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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 23, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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make sure you go there, greta to the open thread. good night from new york city, tomorrow night, state of the union. now, mr. bill o'reilly is on deck, i'll see you tomorrow from washington. >> the o'riley factor is on tonight. >> i'm prepared to take this straight at the president and the ehe leet media one of the key issues is the the growing anti-religious bigotry. >> and newt gingrich hot on trashing of the media, now going after anti-religious people. will that help his campaign? bernie goldberg has some thoughts. if you believe that line, that the newt gingrich is the outsider, that will shake things up in washington and laces? really? then i guess you'll believe slip-on's the way to go. that bill clinton didn't more people do that, security would be like -- inhale. and mitt romney trying to get there's no charge for the bag. tougher because his campaign thanks. is sinking. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. and we'll tell if the governor there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers can matcho up. special perks on united, like a free checked bag,
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>> we're not choosing a talk show host, we're talking united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. somebody who will lead the ♪ okay. what's your secret? free world. >> ♪ ♪ and the rocket's red glare [ male announcer ] the new ♪ >> what song is steven tyler united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. singing? walk this way, steven right off the field. >> bill: caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thank you for watching us tonight. can newt gingrich continue his rise? that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. and congratulations newt gingrich for the victory on saturday in south carolina, and we suggest send candy and flowers to abc news and cnn. those agencies tried to use the former speaker's former wife against him and turned it to a major victory, pointing
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out the inappropriateness of the situation, vis-a-vis the media. now, there's no question that the news media, it's very personal which is why the fox news channel is a dominant proo prime time agency in america. and we don't demean americans. and the opening the tabloid questions, voters in carolina cheered and turned the tide in favor of the speaker. now, mr. gingrich used another party. >> one of the key issues i'm prepared to take this straight at the president and frankly straight at the elite media one of the key issues is the growing anti-religious bigotry of our elites. and if you get a chance, if you go to, go to my campaign site. there's a 54-page paper there >> thanks for staying with of the balance of power us, i'm bill o'reilly and
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putting the judiciary back in its proper role and tonight, we sent a talking point memo to gingrich, sending candy and floors to eliminating dictatorial religious bigots. cnn and abc. can he keep the anti-media up. many americans believe there are forces trying to hurt them or at the very least and bernard do you want to answer the practicing condescension. gender question, and we were talking to juan and mary and presents a huge problem katherine about first, for newt gingrich and mitt briefly? >> there are a lot of conservative women in south romney. carolina, a lot of religious, gingrich is it running on emotion and a high voltage evangelical, christian campaign. and santorum and mitt romney conservative women and these are more contained. people find open marriage and many are looking for an avenger, someone who will take the fight to the president and repugnant. but mainstream journalists even more repugnant because governor romney in take seemed like a milquetoast, but romney the turning point was, as you and gingrich are not conceding said earlier tonight, was the anything. >> newt is a good friend of mine, period,'s a friend of instant when romney smacked down-- i'm sorry, when gingrich smacked down john king. mine, i like -- he's an ayn as repugnant as they find his personal life to be, they find tell gent guy,'s. the mainstream journalists
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worse. >> bill: i agree and we went >> and this is a guy who had a around on that and would i have asked the question? very difficult political i would have asked it a career at times and has been an embarrassment to the party. different way way into a >> governor christy of course different debate not leading speaking for romney. and the rasmussen follow has off. it looks like a gotcha. here we are, we're coming gingrich at 41%, romney 32 and after you. and the history of it is, john mccain they tried to do it expect it to tighten. with him and pretty much every if newt gingrich wins big in conservative republican florida, mitt romney will be candidate to try to get you, but then when you look at the in dire trouble. other side, they defended bill and next, tonight, what clinton all day long and it's only about sex, how many times exactly is wrong with the did you hear that, and john romney campaign? has a lot of money, the edwards the national governor himself is a seasoned inyearier, none of the other campaigner. and joining us, brit hume. media was interested. and ted kennedy with what's wrong with the romney campaign. >> there's a lot right with the romney campaign, but a chappaquiddick. couple things wrong. look, everybody gets it, everybody in the country gets one is that the candidate it, either we're conservative himself failed in south or liberal, you know where the carolina, especially, to spahn media is coming from. vigorously to challenges, the the question is, can gingrich bring this into florida and challenge to his role at bain continue to build or is it capital mounted by gingrich over and he's got to go
