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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  January 23, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EST

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next fox news sunday. have a great week. ♪ >> a triumphant newt gingrich with a staggering victory in south carolina last night. and tonight, as the race moves to florida, three candidates who trail the former house speaker in the palmetto state, mitt romney, rick santorum and ron paul, joining us, how they'll tell to stop the former spooker's surge and swing the pendulum to them. >> and coming to you live from the fox news studios in washington d.c. i hope you're ready for the
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long haul. a week ago it appeared that mitt romney might be wrapping up the run for the white house. a funny thing happened on the way to the white house. rick santorum declared the the winner of the iowa caucuses and newt gingrich turned elite media into sheer smackdown and two candidates who bowed out in the middle of the south carolina primary and newt grib gingrich, and the leader has changed more than a kim kardashian boyfriend. a takes 1144 delegates to win the nomination and no one has more than 33 committed delegates. there will be calls for one or more delegates to bow out and clear the path. and i heard that four years ago and my response now is the same as then, shut up. decision to drop out of a race
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is a tough one. if a candidate is out of money and has to start borrowing to continue. maybe that's a good reason to quit. if one's own family, friends and supporters start urging it, then that's a good reason to consider draining the tub and getting out of the hot water, but it is ludicrous for supporters of one candidate to try and make campaign decisions for another candidate. a person who has the cuguts to work, working the high wire without a net and stepping into an arena no prizes for second place, the blood of all, including the ultimate victor is going to be spilled and which everyone is going leave with lasting scars. a person who has come this far entered on his own terms, should only call it quits when the results are his own heart tells him to. when we see this week, one week can make a huge difference, it has and can
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again. there's only one sure way for a candidate to absolutely know the outcome and that is to quit. i vicerally react when i remember the pundits and politicians and patricians of the party who urged me to step aside four years ago, so i could make it easier for john mccain that only made me more determined. look, i can accept losing, that's part of life, but i couldn't accept quitting. it's just not in my dna. politics ought to be civil, but it will neveren plight. one doesn't win by holding the door open for an opponent. of the remaining candidates three will not make it to the finish line, but i hope they will leave having given it all in the pursuit. not because they decided to quit. that's my view, i welcome yours. you can contact me at mike and e-mail me, click on the fox news feedback section and i'd love to hear from you, tell he me what you
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think. should a candidate quite when somebody says so or because he's defeated. and carl cameron is joining us from tampa with the latest. carl, what's going on in the sunshine state. >> hi, governor, you don't win by being polite, not a lot of cordial discourse. newt gingrich runs out of south carolina, and determined to coalesce around the country around his candidacy and in order to do that, gingrich signaled very clearly on the sunday talk shows today, that he will go after mitt romney as the massachusetts moderate. with a whole litany of criticisms, suggesting that romney is not reliable nor trustworthy when it comes to conservative values and the republican party. mr. romney arrived here in florida and just a little while ago unleashed on newt gingrich, if romney is trying to be polite, that's gone. and i want it read this off to you, governor, because there
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was so much that romney said. he said that newt gingrich was a quite, failed leader and had to reline in disgrace as speaker of the house, and romney said that 80% of mr. gingrich's fellow republicans in the house had to vote to reprimand him as a consequences, a few hours ago at ormond beach. in atlanta. and gingrich has been quote, working an as lobbyist and selling around washington, which isn't true with a specific reference by mr. romney, gingrich was paid by freddie mac and release the information by freddie mac and romney today announced he'll release his tax returns from 2010 as well as an estimate of what his 2011 tax payments should be be. and in an attempt to take what he admits was a distraction and a mistake off the table. newt gingrich has been very potent going after romney for that. the former governor of massachusetts was awkward in his answers handling it and frankly suspicious what he
