern, look, saying put some great grown products, consumers are so much more aware than when i start sod there are things to do to go
6:49 am
lightly green. you dope have to go all the way and there are great green products. >>alisyn: you say it is baby steps. start with that. great to have you and thank you for your expertise. >>alisyn: he is old enough to be their grandfather so why is ron paul so popular among young voters? straight to the source with a panel of young ron paul supporters here to explain the appeal. next. ccess that transaction. that's not in our policy. i will transfer you now. my supervisor is currently not available. would you like to hold ? that department is currently closed. have i helped you with everything you needed ? if your bank doesn't give you knowledgeable customer service 24/7, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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>>clayton: call him ron paul the rock star, something about the 76-year-old popular has triggered popularity surge among
6:53 am
voters. >> i am asked why the young people are attracted and i say why not, they believe in liberty too, you know? so it is a delight that this is a tremendous attraction for the views i hold, and, we should not be surprised at all. >>clayton: why attracting young voters? we have three young ron paul voters, 25-year-old student at drexel, and a recent college graduate and a 19-year-old who is a student at southern methodist university. nice to see all three of you this morning. we have the brady bunch, and that is appropriate this morning. and, now, what is it about ron paul that has you excited to get out and support the man? >>guest: well, i think probably it boils down to more is the ideas and the cause than actually the individual of ron paul. it is a little bit different
6:54 am
than youth creates for obama in 2008 election. a lot of young people are romantic looking for a cause, idealistic and you talk about peace and prosperity and the individual freedom that will draw a lot of attention. >>clayton: is that a point? it is not so much the man but the message of level -- civil liberties. and he said if i spoke slower i would get out the message better. >> he has a pentagon of limited government abiding bit united states constitution, pulling if federal spending, these are popular ideas among surrounding yeters and, i think it is important, the other republicans in the field should pick up on his ideas. >>clayton: do you see a lot difference between ron paul and the other candidates?
6:55 am
>> many differences between them and ron paul is the only one i truly believe is, has the right plan for the economy, he is the only one who is proposing budget cuts and he is the only one would wants to protect our civil liberties and, i think that is important and i see a lot differences and it is also a trust and honesty between ron paul. ron paul is very honest and trustworthy and i see that more than any other candidate on the field. >>clayton: why extent he resonating more with republican voters if these are all true? foreign policy? which held him backst many say tugging isolationist eye to countries like iran and others is a nonstarter for many g.o.p. starters. what do you say? >>guest: i think foreign policy is probably a large issue. a last older republicans have a fear about international calamity and disaster and a friend of mine put it well, saying if you want to understand the difference between
6:56 am
isolationism and nonintervention look at difference between sweden and north korea so a lot of older republicans start to look at that. if i were iran and i had u.s. groups off the coast, and u.s. military on my borders, i would want to look for a nuclear weapon. imagine if china had carriers in the gum. >>clayton: we will get you to respond to that. foreign policy is that a reason he is not resonating? >>guest: yes i do believe that is one of his main differences and probably the points of difference with most republican voters, yes. >>clayton: great to see young voters so engaged not process and thank you for waking up early this morning we really appreciate it. newly released video shows the chaos on the cruise ship right before it went down.
6:57 am
and will the upcoming elections be a class between capital emand class warfare? we will ask a "wall street journal" journalist next. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
>>alisyn: good morning, everyone, saturda, january 21, primary day in south carolina. the polls have just opened. what seemed like a sure fire win for romney days ago has turned into a dead heat between him and former speaker, newt gingrich with a live report from south carolina straight ahead. >> the first snowstorms of the season hitting the northeast. but mother nature is creating a major mess from coast to coast including tornado threats in south carolina as the voters head to the polls. mother nature is a cruel lady. >> look what happened when the italian cruise ship ran aground. passengers were told to go back into their cabins because "everything's fine e hour two
7:01 am
starts receipt now of "fox & friends". >>alisyn: good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us bright and early a huge day in politics. it could, again, set the race in yet a different direction than it has been. it has been an interesting primary season already. >>clayton: we have a brand packed show including former governor mark sanford. and lot lieutenant colonel oliver north, and former speaker newt gingrich and former senator rick santorum will be here. >>dave: and vanilla ice, and he has a new favor, and governor pawlenty who is a surrogate for the romney campaign and we will ask if he will take the debates in florida. the governor has not yet committed to it.
7:02 am
>>alisyn: you do not every word of vanilla ice. and he senators -- sings it beautifully. >>clayton: last night dave sent a text of me with his hair spiked up straight like vanilla ice. maybe i can share that photograph. >>dave: please dope. >>alisyn: lebanese do. please do. >>clayton: early voting in florida today and mitt romney has supporters out at polling locations across florida for early voting in a state that is thenning well down the line. >>dave: huge absentee state, the polls are open in south carolina where coffee -- where chief correspondent, is there, headed to the country ham house. what is happening there, mike? >>reporter: well, good morning. i talked to and voters would were here waiting for the polls
7:03 am
to open any second. and the gentleman told me that he was here to cancel his mother's vote who voted absent i don't for newt and said he is here to vote for mitt and so his wife. unscientific but a divided miami in this precinct where two mitt votes and one absentee for newt. a lot of families it sounds will be decided which candidate they like they have seen a lot of the guys the past week, two debates, south carolina takes very seriously since 1980 they have successfully picked the ultimate republican nominee so we have heard the candidates say that to audiences through the state as they make the rounds and so each candidate if they win tonight is obviously hoping this will be foreshadowing to become the republican nominee. >>clayton: you say it is too especially to call this race based on that family. >>alisyn: we have to ask you this, mine, we understand that
7:04 am
newt gingrich and mitt romney will both be at the exact seem time atom -- at tommy's ham house. is a schedule being fired today? >>reporter: at 10:45 both candidates will be there at a landmark restaurant. romney said it is pure coincidence they are not changing their schedule. well, yesterday, somebody asked former speaker newt gingrich about it, and here is his reaction. >> is that right? >> neither of you are changing your schedule according to the campaign. tommy's ham house. >> fantastic. great. >>reporter: surprise reaction from newt gingrich talking about his rc press spokes man thinking
7:05 am
he would pull out his hair bumping into romney at the same event so should be drama later today. guys. >>clayton: maybe newt gingrich will get his lincoln douglas style debate for three hours. >>dave: i would rather see a pancake-eating contest. >>alisyn: he looked stunned by that news. >>dave: no one wants them there at the same time. >>clayton: maybe someone will spend too much time at an early event not morning. but the polls show a surging newt gingrich which is remarkable if you think about the past week and how this has changed. this morning, this is the south carolina race according to clemson university, they fold it from john 18 and 19th, wednesday and thursday of this week, so that is right up until
7:06 am
the debate on thursday night. >>alisyn: margin of error is 4.7, and newt gingrich still wins if you subtract the five points but by a point but fascinating because if newt gingrich were to win today, something historic and unprecedent order have happened three different candidate would have won three different states and so that clemson poll is very interesting. >>dave: a week ago we talked about a three-state sweep for romney and if you missed it they have declared officially that rick santorum was the winner of the iowa caucus but, national hi, you look at this, it is clear that romney is falling from coast to coast and the editor of gallup said it is a collapse, mitt romney leading by ten points and he was up by 23 points nationally just less than a week ago.
7:07 am
>>alisyn: the beginning of the week. what changed? well, the debate. the debate changed and newt gingrich going after the media and after john king about his past marriages and, now, the numbers reflect the surge. >>clayton: and the inability of romney to answer the tax question and hearing from south carolina voters saying the bain capital thing did not resonate but the tax issue. the inability to answer that question effect ofly stumbling about when he will release thatness, and the idea that 15 percent tax rate, what does that mean? how does it resonate. gave dave this drive me nuts we are talking about taxes, people, would cares? we have major issues. you are right he did not handle the question right but we are talking about taxes. we are talking about taxes. taxes. >>clayton: but it is the ability to relate. i pay 30 percent something in
7:08 am
taxes or 26 percent, but what does it mean when someone said i had speaking fees, $300,000 in speaking fees but i didn't make that much. >>alisyn: newt gingrich believes he has the answer for how he will win today and that is for people to vote. >> i have two appeals to make. one is, that you vote. because the poll doesn't count if the folks don't show up. and the other is, that you talk to your friends and neighbors, if we could unify all the conservatives we will be winning by 47 or 46 and that is a decisive margin that sending a signal and i do not believe we can defeat president obama with a massachusetts moderate. you have to have a solid,
7:09 am
conservative, who can make the case for where perk has -- america has to go. >>clayton: what does it mean to be a true conservative or to be a massachusetts moderate? will that resonate with voters in south carolina when they are down the line on the same issues. >>dave: and he likened newt to the fonz in "happy days." do we want that for president? we will speak to newt gingrich and we will speak to rick santorum who is still fighting. here is what he told hannity. >> i would say i don't think it is a non-romney versus romney race. there are throw candidates if the race who is a chance to be president and one is a conservative. the other two are not reliable conservatives. >>alisyn: and the doctor said, also, that rick santorum is
7:10 am
richie cunningham. newt was saying it comes down to if the people who are polled go out to vote. weather is fundamental there. let's and about it. >>clayton: i have an important point, it is open to all voters in south carolina not just those republican voter whose are getting polled. democrats can go. independents. anyone can go, just show i.d., did you not have to show a voter registration card. >>dave: the weather should matter. rick? rick: rough day. state-wide rough day. it feels leak spring, like a spring like storm is moving through, and we will deal with a lot of rain and the threat for severe weeks ago. rain moved law and that is gone. if you are on the east side of the state a good time to vote usually because the weather you see is going to be on the way. so lock what happens throughout day today, starting off temperatures are fine but by
7:11 am
around 10:00 or 11:00 the storms move in across the mountains and by this afternoon and evening, it gets worse out across the eastern side, and down toward the shoreline but you will be better across the western side later on. so, if you are on the easrn side vote early on the western side vote late. that is how you avoid the storms. it will not rain all day. other storms across the rest of the country, same system to the north but it is all snow and we have around 1" to 5", potentially to upstate and the hudson valley and higher elevations seeing pore of that snow. this is the entire system on the eastern part of the cup, snow toward the north, severe weather including the threat for tornadoes across the southeast and out across the west, a major rain were system and major snow. we had the fire in reno, nevada; no rain in 50 days. yesterday they got the first
7:12 am
rain and mountain snow and the ski areas are happy. >>alisyn: and now, we is brand new video showing how disorganized things were on board the wrecked cruise ship off the coast of italy. one crew member can be heard directing passengers interest lifeboats and another crew member temperatures them to do the exact opposite. go back to the cabin. she even tells them to return because everything is "under control." of course that was not the case, 11 passengers died on the sinking ship and another 21 are still missing today. we are told two u.s. law firms plan for sue the costa concordia cruise line. >> a gunman in a drug shore shooting is still on the run from chicago. he walked into walgreens and opened fire at around 10:00. a 23-year-old man has been killed and the shooter is believed to have fled on foot. no arrests yet. from occupiers to vandals
7:13 am
protesters in san francisco break into the abandoned hotel, after day long protests which ended in at least 19 arrests, and demonstrators made a humankind in front of the corporate headquarters of wells fargo demanding banks end evictions and foreclosures and create add fire hazard by blocking exits. >>clayton: will the upcoming elections be a clash between capitalism and class warfare? that is next.
