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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 23, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>>megyn: "studio b" with shephard smith starts right now. >>shepard: thanks so much. deadly storms in the south, flattening hopes and flipping cars and unbelievable scene we will show you. the roads are littered with debris with a live report from deep in the south of dixie. plus, iran is now doubling down on their threats to cut one of the busiest oil passages off after the united states and the european union have new put more pressure on tehran's nuclear program. >> new audio from the italian cruise ship disaster. plus, new detail on the captain who said he tripped into a lifeboat. that all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> but, first from fox at 3:00, everything has changed in politics. after three presidential contests and they different
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winners, it is off to florida where the outcome could be crucial. this weekend, the former house speaker newt gingrich pulled a come-from-behind win in south carolina and he has gained the lead new in florida. so, his chief rival is stepping up the attacks. >> the speaker was the only speaker in american history to have been reprimanded by his own members, by his republican members, 88 percent, reprimanded him and he resigned in disgrace. >>shepard: he says the ethic legislation that led the speaker to resign could give president obama political ammunition in a potential head to head match up. the new normal. and carl cameron live in tampa, florida, how are folks there reacting to what happened over the weekend, carl? >>carl: obviously a great deal of enthusiasm and curiosity and more to the romney attacks. he is going after him for
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receiving $1.6 million in fees for consulting to freddie mac and making the point that freddie mac was related to the housing clap that happened here in florida. and he arrived here fairly sparse crowd notwithstanding the signs behind me, a couple hundred people and he continues to shake hands with the audience and urged them to ignore the criticism from mitt romney chalking it up to a candidate desperate in defeat and trying to come back. here is newt gingrich on mitt romney. >> i have been told by a variety of people that governor romney has been saying unkind things. i prefer personally not to believe it. but on the other hand, if you have been campaigning for six years and you begin to see it slip away, you get desperate. when you get desperate you say almost anything.
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>>carl: he has wind if his sails and momentum and raised $1 million in the last 24 hours and hoping to put more in the bank. he recognized this is a difficult and expensive campaign to run in florida and the romney campaign has been on the air with much more money. this is a battle that will go all eight remaining days and there are two debates in the interim. those are the newt gingrich strong suits so he hopes that helps overcome the hurdles he has and disadvantages to miles per hour who is so much bigger in terms of money and men. >>shepard: and romney is hitting from all sides. >>carl: he is and not just greater his lips but also from tv sets. romney today is adding to his massive ad war on new criticism of newt gingrich is very tough. here is a sampling. >> while florida families lost everything in the housing crisis, newt gingrich cashed in. he was paid over $1.6 million by the agency that helped create
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the crisis. if newt wins this guy would be very happy. he writes it all off at baloney and today he said it used to be that mitt romney was offering aa pious baloney but now it is just baloney. >>shepard: the polls have changed in a huge way the last week. >>carl: well we should say poll because, really, we are only talking about the rasmussen survey, a one day poll which is more questionable in terms of results. and it was on a weekend. but it shows that newt gingrich has moved interest a significant lead here, nine points above romney, and that is a perfect expression of the kind of momentum that a big surprise victory can create in this process but, by the way, both ron paul and rick santorum far off the pace for third and fourth. but, when floridaians were asked over the weekend who they thought would be the nominee, mitt romney over 52 percent,
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over half, over 50 percent, and, 17 points ahead of newt gingrich, so, it is going to be a battle as it has been in every stating it looks like it will go to the wire. >> down to the last day of the month when florida finishes up the process. great to see you. and now analysis from the republican strategist who is joining us from washington, dc, a former pollster for giuliani campaign and dedicated to electing republicans in 2012 if he heads to the virginia victory campaign and c.e.o. of an investment company. pete, how much should we make of this turn around that clearly began with the voting in south carolina on saturday and continues with this poll in state of florida? >>guest: sure, look, it was just about a week where we were right here talking about how mitt romney was playing flawlessly and making few errors and what happenedded?
