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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 24, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>> hey, we know politics is rough and tumble but this is ridiculous. senator john kerry shows up to the white house with two black eyes. what the heck happened? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> you know, you show up at the white house with black eyes, people want to know what happened? what went on there? >> should we say it or should we continue to -- >> it's a good tease. we want people to watch. >> i don't know either. i want to be with the audience auto. so i could tell you anything and you would believe it. >> yeah, right. yeah, that's me! let's go over to our big board over there and tell you who we have on the show today. reince priebus will be here, chair of the republican national committee. he's going to be right out of the gate for us as well as newt gingrich is going to be here and rick santorum? wow, two of the presidential candidates. >> right. also darrell issa and congressman from california is here on talk about one of the officials in the department of
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justice gonna take the fifth regarding fast & furious. that seems odd. we'll talk to him about that. >> and laura ingraham will be here as she always is to weigh in and give us her thoughts as well as valerie jarrett because she's going to be previewing the president's state of the union speech for us during our -- >> so, we're going to look for mitt romney's taxes for the first time and the contract that newt gingrich has for fannie and fleddy, that he signed for freddie mac for the first time and review the debate you might have missed last night and previewing the state of the union. are we capable of doing all that? >> we better be! >> ok, good. >> more on last night's debate in a few minutes. other big stories making news right now. congresswoman gabby giffords returning to washington to wrap up her congressional duties. the house plans to consider a bill she proposed to crack down on drug smugglers that use small planes. tonight, she and her husband mark kelly will attend president obama's state of the union address. in tucson yesterday, giffords met with fellow victims of last
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year's shooting massacre. she's hugging the intern who helped save her life in this photo. illinois senator mark kirk facing a more difficult recovery than expected after suffering a stroke. doctors say it's possible the 52-year-old could lose full use of his left arm and his face might remain paralyzed. his prospects for a complete mental recovery is strong. he captured president obama's former senate seat checked himself into the hospital after feeling dizzy. that's when they said he had had a stroke. they were so private, even his top aides didn't know about him. today, the last of john f. kennedy's secret tapes will be revealed to the public. they include conversations about his re-election, conflicts overseas in vietnam and the eerie conflict of what would become the day of his funeral. he was discussing the day of his funeral. monday, it's a day.
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j.f.k. recorded 260 hours of conversations before his assassination in 1963. here's the story we've been waiting for, former presidential candidate john kerry sporting two black eyes. he busted his nose not during the senate budget debate but playing hockey over the holidays. he got hit in the face with a stick. kerry showed off his shineers at a white house event on the 2011 stanley cup champs. very fitting. the boston bruins. and those are your headlines. >> and now you know the re of the story as paul harvey used to say. >> all right. their goalie didn't show up because he's a conservative and he feels as though he could not -- he could not be there. >> there's the other part of the story. >> that's an exaggeration! >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> let's talk a little bit about this. you see mitt romney last night at the tampa debate. we'll talk about the debate per se. overnight, romney did release to the "wall street journal" and "the washington post" his income taxes for 2010 and estimate for
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2011. so far, it shows last year he paid -- he made $21.7 million in income. he paid $3 million in taxes which is an effective income tax rate of about 14%, just slightly less than the 15% for capital gains. he gave the bulk to his church which is the church of latter day saints. he believed yesterday and he told chris wallace over the weekend that he tithed 10% of his income. there's no surprise there. what will this do now because of the delay for a week in releasing this? will this make it a bigger story now if he had just released them last week, would they have gone away or debate about how wealthy he actually is. >> brian williams asked the question, now that your taxes are coming out in a few hours, is there anything we should know about ahead of time? listen. >> you'll see how complicated taxes can be. but i pay all the taxes that are legally required and not a
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dollar more. i don't think you want someone as the candidate for president who pays more taxes than he owes. i'd like to see our tax rate come down and focus on growing the country, getting people back to work. that's our problem with this country right now, we got a lot of people out of work. let's let's them start paying taxes because they've got jobs again. >> net worth is between $84 million and $264 million. >> that's a big range. >> there's another contract released yesterday. it was newt gingrich's freddie mac contct. was he or was he not a lobbyist? was there any verbiage in this contract that prevented newt gingrich for lobbying for freddie mac? it didn't say anything about historian. >> it didn't say anything. it's predominantly legal boiler plate and for the most part, no real details. simply said we'll provide consulting and related services by freddie mac's director of public policy. now the director of public policy is the head lobbyist for freddie mac. there was some ying and some
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yang last night and there was blood spilled all over the floor regarding mr. gingrich and freddie mac. here's an excerpt from last night down in tampa. >> we have congressmen who also say that you came and lobbied them. >> i didn't lobby them. >> you have congressmen that say you came and lobbied them with regards to medicare part d. >> whoa, whoa. >> at the same time your center was taking contributions -->> just jumped a long way over here, friend. >> another area of influence peddling. >> no. no. now, let me be very clear because i understand your technique which you used on mccain and you've used on huckabee and used consistently. ok. it's unfortunate and it won't work very well because the american public are going to see it. it's not correct to see public citizenship as lobbying. every citizen as the right to do that. >> here's what's the problem, mr. speaker. that is if you're getting paid by health companies, if your entities are getting paid by
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health companies, that could benefit from a piece of legislation and you then meet with republican congressmen and encourage them to support that legislation, you can call it whatever you'd like. i call it influence peddling. >> interesting thing was that the gingrich camp released this two hours before the debate so is that an interesting strategy? does that work that they got it out there so it became part of the discussion and then i guess their theory would be it would go away quicker. other interesting thing is gingrich himself personally only made $35,000 a year from that over time span of $1.6 million and technically it doesn't say anywhere in that agreement that he was a lobbyist because he never technically registered with -- under the federal law as a lobbyist, right? but it's very -- it's also very vague. >> romney won that. and by the way, i got $25,000 a month he was making for a total of $6 million and i thought he was relentless and i have to give the format credit for this.
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instead of going back to the moderator, can i answer and have 30 seconds? they looked at each other and had it out. it was a lot better. they took the crowd out. the crowd was -- >> absolutely. >> that's a mistake, i think. i think it made for -- i was trying to stay awake. >> people have an audience stacked in their favor. why did they decide to take out the crowd? that's a huge headline. why did they take the crowd out of the debate? >> that would make it more like the actual presidential debates because at the presidential debates, the ones head by the daughters of the american revolution, they're told sit on your hands. you can clap at the end. one of the things, it's interesting about -- newt did release his freddie mac contract but apparently some of the earlier, they were looking for the earliest one and they simply could not find it. they don't even know if it exists. now, one thing that is detailed in the contract that was released that apparently there's a clause that requires "detailed description of services performed the prior month."
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so newt gingrich would have to actually detail what he did on behalf of freddie mac once a month and send it to freddie mac to get some money. it would be interesting to see that detailed invoice to find out what he actually did. >> the question this morning to me is do people care about the intricacies of the tax returns on mitt romney's side and the intricacies of the freddie mac contract with newt gingrich. let us know if that's going to be important to you. >> one thing is clear, if mitt romney wanted to make clear that newt gingrich didn't run roughshod over the entire field and use the momentum he gained in south carolina to take florida like he did, he had a head of steam after the first debate, he was successful. obviously, this is the first time that i've noticed personally that i can remember that newt gingrich acted like a front runner which he is. he kind of let everybody come at him. he seemed kind of calm and laid back. still seemed very confident. but i'm wondering when he sits down and talks to his people if he's still going to do that. mitt romney went after him as a
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potential president, as a -- when he was speaker and labelled him a failed leader. >> he did. what's interesting about this. after newt explained how he was voted out by his own party as speaker, it's interesting, ron paul who is actually a member of congress at that time said hold on, mr. speaker, not so fast. that ain't the way i remembered it. listen to this. >> looking for a person who can lead this country in a very critical time, this speaker was given the opportunity to be the leader of our party in 1994 and at the end of four years, he had to resign in disgrace. >> i left the speakership after the 1998 election because i took responsibility for the fact that our results weren't as good as they should be. i think that's what a leader should do. >> quite frankly, i think the reason -- he didn't not run for speaker. you know, two years later, he didn't have the votes. that was what the problem was. so this idea that he voluntarily reneged and he was going to punish himself because we didn't do well in the election, that's not the way it was. >> ouch!
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>> very interesting. but for the most part, santorum and ron paul did not have big moments throughout the debate because most of the focus was on the other guys. look what happened after south carolina. gingrich now in the lead. ron paul 8. that's about the same margin that mitt romney was leading in south carolina about eight days out and it just goes to show you how fast things are changing this time. >> we'll see if anything happens after this debate. next up, thursday in jacksonville. coming up on this show, the president offers a preview of his state of the union address. >> big ideas because we got to meet this moment and this speech is going to be about how we do it. >> but our next guest says -- says expect those ideas to be cleverly disguised as another campaign speech. we're talking about a chairman of the rnc, reince priebus on deck. >> plus, what's wrong with that picture? looks like someone working for this city better go back to school.
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school. >> looks good to me. >> maybe from the other direction, it reads differently. >> i don't think so. >> right back live from new york. my name is robin.