7:14 am
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7:17 am
deaf dave republican hopeful mitt romney has been under pressure to release the tax returns and here is what he said about it at the debate on thursday. >> i pay a lot of taxes, i have been successful and when i have our taxes ready this year i will release this. is that good enough speaker? >> people in south carolina have to decide but if there is negative that helps us lose the election we should know it before the nomination. >>dave: is the full disclosure necessary? and now, "wall street journal" columnist, good morning. great job on the debate. >>guest: it was fun. >>dave: this is not a great week for mitt romney, and quite frankly i don't care what is in his taxes it is the job of the
7:18 am
i.r.s. to tell us if he is paying them, has he created this issue? >>guest: we asked the question at monday night debate we expected well oiled response, to dodge it or outline the plan but it was interesting to watch him get listen and stutter and ramble through. it is not the first time the issue has come up or the first debate so we were stunned it see him bungle it and mitt romney a couple weeks ago was delivering nice lines about kill -- kim kardashian, and aside the issue from the tax issue the incredibly amateurish way he handled it. >>dave: surprising he bumbled it and later in the week at the cnn debate. what could possibly be in the taxes that is a problem. he says he pays 15 percent. what could possibly cause a problem for him down the road. >>guest: it is the question
7:19 am
why is he only paying 15 percent. and people are getting familiar with our tax structure. so, at the highest end of the tax structure people are supposed to pay 35 percent of income. that is where if you make a certain amount of money that is what people call your tax bracket and dictates the percentage of income. he is on the high end at 35 percent but the big "but," and the reason his rate is lower the tax code incentivizes me to make investments so if you put your capital at risk in the investment and make gains on the investment you only pay 15 percent, but when you are mitt romney and investments are personal and through business because private eke quit is -- private equity is business, that accounts for him having lower tax rate and that is where the issue comes up. not a question if he is or is not paying but is it fair that is many people, the wealthy pay
7:20 am
such low rates when for him, it amounts to the ordinary income that is the same income that most people pay higher tax. >>dave: two-thirds pay less than the 15 percent, effective tax rate in the country, and americans may not know that. the 99 percent versus the 1 percent, is this going to be what the president uses in a general election and is it effective? >>guest: what is interesting, if he can cast this as he represents capitalism, that sells. it sells for the g.o.p. certainly for the primary. wall be tougher are a couple of issues related to the business background. so, private equity operates on leveraged buyout model and leverage means debt. so there are incentives in the code to favor debt and that is why it makes senator. there is a lot of borrowing, amounting to a homeowner taking out a mortgage to buy the companies. that is the question and the
7:21 am
other is the pensions they strip out. >>dave: thank you from the "wall street journal" no one being here. want to land a perfect jobst land -- perfect job? stay tuned. wake up!
7:22 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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7:24 am
>>dave: 7:24 and now the news, $1.6 million is how much exxon will pay montana forever pollutioning a river. and 21 percent is being slashed from employee bonuses at goldman sachs after the profits fell by up to 58 percent. and, finally, $3,000 is how much money a study found members spend on both coffee and lunch
7:25 am
in a year. clayton spends about twice that. >>clayton: i don't believe that. >>alisyn: jumping into the job market is scary. how can you make yourself standout? >>clayton: use this book author of "all work no pay," the author believe internships are the key to building a successful career, i have to agree. thanks to seeing you. she was a former intern of mine. >>alisyn: sorry, lauren. we apologize in advance. >>clayton: so, the secret, you were doing an internship with us years ago back on an old show i did in orlando, but, now you have written a book on housing other students getting internship. what do they need to do? >>guest: this are so important. studyies show students with intendships land jobs faster and a higher starting salary so it is so important to get the
7:26 am
workplace experience before you graduate college. >>alisyn: i was stunned to read you had 15 internships in college and most see them as slave labor. you say that is a mistake and kids are making mistake when couple of minuteses to going out and getting internship. >>guest: i had 15 intern somes, no one needs 15 internships that is a little bit much, but i do suggest that college students have two resumes, sorry, two internships on the resume before they graduate college. each intern help is going to tell them a little bit more about what they want to do with their leaves personally and professionally. >>clayton: so maybe the parens buy this book nor the students what did you learn in the book? >>guest: this book will take you through the entire internship process from start to finish. everything about fining the internship, what internships you want to apply for. how to focus and make sure you are applying to enough internships so you land an opportunity. and, then, how to go into the
7:27 am
opportunity and say, how can i make the most of this situation. >>alisyn: and, it is possible that 18-year-olds are not watching the show so well talk to the parents would want to help their kids get internships. parent can get organized. >>guest: start the conversation, my mom picked up the phone and called each day and said go into the career center and get your sell an internship. so it is about starting the dialogue. and, get them organized. >>clayton: and create the close to perfect schedule and show up. show it. >>guest: absolutely. students have a hard time prioritizing time. so, it is important to write out the close to perfect class schedule and prioritize your time and make sure you are getting the internship, the part time job and the school work. >>alisyn: your mom said get to the career center. people do not know what a
7:28 am
valuable resource is. >>guest: it is underutilized. it is free. go into the career center. they will look at your resume and cover letter, a great resource, and not enough students go. >>clayton: you tell a story in the book about me. flattered. >>guest: students are make fun of making coffee, well, i didn't know how to make coffee so i was sent to the break room and told to make coffee for the guests in the green room which someone has to do, and i looked at coffee machine and it looked like a zamboni and i pressed the wrong button and things started exploding and the first opinion i saw was clayton and i said help, help, the coffee machine is exploding so he rescued me. >>clayton: one thing i know is chivalry and coffee. they took half a billion of your money and now failed solar
7:29 am
company solyndra caught, they are destroying millions of new equipment dumping solar panels in dumpsters. >>alisyn: and the tuskegee airmen finally have their story told. we're america's natural gas and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists... ... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy... we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school... and tomorrow, we could do even more. cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power, today. learn more at i took some steep risks in my teens.
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7:33 am
>>dave: welcome back to "fox & friends" on "national squirrel appreciation day." not just the south carolina primary. >>clayton: a nutty day. >>alisyn: oh, boy. if you are not already outrage about the solyndra story we have a new addition that will infuriate you. it is unbelievable what is happening and what the cbs affiliate in san francisco found when they went to the solyndra factory and what they saw workers doing. >>clayton: here is video of what they fund, they are putting brand new glass they ordered, $2 million they ordered of specialized glass and throwing it in dumpsters to get rid of it because they cannot do anything with it destroying millions.
7:34 am
>>dave: she said it costs more to store them than to destroy them. so why not literally just take taxpayer dollars and go throw them away? >>alisyn: just get a hammer. deaf dave it was not part of the auction, they auctioned off a lot of the item but this was not part of that. >>alisyn: a lot of things that are out rageous, a green energy company not recyclingcycling and calling the gem an company and giving them back. and heritage global partners said they conducted an exhaustive search for someone to buy the specialized glass and nobody wanted it but, now, cbs, too --. >>dave: if there is no market for the bulbs that shows you
7:35 am
something. >>alisyn: and let me just say when cbs 5, the local affiliate calls, some who is bought it. >>clayton: but this is speaking to the point about the marketplace, this is an oversaturation of the parts they literally cannot get them on the market. there is an oversaturation. government waste at its best. let us know what you think at "fox & friends" and you can e-mail or find us on twitter. >>alisyn: and now, the state department is preparing to close the u.s. embassy in syria and this video makes it clear why, anti-government protesters are getting more and more violent by the day and the white house is asking syria to tighten security measures at the embassy. if that is not enough, they will pull out if the next few days. police say a man has admitted to causing a destructive brush fire in reno, nevada, expressed
7:36 am
extreme remorse saying this happened when he tossed fireplace ashes in the trash. we know how dangerous that can be. 29 homes have been destroyed by the fire and thousands of people have been evacuated from their home. were she is being called a miracle baby, a four-month-old girl leaving los angeles hospital for the very first time since she was born 16 weeks premature. at that point, she weighed 9.5 ounces. ounces. ounces. the same weight as a can of soda. now, at four pounds, she is still small and the doctors have cleared her to go home and her parents are understandably overjoyed. >> i am happy she is here. he is a fighter. >>alisyn: good fighter because according to the global birth registry she is the third
7:37 am
smallest baby ever to have been born. >>clayton: if that is not the smallest that is unbelievable. >>alisyn: biggest success story. >>dave: and now rick has the weather. nasty from coast to coast. rick: it is windy. a little cold. not a big nor'easter but the first snow since october. we got the snow in october and everyone freaked out but it has not been much of a winter. but now it is. we have cold temperatures in place across the northern tier, and one degree right now in minneapolis, and 17 in chicago, and 25 in new york, and moving failure, across the southeast, it feels pore like spring, and because of that we have a spring pattern and severe weather today including tornadoes in the red box, that is a tornado watch box in effect until 12 noon central time, so, be aware of that, it includes south carolina where people are voting today. and moving forward, you can see we have a broader system across
7:38 am
the east, bringing severe weather and the rain to the south toward the northern areas, and it is where the snow is including right here. and the video from they dough, ohio, where they saw a number of inches of snow during yesterday and the overnight hours, causing a number of problems on the roads, and this is a repeated scene all across the areas of the midwest in kick and toward iowa. back to the map to look to the west coast because the west is really seeing a lot of rain, and record rain across areas of oregon and record flooding this week, and areas of california that did not see rain for the month of december. now, they are getting good rain and they will take skit they need it for that snow across higher elevation. dave? >>dave: we will need a forecast forecast for you later on, all eyes on baltimore, new england, the giant and san francisco but after tomorrow only two heading to the super
7:39 am
bowl. and now our next guest to see if he agrees. dino, good to see you. >>guest: i have been on megyn's show a couple times and i have don imus, and i am doing now, "fox & friends" and unreal. and the nfl is putting the super bowl in new york city two years from now. have you checked the weather. seen it? >>dave: it will be exciting. i cannot wait for 2014 super bowl. but, the super bowl in indy i have patriots and giants and all i hear is patriots and giants is this the typical east coast bias? >>guest: no, they are the two teams right new in the conferences that are playing the best football. both of the teams right new are rising to the occasion and i expect the patriots win and i expect the giants to win and as
7:40 am
a result, we will have a terrific super bowl. from a division marketing standpoint nbc which is televising they want a boston and new york sort of, the ratings would be through the roof. >>dave: enormous especially because of the patriots perfect season ending at the hands of the giants. i am happy for the guy that was going to be fired and now here he is a game away from the super bowl but on the flip side a potential matchup of brothers. can you imagine that story. >>guest: i would not want to be the parents. who do you root for. two different goes, one guy in jim, a little more outward and extroverted and a maverick, and his brother, john, more reserved, more run of the mill sort of a guy, but would be precedent-setting, we have never seen this before and it could happen.
