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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 21, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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i'm paul gi government and we hope to see you here next week. >> gregg: fox news alert, a fight to the finance line in south carolina. battle drawing to a dramatic close on what is a big primary day for the paw met oh state. voters are heading to the polls making making up their mines. mitt romney was up by double-digits but recent polling shows that newt gingrich is gaining ground. i'm gregg jarrett. >> harris: i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. after a rollercoaster week anyone can guess who is victorious today. >> gregg: candidates are making
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their final pitches to the voters. >> with your help i can be the nominee and we can take america back. >> i have a very clear message but i'm challenging the status quo. the rest of the candidates are part of the status quo. >> we are putting together a national campaign. longer it goes on the better it is for the republican party. >> i've been in a lot of companies in my life. position are good but votes are better. [ applause ] >> please make sure that everyone you know goes to vote today. >> gregg: our chief political correspondent carl cam von live. so you crisscrossed the state from the coastline to greenville how the turnout looking? >> reporter: it's going to be affected by rain. we started made it up to greenville right in the heart of the upstate where we had this wonderful dynamic where gingrich
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and romney were scheduled. romney showed up early. rain is expected to be quite brisk and pretty significant lines here in south carolina. they are looking to track in somewhere around 450,000 sleort turnout. depending on where the turnout comes from, whether it's the low country or upstate may be the dery and the who wins. newt gingrich is expectation very strong night and romney has been signaling come what may in south carolina he expects to be campaigning in florida. he added nevada, colorado and michigan. states that are well down the road signaling that romney is expecting a setback and have to regroup. >> gregg: how bad could it be for mitt romney? >> reporter: it won't be bad for newt gingrich. gingrich is looking for a huge night. in addition to being the first in the south primary the state in south carolina that has
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always been right since 1980 here in the pametto state, nobody has been elected about first winning here. it's not just that day of the primary but 15th anniversary and cake delivered from the romney campaign to newt gingrich today. romney campaign figured out in the last few hours, last 24 hours that today is the 15th year anniversary of the day that newt gingrich was the first speaker ever to be reprimanded for ethics problems. they will pound that heavily. they will deliver a cake to underscore that and they will try to discredit the gingrich win because of that anniversary. >> gregg: i guess they will call for some of the supporting documents in that investigation. newt gingrich was on our air earlier, saying i provided everything and it's a matter of public record. what about rick santorum and ron
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paul? >> reporter: you can't count either one out. both of them have been very aggressive they will continue on. ron paul is going to be staying on the campaign trail right until the convention. santorum, statement he made earlier, he is now trying to build a national campaign. he is arguing that the only people that want this to be over soon of the mitt romney supporters and the national media. his argument the national media wants to beat up on the republican nominee. most reporters like the race so it's not about making it fast, but who wins it. as for the documents on the ethics investigation, that will be part of his attack going forward. they are going to expand it. in addition to demanding that supporting documents for the ethics investigation they are also going to say that mr. gingrich should release exact details of the paperwork in his arrangement with freddie
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mac and they were paid $1.6 million for service fees. that, too, will be part of it. there is more to newt gingrich that needs to be revealed. while mr. romney has said he'll give up some of his tax returns, more than one year, for those that are calling for transparency they ought to put up a little of their own. >> gregg: it's getting harder and harder in hardball politics category. >> heather: there are three key voting fleejs south carolina. voters in those areas they tend to favor different types of candidates. john roberts is live for us in charleston south carolina with more on that. hi, john. >> reporter: three distinct regions, low country and mid lands and upstate. look at this map to give you an understanding how it breaks down. john mccain in the blue there or