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might be concealing. he'll reveal that on tuesday. and rick santorum arrived today and look for a squeeze play on gingrich, and romney will attack gingrich's. >> and as a member of kong when gingrich was speaker, he has begin to full stories why gingrich should not be the presidential nom he knee. and ron paul adjusting his tax particulars and strategies on the ground, governor, basically not going to campaign as aggressively in florida, he doesn't have the type of money or organization to do that and instead he'll bush r push away from primaries and concentrate on caucuses and he thinks his loyal followers will give him a boost picking up dell cats. >> carl, i have a question and don't have a the lot of time. florida is a bigger state geographically. and 67 counties spread all over the the place and strategies have to change here, don't they. dramatically. it's a very expensive state,
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but in ten days with two debates in the ten day period. newt gingrich may not need the money that folks would expect him to have to start a national campaign with another victory here in florida. mitt romney has been on the air and the superpac on the air for weeks and it's very, very different and early voting has gotten underway and 37,000 votes capped and absentee ballots, 200,000 have already been returned and romney claims half of his vote will be before ewilkes day happens, governor. >> mike: thank you for the report from tampa. after seeming to be the clear front runner a week ago, mitt romney had a rough week placing second in south carolina last night. after finding out earlier, that he was not the winner in iowa as previously thought. he's now trying to ease recent criticism he has said distracted his campaign. he's moving unrelease of the tax return after previously promising to rehe least them in april. i spoke to the former massachusetts governor just
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minutes ago. governor romney, today on sunday's shows, newt gingrich says he's the one who is sort of challenging the establishment, and that he's best able to go against the washington establishment, in fact, he's sort of defining the race that way. and saying that he's better prepared to shape things up. and react to newt gingrich's claim that he's the anti-establishment candidate and the one that will shake things up in washington? well, if you believe that line that newt gingrich is the the outsider that will shake things up in washington then i guess you believe that bill clinton didn't inhale. and this, this is not credible, but you know, in the case of newt gingrich he's been in washington almost what, 35 years. and congress a long time. he was speaker for four years, then, he had to resign in disgrace and then he's been a lobbyist the last 15 years, influence peddling throughout those years, helping freddie mac of all people and he says
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he was a historian there. i want to he see the contract, see his work product. my guess is it's more than just history he was talking about,'s been working for a whole series of health care companies the same time he met with republicans and lobbied them in favor of a piece of legislation known as medicare part d. he is the ult the mat washington d.c. insider, player, and he's been there so long. and i just think it'd be nice if people would go to washington, serve their country and then go home. >> mike: no doubt though he has shaken up the establishment in terms of their support, there are a lot of d.c. insiders and people in the republican party who are not favorable towards newt's campaign and they're a little alarmed that he's gaining so much traction, why is that? from your perspective, why is it, you know, you say he is an insider, but the insiders, that are there, don't seem to be all that excited about miss campaign. >> well, i think there were several hundred people that
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worked with speaker gingrich when he was speaker and they have come forward, one after the other and said that he was erratic as a leader, that he went from pillar to post and therefore, they find it very, very difficult to imagine him as a person who would lead our party and after all, while he was speaker, an ethics investigation was begun and allegations made and that never happened in the history of the speaker of the house before. and he ultimately had to settle by paying off the cost of the investigation. and again, resigned in disgrace, and he's been a lobbyist for 15 years and i think that people recognized he doesn't have the qualities of relationship through his devastated record that would suggest he ought to become the president of the united states or the leader of our party. >> clearly it's been a tough week for you. two things happen, one, the iowa results were reversed and very slight win became a very slight loss according to iowa and surprising a lot of people and putting rick santorum in
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that position. three different winners between iowa and new hampshire and south carolina, and obviously, going into florida, this becomes a huge, huge important test between you and speaker gingrich, rick santorum and ron paul. is there a different approach or strategy you're he going to take in florida that you might should have taken in south carolina? >> well, there are a number of things, one, we're making sure and putting in our tax returns and i know the speaker made a big deal of that and let's get that behind us and get him out there. no big surprise there. in addition, the distinction between he and i as respect to our leadership. in choosing a president, you're interested in their rhetoric and we're not choosing a talk show host, we're choosing someone who is the leader of the free world. in that regard you want to see how they've led in the the past and i've led in businesses and olympics and led a state.