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and a lot of people thought someplace else? >> yeah, it's a before segue, that was an unprincipled attack. if he turned around arn needed to and still needs to he might i want to talk about how everybody gets it, not just have been able to do something like what newt gingrich did republicans. when he was challenged a look, if you're going to bash couple of times in the debate. the media, your most receptive he turned those things around, you know, forcefully and made them work for him. audience is going to be and mitt romney need today do that and he failed to do it republicans, but i dug out a and that's point number one. mole from the last election, and point number two, if you look back in iowa and what happened to newt gingrich in the pew research center, a iowa and the courtesy of the romney team was, he was number reputable research center, ran a poll and 90%, 9-0 thought one in the national polls, the media were rooting for barack obama. remember, and got cut down on no big surprise there. the sharp attack in television but get this, 62% of democrats and coincidentally, 62% of ads. remember how he complained earlier about them. by the time new hampshire was independents thought the exact over with, finished first, same thing. so, just about everybody knows fourth and then fifth in new that the media cheat and they hampshire and the romney know that's not the media of campaign felt they left him dead and they didn't start to the media to take sides, that the media is supposed to play come after him until he began to rise in south carolina, and fair. so, it can continue for a it was too late. >> bill: nothing they could while, this strategy, if have done? that's what it is, on anything they could--
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>> too late. gingrich's part, but most of >> bill: once gingrich tapped this plays out on tv and it's into a deep well of resentment a tv show and it's going to against the media that many, get old at some point. and i'll say most, it's going to lose impact. conservative americans have, you can't go after the media well, let me be honest here, i every time there's a debate. there has to be every now and haven't, i haven't. then. do i a fair program, fair. >> bill: okay, so he can't make it a center piece of his i have been for 15 years campaigning. >> i don't think so. >> bill: how does he react to attacked, slandered, libelled individual things when they happen. you're right he'll become smeared by these left wing caricature of himself. media people and i despise but as we pointed out. them and there's nobody on it's been-- earth 0 can tell me the elite newt gingrich portrayed himself as an avenger and media, i know who these people are, i know who they are and that's what republicans want 90% of them will hurt you, no, against president obama and his main competition comes across measured, not a lot of that's too high. 70% of them will hurt you fire in the belly. personally if you disagree the contrast comes, this is with them. so, when gingrich tapped into what killed romney in south that emotion, i know it's carolina, he was well ahead of the polls coming off the new true, but if the people in south carolina and across the country feel. hampshire win. nothing romney could have done he didn't temp straight, an would have stopped that surge, urgency, a narrative. a fire in the belly to the if he won the election right there against cnn, and the the
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republican electorate. people felt that abc news, and when gingrich had that rightly or wrongly, rightly or fuse lit, boom, it all went in a matter of ten minutes. wrongly, they felt that abc news and cnn set him up ten minutes. it all went away for romney because he was a conservative. and i'm not-- that's what-- i don't know if romney ki . one more thing and then i'll don't know if he has a fire in let you have the rest of the the belly. >> yeah, yeah, i think they do segment, well, almost. was an avenger, they want what romney has failed to to in a narrative, he doesn't somebody who shows passion have a story to tell. that gingrich showed in that gingrich has a story. few minutes at the debate. all right? the story is, i'm newt gingrich and i'm going to go i'm not sure the republican after barack obama. voters want newt gingrich per romney's story is all over the se. place. i think they'd love to have he hasn't quite locked in on anything that's emotional. mitt romney with his looks and when you think about mitt romney, there's no emotion, his demeanor, i mean, his it's bloodless. physical demeanor, but with okay? barack obama had emotion and newt gingrich's passion. that's why he won last time. >> bill: right. >> and enthusiasm, but that may be genetically impossible, barack obama, barack obama, black man, change, hope and in romney's case. change, going to sweep it, all i'm not sure he's genetically going to be different. capable of showing that kind emotion, emotion, emotion. romney had no emotion and of passion and that's why so that's what's holding him many people why cheering, they back. >> well, maybe, but look, were on their feet for newt