7:41 am
>>dave: i love, love, love, watching the guys coach, the energy and passion and commitment. how can that happen. any chance they could win? >>guest: absolutely. san francisco has the big run defense and they are plague at home and they played well through the season and it would not shot me if they boat the giant but i cannot see baltimore winning the game, i think that the patriots right now are too much, too much tom brady, too many points, and the master mind on defense, i cannot see the patriots losing. >>dave: in wins against winning teams. >>guest: you know your stuff. >>dave: i covered the patriots for a couple of years and the story may not be as much, eli manning as much peyton at the super bowl in indy, is he done in indy? in say he could be retired or get cut. >>guest: open to speculation. he has to wait for the medical reports.
7:42 am
but if eli manning was anything but eli manning, if it was eli jones or smith we would not be talking about as an upper echelon quaterbacks he lives in his brother's shadow and maybe if the giants win he takes another step outside of that shadow. >>dave: breaks a record 4th quarter touchdown. >>guest: you know your stuff. >>dave: thank you. all eyes on south carolina as voters head to the polls but what are they looking for? former south carolina governor mark sanford here to weigh in on that, and the tuskegee airmen are finally getting their story told. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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7:46 am
>>alisyn: since 1980 south carolina has been determined to be a must win state as every republican primary winner has gone on to win the nomination and my guest knows what the voters are looking for in a presidential nominee. former south carolina governor and fox news contributor mark sanford jones -- joins us. we are told that the south carolina voter has changed over just the past four years. is there any way to define who the south carolina voter is today? >>guest: well, that is a tough one. the south carolina voters are a number of different folks. upstate conservatives in the north, and folks here for generations scattered across the state, and you have a lot of newcomers along the coast. if you look at numbers our population has gone from 3
7:47 am
million to 4.5 million folks over the last 30 years and you break it out yearly going back to the last election, the population increases by 1.5 to 1.75 each year, up by 70,000 a year. the newcomers are perhaps a little bit more moderate if their social perspective but hardcore on their economic perspective. so, a retiree, for instance, could favor romney but what mitigates against that, is you have a lot of retired police chiefs and a lot of retired firemen, and you go down the list of, perhaps, a little by simpler means in myrtle beep, that can go to santorum or newt gingrich, a wild card. >>alisyn: you have laid that out well. what has happened a bunch of new jersey folks and new yorkers and northeasterners have figured out south carolina is a great play to live so they have moved down
7:48 am
there and that will change the equation, today. >>guest: yes, it does. but the question is, again, what is their primary focus? even for the social conservatives of the upstate, it has been said that a recession is when you lose, recession when your neighbor loses his job, depression is when you lose yours. in a state with 9.9 percent unemployment a lost families have faced recession or depression firsthand. so i would say that the primary focus of many of the working people across the state is going to be economic in nature. it is not that they don't care about social issues but it is economic. and that same tenant holds just as true for retiree on the coast on a fixed income. they will watch their 401(k) plan or their pension. there is an economic flavor for
7:49 am
retirees of whatever flavor. >>alisyn: thank you, former governor mark sanford, the movie "red tail," is bringing the story of the tuskegee airmen to the big screen this weekend. [ male announcer ] where's your road to happiness?
7:50 am
what ithe first step on that road is a bowl of soup? delicious campbell's soups fill you with vegetable nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's -- it's amazing what soup can do.
7:51 am
7:52 am
>>clayton: the tuskegee airmen fought two ballots in world war ii pioneering aviation for african-americans while dealing with prejudice and racism at home in the new film "red tails," and in fox's war stories. and now the host of war stories, colonel oliver north.
7:53 am
nice to see you. >>guest: great to be with you. this is a great story. and i had the wonderful opportunity in interviewing the heroes that changed history. these are the young materials as you pointed out had to not only take on a deadly adversary, the nazi air force, hitler's air force over europe, and they also had to fight an insidious adversary, racism, ridge dis, -- prejudice and it started with an sperm at tuskegee universal, they were given the worst airplanes and when the war started they started to transition into increasingly more effective aircraft. here are three of the heroes in the movie, what they told me about the transition. >> charles and george and lee joined the fight. >> they changed us to another aircraft.
7:54 am
walled the p-39, not much of a come budget aircraft as far as i was concerned with four machine guns, two on each wick and a 33 millimeter cannon and the indian was behind it. the gas tank was filled with gas. and it was a terrible airplane. >> there was not air-to-air combat so they trusted from the 39 to p-13. >> it was a rugged aircraft. >> pretty big hole. >> pretty big hole. >>clayton: sound like humble guys but you talk about, these guys are pioneers and set the stage for your career, later, 25 years later at naval academy. how? >>guest: absolutely. one of my classmates roommates shipmates from my company, frank simmons, would be unlikely to be admitted to the naval academy to not for what these remarkable
7:55 am
young americans achieved. by the end of their tour, in europe, they did not get to go to the japanese front by the end of the tour they flew over 15,000 combat missions, and they shot down 250 german aircraft and they didn't lose a single bomber they were escorting, a remarkable record. that "red tail," was something every bomber crew wanted it see as they launched their missions. >> perhaps an untold story about d-day a remarkable moment in world history, and the assault on the beaches of normandy we talk about the assault of the rangers up the cliff side, but what was happening in the morning mist that morning as the red tails were flying over and pounding and softening the targets, right? >> they had the p-51, the most formidable aircraft we had in the war and of course, they were a key element in making sure that you could suppress the fire on the beaches before the 29th
7:56 am
infantry division had to assault that beach. if not, again, for those remarkable men it would have turned out different on omaha beach. >>clayton: "war stories," tomorrow, the "red tail," story of the tuskegee airmen. it is snowy and cold, grab a cup of coffee and watch this history. coming up on the show as the people head to the polls in south carolina they may want to watch "fox & friends" first with newt gingrich and rick santorum joining us like. and the first real snowstorm of the season.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, january 21st. i'm alisyn camerota. let the voting begin. you're about to take a look -- does it get more exciting? this is a live look at one of the polling places in south carolina where voters are already casting ballots. look, there goes another one right now. this, of course, is historic. it could be very historic. republican presidential candidates newt gingrich and rick santorum are going to join us live in just minutes to talk about it. >> the video didn't quite do it justice. it is exciting and one of the first snowstorms of the season hitting the northeast. mother nature also creating a major mess all over the country including tornado threats in south carolina as those voters head to the polls. >> and he's not so tough now. mark wahlberg now says it's not his fault he insulted the victims of 9/11. wait until you hear who he's
8:01 am
blaming. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> welcome in on this very important day on the primary calendar, south carolina already voting this morning. you saw the live pictures there at one of the precincts already under way. let's get right to south carolina where the chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel joining us live at one of those polling locations in columbia. good morning. are they serving muffins and stuff to get people out of bed this early? >> clayton, they don't need to do that at all. people have been lined up here at this location in the columbia area. let me step out of the shot and give you a look around. i can tell you before the polls opened at 7:00 a.m., there were some people outside waiting to get in to cast their ballot. a lot of people taking this very seriously, the first in the south primary. folks here in south carolina over recent days have been saying, iowa, ok. new hampshire, ok. but south carolina has a history
8:02 am
of picking presidents since 1980, picking all the republican nominees so i've seen a lot of people here talking seriously about the issues, about the candidates, who they're going to select and bottom line, we've seen a steady stream of people. we expect that to continue until 7:00 p.m. eastern time this evening and we will see exactly how close the race is at that point. at this point, you throw out the polls. you let the voters make their choices. we've seen a lot of undecideds in recent days who have been trying to whittle down their selection from the final fours they are on the republican side. trying to figure out who they're going to go for and today is voting day. guys? >> exciting. thanks so much for giving us a little glimpse there and we'll check back in with you, mike emanuel, thanks. >> rick reichmuth with a quick check of the weather and how it might affect the polls. >> big impact today. both iowa and new hampshire, no big weather stories on either of those days. not the case for south carolina. temps wise, it feels like spring right now. that's because there's big storms in the area. this is about six hours ago,
8:03 am
that batch of rain has moved on but you see back behind us, there's some very significant storms headed that way. we're already seeing a few of these across the western side of the state this morning. all that energy that's back towards the west will sweep on through here throughout the day today and along with it, threat of severe weather. we could be dealing with some tornadoes embedded within some of these storms so throughout the afternoon, this line cuts all the way down through the state. it's not until 9:00 or 10:00 tonight before it's completely gone. it's better down across the coast. tonight, it's worst down across the coast and better back behind it. that's the way today will play out if you're planning your times to vote, be careful. there will be some severe weather and some hail. some very strong winds and some downpours but can't rule out a tornado also today in south carolina. guys? >> thanks so much, rick. we'll keep our eyes on that as well. >> former pennsylvania senator and republican presidential candidate rick santorum joining us from charleston, south carolina. appreciate you being with us, senator.
8:04 am
>> good morning. how are you? >> we're doing great. you had a good performance in the debate this past week and interesting analogy on friday about goldielocks saying one of the candidates is too hot. one is too cold. i'm just right. i'm assuming too hot is newt gingrich. why are you positioning yourself just right, the most conservative candidate in this race? >> i mean, we position ourselves, i think, where we are. i think mitt romney is a moderate. someone who is timid in his tax plan, timid in his approach to cleaning up washington and reducing the budget deficit and taking on the problems that confront this country and newt gingrich is unpredictable and, you know, someone that you just have to, as i said at the debate the other night, if he's the nominee of the party, you're going to worry about picking up the paper every morning to find out, you know, what new idea or what new thing that he is -- he's come up with that does create controversy arnold him. we don't need either of those
8:05 am
things. we need someone who is solid. someone who is going to be the, you know, the guy with the sweater vest that everybody trusts. that's what we're looking for that, you know, is a good, sharp contrast to barack obama and makes obama the issue in this race. not the republican candidate for his positions, changes or for his, you know, flamboyancy, if you will. >> there was a different picture being painted during the debate. a the lot of differences on the issues. we had someone on the show this morning that says there's not a lot of daylight behind social issues at all, there's little difference between you, newt gingrich and mitt romney. do you agree or disagree? >> i disagree. richard is a good friend and good man. he would be right if he's looking at what they say now. but he would be wrong as to look at what they've done in their past as far as what they've held on social issues and very importantly, the effort that they've put into those social issues. in other words, how much they make them a priority and whether they are going to be an important part of their
8:06 am
administration. or can be an important part of their administration, being able to go out and talk about life and marriage and talk about the importance of those values in america. i've done it. i've been a leader on it. the others simply have not been or have chosen not to emphasize them and i think emphasis is a big deal when it comes to these types of issues. >> speaking about talking about life and marriage, obviously, newt gingrich got a rousing response from the audience on thursday night when john king led with a question about newt gingrich's second marriage. and newt gingrich fought back against that. do you think it is fair for the news media to ask candidates about past marriages? >> you know, i don't know whether newt paid him to ask that question but that was about the nicest thing john king has done for republican in a long, long time. you know, this is the media that's just tone deaf. you know, they love to talk about scandals. they don't want to talk about
8:07 am
issues. they want to talk about gotcha. it's always about that, throughout the course of this campaign. you know, people -- reporters aren't asking about positions on issues or how we're going to solve problems. they want to know, you know, what -- what color shoes you're wearing and where did you buy them? and it's -- i mean, it's bizarre stuff that in most cases is irrelevant. i would just make this comment. that things that you did in your public life and in your private life while you were in office are legitimate things for people to criticize and to look at. things that you did 30 years ago when you were in college are ridiculous things and are -- should be set aside but when you're in the public eye, and you're doing things, those are legitimate issues for people to look at. >> newt has also continued to reiterate that it could be time for you to get out of the race, that he needs this choice between a massachusetts moderate and what he says is a reagan conservative. how do you respond to his continued calls for you to get out of this race?