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>> you will see it tonight at 9:00 right here on the fox newschannel. the president delivers his third state of the union address tonight. last one before the election. here's a video preview. >> there are big ideas because we've got to meet this moment and this speech is going to be about how we do it. and i hope you'll watch and i hope you'll use the opportunity to join other supporters of this campaign in your community as you do. >> we'll be watching. what's really interesting according to a democratic source, the speech will reflect the input of a lot of people who normally would not exercise
6:16 am
influence over the big state of the union address. joining us right now is the chairman of the republican national committee, reince priebus. good morning to you, reince. >> good morning, steve, how are you? >> i'm doing fine. thank you very much. according to our white house guy, ed henry, he says he has learned through democratic sources that apparently this particular speech has been crafted in part by david axelrod and a number of the president's pollsters. in other words, they're poll testing these ideas to see what they can do. right? >> right. well, this president is all politics, all the time. and you know, the president knows something that we know, too, though, that this election, that 2012 is going to be a referendum on barack obama. so he's going to take every possible thing that he can do, whether it be on taxpayer money, through state of the union addresses, you know, bus tours that are paid for by the taxpayers, through battleground states because he's going to focus in on politics. it's going to be more promises. more speech, more hot air. and a lot of undelivered
6:17 am
promises so that's what this president is about. that's what we're going to get and at the republican national committee, we're going to tear the bark off of this president every single day and expose the lies, the broken promises, that he's been feeding the american people. and, you know, if you text gop to 91919, we will send you a copy of an ad that we're actually releasing today, steve. >> right, we'll talk about that in a moment. tear the bark off. that sounds painful. you know, we have heard the -- some people in the white house -- >> we're fighting for america. sorry. >> go ahead. >> i understand. i have heard some people in washington have referred to this as the official kickoff to the president's campaign. he's a much better campaigner many people have said than president and so that would reflect why he's going into campaign mode rather than president mode. >> well, he's been -- in my opinion, he's been in campaign mode for three years. i mean, he's -- for every gripe and all the whining that the president does and for that matter, a lot of these
6:18 am
democratic leaders, they have full reign of washington d.c. for two of the three years that this president has been here, two out of three years, he's had a full congress that he controlled and a full senate with 60 votes at least for part of that two years. he could have done everything that he's talking about so the only person he should blame is the guy that he sees in the mirror so, you know, i think it's going to be a one term proposition in the president's own words and we'll help him get there. >> tonight, the president is going to deliver the state of the union for the country. here's a portion of the new rnc ad called "state of our union." watch. >> oh, great! >> i don't have this done in three years, then it's going to be a one term proposition. >> here we are four years later and i can't find a job. why should they support him? >> four million people out of work for more than a year. 49 million americans living below the poverty line. >> undo influence by obama campaign supporters think
6:19 am
they're not going in the right direction. they're going in the wrong direction. >> well, i don't think they're better off than they were four years ago. >> well, real quickly, reince, i don't think your state of the union jooiives with his state o the union. >> all we want to do is hold barack obama to the standards that he set for himself and if he -- if we do that, then there's no way that he can be re-elected and so we're going to hold him accountable to the promises that he made to the american people and we'll show the realities of where we're at and the american people will see we're on the wrong track and we need on go in a different direction. >> reince priebus, thank you very much for joining us from rnc headquarters in the d.c. area on this tuesday morning. >> thank you, steve. >> all right. once again, you can watch the state of the union tonight here on fox. meanwhile, a story in "rolling stone" got pulled off the battlefield for bashing president obama. but now, general david petraeus gets his chance to tell the story. that's coming up. and a daredevil driver steps on
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>> 23 minutes after the top of the hour. couple of quick headlines for you. president obama's pick to run the consumer protection bureau richard cordray is getting grilled by the house today. they want to know what role he'll play and how his office will be kept in check. they are getting ready to pump out fuel from that capsized costa concordia before it spills
6:24 am
into the seas off of tuscany. 17 people remain missing. brian? >> all right. general petraeus on the front lines of afghanistan and now paula baldwell is sharing what she learned about the man behind the uniform, the most famous general in modern america. joining us right now is the author of this book semiauthorized biography, "all in" the education of general petraeus which happens to be the giants philosophy as they went to the super bowl. you're a major in the army reserves, is that correct? >> that's correct. great to be here. thank you. >> when you first contacted general petraeus, he wasn't the famous general everybody knows right now. what were his circumstances? >> he came to visit students at harvard university and speak about the counter insurgency field manual that he just published and about to implement in iraq. i had been in the military and had served in special operations command and with an f.b.i. joint terrorism task force and worked on some of these complex counter terrorism strategies and very
6:25 am
curious about what his approach would be on fighting the war in iraq. >> you found out this lieutenant general at the time likes to mentor and would like to give you a hand. he has a long history of doing that with different people that come up to him and he did just that. next thing you know, he can command in iraq and then he's asked to go into afghanistan. what makes him so special? >> i think that the president recognized he has dealt with a massive complex problem in war theater in iraq previously, obviously and he's achieved success so he is all in as the book says and he knows how to do counterinsurgency. >> where does this phrase fit into this book? >> all in? a word that sort of captures general david petraeus is relentless and that also means all in. he's a relentless mentor and relentless communicator. he's relentless towards finding, pursuing and tracking and killing the enemy and whatever he does, he goes all in, whether it's fitness, mentoring, all of the above. >> he authors a surge, unbelievable success. he steps back.
6:26 am
and then he gets a call. mcchrystal is out, he's in. you found out the interaction in the oval office went like what? i thought for sure petraeus would hold out and superpreconditions for him coming back him. what was his reaction? >> he didn't flinch when the president asked him to go in and he set no preconditions. he was ready to stand up and serve. he didn't have the chance to ask his wife if that was ok but he made that call after he left the oval office and before he went out to the rose garden. >> he did call and said watch the rose garden. i have a special announcement. keep in mind, too. there's people within the obama administration who thinks he's a bush general. you write that david axelrod and rahm emanuel, keep this guy away, he's going to be trouble and some theorize that's why he's running the c.i.a. now, he doesn't get as much publicity. >> actually, i think what we show in the book, we showed the relationship with obama really changes over that year that he's in afghanistan. he was considered a bush general but i think that number one, the president chose him to serve in afghanistan to fight the war
6:27 am
that the president believed was a war of necessity and he did advance the ball there. and then he was in a very important position. as we move away from large scale boots on the ground to more intel driven operations he's got the right man in charge. >> he was candid to john mccain when john mccain said what general recommended july 2011 of being drawn down? none that i know of. was it your recommendation? no. in that, answering honestly, i think it says a lot to go behind what he really thinks and how insurgency can look. you're donating parts of proceeds of this book to red, white and blue foundation. >> team red, white and blue. that's right. i feel passionately about getting back to those who will serve. there's an epidemic of massive proportions. 472,000 troops who served in iraq and afghanistan have some kind of invisible wound, post traumatic stress disorders is normally the most prevalent but it's our turn to give back and i'm excited to be able to do that with the book. >> congratulations on the book. it's excellent. congratulations on being in
6:28 am
better shape than david petraeus because you beat him when you take runs together which most of the time is in afghanistan. >> thank you. all in. >> true and the giants echo that. 27 minutes after the hour. brazil strikes oil and we help them find it. but they're going to sell it to china instead. thanks. stuart varney says don't blame brazil. blame the president. i blame rio. and take a close look at your tv. what's wrong with this picture? it looks like someone needs to go back to school. but happy birthday first to neil diamond. we were in the sixth grade together. he couldn't color in the lines. but he certainly could sing. he's 71. [ jody ] four course feast. man it's great. the guests love it. [ male aouncer ] red lobster's ur course seafood feast is back. get soup, salad, cheddar bay biscuits, dessert and choose one of 7 entrees. four courses for only $15. offer ends soon.
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>> today is another big day here on fox. the president is going to give the state of the union speech tonight and he is expected to tout his accomplishments on the economy. but how do his numbers really stack up? let's take a look. >> i've got four years. if i don't have this done in three years, then there's going to be a one term proposition. >> question is not are you better off than you were four years ago? we know the answer to that. we're going to work with the
6:33 am
employers through a catastrophic insurance plan to lower premiums by 25%. >> the employer is estimated as much as 3,000% which means they can give you a raise. if you have health care, my plan will lower your premium. i'd like to get this issue settled about whether premiums are reduced before we leave today because i'm pretty certain i'm not wrong. >> tonight, more americans are out of work. and more are working harder for less. more of you have lost your homes and even more are watching your home values plummet. >> the way bush has done it over the last eight years. >> this has been the fiscally most irresponsible administration that we have seen. >> it's now over $9 trillion. >> over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay
6:34 am
back. >> we can't afford to mortgage our children's future on a mountain of debt. >> that's money we'll have to pay back. >> $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. >> my economic team that i'm going to be meeting with today is helping to shape what is going to be a bold agenda to create 2.5 million new jobs. we can create 5 million new jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced. >> we have to have a president that understands that the essence of the american dream is a good job. >> the real question is --
6:35 am
will our country be better off four years from now? >> chris white of our staff went through three years of stuff and put that together. >> that was great. >> wow, that took a lot of work so, of course, we're previewing that talking about the numbers and the success of the last three years of this administration because of the state of the union starts right here tonight at 9:00 p.m. you will hear the president talking about his three years in office and looking forward. >> i'm sure that will have that whole piece. >> absolutely. i wonder tonight if they'll be playing in the halls of congress that benny hill music. >> i don't think the president would like that. >> the president is expected to talk oil and energy tonight, a topic that came up at last night's republican presidential debate. >> what threatens the tourist industry in florida as we've seen is a very bad economy and a very bad economy that became a bad economy.
6:36 am
why? because of a huge spike in oil prices in the summer of 2008 so energy is absolutely key to keep all of our country healthy, specifically florida. which is a destination place. it is absolutely essential that we have as much domestic supply of oil that we build the keystone pipeline, to create the jobs that that would create and provide oil from domestic sources. pipelines that run on the floor of the sea are pipelines that come through america. are the safest way to transport oil. it is tankers that are causing -- that cause much more problems. >> well, that was rick santorum, one of his fine moments last night. this comes on the heels of yet another black mark from the president's energy record. brazil who developed their underwater oil reserves using billions of u.s. tax dollars turns around and sells their oil to china. >> wait a minute, i thought canada was going to sell to china. now brazil, too, stuart varney in>> yes, this is another example of america's energy policy in complete disarray and lurking in the background of
6:37 am
this story is crony capitalism raising its head all over again. you just gave the story. we used american taxpayer money to develop brazil's off-shore oil deposits. ok? through a company -- >> the biggest discovery in the last 50 years. >> that's correct. >> we were going to buy everything they could provide to us. >> so we helped develop that with our taxpayer money. >> right. >> brazil has just signed a long term contract with china to sell some of that product to china. >> why? >> because they're going to pay top dollar for it and because brazil stiffed president obama. essentially that's what happened. >> why did they stiff the president? >> i really have no idea. you got to get inside their government to find out why. look, oil is sold on the world open market, ok? everybody is going to bid for that oil. the irony is that our taxpayer money helped develop it. we put $2 billion into brazil. >> that was the mistake. the price of oil is going to be the price of oil but for us to put our dough in that, that was our mistake. >> think of the timing here.
6:38 am
we'll get into the crony capitalism in a second. we have china buying brazil's oil competing with us for that oil, we developed it. we now turn down a pipeline to take canada's oil, china takes canada's oil. the timing couldn't be worse. now the crony capitalism part. the big brazilian oil company, george soros who funds the left in america has a huge stake in that company, $637 million. they made $15 billion a year in profit and we subsidize that company and george soros' investment. now, that's crony capitalism. >> that's called payback. >> yeah. >> i guess. something doesn't add up. the president was in brazil within the last year touting the idea that they were going to be providing oil. >> he said we're going to be your best customer. and then he said by the way, we're bombing libya. that was in the same sentence. >> stuart varney, great perspective. energy is going to be front and center tonight at the state of the union. what about 9:20 on your show at
6:39 am
varney & company, we'll cover this, i imagine. >> yes. and we'll rerun chris white's price on that. >> it will not be free! >> i'll pay it. >> look forward to your show. thank you. >> now to your headlines. >> a memorial to former penn state joe paterno is growing this morning. the first of three public viewings will be held today. a private funeral held tomorrow followed by a public memorial on the campus thursday. president obama called paterno's family offering his condolences. joe's son jay worked for the president's campaign in 2008. >> thousands of people in alabama left pick up the pieces this morning after a violent and deadly tornado ripped through several towns there. look at these aerial photos. you can see these homes. this is birmingham completely torn apart. one home owner described the terrifying moments right as the tornado hit. >> felt that pressure on my body, i said everybody get down. get down now. that's when i covered up on my brother. my mother started falling
6:40 am
backwards because the floor gave way. >> all around is chaos and everything is going to hell in a hand basket and yet, here we are not touched. >> one of its victims, 16-year-old kristina hikelbeck. police found her 40 feet from her home still on her mattress. >> meanwhile, a daredevil's need for speed takes a deadly, near deadly turn. watch as his car races down a california track at more than 130 miles per hour before something bad happens. >> oh, man. the driver said he felt something snap but didn't have enough time to react. driver peter trice posted that video on line adding the text "it's time to start praying and i did." amazingly, he survived the whole thing and it was all caught on camera. look at that. >> whoever painted this clearly not a spelling bee champ. you're seeing this exactly
6:41 am
right. your eyes are not just tired from not sleeping enough last night. that's supposed to be school, of course. but it's spelled wrong. flipping places of the c and h. it's been there for six months chls. a city official claims the mistake wasn't there but a utility advisor to painted over the street after undergroundwork. no one wants to take credit for that. that could be a german work. >> i would know. i studied german. >> could there be it somewhere? >> i refuse to comment. i will not weigh in. i am going to do that in german. >> great. >> what do you remember of the -- >> taking the fifth? we're going to talk to darrell issa about that in a moment. >> you are a transition machine! you're incredible. >> time to do the tease and we have to do transition. straight ahead, the president wasn't on stage but was a target last night during the debate in tampa. >> we have to have a president who understands how to get an economy going again. he does not. >> the iran -- >> up next, the head of
6:42 am
florida's democratic party here to respond. >> rand paul in a stand-off with the tsa. did you hear about this story? did agents break the rules by detaining the senator against his will? well, judge napolitano spoke to the senator and he joins us straight ahead with all the info. managing my diabetes is part of my life,
6:43 am
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but i wanted more support for my heart. i found centrum specialist. a complete multivitamin enhanced for what's important to me. vision. energy. prenatal. heart. [ man] new centrum specialist helps make nutrition possible. >> 45 minutes after the top of the hour. when they weren't going after each other, the republican presidential candidates were attacking president obama. >> he's going to spend a billion dollars trying to smear whoever the nominee is and we better be prepared to beat him in the debate and prove exactly how wrong his values are and how wrong his practices are. >> this president has failed the people of florida. we have to have a president who understands how to get an economy going again. he does not.
