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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 21, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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>> well, the showdown in south carolina, the scramble for last minute undecided voters, hello, everyone, glad you're with us, i'm gregg jarrett. >> we've learned a lot of undecided voters, waiting until the last minute. i'm jamie colby, welcome to the brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. there are already long lines reported at stations across the palmetto state, but the weather could be the weather, could impact turnout in some areas, specifically the western communities, like greenville, where there's even a tornado watch in effect. mitt romney and newt gingrich in a virtual dead heat headed into today's contest, neither one will give a single inch as the campaign for the south primary comes, we expect to a
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dramatic end. and chief political correspondent carl cameron joins us live on the way to columbia, south carolina, what's the latest? >> well, hi be, jamie, we're' on route 385 headed south from the upstate greenville, spartansburg area, the conservative bastion of the state and down to columbia, several candidates holding the ehe lex night headquarters and celebrations and perhaps something less than celebrations. we're going to switch to the outside camera from our mobile vehicle as we broadcast live and show you the weather. there is a driving rain here in the upstate and it is covering much of south carolina. first in the nation primary vote,today are going to the polls with umbrellas and rain coats in most of the state. in the low country, particularly the sea coast, it's not raining and in fact, temperatures around 55, 70 degrees and they're not
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dealing with this weather, but turnout is going to on and you can see it. and now for the race itself. up in greenville at tommy's ham house, we had this potential intersection of both mitt romney and newt gingrich at the same event at the same time, but the the last minute, the romney campaign changed its plan and came early. mitt romney came and made his pitch to a packed house. he was swarmed by reporters, there were dozens of kids screaming in the parking lot and turned out not to be south carolinaens, but import students brought from other students and around the country, particularly virginia and mitt romney made the point very aggressively that no matter what happens tonight, he looks forward to races down the road, and he mentioned florida, which votes ten days from now. he then went on to mention nevada and michigan and colorado, states that are significantly further ahead in the calendar, signaling from the romney campaign that the candidate himself, that he expects this now to be a race
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against his rivals and he's not likely to run the table and knock anybody significantly out of the race tonight. specifically, newt gingrich had a big, big surge in the polls, just this week. and after the new hampshire primary, gingrich was trailing dramatically. his crowds have surged and his enthusiasm and his combative nature on the campaign trail has taken over and he has been taking it to mitt romney aggressively and we saw that at tommy's ham house and gingrich walked in a half hour after he left and said where is mitt. he was looking forward to debating the issue at the crowded breakfast and dinner ham hall and tommy has been doing it and a lot of republican candidates come there. the intersection or lack there of between gingrich and romney seems to be what is put forth tonight. we'll he see when they make up their minds and a lot go into
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the voting booth undecided and we'll talk to them. many, many republicans plan to vote and decided and gingrich has the momentum behind him and would he pull off a win here tonight we would have gone from one win for rick santorum in iowa one win in new hampshire for mitt romney and possibility of newt gingrich evening it up with three candidates and we can't rule out ron paul who says he's going. and rick santorum today said he thinks it's better for the party and the country for-- (inaudible) some people he wanted to be short he claimed for the mitt romney and the media, doesn't look like it's going on that way. it's going to be close, could ab late night and looks as though gingrich has something going for him. even without the race, lots of buzz around. >> we won't miss this with you on the road. drive safe with all of that rain, carl, take care. >> with mitt romney and romney
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locked in what appears to be a tightening battle in south carolina, every single vote will make a difference. a pair of candidates that dropped out this week, john huntsman, rick perry may have had only small percentages, but the endorsement and huntsman backing romney and perry backing gingrich and could play a key role in south carolina. where will the votes go. fox news contributor, governor, good to see you, so where do the votes go? >> i think dispro 0 portion natalie they go to gingrich. you know, i've literally heard a number of ron paul supporters say i want to vote for him, but i think it comes down to romney with somebody else and i have to go to somebody else. there's a consolidation, it seems to me around gingrich and because what you've had from the beginning, is romney about a third of the vote, but two-thirds of the vote out there somewhere else. he's consolidating that, and what may be number one
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tonight. >> governor, you've got a terrific course on and we invite our viewers to check it out. you've made three points about today's south carolina primary, and i want to get all three, and let me start with the second one first because this is the most important. you say this is all about, and minus james carville's famous quote during the clinton-bush race, it's the economy, stupid, which clearly is important in south carolina with almost 10% unemployment. let me quote you, and it up on the screen. nothing else explains rick santorum's inability to ignite in south carolina, the head wind was the economy and social conservatives and born again christian ins this state have not changed. what has changed is their focus. and does that give a slight advantage to rommel because of his business experience, his background in creating jobs? >> at first blush, yes.