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john mccain in the red and huckabee in the purple. john mccain won all of the low country in the coast and where myrtle beach is do you to buford county and big swath to the capital city of colombia. huckabee won everything else, upstate where there is social conservatives and fiscal conservatives and evangelicals. so what has to happen tonight is he to take everything that mccain took and then some. gingrich has a much broader appeal than huckabee has. let's put up a map of congressional districts. first congressional district, second congressional district, that was john mccain territory, that is where romney has to do well. the thing to watch is the third and fourth congressional districts, part of the fifth. greenville is spartanburg and york county, heavily populated
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counties, went heavily for huckabee. if romney gets blown out by gingrich, that would be less than 20%, it will be awfully hard for him to put up a victory. when we get to the low country, you are talking about a lot of republicans who moved down from the north. you are talking about mainly fiscal conservatives as opposed to social and a lot of military. >> heather: what about the military vote in south carolina? >> it has been key. it was one of the keys to john mccain's victory over huckabee and with mccain's record a lot of military votes swung to him. this time around, it looks like much different than four years ago. listen to kendra stewart a professor. >> you can see that when you watch the campaign ads this time. especially with romney and
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gingrich who are both trying to parade their military endorsement and speak to the military community. >> reporter: so very likely 2012 it may split shane bauer, joshua fattal, sarah shourd ways and ron paul is trying to capture it. enough of foreign adventures and let's keep the troops home. >> heather: every primary winner since ronald reagan since 1980 has been a veteran. thank you. >> gregg: both carl cameron and john roberts part of our special election coverage tonight. we invite you to join us angered by brett baier and megyn kelly. it begins right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: gingrich presidential campaign will be investigated. a south carolina prosecutor says officials will look into the facts surrounding apparently bogus e-mails that have been sent out this week. one of them claims to be
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response to a news alert that gingrich forced his ex-wife marianne to have an abortion. gingrich calls whoever is behind them should be prosecuted. >> gregg: let's take a look at south carolina's unemployment rate which is among the high effort in the region. it hit 9.9% in the month of november. now in the south only florida and north carolina have a higher unemployment rate. as a whole the jobless rate stands at 8.5%. how could this impact the voting going on right now today? let's bring in kneel cavuto. host of fox business network show. we talked to mark sanford, economy and jobs is the main issue among voters heading to the polls today. you would think therefore that might give the advantage to mitt
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romeny's giving his business background you yet newt gingrich is trending upward and upward. how do you make sense to that. >> i would look around, what does it mean for the president. this is state that is more typical of the rest of the nation than iowa and new hampshire with there better than average and growth. south carolina, not every state has 9.9 unemployment. some of the problems in trying to get technology going and business going. it's indicative of most states in this country. it's this frustration what is evidence at least in lot of surveys you get and a lot of the executives i've talked to out of south carolina, they are frustrated with the pace and the way the country is going. it's almost anyone but the president. that is not a surprise to take on the incumbent.
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what you're talking about, who would they put their trust to get it turned around. we'll see tonight. but there is a willingness to accept a bold in your face type of leadership style against maybe a restrained or more ceo type style the likes we see in mitt romney. when you are angry and bitter and you are mad at the world, business s as usual may not cut it. a business executive sort of cerebral approach to things, going through the whole process of turning an economy around might not be enough. you might angrily go to turn everything upside-down. you would be bold. you would go for someone again newt gingrich ilk who says it's the way we've been doing things is so wrong. >> gregg: you know what, vulture capitalism was the label that was slapped on mitt romney in
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south carolina seemed to have stuck quite a bit. when you look at stewardship at bain capital, they were not a corporate raiderer. they provided venture capital so businesses could grow and create jobs. do you think romney was too tepid in defense of his own profession? >> i do. a lot of people when they look at a private equity firm, what does it mean, what does it do? what in effect he comes in and fix up the company. they turn them around and make it profitable they get a stake of the action, they get rich. if they don't, they lose money and out the door. i think what romney has failed to on voters in this whole process is that whatever capital was at risk in these types of venture is private capital. it's not taxpayer exam.