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let's look alt what the romney gingrich because campaign started to do now. they're up in the air all over conservatives, they're hungering for that kind of florida now with a very sharp passion in the candidate. attack on newt gingrich's not necessarily gingrich, but in the candidate and he's the record which you heard me say only one doing it. before, bill, this is a target >> when i lit into barney rich environment. frank here, i think, i didn't you look at the national picture of all voters, highest plan to do it, and i'd had negative by far of any candidate in the field, enough. i'd had enough of barney frank including ron paul and my sense is that newt gingrich lying to the american people can mott make it all the way and i laced him and then, you to the republican nomination based on a campaign against know, half the country hated me for it and half the country the news media. i don't knowing that's an loved me for it, but i did it issue in the end voters are going to accept. because that's the way it had now, i think's got a pretty to be done in my opinion. good economic plan and perhaps i think romney needs a moment better than romney's, what you're saying, you don't think a moment to show some of that, we're voting on that. i don't think we'll be voting but he shouldn't do it the way for long, and anger at the i did. news media. thank you very much. >> it's got to look real. >> wait though, gingrich >> he'll be arrested if he turned it all around according does. to rasmussen one night in reality check on deck. the most popular people in the south carolina and because country and i have some bad romney. >> the first night. news for you guys out there. i'm on the the list. >> the first night. and also, what was steven >> bill: romney was leading tyler thinking about yesterday big time in florida and as soon as he lost, romney lost while singing the national in south carolina, bingo, the anthem?
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polls turned around and almost overnight. well, and it was set all in motion, and it's all in motion. >> it's also momentum, bill, too, remember what happened after the big win by romney in new hampshire, they bolted in when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief? south carolina, and some he try bayer advanced aspirin. was up 17 points and into it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream fast south carolina and a long enough run for things to make and rushes relief to the site of your tough pain. a difference and this is a it's proven to relieve pain long enough run for things to twice as fast as before. bayer advanced aspirin. change and gingrich is leading by 9 in the polls you showed. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! and i don't think it's higher than that in florida. specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... the romney campaign is going and my hands were full. to attack him on the record and do it with things that are i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. basically true and see how well he holds, up and how we have access to great specialists, well-- and our pediatrician gets all the information. >> romney himself has to change. >> he has to do better, not a everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person abouter care. means of being better intellectually. i think's he fine there. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. he's got the connection and-- that's health in numbers. >> that's true. and he's not connected. itedhealthcare. >> it's easy to say that, he's
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not a natural politician and doesn't have a natural connection, but remember, bill, one candidate had strong showings in the race and that's mitt romney. the other two finished badly everywhere and first one place, that's not a record and that's-- >> i just think that emotion is higher right now in the republican precincts. >> oh, i agree with that, and already said-- >> gingrich is going to try to keep it as high as possible and then romney has got to find an answer to that, we'll see if he does. brit, thank you. married women in south carolina broke big for gingrich. and why? and later bernie goldberg on attacking the media. you how long can gingrich continue to do that. continue to do that. asking tha
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i remember the day my doctor told me i have an irregular heartbeat, and that it put me at 5-times greater risk of a stroke. i was worried. i worried about my wife, and my family.