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but i think they know, some level of unease not with the vulture capitalism, that attack when it did start, but not as connect today the economy that i'm connected to. the question about returning the tax returns or laying them out, i think, has raised that question, yeah, he's a good business guy, but is he a business guy that would focus on things i might care about? or, you know, clinton or the spot in south carolina? i think that's the larger question out there in voters minds and again, explains why some of the the votes seem to be turning to gingrich at this point. >> and you also write in your column that ron paul is on to something, what do you mean by that? >> what i said was that, you know, if you look at the history of political movement, you know, mcgovern was a bellwether in the primary in the '70s, anti-war movement which became a significant
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chunk of the democratic party and movement. you look at pat roberts, didn't win the nomination, but a bellwether for the christian coalition for a future influence on the republican party and i would argue that ron paul whether he wins or loses is really on to something, given the number of new folks emerging and being a part of that campaign. he's struck a chord, there's something going on out there and people are focused on the debt and deficit and government spending and freedom. i think he's going to have an impact, win, lose or draw what he does next and making the impact in the direction of the republican party. >> and finally, you write, voters in south carolina are looking for mr. right. well, who is that? >> well, the point i make there, he's not mr. right and the conventional sense, but the sense it seems to me is accurately to be the right of romney, again, why there's consolidation around gingrich and why from the beginning he was singling about a third of
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the vote or two-thirds of the south seemed to being looking for quote, mr. right. for a while flavor of the week or month, with cain and bachmann and perry and go down the list. now we're in the 11th hour, there seems to be consolidation around one person, seems to me gingrich and we'll see tonight, but i think when i say mr. right, i think to the right of romney and that's what i'm here with voters across the state. >> a quick one, i'm nearly out of time. when you and i talked a week ago you talked about how the gingrich sum pac negative ads attacking romney's stewardship of bain capital has back fired. has that abated? >> yeah, they quit talking about it, they knew it wasn't working and you don't see that attack line anymore, it didn't work, and the point that i also said at the time. south carolina is a place to test ideas relative to the cost of the media market in a
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place like florida. they've tested it and it didn't work and other trends, consolidation to the right in the republican primary in south carolina. >> things happy quickly theen qe and in south carolina-- >> make sure to tune into fox news channel, and we have the the campaign trail coverage all day long, and then bret baier, megyn kelly, to kick off the special programming and beginning at 6 p.m. eastern, and going hopefully until we know the winner, i guarantee we'll go until we know the winner tonight only on the fox news channel. >> you'll never leave anyone on that one and a lot of people are watching. >> and while the g.o.p. candidates are pitching their plans for a better america, president obama is using his weekly radio and internet address, days before he gives his state of the union, and pushes plans for what he says the key to getting the u.s. on track, listen. >> we want more visitors coming through and want them
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spending money here, good for our economy and will help provide the boost and more business growth and hire. >> well, president obama is promising to work with lawmakers, republicans say it's another spin from the president, here is texas congressman jeb hencerling. >> regardless of the president's good intentions, his policies have failed the american people. his policies haven't just failed to make the economy better, they have actually made it worse. >> he says the recent ruling on the keystone oil pipeline is just an example of the president's position on job creation and the president has since foot dragging in congress, and largely to blame. largely to blame, yes, so, south carolina may be winding down and we've got a full day ahead, no joke, but there's a big question mark about the fate of another southern primary population spike in texas, with the state's four new voting districts and yesterday the plans for the districts was thrown out by the supreme court, and if they don't reach an agreement by
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april, the presidential race will be the only one at stake, and doug mcelway is live in washington. that's an interesting story, tell us more. >> it's a hugely important decision, it could tell who controls the house of representatives in 2012. texas because of tremendous population growth has gained four seats. and the texas legislature which is controlled by republicans, redrew the state's legislative map in a way that critics say favors the republican parties and the redrawn maps was challenged in front of the texas-mexican american legislative caucus and the lower court ruled-- i should say redrew the map in a way that favors democratic candidates and yesterday, the supreme court of the united states sent the stidecision bac to the lower court saying it did not pay enough ref dense to the legislature.