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whatever heartless things are done in these corporate turnarounds whether you are lying off people is what is part of the normal evolution of turning businesses around. the distinction here he has failed to make, we were getting into this earlier, he has done it with private money, not taxpayer money, hundreds of millions of dollars of bailouts over gm and chrysler that many argue have yet to really pan out. they might, but the distinction for romney would be, i didn't put your money at risk. i put mine at risk. i put private investors at risk. that money is what made the difference, not your money. so we're on the hook, i'm not. >> gregg: you gave an eloquent explanation. maybe he is listening. maybe he'll try to adopt that. neil cavuto, you got a great program tonight. catch more of him on the special
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coverage of the south carolina primary. it kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox business network. >> heather: and here on the news channel, brett baier, megyn kelly also starting at 6:00 eastern. you can tivo. >> gregg: tornado watches stretching across 14 counties in south carolina have voters keeping an eye on the sky. polls close at 7:00 eastern. meteorologist maria molina is live. >> unfortunately we are looking at severe weather across the state of south carolina today and part of the reason we're seeing that severe weather is because we do have tornado moving through and warm temperatures. some of these temperatures are up to 15 degrees what is typical for the month of january. and lighter weather is forecast
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for charleston and some of south carolina. central parts of the state very heavy rain coming down. we do have a tornado watch until 8:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. mostly including southern parts of the state. that means that conditions are favorable for thunderstorms to develop that could produce isolated tornadoes. we also have a risk for large sized hails and damaging wind gusts. right now across south carolina we don't really have any tornado warnings in effect. we do have some in parts of georgia. that is where a tornado possibly is currently on the ground. we do have a warning going out for your county in south carolina, please take shelter right away. there could be one on the ground. current temperatures right now, 72 in somerville. gregg? >> heather: ron paul hoping for the best in south carolina but focusing his attention on
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handful of states, like nevada and minnesota where he could get much more support. paul talked about that w neil cavuto earlier today. >> it's very important. it's not do or die. we example the to pick up delegates and we'll continue on. >> heather: but an advisor for the ron paul campaign joins us with more. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, heather. >> heather: you heard the congressman say not do or die. in 2008 he finished fifth in south carolina with a 3.6% of the vote. this time last year he was polling in the single digits, now he has increased his popularity. what would be a good finish for you? >> he is right. it doesn't matter. he is the only evangelical in the race now which is going to be big in a lot of southern
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contests. he is the only veteran in the race. we think we're going to do very well. we are very encouraged about newt gingrich's rise because it busts it wide open. this is not over. that is very good for ron paul. there is no way that the nominee whoever it is can win a general election without ron paul's support and without his minion and no path for newt gingrich without ron paul's help because there are 500 and some delegates that will be chosen. newt gingrich is not even in the ballot in those states. we're in this to win. we will be players whatever happens. >> heather: so that being said, you said yourself without ron paul's support none else can win no one else can win. will he support whom wins the gop nomination? >> he is not about how long out of the race.
3:18 pm
we're not even talking about that. we're in this to win. you remember the old movie christie movie, ten little indians, then there were none, now there are four. five candidates have dropped out. you only need money to stay in it. we're staying in it and we're going to be competitors. so we're not about throwing support to anybody. they can throw support to us. i am pointing out there is a rationale for ron paul to be in the race. there has not been a single delegate chosen in iowa. when you have this beauty contest in iowa, afterwards they said, those you want to stay so select a delegation. the ron paul people stayed. so we are reshaping the republican party. we are winning delegates. 2,000 delegates, less than 30 or 40 have even been selected yet. >> heather: what is the campaign
3:19 pm
strategy. this is what ron paul said, the more delegates i have, the more leverage i have. and we'll have staying power. you in to win it and run the course? >> we are. earlier you are talking about electability and rather comical because you ask in the exit polls who do you think is electable. in the same polls, washington posted abc poll that was quoted on this channel just about an hour ago and the cnn poll that is two days old, in those polls there is only two candidates who beats barack obama within the margin of error. one of those is ron paul. that doesn't give a lot of attention but it gets attention inside our campaign. >> heather: good luck today and moving forward and florida january 31st. >> gregg: newt gingrich is looking to pull his first win. we're going to hear two people