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congresswoman and her family the best. ask your doctor if you can reduce your risk of stroke with pradaxa. and two, andrea mitchell talking about mitt romney's mexican heritage. the interesting fact is that the mexican romney, looking back at the records say that mitt romney should look back at the record, because the romneys that came back to the united states they crossed the border illegally. >> the problem with the assessment. it's false. when the mexican revolution broke out in 1912, the governor's grandfather returned to the usa and he and his family were american citizens and entitled to do so. and three, lady gaga teaming >> as pretty much everybody up with harvard. knows, newt gingrich's personal is turbulent and one ♪ ♪ i'm on the right track baby, of his ex-wives with i was born this way ♪ accusations and some thought ♪ i'm on the right track, that republican women would take notice. but south carolina married baby, i was born this way ♪ ♪ born this way women broke for gingrich big. ♪ baby was born this way, baby and so why? was born this way ♪ joining us mary katherine and >> no, she's not going to
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chicago juan williams, and harvard medical school now, i have to, i have to although i would like to see that. the singer and the university confess something that pains me deeply. are partnering in a foundation i don't know why. i don't know why married women to combat bullies and broke to gingrich. i'm surprised. well-being among american young people and that's a good what do you say, juan? >> well, i think these are not thing, and good for them. soccer moms, these are not and number four, what say you, mortgage moms, these are not younger women. steven tyler if you look inside the ♪ o'er the land of the free numbers, bill, what you see is, these are largely women over 50 and particularly women ♪ yeah over 65. ♪ and the home of the brave their big issue is paying for prescription drugs, it's medicare, making sure that their doctors get properly reimbursed because they want to maintain those relationships. they're really upset over the >> and that plane almost president's health care plan. obamacare. crashed, por favor, and a that's what is upsetting them. the idea that some guy is judge on american idol. talking about open marriage, they've been through ups and we'll chalk it up. downs of marriage and they and there's no truth that the know about that stuff and they're into grandchildren now tape is used to interrogate and they're concern about their health and the future of the country and higher taxes people at guantanamo bay. that could be caused by and number five. deficit. they don't care about-- and the playoff game over the >> all right, all right, it doesn't add up.
11:15 pm
because romney and santorum's weekend and owes me a tirn? no, the giants and patriots in position, pretty much what gingrich, said this before, the super bowl. mary katherine, they're all tough for me, i like those. the same pretty much on these issues and you would say, and i go way back with both, okay, if romney's position is close to gingrich's position about entitlement reform and and because i'm a native new how to go about it, then you yorker i have to go with the go with rondell any because giants in the close game. if the pats one, we'll be he's the guy with 18,000 grandchildren, i mean, it looks like, did you ever see there. finally, the harris poll that that ranks favorite tv people is out. ♪ this old man here it is. mark harmon number one, ellen and all the kids are in china, number two and jon stewart romney family never ends and number three and bill o'reilly keep going out. four, leno five. and going in, rather than the guy who could be, you know, a and something is very strong with that, and cannot possibly movie mogul, but, no, no, they went for gingrich, why? be more popular than me, >> i think i'm a little stewart the. among men i come in first, and surprised it didn't have more stewart way, way down and goes effect on women in south directly to the family. carolina, but never thought it would have as much effect on and i can't believe the ladies conservative women in a primary as it might have on would choose stewart over me, he's 4 foot 11. the future on independent now, i know, i'm 6-4, the suburban women in a general election. that's because, especially guy-- so, there's something else post palin with the media beating she took when she came going on. there's something going on out. many conservative women are in here and i demand a recount.