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as in politics he throws plea interceptions in a week and rather than looking like manning, he looks like a player that did not do too well. >>shepard: a lot of people have suggested that newt gingrich's other positions, over time, and some things about his own personal live are going to hurt him with social voters. so far it looks like beating the heck out of president obama is winching their thirst. >>guest: republican voters want a fighter. they want a conservative. they don't like the class warfare come out of the mouth of president obama. i think we will see more of that tomorrow night, in the state of the union, and president obama wants this to be about choices, about the "one percent versus the 99 percent," he doesn't want
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it to be a referendum on him, at all, so, south carolina voters like the fight they saw in newt and mitt romney needs to show a little grit. americans lover a comeback as iron mike tyson everyone says they have a game plan until they are hit in the face. republican voters want to see what mitt romney does next. >>shepard: what i have heard from many on the conservative side of the republican party, they don't feel like mitt romney has the fight in him. he comes off to social conservatives as sort of flat and in some cases i have heard it described at plastic. how could he shed that? going with the debate tonight? >>guest: well, he needs it show some fire. but he can't be a phony. he can't come out there. he is a fairly reserved guy so i don't advise him to go off the wall but show someone who can at the end of the day fight and win
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defense president obama and if you can't fight and win against newt gingrich republican voters are going to have a lot of concerns. but this is going to be a long, hard fought slog to quote rumsfeld, it will not end with florida. i believe mitt romney had an opportunity to go for the knock out in south carolina and it didn't happen and he got hit in the face. it will be ground hog day, six more wokes of this. >>shepard: florida will be excited. pete snyder live on capitol hill, thank you. a fox news weather alert. what a weekend. at least two people are reported dead and 100 others hurt after severe storms and what may have been tornadoes tore through parts of dixie. and now the news from center point, alabama, outside birmingham if you are not aware of it. the second hit in less than two years, and that building behind you, this looks awful. >>jonathan: it does, the communities like oak grove
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getting hit, once, again. this community where i am, center point, is not far from a city we reported on tornadoes in the late spring of last year, typical of the tornado activity in the spring but rare to see them in the dead of winter. but when we arrived it was very warm. surprised by how unseasonably warm it is. you can see one of two banks that suffered heavy damage in the tornado, and, shep, looters wasting no time going in, attempting to steal money, tonightly they were unsuccessful. back to you. >>shepard: jonathan, thank you from alabama. and now to the extreme weather center. tornadoes more rare, i suppose, but, we get tornadoes in every month in this country. how is it looking? >>guest: things have settled a little bit but the damage is done. as you can see, four states affected by what we thing were tornadoes and an es2 confirmed in arkansas with winds up to 135
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miles per hour and there is the past 24 hours, as storm scraped through the south, fortunately, things are starting to die down and we have airline dies up and down the coast because of this system moving east. looking at the future radar, by monday night into tuesday it is over but look what happens interest wednesday, another storm from the gulf coast moves into texas, arkansas, mississippi, alabama, and, yet, again, the next several days. >>shepard: some of those areas could use the rain. >>guest: absolutely. >>shepard: the technology drivers use to find their way in unfamiliar towns could be an advantage for police tracking criminals but the supreme court just slapped a big restriction on the g.p.s. technology and that is just ahead with the details. and newt gingrich now a serious contender for the white house, so, why is president obama's campaign still spending so much energy going almost after mitt romney? we will get perspective from a
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>>shepard: the supreme court issued the first ruling on the g.p.s. tracking of suspected criminals. and every justice says police must get a search warrant before that officer used technology to track the vehicles of suspects. the unanimous decision reversed the cocaine trafficking conviction of a washington, dc nightclub owner. back in 2005 police installed a g.p.s. device on that suspect's jeep but didn't get a warrant first and used the device to help get him a life sentence tore conspiracy to distribute. the justice department ruled driver dozen not expect movements on public streets to be kept private. with us is fox news senior judicial analyst and host of freedom watch, judge napolitano. the question was, i guess if they followed you and witnessed
3:15 pm
you that is one thing but this device is another. >>judge napolitano: this was a difference on the court on the issue of whether a warrant would be needed to follow you but that is not the fact this this case. in this case they actually got a warrant from a judge in washington, dc for ten days. on the 28th day they put the g.p.s. on in maryland, so the warrant expired and it was in an area the warrant did not have jurisdiction and the supreme court unanimously says, no warrant, no intrusion. intrusion meaning putting the g.p.s. inside the car. that's the actual intrusion. that is prohibited by the 4 the the -- 4 the amendment. >>shepard: what does this mean for the rest of us? >>judge napolitano: profound. from found that it is unanimous. and it is from fund that the supreme court went out of its way to say with modern technology, the fourth amendment still applies and in the turn of a phrase of scalia it applies
3:16 pm
today with the same meaning and intention that the framers intended for its reply when they wrote it in 1789. >>shepard: does this change anything else about the way surveillance could take place? >>judge napolitano: probably hundreds of cases in the country awaiting the outcome of this, where police used g.p.s. devices without getting a warrant. they at least tried to get a warrant. they violated the terms of it and all of the cases depending on the facts but to the extent the police did what happened there will go for the defendant. maybe other evidence of the defendant's guilt buttest obtained by g.p.s. cannot be admitted. >>shepard: i am sure it has happened but i don't recall any unanimous decisions by the supreme court recently. >>judge napolitano: this court once in a while does come down with a unanimous decision. the decision last week about whether religious objections were prohibited from using a religious test when they hire people to work was also unanimous. what is interesting, both of the
3:17 pm
obama appointees rejected the argument, and both of the cases of the obama justice department. i can tell you, put a black robe on, be told you have the job for life, your opinions change. >>shepard: or they become known. >>judge napolitano: right. >>shepard: thank you. we will watch you for weeknights on fox business network on "freedom watch," 8:00 eastern and 7:00 east were. if you don't get the fox business network demand it. senator rand paul had a run in with the t.s.a. should you be able to touch my private parts even if i don't have anything going wrong? he says you shouldn't be able to. but really the law should not be able to do what the criminals can't? wait until you see this and fight over hundreds of pardons issued by the former mississippi governor heads to court. and taking stock of joe paterno's complicated legacy. wanna know the difference between a trader and an elite trader?