3:20 pm
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>> gregg: voting is going right now in south carolina. gop presidential candidate newt gingrich is surging in the polls leading up today's primary. two of his biggest supporters join us, his daughters, jackie and kathy. kathy let me start with you. just a few hours before the polls close, how optimistic and excited are the two of you? >> it's great to be here. we're having a lot of fun. today is a combination of a long adventure into south carolina. we love the pametto state. we want to see how they cast their vote. >> gregg: jackie, i don't know if you heard the conversation with the top advisor to ron paul. he said, look, it may seem terrific for newt gingrich, when you look elsewhere he has serious problems. he is not even on the ballot in
3:25 pm
virginia. he doesn't have a slate of delegates in several other states. he missed the deadline for that. what about that? >> that is something ron paul to say. what do you expect to him say. we are very excited where we are. we had a great reception and very enthusiastic. we're going to florida and my sister was saying next. i think this definitely will change the tone of the campaign for everybody and wake up tomorrow and see where we are. >> gregg: kathy, you we just learned from carl cameron that the romney camp plans to be beginning in florida the next primary in ten days a two prong attack against your dad. they are going to demand release supporting documents to the investigation leading up to his ethics reprimand and second, they are going to demand to
3:26 pm
release the agreement with freddie mac on which his enterprise was paid $1.6 million. is this a problem for your dad? >> these are not major problems for any of us. as a matter of fact we're looking forward to florida for many reason. i live there and hispanic support is going to be very popular. at the same time this is a long campaign. i think 2% of delegates allotted maybe 3% by the end of tomorrow. so we have a long way to go. we are not concerned about there is a lot of information already available. this will be a great campaign. >> gregg: jackie, your dad was on our air earlier today. he insisted that he was never in favor of cap and trade. i looked it up. we'll put it on the screen. here is what he said about cap and trade to front line. i think if you have mandatory
3:27 pm
carbon caps combined with the trading system, it's something i would strongly support. doesn't that sound to you like your dad did support at one time cap and trade, maybe he wasn't being truthful denying that he supported cap and trade? >> i'm hearing a quote out of context. i'm not sure what was the surrounding conversation. i am not going to comment about that. he testified against cap and trade. he was against cap and trade. >> gregg: finally, kathy, it's been a rough week i think for your family. i asked sk this question because you two took the initiative to respond to your dad's second wife and her accusations. do you feel like this was enormous unwarranted intrusion or was it fair game?
3:28 pm
>> you know, we don't think was appropriate. i think our father hit the nail on the head the other night at the debate. luckily for most of people in south carolina, it's not an issue because it's not an issue and you'll see that going forward in the campaign, it will remain at the bottom of the pile. the issues that are important to americans have to do with jobs and economy. our father is the only one who has cut taxes, cut spending, balanced the budget four years in row and dealt with welfare reform. so we have someone he has proven he can govern across the aisle. he can go and learn the background on those things. we're not worried about some of the negative stuff that will bubble up occasionally. >> gregg: fair enough. good to see you both. best of luck to you. i know it's an exciting day for you. thanks for taking a few moments.
3:29 pm
>> thank you. >> heather: south carolynians they have been right about the right gop nominee since ronald reagan's victory. so why is the state so important in the race for the nomination. >> gregg: plus brand-new developments in the search for the wreckage of the cruise ship off of italy as the captain of that vessel makes a startling admission. we'll have a live report. >> he gave it to one of passengers... wake up!
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call now or go to lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >> gregg: south carolina may be a state but it carries a huge
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impact. the winner has gone on to win the nomination and that ma means the stakes are very high for the four remaining gop candidates. what do the primary voters want in a candidate? here is mark sanford, former republican governor of south carolina, fox news contributor that wrote a terrific column for us. check it out on good to see you. gingrich has been trending upward as you know. you know south carolina voters better than anybody. is this late surge enough to you think to put him over the top? >> well, it's disagree with better than anyone, what i do know is for a long time now it seems to me that republican voters in this state have been looking for something a bit more right of romney. he had a third of the votes for a long of the time.