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to the extent the district court exceeded its mission to draw interim maps that do not violate the constitution or the voting rights act, and substituted its own concept of the collective public good. the court ruled. >> and the u.s. supreme court of our appeal, the supreme court's decision validated the fact na the three-judge panel over in san antonio had exceeded the law, that they had, they had drawn new maps that were not consistent with the supreme court decisions and law. they've not followed the legislature's intent. >> but ironically, a texas state representative, who was part of the challenge to the legislature's redistricting, is also pleased with its decision, telling the new york timeses quote, now, we could very likely have the exact same maps, just with a better explanation, indeed.
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high court was purposely vaig and indicating the lower court had overstepped its authority. and there's a very big question in regard to this. in order for the texas primary to go on as scheduled. this court, lower court has to act by next friday, january 27th. and it's given no indication that it will and that has infuriated the lt. governor who you just heard from and many state republicans that the lower court's lack of urgency will disenfranchise many in the state of texas, jamie. >> big state, lots of voters, keep us posted, thanks, doug, greg? >> well, the past moving system is bearing down on parts of the northeast, this storm is moving into the region overnight, take a look at that, dumping at least four inches in parts of pennsylvania and massachusetts, and folks in our nation's capital seeing light flurries and bracing for freezing rain and some showers there, and the show is slowing
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things down on the streets of new york and outside of our building and better now. the city seeing the first winter snow since that bizarre halloween snowstorm. meteorologist maria molina is live in the weather center. >> you're right. much of it is winding down across new york and d.c. area, we were seeing freezing rain this morning and now it's over with. the one temperatures are just enough that transition from freezing rain and drizzle to plain rain. that's good news for the nation's capital and as far as new york city, the heaviest stuff right now is falling across parts of connecticut and massachusetts and we've reported about 6 1/2 inches of snow out there and a report coming out of new jersey and it's done out there, across most of the northern parts of new jersey and west milford county, picking up to seven inches of snow. for us in new york city, we're talking about three to four inches as far as what we
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picked up from the storm system. as we head to the south. we're not looking about rain and not looking at the snow. we're talking about rain falling in western parts of south carolina and georgia and most of it done and over with. and there's a tornado watch across parts of georgia and western, south carolina that is in effect until 8 p.m. tonight. so we will keep an eye on this area, because this is where the conditions are favorable for thunderstorms to develop that could produce isolated tornados as well as damaging wind gusts and large hail and a number ofornado warnings pop up. and nothing now, a large line across the areas to the southeast, atlanta georgia and there have been reports of large hail and some damage across some of the areas due to wind. the storms will head eastward and we're tracking them as they impact parts of south carolina and is look at the timing, 2 p.m. and across western parts of the states and a line of storms there and
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heading east and kinding dissipating and more scattered in nature and showers as we head into 8 p.m. tonight. that they will continue to linger across the states and need the umbrella if you're headed out to do voting, otherwise winter weather advisories across the northeast will expire as that storm system exits. and in this area hided in wink, we have the winter storm warnings, gregg. >> maria molina, thank you very much, jamie. >> maria, thank you, they've had good weather and bad weather, gregg as they try to find more survivors or victims in the wrecked cruise ship stories, there are breaking developments, rescue teams confirming another victim and the captain manges another, yet, another shocking statement. stay here we have the latest. when you have diabetes...