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>>shepard: flags in pennsylvania at half staff an order from the state governor after the death of the long time football coach, joe paterno. days ago the family of the man said he was undergoing for minor complications linked to a battle with lung cancer and yesterday doctors confirmed the cancer spread and took his life. joe paterno had over 400 wins and two national championships over 46 seasons add head coach there. of course it came to a sudden end last year with the accusations the foam assistant coach molested at least ten young boys over a period of more than a decade and that joe paterno never reported one of those assaults to the police. and david lee miller is live on
3:22 pm
campus. what do we know about the funeral arrangements? >> funeral will take place at 2:00 on wednesday here at state college. tomorrow there is going to an public viewing and a public viewing early in the day on wednesday, and, then, on thursday at 2:00, a public memorial here on campus and that will be interesting in attendance likely thousands of students, maybe who are still angry at the way jap j.p. was fired, and, also, expected it show up many of the board of trustees, the ones who did the firing. >>shepard: times have been tough in mighty valley. i wonder how ... it is never easy, no matter the circumstances. >>reporter: this is difficult because a broad range of emotions here. but, predominantly a great deal of sadness. take a look over my shoulder and you can see the statue of joe paterno here outside the stadium, it is very cold, it has been raining thousand most of the day, and nevertheless a steady stream of people have
3:23 pm
come here to pay tribute to joe paterno. last night, thousands of students on campus held a vigil and one of the speakers was a former penn state player who turned pro, and he talked about the fact that joe paterno regarded here as almost super human, was, really, like everyone else. and he made mistakes. >> reality is joe paterno was a human being like the rest of us. he did make wrong decisions and he did maybe fail to make the right decisions, like the rest of us do, and like the rest of us do, he has done things in his life that require forgiveness and he has done things in his life that require redemption. >>reporter: many speakers made the same point time and time again and he taught them a value of a lesson: success with honor. >>shepard: david lee thank you. a judge set to hear arguments today over dozens of pardons granted by the former mississippi governor harbor.
3:24 pm
he issued them during the last days in office. you will recall the former governor of mississippi granded clemency to hundreds of people, including more than a dozen convicted killers. jonathan hunt is with us now in the newsroom in new york city. those convicted murders, some of them, could be headed back to prison now. >>jonathan: that is what a judge will decide today. whether those pardons were unconstitutional. if so, at least four of those convicted murders could be headed back to prison. as to all four, they were expected to be in the court today, although we are now being told that the one on screen right as you look there, the authorities have not now been able to find him. so, he won't be there. but, there will obviously be a quick search for him if, indeed, the judge rules the pardons were unconstitutional, and they should go back behind bars. >>shepard: the governor says a lot of this is more about
3:25 pm
politics than it is about the law. >>jonathan: he points out the attorney general is the only democrat-statewide official in mississippi and says this is about politics were the political opponents have misrepresented what he did and misrepresented the dangers posed by the criminals to the public. this is what he said on cbs "face the nation." listen. >> we had 26 out of the penitentiary half for health reasons and most out for years and years no more a threat to the people of mississippi than the week before they got their pardon. >>jonathan: the judge will not be ruling on whether the people are a danger to the public he will simply be ruling on whether their pardons were constitutional. that hearing will get underway in jackson, mississippi, in 35 minutes. >>shepard: jonathan will chat
3:26 pm
away about the story and the headlines throughout the news hour at clicking on "on the hunt," link. we hear more of the conversations between the captain of singing cruise ship and officials on the ground. the captain promised to stay on board until every passenger got off. but we now know that didn't hand. not at all. because he said he "tripped and fell into a life boat." one of many stories in a live report ahead. plus, big changes to the makers of blackberry. boom. chief executive officers are out. what does that mean for the text messaging and e-mail? that is ahead.