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i'm the only governor still in the race. and i think having run something, the speaker had four years for the speaker of the house. that didn't end well, either for the party or for the speaker themselves. so if we're going to choose someone who is going to be the leader of the free world. i think it's for us to look the at qualities of leadership and people who have worked with that individual while they were leader and whether they support him or not. >> there were a couple of pivotal moments in the debate in south carolina last week where the speaker was able to take tough questions and turn them back and attack the media and the public loved it, it seemed to be the turning point. i've got to ask, governor romney, have you begged somebody in the two debates to throw something at you that you can swing at real good? how important are the two debates in florida this week? >> you know what? i think the debates have been very important in south carolina, i agree with you, some fast--
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or excuse me some slow balls over the center of the plate he was able to knock out of the park and get a great response from people, but again, you know, heated rhetoric and that kind of thing is wonderful in debate. >> gets a lot of support, people angry will get behind that message, but we're choosing a president here, we're not just choosing someone who can turn a phrase against the media, inside our crowd to go against the mainstream media is a popular applaud line, but we're going to have to replace president obama and he's a lot more skillful able to respond to attacks than somebody in the media asking a question on the form. i think the debates will make a difference and i hope as people get to know us well i'm the guy that they should decide to lead our party. every chance people have to see it the opportunities are rare and very important. >> mike: well, governor, you may be aware that in all of the talk about the tax
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returns, i for one have said i don't think it's great to see the tax returns, most people don't understand the tax returns much less yours, you're going to release yours, obviously with pressure, but you've done the financial disclosure, is there anything that's going to be in those tax returns that's all that different from what you've released in the way of what most people don't understand is a very thorough disclosure, from the candidate forms. >> yeah, i'm afraid, mike, that the financial disclosure is what led all the information about each of us to be known in the public and that's as it ought to be. people want to make sure there are no conflicts of trillion that will stand in the way of the people who lead the party potentially. yes, my wealth has already been examined and the investments i have are all right there for people to take a look at and now we'll look at things like the tax rate and what the charitable contributions were and that's more information, fine from my
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standpoint to get that out. normally that's done in april, but different the attention brought to this issue, let's go there on tuesday morning and let people take a look and talk about the issues that matter, the qualitieses of leadership of our nominee and their position on key issues, particularly getting america back to work. >> mike: well, i hope that after you get your taxes out you'll help tim geithner understand his better, he had such a problem understanding them. governor, romney it's been a pleasure and thank you for taking time out to be with us. >> thanks, governor, good to be with you tonight. >> we invited all republican presidential candidates on the show tonight. speaker gingrich was unable to make it, coming up you'll be joined by rick santorum and ron paul and we hope to get speaker gingrich soon on the show. we'll be right back.k. capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash.
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>> florida's primary just about a week am i quoting you correctly, shut up. the shut up approach.