6:46 am
he plays 90 round of golf when you have 25 million people out of work. >> obama's iran policy has been a colossal failure. >> rod smith is the chairman of the florida democratic party and joins us now. good morning, mr. smith. >> good morning. >> all right. so i guess last night, we saw the republicans going against each other but saw him attacking your guy, the president. how do you think they did? >> well, i think that the -- the canned candidates went after each other the way that you thought they would. if we could raise more money locally, i'd sponsor the republican debates. the more they go after each other, the less presidential they look. at times, it's fallen off where it's gotten highly personal between the participants and in that sense, i have to tell you that i think that the president bears well when they're debating. i think in florida, this will be a real interesting -- it's a closed primary for the
6:47 am
republicans and the first purely closed primary they've run in. i think you're going to see romney struggle in the north part of the state. florida is kind of, if you go south, you go north. if you go north, you go south and i think that romney will struggle up there on some of his past issues with guns and other things that i think won't work in that part of the state. and i think in south florida last night he tried to kind of right the ship on the issue of his position on the dream act. he campaigned very differently yesterday than in iowa or in new hampshire because florida has a rich tradition, as you know, of a great part of where we are today in the wealth and education system we've been able to build has been built on the work of immigrants in this state. people feel differently about the issue and certainly isn't the same dynamics that you see out west. i think that -- go ahead. >> i want to show the latest polls as well to show there's been a swing now. gingrich is leading in florida after his win in south carolina. 42%. barely, though. romney 39% and then it's really a dropoff. are you surprised to see the difference in how ron paul and
6:48 am
rick santorum are polling in your states compared to how they were in other states? >> no, because florida is an extremely expensive place. it's somewhat resource driven. we have some of the largest media markets, as you know, the tampa bay area, the southeast florida area. and the dubal county area. so in a sense, i think there will be some resource impact and i don't think santorum and paul have -- have the ability to kind of hang in there. i think paul has pretty much walked away from this. >> all right. i want to move on to the state of the union tonight but i'm tight on time and i got to get your thoughts on this. because the president will be talking probably a lot about jobs and i'm interested in your perspective because florida has a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the nation and a huge foreclosure problem. what is the president going to say tonight to bode well for democrats in your state? >> well, i think that what the president will talk about is the jobs plan that he has in place and i think also kind of the progress we've been making. look, this has been a tough economy. we inherited a tough economy. we were bleeding jobs at 700,000
6:49 am
a month. we're now at plus 200,000 in the last report that six consecutive months, 22 consecutive months in the private sector, i think he'll talk about the recovery of general motors to where it's emerged as the world's largest car company again because we took a gamble on american workers and american management and american entrepreneurship so i think the message is we've been through tough times but the road ahead of us looks better and i think that that's why i think you'll see the president kind of focusing on that. i think you'll also see him focusing on the issues of domestic policy but also of international policy. what's going on in the world and the triumphs we've had both in getting out of the war in iran, in iraq, excuse me, our policies towards iran and also kind of our successes in afghanistan and our really, i think, throughout the world, our plans to make this country safer. >> all right. it will be interesting to see if your predictions ring true. good to speak with you. rod smith is the chair of the florida democratic party. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> two of those candidates, rick santorum and newt gingrich will be here fresh off last night's debate next hour.
6:50 am
so stay tuned for that. first, did tsa agents break the law by detaining senator rand paul? did he have the right to refuse their patdown or not? judge napolitano here after the break. dinner? candles? i wanted it to be special. oh, what's this? it's progresso's new loaded potato with bacon. mmm, it's good. honey, i love you and... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. yeah but honey, i love you and... is that what i think it is... it's bacon. honey look. [ male announcer ] progresso rich and hearty... 4 new flavors, you can lose yourself in. what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> listen to this. senator rand paul claims the tsa detained him at national airport after he refused a patdown. he told judge andrew napolitano who is sitting right there what happened next. >> i got to the airport early, went through the screener like i always do and it said something's gone off on your knee.
6:54 am
and i said well, here's my pants leg, i rolled it up and pulled my socks down, i said there's nothing there. he said we don't care to look at your leg and i said well, you know, do you care whether something's there? there's nothing there. they said no. we need to do a patdown. >> and that's when it hit the fan, so to speak. fox news judicial analyst and host of "freedom watch" judge napolitano is here. he gets detained, right? >> he was detained for 90 minutes and told us yesterday during the course of he tried to leave once. he called his office to say there are 200,000 people waiting for me to give a speech, a right to life speech in front of the supreme court and i'm not going to make the speech. he said we're going to take your phone from you if you use the phone again. there's a number of issues. he doesn't have the right to take the phone. he has the right to choose which piece of equipment he goes through.
6:55 am
no, we're going to pat you down. three, he didn't raise this -- as a united states senator, he cannot be arrested or detained for any reason on his way to washington. why? because the constitution says that. he didn't raise the issue because he didn't want to seek any special privilege for himself even though constitutionally he's entitled for it. >> here's what the tsa say. they say when an irregularity is found during the tsa screening process, it must be resolved prior to allowing a passenger to proceed to the secure area of the airport. just run him through the thing again. he eventually missed that flight, went to another airline, bought a ticket, went through the screener and was absolutely fine. >> he told me that he thinks there's just sort of a random alarm that goes off. that the tsa screener right there doesn't trigger the alarm. there's something in the mechanism that periodically triggers alarm. >> make it look like they're doing something. >> correct. if it's random and not based on any genuine finding that's a violation of federal law because it's stopping someone and conducting a patdown search
6:56 am
without a reason for doing so, it's also a violation of cousin janet's own -- janet napolitano, of hhs's own internal regulations. >> this isn't the first time this has happened with him, right? he's got a little clash with the tsa before. >> i don't know about the tsa problems before. but he told me that he flies from this airport all the time and it's never happened at this airport. >> man and i think i said -- saw on line the white house said we side with the tsa and he was not detained. >> do we have to surrender all of our freedoms to get on an airplane? >> speaking of freedoms "freedom watch" is on your program. what's on tonight? >> ron paul is on tonight. his father is on with us tonight to talk about what route, he has, if any to the nomination. >> apparently the judge's rolodex was stuck in the p's. paul family. thank you very much. have a great day. >> pleasure, guys. >> all right. why should the feds round up illegal immigrants? mitt romney says there's a way to make them leave on their own.
6:57 am
will voters buy that? he coined a new phrase tonight. >> talk about a shovel ready project. the group of democratic women taking out their frustrations on the g.o.p. candidates. with a shovel? ♪ i am you
6:58 am
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>> hey, good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, january 24, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. show me the money! mitt romney releases his taxes showing that he's worth more than $200 million big ones. so as one of the richest presidential candidates in history, can romney still relate to the average american? >> mitt romney dragging his opponent into the money pit demanding that newt gingrich explain his income. >> it's pretty clear to say that i've never, ever gone and done any lobbying. >> you can call it whatever you'd like. i call it influence peddling. >> so what had the best lines of the night? presidential speechwriter you know quite well will tell us. >> now, that is a shot right in
7:01 am
the eye. that's a shovel ready project. a group of democratic women brought in to knock down the g.o.p. sandy candidates. what's that all about? "fox & friends" hour two for a tuesday starts right now. get out the shovel, folks. >> hello, people. welcome live to studio e. rockefeller center in the heart of midtown manhattan. you're watching "fox & friends" and man, this is a busy day. >> we are going to be talking about the debate and have two of the candidates, newt gingrich and rick santorum who will join us this hour so stay tuned right here. first, though, we have to begin with the headlines. idaho man accused of trying to kill president obama by firing shots at the white house due in court for arraignment today. this is the guy. oscar ramira ortega hernandez expected to plead not guilty. no one was hurt and the president was out of town on november 11th when he allegedly opened fire on the west wing. he was caught in pennsylvania five days later and a judge has
7:02 am
ruled that he is competent to stand trial. >> they were so private, even his top aides didn't know about them. but today the last of president john f. kennedy's secret tapes will be revealed to the public. they include conversations about his re-election, conflicts overseas in vietnam, even this eerie comment. on what would become the day of his funeral. he was discussing a scheduling conflict with the staffer. monday, he asked, well, that's a tough day. it's a hell of a day, mr. president, a staffer replies. j.f.k. taped more than 260 hours of recordings before his assassination in 1963. now to an extreme weather alert. recent rainstorms in california creating a dangerous mess in san francisco. check out the damage done after a rock slide completely crushes a car at an apartment complex. horrified neighbors say at first they thought it was an earthquake. luckily, no one hurt. and another slide reported near yosemite. the national park service still assessing the scene but has closed the highway there
7:03 am
indefinitely. is this what president obama means when he talks about shovel ready projects? well, this was a giant mount rushmore style sand sculpture of the g.o.p. candidates built on myrtle beach before the south carolina primary. well, it's gone now. and look at how it was destroyed. by a democratic women's group. they used pink shovels to take out their frustrations and tear it down. when they got tired of bashing the candidates, they called in a bulldozer to finish the demolition and those are your headlines this morning. >> we knew it was going to be happening and mitt romney told thinks wallace this on sunday. on tuesday, he would be releasing his tax returns. they are indeed out. mitt romney is rich. >> he is rich. let's take a look at the big board and it shows you that in 2010, mitt romney had $21.7 million in income. he wound up paying taxes of about $3 million which is an effective tax rate of just 14%. he also had some foreign investments in luxomberg,
7:04 am
ireland, the cayman islands. one account in switzerland but apparently that was closed in the last year. interestingly enough, it also showed at one point, the romneys have invested in fannie and freddie but it was done through a third party in a blind trust so mr. romney had nothing to do with that. some other genius picked those investments. >> will this be the end of the whole tax debate regarding mitt romney or continue on now? here's how he addressed it last night during the debate. >> you'll see how complicated taxes can be. but i pay all the taxes that are legally required and not a dollar more. i don't think you want someone as the candidate for president who pays more taxes than he owes. >> i'd like to see the tax rate come down and focus on growing the country. getting people back to work. that's our problem with this country right now. we got a lot of people out of work. let's let them start paying taxes because they got jobs again. >> joining us now with his reaction to last night's debate, former speechwriter for president george w. bush, mark
7:05 am
kiesen. good to see you. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm doing just fine. we all are. give us your evaluation of what it was like last night? who won? >> i think mitt romney won. i think he showed fight that he didn't show in the two south carolina debates. in fact, i'll tell you, if we had seen this mitt romney in south carolina, the results of that election might have been very different. >> don't you think mark, too, the crowd not helping newt gingrich. he seems to get inspired by the crowd and go -- and raises his game. they were quiet last night. >> they were quiet. and newt does play off the crowd. that's true. he got two standing ovations in south carolina. but the most important thing, i think, was that romney was fighting back. i mean, what worried people last week on who wanted to support romney was they couldn't see him taking the fight to obama. he was sitting back while basically while newt gingrich was taking a page out of obama's playbook and doing this attack on bain capital that's right out of michael moore and the obama playbook and mitt romney couldn't defend capitalism against newt gingrich. people said how is he going to
7:06 am
defend capitalism against barack obama? last night, we saw a guy. you could see mitt romney last night taking the fight to barack obama for the first time and that's critical. >> absolutely. mark, and there were two lines of attack that mr. romney really lit into newt on. one was about his speakership and how four years after he got the job, he was booted out by his own people. and the other was the over million dollars that newt gingrich and company wound up from freddie mac. here's a little -- if people missed it, it was on another channel last night. here's the exchange. watch. >> we have congressmen who also say that you came and lobbied them in favor -- >> didn't lobby them. >> you have congressmen who say you came and lobbied them with regards to medicare part d. at the same time, your center was taking contributions. >> you jumped a long way over here. >> another area of influence peddling. >> no, not -- now, let me be very clear.