8:08 am
>> let me think, a reagan conservative who is for individual mandates from the federal level for 20 years which is the core of obamacare, which conservatives attorney generals all over the country are suing all the way town the united states supreme court to get rid of this what is an unconstitutional individual mandate that newt gingrich has supported for 20 years. that's not a reagan conservative. reagan conservative isn't someone who supported the wall street bailouts. that's not a reagan conservative. it's someone who is down on the couch with nancy pelosi and talked about the need to do something about global warming. someone who wants to provide a path to citizenship for illegal -- or path to legality here in this country for legal immigrants. that's not a reagan conservative. look, newt can cast himself as anything he wants and try to juxtapose himself to mitt romney but he certainly is not a reagan conservative and that's the point we're trying to make in this race. i'm just right. right as far as where we're approaching the problems in this country from a bottom up approach, believing in free people, free markets and free
8:09 am
enterprise as opposed to the other two i'm running against. it's the romney and anti-romney. there's three distinct choices here. look at the one with the best chance of winning this election and governing where america needs to go. >> critics would say there could be a vote split in south carolina and some conservatives say could rick santorum be the spoiler in all of this. could we have a repeat of 2008 where john mccain walks away with the win and you have mitt romney and newt gingrich who have split that vote. you help split that vote. what do you say to those folks? and will you continue on after south carolina if you don't win? >> absolutely -- yeah. absolutely. i mean, i've finished -- i finished first in one primary and i finished ahead of the pack of conservatives in the second primary and we're running very strongly here and we feel very good. most of the polls have us in second place in florida and look, we're putting together a national campaign. i've said this repeatedly. the longer this campaign goes on, the better it is for the
8:10 am
republican party. the more we're talk about the issues that we want to talk about. the less time the national media, which they absolutely will, will spend time focused on beating up whoever the republican nominee is. the shorter that window, the better for the party. the longer this race goes for republicans, not the more we can talk about our issues and the more we can have the center of the stage focusing in on barack obama. it's the national media that wants to end this campaign soon so they can just turn their attention on our nominee and beat the living daylights out of him. >> do you have enough sweater vests for a protracted primary race? how many do you have? >> that was a great question. >> that is a great question. we just got our first shipment in of our -- of the sweater vests that were actually selling on line. they're being made up in minnesota which is, by the way, a primary state. it's going to be a caucus state that's coming up in a couple of weeks. we'll be up there. so we've got made in america and you can get them on line and we're starting -- i think we're starting a little, you know, ricci cunningham fashion trend.
8:11 am
>> you heard dr. lamb earlier on our show. >> i did! i did, and we didn't coordinate that, just so you know. >> rick santorum, thanks so much for joining us today. we will talk to you again about what happens today in south carolina. >> thank you. >> we just heard from senator rick santorum. up next, former speaker newt gingrich will join us live from south carolina to respond and his day ahead on this south carolina primary day. >> and then from rhyming to remodeling. that's right, vanilla ice is here live to show you how to do it yourself. >> nice. >> when it comes to fixing up your house. here he is. is it fast? it's got 10 speeds, my friend. ♪ is it fast? it's got a lightning bolt on it, doesn't it? ♪ is it fast? i don't even know if it's street-legal. ♪ is it safe?
8:12 am
oh, yeah. it's a volkswagen. [ male announcer ] the security of a jetta. one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. ♪ got you in a stranglehold, baby ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> welcome back. we just heard from senator rick santorum and joining us now from spartanburg, south carolina, is the former speaker of the house and republican presidential candidate newt gingrich. nice to see you this morning.
8:15 am
>> good morning. it's great to see you. i'm at the grapevine, it's actually in bolling springs just outside of spartanburg with a very big breakfast crowd behind me. >> sure looks like it. we just had rick santorum on and he basically, as you know, is challenging your conservative credentials and he said you can't call yourself a reagan conservative if you have once supported the individual mandate for health care. he just started with that the fact that you want legalities for illegal immigrants. what's your response? >> well, i think first of all, it verges on silly. i worked with ronald reagan in the 70's and i helped develop supply-side economics with jack kent and ronald reagan. bud mcfarland, his security advisor is here campaigning with us and the fact is my entire career was built around the principles that governor reagan and then president reagan talked
8:16 am
about and the 1994 contract with america, welfare reform, balanced budget, cut taxes, comes straight out of the reagan playbook so i've spent a lifetime. >> but of course -- >> as a conservative doing things that matter. >> but, of course, you did support the universal mandate as santorum has suggested for 20 years. you did sit down with nancy pelosi and support climate change legislation and i know you've called that the biggest mistake of your political career. >> wait a second. >> i know you've said you learned you were wrong on the mandates. >> wait a second. >> go ahead. >> what you just said is wrong. ok. i said we ought to be concerned about climate change. i opposed cap and trade which was the al gore-nancy pelosi model and i actually testified in the u.s. house the same day as al gore. i opposed the bill. i've said it's the dumbest thing i've done recently. but look, i could go nit-pick rick's record. i could nit-pick rick's record on a whole range of issues.
8:17 am
he voted against right to work. ok? he has a good answer. he was a pennsylvania senator. you can go down a list of things like that. they're all baloney. i've campaigned here and the reason that every poll shows me ahead is because conservatives have come home and because i've talked to about south carolina issues, talked about developing natural gas off shore, $80,000 a year jobs. 1 out of every 5 jobs in south carolina relies on the port of charleston. it has to modernize because the panama canal is being widened. i've talked about what we need to do to drop the obama war against south carolina. the attack on bolling air by the national labor relations board, the attorney general filing a lawsuit. >> you've also this week -- >> again and again -- go ahead. >> this week, we've seen a surge on your poll numbers and on some strong debate performances we've seen some stammering and perhaps some slipping on the part of governor romney on this tax issue. perhaps taking a page out of your playbook, he's calling on you now to release your
8:18 am
congressional ethics report because you asked him, perhaps, to release his tax returns. you've come back and said look, it's already out there. you can go to the house -- you can go to the library of congress and you can print the thing out, it's on line. his campaign fired back again and said no, no, we want all the other. the million or so pages that aren't on line, will you release those? >> don't you sort of admire the arrogance and dishonesty of the romney campaign? they can't release their tax records. they're hiding. can't even answer coherently on the debate but they're attacking me for not disclosing. any american that wants to can go on line in the thomas system that i helped create for free. you don't have to go to the library of congress. go to the thomas system. you can look at, print out or off load the entire report which i think is like 900 pages. when you finish reading that report, if you have any questions, let me know. so far, it's pretty clear and by the way, all of the later decisions by the federal court,
8:19 am
by the election commission exonerated me and said i was right and the congress was wrong on every single one of those issues so i'm perfectly happy. that's 900 pages. romney's released zero and you're asking me to take seriously a challenge about openness from romney? come on. >> we were getting your take on what he said. >> you ought to have some sense of balance. i'm just saying as a reporter, don't you have some sense of balance? isn't fair and balanced part of the process -- >> he was raising the question from the romney camp. let me ask you something about an interview you gave yesterday in which you made an interesting analogy in which you said it's about -- it's like being a doctor. you don't need to care about what kind of car the doctor drives, you need to know what kind of doctor they are and you said this is about are you capable of doing the job? why, then, does it matter whether it's taxes or your ethics report. does any of this stuff matter? >> i think the taxes matter only because you want to find out what obama will attack any republican nominee about.
8:20 am
and you heard rick santorum say whoever gets the nomination is going to be hammered by the news media and going to be hammered by a billion dollar obama campaign so if there is something wrong, we deserve to know it as voters before we get to a nominee. it's been covered for 20 years. it's all out in the open. there are literally hundreds and hundreds of pages and an entire debate so there's a lot of stuff there. but what i like is the effort by romney to divert away from the fact that he is hiding. i have filed my 2010 tax return and my family foundation return, it's at, anybody watching us can go see it. when they go to romney's campaign site, they'll see zero. until he files his tax returns, i won't say anything he says seriously about being open. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. now, buy everybody some breakfast. >> good luck today in the primary. thanks, speaker. from 90's rap star to home make-over expert, vanilla ice is
8:21 am
here live talking about his new career. we go from senator, speakers, vanilla ice is here to take our mind off politics for a minute. >> only on "fox & friends." that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. like many chefs today, i feel the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. and that's what they do with great grains cereal. see the seam on the wheat grain? same as on the flake. because great grains steams and bakes the actual whole grain. now check out the other guy's flake. hello, no seam. because it's more processed. now, which do you suppose
8:22 am
has better nutrition for you? mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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8:24 am
>> and in the early 1990's, vanilla ice was topping the charts. >> it's still so good! >> it's so good. >> these days, he's focusing on his other career flipping houses and you can see him at work in the second season of the vanilla ice project premiering tonight on the do it yourself network. >> joining us now is the host of the vanilla ice project himself, rob van winkle. nice to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> back for a second season. you go in and flip not only
8:25 am
houses but mansions really. tell us about the show. >> i was going to tell you about the show that airs tonight. everybody tune in but did i tell you i was going to give you a break from politics for a minute? >> yeah. >> thank you. >> i decided to run for the green party. ralph nader gave me a call on the way over. >> you're going to run -- >> now, you're announcing. >> my platform is give everybody a break. no taxes. everybody take a vacation for a year. regroup and let's get back at it. >> i think you've just won. >> fix the housing market. >> so interesting platform and great show. here's a clip. >> he was transforming this dried up landscaping into an exclusive estate. >> nothing going to stop us. >> we're adding some massive gates and tons of color. >> wow. putting a tuxedo on this bad boy. but nothing ever goes according to plan. >> delays, delays, delays. >> we're pulling out all the stops to make this front yard pop. >> oh, yeah!