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>> and a candidates want to dictate to your campaign. i get impatient with it. you won iowa and romney won new hampshire and gingrich, south carolina. and everybody has a victory, you're going into florida, why should you give up? >> look at it the other way, romney won in his back yard and newt won in his back yard and on the the fair playing field, we won. a lot of koifts are out there, we need to get out here and coalesce so we don't get mitt romney. i have two things to say for that, we've beaten mitt romney twice, one with certain people in the race and four people in the race, it's not like the man is a world beater than at that conservatives, there aren't-- there are plenty of votes to beat him. number one, and number two, i'd make the argument there's one good conservative in the race and we certainly have our job to go out and make that case to the people of florida as we are today. and the same thing, going around the country and making the case that, you know, we're
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the strong conservatives and hopefully the movement will rally behind us, they did last weekend in texas and i i think we're encouraged to see more of that in the days ahead. >> mike: senator, let's talk about the group in texas that met, voted, it wasn't unanimous, but they voted, with the majority, a clear majority so support you. it did not seem the to have the impact in south carolina that people expected. why not? >> that's a good question. i would say probably couple of reasons, i heard you mention earlier, i think there was a, you know, someone told me last night. remember, south carolina was the state that seceded from the union. there was a pushback to the establishment the the way that the media handled newt gingrich and the things going on. i think there was a lot of anger out there, the way that newt was treated and you didn't see any polls in the last week or so that had any, newt anywhere near this number and he really did surge dramatically in the last 24 to
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48 hours and really, the only thing that you can attribute to it, now, was, you know, his very strong showing in putting down john king in the national media and i always said, i don't know how much newt paid john king to ask him that question. it wasn't enough money. >> mike: florida is a different state than south carolina, it's big, it's expensive and obviously, romney has an organization there and he's got the to spend. let's talk about your campaign, how could you go into florida with the obstacles and convince voters that you're the guy? >> well, i think what i've said this race is not going to end in florida, if many respects we're now all even, having each won a state and the delegate county is almost insignificant at this point. not that many delegates have been awarded and we're in a position right now, i think you're seeing the gingrich and romney sort of throwing pretty
3:23 am
heavy missiles against each other and we're out here talking about how we're going to grow jobs in the state of florida and an african-american church in southeast florida today and talking about, you know, families and how we're going to he rebuild the american family and do some things that would help create jobs in all areas in our country from the bottom up. that's a hopeful message in a state that has 10% unemployment and a positive vision for the family and the economy and that's a message we're going to be prigg here and sort of let those guys have at it and talk about what we're going to do to make this country better. >> what's been your biggest disappointment through the process of running for president, as you look back through the past grueling months? >> oh, you know, mike, as you experienced the two, this is a great country, a great process and there are things that could be better, sure, but, i think you showed it, too, that candidates who have-- who are, you know, visionary
3:24 am
and have a great idea and that work hard, they can come from nowhere and really make a difference in this process and you know, given a break or two might be successful in winning this process and we go back to four years ago in south carolina, but for staying in the rice, mike huckabee might be in the oval office. a break here or there, that's the thing that probably, it doesn't disappoint me, fast nights me how little things, potentially little things like a question being asked in a debate can turn the character of a race and that's, you know, you just have to prepare yourself and hopefully be there to take advantage of the opportunity. and we're staying in this race and taking advantage of the opportunity and we're working hard ap boatloads more money than we thought we would to be honest with you and we'll stay here and fight for the principles i believe in and i believe in the end wool he' get the nomination. >> senator, soldier on, thanks
3:25 am
for joining us here tonight, i appreciate it. >> thank you so much, mike. >> congressman ron paul might have finished last in south carolina, but he says he's in for the lon
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congressman ron paul has vowed to keep fight to go get delegates, he joins me from the home state of texas and thank you for joining me, it's great to have you here. >> thank you, good, mike, thank you. >> you know, you've had a pretty remarkable turn since four years ago and i've got a graphic and i want to put it up on the screen and shows that the difference between 2008, 2012 is dramatic?