3:35 pm
here at the eleventh hour it seems to me other two-thirds are consolidating around gingrich. i suspect that means good things for gingrich. we'll see. >> gregg: santorum won in iowa and romney won in new hampshire. if gingrich wins tonight there would be three winners in three contests. might this year's race upset the historic trend in south carolina consistently picking the nominee? >> you are asking the wrong guy. i would say absolutely not going to affect it. in terms of within ohing the field but historically south carolina has been a great predictor of the winner. >> gregg: as i talked to gingrich's daughters, i pointed out he is not on the primary ballot in virginia. he has find a slate of delegates
3:36 pm
and he hasn't done it? >> you are taking me out of south carolina. i'll let you figure it out. >> gregg: you are a political pro, beyond south carolina. >> what i would say is, big night is tonight given the predictive quality of south carolina votes. what i would say that using consolidation, you seen a look to the right. heaviness on economic issue that is great predictor with what comes next on high unemployment state like florida or other high unemployment states to come. 9.9% unemployment in this state which is almost double that of iowa or new hampshire. it's a substantial increase and that has much to change with the election tenure that we'll see tonight. >> gregg: yours is an open primary, democrats and independents are allowed to vote
3:37 pm
here. does it give an advantage to guy like mitt romney that may be regarded by those folks as a moderate and more acceptable to them? >> i don't think so. i had three races my first run for congress and race after that and race after. that three races in my first run for governor. so i have a long string of races in south carolina. what we've seen in all those races is a material impact by democrats coming in and supposedly swamping the election. there is something on the margin but again it's not enough to make a material difference in the elections that i've seen over about 16 years in politics. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> keep it right here to the best primary coverage anchored by brett baier and megyn kelly all beginning at 6:00 p.m.
3:38 pm
eastern. tomorrow, you don't want to miss fox news sunday, chris wallace's guests include mitt romney and house speaker john boehner. check your local listings for that. >> heather: new developments to tell you about in the deadly cruise ship disaster off the coast of italy. the number of dead now rising to 12 as divers are resuming their search for the 20 people still missing. meanwhile, we are hearing for the first time that the ship's captain admits he messed up after hitting the rock. streaming live with the latest. hi, amy. >> reporter: they have not identified the body they discovered today. it was a woman. she was in a very narrow corridor. it takes the divers about 45 minutes to go to each cabin and see exactly what is in there and where they might be able to look further. given that there is probably close to 2s in cabins, you
3:39 pm
understand why it's taken so long but there is so many people still missing with the ship as close as it is. family members have been out here including relatives of barbara and jerry hyle. they are trying to get answers and get directions and put direct pressure on the rescue teams to look even faster and harder for their missing loved ones. also recovered today the personal safe of the captain of that ship which may lead to some clues as well as crucial part of the video camera that was on the ridge. investigators will be able to see who exactly was on the bridge at the time of the crash and what went down. then these leaked tapes, leaked transcripts of the conversation between the captain and the investigator in which he says that he did call costa cruise lines after he ran the ship
3:40 pm
aground, admitted he messed up and asked for help in the way of helicopter and tugboat. we could not get on commented in costa cruise line. they wouldn't go there tonight but there have been comments over the last few days saying they do not believe he has been telling the truth. >> heather: thank you very much. >> the shipwreck of the costa concordia is complicated tragedy. geraldo rivera takes a look at his special, tragedy at sea. that is tonight and tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> gregg: crowds with cheering for mitt romeny's but as gingrich's recent surge is forcing him to down play his forces there in south carolina. our power panel weighs in next. , i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack.