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>> well, welcome back everybody, we come back to the fox news alert. new developments in the deadly cruise ship disaster off the coast of italy we've been watching, the number of dead now rising to 12 after a woman's body was found on the wreck today and we're getting brand new video of the wreck,
1:22 pm
costa concordia, as divers are able finally to resume their chech and 20 people missing and hearing the very first time that the capital is admitting he quote, messed up, after hitting the rocks. and that's his quote, amy kellogg streaming live for us from giglio island in italy, it's dark, amy, how difficult is this search? >> well, jamie, with 20 people still missing, it's hard to believe, you know, because the ship, i don't know what you can see behind me, but it's quite close and it's hard to imagine that no one can get to those people, but the conditions are rough. it's been quite accumulate generally though, the ship flipped a bit and they have to call the search off from time to time. and disorienting, and there's exploding and the divers could go in a space or cabin and a
1:23 pm
door could shut and lock them in. another body identified after explosions gave divers access to a very narrow corridor near an evaluation point. the woman was wearing a life vest and we don't know who she is or where she was from, and also, the captain's safe was found and that could be crucial to investigators as well as a part of the video camera which was on the bridge and questions about what was going on on that bridge at the time of the crash. and also, jamie, these leaked conversations, these transcripts between captain and the investigators, he's saying, the captain is saying, i did call, costa cruise line and say i'd run the ship aground, i needed help, i needed a tugboat. needed life boats, i needed a helicopter. i tried to storr away from the rock when i saw it coming, the navigation system didn't detect it. i missed it, late by 40 seconds and he explains that he tried to bring it closer to land so that people could get off.
1:24 pm
but of course the bottom line is that people want to know, people, residents, families of missing crew members who were there trying to rescue passengers themselves, want to know why the captain left the ship and sitting on a rock just over here for most of the night, supposedly directing a rescue operation, but people say that he was, or fear he was more or less checked out. now, the environmental issue, secondary of course of the recovery work of the divers, people today saying, officials saying they're not so concerned about fuel coming out of the ship, but they say pollution has been done because that ship is like a city, jamie and there are cleaning floudz and there's refuse and cooking oil and all sorts of waste that's already start today pollute the pristine waters and that's the latest from here. >> jamie: i appreciate the report before i let you go, i want to ask you a question that i have not heard asked, has the captain been drug or alcohol tested, do you know?
1:25 pm
>> toxicology tests are underway, jamie, and of course, there's a lot of here say that he'd been having dinner with wine with this woman. and other people saying, no, no way, they saw him sitting having dinner drinking water so obviously, those tests will come back at some point and there will be answers there. >> jamie: interesting, interesting. >> reporter: there's a lot of anger here on the island, about what went on. >> jamie: right, even if he could drive the ship under the interfluns if in facts he was, i was curious about his ability and judgment. so keep us posted live from the scene, thank you so much, amy, and as you already know the ship wreck and 20 people still missing and victims found today, i can't imagine a more compelling and complicated tragedy, geraldo rivera is the guy for the job and an in depth look and hosting a fox news reporting special, tragedy at sea, at 10 p.m. eastern, only on the fox news channel and just mentioned, gregg, if you're going to take a cruise, you probably want to know whether
1:26 pm
or not there's been sanctions against the cruise company or the folks driving the plane, the train, the automobile, whatever. tomorrow in our take charge segment, sunday morning alt eleven o'clock hour we're going to help you find out the record of some of these companies. >> gregg: good thing to know. a huge industry. 34 billion in earnings last year alone. >> jamie: incredible. >> gregg: all right. new clues in the hunt for a possible killer in hollywood, california. police identifying a victim by only his head and hands. will this help investigators catch the killer? and new developments on a controversial bill regulating what you see on the internet, a live report straight ahead. plus, the big story of the day, republican candidates in overdrive as folks cast their vote in the crucial first in the south primary at south carolina, anybody's game there. it's that close, will the last minute appeals make the difference? we're live on the campaign trail. [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing? ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment.