7:07 am
because i understand your technique that you used on mccain, used on huckabee, used consiste consistently, ok, it's unfortunate and it's not going to work very well because the american people see through it. it's not correct to describe public citizenship having public advocacy as lobbying. every citizen has the right to do that, gentlemen. >> here's where it's a problem, mr. speaker. here's why it's a problem and that is if you're getting paid by health companies, if your entities are getting paid by health companies that could benefit from a piece of legislation and you then meet with republican congressmen and encourage them to support that legislation, you can call it whatever you'd like. i call it influence peddling. >> how devastating was that, mark? >> that was hugely devastating because newt is trying to rally the outsiders, the conservatives outside washington and romney painted him as an inside washington k street lobbyist, essentially. it was devastating from a substantive point but stylistic point, that newt was very
7:08 am
defensive, you know, he attacked him for saying, you know, i know your technique and all this. he looked bad and romney just sat there and he delivered it like a prosecutor. he made his case. >> also, there's the component that how many people in the audience and watching across florida were impacted in a negative way by fannie or freddie? >> no, that's exactly right. i think it's probably the worst thing you could possibly be is putting aside whether you're lobbying and even on the health care stuff, to be painted as a lobbyist for freddie mac in florida is probably the worst monniker that you could have attached to you. >> from contact with our viewers this morning, the majority of the people say they don't necessarily care about this inside baseball kind of discussion. they would have rather seen the candidates talking more about their policies moving this country forward and attacking president obama. so do viewers actually care about these intricacies, they're very important. but do they care big picture?
7:09 am
>> i think they do and even if they might not realize it. look, everybody says they hate negative campaigning but anybody who has been in the business of politics know that negative campaigning is what moves numbers and the fact is, you know, look they've been focusing on barack obama for a long time. barack obama isn't on the stage. it's really easy to beat up a guy that isn't there to respond to you. what you saw yesterday was mitt romney for the first time taking it to his primary challenger, delivering blows, receiving responses, carrying back and you could see him doing that to barack obama on the stage. that's why it was very important. >> right. let's see if the polls reflect that change that you've pointed out. now, another topic that came up. there were some topics i wondered why we were listening to them. one was immigration. matters a lot to the people in florida. illegal immigration. especially how do we handle it? although these people here, mitt romney coined a new phrase. let's listen. >> the answer is self-deportation which is people decide that they can do better by going home because they can't find work here because they don't have legal documentation to allow them to work here so
7:10 am
we're not going to run people up. >> citizens arrest on yourself. i hereby arrest myself. i know what he's trying to say. that's very interesting he threw that word out there. >> yeah, well, he's 100% right. look, we're not going to have massive round-ups of every illegal immigrant under any circumstances in this country. it's not practice and it's not going to happen. how do you deal with the illegal immigrant population that's here? you make it possible -- impossible to get a job unless they have a right to be here. >> didn't president bush try that before he left office? >> we haven't tried it the way it needs to be done. if you really have penalties on employers for hiring illegal -- for hiring illegal immigrants and you make it impossible for people to find work who have legal status, they're going to go home and find somewhere they can find work. >> what does this do to the newt momentum? going into florida, he was on fire. >> he got a little water thrown on his fire yesterday. i think romney is fighting back
7:11 am
and what people wanted to see was can mitt romney fight back? for two debates, he sat back and was a punching bag and said i'm going to focus on barack obama. now he's fighting back and that's important because it means he can take it to obama. >> marc, i'll check your paperwork. if everything lines up, you'll come back for another segment, is that all right? >> sounds good. >> as long as you're here legally. >> after the break. >> i have status. >> former presidential speechwriter weighs in on what president obama might say during tonight's state of the union address including borrowing george h.w. bush's book? >> remember, bank of america's $5 fee to have an account. they canned that idea. we'll tell you here the real reason why. >> not in my america! i find the omega choices overwhelming. then i found new pronutrients omega-3.
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7:15 am
>> president obama giving a preview of tonight's state of the union address. >> we can go in two directions. one is towards less opportunity and less fairness or we can fight for where i think we need to go. building an economy that works for everyone. not just a wealthy few. >> will that theme resonate with the american public tonight? we're back with marc thiessen and welcoming in the former speechwriter for president clinton and you were a former speechwriter for bush 43. let's start with you, david. what do you expect president obama to do tonight? >> i think he'll talk about what it takes to build an economy that's built to last. he'll talk about the need to invest in infrastructure in the skills of our people and also to do it in a fiscally responsible way. i think it's going to be a very high minded speech and it's going to offer some things that
7:16 am
will become speeches later in this year. >> marc, you could also factor in inequality. the rich has had it too good for too long and channel his kansas speech, correct? >> exactly. he's going to go with class warfare it sounds which is a problem because look, obama has a problem that he has to fire up his disspirited liberal base but he has to win back independents. those are contradictory problems. to fire up the base, he has to give them the red meat of class warfare. 2/3 of independents in "the washington post" poll this week say they disapprove of the handling of the economy. he's not going to win those people back with class warfare and political attacks. he can't do both. >> david, the president also knows it's the state of the union, that's his job as president. he wants another four years. this is a campaign speech, right? >> first, if you want to hear class warfare, you should play the tapes of what speaker gingrich and governor perry was saying in the south carolina primary. that's class warfare. >> i think you're right.
7:17 am
>> what president obama is going to be talking about tonight is what we all -- how we all have to pull together as a people to make the investments we need in the future to build an economy that's built to last. >> and the -- >> what he's going to talk about. >> and the conclusion is for the president that the -- that the upper class have had it too good and are not doing enough. >> he's not going to say that, what he's going to say is that everyone needs to pull together and as presidents from both parties starting with theodore roosevelt in the last century had said, the responsibility does begin at the top but everybody has to pull together so that we all benefit together. >> marc, we did talk about what you indicated that bush 41 could help the president here. how? >> well, you know, david's old boss bill clinton when he was in a similar circumstance, he said the era of big government is over. if obama tried that, he'd be laughed out of the house chamber. ronald reagan in 1984 said it's morning in america again. he'd be laughed again. he tried that in recovery summer and it didn't work. i think what he's doing, if you see him, he's been going around
7:18 am
the country running against the do nothing congress saying we can't wait for congress. announcing executive actions to go around congress and he's going to talk about that tonight. that's exactly what george h.w. bush did in his state of the union right before the election that made him a one term president. so if that's the strategy he's using, i don't think it's going to work very well. >> we don't know what's going to be in it. we know the president will deliver it flawlessly. he's a great speaker. thank you so much for coming in. great to see you guys. all right. by the way, coming up, you can see the state of the union right here live on fox newschannel at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. for the president for the next three days, he'll be visiting five states and campaigning. meanwhile, they're both g.o.p. darlings and they're fighting each other. governor sarah palin taking a swipe at governor chris christie calling him a rookie who has his panties in a wad. i quote. that's a phrase i haven't used yet and it's the economy, girlfriend. our next guest says women should
7:19 am
be extra worried about what's in their wallets! we'll explain.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
>> in news by the numbers, first 20%, that's how many people close their bank accounts at bank of america after its failed plan to impose a $5 monthly debit card fee. 20%. next, two months. that's how long it took for occupy wall street protesters to throw in the towel. occupiers dropping their appeal of a court decision that banned them from using the privately
7:23 am
owned zuccotti park as their personal protest campground. finally, $0. that's how much money whitney houston has in her bank account. oh, my. reports the singer is so broke, she's being financially supported by her record label. that is sad, if true. gretch? >> what's the number one issue driving women's decisions in the voting booths? it's the economy, girlfriend! a new gallup poll found that 83% of voters are dissatisfied with the state of our economy but our next guest says that women can still find economic empowerment despite the downturn. amy fiskin is the president of the nonprofit the new agenda for an organization that provides young women for a road for achieving career success. she's my guest. good morning to you. fascinating figures when you look into it. more women than men for the first time are getting college degrees. >> right. >> but the flip side of that is more women are not going into areas like politics and corporate management. why? >> and even the ones that are going in are getting stalled in
7:24 am
terms of the upward trajectory of their career. they might be entering at the same point with some careers but don't have the national networks that men have once again to these careers so we still have 83% or 84% leadership in careers like politics and corporate management, those numbers aren't getting better and some cases are moving backwards. >> one thing that's important is what you touched on. forming these connections and networking. for some reason, socializing men who do that, we don't socialize women to do that. why? >> well, women don't seem to think they deserve to have mentorship and these connections that help them move up in their career fields. and our message to them is it's a necessity that you need to think of yourself as, say, a brand. and the value of your brand is a summation of who you know. and your ability to get jobs and to progress in your career is really going to be what you can bring to the table in terms of revenue and that revenue is really a value of the clients
7:25 am
that you have, the colleagues that you have and so we're putting forth the notion that not only do you need to have people above you that are -- that are senior to you but what we try to do with the mentor exchange is encourage young women to make these connections with women that are colleagues of theirs that will rise up the ranks with them and build these networks. >> so today you are launching the mentor exchange. i'm proud to be a part of this. i'll serve as a mentor in the media field to a young woman. >> yes. >> i've always felt this is so important and people can get more information at your web site and we'll link it to "fox & friends." before we go to that, i want to talk about an essay that you wrote, getting back to the economy, because you say one of the things about women is that they need to find economic empowerment and that sometimes they feel guilty about making money. why? >> right. well, the thing that i have noticed as president of a women's organization is that the issue that impact women are primarily issues where they don't have control and they become dependent. so when you look at an issue,
7:26 am
for example, like domestic violence which still impacts 1 out of every 4 women, those issues can be significantly ameliorated if women have the ability to leave a situation. what we found is the most important issue for women today is economic empowerment and i have an essay up at the huffington post on the front page there called "it's the economy, girlfriend" which makes the case that social issues used to be an important issue for women. but now that we're in the work force and thinking about getting into certain careers, the thing that young women need to look for is economic empowerment. not trying to help people. we've attracted our young women into careers that i will call a pink ghetto careers. 90% of social workers are women. 88% of home health care workers are women. and there's nothing wrong, obviously, with these jobs. but these are careers that they're entering and we're not entering careers like wall street where the number of women entering wall street in the last decade is down 22%. we're not entering corporate
7:27 am
america. >> what you're just saying is you're not bashing those other careers, you're just saying that women should have the opportunity to do all these careers and your other points are there's nothing wrong with making money. build your brand as we touched on and mentor up and good girls do ask for help, right? >> right. and we found one actually we were putting together our pioneer mentors and mentees and thank you for doing this. we have an easier time to get mentors to volunteer than mentees. the young women didn't feel like they deserved help. we believe you deserve what you need and we're telling young women yes, you need to avail yourself of these resources that come so naturally for men and that's going to be a solution to help you figure out careers that can help you and once you're in those careers to help you advance and continue to grow. >> so what's the web site in case people want to get involved? >> the >> amy, president of the new agenda, thanks so much for your thoughts today. >> thanks for having me. >> stick around because fresh off the first florida debate,
7:28 am
two of the g.o.p. candidates, rick santorum and newt gingrich will be here live. then sarah palin takes a swipe at governor chris christie calling him a rookie? can't we all just come together and get along? forty years ago, he wasn't looking for financial advice. back then he had something more important to do.