3:29 am
iowa from over 12%, new hampshire from 7 1/2% to 23% and in south carolina where you had like 3 1/2% town 13%. congressman, it's obvious that something is clicking with voters more so than time than four years ago, tell me what is it that you're saying that is causing them to pay a whole lot more attention to you? >> well, i think you know me well enough that my message and my speeches haven't changed too much. my answers are the same. i think the country has changed, and i think people are much more concerned about the issues i've been talking about. like, for instance, the issue of monetary policy. the young people who are very interested in what i'm doing are fascinated with this and people are coming around thinking how long should we stay overseas? is it a wise thing to be cons stnl in the wars and we don't know when they're going to end and obama has expanded this without much consultation with the congress and i think that
3:30 am
people are starting to issen to this. i think the the most dramatic thing was the down turn in the economy because i had talked about the housing bubble and the problems that we faced. the and the down turn was a dramatic difference and that's when the message became more appropriate and where people started to listen. >> you have talked an about our military engagement overseas and you'd like to cut the military dramatically, and the defense department budget as you distinguished between the actual fighting force of the red ligmilitary. but a huge cut in the defense department. amazingly, you have a substantial amount of support from the military. both veterans and active military and you've not just said that, but we've done the fact checking and verifies that you have extraordinary support from the military. what do they tell you. why are they supporting you? it would seem that that sort of, almost, not expected for that to happen. >> well, they're on the front lines and i've been over there, two, three, four times,
3:31 am
and i don't think they're seeing the results that we're told that's happening over there. and i also know that i've served five years in the military during the 60's, those were rough times in the 60's, because the wars were being escalated and the vietnam war didn't end well, you know, it ended badly and we lost a lot of lives and issuered in the 1970's, which was the stagflation and a lot of inflation and we're seeing a lot of economic burden, due to the overseas spending and the wars it added 4 trillion dollars on to our national debt. and i think the young people and the military people know that they don't see an end in sight. so, i think this is why they're very interested, but i don't think this should be ignored. the people who have to do the fighting keep going back again, you'd be surprised at how many messages i get from the families and the wives and the people and veterans who have come back and they know that, you know, i really care about this and they don't
3:32 am
accept my idea, why don't we go to war more rarely and under proper conditions and that is let congress make the the declaration and make sure we know we should do it and fight them and win the wars and come home like we did in world war ii and we slipped into this sloppy way of getting engaged overseas and i think the people who are online, understand this and they think a cautious approach is probably a good idea. >> mike: congressman, at the risk of being impolite, you are the oldest candidate in in race and yet, you have the strongest support from younger the voters. tell me why. >> well, it's very good question. but i think they have challenged this paradigm of right and left. you know, that we have republicans and democrats right and left, but i think it's-- if they look at what's happening, nothing really seems to change and i think they're convinced, as i've been convinced and i talk about a lot much it's not a
3:33 am
struggle, really, between the leadership of two parties, philosophically. even though the rhetoric is different, i recognize that and i think the difference is what people see is a struggle over power. they're insiders against our insiders, and then when we see, you know, both republicans and democrats bailing out the wealthy, you know, like the republicans and democrats did in '07 and '08. and they see this completely differently. and they see me as being more independent and presenting the case, than there's another, there's another issue, that we should be be coming together maybe with a strict adherence to the constitutional and emphasis on personal liberty as well as economic liberty and i think they find that as an attractive approach. >> all right, congressman as you move into florida, who do you target, mitt romney, newt gingrich. rick santorum and you've got to convince the voters of florida you're a better candidate? >> well, from mine, i can't, i
3:34 am
can't separate the three of them. because, i think they, they represent so much of what i consider the status quo. because they're the not challenging the foreign policy and i believe we can have a strong national offense and pro american policy without injuring, you know, our defenses whatsoever, but changing it and the monetary policy that's been my big issue you know, for 30 years trying to prevent the bubbles from forming and therefore, the deficits, too. i have sort of a monopoly on that in this campaign and my cover is to cut a trillion dollars out of the budget and the other candidates talk about coming to the proposed increases and everybody in washington is talking about cuts, but they're the not talking about cuts, but a trillion dollar over ten years and 100 billion dollars a year. >> mike: congressman, well, we're going to have to go unfortunately, but i appreciate you being here, good luck in florida, i know it's a tough and big state and i thank you so much for coming tonight and talking to us. >> thanks for having me, mike.
3:35 am
it's been a pleasure. coming up, think social issues don't matter in the election? tomorrow is the 39th anniversary of roe vs wade, but next you're going to hear the story of two women for whom the issue of life is not a political issue, we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks.