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>> it is primary day in south carolina. voters all over that state casting their ballots to the nation and the contest for the presidential nominee, south carolina always seen as one of the last defining races for the four remaining candidates historically, the winner there goes onto the nomination, but this year, well, it could turn tradition on its head so keep it right here for all the results. >> and the action in between. >> gregg: oh, yeah. >> jamie: before we get there. because newt gingrich is firing back, blasting the mainstream media over a question he received about his ex-wife during thursday night's presidential debate. take a listen. >> and i think, i think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office. >> you heard the cheers, because the audience there didn't like the question and didn't like when it was asked
1:32 pm
and they definitely were participating in the response, but what about gingrich? is he right? does the scrutiny of the news media make it parter to attract decent folks to run for public office? we're going to talk about a subject close to our hearts, i bet. the female voters in south carolina, sally with movement, a fox news contributor, and fox news political analyst, angela mcglowan, i've fastened my seat belts and folks at home should, too. angela, how has the dynamic changed? south carolina is known as a mud slinger as getting out the tough questions before they cast their vote and we see how many are undecided. but has the dynamics changed for someone willing to be exposed to part of the political process or to choose not to give answers than in the past? >> i don't think that the dynamics have changed so much,
1:33 pm
jamie and people answering questions are not. and there's no question that newt gingrich did a wonderful job, in the debate at cnn and trying to dodge the bullet dealing with his ex-wife, marion, but i don't think that that debate or that question, dealing with his marital infidelity is really going to play a role in this primary he election? >> sally, is every question a fair question, if the majority of voters can't ask it themselves? >> look, there's a reason that question, that topic became new, and of course, it was on the mind of folks and frankly, you know, whether we're talking about women voters or voters in general, but certainly, women, you know, i forget the with way that gingrich put it exactly. but you know, the dangerous, distracting, incontract way he's treated his past wives, certainly, seems to go to people's judgments of his character. and i think it's a factor, it certainly seems to be a factor coming up in polls, in the way that women in particular are
1:34 pm
looking at mr. gingrich and his character. >> but, jamie, it's not js about character, it's what you're going to do as a candidate to create a better, more prosperous america and susan, you and i can agree, women want more than just jobs, they want more than a safer america, they want better than schools for their children, it's not just a character issue, what policies are you going to put forth to trade for a better america. >> jamie: how fascinating you've talked about the women's response to the interview and it's fascinating to compare the men's vrgs and women's version. the bottom line, a the lot of women didn't believe the account. it's been reported of newt's ex-wife and it could go either way. in the end, and we see a bit of a surge for newt gingrich. could it work in his favor? >> yeah, i mean, i don't know, it seems to he me, that, you know, gingrich should have been, to be honest, focused on going after the swing vote, a place in south carolina is
1:35 pm
often women and instead it seems he's trying to go after the swinger vote. but-- >> really sally, you want to confirm, was that a joke or you're serious. >> it was a joke, come on. >> jamie: you're he funny, you're good, you're good. >> and in all seriousness, angela and i degree, women voters are far more worried about jobs and i think this is where leadership and character connect sthat they're not just looking for a president who is going to try and turn the economy around, but a president who is going to be compassionate in the meantime, to go through strugging and whether it's a candidate like gingrich who are mocking people who are relying on people for food stamps for their subs nance right now or mitt romney who wants to help the rich, i think that the issues do matter when it comes to the election. >> and newt gingrich was not mocking people on food stamps. more people on food stamps, sally, now, with barack obama than they were with president bush. and i think the reason why people are so attracted to newt gingrich, he can stand up and say instead of giving people tools to build a house,
1:36 pm
instead of giving them the house want to give them tools to build the house, he wants them to have a job and own the job and here is a president you think is okay to be on welfare and okay to-- >> angela, the question has been raised with the high unemployment rate in south carolina, that one of the things that president obama did was increase the amount of time that your child can remain on your health insurance policy longer than, i think, it's ever been, and certainly that i can remember in my lifetime. and maybe it would be better to get those young folks jobs so that they can take care of themselves and have their own benefits. and women are a lot of times, sally, the ones that are filling out the the health claim forms and going to the grocery store and having to use the food stamps. >> exactly. >> not always a proud moment for americans. >> no, we can all agree. jamie, we can all agree that folks who like jobs more than they'd like those sort of social safety nets, but in a place like south carolina where we know that unemployment is 9.9% and one
1:37 pm
in five families are relying on food stamps to put food on the table. we know it's not because they are lazy, they want jobs. they want a president who looks the at the full range of people's needs and yes, help get people back to work. >> the issue that's huge, i'm going to ends it with you, sally. but angela, weigh in quickly, what will we learn from the women of south carolina, there are a lot of them and they show up to vote. what will we learn as we move ahead to florida when they cast their ballot? >> that women will vote their conference, that women will vote for people who create a better america and that we're not emotional voters, who cheated on whom. >> thanks so much, ladies. >> yes, sally, angela, great to have you hear. >> thanks, make sure to tune into fox news channel tonight, there is coverage all day, complete campaign trail. you won't miss a thing.