7:29 am
he wasn't focused on his future. but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military, veterans and their families. now more than ever, it's important to get financial advice from people who share your military values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa.
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7:32 am
>> big announcement from you tube today. they announced they're now averaging 4 billion views a day. they've had a 25% increase in viewership over the last eight months. does you tube get 4 billion views a day because people don't have jobs or do people not have jobs because they're watching you tube 4 billion times a day? >> good question, jimmy. >> we don't have the answer for him. >> he should be moderating some of the debates. i would like to hear all the candidates answer that. 28 minutes now before the top of the hour and in a moment, newt gingrich. for now, steve. >> and some headlines, brian. illinois senator mark kirk facing a more difficult recovery than expected after suffering a stroke. doctors say it's possible the 52-year-old could lose full use of his left arm and his face may remain paralyzed. fortunately, though, doctors for mr. kirk say his prospects for a complete mental recovery are strong. the first term republican who
7:33 am
captured president obama's former senate seat checked himself into a hospital after feeling dizzy and that's when they discovered he'd had a stroke. >> he was leading congress with the iranian sanctions. miami dade police taking the fight against crime to new heights. miami is one of four police departments now using drones for surveillance. they're armed only with cameras and can fly about 45 miles per hour. civil rights groups are worried they'll be used to spy on people. but police say 50,000 dollar drones which sound like weed whackers are too noisy for spy operations. i say focus on the jet pack. >> i say hit the mute button. >> i've heard that. >> sarah palin offering some advice to new jersey governor chris christie over his comments about newt gingrich. >> run out of the speakership by his own party and fined $300,000 for ethics violations. this is a guy who has had a very difficult political career at times and has been an
7:34 am
embarrassment to the party. >> poor chris, what a rookie mistake. he played right into the media's hands. sometimes if your candidate loses in just one step along this path as was the case when romney lost to newt the other night and, of course, romney is chris christie's guy, well, kind of get your panties in a wad you and you may say things that you regret later. i think that's what chris christie did. >> panties in a wad. all right. you may remember last week, palin said she would vote for newt in south carolina if she could but she's not officially endorsed a candidate. and speaking of that note, let's bring in newt gingrich, the former speaker of the house. good morning to you, sir. >> you know, you guys always amaze me. there's always something going on in this show. i am now so stuck on the idea of chris christie's panties in a wad, i don't know how we're going to continue. >> he doesn't seem that serious -- >> seems more of a boxer type. >> just asking. hey, congratulations on the south carolina win. we have not seen you since that
7:35 am
time. and then you're off to yet another debate. now, the thinking has been that you do so well in debates, you probably like having all these debates. what was your reaction to last night's debate? the audience was taken out of it and up until this point, the audience has been your fan. >> you know, i protested because brian williams took him out of it. i think it's wrong. he's scared that the audience is going to side with the candidates than the media. we will serve notice on future debates, we're not going to allow that to happen. that's wrong. media doesn't control free speech. people ought to be allowed to applaud if they want to. it's almost silly. it's obvious that romney has a new debate coach. that's fine. he was aggressively delivering what he was saying. it was fairly dishonest, as usual. but that's just part of the business. i'm going to continue to focus on president obama. i want to continue to focus on
7:36 am
helping the housing situation which is so really, really difficult here in florida. >> newt, for the first time that i can remember, you're in the debate as the frontrunner. i understand that maybe the strategy changes. i know -- i saw your younger debate coaches so i'm not sure if you're rotating anybody else in. >> the grandkids. >> it was hard not to notice you were focusing more on the president and less on the others on the stage. do you regret that strategy? >> no, i talked with maggie and robert before the debate and we, you know, they went through the drill and she's 12 and he's 10 but they've had good advice. we agreed that, you know, i should be positive and very seriously, they said look, be positive. focus on obama. if the other guy attacks you, smile pleasantly. we talked about what do you do if there's a bully on the playground? you have to not let them intimidate you. i thought my debate coaches came through last night and i was very comfortable. i didn't want to get into some
7:37 am
kind of brawl with romney. what he's saying is patently untrue. we'll prove that at and put up a section on romney's falsehoods but i want to focus my time talking with the american people about things like iran. things like what's happening in egypt. concerns we have for cuba and for south america. >> true. >> difficulties in our own economy. i think, you know, when you have a chance to have the nation with you, you ought to focus on things big enough that it will change the lives of people. >> sure. but, of course you're here this morning to talk a little bit about what you did talk about last night and you and mitt did have quite a spirited punch fest, if you will, he seemed to get under your skin, though, when he referred to you -- and i know you were a consultant much that's how you were defined by your contract with freddie mac. i know you were a consultant. he said, you know, more of a lobbyist and used the term influence pedaler a couple of times. that seemed to get under your skin. >> you know, somebody who is as
7:38 am
wealthy as he is, as well educated as he is, who has been a governor, there ought to be some minimal level of honesty. when i first started running, several of his former competitors from 2007-2008 said to me, you need to understand this guy will be dishonest. we actually have a commercial up that shows both mike huckabee and john mccain talking about romney's dishonesty. it was sort of frankly surprising to stand next to this guy and have him say things that were so outrageously dishonest. >> sure. pardon the interruption. what did he say in particular that you just said oh, that is such a big, fat lie. i can't take it. >> well, let's take the case of medicare part d. i have been for modernizing medicare for my whole career. i have been for developing a program where you've got the best proper medication because it saves lots of money. if we don't give you insulin, when you have diabetes but will pay for kidney dialysis, that's
7:39 am
inhumane and financially stupid. that's been my public position for my whole career and for romney to come along and say i'm influence peddling because as a citizen i speak out and i say something i believe something i've written a book on and something i founded a center for and something i've given speeches about. it's a dishonest use of the words. >> what about the freddie mac stuff? was he wrong in saying that you were influence pedaler for that? >> first of all, the great irony that we didn't learn until after the debate is he owns freddie mac and fannie mae stock. here's this guy making this big deal. i don't own any freddie mac and fannie mae stock. he does. so presumably he was getting richer. i did no lobbying of any kind. we had a very specific understanding i would not lobby. my advice to them which was actually published on the web site is they needed better regulations and my advice to the congress as a citizen was don't give them anymore money. do not bail out fannie mae and freddie mac. that's in "the new york times" in july of 2008. i have two witnesses. rick lazio, chairman of the
7:40 am
housing committee and congressman j.c. watts, head of the freddie mac watch committee for seven years. both of them had said flatly they were never approached by me. so his charge, it's untrue. he knows it's untrue. and he's saying it out of pure desperation. i find that sad as a way to run for president. >> you know the format of our show. we're up against a break. real quick, do you think this was mitt romney's night last night? >> not much. i think watching some desperate guy throw wild punches doesn't get him close to the prz -- presidency. people want stability. a people who will lie to you to get a job will lie to keep the job. people got a see to see how desperate mitt romney is. >> we'll get to see another debate coming up thursday night before everybody votes in florida. thanks for being here this morning. >> good to be with you. >> the florida primary is one week from today. >> january 31st. coming up, though, senator rick
7:41 am
santorum was also pretty good last night. he'll join us in a few minutes. >> plus the secret government plan to arm the mexican drug cartel backfired when a border agent was shot and killed. a key player in fast & furious wants to plead the fifth? congressman darrell issa will weigh in on that. >> first, the pfizer trivia question of the day. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife.
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[ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol to advil. here's one story. my na is betty an i am an animal lover who does rescue. being a foster parent for dogs is very grueling. washing them -- it causes a lot of strain on my lower back. i used to take tylenol, and now i take advil and it works quickly and it takes awamy pains. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil. save on advil with our special coupon in select newspapers on march 27th. >> well, you just heard from presidential candidate newt gingrich. now rick santorum also a candidate also fired up at last night's debate. he went after his opponent saying mitt romney and newt gingrich are no different than president obama. >> joining us from sarasota, florida is presidential
7:45 am
candidate, former senator from pennsylvania, senator rick santorum. welcome back. fresh off -- >> hi, brian. >> fresh off your first florida debate. there will be another one on thursday in jacksonville. do you feel as though you had equal time? >> no. but in some respects, i was sort of happy for that in the sense that romney and gingrich sort of got into it a little shouting match for about 10 minutes but, you know, beyond that, we had our opportunities and i think we took advantage of them. i think we looked like the guy that was the best person who could be president who had a positive vision for the country, that laid out real contrast between myself and president obama and i think pointed out not just the problems that the two of them were talking about, some more foundational flaws with romney and gingrich and i really mentioned the fact that the tea party which is really the conservative base now of the republican party, you know, started on three issues and it was -- it was, you know, obamacare, it was the wall street bailouts and it was cap and trade and all three of those issues, we give them away if we
7:46 am
dominate mitt romney and newt gingrich and i just think those are -- at this critical election, we can't be giving big issues away. >> senator, i saw somebody on the stump following you around yesterday saying hey, senator santorum, why don't you drop out to help newt gingrich and your answer was what are you talking about? there's a real good possibility newt gingrich or mitt romney might implode and there i'll be. >> well, it's not -- look, the dynamics of this race if we've shown anything are going to change, just wait for it. whether it's a day or a week or two weeks, you know, for about seven or eight times, this has been a two man race and it's been wrong every time and i suspect it will be wrong again this time. we feel like again, as time goes on, the more people look at this race, the more comfortable that they want someone who is a strong conservative who can be a sharp contrast with obama. >> so romney and gingrich have both taken their hits in the last week. romney for his tax, talking about that and his returns and gingrich for his freddie mac time. we just had newt gingrich on and i know you had a chance to hear
7:47 am
that interview. is newt gingrich correct when he says that mitt romney's attacks against him last night were lies? >> well, i think some of them were over the top. i mean, to suggest that newt was a lobbyist when in fact he was not technically a lobbyist, you know, that's just factually incorrect and there is a difference between someone who does consulting for a company and someone who actually goes out and actively lobbyies so that was wrong. although i would say with respect to his speakership, i think mitt missed an opportunity to talk about not just the fact that he left the congress but there was, you know, three years into his speakership, there was a conservative coup attempt. there were members of, you know, led by folks like bill paxon and other strong conservatives who came out and tried to throw him out of speakership and replace him with somebody else and that was before the ethics violations, you know, that sort of drove him out at the end of 1997. so -- 1998, so there was a large
7:48 am
concern among conservetives that newt gingrich was undermining the conservative cause. i was there. i knew it. i experienced it. and there's -- and it's absolutely true that conservatives did not feel he was the leader they needed. >> senator, could you talk about the tension? it has to be rising up behind the scenes before these debates. i mean, you guys going at it. now it's just getting extremely personal. have you guys stopped talking? >> no, in fact, we had a very pleasant conversation before we went on stage. and we were talking about things and even on stage. look, you know, we're all focused on one thing, we want to make sure that we have the best candidate out there to defeat barack obama and a lot of times that's steel on steel and it can get tough but you got to separate the professional from the personal and understand that it shouldn't be personal and i for one have tried to make that case. >> senator, you've been a real pro, you've shown up on this program more than any other candidates and we certainly appreciate it. we know you got a busy day. thanks for joining us today from sarasota. >> thanks, steve.