8:26 am
>> never seen anything like this. oh, my goodness! >> wow! so the cool thing is that you have rigged a house that you can control entirely from an ipad. how does it work? >> it's a smarthouse and i love introducing this to everybody out here. you're going to hear more and more about it. you can control everything in the house, drapes and electronic. i built a lazy river in the backyard. 2 miles an hour, you can go around the lazy river with your pina coloda. it's set from your iphone. turn on the waterfall, shut the drapes. i got forrest gump and guests coming over at 8:00. 6,000 movies, forrest gump at 8:00. >> you can be away from home when all this happens. control the lights, climate, so you can be away from home when you're doing it. >> anywhere in the world. >> that sounds like something only a few people can do but the whole concept of flipping a home, is that something all americans can learn from and, perhaps, something they can do with homes as well? >> absolutely. you can get this, it's a system, you can get all the stuff we have in the show. you might not want it all in
8:27 am
your house but you might be inspired, you know, to go out and say it's not about the housing market or if i'm going to add a little money to my house or not. i'm going to live here for the rest of my lives. my kids are going to go school here. i'm an american and feel proud about decorating my house. >> lowest interest rates we've had on record to buy a home not a lot of foreclosed homes for people to go out and flip and do projects. i had a lucky opportunity to do one of these flips when i lived in florida. a small little condo. nothing ever went according to plan. things went wrong at every turn. when you have your list of things you're going to go in there, is that what happens in this show, nothing goes according to plan? >> sometimes they do. it's great tv when they don't. >> what's the worst thing that's ever happened? >> i've left my d.n.a. all over the place. i've been cut all over the place, had to run to the hospital many times, you know, i actually get in there. there's no b team after the cameras stop and say get in there and finish that work, guys. i actually do the work. not like a celebrity they made a show around. i've been doing this for 15 years and i've had good success with it. >> rob, there's nobody in the
8:28 am
90's who was emulating your style more than dave briggs here. he was a vanilla ice wannabe back then and we actually believe that he knows the words to your song better than you do. >> really? >> are you kidding? >> let's do it. >> ♪ ice is back with a brand new edition something grabs a hold of me tightly grabs me a harpoon daily and nightly i don't know i'll grow light up a stage dance boom i'm killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom deadly melody anything less than the best is a fell love it or leave it kids don't play if there was a problem yo i'll solve it ♪ >> man! >> there you go. >> that's a lot of time in
8:29 am
front of a mirror in your bedroom. >> you know that. >> you're great. >> check out the show. when does it air, rob? >> this airs tonight. everybody tune in. you're going to love it. it's fantastic! >> rob van winkle. vanilla ice ii. that's it. >> a real cinderella story right here. >> right. >> thanks so much for coming on. >> my pleasure. great to have you. >> we just heard from rick santorum and newt gingrich minutes ago. there are last minute pleas -- are there last minute pleas enough to win south carolina? mary catherine hamm weighs in on that. >> isn't the captain supposed to go down with the ship? apparently that italian cruise ship captain skipped that day of training. what was really going through his head when he abandoned ship? dr. keith ablow has a lot of theories he'll put on the couch. >> plus he's not so tough now. mark wahlberg now says that it's not his fault he insulted the victims of 9/11. wait until you hear who he's blaming. [ monica ] i'm away on a movie shoot
8:30 am
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8:33 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." moments ago, rick santorum and newt gingrich joined us to make the final plea on "fox & friends." did they make strong enough cases to convince south carolina voters? >> joining us with her reaction is mary katherine hamm,
8:34 am
columnist for "the daily caller." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's clear that newt gingrich has the momentum that mitt romney is falling a little bit and from what we saw, newt gingrich is making the media his enemy regardless of what the question is. is this working for him? will it carry into a win? >> well, first of all, what you guys missed tragically while you were interviewing vanilla ice was my tryout as a backup dancer. auto arerack the tapes, please! >> rerack the tape. >> i've been longing for that since 1991. no, great stuff. but he was after you guys, too, i noticed. that's newt's signature now. he knows it works for him. it worked for him in two debates this week. notably the second one. and, you know, people like to see that. they respond to that. that's what -- they want to see that forcefulness and that spark they don't see in mitt romney because they think, well, this would be great against obama and it would. that's true. he has other issues. >> i mean, let's talk about the
8:35 am
content. forget who in the media is delivering it. is it fair to ask mitt romney about his tax returns and newt gingrich about old ethics violations? >> i think that they're not super important issues. i think mitt's problem answering the tax question is bigger than newt's because i think people believe that information has been out. mitt has caused his own problem by having some sort of bumbly answers on this tax return thing. he should have said from the beginning, i'll release everything in april. that's the standard date. done and done. but he sort of hemmed and hawed and i think he's caused a problem for himself that's bigger than it should have been. but what you saw in your show this morning and this is good news for romney still is the illustration of what's going on in south carolina. santorum and newt still fighting each other, mentioning romney every now and then but those two are the ones that are fighting for the non-romney vote and if they're splitting it enough, it's still good for romney. >> good point and it is going to be a repeat. senator jim demint basically saying, you know, could we see a repeat of what happened in 2008
8:36 am
there with john mccain getting the republican primary in south carolina victory because you had the votes being split by mike huckabee and fred thompson. are we going through the same thing this time? >> i think there's a possibility of that. i know the smart money today, of course yesterday was a different story. but the smart money today is on gingrich. he does have a lot of momentum but santorum did perform well in both debates as he always does. he performs constantly. people like him. they think he's the conservative choice and he's got some social conservative backup this week. i do think he'll shave off a few points as well. it could be that newt and him end up neck and neck and romney barely skates by. but that is not the conventional wisdom today. but i think it could happen. >> can i ask you, do you think newt has a woman problem in terms of the voting when you look at a national poll taken just two weeks ago? newt is within six points of mitt romney with -- of barack obama, six points is the gap. but when you take out -- when you take out women, it's 18
8:37 am
points. when you look at south carolina women, 34% like romney. 16% like newt gingrich. does he have problem with female voters? >> well, i think that segment of voters is incredibly important. independent women, suburban women who maybe have swung democrat in the past, in 2010 and with various races, notably new hampshire with kelly ayate, we've been able to win over women voters. you want to keep that in your camp and with newt gingrich. there's something -- he doesn't really have a soft touch. he's either on or he's off. he's coming after you. and so i think that on top of some of the more sorted stories which his ex-wives are willing to talk about on camera. that's the issue. when you have that reel played over and over again. mccain had an ex-wife, too, she wasn't out talking about it. that's the difference. >> all right, thanks so much for all of your perspective on this. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> and get back to dancing. >> thank you very much. >> dance. >> i will. >> oh, my goodness. all right, let's get to your
8:38 am
headlines. we have some other news to tell you about because there's this new video shot by a passenger on the costa concordia just after the ship ran aground off the coast of italy and the footage shows one crew member directing passengers into lifeboats while another crew member is telling everybody to go back to their cabin. the company that owns the cruise ship says it got the same kind of reassurances from the ship's captain leading them to believe no assistance is needed. we're told two american law firms are planning to sue the company on behalf of the passengers. they'll reportedly ask for $150,000 for each person on board. orlando police hope this new video of missing mom michelle parker will generate some fresh leads in the case. you can see parker here at a kfc drive-through window just three hours before she dropped her kids off at her ex-fiance's home. 33-year-old vanished november 17th on the same day that their episode appeared on "the people's court." right now, her ex-fiance, dale smith jr. is the prime suspect in her disappearance.
8:39 am
a tennessee lawmaker is so angry about a woman from his home state busted with a loaded gun at ground zero, he's going after all new yorkers. the state representative said in a new resolution "we remind the citizens of new york especially those residing in new york city to drive carefully through the great state of tennessee, paying extra attention to our speed limits." the back story here is that meredith graves, she's a 39-year-old woman, she was arrested at the 9/11 memorial. she does have a license to carry a concealed weapon in tennessee but she didn't know that it doesn't apply in new york. so she got in trouble and apparently all new yorkers are now going to pay for that. well, he just couldn't leave it alone. just days after apologizing for claiming he would have subdued the hijackers on 9/11, marky mark wahlberg is now ruining all that damage control by blaming the interviewer at "men's journal" magazine. in case you haven't heard this story, wahlberg was quoted in
8:40 am
the magazine's february edition as saying "if i was on that plane with my kids, it wouldn't have went down like it did. there would have been a lot of blood in that first class cabin and me saying, ok, we're going to land somewhere safe, don't worry." wahlberg apologized for being insensitive but now he's saying the interviewer baited him and then misinterpreted his answers. those are your headlines. >> let's check in with rick reichmuth now for a look at this wintery weather that you have outside. it's snowing like crazy here. are you out in it? >> it's snowing. it's kind of nice. you know, at least it's a saturday, guys. people don't have to be out on the roads that much and we're talking about 3 or 4 inches for most people. it's not going to be anything that's going to cause too many problems and by monday, we're going to have rain and 50 degrees. it's all going to be gone pretty quickly. take a look at the weather maps. give an idea of what's going on. temperaturewise, the cold air is solidly in place especially across the northern tier. very cold. move forward and take a look at this. you're looking at temperatures, zero right now in minneapolis.
8:41 am
duluth, minnesota, picture coming into me from bob welton. this is along lake superior. this is the last barge being pulled off the lake for the season. typically lake superior right now would be completely frozen over. especially along the coastal areas. nothing going because it's been so warm so much of the season, right now, though, minus 10 and today, you'll see a few snow flurries. getting to around 15. keep sending me your pictures. rick reichmuth on twitter or my facebook account. move forward and take a look at what else we have going on. big storm today across the east and the southern end of this is bringing severe weather. we'll have the threat for tornadoes, tornado watch in effect right now until noon for areas of georgia and alabama. later on today and towards south carolina, will see that threat. the northern side of this as you move forward, though, we are dealing with the snow and we'll probably have another 4 to 6 hours of the snow across areas of the northeast before this storm pulls out and most of us will see across the higher elevations might be around 6 or 7 inches of accumulating snow
8:42 am
around here. across the west, another storm. it's been a stormy week. we've had big avalanche concerns and the fire in reno, we've had record flooding in oregon. and we've also finally seen some snow across the higher elevations in and around parts of california. another storm for tomorrow and it looks like this coming week is going to remain quite unsettled at least across the pacific northwest. we'll send it back to you. >> you need a hat. >> rick's hair turned into an ice shelf. >> you've got some flakes. >> you've got some flakes. >> arctic ice shelf. >> head and shoulders. >> thanks a lot, rick. isn't the captain supposed to go down with the ship? that's what we've always heard but apparently, the italian cruise ship captain skipped that day of training. what was really going through his head when he abandoned ship? dr. keith ablow will put him on the couch. >> and the white house says republicans are to blame for the failed keystone pipeline but is that really the case? and will the president actually pay the price? the member of the american petroleum institute weighs in on
8:43 am
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8:46 am
>> he's been nicknamed captain coward for his actions after the italian cruise ship crashed. >> makes sense. so just what was going through 52-year-old francesco schettino's head when he abandoned ship? joining us now is fox news contributor and psychiatrist dr.
8:47 am
keith ablow, doctor, great to see you this morning. >> hey, ali. >> can't you just call this cowardice or is there some other psychological explanation for what he did? >> well, there can definitely be another psychological evaluation. i haven't evaluated him and won't give him a formal diagnosis. listen, there are two kinds of people who gravitate towards uniforms. people who really fill them and own them and people who are hiding behind them. because inside, there isn't any substance. this seems to be a person of the latter variety. he came to this cruise line in the security force as a security officer, then was promoted to captain. the uniform may be something of a suit of armor for him inside. he's still the guy who calls his mommy when the ship crashes and says mommy, i'm ok. that was the first call that he made. >> i mean, i know you shrinks always like to look at the relationships with one's mother. but you think that's telling, that that was his first call. what does that tell you?