1:38 pm
bret baier and megle kelly 6 p.m. eastern and you'll know the wish, i'm pretty sure they'll stick around until it's done and best analysis that you can find and best folks weighing in with them. that's tonight only on the fox news channel. gregg. >> gregg: well, the failure of some controversial new bills that would have changed the face of the internet forever may have the 2012 elections to thank. congress shelving two anti-piracy bills in the wake after massive public backlash, while one top democrat says the compromise is still possible, there may not be many others willing to support such wildly unpopular legislation. peter doocy is live in washington with more, and peter, what happens to the bills now? >> gregg, they're not dead yet. but the stop online piracy act is put on hold and the same with the senate. the protect ip act. the house judiciary committee chairman is congressman lamar smith and helped to write the
1:39 pm
bill and put out a statement that says the house judiciary committee will postpone consideration of the legislation until there is wider agreement on a solution, and speaker boehner, elaborated on that a little bit yesterday. >> this proposal while well-meaning has some difficulties and i expect the chairman, like any chairman will build more consensus. >> reporter: the entertainment companies are trying to protect their content on the internet. it appears that congress basically caved to the popular websites like wikipedia and facebook who rallied their users against this legislation, gregg. >> gregg: peter, what's the white house say? >> reporter: the president's press secretary jay carney didn't outright endorse either bill, but says that the white house worries about online piracy and that congress needs to do something about it. listen. >> it's important for both sides on this issue to come
1:40 pm
together and work out that solution, that deals with online piracy and continues to ensure a free and open internet. and we think that's possible. >> so, carney there very general, but also very diplomatic and the senate majority leader harry reid says he's confident a compromise can be reached. but even within his own party, it doesn't look like there's necessarily guaranteed support for that gregg. >> peter doocy, live in washington, thanks. >> jamie. >> the tough story, a crime story at that, new details emerging about a gruesome discovery near the legendary hollywood side. police discovered a severed head and body parts found on a rugged hill side in los angeles and they belonged to a man nearby, they're puzzled by the shocking crime. casey stegall covering it for us in the los angeles news
1:41 pm
room. >> reporter: hi, jamie, the question, was there a crime of passion because local news report say that the victim's boyfriend was seen being led away in handcuffs, but police reiterate to us that no arrests have been made, it is very possible that man was taken in for questioning and then later released, but the victim has been identified, 66-year-old hervy medlan, a former employee of mexicana airlines, we understand. and people walking their dog making the grim discovery, a human head wrapped in a plastic grocery bag. cadaver dogs were brought in and found the hands and feet. the los angeles county was able to lift fingerprints from one of the hands. the area is known as bronson canyon, near the hollywood signs where people go hiking and running amid the multi-million dollar homes,
1:42 pm
listen. >> it's unfortunate, obviously, somebody lost their life and it's a bad deal right down the road, hollywood hills you don't think of somebody ditching body parts in there. >> reporter: now, los angeles police say there is no evidence after crime scene in the area, they believe that he was killed and dismembered somewhere else, then the the parts were dropped off. the rest of his body has not been found. we should also tell you that there was police activity at a nearby apartment complex where the victim lived, but authorities are not talking about what, if anything, was found. jamie. >> jamie: casey stegall live in los angeles as the story develops, casey, thank you. >> reporter: yeah. >> gregg: of course our top story, we're keeping an eye on the latest in south carolina, we've got teams across the state and they're keeping you informed. more live coverage of the first in the south primary, taking place right now. the results tonight, so stay tuned. i'd race down that hill without a helmet. i took some steep risks in my teens. i'd never ride without one now.