11:16 pm
tune to what they feel is a media attack in the gingrich that's the reality check and on deck, chaos in san interview, suspiciously timed ♪ and certainly meant to do the worst damage to newt. and i think a lot of people reacted strongly to that. >> bill: you think that women ♪ you and me and the big old tree ♪ reacted in the same way as ♪ side by side, e, two, three ♪ men. >> very many strongly conservative women react that ♪ counthe birds in the big o tree ♪ had way. >> now, the movie i was ♪ la la la referring to was the in of 6th [ male announcer ] the inspiring story happiness, nobody knows what of how shipping giant can befriend a forest i'm talking about. >> wish i could have pulled that one. may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. >> bill: if you can watch that movie, thousands of children and nobody knows why they are ♪ tea there. all right, now, juan, you ♪ you and me and the g old tree side by side ♪ expect this trend that we saw in south carolina, for people butyou take away the faces on the trees... who were so angry at the media take away the pixie dust. that they pulled the lever for gingrich, to continue in take away the singing animals, florida. is it going to be the same and the charminoutfits. scenario? >> yeah, in fact i'm waiting take away the sprites, on newt when he says i'm the and the storybook narrator... anti-establishment candidate. watch all of these [ man ] you're le with more electric trucks. establishment republicans who are rallying, to mitt romney's more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... side and they're all attacking
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and what they did in iowa when which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. they tried to knock me out of this race altogether and i am ♪ la la la whoops, forgot one... the anti-establishment, tea party guy. [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. and i have a narrative to pick fedex. solutions that matter. up on what you were talking about with brit. i have a narrative and i'm sick and tired of government [ slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? and i will reflect your anger. fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. i'll take on obama and whip nothing works faster. him in the debate. >> that's a smart thing,'s ♪ tum tum tum tum tums going with the religion thing now and they're anti-religion and i'm going to take the media on and big government guys on and that's the narrative. when i get there i'm going to kick some butt. do you know who's narrative was almost exactly the same way? obama, obama. >> he didn't mention the media because the media was kissing his butt all over the place, how could he be mad at them. he's mad at them now, it can't be the religion thing because of reverend wright, but his appeal last time, the narrative, hey, i'm going to go in there and change all of this and i'm going to be much more in tune to your feelings,
11:18 pm
of what you need, you, the american people. now, the avenger is coming in, what gingrich is doing is, excuse me, is he's building his resume' as an avenger. that's what he's doing. because, romney looks even wimpier wimpier-- what's he avenging, his bank account? >> having a larger narrative and romney going thunder dome on the-- >> that's right, and all he's got to do, what's his name out there with him. tina turner. >> he's like a technocrat guy, he's different and doesn't have the same skill that i >> think, and newt straight at the president and the media showing 49er fans in a moment. elite and that's-- first, the mail. >> and mary katherine. >> here is where, really benjamin. ... quick, the thing about mitt romney, he can't go to florida and only sharpen his knives was i the only one put off by against newt gingrich. i think he has to sharpen his
11:19 pm
overall message as well and if he doesn't, he's got a >> bill: because few other problem. >> bill: i'm stealing politicians dare to do that daniel. as i said in talking points, thunderball-- thunder dome, i'm stealing many conservatives believe the that. here comes newt gingrich and fix in against the right wing so the wimpy guy, hi. they pointed that out. mitt romney. >> so he's going to be the bad boy? >> he's going to be the baddest boy you've ever seen and now what,'s he going to >> bill: jeff, you need to two win with this thing. things, get fresh air and wise >> bill: win already? up while doing so. >> and i don't know, if he wins, it could be, but i'm going to tell you something right now for all the money and organization that romney has in florida, it's melting, it's melting like the snow. it's going away because of the >> bill: no, we're not. you need to take a stroll with momentum and the anger and the narrative that you've been jeff. diane... talking about, that's dealing politics and gingrich has it. >> bill: he should chew tobacco in the debate tonight. >> bill: why because ron paul and have a big chaw. mary katherine, thank you very has no chance.
11:20 pm
much. ann coulter not a big fan weighing in and legendary football coach joe paterno dies, in the wake of the follow the wings. >> bill: everybody would rather listen to me sing than the aerosmith guy. >> bill: i like the o-zone or o oh jays.