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of the wrong hands, we'll even add this personal shredder-- a $29 value-- absolutely free with your enrollment. don't wait another minute. call now or go to lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour. time for the to which the news. salvage teams using explosives to blast their way into the wrecked cruise ship off italian coast. this is more than a week after it struck a wreath and sank into the water. officials today confirmed that divers have found the bodies of two women inside the cruise liners internet cafe bringing the debt total from the disaster to 15. we are now hearing brand new audio recordings from the hour immediately after the disaster began.
3:31 pm
the captain on them, vowing to stay on the ship as hundreds, thousands of passengers were evacuated. >>shepard: the captain now is under house arrest and is accused of abandoning ship despite what he said while 100 people or more were still on the sinking cruise liner. he claims the actions on board the ship saved lives before as
3:32 pm
he put it he tripped and fell into a lifeboat. trace is live in the rollercoaster newsroom and there is question about the number of people still missing. >>trace: yes, the official number of missing stands at 17. but now the cruise line is saying there could have been unregistered passengers so the number of missing could actually go up. and, now the debate is, do you continue searching for those people who are missing? or do you begin punching out the 500,000 gallons of fuel that is on board that could cause an environmental disaster? right now the experts are saying the ship which is teetering on the undersea cliff is now stable. listen. >> ship is stable. it does not need intervention. there is no problem or dangerrer that it will drop on to lower sea bed. >>trace: if the ship remains stable there is a possibly
3:33 pm
necessity could do both simultaneously, research for the victims and begin pumping the thousands and thousands of gallons of fuel off the ship. >>shepard: the captain said he would stay until all the passengers are off and no this is a whole new indication of where he was. >>trace: the story changes. the captain said in court, now, he does acknowledge he did have dinner with the russian dancer and he was dining with her win the ship hit the rocks and now another part of the conversation you played earlier, between the captain and the coast guard. the coast guard is asking the captain, how many passengers are left on board. listen to the answer.
3:34 pm
>>trace: you got the number right, 200 or 300 people still on the boat and the captain acknowledged that and said he would be the last to leave and ten minutes after that conversation he had another conversation saying he was, now, in the lifeboat. we should note that the cruise line is now offering for those passengers on board a 30 percent discount on their next cruise with them. >>shepard: that's a fascinating offer. we will get did that in more depth in a moment. and now to our legal panel as we dos our former prosecutor, good enough to join us, and criminal defense attorney randy zelin and public relations expert. that discount offer. wow ... jay son, legally speaking, where are we, now?
3:35 pm
what is your sense? >>guest: big picture, the prosecution for the manslaughter and the dereliction of duty will go forward and now this new information about possibly unregistered or stow away passengers, my god, talking about an environment or atmosphere of recklessness, this adds to it so much more. and we still can't get a straight answer from the captain of what happened. >>randy: what else do you want to blame the captain for, now it is his responsibility to know who is on the we ship. maybe we should blame the captain if i am not happy with the weather or my food is undercooked. >>shepard: randy, randy, randy, the captain hit a rock and caused the death of at least 15. >>randy: going to the captain to the deaths you have to bridge what and the problem, you cannot make that bridge because you have to show that he knew of the danger, closed his eyes and said to hell with him, i don't care. they can't prove that.