8:48 am
>> well, i think that it goes with the theme. and as a psychiatrist, you look for a story line. so you say well, look, number one, the guy seems to want to wear the uniform. whether it's security or he wants to be the captain, number two, what is he using it for? he's using it to seduce a woman, reports are, that evening. that he's drinking alcohol. so again, liquid courage. women to bolster self-esteem. and then when the ship goes down, the call goes right to the woman who has occupied, perhaps, first place in his life always, his mom. because inside, this may be a little boy on a toy boat. it's so scary, alisyn, to think that you could hire someone to be captain when he's faking being a captain and he's really a coward in a suit of clothes. >> yeah, and you heard that very interesting exchange with the other authorities saying what are you doing? get back on board. i mean, in other words, other people knew that he was supposed to be there. but also, his -- the excuses
8:49 am
that he gave afterwards are also interesting. he tripped into the lifeboat. he accidentally tripped into the lifeboat, he said, and it happened to ferry him over to the island or he was catapulted into the water. >> he's acting. in other words, these explanations ring completely untrue and unfathomable because they're not based on any kind of core integrity. it's the same kind of explanation you'd get from somebody like scott peterson who took his wife's life or another person with some sociopathic characteristics who can't evaluate whether those stories are going to ring true or false because they have no anchor in the truth. >> i like that metaphor, dr. ablow, very nice. thanks. >> and it's early. >> right. thanks so much for coming in with your input. >> thanks, alisyn. >> ok. up next, a rough week for former speaker newt gingrich after his second wife exposed alleged secrets about their marriage. but it did not seem to hurt him in the polls. in fact, it may have helped him
8:50 am
in the polls. so has america gotten past newt's past? then, she was smaller than a soda can at birth. but this miracle baby is finally coming home. we have the heartwarming story coming up. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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8:53 am
>> in case you missed it, just moments ago, former speaker newt gingrich took on us and our media bias after asking him if he'd like to respond to governor romney's request to make public all the documents from his ethics investigation. is there really media bias here
8:54 am
or is this a battle that newt gingrich is choosing to go down and win? let's ask tony katts, radio host and tea party activist. good morning to you, tony. >> this is interesting because some people say that john king was asking a very fair question. i know my co-host clayton morris just asked a question, if the speaker would like to respond to governor romney's request. no media bias. no lack of balance whatsoever. is this just working for newt and he's going to stick with it? >> the answer is yes to both with john king relieving media bias chls there's a difference between when clayton is on "fox & friends" that is a news question compared to when it's a presidential debate. people are interested in one thing, the economy. they're interested in one thing, jobs. they're interested in one thing, foreign policy and how to make a better america. they don't give a holy damn about who newt gingrich slept with, where and how. they don't care. in south carolina it's not the
8:55 am
number of marriages. the number is 9. 9% unemployment. everything else is meaningless. john king knew it and john king did the bidding of his overlords at cnn and of abc. that's what happened. john king is now racing george stephanopoulos for the title of worst debate moderator ever. >> the polls show clearly that newt is surging. up six points in the last clemson university poll. is this about newt's performance or mitt struggling in the past week, failing to answer these questions about tax returns and about bain capital? >> i think also that's a question of both. because the debate field has been shrinking we saw it first in myrtle beach where romney had his first trip-ups. five guys on the stage. more time to answer the question and romney doesn't have long form answers yet. he only has soundbite answers. let's go to thursday night. charleston, south carolina, four guys on the stage and romney can't get through an entire
8:56 am
sentence or an entire answer without forgetting where he is. he had a rick perry moment. in that debate, he actually referred to massachusetts health care as romney care. this is not good stuff for mitt romney. mitt romney needs a lot of practice dealing in a debate forum and his team obviously doesn't want him to do that. but gingrich and his attack on the press is because the press attacks him. >> rick santorum said the longer this thing goes on, the better. charles krauthammer says it's self-destructive that these candidates are helping president obama, eric cantor from virginia said the shorter this thing is the better. what do you think? >> last night after senator santorum was done on hannity, he came into the blogger bash that we had here and spoke with the new media people. dick morris joined after as well. and they both agreed that the longer it goes on, the better because once you solidify around a candidate, all you have is leftist press attacking that candidate. we control the narrative right now. g.o.p. the republicans, the
8:57 am
conservatives, the tea party controlling that narrative as dick morris said last night through the blogers at blogger bash, the president has become irrelevant. >> got to leave it there. thank you. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. [ male announcer ] capri sun has 25% less sugar
8:58 am
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9:00 am
dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. >> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, january 21st, i'm alisyn camerota. let the voting begin. it actually did two hours ago. folks in south carolina are already casting ballots in what could be a historic south carolina primary. we have a live report from charleston in moments. >> dave: and one of the first snowstorms of the season hitting the northeast, but mother nature creating a major mess from coast to coast, including tornado threats in south carolina as voters head to the polls. >> clayton: plus, the perfect collaboration, the rap off between dave and vanilla ice. >> dave: no. >> alisyn: play it. >> listen ice is back with a brand new addition.
9:01 am
something grabs me titlely, daily and nightly. will it ever stop, i don't know. and the video that's making waves across this nation. and in fact, we have a team from tmz waiting to interview him. >> alisyn: your political career is over. >> dave: no question, but my musical career is just starting. >> clayton: "fox & friends" right now. ♪ >> enough rapping for the moment and tune into the after the show show for more of that, but right to the main story in south carolina where voting is underway. >> clayton: john roberts joins us live in charleston and people have been voting for two hours now, what is the scene? >> good morning to you, clayton. well, the scene is, a lot of people are going to be going
9:02 am
out to the polls and the big question, the weather the front moving in from the northwest to the southeast and it's raining now in the upstate and that rain is going to move across the state and be here at the coast later on and will that dampen turnout? probably not. let's shape up the race for you, three big battle grounds to think about today, the coast and the military vote and what happens in the upstate and let's put up the congressional district map and the first and second congressional districts along the coast. if mitt romney hopes to pull out a victory, he's got to do as well as john mccain did in 2008. mitt romney is probably going to take the first and second district areas, if he does well in third and fourth in the upstate, greenberg, spar spartans berg area and there's a battle for the low country in the coastal area and mitt romney has to believe he did as much as john mccain did in
9:03 am
2008 to hang on. newt gingrich is doing well, and also in the low country and perhaps more of a battle than in 2008. as to what newt gingrich has to do. >> he has to be successful in the middle part of the state and where we have a lot of republicans and democrats and it's kind of mixed and i think it's going to be difficult for him to win the coastal areas of south carolina and i think in the wake of what's occurred recently in the news, newt gingrich will have a difficult time in the upstate. >> reporter: we'll see how that plays when they go into the voting booth. rick santorum is very popular in the upstate. if he could drain enough votes from mitt romney, newt gingrich could take the state. >> and ron paul he repeatedly say he's got the military vote 2-1 margin in south carolina,
9:04 am
that they don't want wars, they want to strengthen defense at home and ron paul says he's out in front on that. what are you hearing about the military vote. >> unlike 2008 the military vote went 0 john mccain, more of a tossup this time around. some folks in the military are with ron paul and a lot with mitt romney because of the support from john mccain and held an event at hilton head island last friday and so many people tried to get into the event and created a traffic jam that romney couldn't get through and newt gingrich has appeal with the military. it's not going one direction this year, i talked with the strategist for the romney campaign and says this is going to be tight. if mitt romney pulls off a win, they got after the two debates and stalled out somewhat, boy, what a race. >> should be a fun day for you, john. good luck to you, thanks for being with us bright and early. the largest newspaper in south carolina does confirm both
9:05 am
newt gingrich and mitt romney will be at tom's country at the same time and a miscommunication and going ahead with the appearance. how will we work. >> alisyn: we will ask tim pawlenty, he'll be on with us, a spokesperson or surrogate for the romney campaign. we've had a big show, if you're just waking up and tuning in, let us recap for you the very a-level guest that is we have he had, starting with senator rick santorum. now, he was on "fox & friends" and he talked about how he doesn't believe that newt gingrich is really a reagan conservative. let's listen. >> newt can cast himself as anything he wants, and try to juxtapose himself to mitt romney, but he certainly is not a reagan comfort. a reagan conservative didn't support the bailout.
9:06 am
on a couch with nancy pelosi and talk about global warming and a path to legality in this country for illegal immigrants, that's not a reagan conservative. there are three disticket choices here, look at the one with the best chance of winning the election and governing where america needs to go. >> clayton: and then newt gingrich was on moments after that and we asked him this question which i thought was a fair question, earlier mitt romney's camp blasted newt gingrich's camp releasing his the ethics information. >> you'll recall of course, newt gingrich's asked romney to release the tax. newt gingrich says it's online, that wasn't good enough for the romney camp we want the other documents that aren't on line and this is what newt gingrich responded with, take a listen. >> don't you sort of admire the arrogance and dishonesty of the romney campaign? they can't release the tax records, they're hiding, he can't answer coherently on the
9:07 am
debate and attack me for not disclosing, by the way the later decisions by a federal court, federal election commission, all of them exonerated me and said i was right and that congress was wrong on every single one of those issues so i'm perfectly happy-- that's 900 pages, romney's released zero. >> ultimately south carolina voters are going to go to the polls and they're going to vote based largely on the economy. a 9.9 unemployment rate and one the of the interesting disagreements out there how long this thing should go on. eric cantor said yesterday, the shorter the better, on the flip side, we've had guests all over the place saying that the longer this thing goes on. >> alisyn: meaning the primary. >> dave: the better. the primary. charles krauthammer said these are destructive candidates helping president obama. karl rove said a longer process could help the democrat with hillary and barack obama going on for a long time because you get to vet the candidates and american people see them and wouldn't it be bad for the republican party to have a long primary process and we should also mention, folks,
9:08 am
this south carolina primary, you can walk away with a number of delegates and ron paul if he has a strong surge and clean up with delegates, could walk away with a big bag of delegates and not a clear winner. >> and second in florida in terms of delegates. >> alisyn: and people are engaged in the process, look at ratings for the debates, people are tuning in and enjoying. >> dave: rick santorum is not dropping out. he made at that clear on our air this morning. >> alisyn: all right. now, rick reichmuth is not dropping out either, despite the calls from various, various dem graphics and constituen constituents. >> i'm not going anywhere, a big weather story across south carolina today, big impacts for voting. everybody's going to see rain by the time the day is done. right now you're waking up and it's spring-like, there's rain that moved through during the the overnight hour and a lot
9:09 am
more rain to be had and some is moving up across the piedmont and take a look at future radar, 9 a.m., most of the rain is off towards the west, but you will he' start to see this cut across the blue ridge, through the peedmont and the low country. up in the early afternoon in the the peedmont and later afternoon towards the coastal plains, so we're going to be seeing thunderstorms for everybody, some are going to be severe, could see an isolated tornado today across the area and certainly some hail and strong winds. and all of this is part of the same storm that to the north is bringing snow and maybe nor one to three inches across the areas around the coastal areas of rhode island and connecticut and might see three to five inches by the time it's done and want storm watches and warnings arn across the west where the big activity is, we're going to continue to see that be the case for a lot of this coming week, at least towards northern parts of the pacific northwest. that's the storm in the east and this is the storm in the
9:10 am
west, and it's been a continuation of this and today, the storms are making their way towards southern california as well. los angeles is starting to get some of that rain, all right, guys, back to you. >> rick, thanks so much. let's get to your news and other headlines to tell you about. take a look at newly released video shot by the passenger of the costa concordia, one crew member is directing passengers into life boats and another crew members tell them the opposite and tells them to go back to their cabins because everything is under control. of course, that was not the case and 11 passengers ended up dying on the sinking ship and 20 others are still missing today. pakistani officials looking to strike a diplomatic deal with the u.s. and demanding the cia stop the drone operations in pakistan and in return, allow the u.s. military trainers back in the country within the next few months and pakistan is expect today present more conditions to the white house sometime this week and relations between the two countries have been deteriorating since that
9:11 am
accidental n.a.t.o. strike killed 24 pakistani soldiers two months ago, she's called a miracle baby, looking at four month old melinda guido, leaving a los angeles hospital the first time since she was born 16 weeks premature. at that point she weighed a startling 9 1/2 ounces. the and that's about the weight of a soda can. now, at just more than four pounds, she's still small, but doctors cleared her to go home and her parents are understandably overjoyed. >> i am 'm just happy that she' here and a good fighter. >> alisyn: a good fighter is right. according to the global birth registry, melinda is the third smallest baby. and as a mom of premature tiny twins i can tell you what modern medicine can do with helping premature babies is remarkable. >> clayton: less than a can.