7:49 am
>> we knew you pre-sweater vest. we go way back. >> thanks. >> indeed we did. thanks. >> straight ahead, remember fast & furious, the secret government plan to arm mexican drug cartels? why is a key player in the scandal allowed to plead the fifth? that story next. >> first on this day in 1999, baby one more time by britney spears was the number one song. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. try bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream fast and rushes relief to the site of your tough pain. it's proven to relieve pain twice as fast as before. bayer advanced aspirin.
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>> ok. how many of you have got this right? today's mary lou retton's birthday. the first one into our e-mail hopper was ken from kentucky. we'll send him something real nice. congratulations to everybody who played along. meanwhile, the secret federal
7:53 am
government plan to arm mexican drug cartels backfired, of course, when a border agent was shot and killed. well, now, federal prosecutor patrick cunningham who was subpoenaed on the fast & furious case is going to plead the fifth. chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee representative darrell issa of the great state of california joins us now from washington. good morning to you. >> good morning, steven and thanks for covering it the way it is. this very rare occasion in which a current employed federal official, high ranking official is taking the fifth in an investigation that eric holder says has nothing there. there's been nothing done wrong. people do not take the fifth when they're working for the federal government and resign and get a lawyer if in fact they have nothing to hide. and this is somebody who had a direct conduit to the top levels of justice both eric holder and lanny brewer. >> well, this does smell funny. i mean, it would be one thing if the guy was an outside vendor or
7:54 am
somebody who was driving by at the time but this guy is in the federal government and we understand from the letter that you received from his attorney, you know, if asked about anything, he's going to plead the fifth. that's remarkable. >> it is remarkable and, you know, our expectation is when he comes before congress, he won't have changed his mind because we are still going to bring him forward. we're going to bring him forward because this is a person who knew about wiretaps, who knew about -- who was being told and not being told about this operation. remember, this is an operation we kept secret from the mexican government. we keept it secret even from the atf agents working in mexico city and yet, this individual clearly was part of the conduit of information so what we want to know who knew what when when we're being told no one knew anything ever, this is critical and not having his honest testimony, i want him to protect himself against self-incrimination but clearly, he's going further than that. he's part of a broad cover-up where we'll be asking people
7:55 am
above and below him more questions. >> i think i read somewhere one of his attorneys said look, my guy didn't do anything wrong. he's just being made the fall guy by the department of justice. that's bad! >> you know, steve, there's a little bit there and i want to be fair because i haven't interviewed him. kenneth melson who was the earlier fall guy and burke, the u.s. attorney, each of them at various times have been eric holder, his team's go tos for it's not us. it's him. it's not us, it's her. and we've been dealing with that. so in this case, we want to give the people the benefit of the doubt. kenneth melson, the head of the atf, acting director came in on the 4th of july last year and testified for a full day without any interruptions by his council -- counsel by his side. at the end of it all, we know he made mistakes and failed to do his job but he gave us the kind of testimony that allowed us to
7:56 am
focus on where the real blame belongs and it belongs much further up in justice. >> before you go. i have to ask you about something completely unrelated. that's the stop on-line piracy act derailed last week up in capitol hill. what's going to happen next quickly? >> it's a real step for liberty. we're going to find ways to protect intellectual property, people's copyrights and we're going to do that. but we're going to do it without shutting down the web and without infringing people's first amendment rights and without having the web become unstable and unreliable and that's what these two bills would have done and once people started reading them, they realized they went way too far for what, in fact, is a foreign piracy problem that we intend to attack. >> that's right. all right. we'll be watching to see what happens down there. darrell issa, congressman from the great state of california. thank you. have a great tuesday. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, new calls for indiana governor mitch daniels to make a late entry into the presidential race. laura ingraham, that woman right there weighs in next.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> gretchen: top of the morning to you. it's tuesday, january 24, 201. i hope you're having a fantastic day. i'm gretchen carlson. mitt romney releasing his taxes this morning and demanding newt gingrich explain his income. what exactly did newt do for the company at the center of the housing clams? >> i think it's pretty clear to say that i have never, ever gone and done any lobbying. >> you can call it whatever you'd like. i call it influence peddling. >> gretchen: we'll look at the facts so you can decide. >> steve: meanwhile, the current president of the united states promising a state of the union address tonight devoted to the economy and the american people as well. but republicans say watch out. he's cleverly disguising a campaign speech. seep oradvisor to the president joins us to respond. >> brian: brazil strikes oil and we helped them find it. but they're going to sell to
8:01 am
china. but don't blame brazil. some say it's the president's fault. "fox & friends" starts right now . ed >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you're going to have a great tuesday. let's do some headlines. we have laura ingraham around the corner. moammar gadhafi is dead, but his loyalists seized control. pro gadhafi forces recapturing a city near tripoli. the new leaders struggled to unify the country three months after gadhafi was captured and killed. a short time ago, mitt romney released details of his federal tax returns. they show he paid about $6 million in taxes over the past two years. he made roughly 45 million, so his tax rate rests around 14%. the release shows offshore bank accounts in switzerland,
8:02 am
bermuda, and cayman islands, all which have are legal examine maintained according to the law. they were to private, his top aides didn't know about them. but the last of president kennedy's secret tapes will be revealed. they talk about conflicts overseasseas in vietnam, and ths comment on what would become the day of his funeral. he was discussing the scheduling conflict with a staffer. monday, he asked? well, that's a tough day. it's a hell of a day, mr. president, a staffer replied. he taped more than 160 hours before his assassination in 1963. perhaps whoever painted this outside a school to go back to school, well, you're seeing right. that is shool. it's been there for six months. a city official blaming a utility provider who painted over the street after underground retirement yeah, right. point the fingers.
8:03 am
i didn't do it. >> steve: you know with a? if you could put that up, they spelled cross wrong, too. it should be xing. oh, boy. somebody who never got that wrong is laura ingraham who joins us live. good morning to you. >> oh, no! xng? this is no pavement left behind, clearly. >> steve: we're loling. what did you think of the debate last night? brian williams, who technically was presiding over an episode of "rock center" said no clapping, no whooping, may have neutered some of newt's biggest supporters. >> you came close to saying neutered newt. but i do know what you're saying. look, there is no clapping, no booing, no fun.
8:04 am
okay? for me, this debate was kind of a snore. >> gretchen: exactly. >> i kept thinking, are we going to have a conversation about the differences among the various candidates, policy position as soon as instead, it was you had brian williams who himself seemed like he needed sleep. the candidates for the most part -- he's so ponderous and i found when they brought in the local reporter, i felt like i was watching not rock center, but i was watching "saturday night live." that local reporter, god bless her, she was asking questions, that i guess liberals care about. but it meant the candidates all agreed with each other. so it did not illuminate much for people. >> gretchen: i don't know if you saw newt gingrich on, but he said he's not going to vote for allowing the audience to be out of it. apparently they asked the candidates and he agreed and says now he wished he had not.