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you should record the factor broadcast. >> bill: best deal ever is still if play. birg become a premium member and get killing lincoln free of charge. >> bill: that is excellent frank. there are only hundred tickets left for those shows in santa barbara. pinheads, christian gave a rousing rendition of star-spangled banner but it was interrupted by pinheads ♪ o say can you see ♪ ♪ by the daynserly light
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♪ was so proudly we hailed ♪ as the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> bill: come on, you don't cheer individual players during that. pinheads are limited. that is it for us tonight. check out our factor website. we want
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>> the segment tonight. many republicans are choosing sides, gingrich versus romney with santorum having an outside chance right now and you're he a romney supporter, right. >> huge romney supporter. >> i'll put you in charge of the campaign, what would you say to him? we don't want to talk about the ads and all that, they're going to take care of themselves. as far as his personal demeanor, keeping in mind that we just discussed that gingrich is running as the avenger and expect him to have a little hat and come out and
11:24 pm
he's going to get the media and the obama, going to get them all, okay? and how does romney counter that? >> i think, i think he would just automatically say right after romney lose-- not lose, in second. the same thing as he was polling at two weeks ago as the final results in south carolina, and gingrich came in what, fourth and fifth in the last two, suddenly romney is doing something wrong and i've been watching all of the debates and by the way, i think stop putting so much stress on the debates, they are he' going to be at least two debates between the republican nominee and the president and it's not going to be a bunch of tea partiers in the audience, they're going to democrats, and based on gingrich's past experience he sucks up to whatever audience. he'll not when he was asked about the paul ryan plan. >> bill: your guy and-- >> whatever the audience is, loved global warming when he had that audience and hated the paul ryan plan in front of a mainstream media audience. >> bill: he's found his groove. >> he'll say whatever the
11:25 pm
audience wants him to say and the attacks on the media have been really, really depleting the well of sentiment against the liberal media and he's going back to protect himself on-- >> you've written books on that. >> yes, i have, because of that i think it's a serious issue just like jesse jackson accusing people of racism, when his mistresses come out. what does newt gingrich, a perfectly legitimate question, that shakes up that john king was a fair and honest reporter, i don't care if he works at cnn might be the fairest over there and a question he has got to ask. >> bill: shouldn't have asked it first. >> it's hanging over newt gingrich's head otherwise and that's picky and petty. if this were a democrat we'd scream bloody murder if that question hasn't been asked. >> bill: i wouldn't be screaming anything, you're wrong in the sense, that's old news and abc ran was old news.
11:26 pm
>> it's a headline on drudge and-- fox news-- let's go to another vicious mainstream media reporter bret baier who asked newt gingrich have his staff abandoned mimm and that's attacking bret baier calling it a gotcha question. >> bill: mitt romney did the same thing with bret baier. >> this is the serious issue the way that real racism is a serious issue and wiped away by frauds and charlestons and they want a defense like someone like newt gingrich doesn't want to answer a question and i need three hours to answer that question, he yelled at the moderator. and he's depleting the well of the the important issue and the most important issue isn't so much why i'm for romney, i think he's the most conservative of the four who remain and gingrich the most liberal, it's how do we get the most votes, if we don't
11:27 pm
defeat obama in 2012, obamacare is here to stay and i'm talking about the country because we will go the way of western europe. >> bill: i think you're wrong, i think you're wrong on the media thing, i think that understand the timing this have and the exploittation of it. because there was corroboration from what he said. >> bill: the only thing that was taken out of that whole thing was the open marriage thing that he said. >> all he did was say do you want to respond? by the way, abc was the first one to start reading from the report. and they're the ones who had the the first interview with jesse jackson mistress and they're not playing favorites here, by the way. >> bill: the favorites i just said the timing of it. >> the idea that he wouldn't be asked about that, and are you going to defend him on denouncing bret baier's completely legitimate question. >> bill: my job is to point out-- >> he's abusing a real issue. >> bill: we've got that point. here is my job, my job is to
11:28 pm
be fair, all right? and he was ambushed by this, by abc and the lead question, that's not the most important questions of day. >> was he ambushed by-- >> the question. >> aim he moving on, i disagree, we're moving on. was he ambushed by, you know, fox and friends on saturday asking him to respond to, you know, the ethics violations? no. and screaming at fox and friends and i thought fox was fair and balanced, i'm getting sick of this because this is a real issue and you should care about this and right wingers should care about it and importantly right wingers, who care and look up at newt and calista, and are these people going to be president and first lady. the answer is no, america, we need to get independent voters and they can't possibly win. >> bill: if they ride a populous wave and romney doesn't come and bring something to stop that. >> he could never be president. >> bill: i think the odds are still with romney, i think to be fair the odds.