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eastern, don't miss it. and i'm harris falkner, now, bah being to a live huckabee. >> now we have he an all heard someone say that i'm against abortion, except in cases of rape. try saying that to my next guest. she was conceived in rape and she's made it her mission to change minds that baby like her deserve to be born, too. rebecca joins me now, it's great to have you here. >> thank you. >> your he' 39 years away from roe versus wade decision of the supreme court. a lot of people who consider themselves pro-life say except
3:40 am
for cases of rape, incest, life of the mother. i want to talk about your story. you were adopted and you started looking for your birth parents, and what did you find out. i found out i was conceived when my birth mother was abducted by a serial rapist and-- it was the worst case snare he yo, she is he' 4-10, really petite, single mom going to the grocery store at night and that's how i was conceived. your birth mother was given up for adoption and he when you confronted the adoptive family about your past and the fact that you were the victim of rape, tell he me what your he stepfather stayed to you. >> well, my adopted father, i asked him how he felt about abortion because of course, that's the first thing i thought of. and he said to me, well, it should be a woman's choice. and i said, you mean that you think that the totality of my
3:41 am
entire existence wasn't worth having to put her through the eight months from the time she found out she was pregnant, you've witnessed my whole life and my life-- and he actually said, no, no, i don't believe that. and thought, gosh how would i get to the point and believe such a thing, a professor and he felt like, to be pro choice. >> and rebecca, you're featured in the gift of life, a movie that i've had a part in helping bring to the screen. and it's a powerful story and the whole video to me is powerful, but your particular piece testify just stunned me and it was so very immense, but it had an impact on someone else, governor rick perry, who saw it in iowa, met new iowa and it so changed him the very next day he made a decision and publicly announced that in south carolina this week he had this to say and i'd like to take a look at it. >> i've always been a very
3:42 am
pro-life legislator and lt. governor and governor, and i did have the exceptions for rape and incest, historically. and sitting down with an individual who, rebecca can hesling, who was a product of rape and we had a long and a heart felt conversation and she looked me in the eye and she said, governor, are you telling me that, she said i understand your concern about the issue and in having an exception for rape and for incest. but she said, are you telling me that my life is not just as important? and i didn't have an answer for her. and she touched my heart in a way that at that particular point in time i realized if you're going to be pro-life,
3:43 am
you've got to be pro-life, you can't be partly pro-life. >> rebecca, you're seeing that for the first time, governor perry's comments this past week in south carolina. how does it make you feel to hear that your story from the movie "gift of life" had that kind of impact on a governor and a presidential candidate. >> for a long time and that night he told me that i had changed his heart and it, it was-- what i would call an extra moment for me and it was one of the greatest moments ever my pro mrief ministry and for him to come out and publicly share what had privately occurred within his heart was an absolute blessing. he didn't have to do that. >> mike: you know, your testimony in the movie is one that obviously, we don't have time to go into, in the detail
3:44 am
that i wish. but after all these years, if there's one hope that you have. one goal, what is it? >> i'm so thankful my life was there and it would be pretty selfish to not do anything, in response as though i want to see others protected, too. and i'm alive because of people who protected me, who are my heroes and my goal is to be a hero to others and i want to see abortion ended. i'm a huge supporter of personhood amendments as you are. >> mike: as am i. >> i appreciate it. >> mike: i appreciate you, rebecca and i want you to see the gift of life movie for no other reason to see the full testimony of rebecca. it's powerful along with the stories of, many, many other people and you can get it, go to my website, mike huckabee dot-c
3:45 am
dot-com there's a link to the movie. and at one time my next guest had a goal to be a millionaire. to do that, she was ready to abort 40,000 babies. now [ male announcer ] lately, there's been a seismic shift in what passes for common sense. used to be we socked money away and expected it to grow. then the world changed... and the common sense of retirement planning became anything but common. fortunately, td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. take control by opening a new account or rolling over an old 401(k) today, and we'll throw in up to $600. how's that for common sense?