9:12 am
>> dave: good for that family. >> clayton: and history shows you need to win south carolina to win the nomination. but he says you don't, tim pawlenty explains next. >> alisyn: if case you missed. >> ice is back with a brand new edition, something grabs a hold of me tightly, flows like a harpoon daily and nightly. and will it ever flow? i don't know. >> and keep rolling on this, we have more of dave's new collaboration with vanilla ice. >> they're going on tour together. >> deadly this player don't melody anything less than the best is felony. love it or leave it better hit bulls eye the kid don't-- . rth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. hey, i love your cereal there-- it's got that sweet honey taste. buno way it's calories, right? no way. lady, i just drive the truck.
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9:15 am
>> voters are already headed to the polls in south carolina, so is today make or break for mitt romney? does he need to win the palmetto state in order to win the nomination. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty is with us from minneapolis, a former presidential candidate as you
9:16 am
know, who dropped his own campaign in august and endorsed mitt romney. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning to you, and after watching dave in that vanilla ice clip, i'm reminded from the line the old clint eastwood movie "a man's got to know his limitations" (laughter) . >> wow! >> thank you, governor, i appreciate it very much. >> speaking of limb nations, it's been held that no one has gone on to win the nomination who hasn't won the south caroli carolina, but you disagree with that metric. if mitt romney doesn't win there, you think everything is fine, he can continue without harm? >> a few things, first of all the polls in south carolina are neck and neck. last cycle mitt romney fourth place with 15% of the vote and at or near the lead in south carolina is a tremulous achievement for him and america and his campaign. what i said look, history was a guide, but not a guarantee and the thing about mitt romney's campaign, it's built to go the distance.
9:17 am
he's able to compete successfully in the early states and also able to compete nationally and to have the candidate who can beat barack obama, that's the kind of capability, capacity, support that we're going to need. newt gingrich couldn't get on the battle in his home state of virginia and he missed the ballot deadline. we think, we hope that mitt romney will win south carolina today and we always said it would be an uphill battle. he's got a campaign that's going to do well and i believe he's gog win in south carolina and go out and vote for him. >> governor, some pundits have suggested that mitt romney has fumbled the answer about his tax returns. and yet, there is a simple answer, he could just say, i'm he going to release it in april and that's the customary time to do it or he could-- >> or no, i'm not. >> or no, i'm not or a better answer than that, why does he seem so back on his heels with the tax return stuff? >> in fairness to mitt. i think he's been pretty clear, he's said, a, he will
9:18 am
release his return and b, april or before and x, he'll do it for multiple years. >> he said maybe, i think we're referring to the debate where he said maybe. >> well, i think that was relating to whether he was going to do it 12 years or some other multiple number of years, but ron paul is not going to release his at all. newt gingrich released one year not multiple years and rick santorum gave a nonanswers, look, i'll do it when i get home. is that in may, june, july? mitt romney made a more specific and definitive commitment regarding his tax returns than any other candidate on that stage. >> dave: he has not committed to the florida debates. there's one on monday in tampa, will he debate? >> well, the campaign will make a pronouncement about that, but i don't think that mitt's missed any debate yet this season, he's done 17 or 18 of them and the fact of the matter is only one candidate who's got consistently steady and a-grades in the debates, mitt romney.
9:19 am
if you're going to defeat barack obama, we need somebody not just a day, day in and day out, week in and week out, steady and successful president and the same can't be said from the other candidates. >> clayton: i've heard from newt supporters on twitter and want to ask if question about transparency, if he'd come forward and release the tax returns sooner rather than later after the party has a nominee. they want to know what's in these things. or shore accounts mysteriously talked about. and newt supporters want to know that. why wouldn't the governor come out and get it done and out of the way. >> first of all, there's more information in mitt romney's public financial disclosures than you'll see in the tax return so all of his investments and range of investments have already bb disclosed and the reason that he we know about the so-called cayman island investments they've been previously disclosed and by the way, mitt's investments are in a blind trust, he didn't make the decision to put those investments in a particular place, and wherever those
9:20 am
investments are, whether they're in the cayman islands or the united states or anywhere else, they pay the exact same tax rate as they would have paid if they were in the united states, not a penny less, should be clear about that and with respect to the commitment, he's made the commitment to disclose his tax returns, multiple years, by april or before, and that's consistent with the precedent and tradition of other major presidential candidates and more than any other candidate in this race. where is newt's tax returns for not just one years or twoors, three years back? where is his disclosure with respect to the congressional investigation that was referenced earlier in your show. >> alisyn: we did ask him about that and we will again when we have an opportunity. and governor tim pawlenty, thanks so much. obviously, you were thinking about a career with your tea-pa handle. >> dave: you and me, governor. >> alisyn, there's a fine line between being bold and stupid. >> alisyn: thanks. >> clayton: well said.
9:21 am
republicans are to blame for the failed keystone pipeline and is that the case and will president obama pay theles price at the polls? that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
9:22 am
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9:24 am
♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends." president obama's decision to kill the keystone pipeline, trans canada plans to reapply for permits and exploring option was asia. joining us, jack, nice to see this morning. >> nice to see you, thanks for having me on. >> clayton: as a member of the petroleum institute i imagine i understand where you stand on this issue. here is a statement from the obama administration, on the pipeline. i want you to respond to this. they say the arbitrary nature of a deadline that prevented
9:25 am
the state department to gather the information to approve the project and product the american people is the reason it failed. what do you say to that. >> i say it's a weak excuse to reject 20,000 new american jobs. people need to understand this pipeline has been under review for three years now, two comprehensive environmental, and no impact to our environment. after three years of review to somehow suggest that a commitment on the part of the congress to say, mr. president, make a decision. the president's been going around the country talking about we can't wait for job creation. we agree with the president, unfortunately, he rejected the largest shovel ready job creator in the country today. >> clayton: let's talk about that and obviously, they're not here to defend themselves so i'll have to do that. what they say is 20,000 jobs number is dubious at best and that the only independent
9:26 am
study that hasn't been conducted by the petroleum institute would have created between 500 and 1400 jobs not 20,000. what do you say, because it turns out the petroleum institute in their independent study found that number. what do you say to the jobs number. >> first of all, everybody con througheded that it creates jobs. we can argue that 20,000, 50,000, 10,000, the bottom line, it's a job creator so i think we should be for job creation in this country, it's the number one issue on the public's mind so we should be for it. let me raise a second point which is critically important here. this is a 7 billion dollar private investment that runs 1700 miles long across the country. and how can you put that much money into the ground by burying a pipeline for energy security and not create jobs? and their argument is silly on its phis. >> you mentioned the environment and i'll get your take on that, they're not here to defend themselves. their side.