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>> heather: welcome back. mitt romney watching his poll numbers shrink before today's primary. he admitted what once looked like a sure win, now it appears not enough. >> i think i'm going to be nominee if i do a good job but there is a long road ahead. >> heather: let's bring in the power panel, judith miller. angela mcclellan and k.t. mcfarland national security analyst. who wins tonight? [ laughter ] >> why, because elections in this day and age are all about turnout. that means, you don't necessarily want your guy to vote. you want to make sure the other guy's people don't vote. it's all about framing it. you throw the red meat and
3:46 pm
motivate and swing the mug at the other guy so his people don't go out and vote. sad thing whoever wins, nobody is able to governor because they don't have the people they need behind them. >> i believe that whoever gets on it on the vote that some people were saying mitt romney might fare more well with women than gingrich. >> heather: who is polling better than women right now? >> is it any surprise after wife number two. i think charles krauthammer had it right, we are watching a suicide march on the part of the republicans. when they go at one another like this, they are writing barack obama packing charge. >> they should be talking about what we can do as a party to beat barack obama. he is vulnerable right now. and gingrich, and what the
3:47 pm
length amendment and all other. >> other side of the coin is this is preparing whoever being the gop nominee. >> i suspect things are coming out slowly but surely right now if it's mitt romney but we don't want to tear our own party down. >> you ran for congress and i ran for the senate. i think it's important to get bloodied early on so you develop that rhinoceros skin so you don't have the panic look when they say what about the ex-wife? >> in this race we talked about the issues what we do for mississippi. we don't talk about personal family issues. people don't care about it. >> we are going to hear vulture capitalism a lot. >> heather: speaking of the
3:48 pm
white house coming up. state of the union address. what do we expect to hear in that? >> it's not about one more year, it's about four more years. they are going to talk about affordable housing in this economic crisis. he is going to talk about college. >> it's all about promising everything to everybody. in this case you are going to have a president vote for me because i'll give you free college, free housing. we heard about health and second four years we're going to hear about hope and change. we're going to to hear about that. >> he has a logic, the killing of bin laden, a tough reversal of him of not closing guantanamo predators killing more bad guys.
3:49 pm
>> i think it's like they say vote for me. i'm going the ban homework if you vote for me. [ laughter ] >> he is going to say he is warrior for the middle-class and republicans don't do it. nobody answered my original question. >> heather: who is going to win tonight. >> they have to tune into fox news. >> heather: you've got coverage all night long right here. great. >> gregg: police in california investigating a degreesly discovery near the hollywood sign. body parts in a spot that was popular to hikers. we'll go live to casey stegall for this murder mystery. >> this area is creepy. with something like this to happen right where you live and you have no idea this is going on. you know when i grow up, i'm going to own my own restaurant.
3:50 pm
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>> heather: nine-year-old colorado girl is safe today. she was reported missing thursday when she didn't come home from school. police say this man, he abducted her. when his car had a flat in colorado springs, it went to convenience store and that is
3:54 pm
when the little girl asked to call her uncle. instead she dialed 911. >> by maybe is coming home and i got to get her. she is my angel and heart and soul. >> heather: she ran from the store. they arrested the suspect at a nearby bus station. >> gregg: right now we're getting new developments in the murder mystery playing out in the shadow of the world's hollywood sign. l.a. coroners have identified the remains and they have executed one search warrant so far. casey stegall is live in los angeles. >> reporter: let's walk you through the time line. tuesday is when the severed head was discovered wrapped in a plastic grocery bag by people that were walking their dogs. this is an area called bronson can could yon. then on wednesday, a pair of
3:55 pm
human hands and feet were found by dogs amid the brush. los angeles county coroner's office were was able to lift fingerprints from the hands and the victim has identified at this man, 66-year-old. he retired as a flight attendant from mexicana airlines. local news reports says the man's boyfriend was taken away from handcuffs. police reiterate that no arrests have been made. people who live in the hollywood hills describe this as something straight out of a movie. >> this area is creepy with something like this can happen right where you live. we had no idea this is going on. >> reporter: lapd searched a nearby apartment complex where he lived but they are not releasing details when they found there. >> gregg: what an incredible story. casey stegall is live for us in los angeles. thanks very much.
3:56 pm
first in the south, south carolina primary and polls will be closing in a few hours. that is going to do it for us. bill hem her and martha mccallum taking over. >> heather: stay right here. south carolina primary results and brett baier and megyn kelly that begins at 6:00. >> gregg: have a great weekend everybody. wake up!
3:57 pm
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