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>> i've heard me talk about the movie the gift of life.
3:49 am
one of the most powerful is carol everett is provider, she ran clinics to get repeat customers for maximum profit. you ran up to 1983, was this just a business, a baby machine if ul. >> i want today become a millionaire. >> you wanted to become a millionaire. >> how many abortionings would you have to do and why. >> my commission was $25 so 40,000 a year. >> you were selling abortions not health services, abortions. >> three to five from every female between 13 and 18. >> three to five. how do you get a girl to come back for repeat business for abortion, for heavens sake. >> if they have an abortion early in their child bearing years they'll continue to use abortion as a method of birth control and find them when they're ashamed of pregnancy
3:50 am
and that's very early so the sex education process starts as early as kindergarten to break down the natural modestry and celebrate them from parents and values and looks at someone like me, who runs an abortion clinic as an expert on sexual activity and low dose birth control. >> and you did this for a business. >> i'm sorry to say i did. >> mike: how many abortions did you probably help see happen. >> 35,000. >> mike: 35,000, we've got so many more things to talk about, your role in this film is so powerful and i want to come back right after our break, a brief break and when we come back, talk about what changed your mind about abortion? because that's the part of the story that i think is remarkable. we'll be right back with carol
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>> the gift of life is a movie that talks about what life really means and when it begins and i hope you'll get a copy you can find out more about it, at, we were talking about one of the most remarkable stories from the film with carol everett. 35,000 abortions and one day you said that's it. what was the turning point, carol, for saying, i'm not doing these anymore? >> i was working to become a millionaire and we had two abortions clinics open and we needed three more and in order to reach that 40,000 mark i had to expand and i had to solve the internal problems of the clinic and found a man who says he was a business counselor and could solve our problems in 30 days, he made us agree to meet with us, an hour a week to four weeks and second time i sat down with him and i asked a question
3:55 am
that was startling. are you a preacher. >> yes. what are you doing here. >> he said god sent me. >> god sent him to the abortion clinic to help you do abortions? >> he went on to say that someone was going to leave in 30 days. and then he went, he asked me to pray the prayer of salvation and the last line in the prayer he asked me to pray, make me a worker in your vineyard and i left there laughing thinking i'm going to go to florida and work in a vineyard. and when i left, the girls were crying, and i was shook by it. >> yours was a spiritual moment of conversion in which you were deciding were you taking innocent human life, it's not worth it not even for a million dollars. >> i started talking women out of having abortions. >> even at the clinic or-- >> at the clinic. >> that couldn't be profitable or popular to ask people not to get an abortion at abortion
3:56 am
clinic. >> they wanted me out of there fast. >> i bet they do. you've spent the last 25 years working with women who keep them from having an abortion. warri -- are we getting closer to ending this horrible holocaust in this country? >> i'm encouraged by what i see. the last year, 24 states passed 92 laws and of course, texas is my home and i stepped out of my nonprofit and lobby and we defunded planned parenthood in texas this past year, and we passed a very strong and consent law to require the abortionist to sit down with the woman in a face to taste private, confidential meeting and we thought we would save babies and cut abortion in half and see the same thing across the countries. >> carol everett, i thank you for your powerful story and powerful testimony and i hope that if you want to learn more about carol's incredible story and rebecca's. get the gift of life movie,
3:57 am
mike a link there. from washington, thank you for joining us, we'll be back next week. until then, good night and god bless. i wouldn't do that. pay the check? no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. hey, aren't you... shhh. i'm researchg a role. today's special... the capital one venture card. you earn double miles on every purchase. impressive. chalk is a lost medium. if you're not earning double miles... you're settling for half. was that really necessary? [ male announcer ] get the venture card at and earn double miles on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? cover for me. i have an audition.
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