8:05 am
i agree with you whole heartedly. it was boring. except for a couple of electrifying moments when newt and mitt romney went after each other and here was one of those moments -- we don't have it. romney attacking gingrich for being a lobbyist. where do you fall on that? >> i have said from the beginning on this, why is newt even going down this road of i'm not a lobbyist. technically he wasn't and rick santorum i thought was gracious enough and honest enough to say that. when he just came on the show. he said, look, there is a technical definition of lobbying. but i think newt would have done himself much better by saying lobbying is legal in the united states. it is okay to lobby. and he needed to say, look, i did not lobby against my earlier stated positions on health care reform. that would be hypocritical. but i did not do that. this whole thing, oh, he's a lobbyist, as if he's a mass murderer. i think that whole argument is
8:06 am
ridiculous. again, newt gingrich let himself be rope a doped a little bit. i get that he wanted to seem above the fray. but last time he did that, he dropped 17 points in the poll. remember in iowa? he played it all nice? that didn't work. i think he needed to hit back a little bit. >> brian: i want to you hear a little bit of the exchange where mitt romney went after newt gingrich about the way he left the speakership and ron paul factors in at the end. let's watch. >> you're looking for a person who can lead this country in a very critical time. the speaker was given an opportunity to be the leader of our party in 1994 and at thend of four years, he had to resign in disgrace. >> i left the speakership after the 1998 election because i took responsibility that our results weren't as good as they should be. >> quite frankly, he didn't not run for speaker, you know, two years later. he didn't have the votes. that was what the problem was. so this idea that he voluntarily reneged and he was going to punish himself because we didn't
8:07 am
do well in the election that, wasn't the way it was. >> steve: well, lobbyist, not a lobbyist, that's one thing. but how he left his speakership which he has based his entire candidacy on, that's important. >> yeah. i think the line, disgrace, you'll hear a lot of in the coming days. mitt romney said the word, i believe, three times in that discussion. ron paul gave the tag team help at the end. again, the facts are what they are. newt gingrich did leave office and i think he would have preferred to be speaker for another four years if he could have. and he needs to keep pivoting back to say, look, mitt, god bless you, but if you want to care records from 1994s, because i'm happy to do that. new congressman coming in, yeah. i would have rather had things turn out differently in 1998. they didn't. but i'll compare my conservative credentials against yours any day. i think if he had done that, it would have been much better. but i thought gingrich looked
8:08 am
off his game last night and to me, he looked tired and i think all niece guys are looking a little tired. i thought mitt romney did fairly well, but still, a little too rehorsed. he had that very rehearsed -- he memorized the attack lines pretty well. but it's take a pause every now and then. >> brian: i believe in jacksonville they'll have corner men and spit buckets. they'll make it a real brawl. let's look polls. rasmussen says after south carolina, who do you like in florida? the people of florida said gingrich, 41%. romney, 32. santorum, 11. ron paul, #. i look for romney to move up, along with rick santorum. do you? >> yeah. i'm not sure santorum will. maybe a little bit. i thought he did himself well last night. but again, i don't know how many people were watching last night. i kept flipping over to "alcatraz" on fox. i would have rather been there than in that audience and not able to clap. >> gretchen: i want to get your
8:09 am
thoughts on this because i think we hear from so many of our viewers who seem to be frustrated with going back in time to look at all these issues. i know that they are important and we need to know the facts. but don't you think that people want to hear how these particular people would move forward with our country? >> i think it's an incredibly important point and, gretchen, i don't think enough people make it. our country is in deep trouble. to talk and relitigate 1998 or even what mitt romney said or didn't say in 1994 or 2002, i don't think most people really care. i think people see mitt and they see newt and see rick santorum and ron paul and figure out which one will turn this thing around with passion and verv, and enthusiasm for saving america. they want all of that. and i don't think the relitigating the past will have the effect that a lot of the candidates hope it will when they're using it to attack their opponents. i think solutions oriented campaigning with a little
8:10 am
passion and a little humor, i think that will go a long way. i think people are desperate for it. >> brian: when it comes to the debate, they're hostage to the moderator. so if they're going to talk about terry shiavo, you're in -- >> brian, is there a single primary voter in florida who is going to the polls next week on terry shiavo on that issue? >> brian: i don't think so. they might be going to the polls about energy and the keystone pipeline is an issue ripe for the picking for democrats and republicans who are upset at the president's decision. you're a lawyer. you say this could flout the law? >> you have a regulatory process that was ongoing and transcan did was in this lawful process investing money over years to comply with the regulatory framework. everything transcanada did in this process was complying with the law. it seemed to me that the government process all along had been indicating that this was a go environmentally and it was
8:11 am
going to be obviously a huge boon to the economy. obama comes in and kind of short circuits that process. i think there is going to be -- the legal challenge to this could be significant and i think this is the type of issue that the republicans should be hammering on. it goes to our constitution, our set of laws, and the idea that businesses and companies that do business with our country, they need to know that there is a stable decision making process in place. what obama did was completely nonsensical, except when you're looking at the politics of maybe appealing to your environmental base, it's outrageous! >> steve: the politics. what about this: remember it wasn't so long ago that the president of the united states said to brazil, hey, listen, we're going to be your best customer when it comes to buying your oil. we stuck a whole bunch of money this that country to develop their oil fields. now as it turns out, brazil has a great big deal to sell oil to china. >> well, once again, canada is
8:12 am
going to be working with china. saudi arabia is working with china. now brazil is working with china. so the point that gingrich made saturday night after south carolina when he said, it's quite an accomplishment for an american president to draw our closest neighbor to the north to a new relationship, a business relationship that's going to benefit china and with energy and economically. that is a danger to america. i think that sentiment hit it out of the park. again, these are the issues that we should be talking about in these debates. >> brian: they have oil and we have wind and solar. game on. >> yeah. >> gretchen: game on for you with your radio show and we always like when you bring your game to "fox & friends." >> great seeing you. >> gretchen: thanks so much. coming up, the president promised to stay focused on the economy, not the campaign in tonight's state of the union address. but some republicans are calling his bluff. valerie jarrett responds to those claims next. >> steve: and senator rand paul stuck in a stand-off with the tsa. did agents there break the rules
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> steve: tonight at 9:00 p.m., you'll be watching fox because it's president obama's third state of the union address. but republicans, some say, tonight's address is actually a partisan campaign speech. >> gretchen: joining us is senior white house advisor to president obama, valerie jarrett. good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you? >> gretchen: doing just fine. i guess you would disagree with the critics who say that this will be an opportunity for the president to address the nation and talk more about his speech that he gave last month really focusing on class warfare. >> no. listen, this will be a book end
8:17 am
to his speech from last month, but it's a way for him to really describe the way we can have a strong and durable economy, one that grows, one that is fair to everybody. he'll focus on four basic principles. up with, what could we do to grow manufacturing and small businesses? how can we invest and make sure that we have products that say made in america all over the world? he'll focus on energy, what can we do to reduce our dependence on foreign oil? he'll focus on the american work force. as i talked to so many business, their concern is making sure that the people that they hire are prepared for the jobs for the 21st sent spree the president will describe that. then finally, and very importantly, he'll talk about american values. a country where everybody plays by the same rules, whether it's fairness and equity. if you work hard, you can start a business in a garage and it can grow into a global corporation. but where everybody has that
8:18 am
opportunity. he will talk about taxes and a fair way to have a tax system where people are paying their fair share. i think that that's something that the american people are hungry for and it's one that will really create a durable, strong economy that will grow for the future. >> brian: when it comes to talking about energy, will the president bring up the keystone pipeline? they got democrats and republicans scratching their heads that after a three-year investigation, they still can't make a decision? >> no he won't. but he will talk about what we can do to make sure that the united states is investing in new forms of energy, at the same time, so -- for example, one fact i recently learned is that we are producing more oil than we have in the last eight years. that's very important. but we also need to be look for new forms of energy here in america as well. so i think that's something that everybody can come together behind. it's one that's going to require us to work very closely with congress, the republicans in congress to forge an agenda. >> steve: ed henry, who you know, one one --
8:19 am
>> of course i know. >> steve: he has apparently spoken to somebody there in your administration who said, you know, regarding the state of the union address, axelrod was big in helping prep it. so were pollsters. there were a number of pollsters who used information to help craft that. you know, for the cynical, it might look like well, it sounds like he's just massaging the facts to make a great campaign speech and a good way for him to get reelected. >> you know, the person who spent more time on this speech than anybody, and i've observed it, is president obama. he has spent a lot of time over the last three years traveling around the country, receiving letters from the american people, and so his ageneral at that is really -- agenda was developed by listening to the american people and really focusing on what he thinks it will take to move the country forward in a positive direction. the election is months away. what he's really trying to do is to focus on the here and now, what do we need to do right now that's going to help the american people?
8:20 am
i think it is an agenda that is not a republican or democratic agenda. it's american and one that should resonate broadly across the country, as well as in the chamber this evening. many of the programs that he is going to be calling attention to, ones that received bipartisan support in the past. so i think that that's an opportunity for us to work together and that will be his message this evening. >> gretchen: many people will be tune not guilty to watch the state of the union, 9:00 p.m. eastern time and the best thing about this country is that they can decide how they want to take it all in, by themselves. >> absolutely. >> gretchen: valerie jarrett, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. >> steve: go throughout the white house tonight and turn all the tvs to fox, would you? [ laughter ] >> while the president is speaking, i will. >> brian: coming up, we move ahead. jay and bud wilkinson, fans know them well. from the field, of course. but what about once the game clock stops? nuggets of wisdom shared with you next.
8:21 am
>> gretchen: plus, you know politics. senator john kerry shows up with two shiners. what the heck happened ♪
8:22 am
♪ you and me and the big old tree ♪ ♪ side by side, e, two, three ♪ ♪ counthe birds in the big o tree ♪ ♪ la la la [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. ♪ ♪ you and me and the g old tree side by side ♪ butyou take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the charminoutfits. take away the sprites, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're le with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale.
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8:24 am
>> steve: time for headlines on this tuesday morning. president obama's controversial pick to run the newly created consumer financial protection bureau going to get grilled on capitol hill. house committee wants to know exactly what role cordray will play and how his office will be kept in check. important questions. crews in italy prepping equipment to remove fuel from that capsized concordia ship before it leaks into the sea. the operation is not expected to start until saturday. in the meantime, at least 17 people are still missing.
8:25 am
brian? >> brian: jay and bud wilkinson are known for their football tenure and not many know about their father-son relationship off the field. he's the author of this book. bud wilkinson's letters to his son. it's about life. welcome. thanks for coming. >> thane. nice to be here. >> brian: your dad wrote down in detail a lot of philosophical things in just letters, correspondents to you. >> he really did. i think he summarized his philosophy of life. i was a lonesome, homesick young man who wanted to play football for him at oklahoma. and his letters were filled with encouragement, love, guidance and support. they meant a great deal to me. >> brian: when you think about vince lombardi, people think of famous coaches. your dad was as good as it gets and here is why. example, one letter, back on february 17, 1961, dear jay, don't worry about not being in good enough shape what, position you'll play or whether you're
8:26 am
make the team. do your dead level best every day at practice. make your continued effort be tough and everything will work out perfectly, love always, dad. valuable information because he knew you were stress not guilty college? >> very much so. that was one of his key themes about always try to do the very best. in football, it was every play. in practice, in life. every day. >> brian: right. didn't talk about winning, but that would be it. >> exactly. >> brian: on september 2, 1962 he writes, dear jay, much of living can be pleasant if one is able to look at the process in the correct perspective, you'll have always do this admirably and i'm sure you'll do this always. love always, dad. you were putting pressure on yourself, clearly. >> right. that was another key theme of his. it was just how you approach life and what your perspective is on life makes a huge difference in your attitude. >> brian: he was consistent. he had a military background. in high school, he went to a military academy and it affected him throughout. >> very true. >> brian: october 25, 1962. dear jay, you'll find as you grow older that your football
8:27 am
experience will have given you an inner strength and discipline which will enable to you meet life and fortune with your head high and your banners flying. love always, dad. >> that's true. and preparation was another big theme of his. he always said that the will to prepare is more important than the will to win. >> brian: he also talked about happiness. and he quoted lincoln and he said? >> he said that lincoln said many times, you're only about as happy as you decide to be. and so again, my dad stressed that it was important to focus on the positive. >> brian: jay, obviously your dad is extremely proud of you and what he accomplished is legend in football and people that have come across here. bill cosby is endorsing it and go get it. thanks so much, jay. >> great being with you. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, it's the day hollywood stars wake up before dawn. it's oscar nomination day. we'll go live to find out whose name the academy is calling. plus, think washington lawmakers
8:28 am
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8:32 am
♪ >> brian: senator john kerry is an athletic guy. sport to go black eyes. he busted his nose not during a senate budget debate. they don't have them anymore. but playing hockey over the holidays. he got hit in the face with a stick. he showed off his shiner at a white house event honoring the 2011 stanley cup champs, the boston bruins. do i allow this picture to get out but not be there when the bruins go to the white house? >> gretchen: how fitting that they're horning hockey players. what is it today? he got that during the holidays and it still looks like that? >> steve: it's bad. remember when he was on our show and said "fox & friends," did he say friendly or foxy? >> brian: i think foxy, because friendly is joe biden. >> that's an exaggeration. >> gretchen: i don't think -- was i here when he said that? >> steve: i'm not sure.
8:33 am
>> we can do so much better. >> gretchen: that's right. this is the day. >> brian: do you have anything more before we decide to move on? >> i'm taking absolutely nothing for granted. >> brian: okay. >> gretchen: the president getting ready to give his state of the union address tonight. wendell goler is live at the white house right now with a preview. good morning, wendell. >> good morning, gretchen. the president's aides are calling the speech a blueprint for an america built to last and they say it rests on four pillars. rebirth of american manufacturing, expanded domestic energy production, and alternative energy sources, though not necessarily, valerie jarrett said a couple minutes ago, the keystone xl pipeline, improved job training and education and a return to american values by which they mean a better deal for the middle class. the president was working on the speech yesterday with one of his speech writers. he was expected to keep tinkering with the speech probably right up until delivering at 9:00 o'clock eastern time tonight.