3:36 pm
>>guest: they absolutely can. negligence, rises to the level of recklessness. it starts at the top. his has eyes, earing been down that road and he runs the thing aground. >>randy: and he successfully did it last year, proof positive that he wasn't acting positively, because he difficulty. >>shepard: 30 percent off your next cruise if you didn't die on this one! >> tone deaf. this story not go away as long as that ship is stick out in the ocean, each day there is a new news event. the focus, soon; going to shift to one person and that is the c.e.o. of carnival cruise line in miami who has tried to stay out of it because he is diastrallized the whole fleet says the italians should take care of it. you cannot diastrallize disaster
3:37 pm
the he has to get involved. he has stayed out of it. said some sympathetic things and he should have gone to italy. it is not too late. there will be a congressional inquiry that will call him in, and he will get lawsuits and he has to get involved. >>shepard: the captain regardless of what was going on when he hit the rocks or whatever else it appears he had an italian dancer not on the manifest who wasn't officially on the ship at all, and, the dinner continued after they had the crash. this could be a bit of a problem. >> an awful story that is not going away. that ship sticking there, it will stay here and carnival has lost 40 percent of its stock value from last year, and it will lose $100 million as a result of this, and it hasn't gotten involved. it must. >>shepard: thank you, and we will be back to the lawyers. now iran, facing unprecedented
3:38 pm
pressure to shut down the controversial nuclear program. that is the word now from a british official as two dozen european countries vote to ban the purchase of any iranian oil starting this summer. of course that could send oil prices skyrocketing around the globe especially here in the united states. keep in mind iran is the 4th biggest oil producer on earth and now the islamic republic has fired back announcing it will respond to the embargo by "definitely closing the strait hormuz," which is one of most important waterways on the land it for oil trading. despite the threats, we are told just yesterday the u.s. sent one of the warships right through the strait of hormuz. last year president obama signed off on penalties targeting iran's central bank and, today, the european union voted to freeing that bank's assets.
3:39 pm
the co-c.e.o.'s of blackberry maker have struggle and have now stepped down. gerri, you know, research in motion had a corner on this. there was a time i.t. departments across the country wouldn't let you do anything else and they blew it. >>gerri: mostly their own states. reliability, their network went down, and last fall, for some time, product delays, software issues, you name it they have it and they put out the lay -- playbook, and critics hated it. they led the market and now they down to 16.6 percent while droid takes 46.9 and apple takes 28.7 percent, so that is not pretty. >>shepard: and it has weighed on the market and the market does not believe that the makers of blackberry can handle this. >>gerri: they named a new c.e.o. as you mentioned, and he
3:40 pm
is an insider people don't know, and at first i thought, this is good news, but, when the c.e.o. in a conference call said, no seismic changes, investors dumped the stock. they want big changes. >>shepard: well want for you on the fox business network weekdays at 5:00 eastern and 4:00 central on fox business network. newt gingrich is getting extra help in the campaign, and it is coming from ... president obama's re-election staff. next, why democrats are now attacking mitt romney and giving newt gingrich much of a pass. and senator rand paul and the bosses at t.s.a. do not see eye to eye on airport security. the senator's check point statement. this is trouble. rand paul made a statement. what do you thing of it? all energy development comes with some risk,
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>>shepard: the man who won president obama's former senate seat suffered a stroke, the illinois republican senator who took office in 2010. he had complained of being disney and of possible headache and they now report that it was a stroke and they removed part of the skull to allow the brain to swell. he will recover for a few days at the hospital and he could lose function in his left arm and leg but the doctors are predicted a full recovery saying they are "confident the fighter in him will prevail e despite a big win for newt gingrich in south carolina, the obama campaign is targeting governor romney. analysts say this suggests that the president sees him as the bigger threat in the general election matchup. is the obama campaign underestimating speaker gingrich? we bring in former aide to the democratic senator schumer and
3:45 pm
political science professor on long island. >>guest: it is a bit of picking your opponent the way harry reid did with sharron angle. romney is a moderate, strong campaign organization, governed almost as a liberal and he will appeal to a broader specific trip of the electorate. and newt's unfavorability is sky-high nationally with the yen public, not just the core republics but you look overall, he has background to make up that mitt doesn't. he can introduce himself to america. americans know newt gingrich and that is dangerous. >>shepard: well in south carolina they know newt gingrich and in florida they know newt gingrich, and he has a turn around. to what do you atry out this? how do you land to fight it? >> people, republican conservative voters want to see a candidate against obama who is doing to bloody him.