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♪ >> and welcome back, u.s. general martin dempsey making his first visit to israel as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. the general says our two nations have a shared understanding of the security concerns in the middle east, and despite differences on how to face the the potential threat posed by iran. reasonen ninen is live in jerusalem. where do the u.s. and israel now stand with respect to iran? >> well, one of the biggest differences, gregg, is with the two nations face is over what they would constitute a need for military action against iran's nuclear weapons program. the biggest sticking point. but this visit, accord to go an aid of general dempsey, they tell fox news, the the point was to focus on regional stability and also red light relations between israel and the u.s. and delayed a massive joint military training session
1:48 pm
about dealing with incoming rockets until later this year and more of an apropos time. the u.s. wants assurance from israel they're not going to launch a unilateral strike against iran, gregg. >> gregg: what was the reaction in israel to general dempsey's visit there? >> well, general dempsey made it clear there are a lot of mutual interests between the u.s. and israel kind of saying they have a coordinated anybetween the two and that was a message that a lot of israel leaders continue to repeat throughout the visit. and they went to visit in the holocaust museum and in the guest book, we're making sure nothing like this happened again and meaning jews killed in the holocaust. as we enter the primary season, the north carolina primary, any overtur the white house makes towards israel is
1:49 pm
likely seen to be catering to the vote. >> live in jerusalem, thank you, very much. jamie. >> jamie: and all over south carolina, we've got our folks on the ground keeping an eye on everything and they're across the state to keep you informed. and this is in carl's car. carl cameron, campaign carl is it on the road under some nasty conditions, but he's going to get where he needs to go and he will bring, as will our others in the teams, more live coverage throughout today, and don't miss tonight. >> that's a nifty little camera there. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery?
1:50 pm
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>> welcome back everybody, it's a record that he we shouldn't be so proud of. a 30-year record, but it's now been shattered. the rise in obesity rates in this country appears to be levelling off now. dr. david somati chief of the robotics at mount sinai hospital and news of the medical a-team. that's terrific, it's not getting any bigger. >> yeah. >> jamie: but it's already huge. i think it's great news, as we mentioned it has plateaued and plateaued at the high body mass index. a majority of the people in the country remain obese.
1:54 pm
c.d.c. released jmma. >> jamie: journal of the americ american medical association. >> and people have body mass over 30 and the numbers haven't changed. 70% of americans are overweight and that's the same data as 2005. and that's body mass index between 25 and 30. >> jamie: so that didn't move either? more people didn't get obese, but i was concerned that there were still more people overweight and that hasn't increased either? >> it hasn't increased, but it's a good start. >> jamie: a good start. >> amongst our children, 70 percent of our kids are still real obese and 32% are overweight. so, it's really, obviously, not good news and i think a the lot of this has to do with the fact that there's access to food and they're considered the wealthy country and look at the date that that's come in. the restaurant, and the highest number is still in america, with 7.4 per 100,000,
1:55 pm
so what that really means we have too many of the restaurants available. >> jamie: some are trying though and bringing lower fatten trays and posting, and sometimes required to post the cal rah content and such. if he we want to become a health conscious nation, what is it we can do from your clinical perspective, to get it under control? because 70% of kids and adults, too much. >> jamie: jamie, i think that we've talked about cutting down the pours of the food. i think some of the things as you just mentioned about posting the nutritional contents on the packages are helpful. i think the change in the menu in school system has helped. i think bringing the reality tv shows about losing weight and getting celebrities involved, this is excellent. historically, a lot of pressure on tobacco and smoking and we see the number of lung cancers going down and perhaps an increase in some shoulder patch and, they could
1:56 pm
raise about 13 billion dollars in this and save a lot of health care money, but this is continuing to be a serious issue in this country. >> jamie: so the journal of the american medical association, if people want to read the study, do what they can. gregg, i know you and your family bring back the home male. if we bring back the family meal, folks will get the eating under control and have more family time, what do you think, doc, a good yeaed? >> a great idea and behavioral changes that have to happen from the core of the family. >> gregg: and make time for exercise, even if it's only 15, 20 minutes, better than nothing. >> that's a great point. >> jamie: we're going to jog in the snow when this is over. for sunday house call. thank you very much, i'm jamie colby. >> gregg: i'm gregg garrett. the south carolina primary. have a good day. ok! who gets occasional constipation,
1:57 pm
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