11:29 pm
>> after a few years after he was speaker-- >> newt did serious damage to the romney campaign in carolina, that's a fact. >> last word. >> he's in one republican district and-- hang on, i get the last word. >> bill: do you change in florida-- >> after a few years of speaker not only does this whole party turn against him saying you're road kill and ruining the public party, but the vast majority of americans in polls said he was scary and extremist, out of touch. >> bill: we get you don't like him. >> no, i don't like obama, and this is going to be a historic landslide if newt gingrich is the candidate. >> bill: ann coulter everybody, e-mail her directly. plenty more ahead on the factor. and it's new york against new england in the super bowl, the social and political implications of that game and run it back. and bernie goldberg will newt and bernie goldberg will newt gingric [ ma announcer ] the cold aisle can overwhelming.
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>> tonight, penn state joe pa
11:33 pm
paterno died yesterday. he was 85 years old. he was perhaps the most successful college football coach ever and a sterling reputation until recently. for 61 years and most players respected him greatly. last november he was fired from penn state he did not take enough action when he heard about an aformer assistant coach molesting a ten-year-old boy on university property. they remembered another coach mike mcqueary witnessed the molestation in the locker room where he says that he told paterno about it and he did not alert police, instead told university officials. >> and then i called my sup superio superiors, i said, hey, we've got a problem. why don't you look into it. i had never had to deal with something like that, and-- >> but nothing happened to that coach, jerry sandusky, who continued to use penn state facilities and allegedly
11:34 pm
continued to molest children. so why did paterno sit it out? he told "the washington post," quote, i was shocked and then i got pretty sad and didn't know exactly how to handle it and i was afraid to do something. it might jeopardize what the university procedure was. and that's the crux of the matter. paterno was afraid, didn't want to get involved because he understood the implications for the university. and that's, exactly, exactly what happened in the catholic church. a number of bishops found out about child molestation by priests and they covered it up because they didn't want to involve themselves and the church. now, that's disturbing on a number of thoughts, my opinion, children are under siege in america. 2010 abuse allegations a half million of the allegations were substantiated 75% of the kids suffered neglect and 15% suffered physical abuse and close to 10% suffered sexual abecause and that's more than
11:35 pm
63,000 american children sexually abused in 2010. there's no question that abusing a child is a heinous crime and no excuse for it and no excuse for any american not to stop the abuse immediately. either physically stop it or call the police on the spot. joe paterno looked away. now, why is this happening in our notion. a number of reasons. codes of conduct have broken down. right now we have a presidential candidate ron paul who wants a legalize narcotics and knows it would put drugs in the hand of children fan more than today. you want proof? look at the oxycontin epidemic, a legal drug obtained by prescription, and it's everywhere right new and it's as powerful as heroin. we'll deal with this tomorrow with john stossel. also, the judges a few years ago, the factors went 0 and campaign to have all the the
11:36 pm
states mandate jessica's law against child molesters. some of these judges were given probation with a couple years prison time. unconscionable. still today, new jersey, illinois, colorado, idaho, hawaii and vermont will not pass jessica's law, simply stunning. and finally, we live in a permissive society. act on garbage on the internet, and even if you're a strict parent they can get it in the schoolyard on hand held devices look what's on tv. jersey shore, kardashian, unwed moms, on and on. i'm not moralizing here, if you're an adult, watch what you want. but kids should be protected by our society and they're not being protected. i feel badly for children in the family, i'm sure the scandal hastened his demise, by all accounts he was a good man, but weak when it mattered in the face of that. and all of us are compelled by
11:37 pm
decency to protect the kids and if we don't, god help us. when we come right back, bernie goldberg whether newt gingrich can continue to lash the media and get votes and then new york versus new england in the super bowl. it will be a grudge match upcoming.
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