3:46 pm
>>shepard: conservative voters in the republican party, rick santorum would say newt gingrich poster boy conservative? rick santorum would say, no. >>guest: they don't see rick santorum as a viable alternative, who will be a strong debater. you look at newt and rick, newt dominated the debates. they want to see that guy go toe to toe with obama. as the patriots want a rematch with the giants. a republican voter wants to see a guy out there not just going to beat the president but, really, beat him up and they are mistaken. the worst thing going on into a debate is high expectation and newt is very bad at managing expectations. he has the sky-high right now. >>shepard: everyone thought on the republican side, now, not on your side, but the republicans seem to think he would screw it up. between when he started and now. and, many thought we the whole
3:47 pm
"i'm going to beat the heck out of obama," could hurt him and now the voters are saying that is why we love you. >>guest: a reflection of how divided our country is, people on the right don't just want to have only a fair discussion, which they might have if there is a romney, because the positions you have taken, what they want is a fight. they want a real fight, the kind of fight we had in 2010 but i think that a lot of the people in the middle of fed up with what and if newt is the nominee and he has the same kind of blustery attitude toward the president he going to lose misery and take the house seats with him, probably the republicans will lose the house of representatives and give up all hope of taking the senate if he is the candidate. >>shepard: it will be interesting to watch. >>guest: an interesting year already and thursday was the most fascinating days in american licks in a long time. >>shepard: thank you. u.s. senator rand paul claimed
3:48 pm
airport security detained him, and airport security says they dip. after he refused to a full body patdown and he says it started when something on his leg at his knee triggered an alarm during a routine screening. watch. >> i said i am happy to show you my leg, but they wanted to do a patdown. and i said well i'm happy to go through the rescene, and walk through the screener again, and they wouldn't let me. so, then i was detained in an area and told if i used my phone i got the full body patdown. >>shepard: that is what they told him but they dispute the word "detained," because that is a word they don't like but if they hold you, are you detained? his father, ron paul, release add statement saying this "the police state in this country is growing out-of-control, and one of the ultimate embodiments is the t.s.a. that grabs our
3:49 pm
children and seniors and loved ones with disabilities and they do this while doing nothing to keep us safe." the kentucky senator says he had to get a later plight and got through security that time without any problems from the transportation security administration. it released a statement that reads in part, "passenger whose refuse to complete the screening process cannot be granted access to secure area in order to ensure the safety of others traveling." so, rand paul tonight is judge napolitano's desk at 8:00 eastern, and it will be his first sit down and the judge told me of some the questions and i bet you will fine them interesting at 8:00 eastern, and 7:00 central. the country music star garth brooks is going to court over a hospital donation, saying the hospital should gave back his money. brand new court action today coming up inside "studio b" just
3:50 pm
ahead. [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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ing >>shepard: country music star brooks in court pleading his case for why an oklahoma hospital should return his half million donation. you will recall he is suing because hospital officials did not name a build building after his mother, he could not, the administrator said, what he promised when he handed over the cash. and we have a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, randy zelin. since you had such a strange
3:54 pm
smile, you said the other day, where is the legal document that says you were going to name this after my mother? >>randy: could not have said it better. one other thing, too, so, mr. brooks, your memory is better three years later? >>shepard: that is all it should take. and there is an old saying, when you have the facts you go with the facts, when you have the law you go with the law, and when you ain't got other you get on the we stand and cry about your mama. >>guest: you don't think he took $500,000 and said do anything you want with it? >>randy: it looks that way. >>guest: because a contract is not reduced to writing but that is the boater practice does not mean you do not have an enforceable oral contract. >>shepard: an oral contract is as especially binding as a written contract if you can prove it happened. >>guest: and one thing to remember, though, is the common sense and the judge asked the jury to invoke that. you have to ask, why, would he give this amount of money over?
3:55 pm
>>shepard: from a public relations standpoint, you have given half a million to a hospital, and you didn't name it after my mom. for a superstar like brooks couldn't that be a problem? >> i think so, with all respect to the distinguished barristers, there is another saying and that is there comes a time when you put legal advice aside and do what is right. name the hospital wing after your mama, she died, he is a hero he gave you half a million, what is the big deal? >>shepard: don't you wonder if there is something else here? in has to be some other sort of argument to ask for half a million back from a hospital, maybe that is more money, to garth brocks than to most. >> the hospital is the villain whether they win or not. the proper and correct thing is to say, look, we will name a wing, the cafeteria, whatever, after your mama. >>shepard: nice of you all,
3:56 pm
thank you. go big blue. giants and the patriots again. this is the negotiation -- negotiation post, owned but our parent company. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. >>shepard: and i mentioned the giants are headed to the super bowl and in overtime the kicker put away the 49ers with a clutch 31-yard field goal and san francisco fumbled a punt. and big blue headed to indianapolis the home of peyton, but, eli takes on tom brady and the patriots winning in a fantastic show yesterday after baltimore's kicker missed a game tying field goal in the final seconds of the game. giants and patriot as rematch from the super bowl from four years ago when the giants won that 17-14 ending the quest for a perfect season and the giants beat the season early this seasn


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