8:34 am
aides say he's focused on governing, but every state of the union address has a political component and that is especially so in an election year. polls suggest his job approval rating has never been lower and disapproval rating higher at any other state of the union time. mr. obama will push for things that republicans have said are nonstarters, like rolling back the bush administration upper income tax cuts and reforming a tax code that let's mitt romney pay a lower rate than many middle americans. aides admit there are things in last year's state of union list that remain undone. >> i think that any state of the union address which lays out an agenda has to be ambitious and if you got through a year and you achieved everything on your list, then you probably didn't aim high enough. so i think this president aims high and i think there are absolutely things that remain undone that need to be done. >> it says a lot that indiana
8:35 am
governor mitch daniels will be delivering the republican response. not one of the republican members of congress, which has an even lower job approval rating than the president does. mitch daniels, a lot of republicans wanted to be in the field of the republican presidential candidates this year. gretchen. >> gretchen: wendell goler, have a great day. >> steve: so wendell said tonight it's going to happen at 9:00 o'clock eastern time. the president doubtless will try to say the economy is getting better, but is it? let's take a look at how the president's numbers stack up in this report. >> i've got four years. if i don't have this done in three years, then there is going to be a one term proposition. the question is not, are you better off than you were four years ago. we all know the answer to that. we're going to work through a catastrophic insurance plan to lower premiums.
8:36 am
keep premiums small by as much as 3,000 commerce means they could give you a raise. if you had health care, my health care would lower my -- i would like to get this done because i'm pretty certain i'm not wrong. tonight more americans are out of work and more are working harder for less. more of you lost your homes and even more are watching your home values plummet. the way bush has done it over the last eight years, this has been the fiscally most irresponsible administration we have seen. driving up our national debt. it is now over $9 trillion. over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. we can't afford to mortgage our children's future on that amount of debt. that is money that we're all going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and
8:37 am
child. that's irresponsible! it's unpatriotic. my economic team, which i'm going to be meeting with today, is helping to shape what is going to be a bold agenda to create 2.5 million new jobs. we can create 5 million new jobs that pay well. but we have to have a president who understands that the essence of the american dream is a good job. ♪ the real question is, will our country be better off four years
8:38 am
from now? >> gretchen: the added sound effect. chris white produced that piece. mark allen edited and jeff earl did the graphics. congratulations. that's a lot of hard work. >> brian: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. tonight at 9:00 o'clock, watch the state of the union. all the other channels will be blacked out. >> steve: tomorrow morning right here on "fox & friends," we'll have the post-game show for analysis. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: more of the big stories making headlines. newt gingrich getting the endorsement of former presidential candidate fred thompson. he tells fox news, newt's the best candidate to fix the government. >> he's not afraid and he's tough and he's experienced. i don't think any more that it's an advantage to be able to say i know nothing about the operation of the federal government. i know something about it. newt knows something about it and it is a colossal mess. >> gretchen: he says he'll campaign for gingrich. but right now there are no
8:39 am
planned events. >> steve: kentucky senator rand paul blocked from boarding an airplane last night after a showdown with the tsa. paul went through an airport screener and was told something around your knee set off the alarm. well, the senator rolled up his pants and pulled down his socks, but was told he needed to undergo a full body pat-down. he asked to go through the machine. she said no. he refused a pat-down and detained. paul tells judge napolitano, the whole system regarding this, busted. >> i think the screeners are doing random screens. i think the buzzers are going off when you go through the screener in a random fashion in order to subject you to random pat-downs. that's why they don't go off each time they go through. it's either that or the machines don't work at all. >> steve: both paul and his father want to cut off the tsa's government funding. >> brian: just call them the odd
8:40 am
couple. he pecks the bird's nose. their owner says the animals are best friends and spend a lot of time together. the video has gone viral. what isn't viral? right now it has over 2 million hits on youtube. we are a lonely country when we got to sit there and watch cats play with birds. >> gretchen: a patient cat. very cute. >> steve: even though they're sworn enemies. let's look at the weather. we've got some devastating news for you. homeowners in jefferson county, alabama picking up the pieces this morning after violent, deadly tornadoes ripped through that town yesterday about this time. the storm responsible for killing at least two people. just look at these aerial photos. you can see that these houses in birmingham, completely torn apart. look at the devastation. it looks like a bomb went off in
8:41 am
those neighborhoods. this morning, people are starting to pick up the pieces once again. let's look at the map, find out where the rain is and as you can see, portions of the new england states, also we've had some overnight through the mid atlantic, moving out to the atlantic. rain at this hour, along the gulf coast and in the panhandle of florida. also a little bit of snow through the dakota, through the western portion of nebraska. current readings, teens and 20s north and central plains. freezing now in rapid city. only 28 in chicago. here in new york, we've got 43. mid atlantic temperatures, in the 50s. along the gulf coast, temperatures currently in the 60s. later on on this talks going to be a beautiful day in tampa where they had the debate last night. 82 should be the high. 71 in new orleans. then you can see the 60s right up through the mid atlantic, 50s back through the central plains. but continued feeling a lot like winter in the northern plains. only 25 in minneapolis. for the folks in los angeles
8:42 am
where it is 5:41 pacific time, 66 will be your daytime high. that's a quick roundup of your news regarding the weather. >> gretchen: coming up on our show, after a big loss in south carolina, mitt romney is on the attack. will it even phase newt gingrich with all of his battle scars? peter johnson, jr. is here to tackle that. >> brian: then the president says we can build the keystone pipeline because it will ruin the environment? look at all the current pipelines across america where we live. will the white house be able to explain this? >> steve: a live look at beverly hills, california, where the oscar nominees are being introduced. we will bring you the names as we continue. oh, good. rango got one. >> film selected as best movies. "war horse"
8:43 am
can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties ha sixty calories oless per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce. but i wanted more support for my heart. i found centrum specialist. a complete multivitamin enhanced for what's important to me. vision. energy. prenatal. heart. [ man] new centrum specialist helps make nutrition possible.
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8:46 am
>> steve: let's talk politics. newt gingrich surging in the most recent polls in florida after his stunning victory in south carolina last week. but mitt romney went on the attack in last night's debate. we've been talking about it. fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us from a tv studio at the university of nebraska in lincoln. good morning to you, sir. >> in omaha. good morning, steve. how are you? >> steve: great. >> mitt romney went on the attack big time last night against newt gingrich on this lobbying issue. and it's a very fertile issue for mitt romney. what mitt romney is saying is newt gingrich took millions of dollars in lobbying fees that he calls consulting fees and he labeled them as an influence peddler. now, without an audience last night, newt gingrich was kind of caught flat footed? responding to that. he's used to harnessing the power of an audience and then
8:47 am
turning the audience against the media asking the questions. so he was missing that last night. the question becomes, is it too late in the game? has the momentum shifted? does mitt romney have the capacity based upon his kind of jimmy stewart-like qualities to turn the heat on newt gingrich and turn the tables? >> steve: that's an interesting proposition there because newt has said, and he released his contract yesterday with freddy and it said that he was essentially a consultant. he said, you know, i've never been a lobbyist. as you know, peter, in washington, d.c., if you are a lobbyist, you have to register. it's technically a little complicated. so you're absolutely right. and it's interesting how mr. romney instead wanted to just refer to him as an influence peddler because that's more general and people can kind of get that and obviously romney was just out to do political damage. >> well, newt's strength is talking about general terms, about making general statements,
8:48 am
and he didn't respond to a lot of the charges. in fact, he didn't this morning respond. he said, go to that's dishonest. mr. romney is dishonest in making that charge. that clicks in with people. sometimes the specifics don't matter. if romney wants to be effective in the communication sense, then he needs to say, listen, newt gingrich had his chance on capitol hill and he failed. newt gingrich decided after leaving government service to turn to lobbying, turn to k street and use his influence, use his experience in order to make money. at the same time, newt gingrich a is going to be focusing on mitt romney's taxes, paying 13 or 14%, when other people are paying 35%. yes, on interest income and talking again about bain capital. it's going to be continuing clash over the next few days, but over the next few weeks.
8:49 am
however, if either candidate wants to put it away, they can put it away this week by getting their messages across to the american people. it's tough now with the state of the union because we're going to see the president talking about his blueprint while the republican candidates are bashing each other's brains in on personal issues. they each have the opportunity to close it out and make their case this week. >> steve: and it is a sprint to the florida primary. it is exactly one week from today. joining us today from their studios in omaha, peter johnson, jr. thank you very much. >> take care. >> steve: meanwhile, straight ahead, president obama says no to the keystone pipeline. we told you about that because such a project would endanger the environment. what about all those pipelines right there? those things in red, those are all pipelines. is the president playing the role of keystone cop? hmmm. let's check in with martha mccallum for a preview of what
8:50 am
happens in 11 minutes. >> hi there. good morning to you. we got a lot on the table for you going on. mitt romney has a big economic speech this morning. he hopes to grab the microphone before the president gets out there tonight and newt gingrich gets another huge donation from the casino couple. we'll ask his pac how they plan to put that money to work for them in florida. if you're watching football sunday night, you may have miss add huge solar flair that sent radiation flying towards us. we'll tell you what that means. bill and i join you at the top of the hour. it's called ocuvit. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye-care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. [ male announcer ] ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now, that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health.
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>> gretchen: new poll shows a majority of voters disapprove of president obama's decision to kill the keystone pipeline. but the white house insists the decision was about the deadline and not the merits of the pipeline. columnist for scrip howard news investor joins me now.
8:54 am
and just coming over the wires as of last night that congressman ted poe of texas wants to introduce legislation today. it would allow congress to directly and immediately approve the keystone pipeline going against the president's wishes. will that work? >> i think what will happen is the house will pass it and what will happen with so many things the republican house passes will go to the democratic senate and harry reid will give it a nice burial and away it will go. and unfortunately so many things that should pass on the senate just don't get passed. either get defeated or not voted on. >> gretchen: let's look at the map of how many lines are already buried under the united states of america. look at all that red! the pr on this for the opposing side who does not want the pipeline has been brilliant because it makes it seem as if we tonight have any pipelines right now. >> exactly. i think what president obama's benefit is he's let people believe this will be the first pipeline ever to go across the midwest and spoil this habitat.
8:55 am
and unfortunately, or fortunately, i guess, there are a lot of pipeline there is already. people get their natural gas that way, oil that way, all these other products which allows to run a modern economy. and the republicans have not done a terrible job of getting maps out to show these pipelines have been there forever and make us possible to live the american way. this is not going to be the first pipeline. this will be the 1,000th pipeline. >> gretchen: let's look at another map that shows the underground great lake described as fragile. but it's already covered by pipeline. >> this is basically a giant lake underneath the midwest. again, the argument is the keystone pipeline will ruin this wonderful, beautiful, pristine underground lake. again, there are all these pipeline there is already. it's been very lucky for president obama that most people don't really know where the oil comes from. you turn on your gas and it pops out. we don't think about these things. he's been able to get away with this because people from the republicans and congress really need to get this message out and not been able to say, we crossed this bridge 100 years ago. >> gretchen: it all has to do
8:56 am
with jobs and whether or not it creates 0,000 jobs or not -- 20,000 jobs or not. >> it's not going anywhere and we need the jobs and oil. especially when iran is trying to shut down the straits of hormuz. >> gretchen: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends," two minutes away [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i us my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond.
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>> brian: the academy award nominations being announced. best picture, "the artist," "the help," "hugo ." "the tree of life," "moneyball". >> steve: big field. >> gretchen: go ahead, steve. >> steve: when it comes to best actor, george clooney nominated for the "descendants." brad pitt for "moneyball." john duarden for "the artist." gary oldman. >> gretchen: best actress, glenn close, viola


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