9:27 am
the nebraska governor may have signed off on that, but many folks in nebraska and legislature who weren't on board with this and thought thoo this pipeline would go through a clean water system. in fact, the obama administration says they gave them 60 days to-- the opportunity to move it, give them 60 days to move it to one direction or the other and get it out of that clean waterway and they didn't do anything about it. what do you say to that? >> well, two things, first of all, the governor of nebraska is very disappointed in the president's decision to reject the keystone xl pipeline and secondly, this is more morn, the requirement of the congress to make this decision in 60 days specifically excluded the process in nebraska. all, the only decision the president had to make is this in the national interest. they had all the time they need today make the nebraska determinations, so, to somehow blame it on nebraska is not right, and frankly, it's misleading. >> clayton: all right, jack gerard, president of the american petroleum institute. and interesting stuff this
9:28 am
morning, we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> clayton, thank you for having he me on. always good to visit. >> clayton: absolutely. ahead, is constant praise leading to the wussif ication of america's children? >> and governor romney says he's proud of his success. and neil cavuto will join us after the break. and the perfect collaboration. >> ice is back with a brand new he digs, something grabs a hold of me, grabbing a hold of me, daily and nightly. to the extreme i rock a mike like a, and light up the stage. >> coming up. >> deadly, and player don't melody anything less than the best is felony. love it or lead it, better hit bulls i the kid don't-- on top of her prescriptions. thankfully, her walgreens pharmacist recommended a 3-month supply. now, mary gets 3 refills in one
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9:32 am
>> oh, boy, do we have a good shot of the morning for you. think of this, dave briggs turns into a rapper. earlier on "fox & friends," he impressed all of us, because vanilla ice was on and our on home slice. >> dave: i blame you. >> alisyn: and toe to toe, here are dave's skills. >> ready? >> listen, ice is back with a brand new he digs, something, grabs a hold of me tightly. flow like a harpoon daily and nighty. will it ever pop, yo, i don't know. to the extreme i rock a mike, and light up the stage like a
9:33 am
candle. killing your wran like a poisonous mushroom and deadly, anything less than the best is a felony. love it or leet it better gain weight. the kid don't play. if there's a problem, yo, i'll solve it. check out the rook and the dj revolves it. [applause]. >> joining us now to weigh in on this, the host of your world. >> and it's neil cavuto, have you ever seen a finer moment of television? >> i don't think i have. >> what was scary about dave, he knew all the words. >> that's the point. >> normally like, i don't know a song through and through, like a couple of lines and then i sort of mumble the rest. he knew every line and which on many levels is very-- >> disturbing. >> clayton: you know how dave spent his entire high school career. >> that was he very funny, very much enjoyed that. >> clayton: tell, you have big fox business network, special
9:34 am
coverage of today's election, tonight, the coverage starts and you're up with us this morning. >> we're getting ready for two hours after you guys and in honor of dave, we're rapping the entire coverage. everything will rhyme. it will be like a big old, you know, political dr. suess book, from ten to 12 we'll look at the financial side of this and you guys know and reported extensively, south carolina has a lot of problems, near double digit unemployment and frustrated and a the lot of people giving up on work and a bellwether for the rest of the country and probably better since states like new hampshire and iowa and we're focusing on what's going on all over the state. the big enchalada is tonight, and grateful to our colleagues, megyn kelly and bret baier, decided it's okay if you dvr them on fox news and move over to fox business. >> alisyn: i didn't get that memo. >> it's there, i show you, i
9:35 am
can do roger ailes' signature and he said dvr them, watch neil because he's talking to the likes of intel chairman and former chairman of the new york jets and the billionaire investor who put his money on rick santorum and that's coming up tonight. so that the best of both worlds, guys. >> nice. >> roger says it's okay, we'll go with it. i want you to go with the whole tax exchange between newt gingrich and mitt romney. how important is it that mitt romney releases his tax returns or more important how he handles the questions the last days. >> i think it's how to handle the questions, i think, at this point, george bush hadn't released his returns, waited until april and john mccain until april and neither of those gentlemen are as rich as mitt romney or invested or had, you know, assets all over the world, as does mitt
9:36 am
romney. so, the better of part of valor might be as christy says, release them. not so easy in romney's case. i heard one of your guests say prior, pawlenty, i thought was very unfair to criticize the rapping thing, but that's just me. >> right. >> i think the issue now, just release them and get it out of the way. >> neil. >> which he probably will. >> alisyn: let me ask you something. we had governor huckabee on last weekend and he'll come on in a few minutes, he says it's dangerous, because nobody understands their own tax returns. >> no, i agree he with na. >> alisyn: and somebody else's-- >> i agree with that and all the more when you're a gazillionaire and you have all of these trusts and moneys invested abroad in the cayman islands and as governor pawlenty, this is one rap i don't think it fair to governor romney that somehow going to some of the off shore locations he's getting any sort after tax break, that's not the case, a lot of the people invest money abroad or put it abroad they're still
9:37 am
paying american taxes. leaving that aside, it looks confusing to folks who barely understand their own taxes and don't understand why someone with that amount of money might end up paying like just 15% capital gains tax. and not knowing that the money that he's getting is just a pile of money, that he's sitting on, that he's already paid taxes on prior and it's essentially paying off the capital gains that have money. it's complicated for a lot of people and it doesn't sound right, but it is, what it is. en optics as they say don't look good. if in doubt, get it out. le people see and argue whether you should or not get a lot of years out of there. it's complicated for folks, but in this day and age of getting everything out there. i always say best to get it out there and don't rap about it, don't rap. >> yeah, that's the best advice. >> take it as you will. >> dave: neil. >> hopefully you'll take that to heart. >> clayton: neil cavuto special coverage all day today on the fox business network and check that out and dvr fox
9:38 am
news channel and go to fox business, we got the memo. >> there, you go with my forged signature. >> appreciate it, sir. >> alisyn: there you go, there's the promo again , thanks to neil. we've got a lot of news to tell you about. a fox news alert, there are brand new reports that an american has been kidnapped in somalia. we're told it was an engineer to carry out a value for some coastal port. the kidnappers reportedly surrounded the man's car shortly after he left the airport and forced him into another vehicle at gun point. we'll bring you more details as we know them. fire officials now what sparked a massive brush fire near reno, nevada. an elderly man stepped forward saying he started the fire by accident and the men apparently expressed it happened when he tossed fireplace ashes into the trash and that's the same with the stanford, connecticut tragedy.
9:39 am
at least 29 homes have been destroyed by the fire and thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes, and the man who could reportedly face jail time and be fined for the cost of the fire which already totals 690,000 dollars. and senate and house leaders may be inching closing to keying the f.a.a. hope. don't expect a long-term funding bill to come at the end of the month, when the temporary bill expires. congress has been forced to pass 22 short-term extensions allowing the f.a.a. to operate since the last long-term legislation expired in 2007. this incredible story out of colorado, a nine-year-old girl, escaping her kidnapper and calling 911. and that brave little girl is calista cordova. police say suspected sex offender garcia abducted her, in an unbelievable twist of face his car reportedly broke down and when a passenger gave him a ride to a nearby convenience score and cordova jumped on the opportunity to
9:40 am
call police and her face says she could not be more proud or relieved. she did everything i've ever told her to do and to get away, to fight. don't stop fighting. >> aen calista did have several bruises on body and face and is recovering at a low he cal hospital and garcia, the suspected abductor is behind bars. those are your headlines. >> clayton: let's check in with rick now, who has a look at the forecast and he's out in the snowy northeast. >> can you believe it snowy northeast and almost to january to say snowy northeast. big news story we haven't had it happen yet. not that big of a snowstorm, three inches, four inches? a few spots and central park latest regents, 1.3, a couple hours ago, two and a half probably by this point and take a look at the maps and you can see what's going on. the cold air is definitely in place and the snow is fallen overnight and stuck on the road and so the roads are
9:41 am
extremely slick. it's a saturday. so if you don't go outside, try to avoid it at all. you can see how warm it is to the southeast and today the threat for severe weather across the south. kind of like a spring type storm situation and severe weather, including some tornados, where you see that yellow where we have the severe weather threat today, includes south carolina, and certainly, people have to watch out for that, but right now where you see the that red box, it's a tornado watch in effect until one o'clock eastern time and 12 central and the northern side of the storm, that's where we've got the snow going on. coming from around philadelphia, two and a half inches of snow and it's crossing over now into some ice and freezing rain and slick conditions there, moving across the west though, i tell you what, the west had a major winter week finally and areas around lake tahoe had the driest december ever and brought the fire conditions where we saw the fire yesterday in reno and now rain and snow going there and the ski resorts there are thrilled to be getting that and you
9:42 am
will see that rain, and los angeles getting the rain and looks like we're going to continue to see a few more storms lined up for the pacific northwest and look at the temps, not that bad to the south and feeling very much like springtime. back to you, and alisyn, i know you don't like the weather, get ready by monday, into the mid 50's and rain. there you go, oh, unlike that weather. work on it, rick. >> what do you like, 70 degrees? >> and sunny, yes. >> it happens four days a year. >> coming up, we saw a mainstream media go after newt gingrich's thursday night debate. are they looking at the candidates and coddling the president? mike huckabee knows what it's like to run for president. boy was he grilled. that's next. ♪ hot, hot, hot
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>> wm welcome back. the latest debate opened with fireworks as you know, but not between the candidates, it was between former speaker of the house newt gingrich and john king the moderator. >> let me be quite clear, the story is false, every personal friend i have who knew us in that period said the story was false and we offered to several from abc to prove it was false. they weren't interested. they would like to attack the governor, attacking me and presently get around to senator santorum and senator paul i'm tired of barack obama attacking the-- >> and joining us governor mike huckabee. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning to all you have. >> clayton: i think newt gingrich mentioned before. unless somebody has an i'm paying for m microphone reagan
9:47 am
moment, this could be a process that would favor. for those who aren't familiar, here is that from the '80s, take a look. >> and could you turn that microphone-- >> i am paying for this microphone! >> was that his i'm paying for this microphone moment? >> it was a seminal moment for his campaign and the south carolina primary. an interesting thing, reagan borrowed that line from spencer tracy from the movie "state of the union" and the man's name it wasn't mr. green, but it didn't matter because it was such a powerful moment and he showed that he was taking command and stuffing it right down the throat of the guy that was going to turn his microphone off and it was a big boost to him. and campaigns have these seminal moments and they're he very important, but you one elections over the long haul. no one event wins it or lose tz although it's possible that you could have a moment that could lose it. newt had a great night the
9:48 am
other night. there's no doubt about it and i think that, you know, the political person in me loved the moment because republicans don't like the media, and newt took a situation where he was attacked, and he turned it back on the attacker, and made the attacker look worse than anything he had done. >> dave: rick santorum called it a gift moments ago, he said it was a gift from john king. if that was newt's finest moment it was it mitt romney's worse when he tried somewhat to answer the question about his tax returns after he's failed to answer the bain capital question he very well. how do you think he's doing in answering the questions and how would you do it? >> well, he's been, i think, stumbling up to this point and it's unfortunate, because he's got a great answer. you ask how i would do it. i'll tell you how would i do it. look, by law i have to release a detailed financial statement, which i have done. you know more about my finance ps than we know about anybody else's finances, certainly you guys that are asking the the questions, that's his sort of
9:49 am
put down to the press, and then he says, i'll release my tax returns if i think it's relevant to the campaign, but since you don't even understand your own taxes since we have a treasury secretary tim geithner who doesn't understand his taxes why on earth do you think you'd understand my taxes 'cause quite frankly, i am a wealthy man and i have complicated tax returns, and if you don't understand your own you sure aren't going to understand mine, no, i'm not going to re-release it on your timetable, i'll release it on mine, and end of story. he hasn't done it, always sort he looks like he's looking for the answer. >> alisyn: i hear the other candidates taking notes, verbatim for what you just said. quickly, who does south carolina matter the most to of the four candidates left? >> in many ways rick santorum. while newt and romney are fighting for number one and number two, rick santorum needs to show he's still on his feet and able to move forward from here and so, if he's so far back in the pack,
9:50 am
there would be a lot of pressure on him to withdraw. i hope he doesn't withdraw. he shouldn't withdraw because of one primary and i think that h'd be very unfortunate he's had better in iowa and new hampshire than newt gingrich. people shouldn't say, he ought to get out. rick santorum makes that decision. >> clayton: governor huckabee, stick around. parents, telling your child they've done a good job makes them a wuss? more on the wussification coming up. ♪ ork day. campbell's microwavable soups. in three minutes -- the deliciousness that brings a smile to any monday.
9:51 am
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>> well, you hear it all the time. parents ts for not being fed for four
9:55 am
days, you're not doing a kid a favor, and i liked it the old way the way i grew up. sometimes it was harsh when we were told that stinks. but i think it takes us either do better or find something that we can do better and that's what happened to me. when i wasn't a great athlete, it was pretty blunt, you're not a great athlete so i knew i was never going to quarterback the cowboys to a super bowl victory and this year it doesn't seem that anybody is. what i found was that i could play music, i found other talents and gifts and that's what every parent should do. fined things is naturally gifted for, encourage them, but don't tell them they're great at something in which they actually don't do very well. >> we've gotten away from giving folks grades and if they're winning, it's a tie, we don't want to keep store. >> we don't want hurt feelings. >> and raising up abraham lincoln, how many elections he
9:56 am
lost before he became president and all those losses make that person a better person and we're getting away from that, aren't we. >> i hate this thing, everybody gets a trophy, all you had to do is show up. having a pulse is a wonderful thing, but nothing to be congratulated for, because everybody's got a pulse and a belly button. here is what i think we ought to be focusing on, the fact that if there's something you don't have or can't do, the beautiful thing about being a human being is that you might be able to do it. i grew up dirt poor in south arkansas, i did not he recent that kids had more than i did, but what it did, it made me dream and hope and believe if i would get a good education and work real hard maybe one day i'd get to do the things that i didn't think i'd ever get to do as a kid. >> like go on national television and offer the best quote in four hours, everybody has a pulse and a belly button. >> pearls of wisdom. >> so you tomorrow night. >> see you in two minutes. >> it's been a long show. one of the planet's
9:57 am
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